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But Not Radical
SMbttttt R
New York'? Only
Republican ??per
V0L LXXII..X0 24,100.
t'alr nrxl . oliler to-day.
In-mir m, falr.
C!t? of ?w Tork. Jtnej Olty n-.d Holwk-a
' ninnni two cekia
McManigal Relates Convicted
Labor Leader's Own Story
of the Los Angeles
Dynamite Outrage.
Witness Makes Direct Charge
That Frank M. Ryan, Presi- |
dent of Iron Workers.
Had Full Knowledge
of Explosions.
Indianapo'is. Nov. 1-4.?For tlie ttrst
time since twenty-one peraons WW
killed in the blowing up of "The Los
LiiaJci Tlmea" building. on Oct(?bcr I, I
1910, james B. MeNamara i d"iaii*<i
confeaaion to having efttiaed the ?
nlosion. with his motivrs for doing it ;
and his commenta on the fa?.-t that. so '
many persons were killed. ?mi relatod :
M the witnesf stand In tlie tlynamne ,
lonspiraoy trial tu-day.
Ortie E. McManiRa! te?tified Uiat the
confeaaion VM Kiveif tO liii.i whlla he j
wai hiding MeNamara in tbe woodl ;
five miles from Conover. Wis.. both of
ihem having gone to the Wisonnsin !
woods on the pretext of being hunters. ]
Olaf A. Tveitmoe and E'.igone L.
riancy. San Francisco labor \m
McManigal testtfled, ^erc named by j
MeNamara as having made arrangc
ments for the Loa Angeles explosioa
and as having furniahed twn man?F.
A. Schmit* und David Caplan-to as- '
siat in bu> ing tlie hlgh power nitm- I
seiatine, "beca iae Sehmitt and Caplan
had been regularly employ*>d on the |
Coaat by the Bullding Trades <"ouncil
of California."
T\?itmoe and Clano are among the !
forty-five defendants now on trial. !
Caplan and Schmitt. naniod l-y McMan- '
igal. were indkted in Loa Angeles j
t'ounty with James B. MeNamara on
. hargM of rnurder. l>ut thoy never
have been captured. Governm?nt
agenta have been informed that Caplan
was kilb .
? Hoped to Get Otis."
fTben he asked MeNamara whjr lie .
taisted off a ga? j^t In the basement j
of 'The Timea" building hefore the j
exfloate-n. McManigal teatified, this j
c om-arwi tto*? awaed:
McManigal?Why did you break off
tht gas jet?
McNama-a?tecauae when tha ex
pl9tion occurred I wanted tha whole
building to go to hait.
McManigal?And you knejw thare was
?? many paopla in thare, too?
MeNamara?Whata tha diffarenoa?
I was to maka a good claaning out, and
1 did it. But I im aorry so many wara
kilfad. I hepad to gat Qanaral Otis.
McManigal said that on November 5.
1910. h? wu at hia home in Chlcago.
and expected to leave the next day for
Ker.o?ha, Wla.. whence he wae to atart
with a hunting party in charge of
Marlon Sharpe. That very day. he
Mid. John J. MeNamara. brother of
"The Lof Angelea Tlmaa" dynamiter.
asked him to take Janvea B. on the
hunting trlp. McManigal aaid he had
learned that Jamea B. had been in
hiding on tho way back from the Pa
ciflc Coaat. and wai two weeka with
J. F. Munsey in Salt T.ake City.
Witneas aaid he went to Kenoaha and
Jamea B. Jolned him tbera. They pro
cured hunting Hcanaea. and wont wlth
tht party to Conovar. and than to a
ramp five milea in tha eouutry. Mc?
Manigal went on:
0? Novamber 9 I miaaed Jamea B. and
ttarted out alone to look for aome derr.
