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LXXII..N0 24,114.
falr and roldar to-day.
To-morrow, unacttlcd.
?r>T?'raTrr ??? Ctt* af Natr Torh, Jaraoy City awd flohohaa
uurwir niu>
Rose, Weber, Vallon and
Schepps Regarded as "Unde
sirables" by the Police
of Many Cities.
Driver of Murder Car Says He
Doesn't Fear Vengeance?
Whitman Says Witnesses
Will Be on Hand if
Needed Again.
rtf= from different cities through
( the couatry !ast night indlcate that
Schepps, "Bridgie" Weber,
Harry Vailon and "P.ald Jack" Rose.
in the Rosenthal case, wlll
chllty, or, to put lt another
v;iy. a v.ry warm receptlon lf thev
?r.pt to sottle ln certaln places
where it baa been reported they would
make thnr future homes.
It Baetna to be the general trend of
opinion. from as far "VVest as Chlcago
tn as far in the Southwest as Dallas,
Tex., that tlie "squealers" wlll be about
?.c grajenma in any place as the measles
ln a pabllfl school.
A dlsratch from Clevelar.d yesterday
thal the four "lnformers" were re ?
i to have p gaad thr'Miph that city
early yeaterday on train No. 19, of the
SMrr & MtcnlfjBII Southern Rall
Alth-'ii.'l: the tonductor and por
Bf th.^ train said the notorlous
i board, they made no
< urlotis throngs
( r thesa.
' Police IfeWaOBjr of Chlcago,
when he heard th? report that the Ro
:1 ' inforincrs" were expected ln
Cltjr jreateraJay afternoon, mado
? men cannot rf-nain in Chi
caE:^>. if th> v comc here. Such men
Bh ? ble "
' ? r the chlef sent detectives to
i ? the train on which Bcheppa, Web
fceT, Vullon anr' RaBM were expected to
airive N*0 traee of the men could be
f -md, but it was discovered that flve
!:'.? n under BOaptcton on the traln had
pJaylngj a practlcal Joke on the
pas?engers by posing as the
'Urs ' lt war kBtgf reported that
t wf ix htrffjtrnahtrt on their way to
\rk . said to have been
by Behat] ps as the
where he <(.;!d be happy, has
ajroraJ that he and hl?
aiii<n g wi'.l get the cold shoulder
attempl to hibernate in
t , t rt sort.
ay fJown in Dallaa, Tex., Chief of
] ??? P.artl-tt atinounced that if the
Btrmbtea" ventured to lnvade Dal
.v.iiihi be arrested, provided
m.-re strenuous" did not
th. y could be escorted
|0 th" town lockup.
Shapiro Set Free.
Willlam fJbajBro the chauffeur who
four gunmen to and from the
,,; tha murder of Herman Rosen
I , :, :eased from custody yester
iro was arralsned before Jus
i lorr, in the extraordinary term or
| ipremc Coart and dlscharged on his
o-.v; ,, r?f nUaiire at the request of DIs
ttorfMjr Whitman. The murder In
ent agalnst the chauffeur waa not
gJamlsaed, but ls kept alive for the tlme
Mr. Whitman said that unless fur
. lenc araa discovered agalnat Sha
tlro wlthln a reasonable time he would
n.ove for the d!?mis?al of the Indlctment.
The only defendant remalning in cub
t dv r.ow as the result of the lndlctmenta
growlng out of the Roaenthal murder Ib
?Jack" Sullivan, self-styled "King of the
Newstoys." who le ln the Tombs await
Irig trial Sullivan will probably be
t to trial before Justlce Goff aoon
after tbe flnlah of the Hvde trial. which
if r.ow in propress in Justlce OofT8 court.
taa Dlstnot Attorney said yesterday that
t are one or two araon cases to be
t aad of before Justlce Goff at the
Continued oa thlrd pefc-e, nftb eoluma.
This Morning's News
X.OCAX. p?*e
laany Cltlaa Bar lnformers. *
I >ra Paid to Whitman. *
Police Say Boy Confessed Lying. X
| [afjlcataa Trend.3
1 ??>?? Sky LawB.8
Bwnu Would RaeaJI Nayoa.*
caii: Ba hman riati-udinous.?
Oaa . aad la MacVeagJj.?*
C. N. | ita |4.1**Mlt. ?
Bavai Archltacta in Session. ?
a HaaJth oata.*8
- Blighta 1 orabrajr*B Farewell...l?
