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government ln r-sisting Auatrian PJU
tenakma, the ooneular t**oublee*Jw
rend ar.d Mltrovltae are ****%*?
Baagereuo spnit Of IU tft-llng **?'
Anstrl.. and S.-rvm. whieh is liUle a
culated to fav.,r dip'omat..' nago"*
Uona Th.- Bewepai?er.e?l?otboaP-tabi
refle* 1 thlfl feeltng. .
N? ? ' V1"nn:i ?
the Austrian C0*fl0Ul I~r.< haskaat
Prtorend Tbe Bervian govermnen
,,,.,.???_ |o eemply wKh Ausi.u.s re
Qmm lo .-.Ilow an Austrian r-J-Tes.'nt
atfve te go to IW I *****
qulrlee, and practicall -????
tria'fl prateeta on the euhji I
Tbor, : it that Bcutarl ha.
faii.t, before tb< !1 ******,
i.ut this Ifl not conflrmed.
that the chok affected
tbe i :' !,1"';
that Di R lb, thi noted Oerman ipe
ciaiist. has beea aummoned to th.* Bul
garlan beadquarterfl toaatlfrt la ?tamp
Ina oul Un
At the Tchataldja Front.
? | who have been to the
Turklah froni ' I
of the Tchataldja llnea must prove a
taak ,l"r.in-: B ?:-:? T>" "
I irlar troops were compelled
runmunltlon and IralnforcemenU* w< ???
taken advantage of by the Turka to dlg
themaelvee Into Intrenchmenta and to
place thelr guna ln 1 oeltlona thus glv
tag ,h,n, dtetlnct advantage
over the attackera. The Turklah flol
been eo flhaken by
i defeaU, appear to have
been and thus
a moat determlned stand.
Oa tl
meal Uk ? '?"?' lhe,r
maln attack to the eaat of Tcbal
thelr objecl belag to break through al
tbe polat where the rallway to Con
?tantlnopk m ': Tht Btrong
fi.rts. th. and the guna of the
.i.-h irarahlpa had dla
ragod them from i '?? at"
t.mnt to turn . Ither Oank of tbe Turk?
ish I ?
B ,;.i the Bulgarl - b
in thelr efforl to break through tbe
Turklah lefl ceatw Nasbn Pacha'i
army will be p ; '?"??' txorth
east end Itfl '? tirement upon I
The Turka aeem to have no hop< ol
,i, : hope to Bucceed ln boldlng
Sortie at Adrianople.
Turklah gan
? _r men were kllle I
-aroun k I dui ' t0Tt'
tl,.- .;?;.: i ? ' ' ?he
?nd -
ommendatlon of
tve modlfled its demandi
. ... , onatr h tion of ?
ralhraj from l fl through Ber?
vu ? thfl Adrlatlc Bbc haa eJeoabea-1
he me ol a cuatoma unlon
: g COU1
of moderatlon and conclilatlon to Ber
itter stin talke of taklng
.,.,.... . ? tlu- Adl
Ne_otiations for Armistice.
While flghting is golng on al T ha*
..,,,!. tbe negotlatlona for an armlfltlce
have loet aome of theb lnt< real but
have nol been forgotten by Um
Hgereota Th.* Balkan alltea eontlnue to
egchange vhrera on tbe aubject, aad H
,. , v|? cti ,i that thelr full terma wlll
be flubmltted to Turkey ln the couree
e.f a few days. ii is atated that theae
-wiii lnclude a demand for the et
e.f al! th" Turkish territory down to tbe
BrgeflM Rlvi r and tbe payment of an
mdemnity of 91*90.000,-00 I
At e *,,|istantine,p]e. e-ve*f\ thing is
qulet, although tbe leading ef largar
detachmentfl of iiiarluae and bhMrJaek*
e ts than had bOOB e xperteel has causf-l
anme perturhation among the- Turk-.
The moot comprebemlvfl meaaurai
)ui\,- t,e>e*n taken fot the protection <>f
I*. ia. tbfl foreign quarter. and on a slg?
nal Wbteb will be give-n in e-ase of the
nuthrenk <>f dl-or,|.-r tba* foreign mn
?iaefl aad braejackota w_B oa operate
arith the Turkish military police. which
aajoya the conbdenee of the> feeetga
emhassles. The war*<hlps of the for.-iirn
ih'.-ts have been aaolgned to poeltlona
from Whlch they caa e ommand the out
hlng i,arts ol the < ity.
