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Investing Bulgarian Force Pre
sents a Front Extending 30
Miles Across Peninsula.
gervians Begin to Work Against
the "Autonomous Albania"
A/rrecd Upon Before Open
ing of Hostilities.
^ordori. Nov .r?.--M was oflicially an
normrefl \n Constantlnonlo to-day that
ng haa t^gnn between the Bul
ri , ? rks .-.t tl:.- tchataldja
ferts h enty-flTO mlles frr.m ihe capt
(ali .-, ? - ". ? ineclaJ
from tha*. cltjr.
ETr.n' for a few stragpling de
(nCyr ? n in ficrhtlng formntion
snrl 'or fl^1'11^ Turkish troops. the
tovv .! the Tckataldja forts,
foru ?' Ihe laat Turkish defences bo
forc . . is n< w clc:ir of
Olt^m'in tl
fB, - Bulgarian force on tho
plain>- '-: " ,'1* lWtaVtaWJa hllls pre>
aents a fr mt e\tend!r,g sibdUl thlrty
miles r ei the penir,*
The water supply of ConatantlnoW*
wa6 aat off to-day by a large Bulgarian
force. which occupled Derkaa, at the
end of th" llne of Tchataldja, from
which po'nt the aqueduct supplying the
Turk!-':: i ipltal starts, ac<-ordln?r to a
news ageney diapatcn from Sofla.
The Bulfi.rian troops have occupied
the region between jTohorlu and Tcha
taldj.-i. COtnpaataH surrounding the
Turkish f"rce in that diatrlct.
Bulgarian Armies Active.
Another Bulgarian column, formed of
deta'hment? from Drama and other
captured towns, is marchinp on the
geaport of Earala, on the *:gean Sea.
An allied force. consisting of Bul
jarlans from Kuruk and Grerks from
Yenicijp-Vanlar, is proceedlng by forced
marches to Salonioa.
Tbe second P.ulgarian army. com
mand--I by :eneriil Kutlntch?ff. is
marcl.ing along the coast of the Sea
of Narmora to effect a Junction with
tne Bulgarian army mmmand'-d by
General PimltrlefT at Tchataldja. To
g'A on the niiMT so quickly the BuN
earian troops must have workad hard,
as tbi 3 Have thousands of wounded
Turk* and Bulearians to carc for, whlle
they have had to burn or bury a large
agonber <>f killed.
Th,- Bt rvian troopa are going loyally
to the siifport of thelr Bulgarian allles.
It Is offlclahy stated ln a dlspatch from
Beigr;il.- that the Servtans. having an
ted the. Turkish army ln Mace
doriia. have been ordetvd to Malgt the
Bulgar.ans, (,reek>- and M'.nU-ncprins.
A i;.:K- force of Servians has already
rough Soiia on the way to
nople, the bomlwu^goatil of which
BOttinuea without abatem<nt..
Thf- Brltlsh attltttdoj in tho Balkan
siti.at --n wa.s ixilalned to-day in the
Rbuee <f Cornmono by sir Edward
Grey, the Foreign Secretary, who was
loudiy cheered, when in roply to a
oaeotlon he fcaid:
No ai e ln elew of the reault '-f tho ejraf
up t<i date, will be dlsposed tn dUputa the
,!kar. .Staie.- to fdrmulate
?;., on whlCb they are preparetl to
condiuh- i eace.
Do not t.ink that the great powers are.
Baere alov tlian other j.e^ple t" a'ijust
their known vlewa to Ihe rnarch ol
M-cnts The powera are .-xchamrmg vlew a
th.- p( 8itH'!i ln the N?-ar Ka,?t.
bm ll l v'-rv deltcate rn;itt?r c?r
them i twoen two paireraun
.. at tl'c raqaoal of both.
AKked whetht-r Creat Briiain could
not follow th" pracejdant nf Mr. P.oose
veit in the mioao Tgpanrna "W'ar, 8ir
Hwaril dld not reply.
Sir Edward Grey Speaka.
Reff-rring again to the war. Sir Ed?
ward Orev sald nothlng untownrd had
8at happenerl at Constantlnople. The
aituatlon there remalned as it was
yesterday, the city being in a utate of
apprehension as to what might happen.
BIr Edward denifd that Great Hritain
had given a warning of any kind to
Bulgaria. The movementa of Brltlsh
Bhlpa and their lntentlona were pre
cUtly simliar to those. of tho other
pm\< r.?? namely, to protoct lives. Tlie
?laag 1 .k1 l ? cn taken as a result of
comitu.nications which had passed be?
tween the powers.
The rharioellerlea of F.urope nre glv
ing unclivided attention to the diplo
niatic situatlon arLslng out of the hos
tilitiefi. Austria-Hungary, whlcii after
all ls the country most directly inter
ested t-f the great powerF, being the
aVaaraat nelghbor to the Iialkan State.-,
will, it is believed, not alt qnlathjr bf
and see the Balkan League establish
Hself aeroaa licr path to the yEgean
Eea, in which dirct tion her trade is ex
panding, whlle at the same time the
^crvians spread thcmaelvta to tho
Adrlati.. The AuBtrian government
lolnts out that the Albanlans are as
much a natlon as any of the aJUog and
that Albanlu ahould be rt-served for the
Queation of Albania.
