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Titta Ruffo Sings at the Metro
politan Opera House.
"Haralet," with Shakespeare
Left Out. Last Night's
beyond question the
> two
tp .. week fee bbotb thaatwo
n St \ ~\ ork, aad tka nueteal
turk diy as haa been
? i pet Ma
? lln, Parla London atid
clUflfl Ifl the interim. fll i
- Iti those eentres of
thrown lnto u fenaaBt;
to ? <i"gr..- whlcb li pro
.i.i- patrona of the
papei crtttca are traasfonaad
and the BOlena p_eaeh?
t. tonai achleved in the
tbe labors of vVagn.-r and
Vwdl and l I faraottea. The world
? to tt.e eotea.
Tv - BflO, Wkea men sir
- I tk4
it brto factloni
were dlYlded, ttueU
-w. flMfl aml wotnen wore thi
in?icr.;". ' rivil slngers. Ki-mlliarity
with tt.-- world- ejreetea. vocaUfltfl tor
n.. rh a entury has nadi New Torb
| Mn clenii-nstrative. and
fond stud-nts of the lyrlco-dramatl-- art
tri-i to s-e in loeal BC-aVttleB Boiae
thlng Hkc at least an BOjoal appretteUOfl
o( tV, ??. . ? r. Btn acratcli
BwMaaieal Ruflalan anywhere, even here.
and vo-; will flnd the Ti-tar That Cfl
ru.?o la nol thi aauflfl of s"el_l and do
amttk probably due only to the
fac: | OflOM to be aceerted fll ?
ma't'r of course an everyday flceurreace
lt has eren beppened that he has fallc 1
to ha iiitate at. apera which the loeal
pub; voted ua?iMrafltkip.
Bui eeen New Tork'a opera goers krvi
a aeaaaUoc- ThHt waa -Ifltlnaail last
Blfht at UM Metropolltan Operfl HOUM
? .n l tU RuffO sang fot thfl tirat
Hnve i,ii.. I'.-r ins saki- aa opera waa
Bceepted whlcb some of the Bneet artlsta
ot the lael Beoaratlaa faiied to Ba in
loeal riiertory. lt waa Anihrose
Tbomaa'i "Haafl-Bt" it :a a "Haaalet"
i is not only devoM of UM D-fllan
choly Dane, but which is nosnrdly empty
of anything which could remot.ly sua;
gtst Bhak-flpeare,
Ever siiuo it had its first productlon ln
-? m bav4 Mad to ? la i
tor it. but bava tried la vala Msee
, tbe otigir.al creator of tbfl part
of Opheiia, made the rirst aaaap in ll.-J
Bbfl . aflB-fl-Ob, Mme. CfllVd
tto i.ame only ihe greatest of th- women
tried and faiied. Kasi-hir.ann, ?
fine tbough an affected barytone. second
'- .\ime. BeflB-rlek umi Laaalle,
the j. mat of Kaure, the orlginal
i Hamlet, unlted hla fine and marily
. Ith th." exrjuiaitely I ot t;' "il inipei -
MflUOfl of Mme. Calve, but all to no pur
An Italian barytone comes now.
: nounoflneal of his oeailnfl
rowd the great theatre to Bttf
? ! whea he alngs the orinklng
eong hundreda of BOOpla grow frantic ln
lUon of dflight. and the memo
gieat achievements to which
Bw wa li t th- Metropolltaa have ecl.
tor jrean vanlab llke mlet before the sun
and ainda of the rr-.orning.
Titta Ruffo will sum up the
. ago Opi ra COBBpaB]
- provlded tka ae__e-k__al
nt which lt has lack-d hltherto. He
ls mor- to ii than th<- new operai wlth
it has madl IU distinctlve flPPBOl
He ls unquestionably an
?Straoi extraoniinary Ifl
rolume and rang' >1 h rotoo, Ifl hia
command ol the technlcs of _ln?lng,
breath-tontrol, ln the vi
tality nnd
ity to g .. them dranu-tlcally upreealva
. ?! dii-tton. He
tr_ordlr._ , too, Ifl his draniatic action?
from the VteWpO-Bt provld?
ed hy ?
- phufl his fee-urea free.
Kracef-l [Ueat his featurea flafl
b!l_ anci expreaalva Ifl tbla reepeet he
it marki ?: for _rr??undli__?
lt ia so ub taual for an operatlc artkrt U
dlaphy bti trionlc intelllgence that an im
:kc that pceeented by Bkraor
Ruffo Ii ont of all proportlon -triklng
-nd BttracUve eomparcd with Ita cqual ofl
the ordinary theatre. It
Martled becauae lt was ao unusual a pke
but becauae lt was unuaual lt
aasured oy tno siandurd Bet
? ors.
ri,, \,.i. which is tiaaaa-diinaly pade
*?nt and whleh is aflflUted wlth a sklli
which conceala artltlce, haa
-armth ;md vlbrancy, great variety of
(lramat'.c color and ia unfallirgly true iti
pitch; bat Blpnor ftnaato'a velefl ia of f;?t
lor.lier and richer tinibre. Wlth Slgnor
Ruff'.'s range flexlhility, <lictlon and
limtnesa of intonatlon he would be a
daer slnger thou_h a leas effectlve de
r of characti r.
