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But Not Radical
Vou LXXIL.X* 24J0,).
But Not Dull
I air to-day and to-niorrovr.
SiirrhtlT warmer.
? IVlV.r. \/_",l_ "OU-.! 1 ELSKWHEKK TWO ('
and llobokej,.
b? m mm
Rails Spread, Causing Wreck
of Merchants' Limited, Ac?
cording to Coroner, at
Scene of Accident.
Interstate Commerce Commis?
sion Sends Inspectors to Be?
gin Probe, in Which the
State Officials May
fB, rrspl te The Tilhaatj.]
South Noiwalk. Conn., Nov. 17.?
Fr. m every pulpit in the town of Nor
w ilk, nearly a score In number, pro?
test was mads this morning by the
| ll gainst the seeming negligent*-*
of the management of the New York,
V Haves* & Hartford Railroad,
which has. according to the ministers,
i.-suited ta the series of frightful acci?
dents and near accidents on the road
within th?' last year.
Th? b rds of trade of Nor walk and
floath Norwalk would act in cmjunc
Hoa '?.ith the churches in the move?
ment of protest, II was announced, and
that arrangement! had already been
ni?.]-- to hold ?i lit. at tnflattng of pro
t>^* againat the fleaadng negligence in
the Norwalh atlltuiy on Wednesday
I limed that all of their
-Bombers turn out to the meeting and
In ti movement A m minent
\ ?-... N.iruulk ?Mericus,
. .if the movement, said
?it method of running the
*raa a erintr*, ?ind that the
!-, dra*8 un r?solu
nd .-.indf -innation,
? : i ? the road
.- mis.
The Rat J. : I Wt i not artts at the
, a k at Green's
irrad, and said
It a roi r Qod that ai
\ ere not killed
outright through the fault of the road
. .i u? feotlve tea Itch,
- ; i rrltmss "
PrSdi port Conn., Hot. 17.?Accu-d
ing to Cor : er Phalen, who had charge
h investi?
, ... .. . ?.. i.: t?nt ' fell tht Mi i
n'B Farms,
. ra were in
td, ara? d ic to the spreading of the
if called by the autbori
.. ii---'- | gladly inform
the third In this
? . - <i Last year an express
the tracks at a crossover at
The aecldsnt at Weatport
?-I in the same
arrack on Saturday was
three mile?; from th<- aeene of the
learning of the smash-up, and"
I ? | of the passengers had
hilled, Coroner Pttardaa hurried to
i scene. He carefully examined the
.;! the rails had spread on
OB Which the train was run
train had not taken a crossover,
s- arafl at first believe j, but was run
| atralght away, and left th? track
a s it passed a crossover. Th?
?piking was pulled out and th?* track
**.as torn away for from 200 to 300 feet.
It Is understood that the Connecticut
*'ul li.' I'tilltle? Commission will visit
ti e s'-ene of the accident to-morrow
will make a thorough Investlga
If the? find that the railroad
-ials were responsible for the accl
' Die matter will be put up to a
?ontlniied no third page, ?*v ond eolnoon.
This Morning's News
m DstlOtiltes Railroad. 1
R*eman'a Body Bstetf Palisades. 1
' Hurt When Autolst Faint?_S
Riefe M..r.tclalr Man Knds Life. 3
Answers His <"rltlc?. 3
B Ikon Prince at Church. 3
? Arrests In Pond Murder.4
' .?rentes Arotassd. 5
Fishing Party Rsaetflsi. fl
Mitch?! Attacks Bcboel Board. 7
Hook from Throat. 7
Dealee Mitrrlaga Whsa sued. s
lorsf Laagha at spies. 9
h Farmers' '"onventlon.10
I nmpetltlon is Real. .. .10
Planting to Dstia......lfl
G amefl Plan Acquittai celebration..11
?up?is Kscort Held.14
names Ta'k Re'ir-ianlaatlon. 6
< Fight Brewing. 8
| Man Hanged In Georgia. 1
Union Burn Cremona Violins.9
Paaema Canal Being Rushed. 4
Milltl:t Mohllizatlon Planner!. 4
Lunn DsertSS the Blob. 4
!? Murder Trial on To-day.14
Bo>.s sUyer Writes Again.14
Haikan Peace Negotiation? Fall. 1
Maetoss Land In <*on?tantlnople.3
l<on_oii Market Outlook.4
I ab - in ?Juba.4
Mtosrtel . 8
fleolsty .?
Obituary .7
Music . "*
Kr>ort?? .? and 8
Neva for Women. ?
