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?Hi per cent of the cases have recov
The authorltieB are doing their beat
to rid the capital as qulckly a* possible
Of the Influx of refugeca. They are
being dlspatched at the rate of eeveral
thousand dnily to the porta of GhemRk
and Moudania. or by rail to Konloh.
The actlve. intereet of the authoHtlee.
however, enda with the removal of the
poor exilea. and aba<dutely no proviaion
has been made for food auppllea. The
refugeea are elmply dumped into the
fowna on the ooaat or ln the interlor
and are left to nnd forage for thera
MoBleme Naturally Charitable.
Fortunately the Moalem populatlon
It naturally charitable. and wlll aharo
the lnst i rust with the wandering fugl
-One thought strikes an observer
forcihly at seeing thlB people migrat
lng back to it* anclent home," saya
the correspondent; "namely. h<>w llttle
altercd after flve hundrcd years are!
the wenderere returntng practically ln
the same maniu-r in whlch they came
Into Burope tva centurtea ago-the
same rough wooden carts dragged by
bnllocks or bnffaloes and covered with
straw niattlng. which coticeals the
boaaeholl lutuber, and the female mem
l.era Of the family. hunched Into the
amallest concelvable space, peerlng
with sad eyea at the unfnmlliar sights.
while the sheep and goats are pre
vented from straying by the youngaters
of the family," _
London, Nov. lS.-Turkey has now
formally appealed to Rulgaria for
peace, thns forestalling the tardy ac
tlon of the Eurorean Concert toward
It la said that Rulgaria demands tho
evacuatlon of Adrlanople, Scutarl and
Monastlr as a condltion of agreelng to
an armaUrr Negotiations, however.
The eensorshlp is again exceedlngly
pevere, i nd it ls dlffleult. to arrive at
nny correct Idea of the milltary posi
tion. The fall of Adrlanople is ru
mored from both Servian and Turkish
eources. DUt thls M still unconflrmed.
Another report says that the Bul
garians have occupled Hademkeui.
nventy-one miles from Conatantlnople.
If thls ia true it ls a very iniportant
,apture. aa ihat town is the centre of
the Tchataldja line of defence. It is
Nazim Pachas ataff headquartera. and
ls about two mlles withln the Uhes.
Reperta "Murderoue Fiflhtinq."
While the correspondent with the
Bulgariai, army vf the Vienna "Reichs
post" reports what he describes aa
"murderous r.ghtlnK" along the Tcha?
taldja lines. TurkiFh offlcial reports de
ny that there has been any aerlous
tlghting there for se^era] days.
Tht t'onstantineple C >rr*-spondent of
? The Times" says the Tchataldja line*
nre bjald by 60,000 troopB. most of whom
;irc demoralized. At San Stefano and j
11 (de.mkeul there are ro.000 flrst re- ?
aanrak who preseht a smart appear
ance; but who have not. yet been ?n
The Austrian attd German mllitary I
preparatlbhl ln Tera." eontinues thej
correspondent. are excittng interest j
and av.e. Not only are Krocker's Hotel
and the Austrian Embaasy heM by
strong guarda landed from the war
ships. but the flat roof of the German I
Embassy is admirably. protected j
againBt an aeroplane attack by M lxim
guna and a sandbag cover. and another
Maxim guards the porter's lodge."
A Sofla dispatch to "The Tlmes' saya
that the Bulgariana are brlcglng 4M)
heavy guns to bear on the TurMrh
poaitlona on the Tchataldja llnes.
With regard to the other polnte, an
improvement in the weather haa per
mltted of the resumptlon of the Mont?
negrln attacka against the Turkish po
sitions around Scutarl. with aome euc
oess. A battle is lmmlnent at Monas
tir, where the garrlson haa endeav
ored to make terma for lu Burrender,
but imposed conditions whlch the Ser
vlan crown prince waa unable to grant.
The Greeks continue their advance
toward Yanina. They report the capt
ure of Metaovo. a few mlles to the
A report through Buchareat piacea
the Bulgarian loaBea ln the war at a
far greater figure than haa yet baen
eatlmated. Accordlng to thla report
the kllled and wounded' number be
tween tK>,000 and 80,000, out of a total
of 320,000 meu, and, tt ia polnted out,
after allowance ia made for holdlng the
llne cf communlcation, only 160,000 ef
fectlve men are left for nghtlng.
