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In this state the Progressives ran third, although they managed to
cVct one Senator and four members of Assembly.
Greater New York, by the final returns, gave Wilson a plurality
of 123.688 over Roosevelt, his nearest rival, and the colonel led the
President in the five boroughs by 61,801. Generally that percentage
held throughout the race for other offices. The Wilson sweep car?
ried'through with it Sulzer and the rest of the Democratic state
ticket, and in all except two instances the Representatives in Con
gress .is well. Representative Calder. in Brooklyn, survived the
Iandslide, and Walter M. Chandler. the Progressive candidate in the
19th Congress District, lying along the upper West Side of Manhat?
tan, managed to outdistance his Tammany competitor by 272 votes.
Sulzer ran only 8,787 votes behind Wilson in greater New York;
Hedges ran 15,089 behind Taft. and Straus ran only 4,732 votes ahead
of Colonel Roosevelt. In Manhattan and The Bronx Straus ran
12,667 ahead of Roosevelt, but in Brooklyn Roosevelt ran 4,455 ahead
of Straus. The colonel ran about 3,000 ahead of Straus in Queens.
Manhattan and The Bronx, New York County, showed just three
breaks from the Democratic Iandslide in Assemblymen, where in the
8th, 10th and 31st Assembly districts Progressives were elected.
The Democratic pluralities in New York City on the state ticket
below Governor were uniformly larger than that of the head of the
ticket, due to the sentiment for Straus in Manhattan and parts of The
Bronx. whkh worKcd out so as to give the minor candidates on the
state ticket pluralities running from 135.000 to 145,000, as compared
to the Sulzer plurality over Straus of 110,169.
President Taft, not a bit discouraged by his defeat, made an
optimistic <tntement before leaving Ohio for the capital.
Colonel Roosevelt passed the day at Sagamore Hill, and said he
would resume his editorial duties. From Pennsylvania eame the
announcement that he would try for the third term in 1916.
Governor Wilson was busy all morning answering the hundreds
of messages of congratulation. In the afternoon he took a long
walk in the woods about Princeton. Gossip from Washington about
his Cabinet was too indefinite to crystallize. It was freely predicted,
however, that the new President would have no easy task in pat
ronagc distribution. and faced a hard problem with both houses of
Congress on his hands. The influence of Bryan, his sponsor at Balti?
more. too, was being discussed freely.
The Vice-President-elect, Thomas R. Marshall, was at his ofhee
in Indianapolis, attending to his duties as Governor of Indiana, as
ucual. Governor Marshalfs term expires next January, and he will
remain in office until then. _j_
New Hampshire Governorshio
Goes lnto Legislature, Which
Republicans May Control.
O'.d Party Retains Supremacy
in Rhbde Island, but Loses
State Ticket to Democrats
in Massachusetts.
' rrapfa to The Trlbune 1
H, t?Ot tha New Eh-flsnd
Btafr I MalBS, N_sj
Haa Rfciode I ?? ' t lot
\\ ||' lT?d tO He
ti T;ift had a
plurality of 024 ? ? r Roosevelt, who l?-_
Um M i aa* . eomplate, for
the !? ii candldatea was: Wilson,
Roossvelt l~.?_;
- m.
r is; Posa
i,. ? Wslksr (Rep.), I-MM;
? Th<
n the PsTnocraUc ticket wera
tlon of
?..- for Audltor, who ls runnln- behind
l .a\ Id I. Walsh, of '
I Qovernor, w n
]._<??*, In< smbent, by about -MM
T..,. ? n to ii a
lower i ranch of Congress will
R8tM-_-cana and aevsn Deanoerata Tha
RapBbUcana will hase a B?BcJeat work
inK BM-Joiitj "ii Jblnl bsllol ln tha neal
Laglalature to chooee Senator W. Murray
Crano's auco aaor. .
Xfw Hampshiro rotsd for Wilson by
l._8 pluiality, with one town misslnir. As
no QBBdldate Iihb u. majority t... i
for the OorerBjocsldp srlB go lnto the
Lealslatun, which is ln doBtrt, thoiiKh
the tU pul Ucai a bl Ught had.
