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Supreme Court Holds "License
Agreements" lllegal as in
Restraint of Trade.
Will Affect Investigations Now
Under Way and Anti-Trust
Suits Already Filed by
the Government.
Waehlaftea. We*. lS--T" 'm <>nooh"
Tr.akliin .ledsion in the bathtub truat ca_e
the BuprenM Coort of lha Ualted itatea
bdd do_TB to-day tha broad prlnclple that
there can be. no monopoly in the un
Batente- BTadae. of a patented machine
wtthattl vlolatlng the Sherman anti-tru_t
law, justicp HeXenaa deiivered tha
unanlnfloufl opinion ol tha coart
In acoordance wlth thla di>, trine, the
court atr-ck down as lllegal the "Bceaaa
iiRr. .merits" b)f which mamifactur- ?
?J p. r cent of the sanltary enamelled iron
arare la tba Unlted Itatea arere bound te*
gether ba combination. The tkenee i_Tee
menta aiiowed the nanafact-reri to aat
_ patented iredger oaty on Doadttlor Ihol
htooM BhMa 11 aa attached price IM,
would lot Bell te (obberfl ahe booghl from
poadenta, would nol aell ln eertaln
terHtoey and woald a onda"
B-dalfl af OM Department of Juatlce
wire elaUd ov | ;.>n, WhlCll
? -,...). ?rU1 ' portanl b aHng
un BBflraral lBe_atl_atlona noar under aray.
t_ w, tai ealtfl alreadj
tiKalnnt the nxrrtng plctan ? the
Unltat Ihi Ma ? ' -" ? ?
Decision ''itally Important.
u vitally im
portaal beeauee oi tbe governmenfa
-b-Ma that the "patent Hcenae aifeernentM
plan wral ? .. tad by many con
ill cf the Judiclal baa on the
"pui- truat" plan. aa exe__pUn_d In Ihi
i fl*. ,,? - Btandai. ? ompany ot
onlo; the "Holding company" plan, Bl
? Hirad inv.iii.i ln thi Noi l b 8.
flnd ih,' combination of a holding
c-irrpani and a rn
howfl in th. Btandard i
'Juatlce ftfcKei ha ared ln hia opinion
? ii tha attati i la wai td
..nvert Indapendent and competitlve ooov
paiiies Intfl a cimbin.itioii BBbJected to
- aad refulattona "Th. trade was
pi.i li.ii.. oatrolled from praducer t.>
? flnaumer," said be, "and the poteney of
i'< flehaflM wai eatablbihed by the eo?
< peiatlon of h_ per cent of the mani
Caetarera, and their ndellty te It ?an sc
carad not only by trade advantagaa, bnl
hal araa practlcally a pecunlary <>en
,.ltv. not inaptlj t? rmed m tne _rgVBM_t
cash bail' "
To-day. dec-rtoa aaatalna tiie <je-ree of
thfl i'nlted States Id.trict i 'oui t for Mury
land flbrogatlaa -1"' H i use agrcement"
and pavi.i the way for the retrlal of the
< rlniina! mtt fgaltWrt the bathUlb trust,
tht- ftrftt trial of which. in Detroit, a X.w
months ago, resulted In a disagreement of
the }ory. Attorney General Wickersham
po.tponed the retrial uhtil the. ln.ues in
the clvil suit were decided by the Supreme
l.dwln P. Grosvenor. special assistant to
th.- Attorn. -y 0 aaa r fll. who prosecuted
iin- case and Bfgded II Ifl the Supreme
Court, said to-n!ght:
"The economic effact of the prosecutlon
by Attoriuy General Wickersham is ln
terestlng. The combination began opeia
tions in June, 191". At once i-omplaints
poured ln to the Department of Justice.
The Attorney General began proctedlngs
in July, 1910. Slnce the combination wtxt
broken up the prices of the product have
fallen from _- to if) per ?ent, yet to-day
nearly all ot the manufacturera engaged
in the buslness are runnlng their factorles
overtime, and they are all maklng money
at the re<luced prices prevalling la this
perlod of competltlon."
"The aimenients." said Justice M
Kenna, ' clearly transcend what was nec
essary to protect the use of the patent
or the monopoly which the Uiw conferred
upon it. They accompli_he_ a restruint
of trade condemned by tht Sherman law."
The Juatlce said there was nothlng in
the mlmeograph caa_ of last yenr which
contravened tho vlews he waa expresalng.
The added element of the patent in the
< aae at bar cannot conler immunity.
ltights conferred by patents are Jndeed
very deflnlte and exten_lve_ but they
do not, any more than other rlghts, give
'a universal llcense agairiflt posttlve pro
hlbltions. The Sherman law ls a limita
tlon of rightfl?rlghts which may be
puahed to evll consequences and therefore
ure restralned."
Tho Supreme Court took a recess to-day
untll Decembor 2.
U. S. M. Oo. Will Be Put Up for
Auction in January.
The foreclofliire sale of the Unlted Statee
Motor Company and its aubsldlarles was
set yesterday by Judge Hough. t.f the
I'nlted States Distrlct Court, for January
?. at 11 a. m., in Room 47 of the Kederal
Receivers Strong and Walker were di
iected by the court to dlspose of the
propertlea of the insolvent corporatlon at
public auction on that d.y. The proper?
tlea can bc sold ln one single lot or in Mx
different parceis, the court ordered. In
caee there should be a bld for the whole,
the bldder will be requlred to put up a
< a?h fleposlt of $_S0.00O. Should the bld
iling b- arranged In lots. a deposlt of $-0,
t?ft will be requlrcd from the bldder on
?ach lot.
Virginia Outlaws' Plea for a
New Trial Fails.
Richmond. Va Nov. II.?A new trial
was refuaed Floyd Allen and his eon.
I'laude Swanson Allen. to-day by the Su?
preme rourt of Virginia.
Tie men are condemned to die in thfl
?\n tric chalr next Kriday for the murder
of offlclalfl o| the Carroll ______ Court
at Hlllflville on Mflrch 14.
