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Japanese Billiard Expert Out?
plays His Opponent.
(jets Best of Taylor by Narrow
Margin of Three Points
in Close Match.
py ? brlShl SO- sparkling run of l"2
to the mid??'- portion sf hi? string Cslvta
pftnar. 1 to defeat AI Taylor
eat of margins In the <-on
SmSStiOS of th? !*?_ balk line billiard
championship tournament yesterday att
,moon, while Kodji Yamada outplayed
i_?*T>' CUSS upon Hi?? tables ac up In
?h? belvedere on the roof of tlic Rotsl
AMor. I?? '' ' won ??? three points, as
the fin?! Saat WS? ?V") points to 407. The
?v?rage of the youthful professional was
1?20-?-, ??'! '?'"' brst r"' ;t!|fi '*
Fv one of those freaks of the game Tay?
lor, havins one less turn at the table,
figured un average of 161-31. with high
-uns of T3. 65 and 49.
Tamad-, altei the firs', few innings, led
~.n8 , ; ? t<*> the end of their
match ?Si '" al ?:*fo points to
#m The Japan*?* wtsMer o? the me, on
th? ?hole I formed rather Indifferently.
Hi? averaS?- :?' IS an oven 10 und his
hich run.? *?'?? " ' ?"Sand ' CUM'??***-?
Atc am ttS-Si ??? '1 rii*? runs 6... Il and 30
The Ameran;, i hSTTartSltasl .?-orne of the1
fort.?*??? scrai'-hc*. of hi?, opponent a.-?
?iapanevu* luck.'" OS .rvoral oc<*a.*.ionH
the diminutn I ?riental played Into kiss
??hots aAtt morveUotw precision. It was
nothing ?>???"?' "' dcft J'-SSH'iS of ?.he
Ivory globe?. At other tini'b he was un
MMISBaM** '?? ''?'? ond on the whole he
-ot the beet of the rolls an?l th? breaks
of the ball* Right through the contest
Yamada _* ; the nia.^.?-. freely, vitli
either the right or left hand. YYheoe\er
in doubt h< B-Jlt the ?>rl?s cavorting
?round the table, so that (Mine rarely
(seed SS7tbt*_g that savored of S set-up
. ? retch of the has gins
lion, M?d v. . omsslts- la ptS** for all
b? SO!
Pemarr?-t with the except.-** of two or
tbr*. bains*, wielded his cue with poov
and uncertain results and only eav?d
hitniflf when Taylor had the match with?
in hi? |ra?p. Twice he got into args
m?nt? wuh Tom GalUgher. First it was
about Tayl??r ? leaving his chalk on the
table rim aid in the thirty-first inning
IVmar^M objected to Gallagher's callini*
a ml**- before the cue ball bad st"ppr.l
rolling D? marest t waa si the opinion
that he had counted on a bank ?ihot int?.
the corn- r in this inning, and it was ?
tlckli.l. situation f??r him, as Taylor WS|
almost at the end of his .string. Gallaglv-i
ruled BfSlnat him, however, and he had
to retir.
Th? beet performance on the part of
Demarcst came with his tweBty-flfth vi-it
to the table, when he put tsgsthet ht?
run of i-.'. He at once colWctod the globes
and by ?lain-y and true nursing along; the
line? counted In his most gaafcing etyl?*.
During this run Demarcst SftSB _0SBlte_
ten points, hardly moving the ivories an
inel, from their lirst position. His con?
trol ?sea masterful and he tinally retired
in a short follow .shot, easy enough In
?tHf, but which missed because RdSie
? ndeavorin^; to maintain lus
ftult'.r-K- poaltlon.
Working out runs by close and ???
mir-ing. Willie Hoppe d*_*eata4 (.<
ffloisn-: I >? ?0 points to 1'.". 1 in the first
of the ir.av hes decided In the evening.
Th? e?<* itlon of tho younger player w.is
???lft tag. ? ire, Tils average was _3 IT-SI
and hie best runs 12:'. f'l and II Hos
?on'? a.era?e was It !4-_?>, with high
runs of || and If.
It was on his sixth turn at the tahle
that Homx* opened the streak of brill?
iancy whit : wa.s to o**si*whst_" the T/et*
erm. By rapid manipulation of thefvoriee
along th?? l.:.es and In the corners Hopp?
reeled off 122 before he retir?d bSCSHMM
of an overplayed spread diav.. He was
at thf tal.!.- nltnost Imm?diat? ly again, and
?h? ?ame fluent < arronis came from his
nie for 11.
Ora Morningstai defeated f_eor|
"m hv (he ! f.-r <-,- m to WS in the
other evening match. Morning-tar p? r
*****ne. in .ensattcna) fashion, ovcrcomirig
? m*#t dlv , .r.-.?inc lead by putting t<>
iother ? run of 117? on his twenty-fourth
torn at th? table.
Thl? figure i the high record run of
ah tourna:-.-; t _? ?i top- h> one carrots
th? run v' ? Sloason made agalnat
?Vmarest Mornlngstar**1 averag? was
l?**-? with otl ? r high runs of 62, B und
?*? Sutton'a av.ragt- was 12 25-30. and hi*
tot run? 91, S2 and 58.
button began in fair btroke, and by his
Wual lefl handling of the globes soon
*j-* M.rnln_.?ur nailing him. The latt?-r
????1 not appear to correctly Judge the
m>t*i of the idole and experienced all
"*?*- of tr?.,,... la making the ivories
**-*Pond to his cue.
?"?naliy, when aeemingly deflated,
?tornlngatar ticked off hi? big cluster or
""? H w?s .Hied with showy BtS-SSS and
?""??a table ?hots and h? rang all the
?*angee o;: balk-line position as he
*<>****_ through It. In attempting to h?-l<i
PeeltloB he tlriilly bungled a draw to th?