Roosevelt ran third.
_HSon'i plurality In -fatte waa about
m t |;.? , ran WSll ahead
? ?ft 'uv, vote wus more
than dr.iiM.- that of 1908.
WHson won R :;,'> but the Re
i.nbltt nr? -If*t< The
nlurslily of Wilson oyer Taft was -.544.
Wilson's Plurality as Shown by
Complete Returns.
N, v. i laVen, < onn., Nov. |
returns BbOW QovsniOf Wilson's plurality
i;, c lallat
v,.t,. - un of 1171 ? ? ? whlle
the ProhlbltioB vote dlarlosea a less of
nearly HO. A Bllght ^aiii Is ahOWa for the
: pssarisi sote was:
Wilson (Dssa.). 7-.BD1
Taft (Rep.). 67,-58
Chafli .
Deb- (Soc.). W
Kelnx r (8. I.). U-!
Follow Your
Common Sense
and it will Isad y>ii Ib tho riRht illre"
A person, wh.-n s* k, >* v<*r> <?pt to
grasp al a straw. Unworthy nrtlcles
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mannor ?>f llla and you si. Bsada -Bs
goat for axpsrlment unlssa you uvj
common sense. Evsrybody la oocasloa
aiiy ntly in tho tbrooa ot -i
bllloua attack ol which all tha symp
toma are naturo's daSafST -ignala fo*
you t.. d" aomethlng before it is too
iiito. Hsadachs, bad atomach and con
gtipatlon are tha fqrerunnera of naoal,
jntt.. Attacked ln tlme,
ln h common . ense way, thsy aoon pasa
{,vcr Stn.lv and Btudy the
rwtaody Taka aomethlng which srlil
?ffsctually oparate, Itast on your Ussr,
thi n on your and lastly m
yo-ir bowsla. Tske aomethlng which
nature has (urnlahad and which is un
toucbed nor altersd by human bande.
A natural rei '.' ?*
every doctOT. Hunyadl Janoa Water
is their cholee. it la tha most Ideal,
ble and aafest Natural Laxatlve
Mlmral Water, and half 8 ttunl.lerfui
un arislng BO-B bp't,dliy. 'sure and gcr
Colorado.Elias M. Ammonj(D)
Connocticut Simeon E. Baldwin (D)
Delaware. Thos. M. Monaghan (D)
Florida.Park Trammell(D)
Idaho.James H. Hawley(D)
lllmois.Edward F. Dunne (D)
Indiana.Samuel M. Ral?ton (D)
lowa.George W. Clarke'R)
Kansas.Arthur Capper(R)
Massachusetts. Eugene N. Foss (D)
Michigan..Woodbridge N. Ferris (D)
Minnesota.. Adolph 0. Ebarhart (R)
Missouri.Elliott W. Major'D)
Montana ...Samuel V. StewartfD)
Nebraska.John H. Morehead(D)
New Hampshire ....ln doubt
New York.William Sulzer (D)
North Carolina -Locka Cralg (D)
North Dakota.. . F. 0. Hallstrom(D)
Ohio.James M. Cox (D)
Rhode Island. Aram J. Pothier (R)
South Carolina. . Co|e L Bleasa (D)
South Dakota.Frank Byme (R)
Tennessee.Benton McMillin (D)
Texas.Oscar B. Colquitt (D)
Utah.John F. Tolton(D)
Washington. ...... Ernest Lister (D)
West Virginia..H. D. Hatfield (R4.P)
Wisconain.F. E. McGovarn (R)
Democratic Vote Downstate
Likely to Wipe Out Colonel's
Cook County Margin.
T?-lrprrapli to Tlif Trlr,un* 1
Chrcaao, Nov. 81?Woodrow Wllaon
'atand* an excellent rhance to ndd th
State of Illinois to hlB total. To-ntght
at midnight, with fifteen doWBStBto
counties to be hcurd from, he is run
ning neck and neck with Roosevelt.
As ten of these oonntleB are usual'.y
strongly Democratic, and as Wilson
has held the Democratic atrength >f
th* state. Roosevelt's Ohlcago and Cook
CduntV plurality may be wlped out.
