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Paragraphs of Current Interest
for the Investor.
???i,? Formara Nailon?! Congres? ap?
to be headed toward a trust that
^..j. f\\e .? further boost to high prloaa
- - h n in Kent
Orl'-an* the queotlon of dortetng a pi?m
(?r ?? rehoua ag of all farm
? I The
to bo to enable Can
\s hold their product.? until s-.ntal.le or
eeared Should
.i!i-*i* and waretunulng of
lnrr.x national fatuta,
la ti.?* hands of the
, f-rnier In a.ldltlon to the con
T *e Tin Plat? Trade.
..ik for the* tin plata en?
. la In.provins, ao-ordui? t.?
? r esport
yAjg :? K they are at?
HOCtl *'!-?1 I iforla are l.e
bottOT I'xpoi t trade.
? ? the , - dlacuoaod cornea to
-, hot I ?'?' be a merger of aeaaial
?ndei ? ' nufnotnrora, and this will
markot on a :
Th? Outlook Splendid.
Baakere aro m a position to note the?
ojjant.111*.' : buaineee and to pee
ihead the .? .mlng trend of (Inanoe ?and
Ina.!???".-' ' tas to 1 e ?\ i
amo:.?. : that the outlook a;,
-o i ?? ?- or aging. Louie Kaufman.
r:i Phenlx Na?
tion??: ''? ?*"' S3 | - M ?1 hifl
opinion lhat a? regarda f .reign Inr'.u
asOtt *?>** l'nlt'*d State? -vas ccvtnpara
ttvely Independent. Mr. Kaufman atnte-d
tb?t prenaln? nt busineas men In Chicago.
' Bt Louis, Bt Paul, Minneapolis and the!
North* eit fenerallf report that business ?
,ln their reap? "Uve localltiea waa never
t?3ttar. Jlr. Kaufman eald: "The crops
tola yeiara aro exceptional, and In my
?oplnit B thaf cannot be moved to market
within a vtrir. Proceed? from our agri?
cultural producta, owing to the enhanced
prtce* of the period, muat result In a
co-iaider*!.!- \dume of bus-ines.*? for .*-? v
aral month? fit least. I do not expect
? If boom, simply a continuous healthy
action In all brunches of trade and in?
dustry" In answer to the question
?vintner he expected any tariff changes,
HT Kaufman further answered: "Per
t i not look for any really radl?
langes In the tariff. The South Is
just entering on an era of industrial d.
iyl'Iu* ' 'THuced, and it
?ores aot *?????::* ' . conalatent with
Democratic success t.? Introduce meas?
ures which affeot this Industrial activity
aafaTorably. ! am hm opttmiat on tho
!S situation as a whole."
Equipment Orders Growing.
It Is a favorable reflection on (he pres?
ent pi sitlon of equipment eompanbs When
the daily reports ?ho** u continuous ln
crea.--- In th.; growth of ordera l?-*como
i:ve latereota nw ?bowing moat anooanig?
lnfc return? In their roportl of ord.rs
booktd, a: allroatla, which
are In- omine: more apparent as the car
ehor: ? more pa
?lag volume of
traffic ? lor.
Proapect for Wabash.
if th" -rttnatk? maf be a*> ?plod at its
alua \Vaha?h is fach | a I
raeeasment, and the pro4rpoct f<r tin
futur.? is not en ' that
? hold moat ol
bondi- and have In \ lag an as
10 SV) a shan ,
Interests, it Is rumored, arc op
?ucb move. What will be tin.
reeu't is not guarant? ? i bf the Inter?
The Copper Movement.
There h ? ?h rannt* fi In Europe,
and the buying at pr< Mat 1? reported to
1" thi r?t of any Importance within the
hat two rnontba One Wall Street :.
that t] In copper? fays that It la
Informel that a foreign syndi? ate off?-red
above 17 eonU f? pouada, arid
that ti?-- I i-I was refused, the demand
?price bol anta it is oaaoatod thai
?-t thirty days thora will ha
liberal booklnga fur flaaaaaUa ??t.d foreign
Little bUfdneaa was transact? d for t'<r
eha eecount There wire purchas??* o?
about 1,1*00 ?'.?.res by London, with buying
to * raaauor .\ttnt for the Continent on
direct cable.
??Th?se dlvid'-ids havo been declared:
Merchant* Company, regular
toX?v , m an?, extra H P*:
,Lea ihi
r**it?-j Dm ?";i>oa?i Companies, rejrular quar
'?'?' : . -.t on th? preferred, iiayui le
.-npn-.r of New Jf-r?ey. r?RU
- rent, pnrnMe r**cemlx
I >h*?-wtri-W;.!ta:r,f ('nmpanv, re?ular quar
\]*T]' - ? ?rid extra 2\i par crut nn
r ??" ?. ely,
)** ?*?- ' <??.* of preferred Mock, t V.
1 f? ' r ??
v**r'*r'' ' Oomi ",r. extra <*tvl?3end
'S?* n" ' - of ?"> par e*nt, ?.oval,;?
'*; **?**! "V i, i r?i r*. m th? common ?
?* tr? c, a mj ,
Th? Pta.f',.,1 r>|] Company r,f i'*?
fornia he-, ?. ,,r(,,| a dividend of 2H per
c*nt T ( ' ? < r 1?, the first <l?-c
'Tnratlon aince vy.'--. before the company
**a? eegrefated from the Standard (Ml
^c-ttpany of New Jeraey The authotiaed
.eapltai st was Incrr-asod last summer
?irom OtsCO IM.OOO.OOO. and $2f>.d'*0/XK)
ot the new atock was lnsue.i. making; the
.'Preaer.t ou -'ock t4?,000.?*0.
7h? Del&v ire, Lackawanna <& W.-stern
'"??""?"'??l i haa ordered 1.27) cars
i*t**m can Car and Poundry
ftv,m Barnoy A Smith and
-Mfrorn t . Standard Steel Cart'ompany.
reporta the export?, of
arain for the week, with compariHona,
**Ur'-'K in bushel?, as follows: Whoat,
,nr -, agaJnal 5,*fgS.72B
Un ? . li.'./tTt in tbia woek In-t
>*?r; from July 1 to date, S?.W,'?2~;. ootB?
^rpd "1th period of
*w fear, corn, M.S34, oootraetod with
?*?4*S !;,?. v,,,;. .,,.,, ;,,( ,;s ?r, this Work tl
?'??ar ajeo; -rorn ,,Jl5/ ? to datP ,
"*a;' ??' ? In th. riding
"?"i- last year.
Minina Company, in which
'??Mes M Schwab was In the past large
?-" 'ftterestid, has declared a dividend of 1
l*r cent, payable on Deoember m. Four
*>'l1end? r,f i v, r ?.nl each were paid In
"***. but none haa been declared this
-"?*?? until now.
A loas by the banks of KW,0M In cash
'"tdlcated hy the known movement? of
"???tiey this week. Receipt? from the in
gT*** ??r* ?12.720.000, and shlpm.-nta to
'fer*^'0*" l'oln>" Wf'r'* ?2.xi9,0(?, Including
?*?C,0OO national bank notes turm.d In
* ?"edamptlon and 1850,000 trannferrefl
uT^**1 U" "'?b-Traaaury to Han Krnn
net ?fain troto the Interior b?,ing
1161.?*.. Ordinary disbursement? by the
hub-Troasury werf, SMML?S?, and pay?
ments by the bank? to that Institution
were ?.0,910.000, the loss on Suh-Treaeurv
operations proper being **_._:?.,1.to. Th?
total sals from the Interior and by new
Sold Hl.136,000) mom $1,597,000. deduction of
Which from th- Bub-Tr-.-t-.iiry los? made
the oel loes to the banks $*,*>6_,<w>.
Kxports of copper f.ir the week ended
November M mata IM ton*, sat] trots
JSBOSr** 1 to Xovi mbt-r 14 wen- UBJSJS
tona, the latter total comparing with 286,
ns for the ??orn.-spomling period in
Th-} Chicago ?\ Northwestern Railway
? ?ni.pany I,,-,, on!, rod ninety-one locomn
froiu the American Locomotive
1 "iiipan>. The ?am??, road recently 01
dersd twenty-nine locomotive? from the
Baldwin locomotive Works.
O. \V. BsrgSBl has been elected a di?
rector of th? Crucible Steel Company.
-_m o, 11. Wharton.
AppHeation has l.e<-n made to the Ww
York Stock l-.xcnui._e to list |30,"?'>0,000
thirty-year -i per run gold dehesitsres ?.r
tl:e Now York ("entrai and $l.?4".?v?.i ad
<tit:-*??.:_ 1 prior lien 4 p.-r cent bonds of the
Northern Pa.-IMc Hallway Compun>.
The Iron ?Steamboat Company of Neu
Jersey reports for the li?cal year eiul-d
lait gros, earnings of **__0.._9,
SSI S_-M*sl for Um preceding year;
asea und tax??. (MMB, sgslasl Wk,
-*7ti, and net ejirnlng?. $3.,43C, n decrtas?
of $_,ltH. After payment o? tli.'?<2 chargea
the Hurplu? for tho year was $S.0M, a de
e Of *>l,."?-_
The General Chemical Company has <?.e
? tared SS ? xtra dividend of h per cent on
tie? common ?tock. payable February 1.
The regular quarterly l'_ per cent on the
preferred als?? ha? been declared, pa>able
January 2. The extra dividend 1? paya?
nt? In common ?tock at par to stockhold?
ers of i-rord Dssssshsr __,
San Diego, Cal., will receive proposals
until 2:30 p. m. on November .7 for
$325,000 4*_ per cent municipal Improve?
ment bonds. Dated July 1. 191..
Proposals will be received by the City
Commissioner?, cure of the Mercantile
1.anking and Trust Company, of Mounds
vill*. .Marshall County. W. Va., until 1
1?. in. on December 4 for the $20,900 5 per
en* S-13-year, average, lmprov.r_cnt
o C. Haynes. County Clevk of Miles
City, Cuter County, Mont., will receive
Ont-] 2 p. m. on December 2 for
I l"-2u-year, optional, refunding and
I179.0SI ?.'?.?, ?-nr _*rldge ."? p?t cent bonds.
An electicm will 1?* held in EdRefleld.
?fleld Gonat**, S (" . on Nov.-mber 27
b> rote on lltS Issuance of 15,000 elcctrb*
light plant aildlt.on bonds.
Reports state that th? ?City Connr-11 of
Colorado SpringP. Col., ha? authorized tho
Issuance of $ 1 _,8r?2 04 bonile.