Ma) 1'enslon cx-Preeidenta. 1
??i Shakea Olbxoa PatBB>aa.S
aWaataa PoataJ Deficit.*
Turifr Troublaa for Iremwrrate. *
Waated t.. Blow I'p Burns.*
Alleniata l md Schrank Inaane. *
Djrrjamita Dafaaea Funde Asked.8
Reglster Trust Trial. ?
Pactlonal Flfht Among Suffraglsts... 9
1 foi Hei lieart.x*
Jtaaalan Co^maeum Moblllaed. *
j vill M.jdlfy Demanda.
Harim Keporta Silenclng Enamy'aOuna ?
Horac Sh'iw .."'"
NewB for Women. '
Church and Bellgloua Nawa.T
Sditorlal .?.'
Soclety . ?
alualc .. .?
tatxtrical . ?
Ol;ltuary . '
Uterary Newa and <!rltlclam. .10 aad 11
aVon* .H and ia
f ? and Navy-?.J*
Weather .JJ
?wi'Mrig .;???;?;:
**lr.au.-i.4l and Market*... .14, IS and ?
***} Eatata .!? and 17
Dlnner at Aldine Club Develops
Unusual Sentiment for His
Promotion in City's
Service to Mayor.
More Taffy and Less 'Epitaphy*
His Text-Ouest in Reply Oives
High Praise to Subordinates,
to Courts and Grand
and Petit Juries.
Charles 8. Whitman, Distrlct At?
torney. who "has deltvered." aa one
speaker put It, recelved his flrst public
spoken meed of praise for the work he
has accompltshed, at a dlnner at the
Aldine Club last night. Wlth the open
lng of the after-dinner oratory Charles
L. Patton, presldent of the club, an
nounced that it was not the purpose of
the club to launch any boom for any
one, but ln splte of the warning the
Idea hovered close to alrnost every word
that was uttered that Whitman could
and should finlsh as Mayor the Job of
clvlc housecleaning he has started as
Distrlct Attorney.
Dr. Lyman Ahhott set the pace for the
evi-nlng when he said ln his openlng
wurds: "We have come not to praise,
hut to pledge him our support in the
service whlch he ls to rend*r to hls clty
in the future."
Remarklng, then. that he lntended to
speak plalnly, Dr. Abbott spoke of the
obstacles whlch Mr. Whitman had sur
mounted. There was porll to life in the
Job, he said, but lt was not that which
appealed to him as the greatest ob
"Wo Reaponded to Him.'"
"It was that thls man stood ficing
the police?the chllliress and reserve,
lf not the opposltion, of the Mayor af
the clty, and fought for what was right
nnd clean untll our .ritrage was
BJ*0?B**l by hls courajre und we re
spondod to him."
Robert Undcrwood Johnson. who f-.l
lowed Dr. Abbott, spoke rv?-n more
plalnly what was evidently ln the
mlnds of all the diner* when he ?aid:
"Wa ar*? on the eve of h (ainp_!*rn
whlch cannot be called polltlcal. It ls
a cumpaign ln which we wlll be flprht
I Ing for our llves, a war to rld oui
_*lve? of thls great Incubus. It ls Idle
to say that Tammany Hall im not re
sponsible for the state of aft'airs that
puts our city in the hnnds of the
grafter. There are many fatallsts who
seom to think that wo must alwuya he
tied to this Jugjrernaut of lnlriulty. I
tell you that the most appallins trilnf
in thls whole affatr M that th* under
world has believed lt lmposslble for
protected vice to be exposed."
Dr. Abbott, before hls polnted refer
ence to the stand Mayor Oaynor tOOfe
ln the early daya of the Ilecker case.
drew a picture of what he rallr-d "th'
lonellness of a great public offlcial."
and declared that the great Uowi Of our
civic Itfa ws8 to have a neighborly
sort of public opinion whlch would
shnv it. Kupport of such an offlcial ln
his daily work.
More "Taffy," Laaa "Epitaphy."