Returns from eiKhty-seven counties
give Wilson 86-J5M and Hoo?evelt
201 J'i_'. If the ten Democratic counties
maintain their ordinary political com
plaxlOO and the othOf BVO give ROOOO
velt only the avcrage plurality Wilson
will carry the state.
The downstate vote shows to what
an extent the. nomlnal Republican vote
has b**n ipllt, while Cook County, em
1 ractag ChloagO, also givea a great
? ieiuonstratlon of vote splltting in the
other directlon. Cook County, B08B*
taally Democratic, snowed under Taft
and Wilson and gave' Roosevelt U.'I.iHni
plurality. It wa.s at flrst cstlmated
that downstate would at least show as
great a figurc, and give Roosevelt the
total stat<- vote l.y al.out ."".immni OVOJT
Wilson. The downstate returna at
midnlght, however, have wli<ed out the
gatn in Cook ('ounty for Roosevelt.
Republicans and Democrats
Ciaim the Legislature.
<'heyenne, Wyo., Nov. 6?Th?- contest tfl
akwl irgialatorB to Belect a Cnlted States
Senator from Wyoming ls stlll undecided.
RepuMifaris ciaim th?- al?Uoil of enough
ihers to re-elect Senator Fiancla K.
] Warr.-n 88/ a majority of flve on Jolnt
:>al!ot. The Democrats clalin a suffirlent
riuinh?-r tO alact John B. Kendrlc-k by tha
.-ame majority.
Tlie re-elec tlon of Representatlve Franll
U .!..!< 1. KepuMican, 1b con<eded hy the
I ?? noOiatle chairman, Mr. Hopklns.
iiiindied an.j BsTtT *n* of 472 pre
? :i. :.-< in th. state give Taft 4.07S, Wilson
4,273 and ROO?V*H 2,131. On this haals
Wilson has carried the state hy about 60a.
Alhucjuerque, N. M., Nov. 6.?With prac
tlcally complete returns from Tuesday's
eh.tion iu New Mexh o. Wilson appears
to have carried the state by a plurality <>f
II. 1! 1*018MOOnn. Democrat. was
!< cted t" Coniires-s by 4,000. The aott*
j mated total vote In the itate for President
wrs: Wilson, 15,100; Taft, 11,260; Roose?
velt, 7,800.
Roosevelt's Plurality in State Is
Estimated at 28,073 Over
Gov. Wilson's Vote.
Progressive Chairman Says
Fight Will Be Kept Up-Sen
ator Penrose Soon to Re
sign Seat, Is Report.
[By TVIfB-raph 18 Th- Tril 0*8 1
I'hlladelphla, Nov. 1?Colonel H<
carried Peaa*ylvanla hy an estimat.-.i
plurality of 28,073 voteB ov.-r Oorernor
Wilson and of UMH votes ov.-r Pr**ld*al
Taft. The total vote of the i-t.it.- b*l 'I 00
t'.v-sixtha of the MM dtotrleu i
velt, 384.3SI; Wllaon, HM11; Taft, RfcJO
KoHowlag tha el*ctlon here in Pennayl
vania. It Is not a QU**ttOn of who ear
, i- i ti e atata but tha qaaatton tht poll?
lii : na ur- cMwtderlng an.i apc
oa la: 'What is to bccomo <?f (
Pearooo?" ciose frlanda of Benator P*i
roaa to-dav answer.-d that qu**tlOfl b] de
clartng that he WOUM restfn bla 88*1 W
the I'tfted States Senate v.-ry Shortljr ar.d
would allow Oovernor T?n*r to appolnl
his successor, who will b* an lnd*p< nd< nt
burineaa man, on whom th* leaden of oll
parties may eomblna to .1. <t ah?fl
the time comes for tlie L*glal*ture to
The Washington party. the state name
for i'olonel Rooaeralt'a Progreaalvea, hold
the balaaea ?>f powor in th<- Leghuatur*.