Terms of Peace Discussed.
rding t" ''
,,f "T!,<- Dally Mail." tbe Balgariaa
cBbtnel -at aii day dlacuaelng thfl
terms e.f peace to bfl offered te. Turkey
m th.- name of the Balkan i
Bervia Ineiata on acqubing ;i parl of
the Aitiatii.i coaat, Includlng th,- port
e,f Duraaao. There le reaeon t<> believe,
adds tbfl correepondent, that the alllee
will itisist upon the- cesalon <>f Um
-arboJe of tbe conquered territory, ln*
e luding aii of Albania. Bervia, al ?
is most flrmly reeolved to poeoeoi Du?
le-nt of "Tbe Daily
Tfllflarar**" al Bcutarl aenda a aerlea
of dlopatchea, the lateet of which Ifl
dated November 18, deaciibing Inter
raittent bombardmoatfl bi the- Monte
ri' grins. a*bl h have kllled aumeroua
,.copic aad -? I ? ? to a rn< bulidinga
_ie- layfl that although the price of
hread Iderably tbere
weafl still at the time of telegraphlng
?ixht tboueand baga ol flour ba tba
town. The dUBculty, however, is the
?carctty of fuel foi i,akmg, tbere ba?
You will tone up your
system and feel better for
taJcing, in the morning. \ glaaa of
Beat Kemedy for
Indignity to Consul in Albania and Delay in Answer
ing Note Embitters Dual Monarchy?Situation,
Though Not Dangerous, Is Disquieting.
i: cabli te Tlu 1 rflnuM-l
London, Nevi 1s- -The relatlona be
trla and Servh. continue to
anxh t\. a dtapute whldi has
"\el UM poSltioll I
. ? naula ln Albanla is a< ting aa aa
Initant, and th. contlnued procraatlna
tion of tha Belgrade governmeni ln
answerlag the Avjatrlaa note, with
I t>> B demand for a port on
the Adriatic an.l other matt-:-. Ifl BOl
conducive to i paclflc aettlement,
Bervla Batly nafuaaa ta allow the ? on
.-?ni al Prlarend to reautne Sommunlca
tion with his government, an.l alao de
i linea to permll thi' Auatrtan offlcial t,,
i thlther to make Ini
i v:ti..,. Couni Bar* ht( Id, In a
ta the .leie-ati.'fis at Budapeflt,
aaya he is preaaing foi the rlghl to
communlcate with the diplomal
Fei llng In the Dual Monan hy la al
ready runnlng high in cqnsequence of
dlfferencea arlth Bervia, and
ing hanll.v any coal or nrood left The
.,,- haa n quiaitl n< d all atocki
of wood.
rhe . orrespondeni auppoaei th il the
of tbe Montenegrin bombard
Ihe Turka to con
aume their ammunltlon. The Turkiah
commander, RI ' ' "?"
the alert, and has given ordera that
shells nui.-i nol be An d uaelesi
Intlvarl dlapatch to The Dally
: Mar
tlnovicb i: ? pied Ales_io.
Turkey*- Great Stronghold in
Macedonia Yields to Ser?
vians Aided by Greeks.
. 18 The 1
Ur Burrendered tl
,.i, to the Bervlan troops. Fifty thou
: irklah aol llera and threi r a
,,i down their anna
had been virtuallj lur
i for . ? ? ral
? rt. their Un. I re
Ochrida. On Saturday
.,! ln captui
to th<
Monai ? BJtera of the
Cth Turkiah Arm ? ? ommanded
thi Pacha, but many other Turk?
iah troopa !'? ? ing from aurroundlng
towna wbi.h bad been capl
,-ci?ian-= concentrated there. i>javid
. ommander of the Tth Turkish
went there with ma
Iti rs aft.r the fail ol Uakub to
n was thought that the Turklah
... id be able 1 tai d ;i !"IlC:
.. bul it ii evldenl that
? Uly diaorganlzed and
slona, Many of the i
?ta, v. ho iiad be< n only re
centlj called J>ack to tl ?
.. .i .,, . Kcellent pcei
tion for di renci. II la the markel i ? n
tre for the entire diatrii I and has a
populatl. n of 15.000, ? mpoaed ol Ber
larlana, Albaniana, Armen
iana, Greeka and Turk* The Chrbitiana
,.iif the Inhabltanta.
