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Also Some Prosv Play as Big
Tournament Goes On.
jjorninestar Also Wins with
Two High Runs That
Show His Skill.
ir and 11 ?
? _ in the
? rld'fl ch.
? :it In th' Eiol I
. Al
?? I . ?
tl ..ti fl flnd hlgb
tras ? than
runs ?
i the i'.iur
. i
(.j,, : t 'alvin Dt ma: aol by a
? slde. lt ao
?i.i f. st .ii)'! tb.
itli . n pre* i ?? ?'. ?
igo toured
Aj Cllne
and . a bad fltum
? ?
act lnto the matoh, When
lhe . ' - j
? fltOOd up
: ','. a moat part
_an> ea
i foi by thi fa.-t
K Ol
ihe rkfl ? '
Momi: np hla
b^fra: arlth Tiiylbt. t in
? ? ? ? found
pretl .1 to ball
hall drlv.
onlj 131 to hla credtt
that Morningal inl"
Ih 1
red flnd
l -
er nn Im
ob a
it, which klnsed off.
had many un
. ? ? ond
n his
f thle
Aflt. Then
rldely fot
? .
- ahead of 11
' ? Ing a run
... nth Innlng,
"Wlaard" Behat
ln thfl
ird cham
aaixixi ;,?', with what
? \ 77.
.1.(1 his rui
At . tage the youthful pi
form. By a .
Moppe i
i.piim maotertu
for lr. ai.
lt i flfth l?i' at 1
_ by the
aai ?
on ft l-OWOd with 77.
of '?''? "'"
:att,. In the n
of __ . ? i ?-. I on a ra
HtJt>W |
,:iu wildly.
lt aii. aa if Um young
Onlsh on Ma atatei ath tunt
. continuad to
then , bump of ? ?
? oif. and b? retlred, to
ciost ?
UM iieud of
tb- ta
Htflri K...lj:
:ioin tlM triple Hfl
. ? Bg him la tba
? ?
dkUy. ? kdu of n_r%
nd bla
Mfc-h . ? ind -ll. The Jap
Oe*< f- of S11-40, and his
niua ?.
round through t'.<
.-r\ faflblon,
? .. i aa fai
'?-ni . lU) i wti. be laaa
atter, bul be
lhe !? ad. < lomlni
e* :. better. He gfaduatlJ
tO?k : ... hy ,trO-4 By BO_BO<
_.!>_ i nurse
,. j rjAM -
O. i, \ -4.'- I- -17. 1,
... . . o I), I
.: 17 _3 Hlflh
BflM ,j
f_ - 1. .
-, . i .. ?,
. ? 41. 11. O.
... 4. I.
i 1 .". 4..
(.V .'"?- ? ?. ?."
?'??-. 1- | _ Ifl ... D, 0, -4.
io :i 44.
I. 7 77.
ioi, ik :..ki polni
| ii, -l n i ... ii. t. o,
? h i_-m,
., .,, |S, 0 '?'
K_7 i .. 41. _. 0, 11
|_ h II liiKh ril""
' <J ar.d 41
IU-""1 41
r, i """-? - 4. o, 0,
.. ;: I 1 17.
17 0 I ?
?0*1 I-.iiila, aa-i.,|. h. 11 io Wixh runa,
^'r" (I irhei
*" '?! OdUlfld Un
Standing of the
Billiard Players
"Lefty" Flynn Averatjes Less
than Two Yards per Plunge.
Paul Withington Says Harvard
Was Stronger and Surer
than Dartmouth.
"I.efty" Ftynn, tiie Vale fullback, WhO
i t<. the promlae of earllt r
Prlnci ton loal Batorday
than two yarda in hltting
the line or dretlng the < n.is. Ht wa_
I OB to carry the bflU from scrlm
m ige formatlon nli ? n th.- flr t
half. nnd j ist i Ighteen
:,-? \i tt even le- -
thing tb? bi ll I n timei
t.nly flleren yarda Altogethei hfl fld
ed the plgflkln twenty-nlne yarda Ifl
? for the ende??
ai.o':: mfl rard and ? ball to the rush.
ahowa cloarly hon cloeelj thi T
had him co. ?
1 H Withington, the former Har?
vard player, l lUowtng to flay
Dartmouth naiiH- Ib "Th? Bee
ton I'- ?
>>ut the jrame I:
irei i am, I t ln thi
half perticularly the Crlmaon'i play w-1^
. ;. ?t .leal of li.-'.'c Bfl Work.
Altoi'cthei too many errorfl flrert n
Dartmouth, while flt ftii tlmea Btrong,
? ch whicti counted, nnd ifi
? al nv hleh t- preaented the Qreen lf.
The Harvard forwarda outplayed their
hui: offenalvely and d
? n ? ? i the mofll conalfltt i.t
? ?!. i loei attflt _, whlle
1 >n. i. ?. rlarda i. t; and Brlckli y _11 i
? . the hall. \- ?
fl ? Up tO flCI
? com
... | ??.'.' i >n thfl
I-"n_l? horn _a^ the fltreogth ..f the
m forwardi wl le vvbltnei
ible man '!? played a hard, clean
lloi. v'*
? d< Ten" Vfl
? . .
? ' ? ? ? !
'.. im the team 4\ .t:.
Ita than Ll
Thi official. ?'i r? rath.-r I
Rllowed much to eaeape th.-ir notice. par
i' atartlng before the hall. hol
ofrildi i.i.i.. Altogether, the game
i the llar
Prlnceton eame of t-.> weeka ago
Ro - " r Wtatherill. Bl Bl B I
Me., I captain ol tha Bow*
dolfl foothali \ocxrt foi next "H^.n He
played rtacht halfba.-k on tbe elevefl thla
Barroii a ah tho
Wllife BOX ?
the Rocheoter club of thi International
Jamea Qiiffln, of Ban PYandnco, haa
ed to reforoe the Ad Wc ?
Wlllle itn- hrlng Da)
Joe McGlnnlty Ls now a full fledged club
ownei once more Ho returned
from the annual meetitiK of !??
Ifl Mihvaukte and brOOghl
with him thfl innjorlty stock of the T.i
(Washlngton) club. McGflnnlty ia
r.ted wlth his hnither-in-law, Krank
n the venfore. Tba club la la
McGlnnlty win
?' and alao _;.! take hla turn
in tbfl ?
nrithln ?'. few dayi
oaual meeting ol the Newark
?i the .nternattanal Loague There
?.- d ir of b-atneaa to ba
I Inddenl to the aaaumptlon of
compleU control by Chartea H i
n Bnd B J. aft Kt atrar, of
? moat mportant ai I win be
the y, M tion of a manager to 011 the va
tha retin tiiciit of "Iron
.Man ' J'-f MoOIUUtty, who.?e BtOCb thfl
Uya trlo portkaaad al-out two months
Charlca Murphy, president of the f'hi
ca,go ("tibs, Ifl nngliiiK for Watson, the
left-hattded ptt_b01 Of tbfl
flapolla Chlb Bf the American AflOO*
clatlon An ..ifer of Jerry Down-, Lau
g, .. pittliei, and Hooklngeri fl
WBJ refused.
