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rlaims as her share | large part of
Albania. int ludlng the Adrlutic ports .,f
Dnraaao, AleHBK. aad ^n Giovanni di
The Future of Albania.
Aecordlng to reports current in Ber
Ua the intenti ti i f the allies ls to
dni.le Albania between Servia end
Ure-ece. but an agreement alrea,'.
Jiitfl between Austr; I BJ I Italy, which
would bo flapportod by OoiiiiBny, guar
anteeing the- . and inde;
ence of Albania. The Triple Ar.
? is determin.-d to pr--\ - nt Servia at all
oaatl from reaching the Adriatio. It Ifl
?,-ven aaaerted that the Trlp
_?? . ? make Albania ind.*.
ent, wlth th* Duke of th* AbrUB-1 as
Another ImfKWtanl meetlng occurred
al , ? between the
Rumanlan Praanlear anel tt
land Austnati I lt ?* re* tl I
that the p,,wers will commn
the I
Qoeat f r nedl
Tlu- TnrUab fortn ' B - lir>ar
the Mor.tenegrin frontier. is Btlll I
? etubborn reelata-ce Tl
tari hav. and
.-! the offensh
oe open by
which they can supply Tnrubosh, the
- Turkish ' litari
erttli : aaamunttlon.
Tlu- antagonlarn <sori
tho army
Prtnee Danilo of Monter.egr-,, whi- h
has unde
a dispatch frona Varpnmlao -
the- Turkish government has made a
propqaal lo Chlll to purchaee the bat
new being bullt in Englan-1 for that
The Chilinn | nt, lt
|f reported, will decline to sell the
Turkish Troops Under Nazim
Show Great Tenacity.
Vienna. Nflfl v Deacrlbtng th
taik of the Bulgarian army on the
Tchataldja lines, the- CurrcepOPCV
the "Rt-ichspost" at tht front says;
Th< Turks had taken up I
intrench.-d position on both sid
Trherke-sskeui in order t,? cover the
-Pt.^ Tchataldja for
MIVaiT.naiB .ights for
the.- ' dl through Sun?
day. Monday and Tuesday.
Turks foughi ur, .
preme command of Nazim Pacha with
far greater tenacity than had been ex
peeflad Of then. after their precipitate
IllllOnl :n the last battle. When the
pressure of the rlanking movement by
a column of th- ftret Bulgarian army
cominK from the OOUth began to mak
itself felt the Turks maei,- a des
forward movement with a Btrong
from Kavakli .ind Hunar igainst Uzun
Haji la order to break through the
Bulgarian OOntre. This atUtv k. how
,-v.r completi ? -? ' ? r the
Br* of th* Bulgarian infantry and ar
tii;- :
.-..multaneously the third Bulgarian
araay advna e.l from Baume. west of
Istrandia. for a deeisive attack against
the Turks' right centre, which was
lined up to the north of Yenekeui. and
throw H back on Tthorkooakanl
?This movemcr.t conv.rted the fail
ure of th>- Turkish attack on Uzun
Haji into complete disasler. The
dlvisions pushed forward in this quar?
ter arer* almost anniliilated, and it is
t,> th;s d -i*t a con
aiderablt- part of the nwful loss.-.? th.
Turks flU?'ered may bfl attributed.
'The ?Irad oonaaqaoBoofl of the over
n of The- Tirkish right centr.
the lmmediate retirement e.f the whole
eouthem Turkish battle front, which
had been intre-nched in B strong posi?
This r. gua in the fore
notm ,,f Koveenber ?",. Th* army pro
>.?;t.ded generally along the raiiway line
tn |be el - ? " Sinekli, while th*
Oxtreme left wing rettrod 1 ? way ?.f
Knnt.,. RHentlessly the Bulgarian
atnay, Mpaaflatty tha southern riank
!ng coiumn, pressed after tl.e enemy,
tT*M ??on transfe'rmed th. retlre-ment >,f
the Turks from an orderly movement
into a dtsordered flight.
"Nazim Pacha'fl attempt to arrest the
Bulgarian pursult by taking a re-ar
guard position at Siemenli ended on the
evenlng of the bth in a complete rout.
The last Turkish reserves. who had
been moved up to this point. were un
able to stand their ground. and the
Turks fled in masses towan! Tcha?
taldja. pursuetl with the greatest in
elstence by the Bulgarlans."