It ls believed Governor .'.lann will not
AcceptR Sheriff s Invitation to Take
Father's Place on Jnry.
SherlfT llarburger recelved the follow?
lng letter from Vlncent Aator yisterda>:
My d-ar Sheriff Haiburger: It Is wlth
pleaaure that I have recelved your notlfl
< utloii of my appolntment to the thiid
panel. Sherlff'a Jury. My father alwaya
hrghly appreciated the honor of belng fl
member of such a body and 1 am glad
to have the opportunity of lUllflg t<;e
U-aiU." whtel! ln. hokl.
< ontinued from flr?t nage.
was romparatlvely not far away. Fifty
patrolmeu. ready to go out on duty.
followed them and a BOOte tt detee
Rut even before they got there*
Father Wallace, of the St. Angelo
Merei Roman Cathollc Chure.li. Morrls
avenue and 10.1d street, had gone into
the hotel anel was adminlsterhip tho
last rites to the wounded men. Vogel
and "Lottle" werr dead on the floor.
The pirl had a great bullet wound in
her hreast and hlood poured out of the
nian's right temple.
Drs. Epstein and Rovenscheln took
the wounded men to the hospital. L*ast
night lt was said that Rutler was about
the only e,no who would re. over. t'or
ruier Jlealy got a short statement from
Fay. who told between gasps the ro
mantk story that nes behind the ehaas
and its traglc endlng
Fay sald that Sndie Braekenhoff, who
Wtig arrested yesterday. on the e-hnrge
"f stoaling trilles from people she
)Worked for as a servant girl, had eon
fessed uneler a aweetlng by the prlvate
detectives thnt aha wai Only parl of n
trlo that hael figured in several diamond
roMerries; nnd thal v*Qgel and "I.ottie"
were tho two othor bars 0< Ihe triangle
Pay w<U assipner) hy Deputy f'om
mlaaloner Dousharty te> aooonipany Al?
ien and C.-rade. '\\ ho stooil otltslds th"*
fumlshed rootn i.e-e-upled by the man
man nl Tenth avenue nnd 2,",th
and saw th.-ni have then- bag*
gage loaded on the taxicab. The- de?
tectlvea followed, once losing the pair.
but flneilly rauglit them again, .end
?tood guard outslde the hotel long
enough for them to open the irunks
.. . Itcaees, whlch were suppoeed to
eontaln the plunder the three iiaei
stoh n in various places.
Aboul 9 o'clock the detectlvea went
in anel ordered NfOndscheln to ?how
them the r,,,,ni ln whlch ti," man and
_re.lt waa tlie-n th, shoot ing
The glrl, oo well a.-> the man, waa
armed. He had an Stltomattc revolver
loaded arith eleven cartrtdges; she* had
? ihort, police modei g"n. Boms <-f Its
cartridges had been fir.'i. and it was
though! by tiie- pollee laat mcht that
i fought. t.,,,. i?, aave her lover
I-'?_>? is one of tho best known dotCO*
n the- department Ho das been
idontlfled with Hurlem f,,r several
yeara, .'ind knows all th, anderwotid of
that crowded ?ectlon, and <>t the pop
UloUS Bronx, tOO. Alien was known as
u8plderM Alien when he araa on the
police force. One n,ght. when h>- was
looking for "dlpa"' on ? surface car lu
trled to wreat ? reyolver away from h
man. Patrolrnan I.oughn.im, who'was
On the car in plaln elothes. was shot
nfid kllloel h> the BCUffle. Alien re
fr-.iii the department three or
lour years later.
Police Headquartera recorda fur*
nished the information last night that
\'ogel was a Pole, whose real name
was Phereedo Ragyeeky, and that iie
hiirl .1 Sal at No. US Weat lll'St street.
The Breckendorf girl lefl the apart
ment of .Mrs. Stiul H. (ianz, No. 111
West Itth Btreet; Sunday, Xovember 4
She had been w.rking tht-re only a few
daya, and Mis. (jan;* reported to the
West 100th street poli, e -tfatlon the
night she went away that |7M worth
ot Jewels hael been stolen. Detectlvea
followed the glrl to the adfllOSS the
police kIvo for Vogel ln Iflst Street.
It was in his apartment that tho ele
tectlrOS employed by the ut-curity i orn
pany waited for Sophle Brecke**edorf,
and in the mean tim<* thO) found t'-'e.
trunks fllled with Jewelry and One lln?
ens They arrested the girl, who was
identltted hy Mrs. Oanz. She was
looked up on a charge of grand lar
ceny, and when searched, the- police
say. Mrs. Ganz's jewel caae was found
in her olothlng
Slie was arraigned in the Harlem
court and held without hall. The de?
tectives then recelved se\e*ral other
complalnts froni perapai who had
hlred a Pollsh girl, who remained a
few days and then disappeared, at
the same time taking wlth her, the po?
lice say, artlclee of Jewelry,
The name. of some of th?* complain
ants as made publi.' by the "olk-o last
night were Augustus A. Roscnblnom.
of No. 214 We-st flL'd street. who
clalmed that jewelry valued at $1,000
had been stolen from his apartments;
Richard Stoinort, of No. .,10 West Wlth
street, Jewelry valued at $480, anel
Stella Kmanui'l, e,f .".''_ West n.'Uh
street, Jewelry valued at $1,800,
These three complainants, the police
say. ldentifled the girl. She wa in
dicted yesterday on charges of granel
larceny ln the flrst degre-e.
Coroner Healy ordered the trunks
and the valtsea to remain in the Mor
risanla police- Mation untll early thla
morning. when they wlll be taken to
the office of the Rronx Detective Bu?
reau and opened.
Pujo Will Propose Legislation
at the Short Session.
Washington, Nov. 18.?There wlll bo l*g
istation durlng the approaching short ses
aion of OSBgrees as a re*ult of the "money
trust'' lnvestigation of the Houae, lf Kep
rese-i.tative Pujo. chairman of the lnves
tlgatlnir committee. has hls way. Mr.
