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laave tbe matter in abeyance for the
A teleajl-BB from Nazim Pacha reads:
"There was no Jterlous flghtlng 88
A Hligl.t IBIIBBBlt- ??'d fusillad*
were exchanged at the rlght and left
wlngs. We have collected the arms
aad other effects abandoned yeaterday
by the enemy."
Truly Oriantal Expodiant.
lt is gcncrally believed that the ob
,,.. t oi the autborttlea in quartering
. :y two thousand - l.olera patients in
the Mosque of St. Sophla is to deter any
oneralec from setting foot wlthin the
building. Th' talk ln the Sofla papers
urdlni tbe calebrattoa of Te Deums
la that baBtork ptte undouhtedly pro
ducad an mipressjon on the Turkish
rnment. whl< h resorted to thls
truly Oiiaatal expedlent of thWartlng
BUCb 8 dcslgn.
A letter from Urama _a>s that long
before 'be BulK.iriu.na approached the
town the authorities were seized wlth
pauale, and beaaaajht the /oreign con
ta arrange B peaceful surrender.
Next day the Governor, the milltary
commander and the commander of the
ct ndarmerie, attlred ln muftl, aban?
doned the place. while many of the
soldlers and gendarmerie imltated their
? xample.
The poeltton at the Tchataldja lines
0 aa descrlbed by Nazim Pacha in a
t.l.R.am to the Turkish War Office,
ttaoed 11:11 P m. to-day. as follows:
};, ports received at thls moment state
tbat tbe enenry t'acing our left wing
witbdrcv. convptotely last nlght in the
.lir.ction of the slopes of Papaz Bur
gaa C?ur reconnoitrina: parttc* counted
over five hundred dead Bulgarians nn
the slopes in the envlrona of Tchataldja
rallroad Pldtion. From their epauleto
r waa eetabllahe- that the dead Bol
diers bel*M-ged to the lst Infantry Regt
ment or Bofta. A nurnber of rtflea. caaa
and ofRcerB' aworda were brought Ii
b) our troops.
\ccording to atatemanta made dj
BalaarUn prledner* the enemy has been
nithout food ior three daya. and is re
treatlng The Bulgarians were unable
IB carrv awav all their wounded.
li.. n.ormk of our troops is very
BOOd _ __, __
\ wtreleaa dispatch from the com
mander of tho Turkish buttleship Tur
gul Reli tlroad 1 a. m.. November W,
reporta that a Turkish detachment
operatlng from Derkos, aided by the
flre Of tbe ship's guna. drove back t.u;
BuLgariana ln the dlrectlon of Ormanli
raburUB for a dlstance of ten
I . -
Turkish, Bulgarian and Servian
Commanders Order Oessa
tion of Hostilities.
London, Nov. 20.? The war has
-diifted for a tlme from the fleld of arms
io that of diplomacy. It may be that
the war Is neur to un end. Plenlpoten
tiarics for tlie belligerent powers will
meet to-morrow at the vlllage of Hadem
keui, a few n.llea outside the capital,
for a prclimlnary dlscusalon of the
tetaaa of an armistice.
In the mean tlmtv the Turkish, Bul
t-arian and Servian commanders have
ordered a cessation of hostilities, al?
though cannonadlng, whleh Nazim
Paoba reports as unlnvportant, occurrcd
ihis morning.
The Bweeping terms which the allles
were said to have demanded yesterday
basi- for the armistice appear not
to bave been advaneed. but the pleni
l.otentlarles may not know the levela of
the platform untll they meet for the
discussion, and lt ls almost certaih that
?t will be on the hnsis of the Balkan
States holdlng all the conquered coun?
try until a permanent treoty of peace
i- s.gned.
How rnany vestlges of hls former
000*0? they are prepared to concede the
Turk depends largely on two factors?
the strength and supplies of the allled
army threatening the gates of Conatan
tinople and the extent to which the
cholera Bpeotri has embarrassed their
Graat Tranaport Difficulti**.
lt is certain that great transport dlf
flculties hamper the Bulgarian army on
account of the dlstance from lts noae
Hiid the rough roads. The cholera ls
< ounted on by tbe Turks to weakea
the Bulgarian ambltion for a trlumphal
tnarch into the capital and the celebra
?Jon of m&ss ln St. Sophta. But to make
assurance doubly sure ,the Turk has
reaorted to the amazlng plan of trans
forming the mosque Into a peathouse
and has crowded 2,000 cholera Btricfcen
l-atlents within ita walls.