The en''r< performance was energetic,
the work of oreheatra and chorus marked
.y Banarkably rhythmlcal preclaion, due
to Bgaor 'ampanlnls insplrlng beat.
-aid on thla occaalon
This waa the eaat:
Httr.ln .Titta Rufl'o
Cihudiua .Gustave Huberdeau
.Frank Prelacn
.Etnlllo Ventuiinl
,t.Edward Warnery
. . .Conauantin Nlcolay
Oertru'-,.Bleaaora Da Waneros
.Alic- ZeppUH
Metropolitan Audience Cheers
New Barytone.
I bUfN) <>ne and one of
"Ughtiy dtlTerent obmpoeltlofl from UM
,J?ial MetropoHUfl audiencea Tka aa
waa Uaore, but Uaen waa b.
?--ltii-n t lar^e number of slnfters and of
Peraons promlaeqt in New York's artlstlc
?We. who Icnl to the audltorlum. and bo
ti tO the lobblea. an alr et
aa-NBned rlvadty. The'aud-flBea arrlved
.,1 by S o'clock the house, wlth
Of the parterre boxea. wafl
*'H fliled The poln ?? protectioli waa
?taPlr, and tbfl Bpee-latata were ahooed
**->? before tiiey ooold do mueh buslness.
w_ei si, Caatpanlnl atepped a-tb tka
'onduct ,t a little after 8 o cloek
'"??re w;iv R ripple el applaaee, and Mr.
all^d forth another
Bhlch, after hla aong at ttie end
ll the ii, t 1,-ngthened Into aoniewhat tt
' ?'fcraonatratlon, the barytone belng
^'l-d hafore the curtata ? number tt
Umr* < max caaaa al the Bon
|iu_lon Bf tha aecond a, t. when tke drlak*
"?- ?ona; brought forth a whtrlwind <if
IPMBuse, tnhiKied wlth cheera and crlefl
?!"__?!" Mr. Ruffo waa Ofllled befora
|J* a_-Uln agiiln and again. flnally drag
?^a out u, Dtppai wlth him, but the
tumull Bbowad little sitn- ol aubaldlna.
gtnajly Mr. Campanlnl _ nal to
the orcheetra and I m-in,
tba diinkli an
otbei ai - - tt mon*
atratlon ;?
M i.
room after l
happy ?
"The t! ??
araa I u t lt l ai
An Extraordinary Concert at
Carnegic Hall.
Tbere araa n i b to I nnd
much for tbe g< i loai mlnded lo i>.
ful .
Hall ftei
uf ) ? ai i hi wai i famlllar flgure i1
i ?
set an i i deal to
ereate ? appre itlon for t; -
thne he forfelted a Imlra
tion ?
eareleasnbaa; bnl II wai notl
th- ? hlm
alwa; . and
f the
adgheai t
Beventi en re
vi> \\ ai. trylng 1
made upon hllti flrat A
< i"i. ? ;n hlm B p';i.--s:iiit
t:i:ili. . .. m ii: "I
mea, ln appeai
blllt) <>f his
trom affeetatl. whl< ? . hls
bearlng, a peraonlflcatl.
of body, mind and bouI Hi
rdinary d< gree in whlch he 11*
t- d the Intlmai y whlch ri
between tbe playt ?- and hls li
if we ,-ir- to be told
"II.- aets hla bot to 1 I bl irs
in wlth buman puri
the t(-t..- ai fatnl ai a gbo tl~ ? I
or rlaglna llke l av
room atnl -
the i hordi iif '
ln nnb ? ?
all tee
com.-' A thrual i
and a Bhower ? f glltterli
to-1 i. ?
.. anon it I-; blarred and
not i ? mu*
purpi bo, ao perft ? II 111 Into
I rnrni ti y ot the a I
. to notlc. it - bn] i if- | ?
mind Ifi only upon oni
the Impreaalona of ? < nteen
ago, nad they I
day- ?
chief ? Blr. ? .
and '. music
aa he dld For
n e re- into Bkll wlt ? ' i ;- o piira
roae patha, to lolti r ln . lance
with Bddle tri.l.s. Ml I
ek Into the great i
way and ? n.li
nal prlndplea Of artisti-- boa m. j.
aa i : ? in..
he eeemptl other vlohnlal <>t our
tlma e? rapHflaa lt, tht ,ii
vitie law ?>'. i ? . ?? ? 11 - ; ??*.
