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II ___? i ?-?'--, * \ ' ?_----- ?-?'-??'-.-*??--? ___._-_;__--??_-. *-_? _., ai_b_M. i ,
I ?'???
Crimson Team Scores Only
Once, a Field Goal, but
Easily Holds Rivais.
Oontest Ends with Touchdown
in Sight?Wiuners Reserve
Attack Until Last Half
?Much Rough Play.
I ? Th? Tifbnae ]
Cambr:dp.. Ifl a., Nov. H--Atthoa_h
Harvard Iurtmuuth ln the
Stt-ium tbla aft< rnoon bjr a acora of only
1 to 0. th* flguree eannot be tnken as an
lndlcaticr ol th* rmnparatlve Ftren-tth of
the op: Th< game was won
by a field goal kl bed by _;rlckl<-y, whlle
-nuidln? OE thi .-yard line. Ho bad
otbtr l-__ir pportunltlea. but they
?enl v1 vThOB the
whistle !??? t t .?:. I of '.'.': gam.'
Harvari I wlthln ? foot of
Ija/'.mo.. ! t ^-liown
-lunira eoough to warrant Ifj aopport
? lt could I *ye crosaed
tiie line ln .. . ay bad tln
The eonteal ad by more
tkaaferty tl ^ons. and lt took
I of tlu at: I u Harvard
.'?!. (bb it ea' h
rolltge hid ? band ln tbe obeorki
tion. and hr-t ? ? Jvee, arltli neither
?We barlag ? red, tbe partl.-ans sang
leflantly at one
Th* gan.- |ave Harvard a aplendld
chance lo I offei nve strength
on or.e lt haa nu-t
thla ae_tfon. It alio drm<m.?tr_ted that
the Crtm^on Une In dffeno- 13 about tiie
beet h h_u h-d in re. Harvard
-itl not open Ita attack untll the -
half. tl..;. | flrat half to une
-.Iton lo pur.t on many flrst downfl and
larariaoi;. cond down. When It
??t turted in tbe ?econd half it made
?ornt t.g _olea ln I'artmouth's line, wltb
*--_e;:. Bl and ilardwlck as the
eflflflflg aredflei EVendell arho played
M__fl__y t ae, and who has
b-en out of th.- '.?:.-), for tbe last fan
VHka, w-a* ? gaii.i-r.
Ai ? defensivo team Harvard was good
enough to 1 ... t Jjamnouth from
">__-_ nor. cno flr.-t down from
_ri__oia_t ln the i.rst half and only
?*o ln the w 1 hu.f. l'olton covttei
loog <Ueunc*a with his punts. They ave
'___ forty-'.. anla, home travellintf
?flNj than :.: | ; [| c arrylng at aueb
?lght ai to ? the Hurvard tacklara
~ im under ??.. in llne afaape.
BrlclUey again showed up as the Har
T*r-?corlng gaaet Although lie falled ln
?rwal trles for _..,_:.- from the field.
"oa. of th. n R ? ry wlde of the mark.
?? also at-od up finel) under the eruel
"- --? playe |? which he flgured lo
-? lecoad half n was be who Inter
c?K?d a forward paaa trled ln the last
*?* mlmites of pi_ty by i_le?ellyn for
*art_outti. team. general
^ _n?WB ite as tlme wore on
**- there aeetni no prospect of ov<
"H the Ctlma ad ln any other way.
rntting u,<; ball ln play on the 2
'"* t-_m . ., . t.?a<k. Ijlewellya at
?oct trioj tt ? , but ll waa ln
^Jjjj**** He ?::? J it a second tlme, and
arlckity, c::- ? . r0m b.hlnd on the run.
?__it?pt-,j ., . an(1 rfin t(J (ne 6_yar,i
"** before h< ^as downed. Two more
Plajn put Jt wjthin ,,_,. yard of the une
lcfl then tlm. v\.,s up.
ln the n,;. r the lant period Har
Y?-ai.par. j.; ,|, a touchdown. Wltb
,ll< ball on i tmouth'a __-yard Une
"dckley ,rok?- through. and, dodglng
^fflou-i, iUJ1., ran for a
^hdownt Thf 1. f.:. .?, however, had de
^?_ holdlr.g by one of the Harvard
!a*,,i^ri. and he called tho ball back.
B-rtmouth aasayed to aeat. a f?-w min
^ after thi ? rjtng of the gam"- Bn
^orn. Btandii.^- on the V'-yard Une,
"*- to p|a. .-_1(k u goal, but the hall
**h fl_e. Thi ; lay wau made |K_elbla
'"? tumbif. , ,n of (Jardner.
^ht'omh had klcked off to Gardm-r,
*> NetlVed tl all on the 5-yard llge
*^ tutheo n ba<k to the 40-yard llne
?'? baa downed Oa lha Brel p'a>'
* l-wbltd, and 1 ?'? red the
^ Henrard'a ilne wltbatood three
W**?. yleldir.g wnly llve yards. iingel
^* t_tn nia-;. i..h unsucceeaful try for
? the tt,_t j ,,(1 )iarvar,i was conteat
?puat. una.. h tlme. Just at
r***- of t_4 perlod the .Tlmaon wa?