?ho nm algn of dlsMension ameng the
1 alllea th.-maeUes comes in a
l'h from Belgratle, la whit-h it
Ma/aaaal an | eginning to de
? that the "autoiioirion.s Albania,"
b waj agreed Dpon bfforoj the war
Otarted, haa now faded away. In tho
liapetob the Mtisatilman Albanlans who
f-.>jt,'?it aaalnot ihe s.Tvian tgaapo are
Uaraed t>,r tha (Iunge in the Bervlan
Instead of the twenty-mlle atreti h nf
the Adrlati: , o;tSt hltherto clai/ned by
Ktrvla, Uie same dispatrb aays that
Servlu now warits alxty rnllea. und th.it
'h return Montanaojro is to get more
than her allottgaj third ehare of tbe dla
lr!ct of Novlpazar. Tho corre?iiun?i.'iit
rwnarka algnlflcantly:
"''" IknggfiJI of Jvusala will be taken
?? arbltrator between Servla and Bul?
garia in regard to tha?e ebhquoata
*hhh were not foreaeen ln thr original
?Irernitnt betwetn the alhea."
A war correapondent at Maatspha I
Pteba iearns froui a refugee tbat Adil
anople has provialona sufflclrnt to atand
? si<-ne of twenty days. The garrlson
numbers 60,<>00 regulars and 20,0(10
irrcpulars. Dluturbences are occurrlng
wlthln the city between the soldlcry
and i Ivilians, who have been placed on
tshort ratlona.
A Bodapeal dispatch rcports that a
Hbi wlOOOl column has occupied Monaatlr.
From Podgoritzu OOgfSOOI word that
KinK Nlcholas has sent another de
inand to Scutari to aurremler wlthin
forty-elght hotirs, failing which the
bomhardment would be renewed.
Malta. Nov. fi-Hear Admlral Slr
Archihakl Berkclcy Mllne salled from
here to-day for Turkish wuurs in com
tiiariil of the cruisers Good Hope and
France, at Turkey's Request,
Sonnds Other Powers.
Paris, Nov, B Tho Turkish Ajnbas
?, Rlfaat Paicba, preaantsd to m.
! iiii.-i and Knreiprn
lainister, thlo eveninf the requesl of
tho Turkish government f..r medlathm,
and the Forelgn Offlca Inwediatsly
to?k steps to a.itiaint tho other pow?
ers with the new ottoman propotsK
The Turkish note saya:
Ttment raqiMBtS the
great powera fo undsrtska coilectlve
itli n, alth a vlew to tht Imme i.atc
itlon of hostllitlea and the determlna*
ti"ii (..i the condlttona of v
Before uru1.itali.ing to act, M. Poin
enre emphasiz. d to the Turkish Amhaa
aador that it must he clsarly undss
siood that all ideu of oxercislng press
Itrsj was ezclnded, nnd thnt UM powera
COtlM not undertake the taRk unless all
; tbe beUlgerenta were agieaalila thereto.
t'n Rifaht Pacha .*ignlfylng lils agree
| ment with this viow, M. Poii.car.' notl
had aii the powera thut Pranog was
ready to Join with them ln the action
recjuested by Turkey.
British Warship First to Arrive
?Wintry Weather Begins.
Constantinople, Nov. 5 ?The British
crulser Weymouth entered the Darda
nelles to-day and will arrive ln the Bos
porus some time to-night. Hhe ls the
flrst forelgn war vessel to reach Con
I stantinople for the protectlon of forelgn
i rsstdeats, Frendi and ResstM warships
i are oxpected to arrive te-SSOiTSSr*.
No Importanl news has rShdhed here
; from the s.at -.f war in the Eastern Turk?
ish provinces, and none at all ln repard
' to the operutions arotind Scutari, Vanlnn,
Monastlr and BalOtilCB.
The Turk? are pourlng tronpa lnto the
forts Slong the Tchataldja llne, where
; they are preparing for a renewf 1 of the
1 struggle aitalnst the Bulcarians. The
weather la rsry ooM ;in.i r..in la failing
1 on the plalns lt is snowlng ln the moun
talns and this rsndsra the movements of
' both armles very difflcult.
London Market Fairly Firm?
Paris and Berlin Weak.
<lon, Nov. ,',. Money was more plen
tiful and dlscount rat.-s were | shade eaa
j Itr to-day.
The uivertalnties of the Kssr Kastern
sltuatlcn and Coatinental selllng caused
a druoping tendency on the Stck Ex
change, but the market <kveloped a bet
t. r tone In the afternoon. and a falr re
envery followed on rumors that the pow?
ers are likely to rench an agreement BSM
on tlM Balkan questlon. Shlpplng shun.s
f/effO weak on reallzing.
The American was the bgSt seetton.
Prlees opened around parlty and th. n
advanc?-.l Onder the lead of Unlon Pa
clflc. New Vork buylng nnd bcar cover
mp h.ld prices flrm during the day and
the market closed from '? to IS hlgher.
Consols elosad 1-M hlgher for the ac
count at "4.
DajgllOl. Nov .'.?Tradlng was dull and
prlcs were weaker on the B04hTS9 to-day.