The second great result of the de
, IfltV* attack of the third army
Yeneke il was that the Turkish right
wing was completely severed from the
main force. It was driven from th,
heights east of Istrandia Into the for
est rtgion by Lake Derkos and cut off
from the centre. whhh had likewlse
heen beaten bv the Buigarlan columns
advancing south ,,f the Istrandia val
Whlle vigorously continuing the pur
suit. the third army is now mossed for
a direct attack ujx.n the northern wing
of the Tchataldja posltions. One , ,,i
umr. was sent through to r?rmanll
.gainst Derkos
Drama, Visa and Rodosto Lat
est Turkish Towns to Fall.
Sofla. Nov. 7*-The Bulgarlans occu
pied the town of Drama on November
5. The Turkish troops in that reglon
bave been scattered in all dlrections.
Most of them have surrendered their
arms and are returning to their homes.
other remnants are so demorallzed that
even the peasants are able to terrorize
them and compel them ta dlsarm and
rlee. Throughout the dlstrict the in
habltants ha\e warmly welcomed the
Bulgarlans. and the Bulgarian adminls?
tration haa been establlshed.
It ls omcially announced that the port
of Rodosto on the Sea flf Marmora. and
the e ity of Visa, to the southeast of
Kirk-Kllisseh. were occupied by the
Bulgarian troopa on November .">.
In the flve days' :Tghting along the
llne between Lule Burgas and Bunar
hlsaar the Bulgarlans. it was offlclally
announced te>-day, lost 15,<AW men
The m__ ? - - ri-aa po_4fc_. ol th _-_S?l _?C?t. th Tlrfort,?*_-- b-*
tifictions ol Tcl_t_-j?, U* !?s< <?*"?<*? "' ,h0 Takab ra!"la'
killed or wounded. The Turkish caa
ualties exceeded 4?11mn?
Wrest Town from Turks. but
Lose More than the Enemy.
_a_lgrad<, Nov T i ' rta de
ecrtba the two Bghtlm
- ;rrender
the nor'.i.
?ure of
the ground ?
tiilery. T! I bring oa
mour.tain bgttery lnto acttoi
I ihe ^ Igt i ' the Turkiah artll?
-T-; g :>rm
? flghting
make bag aacrifW-s. tak. rltlOB
[ after an. Inl of Ihe
onet. The Turks held such BtrOBg ;
j tlona that they sh. ?
to annihllate the Btormtag
Only at the en.l of the aocood day did
j the Servlan inf.ir.try mceeed in drivtng
' the enemy from their Btroogfeold and
ng them to flight in the dlr
Of M-.nastir The Ser\ ian w
! num^.ered many more than the T';-.
Constarv- : - N 7 P opto
ba ? Jonatanl rtr -ngiy op
. to the Idea of eeeklng mediatb-n
or pea. e. Nazim i 8 Turkiah
.??mmander in (hief, hfl
'the government that the army is de
'termlned to flght untll
?ately defeated. 11>- r.-gards the
.-. army is
| cont hnate Bucceaa, and that
manimous in favor
I of contlnulng the war.
The prlnclpa mataaU
?? have h;.
Ki.tmil Pacha. a signed I ;i in
party of
Unton and Pr - ? to sup?
port the government in the pollcy of
? -?uting the war with energy.
Th. ? havir.g weight
I with the governa
The .-..mmandcr of the western I
man army telcejlgphfl that Zerovltch,
whi'h is on the BiilllhBflllOBt loo; Of
I the Salenka-M. :i..!-:ir Rallfl
beer red from the Qreeka. He
reporta that a Bervlan cavalry de
?it with B-gchUM gi.ns has been
routed at Pi
? .mmandtn
-'ern army, has arrived in CofH
stantinople. The Vall of Adrlanopla
has sent a dispat. h briefly outlinlng
raoent operatlona. The laat sortie oc.
ci.-rr.-d yester.';y, with ?eV-TB kNBBBB to
the Bulgarians.
The rumot that ___oaIcg has been
: |a not conflrmed, bat lt is
known that the town is hard prossed.
