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Boxing S> Golf et* Other Sports
mu bits of srasr
McGillivray a Second Daniels,
or So It Begins to Look.
Money-Mad Tactics of Wolgast
Counting Against Him, Say
His Friends.
rea-lng of the Anwricaii quarter
Mrd fl few days BgO by
i-.r-y Md.in.vinv. of Illinois I'nlv.-rsltv.
aUgtt Bhnofll ua-Otlead, yet lt portends
both lOr the young awlmmer
,i the future of the BpOli
Chlcago I-.l COTOred 44'> yards in
li ot pool of the lUlnola
Club. m comparinf Ihooa figures
wlf_ |] k rormerly obtalnlng, ..ne ftada
?iiris held tha hoaae mark e.f
, . | Eoot pool, aad ao
| hl the ahe.rter
j,,.i, j. Bllllngton set the- _nglh.li fltand
atab-Bhod ln fl Il-foot
,,.-.. H,-'g?,,n made the Cnnadlaii
n , nni , - in i M ' -t natatorlum,
? H Kleran .-stabllshed the
trh of 1:11 ' ?" ;'
.. fl :: lllta, BfcGllU*
? out aa the '
,,-iler uf all naUoaa, for Klernn ttt
_-e.n ifl rej ? i
tirart of Bpood shown by the
-. who hai I.-1 e\en roacbod
I . v: ? e yomh. bla
wonderfol dlaplay of apeed anel endur*
Bnce and hls ex.-eptlonally dflVfll
uork glvi that h. wlll rlflC hlgh
\ . the Pi?iceton roach, who de*
? ? ?n U feel proud of this
brilllant produd of his schooiing. Orant
b | B logii al Improvement in the days
McOUllrray should fear no rlval
;,: an] dtotaaea Onco a man has mas
tbe qaarter. there is nothlng to
., Itng al the- half nnd
ago youth ls partlcularly
. . tor no better Judge ?
eeee. in the fleld of neiuatks alnce
?I of i>ar.i, ls McOlt-vray
, iwtmmer who gtvee every todteatlou
< | belng able to vle wlth tha best forelgn
? dlataace, tha ono branch of
naUtton in which weakneaB haa been
Ifl this country.
Hflfla tlie Sulllvan erawl. ia*
rented by the Prtucetoa roach. nnd his
-rreatly raoaaahlaa that of i?uke
Kahanarooka, the oiympic lOO-metr.
,-ms reach out bent at
. v. and oatch the water harel. a
Httie above the head, nitla I ?
. \te-nsloii. His legs perform ? MUrrow
six beats to everj double arm
bla whole actlon ia rhythmi.
i amoothly and without ehock
ahooldera pretty hiph over th.- arator, and
I . tbe hand which is forward
.!,-:?: atoiaoii Btrokoa
0 is almost faultless
tbe I latraltan ooeeh, who wit
M- , -iillvray's |IBI BuiW?fll<
Ihe uplnloa thal if the latte,
? .ke- up dtetancc work serioualy he
n another sealor. rank wlth the ln
came froi ?? * nlght
Vankfes stood re-aely to iiuy
Frank Chance *'.*?'??? a reeor to m?na?c
. Yoik team if he could g> I bla
I ? : ? ? Natloi ai
Frank Farrell was mui
a of Ad Wolgast deelare that the
m'a money-?lad taetlca are fast
:n1n_ his vaiue as a hOKOr, ffol
is aald, ha.s been Ifl the hahit of
?ageiing heavllj .<n hlmaelf ln all his
be.uts and alao betting that he wlll stop
; flnent in a eertain number e,f
rotmda His anxiety for qulrk flnishes
arlldneaa in hie deltvery of
and haa weafcaaod him in the
? arly rovndfl Aot bout Is polnted
:t j.- b gtowtng ??ample of the- cham*
Battltag N heavily on hlmaelf
In all his ebampionehtp battioa, i.ut tha
cool pbMgmafie i>ane, ayetetnatlc under
.,i! condltlona, never loat his head. whlle
? f|iil<ker but more excitable. al
? tnoughta e>f hla wagers tfl inter
?? ri w:th his boxlng.
ConfllO Mack has outwitted CharlOB
Murphy In tdgning Ei.algn Coitrell,
? pi"migir.g left hajadod pitohor-. it came
,-ibout thn-igh Muiphy b lgnorance of the
near rolea governlng eirafted playera
The '"ubs aske'd for waivera on several
of thelr youngatera in orxler to be in a
j.ositon to aagnllata ttndes, and lnad
vertently Cottreira name was lncluded
ln the Hat. a iitafted player upon whom
? watvor ls aakeel cannot be recalled.
Murphy did nol kneiw this. an?l COfinle
MaCI pat Ifl ? ciaim and got the young
Star Charter, the hlggest mon,-. \w.
i ing horse in America thla year and the
prlde of the Hchorr stable, wlll not be a
etarter tn the l.atoiila 'up at two and
,'i.e-':.iarUr BB-OB on Saturday. Su,h *s
tha announrement from Pimlie-o, where
,rr Is now resting his horses Tba
wlthdrawa! e>f Star Charter leaves th<
,.pen one fe.r seillng plat.is. us
r w other ge.o.l hOTBOB WOT9 nominate ,1.
Judging from the crowils at tlie 8t
Nicholas Kink each evenlng indoor skat
ir'g wlll bc- more- pppulflr than ever thi*
season. The dates for hockey games anel
Me.-1 skating COnteata are now b.-ing
nrrangadi aad the ladleattoaa are that the
fe.rthcoming aaaflOfl will surpass ln potnt
,.f intereat any <>f it-< predeceat ?
preaence of a team repreaentlng tha
merlcan Athletlc Club will adei m
? , t.,. tmateur Boekey Leagufl
lonthty tournament
Tl.e sixt_ se-fi.nd giemes of the Tth
Reglmeal flrlll he held on December 7. and
a li the regtmenta ln UM state have been
invlte-el te. enter a team of four men Ir
tl.e flna mlll relay rac-.
