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Inn. I&allstate
investor Gets Two Seven Story Buildings Between Laight and
Vcstry Streets?Property in Same Hands for Sixty Years.
Dwoflfl Csnpfli : ;i-*'* SflM for BMfl*-!
i,. tl- T. W'niv te> a i-llr-nt Nos 169, 171. 173
, ,ii Btreet, S* tween l.alg'nt
\ eatry etreeta. two seven story nnd
loft huUdlnss os a i-iot MJ-M8
t ctianged
, rean. Tho liaysr
the bulWtnsi flnd srlll how
old for easri to
BhetBeM Karms, BIswsoo -Decker
. il.ts, situ.-t ? al
,, ?,.--.??, Btreel and
|0| hfes a front
0 feet letei flTsnno. The
Deeksr Cota
i BanI*
i ,i on tlie
I haa Jual
p Dt fi r tlM H ru.v dlvtolon.
Rup.iert Buyer of Buitding.
' , e'hiirles l". Noyea Co?Psn*/ en*
i.-.uii ? s ii.i.litii.iiai Infonnatton regardlng
Ibe aale ot ti ? Bqnare buihiinc
1 v , Reslt] Company, Henry
i preMdent The puretaflssr is Jacob
Ruppert, a_M ln part P-3 nasnt tne company
,,.,. pted ? i "i-? ?,0,u-e |-roP"
erty, a ttrrm Btor> auditorlum bulldlng
covertafl ? plot MtelM feet. on the north
Of 07th .tre-t. ttM of Third avenue.
The opera hoflIM property was acquired
Jfl,-,,!, Roppsrl in t**t\ uneler fore
tf tntMi snd con* over a n.111."
? | rrc-t lt COntStafl two audl
t. .1111:11.-. with .. tSOflnh fld ? ttinc eapaclty
, third audltflartinn. whlch
i coi im tion with one ol
i -t >,:,n-|W--t ballfl in tttW Vork. A
Vit... ? ? ,.,,..,t> i*- uaed i
? '":- Obtoot
balla, prlvute rjsUroonris, club rooms.
owllns alleys, cafl?. roof
. ? ,..,- reaturea si*a emhodled
in the propoeltl
, ... took r i property In ss*
chsofl. on a essh bsa ** ol Mt-MOft, and
uoderetood thal ns?otlatlo_a sr?
pendtafl and flriU probably N osBcluded
for lha leaalns ?-f thfl entlrfl property to
;, t rooriln int Smnaetnenl aasa
The Madlaon Bejnsre building. ihe aaJe
Ol whlch *rai minounced ln Sunday's
Tribin,.. i.*. a twenty storj oa_oe bulldlnfl
in :6th utreet, brtween Mfldtflftfl and Fifth
arenoes snd facini Madtoon Square. Thia
bttUdtng rent- fOC about $2:T..(".>0 a year
aad la raloed at abeat $n.ono,ODC. it la
li. :,1 by Mr. Rapperl as a permunent W
\- tment Thfl ti.-ns.-u-tion Juat ncgotiatoii
- over $.1,000,000. The Moyeai
pany has chsraje Of the negotlation- j
ii, Ibfl matter of le-asin-; for Mr. Corn tne
Ofterty. Tlie vaiue of this
property Ifl probably largely Increased by
e.ran.l Central improve
rnt-nts and the < e>nP-tructlon of the L*ex
lii_t,,n flTenoa subway, whlch wlll have a
?tatloa al crth Ftre-et.
'I here hflfl just l.een organized the 8
West l*mti-ti, Btreel corporation. wlth
John c. Melnerney, wniiam P. Hadlty
ami FtetUrlek M. Landers as Inoor
poratora. Ihe properties at Nos. 6. 8 anel
io WCSI 4011*. Ftreet. three flve story bulld
in-ts, on a plot >^->x?K.9 feet, are now
owned, acc-ording to the records, by Gert
ltiele B. MUler. The propertles are on the
SOfllth atdfl Of 40th street, 147.6 feet west
ot l'ifth avfinif, and oppoblte the Publlc
cth.-r sal.-s flBDOUMSi y.-j-terday follow:
\ fc-KMlLYKA AVl.Nt'K The ColumMa
Knltkerbockcr Trust e'ompany. as truetee tor
the Alien fonstruction Company, hat) sold tl.e
flve itorv new law aj.artmf-nt house, on a plot
f-UxleV* feet. on tt.e east slde of Vermllyea ave?
nue, ".1)0 feet north e.f "*07th Btreet, to an tn
\e--.,,i. lt n,. a cush traiviai-tlon. The house
!? the n-.rtle.-riv ,,nc ,,f a ra* "f ttirce recently
, leted t-\ t'ht- Alle-n "'e,inj,any at that point,
enel all are .ully tensnteel. The company pur
<-hH?ee1 th* olte in Mar,-h. 1011. from Marla W.
Uarton. and ere, te,l tt,<- hou*,.-*, from plans ty
B. I*a Vrlle
IS_t) STREET Th-* I'laiiitieM I_nd and
? empany <A. I). Tbetnpeoti, presl
ha? *ee|.| .\,.f-. 118 and 52o Weat IMM
Wre-ft. a ri\*? >t-,r\ naw la? house-, on a plot
4I.9xflfl.il feet, betweea Anisterdam aeeaui
and afleadway. Thll sale dlspoee-8 of the last
Of the .ompauv's holdlncs ln Manhattan.
V'EKMILTE.A tVEKUIC T. O. tialardl *
.'.. l.ave eeeeld t: e ?ontheBBl lunicr of V'ermll ?
^voniie ai.d Academy "tret, a five story flat
houae. on a plot 90x100 f,et Thla la one of
two houeea recently ere- ted bv the aellera at
that point. The purchaser, Cha--'ea J. Bder,
gave in i*rt paymeal a lot, fiOxl.V. feet. oa
the weat alde ,,f Cost avenue. between Dyck ?
man and Academy atreeta.
ISTTH ITREET Anold. Byrne _ Baumann
hH\e aold for Edward B. <'orey to a cllent fe.r
Investment Non. eyee" and 608 Weat 137th street.
lo.ate'i MO />-.-' flreel of Bfeaflway, h ^.t
a; ry elevator apartment houne, on a plot f'.x
lem feet The structure la fullv rented. Mr.
Corey purchased thia and the adjolnin*; houae
aome time IflO from I.ee & Flelschman. and
thia aale dlspeuses of the two. The considera?
tion was about $133,000.
BROADWAY?Andrew J. Connlck Is the
r-iirchaeer of the plot. 10M 7x130. Um Irreeular,
at ihe aouthweat corner of Broadway and 21Mh
loM ree-entlv by the Charlea Wela
?: eatate throuich t: * J. Roin-I-,* rr?^.n
The Bronx.
rotrrn .suns iton avenue -The sem
aa, ,7,,n.?'rue-tlon e'ompany (Max Llebee
klnd. presidenti. haa purchaaeii from Meyer
.-o omon Ihe p'ot on the aflTthaUt l OT"
ne: rt i'oi- 'U'a.ahiniston avenue anl leinth
atreet. 101xl01x"_.*,*;ie)e> feet, comprlslng about
four and one-half ket*. The new owner wlll
Impro-e the slte linn.i dirttely wlth a alx atory
elevator apartment house.
BRTANT AVKMi: -n.ith * Phelpa ha-e
mi 1 fur eash ',,i Ulllan V.'iiliama a plot. oO\
Ml feet. wlth three three fltory l.iilMlnifS
.'.c-ecn, at the ?.outhwest earaflT of ITSttl
ttreel \nt\ Brvant nvenu,*.
>any haa boupht from the Martln Tully
l*0.i?tructloti Company the n-,rthe-aat r-orner of
iford arenoe and ia.tb utreet. a flve atory
'.-.-.v heaaa or. a plot WSxlOO feet. In part
lavment the I>. ll Jackaon Company eave a
an Antheny avenue.. ext*ndln?! throupfh to
r evenue 104 feet somh of 174th atreet,
lr,ntlng 76 fe?t on each avenue. Tl.e Tully
pany wlll Improve the nropertv wlth flve
aterv apartment houses A. J. Matlden and
I; Altn.an were the brokere ln the transactlon.
American R E. Company Gets
42d Street Building.