The report of th. P-di-ml Light & j
T-.u'.ion C-*******_B** for the month Of
BepteeShSff Shown that earnings w* r_
JH4.1-2, an Increase of $12,%4, or 35,1 per
'???nt compared with the corie.spondlng
period of last year The earnings for ?_M
nine months cndi.d September SO wern
i . '*., nTi Increase of $J?,027. or 19.2 per
??< nt, contrasted with th?? SSSS? period In
The first estimated cost of $4,?y'v0,?D00 for
the present proposed underground rail?
way Une? of Cleveland, Ohio, has been
Increseed to prarti'-ally |UJM,0M, Bnl 1t
is rejoined thsl this will not ?l. lay start
:nc the work on the BSbSTSy system be
?..?.?1 NoresnhSf l. ?91S, according to Sec
i.'.-uy Th.?n,as P. Schmidt of the Under?
ground company. Report??** delays In
flnarclng th?*. proposition are without
foun-lat' u. ofMslS SSSnrt About 11.- |
tSSttSS of stock has already been takea
bv flev? land interest? and the remali.nf-r
hold by Bsstsrs capitalists, ??-cording to
Mr. Schmidt. If a larger amount than
'?.w should be need? d, he say?, It
bo secured.
Information from flnrrisburg, Ponn.. Is
that Governor Tener has given hi? ap?
proval to the misvnff "f the Ohio Valley
:ric Comany, capital $.;2,7(?9, Into tho
Southern 1 Dat. Light 4. Power Com?
pany, of PittBbur,,', with SaOo/XHi- capital.
J. D. Callery, of Pittsburgh, la president.
If those Who aro suppOBRd to he talking
for Oovernor-eJo-t Drum of Illinois aro
conversant with the sentiments of tl_o
coming ?tato executive, the cr??a.or of a
public utility commission for tho Sucker
State will be one of hi? flrat measure?
uft<-r entering on his offlolal duties.
The Mlddl? West Utilities Company has
acquired all but 2 r>?r rent of the com?
mon ?tock of tlm Illinois Northern
rtilltles Company, which was nrgS-Used
by Samuel Instill in April of thl? y? ar
The banls of exchange Is $15 preferred
and $13 33 common ?tock of Middlo West.
TJUlltias ior eae.h $1<?0 par valu? common
stock of the Illlnol? Northern Utilities
In "/l?w of the default of the Colorado
Midland Railway Company under one of
its outstanding notes, a protective com?
mittee, cotBlstlng of .T. N. Wallace, chair?
man; Jame? N. J.irvle, Harry fUtSVaOt
and B. Aymar Sands, has been fUISSSl, at
the request ?if holder? of the company's
first mortgage 4 per rent fifty-year gold
bonds, witli a vl< M to securing prompt
and concerted a<-Mon for th? protection |
of their Interest?. Jollne, Larkln & Rath
bone are counsel for the committee.
Holders of bond? are urged to depoatt the
same at once In negotiable form, with
Ihe coupon of January 1, 1913, S?d all ?ub
negaent eon***a?MI attached. Deposits ?honld
be made witb the Central Trust Company
ff New York, fertincates of deposit will
be issued for all bonds deposited.
? 1
The ?"anada Southern Hallway Company
ha* execute*! a new first and refunding
mortgage to secure an authorized Issti" Sf
$411,1*.-.,r*.1 consolidated flfty-year 5 per
????nt ?old bun?i?. guaranteed prlnclpul and
interest by the Michigan Ontral Railroad
company. Of the newly authorized liond?
> II soon Du Issued for taking
up the 11 i'?lo.OOO flr-rt mortgage fa, due
.lanuniv !. and the $?3,000,(100 ?econd mort?
gage ts, maturing March 1, and for re
liniiiir?!ng the Michigan Central for t2.
500,000 ?xp. nded by that company 1n bet
t.*rments and iir.provement? on the fan
SflS Southern.
Albany, Nov. 16-The Public Service
fommUslon las authorised the Kri? Rail
road Company to execute Its gold equip?
ment trust obligation? to the amount of
$2.oOO.0O'> to pay for new equipment. The
certificates are to b? s'ild at 97.23 and ;.?
crued intercM.
$2,500,000 Floating Debt Due
December 31.
Because of t^ie maturing In the near
future of a lar?, volume of indebtedness
Bf UM Indian Refining company, a stock?
holders' protective commit tee has been
ta?ad? composed of Archibald Forbes,
B. R. Dick. James M. Mutton, Loula V.
lirif.-ht. Max c. Fit-lschmann. R. It. Gib?
son, E. ('. Potter and I^azard Kahn. The
?buKations which must he taken care of,
a?;f]?gatIn?,' $: .'.?i/??'*, will mature on De?
cember H. The plans of the committee,
one of its member? said yesterday, oon
template a readjustment of tin com?
pany's fiaaaeee? and not a reorganization
and formation of a new corporation.
The Indian Refining Company w.is In?
corporated in Main.? In tSOi, and has out?
standing IMIMM mnh Of common and 7
per OOat cumulative pre furred stork. It
tins also MUtM first s.-rlnl 6 per OOnl
bonds, due |*M,4Jfl ?'ach six months from
October 1, tflf, to October 1. UH, and car
trust obligations totalling $?'.j:..nno. Divi?
dends on tin? common stock nt the rate of
12 j.er cent a year wero paid quarterly
from .Tuly. liv.?*, to October. Uli, InoluBivo.
IM payments having been maile sine.? the
latter date. The dividends of 1*4 per cent
quarterly to whlph the preferred stock Is
entltlert were paid recrularly up to R.-p
tern bt r, ISQ, when dividend payments on
the issue were suspended. The ?took la
Widely distributed, th" larger part of It,
however, being held In and near t'ln
The ?ompnny, Which produces, trans?
ports n;id reflnaa onda oO and tfarioua
patrol? urn products, ha? reining plants
at points In Illinois and Kentucky and In
NOW Orleans, owns large storage station?
In Illlnoi? und nt NOW Orleans and Jersey
City, and bn? many distributing stations
In this country and Europe.
The directors are Richmond Levering,
the president; T. L. Tomeroy. the treaa
urer; William C. Proctor, H. L. Harrison,
\Y P. Howe, L. It Franklin, Kvans R.
Dick, B. C. Potter and Hugo Bliimenthal.
Commerce Court Suspends In?
terstate Commission's Rule.
"A'ashln-rton. Nov. ]*,,?The- Onrnmereo
' to-day ordered p.-rman.-ntly sus
peQdod the order of the Tnt"r?tate Com?
morce i*onim,?-sl?n In the N< w York sogar
Nghterage esse. The Older required the
railroads concerned to ceaee th.? payment
of aiiowan.-es to Arbochle Brothera for
the llkrhterago of surht fr?im Brooklyn
to the Now Jet**" f terminals of tt.e rail?
roads, when euch allowances were not
paid to the Fed--ml I igar Refining Com?
pany. The court hold the commlfslon bad
exceeded its authority?
Tlie commission in Its final order held
that the Patera! eompanv was Mag dis?
criminated ngntmt. bocauoe of the light?
ernge allowances of from 3 to 4'i cents a
hundred p^-in'. "dVUU II I Arhuekle ron
pany. and ordered that the rollfaadl
either eaaaa paying th?-m or make slmll.ir
eoaaanalona to tt?? *fhdoral eosapeuiy
A temporary Injunction bv the i'nm
r"rce Court resulted hi an appeal ?'
to the I'nltcd Btatea ?op**OUM Court. That
l?->tiy uphold the Connu? r.-e Court an?l
remandcl the case for a final he.
The decision of the court to-day holds
that the railroads have no part ?n t'.**
iictvni trntisp?,rtatl?-in of th?- F?-d?-ral eom?
pnaj**? aughr until it raw baa the New
Jerojef terminal, while the transportation
of the Arl.ucklo I IT.'?: a tually 1
:r.-m t?,e Jay street f-rniln.-il. In Brook?
Th?? Federal company originally brought
the suit on the basis of shipments from
its re!iner1?.s at Vonkers The commission
dlaaalaaad that complaint? booauae Y?m
kers wns outside the hghtOtrage limits of
New York Harbor. The Federal company
then moved Its of?\r, ? to New York,
bltM*4**Bt Ha sufrnr from TOnhOT? to l'ler
M, Worth i'lwr. and again demanded the
same allowance!
(TurnlehMl by Fr-xlerlo H. Hatch O Co.. New
Tort?; an3 Hmten )
1". ?Int.
ru'e.i-;''.d. BM A?ke*.
Am Hank Kot*. 4 Q> ! f?2 K,
Am Ban? Nr'te pr?t.... C g I N M,
Am I'.iii?--. I* So 1? 14.'
Am i blcl?. Il Me ni
A-.. . hide pr.f. 4 Q 1 Pil M
- TO of *** J... 4 <J .1 f.i H
Am Pri-?.- ? <v-.l*F"T. CO 70
Am Thru-d Pr.f. f. J,\.l 4*? ' ??
Am Tjp. fonndei?- 4 J '. .1 i:% M
An. Typefounder? i-ref. 7 Q-J IM 1W4
Am Typef-un'er? d 4?. ? MAN 101 102
Babcoik A wii?.-.,?. 7 g-j vt.% 10;
Uurney & ffnttfc. ? - 10 IS
Barn?-v it smith i?r?f... ? Q M Mi *">
Bordeo'? Oond Milks.... 6 Q-M 110 117
Borden'i Cond Milk pr. c Q-M loo nt
Bi?h Terminal. 4 J?-1 70 10
Cant tiromorba.? ? j I
Cent Firowork? pref... ? - M Su
Tonn Hy A Light. 4 Q-P 7?! 71
CellulOld . ? J&Px 140 141
Du Pont Powder. 3 Q-M IHK ?D2
Hu Foot yoatSat irrt., t g :.., ???
l.mt.lre Hteel * Iron... ? - I 10
Umpire I* A 1 pref. ? - 4! O
? w nu??.? ? H m
1. W Hila? pre-. ? Q-J I**' III
Ped-ral Ualit A T. ? - .14 2?
reflef I ?-. ? ?" Pre*.- ? ***?
Int Nickel. ? - la*.' 134
int Nlekel pref. f ? 107
lut Hllv.:r prtl. 7 Q-.I IM l*..",
1.1 !.. r.-iml-r pref.... ? ? .*.;, ?;,
KImkp <"<. El. a M?-N IM 1X2
N'rti Ciuili H?-tc pref. 7 J&.I I--8 12.'.