Pujo announced to-day that he had oalled
a meetlng of the commlttee for 11 o'clock
on Wednesday This eeaaion probably
wlll be contlned te> fixing a. date for the
re-.-umjitlon of the oral hearlnirs, whlch
\-.-r>- begun soon after the adjourjimenl
of ConKress.
Mr. Pujo said he was hopeful that the
roinmlttee would l>e able te, comlude Its
investigatlon not later than December 20.
HIk de-slre i.v that the report be ready to
present to OongreBs by January 20, ln
order. he added, "that Congress may take
WOt h a, tion in the way of remtellal legi-,
latlon to correct exining abuses or evlls
tn tjie <*arrylng e.n of the buulnees of clear
iiiR heasea ItOl k exchanges and national
banking HModations ns may be \v?r
?anted by the facta."
Contradicts Evidence of Law?
rence Officers That They Did
Not Use Revolvers.
Denies He Urged Strikers to
"Seek Blood"?Always Coun
selled Peace, Prisoner As
serts in Own Defence.
.Sfilem. Mas?.. Nov. 18.?Re-stint; its OOM
In tho trial Of EttOT, Giovannittl and <':?
ruso for the Ani|.i LoptBBQ murder ln a
j Lawrence textilo strlkc rlot, tho defenoe
late to-day produe e.i a vltaeaa who ewore
| he- saw two police offlcers dlticharge- thelr
revolvers Just be-tore Ann:i Lopltaw Ml
It la probable* that the case wlll go to
the jury >,n Thuraday at the latesi
stovon Namabos, s carpenter, deelared
he *a? a pfdie-eman. Oscai BflSflOlt, ibaOt
in the f:ital r:ot e.f Jai.i.ai' BX BeneM
and other witnesses hael teatlfled Ikal nis
revolvr was not l!re,l 00 tkat OCeeetOB,
and other ofllcera erbo parttctpeted la th.*
cut'-r . i i ad iwpro thal bo pollceaaui
lired a shot.
Witnesi Wa* Scared and Fled.
"I s.-iw or~ epeela] pollceman. who wore
n long overcoat with .-. bedga iindei lt,
run acraei tbe stroot elubblng the peo*
pif." mi n.uum o ??'!?),ni !.. eaaaa
l.ae-k toward Oardca ?*'??' ' ' >"'!
and i saw him flre I i ibota. There
i saw Oflleer Beoolt tako hla re
and firo three shots, two toward Com*
mnn vtror-t uiui pne toward Ualoi
i w.is s.ared and r.m Into a grOCCry st'.re
fOT niy bundles. Then I ran f<T nl]
i*i,l 1 saw three m.-n eafT*rlBf .i a
(into the same gfocerjr ? store. Thal wa <
abaut n minuto after i aaa the pollee*
j mnn firing the- ahota."
i on trDos eiamtnatlnn Naruahoa said he
j ,nd not Mr Benotl er the ?peclal pollee*
I mnn fire any ahota toararn the gr* i
; -tor-' near whlch Anna LoptSSO fell
I Louls i>a e'ourt, the det< ethre who
Itiflod for the coenrnonareelth tbat the de
j _endeat Cantse had r*eafe?ae?d to i?im
that h.- itaMx .i Beneft, mi tt dled to
? ?tatid by th,.- ,ie fone e-. Mr Kisk. of
I counael for the prlaonel . cenfroated the
akness with a reeord of his ? -onvl?*tion ln
IM for the lar.-eny of ChOCkl am- latlag
to llis an.i helng aenteneed lo the reform
.e-h, oi under ?h? name Kcourt
"i admlt that i aaa the one who aaa
senteaced." eatd La Court, "but it wai
my brother who .IM it. i took tbe i
meat for my brother."
La Court also admltted thal ho wa*
lentented to ti.- Parenta) Bchool la i'*-'
as an habitual truant
, rose srsmlnerl I Dlstrle i ?ttoi i ? ?
Attwin. La Court aald thal ?
Caruao araa erreeted ba nad ti*.ik**.i t?.
the tefeaaaat al Common an-i Lawreaoa
streets and went wlth hlm lo Leirraace
an.i Bases etreete, where both were .??
isatafl ''ani o i- ' fled 'hat be never
bad seen l*a ''ourt Itntll tl.e lattei ii,.rn
appeared in coui t.
Giovannitti Adviaed Peace.
Atturo Giovannltti, tecla lst wrll
ay],i mtoeloaer**, teetlfled ln hla oam de*
foneo, malntainlng that he- nevei urK?-,|
?rioleaea on the __rihers, deelarlna that
he prea.-hed esuaoas i" them ahe i tii**ir
t'eiovannitti repeat**.! ipeechei he mad*
about the diBcover\ (,f dyaamhe, polM
ing out how it wa- u plot of the eapltal*
ist- t.< reh tbe itrtkei ol theli leader
ami Mre the*iii back i" work dlaorgan*
Ti.r-n th? defeaee reeted Ita case, aad
the .coninii-JiWe-.iltl, eaUed PeUceBMJ" John
J. Ke-lllhe-i. e,f l.awr.-i.o. who .,
Caruso. Kelllher lo.-utie.i that DetOOtlee
La Court was talktng to Carueo at the*
tini"-. La Court had mel Caruse an.i
walked a blook wlth hlm Whea Ihe de
teetlve- gave | atgBOl by tlpptliK his hai.
Kelllher Walked Bp aad BU.de the ,-m. i
Had to Get Waldo and Johnson
to Help Him.
Commissiuiier Mwarda of ihe- liopart
ment of Street Cleanlng ls B PTStt] Mg
man, but he acfcaowledgee that he- ls
stumpe-d when lt comes to movlng Steam
shovels. Uowe-v.-r. 1,- ls gOtBg tO have
that steam shov.-l mOTOd to-elay lf lt
takes the entire Pcllce- und Fire depart
ments to do It.