The | "f the -elght- ? om
mandlng llonaatir by tin- Bervlan arm.
undei Crown Prince Alexander ren
,i,.'. .1 the fortreaa untenable.
F. thi rmer Turkiah Minlater
to Belgrade, waa one of the Urst to
band over hia sword. At the beftaning
0f tha war be made the remark: "We
will si.on in^ite our friends to ilmn-r
ln Belgrade."
Thi country around the for_ra_a li ;|
and the attackera were fre
queatly ui> t<> their fcnoee ln mud.
Battle Resumed on Second Day
?Turks Report Success.
r-mst intinuple, Nov. 1& Thi battle
of Tchataldja was reaumed this morn?
lng and was coiitinueil all day loriK.
Th.- Mrinc wns not Heard in the city
owlng to the gale whlcb Man to tht
weatward. C_rr_BPondenta were par
mltted to approaeh tbe Unaa oa the
Ifarmora Bide, Tbe cannonading
icemed much leaa In volume than oa
Bunday, bul it la believed that there
were more Infantrj attacka.
Mahmo-d Mukbtar'i dlviaion, it waa
I, attacked the Bulgarlana m thi
inoiiiin-, throwing their {ormaUon Into
diaordar an.i eaptt_njng leveral guna.
The Turkish Ur?. imuii, boW.Yer, sus
t,illled hinv> losses.
it waa Inpoaalble to aeeerfcain
whether Lhe'Bulgarlaaa were maklng
any prograai in attaeking the linea, ->'? t
it waa eertain froan a aurvey of the
Beveral main i. adi that the Turka arere
ii .1 i. trcalin?.
A inilitary attach.'- of one of the
great powera mu<ie tba Btatemenl thal
the attache_ were n<>t pennltted to
witneaa much of the action, bul beaaw
aomethlng of yesterdaya artlllery duel,
in which, be declared, tb<: Bulgarlana
Brad badly. Tiuy waated about three
hundred Bbella on a batten mar him,
aad falled to Injure a Blngte man or
gun. Tha aitaoh- azpraaaad the oplnlon
that the Turks would hold the line auc
ei-.-sf tl 11 > .
Evening reporta were t<> tbe effect
thal tha Bulgarlaa left wlag had oh
talned a allghl advantage ln the day*i
flghting ln tbe netghborhood ot Derkoa,
Th" Turkish f..rc< s were deprived of
i..ii ? of the heet, owtng to the
hlgb seas.
Tbe Infantr) eame more Into use to?
day. and it Ifl said that tbe Turkish
cavalry rendered a_'actlve asrvtcea,
The Turkish troops have si't fire to
tha Istran.Ua foreel Mi prevent the bul?
garians from b_A et '.ii. re, Aa orBclal
Austria Ifl beoomlng greatly angered
? sult of Servia'H attitude on the
coneular queetloa Auetria is further
emblttered by reporta regarding thi
manner In which the DfluMni treated
tbe Auatrian Conaulate when they en
t< re-,i Priarend,
Tlie- sitiiatiein. perhapa, whlle perhaps
not ahse.lutely dangerous, 1b certainly
Vieaaa, Nov. Mt?A Wt** dMpateh to
, ,. -IMe-hspost." gtvt-g InCidflaU at
iM-i,iui, bi deeertbed i>y an AltMmian
i fugitive, say- thal Servlan floMHerfl f'.r.-.-d
i tlie- dOOTfl e.f the- Austrian ConflUlatfl afte-r
i tbreatantag te brtng up a gun and sheii
tha bulldlng. Tha Bervlaafl rushed la aad
1 found lb? ee irtyard fllled witii Aibaninn
w,,nirii .Hi'1 .'Iiil-lre-n wh,. ha,l tak.-n r<f
' agt there. -Pbe s'e-rvians cut down avery
,.?.. turnlng tbi oourtyard of the eon
u into ? flbamblfle. Tba floldlerfl then
rushed iipstairs to thfl eonaul'a apart*
! neat an.i burel thfl door open ln thO|
itruggle, M. Proebaaka, tbe eoaeul, re?
celved a bayonei throat
;communl<*atlon advi.-e-s Ihe publlc tO
laccept with rexerw th'> tmoflklal news
of the war publiehed by the newa
it la reported thal tbe Toung
Turk. Tai.iat Bey, has been llb
erated after an eaammatlon. Blght
hundred wounded arrlved here to-day.