Exohango on Loadon, M marks 54 pfen
nlgs for ehseha
Money, 4 per cent.
Prlvate rate of dlscount. ttf per cent.
Paris, Nov I,?The Bourse opened heavy
to-day. I>ater the tone was better, and
prlcts closed steady and above the low
Three per cent renteB closed 274 cen
tlmes lowcr, at 88 francs 8f> centlmos for
the account.
Exchange on I^ondon, 28 francs 23 cen
tlmes for ehecks.
l'rlvate rate of dlscount, ?,3i per cent.
Was American Wife of Italian
Navy Lieutenant.
Rome, Nov. 5.? Signora Carlo Pflster,
who was Mlss Esthcr I.aughlln, of Rt.
I.ouls, oommltted Oaldde here to-day. Her
farnlly attrrbuta her act to neurasthenla.
Bha w.us the wlfe of J.leutcnant Carlo
PngteTi formerly Italian naval attarhe at
? I
Motion Picture Man, on Job,
Oets Views of Search.
B] chance a moving picture operator on
tho lmmlgration eutter ImmlKrant man
UOd to gSt|S few hundrcd f.-ct of lilm
oJ as aotuoJ osareb for the bo<iy of a
maa who Jumpsd from tha Katas Istoad
feOTShOal Manhattan on one of Its trlps
north from St. (Jcorge.
Tho incidont seeurred sheul Itdl a m.
yeaterday, trhSS th- Manhattan was about
a,?.am the Statue Of UbSftjr. ThSfO were
not inanv PSSS?lgSr9 Ml the (apSSf derK
of the ferryboat. and, taking advantage
?f this partial secluslon, a man of about
ihlrty-llve years of Bfja walk.d rapldly to
the rall. etJmhod npea lt and Jumped lnto
the bay. An ov. r. oat which he held ln
Ml hand at the tlOBS hlew away an I
Jloated upon the surface not far from
irhere his hat had drlfted wh.n the man
saiik. The man dld not come to the Bur
It ls thought that the body was drawn
under the fsiirhsst and probably mutl
lated by the s.rcws. The ManhatUn.
which was maklng ah'.ut lourtecn knotB
at the tlme. stopped when about three
Imtidred yards SWSy and lowered a llfe
hont Tha Mutual tug John J. Timmlns.
whl< h wa* ( losa by. went- to the place
w-bere the oresesat ?/?? fioating and
hHuie.i it aheard.
M.-anwhile the InnnlKrant, with the
movitiK paOCara man nboard. steamed t.*w
ard the tug to bsfp I<*k for tnp mifBln?
man. An <-inpty spctacle tase and ?
. v, re fsusd in tho seehsoo of tho
Their Eyes Opened by Campaign Just Closed
?Not Content To Be "Political
Outcasts" Longer.
By Ida ?saOai llarprr.
How do the women of New York, who
think they are?to put It moderately?
at least <qual to those of any other ftatfl
ln the Fnlon, llke the Idea of belng
Claeeed with ldlots, Insui 8, OOnt I
etlratnala nnd hoys umier twenty-one on
? rary Beetlon Day? Thal brllliaht gather
intr 81 the .W-.v Toffe Bttta bhlJzrage '!? |
aaartero hearrng oWetJon retoraa Bboull
iiuve adjonmed and gone dewn Ut Ch|ha>
. d not! have
been found at an; i thi r for*... < .
in tha city, for ti.e reaklenta of orory
one, no matter from what part of the
earth tnoy have eotte, may vote for ? ?
otBotal and et/ery ineaeara if they nara
COtnpIled with the fcimpk- requireniciits
lor natttiahaatlaa.
It ifi only Upon women, natlvo born,
educated. patrictic, devoted t" vicirl
WaUara OJ all ith form.s, that the state
nha plfcead the stigma nf diafrancl
ment. Except In the vlliag.? and a f.nv
BOBaU cllies, they are not permitted to
vote even oh e< liool gllBOt 1(8388. DOT can
theae Who paty taxcs vote otl inatt.-rw re:
qalrir.g apeclal taxHtlon. Dogg Ihe Km
i?ir<> St?te feel proial of its attitude
Urward Ka women* d.k;: lt txneet to get
the best government by axclndlng from
ItO electorate that half of its ClttSaaa
which, taken a." a whole, r.-pr.-sents
temperance, morallty, obedlcnce to Uw,
devotion to home and fumily?
Political Panoria.
The atate could well afford to drop for
awhile its political reform partle.s and
good government clubs and law and
order leaguea. and d.-vote Itself to the'j
tnsk of placlng tho ballot ln the baada
of women. And the women themsilves,
If they rould be perauaded to abandon
thelr endless, tlnk. rlng efforta |fl r>M>alr
the damages to aoclety and uae thelr
tnergles to get tho power to deal with
the causes, would be In a posltlon to do
effectlve, permaiu-nt work. The dllettante
character of whatever they try to do
whlle dlsfranchleed 1- never qulte so ap
parent aa when they break into politlcs.
Couid there be u greatur aallre than
the altuatlon of those thcuaanda of women
who for montha have been campalgnlng
for the varlous partles and then on Wee
llon Day must hover aroiind the outalde
of the polls making th^lr la*t appeal?
to the "rnales" as they pnas ln to glve
the verdict? There la not one of them
who has not In hla heurt ii fecllng of
contempt for theae women and all womrn
whom the government has branded aa
polltlcal outcaats.