The, e.ffeneling shovei, which CoaUtthh
Bloner Edwards says le tbe property of
William Cuff, a rontractor. has beea la
104th street, Just e-ast of l-'jrst avcini,-, toi
some tlme. It is an incuml-ram.-. ln
uddltlon to belnu uiislf-litly anel b>ling ln
the- way el trafllc it preeenls llw Btreel
Cleenlog Dopartmeal from detng Its work
prope-riy. Cemmlaslone1 Bdwerds has re*
poatedly wiltten Lo eUff and ask'il tiini
n-.ost polltely to plahsa run away wlth hls
steam shovei. but, tbe Commleslonei to
e-lares, the COntiaCtOr has Ignoted hls ap
peais. Under tt,,- obarter the Comrala
Bloner has tbe ligM to mo~a an Im-um
branco In tlio sti.ets ami take it t,, tli<*
corporation Yani, but When n eaaa te
movtnf? tho st'-am etfOVBl BdWBTdl OOUld
not soo how he was tb k-, about it.
Commlssloner Bdaafdfl wenl to Magls
trste- MeQuada and aske-ei tt s eamawna
for Cuff, that tho oeatraetor miRht be
orderod by the miiRlstrat,- te> romo\e- the
shovei. The magistrnt. ie-fuse-el to ISBUe
ti,e- iummone on the ground thal c.un
nilsaioner Kdwards had pl'-ntv e,f atitlioi -
ity to move the shov-i iiims.-if feeter*
day Commissie.ne-r BdWjBrde v. ?nt to I',,
iice (Mdadaoteetar \\'aiiio. The latter sai.i
he WOUld (-IVO What H_ielHteilll,' lle- (eelllel
and suKKe-.-t.-.l tlu.t I'li,- Commlaalonei
Johnaon might furnlah an automoblle
truck to elruK the flhovel away. If the
Idea Works. th*- vbo*/al will bo tak> ii to
the Corporation Yard, where lt wlll _tay
unt.i Mr. cuff pari i fee to oover the:
e-ost of renieivinj? lt from tho stre-.-t and
prendeee that he win tak.- it hom.- nlgnts.
Emperor Confers Order of Sacred
Treasure Upon 'Phone Official.
john J. Certy, ef thla dty, hai beea
e-reated a liK-inb?i e,| the i >i ile-r of tbe
sacn-ei Treaenra t,> tbe Bmparor of
.lupai, The inv.-stituie with the IntMgn'e
of the order and the pres.ritation ,,f _
diplorna for valuuble- aenrlaa te Japan
and her peopb- hav.- Just takon pkWO, tbe
ceremony be-lng eOUdlKted I > Y. Ntirnan.i,
e'onsui iienerai. Mr. i.irtv already wears
the Decoration of the.- tirdei e.f the- Rbrag
Sun, conferred by the late Kmpe-ror after
the close of tho u.-ir betWOOB Jupan and
Mr C.arty i-' < hi.-f engineer of the
i .niiiniir.l fr_m flr-t paa*.
are gttbataattal Orange County farm?
ers. The yo_l_f_-t Is tnlrty-two years
old and the oldest has passed his alxty
eighth year. They come from wldely
BOattM Nd part* of nn unusually large
county, and to a man they thoughtfully
expn-ssed themselves as confident of
belng able to considcr the testimony
with an open and Ju?t mind.
Mysterioua Foreigner in the Caee.
Mr. Bldec was rmphatic ln askina
arheiher the. talesmen had read the
_aWB|ia|fll>r aCCO-JltB about Olbson an.l
whether _h_y had formerl an opinion
BB B result. Ha wanted to know, also,
whether they had had experience wlth
boats, as lt Ifl in n boat, according to
the theory of the prosecutlon, that the
piurder took place. Anothi:r point he
BOUghl to make sure of was their attl
tude oti -jr. unutjtntial evldence and
their understandlng of reasonablo
douM ahd thfl presumption at inno
I r-i | .
One taleaman wat asked whether he
would have any prejudice agalnst a
rorelgner on the wltness stand. ThiR,
last point, it was r-xplained l.y Mrs.
Qlbeon wheb ahe and her husband
were aeen rn bla eaiX ^-s due to the
? ;i new wltness. who was a
foreigner, woald bo brought forward
b) Die defence Tha] expreaaed great
oenfidence thal this wttaaai would win
Lhe caaa f..r them, b_4 kept hia idon
UtJ flBCret * Mis. QflMMfl said she
B UBted Mr. i:ider to r?it to ev.ry talea?
man tha qaeatloa <?t' praj-^dce agalnst
a foraigni r.
One Juror a "Gentleman."
The Jurora < hosen are Jacob _* Hlcke,
pro< er, Hlghlonds; C_MUrt__ Narmr,
f.irmcr, IfoatgOOK ry, Charlea Wyunt.
fanaar, Hlghlaada; a. j. Raxter. arho
gave his OCCUpatlon Bfl "-ciill.'imin,"
i. k Henry Ta addta, _a_-_er,
Montgomerr: Tbeaaaa i: B-det, grocer,
Porl Jervta; Qeorge Dell, iiotei busl?
ness. {.flwborg; Chart-a Merrltt, farm
AT, New Wtadaor; wiiium fltagarald,
. attle daaJar, Cheater; Qeorge W.
Jumlson. real estate and newspaper
pn.prletor whaafl paper prlnted noth
?iig aii.ml the Qlbeon ca^e. Warwh k.