Bulgars Hold Courageously to
Their Positions, Despite
Galling Fire.
London, Nov. I9.**-Tbe eotntepondent
of "The Thnea*- *rith the Turka llv?
lng further detaili of the battle along
the Tt hataldja llnea, says:
"The flring Increaaed hcavllj toward
;: o'clock on Bunday, when the Bul?
garlan batterlee three mllea northeael
taldja oi em d ? continuoua fltre
agalnat th* tvrin work* ol rlamldleh
Here the Bulgarian infantry had de*
bouched Into b plaln ond eeiaed the
iriilage of Itsedln, from whlch thej
arere driven by tbe Turkish artlller)
Boon after tbe vlllage burel Into
flamea The Turklah tt-oopa appeared
holding ihe enemy al ba)
"On ih.- Immediate froni the Turks
t bul -lightly the Bulgarian
on. and tlitoiigh my
i . ould d
? ? ? T rkiah reaervei I ?! i.-ft the- po
.iii,,n- they occupled ln th*- morning.
"The Bulgarian batterlee, cieverly ln*
trenched al the edgc of the plaln, bad
to bear the flre of tbe heavy guna of
thret warahipi boomini broadaldefl
from the- -.-a. Thla iir.- waa dlrectod
by aigaeU frian the hilla it aeemed
effectlve, bul the- Bulgarian artlllery*
men stiii courageoual] erved thelr
"Thus the artlllery rombal obbed
and flowed tiii tbe aun wenl down la
i . rim-on giOW, ain,,l .. v ? t :,,? drawn
up bj tbfl tiririn.
? juel 1'e-fnre- nlgbtfall another i Igoi -
oua duel between ih>- Bulgariana and
? the Hamidleh worka began. I thought
for a momenl thal tbla ii.-n e.f abrap
nel buratfl preeaged aa aaaeult, i,ut i
waa wrong, u wlth tbe tttlag e?f the
sun aii Bigna of thfl flgbl dMappaared
aave the Ramea of the burntng ?*_,?
lagea aa though Ihe i.attie- was itopped
by the touch of an electrlc imtton.
?Thus flnlabed tbfl Brel eiav of the
Bulgarian preperation to <iise-.,ver a
aallenl Ln lb? tamoui Tchataldja llnea.
'ihe- Bulgarian >taff mual bave
learned much, and certainly learned
not t>. place t,?. nn h confldenoe in
th apprectatioa i?y amateur eorre*
ipondenta oi the morale of ih<- armj
Lately In re-tre-at. i.ut now weil aetab*
llehed. n la Impooelbte to aay what \m
paHsmg ln other dlreetlona Home ef
the- troeip- ar. Mfllng the enemy for
th- hrst time. FfOMt what I h.ive nh
aerved tbe Bulgariana maeie no h?-ad
way here."
Commander of the Scorpion Not
Under Control of Foreign
Ranking Offtcer.
r preia 1 i>?- Trlfeea* Bar... ]
WiialiiiKtte.ii, N'ov II.-It wh* "etat.-d at
tha stat" Departaamt lo toy thal the
etghty Mnejecketi laaded al Conetaa
tlnoplfl from th.- Inlteil Stnte-H fltatlon
.-"' ,,i pion yeaterdaj wt re part ol
two thouaend men tbe dtplomatlc eorpfl al
thfl Turklah eapital <)<?< ide.i to us.- in tiv
rrvenl of hoatilltle* eithtn tba dty. lt is
helleved that tlie f.,r,?<? wiii be adeojueta
te afford the neceaaary protection until an
addltlonal forea arrlvea Tha reportfl te
thi Btate Department to-day ladkated
that Coaataatlaoplfl was practtoatfy oulefl.
bul there was ? pemtblllty of more forces
. t??-ir,K landed.
The Internatlonal fleel it preptued to
rxtend protection oa both si.l. s e.f tbfl
Boeporua from lan Btefaae to Buyub*
anei the- faeiing BSiatfl here- thal
I there is ne eauee foi alana. Plaaa bav?
been perfected, it ia nnderatood, lo guerd
everj port aad la tha evaat ef aerionfl
1 engagementa te take- tba feeetgnen
? aboard tbe war vaeeeta.