One reaaon whlch ia conaldered likely
to induce Bulgarla to conaent to an
armlstke and to a peace aettlement ia
,fear of cholera. Offlcial report* laeued
at Constantinople repreaent that com
paratively f?w caaea ara oecurrlng
dally, but other reporta eay that tha
epidemic ia eerioue, with a high mor
There ia no development in the dlplo
matlc aituatlon, but an offlcial denlal
has been iaauad at 8t. Peteraburg to
the reporta that the Ruaeian govarn
ment haa pronounced ltaelf deflnitaly
in favor of Servla'a clalm for an Adri
atlc port or haa ?ent lnatructlona to
the Ruaalan Ambassador ln Vienna to
that effect.
Poaltian of Albania.
The Albaniana are taklng steps to
make their country lndependent, and
besidea publiahing a prodamatlon of
autonomy. the Albanlan nationailat or
ganization haa issued a proteat against
any attempt to Interfere with the free
dom and Integrity of the country. The
organisatlon alao makea th* charge
that the Servlana have aecretly mur
dered all the Albanian prtBonera ot
A diapatch from Alesaio conflrms the
previoua reporta that the Montenegrln
army advanclng on that town had auf
ferod a reverse The Montenegrlna
were unable to take the town, owlng to
the Mirdite trlbearoen Jolning forcea
with the Turka. The Montenegrins
were drlven back aa far bb the Boyana
Lieutenant Wagner Reports the
Fall of Tchataldja Lines.
Vienna. Nov. 1.1.?Lieutenant Wagner
reports to the "Relchapoet," under date
of November 14:
"After four daye' murderouB ftghtlng
tlie Bulgarian army haa eucceeded In
breatklng through the Turklah poaltion
Bennet Burleigh Describes Furious Bombardment
and Tells of Bulgars' Perfect Com
missariat Service in the Field.
London, Nov. l.V?Bcnnet Burleigh,
in a dispatch from Mustapha Pacha
10 "The Dally Telegraph," descrlbes
the fighting around Adrlanople. He
"Port Arthur prcduced no grander
or morc terrlble effecta than Sunday
nlght's furioua bombardment. Hun
dreda of shells, burst at the aame in
stant over and around Adrianople.
Guna of all sizes and klnda madc a
flaming, roarlng Inferno, whlch must
have reverberated for mllea along the
Halkan Mountalns and rocked and
rattled the houaea ln dlstant Mustapha
The Turka attempted to reply, but
vere soon overpowered by the tremen
doua atrength, energy and accur.T y of
the besiegers' artlllery."
The correapondent descrlbes the
atorming of the forts on the north and
cast the mmo night. He aaya:
"The Bulgarian storming battalionn
first attended dlvine worahip. Then
they strlpped off and plled thelr super
fl,uous coata and baggage in the
trpnches. The Turks preclpltated mnt
tcrs by attempting a sally, little know
ing what waa ln atore for them. There
was n tornado of artlllery and rlfle flre
on both sldes; then the Bulgarlans rnn
ln with bayonets. There was wild and
terrlble work. with no wiah to ask or to
glve quarter. Such Turks as could
iled, but they left an awful trall of
dead and dying on the fleld. The bat-1
at Tchataldja and ln completeiy rolling
np the Turkish defence.
"The Bulgarian advance Is heing
pushed forward with the greatfst
energy. with the object of fon ing tha
Turkish troops away from Constanti?
Lieutenait Wagner says that no de
flnlte answer has been returned tfl the
Turkish requeat for an armistlcr, w! )? h
was forwarded to the royal headquar
t?ra The Bulgarian royal headquar
teis rrcently were separated from staff
headcjuarters The correspondent con
?I learn from a well informed per
sonage that Bulgaria wlll examina the;
Turkish propoaals but wlll not allow
them to prevent a contlnuance of mlll
tary operatlona. The army lnalsts
upon <-rownlng Its labora. and the en
try Into Constantinople wlll be carrled
out on the aana Hnes the Germans
followcd it Paris in 1871.
The Bulgarian supreme commander
is anxious before uranting an armlstice
to i rcate a situatlon bringing the
operationa on thla front to a complete
conclualon and leavlng the Turks no
further chance from a milltary vlew
point, and so llberate the troopa for
employment in another directlon."
Reporti Ourrant in Constanti?
nople and Belgrade That
Adrianople Has Fallen.
Sofla. Nov. 14?According to private
dlapatchas fhe Bulgarlana have pene
trated the centre of the Tchataldja
llnea and occupled the town of Hadem?
keui, twenty-one miles from Constan?
tinople. _
Conatantinople. Nov. 14.? It ia re?
ported that conalderable akirmiahlng
has been golng on in the reglon of I.ake
Derkoa, on the Turkish right wlng,
where the Bulgarlans are assembllng
in large force.
That Adrlanople hae fallen ia tha
rumor here. 8mce noon yeeterday
wirelaaa oemmunioatlon with tha be
eiaged city hae failad.