Simultaneousjy with the lull on the
battlefleld comes news of a dimlnution
af tenslon ln the Austro-Servian dls
pute by the complianco of Servia with
the demand of the Austrian govern?
ment for an Investlgation on the spot.
The Austro-Hungarian Consul at Rel
grade was due to start to-day for Prls
rend to inquire Into the complaint of
the Austro-Hungarian Consul there
thut he had been hindered by the Ser
\ iuns in the carrying out of his dutles.
Part of the Journey must be made on
horseback, and it will take several days
for him to arrive at hls destinatlon.
Relationa 8til| in Paril.
On the other hand, there is nothing
yet to lndjcate a solutton of the ques?
tion of the Servian demand for ports
on the Adriatic Sea. lf, as is threat
aoaod, ahe diverts her army released by
Follow Your
Common Sense
and it arll lead you in the right direc
A person. when sick, ls very npt to
graap at a straw. Unworthy" artlcles
are alluringly advertlaed to cure all
manner of ills and you are made tbe
goat for experlment unleaa you use
common sense. Kverybody is occasion
ally or frequently in the throes af *
bilious attack of which ail the symp
toms nn- nature's danger stgnuls for
you to do something before It is too
late. Heuriache. bad stomach and con
stipation are the forerunnera of most
intestinal dlseasos. Attacked in time,
in a common sense way, they soon puws
over. Study your caae and study the
remedy. Take something whlch wlll
effectually operate. flrst on your liver,
then on your stomach, and laatly on
your bowels. Take something which
nature has furnlshed and whirh ls un
touched nor altered by human hands.
A natural remedy is the iholce. of
every doctor. Hunyadl Janos Water
is their cholce. It ls the most ideal.
senslble and safetst Natural I-axativ
Mlneral Water, and half a tumblerful
on arlslng ucts apecdlly. sure and
It il iK'lievcl ,n well informed rircl* that this step will lead quickly to tho end of the war hctween
Turkey and the Balkan allies.
the fall nf Monastir to the country of
th.- Araaut trthoainen. ln-r relatkma
with Austria-Hungary will, it is
thought, be further imperillcd.
Meanwhile, however. tlie rejKMil Ulbt
ordera for tha taoUllaaUon of the
Au8tro-Hungarlan army bad b04 n
bamed ;ire to-day offldlally declared im?
The more iimetinble attltude of Pe.r
viii M doabUeaa partly due to the ac?
tlon of the (u-rman and ItallM gnvcrn- j
ment.s at Relgrade. Thelr interests also
are affected, as the Gcrmans and Ital
ians at Prisrcnd are under the DTOteo
tlon of the Austrlan Ponsulate. The
two governments thecafora warmly
supported the Austro-Hungarian r*j>
Courts-martlal at CoaataatlBOple 819
buRily engaged aaalaacliig taerabera
of the Young Turk party t.. terms of
impxisonment. Ninett-cn of them were
diapoaed of yesterday. Daputy Ca
rasso, of Baloaloa, has been aiTeeted.
A private lettar recelvgd by a bual"
ness flrm from Constantinoplo and
?ataM November lo says that under
martial law order ll bcing bOtter kept
than ever before ln that i ity. Il '..n
"You can take this from an old busi
ness flrm?that CoaurtaatlBopla will al'
wa>'8 be Pft to Turkey and that trou
ble will never 001 ur in tb.- way peoprl
abroad lmaglne.'"
Unable to Hold Advanced Posi
tion, Correspondent Declares.
I^jmdon, Nov. 21.-Mart:n II. Donohue,
lc|agraphlna tn "The Chronide" from
Hademkeui under date of November 18.
