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VOL LXXII. N? 241,112.
I'alr and warroer to-daj.
To-morrow, fair an.l colder.
m;w-york, thursday, novkmkku 21* iin2.?i*> pages. * ? price one cext,nCHi_tte?gg__5^g*^
Strangulation, Not by Under
taker, Produced Mark on
Mrs. Szabo's Throat,
Says Dr.G.W. King.
Accused Lawyer's Hand Went
Toward Upper Part of Wom
an's Body Before Both
Went Out of Boat, Says
Lake Storekeeper.
_ _ Bttfl ( rreapoaaleot of The TribuiM.1
Goshen. N. T.. Nov. 20.?Although
Hurton W. Qlbaoa antl his wife came
nto couri this morning in tho cara*
tree and almost merry mannor that has
, h_r_cterii:od them Blnce the lawyer's
irial began. they went away at the end
$1 _p_aay'a session vfadMy dlaheart
ened. The ordeal of to-day was the
ntoBt discouraging that they have
undergone slnce (iihson was arre.ted
for the murdrr of Mrs. Rosa Szabo.
Witness after witness rontrihuted
riamaging facts to the caao which the
-rosecution Ib building. The two ohicf
wltneases were John Minturn and Dr.
fJOBrfa W. King, of Jersey City, and
against their evldenoe the lawyers for
the defence centred the hardest hlows
a| their cross-examination, wlthout
succeedln.r either ln confusing them or
in drawing addltional statements
which mlght tend to weaken their testi
mony guen under dlrect examination.
Dr. King Diaappointad Defence.
It was admitted hy the defen<o that
I'r. King also had been subpcenaed as a
witness for Gibson, and it is known
that this action had been based on the
belief that Dr. King would give lesti
incny adverse to Dr OttQ rVluiltze. who
tioclared at the preliminary hearing
tbal the woman /net her death in
'.ic*nwood Lake by strangulation ap
1 liod from without.
However. Dr. King. who performed
the autopsy with Dr. Schultze, sup
ported Schultze in every way to-day,
niakir.g in some renpects evtn a
Btrongcr witness thaa Dr. Beahltaa did
As I?r Schultze did at that time, Tt.
k -,\s. di m rlbed aalavtely the po.sition in
?rblctl he fouwf the organ? ot the throat
rorced against the roof of the woman'8
1th, niid dfiared it to be hip flrm
I tiiat such ;i condition cuid have
beofl cataaaj anl) by preaoure appiied
from the outside.
He also brought aul the fad that 8
WOaoan'a pneumogastri? ntr\e would
Jia\e been affeet**! t>y this pressure. tbe
result of which would be lo produce al?
most immedlate death, or at least un
Taking up the question, raisc] hy the
defence yesterday, that the contorted
condition of the dead woman's throat
mlght have been caused by the manlp
ulatlon of the undertaker in twisting
the ht-ad into a straight position pre
paratory to burial, Aaslstant Distriet
Attorney "Wasservogel asked Dr King
in a hypothetlcal question whether a
condition like that could have been
brought about by auch means.
"It could not,'' replied Dr. King.
The defence, however, was not ready
to abandon the hope of establishlng an
undertaker'e agency In producing the
Bttuntion found ln the throat. Dr. John
Ii A. O'Rellly, a medlcal Juria-conBult,
who took charge of cross-examinlngDr.
King fnr the defence, asked whether a
prop, such aa undertakers aometlmes
idace under a dead person's chln to flx
Ikataral position of the head. mlght
bat have caused a condition sin.ilar to
lhat found in Mrs. Szabo's throat.
"A 8hort tlme after I performed the
autopay on Mrs. Szabo's body," replled
Dr. King, "I saw a body lylng In the
tontlnued oa thlrd pa_e, fonrtb eolnrun.
