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V01 LXXII..N* 24,110.
To-ela>, fair. .?.???,. r.
I.. niorrotv. falr. Minthitest winel*..
* ?
PRICE ONE CENT,BCUy ja^g^jjgjg^
Elation Over Wahle's Strong
Speeeh Changes to Dejection
When Moss Tears Their
Defence Apart.
Justice Goff to Charge Jury This
Morning?Opinion Seems To
Be That Verdict of Guilty
iu First Degree Will
Be Rendered.
At ih-" ?" fi ?t a cooi, clarlfying
analys-ls ol thfl evWence in tho case of
(our -.iinmen on trial for tho mur
Apt ot Herman Rosenthal Assistant
Dlstiici Attorney Ifoea yesterday pro
gullt of "Lefty" I.e.ui,.
tf\ ' I.ewis. "Pago" Frank and
?r,yr'' the Btoctd and aske*d tlie* jury
in laapaaaloned terms to perform its
ful! civie- duty anel bring, in a \ordi,-t
tt guilty "f murder in the> tir.-t degrefl
ajrainst all four de fendants.
"*__l?re never was a greater crisis in
thi.? communlty than eonfronts you el
thla time." said tho proseeutor, "and
I have flhown it tn ymi as I l.eilovr it
tr, ho. No falee Bympathy should pre
renl i Jurj from brlnslng ln a verdict
to be rr.nl by good people, as well as
i>ad people. Th< eyei "f both elementa
ln the communlty, wlth the tyog ol the
i >ui perhapa more Bharply Inter
"lf theae defendaata have couunltted
? it is a e-riine- of ,-rim.-s. lt
:n tho fnce of American liw
it fltrlkee et tbe veo stnie-t
institutions. The grand jury
dled <?f Itfl wltneee, who was
sh,'t down braienly, aa if a warnlni to
?in the uau.f tbe people of the
\.??.-? Tork 1 eall upon >>,')
verdtrl Whlch wlll vindkate t'nis
communlty and r.-st. order and
i make theee peroom and
?i is. throufh it. know that
?; ,'. ln larael; make them
t 1 fla Jury not afraiel
ll of Kangste-rs.
? of thelr bul
? n, i aak you for a voxy
i; the t'n*-'t el.-gree."
Wahi-.'s Appeal Strong.
???!? had Ibe uajual advan
l d t" tbfl jury. Mr.
- of it in .ii- -ecting
ntroverttng and apparently un*
,,. . io the degt-e ? ol totti rlng*?
? ure whlch Cbartee Q. 9.
ii-t tiir.-. houra for
.-. ? re , f thfl opinion thal Mr.
v- ellenl um of tbe mat* -
in h ind. >ii* appeal to tbe
.-?: ong nd ii.,i reaatve If not
i< ,ii it waa perhapa ?
- gunmen than the
..,,i> for Charlea Becker, \sbo
r tbfl seve-n defendantfl
. on the Indtctment
? ? -
Th- - .. ? . of the proa
?im ei t,> sirike- Are to
polntfl home ;
with >lom . He left littl? to
bfl ->. treaeed from his own opinion,
- .1 oul each contention by
quotmg lroni the irrevoeable reeord In
the.- ceee, His unnlysis of that part of
the testimony eif each gunman relative
to the- abootlng itself brought out in
fl-fllfltenclea Whtcb probably did not
excur to tht- Jurors at the time the de
.tudant. were telling their stories. Mr.
Mon unrlertook to show from the testi?
mony of the gunmen and other wit
BflOflea for the de fenee that the wounds
which caused the death of Herman
nthal could not have been lnflieted
t,y Weber, Vallon and the "strange
man whr.m tbfl gunmen swore. they
tbe ibootlnc
The- poettloa la whleh the gunmon in
t!,.-ir testimony and other witnesses
Weber, Vallon and the "strange
(ontlnue-el on third V*ge, t*e*<-ond eolumn.
