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IAMI..V 24,111.
To-cIh.v and to-morrow, falr.
Kemtbue-M wiiiela.
York. Je-raey City and MnhoU*.,
I> I > f / 1 ? .*" _~\x--f-*. t 1|-*X*"'F InCltj of N-w York. Jeraey * ity an.i i
Balkan State's Eviclent Inten
tion to Take Durazzo on the
Adriatic Ma\ Be Hin
clered by Austria.
Bussia. Preparing- for Eventu
alities, Purchases Hundreds
of Guns Abroad, Says
St. Petersburg
Treatment of Coosuls of the Duil
Monarchy Creates Sorious
Sltuation?Still Opportu?
nity for Apologies
from Belgrade.
(By Cal-I*- te rha Tnbur.r l
Londo'*. NOV. -'?'. -Whi:. Kuropo is
. mu , f :, >-,>nclti
_inn <f -~" - H ?? altuatlon between
.- :rt and Austria is flvlng rlee to
, v.,-- ti.-- in,-in- nt the
-fovernment in
r ing to the recent note from
^ . ... ii trlatlc and
placed In the
, ... by th. unwilllngneaa
,.( K;!~r Isert tO flve Aus?
tria any - n for tho r>r--.,
, ed in ih,- ln*
oul by the Ber
rities to the Empe*
r- r- '?. luls.
A Vienna dispatch to "The Times"
says it ia belleved that an iiltimatum
will be sent by Ai stria to Servia within
twenty-four hours. givin_ thr.-e d~iys
for l reply. A Budapest dispatch says
that three army corps will be mobilized
m Butfapeel last
niri ? tei deflnitely that
l more in
md ?n apology.
ln defaull "t whlch Austria will tak
I t? and vindi
.??ati.,.-.-ii honor.
h -,<-d thnt Bervia
i te, extremea. ln
, clrclea it is known th.it none
I powen Of th* triple entente
vor any actlon on
ilculated to provoke
I neifhbor,
I the latter midoobtedly is,
, Triple Alliance.
_ ,ak"
j . -nl another defl
e ' '
v hfonte-Cuccoll, ln the
? warned
t> for the
r ;k,'i', naviea in the
e ol the
- itheaetern
? _ujl .-f th< war whlch is
.ii incel
]... . on f'-r a long
II i are- taklmr
ii, pre] r for any
ty. lt ii r?|K>rted to-night
lr-,m Bt, Petershurf that Uussia ia
i hun<Jre*d guns
Disposition of Monaatir.
I to ? dispatrh from Bel?
grade the dteposlUjon of Monaatir was
not provlded f'?r by prior npre-mpnt by
the alllee, and wlll probably prove a
mu-ce of trouble. The Bervlana \vi*-h
i eetablleh their e-laim. nnd it is in
i ih.it the Klng ol Bervia shajj
make h trlumphal entry into the city.
09 the Oth< r hand. th<* Bulparians
ciaim that IfonMtlr ll situat-d ln ?
anlnanUy Bulgariaa dkrtrlct;
whlle th,* Qreeka contand that the
leadtng part of the population is of
Qreek natlonallty.
The Austrian e-orr<"*spondentB ron
lider the breacfa with Bervia over the
l.iiilinie-ej e.n flKhlh |"a*e, th'rel ee.lumn.
This Morning s News
Ourirn. n Convlcted of Murder. 1
? , laamen'a Caae.2
Lawyen Pralea Whitman. a
I Leavi I'uHioii open. 6
GerBor Wilt.s .,f BOOfca He Keads... e
i;. - Adaalnlatratlos... 6
"Hari.g Ott," Baya Servlan Prince-8
Bniety i m--s.?? ? ????
rlaU Breakef Ailmit*- Murder.18
Boaaba e-,,w Hundreds. 1
? -lan-s Proteat. 3
' l|,,pe m I'liile-rtaker. 6
Dyaamltera Se.u?ht outsidern' Aid... 8
('ll Mi i. BSacape Wairants. 8
ag Caae . 8
ivarnmenl le st,.j? i: lt. Deal. .13
t Buropeaa Wfar Orowa. l
Artlllery Dnel al *fi hataldja.'. 8
A ?*?",,- \.-n- rlcai tyeddlag .ll
. 8
Bewi f.,i Women....4. ?
i .10
fri'i'l.-iy .10
Musle- .11
.12 aii'l 13
: ai.-i m rkete_H. 16 and 18
J .18
Berlin Surgeon Summoned to
Attend Crown Prince.