aadlng, eoaapi Ittng, ?? ii Invll a
giud ebedlenea in.*. rlolla parl of
H' lf; hla bow and rlght ai m
ageney, Thf t--ne of bla hsati i
Bated aitl wa rn blood. No n? ? i of af*
feetad rfbrato th. r.*. Aa 11 ?
la his playing,
noble chaconne by Vltall, wlth whk
conclnded thi daaalca] paii ..f his
aeheaaa tl
d.-pth aad ( tona th.-.
ly; hut thla may have . ? ?
tetit a hai tter i pei
-. line tn the | ooltlpB i
ln th<- conceti room, Bul tha deftciepcy,
if defleli ti' y li waa, araa all forgi I
in tbe great leeaon of ?
taaght He aia
Veracin! an-l 01 by Oi
lai-i. men arho a ? i frlend*
ly ilveels i,-i Li)ii<:?)ti in ti,.- eai.
tio- Btghteenth et nl
meaa <>f true viollo muaic both 6t
them, thi-ir archalam mad< ravlablng by
Taaya*a art. Then a Moaart eoncerto '"
c, in whoee graoeful beautlea )? i -
with ibe ?? ? " i
reuni and aver falr." Aftei thla ?
the ellmaa of the chaconne by Vltall for
whleb alr. Qeaton JI |hl< i ,:??-?'? <i .1-*
naeterly an organ aooompaalmenl aa the
LneuAclent Inatrumenl In Can
penaltted. Finally, there arere rnodern
by th,- pla
Ki-if and Balnt-flaflm The ball waa
caowded aad aandn ka of would ba lle*
te mi* arere turned W n I ? '?
Philadelphia Disregards Tradition
When Wagner's Opera Is Sung.
ia< |
Phlladelphla, Nov. II. 'Tannha 11
waa -,'i\,-n here fo-alght bj thi Metro
potltaa Opera Company bafer<
audlence. RegardhMM tri lha ?'-? ?
tradition, tba opera waa frequently la*
tarreptod by appla???.
Ifoie Frematad'e etnglng ol tCllaabeth
made a deap Uapreearlon Mr. Burrlan
nnnt* th.* tltle role Mme Rnppold waa
Venue, v'< ><'?'11 XN *?*> Mr
Witherepoon tha Landgra ? ?; aara ln
ti..- aaal aere Mlaa Bparkei and Mi
Belaa, Ruged tle, Hla baa and Bayer.
' Tiie arehaetra araa adnalrablj dlreeted
by Alfred Uerta
Henry Huntington Pays $15,200
for 16th Century Manuscript.
? niy
at the Ai
ahen the
? '? ? IV
- mnt
? ! ',
Up to |
Tl ? '_
p pri i of
i when G ori ? i>.
; lf, i '
, pave m,-D0 for
I .. nth cefl
, . ; I waa e_< < fltad in
Italy. Il
. Annui Uoa."
Natlvlt). nd Bv ? fcxp-Ued
.Illl . HI Apoa
- .? ri,i- v. ? ??? ti al Uv B-Pul
loaah al
Mi.. ?.-. h," rh i ? i ? nl of the
i." aml \
.- Vlrgln. The work,
whl< the Neapellt in
lilti-rat- ii, . A" datteo I iviv
\i-1 and I'm' ?
boni ln old red
? - - i ? i "Honc
lai '? ? nt
f llr. Bmlth fer
I ? and
. - -
,i.l rlonfl " of the
? ? Peti '
and aanothpr "Hoi e" of the aame perlod
for -_.?'?? Jo ph Ba< r ? l '?? nl '
? .?
otury "Hoi con
nd i vi-i Ing.
, German House Gets "Richurd
King" Portuguese MS.
? ? ?
t p
? ? ? i. ?
at the > i nlfht
i i , i . a Ba
nn my.
A in-rli an prii
ealed under
ln two niiri'if. a tl
i then on for i
named ad.
Im I the
? -al"
i uiii here and .
. ? ?
I '-, ii. an.l tbe i ?
? - ? i rartau ol
?it. would bld,
Thlfl chart
drawn ln
nua coloi a on \ ellum I
. bi i i afl oetly
in brown '
mount ? wltb twelve
T~ro a eeen ln the Ii
I and I
? The
? - i tbla In ll
? |i an eontlnent
i (;? I, for MT-. an
? ii Portolan chari of the Madlter
i. bi _ Re<
! :md the Atl ' ' ? ?'...'.?
i n order.
Landscape Architect Says Mad
ison Square Needs Treatment.
-j-;., .V. i!
arl of the dty, Charlea Down
i ehlteet of the Pa k
.. cotnn m fl-Uon to C
ai ??
.' . ? the 1
i M
-.;.*,! when thi | rt fl ia Ifl d out, in i"7i.
ll ln the I
???ni,- domlnance of ho mucb flrchtteet
round ll Ment Haa ' b<
ut '?
..,' of .. ? rraanenl
? | plana havo bi i n n
in ,). . tfn for a fll | - "
? ' the
p Librat
la A "?'??