Knighta of St. Antony will hold
their flrnt 'erosa-country run of the sea
s,,n on Sunday from the < liibhouse at No
' .< onard street, Oraenpolnt,
Albin Wildfire and Bantam, High
steppers, Here for Horue Show.
a trlo e,f hackneys arrlved from Bag*
land o.i the alBflmar Mlnnewaska on
Tnaaflflj altarnooai fe.r the national
bOffOB she.w and have be-e-n ejuarte-r.-'l at
DUTland'a where- they w.-re taklng walk
.re-ise- yesterday Ifl the htg rlng
They w.ie tha dmataut ataiiion Alhlti
Wildfire. hy Pole.nliis LOttf MUUa,
broflghl ove-r hy Walter Hriggs. who bre.i
hlm, and two haekney bantam hlglist-p
i?.iai bied hy William I-'oster at Mel
Yalle-y Farrn.
They were Mel Valley Clnder. a hre.wi
geldlng, l-'3 hands, and Mel Valley
name, a bay geUllng, 13.1 hands. They
are- stx-year-e.lds aml eatOTOd ln the poai
harnesa clasaea fe.r oihOT than Shetiaiuls
Fighter Gets Better of
Clever Boxer in Fast Bout
Sheriff Follows Each Blow
and Ducked and Blocked
as He Sat in a Box.
Johnny Loro, the fast comlng llght
welfrht of tho West Slde, won as he
ptoaaad from "Toung" Hi-niy ln ten fast
roundfl ax the Forty-fourth Stre.-t Sport
itig t'luh last night. RoQIfly was in >>nd
Condltlon in th<- cioslng rounds, hut hia
courage novar aravflrod, and he fought
back to the boat ?f bla abHtty
in anothor lon round eontflot, Eddlo
Shevlin. of BOOton, dearly outlx.xed Hlll
Flemlng, the welterweighl from Old
Town, M- , att.r a -avage hattle. A good
?laad crowd was on hand tO wltness the
? OnteCta, and it wu> OM of the most suc
t'BBful shnws from an athletic point of
vlew which the club had eondUOtod.
The COntflBl between I.ore and his op?
ponent was one hctween a rl.-v.-r boxer
without a partl.ularl.v hard wallop. and
a snvaif. rlght.r. Ixire was the flghter,
atid his BggreflfllYe, relentless style, ooup
Ifld witli nn rffectlve punch. carried the
day. That he did nol tvin il.-c.slvely was
| due- to his inck of knowledge In the flnflff
polhta "f t!u game. for BflTCTBl tlmes, and
ln the elghth round partl. ularly. he had
Rflflhry In B grougy condltlon. where ..ne
loat arould hava settied
the St!
At these tlmes, however, his judgment
: .; to loaTfl hun enttrely, and iie
swung Mindly in th.- ganoral dlroetlon of
rlTBl, whose flghting li.stiiict B as
'Two Dozen Tee Up in Tourney
on Nassau Club Links.
' Course Covered with Puddles
and Several Retire After
Splashing Over Grass.
Hraving the rlgors of a drlving tain
'that soaked the course and tha players
, allkfl, two dr.zet) arotnon tcod up in the
monl over the links of thi
I Naaflau Countrj Club yaatflcday. It re
? i considerable plurh to .v.-n rintsh
ndltlona, to mentlon noth?
lng of playing gOOd BOlf However. the
? Maa Ooorglanna m. i".shop. of
Brooklawn, was the baal of tha <ia>- an.l
carried off the grOBB prir.e. Kwn under
umatancafl Mlss nishop's
flgureg would he commendable. The ono*
Btroke bandleap ..f th.- former natlonal
Champlon BlBO gave her lOw not. bul she
ward. leaving the
i Mrs .-. w. Rendlga, ..f BtidlanJ,
who had an excellent card of :-", -c? Pl.
ThflTfl M ? ? ?? several play.-rs who fi.und
I the golnfl t..o dlffleult, for the course was
Uterallj eoverad with i.uddies. and gav?
lt up after splashltig nvir a number of
hOlefl [neludfld among these were Mrs.
Itcd Marroahoff, >.f Midian.i, wife of the
winner >.f tti<- tournaments at the Na
' tlonal links and at N'ussau; Mrs M.
| D. I'aterson. .,f BaajtOWOOd, president of
tha Womon'a Metropolltan Gk>lf Assoeia
tlon, ar.d Mra, Latarrenca Bwlft, of Kngi?
lllflB Blahop legan wlth a fine 4, hut
a 7 al Iba lot-yard s.-cond. a 5
| at the next hfllpOd BOmo, and she BTBB a
I stroke undflr par at the fuurti.. a matter
nf l_-5 ya/dB, Whara ah.- had a 3. Mlss
I Blahop reached tha grooa on her second
i and holed a twelve-f-mt put. the ball
aplaahlng iratar as lt aranl home. So lt
waa throughout tha round, Koing tineiy
at tlin.-s. then lapsing. Sh> -a.ih out ln
: back In 47. Hfl! oard follows:
. 4 7 5 S f. i 4 4 6-44
ln. 4 6 ? 7 4 7 4 6 6?417?01
The <*C of Mrs Rendtga and the W of
Mis. ti. P. Hog. rs, the lialtusrol matron
who has been a CQB-latent winner ln most
of the twenty-oi... tournnni.tits of this
nature ht Id so far this season. 07010 other
Bne Beoroa returned. Mrs. Kogers mlght
hav. bOflO lOWOf had she bei n able to put
'ihe tn xt tiitii Titiment, and the Ihst. will
l,e held at the Sallsbury links. aaat Car
den City. Long JMand, next Monday.
The scons follow:
Misa Q. M. Blflhop. Urooklawn.... ?
\V. Her..li_!-. MMIafl-. M
Mi? A. c Buma*r, Naaaau.."4
? P Roaera, Baltuarol. W
Mn W, I i 3t_, W.vkaayi. ?
H Irvlng, B-oredfll-. .. m
! Mn. A S Rofl-fa, ''.?..tury. 03
Mi* B. 8 lta.*r, Century.109
,;?>... Hlwur-.y. 4
M,? w c. ChUvera. M_hopa.-....i n
Mr? H F whitnev. .\_ssm.... .ns
mn n B .Joldsmlth. HolIywool.llH
The MlOWlng c.'tnpi-ted, but did not re?
turn Carda: Mrs. Lawrence. Pwift, Kngle
wood; Mrs. K. 8. Henjamin. Century; Mrs.