M;, big- prlead t-. irie^r
uf the i'iit-i? 11*--i Plratea, aill he mar*
rifld i , ? ifaa acbueetta gbrl boxi month.
je.in Dubuc, Um ganaat-onal plteher of
thfl I.-tioit Xigflfl-a may not ba wilh thfl
t,..,,,, i.m BflOjflOn. Hfl has rOOOlV-d nn
ofler to eoach -! baaoboll iaam ht |r-aaoa
r a five-year COntraol aml at an ad
i aalary.
It tl reported tliut the owneri of thfl Bl
Loula Cardlnala aaea O-Pered Reger Droe
m _L_M for the eoaeollotloa of bla
four-y* u eootraei arlth Iba elob Brea
. thal ba wfll not eoaa*
:,? |eai than WmMt -rpilte fl
dUforanoa. .
Intty Mclntyre, the foctner Detrofl aad
o itflehki, haa annodnoad hia
pflrmaneai retliwn_a5l txom gaasbgll
Mclntyre artll go into bualaeea la De?
tn it Hc played Iba latter part af laal
?i wltb *Mie San Kran'lsco club of
, t leacue
Harry Mclntlre, the veteraa twlrlor who
wus releaeed bi tba Cuba i-?t twatmar,
flrltl make at attempt to "come back"
BBxi acaaon tia Tlakfli has pramtaad
him a trial. if he u BpgfltBtod manager
Hf the I
The flprlng tralnlng datea of tbe C_a?
cinnatl i:. <i^ were aaao-BCod yesterday.
Tbe Redfl aill laaee Clndnnatl on Mareh
4 (,? prencri Uch Bprtnge, remalniag
, : ddya, aml then gotad '" _Ioa_lo<
They wlB roaaata la bfoblle until
i tt, when thi y wlU rotnra dlreel lo
Clnclnnatl. < >n March 9, M and B they
will play Um New Torh Aaaarteaae; on
Aprll i. I und -? ti- Booton AmerloanB,
and OO April 7. I BBd I Iba O.trolt Amcrt
(H,1H. opanlng the regtdar season oa
Aprll U
to-day, ?* ButtOO meets Demareat In tbfl
inattnee oodteot
i? ti,,. .vei.niK Btoaaaa a_ay_ CBae and
?iavi.ir engagea raaaada, tbe Japaaaafl
Hontx atid Mtuiiim-slu: will meo -O
morrow night for the champlonshlp In
grand beJlroom
Net Income $177,399. Against
$1,535,404 in 1911.
Mel Iqooom <".( tl ? >? Looli 1
Railroad Cenapany for the Bs*
cal i ? ,r nided .1 sns M laat, bi atated ln
tbe t,.i npbh t re 1 ort r 111 ? . -i is fl v
677.MS, aflJBlnfl* 11."".' Ml fo* tbfl
year, ? aeereeea ot fcMMK, wi.i-i. Pi
dent Winciie-ii ivpiaii, aa dua rhlefly to
"the attraordlaary operatlni and trtUBc
dlflh ultlea azpe ? ? d irlni tht
wlnter and aprlai '
Total operatlni revenue waa l*..'." ?
aal H9.1I91T. (or tbe | ? t ' ' "
B, ItU, a ieenaee ol ti "'* *??? ",-? i ttli i
? ? Mtrtr *-> J '
Bnd n< t op* i itlna n n noa ?*? ia I
deeraflae ttttM - B, were
I'l.'.T.V, larflflT than :', Ibe |.idlng vr.-ir,
leavlnfl the operfltlnf Income 11
Mlacelianebua Income amounted te I
I j '.<'?'. ihi loti I
Ing plUtalO, whlch compared *?- ith $11.
.'If^J.'.Tl for thfl | ??
I ' B Dedoctlng total i u rea, |U -
e'V..111. thi Income balance tranaferred to
the ? redll ol i *1~- '"?
as already noti I
tddtaf tins siiin t.. the profll .,th1 losa
I liani.- al Jnn? M, Itn, *?..*?? JM snd add
ing also sm.,ii\- adjuatment* ol
ti,,t atfoetlng thfl '? ',,'?? the teeial
credlt was _.'.!'.'..?; I. Inl,its W'te tbe N'ew
cal .?;? Mezlco Railroad Hae'a
?' 11 ol BM.*M, tbe year"! proportion of
? ,-11 se-i-ii!(tb.-. amoontidB ,;| -tv* ~ -
ind th. i ?? >? , ? nt divldendi on th,*
prefi i red atock, wl for I
lt, ? t,,i. , ..i ? m,v.i. li oetlna
? , b ? . : ? .
?1 .?';.'.).-'
aafa on hand ot - worklng
?. ? _0; total
defei red deblt Itea
? ? i working llabtlltles,
: * deerease 11.89 and loi ;
and liablli'
in commentlns on the I
tha .'i-.i' Prealdent Wlnchell aaya thal
in the hali ! -a. i nd, d Dece
Una revenue
j In net. v
ln tbe six monl
. ol a< v, 11 old and of 1 i moal ?
eatro ia fiooda ln thi
?lsaippi Valley,
ratlo wa ? I , ? tr cent
ut Ihe -
. half.
- i Mea oo d
? ?! !'., I , t I.
wer> lara.', i lli.ui fur |
:i'...ritb of thfl |,i- ? . dlllf
one-hall of the
was charfed agalnal the I
ln tha laat l
Operating Resulis Affected by
Winter and Mino Shutdown.
Ti,,- reporl of
tlllnoli Railroad l 'ompai
of the Bl '
flscal year endi I
otal opei ; ?
asalnal ti 1,296
of .
, apensea 110 191 711 ii cream ; :"'
? '.
.tirm Intereal ind re I
learegated 1
avallablc foi di I
ui l, ?
II , whlch coi I
paid In 1911, the 1 ' rred to
; - ? ? ? and loi l *'-ae |104,94f.
Tbe balance aheel aa ol Juim '?
of 1 ,
of 12, iI 1,921. defe ? ?? nt $11.
911,299, flecreaee |l,ll rrorklng
llabllltlei 1" 109 II, 1 i 11.4
profll and losa bala 12.341
total a ata and Itsbilltlea $
ln deee i kblns Ihe
encounteiad by the ? ????
Prealdent Wlnchell
A wii erlty ln
tlu*' reglon "? ?? I tbe effl*
i iency of yom pi opert) ? nd ? ? \
Heavy anowatorma, often fo
, loaefy upon one a nol her, i., uae I
ti.-.-il atoppage of operatlon at time I
renderad ,t Impoealble te, haul norroel
tonnage train-- durlna ihe larger part of
ihe unuaoall) long arlnfter. Poflowlnl
e-loaely then-npoii, tl.e ii-al mines upon
which thiH prope rty dependa to i
extetit for flarnlnfs wera e !,,-??-,i on Aprjl
j for two montl
Tho company hns arior,t'*ei the
of eontrOlllns Its i,-*ti eoal sapplp, tha
report aaya and bsa '?'? ? i*^t,t ten ,.,m
mlnee in Illinois and Indlans whl
i-een leflflod Ifl other Intereeti ander
ea-reements whlch Insnra !,n adeqnata
?uppl) of coal foi tbe eompany'a ua
Firra Decides to Liquidate Because of
Dull Business.