1 Inaticlal and Market?.10 ?nd 11
?atete ,.ia
Weather ...'.?>?
?""hipping New? .?>?
Army and Navy.18
Jersey Men Find Money in Kolo
Where Bunny Hid.
Great Notch. N. J . Nov 17.?A r.il.
Mt hunt on th<? outskirts of this v
was broupht tn ?in uncxpc '?
yesterday afternoon ;il the braOO O? ?<o
old apple tree into which th?' t
had sought ?shelter.
The hunters, John Lyono and Robon
Dodd, of Upper Moatclalr, bad *ir?-?i
two ihota at the little animal, and ? >
the smoke cleared away an? their priai
'run Into the hollow of the tree. As the
"hunters uerc prcparim. to ?miokr th?'
Irab1.it out they discovered In the tree
I hollow a much worn **ocket-*00__ It
contained one *fl<M> Mil, five twon, three
five? and eight one dollor I.ills, ?ill In
fair condition.
The rabhlt hunting was irnm?'lia'*>'?.?
?topped. There was nothing to show to
whom the money belonged, ami the
?upposltton If that it h"-"l toon hi?!den
by a thief.
Dying Maine Man Absolves
Slayer, but State Will Act.
Skowhepan, Me., Nov. 17.?Sheriff
John A. Mooers received to-day the re?
port of a coroner's Jury that Wari.n
Holden, of Jackman, wn.s ihot and
killed yesterday ?it Sandy Ray, BOOrth.
?"anadUn line, by William "Wilding, of
Indianapolis, lnd. BoMon, who was a
guide for Wilding on a banting trip,
wan mistaken for a door,
It was reported to the Sheriff that
Holden signed an explanation before
he died absolving Wilding from ?lame
for the ?hooting. A deputy sheriff will
leave here for Jackman to-morrow to
aerve a warrant on Wilding. Holden
had been a guide for twenty yearn. He
was forty years old and leaves a small
Radio Station at Legation Com?
municates with Warships.
Washington, Nov. 17.?In the event
of future Chine*?; disturbances the
American Legation at Peking will not
be handicapped In dealing with the
situation by lack of communication
with the Asiatic float as It was during
the Boxer upriaing. Communication be?
tween Peking and the outside world
too now been assured through the es?
tablishment of a radio station at the
Ameri?an Legation, operated by ma?
Successful communication has been
established between the legation ut
Peking and the naval ships at Bbacg*
hal, a distance overland of some ?six
hundred miles, as well as the ships al
Chi-Ku and Tslng-Tau.
Georgia Prison Had Two Leon?
ard Lewisfs?One a Burglar
and the Othpr a (Viuidorer.
Convict Who Survived Swears
He's the Burglar, and Courts
Will Try to Determine if
He's Telling Truth.
[By Te'ecr.ij.h t" Th? Tribune ]
Atlnnta, Nov. 17.--Was L?**Onard
'? Lewis, sentences* to four yean ?.n the
I st;it.? farm for burglary, hnnj-*>d In?*
IFrida** ?it I'ouglasvlll?. '"?a., by ml??- '
?take for Leftward Lewis, who wa?
teneed to i><-. executed for mordsr '
That question srorrylng the ?
i r t s ? - r ? officials? the Judge who ordered
th*? execution and the sheriff who tied
? nooi o end smng the train
if th?- v.-onp man was hanged ihr?
mtataks waa due ??i the fa?*t that two
negro conrlcta from out of town
coantlee, both named Leonard Learls
?md both much alike in personal ap
Ipearence, were confined in Vtlants lail
f'.r f-.-tf?' keeping prior t-. execution ..i
.... ateneo.
'm?- Leonard Lewis was from Cowota
County, antler sentones for burglary.
The other Leonard ?.?-wi.?* was from
Douglas County, under flentencs of
death for murdsr. Lntri "Friday a
Leonard Lewis mi taken from Um
Atlanta jnii to f**oofljlasrille and there
.?-"..on afu-r the banging rumors be
rame current that the wrong Leonard
Lewtfl h;id been banged, ami thai the
I.?-oii.'ird LflWlfl Who should bflVS died
on the gaOOWfl was K.-r\irij* ths fo'ir
?.ears' fltmtetocc for burglary Imposed
..h ths i>?-..n.-iri Lewis who was exe?
cuted. Various persona are so insistent
thai a ghastly mlfltakfl has been made
thai .ill'-*-'*' i?. m\ Roan, of th?' Criminal
Branch ol the Fulton county Bu$et1or
Court? has decided t<> order a ?ftorough
mrestlgatlon t<? decide which fcoonard
Lewis wan baagfljd.