\ r.^retzkl, 4'entury: Mrs. Cllfford Sea
Bongood, Century; Mrs. U Or_mho_*,
Century; Mrs. Fred HBITOBbOff, Mldland;
Mra M. D. Fateraon. Bnglewood; Mrs.
Frank' BaOB, Kngl-wood: Mrs. Florlan
Krng. BngleWOOd, and Mlss I.o.ilse F.
Krugi Bnglewood.
Strong Relay Team Helps in
| Beating Townsend Harris Boys.
Tiie Brasmua Hall Hlgb lehool awtm
mlng team scored B hard flgrnfld victory
OVflT th. Townsend Harris Hall Hlgh
Hchool ln a dual swim held ln the latt.-r's
tank last night The flCOI. was 30 Ifl B.
Xh? Brooklyn aehool, by harlng the bet?
ter relay team, captured the 2K8-yard ron
? est by ii .v.'ir.l and a half advantage.
Long, Moith, Cramp atid Clybura. tbo
captain, gova Breeraua Hall I pointa by
this race. John Hopklns, Of Townsend
iilMi.. won tt..- Ba-ynrd awtm by Art
yards from clyhurn.
Th<- Bunamariefl folloo
W-varrl BWhfl W.m by A I. Clyburfl, Kras
m'na Hall A I?e Vor. KraanUia Hall. eecmid.
u it!.'"ns..,. Uwaaatt Umttm. ihh- IC-.
14JB.MN BWha Won hy A. Kemptner Town
J?rt llarrl.: A. FltxirfM-vn*. Tov.nsen.1 Harrl*.
?T .unl k Worth. Saantaa Hall. third. Thao.
''.ivai.t Bflrhfl a/flfl bl .1 Hopklna. To?n
?_"^ Harrla A l< Clvburn. Krasmua Hall.
_:r?n.if- i' i--n-. tmmmZ SaU. ihlrd. Thae.
Pl.inae for flBUfl Bl- V\'"n b| R. Me>er.
Tou n.en.1 Harrla. wlth 4f? f* . A Oe Vo*.
_?__nt_. H?ll. amhBTIt, Baaaad) B Murray.
Braamu* Hall. ?Hh 12 ft . third
,:?.,, v ,uve Won hv R. I^"g. KrasmuB Hall.
with 112 P0lnU; T Ha.n.hell Town.en,] Har?
ris. wUh no polata, ae/arnd: a. W___aa__
i Townsend Harrlp. wlth ? P-Hta third
M?-yard relay .elKht |.-i.?ths. Won t.y Kraa
n,m. Hall wlt i Ixma. Sorth, Camp an.l < l>
'hura T-wna-n- ifarrt., with rtt?_lbbo?a.
woodma... R~W_eo_ and B-BaBiaar. -econd.
Th.ie i Vfi
ptMl ?,.?,? BUflflBflB Hall, M. lown?end
Harris, 23
strong. nnd who was able to cover up and
avoid serious trouble.
Sheriff Harburger was the most inter
eateel spectator at the rlngalele. Whe-n
he flrst attended the boxlng contests in
hls offlclal caparlty, the Sheriff announced
that nt one time he wns featherweight
champlon of hls dlstrlct. nnel he showe.l
clenrly last nlght that he was qulte ;?
little boxer. Kor a man of hls "Iterary
attainments the "chief peaoe offletr ot
this COUniy* took a vltal Interest. Wlth
every lead he duckeel. blorked and avoi.le.l
the punches, and on o< easlon he le-.l
vi.iously wlth both hands. often closlng
in to flght at close r*uar1ers with hla
lmnginary foeman.
Kverybody In the box ducked nnd siellenl
off. lettlng the strenuous little mlnlon of
the law have full sway There was flfl
doubt that the Sheriff won his battle all
the wnv.
From the flrst tap of the gong l.ore
went after Reilley, nnd, taklng a few llght
tape e,n the fn'e. booked over heavy wal
lops that shook hls man from Btem 10
St'-rn. Kelllev was soon f,,rce-d e>n the de
fenslve. nnd It was only on OCCaatOfl that
Ix*re e-ver let up In his attnrk.
Comlflg along lo the fifth round. I.ore
set-med tO feel the pace. flfld he fllflwod
down a little. but by the time thfl BflVOUth
round arriv.*l he wns rlfht ha-k at top
apeed. Ifl the- elghth ln* apparently had
hls man at hla merry. bul ha lost hla
j head al a nsoment arhea coolnefla meant
victeuy. and Kellley last.-d tlie round 00
ii continued. ?ora always had tbe batter
ef tha axchangea, but Rellley *?.-.,?? Ihere
to elo hls best. whleh he dld.
Greens Flooded for Mew York
A. C. Tourney at Fox Hills.
Beach and Cassebeer Tie for
Medal in Qualifying Round
of Contest.
Owlng to the atorm and the fa, t ihat
only twenty-four playara appoarad laetead
of the Htpeeted flfty, all dtrlstona la ih?
chflmplonahlp tournament f,.r the mem?
bers of the New Vork Athletlc Club, ihe
ejuaiifying round of whloh wa.-- played at
Kox miis. yaatorday, have boflii e it flown
to elghts. .
There was a Ha for the naadal between
Chlaolm Beaeh, of th.- home elub, and
The :? e assebe.-r, ,,f Uakland, e.n h
wlth carda e.f 4'> 4;. %\ Thla tle will be
dectdod la'.e-r, perhapa at the end of the
Boorea arere geaerally high because- >.t
the w.-athei. loflM -,f tba grems be i .tne
Boodod m lhat laaac afaakla Um fot
Hilla profOeatonal, found it Deeeeaerj t-,
ge> out and drain th.-in off. John N.i
thing, of Daglewooda who woa th>- tltle last
year, wa*- aucoeoaful la galnlng ti. ?
plonshlp dlvislon. Il<- bfld B ?< ore of <??