If they should romhlne with Ihe D*mO
ei ita th* two partt** nrighl com.- togcther
on .-orne rommon ground an.i sen.l an
iti'iepen.ient protectlon D*n?ocr?t to tb*
UnltCd States S<
The cr.-dlt for th. dOOltnatlon of the
Roooarait vote ln PcanaylVonla must he
giren to oa*8*nator William Pl " ??''
Plttabargh, th* Ball Moom l**d*r of
stota lt was the w**t*rn and of
tba state that roltad np tha btg Ro.
velt plurallti.-s. ln Plttaburfh
Flinn, with the asslstanre of lloyor Will?
iam Mafe*, plled up a Roo**vell voto
? ? ju.il to the oonibined vote of Will
Taft. Ifage* pald backmim oid Bcoreaha
haa owcd Unltod Btatea Benator Ollver for
BOrn* time at d Pllnn p*ld ba.'k with ln
t.-rest the dei,t be owtd to B*n*tor P*n
roae, who temporarily >>nr. d blao from
actlve polltlci year* ai-o.
Hy vlrtue of the rot* e**t In t
yesterday the ProaTreaalve pai j becomea
the domlnant party m Penna) Iva i
Uca Cholnnan Qrout made thla plaln thla
afternoon when ha announced thal tha
laad*ra of th* party would .
Immedlately for tha purpoae of contlnu
ing th. battla for aupremacy, not only
durlng tha b*at of campaUrna, but ln a
aystematlc manner at all tlmea He also
announced th.it Colonel Rooaevelt arlll bo
tha Preeldentlal eandidat* .-f th.* part* in
"We polled the largest vote in the
s*at<-." said Chairman Qrout, 'and wa are
entltled b> the flrst pla.e on th-- ballot
We will start to work Immedlately for
VM, wh.-n Colonel Rooaevall aaaln arlll be
our leader an.i our Preatdentlal candidate
if be liv.? But tha 188*4 -
maka* ao dlfference We vsiii eontinua to
fiirht f?r tho Prograaart* eaaaa"
But ail la not B*r*a* in the ranki of th*
Progresalvea. Thare already has arl**n
a eoolnoaa between William Pllnn, tha
atate leader, and E a Van Valki
tha Progreaelva leader in Phlladelphla
and the eaatern end of tba atata Weeka
before electlon Pllnn oenr*d nottca upon
van Valkenburg that h* had to carry
Phlladelphla foi tl Progr?o|y< <au?.-.
Governorship Goes to Legislat
ure, Which Is in Doubt.
Concord, x. H . No* 8 -Tha
of tha control of tha st.it-- L
which next year will be ealled upon lo
eled a Qovernor, ? Cnltod Btal
ator and four flt.it> Benator*,
undecided to-nlght Returna for Praot?
dent and Oov*rnor had been
from all bnl the town of Claiamont,
These returns ahowad (iov.rn-.r Wil?
son's plurality ln the stat^ to be I
gave Polker, the Democratic nomln** fo?
Governor, a lead of 864 vot.-a over
Woroaster, Republican. There was no
chob-e for Qovernor, boW*V*r, as the law
requlres a majority vote, Tha B8m< eon
dltlons prevail In four State Senate dls
trieta These electlons will go to the
Both Hrpubiicans and Democrata were
iialnilnK control of the Leglalature to
night, but unoffldal returna an-i compari
aona Indtcafd a Bllght Republican i- ad
Republicans Elect State Ticket
and Control Legislature.
Provldence, Nov <"> -Althougfc tha D*mo
crats carried Rhode Island for Wllaon and
gain.-.] one Repreaantatlva lti Congreaa,
tha Ropubileana elected th.-ir atata I i k*t
and r*taln*4 ttieii majority In th* L*gl*>
lature, which will elect a BUCC***Of to
Benator Wetmore.
OOvernor 4ram .!. Pethl*r w>as re
elected for a flfth term R*vl**d returna
show a plurality of ':.'A\ (Or Wilson over
Taft, with ltoosevelt about ll.OOo votea be
hlnd tha Praofdoat
The complete vote: ltoosevelt, 11,488;
Taft, 117,755; Wilson, 8MW; < "linftn. M;
Pebs, 1/40, and Helmer (Soclalist l?ihorj,
The Ii-ernocrats had not been BU. I
ln a national election ln this t-tnt.- siuce
the Civll War
Ex-Governor Blamed for Re?
publican Victory in Termessee.