He said he believed thoroughly in
that sentiment expressed in the words,
"A little more 'taffy' while we llvc and
a llttle less 'epitaphy' when we tlie." A
great dramattc event llke thla, he aald,
aroused the people so that they re
sponded. but ordinarlly such a mun as
Whitman fought graft and dishonor in
the city's life wlthout any dramatic
surroundlngs, and fought it practlcully
"Real Justlca Include* wTath against
crlme, not once in a while, but pcr
manent and forceful," the doctor Bald,
and he believed that preachers should
emphaalze that thought from their pul
Edward J. Wheeler called the atten
tlon of the gutherlng to the fact that
Whitman was born ln Berea. Ohlo,
which he called "the grittiest place on
<_rth." He explain*d that tlie whole
town was one lmmense Bandstone
quarry. and oplned that Whitman must
have iBBBlhll a blg ahare of it early
ln hia career.
Walter H. Page declared the two
most strlklng thlngs abcut the caae.
and lt was notlceable that not a single
.peaker montioncd the name of Roaen
thal or Becker. were the rcvelatlons of
the underworld whlch Whltrnan lald
bare to the eye of the community, and
the promptness with which the chief
offenderB were eonvlcted.
Mr Whitman prefaced hlB address
with the nmark that lt waa dlfflcult
to nay anythlng after what he had been
llataning to. and then proceoded to
ahove over all poaelble credit to hls
asaociatea ln the Diatrict Attorney'
offlca. to the courta. to the grand and
petlt Jurles, and ev?n to "some of" the
High Praiaa for 8ubordinataa.
"Every man aaaociated wlth me ln
my office." he aald, "has trled to ba the
klnd of man that you gentlemen hav.
said I am."
Ha aaid the n.*n ln hia office had
be*a dolng the aama klnd of honest
and falthful work rlght aJong, and wlth
the explanation that he waa apeaklng
for them. he aald: "I thlnk events of
the laat few montha have demonstrated
to the good people of thls clty-and
thcy're ln the vast majorlty?and to the
Caattaaai *? faurtb pag*. *lxth ?^-^____
Fnll Rlvar Llna'a Naw Locatlon.
Tha Fall River Un? steamer* now use
r?r 14; N R.. foot of Fulton Bt., Instead
of Pler lf, N. R.-Advt.
Wilkerson Child, However, Re
futes Alleged Admissions
After Hearing What
Was Given Out.
Many of His Men Deny Boy Was
Even at Station, Much Less
Beaten?Ran Away and
Falsifled to Escape
Whipping, They Say.
The elaborate investigation whlch
Commiasioner WaMo bepan yesterday
of tho chanres contained ln alfldavlts
forwarded hlip hy Mayor (laynor, that
eiirln-year-old AuRtistus Wilkcrson, of
No. 10 Went 137th Btraat, had been ar
rested, kept all night ln the West lSftB
street police sti.ti"n, beaten wlth a
strap. and turned into the Ftreet early
the next mornlntr, apparently becarce
complete last niKht wlth the nppear
anco of a statement purporting to come
from Poliee Heailipiarters.
Th!s statement fftBfftfftHl of a dotailed
confesslon. said lo have heen mad<- hy
tha little boy nt p rUca h.-ndquarters
yesterday. It was .-isscrt?-d that tha
child broke down und.T exarnlnati'ii
and kdmittcd that he baaj emcvtcd his
story of arn.--t, Marvation and police
hrutality for the BOta ptirj>ose of es
c-aping punishruent at home.
In direct cuntradi. ti<?n to the story
said to have percolated through etOOBly
jKuarded doors of t 'ommlssioner Waldo's
' r.flice, the boy denlcd at his home last
! night that he had made any OOBfBJBaOB
ot* any sort.
Commissi,?ner WaJaSo bagaui lha day'a
work yesterday apparently determined
to c lean up the latest police scandal ln
the shorte?t tlme posslble. Hardly rv-d
he reachf?! his ofBoa ; esten! ' '
BOOB before he h".d BBrBBO1 ord.ru for
the nppearanre at Heiidqiiarters of t'.ie
scre of ptjtlaa etTtelaJa arho aoajid hi
any way hnve. been conneet. d wlth th*
t nrd ahnse ol young WiU. rs<"n.