TJie American Real Eetate Company haa
leic-ed the new six story store and offlce
buIldliiK now belng erected at the north?
west corner of *_*d street and Vanderbllt
avenue, extend'.ng through to 43d street,
froin the Unlted Clxar^tores Company,
and haa assumed the agreement coverlng
the (on.trtictlon of the bulldlng whlch
the Clgar 8tort*s Company entered Into
wlth the New Tork Central Railroad
The new bulldlng is to be ready for oc
eut.aticy not later than June 1, Mtt
Wl.lle lt Is belng erected as a six-story
bulldlng, tlte flflssl fiame ls fleMflaed tfl
carry fourtecn addltlonal ete.ries. so that
ln tltne a twt-nty-story stiuiturc is llk'-ly
to stane) <>ii this slte.
A number ef leases ln the building huve
already been made to high-cluss fenant?.
James A. Heth.-rington. tbe drOggMt, who
OOeopM the corner store of the old **t*rUO
tnre 0:1 this sit- and bnd a ftfUfl store
in this block since 1876. has leased l atore
Bfl Md street eonnectinK with OM 011 Van?
derbllt avenue. Tbe Unlted cigar BtOTflfl
Cotnpfloy wm oeeapy the Md rtreel cor?
ner snd small More at the Md MTflSl "'
ner. Charles & Company, fruiterers. take*
one of the stores on Vandcrbilt avenue
DMt the Md *Mre<"t end of the bulldlng.
whlch will open through to their large*
premises adjoining.
Wm. H. Mendel haa leaned the BOb*
stirface stores and a store on VaaderblM
avenue at about tbe centre of ll,
Ing. which hc will u-cukv aa I
i.uit. The rob-surfaoa atores open >>'?'? to
the subway voncour.-e*. where tlie Cl-OWdfl
to and froin tlie siation wlll be dlstrlb
uted. The Bva upper Boora of the
hiiileling are laid out ln large '""I ?**?***
oflOSfl and are espeeially &eatgn*<1 to
meet the rcciulrements e,f broker.*-. dOC
tors, dentlsts, real estate and Mmllar
bliatnasfl SSSS adapted to the neighbor
Thla corner will be the most lmportant
traflic centre in the entlre city. lt Wlll
be directly served by tlie present lub*
way. the McAdoo tubes to New Jeney,
the Belmont tunnel to Long Island, tbe
New York Central suhurban servlce, and
the Third avenue "J."
The Hom & Hnrdart Company, Spai**
ator of automatlc lunch rooms here and
ln l'hlladelphia, has liled plan- lor the
bakery htiilding they are to ercct on land
leased recently from William Waldorf
Astor. wh<> owns part of the old OoMflfl
(hrm, bequeathed to various members of
tbe Astor family. The bulldlng will be
three stories. coverlng an area of SSxo.l
feet at the southwest corner of Kleventh
avenue and 60th street. {-.tuikert &
Sloan. of I'hiladelphia, architerts, esti
mate Its cost at $100,000.
FVedsrlck Fox & co. bave leased for
the LflA Holstein Construction Company
a loft ln the new bulldlng now nt-arlng
completlon at No. 112 to 116 Madlson
avenue, corner 30th street, to I'.'her A
Brownold; also for the No. 29 West 36th
t-treet Company, lofts at No. M to H
W.-t r.th street. to Samuel M. Schwartz
und Martln H. Weill & Co.
Th.* Twcnty-flfth Street Construction
Company has leased in its new building.
Nos. 158 and 160 West 29th street, a loft
for a term of three years to the PllUUflM
Walst Company, for the manufacture of
Jacob Leitner haa leased for Jnmes F.
MaahSS to Morrls Melster, No. <S41 Beck
Btreet. a five atory new law building, at
an aggregate rental of $7,0.0; for James
r. Moebaa to Morrla Florea, neirtheast
corner of Seneca avenue and Irvine street.
at an aggregate rental of $6,260; for thfl
Ittner Realty Company to Morrls Florea.
Nos. 913. 927 and 931 Avenue St. John and
No. 671 Kelly street, three four story
and one flve story house, at an aggregate
rental of $27,000; lor Haylls efe Sanborn
to Morrls Florea, No. 612 Kast 16th street,
a five story tenement house.-, at an ag?
gregate rental of $6,750; for George Hooks
to M. Framagalll, No. 636 Creston avenue,
a flve story corner, at an aggregate. rental
of $23,200; for M. L,. & C Krnst to A.
Mlstretti. No. 166 Brown Place, a flve
Btory tenement, at an aggregate rental
of $6,680.
M & L. Rosenthal have leased a loft
to Diamond & Breakstone, at No. 10
Greene street, for William Walker &
Sons; to Samuel Gerst. at Nos. 111 and
143 West 28th street, for th. Twenty-fifth
Street Construction Company; to Broua
Brothers, in the new bulldlng In course
of construction, at No. 115 to 123 West
2"-th Btreet, for the Twentleth Street Con?
struction Company; to Brody efe Dlck at
Nos. 141 and 143 West 28th street, for the
Twenty-flfth street Construction Com?
George R. Read A Co. have leased far
Henry Kroger the entire elx story and
basement building at Nos. 138 and 140
Watts street to the I?ew_nthal Company
lor a long term of years.
Good win efe Goodwin rented for Mrs.
Margaret E. Mahony to Goon S. Kee, the
resldence No 123 West 124th Btreet.
The Cross A Brown Company leased the
bulldlnj? No. 60 West 22d street for a term
of yeara to Jock Berkowltz; also for the
Renault Taxl Servlce Company thfl scc
otiel floor in No. 249 West 64th street to the
Adams-Leancia Company, and epace ln the
Hel le-lU-rg Building, No. 14>Z Broadway,
to K. B. iiesprt-ss, Morgan Marshall, Na?
tional Falr Associatlon and Florence
Booye and Bettie Mannlng.
H. C. Senior & Co. leased the followlng
dwelling houses: For R. Bay 11s. No. "*)8
We.-t T8th street. to Mrs. M. Hurley; for
Frank D. and Grace Meehan. No. 103 West
78th street. to John B. Knox; for the
Charles F. Hoffman estate, No. 214 West
7oth street, to William McGeevo, nnd for
the cordette Realty Company, No. 112
W.*st 11: th ttreet. to Richlon Lindberg.
Samuel H. Martln leased for the estate
of Oecar Purdv the dwelllng house No. 14;;
West 63d street.
Foley & Hughes leased the dwelllng
house No. ?22 West 14th street to Marxa
ret I.ynn for three and one-half years,
and the dwell'ng house No. 63 West &.d
stre-et for F. Benzer to Edwnrd J. Downes.
"ihe Jullus Friend, Kdward M. Lewl
Company har leased for the Polo Con?
struction Company 7..VK) square feet eif
spae;e at No. 151 to IM West 3<)th street
to B. Jaffln efe Co. for a term of years.
* The followlng sale was recorded in the
Vesey atreet salesroom yesterday:
By Joseph P. Day.
RXDOl ?_. 117. w a. 115 ft n of Rlving'ori
at, 23x100; 5 aty tenmt and atorea; adjourned
t Nov "!_.
By Charles A. Bt-nian.
_14TH PT, 824 Qaat. a a, e of Barnej ave,
33x100; aold to Krank Gasa for ?."l.0e>i.
(WMfe name and addreas of leane )
COLI'MEIA ST. t?; all; Chrtatlan D Rehm
te. J.,s<*ph Schwartf; 18 yra 6 1,10a from Nov 1,
181":: |l."."0O; artdreaa, ?.. Columbia at.
PORT r/CHTJTUCl. RD. IS acr. a. nt
Thre.n'a Neck; Mcrcfd.a De Eacorlaza. anJ ano
, D'Angelo; 2 ytk 0 1110a Br_*a .Nov 1,
1011! tggi; ei.'.dr, ?*. Ml OlaMtMfl av?.
l.uT 111). i-i'vlaed ma\> Beaaea I'ark; atore
flour and ce-llar; M Keropf Realty Co to Mar
flai?ta I.iukrr; 8 yra from Nov 1, 1812. ll'TO;
addrer-s. 729 Eaat lftlat st.
UEST ST, lejo; all: Cata Steljeat and ano.
,-ra to Jamea riwyer; 6 vra from Nov _.
1011; |__00; ad-reaa 140 West at
"D AVK. 1141; Mor', et. . Ilanlel J wejJB
ney to Kllen Floou; 5 yrs from O'-t 1, l-i_.
11,800; addrers. 1149 -1 ave.
;I4TH BT, 210 and 212 Wflflt! all; Hartford
Kealtv Co to Antootoo I.a Tut.-o: frOBB Aug l.
1919. to Aprii % MM; feMti aa-B-aa, o
im mlaefl. . _ _.. ....
180TH PT, n s. 100 ft - of HOfl-jrwell a\e
_0xM0; all; laoaaai i Olortoo te *??? ?
Snowden; B yra fn m lu-c l, i'Ji2, M>4_e; au
dieaa. __!) Kast 178th st.