Belgrade. Not. 14.?A report that
tha Turkish fortress of Adrianople has
fallen before the attack of the Bul?
garian and Servlan alllea Is current
here. but wlthout any conflrmatlon ln
official circlea.
Montenegrin King Refuses to
Liiten to Austria-Hungary.
RU-ka Montenegro, Nov. 14.?The |
Montenegrin forces have renewed thelr
attack on the Turkish posltions around
Bcutarl, whlch waa auapended a few
daya ago becauae of the terrible
The Montenegrin commander ln chief
ordered the lnfantry to advance ln tha
afternoon agalnst the Turkish fortl
flcations on the helghts of Bardanjolt.
In eplte of a hall of Turkish shells the
MonUnegrlns advanced across the Kirl
Klver, and before evenlng drove the
Turka from the trenchea and forced
them to retlre on tha town.
King Nicholaa gave a curt and
polnted reply to the Austro-Hungarian
Mlnleter when he made repreaentatlons
with reference to Montenegro'a actlon
againat Aleaalo and the port of San
Glovannl dl Modua. The King, admit
Tx>ndon, Nov. 14.?The great value of
aeroplanes In war baa heen proved by the
Bulgarian army. not only ln reconnais
sance work, but for flre control. That
the murderoua accuracy of the Bulgarian
artlliery waa due ln a mcaaure to the
actlvlty of the alr men la now demon
atrated ln letters recelved froni the front.
Any attempt by war correspondents to
telegraph newe of the employment of fly
ing raaehlnea by the Bulgarlana durlng
the oneratlons hae met with very severe
censorshlp, but Btorles are now begtnnlng
to fllter through showing that remark
ably effectiva work haa been done by the
arm whlch paaaed through ita baptlsm
of flre ln Trlpoll.
IVnlva! I'hllllps, .speclal correapondent
of "The Dally Express," howevar, aenda
a nlctureao,u?9 daacrlptlon of the flight of
a blplane over the Bulgarian army and
the beleaguered city of Adrlanople. He
wrltea: "The flrst lengthy reconnalssance
tie continued for many bottffl ln a
hcavy ralnstonn.
"Deapite the weather, however, tha
Bulgarian tranaport goea on, and khave
aaen around Adrianople tana of thou
aanda of aheep and cattle, providing
fresh meat for the troops, and enor
rnoua convoya daily of frash brown
bread, plantiful auppliea of grocariaa
and vegetablea of all kinda, aa well aa
firewood, whtle wine and tobacco can
ba had. Tommy Atkins nevar nad
such a tima in the Soudan, even when
biacuit waa plentiful."
The correspondcnt adds that tliree
dayi later. Novini-r 18, IN wrather
had cleared and the Bulgarians were
drawlng near. Ba bopad to be In the
trenches when the fortrabl fell. He
condudes with a atatemaat that the
troopi in Adrlanople are well supplled
with food, but that 'l"' ?'lvll POpula
tion Is starvlng.
The I'skub correspondont of "The
Daily Telegraph." BBdar data <>f No
veml.cr 18, describes tht r<*ltlnn of
the Turks at Monastlr as desperatc,
and says: "The BaffYtana have com
pleted the concontrati<>ti of troopa
around tha dOOtnad dty with a great
forca of artlllery, and a r'trcat by tho
Turks is inipossible. Tho only avenuc
cf . scapr is a narr*w pass westward
toward tlie Albanian Mnuntalns. whfre
troopa wouid st.irvc. Tha battla Ib ex
pected to begln tO*norrOH morning."
Iting that he had M nuthofftty from hls
!allics to give a deflnite answer on the
t subject, continued.
"For my i art, i at onca ampbatleall)
! reje.t even tha ?aggaattOtl that tha tWO
Borb kingdoins wlll doI i"' alloarad to
OCCUpy -^an C.lovannl dt Medua and
Alaaata. aii the nora so as at praaanl
neither Turkev DOf aUtOOOmOtM Al
; bania exists. i conaaquantly coutdar
I the COffaaraaieaUon of the AustroHuh
ganan Minlater null and non-exlstent."
King Nkholas refuvd to recelve a
' wrltten note repcatlng the conimunl
I caUoa.
Tu the Italian Ministcr. wl.o m,ul.?
identtcai rapraaantattona to tiioae of his
Austro-Hungarian COllaagUa, Kmg
Nicholas said:
"The Itailan gOVOfflUnaill VOIlM be
acting contrary t" its ;..si:al paffaga*
>a ity and solicitude for Ita OaOOl valu
able national Intaffaatl lf it perststed In
demandlng that MontanagTO shonld
ellmlnate from its mllltary opopatlOM
the port of San Qtoraaill dl Medua and
{the city of Alessio."