London. Nov. 20.?Professor Israolv,
the Berlln flurgflOn, has been >um
inoned to Taarflhoo fltilo, where Dr.
Pedarofl has been in attendantc sinco
the ltusaian imi?erial family returnetl
from Spala, says a dispatch to "Th
Dally Mail" from St. Petersburp;.
The ciriMimstances point, aecordinR
tn thf ccTreepondent, to the contlnued
gravlty Of the lllness of the youne;
Crown Trlnce. Tho rourt dOOtOTfl ad
mit thal II is a aerioua aurglcaJ caae,
Coach Reverts to Tribal Custom
in Training Football Team.
T. lagrapk tn me t -tbone l
Carllflle, Penn., Nov. Ifl.?The Car
llflle Indlana reverted to the old ti
tom of runnlng tha gantlet to-day
in preparing for thfl cloelng gamea of
the foothali season. Under a new rnl
ing of "Pop" Wnrr.tr thfl head i
the abortglnea jrot much fun and bene
flclal trainina? frt>m thfl day's drill,
W'arner aaya that careiesflnesfl araa
a atrong eontiibutlng factor in the de
fiat by Pa inaylTmnla on Baturday, and
in cafltlng around for a rOTnedy flfl
mlfltakoa ln ilgnala decided t" I
punlflhment f?>r derellctlon ln -
work over to thfl Indian youtha them
?eli i"-.
Every radakia arho mlatook a signal
to-day was compelled to band o
take one sotind ppank from evgl
on thfl t'-am.
Wallette was the Bral playei
Thi punlflhment from bla team rn
bo edlfylng thal e)he only other
mlatake oi tho afternoon was madi
Bergie, arho aubmltted to'the castlga
?? un matea wlth the
grace poaaibla.
Pug, 20, Dies Despite That, and
Real Funeral Is Held.
Clnclnnatl, Nov. 11?.?A funeral thal
would have been approprlatfl foi
human belng ln more than modt
circumatancea \\*s accorded Monkey, a
dog owned by Mrs Harry -i
of tliis city, which was buried thla
noon In a lot proi ? hu
mane f thla i Ity. Tho do|
lald o-.it ln a beautiful coflln In thi
room of tbe Jackflon h me, ll a i
twenty yeara oid, and had travi
nearly BTfl thouaand mllea aitl
irlng Die last twelve yeara bfoi
had beep ln ill health. and during I
time "Mrs. Jackson J3.000
trying to raatct- her pet, 'n later
four veterinary sui. era ln al?
most oonetanl attondan ? Mrs. Jack
son waa preparing to aand for a
ai when death enaued. Flo
were sent by neighbara to tho d
| funeral Thfl body was conveyed in B
hearse to the cemeterj and f u bar
Surgeons Transplant Le- Bone
to 4-Year-01d Boy's Spine.
B Ti ? _rap_ to I ?? 1 rlbui
New Itrunswl'k. N. J.. N'ov. 19
Bucceaaful operatlon to atrabjhten a
crooked spine was performed on rlai
old Applegate, four yeara old, "f 8
Amboy, al Wella Memorial ib.
to-day by Dr. Arthur L. Bmlth,
?lflted by Dra. Benjamln Outmann an'i
Plorentlne Hoffman.
Fourteen phyatclana wltneased Ihi
operation, Uie first of its klnd per?
formed at the loeal hoepltala. a piece
of healthy bone from a leg was tfl
planted to tiie spine, tbe dlaeaafld part
of the spine belng removed before the
wedge shaped new bone was placed ln
Patient Adopts Animal Whose
Hide Covers Her Wound.
Chlcago, Nov. 19.?Announcement
was made at a South Side hospita] to?
day of the flucceeaful outcoma <?f a ?;>s"
of skin graftlng in which a large piece
of the skin of skye terrier was placed
over a WOUnd OO the arm of Mrs. II. W.
Johnson, of Menoininee, Wle. Tha
wound had been left after an opera
tion for tubereular ulcer.
The operation, said to be the flrst of
its kind ever performed, took place ten
days ago. To-day Mrs. Johnaon re*
turned to her home, tnkin_r wlth her
the dog wbiih had iontributed to her
Old Man Dies When His Pets
Are Poisoned.
[Fly T?)fRrapli tfl Ttic Trlbunt> ]
rotlgh-Oapa-i. N. Y . Nov. IO?T.rief
stricken beeause some one bad potaonod
his two pet buiidogs, John Mlddangta,
elghty years old, of Hhinebeek. dled
to-day. Death wa.s cauaed, Dr, Jamea
1). Qoodall says. by terebral ii'-m
orrhage, due to shock.