17** *? -in. ., three yarda ?>r
toal. the only t.it..- in the afternoon
*l?t ??_? wlthln rhe almdow of Y.h own
y^*- Dartm.. n forci 1 Into
^** -l.ig j ilJty to
/*??_> ll-trv-p. .- ends, or to kh'" hi lugh
wM*t;tf? >'. Um k|< (iar iei mlsjudged
JJ2*y'* P0111 *">"> *ho mlddle of the fleld,
? ?k) ball atruele on Harvard's 16-yard
O-wrdinr exp?_ted lt to roll outside,
but it Btopped withln thr< ?' the .
eed on It
? ...;. u ed tbe abo'rt and ol the line,
og to r.ci outslde He was pr*-1
. and i u.i made onlj
I end.-ri. ln the Bral !
plav <>f t.1 ? , ??!tod W*nd*ll trled
the sh"n cll.l ?>f tlie Un ;>C.c:';. an.i this
tbne w. -.' IThea Um ball
gbt In FeltOB punted beautifull.
; :??-? i. -i-r 1.1.
M*wt llyn fuaibted tbe ball. a
ner r*0OV?T*d it for Harvard. This ena
. ll.i to nt.itt tl ? Ha
play late Dartmouth'a territory. ~*lton
? i to Ltewollya oa Dartniouth'a io
rord line. and he ran lt l>uc-k t. n >.
? was forc?<ci te punt whea Dolther
Hfhltno) boi Ino* ooald make aalna, and
tbe ball went outaide at Dartnoutb'a ij
yard lb
ilarv..rii BBl its attocb at w irk fOI
-..-,..?. \\ ea : ofl ?'"'? I
Utrei moi *, and followi d
tr- ploi up by eaaklng br*t down on the
next scriiiiinag.. WcndaU BBOWOd hls
power b] addlnf tixt.en yarda in tWO
successive : 1 U ball W*8 on DaH
inoatb'i I Uno, when Brlcktey madi
Ua Baat try r.-r a ti. ld goal. it weat wlde
by a fera ,1.- ?
Wh.-.-n UM baUl was piooad ln play on the
_o>ard ii:.-- Mora) Bprunf <?
PYona a puntlng fortnati
ad HorVard'a :-ft end and rap to the
15-yurd line U-foiv he was dOWned. At
111i- ;jomt porUnouth trled ti.
ward paaa of UM K.cne. Brickl- .
the ball out of boi nos as u came through
,.ir from U**r*ltyn'a baado, and the
u, i.t |8 . . .. v.n.i. ; altOfl 1 Uited.
Iforay wus forood t.? punt, and (Hrdnor
dropped tb* ball in niidtu-M af;.-i l.e was
tackk ?"?-' i; *
a fc-w aarondB remalned "i tbe half,
ii tht- 18-yord Un.-. ;
rfully for a ?-oal f.oin tl,.- ,
lianaid kick.-cl off in tne bcginning of ,
the Beooa l ball aad ?? - Uonof
ii) on ita II yard Uae wbea Hor*y
v.aa torced |o punl fiom Dartnoutb'a i'?
yard Un*. i-'B.icn by an end run cov-i
erad fifte. n yard* and arhh WeadaU.
Brlcktoy and Hardwtab brougbi Um noU
down Um n-id ond londed it en Dort
inoutbs SS-yard Una Oalaa by i'-i eklej ,
and w. :..;? ii aMad bj an offaldi play. j
piooad tbe boU en Daiiinoutk ?
The Qroea nne atlffanad, aad Br* k?
lc-y ma.i- another 8ian*rsM8Bi*Ul try (OT :
li. ld goal. standing on tlie US-yard Una.
Dartfhouth waa pen*lla*d for rough
ln one of several eucceeding play*.
wnich, combtnod wltb on* f.-r holdmg. ;
gave the ball t<. Harvard on Dartuio
. i :, (j'Brlen and Hardwlck got
through .wo end play*, placlng tn* oaii
,?, Dartmouth'a IO-*yard line. Brlckiey
added sli more, and then on anotn. |
, . tirsi down oo Da.imouth a I
Htandlna on the ll-yard Uae l i
klcked hla fl< id goal _____?
Darunouth opened i>i> Ita play after the
ocora by Harvard, bul waa unable to
make any materlal galpa. 'i','<- Pr?*"
team waa penalhMd again in the fourth
, foi unneceaaary roughn***, bhck
i, comlng ui for *ome hard treatment.
Durlng the afternoon Dortmouth waa
,.,-d eeven time*, for a total toea oi
? -,,.i<i.- Harvard auffered a looo ox
mty yard* ln -ix penalties.