4.; n Ralph Carroll, <>f Qreenwtoh, who
?loi d arell up among the >,,,!, ri laal > i a
dlaceintlnued playing brcaure of ihe rain
It was etrlglnally planned te, have the
players qualify ln three slxteens anel to
' b.gln matdi play this morning. wlth the
j tlnala on Saturday aftomoOfl ut eighteen
Ibolea, Under th.* ahaaged coadltloni
match play wlll begln tO-day, as s^h-,1
uied, but probaly wtt\ ha anded laturdaj
morning. lt mny flfl that a handlcap wlll
be. nrrnnged for the afternoon.
The BOOTOfl fflUoWl
.iiAMi'lo.sbHir DU laiOW.
Out In 1!
Cbtaolaa Beeek. r<* miia. _B JJ ?
Theodors I ?t?-!?-i. OaJUaael . V> ?B ?
Di A T. H-Hct.t. U >Ksa>i ? 4fl
John Naethlng. Knglev.-nd 4.1 W ? "
ii , Kb-haids, st Andrew'a.. 4s 44 n
James D. Ke>,t. Apawamii. 44 H W
Eugena Van Bchalek, Milland.. we 46 ?
A. W. Bmad, I-eike e;?iieAa . 47 BB W
BBCOKD I'lvi-li'N
A I' Retfe Manhsttan- 60 4ft
e; \v Lemtecf, F?x HUla. BI 4H }_
H.in.M Weole/, F?x Hllls ..... ft _ l_
eieorga lv f-ykes. Hartford. 6g 4'.. Bfl
??; j Bwerda, Mont.-lair. 60 ."-' m
Batterson. F-.x Hllls.. 61 BB IM
e'lelller, Dunwoodie-. M 64 )"1
Tarleton. oakland .',4 64 l'1*
Baeeeea, Von hiiis. N M {?
Ptnkney, Montriair . 6? r,s iie
Wa11a,-e. Jr . Fox Hilla... 64 II 111
Poiaoa, Fox HUla. 66 6-1 11'
_ Judklns. \V>ka_>l . 0" "1 _
W l'ogson. Kox Hllls. 61 <H 12:
Oaaklyn, Beandale.-, ? JJ '2.
Wrlflht. Sl-vanoy. 91 fi.'. I_
MrMahoB, N. T, A c . a*. fll I2e
_ flpetta, Fox Hllls.63 e-,-, l;>
The ,lra?- f'-r mat, h plsy ln (he eliamr.l'.n
shlp .Ilvlslon follows: Tlrund -. s. Mea.-li: Vai
flchalcea vs caaeaWer; -Naeihins; aa BtckerOa
BOd K.-e.t \? Hnlghl. _
Thinks Victory Over Williams
an Easy Matter.
Charlflfl I>edoux. ihe hantamwelgh
champlon, has no hlgh opinion of "Kid'
Wllllams Ledoux was at the Palrmot,
A C flf The lironx on Wednesday nlght
when Wllllams went through his pace
wlth Plllv Fiuslmmons. and after th,
cntest was over he dedared that II
wiuiarns repreeented tha highest type ?*i
American hantamwelght he woubl havi
little trouble ln wtnnlng rlght down th?
When the bout waa over I/edoux ane
hls manager hunteel out fiam Harrls
manager of Wllllams, and challe-nged hln
to hOX, wlnner take all. Harrls rafUflai
to accept the chalb nge under those con
dltle.ns, but sald that he would b- glae
to match the Haltlmore hey wlth lh,
Fremcbman and lay a substantlal wagei
<>ii the, result. Harrls made It dear thal
tralning Wttfl go on whether a boxer flri?
or loaea. |
Johnny DundeO, the featherweight Ol
the Weat Slde, has slgneel to beix twont)
rouadB wlth Krankle f'onley, ,.n? of UM
beflt little men on the Paclflc Coafli Dtttl
rl,-. wm face the "NetiTe Bon" ln Ton
McCarey's arena at Ix>a Angeles on No
vember 19. _
The day e>f three ten-round bouts at the
|Oe al BflUbfl has paaaed. If the word of aome
Of th" 1,-ading promoters of boxlng ls U
h.- fli oaptad It ls the purpose of the 44tl
?treet Sportlng t'bib. the Olymplc and i
few e,ther organltatlons to put on one
ten-round contest. as was the custom sev
I eral months ago. One ten-round bout be
Itweea IWO good men wlll draw as many
spee-tators as any number of contests be?
tween men of only ordtnary ablllty.
Kddie Mcdoorty. the Oahkoah middle.
welght, who wl.l meet Mlke C.lbbons li
this city ln a few weeks. Is here, and it
alreadv In bard tralning. He la aure ol
his ablllty to make the welght and de
alarea that for Otaea ln hla career Mlk*
has bltten off me,re than he can chew.
Gaynor Opposes Meters for Use
in Homes of Every Class.
Mayor Gaynor objOOta to the meterlng
Of water in prlvate houaea, apartment or
tenemoat bouBOB. oa the grouad that 't
miirht lead BOOptfl to decrease their num?
ber of bath*, which would he bad frum a
hyglenlc point of vi.w.
Commissioner Thompson of the Depart?
ment of Water Hupcly. who, of course, ia
gnxfOUa to Increase his revenue, had wrlt
ten. to the Muyor usk!?_ hlB advice about
coinpcllInK all bulldlngs over live storlea
In helght Ifl he metered. To thiB tbe
Mayor replied yesterday:
I do flot favor meterlng water to dwell
lng boaaaa or tonomeata it would lead
to an economy ot water ahlcb would ba
mjurlous to the bealth flf thfl .ommunlty.
Membera oi tn?- famlly would refraln fxOm
taklng hatiib, foi lnstance, for tbfl flfldta
Of flCOnomy OT ln fear of annoylng th.
boad ol the houa.- by addlng tu hl? a
I do not think that water should be
re-tricted for _o_a_hold aae. Brory ona
ln the famlly should feel free to take a
batn at anv tlme There ls no rO-OOn
why tlils ml. should not apply to dw.-ll
Inga ln ten.-ment hOUBOfl and apartment
houses as well ns to htngle hOUflflfl.