This Morning's News
LOCAX-. Page
Crool -ix. 1
Gunnie-n ln Teera as Trlal cioses- 1
I*arr,;i; ,j r_jr| geeretly Weds. 1
N?w Trunk Murder" Clewa. 3
T.nt Returna t<> Capital*???. *
Aflrardi the Horae Show. 5
Milllonalre Stole: Wife;. 7
Electlon Invalld. 7
1'retty Nurae Menteaeed to Uedford... 7
Knrlcii Columbia. 9
utits te, \\e_-k for New Vork.... 9
Adler Talka on Dlvorcfl. ?
? iral K.ii.ls iu Six Cltles.18
H Crltlclaee Hanus.18
n iinei wito Overrulfl Counsel... 1
? i Known. Say Police. 3
Blow t.j BathUlb Trurt. 8
Law Called Itulnous. 6
Unlon Man, S.'-inx McMatilgal, Fainted 8
Pollcfl I ired Pletols.. 8
Ul>or Hplti on Policy. ?
Wllaon Iteachefl Mermuda. 4
"""'uae or I Halntearate" -Prenderfraat. 4
**? Bryan anel Wilson "Get On"?... 4
n Asks for Interventlon. 1
J'a-i of Monaatir. a
N'?wa f.jr Women. 7
KditorlBl . ?
Befjflty . 8
Theatrl. al. ?
Huilc . ?
"'ituer . 9
Ifflrt- . .10 and 11
*?"??"* ind Na\>.U
Khippln-- News .11
?T**athcr .11
'CUI and Markets_11, 1? and 13
fctal a-iai. .1*
Cannot Win Brave Fight for
Life, Say Physicians.
Washington, Nov. 18. Banator R
ner, of Ifaryland, who has been iii al
his apartmenta her* for aeveral weeka,
la In a crttleai condltlon to-nlght Earl}
to-day the Banator bad ;i alnklng apall,
and li" baa be?n growtng etandlly
neaker since.
Ht la nriaklnff a brave Bght for lif",
b-tv-he phyalctanfl hold out practlcally
n<> hope for his recovery.
Mistaken for Deer by Second
Man Stalking Wood with Gun.
[B] Tel'^Kraph to Thr XMbWM I
- \".*ii!st,r.. Conn., Nov. 18.?Tha deer
huntlng Beflutoa had hmdiy op? nad to?
day, wben tho first vtctlm of tba year'a
hunting was shot. Hr was Albert,
s< .u los, of Tollnml. _?___,
ionlaa araa o_1 al daybreah la the
Tolland woods, and as he hroke UuroUgh
sornp bushes. Lawrence Cartar, another
huntar, Brad, tblnklng thal Boulea waa
B dear.
The wounded man araa bTOUghl to the
lomi hoepital, where ba Haa ln a Barl?
ona oondltion. Ho is twenty-twe yeara
Workman Thrown Down Stack
When Scaffold Gave Way.
' Hv i elegraah te 'i ba Trtbaa. '
Memjihis. Nov. IS.?Ern.st Atwood,
t?f Cofferville, Kan., was cruahed ;f1
deatb thla mornlng when ba fell 190
feel from ;i _mo___rtaeb af the Ifemphla
Btreel Rallwag CkMnpaajr, al 4iu atreei
an.l Rallroad avenue.
The man was w_r__ng aa ? BcalYold.
He and ,'i rompani"ii were in.ikiiiir a
in w form of concr4te whon 11.?- acaf*
fold gave way and Atwood was tln
Inalde tha stack to tha -oncrete floor
below, BSvary bona m bla body waa
Husband, Sons and Daughters
Present at Anniversary.
B t legrapk to Tho Trflmai I
Paaaalc, N. J.. Nov. 18.?Burrounded
by her husband, two sons and aeven
daughtera, who arara present ln honor
of her golden weddlng annlven
Mrs. Carotma Btepp Bmlth, wife of
Jolm J. C. Bmlth, of No. 148 Paiilison
avenue dled ;it ber home laal night, In
ber si.\t.\ -eighth year.
Bha had been IM a ?? ?? ? ? ' " !h"
bratkm planaed In honor ol tba
O-tleth annlveraarjr of the is__rrtage
bad to 1"' posU'Oiied.
tdallB .i. .md AM b, two af
? ib.- dauglrtaeaj own th- _< ad
. u)\ h re.
AoCTJMd of Stocking His Cav_
with Other Peoples Provisions.