The ambassadors of the BTfl POWOTB
held a meetini; tiile morning at the
Porie, and there met the ("irand Vizier
aad th.- F_re_gn Mfnlater. It i? under
_la___aad measure? o|
public safety and the (juestlon of medi
:t nf.thlng is known of the de
cisions reached. The powers as yet
have made no mo\e with referenee to
Athens Dispatch Discredits
Evacuation Rumor, but Re
ports Other Successes.
Athens, Nov. 7 ?After a flerce en
gagemer.t. ln which the Turks had
more than one hundred killed, the
l BJflpr. occupled Pentepigadia,
whkh commands the road to Tanina.
The reporta that the Turks have
_.a__a_fld Saloni'a are said to be un
Savs Balkan Allies Have No
Designs on Conatantinople.
Paris. Nov. 7. ? The Balkan aliies will
ask fur the partltlon of European Tur
k-y. leavlng the fate of Conatantinople
to the decision of th. BuvogflflUI powers.
accordinir t.. Premier Pachi.-h of Servia
ln an interview to-day with the corre?
spondent of "Le Temps" ln Belgrade.
? viari Premier l ontinued:
rwa wants the porta of St. ?Iii>
vannl di Medua. Alesaio and Durazzo
on the Adriatic Sea. which the Servian
Empire possessed ln the Middle Ages,
and by which she waa terrltorially re
lated to the rest of Euroiie.'
Servia has not recelved any propoaal
from Austria. but a.-suming that Aus
tria has rn> tcrr:tnrial designs Servia
is <|tilte willlng to fBTOT BC__M_flBa_ and
cr mmer.ial expansl<?n for Austria.
The Pl_BBlar 'ondudtd by sajing that
the Balkan allies dc-ired Turkey to*
treat uir-'ctiy with than conc*rnlng j
j.eace, anl not through the pou
Turkish Authorities Decide to
Send Them to Asia Minor.
?antinople. Nov 7?Mussulman
I refug.-es eontlnue to arrive on the out
? thi tal from practlcally
[the whole country aouth of the Bul
Ifl the
aralla, at the Alr
of direfui dtetreoa Men, wonon
: children. earta and cattl'*, are?
. together.
an tryinK to supply
Uatfl waat* of th.- r
Thouaandi hav- i i tbfl
Iflt ten days and l.ave
undergone- intens'- BUffori-g. They ?%y
that they foarod the inva.i.T- BPflUM
th* rltlagaa
New Map of States South of
Danube To Be Drawn by
the Powers.
Waahtngi I the
? 1 almojet certalnty that
I ten ational conjtress wi;
ln tbfl taunedlate future to deal wlth
- here are
.latlng whether th- Unll
II like'.;. tO te drav. - . h a con
M, as ln the case of the Algeciras
b, whld oderl
futun Ir? *hat
aaa a
? t aoaaawbat ??
vlrtne of the- ffl t thal
party to the orlalnal tmal f 1890
? h. ta a* ' arltl n affairs.
I There exists ne> sii'h eonventlonaI obli
gntlon it, th* case of Turlu and the
Balkaa Btataa
It hai - ? ? ? r, thnt
some of the y - ra might
only w.-i, ocm the appoarance <>f 11
l'nlted States ln flUCb a conference aa
is projosed I
extend an i,rj?e-:i! lnvltatlon to this
eountry to uk. rl Rrad by fl daatr*
to have at least
ference without selfish interests at
- of flCtll |
pire in e-ase of BM
II was Just flUCh a function as this
which the Amer: gatton f" tiie
under th4
tion Of Henry W ? ? ? IflOd so suc
coaafully. Of courae, the extrnsinn of
an invltation of that kind woold not
involve ne--essarily the aocoptanc* by
the l'nlted States, and aB the mlBslon
arv Interests. representing the m.ist
lmportant American element ln Tur?
key, im far has not oooght to brtng
praagam to bear on the- Htate ;
ment to partlcipate ln any way in the
oettlenien1 of the Balkaa queatlon, om
cials here are earnestly boplng that
the-re- will l-e BO nac?flIty f,,r America
to do so.
P*a a flOClotlOfl and lndlviduals ar*
appO?II?g to the- 1'rcjeident and to the
Ftate Department to take uteps for
Interventlon in thfl Ralkan war. not by
force of anna, but through tbe offof I
goo<l offlces.
