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charge to the lur by Juatlce Oolf, l?
whleb he falrl i
th,. ?', fence. R trom the
el.-nce on I th
th. ???
ol th" gunmen, H<
tion tn l? crlmlnal i i
that :
the a,
If '
gana " *o t!"
tha*cn;:r; to tl
fron. COU1
?-? ,(?-.-? Louie ev.-i
I with th "'
-. when UM four bnd
prpmtaed to Invtte "the ? "*
big tt ?
Jurors Decline Luncheon.
. . u
ni.. and
; the Jury flve i
nd Mr. Wai le and his
"Thal looka bad," aald Mr. Wahle to
gUP] ?' *** '? rr
?;iety of counael for the
tcv,< warranb
the Jury dld i " within a
few minutes the lawyi ractl
rtth I
irbntun d to go " ' ?- A
thlr, ! it dlfflCUlt to
pei into the courtroom again through
tlie itre ng i ? I "?r*1
Al 2*06 p, m. CO rt , Bl ? rs were f-rnt
-Kurrytng after Juatlce Ooff with the
w-r-r ! thal the jury h I I 80
ra had nol
.. n back io the Tombe, but
i in the Clim
)ni:i pourts Bulldlng, on tbe messanine
. w -i Justlce Oolf took
jury flled
into the Jury box. at 2*88 p. m., the
prisfiners were immedi.i'oly fer.t for.
and they came ibuflllng in along the
?Isle at the side of the courtroom, ac
e-omr'anied hy n troi-p of deputy eher
80 Krue-nt Stre*e>t
Cross Smokers' Articles
wlth ;'i!:; ? ? Silver Pl
Trimmlngs, Co
Small I'l's-c for Mom
Small Parrel is Pore
Ins Tobacco Cc cri
| . -P*-M?U
ASH lei I ?nd
Klekel. AN c,e H
with As: lle May Be
pre-- 1 l ?ov, n ? poaita
ln Receiver Be- *h3._0
low . v
8M- ? ' ratal Bot
tl.-wuh Ni- k, 1 ''"i.- i !over,
Whhh I Ita Nlckel $fj.5Q
ii. er .
>XI, BOX ? OPENER?Mckel with
Oenuine Gunmetal $2*75
Hand'.- .
WoataYa Qaealto. Leathat Motea
210 I I ft ti \\,-m,e\ .'Y: Broadw??
||,,?le,i.?141 li.iiie.nt Mrerl
Spent $50,000
To Save One Mile.
*THE Lackawanna Railroad re?
cently completed a "Cut
Off " which shortened its line to
Buffalo from 411 to 400 miles, at
a cogt of over a half million dol
lars. This might sound like ex
travagance, but is real economy.
The greatest industrial "cut-otT"
"is r.usli Terminal." lt culs ifl
surancc, porteragc, cartage, lipht.
power. aiul many other chai
anel givtfl lmproved tiianufacturm
and drstrihutitij facilities all al
tlie lme. Nearly 200 n
iiiaur.iacturcrs and whok
alreaely meived tiittir j.lants to the
_u.-l> Terminal. anel have thereln
found themSelvel OA a much more
dircct line to enlarged business and
inrre.. | d pi '
Wri'e f<>r our bookiet rall,-,!
Bush Terminal Co.
General OrRces:
100 Broad Street, New York City
lffs. Tho Riinmon were lined up at the
Dcep Hush Precedes Verdict.
a ii. i \ hush pervi
i i it,
? .;. Th" il -
)?; | ,- t,f 4^!tTk
theroll of the Jui i
Then he
'T ? ? ? men. Jurors, i"ni<
. look
upon the Jun .
i on ii vei
Mr. Montg-omery, the foreman, i
and an
"We bs
anta and ? '*
?\\ yov ' ? ? m< n, d,
?ints kuii -H-y
! V"
??.;?,' in the fir-i de
- '
I '
-nt ol I
nd com
?? h
ned on ti
Others Show Little Emotion.