? With name ond fl-draaa nf pun haaer nnd at
.-.. j i ,- . ? 91 ft ? of i- ?? ? '? '
21jT0; Cbflriflfl aad I - _aa l-1"* |J 1'"
Realty < o. ln.-, 15 Wall at; Nov ??; ?100;_?*__"
ney, Title Ou-ranti-e and Tuat Co. li- BTOflO
I'.AFXYETTi; ST. 17?>. 125 ft n of Grand at,
9B.lxlW.6; Lafayetta -t, 178, 150.1 ft n or
Orand at, MlxlOO.O; -Bchaai Brtaaate te
Rach Roalty fo, 74 Broadway; all llana; wej
14; n. flttaa_ejfa -Haflb-Brger, __cnw?fa ?
BballeC-, 74 l<rdadw~>.
-.iM.T.iN AVE, 102'.^ and 10,11, MxMP:
Marie Edeli -_?! Kflwflaaa, on prenj
laea (mtfl 130,000); l>h 16, $10.. attorn-y, H ?
?t< ln, BS N'aaaau at.
MAD1SON BT, UW, 2.-,vl0u; Elka fTacht to
,in ob wa. bt IM Btadteo- ft (mtp $-?
Aaa -; WAi at-ana >. I Wa* bt, jr. u. Na-hau
MONROE PT. 171, 22 10-100; Wyominx Tteal
tv'.o to Mlles Realty Co, 08 WUIUun Bt; NoV
15; II- attorneya, <'aM? A 1 'a-s. M \M..i?m at.
PARX avk. 1141. fl a cor MM rt, 20.-.70;
Murv V Oerard fo I N Ph-lpfl Btoke* 11*4 Eflflt
_2d flt; <i'-1t t'laltn; No. II; $8.0?'. attorneya,
stewart A Mjear-r, II w-iil at
1 t.Mi; PROPERTY; 1 N P flnd Wtth u
- to iieien 1. Pbotpfl Btokee 990 Mad 1 a
rntg IMOOO); Nov '-. ?i"0. atteraei
BT MIC_-_1__> AVB, " _ e_r IM!* >"? 2fi*
MO: Atina _ Bad Arthur I! S.h!. e,r? Henry
A Sohl. lo ThjM-M Smlth. 9M1 WflltOfl ave;
Nov 18. $2.u?i attornoy, Tltki aeenuatefl an-i
?; 1 iat .'o, iTfl Broadway.
ID ST l'_) Waat, * m *. at n w a suilnan
rx 2'?'..'. 1 intl bi Orla a to ti ? ~ __-le_e,
147 Bulllvflfl al mt? MZOOO) N-1 '4. U. -'
joflapi ti ' 'aflae, 4!) wall ?l
HTH st, Id w.-t. 25x02; M?nrar*t a Tro
lan et fll to .lohn T St,in..y. 44? Weet "-"?', "'?
nll title. oet 28; $1. attorney. I_iv,>eia lltie
In.uranre Co, lbO" Broadway.
BAME PROPERTT; Allca Sl.evlln to aame;
all title Nov 18. Bl; attt.rney, eame. ?
BAME PROPERTT; Kathorlna wlfe. wm
K Trolan. to eain". ?11 title. j ;|t ,!.-,!ii: N..v
18; 11; attorney, ^arne \
24TH ST. a 8. 212 ti ft e of 2 1 a'e, 18 funa 0.
fuauetlne It MeMahon, raf, tO Abner B Mtlla,
aa trn-tee. at lUe N V. Nov II $*.">". attor
ney, I-' M Ttcbenor. 38 rark How
2BTH ST. n a. 125 ft w of 9d ave, r,ar?8 a
Albarl Bamlflcb to Bophtfl /. Rnakay, Ul p,r_*on
I". lar Rockflway, I/.n^ 1-land imtr |2O.2_0>:
Nov 15; $10(1. attoirie>H, BflflBfll A Huakay. 31
L-bortrat ?____ ?
7?TH ST, n x. M ft e nf Ave A. I^>il02 2
ifor.cioaiira oct 99); Ja_n_i a Foiey, ref, t?
rd nnd Annie Boehmann, 19 Barrow at.
)0lnt tenania; 48-t 2'. |5.?-0. attornev, Georae
A Blank, 271 Broadwajf ,-?-.'
BOTH BT 149 IVflflt, 4 aty brk. 22 0100 8. ?
.tulla T M. K.-mia and ano to Alllanee l:?al'v
.-.. |U Broadway imta e-"-","<". ^"- I*. M*.:
DM; attorney, Lawyera Tttlfl [iBWninri an*
Tru-t CO, IM Broadwflr. ,_
94JTH Si, 44 Wflflt, I BtJ brk. ITaiOO.".
r-harlotte Hauptner to ''..rd 'I Srhro'der. 40
I'er.v at m ta ilS.OO-): N',v 18. 1100; attoraer.
I_awf_n T!t; ? faamran a and Truat l ... iflfl
Hioa-i-ay. ._ _, __ ,,
114TH ST. ?.o Weflt I ?"' brk. 1?10.imil:
.l,tr-oh Rluealeln to Joaeph HlrBchBokl, 17 F.nn
lOTtb at imu |19.B__>; Nf'--' 11: H"0- atlerfleir,
Sirmun-l Bolomon, MO Bro*
I19TH BT "55 Weet '? ?" brk. ia.l?lM.ll;
l:.v-nn-. Realty Od to Batel 1 Q Wlnetea, .'".':
Caeal at: Nov lt; H; ?" trfley, M J Kan P.20
Breadwflr. ^
i:t D BT BB4 Weal SBaM.ll; TTIlla Jalonaek
to Katelie G Wlnaton. BM <"?nA". al (mtfl $21
000); ?ii Hena; Fob 10; li. a_t_rn_jr, M J
Katz. 520 r.road-B\ _
130TII ST. 140 West, 3 atr brk, IBIMO.lla
ir,P>. soihie ? Woh-ara ?o Pmia m 3 r?r
relly.'SSS W_?t HBth a-; <<r: Bl; $l; attorney.
_4_ I' SUne, fl-8 Weaf 115th it.
Thfl Bronx.
AMTHOWT AVB, a a rer Moint Hope pl.
MilM.4; .1 M Bhellabarfflr, raf_r_a, to Emil
W Klappert, BTI W_|| Bad ave; Nov 1?; |!?.
250, attor.ieja, WflfflflUBflfl 1- Kraua, 56 -fbflflt.
ANDP.CT"? AVE, 2S41. 6O-IOO1 Irrer.
l^urtlaa P I!\ron to Qulller Morfl_fl r'". TM
liroadway (mti.: $47.nO..,; y,,v Ifl; $100; attor
ne\-. Harry Baer, 11" Broadway,
Af.i. rlflrkt llUa and biter_Bl ra aatatfla M?n
A l'annlr.K and Aaron V Her.drieka. Jr, at
? i m|i 1 tor ? o 1 Illl in M H ill
and ano, .'?,,' f'hauneey at. Brooklya; Nov 15;
ikiston nn. 1225. w *. ryiTirv; wm g
rt-rlate to Pranb. B 'lajbrrt. 91 Hedford af
imta: 181.B00) N -. 18; |t; attomey. John M
ltn.lt. 271 Broadway.
DBCATUR ".'? B, m >? IM 1 ft n of itv.th ??.
flOx- . t'..i. 11 ? Bulldlnfl ? ?> to Herman
i.i.-ake, j.;: Tlntoa ave; tel 11; 11; flt ter?y,
-"atton ,';? i'ait..n. 40 Watl n.
ORAND BOUU-VARD, n e tor FVho flL
104x27 7 Isabfll H Mulllran to ('leineiit 11
Siuith Ca 404 Tremont -im- N- -v |8 tl. nt
torn- v. Lawj ara Tltk roi t Cto,
1(40 Ri 1 ' u
ETBATH AVK. n e mr '.'30th at. TtaTMl
ly)Ula t'ohen to Btfltnoad F.rnat, 281 Kdcer-ornbe
ave imt? 18,MO): Uae 11; inm. attorn-y, A o
Ernat. 190 Broadway.
JEBUP PLACB, e r. 908.10 ft n of 170th at.
BOs?; Kllen Althnuae to Marle F Althouae.
9-T9 Ctflfltoa ave; Be. II; 11; attornev. H C
Knoeppel. ,', Reek-nnn at.