The linc-up fgllows:
Harvard <l>. >??* Dartrnc.u.h <0V ^
Koooek. U<- . frunbe
(j. ' .11 BO*
1 >i ISOOil
Hannenter . ??? - <} ;;;;;- Beaaett
??V;"""*.tt b.v.v.v.v.'.v.'.v: SSSSm
" ,""? .u i . -eweilyn
Mru*ieV ,":;::::::::fc ? ?'-.;
an :::::.*??.'? ??_:
, NbStnuUB -Hiall-e for We,,l. 1! !?..*?
0 c.-.-n. \\ Igah aworth fur FWTn< at*r. on**
I io. Liswelljra. Mlnman for Dui.bw. '?"?.'rh ,J
!,:.,?,,,, whitmor* for Btnnxan.lAMattr for
_oud*n. ii.-. for WWtaw. ^taa forLarf
I ft-rlv Re?ire* V. I Wb.tuiK. uf C rne...
,,,,.re. v <; Crowell. of Bwarthm re. Un*a
,n"n-K. W. BorlMgh. of Kxeter. 11..,.= of
ptrlods- i-'lft'.-n (??.i.iit'i e*ea
lErasmus Eleven Defeated in a
One-Sided Game.
Iioys* Hlgt Hd.ool s.or.d an 88*7 *_??
tofy over tn- HH.lly (lisorganlzed foolball
elovea of Braaraua Hall Hlgh iebool at
Waabburtea Park yaaterdoy ;.ftcr......n.
when they dow-ed the Bn0 aad ^u?-' b>
a score of 14 to 0.
wi'i. tbe ?xoaptloa of Um l**1 ?*t ?""
m.-nts ol tb* game, wl.en Kras.uIM ."-.'"
thelr dylnn raUy 8b- ?raatBrf ti"' ,,a" Iur
down into Boys' territory. tbe aUter irare
?,?,?,. ?f Um Mtuatlon and BOOtWd on
thelr BMrib . _
la tb* ti.-t aaartar Hollanaa acorad on
. forward paaa from Tlflaay. wbUa ta w*
IllUll ported Tlffany took the boU OVOr
on a UM Pl.mg.'. *V*bb klcked **te
Tbe line-up folloWB:
K fg ...Kh OO. ^paltton. K'**"^r,u
llcOueeney .J-?.costellane*
., ,.. i- Veaa
Heath .?* . jackaon
.,, ????"?' .i
. J \i. walt.
it Uttatw.\\ '. lUttW ari
A. curi <?? .'?? *"?. . I DO
Tlffsn) \' \\???? ....Haliln
ball .'? '; . ,w* n
Hollman \- ? ? MeOlvway
? r_?*___o?_iw_K
man. Tlffany. Ooala from tn '^';wn_,.E,n,y.
<2>. Hefere^-I?r W*y. 1 ">plre * r
_-0a of yeriodB-Kour of tw?lv* tnluulf aatn.
'!? IBBY"
i . . ' ?;: ! ..:" i I TON. _
School and College
Football Games
One more i-owln. ehapter waa tn the ' I ' '"ry
o, \,,. ? Prlneetoa nnd tho Bulli
Y. ,. . . n tl fleld, two by aa h team.
and the laet, drlvi rd marb m the elaadng
I , | ? rallled and for ad lh? Crlnv
aon to real conteni wltb ' ,h- ,1,M- ?***???
, , of the ? P Jlm Thorpfl an_ th? < ?r
I ,- mdlani lp a apecl ! '?i,! Cornell proved nn
,,, ,, ? en al Ana __rbor. Men
y. ,i; Unlvei Ity won Ita aecond vl ? laytoi Rhode ini
and Btate foIl? i
Tl. I follOfl
I'rinrrfon ,. ??fatfl
lli.Mnr.l !? Par_BO__
lYnn :14?Indian
Rm Vork I'lli ..Ifl?_b_de _____
>n< blgaa
N rVf
I (irdlium
I ii.< n
\\ illium
?-?0?< ornrll
10? V fl M ??' N I
fl larfarrtlT
i -.., irlbmeee
1 hlr:i?n
\\ |a? ??.i ? in
I,. -.iif
\i * ?
.11 Wawlliaa .111 MuMifi.ur.
. ,n. __|_|ij
. i ?
)|..It ( BBB1 -'? \\..r.._t. r l-.h
ttpilagflald r. I 11 -flaea, IflgleB
\Vr-lr>au II TlMtj
(.r-.rKetown .... 16?Vlrgini:. ..
Vami-rMlt . t- _B-_I? .
R..ui!..ill . .~\ rriimit .
n.,i,.irt . H Bafbsalat
i_-tiii.li . . | M-fl-leabsf ???
l{<.n..-l:,-r P-tj <?- ?!?_-_-*_
rouate I flHar-aa .
Dl.kln.on _0_<.e.l>-bai_
Itaab, aad _ar, l*^ral.
II?Um ?nrl| Ifl
ia-_IU?rrf.?rd ...... 4
\. i iT.
|ll?lllinol* ?