?"Iv ? n looklng at
tho jury. hut not a "
rdlcl waa rend< red.
at .'
"Gyp" l ? tneir '?
ll ? :
motlon. "Oyp : '-to
his i
wblch he brusl ed I '? a
mon ? relaxed Into _?
? ? ida
? i young slster <>
the courti
' ?
by Cl< rk V- nny'a
in. The juror.- took I
eoata and he
Montgomery, Inqulrlng:
?? v ? . tbedi
all ot the defendanta?"
Mr. Montgomery, in unlson with sev
en?l other Jurors. answered:
"All of tl.
f murder in the flrst degrw
asked the ck-rk.
"Yt nded the foreman.
Mr. Wahle, the gunmen'a
arose and addressed tho court, with a
I!.- ti .1 nol ask tbal tho
jun,r. counsi i for Cha
Becker had done.
??_.: ?. ve my motions for the.
day lixed for . ? tl o
"I will lie.'.r them to-morrow morn?
lng," __id Justice Goff, after oonfi rrlng
t,v 11ii i ? ? Tiny. 'The defendaiii*
ars remanded untll to-morrow mornlng
Tbe bandcuffs olioked nn they were
? ed by tho deputies upon thi
proce.sloi; back through the
courtroom. "Oyp?" M ho j
led Rway. turned ar ? lethlng t<>
"i^efty" Loula ln a sneertng manner.
11" Frank turned toward hia coun
?id .aid:
"Come over right away; we want to
Justice Goff left the bencb nt once
and the <:ourtroom was qulckly cleared.
Crowd Seeks Glimpse of Men.
A Inrgo crowd had colle ted in
Frnnklin Btreel on elther slde of tbfl
Brldge ofl ' ? rldently for the pur
Dg a glimpse of the four
? back to
? ceiis. Tho headfl of tbe de] ul
mn] nera coi Id be seen from
the streel
moumful covered entrance wblch con
nects the court bulldlng with the City
jirison. Tho pollce : wltb
en who ventured up on th<
meuanlne floor where the prlsonera
had to le t.iken on tbelr wajf to thfl
Another crowd of Beveral buni
n.on and boys hnd collected on th<
Whl '(* of tbe bulldlng, where
tbe d auto 'bi - l the
?i --. The jury.
in cliargo of Captain Tlerney, Lleu?
tenant Brady an I of nnlformed
men from I etb street ? l
with Captain Lynch and the courl
squad actlnj v.tro taken
down thfl 8tairp to tbfl basemenl of tbe
huilding and out to tho waltlng autu
rowd preesed .c-o closely tbal tho
machine i . mtfl tl.
thi ong. The in
chlne finally pot nway and took tbfl
jurors to tiio Murray HUI Hut.?;. where '
have bc-on llving 'lurlng the trial. '
Th<ri- they h ad Bfter
lr tulonglngs departcd
for thi
I tn got to thfl
I their ver?
dict, until they were Bafely in t
. lice f.-iirly MUTOQJ
short walk through tho
bulldlng. it n ed, howe.<r,
that after a bri-'f dis DMBlO- (hay took
t, wblob resulted in a unan
rot? for murder In Um flrst
reached in
mtrrates after they entered th.
jui> room, it m
ah Mr. Wai rb g tbe _?__.?
room ' ? ? he thoughl
"What n re < ould ?rc
d flght," !.?
"Of .!.'?
Gunmrn Want Appeals Rushed.
Counsel for the flefflaee snM he rbd rmt
? tO thi i ? i r >?