KATCVAH AVE ?_95, ?_"_; '"ar.i A WflTd
t > Benlan In Oi ibl ; . 1900 Berflen at l(rr>- k
Un fmta m\tatfl & t 20. $]o.i. Bttomoy,
Thomaa J Hrad), 20 N'aasau at
I?TS 410 and 420, map of Van 1'nrtlanlt
esfnte: Henrv Hlllebrandt to Arbrla Ttealfv Co,
r.2 wiillam at; ll; attorneya Phllbln, i;.ek
man A Mflflkfln, 52 Wllliam at.
MOINT HOPK PLA^K. a a, 133 1 ft w of
An'honv ave. 18x96; i.vdla A Kalaboven to
I.vd.a Ilamblln. 286 Mooat Hope plate fmtar
$5,000); Nov IB; 10 50O; attornev, ''Ilfford S
Boatwiek, 45 redar at.
MOTT AVK. e n. 50 ft a Of 144th at. 50.
100; tha s w M P.ealtv Co to Jermfly P.'-.-.itv
Co, Ml Fnat la_H at Imtfl I8100-); Nov 15;
attornev. M Mflyar, 82 Wiillam at.
PARKBR AVE, lots r;n and 40, man flf Bt
Ravmond Park: Annte M lieeker to t'hrlatlan
Hrorhart. 15V. Bereflfl ave; Nov |j Jiofi; at
tornev, Prank i;af?, Weal Cbeatflr, H v
BHAKE8PKARR avk. e a. 150 0 ft ? of
170th at. 20x114; Qflflta. Rt.rn fo .la.-oh Ptern.
005 Bomrnll ave Nov 15; |100; attorney,
lieorg-e Me\er. 115 RroadWfly.
SAMK IT.OPFRTT; JfleoB Stern to laabel
Pter^. 9M Pummlt ave: Nov Ifl; $100; attorney
aa above
BPUTTBW DUTV1L POAD, part lot 7ft. map
annexed to report of aale ln ae||0n 1t>tmnr?
bc' Wetmore: Powte Pnah Realtv Ofl to Mar
IflTfll K Pnfnaii , II Weat 77th at; Nov 1?;
TIN'TON AVK. 1210, e a. .2x132: Fretlerleka
Tttrck tn Abmbam W Jn.-kaon, 1300 rblabolm
H rrnfit 14.500): Nov 18; |1; attorney, P E
n 55 l.lbertv Bt.
TIPTANT ST. e ?. 475 ft ? of IBBd at. 181 1t
?; Henrv Morae-thnu p- t0 pt M Pon?true
tlon fo. 027 Kaat 1fl?i1 at; Oct 10: 11; attorney.
P A Bnow. 18 Wall at.
WOnliYGRKST AVK. 1003. w ?. 25 2tOO?;
Bdw D I^)i!phman to Jacob Btrelfler rv>. 1135
InfervaV ave: Nov 15 frntir $41,000); $lor?; _$_
torney, w H Ofllraiadar, 90 Kflflflflfl ?t,
4T1I PT. e s. 81 2 ft B of 1"t nve. flj 2x
113 0x90x123.1; Mollv P.ucdero to lyone Itu.
fiero. 3044 BflflBflfl nve (mtir $3,500); Arrll 50;
100: atft.rnev, Adolpb Clnnchettt. 102 Powerv.
6TH PT. ? s, lot 07, mnp Moent Ed< n. BOx
B Walton ave. n e cor 1721 a\ 8,7t
-4.ll-M.2-79.1lj Fdwln T> ITayee. ref. to Har
Old Fwaln. 18.-.0 roneourae; Oct 1>; $3 9M; at?
tornev. Title Guarantee a, Trust Co. 176
170TTI ST, a .?, 45 f e of Monia ave, 27 11x
100; Alex W1l?on tr, Jihn Flniter. 48.', TremOBjl
ave; Nov 18: tmtr $8.000); $1; attorney. J_.w
>ers Title Inaurnne* ^ Truat Go, 100 Proad
182r> PT. ? a. lot 45. map "onth Ttelmont.
50x10.1; Antnlnetfe L Ptnat to Staab Confltn |
tlon Ca 14ft3 Hoe ave; $100; at'.orney, Rudolph I
Lr#wenthal 1347 Poaton mad.
2.0TH BT, ? a. im ft w ot farpenter ar-e. I
100x114; Jaa Mytflfl to Patk J M-leahy. Ton- I
Vers. N T; Nov 10 imtr 14.0001; 9100; attorney
Sol Simmona. 320 Proaflwey.
fWlth name and addren of grantee and at
BM_fl| i ??
Ir.terea? 1 par eaai unl"?a otberwlae atated.
HUDSON ST. e a, 21 ft ? of Domlnlek at,
21x70; Forturc Realty Co to Charlea I.ettic
and ano. 2W rludatin et; Nov 18, due aa ter
It Is one of the best known landmarkfl of the Yorfcrllle dlstrlct It was given
ln part pavment by Colonel Jacob Ruppert for the Madlson Square Bulldlng,
at No. 17 to 1? East 26th street, reported eold by the Charles F. Noyea Com
pany ln The Trlbune on Sunday.
h,,a-l. $?,<*-<, attorney, Tltle Ouarantee tM
'iriibt Cn. 170 broadway.
MONROU RT, 171. uilOxlOO; Mllea Raalty
ro i? ilMa.l 11 Marka. M8 Weat 13.MI*. at;
Nov 15, deiiian.l, S pei cent; |7,_A); atiurneys.
Cuaa .\ I .. I H William at.
HT NICHOI-tfi AVK, I W cor 176th at, 28X
IO-. Ttaeaaaa .-inith to Anna M f-ohl aii.l ano.
Mount Veraea, N Y; Not- 18. 8 \ra; 91S.00S;
attoraeya, ll A _ C ? Heydt, 27 william at
-1, AVK, IflSfl SflM' John P M'.Donald to
Kva 1. MulU-r. 2_ '"aat liat at; Nov lt), 1 yr.
nt: n.oejo, atter*M**a Knoi a DMHagi
BTH AVK, w a. RO ft a of 111th at. Bl.l'"*
lrre-_ Eda Kr'edriian to Wm 1_ Conllt. lh
ta.keri. N J; Nov ls. ?. ..tb; "*.\"o?>. attoraey,
Titi* '. iiu-entee aad lYuat Oe, I7ti Preaflerai
eiin AVK, "<42, I'aul C Walina to Tbeo Mul
l_r, ,.ynlr,.oK. I, I. Ni,v 14. In.tali. el P ??;
II..!.?.. eitoin.ya. L. * C Burateln. e02 UroaJ
?*>, Brool _
_1BT BT, 3lfl Weat. 8 aty brk. 19le>xlon f>;
Wm J M.-ire lo I'r. ilc W.-rt/. et al. 2777 Ma
ii,.a ave; Noi IS, Soe ?<* i"*r bond; I?IQw;
attoraey, TltlS Ouarantee 4 Truat Co. 170
i - , uy. _
JflTH ST, 34.V347 West. SS.ll_SS.Ofl, * aty
hrk _7tl> at, a ?., ?07 ft e of 8th a\a, Ifl.llx
"?*> ft'; aluo l.uid at Hayal I*. Le I; Thna I, Ham
lltoa io WiUre 1 P l.llia -ii. 1*1 Leealastea ava.
Noi 1 due, ate, aa per tond. |C*J0; attorney.
,-. ,l H off roaa. II Naeaau at
.14 III BT, 2K> UI W.-*t. 4 aty brk, leaae
boldi Aatonle L*t> I wee t.> Beaealet I vitaie.
1441 4 ? it, Bro kl*i., N,.v 12; demand, ? p c;
fl"?<?*>; attoraey, H I vitala, 53 i'ark Row.
ANTHONT AVE. a w coi Mo'.nt Hope pl,
_0_1'#4; J.mll W Klappert to Jsvoh A Oele
wnh*itn.r and ano. u-uateaaa. Freahold. N J;
- 3 rra ? ? P ""? nt,0Mi attorneya.
Norwo?d _.- Mara'len, 99 William at.
l OBTON ROAD, w a, SS.5 f? a of Wtat at
_Bsll0.4; Wm 11 Bex.th to Tltla (Hjarantee A
1 r ratfl ' o., Nov 18. elua aa P*vr bond; IT.000;
flddla?a, 17rt Hre*?v"-ay.
COI NTP.Y CLUB AVE, n w cor John at, y>?
joi, }{nae A Mullen to Oeo Kohler. Ir, 20e_H
l>f.iy at; S",.v it. 3 rra. ? p li ll.oex*; attor
n>-. P '".a.-ji. In-, W?*t rtieater
i ? ?*_ BT 1071. w ?, 2">xlO:'. eath Keelnn tn, ,
I || M 'ianii. 1_0 Ut ave, I'.li.varavllle. N Ti
N.,v lh, | yn; $4.0e>">. attotney. John B Har
rla, XW Broa Iwaj.