There ls an ordlnanoa tliat all i.-nement
bouflflfl or flpartmant houses over live
stories ln helght -hall not fail anUor th.
usual rate baafld on frotitage and tbfl
number of llxturaa and taps. The eflort
la to make them paj a hlgh.r rate. 1
kn. w ,.f no reaaoa for this wneihgr tha
bnildli.g bfl (i,e storlts or ten storles
hlgh should make no dlffi-rence. There la
tn. naorfl reaaoa to mflier tho ono than
the otlur.
Pl? ?? give the flUhJflCt tb? cloaest con
sidi-r.itloi, and ue will confer about It
again It !? a matter thnt should rflCOfOfl
Ita. uaalon alao i hava ghron you
the vlews which I have long cntertaln.-d
I would nol llhe t.i se, th,- meterlng hv-.
t> :.i extended to fandllflfl during my ad
mlnlatratlon, or eeer. In order to have
? ;:< :? ? aatei tor famliy use uni?
form lt aill ttv to havfl a neiv
ordlnanec or <-fia11? r amendment. The
present ordliaii' ? ? |i old Blld CTUdl
Sunrls* 6:39. sunaet, 4:49. nvion rl*es (i't*),
-; moon'a ??*,
HIOH \V.\7f;it
\ M r M
Bflfl ^ Hook . ?:M I:JJ
Qovarnor. Island . 7:04 7:86
iieii Oata . IsM *-??
The Fannenlii, ref,. r tel n BM mlle* eaat of
Bandy Hoea al M a ? aa Wedaaeday, 1? ???
* Si.turdav for'iioon
Tha Bl Pflul reported i> MO mlle* eaat of
Band] Hool at l:B*p m yeetertty, ia expe.-te.l
I on.
-,j\ Lorraln* rtported ?>? ." mllta eaat of
Bai l] ii... i ..- 1:40 p m roelflrday, i? e*peeted
ti. doek .-..'? ?? Ifl] afteinoor..
Tha Prstorla reported ?- PM mllta eafll ad
Sandy Hook st U_- p Ifl re-Url_ay, ls expected
. ? . ..f-.-m Ofl.
Venjel Pl m ' Ujt
? -.- ? ia..... . I'.t S;.aln, O.-t 31. .Trliii.l.id
?Colon . . CrlatoMl, No* ??? ..Panama
?M?ru ..It.o .Ma>a?uez. Nnv -.'.Ite,l l>
?Baatern Prln e .P_rl Bpata. Oet J.'. ? .J'Mnce
Ml^hlican.Anlwerp. Oel 23 .P' en!x
i-v . Madeira. 0.1 '-'?' ? nn?t..i
Bufl .H III, "" -4 .WtUon
Ofllreaton, tfo
.u.na'i ..Baraanah, Nov I S.ivannJh
- ,1 i RDAY, KOl FiMHKi: I.
, . . .eV.uthHinpt"n. Kf* 2.Amer'n
?carunla U *n ?T. Not 2.Ounard
? Un* BflVTfl, No% '.' ?? ? -F"'V ?
Bt Mare, .v 4 R Dl '
....... HavflBfl, Nov ? wora
AlmarUL. ..? : 4. .. ????*
I ? ? , . Ham-urg, 0< t 2i llam Am
s,. .... Od M ...... ' aaart
M hawk la -aoorllU. Sfoi * ? >da
I Nov 2.Ma'.lorv
'Calaaaali Oaaaaaflr, N ? :: ...
. infton Pal-rmo, Oet BJ ... A"?'rla.r.
,,,,.?,? , idia. Oct M K????
? _ti n Haml ?
I.. PAT.
Mall VflflBfll
Alllfla v. . rtatebfl rSaa .. li so?... f^J"
c?ma_ue>. Tamptoo Wtrt. - "' "l
Dayaa ?? v-*rl u m
NV-.r V lk - rt-fl-tp'fl, Am ?'. 00 fl ? p;f.am
v. | | io ara llO0_i
B?r-S ArT-niln*; 1. a H IJOani ?J?a?
Oruhe Bermuda. R MB Y BK? a ro 10:4)i? ? m
l-j.- i-,.... W Oi. _ m 12 Of, m
,0:00am 1:00pm
Turk ? ial. r > i" '-"> m u Wm
.. Th maa, viu.i.'. ll~?a m I O0| m
Mlnnatonka I. n_-_ At T. ?' ;?' * ?'
C_m*ronla. (llaaaow. Anehor ,?:SJS
Pennaylva, Hamfc irg. H * >J ?
R?K_aml>_au, lUvi-JJn ??
? K?i^r.K__lveatoft! Mallonr!
, :... tfallon 00pm
tionvllle, tSyd. 1:00 pra
,- f Bav-flflflh, SflT, Bfl-aa. ?'? ??? ?
,, AjAgi | HA 4 10-m 1000 am
MarowlJne.Paramaribo.RDWI 1! 10 a m 1.00 p m
Numantla, Santos,-.11:00 am 1:00 pm
Dertlnatlon and steamer ln N. T. PB.
Tahltl. Mare-ueeaa, Cook IslanGB,
N-ew Zealanu, Australla (vU 8an
Franelsco)?Aorangl .To-day. t.tO
Japan. e-. rea. e'hlna (vla Tacoma)
-Tac.-ma Maru.To-day. 6:10
liawalt evla San Franclaco)? _ ?
iAjrllne .To-day, *?**
Hawall, Japan, Coree, ejhlna (vla __,__.
8?n Krt?clsco)?(Thljro Maru.Nov 10. 6:30
Hanall. aamuan Ialands. New Zea
land, Australla (vla San Fran
clsco)?V.nturm .Not. 14. B:30
Japan. Coraa.. i7hln?, Phlllpplnes
(vla Seattle)?Awa Maru.Nov 14. ?:?
Fijl lilaru'a, Hamoan lslandi. New
Zealand. Australla (vla Vlctorla)
?Ifokura .Not. 22. 8:30
Japan. Corea. Cntne, Phlllpplnae
(vla Vietorla* Empresa of Indla.Nov 22, 6:80
Ouam, pr.lllnplnes ,vla San Fran?
claco)? D 8 Transport.Not 80, 8:30
Port of New York, Thuraday, Novem?
ber 7, 1912.