????Mon end retir?
Morning?t?r thereafter played strongly,
flatohlng with a collection of nervy ?hot-?
?Co?? the root of the table.
The m?tir:e,_? mat? bes will begin at 2
^clock to-day, Yamada meeting Taylor
aj>1 CJlne engaging 8los_on. in the
__***?< Hoppe will play Mornlngstar and
8*"tton rn??! Demarcst.
The tcore? follow :
% T?m*<la 'ajiot t,all>--0, X I?,. _.. M, ?.
1 i I ''? ?? ?? ? |M- -"?-? R. >?? ?3. " 22,
l? \.?>- 0. <i 0, 0, .!.'. ?? 0, '.' St, 0, fl, .",,
Tm.i ?.'' "? "? "? ??- 2- 10. ?'?? 10? '? ;??. ??? '??
^l-anfj point.. Avtragc-10. High run?
;?; W ?i d i
i? ?_.'*?' '' bain?o, io, ::, s ;io. n, ?,
? _T , ?, *?? ?a *?? 2. ?'? i?. i*. I 3. 1*. '-'?
L tV'J1' ?- "? *? *? o. a ->? a 2? a sx o.
??,i_,_** **>? ? 5 1. 2. 7. 24. 3. g Total ?Jo?
? ???_ 3?^T*ra*??? it-i?. High run?? OL,
_^**-Albert o. Cutler.
mi"*'? '?pot bell)?IS, :;. 27, l, in, 2.
I gt .,_*??"? 0. ?1. 1. i, 4, :;. ':n. 0, 40. 4ii.
vto ;_T ; ui '? ??? ' ?-? ??? ??. a Tot.i ?
?-1tT^;?U -V?'.'ragc?10 _?-... High rui.?
'?-. 6S tot fO
3 fi";?r "?hite _?ll>?a. 1?. O. 11. 0, 1?. 82.
HI %?*__*? ?*? ';;- ??. 1?. ?- ?*?*? 34, ?:., ?. I.
poinTr- 49: * "? '? la. .'.. f. IS Total-4!?7
? ?ad ? raic~16j'8*' ?""ch run??7:i?
a*f?r???-.Thoni?? J. Uallagher
SLtSln*,<fMxM b*liy-C. 11. 13, 3, 2, !_.-, ?1.
?? ?*-.?;.**'? '??.?.?*?.". M. ?. 8. 4. 7: tots I.
*???id8_.,: **?****?? ?? ??'-21; hlgb run?. 123,
? fa^? -i*? **"> A ?'? ?. 2. ?. ?. 1?. IB, 1.
tJT' ???? 3, i 2S. 2?. ., Bd. 0. 13. total. 234
3,*'I-,. rWMSge, ji 14 20; high runs. N>, 43 and
'**?? Tlioma. J (;?llagh*r
I ^w?_n??at ?apot ball)--0. ., 0. ?'.', ? 12, V
?a.'_?'J' '? ?. -? 0 i' " " i a it. 7i.
U_ L-a_r y'- '? "? 1*: total, MKi ?joints; a\er
_.,;?_'""" h"?t' r?"?? '?T. ?3 h ?Kl 52
*S. ? v? ??v,'l'' ??al'i- 1. 1 4%. ;>., 0, __ 1. .!.
??'l t?. .-'_ ?-? ?',- ?- ? 24, 1, I. 1,1. 20, 0. I,
-.feg' *?."_ ?? 24; total, 3*5 point?; ?v.i-age,
_2__lu?n '"*-. ?1. S2 and 68.
?k CuU.r.
Standing of the
Billiard Players
Won. Lost, average
High High
?oPPe it 1 ?-I |-f.$| 10:
Mornlngstar . | i is r-our*
Mil?, ?nil
* "B'* ? I i? "o-r.-i
5-19 ,',?
"tutriMila ... ; 2 g2 1 ",.?>?
DeeaaiaH .... f 2 ??? .??.;?-?
?arlef. o i 11 ?*,).;?,
M M.M 11?
l .?
Scores Two Touchdowns That
Defeat "Poly Prep."
Intercepted Forward Passes
Play Major Part in Close
Gruelling Struggle.
A'lelr.hi Acadcno. playing a strong, con
Blateat game, defeated the football rltven
of Polytechnic Preparatory School U? one
of the keenest and best scholastic -?ames
se.-n this reason at Washington Park >??-.?
tcrday aflerrio-m i,y a score of 11 toi. It
araa on an intercepted forward pass that
A.lt Phi acotad the nrst touchdown, tlrow
ing tiie Poly team on the defeaatTl and
makii.t it light an uphill battle for the
remainder of the Rime Poly scored their
tou, hdown la the closing moments of the
fourth period.
I-rlggs. the "vdriphi fallback, tntci-eeri
cd one of Poly Prep'a forward pan?is on
his own I'-yard line soon after the third
period started, and raced slxty-rlvc Jfaittl
to a touchdown. A ?UCCOaafal pits.?-, l'ii
Tremblay to i 'o.-hu.n. , resulted in Poly'e
lone acara, M*n*s a?ided the ?inning
touchdown to Adelphl's, BOOre ?Ifhen he
broke away tor another brilliant run 04
forty-five yards, which rested the ball on
Polys three-yard line, und then stored on
th?* neat play.
Dl ffja, indeed, was the rock 01 which
the Polj elevan struck and 11 .1 broke.
11 ? running was reoMfhahle, afed when
the Inferior grade o? latarferente which
tin? AdeJpbl backa pave la cons-deroi It
WtU little abort of wonderful. Repeat
i int.. the Poly Ine abso?
lutely alone, bat, picking blf oprnlw-'s
With rare ?kill, he was able to go through
fot lo;?>; galna 11 is dash for forty-five
-..mis, which was turned Into a touch
down later, aal nada on a ?lire, t plunge
througto tackle from right tonaatlea.