Tn* Btate Departmeal bai made Itcleei
th.it la laneiing aallera fr,?m th.' flcorplOM
un Turklah aoll the Ualted Btaflea ha* ne,t
deperted from its tiadltloaal poUcy of
avohling at.y entungiliiK alliatice* or ln
terferencfl witn Burepean poUtlca There*
f,,ie*, tbe eommaader of the s.-orpion i_
; acU-g nt tlie* re-que st .if the American
, Ambassa.lor ln ('onstantlnopl*-. anel Ih ne,t
uiieltr tlu- ee.intie.1 of any of tl,e Kuroi.eM.il
j naval oflkerM, though mont of th?-*e out
, rank him. Hy a < e.tntnon undertetandlng.
l,e,we*ve-r, all e.f the- varioim naval c-e.ntln
genta aow la Turfcieh flratera are- belng
dleflpoaed "f aetcordtag to h tadtly ao*
; oepted plan, hut flach preserves lt? lndc
I peodeaee.
Ti,?* rnitrei gtatea PubMc Hoalth Barwtoa
I is drawtag tighter it* flaea of praeaattM
I on the- Atlantlc Coaat beceoee <>f the ap
j paaraare Of e-he.lcra in the* zone of the
Balfcaa war. Whlle- Burgeon (lenera! Blue
does nol regard thfl elangtr t.. tlit- Uattfld
Stat.s as graVfl us the prvben* t'.mc, all
vessels from the Mediterranean will ba
ri?l.!!v inspected.
VaaaaU aaJllng for the Unlted itatea by
way of Naples will ba aaaa-tned nl tbal
part, where the American Pab* Health
Service has B sunceon statlon.-.l. V. ?-- 1.
| from ports of Turkey Whlcb do B_? touch
[ Naplea wtB ba elesely a_tntl__a__ apaa
| theii arrlval in this country.
- _
British Bluejackets Lent to
American Embassy?Scor
pion in Upper Bosporus.
|i:v ca__ la Tbfl i ??' ""??
London, Kov. Ift?Dettchinenta o_
bluejackeU and marims from tha in?
ternational aquadron landed a! Con
Btantlnopla aanly y.-t.rday mornlng
and OCCUpled th/emliassies. cmsulate...
poatefflcea. banka, hoapltaia and achoola
of the respectivB __.____?. The landlng,
which attmcted conaVderable attentlon
from th" public, was effected arltb i"r
f,., t or.br. Crowda gatbered 10 tronl
, of the emba-aie-, acanning tha aallora
[and the anna plled near the entrai
Aa the Unlted Btatea guardahip Bcor
plon had been aaaigned to the upper
Boaporua for duty. bluejacketa from
the British crulaer Weymooth were
ii nt to guard the Amartcan Bmhaasy,
tha annored erulaera Tenneaaee and
Montana nol belng expected ..' (5?n
itantlnople before the end of lha
This step waa nol carried oui al the
requeal of the Turklab government or
ln conaequence of aaj partlcular re
qu< t
The ambaaaadora on the spot eame lo
the conclualon that the presence of a
force on h_nd would be deslrabU, nfti r
confi rencea on the aituation. Down to
th.- preaent ao trouble has artoen In
the capital, bul each of the forelgn
[warshipa has been ailotted ? api
poeltlon m the evenl ><t a< tlon becom
inar necesaary t<> inaure lhe aafetj ol
jforelKti resldent''
Story of Women and Children
Being Kilied by Machine
Guns at Prisrend.
\ ii nna, Sov. II. -The RV
Ipubllahea a dlapatch from Ita wai cor
.. apondent, who ? bj ? I ?'"" d
bj th- fugitive Alhanl in leader, Koldl
bra, thal lhe Ban lan troopa aft? i
, .,,,, | | p] rend, luri ? d tbi r machine
Inhabltants, kllllng 111
,,,ii,-ti and tan i hlli ?
Koidlbra alao red thal the
eharge that lhe Bei vlan w<
during ihelr oci upation of the
Triple Alliance Agreed Upon
Autonomy of Albania.
i: idaj ? -t Kai Is- The Auatro-Hun
garlan Idtalater >?( Forelga
4-ount Ben htold, la lhe i otfrse "f th.
