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yse of Anaesthetic Pronounced
by Corcner Feinberg "Poor
Surrical Judqment."
Dcclares Polyclinic Hospital
Patier.t Suffered from Va
rious Diseases?Inquest
Now Awaited.
The a'"' i's>' Pf,rfoniied yesterday by
fw Ru<-.- : -:;i?, ? Coronet* Hc.ltzhaus
er'a pbyelclan, >?? the body of Fatrlck
Hart. who di> d on Frlday after an ln
iectlon ": v:"vaill? na(l Deen admlnls
(afi t" hl i by Dr. WttHam Seaman
Bainbrld.- ? of No. .'14 Onunarcf Park,
gt tae Pol) ?'? HoapttaJ. dlacloaad tha
thr Ooro~*r*a ptojrat
cj^n. tb) I Hart'a death was eauaed by
the aaarathetic.
Coron.-r larael Feinberg. whr> is a
practisir.c physlcian. took charge of
^ ftm, ? th< reqoaat of Coroner
r, and after he had heard
it of Dr. Ray'a autopsy b* g*?T*
out a Btatement in whtcfa he said that,
<n his opinion, "th, attrgfcal Judgment
siu.wn ??** rather i
Coron- r F< iil erg < Iso aald that f he.
as b aarfeon, had a . ..-? arhara an
amfstheti- were nece??ry. he would
use a general amestlutk every time.
?e gjV. hlstory of th? use of
anaestbeti. - duiing the la?t twenty-flve
jdnpc,! ng >Ut thal Inter-spina! m
j*-tton6 of anaes-thetu-s had not be-en
-enera', ! r'> surceons pf UM
bettrr class.
The cardinal points ns dis.Mosed by
Pr. Ra> s autopay oa Hart are that
the man was aufferlng from:
Fir*t?An urdema of the bra'.n, known
to Burgeoni as- "a wet braln," from the
fact that when the top of the skull is
removed water oozcs from the braln
Second-Myorardltls of the heart, or
a wrakening of that organ. An aortic
valve leading from the heart had been
leaklng. probably, for the greater part
of the man's "ife.
Third?Fatty degeneration of th*
Fourth-Chronic -atarrhal gastritls.
Hart. according to Dr. Ray, was also
a chronic a'.cohollc. and the varlous
conditions disclosed by the autopsy
B/erc a logical reault of his lndulgence.
- Dr. Ray said h<; had found no rhange
in the splnal cord due to the injection
beyond the puncture made by the
oeedle when lt waa lnserted in the
apinal column' by Dr. Bainbridge. The
Coroner's physlcian also said there was
ao doubt in his mind that the injection
of the stovair.e was the cause of death.
In dis ur-sing t)M case Oroner rein
tog sal.l that Dr. Leonard Corning. of
New "icrk. wa? the first physlcian to
introduce the use of spinal injection*
iato thic country. in lttl, but that thia
tttthod (>f injection was not generally
taken up by BUTgaona, nwing to Its
eanger Since 1906, according tO tlie
CerotiT, there hav> been three thou
aard or four thousami caaafl whero
aplnal Injertlons have b?en used, but
aurgeons did not abnndon local and
gorier--'. anasatbetlca.
Asked what action. if any. ha would
take as a result of the disclosure? of
br. Ray's autopsy, Coroner Feinberg
said h. would be govaroad by the find
tega of the tnoucatt by the Coroner'a
Bnrgeons See Operation in
Which Bones Are Nailed.
The CMtrleal Coagraa* of Surgeons of
America, which was in sesslon the la^t
week at tb* Walcorf, closed yesterday.
Th*re was no formal Besalon, though
?peraUone were performeo. at the vurloua
cltnlce where the educatlonal work of
tke aurgtons has been carried on. One of
th* most Interesting of the day's opera
ttoua was performed at the Fordhanri Hos?
pital by Dr. Alexandtr Nlcoll, of thl*
elty. lt Involved the reductlon of a knee
fctnt fracture, ln which the broken bonea
had to be nailed and wlred together.
When aske-1 what he thought wjrs the
fklef retult of the congresS, one of the
aurgtons who had played a leading part
i" Ita organlzatlon aald:
'The chlef servlce th^ congrea* has
rendered uurgery ls the opportunlty lt haa
ovtn to twer.ty-slx hundred men from
witaide New York to see the kind of sui
Jrteal work now belng done ln thla city.