Time aad again be ripped tbrough the
liiv or circled tbe ende tor griaa which
vaiie-l fro:., tan to fifteen Tards. His
puntlnf was also excellent. Tvic-e. against
the wind, he drove the bather forty-iiv,
five thoiiSHiid school lads and girls were
..11 hand With banners, .-treatsers and un?
bounded enthusiasm. Led bf * corps of
loafed leaders and a buss band. the
cheering sections k?'pt up ?n incessant
racket. Alter the game was ovei a band
Of ?delphl *'root.r.*'* walkcji across the
Meld baarlBf a casket on which was in
?crlbed, "Hew Ha Um ?jam of poly
A.i.-iphi ?roa the laai an.i defended tb
weal foal, with a brtak ?md al thetr
Palf klekad off. After a eeri
trailed bf an eaehenge of punts,
AdelpM worked tha ball Iowa t.. Poljr*e
u-\;ir,i Una, alien the Gray torws
bra. ed like a BtOM wall. I'"ly fat the
ball OB downs and Du Trtmblay hooted It
lout of dangae for the moment. The half
eaded with no teoto.
In the third faffed lr"!y started like
champions, ami had tie ball dOWB to
Adalphj'a ??yard ?tea w^ea Da Tremblay
triad ? forward paaa Mega bownvaa,
.?i thi path, and, aatahlin the oval.
ran to the goal line, sixty-five yarda
away, shortly after tie fourth quarter
Htaru-d Adi-lplii worked the ball down the
until it rcMcd flv? yar?ls from the
fOaS line, with a first down. Adelphi
charged and foufht Bercalf, but aa tha
fifth down the oval wai still thiee |f
bf actual meaauiainaft from tha Inat
chalk Biarb Dti Tr? *aMa***e bom averted
danger, bul only for a moment. On the
iic-Lf play Dllggl rammed through tackle
for forty-five >-?fis, anl after a shift play
fail?.1 tiaehial ovar tin* Usa for a loach?
down. He kicked an **??> foal
FlgbtiBf a fleht of forlorn hope. Poly
went iti and playee* their best ?Mine in the
last few moments. Two forward pas.-? s
were caOfht for long gains, on?- by Ilm
Itaonaa, when thane ?tdatphl wmm were
Set for it. Then wir-n ihc whole team
shifted over to the slle llnes. the ball on
the H fard line, i'ocl-ran ran ont all un?
covered ami caught L?u Tremblay's per?
let pass for a Bcore.
"Big" Pill KdwanU. of Princeton, was
amoaf the spectators.
The line-up follows
A?le!phl (14). PosltUns. Poly Prefj .7,
Weotl .U J. Quien
Ibbntbori .I>. T. Button
Moore .!.. 0. 0?t?;r'ii
Ht?dwrll .C. Nciro1 i
Vranaan .It. o. Retiu-or?
.laequlllard .Tl. T. Bl
r?relli. h .RE. Cochran?
D. Alford.Q. B.T)u Tr'inbUy
K Aiford.U.M. B. QKason
Uisv.R H M. UascUe
I?, iKt-t .F. f. Marmba. h I
f*ub?iitnten -Me<-n*in ?for Lieacke, l'< n(11?ton
for Oatgren, Gl\\-ii [for N'-urubr. Tc\i?i>
down?--Dilirgs (2). <}ochran?.. (ioala from
touchdowns Drlras <2y\ Du Tremblay. Ref?
eree-Ty vine., L'r. Iveralti ol PennsyUanla. I'm
plre?Kred Murphy, Ysl? Linesman?--riUpat
n.-k. Yale line- of ^arne?Ftui i?*rl(Als uf
twelve iiiInuio.M e?\eh.
Hamilton Soundly Trounced by
Fast Heavy Team.
The heavy .Newmeti team proved too
much for Hamilton Institute yesterday at
llackensa.k, N. J., beating them by a
?core of II to 0. The victors played a
plunging i*ame throughout.
After the first klekoff Hamilton nishe'l
the ball to the 20-yarU linf*. only to lose
it on a fumble
Harris and Miirrmne played well for
Hamilton, but Xewrnen'? line was too
strong for them. P.ohan and Nelson flayed
a star garn?- for Newiri?"-n.
The Ifao-up follows
Nfvun-n (SI) Po?iiion, Hamilton **>.
Hollar.1 . ..Ui:.... Heed
Mslarkej- .U T..,. Ilach
Mart .Lt G. Thoiiipson
I'eanniM* .C. Ht-wart
O'Brien .R. O. Kleid?
MortHon .R. T. runnln?h?in
Pallen .-...R. K. Ilropby
Or?h?m . Q B. I>?vli
I>ohan.T^ ir. B. Harris
"feleon .R. H. B.Miirn?n?
mitth .K. Jl. Hrrgory
tide SJ as Pehan ("ii. Nelsen. Donohii.-?.
Goal? from tourii-lowns Dol?an ?"?,
Hubstltiftloni ?Sf.niif.i.iiriif fur Gregory, Dono
- Oraha-n, Bbanl*>) for i*..iiard, ()alla
ki?? 1 for O'Brien, Dtckay for MorrlaMi, rai
foi Bbanley, Mtr?,-r,,i,j for fmltb, ?f**n
r?th for Hrophy, Grttgory' for HonntbOrne,
Webb foi KltzKerald.
Wefarae Hurley. Bowdotn I'mplre -BacUa
leek, Prloceton. Time of iierlods -FTftcen nitn
utti. j
Wins Gross Score Award by
Safe Margin on Links.
Mrs. Blumenthal Net Winner in
Women's One-Day Golf Tour?
ney at Oakland Club.