14-_Minn--ota .6
.? Wr-lri-n ... 0
.a?| irtrt.lt .tO
I _lto?r T'llj- .?
to?< oaa .?
II Wabeaii ?
H ft. Aflfl-B_-_<
11?> Hullrr
11?( ln. liinatl
. |?-Ohl? State
li. l>
i, Kt>ajr_a
? Triui -l.nr
ii -i iniiii. ?. un
l Maaaal Taafc-baj lfl-_e_-a-aaaa
II ? llril.ni.11? MnrrU
<l 1 urll, 7?lUr. . . M.
r. a
. 0 BsTS' Rflg
II Nea -'"?- ''rri?
-i i .i.i. -
.. M laafatd
. ii Ms.ila.B_B
i ;
1 I ?rr.i.iuuK H-ll .... fl
IK?Hroi1.li n I'rrp. ... 0
IMfla H-raa.o
ta-_toe__* .14
?I nrf-llrd.
The Captains Who Led
Their Elevens Into Action
! Captain ...- ' ' **
Itoothall alevea i - "< ? ' '
i tl?n in anflort-ndaete b_? W *abl_ i
i rapldly than anv falfl ethlet- Ifl
; ig a m-e, the ""s1""" " ,:'!"
Itain to _-__erred anly after la
' 'varfiity esperfeflNM. but ipaldlr
, ,1 |o H after one year of pi_intn_-Cfl ln
,,?. undergraduute wo.lu. and B-JBfl ha?
! ...?, none hns been aeoaptad b] lb I a_
___?_raduataa wtth ao Uttle Vteotkndns.
ponaaall-y that rareiy eeenrfl m fi
traditlonal c-i-lee.
: cfc-aotfl ipaldlnfl nenl lo TeJj wtth ?
!,,,,, praparatory acbool repaUUon. ne
had prepared el H1U Bebool la ^brtown,
; ';, Z halfback 0. thfl Hlll Hehoo. f-t
,1,i ?,?,i and a-ttfl aantala m Ma -etdof
2J. Whlle at um School ba etoa
;ila..,d ceatre iatd en lha beoabatl leaaa
Sd waa the ?tar Quarter-mllot on the
.r^Ktenm. He entered Vuh- fl-U J?OWn
Sd at once made the ttflohnnu. jatbaU
' :,,. MaM.KOt halfback. Hb,iptoirln.
tb-rTwa- thi 0__flfl fl* ?0W -il.olutei,
! rellable, ateady and claaa <????
HtoM- Bopbomora year, nhen Capl
LJi Daly ? oeourlnfl tha unlv.
?, ,.iav ra lo atrengthaa bla <?.>;;? >"
". U.:H ipoMlnfl. boi that *??* S',;",J
.?.,?r fo.ba.i- blaplaytafl I
a w.ak baart Be reraalned m com
___?ve obiuion m bls aoy_-oa-ore
; . ,f thfl most Irnportant for thOflfl who
*; . b___Tn_ -or Mm. thlflia tat b*
,?. ___ aiiow.-d lo play and ?
L* | splaeeatrlphthalf.a.k. Ajrefll
; ',,? ;? an beneaded ... ba aalected
' , 7th,. v to eteven la bla -erdar rear,
a^JTJS, i- ? *???
'", __! Ju'vii.- oaptalflf, aa not anly mi
'' ',, . M have athletk abtllty as ?
"'ioa preoedant to election. bfl- al*
;; '", m es of tanowflbtft a-nhood an.:
eadrrflh P that the Va.- faeulty _-*-U
u^ He Qualilled for all of theae.
Bpaldlne/a phyakroe apparently was
[agabMt him for the B8W game, a.s he ls
1 .; feet I l.ich ln h.-lght nnd welgha only
i 17" poando, but his ptajrtng this year has
I . . n better than e\er. and he BtOBda out
-..- of th'- most rel! ible lnoks nt Yale.
; ii- .-ii-.il i?- .1 atro ? d*fanahre ployor ond a
? nater,
Roriallj ' aptala BpobUng. la blfbly raa?
I ogttlaad ii- araa a**e of the flrst men ln
hla plasa plekad for th- D.ita Kaaaa i-'.psi
llOO fiat.-.nlty and last May was el. , l-d
lo tbe Siioll aml Key. H8 al?o has b.-en
cboaan aa 8 governor of the University
club. ond p*rhape the greatest boaMT a
eloaa C8a BBBtOW on a fellow member
came to hlm this fnll. when he wns eleet
? inl..-. of UM ?88?*r Councll. Tbe
membera ol thla moet Intportant bady ar*
ly ebaaan by the etaaa Captain
Spoldlna i- twenty-tbrae yaara dd and
livi s In Chlcago.