debate thla afternoon on the bodgel "t
bla mlalatry. retterati d tuati i i poMc)
wltb rat( n n< >? to ll ?? Balkan -Ituatlon
He aald thal 'he changea wrought by
ti. war obllged the governraenl
, arn Itaelf wlth tiie eff< 11 thoae
would hav.- oa the iatereata ol the i>u.ii
Ifonarchy. Tha cnbineta al Vienna ind
Ftome, be dw lared, were agrei d pri th
future autonomoui poeltlon of Albanla,
addlng: "? "ir pollcy, Uka thal
is baaed on tbal Prtw lpl<
Hc boped tiiat the pomfparb ra now
prooeedini would result in Un apeed
cesamtion of boatllltlei and thi
, lualon of pea.-e. K- gardlng thi ti
which hai ariaaa through lhe I
detentlon i I Auatrlan conaula by Ber
,,i:i an.i the dental of lhali i ?
communkata wltb their governmeni
ha said that the Bervlan governmi nl
had roi entiy i iin ially i omplalned of
tbe attltude of Conaul Pre
chaaka when Prlarend wa| captured,
and asked thal ha be replaced To thla
ii repiy was .-ent. espf-eaing readlnaaa i"
Inojulre lnto the ceaaplalni and aaklng
that an upportunlty be afforded foi
direct cnmmunb Bttoa with him.
Thr Servian government replled tbal
the milltary authorltltlefl objected to
tiie dtspateh 4if an Aiisti.i-iimi_ari.iii
eourier to Prharand Negotlatlona to
tbla polnl were Mt j u proceedlng. Blmllai
HtepM had been taken ragardlng the
oooaul ;>t llltrovltsa, who waa deprlved
of Uberty ol action by lhe Bervlan
milltary authorltles and returned to
make b verhal report
??it ia probab-B," Bnld the mlnl it< r
"thal Bervia nW speedll) complj wltb
oui demands, whlcb frofc tha vlewnoint
,,f internatli anl law are fully Juatlned,
i.ut wa aball contlnue lo preaa .ni i
gt tii ally for tbe restoratlon ol normal
communleattoa wlth our repreaant
?... . _
Army in Canton Prepares for
Action?Boycott Decided Upon.
Caatoni Hav, ll^-The aratj la prepar
hja to proceed north le preaerve Mon*
aoUa for tha repabHc The marehaal
uiiiitia wfl] take tbe r>ia. ?> of thi ri ta
in-. whii.- tbe latter ara awaj Tha
provlalonal aaaembly aad lhe milltary
council have declded to .support Ihe _o\
eramenl In an effort t<> force Mongolia
to remaln Ib tha uaion b ith tba republlo,
The oewapapera tn already maklni
aapealfl for wai eontrlbutlona Commer?
cial organlsatlona hava dadded to boy
ootl gooda rr.uii eoontiiea aupportlna
Mongollaa lndep_nd_no_.
i_>nii.>n. Nov Ht - TreuMi haa arlaen
ever lha racenl oahvantloB between
huhsIw aad Mongolia, bj wblch Ruaala
reeognteea and gaaraateea tha ladepea
deaca oi Mongolla
a Biaaa meatlaa waa held yaatarda) k?
no Maagol prtaeaa and ehlef|alaa in Pa
kinR. aeear-laa Ut a dhHjat-fa lo "Tba
Dally Ti-leKinpli." Tle> ?!? ' -i,|. >i lo !??
padlata saaalutely tba -onveatlen algned
hy Rnseta un.i iCoogolla al U|ga, tii,
Maogollaa i*a_.t_t. and reaolvad te a>k
rtaaldanl faaa BMb-hal to afford mll<
tiiry pfotaettoa ba tbeae M.>h?.>iiaiis win
his la j'-iri the Chtaeee Bapabtle
The advlsBrf o_____l bl the PiaaMeni
ladaaaad tt"- HangaBaa prtaeaa1 raaolu
ti.-n, aad MJttt treopa laalongtag t<> th.
northem army were place.1 nn.br onl.i.
Ib pteeeed to the Wonaoiian lionttet, \
anmber ol -attahoM have l.ft i.y traln
for tho Slty of K.4l-4',an, half of whi. li la
M ?:.-->! and hall Cluin.-;???.
Detectives Expect Arrests in
Trunk Mystery Any Time.
Believed That Police of Buffalo
May Find the Persons
Wanted Here.
Bvldeace tvhlch teada io eiiminate tbfl
Uty of a deaMe murder and alxc1
te. dieprovfl the- auapeoted cemnectlon oi
tha eaae arith the- *whltfl Blave" tradhi
was turaed over t-> Ceamlflflfloner Dough*
erty yeeterday by detecttvai ?rorktag on
the WMk-eM trunk murder inyetery.