<5H A Nl> I'.ul LfTVAltn. n a ror Echej pl.
l,H.:ii 7. e'l.ii.nt 11 Smith OB to Uahal H
Mulllaan, lonkera. N Y, 6 yra; Nov 18.
110,000 atternay, P X Ivmnhue,, Yonkera. N 1,.
Hl ,;?(*-> AVK, e a. 1_> ft n of l?.?,d at, 2*.x
100; Allr-e V e.'e.nklln to l>,u1aa Hr.*l,n. 1227
Tlnton a\e* Nov II; 3 >". 0 i*r ,*nt. I'rOO.
flttorney, l"*rank fiaaa. In--, W?at Cheeter.
.u.M'r im.. e- *.. _nr, io ft n of i7<*tii at,
Ifll Piaaeee Alth,?i?? to Kll?n Althouaa.
?_,;;* Creatoe j,v*. N? l? .t >r*. ift.ooo; at
tori,e?v. II ,' Knoeffel, fl _ia*krnan at
HAME PROPKRTT, eama to H?roI<1 C
: l*.ir, Mnrrt* ava irrtor mt*
|fl.000l No-. Ifl: elua Julv Ifl inS; a per
, - ? $i.f.,M"> attoraey, aame ?a abeve,
l/)T 27. 1,!k 10, map eiuh-dlv #*tat? Wltl
lan, n <,|td*n; Hwe Mar?lr*i to Manhattan
Mort_ese co, -0f> Bieaflaay; flu~> " p**r
, 1 Nf v 1">. 11.100.
I.dTS .".2 ami "t.1. map "1*1 lota, Marlay Ava
Realty Co Vleterla d'e\ndr?a t? John .T
Bttckfey. 21?.? Bllla av*. N.,y 18; 9 r_f;__>H
j#r r*nt; attomey, r*!wa_d A Ackar. 7,6 PttM
LOT 47. map fnlonport, iev>?200; HaUn
1_> P.ov r*?ar*all to Jobfl Weefla, Norwalk.
coiiie Nov lf>; ? yra r.1-. par rant. |S.*__S;
? ttnrn.y. Churie-a F Hallock. 900 Eaat 180th
MOTT AVE. a a. tV* ft a e-f 1*4th at. I*>0*_
100 jM-jnay R*nity Co te f> W M Raalty
e'o. itir. r.2 WIlHam at; N'ov lfi (prlor mtfl
1*12 000)' '111* N'nv 1. 10IP,; 9 p?r ?*ant,
IS.liflO nti.,r',*-v. M Mayar. 97 Wllltam ("I
1-vTtT I.OT 12C. map Morrlaanla. '.'SilOO;
Ita II Hav,lan to Mlnnla M Ooaa. U40
Yr ,nklln ;iv*. \ yr. rt par rant; Nov Irt:
ll.SOfl; ?ttom*.y. Rohart TO B?r*rman, 14?"i
I I HV'' ..... ,
TIKKXNY ST. a a. 47', ft a of 1SM tn.
i-.i ii H?et M CwMtreetlea Ce to oty
Mortnaire, Co II Wall at; Nov Ifl; d***nanfl. 0
j.*r r*nt: |1.*..00O: attorney. V A Rnow, Ifl
wall nt .. w
RAME ritorERTV: aame to Henry Mor
tenthau ?'-> irt.'. n'roadway; Ort 10 eprtor
?,,,,<*,. dn* Aprll 10. |Mfl; 0 per
re-nt- 113.000; attorney, W M Werhaler. 16.1,
Bmaelway ___?_,
' IV T1T. AVE. n e ror of ITBtl at. l"7.ej
T".i i\ raenl H smith Co to Mary Laaa*
1':, ISS Eaeet 17.1th at: rt yra; N'ov Irt:
$4000- nddrei-a. 4rtO Tremont ave.
writSTKH AVE. a w eor of Iflrtth at.
_00_100 RorVledaa e-onatnirtlnn Co 'r, no]
lar Ba-riltsa Hnnk. 2?o"t M ave. Noy 1?; n
,,. i: |,er rent; $21ooO; attorneva, I/exow,
? e-r A Welia. .1 C-dar at.
I7?TH CT ? ? 4". f* e of Morrla ara.
2711x1011: John F1n?-?r to Aley Wllaon 14*4
Eaat iTOtk it; Nov ii (prlor mta in.ooo_
1 - r ', p-r e*.-nt: ??.000: attorney. Joaeph T
Hre.wn, |r. M T.lhertv af._
""tO'Tf PT, n w e-or of ~fhlta Plalne roafl;
Chnrtea Tnker tn Eaafrheater Psvtnea Bank,
Mom-.t Vernon. N Y: Nov !?; I vr*.. rt per
rent; IISOO; attorney. .1 M Me-ll, Mount
^'ernon, N Y _
eWlfh name and addreaa of lender'e attomey.)
\M'Tri'DAM AVH, n w cor 70th at, 10O.B-.
P-. ' lier 1'2 1'?>4; Itl.hnrd L llowall to John
J Plllon; $.'*-).0ej0; attorneya, Iroiu* A Todd, 127
ESSEX BT ~H 100 ft n nf Heater at. nina
w of ei.Velx a'l'.'x f? ttl n 371 * h7 U to w a
M x a ? to haa; June Irt. IH04: Samuel and
Roaa Munrtel to the ghe-lteilnj Anm a i-orpn;
$i.;.:e?i. attorneya. Rflflflfl/flflll A Kobha, 44
i-'SSKX PT 144. 200 ft n of Rlvlntton at. 20
x1<?, \e,v _,', 1000; Maiiiut-I Khkulnlk 10 Mortl
n,-i C Boeenbaum atul ano. exra, W.00O; at
te,nia\-.. Pleiaclunafl et- Kn*. 82 Uherty ar
QRAND BT, ii . tt.4 tt 9 ot Mott at. 23 ll*t
100; .Nti,\ 22. H?i7; *-a!\:.t',re Zurcaro et al to
Domenlco ran-l.-la, l2.")."*o _
SAME PROPKRTT: '? t H1. lOOfl; _)ome?n1co
Candela to I.lna Ettllniter; lU.fe'tO.
RIVINOTOJI ST, 2e*S 20"". 107 ft a of Rldra
af 4Oxie>0 1i; Aprll 2S. 1010: Max and Eannla
Blotn to Jullua Men-lelnon: lO.OfjO; attorneya,
H.,iiae. Oroaamin & Voorheea, 116 Ilroadway.
SD AVE. Hfl, mtr on leaae. etr; Eeb S,
|013' Mark Aron tn Melvllle II He>nrna; $5,000.
44TH PT. a a. 17*? ft e of ?th nve, ;.",?100.fl;
N-.v 12 VM'> Ellia A b and Emlly H.i,-h to
ronafl Oale; $.V>0; attornaya, Wella A
Sn-.leker. H4 Naiaau at.
seiTH ST. n ,-. 200 ft w of l?t ava. "T.X102.2;
.T-.iif 17 li.lei; e'l.arlotte Tlarafeld to Adolph
ib; $l TiO; attome.ya, Webber A Web
t.. r 7 Beeamaa at.
SAMF PROPKRTT: Not 22, 1011; Henry
Heuaet to nronx Se,*urltv _ R Co; |300.
?1ST f-T. a a. 200 ft w ?f Park ave, 1"*_10_.2:
Nov 14, ISOfl: Julla O Walkar to Carolina B
Se \t-in;' |40,000; attorney. Noble fl Cnrop, 2
*"\':i!l Bt
"?-"Tl! ST. n a, 20.fl ft a of 11th are. 16x80 2;
May IH I8*""' eleorne W ar.,1 Mlllan Royera to
Emtaa r Tytwa, ndmx; Ill.oeX); attorney, Robt
A li Pnvte.n. is William at.
121HTST. 99 Eaat, _fl_tOfl.il* Jan IH. 1?12:
Nellle A Kelly to Morrla R Stang; $1,000; at
toraa-y. cha* L Borrk. .V Park Row.
1.1ST ST a a, 10O ft from a w e*or lat ave.
30x100.11; M.irrh fl. 1012; Melllllo Conatruction
f'o to ".'-lfr.'ii'.a Welnhart and Aoaiiata Juha;
$i'0oo- ati?,i-ne\. M J Katx. S20 Broadwar.
lAflTH ST 4e.l Weat, 20x0.11: Marrh 1,
1?04; Madellne Pleree to Metropolltan Llfe In
a-,,r.iii, a 0o; $14.?>*'>.