How can the women of forty-two states
not feel a deep resentment against the
men of those states when they a?-e In alx
others the women Invested with every
rlght of cltlzenshlp, recordlng thelr votes
for the ruler of Ihe natlon, for thelr r<p
rpsentattvea ln Congreaa and Leglalature,
for thelr state oftlclals. for amendlng thelr
< onstltutlons and for publlc rneaauren of
varlous klndB.
What are the auperlor qualiflcatlons of
H. B. Brown Takes Woman Pas
senger Up 5,000 Feet.
The Acronautlral Sorlety had one of Its
b'-st tournamenta on thf avlntlon fleld at
Oakwood Helghts. fitaten Island, yester?
day. Flve thouaand anroeao oratehed
Ilgrry Blngham Brown. ln a Wrlcht
blplane, carry a woman passenger hlgher
in the alr than any woman had y?-t l".n,
thua wlnning the Amerl'itn altltude ree
oid. ThO only thlng to mar the m.-.t 8180
tho rapld fall of duak, thnt madt- It neces
aary for tbe offlclals to bulld bonfirea on
the field for the benellt of the ftyers.
George W. Beatty. ln a Wright blplane,
salled Into the alr alx ttmea whlle demon
stratlng the quallfylng fllghts ne.-esaary
to obtalnlng an lnternatlonal pllot's II
cense. Qnao he took up with hlm Mra. J.
W. Muagrove, wlfe of a Stapleton dcntlst.
On reaching the ground ehe sobblngly d<
clared the only fault of the trlp waa the
ffcet that whlle so hlgh in the alr sha wbb
unable to talk. When her huslmnd heard
that he smllingly remarked that In hoped
his wlfe would each day make a trlp.
Harry Blngham Brown made alx trtps
also. On his flrat trip he took with hlm
Mrs. Ieabella Patteraon, who rame all the
way from Vancouver, Ii. C. It waa ehe
who Halled five thouaand feet toward the
heavena?hlgher than any other woman.
Together they aalled away for eight mlles,
at one time belng well over the oeean be
yond South Beach.
Brown also took Private Robert G.
Bharrettn, of the 1st Company. Slgr.al
Corps, N. G. N. Y., who made obaerva
ttons upon paper, dropplng them ln small
parachutes to the ground, where th.-y
were picked up by Boy Kiout offliers.
Late* G Arzo Btilea went with hlm. and
from a helght of three thouaand feet
ralaaaod four plgeona from a cage.
Young Ocll I'eoll ably manag.-d one of
Captain Baldwln's machlnes, known as
the "Red Devll"?the faateat machlne on
the fleld. He aalled to a helght of 3.&0
Miss Rnth Law salled with Mm<- I'ue,
who uaed to hang hy her teeth from a
p.irachute releaaed from a balloon. Miss
l>aw also had as a pas*enger a very pretty
young glrl?Mlsa Beasle Dorsey. of Ko
H0 Weat 169th atreet?who gulned that
prlvllege by drawlng the lucky gran-1
atand seat number. She aald she erle<l
whlle in the alr. Later Charles taOB Cgl?
deO and Dlllon Hoffman went up und shot
at toy balloona. CatiOt won the contest
bv making flve atralght hlts.
Wing of Aeroplane Collapses
When at Qreat Height.
Vlenna, Austrla, Nov. 5?An Austrlari
mllltary alrman was kllled this morning.
Whlle flying around the army aerodrome
ut the mllltary Btation of (Joerz he fell
from a conalderable helght owlng to the
c-ollapse (,f one of the wings of his aero?
plane. He waa not dead when pieked up,
but eaptrod soon attarward at the hospi
tal. _
The fataltty recorded above raiaea tn
2og the number of men and women kllled
whlle fiying ln-heavler-than-alr mael.laee.
Durlng th<- month of Oetober last four
ititia* KHi-h .ecurded.
the women in those slx Western states
thal the mcn should grant them entin
polltlcal <|t;allty? What ls the rsSSOn that
in not one East> rn vr Southern ?tat<- have
the men UUIUhlOIsi their women wotthy
of u voire In polltlcal matters" I- It a
>; to the w?men or to the mcn?
| As Ioiik as 990 state enfranchls. d women
they fouii regard their ladsrtsi i sjIdM
! as a misfoituji. ilnfell ln common, bui
i ow thal tha men In mx otateg h iv.
liftcd them out r,f :t there should paj a
ruvolt. And there will l>.. ThtJ
campaign, ai
oi 99)04*
? : their o
? , lo . r. nTJaatlotl bf thcli h.-lplees and
lieh as thry ni-.i'i
had before. it baa he-n tha bsst oi.ject
ISSSOn m the nead of ihe sufferage SVOs
i the Issdem ln tha ma
for It will find bonesCostb not so much
ity fbr maklsg converta as for <ii
re'Ming tii" forcea aireaiy aaajer for at
tlon it la I Igti tJme that sooao othsi
I'se should bo found for Wonin. ln a ram
pnign th.m atandlng them Op on the plat?
form at a national convention to throw
iba ': bngatea lnto bysrerlea or peradlng
them oa Itoata tbroogb tha publlc otrestt
for the entertalnment of the multitude.