[ Hy Tel.-nraph lo I he Trl)IBHM |
Memphla, Nov. | TssOl ex-( lOVCfBOf
Malcolm K. I'atterson by InslatltiK on his
prlmary nominatlon for I'nlt.-d Siat.s
Senator acuttled the Democratic ship and
by the lnjectlon of his personallty In the
campalgn and that the Mtt*f
aroused over his pardOB of tho Coop*T8
for th? Carmack kllllnR ennood the eitc
tlon of Ben R HOOPOr, Kepuhliran, t* sue
teed hlmself as finTTBOff and a I>i;!s
lature which wll! be controlle.l l>>
11. ans ls the opinion of DoBMaBfatk t0B*>
crs in Tennessee. (Jovernor Hoopaj M
ably has won over lienton H M Mlllln
(Demoerat). for Governor, by u majority
of 5.000.
Tatterson'B defeat for Cnlted States !*_?
ator before the Lejrlslatur.- In January
now BOOBM a certalnty. A Senator will be
named both for the late Senator Tayloi's
unexpire.l term and one for th? full t. tm
beglnnlng March. 19H Senator Sandtrs U
proinlnent as a candidate.
Late Returns Seem to Place
State in His Column.
Topeka. Nov. fi.-IYaetleally romplete
returns fmm slxty-three of the 105 coun
tles in Kansas gava the Democratic na?
tlonal ticket a |.iurallty <>f 10.000.
The atate Democratic ticket also made
bisr galna in tha returna roeelved to-nlght,
and Osorga h. Hsdgss, Dsmocratle can
dldata for Qovernod had a i<ad of 2,>io
iiv.t Arthur CBppsr, li- BBbttCBB.
His Lead in California Dwin
dling in Late Returns.
San Franclsco, Nov. 6. ? Woodrow Wll
BOB'a apparent plurality of 12,000 ln <a.i
fornla dwlndled rapldly to-niKht as b*
lated returns cnme In from the ProgTBS
slvc stion>.'li.lds of the eouthern part of
the state. With ahout 800 preclni ts yet to
liear from, Wilson's plurality over Roose?
velt la
This marftln, however, accounta for all
aSCSpt llfty preclncts of l,o* ABgSSM
County, the great Roosevelt stroiixhoM.
A fssturs "f the returns Is the strcnpth
ahown by Dsba BodaUsI candidate for
Bt If his present ratio Is maln
lalnsd he will have rSestved a total of 8o,
iimo or more votea bi tha atsta
This city, COmpletS, f?T8 WHson, 40,
Ml; Roosevelt, 18,814; Pebs. 12.415, and
(halll, i.ni.
Roosevelt Ahead in 56 Out of
83 Counties.
netrolt. Nov. f.-Twenty-four hours
after eksfng of the polls, flKure- were 80
Indeflnlta in lllcblgaa that a close estl
nata of pluralltlaa waa impossible. rm
the v.ne f..r Preatdent, Incomplete returns
prsra avaftaNa from only tifty-six oui of
tha alghty-throa counties la the state.
Theae bm e:
Roosevelt B_K?.
Wilson, I..-8
Taft, ?
But Republicans Hold Legislat?
ure and Governor.
Illlwaukss, Nov. I Wtlssn baa ea ri? i
:?; ind Oovernor Praada E. Me
Oovsrn (Rep.), aecordlng t. Hguras to
nlght will retam ottea for i saeond term
p| :r:illty ls aSttfl-StSd Bl from
l.'.x. to 3"."Yl over Taft
Chalnnsa Oeorga B. Bcott of tha Rs
. Btate .'entral . ..inmlti.c .!??
lan d tl.is evenlns thal rep..its from U of
:,, .. oountlsi aranrant him In clalmlng
? f - McOovern I y al lea l ???
plai ? the ? ??
victory meana the election <f tho
f ti.. Republl aa etat< tl< kct
>.i <?? rern arlll have a Republican Lag
? ?. | . pof appi -lmab I) M Rs?
| publlcana, -'? Democrats, I Soclsllata and
u membera elected as ncavpartlaana. E
cf t: ? tlaana win aflUlata with tnr
. ona und others wltta the Dsmo
.... omplSXlon of the Senate will
>e a Res-bllcaaa, I i" mo< rsts,
Democtut uri 1 3 n^n-partlsai s
Wilson Carries State, but Re?
publicans Win Governor.