He addfd: "Accordlag to the under
i standing raachad bj tha arbofa of Ba?
! rujie the tOffffttOtial stat'is qtio haa
<eased to exMst. nnd Hlmauiiailllj Itai?
lan fiigagcinents toward Austrla In re
Igard to the pollttcal ital u quo of ai
I bania ha\e lapaad "
H.-rlin. Noi 1. I ?J ti.at tba
Bttlgarlana bavi ???-. gulltj of atroottlaa
agalnat tha Turka and thal tba praaanl
?ar Is more of h b miicrv than c.rdarly
uarfar*- are DMda by the afef COITBOpOB
dent of the "Voaalat B4 /? ' l&fl
Telegraphlng from Bamlln, Mungary. on
tlie opposlte M le Of tba rlvef flom Hel
Krade, the COrreapond* l ' ? ? I ? ? ba ha*
been rellablv InfOTflBOd that the liidgnrtun
troops mutll.it.-il Um bodk I I f tba Turkish
?oldlafa afi<-r tba battla of Krfh>Klltaa?h
and rarrted tlie Tmks' hoadj ahout on
the [iolnts of tbail bayosatl Ha r"ti
"Harbarism is fighting bafftNUian an'l
LiaHllliy Old hatc is fiKhllng l ? M ur\ ?>>'.)
oppj ??sslon."
The rep(,rts >if atrocitles commlttad ay
the Servlan tffOQBja, on the Alt>ari!:uis Wt*
ronflrmed by COptahl I'erslu.-, tba aeffB'
spondent of tlM "TaKcblatt," writlng from
He says he vthMOaad tbe hurning of
Albanlan vlllagen and lieard from ntimer
ous eyewitneaBes of th<' rai kh-vs slusitlng
not only of tnen but of vvomen. Th?'
H<-rvlanB, he adds, admltted thfy were
< arrylng on a war nf ertcrmlnatlon
ngalnst the Albanlans. Baivlai nftlcers
fiiTlared "they must !>?? BWOpt from the
face of the earth."
Kvldence la to b<- rci]|?<t<d after th?'
war from the parlah jirle^ts between
lUtrOVttaa and I'hkuii to pt?va that the
Ferv'lana acted 00 OfdOta to klll all tnen
iihnve eljrhteen and that they often mur
d<ied women and chlldren.
London, Nov. il A Uogdl dtepatCfl
from Athens MJ| that th<' Hritlsh
Bteamer Annetta from I'hiladelphla,
f)ctober 22, arid Ncw fOfffc, OotObar -."i,
has been capturtd. The steamer is snld
to have a cargo of war atoi'-s foi Al
Tlie steamahlp Anii'-tta, a veHwel of J,6(W
tona groas reghter, Is owned by tlie Don
ald Htearnshli> COBBpaayt of whlch John A
Donald, of No. 1H l!roadway..ls th'- pnsl
dent. Mr. Dnnahl said laat night that he
had received a oabta llapateb froin tbt
commander of tba Annetta sayln^ that
everythlnK Waa all light, aml that the
Annetta would be bOOM witliln two waeks.
took place on thr Tue?dav foUowlBg the
oeeopatlon of Ifuatapha Pacha a mti
Itary blplane irtasjad Itl W'?V fonfldently
toward the risln?c s'm. makliik' a wlde
detour above the troops, who were full of
cnthusla.sm regardlnK thal new and irott*
derful slght. Kubnequent tllghtu wit?
made undei ainrtlBBll OOOdltlona there
belng no wlnrl.
"Krom the llttle OOOhpttt the tralned ob
server, with maps an<i glaaaea, surveyed
tha wonderful panorama of war. Mctwcn
Mustapha Pachl and Adrianople the
country Is a OOffffBgatad serlea of hills
and valleys, agOCif allj ?-huttlng off from
ub here any gllmpee either of the enemy
or of our firat llne. To the aerlal acouta,
tiuwc\er, these hills were no more than
a row of Inslgnlflcant rldgaa, <-nt by the
broad valley of the wlndlng Marttza, with
a crwjked yellow ribbon?the great i'on
Btantlnople road?as the most pronounoed
landmark "
i ?iiiiliineii from timi p?K'
be quick about it. This is a fine ?ece
up here to get rid of a man-just anoot
him and the coyotes w.M eat up hia
b?|d|r"rc?licd he JOBt did It to aeare .nie.