Captsbl T T. I'endb-ton, or tlie Prince
i-.ii football ilt-ven, conslderecl by many
th- most brillla.it athlete the Tlgera hnve
ever DOOOted, bagaa hi* early football c-a
i- -r i- the Btnr of the F.plscopal Hlgh
lObOOl "f Virginia. On rumlng to TTInce
tOfl ' Tol" burst Into the ll-Milgllt lmme
dlately, and us captaln and tiuarterliBck
. r ? i (raahnaa looai bd thom to victory
ov.-r Harvard nnd to a ti<> with Talo
io tbe laat twe years Poaadletoa boa
I.. -n tb* most eleaely watabel man on (be
TlgOT th viii. A 10-Becoiid man on the
track, b* ls atiout the fteetest back ln the
OOUOtry. Hls care<-r ln bnseball ls hardly
less puccessful. He was shgrtstop on hls
fraabBBaB team, and for the last two years
has baan one of tho 'varslty'H steudlest
ploy< rs.
P?ndleton has never hart much oppor
tunity to abew his praaraaa as a tra^k
athl' t.-. as ba.'eball and football keep hlm
loana aoad lu.iges, bow*v*r, consid
er hlm capable of lowerln* the world'a
reeord for tbe MB>yard iaal und.-r favor
hIiI" conditions.
PtndlOtea hus made hltnself popular
wlth hls team mat"8 and has been an ln
?si-Mng leader ot this year's eleven.
Wkv'O ?_> ijy.Pcw^eaf Z+*- Co
Pumpelly's Fieicl Goal Spoiled
Visions of Wild Frolic.
Undergraduates Mingle Regrets
at Result with Sorrow for
Injured Pendleton.
Bj; 1 B*gf*Bh to The Till nie 1
liini.ton. N .T , N'ov. 16?A ti- pame
betweB Yaie and Prlacetoa la Blwaya a
-. ai naa^lstactery -8-ur, bnl te eall lt
?iierely unsatlBfact.-ry te MOOOtOB tbla
..., flrpuld be far too nii'.d. The result
ti a waa do* te anathar of those oft
repeated Tala roUMo, wbteb bo**
I ?.. many appOTOOtly eertain vlc
torirs out of tbe Tlger'* lawa bi tbe ia.jt
fow aUaatea ot play. la fact, it hae bap*
,. i.i . often thal aoo* of Prlnootoa'e
uadei graduotee daroa lo rajoloa ***r any
Bdraatao* hald by bbj team dbIII Um Ipat
WblOtle has bloun.
To hoereaaa tbe tHoappolnlwonl. every
.... , i i; to-nlgbt tl.at if vic?
tory araa i-m d**erv*d o> onp te.im it
waa deaerved by "Toi" PondlQten'a men.
Many w.ie su.pi.s.il at the HkIU PHMB.
ton pal up agala*t I ."?. but tbe aoon?
peetedOOM of lt i-annot down ttM
tbol tbe 'i ba '? deeorvad te arba, and tbe
. ampui- is nearly ar gteOfOy to-nlght as If
1 .-il- !..id B on.
>? l'umpelly drapped hls uneupect
I Koal visions o. a hurrk-.i Ismtire
. i -. u.e connoa were rhthg before tn?
aysa -f the Badergradoatas, un.i many a
?fuHK-i" tbougiit of the deubla treat Ol a
vtetory ai i relebfaUon wbteb iie oooM
BjtVB hls bc-ai glrl. Bot COM would not
h_ve it aa tastoad nf being the oentre
of ex> It.-ttii.-t. the oid 0888)88 Is alone ln
its j;ioij. :... allepoe relgna now that an
the spe.-iai.-i have eorrled their thousancj.-.
out oi PrlB eton.
Nothlng but woids of sympftthy and
Bdm!ratlon are beord In ronnertlort '.suh
I aptOlfl l '? mdl ? i- ii. l-or tbrsa years
"Tol'' has been one of tbe l-lols uf 'varsity
football, an 1 h* has played the K-?nio fof
aU tt.-ie is in u without raearrlna a
Biiigie Borloafl injury. Timt ba ahooid
liuve I-- laOV* hls last Kame of foothuli
wlth a dlalOCOted Bhoulder seenis llke B
bur-i Cata w-ien Um bootb wb* ti.-i. and
be wanted to fiK-ht har.iest to win bla
la."t B8?M an unioi tunate tackle , u. .1
tbe Injury, an-l he had to ulllnlraw ln
Caoor a| D Htfaa
He b WBIH8Balhg about to-niKht wdth
Ton W'lidoli dOlng hls bot to ? ?ln-.-r up
Tiger Eleven Well Supplied with
Representative Men.
Priaoetoa'a Eoptbofl alevaB is arpM bbjb>>
pllod with topreaentoUv* naen this year.
Mve of ihe team have B88B oAooboldec*
Ol ihelr lesp.-ctive 8801888. Captaln I'.-n
dleton was rOCBBtly I l-'t-d president of
tbe senior class, whlle l't-atiol.l was pres?
ident Htl'tS,
De Witt. Uie blK Tlger (ullbuc k, ls pres?
ident of the Junior class, and QaOlBW
1'hllllps held this oftlce from 1911 to 1512.