This Morning's News
-OCAX.. Page
Jarjr to Trjr Hyde Completed. 1
Informers To Be Fre* To-da>. 1
l>udle> Teatlfles in Divorce Suit.,_ 3
Qavnor I'rges Another Avenue. 3
Say Police Helped to Rob. 0
?'*wIflh Women Raiee Fund. 8
Leyal Lagloa at War. s
iblael Offer by Wllaon. 1
vVILaoti laces Party Wrangle. 4
?pllt ln Progresnive Party. 4
Q II* New Patty Bobb Rldden. 4
'?I't.n s Rurlal Defence Crumbling.. 1
Wvaread Miniater Rejected as Blshop. 1
?ay I'alllriK Rar Caused Wreck. 3
t*kar Rkdi.-al* Defeated. 4
afcler uutbreak Keared. 4
Money Probers Admlt Weakness. 5
?ireatest Rald by Government. 8
Dietputeti Mx's p?wer to Retire O'Ryan 0
*8?l_llsu Meet in Philadelphia. 7
^olicewomeii for Philadelphia. 7
JHata proteeto Clty Water.io
s**ke Kxtraditlon of Hickey.10
fJrand Tnmh Inquiry PoBtponed.18
Tiirkey \j?mes Plenipotentiarles. 1
Tidal Wa\* Destroys Jamalcan Towns 8
Natra for Women. 7
ICditoriai . a
so'-iety. 8
" e.Hii . p
?"' '*t- . a
'"'Ituary . p
yP?ft'- ...10 and 11
1 tnanclat and Market*_18, 13 and 10
''?<al Rstat* .14
Afmy and Navy.18
^hlpplng News .18
^?ath*r .10
Albany Episcopal Diocese Refuses to Sanction
Consecration of Dr. H. B. Silver
for Kans.as See.
:n. Telearaph to The Trlbune.''
Albany. Nov. L'O.?The Albany D'?>
rc.?e of the Eplseopal Church. at Its an?
nual convention to-day, refused its con<
sent to the oonsecration of the Rev. Dr.
II. K.Silver as Bishop of Kansas. on
the ground that he is divorced. A
dergyman eleeted as an Eplscopal
Bhihop must receive the conflrmatlnn
j of tho other dloceses of the country be
j fore be can be consecraled.
The standing committee of the Al?
bany diocese had declded adver-sciv
t? Dr. Silver. The Rev. Paul Blrd-all,
at the convention this afternoon. lntro
duccd a resoluMon "cordlally approv
lngM the action of the committee be?
cause Dr. Silvcr's consecralion rnlght
encourage "dlvorces and the nniHi
riage of divorcees."
'The man is divorced," said Rlshop
I>oane in the discussion; "that i?"
cnough to make it Improper for him to
be conaecrated."
Mr. Firdsall said that the resolution
Claims Oontrol of Mongolia's
Foreign Relations.
Teking. Nov 20.?The Chinese gov?
ernment haa opened neg.ttlations with
the Ruseian Legation in respect to
Rnaaia'a recent recognltion of the au
tortoany of Mongolia, which has created
an antl-Russian agitatlon t'nroughout
the province.
The Mlnlster of Foreign Affairs to
day vlslted the legation and expressel
i China's claim to the control of Mon
I gotla'a foreign relations. He suggested
thal no foreign powcr should aend
troops to Mongolia, and that China's
representative should have a guard
there a* in Tibet.
R?crnt rlispatches indiiated that many
of tba Mongolian princes were stronaly
oppn.<erl \n ;he convention blitWeOB Rus
sih and Mongolia by which Rtissla reOOg'
nraea and luaianlaes the independence of
Mongolia. They BTgad president Yuan
Bbl-bal tn Bfford Billitary praaeetfan ta
theea Monffollans raadjr to join the
Chiraaaa Republlc Troops to the number
Ol 4G,0"?o. Httached to th<- nortlurn army.
ara aJreadr aaalar oraJera ta MPoeeetl to
thi Moagollan frontier if naoeaoaey.
Autographs of All "Signers"
Prescnted to Kation.
W'Hshington, Nov. fffj, -A rare volume
containing autografms of all the sign?
ers of the Declaratlon of Independence
?us presented to-day, through Presl
deat Taft. to the OagtajraagjaMil Llbrary
by J. Plerpont Morgan. The gift was
brbttght to the "White House and suh
inittcd to President Taft by Herbert
I'utnam, Librarian of Congress, with
the letter from Mr. Morgan.
This set of original manuscripts is
one of the few complete collectlons of
such autographs. Most of them are
letters wrltten throughout by the Biprn
ers. The volume ls sumptuoualy hound.