BB3 ?-'
The fortune of war, provrrblally rar>
able. has now turned dectdedly In favor
of the Turks. who have Balned the flrst
advantage in the confllct at thatf last
stand. , , ,
Th.- Hultrarians were unable to hold the
ad\anc.d poaltlona they ) ;ifi stonraed at
much cost tlie previou.- day. and, navlni
faii.-d to made any Impreaalon <<n tha
forts at Hademkeui. bare BOW fallen bach
with thelr heavy artlllery. A;- tha eaemy
retreated the Turka Bhelled Ihem. thui
revereing a',1 prevloua experlencea In the
The tlithtiiiK was very severe. The Bul
?arlan loau, eapoclally whlla retrcatlna,
was conalderable. All redoubta taken by
the enemy were H -ocwpled hy the Turka
who ar.- Iiiiu-h elat.d at haVlnj bl iten
oft what they consider was the BUlgarUfl
main attaek. I
It is probable, however, that tha Bul- j
garians reaard it men ly ??- a reconnala
sance in foree, d.siijncd to fept the
HtrenKth and viilnerabillty of the Turkish
aorks. , , ,
Both sides are exhaustad by tne r-ar
ful artlllery dual. The Turks dlaplayed
an tnilntely better flithting splrll than i
hltherto. Their infantry In partlcular |
showed adaslrable Btaatbneaa and motale. |
Papai Burgaa, al the extreme left pf
the llne, and Bivuk rhekmodv srl agaln
in the banda of the Turks Gomparative ,
tranqullbtv prevalb) to-day, with oeea- :
sionaliv little artlllery. flrlng al tha Hght
and left flanks. Hut for the inmnnit tbe
Bulgarlans have had enough of ?P.Khtlng
and ai.ow no stgna ..f reaumtng tha offen
The Hademkeui forts proved far harder
nuts than the Bulgarlans antlclpated
A flner elaaa of Turkish raaarvee are
now on the flrlng Uae. Tbej shoa greal
steadlhaaa and are dolna much to reatore
Ihe bbeteol praatlaaol the Turkish srms
The last enataaement has entalled great
|e?aea <>n bOtn sid.-s. The Turkish
wounded are n..w belnj; oenred decently
and a Rood amhulani e . orps is stream
ing Into Hademkeal.
The correspondent of "The Daily Maii"
telearaphs from I'onstantinople under
dat>- ef November 20 as follOWSi
The liu'.urne in the ftghtJng at the
Tchataldja liiies to-day waa dlattnctly in
?favor of the Turks The Bulgarlani did ,
not suffer a defeat bul recelved ? > h.-.-k i
Their lirst attempt t>. rarry the lines not
havltifc .siH-cee'le.l. they have ,!ra\wi ha?'k
at Mlyuk Chekrnedye r. Papaa Burgaa
and further north The Turks have ad?
vanced thelr entrenchmenta
There is. howeeer a ?reat dlffarence be?
tween ? suacsasful defence and the Turk?
ish advanci. The beel tbe Turks can
hope to do seems to be to brlng on a con?
dltlon of Btalemate, where they eaa enter
m?.n negotlatlonl
A dtapatOb from Mad.nik.iii to "The
Bipieea." seal Novaaaber i!'. says:
The Bulajarlaris retreat.-d ..n l.oth wiiiKS.
tvhilr the Hamidleh guni w I r> lustilv
poutiduiK them.
The nillltary impoitance of the Turkish
suooaaa ls BJight, but the moral offect on
the Turks is ti < intndously I cnnlcial.
Officially Declared Untrue by
Bulgarian War Office.
Bofta, Not a\ AU tha n pot la
Ing from Turbtota aoarcea alleflm l I
tba Turfclob troops had pjathea rictoriea
over tha Bolgerlana aJoag the llne of
f..i tifleations at Tchataldja are oftVlally
declared untrue i.y the Bulgarian War
Ofl ?? to day.
This lo the only infoi mation alven 0B1
here thus far in legard to tba thr* i lye*
oporaUaaa af tbe nuiphrtan army befora
c.iii:tuntin"plc, wlth tbe ^XCej*tk*B af :?
t'-rday't BJtBOOO. OIBOBt tbat bottle bad
been eacaaed a' tbo adrenced i ?>i utm of
tho inic.
Elaojardltw the Bltuatlon ??< adrlaaopie
afflclal .-o'Oui.ts BtaU that tl.. Turkish
trdopa atteatptlag to breafe throt-gh tha
Bulgarian taeeetiag llaea arari repa ad
on .Monday with heavy Ins.scs, aft?r a
battla lasiuiK tbe wbole day. The) arew
. ompt Ued to retiie to tba foi p
i rom Dedaaahateb, oa tba ___can iea,
it la reported tbat ttro bettellona of Turk?
ish troops poeted on tha hetfhta to tha
tiorth wep. routed hv the BulgartanB.
The T..rk.s fhd, lOOvtOf h train Rlled wlth
provlsli tis, ammuidttofl and hOroea
Diplomats Don't Believe Recent j
Arrests Were of Students.
i.ondon, Nov. |#, Both Ottoaaaa aadl
forelgn lotereol iti Cteetant-ttepla leareat- |
ly ron< irned ln the large Bt?BbOf of ar
rests of politklans and wrlters holOBglBd
lO tba party of CTalon and Progresa.
.\.-.-ordiriK tO a npm lal dispatch frotn
the Turkish rapltal, the Ottoman fOTOtll
ment tbraagb n loeal jno?<m Bfllinrj ha*
lOBtJOd B statement that oniy f.uty arrests
have been made, and that the sole roaaofl
for tbaoo araa the orajanlaatloa of a demon?
stration hy university students ln front of
the governmerit offlVes on October 7.