Although she unintentionally disquali?
fied herself for a piay-off for the best
gross score ?,t Salisbury Isr-t Monday by
leaving before the field bad half finished,
gtiaa Marion Uollins, of We?tbrook, made
Bf for it vest i rday by easily taking tho
gross award In the line'flajl tournament
over the links of the Oakland ?;<>lf Club.
Mlbs Hollins*s i*> was four strokes bd
t?r than the efforts of Mrs. X. P Rog.-rs.
of Baltoard*, and Mrs. Idxwratnes swift, of
Knglewood. Mrs. Henry Hltimtnthal. of
the Century Country (""lut-, was the net
?inner with ? card of 101 3-o:'.
t'l-lightful, hut hard, Wai tin- verdict or
the women when asked how they llkod
the cauiae, and the ?car* piWVad that
Oakland with Its hills WHfl a dlflCplt
proposition Miss Il?*llin- '.f.. If fart,
Wai the only Mora less than 100 out of a
field of twenty-five pbivt-rs, including
manv who bave b?en prize winners this
Most of the W.stbrook girl'i dlftlenlty
was mi tb. freeaa she drove eaoeUaaUy,
fettlng Une distunee and direction most
01 'h. Unte, While her luMdle. game was;
g to..
She w.-is blinket? il si ihr long third, and
at tli, dog'.- h g ninth the topped hor
drive into a Ooa**anieal point of wood.?
and had I?? take lour more shots before
She could Ret on the green, finishing the
outward Journey with three puts, for a
totui of N Other thun theaa two in
Bt ant?a. lier extra strokes had to be
taken on the froene.
It was much the ?..mic itOTf on the
? aiid fchoftet* inv. i* i roata The
sev ?i st the lOOf sixteenth was through
itidifi. rent work on th?i gre?-n. while the
six -it the ln.ni?- hob- wa*? c;iu.sed by four
tries ;.t the COP Bhe was on th? green
In two, the hole beim* Of \nris and up?
With the ball hing to the extreme ncht
edge, ehe ran it as lar t?? the other side
on her first attetapt, ??nd- on her aecond
within six feel <>f the bole
missed th.it, t.,.,. finishing Hie last nine
hoi.*?? in 4?? sir bod tine threea at the
ird fourth and at the laVyard ?
teenth, where she drove tb. freen. H?r
t the long sixth and her four at the
twelfth w? re capital
II. r card follows:
(?ut. .'. I ? I I ?'? ?'? ? '
In .S 4 4 I is I 7 *> I M '"'
The scores ?oliow:
, .ro??. 11 p Net.
Bhraenthal, Kati ? 101 ? M
lg- .?. h. Ib?, w . stl raea t-. 1 M
lira. M n. Wrayna, 1 M *- '">
?, i M lali..111 B i??
p Roc**** BeJttwrol... I0?> *..;
Urs i.iv.ifii? Swift, Eoglewood UW ! M
M i w .i. faith, wykaanri, . iaa ? ?
Mrs. C. W, llen.lige. Midland... b'l
Mi H. W. 1 s Bradai?.. ISO '2" HO
! i; Mi ?tarty, gngl-rwood H*? IH IO0
? ivanner Bases < 116 IS loi
. , Eases Ce lia 14 103
Ml - .1 .- Tedd Oraeawl h UM -'". Mf
Mn '' lia?nngao?1. Century.11*1 I la
Ml?.? a, i' Wood, Itockenaa? h ..lia IS 1
Mi?. M .;. M?-:on.iii f>ua?**dJe.lf* 2? i'-t
.Mr? II IV noldatnltb. Hollywood ll?l I>? !'*??
Mi? r R I...1K.I -.-. Moatclalr.. IM 7 J<?7
Mrs. r c Btelnhardt, l'aim, ? Ite ? ni
'ri.e fol low lna competed, lit nui not r? ?
Mr? W I, li-.bii?'n. ' ? atoll . Uta.
B. K Tim, Honramos?, Mr- a. .-? Reaa?n,
. . ut m >. Mrs. \ Mn Bekfca?aa Balto*-****; Mr?,
i. s l'iv.r. Ceaturj " I ' a?
nlnsbam, Bnflewood
Kingsley Piles Up Score on Pin-,
gry Just the Same.
Darkneaa callad ? hait m the -acoad
period of the io>.ti?iii fame between
Klngabsj Ichool, "f Beoea falla, n. I.,
and Plngrj School, on t;.- Coraaar*a h?-id
..-l.rdii. The BCOre w;is I) tO 6 In
Klngeley*! favar. The Pingry edavaa
an hour late la taking the held.
Boggren, the Pingry halfback, ;
Captad a forward pass on bl own 5-yard
lim. aad skirt? ,1 the K***u**io) '? ri and
i-, daah H farde for n i ?achdowa
Klngshy so i it ^.itn?, and
ruabad the Pingry etev??n throughout.
The forward pa?? \v,..-i us? 1 continually
in puzzling tofiaailoi
Th< Ma -ui> Ml
King-iev 1.7,. Peel i Ion finan '*"
1 ?swell I. ?.limn*.
lb Intoaeh. I. t. 'i
i;..-?..,, i a . i
r.n * C .. i.,mi
y. i; . lUrriri.n
liui'i c T Moore
Barrio? H I ?.rant
111 rFarrand) Q I tmaati n
Hperr-, ' H f H<
.; Maxwell H . Bochanaa
I . .?m i .t
i ' ? Blngl * , . "I" '? r' . Bal i I'. .
II urei. IxHtgn n. i ?..?ils from
.. ? i , , Refer? .-? h >?? I'mi i.?
Wal ? r. Union rim. On? period ol io nln
i tea and on? of i mi r, n * ?*??
New York University Will Have
New Quarter To-day.