Middaugh was formerly a conductor
of tha Third Avenue Blevated BaU
rtNUl He removed to Khineberk Ha.
spring with his son-in-law, Bdward
A. C.ilmore, a retired New York poUce
on Tuesday Mlddaugh's two bull
dogs, to whom he was greatly attai h-d.
weta found dead In tht- yard, Thi;
animals. with others in tho villnge.
had been poisoned. Wlun lUddaugh
learned thiu he was ovurooaaa arltii
Kii-f He refused lo be ___Bf--t_d<
and this mornlng ha b_C__M uncon
n i ua, d) Ing m a tam houra.
Should ordei The Journal ol Commerce
.1 at Halr Iioiiu-k flvflry bufltneaa
niornlnat. All B4 RTfl st-J-d* kt-ep lt. -
fleatfl i'er __i>y.?Advt.
Crowcis Flee, Courts Adjourn
and Prisoners Spirited Away
as Madman Holds Los
Angeles Station.
Masked Invader Rules Head
quarters for More than an
Hour and Is Felled from
Behind by Detective
with Blackjack.
? rnil Machin-:. Bmitti-f Sparks
! and Int.nded to Slay Southern Pa
Iii.ul, Hurled fropi the
Building and Stamped
Upcn 'oy Subduer.
f-u, Nov, ' ' \i i'" d with
: an Infernal machine, contalning enough
.n.ii- to destroy an entlre elty
; blo, bottle of nitroglycerli ?? ind a
.??l maniac
,. ,.f the ? ? ntral police
; beld it for more
' tli.m an hour, whlle hundreda of oce-u
panta of i ?? bulldlng and thoae for
I block trlcken, aought
i d tectlve,
? the man une >vi;h *
I, aher "bllly,' after -di*-*plng up be?
hind hlm, tlu- fuee of the Infernal ma
. but
uel l- Browne, another detective,
. the box, arith its fuac eharply
.plutteiing, hurled it Into the
ti- et
? (,f high power dynamite H<~*nt
tered over the pavement, while bun
I apparently
frighi Through a treal*
. spioeion, and
kicking the aticka
of dj ? nd Jumplng or 11 ? fuee
antll ? ? ,'"m"r|" '
eztlni ? ?? ?:r'v
Mi , a ' "i In the recelvlng
;t, the would-be d; ?
., _lbeii
111 ?? -1.! -
rlea i looa
Wore a Grotesque Maak.
entered the out? r offl ?- of Chief
? ? thla forenoon H
I ... _ h re i ?-.. red wlth i ?
i... i in hla
nce ed b) cloth.
)?,x v ..-.i around lii.*- aho i
,.,?,* r, . , amall hand organ
, tled and thi n am ? I b:
R. ?'. Hilf, po?
lice ergeant ? ? ' practl
,..,, ,, . _ . ? .; tl ? man ? I :' be
.-i- ,-. . . . >namite In ben to
i |o? ua all inte : ? '"?"'
Dt you to aend for th< hlal ea! offl*
i i of the Bouthe rn Paclflc Railroad "
The maaked vl*-i'"r reeted the box on
a flling cabinet and I I I ml Diatrlct
i; ,ii iraham, who waa In
tri(. 0fl d j.-kiriK wlth blm.
"Thla is i o .i i Davla "I
_,,..,., .. . and if you don't balleve
it tr. i" take thla away from me My
hand ls faatened In thla box, and if I
pull it , n bangl we* all dle."
A ho!.- had been CUl in tho hox and
the occupanta of the room aaw for tho
flri-t time that the man'a lefl hand
waa hi'i'i- n in the- box. Tlny begaa
to reallze thal lt waa ao Joke.
Davla then walked Into the offlce e>f
Police Becretary C. t: Bnlvely, whlch
opem int<> tli.- prlvate ofllce of Chief
Bebastlan and i-epeatad his raqueai
thal the head offlclal of the- Bouthern
Paclflc be aummoned. Bnlvely asked
hbn if he had anv pre f.-retie-e in the
man he dealred to blow up, nnd he re
,,ii,.,i that be onlj wanted the head
Bnlvely then tooh down the telephonal
,,. .,|V), end pretended to hold a con
rersatlon >*i'h ?'ilUl s'",l|i>. general
manager of the Pa< Iflo i-;ie-e-tn,- Com?