? aida wiii eonii" Und altb i
thi \i nii
; erfc.
-,,. ? . I lt fl iM I '? t---''' ' -rv to
. , ? ? Mtuai ln l
t . dlfferent polnU tkaa bow oeeupt-d.
The i-nvaful f""f! " _* hi d< i lt n d
w.? i ! on th,- Baeel aHa in the
,,.,,k ..,. thi north ' od ??' fi"- d
row ol ? i -'i!' ' '?'"' "'" "?
it oecup!-- iu i- ? anl '?. bi bad bai n
i infoim A, wai becauaa Ausufltui Bt Oa ? -
. dana, IU deBlflner, and itaaford White,
[,,. thoaflhl n would be tan
?plcuoua to ' ?'' ?i'1"
eowa of a promli ? aad reetau
rant ln thal aecUon at tha Unw tin mon*
nin-nl was | tat ted.
"The G-irl of the Golden West" and
"Parsifal" Announced.
??Tin- (iiii of tha Gold n Wt i" arlll 0| i n
tn- Uilrd wn-k of tba aaason at Um Metro
.,, opera I Monday aighl
wltb lhe orifltoaJ eaai Mlaa Bmmy Dee?
,,,,,, M um tlti< roli. Mr. Ceroeo as John*
lr. A I ta tht Bheriff. Mr.
polaoco will eo-ducl I TrovetoreM
WUI be auna oo -7eda4 BdAj art blaa and
Tarelfal" arlll ba _tv_? bi b Thaakaalv
Ing matiii aday, bealhnlni at I
,,,:.. k, wltb Mi ? ' "i ? I ti
.; i; iti ian iti ihi titii role, Ml.
\\,,i Bfl A-nfortai and dr. WHherepooti u
aurnemana Mr Herti arlll corn
ThurBday ? '?? mn. 'i.a Bohi me* a
?ona ??> MHe. Lucreite Borl ai m mt.
M Cat nao, Otlty,
pidur, De Beguroli Plnj-Corel, Anantan
?nd Audlala Mr. Polaeeo will oooduct
. Bifflblnder" wfll be Btven on P.
oveninp, and tha Baturday maUnee wfll
the double bUl "Heeasel aad
i, I.- followed by '?PaalUecl."
? The Maale Platt," whlcb * 111
,i um comlng Baturday matl
w)ii | ? tiii.K' tb
coor-er _.
Charles W. Short, Jr., of Cincin?
nati, Married in London.
Culmination of Gharming Little
Romance Begun in This Coun?
try Two Years Ago.
fPy CBMe to Th*- Trlhun* !
lyinduti. Nov. 10. -The marriage at
Holy Trinity Church, Sloane street,
to-day ol Charles Wllkens .Short, Jr.,
nnd Countess Camllla Hoyoa marked
the culmlnatlnn of a charmlng little
romance which began two years ago,
when the I'nunte*.. vislted Cincinnati
as the guest of Mra. Caspcr Henry
Hnrton Short, whose snn, C. W. Short,
i~- well known ln Cincinnati and Bos
'".'i aa an archltect.
The l.rlde ls a daughter of the late
Connt George and Countess Hoyos, of
| \lenna. Her mother Is an Engllsh
i woman and a slster of Slr Jamea
Beethon Whltehead. She now lives
on tha beautiful e.-tat-s of har late
? i i.'l nt Si'us BflHooodorf, near
? ? una. wlth another daughter, Coun
? ~ dahrlella Hoyos. Her three other
datlghtetU .-re marrled. The cldest is
? antl ? Pleeaan, whose husnand wna
'e r years t'erinan Aml*as"-'adir ln
lt !.-.?; th.' aeeead dfiughter la PrincesB
Biamarok, widow of the son of Ger
uiany'i famous Chnncillnr, and B?
other i*- Conateaa rtevemiow oriminli.
Th.* brlde, wlio In recent years haa
oted her time between London and
: .1 was given away by her
brother, Count Kdgar Hoyos, of
(Pfume. Bhe wore u dres.-* of white
satin trimmed aith old Hnissels lace,
'li silver brocadfl and
train trimmed with wr.-aths of orea#a
is. Her hair. too, was adorn"d
wlth a wreath ot or.in.-c Mosaoms, aa
/.ii aa aith a diamond tiara.
Th.- brldeamaida wer.- Countaea nis
Baroneea Qabrielle riesscn.
l Whltehead, daughter af
Bii Beethon Whltehead; Mi-**'* AJleea
Whitehi id, daughter "f Albert Whlte
y i Joj Markham, daughter
i ;:ir .Mii' ir Markham, .ind
Mai Waketnaa. They wero
..I iii whlte net. whlte awueeellae
tata, trimmed arltn av an-down,
.,,, , apa and large muffa cf the
: arith rowanherrtea, the
[ gift <.f th. brldegro ax
Clavea Bl ort, brother of tha
. . .., ., i M*. beat roaa. The
. re P. Idncohi Mltchell, of
nnaUl Baroa Johaaa Pleeoaa,
n Ludarlg Karl Plaeeen. Oount
Koyoa at..'. Admiral sir
Altx :t Markham.