;, i frapk te T k "
. rvllle, >'. J., Nov. 18 -"Old Joe"
Klrch, the "Harmll ol llillafc i
brought to the Bo-nerael County Jail
?,,..,. late to-day by membera of thei
Mllhrtone VagUant Boclety, charged
with numeroua robbai ? a. He llved ln
B cave in winter and i lenl In aui
?he imiatane River. it is aUeged
araa aboul to go Into wlnter
quartera nnd made ? rnid oi
. arhk-h cauaed Coturtable Wyi
the i-.oif-r of the VUrllant Boclety, to
go hungry ave. Buaday.
Wyckoff tled hiH horse and wagon
under tiie hotel shed at Milistone on
Saturday night H. lefl h_a stock nf
Eraaday pi-vto-Oihi in the wagon, but
when he. drove to his home. some miles
from the village, later in the nitcht th' y
were missing. Meat was also atolen
from a butcher ahop and clothlnp rrom
, store on Baturday night in Milistone
The Btolen goods were fonnd ln the
hermlfs cave to-day when lt was en?
tered ly the vlgllants, who captured
"Old Joe" after a hard llght.
Dr. Parkin Criticises Americans
Sent to Oxford.
Washington. Nov. IR?A BBVei. rrltl
cism of Htudenta sent to Oxford Unl
veratty "nd<'r the E-hodea _____Ur__ilpa
v_9H dellvered to-day by Dr. Oeofga R.
JCrkln, Of Oxford, executive secretary
(_ the Khodes flj_ho_--___P trust, be?
fore tbe Natlonal Assodation of State
rnlversities. whlrh began its ..-ven
teenth annual B_ee_0gj here.
Dr. Parkin dlvldid lhe Btudentl BBttl
to Oxford from the I'nlted States into
three classes. The flrst third. he said.
w.re hlgh grade stud.-nts; th. serond
third were falr, while the other third?
"well, H ls a mystety tO the Oxford j
faCUlty how they ever gOt there." Dr. ;
Parkin said merlt should be the d. -
terminlng factor In awarding tho
Rhodes scholarshlps Well round. d
students were deaired, he declared, re
gardless of flnanrlal or soclal gtandlng.
Howard Jones, of New York,
Gets Philadelphia License.
IBy Te-flgrafb la Tba Tilk-Bfl I
Phlladelphla. Nov. lv Howard Jonea,
of No. 600 Hlverslib- DriVB, NeW YorK,
and Msh Nlta Pierson. also of New York.
procured a marriage llcensc here tB-day
and were married. aecordlng la rapeit
late this afternoon.
Mr. Jones played end on the 1H07 Yah
team. and dlstlnguished himself ln tbe
Prlnceton and Harvard games of that
year. lt was largely due to his playing,
as well as to that of his broth.-r. T. A 1'
Jonea. that Old Eli won a victory from
what ?eamed cai tal defeart.
Mi. lesea haa kaea employed by Cmnip
\ Oa., .traeton "'"< b-f-dari la l -
dt>. No knawiadga .?f his plaaa aoold ba
obtained ut his New York address.
* ??
Krytop Torlc Eytglaflsea Be) ln el
mountlnga at Spencer'a, i Maluen U_ne.?
Advl. '
Cornerecl by Detectives in Bronx
Roarihouse. He Opens Fire
and Badly Wounds 5 Men.
3 of Them Officers.
Pursued in Taxicab, He Makes
Stand and Uses Magazine
Pistcl with Deadly Effect
Before He Sends Bullet
Through Own Head.
in a apectaculer abootlng ln a Bronx
roadhouee a man and a troman <>f the
underworld were kllled last night and
ii\e- men who weie trounded now llfl ln
.-: aerloui condltlon In Lelwnon Hoept*
t.ii. The list folloWa:
Vopel. Hrnry. fce-ty-ei'il*.' vc.ira old. kno?vn
to the police i; .* crOOfc.
Lotlio. a w.ini.,.-, about twe;ity-tive year* I
Alien, John f.-fty fnu- y--ar* o'd former
?ietective of poiirp, nov c.'cteotiv") for
,\lat'on.-,i Seeurlty Comp.m/: s~iot ln !
ind flkufl depresseJ ?
by b.'ov. irem bla I j iek.