Tbe nr 11: of Curth I Roaaalne, of No
M Broad street, om of tbe >.:?i?? ^ e
nn tbe CoaeoUdBtfl I BtOCh -XChSflfl
in~- memhershlf nkM sa tbe \',? Tork
Cotton __n*baflflja aad New voik |
Bxchaage, i:?n aeal a letter to ita cua*
toflaera :inin, de d te
ie Into veiiiintiii -. ii,|mi,tion and tbat
! I^ehn l> llllllll. I :-|e- ll-nt Of
the i',>:inolldat>-,i. aill llquldate tbfl buei*
gggg, Tin* reason bj Ifned for tbe ,}.
i-ision iJ tbe e-xtnme dtthMM Whlch bM
pravalled Ib the tt*
Ing the i.'i'-t fee
Th,- tirm. whlch has alwsyi an
I i_-h le-pntation, is COmpOOed Of SmIiii-v
w. rurtis. "1m haa beea a rnembe r ,if tba
?,,i. olldated sii,, ? 11.- rmbet 7,
ilenry*<: Romslae, ;, rnembei ili 0
tober 94, IMflV Bt th win, it la undeistood.
rt t.-nri thelr Bjembfltflhlp In tha ei
Itea, .*-?,-? Ifl .r the
i nii.a Sflate Ttaai
-,. ih,-.- wh? ararMas halaa t *!*i
1,17 .??,] !i, hanks ai-l Pblllp.
- - '..ml nf Kir.. r?l f_n.!, $147.:,_l W3
Sntur'lav. $.1 e?i7 71.1; eliHi,nra.in,-nta.
91.T9T.899 Tba Atittrh thli 9acal mar ia |:,.
904,984, ?? __ninr.t ? deflicil af 9S2.TI1
. ,,r Tlv ftlt'ire" fe,r r.-< < l| ? -
,.,,i Aeflrlt exriuie Panamfl Caaal ?nii patdle ,
iteision. Nn-. is Ihe porohase ef the
Boston 1 Malafl Ballitaid b\ thi
inotiw-alth is e-alb-l fet la :i Mll fll**d
aith Ihe elerk of tbi- House of J'e-|,re
.,-nt.itlve s to-day by H.-nry C Ix-ng. of
i 'uiiibrldg.-. Th>- Boston A Maine in con- '
tiolb-d by thfl N'.w Vuik. New Hav. ii A
Hartford RaUroad tbroagb s Uoiding
Jersey Concern Wins Suit for
Patent Infringement.
TWflgaagBi lo The Trlbune 1
Trenton, H. J_ Hot, ll.?Tba Oovrt of
I. im s a'id Appeals, New Jersey a hlgh
'. iliuual. to-.!a> hantled down a decl
i, fgvor of the Valcan notinninK
rn) ifi the suit which it Inatltatod
a_o at'alnst the American I'an
a .iflfll the proflts which
,n company inadfl hetween 1-03
and Ho'? through the wronjrful use of
the Vulcdn'fl pgtflntfld prdceefl of n-cov
erlog tin from st rap tin
.lu.tice ObatB-Orea decialon to?
day c.nurin* the decielona of the lower
COBrta ar.d ..i the special maste:. flS?
. 'haiu t-llt.r MaKi'-. Ifl all essentlals. fll'
lowdng to Ho- Atnerii-aii t'an 4'ompany,
i.uu.mi, uie v.iiue nf its detlnnlng
plant.. eiofled by the vuhans Injnac*
tlon, ind rrnuie) expended for repairs,
. flflid taXBtlOflL and to the Vul
i .'. COfl-POand interest at _ per cent on
He amount _f ll- .laims
Itertry Wollman. Of counsel for the
\'ni. .a (.flUanlng Coippany, tait bval
ii.tt ibe dompany wodld probablf
l>etw_e_ l.-T./'Oo and |6i;'.,n"ft
Ex-CI.ancelhn- .\fa_le. hfl f.aid. fl\fd tba
kmericBflr. proftta during th.- period at
M77,;:;..', wtdch v\ith the int.icst flddod
by the courl vould flQVaJ ll_7il_J. flub
ng fro? thi.-i IIll.tf. ailowod the
AmericaB b| feeierday'a floc-flton, the
Vulcan .could r-celye Idll.MO in round
The declalon yeaterday left it for th?
ipposlng cuuiiscl to aince on lhe amounta
IflVOlved Ifl tbfl extra gWg___ BOl nllowed
b) the lowei courts. In OBOe no aeree
ineiit i: ?? reached, the matter is to
iin to tba flpeciflJ naaater.
Mr. vVollmi ii tflongl l ' "" i falr
ln the Ri ment
National Sugar Company Can
cels Stock His Father Held.
Afti ? lontha of lltlgaUori the
i ? llnlng ' Socnpai
Bbli il meeting of the Bto h
boMera m Jersey City yeoterday after
noon, io ofl r I ? i to< k
of ll Id by thi
ogcrni "ts foi n
? noo I ner i "nt
iUvi pr< f. rred. Wltb the retire
m ? ? ..; |l ? k 101 _BI _ Ofl
lhe new IflflUfl Will bflCOflM
? . gxfld aata of
. nd,
.i : l ni a lopu d yeat
'? ed ta hoidera
..f th< -"?? h at pai P hat
takflii up by a iyn
of the faci tbal th?
? orth rto:., i|) :..> -,i
? I do ? -l n hethi r an)
. ? .- ?
Hav -
I over to inm
i i ln
eatat mtng that no
<on id< rai r the atoch, an.l
aon of the
flt "<uit. lt
? the Naw Jer>
latton i.f thu a
stock tf ?- \iii.ii. art Bag .? R I
of thi N'l
'. . I '.
of the preferred ?.?? i. gal
- ? . t
? Ial i ommlttee
in the
?o roted
r\ by the
I ? . the courl
Denver & Rio Orande Prepares
for Panama Canal.
an in n ..
Rt th? tlme ol the P
? ? tMltlon ai.-l An ni
freight trafnc. ?ftcr the opening of thfl
r 4 Rlo Orande R
wfll begln 4Mirk Immedlately on a doubla
trai i. di t-i ir Ht.. between Tui k
?a.t. f'tati, act ordlng to a
iv.-d fr.im Denver yeaterda).
Tbfl preoflnl road between Um two pointa
?i mllea hm-'. arltb a grade of Dl
feet io thi :-.ii- When tbe new Hne la
oompleted next aommer tbe dlitai
be Rfteea mlleej but the grade aill ba rt
b; one-half flnd thfl curvature
? I
The eoai of thlfl wtiik wiii bi approxl
iiMt.iv B,00a,gM, I.---IIK th.- moal Important
Improvement jrel autboHaod _y ihe Dea
\ ? i .. Bio Orandfl undef tbe new aaanago.
mi Mt ? ontractfl, II is aald, arlll ba lat
4\ithiii ten or flfteen thi vs, an.l It is <x
i.-. ted tbal tbe v\..rk nv III _a oompb ted
b) .11ji. ot n.-xt ?
? -...un. ci aiso tbal tbe road
i i looo I"- fllet tiIflfld ii. twflefl Salt
i.ak.- cil ? and Helper, a d-ttanea ol 11 ?
,,!.!. Tbeflfl Improvement* wfll bolp it.
bandllag n>. Increaaod train.- tiue to Um
opening o. tha IVeaterb Paolflfl Rallwaj
?,.,i me Int reaalng lloa ..f i oal from Mm
bi ? f.. tb Nevada aad Montana
Official of Two Roads Recommends
Improvements on Both.