.tifiiiiv deeorated
-.. i, :io?? an aad palma The iflrvli *
. .-!-,'uui. and was atteftdod by
:_,- iiiiinb.-r "t Anv-rrnn and ICng
. | . ::?,. lodfa tt Ihe Au*<trlan
? IJ - MenedoraT*
Dletrli h.-t.-in; Mra Edamrd
, Mlaa Judlth Cotatoo, Iflflfl
. st'ttiniuH. Mis.*' Moalea mtehetl
Whlttakar, all of Clndn*
v- i .; McCagg, "f < hkago;
. . i Counteaa Reventlear Qrlm
.. H y, urgtl Kinsky. Admiral
- and Lady I>nry and Slr1
,,--: skip-v .rth. couslnsl
' ? hridegreem
tion araa held aftenvard at.
,,,,.., place, the Umdon ro^deiice
li | The COUple will
trlp to ni.- Ifedlterfaneen far
thetr h..i'.\n.("n _
Splendid Gifts to the Bride, Miss
?, , ;.? I.. |., Tl T"'
,.?,..?,:,, Nov. l.'.-The RothechUd
Wedding to-i>i"rrow at tli.- t'.-iitral *-" n
alr.-aily noteworthy for the
ndid fewela uniotiif the preeeata
Tii.- brlde is Mlaa Clarlea Behag Moo*
,,.;..,,,. daughter of Bdmund sebag
Honti ai I tha brtdagroooa, Baroa
lAiphonat da Rethachlld, ot Vlansa, has
?howered Bhuaondfl and pearla "n hii*
future wife Hls gift'* in.'lude a dia
mood rlvlera neehlace, a diamond drop.
a coraaga bcooch, ? dtoninnd i.raceiet,
a .iiik pearl and diamond oaraagfl or
nament and pondaat, a pearl ncckluee
Wlth diamond Claap, a di;*mond fflfltOOa
large pearl drop, pearl
Bga, a black paarl und a largo
uii.;. paarl ring.
Other membera <>r u.e houafl afReth*
Mhlld alao aenl I'"' hrtde flome most
nfiii j.-w.-is, Lord ind uaoy Etoth
Ud glvlng a Basthlfl braoalat studded
I wlth illumon.ls, MlOfl A""*-' dfl Hoth
achlld B pearl ?''d diamond pendant,
Alherl 'I-- Uoths. hild an emerald and
diamond pandaiit, J. v. Ba RothaehOd a
diamond comb, Baroa LouM and Baroa
Bugene von Uothschlld a rope of pearls
wlth diamnnd tdaflB. Haron Louls von
: Etothachtld a dlaaiond pondBirt with
large tirop.*-, Baroa Bufiofl de
Ri Lhechlld a diamond cliain and Har
onaea Wlllla von Rothai hild a dlajnond
Prom Baroa s..iomon de Rethachlld
tomaa a diamond cornt., and another
diamond tiara from tho Raron an.l
Baroaeea Kdouard dfl RothaahUd, aiUle
tl.,- Baroa a'"1 uroness Henrl de
RothaahUd give ? goM eafaratta case
'aud MT. and Mrs. LflOpoM dfl Roth
echlld a Qeorglaa silver centreplece.
Mr. Bebag-Mootedora has given his
daughter a dlamood ami pearl hrooch
aad a ilnssing bag wlth gold and tor
! toloa shell titlinga. as well as some
beautiful Hrussela la?f, wlth whl?-h the
brlde'fl gown wlll be trimmed. To hls
'future BOn-la 1"W' Mr. Sehag-Montellore
has given a dresslng l.ag with gold flt
Itlnga, and Oodfyey and ('yrii Behag
Montadore, the brlde'a brothers, give
' an oul grandfatber clock.
The reeaptkn aftav the ceremony will
ba held ?i' the Setiug-Montetlore house,
N',.. |Q Hryanston Square. whlch will
!>?? d.corat.-d with curnatlonn brought
spe. iallv from tbe Baroness Margaret
ge Brlenea'fl nurs.-ry at Kltngendaal,
; lt> Telagrapb la The Trlbune. 1
Pbliadelpbla, Nov 19.-The wedding of
Alis., Bdlth l'uge and Harry C. Potter,
BATH 1't i_ TRUST- Snakes! TheyVe turned off the watei!
Jr. took plaei this morniPir ot the
Churcb "f the Qood Bami tan Paoll,
the eeremoay belng ,y tht'
reetor. tha Rev. Horaci WTalto
breakfaal al the boma of tha
pareau, Mr. aad Mra '
at Paoll, followed
brldeeveon la a aou of Reary C. t'otter
and waa avaduaUd from ?'
of PaflBBylvanla ln lli_.