In his letter to the President offering
the gift Mr. Morgan said:
PuriiiK the reeeht vipit of Herbert Put- j
nam, the Librarian of ConBTaaa, to mv
llbrary I learned with chaRrin and regret |
that our natlonal llbrary does not poHBess
a complete set of letters or documents Ol
the Blgnere to the Declaratlon of Inde?
Aa a cltlzen who appre. iates the value
and Bignlflcance of ?uch a oollaetlon, I
herewlth present to the Vntted States ot
Amerlca, to be deposlted ln the Llbrary
of ConRress and admlnlstered thereln bv
the authorltles thereof, a complete bound
set of letters and documents of the slgn
ers to the Declaratlon of Independence,
whleh, lt aeems to me, Is more fittlngly
preserved In the natlonal llbrary than ln
that of any Indlvldual.
Occupants of Auto Wounded for
Running Over Animal.
[By Te.legTnpri to The Trlbune]
Erie, Penn.. Nov. 20.?Polnting the
wcapon stralght at their faoes, less
thari ten feet away, Lloyd D. Pa^tori
oub flred both barrels of hla *hotgun
and serlously wounded Mr. and Mrs.
Wjlliam H. Forster, wealthy residents
of Erie, whose automobile had Just
killed his hunting dog. (Jeorge Keller,
the chauffeur, was sllghtly wounded
Mr Forster, who ia In Hnmot Hosp'
tal, will probably recover, but the
jihysiclans say Mrs. Forster's condltlon
is critical.
Pastorloua waH aircstcd. He does
not deny the shooting, but says he did
not mean to klll any one.
Mr. Forster Ib president of the Hayea
Manufacturing Comj>any and " the
Northweatern P'pe Wrench and Sup
ply Company and treasurer of the
Hamot Hospltal Corporatlon.
Steel Pile Breaks His Leg in Oar
Foundry Plant.
IB; Tei'craph to The Tribune. |
Barwjck, I'enn., Nov. L'O. ? Burieil bar
ncath an immense plle of steel end.
wlnn a supportlng bean.' gave way,
Henjamiii Harburger, son of the New
York .Sheriff, sci vlng :in apprenticeshlp
ln tht- local Amerlom <"ar and I\>uii.lr>
piant, bad a narrow eecapa from <i?-ath
lt WaB necessary 10 BTJ up tbe h"-> e"J
steel 843491 before the young man was
ralaOBBfJ Harburger's right leg was
broken. his left bBfcte sprained. and be
auffered tuts and brulBttfl 041 his body.
)'ae!(cd ln sealed cauton* Tnd vuaraa
teeel Mound and swect by Ackir. M.irall .vi
t ondit Co. ? Advi.
I should not be taken to cnst any reflec
' tion on the < hara. ter of Dr. Sllvor.
"I know him to be 8 llne man," he
: said. "He is ]eg?ily divorced. but this
' actlon was forced on the convention.
'? although it place? Dr. Silvenin a cruel
After the resolution was ad >r,t?d
Dcan Brookman af the Albany C.ithf -
l dral, moved that it be reconsidcred.
suying that as there was ftOihtfig
l against Dr. Silver's character his uaBM
should not be speelfically mentioned.
The Rev, Dr. James Caird, of Troy.
i a member of the standing comml't?e.
, attempted to read a letter explaining
the actlon of the committee, but was
prevented by many af Ihe ? lergymen
present, who objectcd to havlng the in
? formation dtecltVoed in public. A nio
tion to amend the Birdsall resolution
bo as not to mentlon the name of Dr.
i Rllver speelfically finally was ndopled,
j although Blshop Doane thought that
j no ehange Bhould have been made.
He Declares He Has Never Dis
cussed with Wilson Any Per
son for Any Office.
President-Elect Also Asserts He
Has Neither Made Nor Inti
mated an Offer of a
Cabinet Place.
Wa: 01.>s>. <;.!., \o,. 20 "I have no<
conftrrad with Mr. Wilaon smca the
electton, and have never discuaaed with
him at any time any p*rBOn in connec
tion with any office, and I have no in
tention of going to Bermuda."