This work ls not exceptional; lt ls golng
?J> ali t:.?- ume, only lt ls not belng em
;ht*_ed aa at present. A thlng that waa
?jmphabited ln connectiOB with the eon
?Cbbb waa the amount of free work done
in the two thousand-odd operatlon;- per
formed last week at the ellnlca. There 1b
"0 general appreciatlor* of tiie amount of
Iree work done by aurareons; they must
operate wh<n called upon. without regard
to can** enfatlon."
President - Elect Accompanied
by His Wife and Two of
His Daughters.
Many Bridal Couples Aboard
the Steamer, and Miss
Democracy's Choice Is
Pelted with Rice.
On board the Steamshlp Bermudian.
j en route to Bermuda 'hy wlrelesa, via
I Sea Gatel, Nov. 18.? President-elect Wil
I son's vacation trip began ausplclously.
i Pleasant eondltlons have prevalled sin<-e
I he and his famlly aet out this afternoon
) from New York for Bermuda on thla
! steamer and thia evening all th memher.
, of the party aeemed to be enjoylng them
r-elves thoroughly. The G-nernor and his
! famlly mingled freely with the other
j passengers or employed themselves ln
! walldng tbe shlp'a decka in the invjgorat
, lng atm<?sphrre.
i The Governor was ln flne humor nnd
' evidently glad that he had in prjape-t
j a perlod of complete relaxation and frce
? dom from lntruslon. One of his, n-mark*
seemed to eontain a note of warnlnR.
j "Anybody who <x>mes to Bermuda will
get the reverae of what he desires." h*
' said, and aome of thoee who heard him
relleved he m*ant that It would not fare
well with seekera of offlcial favor who
', ventured to bother him during his stay
ln the Islande.
| All the memhers of the Wilson party
were greatly intereated in the ?r_t_t_ga
j of the wireless on board the Bermudiv
I watrhlng the eendlng and receivlng of
n_aa_fla_8 Cloaalj at intervals throughout
the evening.
Wae_i__ WUaon, P>88_ii_i--lBct, Ib nn
Um ia AUantk Ooaaa to-d_y, bound for
the Island of Rerm-ida. where he Intends
to take a month's vacation. Mr. Wilson.
accompanied by Mra Wilson, Mles Jeasle
i and Mlaa Eleanor Wllaon. left New \ork
at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon on the
Quebec Line steamshlp Bermudlan. Mar.y
vessels tn the harbor saluted the Ber?
mudlan aa she passed out to sea.
There were no politiclana on the pi*r
to say goodby to the Presldent-ebct, and
as he looked around him and dlacover?*d
the abeence of men of that professlon he
began to feel that the job of belng Pr**l
dent of the Unit*d States waa not auch a
bad one after all. Mr. and Mra. Cl.-ve
?and H. Dodge were the only persons of
promlnence on the boat to bld Mr. Wilson
and hia famlly bon voyage.
Mr. Wilson was as happy as a lark aa
he atrode ln front of his stateroom ehak
lng handa with the many pasaengers who
caroe up to greet him. Even the battery
of cameraa trained upon him by numeroua
photographers didn't eeem to bother him,
the prospect of a good rest apparently
maklng him wllllng to overlook thlngs
which otherwise might call forth a re
i buke.
Mr. Wllaon decllned to talk politics. Ile
wouldn't dlscuss the coming apecial aes
sion or the thlngs he expected It would
take up.
"I will not talk ehop." he aald, "untll
I return from my vacation."
The Bermudlan has among ita pat-s.-n
geis not less than a doaen bridal couples.
which _tr. Wllaon d-wovered aa he walked
up the gangpH-n*- J-*t behind him was
Importiiig, ? (Mauifttdiiriiig
Coats, Scts and Scparatc Picccs in
cvcry dcsirablc Fur, fashioncd
with the fincst workmanship, in
the newest, most cxclusivc models,
inciuding many attractive combi
384 <Tifth>foenii_
Betwaefl JMh and 36th Sta. Tel. 2044 Ureeley
a couple, who arparently had Just
marri.d, and thelr eatt_aa8a*tte frlerni?
BaoaTfd tii'in wlth ruc, tiov.-ii.- W
son gettlng his bhare ol :t. whicn he took
wlth a smlle.