"Mr. Bhoup la busy, but he wlll be
here ln about flfteen mlnutea." said
"He'd Bettor Hurry."
"Well, he'd bOtter hurry," replied
Davis; "i'm gettlng nervoua."
In the mean time Chief Sebastian,
who had bad a brief < ?onversat. ,n with
the man and r.-aliz-'l that he was in
,-aiinst. orde-r.-.l the stree-t re,p.-,l off
fOT a MOCk 8lthar way and took steps
to have the ono hundred prisoners ln
the- dty Jitll re-ii,ovt-d. l.pstiiirs in the
bulldlng two justi.e .ourts were In sea
sion and L">tl> COUrtroOBia were
A detective paaaed the word to a
hailiff in Judse (hambers's court,
where ? Japanese was havlng n pre
Umlnary *nTf????**?*-* on ? murder
charge before a crowd of hls country
iiie-n. The balllff whlspered to the
"Court's adjourned until 'J p. m.
Clear the courtro,,m." ordered the
Judge prou.pt!>, ar.d there was a rush
( nnlinurel em 1111 li paga "'"? eolumn.
F,-i!l Rlvar Llne's New Locatlon.
i ,i eifter Bat, Nov. tt the Fall
Rlver Llne ateamera ~aH1 uae Plerll X. ft,
foi t ol Kiilt,,n Bt, Iii8te;nl of Pler 19 tt. R
A'lv t
"GYP" THE BLOOD?We were con
victed by Jack Rose's per jury.
"DAGO" FRANK-Goff's charge to
the jury convicted us.
"WHITEY" LEWIS?Moss's summing
up railroaded us.
"LEFTY" LOUIE?Rose, with Shapiro
helping, did it.
\ .AUas.
Hu-j, _,_?*_'
/// T-tAJ.-*
_ ^s^K
.??? _4Uas
Utah County Clerk May Get
Vice-Presidential Votes.
III) Telfirr.iph to Ths Trltnin.- 1
Salt Lake City, Nov. 19.?A plan *__
launched to-day to hnve I'tah's four
Taft eleotor* vote cast for Mr". Mur
garet Zane Wltcher, of this city, for
Vlce-President. The Taft eleotors from
Vermont will be asked to Join in the
Mth. Wttebar i? one of tbe Taft elec?
tors chosen ln Utah. Tho three other
ehetors are men. She ls County Clerk
of Salt Lake County and sought tho
nomination for State Treasurer, but
was defeated In the convention by a
narrow margin.
The idea of having Mrs. Witeher re
celve the votes for Vlce-President is
expected to meet the approval of thfl
Vermont electors _.
- a ?
Penna. lt. II.. fi'indfl)', Nov. 24, "I'.-iiiD-yl
vanla 8p?-HhI" lR-lmur trflln to l-hlr-au,, w_
bfl wltndrawa und '?Breadwajr Mmlted"
'j'l-boiir traln establlshed. h-avlntc K V.
II', p M. Other Important chnn_?-!_?
Remarkable Operations Make
Girl Born Cripple Norraal.
' B] '!'? tflgl-ph tfl Thfl Trlliun- 1
Ptttaburgh, Hor. lft i>r. j. D. ___??
ley, Btirgeoa at __a Chlldren. Hospltal,
ls receiving congrntulutlons of UM
inetil.Kl profaaafoa here on a .eries of
ri-mnrkable operations thnt practlcally
rebullt Agnes Ober, flve years old. The
Child left the hospltal to-day walking
for the flrst time in her life, except for
the prnetlsing aha had done in the
ward wliiTe she had been for slx
Tiie ?irl was born a cripple. Her spine
was crookcd and her llmbs were pow
arlflaa. The spine curvature was !_?__>
dled nnd tlit-n the hlps and knees were
dtfllo at'-tl and reeet, Agnes's body was
put in a plaster cast and her b'ga in
steel braces. These have been removed,
and flurgi-ons who examined her say
that after lha recovers her strength
she will bi B DO-TOaJ, healthy child.
Kryptok Torlc Eyegl.is.fi .<et In fltyiiflfa
monntln?s at Spencer't, 7 Malden Lane. -
Agreement Reached in Just Half an Hour,
Making One of the Quickest Verdicts
Ever Rendered in a Murder Trial Here.
People's Case Against Becker Strengthened, Says Whit
man, Who Believes Convictions Mark End of Rule
of Gangs and Gunmen?"Jack" Sullivan s
Trial to Follow Charles H. Hyde's.