Thla answer araa made to-aifhi by
WilMair. J. Brymi IB repiy to report
current to-day that he proposed to vlsit
Ihe Presideitt-t'le. I in COOBOCtlon wlth
a Cabinet oppotBtment
"The public knows that Qo*eraof
Wilson lian gone to Bermuda to rest,
;..n<; tiim he is nol aeieetltig h CttbJnet,"
Mr. Brynn atlded. "They ought to lot'
him do the aelecting, and not spend
their tim? in guessing. If they do guess
I see no reason why I should ipend my
time in discu**ing their guettet."
Mr. Rryau. ai con. pauied by his \\ lf?
10 on the \va\ to Mlami. 1'la.. to BpefltJ
the w int' i.
Haniilton, Bermuda. Nov. 20 "All
.tatements nbout selections for the
Cabinet may he dlsregarded untll I
make the annoum cm.-nt m>self." de?
clared Presldent-elect Wilson to-night
when he B/aa told of the reports pub
Mahed Ib the United states.
Covernor Wilson said he had not of
fered or intimated an ofTer of a pla. I
I in bta Cabinet te any one.
It la learned that Willlam J. Brvan
has not been invlted to Bermtida, and
it is said he is not expected here dur
ing Mr. Wilson's stay.
Mr. Wilson is thoroughly enjoying
his sojourn here. He spendH much 0*.
hls tlme drhing and exploring the isl
Lieutenant Ceneral Sir Oeorge .Ma> k
worth Bullock. the Covernor and mm
mander in chief of Bermuda. returncj
Mr. Wilson's visit thls afternoon.
Brooklyn Mothers Kill Children
and Themselves.
Beljeving lier son Bdgar, siv yeara
old. would not reepver from- an attacfc
of cllphtherla, Mrs. Kate Herllng, a lfe
pf Chatiefl Her.ling af No. 169 Irvintr
avenue, Wllllamsburg. ended her soti's
life. as well as her own, yesterday wlth
lllu'itlnating gas. Mother and chllJ
were found dead on the parlor floor,
tightly rdaapad IB each other's arms, hy
the woman's tWO oldcr children, Chfttiefl
and Minnle, when they returned from
Another oase of a mother kllllng bar
xelf and her chttd came to light lf)
Brooklyn yesterday, when Mrs. Krleda
Kaufman, twenty-flve. years old, and
her flve-yenr-old daughter were found
daad in a room fllled wlth gas. at No.
|B8 I.afayette avenue, where they had
The won.nn BJ I attem; :ed tO COmtntt
Batckre the day before, but ber husband
preventad it. She i;< believed to have
groora deapoi deol because ot a pms
pectlTO operatlon.
Nona of Avon to Replace Pauline
Wayne When Taft Quits.
Washlngton. Nov. _<?. ? Paullne Wayne.
prosented to Presldent Taft by lUillBtOr
Stephenson. of Wiso.nsiii. wlll .-ease to
BO the White House tow on March 4.
With the inconilnK of Covernor Wilson
her post of di?tinctlon will fall to
Nona Of Avon, a reglfltered animai.
said to bfl valued at Xo.IKni.
Nona wlll be tho gift or William Gal
lowa] . Of Watcrloo, Ioa.i.
Inva'nable for lnvalhl<- an.l Convaleacont*
ii. T. r_BWty & Sona t.v,i_s Fulion sr.,.v v.
Rose, Weber and Vallon Will
Seek Temporary Obscurity
to Save Their Skins?
Cetebrate in Jail.
Little Lobbygow Says He's Go
ing Into Vaudeville. but
Turns Up His Nose at
Offer of $200
a Week.
The gunmcn's sentence day was Bbl
for Tuesday by Justlce Goff yesterday.
and intcrest in the Rosenthal <ase :<nd '
Ifj ramifieatlons thereupon cntrcd
around tht rc-lcase and future plans of
the four men in the West Side . >urt
prison tTbo flgured as the lnformcrs
for the state at the trials Of Cbarlaa
Hecker and the four ?lig gangslers.
Plans for the release to-day of "RaJd
Jack" It'^vc, "Rridgey" Weber, Harry
Vallon and "Sam" Schepps were crun
I pleted last night hy District Attorney
1 Whitman. who .trranged with t'oroner
j ivinberg tu siRn the papara for thelr
fi.nnal ilischarge this inorning.