__m F.x ? n V-ri B-fl '
-,' Mr and Mrs. .'"I ' "' N'"
|M st Miik - av, nue, Bro -
married to Ralpb Ward tWalli Ifl Bi
Bartholon_e_ i i Ihun h, at I <
nlflht bf the EUV. Dr. l-'i.ink U
Tewaley an_ tho
; lateau du Pare Mlaa Olrra J.
Merrla waa ber i
aad tl brtdeei ? -? f*n K
WaUaet, el Chlcaao; "' ? ?'
IM, ,,f Moattnaton, ' ; Utn
Bthel Dahn, Mlfli vwiimah Vauflhaa and
Mlss Helm Sn.vtii. . Bf Br oklyn.
Mr. A'nii.ii-', who ? ' '
aad Mra Da-M Wallai . o ?
HelghU bad aa beel mafl bla h
iiavi.i Percy Wallaoi Tfcfl uebi
: , _4 llla Mulford and tiarold Klmball,
,; Phlladelphla; Dr. Carl t Bk
,r Breoklya; ChartM P Hut< rtli
Trenton Reecofl Keck. of Pol
Ptna, ..? 1 -"; ' loi Burn< tt, of Blagham
ton. mi-h Kii_.ii.-ti-. Domialeb a
er gin. Tka brldearooflB arai Brad lated
from Pr__e< laa la UM
of Um Ckaapua Ctah Mr. end Mi ?
,..-.. w tl] apoad Biveral weeka la i
ern trtp, and wtll live at ChlCBA- UfllahU
i -?
OHMen City, i.i'"8 Ialand, No
Ainmnoam-flt waa i -k raaterday by
, nn Bdward Nleoll Toa
,,r Oarden City, ot tba angaaaBBflBl of
their refl-MP-flt daugbter, budray falrlla
Tawaeanfl. to Qordaa Rutherford Me*.
AUister. laa of Charlofl Baacki
IMtar, of PhlladelakM Tin
will take pluee h- re _
Card-aal Olbbooe wlU a-fetaU aafll
Tueeday ?? tka weddlai <>f Ml
]a,de K-rriaii. dauithter af Mra NlOhoUfl
_. Keinnn, of "'tha. N Y. and Chariei
O'Conor Sloane, ol" South OiatiK". H. J
The htoi-'x attendaatt will be thi
Floreme and Nut ilI. Ki-rnan, m..:..
th,. bride; _Uaa Ck-aba Crala, of Bouib
tiranaje, BBd Mr* Al IkUT M. ___dflf-~__
niKter <>f the bildagroofl-i The aakara
?ui he Mlokael Karaaa, Nlekolaa Ker
nun. Aaa-e Clark, ol Otioa, H. r.s Ftea*
d. raekeatkal and R, W. MacBetb, <>f
New Vork; a m. Andarann. Arthur ___?
loe, of Boutb Orenae. and Joba B. Bloaoa
Francis Amory Also Leaves $50,000
to Harvard University.
Boetoa, Nov. Ik-Tha Bootoa Lgrtnf-ln
Hoapital k nada tka reetduary lafaUa
umler tin- WW tt '-Yan< ls AflBOl Iii"' _>
day. aad win. tt m bekeved, raei lv? nol
less' than M-MMl Harvard i:n?.-!-'??'
reeetvea HAMt, wkleb la U !>'? aUowed U
necumulute for tW-Bty-OOe years aml U
to be known im the Amory aatr_aoml_a]
futul. The American AeadlflBy et Artl
an.i Belenei k ltt_o MMMt wkleb biubI
nlHii reinuln untouched fur twv.-nty-otta
years. The income "f th" latter fund ll
to he deVOUd to the purcha.e of k<iM
medal.s or other tokena of honor for such
Indlvljludl* hs dlfllBVer any BOtflMj B_e>
ful remedy ot devic- for the tieaiment of
oar flfl _!_____*
Mr. Amory *ll?-tl ln BoHton la*'
lee-lnfl an afltaU of fliore tkaa HMtMA
Cheyeaaflk Mav, Bb- Leu returns from
wyominK _ouat-M flve the RflpubHoana
4-ontrol <>f the two bOUfll - Bt tiie legis?
lature und | majority of __.__ on Jolnt
ballot. ThlH meflns iMM-tOf F F. W.ir
ren'a re-electlon as Unlted States Sen?
Captaln ns-.i,iii Otta Miller, for Bfty
yeara a aatlor, dled Mo. 1
Btati a
fram he-art il:- ? | 'a*". He
. ..> born !? i mmarh mvafity-tbi ?