?.nd N. W. Balrd, fartner, Warwtck
Mr. F-ogera arlll make hia opening
-t itemenl to-morrow and egpecta to
ti laaal ala aitneaaea '<n the stand
before the cloae of the day, i)> says
that ln all he will ha\e about foitjr
Bla plan is to try tba i aaa
.11 chronologlcal order, beglnnlng with
the arrlral ot Qlbeon and Mis. Baabe
at Qreenwood Lake, or. July Lf last,
an.l rndlng aitb Bitaeaaaa by wbeaa
bfl _iil .itteiiipt tO prove a motlve for
the alleged murder. The defence l.as
?f shown its hand
0. Marchesi, Accuscd of Killinff
Sister-in-Law, Goes to Bar.
| The tln.il a- t of a in"lo.1rani_ of real llfe
vtaged before Judgr ito-.iiHky raater
n Qeneral Beeslena when Qiaaeppa
Hflj bei WBfl pfl-ffd BO tilai for the mur
? i. ? of his disfr in-iiiu. Marla Marebeet,
Bfl May 1 laat
Arthur C. Traln, maga-lne -rlter and
! \sM-t.uit District Attorney. li
counael foi _Uu_a_ai
.Muria -as tba "if. of Theodore Mar*
Q)fl appe'fl >oungir Lrother. They
w-te married Ifl this ouniry, and Q|U
?appfl had B-Tfll l.i'-i bla sl.it.-r-ln-law. In
July, I'-'H. Marla w.-nt back t.. ltalv for a
visit l_r_l aba arani la bat o?t. provt
i. |n thfl north to see her OWB family.
and then Bhe wei.t t?> Naplea, where ahe
xpeiit. two month- wlth Theodore's rala
Qluaeppe beeanM la_e|_ate_ nrlta
hlfl b.autlful >Uier-!n-Uw. and when flhfl
retaraed t-> n.w York l.e nlM with ber.
Theodore took bha into the h-oaohold
ani found work for Ukm. Qtaaaaam apefca
BB word of bls love Ifl Marla or to Theo?
dore for several month-. Then Marla told
her huabaad b atory erhleb M him t..
show ataeoppa Ihi lee. -_d t'11 lllm
... .., to come ba.-k. Nevertheless he dld
visit the llat when Theodore was absent.
espe-lally on W.dnemiay... when Theo?
dore b work kept him away for elghtoen
boora al a aUateh,
On Thuiflday mornlng. May 2 of thlfl
vei.r. Theodore returned to find his rooms
dark. The nclghbois told him where to
go. and bfl elalaaed Ma wtfafa body al 'ho
morgu4 Olueapp. araa at the beepltal
Brttta tn o balleta la rils head, one of which
poat liiiii his left eye
QUflflUoa him as bfl would vesteiday.
Charlea C Mott, lha Assistapt District
Attornev, COUM not prevall upon Thto
,!,,,,. i,, teii why he forbade his brother
tha house. "1 told him to go, and he
went." was all that he would say.
Neigbhora lc_d of aaetat Qtaaaapfl reei
from the lat, hlfl wounds bleedlng, whlle
? rt-ii: "i bara shot Harla ?nd shot
IBJflfllf "
Laws of Austria, Endand and
America Figure in Case.
Barrogate Iwerler naatati dednloo '??"?
1. ni.iy on t'...- ojueatiofi wbetboi tbe Kri_
li.-ii Bourta had tba power to -oUeet
daa baa oa tha >;.'?"> aaaaH) whteb
(Tbunteea Zlchy recofrea under Iba aill af
ber couflln, lonaualo, Dowager Ducheaa
Of Mancln -t. i The obJeetlOB Of th.
eounteai la baaad on Um fact thnt she h
BO 9._fltrtaa subject, and that her an
nulty la derlVCd from lha American pmp
tttj of tbfl late ducbaafl,
Ti ?? An.ei i, an . X. CUtOffl of the v ill of
the Ducheaa of Hancheatcr remltted .?'',.
<*n t-> Bngtand t< meet thi.s t..\. pad tbe
? ountess Zlchy ebjOCtod to lia\ln_ any
part of thia n.4- charged agalnst ber
Henry W. Taft who >ppaaiad bafon
Burrogata Fowlac aa peaaaal for the ?_
ecutora, flfl-i it vs.j'.i.i have been aeeaa>
?ary to seii the family bonaaatead if the
_B_Bey had not been sent. Mr. Taft said
the Bngllab oourta, Hgbl ur _rong, would
take Jurls.lii tlon of an> funds they OOBld
net rtokl oi to pay the .--uccesslon tax.
Tbfl New York loeal of the Sociallst
party will oalebrfltfl the big increase ln
thfl Sociallst vote at the election thla year
fl] a concert and hall next Sat.nduv
trenlng in the New Star Caslno, 107th
?treet and i'ark avenue.
Claney, After McNamara Ad
missions, Collapsed at Sight of
McManigal, Say Aficusers.
Agreed to Make a "Olean Breast
of It," but Ohanged His
Mind the Next Day.
Charges Lawler.
Indianapolis, Nov 18.?Kuiafiu' A
Claney, a labor union offlclal, of San
Fran.lsoo, falntod wh-n, afur inakinK
admlssluiis ln tb- l'istrlot Attoitu-ys
offlce ln Los Aageles, h>- lOOked throu-.li
tbe era.k <>f a dOOl anel saw etaadlng in
another room Ortle B. Mc.Manl--.il, trw
eeafaased dynamlter- Ihl> testimony aas
given at th..- dynamite ooneptracy trial
to-day by Oacar Lawler, ipedal asalstant
to the Attoni.-y Oeneral and Artbur L.
Voit. h. who gathered eYidenee m califor?
nla. They said that Clan.y COllapeed ln
December, u.ii. after adfatttlag Jl; ,"*"i-'
presenne that ho knea James B. af< Na
m.ira. was or, thej coast to bh?W Up ii'-n
Lawler aad Vetteb also nam-d Olaf a.
t- ? Itmoe aad Aatoe Johaonsen, *?>?"?
rraiie-ls.-,,; W H. l'ohlnian, BOBttle. and
j. i-:. Ifuasey. Salt Lake City, -.*
awara >,t' M<\am;,ta dynamltlng mla
_ion. l'ohlnian anl* Johaiii.-u u ai*l HOl
aaaoag the- Corty Bre detendaati here, but
nrhea the defence bbjocted to luotin*.
what Joiia/ins. ii mlght i ihs
e-eiurt ruled tb- evldeape wot oomi t. nt
"because M bad beea ?hoefn that lohana*
BSg was a ,,,-'*onS| iiutor."
Atiagad Talk with McNamara.