? ii and
: in ni:-h _ot.tl
trial H
? VMtil tbfll
iiii hour. Tho inst tnin? they snid to
him. ho deotared, waa a requeet in con
klli ? ? Istant Distrlct At
\t-mi Mr. WMtaaan I ?;
. ? ?!? etared tha rerd* t ln hla opin?
ion waa a Joat one. Ha aaM tba tyoa
lilin most was the
thal such ? verd] t had i" s? _?_*?
t all
?i bavfl n ?'?? urilldBsd for
brinuii- the fur di femlants to trial I
"A -oixl f
of my lawyer frienda thougbl II would ba
Impoaalble to obtaln a ferdld sgareat
four young defendanta at tho ?aui" _t__a
on the ? ? whlcb tha peopla had
ai ! i"i tba fact
I thai i ' would be maased
a, it wa* pointed oui to me, it
would ba n ich more dtfflcult te _et a
verdicl nf* gutlty. \:ox tbo result n
? tty thoroui ip of tho b_
Dtbal ca
Th. de] ity i Attorney
Mr. Rubio, who
of the peopli case and h< ed Mr.
i the \ rdlcl would
i end.
Whitmnn Elated at Convictions.
\\ bitman waa bighljr
at l t the ti Hi
to tho rn wspafN r
m< .'. - and
fOrmal atatemenl for publlea
whlcl i I ??
particularly pl tha convli
ol the four gang ? ? lai ? >i. beci
he had ? ? . ? tera ;
- de, where
l i i |
nmen had aver
i balr, des] Ita tho
- that bad '"?
b, Wi ??? i. \'niitifi, Bcheppa
. told him* that that had
tbe aplrii and boast of the Beat Hda
, n aald.
Mr. V. i: tm .1 WM asked what would __?
i ... ol thfl ;; .aiifi of atate'a wit
. allon, Weber aud Scheppa.
o< terence of opinion
. .? ther they oould nol be technical
? . i undei tba i^r-1 ment In tha i tlpu
? ; mil i untll all tha defi nd
Indlctment i ed
n tried and the whole matter dlap
of, n
?i i thal any lawyei 4vho ia
i wlth iiiriiH, ii ,.in aay thal sn ln*
mi m llvea invlctlon la _-?
d," aald tin Dlatrict Attorney. "I
given my word snd i am gelag to
lel them ki> Twenty-four jur-i:- I
il the; told tha truth, and that
of tba Bbots at
r which th" stlpulatlons were _rant
, ii. am! i bi leva they bavfl beea ful
iiii, ,| by these i I am i oi
i oan releasfl tbeea men without
Ing thom undei ? da aad ( an get
as witnesses ai-'ain wbefl I want
Diatiid Attorney deelared if any
r gai ra attempti d to
i gambllng aetabllahment in ths dty
||d 1 Ol on tho. tr.-il!.
'.'allon nnd VTeber BTfl lu ild on a
r_ commltment, and all th'- f<.r
mallty neceaaary to obl dn theli i
be to get Con to ln
ul ot tha wltn* iaea on I
? ltm< nt, which ;
will be III
auain tO-day ln th- W*m\ il
nding ehargfl of ragrancy. it la nn- |
? ? of Ihesa four erlt- I
? l< ave tiie city fur \h"
Shapiro Will Go Free Also.
1 '.<> j
rtnetag iienti- |
four gunmen as hin |
t of thi
Whitman aald he aoon would mova for
tl <? ib-1 I of tha tment ai;ainK
"Tiie only i ? could hav?
be 1 tesd <>n tho
rove I murdi ra away
from the acene of the ahootlng on tne
nlgbl Rosenthal waa kiiio<i," gnid mi
?:..?? ?? and
i bellt vi- 11 i that at tha point of
a revolver, and, i believe, uctti ln ?
fear of deatb. There baa bei s no <--.i
? te show ba
mi ' iti i In ths i .".tin?."
Th< 'i tha guni . ??? win
undoubtedly offei a aubatantlal barrler io
tha appeal of Charlei Becker Thfl facl
tl t they were convtcted apparently Bub
atantlates an Important part of tho proof
in tba conaplracy of wblch tho stato con
Becker i tho ma^tor mind II
links Becker clo m to tha "hands" In ths
ot, as Mr Mosa Oallfld tbe gun?