Pi.ietirc for the New York t'niv? rsity
football loan vaiterday aftaraaaa in
preparation for th? game with Rhode
Island Htate College to-day on Ohio field
was strenuous. For th?' Iirst hour of the
afternoon's work Olcott. as usual, had i
punting prootlce. After that tha 'varsity
w;i-, lined Uf iiK,.irist the second teatn in
stiff scrimniag? until it was too dark in
n | the ball
Show Opens at the Garden with
a Private View.
Visitors Sec Great Hall Turned
Into a Scene from
Old Japan.
ktktt Sa ajisence of nearlva year "King
H?**rae*' came into his own at If**?_?_*****
N'iuare i.'nrditf 'Hst mr*l?t Is J.c Mire,
ihc twenty-eighth BhnaS- h!i?-'.v. under
tli?? dire.-tloti of the National Ih.rse ghtfw
?>'mi. iaflon of* Atnerh a. ?Iocs not bigla
until :? o'?elg*rl Ibl? efter/neon, hut for all
that rnanv ?.f the b'neblood m SOTSeSOIB
were then?, and a l?-w went through their
Paces on the titnhark ?tliat Is, after the
-t?-am roller made its noisy ?alt.
At the "private view" hist Sight ihe
visitors were lliiptlsod to hud the Osrdfn
ti.ui.siorinpd Into a ininiatt.rc Japan. Tin?
bogge and th? stats l.i-cK >.?f th? in ar?
jarranged In terraces, .vlule the dlvidlntf
line between those and the, boardwalk is
an lw|tst-**e ntatn wai1 ?aggertlng ?
bambii.? partnion. Tho roof liniiH? ?
VSS| ?TPSIISC P? bhM sky, and al"nK th?
sides <?t the pr< m?nade are r??w.-> of glSBl
J.iranese Cherry trees in MS***_*SB> 'ho
branches arching toward the _eat**0 an 1
mer-dnK at the sides. WhefO th.y support
vines of wistaria in bluum.
'I'his la the fir.L USM in lh? hi t??ry of
the __ewc___M_l thsl decoration ?loin* ?u?*li
ttaei hsa been sttempted, and I'm verdict
t-soog th?- crritke Isst night was that in
pi?>?;u. lag a n.'veiiy tin- managanMml bad
citaiii';. roccoodod, but whsCher or not
thf* pr?-: | nt < o'.ir MherflM will meet with
as mi.? ii ?? h.h .! approval as past effort .
? M***4*Mnh*a do ii.i Be?jB- to exl*t.
Alfred ?j. Yat.?l? rh,:t v ill give I lunch?
eon f?.r th? foreign stBcsri and adges of
th<- ShOW III III? ? ii.I'lOfiin _l 1 i.'rkxk till.?
aft.rnooii. After laspsotiSg thl 1st
tions arm nil? last night slsHSfS WSM ?n
tenanted in tin- dining r??.IS" ??t lh< M id?
HOn .?venue side.
The j>i ?.-rainiii?? tor tO-dS] foil I
Afternoon I o'clock, jadslns fifteen
novi?e ham??? horaett, Claea I . ! ">'. Judg*
Ing ?le p.?i-s ..i Shetland pontea In her?
i i Claaa "?'?; 1:10, Judi-'i'iB twenty novi? ??
lh i.oi ? . Clase 16; ] .0. iud-ing thir?
teen t."- et roadstere. Cleo? %\ ?.W, J*?-i?-.
Ins ' t j?. ? > t pon??.. children lo rid , i
ISS, 4.'?'?. judging ten pol" ponlee, i lee?
MM ? l Irin** ?'i- vi o ladiefr1 saddi?
l- ladlM t?> ride, I !...?-* ''.'?. I'M, iu?iu
l Ing thtrtj i.t.? !. ?nt.-!s ?'i Jump? i . ;u.-'
section of < I; I
(.venina ? ..'lor^^ judging Mm* saddle
ii.?r-? ' i - fl I s> ?odflng fourte? n
novice hsntea? borona, Claaa tt. I IS. fudg?
Ing twentr*eigbt novio? ?addl? ho
Claea H '? M lu li Inl fourt? ? n mllltle
mounts. I lodging thli ?
t. ? t. ? or i imp* re, ; ? cond : ??? lion <>'
Carlisle Indians Will -Vfcret Stiff
Resistance To-day.
Trlbna? i
PhllSdt Ipb-S, N'OV It '1 ho l nt\. ;
.?i Peaaeylvaala eleven t.u.k its final
nai praetJoi Klor t" lh? tamo ?nu the
Indians this ?ft*_**no***n os Ihe llaka ol
th<- a**h(g?nr__reh Valley Country ? "lut?, at
CheetatH HW Andy Smith was very
inueh plra.ied with th? showing of the
moa, ??H?? Estgiefi th? formel m?
burn: boaeh. ***S? on ti.? P. Id hi Iplng Smith
tram in? m- n, Qaotos sad vYolferth w< ire
? i .?? playera
;.i ,i ..' i ?" pi? luarterbe k t., moi -
row, end Harrington ehd Mind? wll lay
th? ha if h? eft p" Iti-Sia. who Captain M.-i
cor nt f.?nt? i? k ft ine, sad Jourdet win
tht ende, vTUsea sad DUloo the
ta? ki?>??, Journ-ay and MasNaughton the
_'i,.rd?. ?ni Mmpooa '-*i!i play centra.
Tins ii th? ti see thai r? na*
?yivania can isitstor. sad with ti??- men
m goad oond.1 loa the Red and r.: .
epgbnlst-c o*/er the prospi I
Smith gave h ? ?ppi
diii: thla aft.rn-x.n. CsM westhei put
o?rw li'?- Is ihe P?Bsylvsals teaai, sad
UM work toda WS? VSTf r*BCS*-**Sglag.