Many Police Witneaees
Amor.it thoac arho praOBOtaaJ them
Botvaa at the Commlssloiier's ofttVo
intpcctor Bwaanay, <<f the 6th in
spection Distri't. CgptBta James H
Thompaon, of lha Waol Uath al
Btatloni t-.M' poiii e rjUkttofla; Ltootgav
i. hn afcDerrnott, Llautaflanl Ffanry
Boarrner nnd two poJrotaaeti arho acted
an lacatmaii al the gtBtton house ffafftaf
the nlpht and early morning of the al?
leged arrest
ln addltlon to ihe men from the W. ai
ItittJ sireet gtaUOB Uafl CominlsMon. r
also had bafora bha OagBaJn Barnard
KaUehar, UatJtanaat wllllam MoOoy,
Lieitenant Williani W.-ttiauf-r, thr."
sergeants, tWO doorm^n. two poll.e
matrOM M*d Ef latrolmen, all iron,
?:.. l.eiiox avenm station.
The story of each person wa* taken
down by Frank Donohue, tba ofticial
pollca stenoarraph< r. and D4tl in attidavlt
form, aftar irhleh tha bmo wan aokaaj
|0 slgn and swear to the affldavits
Each aflidiivit was an iin'iualiilcd <1<
nia! Of knowl'-dK.- ot Ihe BJlBgOO1 arrest.
Karly yesterday afternoon, followliiK
the bXBbBbOB ln <'ommission>-r Waldo's
ofli< e, Inspector Bwa*B?ay and Captaln
Kelleher went to St. Mark's achool,
where youm; WUkaTOOfl la a pupll, and
got the paillllBBlOB of the Sisters to
take the child over the route he says
be foliowed on the day of his arrest.
They told the child to take them flrst
to the scene of the bonllre, for stopplng
to look at whlch ho said he was ar
i.st.d. Young Wllkaraon led thaai to
West 135th street and Seventh uvenne.
He waa next instnicted to take the of
flcers over the satno route he took on
the *ay to the ISfth street poll-e ata
Boy Soon Geta Loat.
,The boy started off through 13."?th
atreet to St. Nlcholaa avenue, south ln
the avenue to 128th BtTOOt nnd thence
west to Maniiattan street. Instead of
continuing through l'-Tdb street to the
Btatlon house, Ihe oflK crs said, tho I hild
turned south in Manhattan street and
walked to Claremont avenue. He kept
on to Rlversldn Drive and south on that
thoroughfare to HMh street, where he
By this time the Chttd was tln d. and
frankly adinitted, tlie offlccrs said, thal
he did not know where he was. In
Bpoctor Sweeney and ? aptam Kelleher
then took hlm to the Wet 126th street
Once insldo tho Btation baMBBB, the
llttle boy walked about, lnspected the
captain'B roorn and the guard room,
ond flnally announced, the oftliera as
Bcrt, that It waa not the station in
which he had been contined. The child
waa then taken to Police Headriuartera
and was kept ln the Cominlssioner's
offlee for a little over half an hour.
Inxpector Sweeney then took hlm home.
Mr. and Mra Arthur Farrlngton, the
uncle and aunt of the child, were
amazed laat night when they heard
the story of the alleged confesslon.
"He haa not made any confesston."
declared Mr. Farrington. "He tclle the
eame Btory to everybody. Wait a min
ute; I'll call him and you may ask him
The llttle boy, who was getting ready
for bed, stumbled out, rubbing the eleep
from hla eyes.
"Did you say down at Polico Head
quarters that the story you told waan't
true?" axked Farrington.
"I did not!" Bnapped the youngster.
The boy's uncle said last night tnat
after hearing Mrs. Farrington's Btory
of the arrest on the night of November
14 he examlned the lad's back and
found several wide welts etich as might
have been made with a heavy Btrap.
"Aviatress" Using a Monoplane
Ascends Some 7,800 Feet.
Johamit. thul, Gcrmnny. N"\. 22,
Tba Rusxiun "avlatress." l.juba Ga
lan.r-t blkOW, to-flav BMMMl ? re<?.rd (Bf
ultltudc- for wc.riic n. t.y rcicliing a
ha_C.lt ot about 7,100 fci't.
tk* used a monoplaric.
Rails Torn Up to Wreck the
Imperial Train.
Lendoo. Ifar, 99 ?A ilapntek to
a n?-w* uKency fmm St. PntarsbUflC
says that an BBB-OOaaafa] attcmi-t was
made last Mond.iy t.. wr.-.k tltr traln
nn whl. li Km|i.!"r NtCbO-BB BB*. ""
incmbi-rs of the Russlun lrnjx rlal fam?
ily w r<- luming from Spala to
Taarsk.if-Silu by tearlng up the riills
and Blaapara near KoV.'.wn Rodaw
The correspondrnt adds that owing to
mlslnformatlon as to wh?n the lminrl.il
train was due the work of the would-bo
wrock.-rs waa done aftt-r the traln had
rmssed the spot plcked out for lts ditch
Ward's Island Patient Chokes
to Death.