Tlie* poUofl ara aoer confldenl that not
oniy ,ii,i thfl death of Cannellaa Oeraed
I ir? thfl beuea al Ka Bl Baat ?Kb mreet
hav* no relatlon erltfe thal of Jennle Cara
! lleri, but alao thal thfl iroinan'fl Bfteea
lyear-old daughter, irhoefl eudden dlaap
pearance auggeeted tba poealbllltjr that
araa ? aecoi I tiettaa. i? ojgw h-Kve
! anel may l.e- found at any hour.
: The trail of Ltombardl, the ftrl and
Bucie ia,!,,. the oecupaati of tba '"th atree I
flat at ti:,- time <>f tii?- murder, led out of
town yeeterday. Conuniaatoaer Dougberty
espreeaed hla bellef tbat tha trlo, who
I Untll r.-'.-ntlv had t.o.-n s~*e-ii ahout th"
ttattaa quarter >>f th.- Baat BM* bad
Igone ounddfl th? dty, and thal bifl "t.-n
w.mld BOOn kiieiw tti.-lr whe-re'ahouis.
Tb* theorj that the* Oeraed woman
v..,- pe flonfld and that after Bhe had bfl"
come ui aire nailfl were driven
Into I,, r !,- ad, eauelni her death, i? oaa
arhlch ti,-- detectlvea ar? lncllned to pcoet
Tha blood italned nailfl found In the de*
aerted Bal ta thfl Bijeplcion, but
garded .-,? much mora probablfl
Ba stru. k down wlth BOBM
heavy Inatrument
.,. made yeeterda] te
the .1. i i, 4'?t!i str.-.-t. Thfl
.. d the-lr guard eif tlu: upart
ment, but arlll probably ba reUeved to
?lay, anen paotogrepha aill bfl madfl nn*
dei Inapector Faurot'i >iir,-r*ton. The fia:
la in the aama eondlthm ln whleh lt was
round f,>iiow!ng tba Ughl of Itfl tanaata.
While detectlvea worktng up tha loeal
e tiet eif t!i" '?:,',' li lV? beflO I tHB|
I -,. |, th.-ii bellef In ti,- "whtta siav.-"
- .,- ,,f tba murder, ComiiilflBlenar
erty la by he maana i i gleetlaa. the
thal tha Brldgepori murder
? ? bo an - loai ly een*
I.., led.
uting attor*
Onn . who bai rolun
? - toward tha flolutioa of
ly eonnected
tt tlgatlon
I loiri -I i i ? murder .'f the
' r,- ..!??
caa* * nleh mcllne
;m to thal the Qeracd mur
- ted
ty e,f the Huff ilo
[oe al ? ' J> ttltM
? ? Commlafltoner
ii in communtcatlon ?vlth tbfl
? ,,-re-.
. *, ? ? Blk, Conn N'ov II n ai
tb? pretty
nd murdered
, . tanaetl min pond m
-. 13 Novei
i alth ii"- < heekerboei I i
,, thi ? :" ,r',',1 thfl "T*d
m h the < "?"" "' I
. been worklni oi tbi
I, ol
? Ciiday
ne u.,^ \. ty nottceabM
,,t arhere the tln Itfl
le ft wlthin the trunh
... ,, i from the vlctim'a
, .-..I. i ceraeti tha wlre
,i.-tv 1-in and
..i. The fln from thfl
? nk WOUld ? ,[,-, ly liave> Mirne.l
the clol I ol u' ?? ?!? ? I ao
,.t! -.%:.< n*.e-,i Ui.it tbe detaetivefl
thal Hi.' aTound around th.
. ? I with 11
Commons Rcverses Vote on
Banbury Amendment.
-An ?laicablfl arraage*
, tbfl Hontfl Bulfl quarrel ln th-*
, ? i',,iiuii,,1,s ara i brought about
? m daj whi n ih.- dlflpute ax te thfl gov**
,'inni'ii method ol pncedure whlch |ed
te, Mi,,, dlaordei laet araeh waa aettled
Thfl iovernmeni announced thts nfternoon
Ita int.nti,,ii of raachiag tho ?"<! it de*
. |,,,i i .i more re*uadabou( nt aaa aad
tha L>nl ?? n^ mad? good thelr
,i mand for tht obeei rano of pre eedi nt,
,-t- , tt) -I Bifl e-!iailge'
of mind "I'.irtiy t,, repugaane ? al i pee.