Tbe aitaeeees aald that Claacy, -,' Ihe
EMetrlet AtW?mey*i oihce, loM this itoryi
In AUCUBt, b.-loi. Tn- LOfl Am
TUnee exploalon, Clano weni t" ?-???
tio, wt.ei,- na waa Introuuoed uy fonlinan |
to Jame n ,-. fcle .Namara, wa-,
Claney: "You know wnat im ""t ben
tor," and then explaint-d be wai to de
oynanuting i Law > men wenl t" t""
Internatlonal Assoclatlon ol Brldge and
Btructural Iron .*?oraen*' eohveiiuon at
Kuchester, where be taiked wlth J. J
McNamara about the vUlt oi. Ua dyna?
mite r t-e the Pae t;,, i 'oeal
? Un--. aaa ln tfoelon v*.1111 Mlchael ?,.
Voiing, a haa ' ?? >? "' "' '"?
? ople at tba Loa Anselea yploalo.*. ii'
Imnie dlalel) leh >,i iphe d to *-8he ??? , 9oa
l-'rar.-isoo, te> ' ciaan houae ,'
/.-i ml of eertain lelegrarna aloul J
ii v Western trlp Fu irrled
Weat, atopplni at rtalt Lake i ll ? to
Muneey, thi Ironwoi i.- i bualne.-- agenl
ti.,-,. w bi Iher Muna > told bltn tl a
dynamiter araa bldlng ln Ball Laka ?'it>,
Claney rcfuaed to aay, addlng: ton bad
i,. tt, r le ?? Muna > abe ut that."
When the Uewellyn iron Worka ln Loa
Angelei v..,* blewn up un Uecember -?
... who dld thal Job, ap*
paared ln Claney'i ofllce In Baa l'ran
daco. Clanej t-,id hlm to get out aad
dlrected hlm t,, aee Tvi Itmoe,
.lu-,! aft. ; !,.. bS I tOld this slory,
Claney, wae baa heart rr.,,it,ie-. turm-d
areuad aad, aeeina McManigal through
lh<-?ra.-k Ol ? 'looi faint'-el.
Asked later Why, knowlng Mt-Vamare
was guilty, he iiu.i Jolned irlth TTeltmoe
and Jonannsen ln the defence ol tbe ate*
. aiiiuta brothere, Clanc) replled te hla
Interrogator thal ha oonaldered lt "aene
of hls b!lfel!.,--S "
Mr. Lawler, telllng ,,f an Intenrtea he
had with Mi nsey, knowa slso u 'Ja k"
Brlght, said
Maasey tniei mo that. an, i The
Tlmefl exploalon, he was aenl bj J. J
McNamara lo Inuulre whether tha people
in Loa Angelea thoughl tha bulldlns bad
i,..,.,, de troyed b) aae splng gai 1 toM
IIun -\ w. bad Information thal hi hld
.1n!il--h B li Ball l-ike- <itv for two
w-.-ks after the aspleelon, thal we had ??
.**iiit Lak? ?lt) tallor. Th.lore C. B
who made .. aull ol lothee for McNa?
mara; aad, ui fact, Muasey*e own wife
bad given u? a deecriptlon <>f McNatnart- |
,,. ? :. .,, io a h rn -to- reated a room
Munae) admltted he rented a ie?,m t-i a
men named Wllllams, bul be dldn't think
io- looked lik. M< amara
i also aaked him whether he had not
been the K" between ln gettlng ih-* dyna?
mlter back to Indlanapolla. Ho denle-d
aii of it. Then he cama back an.i lald
i... hii.l J< ? i led to make a clean breast
.,f it We agreed le meat tha neal ,i*>.
i ut ln th< m< an tln ?? M nei had eaen
Johannaen. aad when ha reappeared the
neal day b? aald he bad dedded not to
talk an) fui ther
i ajes i ad ? talk with Tveitmoe about
labor condltlona ln Loa Angelea, In whlch
he aald Oeneral Harrteon Oi ty l >tl
prletor of "Tha Tlntei " wai regarded aa
nn enemy ef unlon iab,,r
r.irth.-r teetlmony thal Herberl I
Boektta, now .en trial. furalabed the gae*
eraaaaat lafminailoii last wlnter was
gtvea by F. a. (Jraves, a detective
tiravoH said that Hockln arranged w;th
blm to "get in touch" wlth w J. BUrna
th?> eletee-tlvo, and thnt Hockln later m<-t
Hurns an<i dellvered . ertain pepefS
wanted b) tl,.- proaecutlon,
Blackaned plescei of Infernal machlnee,
wtiioh Mgurad in "The- Tlmee" exploatoa,
were- t.lentlfloel
Moving Picture President Vic
tim of Confidence Game.
.i. H'unit Blaekton, eomawdore of th.*
Atlantlc Vai.-ht Club and rlce preeldeat
eif the- VHagrapb Company, haa bad u
number ,>f nioelng pieture robberlei
?tatged ai bifl boma n... i" Qoeen aee*
ralue thal would h,- "atolea" would, <,f
BUe, I'latbush I'ra. t,, allv e-ve-i ything of
courae, t?- returned ait.-i the acene had
been completed. On Baturday a l*eal roh*
bery took place al Mr. Blackton'a home
and as a reeult he la ,.ut four sultfl of
elothes, which ha ralues at MM, The
pOll'-l- Of llle- I'.llkville. pollCe Stiltleill liavo
baan put on the eaaa, bul II was fearod
lust iukI'I tbat the iin.-r hael made a
elean getaway. Incldentall) li became
known tbat thla robbery la ,n,!> ,,t?- of a
number thel na*/a occurred In tbe imme*
.ii.,!. vlclnlty wiiiiin tbe last two a
Here li the fltor) how Mr Blaekton
lost his clothea. < ?n P*iit1ay Mth. Blaek?
ton packed up the four smts. ooroprts*
ing two baiadneaa, a dresa and tuxe-eio sult
ami se-ni them lo Yeeger Katz. ? tallor.
ot .\e. .*j."?, church avenue, te be daseneel
and presaed The apparel was returned
,,a Baturday noon. Hall an hom- after
tbey wore- returned ? v-ihik man. ap*
parenty aboul 'twenty yesari of age,
ruahed Into tha houae, and, after maklns
in apology, Informed the butler thal the
clothee had been eenl back before th,-\
wera flnlahed. The butler aeemed doubt*
ful, but his wa- readll) removed when
th,- itrange r bached this up aitb ? n,,t,
from tio- tallor, s,? far a-- the butler was
concerned tlu- incident eloaed rlxht there.