? i- thrlvtag |b id.- Bp-tbweat
Bccordlng to jii.i--. Thomas i i-'t..-u.ifi.
praaedenl of tbe international i Crreal
NortherB Baflwa) aad rlca pcaflldflai of
i . TOJ >v l'-'1 ''?? I'.allinad, V4 Im is ln
Haa Vork to make iaeoou-eadaUoaa ta
hla bgarda ol dlroetorfl foi lipravauiiala
on th* two roada Rgea el tba roada
Beeded ah.iut tea aew locoB-Qtlvaa, Jwdga
. ? lorday, aad tha later
natlonal could atand a few more tan
orlthoul bijuiing nv orgdll anv
lf it w.-ri-n't for the fa-t thal bOt
raada bonghi now aagbiaa Uurt year," the
hidgi oontlnued, "tbej wouM i.t- anaMe
t.. iin.\e tbe retmanafl ao-O-ni ..f trafllc
whhh is nOW heinar offered them. Moth
i.i tbe roada ara at good pbyakal ___mH
tion, tbe Tt xfls a Pflctflc havlng reooy
i-r. ti flntlroly from the effecta of tba fioods
laal aprfng, whleh ti.-.i ag a graat part
Bl it for four months or more.
"Besldea cleanlng up the ttMMM eallad
for by these dagMtgea tba road has par?
? I.. i,i tbfl hest termlnal gTOpaitlei
m th< South at Haa Ortflans, .md ? bow
termlnal eompaaj win ehorUy coadoet ?
Ifllfl of bondl |0 linatice its improvement
I . ?? i bl - ^tltiiat'-.l at aVMMM "
Plttflburgh, Nov. l\ Another advance |n
?I'id. ..il tbfl BOOOOd within a week?was
umount t-d hy tbfl Baolb I'enn Oil ('um
Hang to-.lay. I'ennsylvania crutle oil waa
ralflfld ti\" oeasfl a barrel to nw and five
toatfl a imiifli arafl flddod to the prlea of
Comlng. NewcaaUe, V*be\ nnd Mercer
.lack Bomeroei waa advanced two centa
U. S. Warships May Remain In
definitely in European Waters.
iK-on- r . Bt-reai
Wsahlnfltea. November 18. I
BHOWH. The despatch or* the Tenne?-.e
and tbe Montana to the Medlterranean
on account of the Bulgarian war ha- re
vived conjecture ronrernir.g the re-estab
li'hment of the Kuropean pava! atation,
wnloh was in exlsten'*e several years aco
There ls no llkellhood of uny auch event,
at leoat durlng the preaent admlntatra
tloti. H there ahould develop from the
present sltuation .sur-h a state of unre-t
in Kurope as haa been pr?dtcted tn aome
qtiatters. the N'avy Department would
pro'iile rap imiii> ahipa for servlce in
Kuropean water. aa would he necessary I
II la possible the two ves-ela now on tbfl
Way tO report to our Ambasjnador at e'on
utantltioi'le wlll remaln in the MflflBfer*
raoaaa indeBnltely. Tbe offlcers and the
enllstrd men were seleited for those shlps
wlth u view to stK-h a preitracted aesn|rr
The diniinutlve Boflrpb n, Which has
he.ti tbe jetation sblp rit CoafltflBttnoplfl
for several months. would bfl alOOSttSched
to the e-ommand, Whlch 'nr the pr.-s. r.t
la under Rear Admiral A. M. Kniffht,
who has been ta cpmmend pf tiie reeeraa
fle, t at I'h'ladelphla. fr nn which the*
Tenpsflasa and the Montana aaffl) eiraw-n
for the amaTgency,
The inddent demonatratee the ariedom
of rnaintalnlflfl siiips in reasrvs with fa
ttlitles for apaadlly plactng them ln com
mtssion. Va t1 ?? eaaa of tha two ihlpa
on tbe way to l-.urope. 1'. roepilred nn!y
sl.xtJ-s.-ven houra 10 criiilp them with coal
nnd provtstoea nn.i ptaca the eomplement
of offli-ers and men on boi.ni. Then WBfl
;.:!k ,,f witheirawing two tattlc-hlps from
thfl iif.'t for ths mlaskm, but this would
bave broken up the or**anization at a
time- When tbere were iiii|,ort..tit platis
anel woul'l have ;nl .-rf.-ri-d wlth
thfl .-"llthe-m crili-ee [| | flfl fOUBd thSt
the reeerva fleet could ftimish tbfl rea*
seis uee-iii-d qidte aa premptly as if tbe
?blpfl wera t.ik.-r, from tha Atlantlc Baat
if addltlonbl ?hips ar<- requtred in Bu
popea waters 111?*> aill tt drawn from
!'?? |. .?!-. ? lle et BBd tbe!.- Wlll be no
tnsterlal ebaasaa bi lha composltton of
the Atlantlc Beet The naval adminlstra?
tion take- tlie vb.v. that thi vrove-rnment
ibould not Incur tiie aapensa ef keepim;
i coaunand penaaaantly ln European
an was iion-' - e.n - ago, Tha rit*
uation in Buropc ia aet r- i ded as hia*
tlfylni lha great coel of lupportlng an
ln i. ,-.-?! number of ian,-e ahlp ? In i em
mlssloa. hh would be tbe CBM if tha
tan ri itlon a er,.-t ibllahed.
Th? "ai Department, whlch la looklns
aftei the f?*<*t ot aattated awn with ie*
n-w.-.l vlKilaii'-e. haa Just iniered through
Um aurgeon seaeraTa mUss M.MBcana of
? powder to be uaeel Wlth fldhe
ie!.i-te-r. both of whlch v.ill be luppHed
. ,,.iisitlon of medlca: ? " om
I . ???? ? i _.i_o have- beea dlscoss
lm tlu- extenl to ahlcb thei ttiM-t pei
aonall) t-t tb? sboea to Um feet ol thelr
The tool powder order ia regarded as
?eteatfa,. aad li aald to ba Lb
rxtenaton ol the worb performed by tlu
board ,,' arm) ofBcera, felloarlaB practt*
? ta wltb ths lyles of ahdaa
. oal adapleel to ai m> wear.
, IRDER1 IBBUED. -Tha followlnfl ord< i ?
? ? i?i
. , .:;?>.. ,.n tapU
WalUl Be
:,> , !._!_?? Ol AtUnta OfH e lal I
Ueuteaaat Colonel
,n ,\iis ,- noODHAN, lo New Jfork Clly
i;\;.l-H p. 0OL.I>THW I : .
uitie-*.. March 15. isi3. ta
i Klll'il ItICK II I.AIX1 P,
.rtlllery, from preeflni duilei lo Minia')
Arade (-*r 10
iiAi'.ii.'s i: T i.i i.i.. ?"??*' arlll*
?. m Itafl dtlt) ??' .-..niin_ri.lif,< olBcer.
? iH-lrl.-t of San I'.,,
, 11 ; .in Mth i 'i.M,|,e_uy lo w ?