Then, wa belng alona for tba Bratjtlme.
t.. aat down and told ma about WW
ABBwiea hob Ha aald ?rhea he ?nt o
tn^Coaet ln July he gol m toaehwUb
Tveitmoe and Ctancy. a.-rortllnar to ln
?tnicttona from hle brother at fcJ?*
quartera of the Ironwor* ra! unlon ln Iad
uTnaDollfl Tvaltmoa and Clancy, ? *al?,
p ," raplan and Bchmltt at hia d apoaal
heeauaa thay had boea worklng for the
CallfornU BuiJdlng Tradea counci
Hchmltt was too mu.li of a UUBCT. M
aaid. Ind Whetl he blew upa gb#'2raVta
land. Auguat 20, he made Bchmltt a?ayin
ganFrawlaco. When he ra urneditolaa
Franciaeo Bchmltt was wattlng for him,
and, on the itrength of the fact U*t tha
bornba had been ati in onkiand. wattt
.... rvel.mne and BOt ISM fM? hbaithet
Dlghl ?' B ?"<! "e B""' dld tn Seat,le
Job, Alafuai 31.
Said Tveitmoe Was Paymaeter.
Leadiiik BO to the t?ns Anpelea ?P|0;
ai.nVJrB said he found you coold get
a . VnUey you wanted on tbeCOMt.
Ha aald Tveitmoe was the Mg nk>m,J"
;,., i(I?, ,,,?, ihare aeeer nttJVUjWj|
fear tor Tveitmoe waa a fiiend of Mayor
McCarthy; and. ln fact. Tveitmoe- waa Ihe
Mayor of San Franciaeo.
He aald Bchmltt had a Bchem* to aet
off bomha by chemicals. whicli he haa
Tear ed fron, a frfend of Tveitmoe but
when he (McNamara) ahowed thenl tlie
alarm rlock ?ObeaBa they all declded It
T-hmUt and J. HfWJllltta?If-^fgg
and looked over the Lloyllyn Iron \\ orBs
and tha Baker Iron Worka pianta and
tha "Tlmea" bulldlag. J R sfflt, M< *
tThU. baother a *Ztau} db^* *??
part'.v wrltten and partly prlnted.
It now raada "Tha T.mes for the
Nawa." It wiHaoon raad, "Tha Newe
for Tha Timaa." ,._.h
I a-k.-l him whv ha went after "Ihe
Tlmea" hVi anewered Tveitmoe had put
"-ftan" he ioM ma abeul he* Mf?lj
waa out the.e to bny exploalves: how
7h,y deddad at lael to get a launrh and
boy altroglyeerlna -< " v>r eeat?***#*
from a powdar comi-any, on thejrepr? >
tatlon tliKt it wai to ba aaad for MeyifiB
,il, at.imps on a ran-h; how he ?eBt BM
men to arranga for buylna the esnloehre.
He aaid the clerk at tha pewder eompaoy
raportadi they didn t make an aaaiaam
that atrong, Ha told me how at aat ba
Kot 500 pounds of tha exploslve on tue
la.mrh. aftei changlng the "fm".?0. > ,f.
and how when they gnt ln the paj
they attraetad tba ittantioB of other?\es
...,? wouldn t maKe
ui,. heading aid gol ln the way of otBara.
it. aald irhan hla -tntr waa reaay to
taka to Loa Ang?lea ha had a taVk with
talllna him elthar he or ^'?""1'\
would have to <V. the |ob alone. not n?>tn
ol tham; for Bchmltt wa* too mucn or a
talker and had a iTOtnen ?"?!*?.?? '-""
Angelea I il ha (M Namara) dldnl *?nt
nlsod ap la Iba Job
How the Bomb Waa Set.
Then at ' boa tlP,:'''1 T'IvUin
bomb In arhal la knoara aa lah aDei ?
?The Tlnaaa" plant amonfl aoma ihk bbt
i-ia ahd old papara rjolaa ln, ba> aaia,
hc ^?s Btopped by the mght ??M"" ?
who n?k..| niin wh.it he wanted ln '?
He replled he wai golna to the comP
room Th< watchman wi him ;
waa agaln atoppod by & bay, bai ae
toM tha boy h* w.is going to tna com
. Tba boy dlrectad Wm to a
i thtnk ha aald tie
r,nr!;. | tha I laamant and while paawsaa
through .t tor. off the aa* lr', _ ,.
i naked "Whj did you broak off tha
gaa JetT' He replled, "BecaUBe I ?ante.
tha *h. > bulldli t '?? *?? 1?
? -
thera ????? ?
Ing He anawar?l "Wl it'i ihe
! wai to make a ?
did It " Tl en h< thought for ?? whi.
: Kul l ..it. i rj t ? ?? ?? ? '?