The Bronx.
ItARRKTTO (FOX) KT, 1071. 229 ft a of
1U7th al. 2.-.X1H0; Oct IS. 1001; Mltchal Silver
aiein to William B Doollttla; $4,000; attorney.
John n Hanlaon. 237 Broadway.
BOSTON Rf>, or avet, w a, 280.4 ft a of lflfith
et. 37?x1U?x37xl:t4.*>; Oct 1. lf*0?; Tti-boro
Pcalty ?'oiistru.tl.ja Co to tha Irvlae Sartaaa
Inetltotlon; |_O,0OO; attorneya, Baldwin *
White, 27 Plne at.
COt;RTl.ANDT AVK, 8*3, 28x92: Feb 10,
1012; Mathllda PVeund to Bexnard Kohn, 11.000;
attomey, Georjs M 8 Bchuti. M P*rk Row.
BI__0TT AVE, n e cor Ellzebetii et, 25x100,
belna lota 28A and 2-8B, map 2. Ollnvllle;
March 1. 1808; Henry Llppe. Jr. to Henry. Jr,
and Jullus Dlppe, truateea; 12.000; attorney,
flrrith Wllllamson. 8?4 Alexander ave.
FOX ST. e a, 149.11 ft a from a ? cor Home
at. 50x100; Nov 18. 1010: Mlchele and Antonla
Barone to Max Borek; 12,-00; flddreta. 88 P?r_
FRANK-IN AV1X e a. 57 ft n of 6th (lWWh)
?t, l*xl'Hj, Ort 20, 1910; Albert O and Adelald*
A Hayden and ano U> I?ulsa Bernhardt; 11.1)4*);
attorney. Albert C Asche. Poatal Telaaraph
Bulldlnfl. mmmm . .
UjT 47. map Cnlcnport; Nov 3. 1-00; John
J and Mancaret Glllles to Herbert J Front.
ES.900; attorney, Herman Goldman, 13 Psrx
I__fl M 27. 57 and 5?. map 1115A, Coeter
estate; Jan 27. IMM; Raffflfllfl and Aritonla
Bantora al ai to Huda.n i? Roaa Cej |7_.; ai_
dratfl, 32 Weat 45th at.
LOT ?-. map IU5A of 108 lota. Coa'.er ee
tate Nov 16, 1904): Anxelo Maaaeian., tO Hul
aoa P B-B- Oa: I-0-: >Mr?? H Wflflt 45th at. ,
_OT 476, map Hectlon A. Vyae estate; F4W
26 1908; Mary R Noon*. to Gertni 1* B Cor?
nell; $1,000; attorney. Franrls D Halnes. _BB
I_-T*4ML rr.ap Van Neat Vaik; May ???>;
Jamea t'.alvln to Ott B and BMl ?*?&
11.20.; attorney, 43iarlea h Haechler, U-fl
Walker ave ..... .? -r.?*
ST PISTBR'I AVK. n a. 148 4 ft a of WOBl
IVrnii rd iWalker ave). runa n MM a BVH
1 u, i. map 13.V? Maclay AvaMfl ReflltrOfc tt
a a lot I II a'.onfl sama 28 ft to w a lot 32 x
a 96 3 ft tfl n s ave i w 25 ft to beflnnlna;
"lay 14. 1-10. Vlctorta f/Andrea to Waahlaf
io/ Bavlnas Rank; 1705; attorn.y. Bdw A
^\p_?__rTlvff-fl a 1754 ft e of Weat
Farm. rd. 25x06 8; ttfl) 14. 1900; same to
aan.e |7o5, attorney, aame. aa above
WAVtSBXT BT. . B, MA ft e of < "ur?hindt
ave. 28x100, May 23. 1019 'f^_\_yt___}__T
.'ohen t. Emma Klnflsm-": IMM; attorney.
. arlflfl H Bae.'hler 1121 ?_???*?,
taoTH -T a a 170 ft e of Robblna av. to?
imVio"Ap\n ft. 1006, groedwa. ReaJleaea
R_alty C_ to fnited ftatM Reettf _f,4'ni
provement Co of New Jer.ey; |_.50_; ait_mer.
h G nahbaae. 137 Proadw-jr.
140TH HT a a. 246 (t e 0f Robbtnojave, ~5x
100 10Vl4_6x116 0; APHI 15. 1006; 118.000; BBBM
to aame; attorney. aame. _,.,...?
lorrn bt. mi, -__m; _-t? ia JJ^^sS
1. and l.Uile Rata to Ut-le Van Rlper. |1.5O0;
attorneya. Tbea'.l A Rean.. 46 Wall at.
QflflffH 'leffeis to Marle J Karrely, 11.
Mattnew McNamara to New Tork Proteetant
Ei.ls.opal Public _.-.h-ol; $2_,62a. -
llet-.ry 4^ Ircna and ano t_ John i Dlllon,
Re-. llle Sleeel To to Joaeph A Cohn; M.750.
Charles II r-pltsner to Oeo W SpUsnar. $1
Joaeph A Colan to Adolph Ondr-celc; 14.000.
Title Inauron-e Oo to Bdw C firhoefer ond
ano. iruat.es .2 aaete): 132.500. _
Otto Riink to John Ropp; 125.000
Tbflfl Mullfl. to Francea Muller; 81.
James Glbeon, Jr, and ano, exre. to Marffare,.
Glbson, 12.61107 . .
Abe Flschlowlti fo S W M Realty 4-; |1.
Kdw ." Heaa to Charles F'ur.ek, l"00.
Josuh H De Wltt. fldn. to I_iwyera Mortfl-fl
Co $52.01)0
lltle'<>narante_ and Trust Co to Oeorjo H
Allen. $150,000
Brne-t A fardoro to Tttle Ouaranteo ond
Truat Co; 15,501).
M?yer I.lppman to T.eon Turkmann; 11.
Pr-derl-k C I-oeffler to Morris Mayer, exr)
I.awyera Title flMBIlflaina and Truat OB to
I_?-vera Mortflar* ('o; I**.-M,
i .. rera Mort?..s* t*o to Hlanche H Poern
?K>r<. J-.^.'iOO
Sam? to Jefferson r-ourty Favlnara Bank;
|30 "oo
Banae to Robert B Hlm^l and ano, trusteee;
.- i nfl ?o I>ewls D4l?enh*ry; 152,000.
Brl-flWI I'onnolly, edn, to Mary A prown,
|dn; I2..VX)
Blaachfl H Iioernber_ to Davld M Herman;
Frank BaflBRBBeJs, Jr. to Hsrms_in and Marte
Se?rkari pi 15.18)0 _.__,
Wm Sinr.ott Co to Henry Merckle; Ifl.OfX).
(oiunibla Pank to Florette Conatruction Co
Wm K Rabell to Jane A Fwamaon; |t.
NOVI-lMliKR 18.
MdRNINGKIPK DltlVi:. 88; Kdward Bmlth
_ . j .( 88 Mornlnflstde Drtvs Co, owner;
Saniuel Gordon. contra.tor; WOO 10.
FOX ST. 1121. and l?0th at, 1)18 Eaat; Hen
Jamln Kaplan a?t Atuhony Mancuao, lieasle
I/ehr. Harry I_)hr and John Narom. o-nera
and rontractora; 1175,
BTH HT. a w .-ur Avenue P. 96 2x43 10; John
Gllllea Co aat Natoma Amuaement <-"o. owner
and contractor; 11.717 40.
14TII BT. -34 to 24') I_?t; Iaaac M*U aflt
Blujia? nl Oo?traction Oo, owner and con?
tractor; $675
KATONAH AVK, n ar ror 237th st, 75x85;
RflfSero Stan.-hlna aat Herbert t! Hlmmon.ls
et al. owners and contra tors irenewal); 1145.
48TH HT. 155 to Itil West; Norman I' Flnd
ley aflt Finan.e Co.upun) Of Pennsylvanla
owner- John D t'urtla, contrattor; $582.
- .)\'\ I'NT AVK. n ?r .or 142.1 ?t, 09.11x125;
_enox Sand and 4?ra\el Co aat Benclare Con
stru.-tlon 4?"t>, owner; Guatave Scharmburaer,
contra -tor; $45 50.
47TH BT, a it. 1.4 10 ft w of Rroadway, 16 5x
05.3; Zucker A Wllner agt D Uralnerd Ray,
John K Stlnaon. Rlchard C Burns and Joseph
W Stlnson. trustees, owners; Joseph M Selden
berfl. i-ontractor; Joseph Kostman, t?uls Ble_
ler. joaeph (POoaaar, Harry Goodinan, Froiic
Rtstaurunt and Jullus M Schwartz. lesaeea;
47TH PT, .24 and 226 West; Zucker A Wll?
ner adt Martln Bflflfc, owner; Joseph M Selden
l>era. Joaeph Kostman, Doule Rlchler, Joseph
O'Connor. Harrv lioodman and Frollc Reatau
rant. lessees and contra. tors; 1264 07.