.Steamer Athlnal .Greek), Plrs-us Octol er 17,
ejalamet* IN, e'alacola 19. I'atras 20 and Pa
lerrno 22. to N A Ualanos. wlth 219 cabln and
I uOU Me? rege passengers and mdse. Arrlved at
1 the ,,. at 12:41, a m.
1 ttaaier New Y?,rk. Southamptnn and Cher
bourg October 30, to the Amerl-an I.lne. wlth
74 flrst and 190 second cabln snd KM steerege
passengers. mslls and mdse. Arrlved at the
Har at 3:22 a m.
Steamer Ma-llson. Newport News and Nor?
folk, le the Old Domlnlon Sa <"o. wlth pasaen_
fflg-j and mdse. PflBBei ln Q-iiirantlne at 2:26
p ni.
Bteaaaer Cbeyaaae (Br), ?aodee october m,
Portland 21 and Hallfax, N H, November 4. to
I.avld T Warden. In ballast. Arrlved at tlie
Hai at in a m.
Steamtr e >rub* iBri, Hermtida Novemher .",.
le Sunderaon e* Son, wlth 18X pasacngars,
malls and mdse. Arrlved at the Har *t 10
a in.
Steamer Zacapa (Br). .'artagena October 20.
I'orto Poloinbla 2T. Santa Ma-ta BO Colon .11
and Klngston Korombor 2. Ifl the rnlted Fruit
e'o, wlth 2u passengers. malls and mdse. Ar?
rlved at Ihe Har at lu a m.
Steamer Uuri lAnst), Trlente Ortoher 1(1,
l'attaa 21, Palermo 23, Alglem 26 and Almerta
2;. t,, t'belpa Hros * Oo, wieh '9 cabln and
7i)l ateeraga passengsrg and mdse. Arrlved at
the Car at 10.30 a m.
Steamer iTiesapeske. Haltlmcre. tn the New
Yerk * Haltlmore Transportstlon Co I'assed
In yoarantlne at tt'-tt a m.
Steamer <Yeole. New eirlesn*. November 2. to
th. Southern I'a, i!l . o. wlth passengers and
mdse I'assed In Qtiarantlne at 6:26 a m.
Steamer Transportatlnn. HoSton, report-d
passing In eji'arar.Mne at 3:26 p m.
Steamer Huron, Jacksonville. Novsrnber 4
and Oharleeton 6, to the Clyda Ps e-o. wlth
ps?sengers ab 1 mdse Passed In ejuarantlne at
7:12 p m.
Steamer Mtlllnor-ket. Ptockton. Me, with
iap.-r le the Oreat Noithern I'aper Oa; vessel
? A II Hull A Co. Paeaed In Qusrantlnc at
7 .06 p m.
Eandj ilook. N J. Nov 7. 9 10 p m Wind
south, llght Ireere. ralnlng: thlckj moderate
ground ?we:l.
Slenmers El Mar, New Orleans. Montevldeo
(Span), e*a,llx - "Ity of Ootumba?, Savannah;
.?"rlstohal. e-ristobal; Jamest,,wn, Norfolk and
Newport News; Manna Hata. Haltlmore;
Deutschland (Oer), Flushlng. Nleluilaa "'uneo
(Non. Port Antonlo. Trlgna.- ll"r), JU-.i--;
Hlmalala lAusti, Tampa. Kronprinzessin e V ?
ellle 'Geri, Hremen: La Proven.-e ,_"r), Havre;
? , Id. Oelvsslon. Celtlc (Br), '..I'erpooi,
Merra ,.'a*tle, Havana.
1 i"e*^enhsg<-n. N.,v rt. S p m-Oi-ar lt iDanl.
Sea Y, rk vla < hrlatlan-?nd.
Ho'.ter-lam Nov <J Hlrma eRuss,. New York
for I.lbau. Holmeside ,Hr,, New York; 6th,
l.uigi Clamia iltali, New York vla Fa>el.
*<c .. ?
Ifeealfla. Nov 6 Whltehall (Br), Saw Irork.
. ,1 la, N,,v 5 Queenav?o,?| ,Hr>. N-w York
gobe N'-v 9 City of Baroda (Br), New York
vla Ib.ng K->n?. Y--k,hsiiia. et- , Tth, Qusen
Alexandr* .Hr), New York \ la Yokohama.
" ,. . i
yue-nstown. Nov 7 >>dric. N. w *i nrk f,,r
-. i, anat- wo aa I l.lver; oel ireported h> wlre
leaa te-le-graph 317 mlles west af ? a m; due
st ijueenstown abenit 4 a m to dav,
Plymouth. Nov 7. 9:2? s m e'.eorge Wsshlng
t?n ,e,en. N?w York for ijherbourg and
Hrenien _ ,
I Hlog,, Noi 7 Uethlan (Br), N?-v York vla
Ssbang for Y,.k?hsina. et, ; Matoppo (Br).
New V,?ik \la Slngapore anl Manlla.
Praanea. n-.v 7. a a m Prtadrkk ei*r Oreeea
(Oer), New York
et,?rt-^urg Nov 7. 4 p m Oeorfe washington
ulerl. Ne*v V.,tk vls Plvmouth for ft'emen
I ,?nd proeeede*, ...?
| ,i.n? Ne-e 7 'srp.ithla , Br, New York for
Nsi !es, Trleste etc.
Newport, Nov rt laHham .Non. N?w York vla
. go*. I Aries (Br), New York vl?
M?a?lr, i v.
Psrnjinhue-o. Nov 7- TapeJea ellraz). Nex
York tor Itlo de .fanelro. SsntOS. et,-.
I_?,^ Nov | Arnold Amsli-.-k ,Cieri. New
V.,k vla I-ss Palmss and Sekondl
Kast Lirnl?. he-i 7 Y?rk CaeUe ,Br,, New
V re vls Cflpa Town and A;K'** Hav
Aacoaa, (fee 4 Arlon iHr,. Hwaj i"rk vla
Hsrl snJ Harletia.
Quiaaalara Be? 7. 346 a m Majaatk (Br),
efi.-m BalillliaiBglaB "nd (herloirs,. N-?