Mr. Whitman said last night that all
four men had stlpulated they would hc
avallablr to the I?|stri<t Attorney's cf
n<e should they be peeded bl arltBaiaaa
at tbe trial of ".Ia. k" BUlllVan OT ?t
tbe future "John Doe" graft in.| uiy
before Jnalleb Ooff.
The Dfatrlel Attorney said be lelt
bound ln good faith under tlie a*rrr
nient with th" four nitaeeeefl prtor to
the Becker trial to dMCJbbrga th'in b*9IB
CtWtody, Rose and Vallon, nnd 00889*
Bty Schepps. wlll be need<*d as wit
ne??es agalnst "Jack' Sullivan, the i ist
of the ilcfendants to l.i tried on the in
djctment tur tbe murder or Harruan
p.oBenthai. Weber'' hnoarledga >.f i O"
graft would l.e hi-lpful to th- J )hn
Due" nbquhr, it wa* bbM) but the graft
iii'iuir\ was not aapected to begtfl iin- ;
til after tlietlrst of the year.
No Faar of Gunmen.
It had beeji expeted that I!n*e md
his companions vnuld be relca^e.i
under eover of niglit from the VTBBl
Side prMoB in ordei that their dep; rt-'
ure rnlght not b< bcralded to tlio^e
frlendn if the gunmen who migbt aaefe
revenge. District Attorney Whitman
said yeaterday. howey. r. that no plans
bald l>e?n made for their personal :>r..
tection. Rernnrd H. Sandhr, COUIiael
for R"se. S-h'pPS and Vallon. said that I
ntthougti hla cUanta had raealrad nu
rneroua tbraata aajalnal their iiws. th. \
w. re ^ llllng lo take their oia n <-hati. 8*
"With th.- .|e;ith Of Vin JaCb' Xelic
and the ronrtctloa of tbe foar ?un
men." said Mr. Sandler. "they feel thal
th.- diiriger from rrangsters and gUB*
men is about BBaaad "
A'-cordins: to Mr S.mdler. BehepfM
wiii go fjlraetty to Hot sr.rinR.*, arBara
he arlll anake lus future home. aad
later taha a eauatovflla coatrael for his
appearairce tn in..n..i<>gue ln the VTeat.
R0O8 will eecluda himself and famllj ln
sorae negrby town untll he has flnlehad
hlfl 1".>K. "Twenty Vears lb the t'n.l.-r
world." aad then probably k? abroii.;.
Vallon is ufide. ided In his plans and |
probably will not |ea\o New York f?>r
some. little tlme. Weber eipecta 10
sail for Eurone in a few days with his
fanilly for an BjMbMMM <>f three months,
it waa paid. Schepps Indignantlv
turned down an offer of $200 ? w-ek
from a W'stern \audev|||e manag.>r
reaterday, his rounsei r^aid. He araatad
more money.
Dlstrl. I Attorney Whitman said he
would mo\e for the dlflmist.nl of the in
dletmem iigiinst Wllllam Hhaplro, the
chauffeUT Of the "murder iar," bafOra
JOgtJee Goff to-day or to-morrow. Tlv
District Attorney said he consld-r d
that Shaplro was more des-ervlng of re
IgBga than any of the othcrs. He was
convlni'cd that Shaplro wns innocent af
any compllclty in the R0B8Bthbl mur?
siiajiir.. feara tbai bi* life wlll be ha
gteat danger when he ia relcased, .md
he deslres to get as far away trom
New fork as he can. He has no money
and his Bgad inother M dependlBt on
hlm. Mr. Whitman said that he in
tended nersf?nally to lulp Shaplro to
go away with his mothi-r.
Goff Criticisas Now Law
Rose, Vallon and Weber all asserted
yesterday that Hhaplro was entlrely in
no. ent in rcgard to the Roaenthal mur?
The four convicted gunmen, "Whltey"
Lewla, "Dago" Krank, "Lefty" Loula
ii ml "Gyp" the Blood, were arraltrm.il
before Justlcc tJoff at the opening of
court yesterday, and the day for pro
nouncing the death sentence upon them
was tlxed for next Tuesdav. It in cus
tomary to set the date for exe, ution
about six weeka from the tlme of yen
t. ncc. That would be MOM tlme dur?
ing the second week ln January, I'.H.'l.