Declared Member of Irish
American Athletic Club.
i?.,., w |_*_e__aeen, of Flnlsad, whs,
raaatag nadai tkx r*olsre of th. Irish*
Atiicri.-.iti a ?' was aasend pi?'c m tii*~
s?*nlor inrtiopolltan <r<> ? *?-? -huiii I | dlBSI
plon-hip on hit Katurday. was dfnrlsrsd
a bone lad. ?eeniliM- ot th?- lri.-h-Ani? rifan
Athl? ti ?'loh and eliciM?- t.. ?<?ii.|??-'?* ...:
th?. .'lui? by Ihe Met**opotttsa h?*i?; tr.,
tion t'onnnitt-e at a sosctal sisstlag laet
eight lohaaasen'a *rfl*rlbi_Ky wa? ?, ?
tlonsd hfi.f.i** he it. not ? ?'itiz'-n ?1 II.?
United Hates, end represented ?Finland
In the Olympic <'am??n in StO*__noUn last
. uionier.
Final assardaa win have to be made by
the National lUglfttSStlSn <"onitiiltt.-e to
detSfRBtae whether or not Joltaiiasen he*
casse a lion-resident raeesher of the etah
aft? r isptseasllng his country In Sw-il.-n
The aSMOk ot Tom t'.'lllns and J. .1.
M< N.uuai ?. who were RgSPSadsd tOt
cempeUsg In the Msye Hen lamee, wrsre
talil.-d for further toa*dd?HUrin, William
powers, of th*l Irish-Am.rie.ni Athleti.
fiuh, who ?*,a declared e pvafe-atoaal,
also applle?! i?u i? in?tat? in? nt, but hU
? ase was also tabled,
Records of the Yale and
Princeton Elevens to Date
? r.
Il H I'
n 3
- -"
. .10?>Ve?lr>an
??g_Yale. . 7?Holy ( rot.?
*,?lale **l?H>racu?e
|.?_Yale .IS?Lafayette
lf>_yH\r.?i?Hf.1 Point
?H_vale. .i :i?fjaoa, a ?left
(topt. "'ft?Vale
O. I.
??..pt. 2a?Prlneeton
Oct. 2?Princeton.
|?Primel i, n
?A?str,eni?. 9
41?Riltgere. 0
.'&?I ?hlfh '. ._.... e
.31?Vlr?inl? P
. a???>Trncii?e
. H?Harvard
:,I-N. f. I ni?.
m .
Total?. ... ai? ?*' '?*? H I ? M? -HO
Piran hade In KUrinf fer l'aie 'hi* .?ear, ?lib .our tnnrhiloun?. irhile I'hllhln
I, us made lhr?*e. ??-Milling tWOi ( oriil-h ooe and Cornell one. Onlj Hirer ko.iI? from the
Held ha.r been *coreU?IM cr, Mtirkle in.I Piiniprll?, retting one eaeh.
Princeton lui? moi- 1 If touchdown* Oil? .?ear, to II for \ulr, a? foll?n?: Pen
dleton. |4| DeWIH, f?: 9\ "iValler. 7: H. Ilaker. 6; hn-rnon*. S; H. Baker. $i K.
Trrnrk-nann. f| M. \*?>Her. I. "Hooey" Baker baa ?eored three goal? from the field.
T?MELY bits of sport
- ,,?_
Murphy May Make Johnny
Evers President of Club.
Sam Harris Comes Out with An?
nouncement That He Hopes
to Buy Phillies.
So weil pleased le e'harles **?"?'. 'Murphy.
I-resident of the "'hlcagtS I'lilO?, *?Vlth Ma
nag manager, .lohn .1 Kv? in. ttiat ? y;e-j
t'T.jiiy ho MM it wa.?* |io?*?,Hi*, that Enera
would hccont'' the . hi. I executive of th'
? lu?
"K ? re may beempi pres-jd?nt 'of, tue
??lub," Murphy derfi.ired. "T atii i?\ar|nln-*
a trli*? anniMl tho <vorld, u'tirf if?'l 'fin \
will make lCverH hfigd rof the ctulb/?a
\sell ?m rwnnager. He la fitted for the
position, lor he ha?- the brains tf> frmap
Should Bvara initko good as pw-fiident,
Murphy further nald, h? ?might not ro
lunte the preaidrney after hie*" Rlobe-rlr
??lliig trip, but hi i unie ?hairinati of thu
hoard of Coiftro!.
Th. niyMi-riou** "W, J. K ." of Sprlng
Beld, Mas?., win. doelnred a tew dayi .i?-ri
that In- would til. ahnrgea of profession
ahan ngafnft Bowafd P. Dgate*. tim 100
y.ird Batlonal champion. OMS written an
othct latter t" tho Amateur Athl? ijlc
Union, saying that hta tirut ?.vrnrnuiiha
tion aaa nlaunderotood. He ns*?erta that
tho negro high *M*hOOl < hampion le not a
proi??ssioinii. but la eontemplatlni join
ihL; ? mom i playtna football eleven. The
MOOnd letter, whi?'h i;' In the sume **,*?*.'??
wntliig as the n'bt, but this tim?; slgnud
W D K.," reads as follow*.
"Hobody clataM that Howard Prew i? a
[M*of?MalnaaJLj and I didn't want. t<? tu* un
dantood tli;?t way. but that h.? Is thjnk
tug of (doling with a football team which
prOft Bot?nala1 Play on Mn.lly rorrect
that nii-tiik*. '
Sam II Harri-, the therttri.at tnanHg?r,
aaaouacod jreotardai thai ho w;ui mgoti
..tint tor th?- pun ha.-- Of th.- I'hUUes.
Mi. Harria ??aid that aegotlattoni wu-e
oaaaed akiaal two waaka ago witn i*re?*i
i. nt I-".,gel of the elul. bf J ick (?leason,
actlnf In hi? behalf. Latar, Mr. iia.n**
.-aid. Mr, Olaaaan took the matter up with
Chattel P Taft, owner of th.. hall .-lub'?.
park, in Philadelphia. Tho mgoti itlona,
li. Id, vu re ?till pending.