Women Demand a Chanqa.
Throuphout the eampslgn here ln New
York St.it'' ti:. n> has bSSS B constsnt
appeal by tho .-:peakers to the women who
h.ue foimed a asrss pirt of the aud1
cnces. All the nSSBOOJ have been car.
fully scl forih, and tlien the women l.ave
been Imphre.l to-whut'.' To vote for
me or my candldatea or my party? 0,
no, but to go home and "lnfluence" the
men of their famlllcs! As said men 19001
IgsneraUy present and listenlng to the
i 5-pellblnder, It OagBM as lf they mlght
hava bOOn ahle to make up their own
lnlnds. Slnc* wom.-n are not consldered
rapable of votlng themselvcs, hy what
logic ran It re asstimed thut they are
eapable of lnstructlng the men of their
hoosehotd h.uv to vote?
Ti,.- m iriager <>f tho rtepabllean wom
en's organizatlon, Mlss Boswell, has sev
era! tlme* quoted in her speeches a sig
nlflcant Httle v-r-e written many years
ag? by an Indlana wonian, Mrs. Emma
The llRhtnlna- l.ur t? hrllMai,:.
Bul lt iiaan't any mlnrt;
It Mimrler* ttironnh creatlon
Wltn Its )i.4ji<iii<iit oo fcehlad.
This has been Jast tho trouble with men
Pjj paajsrsj, and politlelans In partlcular,
regardlng sotnah suffrage. They haven't
aaen its apereacb becausa their bsad
light haa lock.-d dtsjg the tr.u-k hshlad
Instead of In front. HOW women have
flaggrd the ir.lt. arul It will have to stop
and take them ahoard. The metaphor
may he mlxsd, but tiie fe.M I" clear. No
matter who haa been elected President.
no matter h..w many suffrage aniend
ments have bsan won or lost, women
are done with "Indlre. t lnfluence." done
wllh the power-belund-the-throne busl
ness. Th?-y Intend to slt on the throne
ai .1 wield ihe dlrect power of a sov
erelgn voter.
Real Newspaper Bulletins Give
Suffragists Election News.
Th? suffmglsts were calm thrnugh lt all.
InlarSStSdT oh. yes, ln a mlld and lm
personal way, but lt dldn't m.*k- the leait
Ml of dlffeience |S them who was elected.
'The 1'rcsldent hasn't a slngle ththg to
say about suffrage," they as.-erted cheer
fulry, "nor the (JOvernor, elther. It's only
tiie BOOmbera of the Assembly that can
gkaha anv diff.rtnco ts us, and we don't
8ST0 9/hat thetr party ls. so long aa th. y
vote for us."
There wa? a larga. crowd af the 'State,"
at No IM Itadlson avsnue, attractsd by
the ssomlsa of iesi newapapeJT bulletJua
from The Trlbune. All the other suf
fraitc- bSadquartere ln the City closed their
doom and went to Joln the "States"
p.uty Early lti the evening, wh.n th?
r-porta arrlved thlck and fast and It was
not yet certaln who was aliead. there was
huge exclteme.nt, and the women crowded
about the blg hlackboard, where, under
the words "Hy ?peclal Bervlce from The
New-Vork Trlbune," Mtss Hurrlct May
Mijltj was wrlting down the rcports.
A few Wilson enthuslaats. forgettlng
that suffragists are non-partlsun, were
reproved hy the leaders for lndulglng in
handclapplng, and they qulckly JObstdsd,
After that the company composed ltself
to llsten to suffrage prophecles and
"whistllngs to keep their courage up"
They dldn't hear a word from tho states
where suffrage auictidmetits wure helng
voted upon
"Never mlnd," chlrped I>r. Anna How
ard 0haW| "even if wo leSS all six of
them, hy to-morrow nlght new cam
palgna will be started."
"Nothlng can stnp the suffrage move
ment," contltiued Mrn. ida Husted Har
pi r. "When one of the oldest and great
est papers ln .New York coines out for
11, hh The Trlbune has, lt Is slgnlflcaiit
Of th> g.neral attltude of the cuntry."
Tban pr, Bhaw movod a vote of thatiha
to The Trlbune for lls election cour
tesles, which was carried tinanlmouslj.
W. G. Schneidcr Leaves Note of
Apology?Had Nerve Trouble.
Tbrufttng his head through the noose of
a trunk strap and drawlng up his legs
from the floor, Wiillam 6. Schneidcr. an
artist, stmngled hlmself some tlme eurly
yesterday ln the Hotel Latham. In East
2Sth stre.-t.
A chamhermald attempltfd to get IntoMr.
Hchrielder's room at 5 o'clock In the after
noon, and when she fallcd told ihe man
ager. A. I. I'ratt. who looked over the
transom, He oatJsd ln i?r. Petsr J. oib
bons, of No. 269 Madlson avenue, and
Corootr ll.llcnstcln. The body was cut
down from wlure lt hung on the bath
roorn door.