NMIe?-Hernent-I* . ? Q-l' f? M
Nlles-Hement-P pt?f... ? g-P ?t*. lo?
old L'ominlon ?Se. ? Q-P lie 110
., .ator. t J&J 75
Pav. O 4 E. - - ? ?DI
l'ac O & E pref. < Q-F Hl ..'?*,
l'helpa I> * Co. 10 g-Mftgj* ?1S M
Pone Manufacuirtng... ? - 20 M
1 ,,.. Mfg pref. ? Q-J U 71
??r,,i?Kcr?' OU. r, g-M IM IM
Pratt * Whltn?*/ pref . 6 g-P M 10*
Royal B?klrif* Powder. 12 g-MAI-*-* 214 ni
p.olay llaklnK Pow pref ? Q -MA Ex in? 101
Btfttr O H ? L. i QM'Et U?*? 1UH
ii Chiclet. Varlniia 117 |fl
Texan ft Parlfln Coal.. ? fU rlpt !?? 102
Trenton Potterl??. ? ?? f> a
'J'rentun l'otterle? pref.. ? ? f.O 60
Ti-entoa Pot vag ctf?.. 4 .Tftj 40 m
Trnw Directory. ? - - M 40
l'nl.m Perry . ? Q-J jj H
I nlon Typewriter . ? - - <0 4?'4
?Pnlon Typew l?t pf... 7 AftO 106 110
?Union Trpew 2d pf.... a AAO 100 104
V H llnl-hlnn. * Q-.I ? 76
V H FlnUhln-- 1st rir?f. T Q-.T 100 11?
t; .?- Klnl-iMn* lit 6?_ ? JA.T 11? 100
U h Flnlehln? con Se... ? J4J M 100
Vli/lr.lan Hullw?y . ? - lt 11
Weai Paeina .- ? M ai?
tA'est Power . ? - ?8
West Power pref. ? - f*, SI
?Ex dividend.
New York.
Yenterdav Thuraday.
I'M. A?k mi. A?k.
?rentrai Union Ha- Se.lO: lOS'j im im?,
Mutual .'"a I "3
New Atn?t Cn? 1st 61.101*4 lOi-i 101-4 MM
?N.,r Pnlon Oae J?t M.. MU loi*-, ?li, iiyi^
N' K Eai?t Hlv8? '41 .104l?j I'*'. 104*-, I?*?,
?Htandard . 60 - CO -
?Inter??t to be added.
ii'iirni?hed by Zimmermann * Porahay, No. I
Wnll street.)
Bid. A?kl Bid. Ask.
Crmt ?vt 8*4? 17*41 f? ; Cltr of Mun 4? !?7S ' ?'?
,lr?m Vvt 3n. 77', 7?Hl City of Ikt 3H? ? .
t?var ?it 4? ?9V, lOn?--' Prend, r?i,t<? 3? SH% 90?,
i???'v Sri a. T8*4 7?% ftti"l3ti a-vt 4? M mi*
il.-nb rvt a? 7K 7?>-U Brll ?on. fUa. 71. 76
, ?!?w.r Per 4? f.??i M M-x avt ?Id 6? 97 100
H-j ?f Col 4? re?H100S!
Active and Unsettled, Closing at
a Decline.
Rx. epl for a bulge caused by a bullish
census report on domestic mill ronnump
tlon, the leodene] of prices was. downward
In the cotton maiket yesterday, with
heavy liquidation, claim? of a less active
Spot demand and leaning toward increased
? stimates of the yield. The market opened
barely steady at a de? line of I to 11
SOtatS, and the active months ?old 13 to
16 points set lower In the flSSt f? w min?
utes. A rally of 7 or 8 points follow?.!,
but failed to attiact any broadening de?
mand, anl prices turned easier under
li?luldation, while bears sold more aggres?
sively as the market broke Into new low
ground for the movement A<ter showing
a net loss of from II to 27 points, prl.es
tallied In the last ten mtnut.a, when sev?
eral leading broker* entered the ring and
gave aggiesMtve support, buying the ao
tlve months In f.,000 bale block?. Closing
prices showed a rally of 9 or 10 points
from the lowest, but were 8 to 19 points
?lown from Thursday'? prices. After the
close pi hate salen were reported at a fur?
ther advunce of | oi 4 points, and It was
rumored that several long lines had been
- otnpletely llauldated Th? oaneun report
on supply an,I distribution Indicated that
foil.wing a domestic mill consumption of
117,111 oales during September, the mills
BSV? consumed 611,-Si bale? during Octo?
ber, a total for two months of :?48,G?>7
bale?, against 776.SLT, bales last year.
?Southern ?pot markets wero l-4c higher
to the same amount lower, and tho local
market was easy and 20 points lower, at
11.90c for middling uplands. Local con?
tract price? ;
11 is
n i.-.
11 7
II -u
Orm. High. Low
Nov . . - . _
Des ...UM li ao
JfUi .1J.74 il 76 11 f_
H? p|
ii m
11.1)4 11.7
11 '.'?? 11 1.7
11.80 li Bfi
11 4<> n r.?.) n m
il . ! .11 .:>'.
" nil
11 74
11 77
U 7S
II ??.Iit 11 S5 l-.OU
M ?; i n ??7
11 W*4J 11.XH
11. Ml
II -?4
i ? on
n h. 11 Ht? n ?u n ;?,iii ?M? n IK*.
Il 57?Il il'? 11 66
Il 40 11 42 11 :;i 11.:i7i(.U._0 11 45
*>V->eklY movemaiit fifi ira?. Port receipt?.
'?.?-, l_i. .?!???, ?itiain-t **_M,23S Inet ytor; over?
's n". to trillla and ______?, 4-,fi7'.". ?e?ln_* 4:?,
Ml Inet ?.?ri Bovtbarn null trtkliiK? (_?tl
luat-d-, UO.OoO. ylptt '.?o.oiio laet >ear; gain
uf ?tncks nt Interior town.. _.?i.7-l*?, *?g*?ln?* PS,
SM l;..?t year. btoaaBI Into -lullt for th? ***MB,
7U.7.r?'V, rusiUnnt 6_x,7?? last -.oar. Tot?! crop
innt: Poet !? "lpt1. 4.4-b.eSl (_o nMi ?i.
n^lnet 4 4.1,<""M i_?t >.?r; overland to ti.llla
?nd CasHMBS. *_U.S__, ??ain-t .oi.gAH ?net vont.
Pouthrrn mill tak'i.,?, 77'i.<??j, n_a_net 1*0,000
last y?-ar; ?to"k ?t Interlor town? In ? i? es? of
-?pfmbf 1. 441?.Shit, n-nluet -flO.t?*??? li_t >"_r.
brought lnU) el?ht t?ue fai for e<-ii?..ii, MU.
477. regain?! S,PtS,9SS \Oti year Th? crop
mriT?i?Ol u rc?i'?*rt|v?ly f,,r 7?'? ilny? 11-1* ?.*
?on BK-oiift 7s *a>n lu-1 Maaon
Liverpoola_Mo? ?pet dnll; ?__??, 4.000 bales;
ki ? .:?tion Brid ?sport, .?<??. Am. iif-nii. 1,000;
?, 4.'..????,, _|| Am-rl an. ml Idltn- ?|
?'7?. I -I.;, a oi ? :.?-?! ?i'il??t. ai l_l'i r : ?
advane?, ...a, 1 t>...;> ?,;.?*a.:i>, 2 t.? 4 point?
lO? ?r; ?O' ? * r I >a,':?:n.t ?r.
'?4!\(i, : January, S.?M_; Janu-o
?uary. 1; 4:'. 1. ? . ... 0 ir Man ... 0 41 ltd:
Mardi April, April Maj w : Ma] Km?, 0 4JI;
'?.... M" id. July Aufuet, C8i?Sd; a_
ru?t-8?Dt?m_-r, ?".".H; Jepfber ?3-*_>b**r.
li.lSd Mai.. 1 ?? ?ter Y-rn? firm: cloth?, th?
iiig'cr priew n?_??i tkmab ftwlne??
Kom ?"Vienna. Mo**. If. -? - 11 n ftit-:r*>? ?nf
'? :- ! s -.- ! *?-lln? of 1? ' 20 ; Intfl U
!.'? market d!?.,?t?>!nir ?ciileirM DirtHlfhont th?
>luy, after |.:.in_ at ?i dorllM 0. 11 t.-> |_
r eablaa u> i _ ? ??
flnn?. Brolnra h?'i fair ? lltoe g ion a? *
. i ; ? .< to?.-, to th. . on iria_-- .
' lit? I',ont takln? ? ?
n? fr a ?-ill.-. lu? tttf j-li-t turned
w?-alc ?train la'??r, ? en ti i ? ?? ?at
? , hi [n roo moel ? ?,
I'rl a? In lat-i tr_'!ln? w.-i . SI inint? bo?
lt ? Tliiir?lay'a last Ignr?
' Malag -
?: n B 1 Sal 1 rv'i i_nw.
il -? 11 -?
ar I! ?7
Jat.u??'. II
. IJ.01 If.?
Il .-i
juir. la o itst
11 S3
n -i
u i a
1' 7?
? -
117*? .
i: n
11! 1*.
13 1?.
h ! _ <-, . tea n
Wall street i
Pl* Aeka* 1 UM AekM.
t?*? 710 (llarrlmen N :?
? ? /. r a I
.Ir, Hat
... [Ubarti . .
i .-i ...
* Fill.
'. ' '.
Mei i ant.'.
poll? .
I Mi Morn?.
.... nr,
i N Nu?
N_' lUaartn :-4
.So? N.ih . Ill
*. T ?' intr I'd
V Y W 11 A 4 I
i . ?- . __;
*f?ii?. r*
1 - i .?? a .... 235
Prod re? Ka l( ?
? ? i? .-ir? ... 41S
ht tot .Ml
"-?curltr .... I*??
HhrrinaB .... Uj
?-lat?? . - Vl
_M War*.. I'.*
:| !. I XI _. i*>0
Wash lite... 2M
\\>el ll_e... MS
York\III? ... '-*??
.-. . ? \
l'K. 1 .'?
t ??
l't??nl I
. Bor. f_N
? ..... IM
.. l> : >
t ri.i.ry ... SI
ciia?? .ne
-.?. i"i
? El IM
.,1 . 4<i
( u Cant-el i??
Oaeml a i .. n
CoPnlal ... Ml
Col.mM? .. I*1
Commeroo.. *f*'
v? h. %:>
Y*?\ Itlver -
Fli.Miy... I**
1*1 ftl. _ve. 4*-x>
Klfth .M?
Ptr-rt IN ?
r??irtli Nat "*)
(?ai-i-: i .. :'5
. A 141
, Y. MS
!.!-.. SIS
ur?*. nwleti
*Ian-v-r . MS Tli I
AlUnae? R. us ?-" ' <?*!
otro' TIM? .
, i. MS.
Inooln . IM
? a
t ?
4 ??
: ?
Am Hurety. 3.1.?-?j
set? .sM
I!-ink?-re .. K
i S ,1 O..
Dr. kjii ..
C Co of A
i i;ial
.-..?ntr?'. ....MM
Qt? Inveat 4:
do prof... MS
ritliene ... IM
.-..i Rnirk.. t;.:.
e? .tfa... 10
rom'wealth ITS
Empira .... ?0O
RauluUa.. Mi
1 LI T...1?*-*-*
Hr?t M Ob. 1?3
l-'|.i*-lliy. W
Fran'r.lln .. 240
rall?n .s"J
Oner-lea..? -
Ouaraaty. ? ? ?i*1
Hamilton... 2"0
Iludron .13T?
lloin. . 115
Hit Bk Cor US
? ?