Bt Psul, Nov. 6 ?With on. th'.rd of th*
ballot ? ? , ?? "i election m
nted to-night Woodrow Wfl
. ,.ri i. ..-. ti oodora R ?a ?? II bj
?tantlal msrgla Prsaldsnl Tafl is ln third
place i ?ne thoussnd pre< Im ti _li a H II ?
11 n ? plurslltj over Rooei iell ..f l..I
Wlleon appsrsntly haa carried tha state,
although many country prsdncta are yet
to bi besrd ftom.
Oovernor Adolph Eberbsrt, Republican,
on returns fiom 1,188 preclncts, Isada
Rlngdal, Democrat, for Oovernor by more
than 11,800 eotsa l*erbart*a election
? ,- ,.f the rsat of tho i:> public an
-tate ticket la vtrtually conoadsd,
Th* only Democratic vlctoi on t*,*? Cos
.... i ket was W .-' Hsmmond, of tbe
?j,i | t|-tri i. !>?-. !> 11. ?! foi a third term.
Calvln H Brown waa named f?.r chlsf
Juntice of ibe Buprema Courl "n the non
..:i ballot
South Dakota Electors Must
Support the President.
Sloux PBIla, R r>., Nov. 6. With returns
ln from approxlmately half of the OOUn
ti.s ln the state, Indlcatlons arn thal
Roosevelt carried South DskotS by about
&..*V SOtea Partlal and complete returns
from twenty-elKht of the nlxty-nne. cour,
tieH to-nlght k!v.? Roosevell 2t.!*? and
wilson -1.207 it is esttaaatad thal Um
Progrsaslvs candidate win rscerva at...ut
18.810 votes und the Dsmocrstlc candidate
Tha election of Tbomaa Bterllng to suc
eeed Unlted Btatea Bsaator Robstl J
Oamhle is Indleafc d
When i' was dSClded t<> k. ep the rioo.se
veit electora on the RspuMlcan ticket In
Bouth Dakota, it was agreed i.y them
thal if elected, their course In tha Bec
toral Collegi should be governed by tha
effeet their votes would have on Roosa
velt'a racs. if their votes would glre him
a majority they were to twte f?r him for
Preatdent if not, they wsro t.. vote f..r
I'tider this aKreemcnt the ticket re
celved tha rappoti of both Tsfl and
Rooserelt men. As Suuth Dakota'a sote
will not hSlp ROOBSVSII tO the Rresl
dency, the electors are boiind to vote
for Taft. and the state ls. th.-r.-fore, ri.rl
it.d to tbe lutter In tbe BsStsral ?'olleg?.
Senatcrial Race Is in Doubt, with the
Democrats Slightly Ahead.
I'ortland, Ore . N'o\. | With only one
flfth of the ballots count.-d outside of
Moltnomah Connty (Psrtland) andfswsr
t',.ni forty precincta complete ln I'ort
bind, Oovernor Wilson's BUCOSSS ln Ore
goa Ls assured l>y a protal.le plurality
of 6,000.
The Senatorlal contest botWSSB Sell
ina. Republican; I.ane, Democrat. and
Hourne. Independcnt tlncumhenti, hus
deVSlOBSd into a ruce between the former
tWO. Lane has a lead of fewcr than 600
An amendment to abollsh hanalnjf ln
this state seeminifly has been defeated.
Slnk'le tax was defeated.
White River Junctlon, Vt.. Nov. ?.?