Two leftera were found in the room, one
addresacd to Wiillam Jean Beauley, of
NO. 3*> West End avenue. This letter,
which was unsealed, said the wrlter was
son v to cause trouble to the hotel and
hl* friends, but ihnt he was tired of liv
ISS and wlshed surcease from his ner
vous u.llU tion. He wro^o that ho had nov
eat. n ln sevoral days.
Bottles of medlclne ln his room showed
he ha.l been taklng treatment for his
n.rves and for Uls Bgef. Tha manager
of tha hotel said Schnelder had appearcl
to be on the verge of a nervous break
down, and had .-vidently been getting
worse slnce be regUtered there, Septem
ber 28
There was another letter, addressed to
Arthur 6chneld? r. a hioth.r of the dead
man This was aea'.ed. Arthur Schneidcr
1b al.-o an artist. Wiillam Schnelder was
foru'-alno veara olo.
Ali. well! I niess I can stand it for four years.
Grant Denies That Shay Has
Been Retained for Appeal.
No Truth in Report of Beneflt
for Gunmen, Judge Wahle Says
?"Don't Need Money."
John W, Hart, counael of reeord for
Caartea Becker. announced yesterday
that he had wlthdrawn from the case.
Thla nio\> add? to the tangle of lawyers
that has enmeahed the Becker caae for
the last f"'ir days, leavlng, aa lt doeg,
Becker without a counael of reeord for
the time lielng.
t'ntll Diatrlct Attorney Whltman re
celvea a formal notlce of aubatltutlon
from Mr. Hart, tho lattnr ls stlll offlclally
Becker'a counael of reeord.
Aa y.-sterday waa a legal hollday, Mr.
Whltman wa.s Bnabte to say If Mr. Hart
had aerv.-d such a aettOO on hlm through
tha ntaJIO, and Mr. Hart d.-cllned to say.
dednrlng Ii" tntetidlng to alt back tlgiit
and watch de\elopmenta.
I<oula J. Orant, who declared he had
been l.-gally r.-taln<'d to Ught the caae
of Becker through the Court of Appeals,
relterated the atatement, last nlght, that
Jeeeoa A. Shay waa not connt-cted with
tha case
"Only Mr. Mclntyre, who waa Becker s
chlef counael durlng the trlal, and mysclf
are Becker'a counsel," Mr. Orant aaid
last nlght. "Anyone else wp poslng ls
dulng ao to exploit kbaOOlf at the ex
panao of Be.-ker, and this appllea to to
Mr. Shay. As for hlm. he waa never
Becker'a counael"
John V. Mclntyre prof.-SM-d hlmself aa
much la tho dark yaatar.tay as at any
time ainco his retum to the city on Mon
"I do not know any reason why Mr.
Hart ahould go out of the caae," aald Mr.
Mclnlyre, "and I do not know why any
othera ahould OOOno ln. 01 courae I have
not aaaa Beck.r alnce hla conviction, and
cannot aay what he has done, but lf the
matter doi-s not . larlfy ltself wlthin a
lew daygj I Oyill have a statement withl.-i |
that iiine from Mr, Becker, grhegn I in
tend to aoa very shortly."
Ex-Maglstiate Charl.vs O. V. Wahle dc
nit-d laat nlght that the "beneflt" on
Muiiday nlght at the Kordon A. C, an
i-'.ust Slde spoitlng club, waa for his
CUanta tlie four gunmen.
"There la no truth ln the ston," sald
Judge Wahle, "that IhogO four men need
inuney to defeml theinaelves. Tlie quesliuu
of feo was settled aorae weekB ugo. Ono
of these defendanta has a good ?fcSOd
ijutik account, and ono of the othi-rs ls
not cntlr.ly poor."
Juat wlilch of the gunmen had proved
ao thrlfty, Judge W;ihle n-fuaed to say.
The trlal of tho four?"Gyp" the Blood.
"I,efty" Louie, ' Lago" Prank and
"Whltey" Lowls?la aet for Prlday.
William Harper, Jr., Has a Re
markable Escape.
[By Talegrapli to Tlia Trlbune.l
UarJon Oty, Long Island. Nov. 6?One
of the remarkable eecapes which ure
sometlmes experleneed by aviators hap
pened to William Harper, Jr, here thla
afternoon. when his monoplane fell flfty
feet, turned turtle and amaahed to Junk
on the ground with Harper underneath.
A broken wire caused the machlne to
drop, tho avlator loaing control, and as
tha machlne weigha 1,103 pounds and haa
a wlng apr.-ad of lifty feot lt waa thought
the avlator would be kllled. When the
rescuere pulled hlm from beneath the
wreck he was found to be without a
acrateh. 8everal aupports. which fell In
a vertical posltlon, held the heavy englne
from cruBhlng hla head.
MaJor Chartes F. H.?l.Jw,n. tha last of
th.i letd ..lii'ers of thr Hth It
who served ln the CIvil War, dlad last
nignt at the home of his son. Joseph W.
Baldwin, No. 10 Woodruff avenue, Flat
bSSh. H* had been 111 for more than a
year with stomach trouble, and a year
agu was hlt by a trolley car. The fun-ral
servlcea will be held to-morrow afternoon
at 2 o'clock at the home of his son. The
H?v J. H. Sattlg, chaplain of the 14th
Iteglment. will offlclate. The burlal will
be in Oreenwood Cemetery.