?> . ,.r i*an Prane I
?MN v WINO. .len
i?l purgeon from I'ott 1. A Ruaae
vtitiu Dent-I *-iir?.,,n JAMKH 1 FKELA
', ,1,, port llamlltoa. t,< Bai I I
Pfllllpplne -
l'eelli.wiiiK flrm ileuK-iiant- medical
? ?? Phltlpplne-a, March lt IMI to
t'rit. <l Btataa: LKWIfl a I_aVAN"iTRE
First Lleutenant i'ARI'.OI.I, It BAKKR, med
Itfll tea-ive corije, to Waahlngton, Wfllflfllblf
'-'?",. for -xamlnatiun for a mla-t-ii to medi-.-al
Follow Ing flisl lleutenanta. meili. al CBTflfl, from
atatlons .le^Ienated to San l-'tan lieo. _ail
ln? M.ir, h .',, P.1I8, for I'hfll|>plnea: JOHN *.
.-?I i.ter. Ambalaaet Company x Fort
nworth, an.i QEOROE 11 LAKE. Foii
Slierl.la.,. '
Followlnjr f.rat lleutenama. medical reaer\'e
rorpa, from atatlona dealanat.-l t . San Fran
claro, aalllng Man h :., lJW.'t. for I'hllippinea:
.HENRY R \>i:sii>\ k,. u . Barraelua,
and THOMAS _ i oi.kv Fort fctclntoah.
FoUovtnfl ae-oml tiaatenaata tran Milltary
Aradem* Dereoiber 19, to loiii "
ct.miaiileo: Alti'HIIiAI.D V AJIKO-D, 1-th
Inf-ntrv; W'lf.i.ivM 1 r.\N. _:i<i Infantry,
ard JOHN B. WOOD, coaat artlll---.
Leavee of abeena Captain hintkr h NBL
fOJt, -Hth Infantrr, one month and ton ii;i\s
from I>?>. eniber 15; Oaolnlti WAitHKN W.
whitsipk. qnarterma ? ne two
months on retlef froai -uai termaater eorpe;
Captain FRAN- FARKRFt ltth Cavalry.
'-.optha from December 16: li
t'otonel t'HAItl.WS E WOODRUFV. medical
? ma s!\ aiontl.s. Flrat Lleutenant KKKU
T RIQOfl, cavalry, tme month on rehrr from
Milliarv A.aUen.v
? N'WY.
T! a r.l-1'Ma.M. l.ti-ntenanr MOR
Itl.-ON atel AMglatant I'ayraaater K. 8.
l'iii:i:nT.-(?.v, commlwriflned.
Ll. utenanl 14 A. l.'i.NU, lhe Delawarv. De -
. ? Illl er I1*
Lleutenant BTRON M'CANT-__M, detaclied
navy yard, Waabtaflton, N_vefl__er 2a: K*vy
l. -nartmi ai
R_MH|n M t PKTER_ON. the Sotith naknta
Kdhiki) II R KEKP, fletaebfl- tht.- Ne* Jtr
M) OieCeTtle.
Bnfllflfl K U. DONMVAN detached. Seattle
Conaiructkm anl Qry Iiock Cotnpafl) o_ht
t.i.-nd the F 4 wh.-n r-omml-tioned
I'uMiiasier REGINALD gFEAR. dctaehed
navy yard, Phlladelphla; lo nawil
atallon. Sroal l.akea.
Chlef M.cliiiiic .1. It. HI'RKUART. detached
the weat Vlrfllnta; home, awalt nr.iers
Cat-penter B, ,s COVS-i tfl navy yard, -*u_et
Payrhaater'a Clerk II F OAU-AOHER. ap
polntnu-nt re>. oke.l.
PawnoKter'H Clerk H L LANKFORD ip
B_taaatfi te aa-al immi, i'hiladelphla.
M.M.iNi: COBPg.
faplaiii lt P, WII.I.IAMS. detaebed icirlne
rletachment, American l.egatlnn lvkln<; lo
movkmknts Of WAKSiurs Tba
fotlOWlng niov. menis of VflflBflbl nave
bfloa reported t<? Ibe Navy Papartw-eal;
X,.-- |fl a, at 'loini
iihnj yard, How tork; the Ajav. ai .riato
bal, ii ?? Prometboua, at Acap-lco
NOV. 17. 'lhe \ i i. . a> ^h.inghal: I
lt Oafl ? ? II i ???. at Han Fl I
. |fl, tba Rhode Jslan-I. the
. I, the Ohlo, II - llllno-.. U
Huinp-I.:re antl the [dflhfl flt fCbflrtfll
Nortoik, for aav) yard, Men tork; the
from T-mpklnavllU for n:i
Bterllnfl. from llampton
Raadfl tm I:
Seven Concerns Compete to
Construct Fighting Craft.
vVaebtngtOn, Nov. 1*.-U:ds for th.<?
?tmctloB ol la '"I podo boat deatroyt ra,
iiuthorizt.i Ib tha bbvbI approprtatlon bill,
approve.i Avognit -.. w.-re opened bjr th"
x.iw Departmenl to-dai Under Iba
plana aad Bpedfleatlona laid down hy the
Navy Departmenl the coal ahooM not ex
ceed mmjem, and tho apeed reejatred was
tt Kiiot-; bb hour, 'in- foUoerlag huia
wora recelved:
Clasfl One Bath irm. vVorkfl, Bath, Me ?
iv.-,.., i nlon Iron Worki Company, ^n
Franciaco. two veaaelfl, at lafl.-W each:
Kore River Bhlpbuildlng Company,
Masfl., I-M.-0-: Sea Vork 8htp
hulldlng Company, Camden, N. .1.. |875.0_t);
N'ewporl Sewfl _nlpbulldln| ind l>ry
Dock Company, Newport Newe, V*a., one
. BBfl] at |&M,O0Q and t_o at ??? _
tie ? ,,...ii uctlon flnd Drj i >ock l !on
s.-att!.-. |B_l,000; VVIlll?m Cramp A Bone
Sbip and Englne Bulldlm Company, ona
veeeel at ttttMS, two vefl?el? at 1836,000
nd ?. reaflelfl il IMfl,-N ? ? h
,las- Two Pore Klver ShiphulldlnK
Company, __64,__->; New Ifork Bhlpbuildlng
i 'omp.ui.. 187- 000
Claaa Thr-Bath Iron Worka, 1810.000;
\cw york Bbipbulldlng Company, tv~! ',<*)?
.?_?-?. \ . ta 1:23;
Band] Hool . ?"? "s
<_ovem-r v Ialand ?'? 4T ,"
?___ ?? -:*"
The Ancona reported aa IM ?_-??
Sni i Hook ..' I ?'?" P ??' raatar_ai
The Madonna eporti I -- TB0 miles .?:,.-!. of
Bandy ii - aaaei '"J '"
do. k Wedneada .
Tbe Oceai
-.,,. |] h t I i. i? e-pet t-j
to do. I. '
. ' li'/" .
rk - lalai I Nov 12 ..CMIe
.... : n ., uo
Noi 14.w/arH
.1 - in. Nov H-1 1 ? ' I
?.-?4 ?'<<?-'7 "Mt'l >. s lfepurtnu'nl of Ak-ri, ullun?,* jl \ ^f
?****,' ?y~.o4-m-<*'i
-?--1 <*o \ <_ 7
X__ 4f--_l
_> / _ N ?*? _IT. I flr
\ \ J '? *^
, W lBo *
..IIAf K.' ' _ C4\ OD ..-\
.fsmas i'M?*- 'v flV,.