Pr_M_snt Taft's plurality ln Vermont w.is
un< hanKed to-day by revlslon of the com
],;.t. lalllIBB Th8 vote was: Taft, 23,-47;
R.,..sevelt. 2,323; Wilson. 15,397.
The estlmated total vote for the other
Presldentlal csndldates, based on returns
from l'r- out of .4?i towna, was: C'hutin
ll'rn ). 1_U?; b-bs !__--. U-?
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they may be.
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Bills Already Drafted by Demo?
crats for Special Session.
[Bj Ti '? rrmph to Tba Tr:1
Birmlngham, Al.-... Sor. I?Bflla have
been drafted and ot!.. is .ire belng drafted
..: revlalon "f the tariff
.1. w ? arard Theae bflla will be <-.,: ? .
at the ipi ? lal aeaaloi of Congreea which
? i.i be called nexl aprlng.
s,.oii j,s Wilson haa been Inau
. i d< r: r on March t next ha arlll
tndi r ? oneldi ratlon the <alllnir of
ilon of i 'ongi eae, tl..' general
or which Will be to nk^ up tariff
The idy riepared contaln
lly all ..f tba polnta containsd in
: ? troduced y Coogroai man Un
derwood during tha last two se-slons ot
tbe tarlrf.
M LTnderwood, when asked about th<?
1111: 10 d <: . said:
Il la tl 10 tbSt there are some bllla or
? on nndei conslderatlon, bal
lt ??-. .ub! not i',. becomlng In rqe to k1\>
Intervlew about them That
expect actlon on the tariti
early actlon, none ea(
The part) at DO tlme ellminut
? II tariff piopoaltlon, and lt la up t<
? .!? i The -ioii ol
?' i. ? ?? Oovi rnor Wllaoi
rated 1h the programme
Eleven of the Twelve Congress
men Democrats.
The cumbroua blankel lallot and spllt
tlcketa delayad the work of the electlor
'ii tallylng the vote tbroughoul
Ne'.v Jei ??? Home of tha bosrda dld bo(
complete th.ir task untll lati >?
With - election districts mlsslng, the
on 'he l'i< vote weia aa
followa IVlleon, 174.081; Taft
i I ? w llaon'a plurality,
? Congreaamen arlll
be l*?mo rata the Btate Benate, 12 Detno
crat- to I Republlcsna, and ihe Assembly,
?n Demo tta i" 10 Republicans. A Dsmo
i Btatea Benator and ??> l >.'in"
cr.it to nl! Qovsrnor Wilson unexplrei:
term ar.- ai sui ? I.
Wilson Carries Every One of the
State's Fourteen Counties.
Ph.enlx. Arlz . Nov. C.-Woodrow W'il
son for I'resldent. ?'arl llayden. Demo
rr.it. Iscumbent -OT t'otiKress and tb<
woman auffrags amendment to tho con
atltutlon won In every one of Arlaona'i
. ountles.
Complete returna from ifio out of 301 pre
etnets, Includlng aii th<> populoua aectlsoi
of the atate give WUaon, 0,81; Roossvsll
1,881; Taft 1878; Dsbs, 1,117; Chafln, 47.
Hsyden pollsd a heavier rote than Wll<
?on, with R. F, Blaher, l*i ogieaatvs, as
natltutlonal amandmanta and re
forred neasursa were adoptsd by larn*
tn.ijorlll. I
Seventy-three of 99 Counties Indicatt
His Margin Will Be 13,000.
Dafl Motnss, [OWa, Nov. ti.-W'lth alinosi
oomplete rsturna from asventy-thrsa sui
? >f tha total of nlnet>-nlne counties ln th.
statu iiviillable to-nl-ht, WllSSB contlnuec
to RBSlntalS bls eiiiii.-r loSd OVSf Iloose
velt, wfth the majority for the countlei
111.!i. ated >.f more than 13,000.