1 .
L. 1 Lone
M-tro| ..lltnn 44.
? ? | . ? , - . 14.",
Ute? H-oad.. im
Nat Burrijr.. M
N f M I
N V Trugt . m
s y Uf? i MM
Pool I??'?
Qucene C'?... 100
g . ?a? c. m -..'.
lt?>ulty Aa? Ml
Htate In?. *?t ""',
i 111? (1 <_ T f-00
Tltl? Ina.... Ul
U I Camlt** IM
U S M ? 1 ?*
Vnlon .13'?0
I* H Tltl- d. W
t'n f"tut_?...1110
Waehlnston. 400
W?otch?_t?r. 140
WlU'l-or .... 170
4 :
- ?i
?New ?tock.
(F*urn1?he>- by Ef*!n**ha*n Lawrence A Co . No.
"1 Hma.wavy.)
ni* A?k?>*.
Alh A Puaa
A)b A V? . ?'
A11-? A W.1?')
Am T A C W
Au? A P1V..1??
A A C A um
A c. A M M _
Heerii rr-ek P2**.
|4n?t S Aib.211
Itoet A U JM
Poet S r Ml
P A 7th Av.KO
Hk'yu CI') ,.IM
CAB 00..1M
CSaaSe ho., es
( ?t IM P*.. 104
Oo 24 pf.. .10?
C?y A Bu??.??
C A b A T.110
Chat ft O.. Ml
? s R 11 e M
?o etfe. -.iso
do ctffl pi 104
C B A C i.f.111
i*Tf1el(l A M 111 -
?,'leve A r?..I__*A M|
?1o ?|,1 bet Ml?
C,,) i X....-.03
Cone A M..1M
Con. A P.. 170
C A P H pf.IBO
Conn l'.iv-T.?to
i* Ky A L... 7T
flo pref.... Il
liai, n A- St M
Uo pu*?ids
lift HAS. kl
p A B Hr? 1*"#
r?*t ."eini.. 1 _
Dlrluh Av..-'?3
Ein t. *~..1M
,'o ??e.....ta
un? a i<-i !
Bri? A P ? '"4
Pltehb'l P..1M
r w a j pi.iM
4:'it?t.*.-'i ir.tM
Franklin T . 40
n itrt.-H''o :'-s
C, A S?k T.m
flr HIv Vy.112
It 4 <* W.. 40
Her--for'l .. M
ni c L L... ?:
in A M T.. M
inf., ?u t. ai
J i. a s
?lollot A -
K A A C H. 130
KCdtLACpf 10
Ue_ . r N i '?
I. Miami....MS
l. H A M s i?n
i. a M !'?
1. J? N DAT.1*-*
M C H if..lliO
M Cotil.t-00
- ,
Man A Law ::i
Mal liatlan ..130
Maneavv Vy.1.0
m H A n uni
Met A U pf. 70
MAOat t cfa M
Mor C A B '0
A? iir-f .. iM
Morri? <_ Ea.172
?1o entn. !?0
Nn?h A- Uec.lhi
Naeh A La....Ml
K?*? I.on S'. Ml
t\"l A H? ?
NTBAMH p?.110
N* Y M Tel.. M
N Y L. A W 121
Ninth As?... W
N-rtli t.'ar....]?0
Nor i.N II) ..140
North _N Ji 11
N'irth Ponn. IM
Northw T-I..118
Nor A.- W pf "10
OM ?'<?lonr...175
?lawegi. S I US
r * Al T H
Pat a n H..MS
Tat A R-m l??i
i'ciill? Vel...lM
p??o A B Vy 17'
P O A N m
puai, i: . M
.'.o i raf. M
P K! W A c m
-t.? ?DOd?l..lM
I'Itte A L 1
r M. k & T..1M
P Y A A pf .IM
Pie-/ A W.. 270
l'.^n? A Farn l?r,
US B S ?i Vy.. M
2J0 | H-ini*1 A '
1? Hnt A Wn.lS')
124 |R Wt A ?ig Ut
Sara A Ch...lS0
?eoOM Ave.. ||
^h?ron Itjr.. 111
Sixth A\.- IM
Ho A At T*l. !?-J
Houttiw of <; IM
.S I- V lft pf.ll?
r?o 2d pr- f M
ft J A Ko 1!. M
do pr? f
S (1 ?v N Y -
r f .; it A..IM
Tue ?.f Vt L.UI
:3I fitrp't....???!
I (' A H Vy.l.i
t; C a h.M
l'pp'r Coo?...l2i
v a n niv.i?;'?
Vy of N T...117
Vl A Mu ?a .!.??)
\V?rr?n .IM
in c? mm
Wheat and Corn at New Low
Levels?Coffee Down.
New low k-vels for tht? season we-r?
leached by wheat options yosterday, a
slightly ati_-a?ller opening due to forHj-n
new? belnK lost aa anon as tradlnf was
fairly under way. The tendency was
dowanard all day, eloslnf* at the bottom,
with a net loss of \c. to lo. The surplus
of wheat In America 1? beglnnln? to at?
tract the ntt'-ntlon of the trade, espe?
cially as It Is meeting shnrp competition
from other exporting countries. Foreign
buyers are taking advantage, of thla, and
export bids are being reduced. Weather
conditions continue favorable, and with
colder weather in the Northwest receipts
arc expected to increase. Corn was heavy
under prospects of big receipts In the near
futuro and In sympathy with wheat.
Options hit new low records for the sea?
son, closing at a net loss for the day of
In 1*48, Oats held steady, with shorts
Inclined to cover and the technical posi?
tion strong. Prices closed unchanged
from Thursday to Hfl down.
t'nffoe openad slightly higher In re?
sponso to b'llllsh cablee, but th? advance
ana short lived, and under absence of de?
mand prices drooped all day, oloslnf at
the low point, with a not loss of 6 to 9
point?. Strong trade Interests, which have
been heavy buyer? recently, showed llttlo
Interest in the course of prices, and some
lOOhl limns were nervous and Inclined to
N?jW fOTtC, N"Vi.Tiitier 16. 1812
Hum.:-, lofe? .. ?.im J.r.i. bbla. ?.I-*
< hee?e, bo.e?. .. 1,7?K Klour. ?acka. J3.3'>
i'gtt?, caaes . ,. ItM Oree? seed, ?ack?
I'r poultry, pkg? MM H?>'. tona. 1,011
Mv? poultry, et? 2.4111 Malt, beat*.1?.M9
Cotton, i.ale?_ 4.47.'., oats, bush. 67.PO
Mohair, pkn?... IM .oatmeal, bbla.... 4("?
vV,,?l, bal.?.. IL', ?Hink?, ?an?*? I
Wool, -rack?. 100?Oilmeal, ??flea.... WO
Almond?, ?eck?. 2"0 S'raw, ton? . 110
ApOt-M, bl.le. 11.726 Wheat, bu?h_2*4,4.10
Appl?? i.'all.bxs 18.2M|Mlllfe?d, tone.... 2(*
Beaa? tdri, sack? IM I Copos**, bar? . e.Boo
Prnnberrle?. pkg? l,STS| Ro?ln, bbl?. I.V-5
Ii-1-*d fruit, rkg? U,8??f-plri'? turp, bbls 41B
I>r prune?(Pali,p IS,?00 itacon, j'kgs. ltO
Orape? (.;?]-, < t? 6.T?*'. <-ann*d meat, ca. ?H6
Ie-mon? (('iii).bx? ??OU'ut meats, pkg?. 975
union?, bbl? .... ?,.751 llama, tea. 100
Orange? (fall,bxs i.428|Lard. t<*e. ?ta
*-e?(Plai.bx? i,l.?|I.ard, keg?. 1,934
Pear? n'ait, Ix? fi?rt Hroom corn, bal?*?
sacks.. '..?O Hope, bales. lus
PoUto*M, bbl?;.. I.7M Mustard ?'d. setts 1.4M
Ins (<'ah, bx? 4..'.7S (?jt'seed ell. Mil? '
Rl e. put?- lift 1 hissed Oil. bbU
ii?. ?ark? 1.4 I Lob Otl, M 1?. IM
Barley. tu?h .... 40.W0J ?plrtu, bbl? . :>i
re, buab. l.i ',T"..i.-.o, hhds_ J-'.)
aeal, bbl?.. aaiToeaeeo, ti?. t#
rnim-al. ?acka 1409 roba. >. p.<g*_ 1,33?
r.it's-d meal. Ska Moo .viiUkey. bbl?.... IM
Flimeed, bueh. 40.3.0 Win* (Cal), bM?. .4
WbSSt, t'ieh .... a? Mil ?Vblaker. gale.... 1.180
Cora, bo?*. LlmPork. obi?. 47?
buab. 7.17S Boat, M>:?. 103
HarUy, t.ueh. a, lb. ?.771
I ? .-, bu-ih. 2,714, I In u.a. Tb .
i ? Lar i. Ib .7H4.U.O
r. bbla. 4.0*1 , BilOW, lb..44.000
?a<k?. 21..".7-. .,rni?e. 7b .
i.eal. bbl? . Ml (?utter, lb. U.MS
I '.. tt. .1 **?'">?? ?'hee-js, t?.. 2.4-VO
Bran, lb... ? Mt i'..t'?eed oil, Ib...171 i-i
'...?a ?eel. bag? IM l.'ib oll, aal?.S.*-*.7M
1t?y. bole?. !'??
Iron. K. No 1 MIS M ! Flour. Mrls r?< ti It
[roa, n. Ne : t ll N Cot? a, n.M.iiina n.w
Inn, fl, No 1 f. IV > ., No 7 Ma 14??
el rails I ! fugar, granuuted 4.N
. ?-op. ?pot 17 M i M In???*??. OK. p 44
H - lt.- 'f, family. IS M
n?? >ad 4.714 i'?**f ham?. M71
TM '...How, prim?... (\
Wheat. Ha i tot l ?A*-?' I ..rk. me??. I? I1H
; -<rii. M II >*. d; IM tt 11'*
? stand Wh. ?74 l.-u I. mid Went 1130
Moa faca, I event* te is. i9ia.
?.It \I >' - ft 111-..*. Btoadtif lncrea?lng
? ii ; ?:. ladlfforeoi demaad beeame
? t lira, .nil pri?es broke to in* low
lovrls f i ?h. ?? :.?<>n, . ?iiilng at the low point
of ?ne may, with a i.?t l??? of ?. Pie. for?
lus la ?,uhti> -rieaeuor op?ninn.