BTTH ST. IM West; L'lshen-Elser Contract
lrfa Co aat Ida Fausner, owner and contractor;
FOX KT. w s. 112 6 ft n of 109th st, 80x
84.lli Irrea fo 169th st; P J Heaney Co aat
Anthonv Mancuao and Harry _ejir. owners
and contractora; John Hare. owner; Drehl
Constructlon co, eontractor; 11,287 89.
4?.D HT. 217 to 220 West; Alpha Portland
Cement Co aat New Tork Tlmea Uufldlnfl <"o.
owner; fitanley Golllek <"o, contraetor; |7,
0.10 70.
147TH BT, 614 and 516 West; Alpha Port?
land cemsnt Co aflt I'nlted Eleetrlc LfgM anl
Power Co. owner; Stanley Oolllek Co. con
tractor; $2,078 93. _
GOEJRrK ST. 71 and 73; Alfred E Norton
Co agt Wyler Conatruction Co et al; July i**.
I 1%2v*,fE6l~r<o'PERTY; SUndard Arch Co agt
' eaitie July 10, 1912; I2.00O. _, .
! Stiist, 173 to nf fceet; U?Ja **>**[**f?
I flflt Henrv D Oreenwald et al; Oct 22, 101' (b>
i WflffM^an Vtm\%*m\*%
I tate of Colilna L. Balch et al; Oct 4. 1 'i*.
,WniTn AVE. n w cor lTSliS; Theadora
F Hahn agt Caaaton Conatruction Co, ine, at
^VB'lI* Weat; Wllll.m Cufltgf
William He/ldenUorf ft al; bept ??. *?'-?
1838 50. _
11TH AVB, a w cor SOth at; for a **t
bakery VUU; W W Aator, owner of land.
Hom _ Hardirt C0. !l?j Broadway owner ot
building; Stuckort fl Sloan. Phlladelphla, at
chlUcta; $100,000._
4TH AVE. 450 to 454; Mary ? Ooelet et al
agt Jeano I>eaaehold Co et al (forecloaure e f
mtg.; attorney, T Da Witt - .
CLAY IVE, 1604; Krancla P Ralney et al
agt Ernest Wenlsmann et al (foredoaure of
mtai; attorney, 8 St John.
MORRIS PUAOK. a a, 8fl ft e of Vanderbllt
av- lOeffHOc; Charlea H Meyer agt E.nll>
BeeW ct al (forecioaure of mtg); attornc., it
1 ISTH ST, ? a. Part of lot 48. map of Kur'ing
estate. 23x100; Chester A CaWOOd Bgt AOCUaU
13 f'awooel et al ipttrtitlon); attomey. o c Ufl>.
LOTS Ho and 141, raap otuaStow'aaute,
The bionx; Elizaheth B Frleelrichsen agt WM?
lat.i R Uirkhard et al (partltlon); attomey. ?.
E Stewart. _ . r,-,_,
LOTS 177 and 178, map of Hunt B Polnt
Reulty Co, Tho Hrcnx: Charlotte A 0 Wt agt
Henry Ounella/;!i et al (forecioaure of mt-i.
attornev, W C Arnold.
BRONX TBRRACB, e a. lot 1181. KPro m.
a. 1 ; irt of lot 1180. map of \ lllaao of Wtt*
1I.-I1. The Broax; Julla A Kor.l agt rfcomaa I
Con annon et al (forecioaure of mtu); attorne,,
V C \imlei
07TH *-T 135 Weat: Clshen-EIe*r Contrart
ing ,'o .--tt i ia reuaaer (actlon to foractoae
BMflhaalc'l lieni; Stteraey, H r Norman.
New Report Shows Smaller
Deflcit than Last Year's.
The Clnelnnatl, Hamilton & Dayton
Rallway Companv ln Its report of June
80 reported a deflcit of 143.159 less tuan
at the elofle of the precedlng year, the
fl-rurea atandlnrf at 1617,887. Its operatln*.
revenue Increajied from 19,570,282 to $9,825.
Bl. or 12*5,039, whlle $81,336 was aubtracted
from Ita operatlns expenses. brlnglng
them down to $7,317,203.
The report put the net operatln*. rev?
enue at $2,508,068, an lncrease of $336,375
over the year before, and the total Income
at $2,302,121. an lncrease of $394,633. The
taxes Inoreesed $18,898. from $378.9- In 19U
to $S97,?75 ln 1912. The total char-fea for
interest. hlre of equlpment, etc, for the
two yeara were $2,568,634. and $2,930,008.
an lncrease of $3ol.474.
Frelght revenue lncre?aed $l"98,203 ln 1912,
the total fl-rure for the year belng $7,202,
_">2. but the paasenger revenue fell off
$.2,906 to $1,608,146. The detalleei operatlng
expenses ahowed that the nialntenance of
way and atructures cost $1,000,947 ln 1912,
against $834,462 the precedlnfl year, and
the malnten_nce of equlpment cost $1,703,
448, as against $1,702,727. There were 239.596
fewer passengers carried ln 1912, but 726.
604 tona more of frelght. The rate for the
transportatlon of both increased slightly.
The total assets and llabllltles of the
road aa of June 30 stood at $106,661,131
It was flgured that the road and equlp?
ment had decreased In vaiue from $48,143.
342 to $47,830,600. a falllng off of $312,742.
and that the aecurltles had Increaeed $924.
000 to $21,935.58*1. The cash on hand on
June 80 amounted to $470.C*"_, an lncreaae
of $60,159 over the year before, but the ac
crued Interest and taxes mounted up from
$393 320 to $416,288, and the deferred credlt
ltema Irrereaaed from $146,108 to $172,422.
an lncreaae of ****** and $27,314. reapec
Uvely. _
And New Haven Negotiations to
Proceed, Says Chamberlain.
E. J. Chamberlain. prealdent of tho
Grand Trunk Paclflc Railroad. before
leaving New Tork last nlght denled the
report that K. B. Fltihugh had reslgned
the preaidency of the Central Vermont
Rallway. and upheld the statement of
Prealdent Mellen of Ihfl New York, New
Haven efe Hartford denyln*. that the fed?
eral lnveatlgaOon threatcned by Attorney
Oeneral Wlckeraham Into the relatlona
between the two roads would cause ne
B-otlatlone to be broken off.
Further than that Mr. Chamberlain re
fuaed to go. President Mellen remarked,
however, that he had every expectatlon
of the negotiations belng brought to
aucceasful conclualon. and that the effect
of such an agreement would not only not
violate the Sherman law. but would re
ault ln a greatly lmproved eervlce through
out New Knaland.
The followlng bankruptcy petltions were
flled yeaterday:
HENRY IJOHTfiTONE. tradlnfl aa the New
Enaland 8hoe CoaaM-f, wholeieale eiealer ln
?ho**,. at No/ 81 "Wele atreet. Involuntary.
Mabllltle*. 130.000: aaaete. 1000.
J .e'OB RAYIRD. maiiu't_cturer of cioaka. at
No 771 Broaelway. Involuntary. Judge Mayer
appolnUd J,me?i>h ~?. Hoaalsky receiver. _ia
bllltlei. IMI.OOO; aaiets. 11.7:-0.
L/H'IH SOLeOMON. maiiufucturer of cloaxt
anel iults. at Noa. 17 an.l 1? We-at 3J Btreet.
Inv.iluntary. .Imlae Mayer appolnteii Phlneaa
l_.wlnaon receiver. Uabllltl.-t, W.0D0; aMeta,
THEODORE VCOWIQ A CO , a corporation,
dealers In Jewelry at No 47 Wmt 34th atreet.
Voluntary. EJabilltlei. %i,Z39; awete. $911.
JUI.IX'S J. RIEHI. and Mlchael J. Couah
lln who i-ompoie tho flrm of RIehl & Coufh
lln' market at No. 22\ Columbua ave., an.1 at
Vei 71 Hrlflhton ave.. I_nnr Branch, N. J.
Voluntary. I.lablllttea. I'JT.SW: aaaeta, $12 854.
FRANK JAMES ADAMS, llvina at No. 4*1
E,l*r*'-?'n"? Road- Voluntary. Llabllltles, |77n
a*aetB, none.
MAX RCB1N. deAler. ln men'a furnUhlnf
rood? at No. 4C21 Third avenue. Voluntary'.