Sberlff Harburger announced yesterilay
that he would take the four defendants
lo the death house at Sing Sing dlreetly
from the .oiirtroom Oll the day of sen?
The four j risoners BJtOWed llttle
physlcal effaata of the shock of the \ er
dl.t of Kiillty when they were grottght
into egajcf yesterday. They MBfaad at
each other. and neemed unconcerned us
thay were BBCOTted I-) tha prlsoner's bar
( .>nlin:i,.l on ?i\ili paae. H.ir.l . elumn
MO Tl,ank-??ivltig dinner complet^ wltliput
a hnttka oi I?r. Sieuart's Angoetura Blttera
Justice Goff Relents When At
torneys Promise to Finish
Case in a Week.
Former City Chamberlain at
Last Faces Court in Connec
tion with Wrecking of
Oarnegie Trust Co.
Eatt 135th street, The Bronx, a coal
merchant at No. 231 Ryder avenue,
The Bronx.
West 73d atreet. secretary and treas?
urer of a firm which importa coffees.
teas and spices. at No. 85 Wall
West 76th street, insurance broker,
at No. 56 Maiden Lane.
Madison avenue, r.ashier of an em
broldery concern at No. 436 Lafay
et?e street.
Weit 163H street. f'our. at Stone
stre?t ar.rl the North River.
Wett 107th street, architect, at No.
225 Fifth avenue.
Perry avenue, The Bronx, drygoods,
West 111th atreet, builder, at No.
147 Watts street.
Foundation, architect, Marbridge
West 176th atreet, consulting engi
rtttr, at No. 41 Park Row.
HENRY S. I-OUD. No. 32 West
40th street, mechanical engineer, at
No. 165 Broadway.
IMLAY BENET. No. 137 West
87th street, banker, at No. 115
CTiarlea H. Rjrde, the former city
('liatnl'i tiain. B/hO was lodtcted fOT
lulhery u year and a half BfO, foltOW'
iiik tlie craab af tbe C_rna_1e Tru.?t
Oonpaav. ramo to trlal yaatatday. Ib
pia<-o of Juattee Vernoa m. Davta,
whoaa Crt-tfnaJ Term of ihe B-premo
court bo had Biede eeerjr local erTort
to eeoape, be faced Juatlee QeoT With
the defeadant sut John B, stan< i?.. id
and Max tX Steiier. hia COUBBOL Fr.ink
Bfoea and John Drkland Clark, Aaetet
aat Dtotrtct Attorne\s, aaoloted Mr.
When conrt adjourncd for the day,
?tUNftl] after 1 o'clock In the afternoon.
1*088 men had pl<l<.-d t_M entlre Jnry of]
l\v?-he. In fact, tln- expedltJJOB with,
wlii' h proaeCUt-BB nnd defence agTOOd
OPOB t_0 Jurors hus prohably BBVed
Hyde froaa a week in ja.il. alnce it araa
only tbe l-otisid' lation of a Bpaodli l
trlal whuli prevented Ju.stl08 Goff from |
Beodlng the defendant to the Tetnbel
pendlnf ,lie wdlct On this polnt thej
COUti said:
"It has been _ttf CUBtOtn lo place de- |
rendanta ta ciiaabial caaaa before me!
ln eloae cuetody untll the Jnry has
rondered a v*ardlc_ t>niy tarlee have,
I BOiaiied from my rule. ln one ofl
these caaaa i -aade Ibe o_coep__aoi on j
account of oatreme age and the other I
on BCCOUnf Of skknesH. 1h there any j
( niMiniiril on hiilh paae, tlflli eolumn.
Beginnlna Nfrv. ti, Pannaylvaola K. lt j
Throngll -? ? - i ij?_-_ car now MMvlaaj I'. nna
Staticn ai 1:91 PTH win loavw at ;.:"! i'.M
Kentucky Town Excited Over
Birth of "Aged" Boy.
[B) Trt?e;r..pli tr. Th.- Tribur.e. 1
Whitesbnrg, Ky., Nov. '20.?The w hole
..f this pTOaperoua farnilng community
is excitrd to-night over the birth of a
babj !>?>> v. ii h a full bead of gray hair.
The boj was l.orn this mornlng, his
nmtlier befag th<' wife of John H. Graft,
,.i pine Creak.