I ?Ituatlon abroad wn? be
; to ?? a bullish foat'
? are bolag refused ?bout <*
im !\ ? a- i foellnes, ?ad wore eei.l
," |e ?l bushel out of Hn,> The
detnaad ?0f on?h \?ii?at ?p;
I iliniiniihing. The n?-w srop of wlater
? r.im? to "The Madera Miller,"
adit leu, nr,i seldom bave th?
praooatad ?ueh a healthy growth. No
3 11 ,i ... !-t.-i ?vas fuotod ?orBlaaiijr at li u-i
elevator arirl ft oUVt, fob afk.et. No 1 North
em ?pill f, '?>! le, f 'i b nflwi' CORN?Alv>
maufle aow lew recor.i?, n i asina at a net <?*?
d?as "i -?.;i'?>'. The oeakaees in ?heut
?OOd ?? i.tlment. bot tli? prln.'lpal dn
preSBlB? faotor W?? tho splendid we?th. r
r.iji at.ii proopeets of i,
' i ? I i orn In th? n?-ar fut :r? !)?
.-,i ? nnmiMi'i. f o b afloat, 11
,\t ir,-h shlpmeat. i ?at- - v. ?
th? fac? t ill-? rt.-ol'.ne In WhOOt
sad cora, and et ti,?, elaee were unci>atis.-d
lose or. Cash ?sarkei ?a?y. ?tami
ard ?rtUta, .S74,o asked; Ne 2 tvhlts aoi
n , % IrUe nomlaali No 4, He bl I:
n?t.ir?l whit?, si m '.it? . lipi ?d, t7
? tin k. RVB- Baay; No I \v.-?tern,
l t Buffalo BAR LET i > |
mail '? .if Buffalo; foedlnf, b^\r
i.. I. a I f Now V'.rk Wtient. Iti'Iulini;
. -1 ,i t? for the ? sob ?. n? to
Lffn fat? ',.:7i vu i .i.-hela.
aaalnst 5.701.723 l??.t ?.k und 1,318,074 '.?it
. ?In.e July 1 ?rLiei).*!'.'?. a?ain?t 61.
?7e.*M6 last ???SO? Corn expoiiH for lbs
woek, -4 Ft34 buohola ?calast 22,b*>i i?*t
?#..1?; aii'i 104,271 la*t rear; ?lnr? July l,
1.411.84.1. attntnat 1" So:t,r.?S U?t aeaaon.
new YORK. nu***aa\
Tester ?
t\'heat: Optn. High. Low. CTose day.
Deo. fa*? 9$% MA p.*,,?, MM
Mar. Oii-t O?**, i?hI{ ps1? W*??
?vil Mini; RECEIPT*?..
Wl;?at. i'orn Oet?.
To lay .l>*5l.lXM> I3*?.<?0il 813.000
Last week .2,i.,i>,u<io e.'T.ooo l,(*av,<)00
lAXat year . TIMM ?K.-t.?**?> yiJU.?J?>J
Flour. Wheat. Con?..
To-day . tl.tHV) e.??..tKJO ?.CkjO
Las' wtek . l?.om) 2.?s,o<io '.'.oor*
rear s-.'.i???! i!?3.?>>?> i,o?j<>
Fl Ol U AM) OTif TaaaM?? and a ?ha.le
lOVSr. HLrlriK' pstOOtS, tib?iiti Hb, un.t.i
?!rul;ht?, ttbS?iiSt; wloter naUnt?, M*ff*4*j
|A2U; ?prlng rl, ir?, |4 .';.< :$4 M; oxtra No 1
winter. 44 iSaftX*?; No 2, *i tX???4 20. KattSU
?trali?htrt. |4 L-''i'*l 80; fan. y spring paUnt?,
>;, :.... Si) UYK riA)\'H Knny; fair t.? ?o?,J,
UOOaslOO: oboloa to fn.iu.y. |;i 9itj|4 ?j;,
RUCKWHBAT lUini- Quiet, fi'wl''06 per
li-J lb. CiiHNMFAL- Kiln ?Irled, ?3 Ib. HAU
WtAJ/? Fine whit? and yellow, $t ?k?0|1 ijo;
co?t?e. |1 fiOffH 50 FRKD? We?t?m ?prlug.
RfM' ?tunduj-.l mld.l.itu, 122 bv. Hour do,
Liu, red dog. |31 *>; ? Ity brun. I;J 2b bulk.
ilZ'Jb ??vck?; mldUln.k-, $271 flotta*/; red dog.
LSDO; h'.'ulny .hop. |-r.<.ll27 b-jllt, |27 20^1
;.- 30 sacks; ollinaal, H ". M.?|3.r. 60.
rortXB Bhrnrsd a m?rk??i i4?l?tanc? to
b-.niuii ,i. lut-iu?.? .un? bastaos? ?a-- only Ptedr?
erato, ?ales amountina to T2,Vii bags. At tho
oicnlng value? wire oi.9 poin.? higher. In r>'
r*pOOSS to a ?harp a.Uaiw* abroad, but th?
opening proved to t?> tho high point of the day,
m.il at the OMM value? were at the bo.toni at
t nrhnnff-d t? 8 pol.it? OH higher. The decline
wan ilua nwr? to an abaetir? of demand rather
than to anv great preeaur? to ?ell. Bavre
!<!?-.1 at a not advance of 't?/1? franu, Ham?
burg at the top. wl'.h a net advance of *.1il
i.fennl?. and 'ha Uraxlllan t-able?, covering;
ihuraniiy'? market, ,:,iw price? as unchang?* 1
Cash Innrtlv? ?nd '.njh?n,c?d at l*\e for Hla
No T. l.oral rontiiu-1 price?:
Open. Hl?rh I/*w. i"lo?e. day.
Nov. - - - -? 18.0rVi>13.8l PI.. 5
Inc. ... 13.C8 13 0? 18 61 1?.I11V18.'I3 13.LI
Jan. - - - 18 '?018.111 1.1 .',**.
Peb.- Pl.ttOi, 18.01 Ib.bH
Murcb... 13.M 1? l>7 18.30 13.HuTm8.9u 13 HM
Aj.ill.. . - -l8W.iM3.ft7 18!?4
?Iny. 14.09 14 1*9 14 03 U o.'a'M.o.l 14.00
June.. -14.0fi'd-l4 0d 14.02
July. 14.10 14.10 14 07 14.07'if 14.0? 14 ".*>
August.. - l4.inni*H.ll 14.1.7
left... 14 10 14 19 14. IS I4.12vfl4.18 14 o'.t
. i ? II ?? 14 II 14 1H 14 12914 13 14 ??U
PMOTIMONI Hog product? only mod?
erately ?etlra but price? wer? ?lightly ?a?|.-r
..i.iurf to i. decltae In the ling mark?t .in.l In
?vmpathy with corn. PORK Et?ady; m.??
1^ ...'Hill '." fnml:>, |23iil24; ?It. rt . lear. ??.*?:
?4M Ml i i:i'.F -Strtjng: mea?, $ii?-?i?-?0; (am -
lly, <j:i1ie-'4; packet, |2>)<5||2l; extra India
me??. t.'lSii.'M ?IBEF II A.Ms- Dull. 1284)
t.tl SO DRESSED in?;.- Ht.'ady; liacoii?.
I! . 114,-. pi?,-?. I2e. (TT MEATS- Pickled
belli?*? barely -t?.?,iv. t3'31.ISr- pickled ham?
?jt.'.nl.. 14c, nominal. l'A I.!,? )V,' ICaey, ?ne
?tal, 7Sr: cltv, rtV,o; coiintiv. ??ftil??. I.ARD
Qsisy; Mlil.ll?. ?>?i, ll.MSJILlle: city, IK?
11',,. relu., 1 stiii,Iv, South Amerlr?, |f |Oe;
C'ontlaert, 11 ???V; Hrazli. keg?, ll.TOe; <?..m
pot-nd barely steady. 7T?(riS'ti<. STEARINE -
Basr: oie... i:.-; ,i?-.- lard, l2"?4o.
4'ftTTONSKKn OlI^-Falrly a.tlve early,
but lOVOloped ?n easier ton?, and at th? rlo?n
wan .Va? point? net lower. Ix>o?| contract
Open. High I,ow. ?"In??. day.
?-?not. ? -- ? ft.7*.<ttfi 90 ?HT
Nov. ? ? ? 6.8800.86 5?i7
Dec ..
F-!. .
M .i. h
Muy. . .
?! Il
6 an
I -?". li -.". 6.22
B 9_*_5.94
f, '.+. n OS
H 12-30.17
?-._1 i tj._.l
I 0.1
| 14
MOI__S____ AN? *f*n*rTT*_ Steelr. with
mi-derate buslneea.
NAVAL RTORRS?-Spirit? turpentine ?toadv
ar.d unonanged. Ko.?in ?toadv, with tar firm.
o?l?, so further change wai report???! in
linieed oil. Rerine.1 Htrolann ?toady, at B.W.
f??i Itandard white In barrels at New York.
RICK??Firm, with good demand ?t full
SUGAR. -Refined unchanged, with ton??
firm; granulate,;, 4 im,.. ?.?a,v n#llj f?rm Bl?i
unchanged. Centrifugal, at. teat. 4.05c; mu?
covado, Ml test. _._Bc, an.l molaaae? sugar, Sti
test. I.BOc. Wlllett A ??my: Total ?took of
?Raro**? ami Ann-noa. l.<N,s.'tr*o ton?, against
71(7.377 ton? at the ?amp uneven ??atoa last
year. The increase of ?toik la _7<>.l?23 tona,
ag-ilnet an In. roana of l..:i..-,,-,it tona lait week.
Tot_l ato^k? and afloat? tOfethar show a v|?tb!?j
?aSPlj ?'? LOTSJQO. tona, ug.ilnat D.14.377 t?->n?
laat year, or an Menea? <.f '4:1 02?, ton*"
New You. rflllSSI-tl US, 1012
BK.YNH ANO PKA.S -K-oelpt?. 5_0 bags
bean., 60 bag- pea*. Marrow Ikhiii ?old UP
eloeely, and prt.ee well sustain..-1. Mad! inn
and pea In moderato demand, much of th? trail?
being supplied with foreit-n ?took, _cot.li and
green pea? in buvei.' favor. BEANS, marrow,
etBOtoo, 100 n?. ?5 no-,i?.*,(?>; me-llum, ?4 7.".; pro,
$4, 75. Importad, $4 2'?_'4 45. rod bldltty, chol? e,
16. l'jll. .-hoi.?. |4 ?K'-H 75; bl?c_. choice,
14 _.r.iiJ4 50; Urn?, Calif, rnl.i, .hole, MM_
?6 40; PBAS, Scotch, choice, ?4U0??I4 70;
green. Imponed, $;; itu./j, ;_,.