Marks Beginning of End for
Gangster Rule, Says Whitman
BELIEVE this verdict marks the beginning of the end of the
rule ol gangsters and gunmen. The murder of Herman
Rosenthal, protected as he was by a man high in police
affairs, was a direct challenge to law and order. and to every
decent man in this city and stntc.
Tiie support which this office has received .roiri the public
and pre-. and which we gratefully acknowledge, demonstrated
thal the people of New York were ready to accept the eh.tllenge
and were quick to respond to the call to vindicate the law.
Twenty-four june-- have now passed upon the istuea involved
in this indictment, to say nothing of the grand jury of thi> county,
and I have yet to hear a single dissenting voke.?Statement by
iJistrict \ttorney Whitman.
With one of the quickest verdicts ever rendered at a murder trial
in this county the jury in the case of the four gunmen?"Whitey"
Lewis (Frank Muller), "Dago" Frank Cirofki, "Lefty" Louie Rosen
berg and "Gyp" the Blood (Harry Horowitz)? found all four defend?
ants guilty in the first degree yesterday of the murder of Herman
Rosenthal. The jury retired at 1:35 p. m., and sent word to Justice
Goff just half an hour later that an agreement had been reached. Only
one ballot was taken in the jury room.
There was some delay in assembling all the interested parties
in the case after word had been sent to the court from the ju.y room,
so that it was three minutes past the hour before the jury returned to
the courtroom. The jurors filed into court at 2:38 p. m. The court's
luncheon, as well as that of the District Attorney and counsel for the
defence, was interrupted. The jury, through the foreman, William H.
Montgomery, had decided to postpone their own luncheon until they
had reached a verdict.
lhe gunmen were in court only seven minutes from the time
they were called to hear the verdict until they were remanded back
to the Tombs by Justice Goff. With the exception of "Whitey"
Lewis. the defendants took the verdict stoically.
Justice Goff did not stop to have the pedigrees of the defendants
taken after the verdict, but remanded them immediately. They will
be arraigned this morning at 10:30 o'clock, and Justice Goff will then
tix a day for sentence. Charles G. F. Wahle, the gunmen's counsel.
| announced that he would appeal the case.
With a brief expression of thanks to the jurors for having done
their duty Justice Goff discharged them. They were soon taken from
the building, under a heavy police guard, and went to the Murray
Hill Hotel to get their belongings and disperse to their homes. They
had agreed among themselves not to discuss their deliberations in
the jury room, the foreman said.
District Attorney Whitman made a formal statement in com
menting on the verdict, in which he said that he believed it marked
the beginning of the end of the rule of gangmen and gunmen. The
murder of Herman Rosenthal had been a direct challenge to law and
order. He declared the verdict in the gunmen's case had, more than
justified the, conviction of Charles Becker and had greatly strength?
ened the people's case against the former police lieutenant.
True to his promise to the four informers for the state?"Bald
Jack" Rose, "Bridgie" Weber, Harry Vallon and "Sam" Schepps?
the District Attorney said he would grant their release from jail to?
day or to-morrow. In view of the fact that twenty-four jurors had
evidently believed they told the truth, and that none of them had
fired a shot at Herman Rosenthal, Mr. Whitman said they had ful
filled their contract in the immunity stipulations. The District At?
torney said that all four of these witnesses had signified a willingness
to furnish bonds for their appearance at any future time when h.
might need them.
Mr. Whitman said he would soon move for the dismissal of the
indictment against William Shapiro, chauffeur of the gray "murder
car," who was perhaps the strongest witness for the state against
the gunmen. Shapiro was indicted for the murder of Rosenthal under
a blanket indictment with Becker, the gunmen and "Jack" Sullivan.
"Jack" Sullivan is the last of the seven defendants indicted f_r
the Rosenthal murder who is yet to be tried. The District Attorney
said yesterday that Sullivan would be tried immediately after the
trial of former City Chamberlain Charles H. Hyde for bribery, which
begins to-day before Justice Goff.
The eeene in the courtroom when the
fate of the four gunmen fell from the
llps of the foreman of the Jury wai
tenet and dramatic. The fact that the j
ve rdict had beea foreshaelowe d le-.-it in t
atmosphere of anxiety to the proceed
laga, The attitude and possible actlons |
of gunmen and gangsters when driven
fairly against the wall, even in a court
of luw, was an uncertaln quuntity.
There was a general fcellng of relief
when the whole matter had been ende.l
without any untoward incident.
The verdict folle.wcd a three-hour

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