I ? ?."?,;i1 I
He told ma ha put tha Infarnal nia
cmnas at the re*ldenc-s of Oenaral M?r
naon Gray Otia. proprietor of TM
Timaa." md of Felix J. Zee**"<*U?r. aac
retary of the Merchanta' and Manutact
orera A?ioc'ation, all to c<> of? at '
o'rlnck In the mOrnino
Ha aald -,. th. araj bacb Eaat ha waa
frlghtenad !>?. tha ptopta taiklng of the
exploalon Ha aa.kl ha oauMaJ i;-ar to
look anybody In tha faoa, and he though
. . n the tralo whs looktna; at
him At Ball Laka Clty, he aald, he
eouldn t stand II any longt r, an he ateppea
ofl the tiam and gol In toucn with ?' '
Mttnaey, who hkl him la bla houaa ror
two waaka
Teiiing of other exploatona, afcMaa*
IgaJ taatUlad Uial ln Bapttmber, Itlf*.
waa aew lo Chlcaejo, afhara *k
talked ?ith wi'.iiani Bhupo and Janvea
Coughlln, Ironworkara' anloo ? I
about a Job to be blown op bt
i; u ? and Plne, Ind., but whlch he did
not bi.cv ui becanaa the Job was not.
properly looatad,
atoafanlajal said after nawa of the
I...- \n?eiea aaploaloa "as puhllahad
.t j IfcNanara, aacratary of the iron
workers' headtjuart. rs, ln lndlanapolla,
Mnt him ta Worcaatar, afaaa, lo cauae
an "eoho" of the v*' lf*e '"oaat aaploaloa
Iti the Baat
"I want an echo of that Lot Angalaa
?ffair in the Eaat, ao if thay catch J. B.
they'll tKink they have the wrong man,"
McManigal eaid waa the way J. J. in
atructed him.
Melfanlgal a.iid he watrt to Worces
t.-r and caused tWO exploaions there
on i h tob< r I, On the ratura, he tes
taatlfled, aaaalSad pl Um boaaa of Frank
C. IVebb, tn New VoiU, and left a mea
?aga that if any DaOffa w.nk B?l to be
dana in the I'.tst word ahoiild be sent
to J. J. McNamara, in IndlanapoUa,
He aaid ba alao tookad ovat Iha poaat
lilllty Of Uoarkag ap Jobs in 1'hlladel
I hia and lMttsburgli
Saya Ryan Kniw.
Dired chft? that I'rank M Ryan.
president of Ihe Iutornatlonal Aaaocla
tlon of llrldge and Structnral Iron
tPorkafa, had full knowledge ,if explo
slona were made by McManigal, who
I had bh.wn up the Kanaas t'ltv Job on
Auguat 8i 1V10, and had atoppad off at
Paorla. 111, on th? way back At I'eorla
i K?>t in touch with Kdarard Bmytha. bual
nesB agetit of the Iron Workera" Unlon.
Bmytha ahowed me n?n nnioa Jobs ha
wanted me to blow up. He aald J. J Mc?
Namara had agreed i shuuid do it. I told
Bmythe I had h>?d had Inck at Kanaaa
<ltv. where I loat f-.ur quartB of nltnv
glycorlna and three alarm clocka Bmytha
P.nd a dynamlter, knowa aa the -.New
York Kld." had been aroiind I'eorla. und
iie (Bmythe) waa Buaptdoua of him, thlnk
Ini ba mlghl ba a apy <>f the Ifataaaal
Kr>< tor*' Aasoelatlon.
W'h.-n I returned to th? Iron workers
headquartera, ln ladlenapoUa, MeNamara
whs not thara. Bo i aaw Preatdent Ryun.
I told Ryan about the Kaneae Clty
exploaion, and ahowed him a newspaper
account of it. Ryan said: "I want vou
fellowe to atop cominq around thia cf
fice ao openly, and you don't change
your appearance enough. Whan any
one gets a good look at you they will
be aure to know you naxt time."
i told him are wi.-nt rackleaa and that
no one knew whnt w- w.re dolnc. T told
Itvan that Smythe had apoken of the
\.w York Kld" a-s a dynaroltcr, but
Ryan said M dldn't know film.
on the way to the lronworkers' con
rantlOB Bt POClHatar ln September, Mc?
Manigal aald, he accotnpanled McNa?
mara aa far aa f'leveland, taking
twenty quarta of nltro-glycerlno for
i'< ter J. flmtth, at Cleveland. The wlt
riese said McNamara apoke of the auc
[?ess of the plan of blowing up non
unlon Joba, aaylng tho rallroada wyre
heginnlng to be afrald to handle non
unlon Iron and ateel.
Wouldn't Throw Waldo Over
and Ruin His Career. He Tells
Merchants' Association.
As Main Feature Mr. Oaynor
Begins with Express Strike
and Ends with Becker Case,
Rapping Newspapers.