BUTTER? Receipts, .-,.4<i? pkgg. Hteady to
Ann on high grade? of fioih and held cream -
?OT. A Him of nearly .'.in) tub? ___?*-. .hint a
B-M a?. .12'.^. while Strictly !a?:y fresh brought
?4 ic hi? r,. i ? Ily M.dlum i|ualltlea of frueh and
bold ratbnr ?low. I'micsn, factory ?nd pn-k
Ing ?tock In light tlerr.an?!. (reaniorv, extro?.
n?. -4H?:; tlr?i?, 31'? ?a.1'..'. ??cuide, ?..ijaii'io;
tl.lrd.?j 2?'i.27,?.o; held, ?.Ira?, 32ua2',*i.-, Ilrata,
MrffSlHe: lecond?, 2t'*>2.'_c; state .latry, tuba,
llnest, 32f)f_2l_c- fo-Td t.. prime, 284i?81c; coin
mon to fair, 24?27e; prooe??, extra?, 27'.?J*2?V.
tirata. SU*. 27c; eocenos, 240-8*?... Imitation
creamery, firm?, *_B<ir__i.c; factoi y, June make,
fll-t?, 24 ?_'<,125?*; ? n rent m?k?. flr?t?, 24**.0?
?i --.'. ..; o.4o; third?, MOStV-O* packing
?tock, June make, 24 .?24'.?_.; current make No
2, _3Q2-4c; No a. 20922c.
CHEESR?Rocelpu, 1.703 box??. Palrbual
i.ots In b'th fresh and bold whole? milk ut 17_,
IT'-,.-; w'jM made ?-he?*??) at 17c In kcttv? <!e
mand, but abov. 171... buying l?t?r?et 1? light,
.-'..ill tra.Mig Within 17V|!*!< Freeh .?unis
allimtly easier ?tid 14o l?, mon- *-*_tf.uM for th?
?.'-.-ral run, although _0n_? very fancy, fairly
?roll rure.i. aro bold hlgl.cr. Iiaifv skim?
11 .ing eloMly. State, whole milk, hold. ? ol
e.'-l. -pedal?. 17\fiHo; whit?, 17'.'n 17 * .
(?ilored, average fan y, 17 ?, .117!.? . whit?,
)" 1 . fr?nh, colored, epociala, 17'a'uK
white, 17W(.17I.c; fre?h. AotOA, average
fin y, 17c; white, 17c und-iK.-.ilei?. colorod,
14*. HI*. -. -.vhite, 14??>16?.c: ilai?ie?, held, boBt,
fr.mii, 17 _a?U-1*Jc, ekiir.s, he'.d, ?i?"? lal?, 14 iU
14\c; chcl.??. IIH014c; fr?-sh. ?penal?. 14 ;
ehoke. 12Vf_13'nc, poor to i:.lr, yi?12c; full
aklm?, ta?1-.?,.
E(iO?A Hecelpt?. 4.605 case?. Market ges?
?rally ilugglah; ?trlctlv new lal?! scar'c. bat
m?idium and ordinary fresh drair at In -
prices, and storage ogge ara urgently olTerod
?lth an easy toue. N.aiby ?g?ta In small .t.p
ply and fancy n?w laid quaTltl?-? ?uatain-d.
l-*re?h gathernd, extra?, d^?fn MfMle: extra
flrn?, 84ija7c, tlrst?, _.?S88?; 8?.-?'inlH, _5*3_*';
thirl?. 22ii24c. poor. _0*ir21c; dlrtle?. No 1, 22
No 2. 19-ft-le; poor t?) fair. 10?1S'-.
km, at x.?-! to fin?, llltrSOc; poor to fair. tt#
l8c: ramaorator -1?;?i mark?, fancy, chai-ge?
in?!. 2.: ? . _2S23c; r-acond?, _U'?i'?
Ito'.c; third?, I?---'" . ?it.-'-. I't-ninylvanl? and
11 ??, fnaej. n?a lal 1. tot)
??'? , Mtl?Ct?d, K'K, I
to fair, " - - Western.
Be; ?ute, P?nn?y|v?nia and
nearby, hennery bl*Owna, kl*HSS; gather, d
I r-wii and inl\?>d
rill IT*? -DRIED Lv.porated apple? ?quiet.
FUtUrM Bp ??'.ate SSSS, wilt; ??Jo? Of NOVOTO
b? prinae _t :?',<:, 1 ?? b stat'.-, ?*-?. ?nd
January and lat?-r ?lellver'.e?, 6S??5 ,c 1.1. ?
Chop? _t?-adv ai ffl S(X_>$1 .'.- ; ? : IWU ''
prime, f 0 I. ?-..'.-. ?.->'.? ?rank 1: -OSJsn .
I "i.e. ,? Str.a.l M lit? QUI? t.
l'Klll?? IKKSH ApplM In i.- ??lernt- -1
mand and weak Iv.ni ?M? : '.' ilnce? ?low.
Orapo? In liberal ?upply ' larberrle? tlrmer.
I Otra-.??? iirm (ira:-fruit ?toad? AI'l'Li:-.
MclnUMb, bbl, 42 7.*..i|j7... Twenty 0
|3 Snow, |150*J
?2 7:. IIubbarda??n, $1 5?-_l2 25; Hen Iiavla.
II oo?tt to, Be ?Saur ?nd Pi ind B*****?**, |i 7.".
MtrM, win-eat, MMMS0O ? ? Iwln, II t><*i
%%, Or^enlng, ?1 7f?*>?3 ?5?J; It'i?* i. *I 25Qtl ?>";
II .ill ,'.o; Far V utero, bo? "
117.-. PEARS. Bourra Bo?c, ftov.'o. Clalr
gea.i, |3 ;.?i.iH 50 l'Anjou, IS?. 13 ?'?O Kl.lt r.
$1 .'-??I? *'- ?*>'' btwkel .-."?-.?' , gUIN? 1 *, No I,
11.1 II.*?'-". No 2 11 .'?>?.?*.'). ORAPE?, 4 Tb
l?a?ke?. '.?/:?? . \\.??ern N--v i,.k. p. ?a?ket
rrat?, *r0ct**llM; Dolawat?, ton, *-.'"ul*-o.
Niagara, S35.S4'.; Clinton. I60??I7.*; '-?
irtijii? Catawba, ?:?"'?'*?45. CRANBBKRIEH,
lat? ?ort?, bl I. IMll 50 : ???? II 71
blnok, bbl, tiii?: Now ?orb era*?, $17.'.-*
SI *-."?; I>mg lalar.d. t b!, |i*i**7. CITRON,
STnAWHKRRIE?. ?0*.?Wc;
? BANGER. '? x. lltSIT: ORAPEFRITIT, box,
?1-QS4. PINEAPrLEB, crate. ?1 _f..??:i -.:,
Il VY AM) >Tlt.\W Bt?ad) on liitrh ?rides
of timothy; ?tri-t;>- ?-h,,l e lar.e bale? might
reach 11 15 and ?mall *1 10. but <**
buelne??? kl th???e prloe? !?? except
? nd lea gr-i'l-? unimproved. H *? **
No 3 to 1, 1??- n I
? 1 ]?_ a? ? r, mix? ??Kht.
v- ,-1 ,. ? - ? 13 ; pur?-. 6511 li,*.
h:i'aw Lone ry?, loties?.
Ildl?. I :? m 1,-port? from Interior
POl'LTRT ? AL1VB? About IH freigit
c.uh pr.vioiuiy ronortnd w.?-? uni .1 ;
? ,:,.- .1 Bf? are I ?in? -_?**?- ! I
Tradina I ibout S ? ara una Id 1 *i I ? ?
unohanead F*OWLa lb. 12018c; CHICKENS,
l_Ui:4 ?: HOO8TER8, old, 10c; TCRKBTB,
. 1? . DUCKB, U4_14c; OEEUE, 13. ;
GUINEA FOWLS, pair, ?k).-; PIOEONB, pair,
25c. DREPBED?-Tradlne qul?t, and a laito
?urplu- of fowl? unnoM, taoatlj ?mn!!?r tdce?,
?a_ lb? only OUtlal f'-r ?UCk 1? to tr.-'z-i
I'an.'y ?mall broiler? and faney large r? f'l'ig
. hi. ken? are, gradually working cut, but rno
oblck. M ?lull. Hprlng turkey? ?rilot. but
? fanev _i-.!<? firm. Bquab. ?? ar.*e uni Arm.
! l'r--h bill ?' CHICKBNB, broiler?. U to hox,
i milk fad --, lh mi i "?: tor tn down, tie M in
.".o rh. '.i- corn tad 14 "? >" I wottr, tk 2?i to
. . ?? ?_.' 121 fr-.-r?, 13 te boa, ???H1< fad, :n tn
' 40 it.. i7ii*> . r*e*? fod, lee; teestsrs. IS '??
bon, mtlh fad, <l '' ?ad or?? t<> I ?_?-.
10 , ,1.1 - ? 17 -i 1- ?irv pack? ;. 1 bblt
milk fed. fr/***-, a t.. 3*. Ib ?v-ra?.- 17 1 It
Bad over. 1?. . b'-.l?, n-arliy. Ml?
1 iir. 65 ?70c; fancy broiler?, rb. VbQ2Ac, '?
.. r?ncy r astlns. ttttUt
I'.nnavlvani? fen? y broil?-., 2_?S-.'Ic; ro??tlng,
ISOlQc ?veras?? 14.'T?>; Virginia, milk led,
? 2 IT. and un.ur each. 2):. ?, to 3--? th
and ever. 17 . Wf?!.*ni. *rv pMced, n ilk ffl.
4 IT) ?lid r Is iv'V
. 1, '?.,? ib . 4 lb and ov?r id*.!?-.. 1 I
8 to V, I*. I.l'ic; Mlehlgsn and
Ohio, a cal ?'..??'.. ?el. tod. large, 15V.-';il6c; ?mall,
t4o- oth?-r w?t?cn. UMe; Teananaai
tuekv and ?-..uihern. '.ry p|k-.|. 1.1ffl.l'i?i;
?C?ld?d 13-/1."-. -. Wea'ern or ?V->utht-i 1 | ? 1.
I.ked. ?>?
?1CUII1.H1, l.-1'Ii.I'. - ?. -i ?" ...?_.......,,
l_*J12Hc Tt'RKMTS. tprinfC. .Irv plcke?
1- ?.?d, __4f*_4c; aveniK". _04t__c; ?ca'.dod.
naja? 16018e; thin an.l p?*or. lotrltc; old,
rrilx?d, 1? . 17-: POWL8, drv paokeri, 12 to box,
w-.i-rn :;." to 80 it? and over, 144** 16He; under
:;, lb I :'? , ice-*, Web'irn, dry 1 tcke I. I tt,
average. If; :t??j lh and under. l3o; Southern
thwMtera, dry picked. a\?.-i?go. ISHo;
?dilo and Michigan. .t?ald?i1. 11.*: other W***_
ern, ?calded, lS?ririHc; ir-all and i??~or. Il'f
It1-.?- old cock?, IT). 11 *??? < : DUCTCB, -prlii?-.
W??t?rn, large. 15',(16?-; average. 12ffl4<-; In?
ferior StflOc; SQl'AHS. prime, white, doxen.