Vp.CLOCh UUI I'U.'il'aja.iA.SATOeiy NOHS
tuon ._.,
mr rotcK, ?.r.
kilMUl 19. 1912J
?.,.., _ .?.?
>v? ** ^_. _?_. k____*_*MBl?*? **aaf?J"*u*'"***.*"'"
^ .?, i.~ ?r-?. ,**?*rt~- -*****- ****?**??** *< *'*?*'?* *****..- --*"?? n .,^-r:-_?*_M
Miafc*??? -,-?-- , ,. , I 1 ?
otiii inl Bttott oot torttma. Ifaehlagtea
\,,v II PreeeaVfl haa full.-n r<ve*r the entlre
,,,untrv flSeapl I" B*?W BBfllani ?n<l ?ba Mihl
ll. MJantte naisa but iiear aasthir was ??n
iral >\"i'i la N'*~ Ti'rl'- Baaawa PasaapbrSBla
,,m.| N.-w Enaland. When lh?r- were ll|[hl h> al
?mwb i"!'1 ,n **aaura fl*aahh.?tea,
ralaa eeflrtlBW
l, |_ rilgbtlr aaMar ln th* Atlanth- atat's.
;n?l a>-"*ra!ly warm.-i MMWbl I
me um'fal flMawbeam that tui* been aear
,i ?r laaa?m t? ii ?? ;??-? aia ,la-*--'
I , , |? ta i-entral a nhort dbflaSCfl to 'he
nortbwaH af ibal lo-aiuy wtth a laadaaeji is
i iMNtbaraid a flflrthfleatwaid afleveflaam
BalM vm'.I ?n'lni;e* ln ih,- north Pa, Ifli- MStea
lafl ?l I aiabaMl extend durlng Tueaday nl|ht
,,r flradaaadai baa Idalio gtt Montana. but
|)ie??ure <-,ndltluns on>r ihe re-malneier of the
ujnii. BkUcatt a eaaUnaaaaa e?f the preaent
Moaml ? laaa araatbia exeepi la njrth part?ai
it NOW V'.rk an,l N'ew KiiKlLnd. where leflflBl
MOWI flf rulna are* pr,,l>iible Taeedfl* nlflht or
w eine-i-.uy. I' w-ni ba aaaMwaet wamwr
; i,^H.ta% .-ast of ta.- Mlaetaalppl Rtvor, i.ut ne
I,., liiij loaipemtare i hang.-i oi-?- ladie itai
lurlna" th.- next two daya ove- any portlni af
the ooMfltrr. aiihuuaii it aill he Maaoflfbal
colder ln tlu- Northweitt i,\ flffldlMfliday.
Thi wlnila ali.na th.- N'.w BofllflBd ooait will
bfl ino<ierali- northweai. 'je-eomhi-. \arlab!e.
mldell* A t lan' > taWOt, laodiiaate went ari-l
-oulhweai; south Atlanth- roa.-t. lllfht lo niod
nrjie louthweert, aioapt rao?Kate northeaat on
ih, 1 enda eoast; .-?>et (iulf (MMflt, 'Igln IO
moderate uorthaflfll an.i east; wmt <tulf roani,
llaai tO IlllSlfllfltl 'ailahle: on tl..' tawflr lakes.
cSoAarbta to M*a*> -""h aa i *','irriw-e*t; oppar
lakes modrrnte to brlsk ifluthWlM and we.st,
diminiHhlnu Tnieday niaht.
Hteramera departlnj Turvli!' for Kuropean
port- wlll have *BOe_traU norlhweat wlnds, be
i-e>mln? varlnble. alth falr weather to the
Uran.l l*?nki _
Koreiaat for Special I.ocalltie*?For Eaat?
ern ?w York. falr, wnrnier l,'-,_a, . rain or
miow ut ulflbt or Wrdnr.dav lu ne.nli |,,.i
Iion. fulr In sonth: moderate weat to aouth
?e?t ?lnd?
|\,r tbfl Dlotlifll fll t'tilumt.la antl M 11 \ -
laad, fur. w-rmar tfl-dayi W-_-___a
Ugfll io fljfldflrfltfl south wlnds.
I,, \ <i fllrii-.. falr. wariner to-day. |
da>. falr. llght to mider.it.- \nrlalile ? intla.
For Dela-ate. gflfltflTI PBBBflJ I'- ariia flfld
N.w Jarflfly, f-dr t.i-dav. warmer; tt i Inflfl
A., r_ii moderate weat t.> aoutb arlnda
Foi ,\.?? gnflUnd, fair lo>day, warmer In
und aouthern portlona; loeal ralfli
or anowa at night or Wedneaday ln nortrnni
port lon; fair lo MOtheni; ?_Mterate northwegt
wlnda, 'becorolng \arianle.
|.-.,. weatern r naaylvaale, falr. warmer
t?-day; W/odaeaday, falr; aaadorata tfl bffah
, ,t -.?eat wln.la.
For Weatern New ferk falr, wanner to
a_. |flefl| --..wa or lalna flt n'-rlit or
Wednead i n .-ratd la brlab ?outh M
?outhweat aloda _
,, | bj . :.!i 1 P m. . gl s ii m 64
Oflktfll aaoanrfltlflBfl tak.n ?! __t__l states
voather -ereflflo ut a p ?_ yeeieniay follow:
ij,v Teamrature. W/aat-er.
Xlbani . H '.'!""
Atlantic 4 it% . g '.ear
Booton . !4 ' ,*"r
. M Clear
. ."._ t'leai
ItnlTalo .
t'hlcago .
Kow Orl-flflfl . m < i<_r
Bl __?_ . -*' ' ;'?*?'?
! tt'aalilngton .!* clear
I__fllO_Mfll Record. Tl..- t-UewlflC ______
r.-c.r.l from the BTflfltbflf B?NBfl *ho-? tiie
changea Ifl the temperature for tiie laat tweuty
Mflfl i.onrs. in eaaaaarlflflfl -ith tha carrflflgflad
Ing date of laat year
l'.lll. Iflia Ml. 1912.
ja nl .4* ?i d p. iu.:?? M
li a. m.-rt ITI 0 B. ?.t_ :\i
I. a in.47 37 11 p. m._ ?_
_? m._t> Hflll-p. m.40
4 p. m.4_ 3>4i
Illflheat temperature yesterday. 40 degreei;
leweat, Mi a\eraac. 37; average for corroapond
ii k .late UUN rear, 4S; average for correapond
ing date la*t thlrtv-iliree yeaia. 4::.
I-M-al forocaatl Falr ond warmer lo day: falr
\\ - neadaj , moderate weat tO BOOtbWtfll wlnds.
*.-' t I'rinr-e.Port Ppaln. N?v ll...Pr.le
Aneona.Paleruw*. Nov 7.. . ...ttailar
i-rnteua.N'ew Orleans. N'ov 13..So Par
Cl MunJo.Oalveiton, Nov 12 ... 8o Par
El .-i;:l_.Now QiMSoa Kov 13..Po Pa
-in ,:ior_1? .NHple*. Nov 'K..ItalU'
Urazoa.e'ttlveaton. Nov 11. .Mallor,
?Oeanl,-. Sutlthampton. N?v l.'l W Star
?I'anama.Crlatobal. N'ov 14.. I'anama
?P R Krledrlrh . e'olon. Nov 11. . Hamhurg-Am
?Trent .Klngaton. N'ov 13 .R M nVP
Ma,!?nna.Gibraltar. Nov 10.MB*
El Rlo.Oalveaton, Nov 14.8o Pfce
Oceaaai Palwaa Nov fl-AuatrUa
?An.-m .''ii-.tol._l. Hov 14... Pi.-iani*.