Butler, will ni , . tv _ave*i tart *hi.'
,v_,ler of Nn. KMO Sin-p.on stre*-*., The !
Bronx. ',!*ot in BbdOmen,
F.-.y. Martln F\. thi-ty-live yeara old, C<*n- I
f-.-il Oft,ce detective ,ittnct*ed t. W*.t j
tOOttl Btreet i-t.-ition, and lives at No.
1414] Bryant avcn te, Tlie BhOnx: shot m
?bdemen, .
Gerade, Lonl*. tv*.>?nty-ninr vrzr*. old. and :
lives al Ne, 793 CretenA Ps k North,!
lietflCttVfl loi National Seeiu-ity Co>n- ;
p-iny : Ihot ni l?e:r> nd i ip
Mondacheln, Louia. thlr.y*elght yt.-.r: old. ,
proTielor of Elsn->er?' Hotel. Courtlandt |
avenue .ine. 1Mst -itreet. and lives at No. )
1 Hoe BVenufl, Th'J Gron> : shot in I
>ur>n. ?
I'..?.. 4 lli ii. Mondacheln, Butler and ,
de were all flhol bj Vogel, whom
the <i. i. ? i i\ '?? had run t" earth -f;-r
an nft?*n.n hunt. Then he ahol tbe
nruman, and flnallj tui n< d the n roli ei
ln hh* OO n h.-ad.
Dete -tlvei had ' ? en follon Ing the
pair all da]. and
? ... i. . he '
flylng from
???i ,.t . Ine revolver
found ' ; dacheta, ihe
r, th< .'.!? i. ran
t,, aid the dete
thi m, too.
Pursued in Taxicab.
i . irea i"i ti, .Ne.i'.'.iiil
any, "f Ifb, ZM Broed
. tbi ,'U's tttga kegaa tbe
bunl fe r ?'.,:?' I : 'or *-,,in-' tltne* th>
had been on the man'a trail, an,i
i n thi y r.-m acreefl i, m
I -ir.,- and Tenth avenue, He
Waa m a taxlt ab wlth thfl glrl, and i
[eii,,] on th< _eal wlth the chauffeur j
\. . I two flteaaii r
The ei, t.-. tlvei leaned to ? taxi ab) |
bul In aome ??? a ? Vog i Found he waa
belng followed and bld in , I
j Hla taxicab ih-d into
?-. i. an.i then up Nlnth eve
: ?;, j i -, -.tiiie-. arith a'u n md Ot rade
?till I kNM behind. Y','r. I leaned oul rl
the window and loofci ,i behind,.-.
,,. atarted to hall another taxlcnh,
whlch in- evidently though! waa faater.
Bul tbe prlvate detectivea wer? too
i .i,i .a, h ? bi aia.
in thfl cab wlth them waa Fky, who
bad been sent onl by tbe ivntrai Ofltoo
... u Un M, maklni the arrest And it
?ru h grael eatch tii.-y wer.- nndertak*
Ing, f'.r ye-ste-rilay morning a se-rvant
glrl confeeaed In tbe Tonbe tbat *die>,
Vogel anel "I/eitlie-" vve-re- all nie-rnhe-rs
of a Katig that ha.l he-e-ri |?artlei|.atlng
f,,r monthfl in cleverly earrled out jewei
Tbfl ebaafl was Kwift, but the de
tectlvefl know tbe pair were Koing to
tii. Ehamerfl Hotel, at HWxt ntn-et and
<Vmrtlan.lt avenue-, Thr* Bnmx. <;. ra<ie-.
Alle-u anel Fay s.iW the- y.-lle.w ta\l
i-e.u up i>> the hotel, \>hile! th.-ir own
atopped ? btoeh ewi**/. Tbey to,,k
aocne time before tbey went ln, and
found OUl thal the man and w.irnan
bad regletiired u "Mr. and Mra iiarrv
Tho ei(-te*.tiye*H we-n! to Motidacheln,
who UM Butler t.> eecorl then up
stairs. .\s tbey reached tbe baad e.f
the- aecond fllghl oi Btepa, Butler
leoint e-el te. fl door Mld Bfl ill BOftlj
"Jtl tlirre "
Blackiacked at Door.