Just how a dfclfii'in is to be reached
does not appear. The living Leonard
LeWtti naturally BWSSrs In Is the LSOU?
aid Lewlfl .?-?liunn-ii for burglary, while
the other Leonard Lewis has been
hanged and his body turned <'\<-r to a
in.ii-.i ai collssje, so he can make no
utatement f.>r himself.
The state prison officials who are in
\ olved deny that there has been a mis?
take. They say I he right Leonard
1.4'uls was hanged, but admit the diffl
nilty of proving the assertion.
Crushed Body of Widow Who
Went on Visit a Week Ago
Found at Cliff's Base.
Authorities to Investigate, but
Believe Woman Walked Off
Top of Cr.ag -Had De?
fective Vision,
| I T<*!r?-r.iph tn Th? Trl-iin- ]
Hack* risa. k. N. J.. Nov. 17.- While
climbing up the sl.Ie of the p.nltsades
at Co**tOOT_UO visterday nfternnon W. (
K. Footer, of NTo. HI Kast 41th street
Nam fork, who erald he was **anplo*fod
by McKIm, M "?id ,V White, of that
? i'y. bapponod to eat. h s?Kht o? a hand
of a bttnUU) botafl 'hat hung over the
?-Id.? ..f a I?..wider ahout a hundred f??et
I?.?!?.'.?. tl <? i|? Of the cliff. Ko8ter, who
was -iccmpanled by a friend, was
Ming :i Wooden stairway that leads _Ii?
T1 -.ir, the river to the top <?f the
? : as the hand was fully |
Blxty |, .1 frona the stairs and In a small
r.ivln? If was ImpoOOlhlo tO tell
whether or not It was tho hand of a
? ?i woman.
rooter harried t?> the top of the pall?
BadeO, gaTO an alarm and then eUtttbod
down two ItOOp lodgOO and slid down
t?i whore bo bad seen the hand. To his
oatonlohmenl bo found the body of a
woman, who, from oppooianioo. bad
.'? ? 11 dead seveial days. Th? re were
<\." deep notion on 'he m.i?. ?f tho
' Tho Mow Yorker then returned to the
ClllI and had %v??rd sent t?i the Fort LOO
polloe and to County Physician S. K.
Armstrong, who ordered an undertaker,
Jameo McXally, to get the body. Tho
undertaker said It was getting dark
and li?* didn't purpose taking any
? I once of killing himself or his ?sslst
anta by lowering a basket OTOT the
PalloadeO id ?-ending men below to
put tho body Into It.
COMOQUOntljr, that task remained
until this afternoon. County Physician
Armstrong, Under Sheriff EtObOtl N.
Heath, Councilman Samuel J. Corker,
Assessor Kd ward ?"avanagh and Mc
Nally, the undertaker, carefully
climbed down the Palisades. Then
men above lower? d a basket, using
siroriK ropes, and the bady was hoisted.
The authorities made a careful su
vey of the surroundings, and decided
that the womun had either been thrust
Continued en an und page, ?litb luluina.
President-Elect Walks Dec!
Reads and Take3 Lono- Hap,
? >ti board
al asa, Nor. it (by ?
ponack, K. t.h Pfle?ldent-elect Wem
row WllflOtfl BPenl a QUlet B?
the Steam.-r i i-daj n iring 'hi- Be
in the m.,rning he area up sarly an
sralked the de k I
ing ti.. ? -t be read in ths ship
library and took a long nap in h
Th<? weather oonttnuea fair and ti
aaa amooth. Th?* Bermudian is r>
peeled to arrive at Hamilton to-m-'i
row, and Governor Wilson win proi.n
bly go directly to his cottage si Ba
Kettle, iUflt hitoi-s the buy from Han
Rummage Sale Bargain Costl;
for Social Worker.
' B) ,- terre*?! '?> The Trlb-n? i
BteubenriUe, Oblo, Nov. it.?if Mis
Kaanls Oreen trot attends snothe
ruminagfl flato she win go bareheaded.
Miss Oreen, active in charitable an
social W'.rk, was one of the promoter
of a riitnniaii?' sale last night t.. giv
poor folks a chance to buy rust off ST
till? s cheaply. Sii-* served flfl a ?lerl
and laid her |f| hat near a counte
where second band millinery waa beim
sold at 26 cents.
An Italian v..itnan picked up the ha
>Ai!h tin- query:
?Hou much?"