FOf ilfty-three of the counties the vot<
was roiiit'l'to, and In th<- i.inalnder near
l>- ??> The count Included twenty pre
etneta, eetlmated, and atood a.-< follows
Ti ft -U"t| Wllaon, 1-0,07, and Roosevelt
.\ rsmarkabla rseult of the election ii
tbla atate from th. rlewpotnt of polltlcs
leadera waa tha apparent victory of e
i ; Dunn, Democratic candidate for Oov
ernor, OVOT hh RepubUosn opponent
GlsOl EO W. t'larke
Dolaware Republicans, However, Elecl
Their Candidate for Governor.
Wllmlngton, DsL, N"v t>-Prartlcallj
oomplete returna ahow tnat WUsob hai
oarrled Delawara by a plurality of 1,171
over Preeident Taft, who leada Roossvsll
by 1,313.
Pranklln Brockson (Uem.b for Rsprs
?entatlve _t>L_urge, la elMSteo. Tha Dsm
? ticket waa probably aucci as
ful. but the Hepubllcana elect their tioV'
DenvOT, Nov. 0?Statewide prohlbltlon
voted \n>un as an iuitiated amendment
to the loustltutlon, was defeated ln Col
orado yaaterday by a majority estlmated
a? from _0,000 to 40,u00. A referreil
tneaaure t?> bulld a rallway tuanal
throufh tbe Rocky Mountalns app.ara u
S. Altmatt $c QIa
Fut and Fur-Hoed Gariments
WOMEN'S Fur Coats in the newest styles
and lengths and all the fashionable furs;
also Muffs, Stoles and smaller neckpleces.
MEN'S Fur-llned Overcoats.
Fur Rugs and Motor Robes.
is prepared to supply, at rnoderate prices,
Complete Layettes for .nfants
Includlng all necessary garments, made by
hand or machlne of the most deslrable fabrics
Long and short coats and dresses; wrappers
andsacques; blbs; capsandhats; bassinette
and crib sheets; plllowcases; nursery stands,
harnpers, etc.
BoudoJr caps; also maids' caps and aprons In
a varlety of styles.
jFifilj Awtutt, 34tlj vnih 35tln Sttrtts, Sfatt forJt.
Hen's Business Shoes
This substantial shoe for day-to-day wear has imieh
of the solid strength of a storni shoe without being
cumbenome. Made of Black or Ttn
Hussia Ctlf (smooth grain), in lace
and Blucher, with double sole?a good
t-xample from our big stock of
Men's Shoes at
Sixth Avenue 548 Fifth Avenue
at Nineteeoth St. ?bo*e Forty-nflhStreel
His Plurality 23,000, While
Democrats Win Oovernor.
Seattle, HO~, 6.-Rooeevalt'a plurality
over Wllaon ln Waahlngton 18 eatlmated
at 23,000. Kmest Llster. D*mocratlc can?
dldate for Oovernor. waa elected by a plu?
rality estlmated at 8,000 over Governor
Marlan K. Hay Republican.
J. A. i-lOOBOf and J. W. Bryan, Fro
greselven, are probably elected RapoOMBt;
atlves-at-large over the Republican ean?
dldatea by 6.000. In the lat Dlstrlct one
aixth of the precineta give Will E.
llumphrey, Repuhlican, 1.800 plurality ov?r
Oharles O. Helfner, Democrat. In one
seventh of the precineta ln the 2d Dia?
trlct Stanton Warburton. I'rogreasive, haa
230 plurality over Albert Johnson. Repub?
lican. One-fourth of the precineta ln tha
3d Dlstrlct give Wlllam La Follette, Re
publlcan. 440 plurality over F. Mt QoodwU*
Tne Leglalature ls Republican.
Roosevelt Was Second?Debi
Vote Oained 52 Per Cent.
Tortland. Me., Nov. 6.?Malne **??
Oovernor Wllaon a plurality of rfpaj
2,600 votea. Returna war* mlsslng t*
nlKht from only nine plantations. whoaa
total vote four years ago waa 1*0. TM
Boclalist vote caat for Debs showed a*
increaae of 52 per cent over that of tOO
last Fresldentlal electlon.
With the nlne plantations mlsslng. thO
vote waa:
Wllaon, 30,946.
Roosevelt. 48,387.
Taft, 26,r?4.
Debs, 2,672.
Chatln. <>m.

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