Alien mped on the- paael, and thn
woman, I_HtlO thet'fl all tlM name thp
police give bflr?opened the door juHt a
"What do you want: There'a n,,
gbe <ii'i nol bevfl tlma to flnleh thp
aentencei (or euddenly tin- eio.ir whb
IIuuk wiele-. an.i Vogel fltOOd in llir* .sill.
H>? , rasii down bl* blackjack e.n Aiie-n's
bead, end the detective dropped.
j.ike- a bare, he Jumped t,, the h.-ei
and grabbed hi*- big rapld lire- ruii. Ah
(',. l.iele- iUnged lu K>1 UI tbfl reiuin. a sheit
plefced hli gbdoraen. And tiu-n Voge-i
Inrned -<n I'ay beiTore tbe dctectlVA
COUld ROt eiut his piste.l.
Butler bad turned to run. and was
leaplng down tha etalt-, whea Vogel
shot him. anel then faced Mondacheln,
wh.i had raced up trom tbe i.ottom of
the hous. at tbfl Mrst s.hot
BOOM one ln the hotel rushtd e>ut and
mtt a patrohnan running ln. The Mob
riaanla poMee fltatlon was notin>d by
telephone, end Captaln Walling and
Captaln Price, of tbe Bron*. detective
bureau, hurrled t" tbe eeene, irblcb
(eintioiirtl e.n si.th |MKe\ areonel ee.lumn.
Should rn 1' r The .lournal of Commerce
dellvered at th-ir home* every buslnewi
in,,.n. rt- All newa -aand. Itt-ep ll. 6
eenta per oopy.?*Advt
Sccrctarv -There'- i lot of impudenl people outside rvanting to know the cause of
our latest wreck.
EUilroad Offidal -(.et down Special Reason No. 26and read it to cm.
Insist on Ruling Examination of
Talesmen. and the Jury Box
Is Quickly Filled.
"If I Think He Is Guilty, I'll
Withdraw," Says Goldzier
_Prisoner Relies on
One Witness.
| . |_BT-B_ tn Th* Trlhiin* !
Qoahen, N T., Nov. __.-Wlth lhe
opening af the trtaJ here to-day ut
Btrrton W. GWag-tb n* K-f? Tor* ktvw
ver, charged wlth the murder of rtosa
gaabo, ai Oiaanwood i.ako, last July.
|| was evldent that the strategy nf the
defence is to be rule.d hy the mlnds flf
the 1WO persons who have mOtA at Make.
These are the prisoner himself it'd his
wlfe. who still 4-Ungs to the hope of
aavlng his llfe.
None of the twelve jurors, cboeefl
after fO? UUA a quarter bours of ___??
t?l qu.stionlng by both sldes, was al
l.iued to pass lnto the jun' box with?
out the flnal approval of Mrs. OibOCNB,
arboaa etoea s.Ttitmy of the taleamena
,.?.,.? ahowed she was tr-etlng to
uomans IntulMon. Flve of the twelve.
were ?___!*?-?>? tne t"?,stPn,? ,f thn
.ccueed man. rather than on lhe ji.dq
.,?.?, ai bla counsel. RobaH B. Bdar.
,,f Hrooklyn.
One Of those dlscarded at the mo-n
|?f s.ssion by the peremptory challenge
?f Mr Kld-r was rc alled ln tb- aftBC
noon and was passed after further cx
axalnatkm. lt ??? ?. cno,<'" ,n whkh
Olbaon aniLhls wlfe manlfeatcd great
Gib.on Re.pon.ible, S_y? Elder.
??Weii Gttbeea |H th,> man thiiX hi,s '"
tolM tba mmikmr Mr. Bktar said
after .ourt adj..iirned for the day. "If
there ls B conviction. I don't want him
? ,?. able to say that thlngs mlght
have been different had his judgnvnt
charles 4;?ldzierp who Is assoHatcd
arltb _____ in the case. was in open re
vnlt Bl the end Of lhe day.