If tl . ln tho faofl of
Becker'a oivn oonrictloa. Asked what
ng tbe rerdl I mlght bava oa th
cuso, Mr. Whitman said:
"lt more than J?Sttflea the verdict
nsl Beeker, and, of eoiir.?e, grontly
agthena the peopli _ __as agalnet
Bi ker "
Mr. 'Whitman pald his wlvorsary, Mr.
Wahle, a compllmenl
? I thlnk Mr. Wahlfl tlled his oajte. well,"
said thfl Distrlct Attorney, "and bad ??'
batter prepared defence than developed t
ker trial "
Tho four giiiimi-n ,ir? now locked up in
nlng ci in on the flrst tior, "Dago*
? h aad "Whltey" ooeupytag one, snd
"Gyp" and "Lcfty" the other. (
"I hnd paflkel my grlr)"; ready to go
home, SO cure was I of a v.-rdh t of ac
q nttai." aald "Dago*1 Frank ' I
remember bearing Ch it aay t" the jury."
Im v. tit en, -that lt ????as nol
I ieft the others to go M -"?? r?V gW
on tiu-y wciet t-> tha Bfatropola,
why. of eoursa i dld. i lotud thnt lh*
I pl~-k>*d her np <>ut of the pvitter and
K"i\e: bere a bona. utni put good elothes
, i, hei back when aha bad ra|
Uok her to my m<,th.*r. I ninde her
atralghl ai I IntenOed to rdart. ber. Why
i lefl tha othera (the gunmen) when i
, rlni the time of mjr Ufe down "t
i ,-.r Rockaway, e*/ery nlght, and ln th**
atuffy tralna ot burntng aiimmer Dlghta,
wenl up to our Hai. And >?;>: arouldn't
i leave- them th.it ni? ll ! '
"Aw, wn'l talk!" enaie iTOm the
| elliifni; form of "Whitey." v ho araa
UM Hankly al tha aolld ateel wall
"i wtu talk!" ratarted "Dago-" l-rank,
wh,, itood af tho bara f the - ? L "'
dldn't gel fuetJee and I want then to
! know lt.
?i --. rked hard all my llfe I i
cboir b alvatere '*> Churi h. I
a-orked In pubtlshtng touaea and
foi put in Blmfra i la urm -i i
1 ii, vrr dld I :|t- When I
ime oul I learned mai ble cuttlne*. and
dtti i ??? ' I hard
; fi i:-it thoae fellowa, Roaa,
ill theii
il through thi Ir mene
tr, fceep out of the elutehea
e.f the pe,lie*e.''
The n ii:, (unmea began to pUk the evl*
nd the other Informers to
?.hr.-fis after th?*ir own taahlen.
"Th< y':e gothg to e-ommlt a worse mur
ilrr than w > M'rl >' Wed for lf they send us
to the chair," aaM "J>i~r<>" Frank.
Bptne one- BUggeeted there mlght be hope
m a new trial.
MBul you need muney." sald "Dago"
Frank. "*1 haven't a e--nt."
?j haven'l a nlckeV aald -WbKey."
'And Wahle ls a por man." .?aid "Dago"
The gunmen*. trial cd-upied eight court
' daya tlng of the Jury begaa oa
Frlday, No amber a Wve jurors were
?, i .,i .i abort aeaalon on the iirst
imy araa sompleted at the n.-xt
,iejr*a aeaalon of court. it mok the people
about three daya to put ln thelr caae.
cupted two daya MOnd ly
? ii _p to the aummtng up on both
and llr. Wahle oeeupted
. i ni thelr Una! eddresses
to the Jui l* i ? saetly
, be half hour dellberett< na of
. ? murder trlal
N*hltman aald laat
. of the trlal to the
. ., ..-.. ? . heavy ea
m ?
w bi< li wlll mount to ??<?