Nothlng ni'ire- was though! ot the matter
iintti Mr Blaekton .-isk.-ei i,,i .m.- of tbe
bualneaa lulta. Tl. Ibe butler reallsed
whal he- ha,l done, II.- tbld Mr Black*
too bow ii, had doubted tbe roung man
ut I'isi. but became aattafled tbat iie araa
"oi, ta,- b-\,-r' when he wea ihown tho
noio from Katz
Roewell Miller, chairman ,.f the bouni
of the*- Chle-age*. MllWaukoo A St. IJlilil
Itallwai Cdaapeny, aald ireeterday that
ho ha.i ti., knoaiedge thal tbe .-.mtroi of
the road bad passo.l from* tho Rookofelk-r
interests to u W'oste-ni gTOUp, he-uel.-d by
J. f)e?elon Aime.-lll, as wa? .-ta',,1 In elln
patches to this dt) from ChlCBgO vostii
day. He de*iiled thnt hc had heard an> -
thlng to le-ad hlm te* lioli.-v,- that tb- i- -
port was triu-. Tho sann- statoment was
made by Donald <J. rjoddos, of Clark.-.
Deeels'ee ?. e?., H me-nil-.-r e.f the St. Paal
beiard, who romarkni that he co?ild gtffl
no infermatloa about tio- traaafSf i?-e-aiis.e!
bfl dld not bcllove lt to be so.
V.olation of Constitutional Lib
erty of 25,000 Publications
Charged in Brief.
Lawyers and Doctors Told They
May Be Required to Disclose
Olients if Objections to
Postai Law Fail.
Washinirton. Nov. 18?The opening at?
tack on the constitutionallty o'f the se<
tlons of tha recent postai appropriatlon
act, requlring newapapers t0 ~'ve P-fltal
authorltles flrcflflfl to their circulatlon r<???
orda and to publlsh the names of th.ir
?toehheldera end beadboldera, aa wall aa
to bflbal pald polltlcal artlclcs as Bdrer
liflCmenta was made to-day before th
BupreOM "ourt _f the UnltOd States in B
prlnted brlef ftted by Robert C. Morrleand
Q. U. Plante, on behalf Of "Tbe Journal Of
f-Oflnrnercfl and Coqltnercial Huiu-tin," of
New Vork. Tha caea is ael for.argumer.t
orally on December l
Thi btl rnej for tbe __w_paper eon
Ipallp thal Ihe aee_ea_ rleleta
tbe eoi sfitutioiiai Uberty <>f the tarenty*
flve thonaaad newepaperfl, magaslnea nnd
i throughout th>
Unlted Btaiaa
Pony Right of Regulation.
rjnllbe puMIc flervtoe corpomt__in_ the
Bflwapai attorneya clalm, po*
ao rlamenta wblch give the govern-aeat a
riKht io regatata their boatneaa, axcepl
in so far ia tbfl publlfl morala or publl
Mrelfan is eencerned. Tbe brlef con
Ab.soiuteij no I found
for a ronteotlon that the provlbiona oora
plained of ln trds get Were enacted f?r
the public benelit. Neither the govcrn
in-nt nor tbfl public fll lai?c can be beni -
fitted iv tii- knowladgfl of the prlvate
bualneaa affairs flnd the flnandal .ondi
tion of the owna* of ? BflWflpaper. <>n
the other band, tbfl provlaiona objected tn
in thfl fl. t are more than unreaflonable in
their lemandfl upon Uie owner oi
pupei the) an perafc louely Inqulalto
down prlvate rigbta and ln
rada peraona.1 freedom flnd deetroy pri*
rate property ln that they ruin the pub
licHtlon if it refufl-a to meet their
arbitrary demands, for ruln would surely
follow the denlal of the prlvtleg-fl of tha
in tbfl ?ct lndlvldual Injury ls Infllcted
without anv COIT-flpOndlng benetlt tfl
cletj. if tbe corporgtlon Ia dolng bualneaa
borrowed money for whlcb lt
I*.,i its notea or other obllgetiona it
must puhlish to the world the holdera of
auch ohligatlons. to tba annoyance ol auch
lendera and tbe endfltngerlng of ttfl cred I
rt rnufll show tbfl rulnerabl ? apota In Ita
Bnandal annor to the benetlt ot its eotw
i.etit,.r.-i and enemlee. Banka and other
|?rgi (Inanclal Inslltutlona will refuafl to
loan it mabey .OT fear thnt they will Bfl
he_d oui and fld\ rtiaed u auppertlng or
contrniiing its edltorlal or polltlcal pollcy
\or are th. ?-?? fanclful objeetlons To tbfl
bualaeea man they are real and alarm
The Attorneya e-arn lawyer*, doctoia
and other piuf?Blilllfll men that if this
u?-t is uphe'd Congreflfl may eejoally r_
.pilre them tO puhlish and dtflflflafl the
Bamea of their ciients.
The vevlns question pf where the _nt
shall bfl drawn between book. and l"'ri"
odlcals ln the mails waa pagg-d on to?
day by the Supreme Court. wtilch rflr
fUflfld te Interfere with the Posfmast. r
Q_acral'a d_c_rlen te artthdaaw lecond
laaa naaMng prtrllegefl from the -np.