At flrst the most remarkable stories
were eimilated ln explanation of the ar?
rests. with a vtoar of b-tuenetag Mua
sulman oplnlon, it was explalned that th.
Cnionlsts were plottlng to aBOBhtieh a re
iiiiblic. An attoeopt was also BBOdO 81
dlvert Chrlstlan ttnd forelgn sympathv
from tha arreoted men i>y tha clrculatlon
af i report tbat tba objoct of tba off?ol*
statlon was to arnUBaja massa'-n-.s and lo
btoi* up the feweten ntjerter ol Pai?,
These reports were ao manlfestly and
dumslly falte that tba Turkish govern?
ment feit itseif aaaotraBoed aa issuc te>
day'a statement regardlng the students.
LMplomattc drclea, however, attrlbato the
arrests to a very (lifferent reason. They
beilove they arere du.. to the aeaalBaUoa
hy the Sultan ut the l>eh>--t of the I'nioii
Ists of Mahtnoud Rhefk< t I'acha as In
apactof OohOI?I of the army. Thla aetlon
was intended to cause tht fall of the
Ottoman cabinet.
Nelther the public nor counsel for the
defence was admitted to the eourts nuir
tiai which trled tba arreoted Unlonlata.
This rigorous aofJoa of the authorltles la
expected to auppraoa L'nlonlat opposltlon
for 8 long tlme to come.
Left War Material Behind?
20,000 Killed and Wounded.
Balarado, tervlOi Not Ift Aooordt?o to
tha latest rtj.irt- front Monastir, the
Tuikhli aurrlson did not -urr?-inl?'i, but
t|.-d In all dlrcctlons, l.aviim a larg.
aniount of war material behind.
After the terrtfle bHttie orhleh praoodad
the fall Bf tbe clty most of tln- Turkish
BOldlara fled ln the dlrertlon of .'lorltia.
DfteOB miles to the southeast, pursued by
c b S'-rvian eatalry.
The Turks loM 20.000 killed nnd OfOttBdad
ln the battla, and the Servian i-asualtles
werf also very heavy.
The Crowti Prlnce of Servia made hls
stat?- entry Into the rlty yesterday. The
Servian press is demandlng a strlct In
Mstigation Into the orlgln of the reports
of the ittpture of 45.0U. Turks.
t 'leveland 11. DodOJB, one of the trust
Bf Robert College, _t Coiiataiitinoplc, re
celved the followliia OBblO BSaBOBaTa ftotn
tha presldent of that instltutlon yesterday
Constantinople, Nov. 19? Be reatsured
The clty is qulet The BehOOl ls crowded
with students and la fully Kuarded. Hava
no fear. UATES '
( ..intiiaiHling tlie Turkish army.
Three Important American Mis
sionary Stations Near City?
Russia Sends Oruiser.
Athena, Nov. |g.?Reporta of maoaa
erea of Chiiatiaaa ln Jaffa, Paleetlaoi
caused tbe commander of tba RttaaJan
erulaer oleg t.. welgh anchor and de
part burriedl) for that dletrtct to-day
riv.- Chiiatlan mlaeioaiary Bocletlea
,i- repreeented ln Jaffa, The Cbrla
tian .'iiid MlaabMUW] Alllanee bas a Bta?
tlon a ith one man. the ChUlxM Mlssioii
,ir\- Boclety for Africa and tha Baat,
two man and two woraeu; the Londob
Boclet) for the Protnotloa of Cbria*
tianity among th.- .1-as, taro nt n aad
two wonwn; IhetJerenUi Day AdranUot
. Board, one man and one
woman, and th.- Tab?4rtha Mtaaion
s. i... i. four women. There is alao an
\i.i. i ? ..ii orphanage.
There are supp.-s.-ii to be about ten
thouaand CbiiaUana among tbe inhab
Itanta, ti'. total <.f wbom is eetlrnated
.;t about forty thouaand. Tbara ;">?
elgbl Chrletlaa Cburchaa and four
Jawjab synagoguee. Thare is an Ene>
i1 h boapltal .uiii i I'rei.. h boopltaL
u., . altl ..iik^ withoul
?? iti..n ..f th*- reported btaaaacri of
tl ma in Jaffa, th- >>m> lal- li>i.
admit ti ? ? n spprehel
mch tn ? lyrlan coaat, a bere
,.;'?-..- ? -? rween i i< Ma
md the ChrlatlaAa are more
pronounced than ln an) other part of the
Ottoman Rmpfra.