?"Wa are watting to learn the lowent
price the owners will take for tha dub."
Mr. I larri. s.ild. ' AV. ?iIiomI.1 want to buy
mi only Hie dub, bdl the ball fcark .?.
wan '
.i.i.ii Oanaal, maaagei of the Rochi
.lui,, of the Intern.it?.mil langue, M aux
. '.-rrett and Roy
Hart-tell "f the "fhhk?ea it is doubtful
v.h. thi-r Pr eat dent r.-u.-ii can be Indu ? I
te part with ?ither.
Jimmy Burke baa reaiggad from bit
aa aeoal of the 81 Louie Cardinale and
all] try to Mad ? berth ai a conch with
th?. st, i.ouis Browna Buika?-la an old*
tim. who h.i| i- Dg since outli.i-l
? fulne .i ai a pi
Aognet lleirmanhj preaMent of th** -'in
rianatl Rads, aiH not keep I'rank Chanel
altb his riab if be ban aet joe Tinker to
?? da < "han< ? will n catva
his i,!,- ondltloa i ??
i?ei Gainer, th. brlWaol Krai baaamaa
i ?? troll Ttgei -, ? be ??? ai k? pt ont
..f the can:, almool the entire ?radon with
.i i ?? ka ?'? ? ' h< has fully
recovered fi ora I be In |ury end a ill be
ha.k at Ural for the Tig'f * "?x| : aaaon.
Subterfuges to Evade Usury
Laws of No Avail.
Mai Kataman, raaaaaantlng the co*6P
.rat - Ill i ' A ??-... latloh, a.ii'1
William . ;>. ? abi 'f, of th< Qat ? .?? ?f
William- i'ompni>. aere < 'Oi**d*rti .1 u
Igacfal laaaloni raoterdaf at notation of
that .????? Mon of the hauklng law .1. allng
with h.-ur- .
Julius I..-, in-nil. of No. H I.Ilieohi. ave?
nue, Brooklyn, teettfled thai on Nov. mt.r
y ato, h? borrowad IMot Mm co-operative
dation, through Karzm.m. andaf i
m paj back Ml ? ai tit* rat.- ??' Il a w. ek
? i a exeaaa of I c-r aanl wat
-,-i to t. m payment tor btoek in
i.. rinaon **"t thi riot It,
: :. ? VglUJ "
. i iren? i t: Hunt, ol -N". ltd i'.-i li
su..., Brooklyn, ?? "Irenian, aai n . ??om
int agalnat Gh*eeot**arg. em April ".
bm borrowed Ha, and rvaj to gdy b;??-ir
V? in four montha Id hip caed the con
tract stated thai tht lia efteeaa wa*, in
i i paymenl for e diamond phi. He din
not tel any pm
Th.- .a-?.- <>f May Qulnn, employed by
the L'beeterklrk Company, was poatponed
to enable couna?! to hie briefa, Coumm
for Miss Qulnn alleged tha' thi ?beater
kirk company waa ,i Maine oorhbratlon,
and under the la#a of Milne B u.surluiia
d. t,t -.?.iis eolli tatlbfa.
Court Accepts Pugilist's Mother
on $30,000 Bond.
? hi. ago, Nov. l.',.-".l.i.-k" .lohneon,
pngihsi, accused Of violation of thu M.inn
"white elave" act. was released from cus
tod- m day Before .iieige Cafpdnttr, In
the I'nlted StHte.? Hlstri.t fourt. in bonds
of MMH ,|1,,> Miiatlea a?eapt?d were
the pugilist's mother. Mrs. Tiny John?
lOn, and Matthew g\ H.ihUvin, a real es
tate dejler.
As Johnson w.i i leiving the federal
1.nil.ling he was arrested on the ?'hatge of
hnvlng attacked a aewanaper photogra?
phor hist I'*ilda\ when he was entering
tho eoanty |alL '!i|f> pugilist was taker*
to | poh.-e atatton and a ?ash bond of
t?o? whs ?oeepted. Later the phot?frapher
tiled a imlt for flo.OfhO daniages from John?
Albert C. I. .lotii.s, sentenerd lo one
year in tha win Ootmty MU '?? Joliat foe
.ont.mpt of eourt in tiie Johnson bond
cace by lodgg I.andi-, wa.s ?ranted an
uppeal bf th.: I'nlted Btatee t'ln.uit I'otirt
of Anp.-als lo-dav H.ill wa.s lixi-d at M>?
99% bal Jome iiad not turnish.il iihit?- io
Tie bptttl "f the night Will \x- ?is fol
lowi Pataj I'.iiiiih.in va f?iz" Maokey,
ai the National Athletic <'iub, of itrook
1 > n. Jim Uiirry \s ".Sailor" White, at the
Uberal Atbletlc (Tuh. of Htaten Ialaitdi
Tommy Connor? vt> Johnny Walt, at th?
Bronx Athletl?' Aaaoclatlon, and Harry
Oardner va "Young" ntaeey, at the
Qu?*enabor*i> Athletii- Club, of Long Inland
City._ ?
I*.- Win . Union llii^h Bohool won it*
iir.it tab target ttthrnameni ?hoot, when,
it defeated ih.- Baatdm Dlatrlet High
School, of Brooklyn, dn the Red .m.f
Black macl in yeeterday. The acore waa
Ml to Ml
The Clinton boya shot well together,
Dutton and Bancel iiiaklns perfect ucorca
o* ?r i
New-York Tribune
The Fastest Growing Newspaper
New York's Only
Republican Paper.
But Not Radicar-i.