Slr. and .Mrs. Wilson DOCUpy stat>r?--m
N | 6, and when th*] 8at*r*d
'found that th?ir fftmda had ''
'. it Into a bower of r>
. IllUlliH
Elaborat* rrecautlonB w?r.- take
' Ui* safety of tbe 1 ' ?'? t--f>
trip la Bermu.i.i >? r*t larTl - ni't)
were stationed on th* pler, and tn> y ln
apactad aaary paraea a/be araai al
Bvoo-tb* coal caaae la tot Ka ? w
; Inepe. tion. Ki. haid Taylo . one -if th*
IgkMtat Servlce ri.? r.. la OH the boat wltn
Mr. Wll-on. ano will stay with him untll
. h* returns.
! The st?amahip _B* aia* ??f
' eatafloi oi Mr Wl na'i aafi ti 1
; nadlaa wah j;??-..i In dryd - a
>,.-t.-ni.i> b aalUag aad aaaai aad I
ougbly. Aditdoaal ttfabi alao
lnstalled. Ten his' boat-.. e_.-h bt
i tifty-ftve pataoaa, aar* pat aa baai l i
, thoogh tba paaaaai ? ? l
I a llttl.- more than ?p>
j Oovwaor vTRaoa Ui d
Taft yaataMay, hut .
! mhuitaa. and eoiapaaai a
i apot *Vb*a asked ir Im latea I
! th- Praataaat latai la tba <ia> ai tb<
Uon at tbe Collega *1 tbe City i I
i V?rk. th< PreMd- n'->?:? ?
i I :>m n>>t 11k- U
? Wi.o dldn't know wh. a h< i - ? ?
IHul went t* UM ; arty
And ate |08l as I ? .irty
As ti.cugh ;.e .1 b**a raaUy la* I
j The Q#?*i-*r aroBH lat*. 41
he ask*d Walter afeaaday,
secretary. io a. <--rtau, ?
dent war, staying. ar.d how loag be
; be there. Mr. Me.is-lay report". "
President had just left his bOt*l I I '
CODCg* ?'. the City of N'-w Y.irk.
"I am veiy BOTIT tn ha\.- mlss- ' ~
th< President." Govern.T Wilson sai-l
M: Aiimn, wblle la B*8~BUda
in a, .ottaka tl
i KetUe, Jum acro*i IM ba] froi H i
I ton. ll<- will atay th*re untll D*e*m
14 wh*n ba wii; aall for tbta
' riving ) er* on D*x ? mb< i ? -l
' Mr wllaon will apend a good pai of th
' tim" playing p-ii* and bicycllng i
? tim-s 1* will prep*re his nteraage t<
i N'.w- Jers.-y Laglalatora ar,d raad
Bome oi the hig qaaatloni which wiii e,,.r.e
before Congre.ih at tbe 8] ? Mloa
? m
'Ohio Girl To Be White House
Social Secretary.
| T:\ T'l'-t-- TrfbOM |
West Unkm, "hlu. Nov. Id -Mrs.
Woodrow Wilson haa BBlBCtad BI Ohio
glrl, Mlss Mary Hayless, of tl.:; plac*,
as her ROclal secretary when she nnd
Fresldent-eie. t Wilson OCCOpy th
"Whlte House next March.
Mlss Hayless formerly was <-|.?rl< Of
the Ohio I.eglslafure, and in the last
year has been nerving as B*CT*tary to
?prominent women of ao.iety in th*
Kast. When ln W*st I'nlon Miss Baj -
j less, v ho ls still ln her twenties, was
; promlnent In social circb-s aad tOBfe a
'great interest ln chur?.h work
Slip Back Window Latch and
Get $2,500 in Silverware.
Bummlt, N. J.. Nov. 16.? The hom* of
Hayward H. MacAllister. No. 199 Koule
vard, was entered early this morning and
silverware valued at n,.'<X) was taken. The
hurglara galned an entran< <? hy borlng a
hole ln the window Baf-h and Umn spring
ing the latch wlth a long e*M of wlre.