? .rn Interaata ha that guartar sr?
OOt only OWtBg t.. the i \ t. n r. S
frult trade, i.ut becmuae "f tba preaeoca
of a lar^' number ?t Ansertcan mlaalon
? i sducatlonal In tltutlooa withm
mllea "f Jaffa, a i'i. h la th.- poi t
of jeruaeJera, m t?ir? ? - important Amerl
.111 mlfladonary atatlona '? Tarylbeh, Ba
niaialh and Aln-Aie.k Thl ?
large Jewtsb pojrtuBtJaa, bul so far it ls
not bnown thal Ihej bava baea dlaturbad
i-. i';- Turks ot Arabe, whoai III feaHag
lo bi dln ? ti 'i . -:? i> Bgalratt the
. 'hrli i
Tw<. rorelgn warablpi bavi been lylng
at n.-inii. .,()..ut IM miles north ?i Jaffa,
and preaaumably one ot theae bas i?.?> n
aJeaaalchad t.> tba latter port. Raar ad
rnlral Knlght, on lha arraarad trulaer
T> nness.e, Is now BgeedlBg dlrectly for
li.irut. His ship la dU8 bl Glbraltar to
morrow, but lt am reejutrs abaaal a
waak'i time for the crulaar to take on
eoal and traverae tha leagtb .>f tba Medl
ii-i iam an t.j tbe S\ rlan . I
Tba st.it- Department haa baan ooa
Kratulatmg Itaelf upon lha Immunttj ol
Amerlcan Intaraeta from Injury durlaa
Ihe preaent wai To-dai a cabli meaaage
?/aa recelved from tbe amerlcan Conaul
nt Balonlca, tn the rary oaatre of the thid
of war, reportlna thal all AmerJcana and
Amerlcan lnt-rests Iblra BOd Bl <'avalta.
v ii | bi ic.w occupted by Bufgartan re?u
l.ns, were safa
Red Orescent Asks Money to
Succor Famine Suflferers.
The following BBMkaal of the Ottoman
i:,,i Creeoent, rjo^gara4fag with the
Atn.rl.-ari Rfd CrOBB, was is? .. 1 ?
ti,. borrori >.f war. accompanled by
unflpeabably sno.-kinK hardshloa and
mlaery, whleh la aggrarated and saaMt
tei. a by the unmerclful ravagea "f nut
ore -famine and peatllenec ar?- naw ln
s meaaure unparalleled ln the annali "f
mo l< 11, waif.it >?. l-'aiiiHi.-s rlllagea, citlea
aitbla the soeae ,,f the tn. st terrlbla ea
lainitN J.-w, li.iitih, Mahometan, Btrteh
,i, Snd agjjetad io tba pangs of an un
vleldtng, ravenous acourge now ralse
thelr most BuppUaat voice f..r the b>iu
pathy and lew roalty of lha drlllaed
V.I/1 Id
Tha Amerlcan brancb ol the ottoman
Bed t'reacent, a/hlch counta aumw Ita
patrona Youssouf Ela Pacha, Ottoman
Ambaaaador In Waahlnatoa, and Oaacar s.
and is worhlna In conjunetlon
v.ilh tbe Am.rl.-nn Ked CrOflB, pt.-s.-nts
itaelf hh the Intertnedlary ln hel.ulf of
amii't>'il hinnanity IWi.i e ih>- Ottomaiis,
tlve of creed nnd race, and he
fore it" Amerlcan people, wlao batre ai
waya llberaily reaponded t" tha appeal of
the UHI..I tnna ta and needy,
au contrlbutlena may he scnt ta .lacob
li Bcblff, No. M Wlfliam street, or to
A I' lladilad. M. D., treasurer of the
Ited Creacent, No. W Broad street, New
York *'ity.
Rebel Chief Reported Slain in
Canyon by Rurales.
Mealoe City, Nov. Mi Osaeral Aataafa
Rojaa one >.f the m.'Ht Inlluentlal of the
rebel bbadora and s Hrorn suppotter ot
tieininl (ii.,/..., has t>> ? -n killed In an en
COUOter with rural guarda, aecordlng to
aaofflclal advtoaa to tha gavanaaaati Tha
aaeauatar ooaarrai in s.m Jaaojala can?
yon. ln tha State uf Ghlhiiahua, the
rurales helriK commanded by Qeaoral Job*
The r.-bel leader, ChOCbe Campos, oper
atiiiK ln the SiHt>- of Imraiigo. haa cut
tha Ceatral Rallway te tha nouth of Tor
i.-oti There have he.n many protests
aaralraat tba wltbdrawal <>f the troops
from tba north ta ai<i lha eaaapalga in
ths souih.