Special Features in To-morrow's Issue
Kate Carew Raids a /Music Hall
on Trail of Leoncavallo the Composer
Interviewet finds tin- rotund n r ?. ?a Tac!, ?..?-i" ?andwlebed het"??_n
ragtim? ?nd trap? ? art? at th?' i.o<,,\,,-,, HtMtedrotne, mil bear? from
hIm of bra favorite modern music ins own ?nd ?1.t Mi admira?
lion for the "American Vo-cc" \ word about hie .ortb<3pmlng ??poru.
Dread Typhoid Germs Will Beat in Vain
Against Vaccinated New York.
Tii?! etruing euccee? which ban attended the-?Jiae of antl'typrrr-U
?eram In the tank? o* Ihe workfa .??-: rompted the, llealtq
I'epartmeni at ttil? cltj <?> plan It? u_e In combating the menace that
lurk1- in BUiny e Watery and milky haunt.
Fair Women as Well as Brave Men
Dwell in the Rugged Balkan Hills.
The eom tu inn I i ni; of runny rare? In the Mitte r*t.itp? of Sotlth**ai
I'ji-ot- bei :< Und (n ?i strong r-omneaite rare, who?? w?menklnd
not only robuet ?'?'i att-ractlve, un are home amkerer in the
highest eenee, '
Dispersal of Daly Collection of Portraits
Revives Interesting Stage Memories.
Daniel Krohnisn, Charlen Btxrnham, John Drew stM others t?iv<? here
ioine \i\i?i i- cea of the epoch making hnm.-m dynamo, who
,, ,? ,.i. . . .',ui. ?,.!:i;.tei, producer and etage
mad? ?uoh ?i In ? * ft the "tplj?lu world" as will long evrvlvi
Perhaps You're One of the Many Citizens
Who Invite Burglars to Enter.
? ? ?.? !.( OSOO m pr??'ie'ts ?nd in..nev fa tftolen each ye.tr m t li i *
country. ? hu-il> l**y ''?aelenttftc tuie-.-? ?***? ? operation ca.?.-*,
fall) There fcr? vartoua pre? itfti sith mentioned which. If
taken, are likel; to avert ntsfih miefortune.
?l'.il.-d I
rioor Covering? ?ill'
Roarer Tulton. The seventh Of
the Jlo-: lehoid '1.rajIan Serie?
Croohet Pattern?. til lustra ted.)
The Te.tival of the Harvest, by
Helen Laba?h Johnton. In la?
terent : dpi i ?Ion of table d< -
..ration and till Of tott fOf
Thankt-glvins? ntlth .Interesting
And Varioa? Other
He*?? cf the Club World
Horse Shew down? ? Evening-.
? Illantrated ?
Hors? Show Gowns ? Morning.
? i ?in (tra ted i
Horse Show Garb for the King.
Boudoir Hot??. .
Book Review? of Special Interest
to Women.
Dally Blll'of Fare.
Intereatingr Articles.
Elan th? Armorer (<*aacludad ??6. Hutting:. *. Re?rse
AXalttl? 2*alry Tale, i Mu-trate?! ) ? 7. W??**'s Po?ia?.
Futile? with Flcture? and With-, 8. Calendar Lotto?a Hew dam?
out. j 1 How to Play Star Magic
Editorial? by th? Editor. I 10. whit Kenneth Doe? wlti? 7Sloe_?,
Edl? ?nd Eddie Have Mor? Oocdill. Oee and Whtr. A True Cat
Tame?. I Stoi
Th" mihje'M of tii?'?''-?!- .?o!,.r?'?' piM'ure t<>'he el-en frt& *a tth every
copy-tff 'he SUN EVA\ 1 RtJM NU lit will he found ln*ert?-d in th? Msaa/.iiT?'.
' Hecttoh) N the well Known |uv?*nHa otiaractcr "i.itu. Ho.v yiu?*." whp prj?v~t_
untituita,.i thv ?nd hi relii.ble Inasmuch as h>* wenl to nTcen ai.?I a*I?,\\??..| tu?)
sheep to wander info' th? meedoW and the cow i.reuk Into?the ?.orhti.id. Tlie'
pittuit? t.-lli the story.
Strong Fiction?Brilliant Articles
Are Some of the Peat-ires That Will-Make Our
Well Worth Reading
The Man Who Was Lost
is tlic rigw MTul, god Maude Radford Warren lia- seine ron?
? ?. ivcd a plot ineTr?.- ab-orbmg**ta'interest Hat wide c?rele o? read?
ers will wish there was more of tliis charming itoey of _? man
who lost his owji identity and went about .eekinn t. recover it,
not even daring to'propuse marriage for fear that lie was already
Love Finds Its Own ?y hathah haskbh dox.?
is a ihSlinllH reman?., of life emoag 'he Ind_SS_" In eaily diiys la the Gie&t
Lahee reglan?
A Sleuth Stunt by Torchy BysEWE*_x.ro*D
.-how's the wonderful Office hey In th?: SCt of unravelling a mystery.
Hicks Meets an Old Friend ?y jokh e. wnta
The chief of the Halted Stuten Secret Service contrihutes a clever bit ot
fiction, doubtless bSSed <m odBelal experience.
How Fashion Starts ?yohohobjbahhathah
All women roadbrl nn.l nu_Jr men will he interested in this authoritative
article about the ?origin ol nu-usns.
Two Years the Czar's Bodyguard
l'.r-.on_l ??xperleiice-. of one who wan clo?-?*, to the Cssi lor twenty-four
month-, and therefbro knows whereof he writes.
These are. a few of the Special Features in To-morfow's
TRIBUNE, which will also contain all the Gable and Tele?
graph News, all the General News, all the Political News, aH
the Society and Resort News, and more comprehensive Sport?
ing News than any other New York Newspaper gives.
***? i .
to bf sure of getttng Sunday's I'RJBUNE order ti of your news
dtaler to-day. Vit Sunday Trtb?ne is alivays seid out SS/tti

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