I.Uerp-e-,1. N -v 7 Bsltb- (Br), N?w York \!a
Oueenatown. _ . .
caicutta, Nov 4- Scharifels (Oer), Baatefl and
Hs'rr,s,d<,s.' fNov ft- Flonlface .Hr). (from Para).
|_,n.l"n Nov 7 Mlnneapolla .HO. New York
Sbk-lds.' Nov 8 I'.gama ,Hr,. New .ork.
llr-.w H?s-! Ncv 7 Kroonlun-1. N>? York fcr
I ?? ?nd Anlwerp (rOflorted bv ?ir?l<'?? ?''
egraph 1.16 mlles s-uthwest at 7:.i0 a m. due
Kl l?,ver about I P tn lo .lavi.
?,- 7 iure 'f* lOer), i aleatta ror
Uostoo' snd Ne* Torhi Ktuenba (Brt. CW
cutta aad Colembe tor Bogm anl N-w
KW YU*. H. T.
aovu-BB a. liu.
N.V.- V i?mn?i?? *m -- ?'
?_-._.-.r*-""_'~r_r.:_^:?T..-*__s _T5*31?"*.'-?'"'?, ??"?"
limrhil Kernrd and Iorecaat. WaahlnaMn.
Nov 7 Thfl Maraifl Bl Wedneaday night over
UM lower h_M rmloti and Northwe.tern Flor?
lda have unlted BBt- a slnile Btat-i ..f IBBfli
aroatat tataaaati emStti ??? aafht a?rei Ka.t.-m
N?_ vork Baavy raaaa *_oaafltaa_ai the
atarai in tha Atiami. Btate* arltb M_- wtatt
? ||M eflflflt, an.l rnln* also rontlnued In th.
I?wer lake realon, the ohlo Valley an.l th*
ea.? Oall atat-a Th.re wa* no other prrclpl
tatlon of conaecptence over th* countrv. ex.ept
In aaa north Paclflc atate. and S.iuthern Mon
The weather will he falr Frlday o^er all dla
trlCta __?_?_ Hfl- Kngland and the north Pa?
clflc ata.es. wh.-re r.lns -III con4lnue. and lt
-? ba f-tr _a_ar_ay, fla-epl m the eaUtnai
Nor.hwest. UflOI. tl.ere will ?_ hMBJ raln. or
?now. :t _? -e aahaar rifdoi hfl ?>>?? At
i.ntlc atate. and warmer In the Interlor a. far
?e.t aa the HMH ?!?*< **+ " ?" *
.omewhat colder FHd-y bi Chfl 11-^ VOllaf
.nd nn Roturday ln the .0081 BB___U-PPl F*.
?____WTB*7M Fr.da> ; falr and
colder Saiurlav.
fataaam tor BpaaW -H-BHii Iba F.a.i
ern New Vork. raln Ihi* mornlng. followed
|? falr and colder: brlak to high weat and
nnrlhweat wlnd.: K-torday. falr.
Kor N>? Ennland. raln and coldar Krlday.
wlth ?nlftlna wlnd.. becomin? northweat and
n?Kohr' ih-'w-fte/'o-' Columb.a and Maryland.
l learlngand rolder M-_? i i-turday falr.
m'-i"raie n-rthwrai wtoda, bflBflflataB aarhUiaa.
ror Virginia. Clfl-H-C -_d colder Hiday.
wlth moderate to brlsk northwest wlnda; Bat
"rK*r Delaware and New Jt-rs.y. cle-rlng and
'colder Frlday, Wltb brlsk northweat wlnds;
Saturday falr. , -. . o?.
F.,r Eastsrn Pennsylvania, clear ng aafl
colder Frlday. wlth moderate to brUk north?
west wlnds. Fahirday falr. _
For West Virginia. falr In west, elearlng and
,-o|,ier ln csst Frlday; Saturday fali. warn ar
"VT'weetern P*nna- Ivanla, falr Frlday; .at
urelav falr. sllghtly warmer; mod-iate north
wlnds, becomlng varlable.
rnr Weatern New York. cioudy Frlday;
clder In southeastern portion; dlmlnlihlng
north winda; Saturday falr
I a. m. H|l P tn. M I p. m. *>
Observatlons taken at Inlted States weather
bureaus at ? P m. yeeterdav follow:
r,... Temperature. Weather.
Aiaany . f. Haln
_"*'"' . . 44 floiidV
""??,. ? aoudy
i hlcago . * riesr
New orleane. ? . ;?rr
Bt tAWtit. *? lc*"ur*y
Washington. *? <~.ouo._
|,o. al OftlrUI Iteresrd.?The followlng ofnclal
reeord from the Weather Bureau shows the
changes In the temperature for the last twenty
four hours. ln comperlson wlth tha eorrespond
Ing date last year:
ihii 1.12 1 ian-i*_
-, . ni .5i m e p. ?.ai ?
..m.60 5 9p m .4? JM
?I a n, .52 81111 p. tn.47 ?3
j2 m.69 fll 12 p. m.4,
ip. ni.8i eoi
Hlghest temparature yesterdav. 99 da?r**i '?t
8 p m i: loweVt. Bti average. BI; avtraga tor
correspondlng date last year. ft4; everags for
correspondlng date last thtrty-three eTWJJB. _:
1 o.al furecast: Rain this morning. followeel
bv falr an.l colder; brlsk to hlgh wsst and i
northwest wlnda; falr Saturday. '
New-York Tribune
The Fastest Growing Newspaper
The Only New York
Republican Paper.
But Not Radical.
Special f eatures in Sunday's Issue
Qranville Barker Tells Kate Carew
About the "Advanced Shakespeare"
Thla yflmaa producer ha? puzzled, yet oharmed, I.ondon, with a "Post
Impres. lonist" rendltlon of "The Wlnter* Tale." chari.rterl7.eel by
BflVere scenery, Kewiaiseance clasxic costumlntr, and mple.1 actlon. He
Caeera not only a rTatln?1 theatre. but an F.ducatlonal theatre to
teach people whnt they ahould want. Thinks the Kntfish public ' cen
turles slow." while America ls open-mlnded and open-eyed.
Woodrow Wilson?The Family Man,
the Scholar, the Statesman
The Prenldent-elert of the*e I'nited States will tninaplant from
I'llnceton to the White Ilouee a charmina famlly llfe ln which Mrs.