These conunontcatlona wiii all be
properly acknowledgod wher>? an an
| pwer is invlted, with an expresslon of
regret that conditions do not appear to
Justifv any ae tlon by the l'nlted Bt.v-?
at this time.
Ambassador Rockhill in Cable
Message Tells of Urgency.
Waahlngton, N,,-. T~-The Am>-rtcan Re<1
C*rosa. which haa t.ik<*r, Bp tl.e "???"rit ,f
see-crlng Bld fr in Anieri, a for the jrr-at
number of wnundod, si< k and de-allt .te?
ln Turke*., to-day recelved this ca?I?
mesanae from Secretary Phllllpa of tha
American Bflflhaflfly !n I_ondon:
TeUgrain from Amba?j<_eJor Re>ckhlll
at i.'unatanUnopit, aa.* furida are urgentlv
needed to eare for the Turkish wound -l
Arnfjft.aador and Mr.? Held hav.
The Red f*roaa i? iasulnar anoih.-r gea*
?.ral appeal t,, the jjui.lk for oontribu
Hona for the reli,?f of tbe sufferers frora
the Balkar, war
Bertln, Nov. 7-Tl.e dermari Rei Craoa
_ ____dasriag nr-?t aettTlty la rar-tahlng
aid to the slck B?_ aOtt?dod In the- Bal?
kan war The central commlttee has al?
ready kent its fourth txp-dlti.,,, of phyai
e lans anel nurses, wlth medical and aani
tary Buppllee
This t-xpedltion aoes lo the Turklnh __dfl
acatern pan >,f the li.eatr.- ,,r
war. A flfth expe,llt|on ln c,*ur*e of peep*
areatlon wlll Joln tke Servlan fOroea 1 re -
\ioua, expedltlonee hav. h*en aent to Tur?
key, Oreeee nnd Bulirarla
Boston, Nov I.?-An indlctnient .-liarglnx
the Hi/Ston Klevated Rallw_\ CoOSgBUBJ
wlth ctiertins; Ita employea fr^m jolnlng
B labor organlxatloi was quashed by
lodgl Joln V Broafl ln th. Buperiu:
. e.nrt te.-day. Ju.Ik.- Browa held that tbe
lnolitment. whl. h result.Kl frt,m '
vated road <ar strlke last July. whs un
Troops Marching Against Each
Other in Mongolia.
I., , fi v -Russia and Chlna
tba i fl of a ronfliet.
Ti,. Rua u government .
the taxl of a ' ' "n N""
IfonffoUa. The tr
recogr.izes and guarantee? the bvde
Ofolta, nnd f'hinese and
Hussian troops ar" manhlng agalnst
A new b-depondenl ruler nf bfongolla
This is tbe third _ew throne wblch it
is now j: >Uah Austrla
and : BBl up the Kln-.i-m
of Albanla. and King F r.
.. r.-.!ir- .1 with the intenti-n
Of pro i.iimmg himself Emperor of the
Balkans In O.nstnntinople
Federals and Rebels in Combat
Near Mexico City.
ii(1 s'. v : ngbttag ''-"fi
thfl f omraarM i
BhUBOjael an.l a force <>r Zapatlata*
NBaaveva Pe La O ?_? re
I fter
?icna tbe Ia 1 BlUa.
- ?
??: guna were fa.hr.g
almost : I kvaea.
The f-deral*. eoaU-MUBdad b> OflBal-l
? ae bad baea bard praaa. I
I ir. rbe earller flehtu-.g. - '?
tba r.nrth wtth
rna.b- a hard r ?? ' "> ti.ar. .. WltB
[t Ifl i ? _?_
p^lta -'Ht General Blamjuet WU\
- - - ln? .'.'?'
loesea ln tiie battlfl ure aa:<l to have tx-en
A B Moran and Cazenovia
Neighbors Lose Decision.
aaa 1
Bj re lee, N ? n Eycb et
... Cure
m.via. had a l'-gai right to ht.
I , ? . ? . .ike,
tful home tbera, in
Bpltfl of the obJOCtlOOfl of hia nelghhot.
A. i \. ? York broker. This
is t' .....
? ? ;Mlc her? t.-r.lght by Mr
\v<-!i :? - r ptnloo waa
tl - . .-nntend.-nf Of
rka, who hal been requ- sted
b) Mr M'.ran and others tfl ordec the
pier U rn ?!