"lt all comes of havlng B foollsh law?
yer as a et-BRt ??_*? wants to run
thlngs." he said; "and I want to say
that U at any point during th l trial I
should b_e_-M convlnced of his gui^t I
shall withdraw from the case"
Deaplte the frictlon. ufter the twelve
man arho are to slt ln flnal judgment
ha.l been slfted out of the flfty-eight
taloemen called to the stand from a
panel of 210. all comerned in both the
pmse tltlon and the defence agre.d
that an unusually Intelllgent rroiip of
men had been seleoted. All the Jurors
are married and most of them have
children. The greater portion of them
f ontimi-d on *i?lh p_ae, fourth i-olumn.
Pirtfies lhe hlood A deliri.-u. bever ig?.
II T Dewey i-SonaCo., 138 Fulton St.,N.Y.
The H. F. Dimock Catches Fire
at North River Anchorage.
The paaeenger steamer n F. Ulmock,
ptytng between Be Bton -,'.,! tl Ifl porl
t>,ok iir.* al bey ??? Pler 15,
North River, .'.t the weeterly termlnua
.,f iiar, la: . ti- et, lal l? t nighl
an alenn <,f 'ir.- wai flounded. The fire*
*-.<...t New Torker, wlth flve land en
gincs, found the lower f< nrard hatch
?blagfl an.i a threate nin fire In prog
Tbe H. F Dlmoe i tvfl bullt in 1884
Bhe is 271.8 long 11.8 in breadth Bnd
I6l3 in depth. siie- h of 2,628 tona iroaa
regletnr. ami when afloat carrlea
.,f tw.-nty-six. The boat tied up last
Saturday nlght, and emptled a
i.me-eais ? irgo ?f fn ighl ? - t, rdaj
'I'h.'S,' e.ti the- |*1*I said tll,- l,e,:,i
ampty, end mamberfl of the creu k..
ix.thing of the- origin <>f tbe flre.
Boon after the Brenen got t,, arork
in tlu* he,id e.f th<* DHnoek eeveral irero
10 nye-rrome hy sm,.k>- they had t'> s,*,-k
relief. The- Iir. men thereafte*r WOffced
in relaya none of the relayi belng -? i,i?-*
to remaln lon-r below, Captaln 0*Don*
IVII eif the IMmoe'k, founel the Iir.- had
spnad, and .sm.iki' Bnem was pourtng
from all tbe openlngfl below, The water
jioun-d Into the \<-sse-l i-ause-d her to
list t,. Btarboard
The flre-men Wflge flghting a Iir.- tbey
could not Bnd deflnltely and one that
appaari .1 to i?e gettlng away from then
while- tbey We.lkrd
Plunder Stolen 18 Years Ago
Was Hidden in Rocks.
Itar Elarbor, Me-.. Nov. 1V. -A large j
amount of neilid silver tahleware stolen |
fr?,m Qeorga W, \aiide i hiits mmmer
re-sldeu, e> he-re eightOOH years agO was
found tO-day hiiid.-n in the* roe ks al '
the-baefl pf ? clifl by Btmoa Vbrtete, ? ,
Vlolete wenl i,>**h<- -lirr for a load of
rock, and in handBng tbe itoni cam<
Upon tbfl silvei wnr,-, whirh OJgg COV
ared by rocki earth and nnderbruah, j
Th.- aUver li ralued al rfl.ixxi or more, j
and i? part _.,!' pliniel.-r valu.-el tl rti.inv
thooaaada of doUaro taken from tbe
Vanderblll home. a large nun of
mone-y and much traluablc Jewelry were ,
never reoovered.
The i-llverware was markrd wlth the
inltials "<'. W. V."
Negro Woman Demands 'Rights'
in Highest Tribunal.
Washli^ton, Nov. IS. .Mary K. Butts.
? ne'gro, e.f Bverett, Mass., tbougbl Bhe
elld not receive the- treatment tO whlch |
he-r tlck>-t entitl.e! her <>n a \.i>atl..ti
| trip 1j>" water froni Hnston to Balti
more and return In L90J.