Standing on a tree atump. I ?u^'";';
heard th# crack of a platol. but, lookluK
around. aaw no on?. tver>' one was sup
posed to wear a red cap to dlstinauish
paoplo from deer. I aaw no red cap. but
preaantlv 1 aaw Jamea B. Su^P1^0"
fla*he<l Into my mlnd. 1 accused hlm
rtetit out.
"I think you *?* taking a ahot\ m
ma," I aaid. "If you do you had battar
CamttDDH on .^oBa paa?. *?nrth eoiiunn.
This Mornings News
Three of thr Gunrten on Stand. 1
Uaorge F. Baker'a Olft to Cornell. X
City Tax Conilscatory, Saya Carnegia. ?
Truet !>?>nlee Match Law Hold-l'p- 3
* <Mfta to Metropolitan Muaeum. *
Surgsona Plan Fight on Cancer. *
P*y for Carrying Mail "Unjuatly Low" 4
Police OfBdala L>eny Trame-t'p."- ?
Tw? Exp?rta Put on Moorea Job. 7
Kpiacopal ronventlon Adjourna. ?
P. & Commlaslon Ia Attackad.II
Balt Un? Bringa Big Bida.1?
Kaport Kavora Longar Plara.li
'Jaorgetown Myatery Clearing.1*
l>entocrats Hunting Joba. *
Us McClung Reatgna. *
?I'iry Heara McNamara'a Confeaaion.. 1
Baaton Olrl Daad in Bathtub. 3
Graad Trunk May Build Later. 0
Hsaaia and V. 8. Reach Aaraement. ... ?
toatght r>lacuaaaa Cblnaaa Loan.?
Werkare Demand the Beat.11
Rulgaria Orante Armiatica. 1
K*ag Oeorga Calma Polltical Fuiy... ?
s'?*a for Woman. *
Wtorlal . ?
Sochty .?
Theatrlrai . ?
Wuaic . ?
<J?ituary . ?
Sporta .10 and 11
'taanclal and Markata-II. II *nd 14
r'?al Batata .14
Arwy and Navy .*?
faathtr .*?
?hlpBing .xi
All Defendants, Except "Dago"
Frank, Testify That Weber,
Vallon and Third Unknown
Man Did Shooting.
Why, None Ever Carried a
Pistol, They Assert, Though
"Lefty" Had Picture
Taken with Re
Whai i.s ;i guiiiiian? Thoee who at?
tended Justioc Goff's coort yeaterdaj
with nn\ oxppi-tation of ha\ ing Ihe
term ehuidnted on "good nuthority"
diaappoipted. "Gyp" the Blood
(Harry Horowitzi. MWhltey" Lewti
(Frank Muller) and "Lefty' J.ouie Kc
?enbtTf1?thTM "bojs" who n.ight havo
be<?n experted to shed considerable
hght on the ineaning of the WOfd ?
il.ttly repudiated the tenu as applioable
to themsdvcs. Fiirthermoie, they
gwore on the T\itnr.?s ?tand they dldn'l
knoa the meaning ?! tlie "name." They
admitted they had done 'many bad
things. bttl they stoutly dentod they
had ever rarried pistols.
Tbeae three defendants-who aay
they have been generally referred to
under a mlanomer durir.gr the last fe*
nionths as the "gunnven" in the Rogen
thai caee?teatifled yeaterday In their
OV n belialf. The fourth, "Dago" Frank
Ciroflci vrill lell hta atory to the Jwy
to-day. .Tudging from the similarity of
narrative In the stories of the thre*
\ ? itnesse* yesterciay, it is fair to as
lUtne t?,at "Dago" Frank wil! not prc
aei t much naw ninteria).
The stories of the three guninen
Uftnf Ihe term because of its deacrip
ti\e value?wcre told to a large and in
terested crowd of apectators who ranie
aariy and Itayed late in the Critninal
Branch of the Supreme Court. There
was not a wu-ant seat in the court
room during the two s?ssions. antl the
halls leading to the tribunal wera fre
uuently oleared by Police Captatn Tier
ney and a large squad of poliremen
from the Ellzabeth etreet etation.