12 _51J|4 50; dirk. $1 7?; cull?, W'.iOOr. l'roieti
TURKEYS, youn? torn?. _8*_*Mc; young hen?,
?teady. Pweet potato.? firm OnlOB? pUntlfu!
and low. Strln? lean. In light receipt.
f-abbnsea in b**a*/y ?uppiy. cmii
tlower? hl?! or LMtaOl poor. I.lina bians
hlfhor. M'iKhroom? tlrmer. P?M__S dim.
Hplnach higli?-r. Totnatooa firm. POT.\TOi_f>,
Main? ' ? tttytt 10; bulk. ISO lb. 12 15*712 2b;
I. tig Inland, bbl or bag. 12 25ffl2 7.".. IVnnayl
vanta. In bulk. 1P0 ft.. ?2i|$2R7. ?tote, in b?ilk,
SI 75.S2; ban-. |1 64.8111?; Virginia, bbl, $1 5<>
C/?2; KWEliT l'OTATO_*8. South.-in. ye'.;..w,
1,1,1 $1 C5*ff2: J^r?ey, No 1, bbl. ?I 75ft$_ _B;
iaiket fVlr-lrll; No 2, 4()-t**-NV ONIONS, ??nt.
?nd W??tern, white. 100-It. bag. 5'? 111; crate,
2.V2H: yellow. 100-Ib bog, 75c?J|l; red. 5<V4r
Otic; ()rang? ?-tiunty, yellow or red. BO?v".?;
white. bHHkot or bag. 4?V47H; Conn*>ctlrut Val?
la? 100 rb lag, 04V y$i: ONION PICKLEB,
whit?-, baaket, II 50??-3; crut?. $1 *__*f$2 .".'?;
1. iK. |2??i|3Wi; ARTICHOKES, potato, bbl 130
?4; nilt'SSELS BPROI-TS, quart. M7c;
RSAN8 Smith Carolina, bnnaoi m?x. ?t/i*.'!;
Kieen. |l?ff|2; I'l'irlda. wax. II 5?JiT$.. grean,
?1 _.*,'SI2; IiKFTTP. tit.l or l?s. 78c; 100
$1-1*150; CARROTS, bbl or bug. 50c*J;|l ; pu*.
__ncb<M, 5<?c4?ll: Ol'iTMllFR.?!. ha?ket. |2(3?3,
hothou??. No 1, do/en, 7.'!7'.)0.?; No 2. box,
12 r?0(il*r_.V i-ARRAOT".. I.ar.l-h. ton, tOtttS;
domertlc. *.**_"$.*.: red. Slt?*r*,l*4: wblto. bbl. 50o;
rod, 7S-9I1; CAI'LiriXiWEItR, I.?*mg Island,
li'ng cut. bbl. f-icffSl; ?hort cut. 7"x**j$3;
CRI.ERY, donen. 15t735c; ?tat?, ?tandard ca?e.
SIVSi ?2; CKICORT. bbl. 35?7,".. . B?30
PLANT8, l?ox. f2?frS.1.*VO; VNni\!'. tb. 12tll4e;
IIORPKRADIPH. lOO tt). S.tflt.?; Imported, bbl.
?4 r.M*tSa AO; KOlll.lUIIl. 10?> liunrhe?. ?Ir*?
?2 .*'?, KAI.E. Virginia, bbl, :<?> c44)c; LBT
Tf't'E. crate, 75c?ll, baaket, f?lV**f|l; bbl. IWio
<f$l: Virginia, baaket. MMSflc; Florida. II ?iv****
$2 25; New Orle?n? *f*t#tSo; bbl, $2'o*$2re0:
hotlioiif*. ?trap, BOctJIl; LIMA REANft, potato,
baf-ket. H'i/15; b?g, $l?r*:t; Ml'SHROOMS.
white, 4-n> backet, $1 25?$175; brown, |l4**>
$140: Rt.'TT.iNri. ?0?7:.e ORRA, b?nket. 75o
'.i$l 25; carrier. $2r*r$*. ??YSTKR PLANT. l'k>
tmnche?. $2r*)tf$3; PR A 8, Virginia. S-bbl
baaket. "e*V(.$:t 5ft; Horlfla. baaket. $1*T$4: New
Orlean*. $1 .V._$4; PEPPRRS, bbl, $l?*f|i 60:
basket. "iafaSTBc; PARSNIPS, bbl, $Ifr?l 25
ITMI'KINS. bbla. ,Vi'.7,V-; ROMAINI bbl, 18o
Jfll 25; baaket, SI ,?$1 28; New Orleane. bbl.
$1 nofilR; ?tat.?, brmket, i?ififKV: n?,[.isMKS
lilft bunch, s. 50,-4ill; SPIN Adir, bbl, 6<v-i
$1 25; fiOi'APM. Hubhard. bbl. 7Bcrr$l; m*?r
tow. r?0fi75.-: Tt'RNirS, rutabaga, bbl or bag
f?0??r90.': white. 7.*i<-0Sl; TOMATOES, nearbv,
box. ffleiltl 25: ?California, ho?. $1 75912
Klorlda. carrier, $1 50***?2 25 Cuban. $2*T$.1
hofhouae, tt.. lOi/i".,
Now York, Noverr.ber 16, 1012.
BRRVRS? R?ceipt?, 115 car?, or 2,?)lT
head; .IS car? on r?I?. Hteers in fair demand
and ioc higher; ball? about ?t<-?.ly; medium
and common cow? barely ?toady; fat cow?
a trlfl? firm. About all ?old. Ordinary to
prime ?teer? ?old ?t %0r,0l(%0 per 100 lb;
hull?, 14? 1.160; con?, ?2 5?)<*f$6. Dre???d
b??-f ?teady at lOfiyHie for city dreaaed na
tlv? ?*de?; HlflOe tor Texa? boef
Sale* -Tobin A Shannon 2 Ohio ?teora,
1460 lb ?virage, |0 prr KIO lb; 13, U17 lb,
1865; 20. Uff Ib. ?H 25; 1!? Virginia. 1203
Ib. 19; lee? ?10 on lot; 3 heifer?. 132. lb.
?H; 2 bull?, 9?W lb. ?4 7.-.; 1. AM lb. ?4 2b.
IB row?. ?43 lb. |2 V0. U>. 710 lb. $- IB.
Kern? Commission Comp.iny: ''. K.-ntuckjr
?i...-. IMI ib, ?U; 11 tflfl lb. **'-,-;;#u?V
Virginia. 1319 lb, $b 40; 20, 11*38 It?, I? W.
" bull*. 1115 lb. |BMj I cow?. Mi I?, I?*. 2.
?76 lb, $4: 4. ?50 lb. $3.
Newton ?V Co.. 10 West Virginia ?teer?,
1U;T it ?,S36. is. IS10 lb. |81l: 17. IMI lb,
Mi 1. 1200 lb. ?7H.".; 21. lotm lb, $7 7ii ; 2D,
1-.17 lb, 17 75. If 113H lb. #7 7"; 1. tflflfl lb.
$7 38 I heir, r, U.'?o lb. $'< BO; 2 bulls. 1306
lb, $3 50. 'J cow?, 107'? lb. ?4 50, 2. Mf lb.
$125, 2. 1000 lb. ?4, 11, Ml II'. Mflat ??'.
H? lb, S2 85. ,, .
J. .sl.umbcrg & Son; 1* Ohio steers, I-*??*
lb, $?*7o; JH. PJ72 lb. $H 33. less |5 on lot;
17 Virginia, 1302 lb, $H30; 17, P.87 lb. IS*?'.
17, 127a lb. |S 30. 17. 1230 lb, $7 90.
8. ?inders: 1 bull. 1270 lb. $3 20. I,
1300 lb. 83 13, 1. 1030 lb. $4 85. 1. "SO lb,
$4 73; ?-', ?W5 lb. $4 50; 2 cow?, 170 lb. ?4 Go.
-.'4. lobo lb. $4 25; 3. 10M lb. ?4 20; l. ????.?
lb, MSB; .* Ml lb. BN; '?'. *'?''*? lb $3 40.
M, 864 lb. $3; 16. 780 lb, MM' If, 71? Ik,
?2 10.
IfePhereoa & Co.. 23 ?tat? ?terrs. luv.?
lb. *.', M; 1 bull. 1200 lb. $."., 1. ?30 lb. $11'?.
1, 1140 lb. $4 70; ?, HK4 lb, $4 do; I. IM
lb. ?4 10. 1. 050 lb. MM: 7. 616 lb. $4 25. 1.
1.20 lb, $4. I cow?, UM lb, I-'. ??? MM l".
$5 30. 10, 112H ?b, $6 20; 18, MI3 lb, M; 1.
USO lb, $4'JO, 1, ?4o lb. $4 HO, H. 9H6 lb,
$4 70; 7, 871 lb, $4 IK?; 2. Ht", ib. $4.'.", 1".
m:i lb. $4 40. 3, 1003 lb, $4 25. 10, HH9 lb,
SI, 17. OSo lb. $3 75; 7. IM lb, MM: I?
IM lb, $8 40. 2, 773 lb, $3 35. 3. 764 lb,I
$330; I. 80o lb, $3 2.".. 21. Mfl lb. ?:;10. IS,
771 lb. $2 V*. 1 heifer, 3flo lb, $150.
W. It Httin 1 bull. 100 lb, $4 25; 4 1
cow?, *?75 lu, $3, 21. 715 lb, $2 f?".
I'AI.Vh** Receipts, .'.2:; bead; 206 on s.ile.;
Demand f.ilrlv -food nnd prleee flfOI to 25<;
highxr. Common t.? choice veals ?.?id .->' **?
?i*ll 7". por 100 lb; <*ull? at $'l?|$7 5o; barn-'
yard calve? at $4-??$5, food woetera eatvos
at $7H7'j. Pre seed calve? full ?teady ati
II017 ? v?? (or i-Ity dressed veal? and ??#15.:'
for country ?Jr?-?s?d.
Sal?*??S. Sander?; 1 *eal. 1HO lb, $117.
p-r loo lb; 7. IM Ih ave.-ag?-. $11 5o, I, 2'?"
lb, $11; I, 150 lb. $10; ?. 133 lb. $!?. IS, IOU
lb. MM, M. lot lb. Mi 14 cull?. HI? Ih,
$7.'.',, 3, 77 lb. Mi 1 ?'?if, MO lb, $.'..
Kern? cor'iii.i?Nion Ceeapaay: 4 veals, l.o
lb, 111; IB. 147 lb. $117.'.: 5. 182 lb, $1150;'
I, 100 lb. $10; 1, 180 lb, If,
.S. .ludd & .'j: 70 WoetOia calve?, 288
lb. $7 H7'i
Newt ?n St Co.: 13 v?<*l?. 1?H lb. $11 7
I'll lb, $1150, 7. 141 lb. $1125, 2 ?tills,
IOC lb. $7.