? r a Brltlab i aa thal araa cnu
. i v Ain ,:i Rapbael Bemmaa'a fam* I
oua |.iiv.it.-'-r alabema. After th- erei
? aptatn Miller l
ui. -.-li.it.in.e ii !n th- i-'ar K.tst
be n:ar . ? Bghter
John H. Austi'ii, of Btaten
Nathati *??' !.\\ ab, aM to i- we
beea th.- r'.rsi manufacturer ?f a i l
b i '.!:.'?. di..! it bla
home, No n Weat Mtb atreet, Monday,
i: m artarto-ecler *?'.? He h-ft i
N | Eaat 14tb : at and an hour
ln hla iibrary. Ha
I ii ? waa aisc
,i i__j of tha National
aie Club, Hi :?? iv< ? two I ?
,i and Loe i ? Bchwab. Mr.
Schwab waa a i-i' ? ?"'
JOBEI RPHY, for the laaj
: .. tdelphla
.. in Pblladalunla
. from i. - Mr. MUr
,- form< rly .< n ???? ; aper man rr
..ia. He ?'..- .-ixty-iwo reara
llliiiiaeoia Botdtara iiotii.*, Had yea
terda) auddeely, whlle ereeeing ?
tbat Btate, ne w-;.s eaventy.
? <-ld.
r LNSHAWB, for n. .a] yaara
tha Lehlgb Valley RaUroad
, .- ?t his 1,
uth Meetlng, Penn., near I
after hla relirem u
,, mi tha railroad i ompaa), vv.i. for
erai yeara a member of b Btock aaohanga
tlini "_
.- B
| Buys 86th Street Property for Homcs
for Hiinself and Son.
1 william B leettn baa purahaaad tha
bouaao al Mea I aad U Baat Mth atreet
, falea B. Baehe, the baaker, and on
tne Bltea wbteb togetbar naaoeare B.MB
I , i win areet a di alllng houae for
? ,\ another for his Bon, Arthur
la ii mki -i I ? tha boaaaa
, k Pendleton and t*rederl<
j . . i . -, . pr are the
ri-- and dwelllng houae .>' the Brad'
Tei Martln famlly. Thi home now occu
?ied by th eldei Mr. leettn la at No. .15
Fifth h *? ii"-- _
imarlcan M?miai of
epolttaa M'l.i. uni M
\ . I'ark and the
? itian.it Part Mueeem.
Ikoyt, Kadlaea Pquare Oardea
ow, Ilal it-arim. "t rVnnery.
. aj confraaamaa Radfleld "" "Kxport
. i rnhlema." al lb* luncheon of tho
.maiiean Manufa - aport .\,?o.*i.i
ti.'m. Hotal Albainarle, 1-' ra.
M.-tuuf of tha National so<-ie-u ..f Patrtotle
Women of America. WaUorf-A.torU, fl
; . in.
Miuatratad "'?' "?_*??__??. f"r -,'_-1*
dren"al conferenca of ih* Fedaratlon for
< hihl Stiu'.v, No. 2 \\>st tUth str
DUtaai "f tha Kifth Avinu* Aaaoclatlon,
araldorf*Aatorta 7 p m.
, .,f tha Naw tork UrowmnK leeaaty,
' vralaorf-Aal. ** i>- ?
j'eitiiie laeturaa o| th? H-..r,i of Bducattan,
\\- ,, ,,, Coopai L'nlon, Third avaana
rryina Knowlcdfo to
Di .- r Van Hlaa, of tha
, :u ra| of Wleconaln; Publk 8'.-"i.."i ?:>.
iv'->?t Houaton and Varlck itreata, "8p?ln,"
Louia y Barrr; PuWle Bchool lOt lllth
,',,....'? waat of r*xiiigt"ii uvenue. Tui.il.
i rniw ai " Prafaaaor Ctyma
i Stlna' Publlc B. hool i**-' 145th atroat,
__.? of An '..-nue. "KecreatloB
f .r '"'ty VOUth." Dlitrl.t Superlntendent
Edward ?? ? ' K- s- " a ,l"11- Tt5"*
iireei ami F?*t Rlver, 'Tactory faalta
i. .,. ...- .*i Price; Sun.hlne
Chabel s-" Wa waal 4"th atraat, "Th- Da*
th" Dr Brnat j. LeeinrlH.
f.,,,,,.,,,,???.,? ol H.-aitii: roaag. ttam .
Chrlntlaii Anaoriatioii Hall, Mo
l_6th itraot. "Hi_i.-vuv?. Boulararaa, ava
?"? i ,?a hti?-r_." rrederlah w. Kuok*
Commodore F. G. Bourne Pur
chases Famous Bit of Property.
.ie, Long a-hvnd, Nov M
y,arti of effori Commodore l
already tbfl larflefll prope
th.s e,-cti.,ri, ha_ at last .
,: Um old Ludiow aaU
of one hundred acre., arbleb runa aloflfl
tha South Sule couniry r< kd, di;
pOfltU tbe <
The news thut bfl had purota
e.-t-te wa.i announc.d t-'-d.-y, in.i the
rurchase price has beefl bept m ret
Cotmnbdore Bourna already owna avat
one tbouaaad BoreB of land here, i>.,t ba
has been BoBjOtletlBfl io. ?'