T'abltltlee-, 14.*3<: aaeieta. $1.610._
Mortgage Loans
on lmproved Real Estate
In Greater New York wlll
be consldered and qulckly
acted on by
CAPITAL- -84,000,000
8URPLUS- - 6,600,000
160 Broadway. Xew Tark.
108 Moni?|ie Street. Brevklyia.
ggj f'altoa Street. Jaa_al<*a_
2 LOFT_T? \_ LOFTS jwoo
??? *-* ^_^ m. -?. ___- EACH. Merchants' Aaaoelatlon Buildlnfl.
n^-.c^onany gg__Jgg floor S4-60 LAFAYE TTE STREET
_. REASONABLE RENTAI.8. On rremlaea or Tour Own Broker.
_>r /\t_. JL, 1 U JL Hi /Il _3> H. KLNDRED PURPOSES
Apply on Premlses. 222 WEST 59TH ST.
James E. Ball, Manager
Going to
Starting in
Business ?
Where? w
Before Ton Decide Prione or Wiite for a Cope
of ths TROW RECIS TER. ALL THE " foi
RENTS" WORTH WHILE. with l ull p?t.
t:cal_r?, CU'.sifled and Listed n l\i;s Vjc.scr
Dtr-rtory. A aoo p-?' Boo< F.RF.F. TO PEOPLE
l.OOKING FOR NEW HOFv!_.S, Eitbat lot
Trow IMrectory, Printinj __d" Boel.b india j Ca.
PnMi.hera. Te!.. uooCvlurt
Bflfll i.v.h bi ,1,1 Ave. J. ' Ut-fla roonaa amt
bath; .ill Improvementa, ?i*ctrit
, llght. lardwood Boora; price, 15.7-0; *i.n_a
I flflflb; Uikfl -Miiih at., Brlflhton Beach ? ?_" >r
\\e J. DAHL, ov aat _,fl
r, on i remln >-. _
contlnuo with paymflntfl on r_ry haniaoms
house, 8-rooms, eM._rt.lty. gas, phone, hsat;
beautiful rlflW; )erv lilflh. large P'ot; aa-:
l.ci MCatlOB; wllllng to lose; _?? ho.st,
?ayflBflflltfl of 1"0 monthly n.nk? yotl th?!
ownt-.; can be bought at bla ba-,_ln. An-.
awtr at one. C. ROHf. Bflfl -0. -rt--_t|
I'ptown OflVe. nai Broadway._I
BEE oi;r
1913 ACKF.KSON < OTTAf.F.".
Beml-Bnngalows aml Bungainws. at
Wrlte for Snapahots N'o. IS.
T. B. *.<"KKRMON CO.
N>w York Offlree: 1 Weet_34th 8t_
Purchaser Wanted
Huge all-ye^-rounr! kfloflfl tl'unted in
earefally reflftieted roaldentlal park ln
mountains of N. .1. Nflar B-fltsOfl on
V., I. A W. R. B., |?Bi than hour
fi-tim N Y Cltr. Lirffl i ol ot
All city ron . enlf-r.f. B, Will BflerMflfl
to qultk bujer. Wrlte for phc ?
and plans. Addr, ??
I*. O. Boi 3111. N. Y. City.
WANTKI) - BOUfZ, 10 14 ROOUfl 2*
?i rflfl, RTafltcbeflWr r'ount> I and
partlculara at OflK*. W. I. S.. Box _' rr'uns
424-432 FOURTH AVE
V \\. < or. S__fl B
16 Slorvand B-_rment BMg.
Offlree and Nlwu rooni-.. ttMt BM up.
M. A 1- IIESS. 007 ___a*flflfi
Or your own hroker.
OPTlfP-* $.'. up. rurnlahed; eottafles ll'"1 ip, ttn
prot ?nif i.fii VKKI'.MAN, Y-t <;???' ?????? h>t.
HAVE A FUND OF $20,000
for lst iYltfce. at 5?0.
wm make qulck llboral loan
on deslrarle sppliiat'oi
Hruatluay and 79th -treet
WMttt ?WK.
F_c'g Manhattan Pq. P'k. Overlook'r Oflflt P'_
?flfli Apartment Occuples an Knllrc Poor.
F.leTenth Floor for Rent.
11 HOOMS. 3 RATHS. All Outttlde Rooms.
Be sure to flflfl tho above before leia'.ng ,
A. F, COBl RN, Aflt.. II Wett ?I-t <t.
Tf>iili'irii> iiS.'l". Sthuyl-r_ _
~arge, llght, modern ap.iitmer.ts, 7 ,tnd ??
rooms, flevator, etc ; convenient looaUflflll
best service; low rent. $.V.-Sti<> App.' p:etn
lse-t, or ROBERT LKVERJB, fl Loooi a\ k
IMITH ST.. 5.1 WKPT-SIx llght ro...u_ and
bath; steam heat. low rent.
Now open. N'.jw York's latest fM?hlonabl?
hotel. Booklets and piirtlculars rn roquult
KDMfNP H '"'IJ.VllLL; "
Certlflcate of formatl.n of llmlted rartnersWp
We. the underslgned, for the purpose of
formlng ii linmetl purtuershtp uruler ar.d pur
suant to the l.aws of the Mtate of Ne- ??__
do hereby certlfy as follows;
1. The name or flrm under which BUch part
nerahip is to be condueted Is JEANNBl
BT___L?, and the county whereln the
piace of buslness Is to be located la the Count)'
of New York.
2. The general nature of the flflfljBflflB In?
tended to be ttansaited ls a dressn.akmg busl?
3. The names of all the g. n?>ral ari'1 special
partner.- Interested'thercln. ea< h of whom ts of
full age, and their reapectlve placea flf real?
dence are an follows.
Jeanne Steele, general jartnor, who r?
B-Wfl at II U'eat ft4ih Street, ln tha Borough
of Manhattan, (Ity and State of Nea York.
Mary P. Russell, special partner. * l '
slks _ t 14fl Kast 30th Street. in th.
of Manhattan, Cltv and State of New ^ nrl>.
4. The amount of rapital which the specttl
partner has contrlbuted to the romtnon stock
Is Three thiussnd if3.000.4M)) Dollars.
5. The partneishlp is to begln on tba 22nfl
dav of Ortober. ini_. and to end on Oafl BflBfl
dav of October. 1?H.
In wltneFs whereof, we ha)e signe 1 this cer?
tlflcate this 21*t day of October, 1!*:.
State of New Tork f'ounfv t'f Ne- To
On thlfi _1st da^ ot Octob-T, one t't.uit-B
nlne hundre 1 and twelve. before me pt
SKLL, to me mnetully known an,! known to
me to be the peisons decirllied In and *"4?
ixecuted the Borcflolnfl certltlcate. and tl
severallv aoknowledge.l to me that they exs
cuted the same R A. Ht'npl.F-'TON.
f'tinmlssloner <_ Deeds.
fltv of New York. X" 10* _
llen held by me agalnst the t llowfng *?
scrlbed prop'-rtv. to arit: ..
One comph'te neflfltlre of norl-g lditure fl'"
of the play known aa "Rlchard Bie IIL,
live acts. ond bJbo four BOflltlvs prtnu
n.ovlng plrture f.ms. The negalhf |
sista of ab, ut 4,400 feet of Blm .ind ?'?' B >"*'
tlve print OOflflflRfl of aliout 4.40) feet tf llinj:
These fllms ate ofl twenty flve rolls; each i
Is contalnetl In one tin b>x. belonglng tO I?~r
anl the m. Fllm Company an.l now m mj:
pOBflflflMOB. I will sell au.'h prr?onal pr-P-_f
at publlu auction to the hlRhcst hldder " ??*":
isfy auch Iion, it tbfl fl-BM et tba CttbU- ^ll_
i-ompany. Wendorer nnd Pflrk Avenaea BJ"
ough of the llronx. <'Ity of New -\ork. Ofl
th dav of Iit-eemher, 1012, ;>'
Pated November lSth. Ifl.
HroHdvtay. N.-v. V.'^_^_LlL______?
('HRISTMAS l'.\<-K.\t;K. containlng tiorhrist
mas atarnps. eards. ete. Just whit you-as*'
for gifts. Baniple by mall. M?c., coln or stamp?
14)0 per cent pront. Agert? act now before ter
rltorv is taken Christmaa Novelty Ofl_ ?*
FOR SALE -I" ' H. patonl lOarTO- on penhoM
era containlng llguld Ink craser; make **
offer. M. F. Qflliflflfl. 41.0- Bth ave.. F"1*"
buigh, l'enn.

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