The torridors. flfty feet from the
doors of the lourtroum, were literally
v-arricadec] wjth l"ng aettees, to makc
the work of the j>oliie easler in hand
Mng ihe c-rowd which clainored for en
traiue. Prodtlng from the experienee
of the day before, Captatn Tlerney hai
douhle the number of men to asslet
"Gyp" Thought Himtelf Target.
The atones of the three defendants
tallied admirably with the outllne of
the defence as praatnted V charles
G. F. Wahle. their eoaaoel They had
no hand in the killing of Herman R<>
?enthal, they teatifled. They placed the
rcsponslbility of the crime equarely up
to "Brldgle" Weber, Harry Vallon and
a "strange man," whom they all swore
they saw do the actual shooting in
front of the Hotel Metropole In the
early mornlng of July 16L None of
them knew who the man wa? that waa
shot at the tlme. they said. They did
not know the vlctlin was Rosentha!
until the story came out in the newi
papers. The fusillade opened so sud
denly and unexpectedly, "Gyp" the
Blood testifled, that he thought at flrst
Weber, Vallon and the "strange man"
were flrlng at him and hls oompanions.
They ran for the mbway entrance, at
Tlmes Square. and got home aa quickly
as they could to the flat at No. 2729
Seventh avenue, where "Dago" Frank
bad preceded them. Ciroflci had left
them at "Rrldgie" W?ber'g plate, at
42d street and Bixth avenue, when they
were "lured" around to the Metropole
on *he pretext of "Jack" Rose that he
waa going to prove to them that lie
had no part in the "framing" of ' F?ig
Jack" Zelig, their frlend and leader,
who wai arrested on a charge of | ar
rying concealed weapom, and who
faced a fourteen-year sentence on a
aecond offence.
xFe?r of Zelig ?? Motivo.
They had not known Rose and hi?
frienda, Weber, Vallon and Bi heppfl, for
more than three monthB prlor to the
?hootlng of Rosenthal, and their ac
quatntance with these men was
brought about by the anxlety of RMM
to aeiuage the suBpicion whlch Z^Iig's
friende had that he, Roae, was re
HponBible for "Blg Jack's" arrest. In
fact, all their conferencee with Rose
and the others had been over the Zelig
matter. It was the clear inference from
their teatlmony that the fear of ven
geance from Zelig or hia frlendB moved
Rose and Vallon to "lure" the foiir
gunmen to the acene of the shooting
to fasten the crlme upon them.
They had never been ln the gray
?murder rar," in going to or from the
Metropole that nlght. aa Shapiro. the
chauffeur testlfled they had. They all
notlced R-a gray car-atandlng la
front of Webrt"* place when they ar
rlved there in answer to a meBsage
from Roae, they declared. But aome
one el?e rnuat have u?ed it-preoumably
Rcse and hla frlends.
The hardeet taik-that of telllnK the
?tory flrat-was awarded to "Gyp" thi
Blood. In anawer to the question of
Mr. Wahle on dlrect examlnation he
developed the Btory In clear nd de
clslve tones. He proved to be a fllp
pant and sarrastl*- wltness In the hands
of As?i?t?nt Diatrlct Attorney Moss on
? Wbltey" LcwiH, tha tecond witnesa,
(oatlBoed oa ??itb P?i?. aaeaBd r?lumn.
Strcct of a unall villagc, the bouses to the left buroing. Bodies of men killed in the fierce fightipg which undoubtedly oceurred around
the buildine to tlie right arc lying on the ground.
Wilson Invites Niece and Great
Niece to Live There.
[fVora Tha Trtbaoa p.ir?mu |
WaMiingt n. NOV. 1 ? - Ff.r the flrat
time in iiftepn raara, arhaa 0#??TBor
Wilson baooaaaa Praaaeaal of tha
I'nited statrs f11*=? WMta Hosjm aartll
ha\e a baby i? ( upant.