Iba bodloa MtaU bar yeara,
The Lndloa l been M ihe fanv.
liy of Hear Admlral N. ... ? sinc?
MN aad had beea handed dawa from
generation to generatl ifl B ' MB_
a iucetinar of thfl OraflMrey Keiahbot
bood A wiii bfl ia Id al th. Btuy
veeanl Hlah Boi "; to-morrow alghi at
'clook. ? tor d islon
wi;i be ' \ s- rhborhood Porum for ihe
lii.im ? >- nlation." The ?peak-rfl
A . bi ?;? ?>< K< F. Roe* i' Juaticea John
14 Mayo an l I wpl t Moaa. of th. < o rf
of Special Seaalona: ludge Bdward r l__
i-i-i.-.i , tatl ,- Mlchaw
:?'. Blake, of '.li" Munlclpal ''ona, and
Rab-*l Maignea, cl tlrman of the ..vicutive).
OOUnoll of tbe -ewlsh ("ommunlty.
-4_rp__n_L <>n Koveflaber M _M_ bo-n tei
Praflk t. aad Am. i ian* CanptaU, of Na,
i-j Wttt Md -U, s -wi.
Eitmondi. rharlo* Blattery, .__?.
? EUtabeU) D. Turaer, <ifor?* r,
b, Bnima C.
P.lKa-. Marn_ret B W.ftlak.. i.'lifton lt.
McCammori, 1
EDMONDfl Cnarlea, .i ? -.v ar Tho
niBTBl CB rcb, No 241 \\ . o>n'?
B iv.-.-. .:.-:: Bi -iai I, W
.(. Autoawbtle i '-nea"' .
OIUfAN?Oa r__ ber Ifl, mi2. at
"i-r.k^rn. N. \ : ,*n.
daugbtei i ' tha lat<
and belo.?: a Ifa of Thflodore otl u, -ft_r
a loiiff lilneaa, In tho Wtll jreflff of t.rr age.
Notlea of luiit-ral h-ttaftrr.
BTORTHROP?At Newark, U. J.. on Monday.
November 18, 1013 laaa wl-fl
ot tlcnry lf. Northiop. Puaeral _ar\i *
wm bfl b?id Dfl, we. aa
Wav.-rly I l k. N. J.. on Xhfl-fld I .
\.,verrli.-r II, at S I' rn
rkkm a, lais, Ma.
ai tb if^>?i. Ib ? '.
rb)_i at Ba. late i >'o l'i (4
gt . Brooklya.
? latenaeai at : I \. J.
st.\TTi:i:v - ob Tw - Iai N ??<":.
Jolin .'itt.-i >, ? .-1 n
o( requUn will
\ -(nii.-r _1. at St. ratrli-k - O'.uhmlral. at IO
a. ii. Intan
Wi wt ihi iter. No flow.
Tt'HNKU -At NflWtHlTB, N. I
1K tl,l_. G__l_- E.. bfllovi ' .~i
B?T?b BL Turner. I fl.ni Blfl l?t?
raatd?-C*. W,-dneaday. Novenah i 20, at Z.
p. in.
watkk.m.aN"?Buddanly, on Moi ty, - aa
ber lf-. 1912, Kiiiiiih l".t.?- k belotred ? ??
4'r.ni-;"H \\':iteniian lunnal ?, m . . .- will Iv
hi-'d at b_r !?'?? realdence, Mo. I7fl Wlntflrep
?t. Brooklyn, on Wi ?niiuf, Ne
vei'i.i- r 20. I'.ir.'. al T ? ?
i.AKK -On Nevamba. 18. X9Y2, a- ih?'
a' hl.i motli.T, No "i_* ilacon -; .
klvn, I'llf'un U Weatlake, t,elni.-"l
band ot l-nui-- Bmltb. Fui
\- . . , .venlnK. ' ' 20. at 9
o'<-lo- k.
M't'AMJios- in l-Tlad, leader and eaaataat
,irl> lelON.il <hlld of
Ma I.."'-* _ae-__Bfl_?B) Ol-ist-ad, Novembfli
20, l-in).
( KM. TKKI-.S.
"inii .st i<v ii i -Tol-aft
Ofth'e. 2o Baat Md BC, ML T.
frank .;? OAXTaVAUt, nm ~wt 2?d:
St Chap'l*. Prlvate Ki>nniit. Trlvato Ambfl
l.nce-. TeL 13-d Cbllaaa, _
HfllM OfTI_a fl*. Wi Naaaaa mreet.
I'l'TOWN OPPH K-.No. 1844 Broadway. er
anv _m-rtcan Dl.?trlrt T-1-Brayh (ifBrfl.
H.RLE_i oFncaa?No. tr.v fea_i i_!m??
gfiet. No -itt West 125th atrflet and Ne.
218 Weii l_-tb atreet.

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