The ohjecttor. to the p:.r was that
H ?aa of "nnraaaonBbk ler.gth" and
WO-Jd m?,r the flcenery aad -balriMl
the lake vp-w of cottagera. The Attor?
ney (lanernl holds that the state o_J-?
sjtarfare baeaaae tt has bo control
the land underlylng the water,
Caaaaovia LflUka aol bemg, ba a legai
-. ? . . |g ! |. ?
Legality of Menocal's Election
Disputed bv Zayas.
Havanfl Haa "-The leadtag Zayistas
at a ?> deeaded to conver.a
a natlonal Llbaral BaBflBaht] for Nov-m
B, .it arblcb stepH will be taken to
iiisput.- the IflgaJlty ot Um raeaal ei-ttion,
in wti _ Marl. Meaoeal waa
flUetad I'restd.-nt af the repuhllc. The
adflaahllltl "f tba raatgnattnn >.f aii Lib
. ua now h.iiiiin- ateetlvfl ?____? or re
? ?: v. ii. alao b- constdflred,
lt \a ?? ,.,!.- !?.-'.. whethei Alfredo
/.Hvas now baa much larluencfl la the
natlonal aaaembly, but lt la raoortad that
? plate blo.klnn le?ia
Intlon bv refualiiK to atfend the s-salona
Ol thfl hOUflfl. thu* pr.-vi-ntliiK a quorum.
Tbfl tona ol tbe Zaylita preaa ontlnuea
tbraaumng, bul the daug-r ot leeo-iaa
to fon-.- is believed to bfl s<> reui"te aa
? jlbla _
Latin-Amcrican Ex Presidents, Exiles
and Refugees Congratulate Wilion.
Naw Orleaaa Haa. I --i.atin-Am?ri'_fi_
bl N'e? Ortaaafl ar.- jubiUnt evet the elec?
tion Bf BfoadfOa Wilaon. At u meeting
of tha Central Aaaet-caa eoloay to-day a
lelflgram ?'f eoBgralulatlon --aa setit to
the rteeidanl abaif. ln whleh tne belief
araa ? that thfl Wllaon admlnia
.-, would _>-_-i ' tba death of dollar
dlplomaey, ? hidi has brou?ht untold suf
ferlna jixI lOflfl of llfe und property to
ii ir p*. ple," .in.i Ihe r.--?-at.ibl!ahment of
nlaaaeni "i.^lui .-in.i eoaunerebU r?>iation?
States and the repuh
tbfl aouth.
t. I^_riini na? nipnerl bv [?on Polt
carpe Btoallla fl?-Pn>_ldent of Honduras;
Dr Artgel L'gartfl, 'Jeneral Franclsc.i Alt
ex-Ooy ernor of Urannda. Nlcu
raaua. and Colonel Cfljl-BB Martlnei. a
Nlcaracuaa eatle
Jose Santos Z.dava. ex-Preslrlent of
Nlcaraaua. aent a cable mejwajrc from
Spain tfl .;-.-,.?!?;.! Uta hal to extend hia
tongratulatlona to Mr Wttaoa
MaroaUaaa, France. Nov. 7 Mtaa Kate
Sayer. an Engllah woman who had come
to thla city from New York. waa kllbd
last night by fiilling frnm the fourth
gaOr alndoa Of a hotel here. It la be
lleved the occurrenee uas acridentai She
\v,i> aol li'-ail when plrke.l U|> from the
Blilewalk. but explred ahortly afterwurd.
sin aiu vwaaaa-iaua" ???? *?m.
Religioirf Nature of Conflict
Emphasized by Bulgaria.
Moslem Fanaticism Unloosed
by Ferdinand's Talk of "Sa
cred" Nature of Struggle.
't-'rom Th<* Trlbune'a Correapondent )
Conatar.tlnople. Oct. 20, 19_-The fear
of arouslng Moslem fanaticism has al
ways been one of the most horrlble aa
pects of a possible Baiknn war. To pre
?erve the status quo haj been the care
of Austrlan. Russlan, Oerman and Itallan
diploniats, but to the Brltlsh and French
the dread of a Balkan war has lieen Its
effe.-t upon thelr mllllona of Moslem flUb
}"<ts 111 UM and 1878 thla was demon
Btrated, It ia true agaln to-day.