Alfr. d Anderson, a sallmakcr, forty
nino years old, who had been a patient
ln UM Manhattan State Ho-ipltal for
thi- Insane on Ward's UaBBd BBt two
ycurs, ebofead to d. ath at supper Inst
n!fr*ht. on a plece of chocso.
Dr Uowe, of the institutlon, came to
hls asslBtancn, but the man dicd before
|bi iloct'ir could rellevc him.
And'-rson's home address on tho rr-"
or,is ot tba happltal, araa No- III I9tb
stivi-t, Hrouklyn. _
New Haven Roadbed in 'Awful'
Condition, Asserts Employe.
Brldgeport, Conn.. Nov. __.-Tho New
Haven Railroad haa allowed tlie road?
bed on tho main llne from New York to
Boston to become so badly run down
that lt will take a year to get lt back
to lts former Btandard, according to
George E. Everett, of South Norwalk,
who has been ln the employ of the road
for thlrty-flve yearu. most of th* tlme
as sectlon foreman.
Everett aaid to-day he Vd written to
President Mellen Informing him of the
?The roadbed Is in such condition."
he said, "that the speed of trains should
be restricted to from thlrty to thlrty
flve mlles an hour. I was one of a
party of flve who walked the tracks on
Sunday from South Norwalk to the
scene of the Men hants' Express wreck
at Oreen's Farms. We klcked flve
splkes out of th< tles between West
port and Green's Farm*, and pulled
three out by hand. It was a copimon
experlence to count ten or flfteen ties
every rall length whlch were rotten and
decayed. There were broken and loose
bolta by the hundreds. The road is in
awful condition."
Perfectly aound and Bweet. packed in
-faled cartona. Guaranteid by Acker,
Merrall * Condit Co.-Advt.
A Study ln Kxpression.
Democratic Members of Con?
gress Criticise Carnegie
Ironraaster's Proposition Re
vives Idea of Providing for
Ex-Presidents as Mili
tary Commanders.
? Ti.e Trlbune Jlureau }
Wu*r.liigt>m. Nnv. 'J2.?Members of
i.'onur. :-s now ln Washlngton are not very
anUntSlaatk over Andrew Carnegle'*,
proposltlon to penslon future fx-Prcul
dents of th.i I'nltrd Stute. and thclr wtd
ows. the Daanaerntla la*j_Mtkara bringpar
tlcnliirly rau.stic in th.'lr comment on th.
Althourh tlii. aentln ont, as reflectr-d by
tha fan* uaanbara in Washlngton, seems to
l?e air.iln.it the plan, lt Ih believed the
proposition wlll rcsult In iBBJlB?ition pro
vt.llnif panafOBBL S.nntor MeCumbor, of
North Dafeeta, Introdueai a biii ln the
6lst Congress. but It was defeated, al
thniiKh pcnsinns of |">.000 each were pro
-fdad Par Mrs. Harrlson and Mrs. Clcve
?anator McCumber, In the minorlty re?
port, pald: .
Tho I'resldi nt of th*) United States be
conii'p, hy rtrtua of hl* oftic??. oomaaandar
ln i hlcf of both tba army and the navy.
Wlule hls servlce may be from four to
elght raara only. still that servlco may
ba grBntar In enaractar and importance
that. thut of retlrecl army otllcers.
\\ .? could *rall allow the Presldent of
tb* United St.it.-s, say, 110.000 a year aa
ii ri'tlr.il eotnmandar ln rhl*f. nnd keep
within both th* h:tter and the spirit of
thal potley which baa limited annultles
t.i th*. army and tho Judictary, the >~rant
iiii_r of a penalon to the wldow of one who
ha.l been President would fall olaarly
wiihin tba rula irbicb rranta pauatona to
?rldowa Of OfBoara and soldiers of the
urtny "Hilv
1'pon tha retlrement of tho Chlef
Kxecutlve from the dutles of his OtYlC*
he does not retire from soelul or actlve
life In the country. The poaltlon whlch
he has occupled demands that he matn
tain iti a eartalo raaaonably high atnndard
of UvInK; thut he respond to Invltatlons
over tba .ountry to make addresses; that
he enteitiiln cllrlomats and person* of
hlh'h standiug. wlth whom he was brought
Into dally communlcation during hls ofti
cial life. It would, therefore. appear that
any sentiment whlch demunds a penslon
for the wldow would demand. ror far
more welghty leaaons, an annuity for
the man himself.