? m
Tbe F-.l-ratlon >f Orietital Jews or
Amerka will hold a eonf.r.nce on Sun
da\ .VenillK ln the Audltuiiuin of tho
Kdueationai Aiiian.'.-. JeaTeraou streel and
Baat iiroadway, for tbe pavpaaa ?f per
f?H-tlng plans to ald the .lews tU'htfn^ on
both ndea in th<- war between the Halkan
RtateB and Turkey. Oscar S. StrauB wlll
BOdresa tbe tneetlng, and efforts will be
made to enlist the altl of all Jewlsh or
Ki'.nlzatlona ln this country.
Correspondent Throws New and
Unexpected Light on Fight
ing Early in the Week.
(By Ceat* ta The Tllheni )
London. Nov. tl. --Ashmead Bartlett.
"The Dadly T.-lcgraphs" war I orre
spondent with UM Ottoman army. in a
dispatch dated November 1$, via Coii
stanz.-i. throara a naw and -me_n_?ecte
llght on tbe operatlona at Tchataldja
and fcadtcates that tha Bulgarians BC
> omplished a good daal more ln the as
sauit on the chain of forts than is
geiierally supposed.
At 1 o'clock on Monday morning, ac?
cording to tbe dispatch, the Bulgarians
coacantratad thatr infantry agatnat tha
adranced ararka m front of Hademkeui
and daUverad aq attacb with dectalye
offeot, the tTbeto ararka faiiing into
thatr baiids after thr.-e-qiiarters of an
hour's flghting at the polnt of tbe bay >
net. The Bulgarians are now rstab
lished in an are niade by the recedlng
, an ie of hiiis whlch form the taaln
line of the defence, and are in a po.si
ti..n to attacb tba main line around
llad.-mkciii IteeLfc BUt wb.it is ^tlH
naore aoiioua is the fact that they can
onfllade'tbe left wlng of the Turkish
poaltlon, and if they plerce the centre
at Hademkeul both wlnga wlll bo cut
off and Obllfed to retire in confusion if
they OBCapO Jit all.
HarLng captured tbo autar worka, the
BuLgarlana igalo devoted tho entlre
daj to a trernendo?i bonbardaaeat of
the ramalnlnfl arorka, nnd also de
morallatng tbe reeervea by concentrat;
ing thebr Bre on tbe eapoaed cmtnpe ln
the early part of UM nioining. This
in.. on the carnpf was not irery af
foctlre< as th<- light and conditions for
aftiooting erere apt favorable, owing to
the niist, and in COnae<|U0nC0 a major
Ity of the obella burst too blfh; but
arben tbo day cleered tbe abooting on<-e
moro reaurned its atdtirne a. i nracy, and
ti,,. ,.ff, ? boeaoM palafully evtdent
among tlie troops of Ihe flrst army. A
ateady drlbble of man began td leave
the llnea and raakia for tha raar and far
sbeiter. Apiarontly no O-fattl were
aiade to _top thetn, and ooon orhota
battaJlona began to dear off in a naaaa
and arhole army COTpO sbowed otflM of
breaJtlng up -ind rettrtnf in confusion.
Througboul tbe morttlng tha Turklah
artlller. hardly replled to tbe enemy's
me, being althar i bary of dlecloBing
its poaltlon or eloo ahort of Baamanl*
lioii. It is evtdent lb.it this bombard
tnent of tbe liii'-s of tbe flrst corps was
rntended <>niy to deinormltsa the troops
and beep in .-heck any att.tnpts t"
make ? ounter attacb against the
main Bulgarian Bttach against ll;i
demkeaL Purmg UM morning and af
ternoon bo Infantry attacb was deiiv
< rei against th" main posltlon, whi''h
was BUbJOCted tO tbe same concen
trated _*__Bbai_-Be_t to arbleb tbe outer
ororka bad been euhjectad oa th.. prc
viotia da;
When the correspondent left the fleld
the poattloji araa tbis: Ihe Bulgarians.
occupy nll tba .'ojvan* cd v.orks. Th? v
bave establlohed artlllerj la theaa, aad
now are lomi>ardlng the centre of tbe
main llne of defcrn'o around lladem
keui. evtdently arltb tbe IdtonUon ol
deli\erlng BB infantry a.-sault late in
ibe oeenlng. K 'his attacb ahould buc
. .....| th<- f.unoiis llBOO are won. and tbe
Turkish army baa bo alternatlvc but
t>. retire t.. ?'onstantinople. If the
army nnoe aualn starts to re
traai n aill breah up altogethar,
U all quaatloa of an early re?