Afl an out com. th?- woman will ask
the Supreme Court to deoiele th.it tbfl
Old ' > ivil rlKhts ait" of L8TS, whleh
was held uneonatitutional In hitterly
fOUght Oaaai many vi-ars ager, is con
Htitutioii l, nevertbeleea, and In full
force ami e-ffee-t on tne OCeaa and otiii-'
places where the United States has
lurlsdk-tion. She* wants damages.
No ThaiikflglvtBg dlnaer OaWiplete without
a hotth* of Dr. Slegctt's Angoitura Bltter*.
Beautiful Ohio Heiress Weds
Cancellor of Cuban
Consulate Here.
Couple Makes Hurried Trip to
the City Hall and Knot Is
Tied by "Marrying"
Aldorman Smith.
'8b! Ifa a secret! The most beauti?
ful glrl in Columbla Cnlverstty-so her
fri.-nds .speak of her?has been married
slnce Krlday week. Whom dld she i
marry? Sefior Placldo Domlnguez
rlocnajr, ohanoc-Ilor of the Cuban Con?
sulate in this city. The bride has Just
turned ,-werity-ono, but already haa
her degree of Hachelor of Arts from
the I'niversity of Ohlo, and is work?
lng for her M. A. at Barnard, taking a
couraa in paychology, aad the thesis
?be is preparlng is entitled "The Psy
choiog) <>t I.ove!"
The, bride has two home in this city
nt present. One at No. BB Morningside
Drive, a few steps from Columbla 1'ni
vatBtty, and the other is at apartments'
at Uie Cathedral Plaaa, occajded by
Boftor Docnlag-ea an.l BeAera Domln?
guez. .Miss Kathryn Smlth, daughter
of Bcrnard Smlth, a millionaire of Co
lUB-b-S, ohio, lives at the Morningside
home a.l.iress. Yes. she is Seftora Do
mingU-S. De they know at the house
that ItlflB Smlth is married? Well, her
de.ir.si tiiend. Miss Maigaret Day,
uliu is sludying at Barnard, says she
does not know, and
Hut the friends of I'lacido, as those
arhe are intimate with the Cuban
Chance!.-- call him. Wtnk slyly and tell
bon some one at the Morningside Drive
addreaa, everjr rnorning, ruffies a coun
terpene and dehvers a1 rigiit swing in
ttie centre O. a plllOW and otherwlse
makea arork for a chambermaid. whlle
.\li^ Bn.lt- that is, Seftora Domin
giicz- Li l>r, akfasting hall a mile away.
ai the Catb-draJ Plaza, wlth her hus
i,and of ten daya.
Girl's Parents Disapprove.
Wlr. all ihe neccssity of secrecy?
\\eii, there is faar of dlaapprovai on the
nart oi the brlde'B paranta, They want
!,,??? to linish her course at Barnard.
Then another reaaoa 's that the Chan
letlor la a dlrorced man, having been
divoroed fr-ui, his Brat wife, LoCtaa
IVrraii.l. on May M last. by the Flrst
Diatrlcl 4'ourt Of Santo Domingo. The
eertlflcate of dlvoroa, which was grant?
ed on June .1, stated that tho dlvorce
araa one <>f "mutual agreement."
The n*w son-in-law is not known
to the Smiths, tor be made the r.c
qoalatani.I their daughter live years;
ago when th.-y were going to 1-urope. .
(oDtliiiirtl nn teventh pagr. fnurlh column.
We sei.ct fraata egK* only for siorage.
Ouaranted sound and sweet by Acker.
Merrall & Condlt Cu-Advt.
Fail of Monastir Dashes Any
Hope Porte May Have Had
of Beneflting by Con
tinued Resistance.
Fifty Thousand Men and 47
Guns in Great Macedonian
Stronghold Fail to Re
Serb Attack.
Effect of So Signal a Victory Ex
pected to Show ltself in Further *
Tcnsion Between Belgrade and
Vienna?Newapapers Re
flect Ill-Feelinf.
rBy Tahle to The Tribune.]
London. N'ov. 1!).? The battle at
Tchataldja still contlnues, hut ln the
absence of any news from the Bul?
garian slde lt Is impossible to get any
Hear idea of the progress of the flght?
ing. It would seem. however, that the
Turkish army. whleh has been rein
foreed bjr fresh troops from Asla Minor,
is at least holding its own for the
It is reported that the Sultan is mnk
ing B direct appenl to the soverelgns
of Europe to decide upon an armed ln
tervention to end the war.