"Rtew" liak.-r was secretary of the fn-sli
man class last y.-ur. He.si.l^- these reK"
lar members of the team Klerstadt, the
uia.iiiK'T. was president of \9U ln 1.1s
fraahnMB y.*ar, and f/alter ffoos, the aa
slstant BMnaaOTt was vlc.j-pr.aldc.ut of the
Junior class ln 1311 and 18-L
11,-irry Waller, Bttb end, owupled tlio
\lce-I resldeticy of Um sitine- BtBNP in
freshman year. Other former ortioehold
t-rfl on the si|uud are Stre.lt, Volton aud
Richards, Ohio State Coach,
Takes Team from Field.
i lolurabua, < >hlo, tfoe I t re aatnutaa
before the end of th^ -,-ame bei.
I'.-'.riH . . ?' OMO
--.it.- Unlvoi-tty. after ihe -fealernei
bad ootplay-d tba loeal taam by a aeore
of .77 te o. Caaeb Rlebarda of OMe Itata
?\ hlfl m< ti fr..m th- flbld !?
... olV -:"' ' ? ':i ?*!?
I Poanoylvaala fltate tha s'am<- by
a bci ro of I io ci.
Ptaqnehtly durlnr: t':.- jrame the ohlo
Boacfa ebjebted t.. tbe ^anrtBceaaartly
rough playtiiR" of the vl-ltor*. When *ne
..f bla men wuh tbCbled hard Rtchal?
eaaM nnirrv and .a'.led tbe Ohio Btatfl
team trt.m tbe ?eld a- 1 ref-B-d tO ___W:
i ? men to contfnue playfi
1'ennsylvanla St.it- P-Biyed tksi football
and odtplayed < hi every point
thfl game, exceptlnj, :tU>n_r the Une,
' I'ni.i Itate. llne i ? Id m a ?:' I .? I
Baetora team had to tnai no l of its
gatns ai-ond the enda. The few. gains
that tbfl loeal te an dld _U__
tbro__1i Pennaylvanla'a line.
Ohlo Btate ooold nol _ia_tor the perfect
Intorforance of the vtaltora, wl
to be able to aeoi- al will Blxteen :
V ? '?? !'> |d
tba *m aad, foarteefl bi the third and
Betea ln thd fourth, up till the time the
waa torfelted.
We8leyan Wins Annual Game by
Making Two Touchdowns.
[By 1 ? rrtbaae ,
ICIddletown. Ooani, Nov. il-Outplayed
ln tho flrat three periode, althoufb not
l opon, Weeleyaa caiaa bei k atrong
in tae Dlofllng quarte. ol to-d_y_ aame
with Trlnlty and rolled up i. potota, arbv
ning tha annaal saaaa by a i ore pf U toflj
Wealeyan'a Brat _o_cl_dowfl eame as tho
result of or,,- of the BMai ?- tncfllar
playa ever aeea on Andraa f-akL oap
tain Bacen eausbi ot - i deoopttve
poata and ran It Beventy-flve ynrda down
tbfl SeU ti.rough tba antlre Trlnlty t<-am
for a touchdown. Trlnlty- Une afOOflOBfld
greatly after i}>*. and another tonchdowa
ooea foUoWed, n__le ti.- Waateyaa etevon
v.-.n on th.- aras loward a t'.uni, when
the whlfltlfl blew for ti. and of the game
Euatfa klcked b..th tha BjoaJn
Although tha Woaleyaa Una w-w neeJi
! in mp . . .t iibfl roeb wbea tbe floal
Hna waa threatened, TrJatty twtoa hajr?
tn< tbe haii wlthln ftye yarda of the fleei
only to ba forded to au_Tander it ofl
dowaa ? '?? "?' fllant -eebft
. , pihjn i rifht taekle.
???.as partlc iiarly helpf\il al theae critlcaJ
?Mflwnta, bt-^win Ihrflnfb the Trlnlty
J llne an M V.ral oe.'.iKtons
Captain l.u-on "as undoubtedly the
I nio.-t brllliant player on th.^ Wrsleyan
team, avea laavlafl eat af oen-ldarbtioa
! his Iflflflf run. hln |_aet--__P and P-flMflfl
at oflartar beta_ nt a bbjh order. ai
ihuugh he was kicking against the wincl
moat of thfl Uflflfli -flfl PB__ were CtOflfl
lon to flfteen yarii leaser than n____
?aatla alao played a Ina !-_?- r"" Ffm>
loyaa al _n_. pttteg down under B*>
oan'a pontfl tn -?"I>1 eaapai
For Trinlty Caftfltfl C-Uott flfld HudflOfl
undoubt.Hll> egOflL-d. fl-thOUflh -ago
pb_yod a flood i imo. Tbe arorb of tne
Trlnltj anda was alao ot a blgb ordor.