The baby m ajaaatloB is litti* Jo
icpliin*. riauglitrr i>f Mrs Perln Coth
ran, of ItaMtgb, N C Mrs. Cothran
|g th* only daughter of Mr?. OtOTga
Howe. Um only Biator of Qu? araajr Wil
ron, so that thp rfrtfrfag hah\ OO upant
r>f the Whlte H'"is<> Is hla great-nie- ?
Josophine Is a fali -haired llttlo srlrl.
about fiftoen months old. nnd is a
favorlto of hrr gr< a! uncle. Tha bah
baj bltM ?%\*??. Ilght balr, and is ? rnrrr.
littlc soul. II bMl fair !?> ldhTit t';e
baaaty of its inothor. ?hn is one of the
bftloa <?f KalHgh. Tht mother is oafc
Iwenty-two. and w|ll prObably enjoy
the gnypties "f RraahtngtOfl ltf? M
much as ivr jroani cooaln* tha Mlaaaa
Wllaoa. danghtnrs of th?- Qorarnor. /
As h playmatc mtie JoaephiM wiu
have her cousin. Virglnia i'ayton Howt,
th^ baby daaffhttr Of Mr. and Mrs. Jo
seph Wilson Bowt, who are already
hero ln WashinKton. Virglnia ta three
years old. Mr. Efowa is the aon of Mrs.
Ooorga Howo, alotar <>r QoWraor wil?
Oorornor and Mrs. Wilaon hav* in
vited Mrs. Cothran and h?>r baby to
romp to tha WhHa Efooaa and llve with
th*>m during his ndmlnlHtratlon. He
nnd Mrs. Wilson have fjsjo Invlted to
liv* with them OovaTDOf Wilaon's only
Blster, Mrs. Oaorga Ho^a.
bonfirTTTirs husbands
Suffragists Bum Bonnets to
Celebrate Victory.
Tittebtirg. Kan.. Kov. 1 ?? -"The lld
that heid u* doam for yaara ?? off."
With tlils exclamatlon from Mrs
Ellzabeth Ca!b-an. ' ?haifman of the
Cgawford County BaffragM AMochv
tion. 'J<*? wnmcn borlad oM bonnets Into
a bODflra that had bOOfl bufit to-nlght
In the ptihllo ?quara hara, nnd nmid
ehaara and aongs marrhfd around the
l.laz* in oe1e>>ratlon of Kansas'a d*
rlalun to grant ItH women the right to
\ Otf.
The demonstratiuii opened with a
me.-ting m tha COUrthOOia. After nu
Bddaaoa by Mrs. Callean the women
marrhed from tha building and the
boilfJra waa lighted. Kvery one. car
, i,.,! an old bonnet With a cue from
Um rhalrman. boajnoU Of every bua
sailnd through the alr. Then, Joinliig
liands. the women marched around the
blaatag bonnets and proclaini'd their
vb-tory. More than a thousand ?er
noiis irttaaaaad the aaartoaatratton.
"lf thla form of celcbratlon is to be
followed extenslv.ly l.y tha women siif
fraglata they will never carry ?.n
olher etatr." ial4 a huaband, as h?
watched the flaines eat up a "creatior.'
f,,r whlch, when now, he had pald a
good round aum.
"()h, we don't care for the bonnets m
iroro whaa w ooattahVt vote." was tha
\.lfe's rejoinder.
Among the bonnet biirnrrs was Mra.
W H. Irwin, aeventy-one yeara old,
wiio knew Abraham I.lncoln an<l <am
balgnad for him in I80T Iba was a
ni.i.ii.fr of ? mrtat of gfarl olagan
?ho travelled over th?' country taking
part ln campaign MOOttngB
? I have workid for woman siiffragp
aii iiiv Hfa?K ?he *hU]- "nnd ulw?y"
hnVf wantPd to vote fof a man as good
as Mr. Linnoln"
(OcVpar case of ? slas^-Moup?re<l bottlea.