tlrement through tln- mouhtainoui
cuntry in tbe rear tl out of the <|Ues
tton, dnd tbe retreal irlll i"- merely a
repatltlon of ibose oceneo wllueaaail
after tb" battla of Lule Burgaa, arltb
the army ev.titually artlving ln Stain
boui Inataad of Tchataldja.
|., .! lotei Biaaaage the same o>rr.
opondeut atatea thal operatlona aaarned
more in the naturc of a reconnolsainv
in force. and th- Bulgariana bave
arlthdrawn to ibe poattloaa heid bafote
the attack.
Tbe correapondent futly eo_U_rn_a the
torrtble cholera oconeo, tbe horror of
which, be aaya, can naver fade from
his taind. As thera wara no pedlcal
arranga?Mnta the vlctltna arara atcaply
thrown out to dte, Then tho body
was hastiiy coverod with u thla layar
of aarth.
?'These fhaatly mounds." he saya,
"litt'-r tha whoie country; thera is no
aacaping them. But thc.se horrid scenes
In the viliage.s pala in signilbance as
c. inpared wlth tbe borrors of Hadem?
keul, arhara tbe rarananta of the de*
feated army flnaUy rallied. Theae tnet;,
who llVOd for tea dnys on green corn
or scraps of offal ptcked up on tbe
m.trch, ylehl tbe greatest uiimbcr of
victlms. 1 never actually BOtored the
rUtage of [_ader_koul< bacauaa the
.vights oUt-dde CattBOd me to turn my
horse In the OpPOSlte dirvetlou. TbO
Oalfoy tn which iiadeinkcui u_s, rleared
from the hills, is the vulley of tbo
Bhadow of deatb."
Oivil Engineer Stricken with
Apoplexy at Hotel Brevoort.
Andrew Iturhanan. a Ctvfl engineer and
.ontra.tor. of ("hambersburg, l'< nn., dled
Bt-ddeal] U_Bl nlght at the llote.1 r.n
voort, wiuie atteadbia a aaaaeOa of the
trustes of ii*e Detta rpsiion frateralty.
'riic maetlng had baan called pursuahl tr>
Instructtoofl reoal.ed frean the ceuveattva
raoaatly held at the UatVaralty of W_a
. ..n-iii. aad th.- Bf*t of the qucstlons as
to fraternlty polhy, whlch had bOOB re
farred to the tntateaa, waa being >iis
.ussed, whett Mr. Buchanan was OOOB tO
Bfray in hia aaalf aad then fall to the
Dr, J. Milton hfohbOll. of Xo. 19 Klfth
avenue, was s. nt tor while the fraternity
men vainiy Bndoavetad te revtve Ifr.
Muchanaii. Th.-y BPOfa still wurklng over
the Bttiekea man wben the pb.sslclan ar
rlved. Br. Mabbott said death bad bOOB
almost instantaneoiis, and was probuhly
dae to apoplexy.
After Mr But hanan's body had been
removed tbe meetlng wus ugaiu called to
order, and resolutlons of regret were
passed. Louls Oppenheim, a classmate
of Mr. Kuchanan, waa appointed a com
Bdttao ol 0880 te aOtlfy hls family, eon
sistlng of a nife. aon and two daughtera.
The dlnner whlch was to follow tho
meetlng was abandoned.
Mr. Baehaaaa was bora ;?t Vaii miii.--,
N. V., on October 17, lhOl, and vsua gradu
B. Altmatt $c (Jn.
are being shown at attractive prlces, !n an
unusually fine selection, which includes lun
cheon sets, afternoon tea cloths, center
pieces, scarfs, etc.
These Jinens, which are particularly well
adapted for presentation as hollday gifts, are
decorated with varlous hand-made laces, in
duding Cluny, Italian filet cornbined with
Englisb embroldery, Duchesse, polnt Venise,
ing a very interesting assortment of useful
and ornamental ariicles in Sterling Silver,
Silver Deposit and Dutch Silver, especially
appropriate for anniversary and holiday glfts.
Included are
STERLINQ SILVER boudoir mirrors, plcture
f rames, toi.et sets, bowls and sandwich trays.
SILVER DEPOSIT plateaux, decanters,
liqueur sets, sandwich plates, tea and coffee
sets, pJtchers, boudoir salts, etc.
DUTCM SILVER bon-bon baskets, compotes,
cream and sugar sets, candlesticks, tea cad
dies, tea strainers and drips, vases,clgarette
boxes, fancy spOons, salad sets, etc.