The Itallan *ar has soverely trled the
Brltlsh authorltles ln Indla and E|
?md the French authorltles ln North
Africa, for lt re?ulted In pan-Islamic agl
tatlon ln many parts of the Eastern
world. But It dld not have the reper
CUOfltoo ahlel is bound to follow the
P'-.-sent disastrous war.
It was hoped that the cauaes of thfl
war would be given aa raclal rather than
rellglous, but the proclamatlons of the
Hulg.irlan and Servlan klngs, which were
publlshed here ln yesterday's papers, hav-*
,ed that hope. Both of these proc?
lamatlons iay the greatest emphaais
ipon the rellglous side of the war.
Chriatiana la Slavery.
Ferdinand in hls proclamatlon mv?
The t-ars and groans of nillllons of
? ikrtflUaaa, in elarery a--ross the Riio an.i
R?OdOpfl (the two mountaln ranges which
form the boundary b.-tw-r-r. Bulgaria and
Turk- t faU tO rrove the h>arts
of us who are thelr brothers ln a com?
mon religlon. of us who owe our liberty
and peaceful llfe to the great e7hristian
llh.-rat r o'zar Al-xander of Russia),
propha?c aorda an roaM_tbei Hs
*a!d that the sacred w,^rk must be car
? ? - the end. To BaOOOf th* Chrlfl
ttan population of Turkey there remaina
I no ,>th?-r me.,ns than to take up
arms, ln order that we miv assure to
th.- Chiiflttaaa of Turkey security of
llfe and pro; ?
?'hrNtlan aenttn enta. the flaerod
' aMIng our brethren when they
are menaced wlth exterrnlnation, Impose
? the lmreratlve duty of ealllng
,.,r BOnfl B?der th* ,'lag our work la
' Wlth a flrm faith ln the prot-ctlon
- tt thfl -hntghty, I bring to
... natlon
that thla war la tt 1 the human
rlghts of the <"hrl*t!ans ln Turkey In
--...- - ? raafl against the
ierty Bgalnat tyranni '
? hall have the <eym;ath> of al! those who
M.iv e;,.d be with us"'
Tr.H ; - bob tho Ihet
- ? | to help the
?B of Turkey. that it is a sacred
war. an.d that It la the Oeflfl against the
I Croaoent The words of the Ktpg of
\ ar- praetlC?lly tne same. The
' OflWU PllUOfl ftOBfltaattafl of Oreece. waa
MflflOfld by the Metropolltan of Athena aa
a crusa,l< r when h" left tO t>.ke command
-.< a.-my
C-oaa Veraua Oaecent.
The Hilgarlan royal proclamatlon nat
urally waa read wlth aUrm and eonster
i._tl,,ti bere. It wlll be printed Ifl all
Ihe M',-.;.-m [ apers thro ighout the world.
BB_ tr.- aordfl ' In thla struggle of the
iroas against the ? reacent" wlll be em
phas'.xed ! v tbfl rreiss. which la contin
- ? stlr >;p fanaticism
TH!* Ifl Oldy too true of to days press
la I'onstantlnople. It BflOBBOd lncredlble
tkat th.- astute Klng Kerdlnnnd of Bul
g-lia, abO bafl bOOa a llfelong e-oneerva
tiv.- p-Hltl-ian, sh..uld have used such a
phrasr. It la bound to emhltter the
atruggle on both sldes The Moilern
BoaltoT. ahen hia raHglaaa fanaticism ia
?jroofl Bttd ir.carnate. Iie wlll let
hlmself be* kllled ao landfly Bfl bfl whi
kill and afl gladly.
um Klng Pflrdlnand b making a bo'd
bld for Russlan syrnpathy. and he wlll,
have lt. I know the sentlments
of the Ruaslana. I>ast summer. from
Odeeaa to Ralalngfora, i tested put.iic
optnlnn. If the Rus-inns get lt Into their
he-ada that the Balkan States are waalng
a war t,> llberate oppressed ''hrtstiafis
ln Turkey no power of f'xar or dlplo
maMc mrislderatlons wlll keep them st
>nt lf the Turks wln.