Major Baldwin wns born ln Brooklyn,
January 27, iS2?>, and wua in the Control
ler's oflice under Coler. Metz and the prss
ent Contrnller, Mr. I'rendergast. Major
Baldwin joined the llth Kegiment ln 1851
as B private ln Company D, afterward
became Us captain, und as such went to
the front with his reglnv-nt ln the CtfO
War. He was badly wounued at the flrst
battle Ol Buii Hun and ssaja ln the sec?
ond battle of Bull Run. He waa made a
major for gallant and merltorlous servlce
and was honora'ily dis.-harged for dlSS
hllity throngh wounds recelved at CJroves
town, \'a.. on |j-pternber 24, IHJ
He was a member of the 14th Heglment
War Veterans' Association, Joppa Lodge
k. in.-1 \ m . and Dsvra FJoal '?? a. h.
He leavoo o daughtsr ssd two aans.
m ?????
Colonel Wiillam Evcrddl. one of the
foundeis of the 9SS MOJjBjeJM and ihe rtrst
president of im frstsoeaaf arsajfloalbsB.
,!?.,l al bla home. No. 312 Washington
street, Brooklyn, yestcrday. ffS was horn
bj N'.-w York City alastg years ago, and
had Hved :n Brooklyn slnce IM, l'o:
nilinv rearo he was ln the prlntlng and
engr.ivltig buslness ln Manhattan, at No.
PM Kuiton street, with his father.
colonel Kverd.ll was closdy Identtfled
with thS cltlf-n soldlery of Brooklyn
more than sixty years. Ba was one of
those wno nnltsd Ibe sM Brooklyn City
rjuard Company c, Utb Reglment). on
June 4. ISSt, when Itfl headquarters were
ln QOthlc Hall, on Adams street. nwi'uti
oord str.-et. He was commlssloned flrst
lleutenant on Sept^mber tt, IStt, and be
oama captain on Mav '. DTMi When the
1.1th ItagllBSnt nnswer.-d the call of Presi?
dent l.lncoln ln Aprll. lS-;i. he with others
fortned a honio guaid whlcu ultlmately
became th" nucle is of tha M Kegiment.
Mr. i:v?rdell becama Us flrst colonel aud
was in commsnd durlssj tbe fJ4Ktyaburg
campaign ''? Ju,">' 1S''3, resl*>'lltn* a few
naontha latsr.
Colonel Bverdell waa the preatiatiO of
tha l'.r-'oklvr. Institute, servlng from
IfSJ to UTIt He was etrVken wltli paraly
sls ln lfcT3 and rettred from uctive work
at that timo Hlo oraf* two d.iaghu-rs
und two bons atgrttrs._
,Hv t- ? r ."' ' i ! aa T':
,th, n. i.. Nor. ???-T!"> v,r>' Rf>v
Ptfft Martln Qessner. Mty ysara a priest
und forty years pastor of 8t. Batil-k s
Church. die'l to-night after a nionth's 111
,?.?.?. iie was ajfhty-thrsa reara sM, sad
hullt Jl.COO.OoO worth of ehurch psyaitg.
11,? had i>rcdtcted his own SSSlh DsSS
rjiomr- was ? tagrer to artt-doera and
espadsJlf to |he aaioos ttasae. He was
-.,?,? m Bavarln and atudlad at Inns
hruck. ln the Tyrol. In early ltfa he was
a hatter. _
Lewls Baker Warren. son of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Howard Warren, dled rea>
terday at the home of his paivnts, No. 1
West 72d street. ln his tw.-nty-fourth
year. He had been engaged in the rcal
estate buslness. The father of the young
man ls tnssursi of the Mutual Life In
r.urance Company, at No. 34 Nassau
street and a dlrector In th? Liberty Na?
tlonal Bank of New York. He ls al.so a
member of the I'nlon I^ague Club.
Phlladelphla. Nov. 5.?Slegfred Behrens.
dean of Philadelphia musicians and BSSSn
lnently connected with many operattc
ventures. dled at his home here to-day.
He was seventy-two years old.
He hegan travelllng with the Max
Strakos^-Adtlina Puttl Concert Comcaoy
ln !H67. Later he N-*an at Chlcago hla,
oaroar as an operai i i *? 11h tho,.
Caroline BlchlOgO Q| 1
contlnued whei
blaed with t1'-- P 1,,>
orgaataed b eompai t '??? ???
tlne Nllsson, I'attl ar.d VlctOf M,;rel,'
which sang "ATda" in thla country i-r
the (irat t!me.
Mr. Behreno was local manager *<V IM
Metrepolltan Opera CoropaBy.
MUiuiie, N J.. N rard H
Btokee, father of ek-tJoran - oen
New Jeraey, died at kia I Wi
nte'nt HO waa Injored laat Jane la ?;
rauroad aeeMentj and n.-<.r racoi --i
from tho eaeek.
Mr. i^tokes was president of the
ville National Bank and City Treasur. r
of M'.llville.
De Mo.t Ga.-rott w. Roberta Jeeatkea fT,
? E iiam. Blada. Marl im, ?
Hortor. IilUaB. iklne. i harlea W. ,
! OBden, Wallaoa.
; Peak. WlUlant K. __ laiaawiBBJ.