Democrat* Outipoken.
Bome of the Democratlc Benatora wera
outspoken ln their comment to-day:
Bpeakcr Champ Clark said. "lt lsn't
worth dlscusslng." Other Democrats are
almost ecjually harsh ln their talk.
Itepreaentatlve Henry, of Texaa, sug
gested the poorhouae as the proper place
for ex-Presidenta not able to take care of
themselves. He remarked:
lf lt haa come to the polnt where former
Presldepts cannot take cara of them?
aelvea we ought to make provlalon ror
them at sorau home or public charitable
Benator Sutherland, of Utah, aald:
I don't see any objection to lt or any
great vlrtue ln lt. I thlnk any man elect?
ed for a public office ought to work hlm?
self back Into the cltlzenshlp when hls
term explres. The most wholesome thlng
i iiiiiliiiit-.l on flfth page, fourth rolumn
Ko Thanksgivlng dlnner complete wlthout
a foottle of I?r. Slegert'a Angoatura Blttara.
H. S. Weems Ends His Meteoric
Oareer in Reno.
Reno. Nev., Nov. Bl?H. S. Weems.
said to be from Baltlraore, shot and
probably mortaily wounded Mrs. Es
tolle Baggot, of Los Angeles. and then
cominitted sulclde in a prlvate pool of
a hathing resort hear Reno.
The cuuple, who had met before ln
Los Anjrel.s, aecordlng to letters
found. renowed their acqualntance here
last night nnd a violent quarrel fol?
iowed. Mrs. Baggot eame to Reno on
November 11, ostensibly for a divorce.
A letter in tho possession of the
coroner. addressed to a Los Angeles
pap4r and signed by Weems, gives the
history of a meteoric oareer. He tells
of rolatlons with several women and
of embezzling from $200 to $000 a week
to provlde flnery for them. Weems
says he uiarried a North Caroliua girl
in New York, who died in Nashvllle,
Tenn. She was a member of a theatrl
cal company. Later, he aays, he t??
soclated with Ivy Moore, an actreas,
whom he met In Waahington. She left
In Buffalo, says tho letter, Weems
married Katherine Wheeler, and aiter
five yoaxs ho shot her and himself.
Both rocovered, and he escaped prose?
cutlon. Then ho went to Los Angelea,
wh.ro he met his last victim.
Assailant of Mayor Gaynor
Near Death in Asylum.
Trenton, N. J.. Nov. L'L'.-The State
Supreme Court here to-day affirmed
the convictlon ln the Hudson County
Court of James J. Gallagher, who was
charged with an asaault with Intent to
klll Wllllam H. Kdwards, Street Clean
Inff Commlssloner of New York. Ed
wards wus shot by Gallagher when he
went to the aid of Mayor Gaynor of
New York, who had been shot and
serloualy wounded by the man on a
steamship at a dock ln Hoboken.
Gallagher waa convleted of attempt
Ing to murder Commlssloner Edwards
and was sentenced to twelve years' lm
prisonment. An appeal was taken.
Meanwhile he was removed to a hoa
pltal for the Iraaane. Ha won't live
long, lt ls said.
Leader of Virginia Bandits Is
Found Guilty of Murder.
Wythevllle. Va., Nov. 21?Sldna Allen,
leader of the Allen claa which shot up the
Carroil County court, at Hillavllle, laat
March. reaultlng ln the death of flve per
soiih, was found guilty of murder ln the
aeeond degree to-day, for the kllllr.g of
Judjje Thornton L. Maasle.
The Jury flxed the penalty at fifteen
years in the penltentiary.
IBy Telearaph to Tha Trlbuna J
Watertown, N. T., Nov. 12? A train
load of turkeya for TltaLnkagivina; Day
wlll leave here to-morrow for New York
city where tliev will be put on the mar?
ket tmmcdlatefy. The birda are excep
tlonally llne, and the conalxnrnent is the
largest made from here ln many yeara.