Wllaon and each of thelr three dauKhtere are notable factors. Study
B_ Governor Wilaon'a characterlartlc.-j reveals the deep thlnklnff, far
.-.eeitm "eaaajr Booteh" l lood, wlth a -'leaeant admlxture of the genial,
wltty IriHh. Hls self-trainlnx for publlc offlce.
15,000 Feeble-Minded Children
in This City's Public Schools
Hanus Committee will report. aa re?ilt of Inveatifration hy Dr. Ood
iard, tl.at number of defectlvea in N'ew York'a achoola haa quintupled
wlthin a few yeara. The Hinet-Simon testa and v&rioua atepa that
have been taken and will be taken here and elsewhere to aid tha back.
w_rd llttlo oiif-M.
The Red Flag?The Auctioneer's Pennant
?Covers a Multitude of Sins
This h a story of the able aasistance rendered by the '?.**Vhil!ar,er" ln
many a eo-ealled auction room, where "varuable brk -a-bra.: and art
objecta" are, !-??> to speak, jrlven away; ar.d also a tale of tie woea of
the "rummy" and the "sucker." A fleeced Southerriejr nudged the
Mayor and UM Mayor nudxed the Cnmmiaeloners of Aceounte, who
thereupon Kot fre>m varlous auctioneers Klo<wlnK accounta of th'.ir
OWfl Ulneceaee of fraud and the gnilt of thelr nelKhbors.
A New Field for the Lover and
Collector of Things Old and Beautiful
American hand-woven eoverlets come into their own with the wrliln**
hy it Keatttcky authorlty >.f a manual on these- detinty h!t*i of craffn
manahlp Ifl which they are sald to be "to American art what the
proae works flf Increane Mather and the verses of Anne Hradatreet
ure to American Literature..''
Among the many interestine features on tlie Woman's Pageg i?, a
?eries of illustrated articlcs on Interior Dccoratieni which give invalu
able aid to those decorating or redecorating their homes. QotsdOBI
which arise will be gladly answered by the Editor.
INTERIOR DECORATION.?The Dining Room?Its Furniture, Fur
nishings and Lighting (illuatrated), is the sixtli articlc in the _erie_
1 Tlie Wind Up of Women'a Folltl- 7. The Man Over. I \ Hirit to the
eal Campaign. i Illustrated. > Hofltflaa.)
2 Daily Blll of Pare. 8 ltewe of the Cluba.
3 Two New Crochet Patterna (II- 9. Mother and Child ln the Xltchen.
luatrated ) -0- Boudolr Wotee. , New Toilet Ar
4. Opera Oowna. < Illuatrated | tlelea for <\>mfeut |
6 Book Bevlewa. 11. Varletlee of Head Dreaa for
6. Erenlng Cloaka. e Illuatrated l Evenlng P_nc_ona.
And Varloua Othar Intercatlng Artlclea.
Under the title of "THE Jl'N'IOR FORUM" the ihil-lrens Pages
of thr Sunday Tribune have become noted f'>r the excellence of their
COntcntB. They liave flfl instructive and educational vaiue which places
tliem in a class by thcinselves. In all departments The Tribune is a
clean, HOME paper.
l Elan the Armourer. A Kas.-inut- 6. The Horae Chea-tnat'a Beventh
' iMFairy Tale l lilustrated.) wiah. (Illuatrated.)
._-..? -?__,? 7. A Bit of Pamoua Verae.
2. An Aeroplane Puaale. 8 ra,# %n& j>AAl9 th, Eiephant.
3. The Calico Dotf. A Story. More of Thelr Ltrflfl ln Plcture
4. How to Make a Jack o' -aatera. and J/ei-fl.
(Illuatrated. I ?? Ftiaelea.
6 Oalenda* Lotto. A "Made-at- 10. Edltoriele by the E_ttor. of courae.
Home" t'.ume to Play. I la. lettera from Onr Xeadere.
For the YOUSG in Years or in Spirit
The series of pretty colored pictures of fairy-story characters for
imenilr-, which THF TRIBUNE is distributing with its Stinday issue is
getting prettier, more- artistic and nv.re pleasing as the weeks go by.
The subject of the picture to be given free with every copy of next
Snnday'l TRIBUNE (H Wtll be found inserted in the Magazine Section)
|s the joyottl story of the pleased and satisfied boy. Little Jack Homcr.
Ilere it is:?
'Little Jack Horner aat in the corner,
F.atlnt. a e'hristmas ple;
He put ln hla thumb, and he took out a plum,
And sald. "What a good boy am I "'
r__h _ wiMaai hfllrtd blue-eved tot with a handaome. gleeful face, slta
,Ia<*k. a gobien nai a t._ j ?- , k|_ ^^ A Christmas wreath of holly
The Magazine Section
.rill maka ? strong appeal to lovers of good f.ctioti And the issue of
Th. week following flrttl make a yet ittongef appeal; *?LP5} * b<>
sirte.l "The Man Who Was Lost." by Maudc Radford Warren a
lerla itory extraordinary. But. leaving that out <>f the euiestion for
the present, you had better order your Sunday 1RIBI.NE in advance
if vou want to rrad
Tha author of "Get Rlat Qulck Walllngford" la at his best In thl.?e lateat
humorous tala
The Triple Alliance sy morgan robertson
hlso one of thone storiee which ulone are worth the price of admlealon.
Of Otmrae it 1? a tale of the eea.
The Bungalow By hapsburg liebe
a mm nri tr-11 abe.ut the klnd of bunaalow wlth which most city people are
UmtUtX. A Btroaa, rlrtS storv of llfe among prlmltlve people.
Murderers of the Stage By george m. cohan
a aerloue proteat?vo?. Cohan ls eerloua thla time?eflaln?t the petty
jealouTies that cauce actore to mar important ecenes ln order to dteeom
fort rivali-._
These are a few of the Special Features in next Sunday's
TRIBUNE, which will also contain all the Cable and Tele?
graph News, all the General News, all the Political News, all
the Society and Resort News, and more comprehensive Sport
ing News than any other New York Newspaper gives.

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