.., da.
Points Out Conlradictions in Testimony, and
Again Declines to Rule Sehepps Is
Justice Goff reached the Crimlnal
'"ourtM Bulldlng >? mlnutea
afti r' the j irora ln tha gunnx n'
I from tbe m rray HI ' Hotel,
.,. bi I.- thi v had m ? at thi night The
?..nrt attendant rapped for order at 11:90
snd an the Justice took his s-f >t the gt n>
bm n erera li d lnto the room and
their pli ?? t thi lr < oureel ln the
... |
Mr. Rubtn, D lastatent D trict At?
torney, The roi
? _t, and thi n Jui :i - ' loff
. ?? to tho Jury
The justi o called thi ttentlon
to tho fact that thi y had
? 'erythlng had l
and just
trial Ha then n o thal
was there to Interpret t. 1 _- law, atid not
Ide u] on the faeta
"Tha law deflnea," ha aald, "tha crtme
of murdi In the flrat t _ou must
tako the law hs l d< Rna ll In e
your power, care must ! 8 l
Judge saeh wltness accordli lo hla <>r
i,. r i ii i Ity. Tl ?? i ?
After ?
i ri,[ ? r
'i her< i no queatlon
Ii.ah R
it Z h m., n ??
have a i
? ? ? tlm
, . nnd v. ii ? able I
? thi ' '
rj t ha gui
whom I
i in charge aa
Clrofld, whom he would c.iii
i wl om i ? ??
MI_efty," and Harrj bem -
WOUld <nll ' ' Syp '
Court Reviews the Plot.
Next he r?:' iW< I tha BVOI
ad wltb tha meeting In tl
ol "I
tlg as tellll
Id blm (I_
the "framlng up" of Zellg, wbe waa ln
the Toraba on a chargi of i
t lonUnuti g, 1
told of how i ??
Innoei nt. wanti d to
and of how, s<
; : ? Bt the
um ifi '?? ?
The Ji
nn tin.- 12th of July tha four men went
to the i li rden
' I ? -
form the m der al .?? ar
. ? :
Then eame tha risll ol lt? i I
g, antb ? ? ?? houae to '? :: ? i
that Becker ^.t- moi?? and i
4Ui July u Rose w< nt to the _ im" Paul
outinK. whi re the gambllns ll ?tl
dlacuaeed Later ln the day he went to
lii.ru. 0111 ert'a for an affldavlt
im tha followlng night the four d<
fendanta and four or flve ol ni'i ? ? n
ln Weber- poker rooma al l nnd
Histh avi . .?? i :.f ;? on thi 16th, after
Weber had gone oui and come bai I
. nd ".ts li ft the room n d enter d
i gra automoblle drlvi n i t w llllam
Shapiro, and went up Blxth nue to
Md street and went w< nea
. . teclni Blxth tt ?
Tin- d< fendanta tb< n | >1 oui
? ia Btreet Then flwi
: ri i.
Justice Ooff then ref er red to tho iden
tiiicotion made by Btaalch, Krauae, Lu
There are half a
dozen points on which
men-who-know judge
card and filing equipment.
If you will test and compare
our equipment on those points
you will buy it irrespective of
But we offer it to you WITH?
Telephone, Franklin a?6i.
371 Broadway
, ' t- id of ih-* meet*
? "Lefty" wlth Roaa at
10th atreet and Blghth avenue on the
? and tha pa ? ment
, i j .... ,. to "Ia tty." He tte-n
I rlfljF r- rlewlnf
une n themeelfea
The Mysterioua Stranger.
i; ol tha tn- atlni "i tha four at
\ott read froni l
tli | thi i ? ? itloi - eoneem*
'?"" ami
Iway witn
itranger and ihe departure
of . ank for hla kvoma Tha
witi. ." tha ahootlni aa told by the
i i then outllne d with thelr
? to ?- avenue
mta would
: * ootina they went
....,, . ,i- r aepe
, i . .- :: town. They we ra later
? ?? . that they had re*
: lettera :
, \. ,,,i detectl ,u nf their bl
i :,-i
,t partlcularly I
- u . h, -? .. . i Vallon, ano to a i ertaln
,.. four defe nd*
i.nthal waa m ir I
!-? tlu- ln II
ha waa
.: ' ..? . ll
.-.- thi Infoi ni, ra
e.f be ? 'lf ?*
iu untrue
?. 01 l! ,t.
r? he sat
, bad f'ii1 opportunity
? ?