McPliaraon * Co 2 vnl?. 140 lb. Ill; \
llo lb. SU. S cah.?, Ml lb, $5; I, 310 In,
$4 30
Tobln ,v Shannon: 1 veal, 140 lb, $10; A,
le. IL. $H.
mikkp AM) liMlfl Bseslpte. M eon.
i?r 7.0D4 head. 10 car? on sale, flheep .?.-ady.
lan.b? in demand und loo higher. Tho pen?
treta eloared. Common to cholo* she? it
(ewes) .io!d at $2 75'.i $4 25 p?r 100 lb: culle
?2 50; common to choice lambe, $6 30?r$7.V
?-iill?. t'i. UrebKcil mutton ?u.i.ly at ??tHo P?r
lb; dr.??ci lambs Arm a) 104 I :'-'' ? ,>rst
hog dressed, I2'j'\
Halos?Kern? Comml?f?ion C>?. : 188 statt?
.->uic??tvnii? commurion ".... ios et".."
lamba, 72 lb average, at $7 50 per 100 lb.
'.'02, 7? |b, 17 SO; 1?H. 6H lb, $7 50: 237, 66 lb,
$7 50; 11. 108 lb, $7; 14? We?t Virginia. M
lb ??7 40; 26 cull?, ,6 lb. ?."i; 12 ?tat? she? p.
113 lb. $4; 22. 104 lb, $8 7?; 17, 101 lb, 13 75;
32, DV lb. $3 70; 26, 96 lb. |3 30; 28 cull*.
83 lb. $2 80; 4, 113 lb, $2 ..<>.
Newton St Co.: 17b state, lamb?. 7? '
?7 40; 220. ?40 lb. $7 35: 212 West Vlrxlnl'.
M lb, $7; 21 ?tat.- ?lie p. ?01 lb, $4. -.-,?
Pennsylvania. 113 lb, $4 23, 42 We?t VI-.
Rinla, 80 I!,. |3 2."..
fl /add ,?: Co no Poaaarlvaala lam?.?*.
M lb. ?7-10: 217. 80 lb. *7 4'.; 13 Ohio, ?>?>
lb, 1738; 30 ohl" ?he-.-p. 10*7 lb, $4, 137 *
Ih, |3 78; If, -..'.- |b, ?:;
W R Hume- 1J5 ?fote Iamb?, 7S Ih,
-?7 ,-,?.. .; eolia M lb, $5, 7.1 state ?i
Chicago. Nov. M.---CATTI?K?Iteceiptg
- 14 809
M 60; Wintern ?teen, $3 CO*}|9; ?',? ker*. an.l
"sedera MlOtflfTlS; cows a; | helfen, ?2 ::<\p
>? ." slves, $6MC"$I080 HOOB?lUcelpte
K.OOO; slow, 84310c '.mer. 11?.-'.:, J7 ^0fi?7'."i
mixed, ?7 40?3$H, ii.-i-i. $7 30kg $8; rough. I
617 80; piss, ?v4?-?6 :?>. bath of -ale- $7 tVi'rf*
17 90 SHEEP Receipts, 12.000; Mrong t, I0*a
nicher; native. $3 80a$4 60 Western ?:t e-ft'ol
MMj rsarllRCS. 14 7"',?S*. I?ml? native, ISM
B$7 30; We?f?rn. %b 754M7 ?1
Kan?n? ? If). N?. 17, < ?TT1.K R.celpt?.
2.f*00, tn.-lu.l'.ng TOO Bouthora?; ?tea!-, an I
strong. dr-s-e.t r?-f nnd export ?t?er?. $7 7.*?''?>
?!0 7.*i; fair to good, M60tf|7 78; 8
?leer?, $4 23*. M 30 Soutbam "i's *?:<:..,,
I5.V); bull?. $4 3??I6 75; calves, M SOtfM 73.
H003 Receipts. B.OM; iteafj to lo loeror;
bu.k of sal.-* $7 7.',,?t7 -;, heavy, f7 73 ?7 ??
packers an I butcher? I7 704M7M ligftit. $7 43
*'-? pifa MOM7S BHECP Re.-eipt?.
7uO, Btmng and active; lambs. M?9|7 80
ling?. ?4 .vi',..-?!; wethrr?.. $40$S ewes '$.1 7."-?*
?tockers snd f. * M ""
Cincinnati, \,,- 18 CATTTjfe?R?c?lpts, 2
? ; ?t.er?. M604IITM; heifer?. 11809
klvee active fti,,| 23 .
higher ot I44M1OS0 HOOB H^.-ei-.r.^. 6.177;
B#lt> lower, ?a, k.iB, tJBOOtlSS: -,->mm..n
?owa, $3 304117; pla? and IIkIu?, *40?7 2."
nag?. $4 2*i?7 SHEEJP Receipt- 577
at ?I 23tJ?3 78; Ismbs ?'eadv a' ?4 vv,,-^ -??
East Buffal,?, Nov V, -CATTLE He. ??Ipt?
MO; atoad) VT5ALB Receipts K*0 ?ctlv. art
6<v higher at ?4,,*ll 50 lions. Receipts -
HOOj ?lo?' ?n,l '.il,-. !o?er; heavy. $? 13'f?l? 2"
ml?ed. tSOt*. 13; Vorkere. |7eo?l810; plu?.'
|7 40tf|7 80; rough?, $77*7 13, ?tan?. ?.M?*" 3..'
dairlee. 17 7S0M BIIOMP nn.l I.AMRS? R. '
. -it ts. 10.000: activo: sheep eteadv; lamb? Mo
l.lirher af |4 i**04r$T 50; yearlln?/?. $5fl$3 5?>
we'her?. ?4 VVJ?4 75: ?we?, fl^?4 -aVvp,
mix? I. *.tii$4 2"..
'P Telegraph to The Tribune.!
Bt l.oul?. Nov in --CATTLF-Rerelpfs. 4 -
000; !l?r*T suppl) qulchlv taken at ??ron??
price; nn ehot ?? grail?*? offer?,!. HOOB R?
r-ir-t?. 0.0??:i: somowhat ?lo? and M |(v- lower;
choice medium to ir^od ???eight? $7 80ff$7 l?i.
hulk of sa'es. $7 S??'n.t7 75. i ,cl<er?. $7 83if
?7 7? be?t lights ?7 134717fiO: fa.r to medium.
M8C*fM7; pin MM4M7M. HHEKP -Re.-?ip-?.
200: In dorraad an,*l lOMUe higher, suppl y
Chicago. Nov 15. ? Whaat to-d.iy. for t'.?*
thirl day In sue - ?sl^n. broke the low priori
roeord i I the taaeoa The fin? outlook for th?
winter crcp wa? the la?t ?traw on holder?.
Weakness rule-i at the cl<??e. with th? market
Ho to 1c under laat night. (?orn showed a net
loa? "f "to- in l'-ic; oat? flnlshe? un.'hangad t<s
'?O*?? ofr. ar.d ptovtototas varylof fn n 12'?. *
li-cllne te the ?ame aa twenty-*, ur hour? be?
fore Rang?? of prie??:
Wheat! Oyen. High. I?ow. Close. d?v,
De.*. S7H ?.7*. Mtt 1-6'?- H7'4
May. Mf MS ?>2'? 024
July. 86 % H9--J HS"4 ?8%
Her. 49 4!> 47?? 47*. 4-?T4
May. ?A?*? 4?H 47*-, 47 H 4*'*
lu!v. 40 4I?1* 4SS 4b**j 40
nee . so'. 30'i ajaj 80S 8??fc
Mav. 3^S 32*?, H Z2 ;C2 ?
July. Si"? 32'n n 02 mlm
1.a rd:
Ian. 10 37 tOfiO 10 38 10 37 10 ?'*
May. 10 .10 10 30 10 20 10 20 in !T5
Tan. 10 1*7 10 07 10 02 10 02 10 li
M?y. t?*?3 0 87 0 S2 ??2 0 00
Tan. Ufl? MM UM l>*.."*x> IS ?3
May. IflM I?M I*? 17 Mil !"?!W
Coi'Pr*R--'i'he local Str.-et markei for
Mppor was firm, with laic? and eleetrolytlo
BBOtad at I7.?f H 4f 17.87*00, and ca?tln?.
17.284fl7.S7Hc. Arrival? of copper at Navy
\ork wen- 100 ion?, and export? for the
month thu? far ?ISs;-. ton?. Standard copper
on the Metal Bxehaao*? ?u Arm. with ?not
IT.Me bid; \o\eml..r urul December, 1720?
17.800: January, tf.M91T.4fle, and Pebrv
ary. 17.ISO 17.45c. London oopper closed at
?7*1 5? for ?pot and {70 for future?
TIN wns easy, ?rttll spet nnd November
?noted at 80.1144 ?M It-aei Deoombor,
So 12Htf80.28e, ?ad Jaauaif an.l Februar?.
50-tf*') 26c. In London tin w?s firm, with
ip.-t and future? ?-losing at ?221? 13?.
I?BAD 1?a? dull .. 4 7-i.i-4.75c In N. *
Tork nnd a? 4 r.0<J 4 0i)C In Ka?t Pt T.oul?.
[.on.ton lead. ?1S.
BPELTBR- ?Dull; New York. ?pot. 7.331*
7 43.. nn.l Baal Kt l.oul?, 7.'i>Sf*7.'16c.
IRON?Clov?lsnd warranta. 67? lo vi in
Loafloa. Leeally iron wa? firm but qui??,
with No 1 foundry Northern quoted at $18 23
'?$1*4 73; No 2, $17 75?$l?-23: No 1 South?
ern, $tS 73#f$U*25. and ?oft. |1S 30tf$l?.
RoBton. Nov. 13 - "The Commercial Hulletior"
will s:i> of the wool n.arket to-nMirrow:
"It I? not strange conaldeiing th? extenalv?
hustne?? that ha? been don? recently and th?
?horl ?lock? of wool on hand, a? well aa th?
fact that th? manufacturers are now rather
botweea seasons, that trading has ?lackoned up
thle week Prie?? have not ?hown ?nr ?!gn?
of ?-.'.?Ing off. however, and In the markets of
the r-orld generally there Is a distinct upward
tend?nc> Mills are well ocoupled. many of
them running night oh'ft?
"Th? shipment? of wool from Boston from
January 1 to November 14, Inclusiva, w?r?
?J48 900.984 pound?, against 186,464.090 for th?
same period l??t year. The receipt? from
Januarr 1 to November 14. In? lusty?, w?ro
f41.17*i,673 pojnd?. against 274.450,757 forvthe
urn? porlcxl lasr year." N
Toledo. Nov. 18. ?CU)VKR8BED I *a?h.
prime, $10 724: Decemwr and March. ?0 77*..
AT^IKK-Prlme. ?1210. Dec?mher and March,
112 98 TIMOTHY Prim?, $1 80; December,
1 824; March. $1 t-21.

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