DE MOTT?in th? BTth rOBf ?l Me 88* a<
TaiaOy. N. J. November 4. Uerreu wYpgj
M (t. Funeral i^lu-i cn Thura ...> >'>,
r :. at UM Tt-nuf.y Pr?sb)terlao>
Cbarek, at 2:30 t>- 88.
ftKOIMRNT N. G. N ?*>**
notlflad of o.e death of Winu ? "?<?
? .-at-taln ol ''?'
latton, and are reqjieated ?
attoad tha funen ' r??'v
..- - r. i- m?v
I i I'H \l IBR, Firot VI C.
ii. KBUT irV
HORTON-Ellza SuUon, at tha realdenoa r>g/
M.a Lanee. No. 88 Haroai ? k ava, mote,
I'lnlnf Mooday, November 4. .-' 81 : ?.-ira.
FW.I .er Icta Thun - ?. 48*
- o'.ljtk at ihe hnn.o of her aiater. M(*..
W Ana-.i. Bedford HHia. N Y "ar
rlagV will BMt iran that leav?a '.ratak,
Central Station at 11:14 a. m. ?
MMAHON-On M.m-Uy. November 4. n*?..
Jaataa J U Maiw for mai iraare i
of the Flr-t Preabytfrlan .Church, Havei-fc
strsw N V Funaral lenrleea arOl lo hel*
from hla lat? reeldanc. at \V*at Havaral
N. Y, OB Tfcu ?8ay, November 7, at 3 p. ni,
wi-is Buddanl November 4. 1312. *t
M1??nix" V"!.'. Peril C Myera. ln hla B<th
NOtttt Of funeral herearter. ??
ni;tiKV?On Noveml"-?r 8 at ?li? New Ynrlc
i ;,-.i WeiU ? Ogdea. TI.e fuiiera aar
': J1 w il bc held al St. Aaaaare* Cbapaf
i-lrirltv Parlah) 888 ?"... near < .1 mibua *v? v
lJnr\ r T. at 8:88 73aall
pvaK \t '? The Hamrton, N? 8
.",._,?. . ; Bundar. Nevarabaa ?r
v.il'l.ii-1 N Peak, ln tbe 88Ui y<-pr of hla a^.,
Kuneral frcwi tha resMence of hla <*t<>r,
Mrs luiH.a 0 Wall. No. 8M lat at., Br?oai>
Uv V ? nbW fl- Rf ^
o'clock. Uverpool (KiiKlanJi pipera plcaaa"*
noHKUTS - On Frlday. November 1. J812. at
i ,. hoant Olanbrook, Uorrla Plaltja, K. J,
j.'-natl;";. U rtobartt. ln hla 82d ytV *?
nerai aarvlcea at hl? !ai>- realdaoM?S '>a
Wadntaday, Novarabei 8. at 10:80 ? ra. Car
..,.., s will be ln waltlnf at U rrla I'laina"
? arrtval of tl ? ti Uo icavins;
;,(.n :ir 8:18. II i? reaaeBteO tbaa aa
tluAprs 88 aent.
?I un'-v aUUbreak. W. v.. on treveaabar
' :, \- iKbti r ..f ii and
Oiiva u ? I ?'?'11 Brtvata
VOMPKIMB '"' ; ?
MvadL N ? ?" w,taon ''"?' iKIna.
I,-- et Broi a, N. V . ln hla I reei
Wrtlnaaday. Noveml ? ?'?
iUk?* wi'ii nw i ti-.ii- leavla
Central 11:10 a. m.
vatnoLOW--At itomo, itai
ktra jamea i- *'
tl raal '
laod ->n- "n Th '
Hoveaabar "? ?' -
A V Vanderen wi I
Preebyterli ?'?'? s J ? '':
day luonung. 10..? o'.
vaWIFK? At Mid.lletown. "onn
November I. WU1
;h? hl . ? r im ?>'??
?Thta lata r??W*nce on rhui^lav. Npveml i
7 at
\\\ni[KN' At : ?'? hiB farejua..
x.. lWi ? ?ov?ir*b?w
a i>-?l8 Bakei Warren, aon -f Uiianr r
'' ..' , .ai.i Waiiffl, ln hla -'41^,
\,\t Funeral aad lnt.-rm*>nt jrlvr K
C ?mit tk anag fW. 0?-I I'ai'^ra.T
pleaae (jopy._
rnF. tvoc: r.uvv ( jmktikt. t*J
2^J tn By Harlt-in Tr.iin ai.il t>> Trollay..
Oltke. 20 Eaat 88d Sr.. N. Y.
I M?UtT\KI II*. # ^
FRANK F. FAMPHl I 1-. 8jtt-* Wfrt 244.
fit Chap'la. 1J: iv? ;?? ItD.iina. Prlvate Ambu
lanrti T?l- 1^24 ''hflaaa_'?
-OFFH ga
MAIN OFFICE?No. IM Naaaea atraet. >
Li'TOWS OFFICE?Na i:<t'-4 Hr.>adwarv.e?r*.
any Amerlran Diatrlct T--I-x-apri Ofnoe.
HAM''M OFFICBO?N> 157 Kaat IgBtb
atreet. No. '.'(13 W-at 125th atraet and No.
219 \Vc?t 125th aUaal

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