Nor, which ls equally serious for gen?
eral European peare, wlll they allow
Turkev to retaln pooaflflfllaa of Macedonia
and Thrac,-, If the Balkan Stateg are
vlctorl?us Tbe -.,ngress of Berlln wlll
not be repeated thls time. Russta Wlll
fght flr-t Konafl tkfl tanor flf the pro?
clamatlon of Klng Ferdinand tfl hla army
lt Is, ns we shall see a ,1<>< ument e.f
fsrreachlng tmportan.e It make* more
terrible the present wnr; lt brlnga Russla
tortb Ifl n protector of Bulgarian Inter- j
ests. whlehever way the campaign g>>es.
it oiw-ns up the posslbllltlea of an AUBtr-.
Ull?<? II conflict: and lt l? golng to glv.
Kngland and Frar.e much trouble ln the
gov-rntnent of their Moilern aubjecrs.
rif the ,-ffect of the awakenlng of Mos?
lem fanaticlam tn Turkey Uself one hatea
to think. The Turks. defeated, wlll cer
talnlv wreak terrible vengeance upon the
natlve Creeka an<l Armenlans of the Ot
t'-man Kmplre. Vlctorloua. they wlll be
more overhearlng fl-d cruel in thelr op
ptOflfltOM than they are now.
MacVeagh Deflnes "Vessel"
and Apparatus.
| Washington. Nov 7-St-cretary Mae
Veagh -,f the Treasury Department to
day completed the- regulatle.ns which wlll
govern the Importatlon of ahlpbulldlng
materlal. equlpment and machlnery Into
the l'nlted Statea free of dutv, ln ac
cordance wlth the act paaaed at the last
seaalon of <'onnrese.
The regulations. whleh wtil !>e made
publlc ln a day or two, provlde, lt la un
derste.od. for the free entry of wlreleas
app-.i-atus. aalix and rlggtng as part of
the e-piipment of a ahlp. These have been
dlsputed polnta.
It was necessary for the department to
Ifl??fl what ls eejulpment and what la a
vesael The law applles only to 'vesaels."
According to reliable authorlty lt la held
that a vessel la a craft of tlve tona or
more-that ia, documented or regtstered
The regulations. it Ia aaid. will admit
bolta. nuia. rlveu, platea and the llke
which go Into the conatruction of a shlp
or IU machlnery. Furniture. e-hlna and
glassware wlll be admltted as equlpment.
Ki.-e e.iutpment wlll be allowed only
aao*, it i? said That la. a veasel canneit,
from time to time. replace Ita equlpment
as ll u wara oul
Gale Blowing Fifty Miles an
Hour Interrupts Work of
Transferring Passengers.
Royal George May Be Refloated
To-morrcw, After Being
Tugs Stand By.
Quebec, Nov. 7.?With 504) steerago
passengers and her crew still on board,
tha Cinadian Northern Btaagaar Royal
?_<? remained fast to-night wher>
Bhe went flground. one mlle east of
Point St. Laurent, last night.
A northeasterly gale, with wlnd
blowing fifty miles an hour, and a hlgh
sea and heaw rain interrupted tho
work of transferring the passengers to
ships aent to the stranded st.-.inur's
assistance. More than 400 pass-ngers
were taken off early to-day. Steam
ship ofUclals hope the rescue work aaa
be reaaaaad to-aaorrow. Meanwhile
they have given assurance that the
Royal George is in no danger of break
lng up or 8lldlng off in a dlsabled con?
dltlon lnto the storm-swept waters.
It is not expected that the vessel ca-i
be Boiated nntU Saturday, when th^
hlghest fail tide is due to occur. Afur
the passengers hnve been remov.-d the
holds will he lightened and an attempt
be ma !? D S.-.tr.rday to float the ehlp.
The government steamer Lady Grey,
the wre< king steamer Lord Strathcona
and sever_l t-.tgs are sUnding by.
Caplaia B-falag-r of the ateamer
.. who paflsed the Royal George
to-day. does not think that the liner is
in a dangerottfl position. She
a--h..re ',:: a bottom <>t sand and gravel,
lt seems, and there is no fear that eho
arlll hreak in two. a^ the 111 fated Ba
varian dld some years ago. It ls now
annomicad that the fore part of the
Royal George touched bottom.
The North, an old ferryboat, which
brought the lr.a?l of passengers to this
returned to the Royal George this
in.r::lnr, but the strong wlnd prevet.t
ed her getttnsr near the wrecked llner
10 taba l 8 the r.rnaining passer...