Hundreda of frienda and neighbora
of tbe Craft family l.esieged the home
.il day to get a glimpse of the gray
halred baby. Brarybatty wants to see
i him.
Driver's Body and Women
Thrown Out by Crash.
Hill, N. H., Nov. 1:11. George A. Sum
ner, tor fourteen >ears postmaster of
this town and u former Representative
in the Btate Legislature, dopped dead
from he:irt faltBVB while at the steer
ing wheel of his automobile to-day and
tha machine crashed into a fence.
Bumner*8 boiyi bis daughter and a
woman friend were thrown out. The
latter, Mr* JeBej* Cbaffaa, wns badly
?haken and aoaBaarhal brulaad Miss
Buraiaer araa uutajured, Mr. sumner
-. \?nty-three years old.
Colic Kills Goat That Brought
Victories on Gridiron.
I 1: Tali arapB la The Tni.une. |
NOV. 20 Bill. the p..;it
lhal paradad the side Unee at Franklin
| Fleld, Philadelphia, on two sueresslve
!%cnrs in whlch the Navy bore off the
paln of vl.t.iiy orar tha Arn.y football
i.itn. La n,?d. aiul t,"> iiiltl?hir men are
ln mourning.
Bill was measured for his new suit
this week. but ba BtKCUrnbed to an nt
tock "t" colic, v. iii'b aaiaad bim last
i:iii iraa tha pwperty of a negro at
lendant at Baracreft Hall A blg An
gora haa been obtatned In BUTB place.
but the old rnaacot wlll be stuffed and
kept In I'ancroft HalL
- e
Youth Falls Unconscious Before
Blow Is Struck.
I*redertck afertera, aagbtaan yeara old.
,, clerk, bl No. 16SH Weat UJEM street.
died auddeal) last ntghl la tha Century
Club, in the r.ar of No. 1JS West PNith
street. BB ha was al?.ut tO engage ln a
boxtng aablMUoB with Tboaaaa Hoimes,
nlaetaen yaara old, of No. 147 west
100th street.
Meiten bgd Just had the boxing
glovaa tied to his hands and was about
to ahaka baada with Hoimea when he
reeled ?nd fbll agalnst him. Hoimes.
thinking Mertaa was joking. ihored
him aetde. and Harten tall to the door.
?.f the score of toung men who
were groupad around the two. seelng
Jhal sonuthlng was wrong with Mer
tea, raa t.. the west lOOth street sta
ti.ni and rdqueated that an atnbulance
be suinm..ne<l.
Detectlve Wilbur uccompanicd the
joung m.m 10 'he clul.house, ami saw
ai a glaace thal Meiten was dead.
win n Dr. hfcKaal arrired from the j.
Hood Wright Haapital be pronounci?d
Meileii il.ad, and said that death was
probabl] due to heart taiiure, induceu
by ex.?iietnent. Although all the young
men. about twenty in niunber. said that
no bloari had been stni'-k, Hoimes was
held ?.n 8 tcchnkal charge of homlclde.
? a
Mlddlel-jw'ii. N'- V.. Nov. M.w.\ spark
from Ihe l>U>c of John K. CMlaon. a fanmr,
abfbty reara old, of Qreenvttie, Igaltad his
long arhtakera Phi flaims Bjafbad to hla
caothtBg, and Ba araa burraad ta death.
Slould oidtr The .louriial of Cotntnerca
deiivered at thelr home* avery buainesa
mornlng. All ncw> tunda kcip lt. ?
caata pei coay.? aVdvt. '
Turkey Appoints Nazim Pacha,
Izzet Pacha and Chadan
Bey to Negotiate
Bulgarians Retiring to More
Sanitary Positions ? St.
Sopbia Made Hospital
to Prevent Enemies
from Entering.
I Hy (tble to The Tribune. 1
London, Nov. 24?There ls a tnice et
Tchataldja, and proepectH for peace ara
brighter and more hopeful than for
some time past. In reply to the Turk?
ish appcal the allles have consented to
negotiate for an armistice, which, if
successfully arranged, wlll be followed
by pourparlerB for peace. Turkey baa
already nsmed delegates. Besides
Nazim Pacha, they are lzzet Pacha,
chief of 8taff, and Of>man*Nlzami Pacha,
formerly Ambassador to Berlin. The
Bulgarian government'a repreaentatives
are not yet nominated, or if they are
their names are not revealed. but prob
ably they wlll be General Savoff, com
mander ln chlef, and another general.