Top WeO-ty" and "Wo'k BBd Win," Me*
Vork pubttaatlona
Young Man Charged With Stealing a
Gold Mesh Bag Worth $500.
a vouiik Qeiman, who gave the bbbm i
of John E Haltfli and la aal_ te Hav.- |
poflod as a count flsaa arralgned la the |
w, st Blde louti reeterday an tha cbarg<
Of steallfiK a ?old mesh baK from Mt
i.fhe .\ia> Docaey, of No, Ifl RTeat fltb
ttreel Mrs Dor_ey said the i>aR was
worth IM. Iialt.r was hHd for trial In
.;. ooral Bi aaloaa
Tne young ma-. Bl OBM tlme Waa B el. i k (
iu thfl Carlton flpaifa?ta and. it is ?!?
Iflijfld, took ti,."?' worth of Jewelry thal
bfltoagad te a_ra. Henri Bteera. The po
toaad Mrs,'Steers- lewelry la tha
posse-sion of a young Bregaga te whom
?ihe count" had been attcnllve. Thfl I'oin
pfatlal was not pc_flflflfl1 _1
Two Reports to Federation on
"Industrial Unionism.''
Convention Votes Down Resola.
tion to Bar Religious Topics
in the Future.
Rochest.r, Nov __.? __<
whether th.- American I-'.-I.-raiion of
Labor is to adopt industrial ui.ieiiism fc
place of Its present pollcy of reeoftiiaha
except in certaln tnatancea, thi ntnora.'
of tradfl or craft organlzatiom ain fr
rtlflCUBBfld to-morrow. Near the <?:_!_. __
this afternoon's meeting the eommirin
on aduoatlon reported i >-n fw
the fldoptlon <?: Induatrlal unionlato, A
majority of thfl committee voted for n
rejectloa .-ind a mlnorlty favored indm.
trial unlornsni. where ... ,.,-,)
flrberfl not practlcable, lerathfl
of trade aalanfl far anl
The resolution was Introduood ,v John I
Mlt'heii. Duaean McDonald, Joba p
White. Frank .1. Kayflfl, Vrilllam Orapj
and J. If. U'aik.-r. of the \;,n
Wi.rkers of America, and ! ..s f,
W'hereas, The Une-. ? mor,
cloeely drawn betweei ? . ...\ __qf.
VNhereaa, The eapitallata of th. couatry
i???< ?.- "p. inlz d the .uf_ct
atlon .ni , :_,. em. j
or_fliil_atlons, compaet, . ohesh. '
bodlea, havlng for their puri ? the d
sti u< tion of the tn
en-i reallzlng th?r in unlty tbera ?
atrength; therefnn. be lt
ReaolVad, Thmt it. order ro eombat tntt*
rompiel and powerful ? . atloiu Q(
employera of labor tb
adopta and indorses the plan ,,? <.i -atdaa
ti.ui by lndusti.es instend ..f cr?r_
Wblch often divid-s lhe for. .?? nl |a_?f
and that tl,,- offlrers of tie Aiuerlcai !
-Yderatlon of Labor be instru, t..i to _?
?fort to bring this about and th*t
they visit tiu- dlfferent labor ? ,i - nt!on?
and u.se their Influenc- t<? mouhj
nn nt BlOflUJ thflflfl linea
The majority of the comi ? leaaal
to kubktitute for the resoluti. n i
nomy declaratloii ..f the a
ventlon la IM, wblch favored th. retta
tlon of tbfl pollcy ol
mlintalnlng ctaft or trade
bo far Ba it was compatible
organlaatlan of Industry,
An hour of tbe ait ? on aat j
rtven over to an addi , w_ T
Brj Bnt, Commii , _ ?,r u; >,__
-eraey, nn th- proti ry era
ployefl from acddi nt and Un,
- ition* adopi tl ? pri
'"?'??''? to hreflk
Btfikflfl ln MTflfll \
velopmenl of atata
Wlflconaln e_ten_li i :
? nt for widi
nd urged tl ?
ommended the \\<.rk ? ? x,.
tlonal Conaervfltlon i
proved tho partl
federation ol J..^
I !?? dll
nl Qompera r< id .. ?
?aper In which h _
exji. aalng aatiafaction ? ?
feat for re-election of Vlctor Berger, tbp
Mftw-ukee SoctaUsi R
"The report |J - untrue. [
hava nol due. tiy or Indlre. tl - d af
mtlmatfld thal i found aal
defeat of Ifr, Bei -
The flrst bomb of thi
when the r> i
ln favor ol excludlng r- .
in future , onventiona, and |
that r.pre.s. ntatlVflfl of .ill i
ganlsfltlonfl be denled :; ?
venti, ii t.latl'.- V: ?
enttan pi t ra ? li ting
all.w rellgloufl dtoc i
More Militia Rushed to West
Virginia Coal Fields.
U ? flton, W Va., Nov. . - - nd
dKlonal c-tapaalei ibj
b-ln? rushed to I
of West Virginia to-night ? ? < - ?
the four eompanlea ne
Armed mli i
Paint Qreeb ? ? ? up." m. . o*
ln th- ti.-ld has i? en ord. red :o
ntaera nnd ab. to ki
Iflotera ahof up two
but there Arere no fatelltifla
The pbysical make-up of Pcarson's Ma^azine
allows it to depend for support upon its rcaders
alone?upon advertisers not at all.
By the adoption of this unique policy, for a
popular-priced Ma&azine of serious purpose,
even the temptation to become subservient in
mattcrs of editoral control or lnfluence is elimi
nated; and Pearson's Magazine remains in fact,
as well as in theory, A FREE PRESS.
lt prints no pictures. But it prints the truth about
subjects which other magazines do not discuss.
And it prints more tiction and other eiitertamment
than any other general rriagazirie.
lt was the first magazine to establish the practice
of printing series of stories instead bf serial stories.
Now they all do it
It is famous on two hemispheres for its tiction and
lt is liopelessly frank in its stories of public interest. mattcrs
betfillg up4)n the health, the prosperity, or the general state
of comfort, peace, or other welfare of the pei.ple of the United
vStates; that is. "hopeless" to "The Powers oi Pillage," "The
PriflCet of Pnvil_ge?M <^r any Class which deplorcs and lears
frank estprettfon in such matters.
Do you want this kind of?a magazine?
333 EAST 24? ST., NEW YORK
t/ '__

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