- own
,,,-. |i . ? , i. ?! tl ,i he waa
:--!. r.
f Bae k*r. wli<
... ith -,i Roi :.?-. i for hla
? ... .'?>,i tbat ti,- wai
d the men
... ,i
i ? ? 8 th*- man wh"
I.---- nthal? it is l
red tba re*
I hl bond
. Ill, H',,1 thnt ha waa
"Ror.e Did Not See Shootinq."
n mli -n that Roaa dM
-. ' :n- n Blle'Ol ,
I li- lay .le.wn on a
<-eiiie-h in \V- I- r~e poke I ll,- dld
i i:.,rr then aald t?,.*r whal waa
i i-i- .-:? ?* aaa Involved,
or, In ol that apeaka
ai ba true whea lt
i ? falaa ll" continued:
ra in tha - - thal three
left thi* reaort in
1 bj .1 ellf. ,-| 1. ..
?? ? t ti I atree t. where they mel
ind ' I p" nottced that
ih-: ? ln tha atre< t
tatra, and havltif- ntaye*d
u whlle wenl downauura, and
tomoblle tl-..-:--- Ia
. Importance for >,>u t,, oonalder
lhai - ich one ,,t im.s> men teatlfled that
,t automoblle?
it appeara thnt netther of th-* de-f>nd
?? f -? n:.,-. cai waa there,
*, mi ,-., uch :i
car in i , . hboi hood waa auch a
bh tn be notii '-., .i- .
"Whlte " t ? ? to what oeeurred
"All of a radden i aaw tbe
? .in ahoot. i lu aiii tiui craah
i -i nol aee tha whole
i ? ,ti- Weber, Vallon and Roaa a ? re
It la foi ? ?? if. in the tlasii of
? i hlch i~ practieally In itan*
oua. "Whitey" and hl frlenda, forty
flve feVl -i n.: i. could aee the fecea ,,f
the four men whom they aceuee.
The luetlce the*n took Up the? e-onte*ntlon
e,f the defendanta thal Reee nnd hla com
panlona ahol Roaenthal, and aafced if lt
wera reaeo la or ooncelvable, He* eon*
tinue d.
All four w?*re* in lutiii;,,i.v in aaytaf that
i teen mlnutea or mora ln
1 .?? m -i iind if that la the
r.-s'iit .,1 k, ? n conceptton oi pre uranejo*
me nt Conalder ona momenl the teatlmony
a ,. ;t tha phyalcal facta aurroundin** the*
Some of the Phyaical Facts.
Take tha evldence of the* walter, Heeht,
vei., iayi hc aaa Roaenthal readlng a
. h- ird a ahot, alunk back. then ?~>w
Ihe ma all after h" aaw tnree otin*r
in. n atanding nithln flve feet ef Roaan*
thal ahoot.
lu-. Behultaa aald thal in hli opinion the*
bullota atruck from the rlght, thal thf
bullet wounda wera powdei marked and
:i ? ' i are Bred tnrea lnches
f. mn tl -, head,
it ,. i compara tha teatlmony of thf
, - itlon end feir the>
upon (h,H i?,int >,,'i wlll noti-*,* ?
?ai le dlaci md contradlcUon. Tha
tn !*> ln n.i way contra
lle te .1.