Karlier In the nlght hurglars trled to
force an entrance Into ihe home <>f School
? ommlBBloner James W. -'rompton, at
Tteekman and Iprlagllall avrnne?. The
barklng of a doj? orous.-d th> tamlly, and
mji lnveatlgation was ni:.df- A nol.- was al
ready found hored through a dlnlng room
The robbery thiB m.?rnlng beare a .-lose
r*seinblance to that of the hom. of form*r
Mayor E. B. Ruhaamen, of Murray Ulll,
whose place waa entered Beviral eTBBB
ago Hllverware and Jewelr> valu>4 at
gj.000 werfc Btobn. _
||OW4 Vernon. 0MB, lt**. 16.-Inflane as
H're?ult of his d-feat f*r tn- M-mlnation
for County Treasure,, WlWa- B. MagtU,
_ school teacher, Bhot and kilho his wif>
with a shotgun tv-day. He then attempt
e<l to commlt sulclde. and probably will
dle. _*
?-* - i
cal advertieements than any other New
York newspaper.?Advt
to mi op girl
(onllnued from flr?t p_g*.
waigUBfl abO-8 Bftf pounds ea -h.
I_ook:n_: in 08M of Mie baXCfl, with a clgaJ'
in mv nu/iitli. I pulled out one stlck In
the opened box, thlnk'ng It was a .-and>.
aa i i fcnocked th>- ett< k
i.e. li, ? tbe 1/ x la e- arhat ll was.
i enthr l n.><ir.-,i tba atl< ks were
mai; i enl " That
r BaM "i '?<>"?! atght,
and r.in t<.
Mrs Ixna Ingwraoll, who said she
Uvad at v*let08_-t B. C- testifled
thnt mi Baptambar 1. a month before
[tba I.os iige!.-s flgpiflfliOB, Bfcfl r<-nted
? .in ln bflf San nraodBOO flat to
.ura, arbo naad the . Uhj* J. B.
? M ?N.un ira was vlslted
hy Bcbmldt, who araa _?crlbfld. a*
:.g a '8Q,tit:if\ |. ft e> ?>, Bf * fl-BBfl
*^? hnilrit. ; |ao l_-0__ as Shmttt.
? Bchfl-MUr." Uv__ at Um bo__- of a
Lavtn, a frl'-r. I <>t Mrs |___fflOl-_>
,It vvus in this way that M< Nimara flnflfl
dlroctad irbat- la ra_t a rooca
Oi ?aptambac M l_clfaa_Bi_ lafl H-*
Ingara H'a and went to a betaL From
i taatlflad bjr a talaphne-a
lt Of the eallfl w.-re made
, (,. t! . | | ;. | flflflBBA-9 f"r ,iu' l'jr"
? ? . iplafltva and t j Um B-m
I launch ln ____!__ M-l
??"ll said ahe <?ld not again ree
McN-8_arn ui.HI the nljht of October
1. nMlng:
A1 . k thal fltgM I I ?rn* to
.,. ,i irantad na ?? *iv* nun a
i Mld l eo iM make t\>> arrange
Tb< b he baggi
... ? , .-.eep oa a aofa, aajrtng
?.?..' th* nat
orrth I <i-<!;n*l. aud iie
i ,<? .,, ne I aiiik i. ghi !???
m ? . to > ome,
That was the .ast
?III after hU arreat.
thal ?>in. a talai . rBtoi
in th. San Frain isco hotel, ldt-nUfled
? M, N.unara to the
. . , . to tiie launch
Wanterl Powder for Stumpa.
.hovi Um n I !'!!? ? _ Baptambar Brooa
McCall, amptoya of ? paarda. eoflBpaay,
Bed that ha racB-vad a t'lephone
th* "Brlofl r?iiistructiori Com~
? Inqniitng about thfl p-TChaaa <>f
?..| poanda of ii:ph asploafaa.
.1 to Mo~ up atumps on a
1 H? cotitlntied:
I told th* ruller that 2" p?-r cent ?aa
?trong an igh tor that h_l he laalated
he vi I Bltrogi atln l r. -
i u.. onljr made H M per cent. but
-.? dldn t bava II Ifl Btock. a man called
an.l left iin ordar for GOO pounda and pald
tb_ '.111 H< -ave his t.aui* and left 8
I he would call aad
| get lt ln I lamcn
T?o dayi if'tr th* launch was rent
leii, lleCflll taatlflad, Brtea. ar Bryaon.
eaUad OB the talaphOtM and said he
vould fo bi b law* h to 11 in Btation,
tbajr. to B-1 'he explosive. The
. tit on:
I tolil him he ___!_ have to come to
? i. ...;... an l get ? arrtttan oru?r an<i
i erould haee lo know about the launch.