*Santa Marta.Kinamon. Nov la.. ? r I
I'rln.?. Irene. . HMlerme,. N'ov ? M e; I.!<>>-.I
I .rnia.illbtaltar. Nov 12. . e'unar.l
El l>i<.Noa Orleana. Nov in Bo PB
I'atrkia.Hitmburfl. N'ov ?? UamtJ-A?n
Georgt,.Llverpool. Nov ?.W-?ar
?Brlnga mail.
Mail V***l,
Veoflfll, For. Llne. eloaea. ?atla.
e; Kurfi|r?i Preinen. NG1... 9 .*> a m !?:??? a M
Kvndmii. Kottr*r<la:n. H-A.. - lei:e.i h m
P Un ,.;,i. Hamburg, H-A.. ?? J .*? i> m
Aparhe, la.-kaon\lile, e-.ie| | mi p i.
C ol Bavanaaa, flav, Sav... - Bpai
?e'ampanla. Mverpool. Pun.- r.il. a m
Omba. B--rmii.ia. rt M 5* I' I Oei ? m 10:00 ain
Vanarl. Argentina. L & H... S:.'lo a m I2S O ni,
Phlladelphla. furaeao. R D. R :80 am _3r*t0 m
Aimirante, e'oton. ir P Oo.. nnoam KrSSra
Advance, Cr1ato_aI, Pan. ...11 :.'*0 a tr. .1 mi p m
Bbnturce. Turk'r. lal, Clyde.lisOOm t-*flfl*p*ai
ml .ntwerp, Bed B.- .??'OO ? *?*
!>' fl' Oaoova, Naples. Ita]..- ir.no ani
Colorado, eialveiton. Mall'y.- ! <> < P n
Huron. Jaekaonvllle. Clydo. -? 1 e*> p in
IHl'HSIi.W. M iVKUHKK '.'1
i-"i;,ii, e. Havre, Patacfe ... fzflOam IS oo u. ?,
Baltic, Uverpool, \V 8.... a :?? a m 12-00rn
MeXlCO, H-tvana. Ward .... fl:00a rn tttOO m
AIMaala, laagva, ii A l-OOpa* IrSflpn
Barbaroeaa, Bremen. n e; t. 10*80 em
HelhaT Olav, .'eipenhVn. SA ? - '..ealpai
Volturno, Rot'rdam, L'ran'm
e'or si LeOttte, Bevan'h, Sav ? :iuOpm
."? Campanla cloaee 1.30 P tfl
Peatinatlon and .?t*am?r. lo NT. P M
Ki i lalan'a, *-ain,.a_ Itlanda. New
Zeeland. Auatralla tvla Vlctorla)
?Makura . .Nov M, 6:7>o
Japan. Corea, Cnina. Phillpplneo
ivla Vlctorla)?Empreaa of Indla.Nov 23. ejo
Japan, e.'or.-a. I'htn* tvla TaCflaM) _ ..
- ? I'ananin Maru .Nov 2?. fli***
Hawi.il ivla --an I~raii,i?'-o? -Hono
lulan .Nov 22. ?:???
Japan, Oorea, r*Mna " i_ feattle)
Reemaa .Nov 22, fl;**
Hh'v.-iii Jopera. Corea, e'hina.
i'hilipplnea (\ ia San KraiK l?e 0)?
Mongolla .N'ov __. ? .*.?
Ouam. Pl.lllpplnea (vla San Fran
ctacoi?? 8 Transport.Nov 30, 9.99
Tahltl. Mar'i.ie.a.. Oook iKland*..
Kew flealaoel Auntraiia ivla S??n
Francis"o??Tahltl.*>*** *. 8*J'>
Hawall, s.,:i nan Island*.. :>?Z??
Iki I. Australla ivla rten l-'rau
ciaco)?Sohomn .Dec 12, 9'J>
Port of New York. Monday, Novem?
ber 18, 1912.
S'eirrei ThjTfl iN'ori, F'otlorelani N'.-ivmher
1. to Barboi e. ,',i with md?<- LrritM at th
li.er at LO p ni. 17th.
Htcamer Taboi (Nor), R.,tterdam N.ne-ioDe. ?
1 ee Barber el I'O, Wlth Illd^e \iri\e ( H< the
Bai al 2 a ni.
Btaanar I_ land (Battd, Uitwoip aad I
;.i.r B t,, thi Rod Btai LU
.7 e -? ,,.nei ,-abln and 1.t~*1**5 ateera*;.- j.a*
ii,,|?- Arrlved at the Hat at 2
a m
iner Alblnju fOer). ^'ar-*1 Ha>ti ei, tober
"ii. ! e,rt de I'aU 'iei. Qonatvea 11, l'.,rt-au
Prlaiea November '-'. lorawOa t, Aaa Caiw I
I'artaaena 7. I'orio evilomhla H) -ar.m Marta
ln. Klnxaton 12 and ina^-.a 14, 10 UM H-ei"
burfl vm-ri.-ar; l.li.e. wt", L''.' pas*< na^rn, maiN
I.-- Arrn -e| al th. 11..i at 4 a n.
laoerr eire-na.ia (Br), Trinldad ai
. i ? ber 10, to the Trinldad SltUi
Tradlag ev,, v.iih ;i ? malla twl
\rii\e,| ai th - Bai ai 1*43 a m.
Kteaaier I'rim: Prledrk-h fVllhein
Breanen November 0, Southa. . i "bei
. 10, to I e-lri.hu A- Co. Wltl 120 ffral
ii in aad | -.-.'.i itaorac* laaoaafler
malla and mdflfl Airived at the Bar at '.. h?
a in.
*-??mer Hiiraerrr..d?.ter Peters. i- ii.eii. Il>in
,\Id T Ward n. li
\tt.. I fl) the- Har -t 10:40 i m.
?? taier Protaue, V* Orleana Naw,, tt M
fe) Ihe bouthern Pacllh- ' v>. wlth | lewfi
and indse. 1'anM.l in Quaranliie at IJ.ia p ra
- im-r El Mun-lo. e'.eivest. . i - 1"!.
to the .-' iil.-rn 1'ncltl,- i' .. wtth OtAtt ft
In yuaramlne at 0:30 a m.
Steamer Oruba (Br), I
-,. - m leraoa | "Joa, i Ith 2 'i i ? aialla
and i,,eh. Arrlved al ihe Bar a> 1 m p n
Bteai ? ' Palonu (Cobai), .-'.<i;,ia n,.v l
1.1 uni calbarlen 14. te, the Munaon i*? I
UT Arrlveel a' lii- l.ar a' 1:90 i n
Uataaraa Tamplco Noveaiber i"
? ......-s > 18, '., be New I -ttd Cuba
9a ,',-, Wltfe mtaa .\rrl\e,l at the rtar a
1. p rn.