It i- tma lhaf Luban was one*e e*on\irti*d
?ne- and thera haa been aome t< ??<
ttmony that be waa In hla brother*a houae
i uiiist welu'Ii tha i-.l
ind iin.i lf I-.,. aaw tha shootln-* of
Herma n Roaenthal or not,
Neal Krauae, tha walter. Ha was, ao
i ? he .- \ ld< ni , itranger to
Roaenthal and tbe four eWondant*. n?>
aweara that "Whitey," "lAtttg" and
"Oyp" fired at Roaenthal. Ia there any*
thliic in hi.-e teatlmony thal abowa ha tea?
tlfled fali ilj aaalnat theee defendanta 1
Ii~> ia from a etranga land. a man hi
humble llfe- He had nothina to aaln in
ejlvtai falea teaUmony. He dacuned to
make a poaltlve Identlfication of Frank.
i: ha v .,- reckleea and unrellable, would
ha have atopped at the lilt-ntllicatlon of
ln re-ferrln-f to CtTOttOi't allhl. the Jus?
tlce salel an allbl nu-unt | man need not
d-f. mi htmeelf a*_alaet a artma if he*
i erldenca that ba waa not et th<*
?eena ui artma, Tha uhw was eempletel
The cheapest Eyeglasses and Spectacles
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Pricea abaolutelv untform tn all ston a.
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104 EAST 23rd ST. (4th Avenue)
London Parla \TPW Yorlc
ln Old Bond ??.. ? Hu. .-orlbe 11CW I Ort_
lf lt excluded all reu.sonable probablllty of
Um defend-?4 belni? present.
The dtfeme of an allU was. however,
S tlt-fonce that must be mo*t carefully
scrutlnlzed. Tho )_at-Ofl loiitlnued;
According to tbfl testimony of Frank, bs
"1 tboughl i would po t" >m<. as
i had not Been n f?r nv"
i waui b<
afral I J< tn t ould l hlnl I wa - o
"Ojrp" '? atlfled that PYank _ald: ' I
rou are golng to a two
.\s ? matter of fact, rou vwii be l ?? i
all night I am golng h-me and see
Ji an."
"Whltey" aaya '-'rank aald "Boyej i
am golng home; i haven'l a ra leaa for
da3 b."
? I.ffty " BSld I'r.ink SSld: "I hav.-n't
??< i ' wor
rled, and i am golng home." That i
their : tli
i-'r;ini- aald iio left tha Beventh avenue
the expraa of mset
lag aith the other defendanta
Juettec UoiT read tbe dsflnltlons of mur?
der, and suhi tbal every persoa eoacerned
ln the d?ath of Herman Rosenthal,
whether abeeat or present, was guiity of
Principala and Accomplicea.
Ht> said that any porson who us
the prticurlnu of th^ ktllln_ was a pritt*
ripal in tbe crime, aa mueh as wste those
who actually OOmmltted It. He continu.tl
Roofl sdmitg that be arranged ti'" I'.o
senthal murder. He was not h"n?, but
nevertheleas ha must be regarded as au
our law pn t ne
ftm\ Icted on the ic im
irat.d by i
t;i noo
Tin- laa l- ?
te decldi
. -i tends 1
te pi o Idea that i ? ? :
. u
i rule thal Vallon a i
rule thal W r Is an a
not rule tl
Then ' ' Wfll
etual | artldpant ln I
He ma) have b< en an -fur
the fact, bm thal
;t prlnclpal ln the ? ?< e itlo -"we
; i isavfl the .tfcer
5 you
to answer
i fff yt.'i flnd tha defendanta fullty of
' ktllln ' ;'icm
gutlty of homlclde In any of tl
DOt deddfl iu which d l__t_
.- capriclously or fron fl flfl re to ba
? "'aii i
v.-iiut ln ?? wttb tha ifrMbtt,
Tbfl juror v. ho flfadfl _ v- : l_ CC
sordanes wltb l -i-'nce
t., - i-i ooni _
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? t liow.mj urcou
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