Through Gift University Ac
quires Half N. Y. Hospital Ser
vice for Mcdical Students.
SA1D TO BE $2,000,000
Affiliation in Accord with Prin
ciples Long Advocated by
Tho8e Seeking Best Edu
cation in Medjcine.
Through the gift of a large mim of
monev. ?ald to be K.OOO.OfiO, hy George
f, B.ik-r, president of the Flrst Ka
tlonnl Bank, an afnllation h^ns been
effected betwaen New York Hoapital
and f'ornell Vniversity whereby tho
university acquires ihe tise of one-half
of um antlre hoapital aanrtea f<?r pnr
poaal of tnedlcal ten< lilng and reacan-h.
The Rift ?wpplles the university with ?
laberatory for the aaora perfect atudy
and biVaattfatton of dlaeaea.
Mr. Baker, arho has been a Bnennber
of the board of gOVaraotl Of the hos?
pital fOff many years, is deeply Inter
eetad la prottottof medlcal edacaiSoa,
.nnd the gift is due to IiIb realizatton
that a univerHity. to glve the best poa
ilbta medlcal taaehlntr. <">'Ht provide lts
students wltb an opportunlty to atudy
disoaso at flrst hand, and to hts under
atnndlng of tho ne.eda of a hospital,
whl<h reqiitre* <lnse rotitiirt with those
ramlllar wttn the theoreti.ai etae of
medl.lne in Ordef to render lts Mlleat
servlre to th?- < uinn.-unlty.
Th.- Kew York HoBpltal Is one of the
oldest InfltltutlonB of the klnd ln the
clty the ?octety of the NOW York ROf>
pHal derlvlng lts charter by royal grant
from George 111 nn June 18. 1771. lts
roll of memberehlp Includes the names
Of DJany men of aclence who have
roOtrftWted to the international fame
0f Ani<Ti?an n.edlcine.
The hospital has been looklng for a
nev Bite for eome r??? ?everaJ *???
o^n eonetdered, and it ?eetne likeiy
that one at 54th street and the Hudson
I River wlll be chosen.
ComeU Medl.al Coll.'go, Bfhtoa ?ai
1 eaiabUefaed in thla clty W Ittt, la ilt
j uated at 28th street and Klrst avenue.
i its cBtabllshment was niade posalble
through the gl? of $4,000,000 as a
? ualntenanee fund by Ollver H. Payne.
The conaolldation of the college with
i the hospital is the aocond such coiihoI
idatlon ln the city. In Europe almost
all medlcal achools are .orr.hlncd wltli
j hoepttata, whlch provide the opportu
' nity f<?r reaean h. whlle the unlversitles
furnish the funds by which comprehen
alve research Is made poaslble.
|-?r the lnst several years the Cor
nell Medlcal School has carrled on re
searchrs Into the orlgln of cancer, and
CoDtliMird oa ?#roBd pttfe, ?lith Columo
The New Vork hankor ?!,.> gava ? WPn
repoftod to t-e 8.ooo.<jnu to t.rinK aboaj
nn afflllatlon between Cornall InivTBtty
nn<1 ttie New York Uoapltsi.
Oapeoelatro Was Librarian of
the Oatholic Church.
Nnples. Nov. 14.? Cardinal Alphouaua
Cnp.'celatro. Archblshop of <,apua, dled
tr-day. Hc waa born ln 1124. and waa
rreatad Cardlnal ln JHsr>
He waa Librarian of tha Roman
Catholte Church.
Finda Fatal Dose of Acid Was
Adminiitered by Mistake.
roroner Iles. at Yonkers, ended the
tii.juest last alght lnto the death of Mra.
Abram H- Halght. who on the nlght of
October 12 laat died from oxallc acid
polaonlng. adminlatered for epsom aalta
by a nvirse in tha Homoeoputhtc Hospltal.
The verdlct of the coroner's Juiy ls
that "Mlss flarrla la exonerated from all
crlmlnal Intent. but not from th? care
te?a mannei in whieh she handled the
polsonoua drug."