JtfH) Awinf, 34U| rnib 35th ffmts, Um ?nrk.
a Business
LIARDY trees, sometimci,
a c h i e v e a measure of
growth on rocky hillsides under
seemingly impoaaible conditions.
Many a manufacturing or whole
sale busineiB is bo unfavorably
located as to remind one of such
trees. There is nothing more.
wasteful than tocompela business
lo struggle against unfavorablei
conditions which could readilyj
be avoided for ail time by just |
once transplanting the business.
That is why nearly 200 manufac
turers and wholesalers have moved
their plants to Bush Terminal, where
energy need not be expended in con
tending with adverse conditions. No
matter how large or small yourbusi-1
ness you will probably find that
Bush Terminal fits its requirements.
Write (or our booklet called " Economy."
Bush Terminaal Co.
General Offices:
100 Broad Street, New York City
ated from I'nlon College in 1873. Whlle in
oatlaga Mr. Btarhaaaa ?as uetive in fra
ternlty and college affalrs. and lt was
lurgely due to his efforts that Delta l'p
sllon serurfd a aabj fraternlty house for
its I'nloti ehapter. Ilo ?wa.s a member of
the Kiks aad Um Maaaak rratarattjr, and
was f<?r u time tr> uMirer of the graduate
eotiacll of rnion Gattaaja
Eraraa Willard Alumnae Re-elcct Her
as Head of Association.
Braar Blawactb Braarra, cBmraeatlar of
New York I'niverslty, wlll he the speaker
ut Um annual luncliron of the Kmnia
Willard Association to be held tb day at
the Hotel Manhattan. At the annual
bualnnaa aaaatlaf baal yesterday the eoo
stltution was atnended hh as to unlte thu
aJnraaai <>f tba etd Troy Vaaaala ?aral*
nary with Iboaa bl Ita suecesor, the Kni
mn Willard Sehool.
The followlng oftlcers were re-elected:
Mrs Hussell 8age, president; Mrs. Mary
Knox Itohinson, acting president; Mrs.
Allan C, Washlngton, Mrs. Charles K.
Putterson, Mrs Wllllam '? MrDonald,
In. Harah J. MeNutt. Mrs. Kol-ert Ward,
Mrs. Charles K. Slmmons. vfee-presl
dents: Mrs. Calvln S. Pell. recordiiig
secretary; Mth. I.ueius ft Wilson, cor
responding secretury, and Mra. Titus hi,
LJdUy, treaaurer.
Now, Bill?
You don't hsre to ask that o^etfioo
of a trained man, because you know
his position ii a permanent one?
that he ia not at the mexry of ccmddiooi
that affoet the unUaintd man.
You can always be sure of b good
position and a good salary if you hkye
the sptcial training' that pati and
Iceepa you in demand. The Intet
national Correspondence School* wll
bring special training to you, no
matter where you bve, or now little.
spaxe time or ipare caih you have.
T? learn how the t. C S. eaa Keip MB
and how jroa caa eaailY qaelirr fof ?taMtar
ia your chosen ouupation, aurk aad pgf
tSe attached coupoa today. Dosng ? ca99
yoa only the poetaee. Yoa eaaaae 88
oblajatioa. DoaNOW.
BfoYI99^t sc k a jttos . ta.
Eipl?la.?i*.hontfortaarot)lla?uoB.on *TP?Ajkj9l
I enn qaaflf? for tba potltlon bofora wa;ch IJ?"^L
Eleetaieat rogtBeev
EJ?c. LSfhtlnar Sapt,
TVIrphune Eapart
BuilUin* Contrarteaj
inllixtinl DrtflUM*
Siructural r.oftueer
I tHnu CntirMiN
Mccbau. f.naineer
???aaai<* I Brtflaaaa)
CtvU Eailnwr
? Ih a*p?rl*iM4'Ba
statlonary EngttMar
ri.?i>i?t * 4t.?? ricuar
Gaa Eaflnaa
aataawMI* Baaahaf
Wlndo* THmvUa
Hhow tard Wrtla*
raanwralal lll?traBaf j
lndnaartol D??4?*ba9
Coraaierdai LmmT
Teacber .__ .
arritsltar* i> ?**
rwabt riM**
Syracuse ?? West Point
at Weat Point
Saturday, November 23rd
West Shore R. R.
I.v. I orllandi at. ?t ma
" ?.-.! r.'n.i Ht. .11 i: ??!?
retumlag after eame
Reduced Fare
r M.W YO|tMv

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