Mayor Gaynor fnrnished the main feat?
ure of the apeaking part of the pro
grnmme at the ' gt| together" dlnnar of
the Merchants' AaOOClatloa at the Astor
last nlglit, and for the occaslon the
Mayov ?ot lagotbor .1 ravfaw of most of
the suhjecta wbieh he has been covering
ln detall In his recent speeches.
He began witii the expreas strike, on
whlch he warhad with Henry R. Towne.
the pffoafdaat of tha Merchants' Assocla
tlon, weiit aJoag through the subway ar
gumenta <if .1 v. bj a?o, took up the legls
latlon atmed at tlie removal of the New
York Contral'i umcka on Bhrraatb aaa
nue, ravtowod tba more recent doeh ques
tlon, with a few Olda fllnas at the Serre
tary of War, and then, with tba Introdue
tlon Of lils oft use,| "outward deeency and
ord.r" pbraaai Bnlahad by giving the
Beeker eaaa and potlOO question a sum
marlzln* with a, sIlKhtly new twiat.
Throngh It all he condemned the news?
papers. hk usual; argued that he was
ronslstentiy ajralnst the vlews of "the
scamps wbo own some newspapers," ax
cept. of OOOraa, on the Beckor case. As
to that. as he BaM 'nnunierahle tlnies re
rently, lie w;m not surprlsed that "one
llentenant ' ihonld have been found to be
a grafter.
Quotas "Man who Think."
Reaardlng the pottoi sltuatlon. he tbrew
In a hlnt of tba daalrabtllt) of a 8C(ond
tenn. when he nuld that "nien who
thlnk" know ? if the Mayor wlll even
half do It Ifl his tcrm he wlll do u great
As tn Cotnmlaoloaar Waido'a responsi
blllty f. .unlltlong, the Hayoc
laalarad tbai any one in the (ionimla
sloner'ji |ofe palgbl have bad the aarrif ex
periem e ? N'ever will I turn around and
hratalty eaadaaaa tban and throw any
yonnn man OVtrbaard atid ruin his igr>"r
n-ver M lo: g aa he |* honest and I"
wining t ?t >rt ovar nbd try to do the
thlng agaln and do It right, and it wlll be
daao riKht ''
Henry U. Towne who preF>drd at the
. gava n brlef rerlew of the work
Of the Orgfl Hfl aaid they had
DMOlbara now and an anrr.ial In
11 n ? of ' ' ?? * the ai hi> r< -
BBOata Of UM aaaOdatlon Mr Towne men
tloned proi i tn rapport of
Proaldant Taffa IdM of a perniancnt i
T.inrf Board. Comlng down to kical nat
t.r?. ,i? hi Introduced uayor <Jaynor, he
nantlonad tha ezpraaa strike of Itlt,
I The Ifayar r^k" ln t?rm? of the idgh
eM pralaa li raferrlag to Mr. Towne* co*
oparatton aith bhn In setti.ng that otrika
and said ba fi II he bad tha sup|>ort tf
the ' Mer. h.u.t-' tapotllalloa on his stand
in tha aabway argument.
Bpwakiiik' of his pootUon on the Klev
OBtb gvoam I I OUaatton, the Mayor I
daclarad no Ol ? "could make hlm budge
the fra^tlon of ? larleycorn." but he |
oaoida'l aay tha taina foi sotna of the
leglslators at Alba
On tba p;er nueatlon the MayOff said
he farorad IJIVfooi piara nortb of ttd
ttraat, with tba ptara puahad lalaad far
aaougb so .1" noi t" ancroach "n the pier
baad Nna H< expoctad lo *<-e himseif
nad in Btrlpea again, 1 ?? aaid, ba>
eaoaa of ti.e propoaal ta buy the siouth
Brooblya patra bul his famlly was get
ting naad to tl 11
Wifa Finds Him tha 8ame.
"1 am rora my artfa haa k-h used to it,
baoaoaa she ae< ma to aaa that 1 anj the
same old rixpanaa that 1 araa aiwaya,"
ba asptaJnad
Toward the > pd ' his forty-fue mlnnta
addr?as Uu Hayoi pai ln a nataa oipfcan
atlon of why ba w:im attaabad so much.
jia bitlniatad tbai 11 waa bscaoai he did
not bava 11 l - - back .'i? of any poUUeal
"it is .1 vi rv eonsfortabta tinnK." he
?ald, "to ki) ltUo offlaa aa the heaxl tooi
of a partg, ami ? iien jou wunt t'> appolnt
a Pottoa I 'oinndaaloner or a Dock t'otn
mlssioner or any nther commlHiloner to
aend up for them t" gend down the
nan.es thal they wai.t you to appolnt.