Mlaa Flon-nre Harrla, the nurae who
admlnister^d the add for the aalta, la
stlil ln a sartoua oondltion at the hoa
pital. as the reault of worry over her
Bhoqld order The Journal of Oommerce
delivered a' thetr home* everv bualnesa
momlng All newn atanda keep it. 5
centa per copy.?Advt.
Three Men Save Their Lives
and Bring Body to Shore.
nttaua. Xov. 14.?t'ntiatially remark
nl>!e was the way in whlch the Hvea of
M. Harper, Gordon Peverly and J. Im
lach, three Ortawa commerclal trav
ellers, were paved when the <^ld type*
Hteam^r Mny Flower went down in tho
Ifadawaeka Rlrer. aome sixty milea
frmn here. The <.fher nine pasaengers
and raembera ?f the erear were
< >n tho boai a/aa a foflln containlng
the body of H. Brown. of Saskatoon.
belng taken to ("ombeimcre for Inter
ment la ? bad atoftn the uttie vessei
spratiR a lt-ak and SHiik snddenly. Four
naan drlfled ashore, keepiug themselvea
ufloat by the ald of tho coffln.
Won't Cable 1,000 Reasona for
Becoming American.
[Bl T?Uarap)i to Th* Trlhun* 1
San Francisro, Nov. 14.?When lt be*
> nme known in England that the Rev.
I)r ?'harlea F Aked, paator of the
First Gongregatfonal Church of thla
Ictty, who was fnrmerly iiustor of the
, Fifth avenoe Bapttet church. in New
I York. whlch John 1>. Rockefeller at
I tended. has taken the tlrst step to be
<ome an American citizen, "The Lon
dOfl I'aily N'ewH" Immedlately sent
the following cable dispatch:
IMiase table ns eae thousand reaaons
?rhy >ou hava beeoma aa American cltl
And thi.s was Dr. Aked's repl> :
Unvc no tlinc for roeb nonsenae
Surgeons Called from Balti
raore Unable to Operate.
WaahlnKton, Nov. 14.?Sanator Ray
ner, of Maryland, ls in a critlcal condl
tlofl to-nlght. hls son, Willlam B. Ray
ner. admltted. Drs. Samuel T. Karle
and J. Flnney. of Hultimore, called to
l>erforni an operatlon, found the 8ena
tor'e condltion too dangerous for hlm
to go under the knlfe.
The deuth of Senator Rayner would
ha\>- aa itnputtant benring on the po
nticai eomplezion of the Scnate. with
Mi. Rayner Ua the s-nate theie would
be forty-nine DemocratB, one more
than a majorlty. As the Maryland
Leglslature will not meet until Jan
uary. 1014, the vacancy would be nlled
by appolntment. and Governor Phlllipa
I^ee Ooldsborough of Maryland is a Re
Gtovannl Kapolltano, of N'o. 447 Kast
llrith street. who waa arrested on Tues
day for cruelty to anlmals atter he had
bitten hla horae In the neefe, plea<f?-d
guilty yesterday In Speclal Seaalon.* and
waa sentPiic.d to t<>n duya in the Tmnbs.
The Qreat Tourltt Route of Amerlca
Bocthern RaUway tinlveraally reeoKtitied.
All throuali tralnB and of the highest type
of Pulhnana. imd all earry 1'InJnK oars.
New York Ofnccs, 261 Flfth avenue- Advt
Victorious Army, It Is Said, De
manded Evacuation of Adri
anople and Scutari Before
Staying Its Hand.
Russia Offlcially Denies Having
Pronounced Herself in Favor
of Servia's Claim to Ex
tend Frontiers to
the Adriatic.
Tchataldja Lme Said to Have Been
Broken in Its Centrs at Hadem
keui. Nazim Pacba's Head
quarters. 21 Miles from
[By Cable to The Tribune !