The llnt-up followw:
-?* T.?S_.Sffi
ttarbln-nn .?? J. B0Jf_
R I. ' ?'?
i'm klnson
Eustla .
; ,, 0- , aptaln)...' ????? **
1-^irp.i. n
K iici
r. ii B...(captain) C
H il. li.
v n. Kudsria
BubatltutM i'..riina f? WUo?x. feanota for
____tar?n. Jamaa Moot- for Howall [ouoh
dow__ Bacon, r-tla*ie Ojala fro? touch
?wi... Eustla (I). Pmplr-HI W I?r|ln -.f
?r,.w, i:.r-r.Okeraon. ot Ueblgh
______ OreaB, of Hanrard. rime or pflriode
Flfteea nilnutes eacn.
How Princeton Took Field
Against Yale Eleven
YAI.K Cfl)
,-rosltlon-1 Plsyer. A*e. Ht. Wt.
Andrew*.Left Knd Rbrht . . .non.cMrr. '1 5.11 IflO
IM.IMIp..la-ft TseUle Rffc-ht . Tslhott . *i0 8.01 180
Shenk.I.eft <iu?rd Mlglit.... IVndleton. 23 8.11 188
BJ| HillPlI.(entre.Kef.-bam. 21 6.tH) 177
Ioksd.Klsht diiard I.eft.. < <KWiey. 21 MI 213
IViittrld.B_gM Tackle left . 1888*88. 88 *M 188
raOltrtTO .ItlKlU Knd >??"'?1*8*8. 22 M8 1?0
S Haker.UiiaHerbaek .* hreler. 20 11.09 180
H. Haker.L*fl llalfbsrk BBjM ... .IMillbin . 88 3.U ???
Wsllrr .Rlshttlalfba.-k I.eft... N.aldlng-. ?:? MI 170
D,wiit. miibBrk .itpan. ?-** e.o;i taa
?Tv'erBfe wei?rlit of Princeton llna. 178 1-2 poundi: averafe weisht of Ysle llne. 1*7
poundsi nvermre welfht of Princeton hnektteld. 171 pounds: avrrajce welsht of l*le
baekfleld. 177 1-4 pounds; BTei_*e wel?ht of Princeton 0*888, MO pnnnda; areraae
W*ighl of Yale team, 181 ponnda.
(UticlBla: Referee? W. H. I ang-f.ird. Trinity. I mplre?Nrsl Snow. Mlcblran. Llnea
nian?l.leotenant Neely. t . ti. A.
OeBBB from Held for Princeton by drop l.lek?'Hobey" lUker (21. C.omU from fleld
for Y?ie br pteeeoaaol from aaabaaaiaa bwmbbmb Ibjbbi by drop Weh. B. bnben
B iHllall I for Yale?Kead. rl.l.l n.srd. for IVndleton: Pumpelly. f.illlmefc. for
PtB-ai Cornell. qunrterl.aek. for Wheeler: Mynn. fiillback. fur Ppoipelly: * heeler.
ninrterB-i-k, for tornell; Pendleton. risM ?"?rd. for Reodl (iallaurr. left end. Mr
A,er> Markle. rifht halfhaek. for Philbin: Pumpelly. ri?ht halfhaek. for Marklr;
B-OdaB, rlght end. for Bomeisler; Ixiftus. qUBrterrmck. for Wheelrr; Arnold. rhrht
a-uard f?r IVndleton: It. Haker. fullbaek, f.ir flynn.
riobatltotea for Prlncetoo?F. Trenkmsn. ri?rrt halfback. for Waller; Oualap. rlfht
end. fsr Captaln rendleton In laat few mlnutea of play.
Michigan Runs Up Decisive
Score in Finai Minutes.
With Game a Tie Suocessful
Forward Passes Bring Dis
aster to Red and White.
[~y Teleprsph to Th? Trfbiin* 1
Ann Arbor, MIeh.. Nov. 1?.-Mtch1**an
ended Its season vlctorlously this after?
noon on Perry Kieid, defaov-ng the Cor
.. .: football team by a score of 9) to 7.
Botb 188888 played hard, cnslstent foot?
ball, and each showed marked lmprove
ir.'-nt uver thelr r?p*Ct)ve eontests of a
WO*k .iro. Cornell had not lost any Of
Ita .'-troiiK vlefenc-e, init th'-re araa i sMght
"edg." !n favor of Michigan. The game
actually lay In the balance untll the laat
low minutes of play, when forward
- worked havoc wlth the fted and
Cornell played a wonderful game of de
fensive football and rcneatedly forced
Ml.-l.igan to punt on the fourth down
Th.-.e tOd agaln the Woh'erines bucked ?
tbe COrnell Un*. te nnd it aaylefc?nc and
ai.til the fourth period of the game were.
nnahle to make any 0008istentI attaek.
Iii all clepartmentu of th.- game tlo ?
eaaa w.-re strong, and ev** thelr. of:
f. nslve playing was a mark* d improv..