It is claimed that the fail of Mcna
stir is the blRjrest victory so far se
rured Ly the allies, surpassing that of
the Greeks at Salonica, and the prlde
of the Servians is deepiy gratitled.
The Bghtiag b-Btai two days. The
iBMlailB occupled all the hlgh points
north west ol tha town and brought up
a great nurnber of field batteries with
?eventeen hoaritaerB and other heavy
gUBB, which were able to silence the
Turkish artlllery llre.
(4n Saturday B Servian dlvislon wai
ordered to take up a position on the
belghta te tbe west of the town, so a_
to cut off the retrc.it of the Turks. The
position wns helU by twenty _______al
Turks, with _eventeen guns. Daap-b
ftre.it difncultie* cauaed liy the flood'd
atate o_ tha eo-otiT, s-rvian tracjaa
troan the Marava district, ied by Colo?
nel Ned-CB) after wading through deeyj
water. ?tornaed tba peat-laa. This pr<
vented tha Turkish garrison from retir
liiK into Albanla. The Servian attaik
was from the north and w? st, and th.
advaaeing Gfeeeha i ut 08 lhe Hnc of
retreat to the ______
Greek Army Near By.
Xothing is said as to the part played
by the (Jreeks in the capture of the
town. but it is believed that the tJreek
CroWB Prlnce'a army is still some dls?
tance away. having met lonsiderable
r.sistan.e during his march at Florina
and Veri.ena.
Aay Idea thal the Turkish govern?
ment may have had ot beneflting by
continued resistance must have be.n
shattered by yesterday's news of the
fail of MiBMBtlr 1" -ha capture 4if
that important town the Servians took
three Pachas, including the C__B________
in chief, Zekki Pacfaa, r_>.4KX? men and
forty-seven guns, tiius achieving the
greatest indi\idual success of the war.
Monastir was the second city of im
portance ln European Turkey. It waa
Turkey's stronghold in Macedunia, and
bj its downtall Mice-lo.iia paases com
pletely out of Turkish hands.
It is rumored in H> Igra.ie that Bcutari
has surrendereil, but this is _ncorrob__
rated, and is probably more ,,r laaa un
'iatelUgani antlclpatloBi" of aveata
The Servians nuturally v. iii be atBtflfll
at this victory, whii-h out hlaea UM
capture of Salonica and must hav.- _
graal moral effect on the fuiui_ ..tuae
ot the erar.
Another Strange Silence.
Another af Ihe strange at-aacea arhleh
have ne. n charactarlatk of this war
ln the matter ->f actual Bparatloaa _?
the field app.ais tO have fallen over
Constantinople, from which city only
brief dlspatches have been reieived
telling Of tiie re.sumption of th" Tcha?
taldja battle and of the Bultan'e fr.sh
personal appeal to the Kuroi ean sov
aralgna t.. int.-rvene for.the t.rmina
tlon of the war.
wtiii cholera and typhua ravagmg
her denioralize.l army an.l a powerful
enemy hammering at the gataa 0. the
capital. Turkey must again appeal to
the allles for terms. Indoubtedly th
lPl,j,, t of the Bulgarian command.rs iu
ord.ring the attack on lhe _-_?-_-*>
lines was IO cmr.pel this course. It
seems incredlble that Bulgaria for the
mere ghary at I triumphal entry lnto a
city she does not desire possession of
should erlah to take her army hflta _
dlsease infected zoiie.
The Turkish reports. even the off.
cers' ______ disiatches of the results
of tba operations. have bi-en so unre
llable throughout that Uttle attention
can he pald to the reports of the Tchat?
aldja battle lssued in Constantinople on
Sun-lav and Monday. The operation
probably was Httle more than an ar?
tlllery pr.paration, which in all im?
portant battlaa !?sts several daya, for
the purpose of drawlng the enemy'a
flre and establishlng the locatlon of tha
enemy's batteriea.
As the effect of the victory at Mon?
astir will be to stlffen the Servian

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