? j. Mnl UP 8 man later d.-scrlhed as
I,a^: . [ .. - man profecsed not to
know anythlng a?>o.it the launch and had
to Bo to OakUr.'i to Ond oui. When he
returned I Ke^e him aa order for the
dellvery to Uni ol IM ixiunds af !>0 per
Frank D. Carroll, polhe detcctlve of
I.os Angeles. tehtilte.l about the condl
tion Of ihe wrecked Times Buildlng
uhen he BITtvad there at ':'M a. m. He
also daflcribad the contents of a bomb
, foiinil on the jiremisea of Felix J. Zee
[ handiaar It COBrtflh-fld lrt1** atirks flf
the exploalve, a dynamlte oap, fuae,
hattery and a etflCk.
Jewelry store 88BB_flb_B testifled that
alarm docka used hy the McNamara
brO?Mffl flB_ M'-Matiigal in the manu
fitcture flf bomns were purchaaed In
?OCb <|unnt!ties as to arouse suspicion.
Mi Mnnigal had conf?ssed that when bt
hought flloekl he pretended he gave
them to farmers.
Miss Charlotte Schetter Pre
sides at Monthly Talking: Bee.
The nionthly dlnner of the Manhattan
HiiiKle Tax ilub. at which three hundred
w.r. present. last nlght. ln the Venetlan
Oat-aa nt Kalil's. In Fark I'la<?, waa
i"rine<l "The h^ectlon Revlew Dlnner."
heln, ln the natine flf a return dlnner to
their pfviou* meeting. prlor to the elec?
tion. when at a 'SympuMum Dlnner" by
way of novelty the spee-hmaking waa
conflned to women. and e\ery party waa
Miss Charlotte Schetter presided at laat
night's dlnner. and each party had a rep
reBentatlve at the speakers' table. The
Democrats were represented by John 8.
Croaby, the Republicans by Robert Q.
Towne, and George l* Record repreaented
the I'rogreaslvea
Police Closc on Trail of Four
Persons Who Lived in
Murder Flat.
Remains of Woman'8 Clothing
and Hinges of Big Box
Found in George -
town Wooda.
The police sent out a general alarm
yesterday for four persons wanted ln the
case of the murdered woman whose body
was found a week ago yesterday ln a
pond at Georgetown, Conn. It callB for
the arrest of three men and a glrl. Two
of the men are wanted on a charge of
murder. One of these Is thought to have
been the woman's husband. and conBlder
ably younger than herself. The third man
ar.d the glrl are wanted as materlal wlt
The police say they believe the man
murdered his wlfe ln order to marry the
glrl, who was younger than himself and
more than commonly good looklng.
Worklng back from the disc-overy at
OaoigatOmi shortly after the flndlng of
the woman's body that an unusually heavy
ttnnk had been uellvered there to two
Itallans. the police traced thiB tnink back
through shipping recelpts, and although
the trunk itself had dlsappeared It was
found that lt came from New York. The
eharred fragmenta of the trunk were
found In Georgetown yesterday. From a
stool plgeon the police learned that a
large trunk agreelng ln deseriptlon wlth
the one recelved at Georgetown had heen
sold by Isaae helgel. a second hand dealer
?f No 73H Second avenue, to a man by
the name of Halvatore Lombardl, of No
?\n Kast 40th atreet. The date of thts
sale, It waa Iearned from Seigel, was
Thuraday, November 7. The woman *
body was found nf G?orgetnwn on Satur?
day, November 9.
Left Broad Trail Behind.
SejgH told the police that Lombardl
badght the trunk in person, and lt waa
deiu-ered to hlm by a clerk ln th* store.
It proved to be too big to go into the door
| of the apartment. and wrb left In tne
i.tllway Golng to the adriress to whtch
, the trunk was deMvered, the dete.-flve..
' ('und that the occupants had moved.