Twenty-fivs cents," said the hurrtet
Police Halt Ball Preparations ai
(?line mea ,*'!?" wots working in >i"
ballroom *?f ths IUta-<*arlton last nighi
getting it ready lot an mtsrtatnment ti?
be givea there to-night by Mr. ami lira
Whitney Warren arsre arrested tat ri?la!?
ing ti.e Sunday law.
Patn Iman I~uvlor saw the nn-n at arorl
an" told James Held, of No. 17 4 Kust Tlsl
street, who STSS In charge, that lhe> STOUM
have to QUtt Rstd aald the men WOUM
continu?- ut work, and that ha wniiM In k
the door so that the pol loman would ht
compelled to break It down to make an
an-st. Lawlor simply put his foot in the
door, so that it could not he tdOSSd, MS"4
his polite whistle and In a Jiffy two other
policemen appeared Ten of the work?
men emaped through a rear doorway, hut
the three policemen marched their nine
prisoners to the East &lst street station,
when??- they were gent to the night court.
The prisoners were carpenters an.l plas?
terers. An extra force will have to be put
to work to-day to fret the Job finished In
time for the ball to-nl-fht.
In the men's nicht court later Magis?
trate Kernochan paroled until Tuesday
the prisoners In the custody of a lawyer
who appeared for all of them.
rruKisir MUX-EM rreaking in"
! Detachment from the Scorp:
\ Sent to American Embassy
Reassuring Statements.
Constantinople. Nov. 17.?The Pnl
States station ship Scorpion has ser
detachment of marine?, to the Amerl<
Embassy. The ambassador save t
this is not because he fears an o
? break, but is In the way of comn
j act-on with the other embassies.
I'The Se.irplon ha.?- moved up the B
poriis and has taken up a position ?
poafto Arnautkeul to protect tho gll
The United state.? is the only gn
? ". without cruisers Or battlesh
Bi orphan carried eighty tr
Certain aMi.is--a.iors have dociai
t la i", ?i ingof whntevor
Conatantlnople All tho 01
re under guard to-night, r?
iino-fl lal roaldonc-0 of forolgnen i
: without protection. Many of th'sc I
? .1 o tho outlying distric
where, abould an outbreak occur, th
i would l"' the first t?. he attacked. Fu
? thermo'v. aeveroJ of the legations a
I stoutly walled, whllo the privat?? re;
? denooo generally are not Inclosed.
It |i th" Intention Of the nmbassado
[to avoid eroailng ? panic among the
national* and In l?verai eaooo 'he m?
lines bare gone to tho embassies on
boooiioo tho eu-baaelee are good centr.
from which they can circulate, if BOM
American citizens have been oi
tend tho hospitality of the Pritlf
?hipo abould an outbreak rlovolop.
Several American women In th
lO-riO* BchOOl at Siutari, Asia Minor, r?
I main acrooi the Hosporus, aiding an
lonoouraglng tho Turkish and othe
Ianlui?.-. The Scutari school has boo
ClOOOd for some days, and it has bOO
Ipropoood to roopon it, bocauao n
trOUblO has occurred In Scutari. Sun
|d_y*l battle, however, will probahl;
; put an end to that plan,
Mr?-. Kockhill has other Americai
women daily at the embassy to sew fo
the Turkish soldiers. A numb.r o
Kngllsh and American hospital work
On are giving assistance to the eholer;
Major Clyde B. Ford, of th? Ohtto*.
States army, who Is on leave of ah
| Banco, is doing conspicuous surglca
i Work at the Taskishla barracks.
The Rev. Dr. Caleb S. Gates, presl
d?-nt of Robert College, bat rSoetdo.
thai any of thO toachOTl and theli
families Who wanted to go aboard th?
British ships could do so, but tho ma
j ?rity of the men have gectdod to re.
; main In tho college with the students,
Who ?^''' ot all nationalities. Dr. Gatea
intends to open {he college grounds,
Whlcb are protected by high walls, tc
any Moslems or non-Moslems who seek
refiu,*-. _
The American Ambassador has re
eelvod altogothev about $27,000 from
the Auie'i'an Red (*ross and private
Ameriian sul.scriptlons. The Ameri?
tan?, are working In close touch with
the Ibitish Red Ctobs and tho Red
i is? cut, which have an even larger
tund, but they say all will be needed.
Hoffman Philip, secretary of the
American Embassy, and Major John
II. M Taylor, military attach?, went to
the front in an automobile early to?
day and watched the battle from the
heights behind the Turkish lines.
Should eider The Journal of Commerce
delivered at their homes every business
Burning, All news stands keep It. .