In the mean tlme orders hove been
sent to the Bulgarian troops at Tcha?
taldja to cease flghting and await the
lssue of the negotiations for an armia
tloe. Heavy flring was again heard
yesterday at Constantinople, but thla
may have been Turkish warships tin
aware of negotiations ahclling the Bul?
In these cireumstances, and in vi?w
of the appalllng ravages of cholcra, 1*
ls hardly conceivable that the Turk;
aaa resist the lerme imposed by __bj
The establishn.ent of a Bntish pro
tectorate over Egypt wlll, it ls stated.
follow the overthrow of the Ottoman
Kmpire in Europe.
A Sofia dispatch to "The Standard?
says that the delegates appointed by
the Balkan league to dis<~uss the armia
tlco include Bulgarian, Greek and S*r
vlan ofUcers.
A Conatantinople dispatch to "Tho
Jewish Chrontole" asserts that the
Ureek soldlara at Salonka. sacked the
Jewish quarter, ranaacklng and de
stroying the synagogues and attacklng
the women Terror and desolation pre
vail. and, according to the dispatch, the
chlef rabbis of Salonka and Conatanti?
nople are invoking the proteotion of the
French and Brttlsh amhassadors.
The Balkan allles have deflnitely
abandoned the idea of the partltion of
Albania, according to a Sotia dispatch
to "The Daily Mail." They will con
sent to Albanian autonomy. and an
autonomous administration wlll be set
t,p by stajres with the aid of the Bal
Van Statea.
Constantlnople, Nov. 20. ? Nazim
Pacha. commander in chlef of the
Turkish army; Izzet Pacha. chief of
Oeneral Staff of the War Office and
late commander in chief in Ye-.ien, and
Chadan Bey, Counelllor of State, have
been appointed tlie Ottoman plenipo
tentiartes for the negotiatlon of an
armiatlce wlth the Bulgarian reprc
sentativeB. It is underatood that Gen?
eral Savoff, the Bulgarian leader, wlll
be one of the plenlpotentiaries of Bul?
The question of peace bulks largely ln
the foreground. The fact that the offl?
cial communications wlth regard to the
Bulgarian reply, issued at both Con?
stantlnople and Soria. make no mention
of preliminary conditions has glven rise
to comment. as it waa generally ex
l*?cted that Bulgaria would inslst on
tlxtng bases before consenting to enter
upon negotiations. Indeed, the bellef
was very general that Bulgaria would
demand the capitulatlon of Adrianople
and other fortified places, and the For?
elgn Minlster recently stated to tha
ambassadors that Turkey would refuse
to entertaln any such atlpnlatlon.
Ar>parently Bulgaria has found good
reeaono for refrainlng from such an
attitude. especially as the entering upon
pourparlers will not compel the aua
pension of hoHtilitiea until the armlstico
has been a-'tually slgned.
Aa has already been pointcd out, tbe
qnestlon of cholera complicates the
ig'iue at Tchataldja, and to-day lt la
rumored that tho Bulgarians are retir
Ing to more sanitary poBltionB near
Ti-horlu. A vlolent cannonading audl
ble thla afternoon ln the dlrectlon of
Derkos, however, would Indicate that
some engafem*"4 is in progreaa in that
Haavy Gun Firing Haard.
Heavy gun firing was audible at 4
o'clock thls afternoon from the direc
tion of Biyuk Chekmedye, at the Sea
of Marmora end of the Tchataldja for
tificationa. It la believed that a Turk?
ish warship waa firing at the Bul?
garians. Thls mornlng all waa qulet la
the neighborhood of Blyuk Chekmedye
and Tchataldja.
Fresh troops are arrtvlna; dally by
stearner and train from Aala Minor.
The Porte has applied to tho embaaalee
a.nd legattons for the wlthdrawal ?_
the naval contingents landed on Mon?
day, on the ground that their preeence
Ib not necessary, while It la added that
should danger arise there wlll alwaya
be tlme enough to take moaeuraa ef
The ambassadors and minlotero at a
meetlng to-day diecuBaed the roQueet.
It la underatood that they declded aa

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