Commencing November 24th, Pullman
Compartment Car leavea New York dally
12:08 V M. New York bffice, 2*4 Fifth
Avenue, Car. ?th St.-Advt.
Austria Puts 300,000 Men on
War Footing and Mans Her
Northern Frontier-Prep
arations in Cracovv.
Rallway Coramunication Be*
tween St. Petersburg and
Hungarian Frontier in
Hands of Authorities
-Roliing Stock Held.
Dnal Monarcfty CountB Upon Sup
port of Rumaniar?Possibility of
Southern Slavs Refusing to
Fight Against Czar
Provided For.
Vienna, Nov. 22.?Rumors of a Rub
slan mohilizatlon have led to a strong
anti-Russian outhurst by the Austrian
press, which accuaes Rus-la of being
behind Servia. The Boerse was greai.
ly weakened to-day on rumors of war
Mke preparations by Austria and Rus
The reports of mohilizatlon by Aus?
tria ar* stlll denled offlcially, but iffa
known that certain military measurea
have b?en taken which would enabte
moblllzatlon wlth great rapidity. Great
fignlflcance is attached to th" rtstt of
the Austrian fleld marshal, Von
Schemus, to Berlin.
London, Nov. 23.?According to the
Vienna correspondent of "The Dally
Chronlcle," three clas.?-es of the Aus?
trian reservists have been called out
About 300,000, he says, have maased
around the Servian frontiers and
equally steady preparations are going
forward ln Gallcia.
"It is reportcd to-nifcht that the Don
Cossacka have beon mobllized and that
the Russlan authorities are holding ail
avallabie roHlng utock on the lines run
nlng to the Austrian frontier." says a
dispatch to "The Daily Mall" from
Vienna. "Flve large bridges spannlng
the Danube her.. have been closely
watchcd slnce yesterday The sentrlea
have been doubled ln order to prevent
any tampering wlth the bridges. On
the wli.ile, safety depends on the rall?
way coinmunicatlons with the northern
part of the otnpire.
"During the last fortnight all the
troops that could eonveniently ba
spared have been drafted toward tli*?
Bopnian and Russlan frontiers. and the
possibility of the southern niavs proaf
Ing unreliable in a war against Russia
or S.rvia has been guarded against hy
a careful redistrlbution of the troops.
"According to my infurmatlon Aus?
tria is counting on Rumanian support
ln the event of a war with Russia,
whlch is rumored to be massing troops
on the border."
A dispatch to the same newspaper
from Cracow, in Galicia, says: "There
are great military preparations here.
The reserves have been called out and
maases of troops are marching through
the city."
The eorrespondent of "The Dally
Mail" at Sarayevo, capital of Bosnla,
learns that all the prellmlnarles of mo
bllizution have been comploted and
says that relnforcements are arrlvl.cg
there in large numbers.
London. Nov. 22.?The flrst elasses of
the reserves of six Austro-Hungarian
army corps have been called to tha
colors, according to a news agency dis?
patch from Vienna-. Three of these
army corps are stationed in the north
and three in the southeast of the Auj*
tro-Hungarian en.pire.
Chicago. Nov. 22.?The Austro-Hun
garian raaarvtata iu Chicago have re?
celved offlcfal OTdera to hold thomselve.
ln r*?adiness for a call to rejoin their
regular stutlons ln the Austrian army
eubject to immedlatfi notlce.
Belllgerent Believed To Be
Acting on Friendly Hint
from Qreat Powers.
[By t'able to The Trlbune.l
London, Nov. 23.?Turkey havlng re
Jected the demands of the allles ln
connectlon with the proposed artnla
tlce, Bulgaria, it is stated, not wlthout
a friendly hlnt from the great powers.
ls now preparing a modlncation of tha
condltlona she iirst sought to Impoae,
and although hostllitles may go on in
tha irterval. these fresh proposals wlll
be submitted to Turkey wlthout delay.
Narln: Pacha apparently has lost no
time in carrying out Kiamil's instruc
tlons to resume hostilittea, and a vlo
lent cannonade ls reported to have
taken place at the Tchataldja lines on
Thursday nlght.
According to Sofla advlces a freah
sortte of the Adrlanople garrlson haa
be_n repulsed. Tho defence of Adrlan
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delivered at their home- every bualneaa
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