T e> learued from the housekeeper. Mrs
fjohn Preston, that It had been occupied
loar Itallans. one of them belng I/flin
bardl. In a.lditlon to h'.m. there was a
w.,-nan krmwn aa hla wlfe. about forty
years old, a girl known hy the name of
' Turlddl," said to be the daughter of
".Sucldado," another occupant of the
a;.artment. Twe fourth occupant they
found to be a man whose name 1b un
Mra Preston let the ?fflcers Into the
raOBBBi wblcn were found strlpped of their
f rntshingB. Tbat* were found In the
rooms some bloodstatned hedclothes anu
? ? ral large wire nalls. stained with Mood
T:;e autopsy physicl.ins at George?
town had found that the woman had been
kllled 1>> *ome round lnatrument drlven
' through her akul' Into her hrain.
These dlscoserlea at once convlneed th*
! noll.e they had found the seer.e of the
| murder, and they Immedlately went to
r;?.,rgetown wlth Mrs. l'r*?ton. Ab soon
' >. she shw the lead woman she Identlfled
her by means of a gray lo< k ln her halr
as her former t*nant
AcCOrdlBg t>> Mrs. Preston, the quartet
er.g.iged an apartment from her three
Tie^ks ago. I/.mbardl Is des'-rlhed as he
it twenty-elght years old. whlle
the murdered woman, who was his wlfe,
WM forty. The woman and the gin. wh'i
Ib about fifteen years old, were garm. nt
workers. golng out dally to work. The
three men appeared 88 have no oceupa
tlon. Ail of them were qulet an'1 ap?
parently respeetable In their conduct, Mrs.
Preston eald yesterday, and ihe never
h. ard any sounds of quarrelling.
Body Long in Rooma.
A we-k after they took the ar-artmeii'.
i.,.- sun-lay night. flve well dre?i-ed VO*rOa
t:,- r. - .me. an j although they laoekad r
peatedly at the door they were unable t?
nhtaln admltt.mee, Mr.v Preston sald. It
U stippo-^d by the police that the woman's
body la.v ln th? house at this time, aa
the condltlon when found Indlcated that
wh.- had been dead about that length of
Tractng the movemants of the three
m*n aad UM Ull the police Iearned tbat
on November 7 Lombardl got S-lgel. the
man from whom he bought the trunk. to
dellver It in hlB wagon to the Adama
E_pr**B .'ompany. near the Grand Cen
trnl ItaUoa. Tt was shlpped hy the tv
p-. v- BOmpaay to Georgetown. where
Lombardl clattaan' it. Meanwhiie. on No?
vember 7, the girl and the man known *a
' Stulclado" had gone to Georgetown.
wher>- they were julned by Lomtardl the
day the trunk arrtved. He took lt to a
lo ise on a hlll near the pond and later
Btj Um same day. accompanied l,y the
glrl and "r-urtolado." took lt away ln the
dlr-otlon ?f the pond.
From this point the police have t.-aeel
them ra<-k to New York. and aald yea
I terdav they were hot on thelr trail, ex
i pectlng to make an arrest at any moment
? Aflat leavlng the body ln the pond at
Georgetown, Ix>mbardl came to Mrs. Pres?
ton and told her he and hla companions
were golng to move. He went away and
none of them have been aeen alnce by
Mra. PreBton. Bubaequently an unknown
Itallan woman came and took away the
furniture In the flat.
Georgetown. Conn., Nov. 18? The frag?
menta of the trunk which had b**n ua?d
to tranBport the body of (Jarmellna
Garacel from New York to a mlllpond
here before lt waa thrown into the water.
were found In a patch of wooda late yea
l.est.-r Olmatead, of Rldgefleld, whlle
huntlng thrpugh the woodland weat of
here, found the rema'iiB of a cainpflre
Ab h* began to acrape over the aahes he
saw Iron banda which had been used on
a trunk. Then he plcked out some hinges.
He went to Aldgeflald and the officers
came back to the place and alftetf out t)>?
Bteela of a corset. a charred heel of a
woman's ahoe. metal buttona of a cloak
and fragmenta of clothing.
[H> T*le?raph tn The Tribune. 1
Fond du Lac, Wla.. Nov. 17.?An apfcjle
feji from a muff worn by Mrs. Jamea
ollv.r. of Waupun. Wla., whlle ahe was
standltig on the rallroad atation platform
here. She atepped on the tracks to
re^uin It and waa struck by an englne
She dled an hour later.