You can bara an awful ensy tlme If
ymi do that. and if anythtng goes wmnff
tht vMiolu party la "t your baek. but
when you don't ^lo that they are not nt
\0111 oaca; tbai trj to Jump on you lust
aa so<n aa nnythmg happena I don't
know whether that phaaa of it haa oc
curred to you paople or not, but that is
the ttuth "
Harn a P/haalar, presidcnt of the
Chambar of (.'ommerea of the t'nlted
Btatea, aiso spoha it was aanounood at
the dlnnar that a rlty-wlde cainpulirn for
t ew tnembers irould i>e Inatltuted shortly ,
by the Ifarehanta' Aaoodatlon.
( ontlntied from flrst page.
It Is said considerable progress has
been made.
Thla work will now have proper
equlpment and the studenta unefcelled
opportunltlcs for hospltal practice by
the co-partnershlp whlch has been
aatarad Into between the New York
Hospltal and Cornell I'niverslty. By
It tba school obtalns both general med
Ical and surglcal wards and a chlldren's
servlce through whlch to facllltate its
teaching work. The exlstlng servlce la
the New York Hospltal la M bed*
This wlll b* Increased to more than slx
hundred bada when the new building ls
completed. The Cornell medlcal staff
comprises 14'J members, a large num
ber of whom are omployed exHuaively
ln the work of sclentlflc research.
Tho total capital tnvested in Cornell
medlcal study, lncludlng that invtsted
ln the Loomia Laboratory, in i-'lith
street; the hospltal, ln 28th street;
Stimson Hall, in Ithaca; the Huntlng
ton and other funds devoted to varlous
forms of reaearch work, reachea about 1
$7,000,000. The afflllatlon between the*.
hoapital and unlveralty is In accord
with the princlples long advocated by
the council of medlcal educatlon of th?
American Medlcal Assoctatlon, and
more recently by the report of the Car
negie Foundatlon on medlcal educa?
When aaked about the advantagea of
auch a unlon. Dr. James Ewlng, of thia
clty, waa emphatic ln hls approval.
"It ls absolutely easential to the beat
work of both hospital and college." ha
I said. "Hoapltala are too apt to lack
; the moBt modern equlpment, and as a
[ result profltable research la extremaly
j dirncult lf not ImpoBBible. oia the othe?
{ hand, unlversities are apt ta lack wbat
is even more eaaentlal thaa equlpment
?closa contact with a wide variety of
casea. Bringing the two together in
creases the efflciency of both."
Frank L*any, FYank Traey and Wlliiara
Whltney were convicted of rdbbery in tha
flrst degree yesterday before JudgeCraln,
1 in General Sesaions. On Auguat 21 they
I held up Geza Galss on the Wlllla avenue
1 bridge and robbed him of 10 cents, a'
| handkerchlef and a pocket knife. Tba
maxlnium sentence for their offence la
twenty years.
made in the newest styles, of such desirable
fura as Australian opossum, leopard, civet
cat, blue genet, rnarmot, natural raccoon
and squlrrel.
Also Men'f Fur-lined Motor Coats, Fur Rugi,
Motor Robes and Baby Carrtage Mat*. *
Jiflh Awnuf, 34tJ? mtb 351h Sttttts, N*ra fark.
Officc Ecjuipment
It costs no more
in the first place
to furnish your office with Globe
Wernicke equipment, and you
have the lasting satigfaction
of knowing that you have the
best that money can buy. Your
visitors will know it too.
Cett no mert than the erdinary kind.
New York Store at 380 Brtydway
'Phone, Franklin 3870
["he beauty of ihe scenery.
be smooth roadbed and
tasr riding equipment
nake the Tourney alto
:ether deliffhtfnl.
Tha frequeaay of the trami
and thelr hoofly leaving
time make time-tablei un- l
naceaaary and aroldt any I
unccrtalnty of traln time. r
?opens at NOON TODAY for
New York's Second Annual
National Agricultural
llaX Exposition
Twenty-five Statca, Canada and
Porto Rico, Here Exhibit Choice
Soil Products in Competition for
Valuable Prizea Showing How and What
the Land Produces - Demonatrating Scicn
tific and Practicai Farm Methods.
<J See the Miniaturc Cranberry Bog. Modcl Imgation
Plant, Cidcr Mill, Electricai Farm and Prize Ag
gregation or Grains, Vegetablca, Fruita and Farm
Animala?Leam of the Resources and Opportunitiea
of America'a Farrru and Orchards?Hear the Splen
did Free Concert*? L*vugh at the Educated Piga.
Open Daily?10 a.m. to 11 p.m.?to Dec. 1st

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