BMnt 8V*8 anUhing that br. Sharpe ha.s
bOOB aMe tO develop this year. The team
was able twlce. ln the third period *
advance the baii to wlthra flfte.-n yard*
of the infB_gaa goal line. from when ,
?ln Hutler made unsucc-'sful at- -
tttnpta to score from placement. l?u -
remained ln play throughout the antlraj
Bjaano, but bedore the second period ha.l
,! ded Coraell lost the servi.-es of Its most
valuobla ground gainer, O'Connor.
Three Balaotee aft.-r the start of the
BBJO8 Ponttai was able to cross ('ornell's
gbol Uae ?n a sensatlonal forward pass .
? 'ralg recelved Hutler's punt at mJdrteld, ?
and a serles of dashes followed untll
Cornell beld Michigan for three downs
c.'i the, K-yard llne. Hueoel called for a
foimatlon and shot the ball Into th?
? of I'ontlus. who made a succeseful
d;ish for a touchdown 1'aterson klcked
BOOL The playing of the balance of th*
potiod was well wlthin the two 26-y'ard
In tbe last thirty seconds of the second
period Cornell made its only score. Taklori
UM ball from Michigan 00 downs ot the ,
So-ynrd line. O'Connor and Bennett broke
thrOUgb fOr smail galne untll the i5-y8_d
llne was reoebod, and a successful for?
ward pass from Butler to O'Hearn took
tho ball to the 'i-yard line. from where ln
tWO atternpts Taber carried lt over for a
The third period brought no tally Early ?
Ifl the eesBlon Cornell was weakened by
the loss of Champaign, who was carrl.d ?
of tbe fleld. Its de'ence, however, dld
hut 18888 18 bo seiioualy _ffected, for
from the time the ball was run back on
the kick-off lt dld not agaln reaeh Cor
hull territory. Ia fact, dunng this quar
tcr Michigan. dld not get tbe ball ln
n IIniBMfe aearar Cornell's goal llne than
b*T OWa ?i>-yard mark. At tlils point it
804 tic.l tbat Cornell was bound to emerge \
wc'.oiious, as diruct onslaughts twlce car
rled tbe ball within strlking distance.
With UM score tted at 7 polnta the
- fourth period staru-U, Michigan puntlng
; i.uin toe 8-yord Mao. b-fehoa?aarof punts ?
gave Cornoll tho ball ntar the middle of \
the tleid. but from this neutral territory
the Ked and Whue was unable ta> gain.
c om*U was still tho stone wall that lt
had been at all other times during the
BjBBMaj and Michigan was forced to punt.
Taber'a faulty bandling of the pigskin
at cenJrelleld gave Michigan the ball, and
at once the Wolvc rtnee trled their flrst
J Intricut..- piaPi which, by the way, was tho
j du.ilicate of one that had been suc cessful .
Ilor i oi nell earllri tn the game This trlpl*
I pass carried Mi.'hlgan to Ccrnell's ^j-ysid
[llne. Again the V, olvennos w. re favored
f by BBOCOaa, and UM forwaru pass by Cap? :
I tain Thonison to Pontlus took tbe ball .
\ ov-r for a tally.
I 1-Ixchanges of punts, wlth an oc castonal \
' att. inpt 18 buck the lrne, was the prured
j ar* followed by both elevens during tlua .
next few minutes, after which Corm-ll
iri.-d repeatedly to gain by forward pa-<8
. s, foW of which Were successtuJ. Thr ,
Ithaeans llnally punt. .1 fiom their own ,
.1 lme Into tba hands of Huebel at
nndiield. This gave the ball to hlm f*r
tlie last score of UM game, as he dodge-i
cl.-vc-rly and beat out all Cornell runnsra ,
in his race for the goal llne.
Michigan (20). P88b_8_, Cornell (7?.
Torbett .I* ?. Elrlch
Cole ._...-? J--~. Oiiyt-*
yulnn ._.-> ?. KBOO*
1'aterson .~._????-.J ?? .VVbyls
Al.nendln8?r .rt- 2. ChsmtfaJfti
Mu ier .n- Z. N"*u
I'vntiua .K- .. n'Heari)
MutLel .W- B.(captalm Hatler
.U H. H. O'Connor
Hbgbltt .R. H. R. Bennett
rhonison (eaotata).,..'. l. HlH
riul.itltiites?Keea for Kynch. Taber for
O'Connor, Weldenthal for ihampalsn, ("nam
pBlk'n f>r Welib-nthsl, ftalns for Almendlnsca,
i, for t'rsig. Cralu for Collette., Tguolj
Uowna?Fentlui W, Taber, Huebei. lieals frdfn;
toui li iown.?--i'aterson (2). Rutler. Ref?-re*
Maokett. of West Point. 1'niplre?Mumnyi, ot
West Point. Head llnesman?Pendletdn. of
!;..?.loln. Time of quartera? tlftaaa BilaHUa
each. AttfBdance?11,008.

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