,._.?,_ ?__r couy.?-AdvL
Nazim Pacha Reports Destruc?
tion of 3 Bulgarian Batteries,
but Refugees Behind His
Lines Break Camp.
Turkish Fleet Participates Vig?
orously, Both at Sea jof
Marmora and Black Sea
Ends of Tchataldja
Moslem Detachment Replaced by
Fresh Troops Several Thou?
sand Strong Held in Re?
serve Near the Otto?
man Capital.
(By Cable to Thn Tribune 1
London, Nov. 18.?The armistice ifl
at an end, and the great deciding bat
' tie has begun. The only information
about It comes from Turkish sources,
and Is to the effect that the Bulgarians
have suffered heavily in an unsuccess?
ful effort to force the Tchataldja lines.
Nazim Pacha telegraphs that the
Bulgarians begun a gen-ral attack at
3 o'clock yesterday morning:. The
fighting lasted until ar. hour after **un
8Ct. The attack was mainly deliver? d
against the Turkish right an-l centre,
but it failed, it seems, and three Bul?
garian batteries were destroy. ?I.
In Constantinople there area great
excitement all day throughout th?- ? ity.
Many of the housetops were crowded
with people listening anxiously. A
correspondent who procured a convey?
ance and drove out In the dire ctton of
the firing for a distance at taren '
miles fell In with a number <>i ofltc. ra
and private soldiers coming from the
locality of the engagement, and on
questioning them ascertained that the
battle began with the opening of a
heavy Bulgarian artillery tire on the
Turkish POSltloaa on the heights
...round T?haialdja and Hademkeui.
The Bulgarians were advancing slowly
beyond the Tchataldja hills, hut were
heing subjsctsd to a henvy lire and
were losing tonsil ? .
Turks Hold Their Position.
The Turkish fourth army corps was
making a d? t?rmined effort to turn the
eiH-niv's right Hank.
The posiiion at midday was that t*8S
Turks were still holding their positions
at Hademkeui.
The lighting Is still going on. and
? aoiinda of a furious artillery duel .oui.I
he heard. On going back to Constant!?
DOpis the ?'orrespondein met several
bodies ?if reinforcements hslnfl hurried
to the fighting area? as arell a? aoens
I in la of volunteers, who artth
flying bravely ?Aere marching to bat?
This battle will be the deCflBlVS
etruggla <>i ti'e war. All that oaa he
Bald at present, however. Is that the
Turks are evidently ranking a deter
mined stand.
According to another ?tory, the Bul?
garians have suffered a serious check
at Tchataldja, Turkish soldiers, it is
stated, have made prisoners eight bat?
talions of Bulgarian troop? and also
tak-n several guns and an enorm?jus
ipuantity of munitions of war.
New? of Victory Confirmed.
The Foreign Minister confirms the
news >>f victory, without, however.
?tying the exact number of prison?
The official m?*ssage. It will BS seen,
gives th*. latest news of ths bsttls,
but does not suggest that ?M lighting
is not to he renewed to-day.
If Nazim Path i can for ones he re?
lied on. his m-ssage proves that Tcha?
taldja di-serves ?s grant reputation a.*
a lino def?'tice. but the Bulgarians
probably did BOt expect to force it at
the Brat attack.
Further n?-ws la eagerly awaited, as
on the result of the buttk die term?
on which poa??3 will be in.de will
largely depend.
"Constantinople awakened this ni-ri.
ing to the rumbling of guns," ?a>s s
dispatch fren the Turkish capital to
'The Daily Telegraph." "The sound
was feeble and dull, like a distant
storm, but at intervals became distinct
to the people thronging ths terraces.
Per? Calm and Indifferent,
"it was possible to tell th.it the tiring
came from behind the hills masking
Tchataldja and Dcrkos, Uyt whether
the Tchataldja forts vv.-re tiring on 'he
advancing Bulgarians or the Turkish
cruisers were bombarding the road
from Derkos t<> pswrsnl the Bulgarians
from turning th? ti lines could not be
?'The extraordinary calmness and in?
difference of the population in Pera are?
striking. The streets to-day were
thronged with the usual Sunday
crowds, and the caf?s "and places of
entertainment did as thriving a busi?
ness as before the war. Reassured by
the pr?seme in the roadstead of the
foreign warships, the only thought,
seemingly, was pleasure.
"As far as the government is con?
cerned, the principal o?cupatlon for th?
moment is insuring the position of the
Cabinet by the arre?t of as many of
the memhera of the Union and Prog

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