Consult tho Muaical Diroctory c*n
tammg a high claaa list of *nt*rt*in*re
?trioa. pianists, vi*liniata, barpiata,
aingara, etc.?AdvL
The most desirable, and necessanly
the scarcest materials?the clevef
blending of exquisite shades?the per?
fect workmanship?the irreproachable
qualities ? combined with absolutely authentic
styles, are the factors which have enabled us to
achieve the highest results yet attained in the
production of Outer-dress for Women.
The price* here are to carefully kept within sensible boumfc
that the woman of economical tendencies can feel a$-ured
of very best intrinsic values. To illustratc?
Fur and Fur-trimmed Millinery
Stunning Hats-the vogue of the hour?of mole. crihchilla 8quirr_l^
civet eat. skunk. natural raccoon and other beautiful Furi?which
are doubly interesting at these prices? $95* $3?, ?_?
Dress and Semi-dress Hats? $18, $22, $25 and upward
Fashwnable Draped Fur Coats
Of Mole-Squirrel?Alaaka. Hudson and BaWc Seal?Broadtaij
Caracul?Gvet Cat? Beaver? Raccoon-C^ossurn?in plain or trinv
med effects?many of them suitable (dr motonng
$t1S, $150, $200, $250 and upward
Verfectly Matched Fur Sets
Of Ermine?Chinchilla?Fisher?SuVered Fox?Cross Fox?Taupe.
Fox-Black Fox-BIack Pointed Fox?White Fox?Broadtail ?
Mole?Hudson Seal?Mink?Caracul. Also many smart Fur conv
bmations? $50, $65, $75, $100 and upward
Fur-trimmed and Draped Suits
Of velvet, corduroy. broaddoth and velour doths, fur trimmed
$75, $8$y $05, $'?? t0 $500
Sup'rl) Suits of stlk matelasse, veivrl, rmbossed charmeuse, "chamois"
doth and other rich imported fabrics? $1*5% $150 and up
Of csmel'i hair iuiting?, lustroui, broadcloth and noverry matenala? H5, $50, $55
Beautiful Fur-trimmed Coats
Of Scotch tweeds and camel's hair diagonals, with fur collar of civet
cat. natural or black raccoon, opossum, mole or seal; hand-tailored,
full silk-!med? $5i
Of corduroy, taupe, navy, brown or black; f-rr-mmmed? $6*
Of fine zibelme diagonals?fur-iYimmed? $75 & $&5
Fur-I.mtd Coats?fur-lmed throughout?$75, $100, $125 ond up
Limntim and Utiltty Coats? $25, $50, $55, $4$
Or ?_.-. vicunw, Seather cloth. diagorul csmel'i hair and rich imported fabnea?
with or _tthout fur trimming? fagt fff, $60, $6i, $75 and Upward
Dinner and Evening Gozvns
Late Paris models and adaptations. of charmeuse, sahns, silk matelasse
velvet, velvet brocade, chiffons and Frenqh net?many of them
mrr-med with rich furs? $55, $65. $75, W5, $100 and upuard
Charmtng Afternoon Dresses
Of plain and brocaded charmeuse, velvet. broaddoth and serge
in the new shades of taupe, amethyst. prune, gendarme blue. navy.
black and white?in the new draped effects? $45, $55 and $65
Mtssts' and Small IVomtns Drtsses, $28, $35, $40 & $4$
Afternoon and Evening Wraps
A wonderfully brilliant assemblage of every new t./u.?
Of velvet. brocade, plush and charmeuse, in the new plain and
draped effects? $*$*% $55> J*f
Fur-trimmed #>?/_?Many with large fur collar and eunS?
$75, $85, $05, $12$ and upward
?.._ flrenue a? 46tb Street
L. P. Hollander & Co.
will place on sale Monday A. M. a lot of
Women's Hats
and have marked them
$ 10.00
Have been from $25.00 upward
F1FTH AVE. at 46th St.
rx PIANOS im
A very special ? reduction of $100.00 will be made on all diacontinued
atylea while they laat.
Call and avail yourself of thia rare opportunity.
New PlantM-SPECIAL.... from $200*00 Upwards
Player Planos .$380*00
Eaay Paymenta.
MAIN WAREROOMS: 17 East 14th Street
Brooklyn, 150 Livingston St Brona, Cypresa Av*., 136th to 137th St

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