Mi,],. recurrwaofl al dlaorder aad partly t,>
., de lr? nol te, igaora thi appeal A the
e-h.ilr '
?i'i,,. Houae of Commoni tbe n, oa thi
ii ,,i .,,, of the Pramler, negatived |ta
tuiin, lal reeolutlon, a-< antended
ln rammlttee e.n tha motloe ef Blr l-'r.-i
e rie-k Banburj Another raaolutlon arlll
i, i rm it.
Tha !?? i ,? ull of the flqtiabMfl flrill bfl
the pn gn .*? ,?i the Hocm Rulfl
blll im <? a daya
Appointed to Succeed Lieuten?
ant Colonel Walton.
i itv T,-ie-Ki-.i|,h le The rrlbaai 1
albany, Nov. II.?Ueub n.-mt Colonel
Chaiiea A. Blmmona, aaabitant adjutant
aenenU at t*,,, atata bea been nemed t..
Buoceed Liautenaat CeJonel itomulus V.
U/alton, who wai adjutahl leneral to
Majoi e;,n, mi John F, O'Ryan, and was
rendered lupernumerary by Qovernor Dix
almultaneoualy with Major Oeneral
e I'lf.aii.
ii araa bbm lald to-day that Major
i'.-r, f 1-:. Nanii. uf tba Bubolateiwa de*
partmeal ol the lal Biigade, New York.
haei i.n appointed Aaaletant AVdjotanl
Oaneral to taka th,- plaoe ol Colpoel sim
mona al th? dlvWon beedqiiartprfl in ai
baay, Tl?!-. however, was denied by Oov
, t nor Dix.
it ia alao reported tbat Ueuteaaal Colo*
nel Bugena W, Lueae, chief angleaer e>f
the- dlvlfltott staff. wlll bfl a|,|x,lnt.-el a*l'
jui.int foneral oe major gaaaflal by Oov*
.ine.r s ii/-1. Colonel Lacae la a graduata
,,. WtM PofaM and Ifl | medal Of honor
atheoa, Nov. li.?Major Tra*-**-*1 aeada
tba fOUowlBi telegram; "After loadtag
in Kaeeanire I eavelled th.- Turklah au
tii.eijti.-s and boieted tha ure-t-k Hag ever
a d.i/.e-n vlllegea ,?f the piniaanla Tba
bibabltanta were wlld wlth fay. i am
marchtag toarard tba rillagw beyond tbfl
Kaeeandra realnanla. aad have occuplad
?J, tOWBfl Ol I'ollgyios and Bavdae."
Cold Weather Comfort Helps
Sweater-vests of Soft Angora wool.
Gloves lined and unlined for street wear,
motoring and driving.
Underwear in all the desired weights of
pure wool?guaranteed against shrinking.
Pajamas of outtng and French flannel.
Genuine Mackinaw Coats impervious to
rain and chilly blasts.
Ulsters of fuzzy cloth with an abundance
of style and warmth.
Warm Overcoats and Suits all at prices
which you will warm to instantly.
Astor Place &i Fourth Avenue
Haviland & Co.
Eleven East Thirty-Sixth Street
110 Entirely New and Exclusive
Decorations of Dinner and Tea Ware,
Made Especially for Our
Retail Store.
Prices of Dinner Sets, 115 Pieces,
$38.00 and Upward
Purchasers Can Make Their Own
Composition of Sets, as Small or
as Complete as Desired.
Haviknd & Co*
Eleven East Thirty-Sixth Street
FuntsFine Furniture
Gifts of Flint's Fine Furniture, construct
ed Flint Quality, carry with them a marked
distinction of elegance and a conception of
artistic beauty not usually met with.
The remarkable assemblage of things
most useful and ornamental, as displayed
on our ten spacious floors, assures the
utmost satisfaction and appropriateness of
Gifts for distant points will be skillfully
packed and all the details of transportation
attended to.
Geo C Flint Co.
43-47West ?o^St. 24-_?8VVesT 24*St.
The beauty of the acenery.
the amooth roadbed ano
eaay riding equipment
make the journey alto
gether delightful.
WEST 23"? ST
Tbo freqoency of tba trataa
and their boarly leavlng
time make time-tabtea -_?
aeceaaary and avoldfl ?-.
uncertainty of train tlma.

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