The . ? thi big t'ie r,f the Car:a
dtaa Patclfk Rallway, also fallad
; reach tl..- B ??- f*p
aptalna of these two vessei? re
I -re rolling so
| hi_h that it was dangerous for them
- ry t.. get alongalde the llner. They
atated that th.-re were several hur.dred
steera?e pass. r.-ers still on boar '..
At this tlme of the .-eason th ?
nel becoraaa aarrowar, and the hydro
gr-iphlc maps todlcate that .-?!?
should not run at more than four an* a
half mlles an hour.
The Royal George, lt is estimate_ hy
some navigators, was running at a
speed of at least eight.-en knots ln an.
effort to get into <_uebec before tbe
lmmigratiun oflb ?
Montreal, Nov. 7.?A wireless m*_t_age
to-day from the CanadUn eWorthflBB
Royal Mail steamer Royal George cor,
:,rm,.l earii.-- Bt ttt ot :he- vee
Oflfl tU pa?-? :*ger_ had been taken off.
Tho trai-sfer. a< cording to this meaaa^
waa made at 1.15 a. m. by the rirst tender
tl.at reached the steamer. Four other
tugs were _tandlng by at that ttnaa
Paris To Be Connected with
North and South America.
Farls. Nov. 7?The French governmeat
haa dOOtdod tO flfltabNflb h. flflrtflfl af wire*
.aions, connectlng Paris wlth the
rartOUfl French colonies and with North
America and South Anv-ri. ;_ Tba pmjeet
as laid ebaib** tbfl Chaaaber eoi ??mputafl
tbfl eap< ? ? ? ? ?' ibaat a third
Of thal sum te. I*- .-x.
Th.- .K?!nt of oonaoenon ia North Am-r
?,*a has not yet boen apecitied. h ,t the
*.outh Ame-ncan-Pacifle gkile includes
-*.itl"ns ln Morocco. the lataa l of Saint
LoulB, Martlniepie. the Marejues._s lalands,
Tahlti. Noumea. the capital of N>w
Caledonla, and thence to Saig-n. Indo
Tecla Geau
For the coavenieoce of
patroos, the Teda Companr
have tnstaJled a pnvate. ihow
room with a separate e-trance
through the mam hall of the
bu_ding, 398 Fifth Avenue.
Upon request. they send hc-rne
selections of their jeweli.
This affords an opportunity
to examine, at leisure, the
marvellous "Tecla" creaboos.
396 Fifth Avenue 10 Rue <fe la Paa
7 Old Bond Street !5Unier denUnden
PS_<W_ Utlmn St ti 16th
U-hiaevn FSl. at llth. N W
St Lo?? Lncott at 10th
Ar-atK Cky I*?I3 Bo?r.?? .
St,-e- 16 A?e*nu? Me?*_e
v_s_? 2 K_m?oaaaaaa
1 Stok^-rnicke
Office Ecruipment
Globe Cabinet Safe
Security to a very high
degree- adapts itaelf ready to ar.y ir.
terior arrangemer.t of filing device cr
storage?gives a capacity far in excess
of the old atyle safe?fumished ifl three
destrable sires with finish of olive, oa_
or mahogany.
Irreplaceable records are betng er.t-rutfld
to the:r care.
C'tet aa more than '.ht or,lmary ktnd.
New York Store at 380 Broadway
'Phone, Frankiin 3870
Desks, Chairs, Tables and Filir.g Cabinets in Wood and Steel
Also Sectional Bookcaaes
Andrew Alexander
Stiffened with
Whalebnne t o
support weak
"Balancing Heel" Shoe
Wkle t.>c and ex'ra widc flat heel Infant'l stzc-. 2 to S
t . grre eonfidence and e>-i r*/\
Chil.l's liaefl, 4 to fl .... 1.85
Sixth Avenue
?t Nineteenth St.
548 Fifth Avenue
above Fort) -fifth Street
Tbe beauty of the scenery,
tbe flmooth roadbed and
easy ridinjj equipment
make the |ourne.- alto
getber deligbtful.
The frequencr of the traina
and their hoorly lefltrin?
time make time-table- ?*?
necessary and aroidi ?nr
uncertainty of crain time.

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