,-,,.itn-t \>atrli ,l*r>. B,:*.-oa, s,'*^ Octoboi
'J7. Rlo d? .l.meli-.i N'ove-'ml-er 4 Ud |
:.;, ?? f:uak ,v Danleia, with i ..?>. naen-, malri
an.l uvi*. Oft ?-.- Hl(hlan_a u ?> h. t ro.
btcdmer 8 V I. i-k.-n.-ifl. h San .luan N'ovem
her l.'l. to the IfMUlar l.n.-. wlth pa*aer
-outheast of :?? ,,tlan-l Llflbt*
?bl .it e; .".ii p m
Steamer Veatrii (Br), Huenoo Ayrai i ?: N
20, floi ?? . eo '.'7. -?ii!"- 10, Hi-. ia Jaa-: ~
November I, H.ihia 4, Trinldad 11 and Barbo
. - !.. to !::-k .\ Deah ?*-. Wl|h 74 rtrat cabln.
?id !aa< nn i 'il tte-erafle pas^'?l,^;e?r_ anel
i.,.. An ivi Bar al T p ni
8taamer 8 V Lawkenbacb, .v.ua.niia Novaai
ber ii. Maraame* i- aad laa fuan 13, to ta*
Injeilar l.ln-. with M i a?*-nKer- ;tnd rndew.
? - .
,-,i.r Miinla (Br). flu-lva O-t .nfr :te>. to
.1 y afhltney .<- e-o, wlth md*** t'as^ed In
Baad) Hoob at 8:12 j, ra, f,i Chroaie, N 1
Steamer San luan. S.m .luan Novesmbefr 1.1
? N'.w Torb and Porta Bleb >< Co, with
...', ..iii-i paaamsew taeBi aad aataa, Arrlved
.,,. tbe Bar a' D B BJ
,. San luan Noveadwr let, l"
\ew \'.irk anel I'-ri.e Bue, Si ev,, wl'h
Arrlved ai thi Bar ai ft;U p m.
- imer lluron. .fa kaoovflle Ndvember 13
, i . harleaton 16. te, th- Clyd ia Ca witi?
fera ind tn-i*-- Paaaed la QuarainJn** a'.
10:15 p in.
Baan Hoob N J, Saw 1?. !?"V) d m ~.'ind
northweot; moderate braeac .i.ar: mode*ratv
Hafliaari Prataale (Oer), Haa-bura*; <ojie..
niini- (Uuteh), P-m.-rarp; CaniaKiiey ,e-ijbani, i
Havana: Nacejocheo, Suvannah: ttMOOXtWO,
Norf-dk anl NeWflflTl NeWflj Buhisea -Hrl
PluahlBfj Urenade (Br), l'-th Amboy, Ma I
folb und Be wion Kflwfl.
r'openhaa-*n. N'ov 17. . p :n- -t'nlte-l Mateie
New Vork -. la t'himtiamand.
Glaagew, Nov 17 I'anieronia i_sr>. BflW Tori
vla Movllle.
Madeira, Nor 17 ___*ob1b fRn, Neiw.^-rk for
Saplea, et, _ ?,
\ |g 10 10 I m -Kronprlna TTIT
Mbfl ,'?"?!. N**W >,>r'K lor rherboiirir and
Brt-:" a iand pro*teed*?d)
Antwerp, Ne* M Aaaorlean iDutch,, n?w
Yoik; Maahattafl ,Bn. N-n York.
, atama. Nov ? iJanaes ,Brl. N'i w Tork
, ,. Nov II Bantu -Bi-. New eTflri rfg
Barbadoa ar.d Montevtdeo
De la*oe Bay, Noi 14 forfl -'??t> 'Pr). New
V..ik via Ca:,e Town. eiv.
(lenoa, No? IS, ? p m?BBBJ Albert twer)
New Vurk vtn Nflplofl.
. N,.-. l.'l r.tula eejer). N>w T flfl
Ilull No, 17 Marmao (Br), N'ew York.
Blrkenhead, Nov 18 OMnapche 'Bn, ,\e*?
Tork for Manihesirr
Bertnuda, Nov lf. S:39 a m?Bermu-llan B |
NaW York.
l-herlmura. N'ov 1>4, S n in Kror.rrln* Wllhelev
Rea Y"rk \U Plvinouth fe,r Preio*w\
; r ,??? eeieel).
Patraa No- 17, 11 a m-Roitia (Pr). New Tork
Ind Providen ? vla An?ra .ind l.iabe.n
Buefl Noi ls Inverklp <Hn, Minlla. Tlollo and
? r.., i.,r N'-w Torb nn.1 Baltlmore
LoadOO. N-,\ 1*. Mmnetunka iBr,. N'e-w Tol*
* Ul.KP
Kingiton. N'ov 15? Trent iRrl ifrom Koii'hatiii?
I,,.,. Barbadoa, ite), New York. lrt'li. Thamej
,!lr, ,irom N'?w Yoiki, .'oi.n, Hl, and
Hlo de lunelro, N'ov IS K?K?-nial , Hr" (fTOW
Bantoai N'-w Y,,ik. Vlrall ,Bn tfrom Bflntoe)
N>w e.rlean* lelth, \,<ltalie iBri ,froni S.,*i
|..mi N'ew Yoik.
-. Nov 17 Slaniese Prln-e (Bn. N?w
Yoti< . .
N'ov 17? Canople eBn ifrom Boston ?nf
New Yoik). Naplec
It.ivre N'ov 17 Niaaaia (Krl. N?W Yora.
Trleete Nov 17 e'arpathla iBri. N'ev. \ ??
Barbadoe, Nov 18 -CUrlatopher iBr) ifrom
I'aral. N'ew Vork
Yalene-U. No. IS Bla'ea Hireek) (fiom Mac
?. lllea), N'ew York ___.____!
Bt Thomaa No~ 18, l1' ^ ?> Korona eBr? .from
Detnerara), Noa v-.rk ? , __,?.
AlBlera. N'ov I.V-Bufleiila fAu*t>. N'ew Tork for
?nd Trtaote. _ . _. __'.-_
[qultoo, Nov 19 Napo .Br). New Torlr
Saple-a, Nov Ifl 8 P Bfl veae.la iFti tfrom
Manelllea), Pravldiaoo and N>w Tork
Anaira Nov 17 H p m ^lermanla (Fri efrom
MarJeellle. and L..sl,..n). 1'rovldence and New
um N'ov 17?Holmealde <Br.i. New York.
Uverpool !*ov 17 -Cratgina (Br) (late Rarrat.
New Yr-rk . _ ..
Cherbourfl, Nov 17. 11 p m <.eor*je Waahlng
e,,n ei',..r, (from Bi.-nien and Southampton).
New York _. _
Swakopmunde. N'ov irt Tola eBr). New Tork. .v
Butt of Lewla. Nov 19? Btlae Marie (?i?r>, New
York far
Prawle f'olnt. Nov 16?Irlo (Belir), New Tork
for Antwerp.
ejihialtar. Nov 17?Cuyahofla (BrV, New Torlr
for Port Hald.
Solllj-. N'-n 18?ror.-ovado (Ger.). N'ew Tork
for Hamburg; Prometheua (Ofln, N?w Terf*
for - __
Perlni. Nov 17 Seharzfet*, et'.er). Talculta aad
(.'olombo for Boaton and New York.

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