Conatantinopla, Nov. 14, 8 p. m.?It s
anneuncad hera that an armistice was
aigned at midday to-day. Turkey is
atated to have accapted the Bulgarian
fBy Cabln to The Trtbune. I
London. No\. 1Q ? Messages from
Bulgarian sourcea contlnue to gflpgrt
that severe fighting has already taltafl
place at the Tchataldja lines. One pn
vate message received in Sofla said
that the Itne had been pierced in th?
centre and that the Bulgarians arar
within twenty-one miles of Constant:
There is no dlrect confirmation of
these reports. but Constantinople wired
laat night that heavy fighting bega:i
yesterday morning. th.-- bOOBI of gun*
being heard at San Stefano.
(Jrave rumora were current in Con?
stantiuople last night with rrgard t<>
the aafety of Adrlanople. Wircless
communi. ation botwaan the fortn
and the capital ce?.-e<! "ti Wednegd. .
j at noon, and a report issued from Con -
stantinople eays it is I.eHcveU that
Adrlanople has siirrendered.
' A message NeofVad in Pan. froi i
Belgrade earlier ln the day also men
tions the report of the fall of the gr*ar
Clearly the Adrianople garriaon is in
severe straite. and. balanclng all known
facta. the probability Is that the Con
stantinople report is accurate.
Fervia has not yet replied to the
Austrian representations, but theDual
, Monarchy Is still showing itself wil
; ling to moet its southetn neighbor half
It is reported that Oreat Brltain,
FYante and Russia have advised Ker
via to abandon her march to the Adri?
atic coaat.
Choiera Spreadinfl Rapidly.
Kither for niilitary reaaons Off on
actount of the choiera which ia apread
Ing rapidly at Hademkeui, the gov
crnment. the Constantinople corre
spondent of "The Dally Telegraph" de
clares, Is prepared to make largc con
cessions In order to prevent the Balkan
annies from enterlng Constantinople.
An uncensor^d dispatch. dated No
vember 1*. from Constantinople0 to the
Reuter Telegram Company, saya that
the choiera ia extending alarmlngl>
among the troops. The caaea are
reckonad by the hundreds. whlle among
the refugees thero ara evan moro vtc
In Constantinople, adda the dlapatoh.
the disease is more difflcult to control.
One traln alone brought 160 patlents
from 8an Stefano. They were oonveyed
to tha laiaretto at Beycoa on tha Bos
porus. The bodiea of twanty aoldiera
who had died of choiera wera taken
from the aame traln.
A dispatch to "The Daily Mail" from
Constantinople declares that one of the
niinlstera ts authorlty for aaying that
:$IM? deaths from choiera occurred in
one Turkiah camp at Hademkeui on
An unccnaored dispatch from Coa
etantinople to "The Dally Newa," by
way of Constanaa, aaya: "The govarg
ment la rtying ln tbe face of Provldenca
by bringing choiera Infected troops
from the Adana distrlct. ln aplta of the
protoata made by the rallway company.
Thay have been aent to Tchataldja,
where, aa elsawhere. the omeers make
not the smallest effort to aecure aanl
tary precautions, even ln the camp."
Starved Soldiara Raturn.
Many tralns have returned from the
front wlth aoldlers, who are not wound
ed, but are in a atata of phyaical col
lapae. owlng to axhauatlon dua to ex
poaure and lack of food. The alghta at
aome of the stationa near TchataJdja
are unnerving. Choiera victlma crawl
to the station for water, or ln the hopo
of gettlng to Constantinople. They can
be eeen lylng about ln every atage of
tha Infectlon.
The greateat danger threatening Con?
stantinople ia that the water aupply
from Lake Derkos may become con
tamlnated. Only a few caaea have bon
reported up to the preaent among the
people ln the capital, and it would seem
that the dtsease is not the deadlieat
form of Aaiatlc, as, notwlthstandlng
tha unfavorabie condltiona to which
the army ls exposed, it is asaerted that

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