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Will of Peter the Great Enjoined Russia to Take Constantinople
fi&tc* the &vc&lTs
Secret Testament of the Mighty Czar Outlines
a Coldly Calculating and Far-Sighted Scheme
Designed to Enable His Land to Attain
the Mastery of the World by
Warfare and Imbroglio.
ii?f^ -'-?'J'ANTlNtiPLL H last 1
I i.? gorr:-." That start
V^-^ gtatesnetll v.as the conclue1
? of a dlapateb ?ont a lew d
post" from
of TchataMJa I
rst army of I
K bj their third ai a
Turl. -'ins at D'-lyunu-.
?'oupled with the peril of the Sulta
capital came demands train I
th? extension of her territory t?.
Adriati to provide her with th?- >?-a|.
abe has long ?ought in vain.
mands were made in th?- lue? of oppc
tlon from Austria, a nation far I
?rful ?han Servia Nr-verthC?-.-- Ban
insisted. Diplomats said that If the we?
er coamry did not relinquish her ?
manos Austria would be eesBpsll
?on to arm?. They cast about amo
the naze of jealousies and in:
th? oentral European governments
discover the source o? Servia'? cor
dene? It wa? agreed that even the B
kan allies' backing would not be sufflci?
-some eastly stronger government mi
b? encouraging th? Belgrade govern me
' to ?tie?: to Its claim?. This could be b
eae power?Russia.
In ?upport of this theory there Is tl
i tact that Russia ia keeping her ttm
?xpir?d m?n in the army and ?b mobili
mg her forres At Behastopol transpor
were preparing a f?-w days a??o to OOt
. vey Russian troops acrosB the Black Se
while her arsenals and commissariat di
Ipartmer.u were working night and da;
Russia has coveted Constantinople si m
?he first became powerful enough to hor
| for conquest beyond her border* T!n-r
* no better port to be found for h?
navie? and her merchant fleet. Althoug
she poasessea the north coast of th. Blac
Sea, her warships are forbidden hy Bt
? rope to pasa through the Dardan?-II?? im
lbs Mediterranean. She BSSdfl ?'onstariti
?Sits, and for nearly two hundred w-at
i's capture has been laid upon bar b
specific lnjun?-tlon. This command lortii
a Part of one of the moat remarkabl
stat? il,,, .iifienib ever penned.
'I is foijtij |a the so-call*td secret wil
fcf ' ?eat AS ?mper'jr of Rus
*'? Im iiia?ie that nation one of the grea
<V<w?JN 01 l.urope When he died, in 172??
H i" hi* BuecassstS a testament con
following whlcl
ihey in!?ht ultimately I ?
will that disposed of world
ith'T. t'.uln.'iryn. one?
*rv\. |,, _t,.a| al)li tc) |?. ar, t|,,
of OUT laliKiiaxe " That
'Ui-iii might DCS lui
Russisn rulers ha?l n?-\? r
wsJob i.? re foUoare:
? H., m?, i bol ant
"I'luusi;,!. Trlnltv ?re l'?l? ? in? I n>l,
PSTOI an.) Aia.,?-iat Ol all th? Rus?
to all ??or aeaeendeatfl and
IIm !hi..tr ..' d >-'.\?rn
?imnaii nation.
God, from ?Thorn v.. derlei our
'"?''i"' and l?> u horn Wl "Wi "Hi
hai ihk oaastantl) ? nNgThti m 'i
u" b) ij,- s, ,iit, an?i BtaitstisSil as
i.i?: divin?- help allasni saa to Isa*
; ?lied up
SB lier.aft.-i to ??<?l?l I I Ku
iulrikiti?? i.s
"'?t BarropssM saUatai ban m?stil
?eached a htati ?,f .,??1 age, bor<?dis|
SB Imbecility, or th.-y in? rapidly a|>
srearMa? K. Naturally, then, im-y
W'H Im; ,nn\\\ und indubitably esa
'''?' r'(l ' ?? i- ??ti trotta m voutii
? OhA vigor, specially when this lat
ter shall h,!\e attained He full strent,
and power.
I loot on the future Invasion of t
?-? rn and Western countries by t
north ;t-s s pertodtosl iiioveni, m. i
?-lain? ?! bj Providence, who in like ma
? d tl.? Rornsn nation
barbar?an Invasions. Than emicr
t:..tit, of m? n f i ?.ni Um north ate as 1
?,t the N'ii<-, win.h m
p?riode comee t?, fertilise Um imp"
?rtebed i..n.is ?.f Egypt bj its depos
1 found Kussia as a rivulet I leave
a ri'. ? ? .M- ShOOSBSOH will make, of
S l.irc<> s?-a. destined t<? fertilizo tl
Impoverished land? .?f Burope, and i
waters will overflow in s?.it? of Oppo
ing ?lams erected by WOO- I
our descendants only know how to d
its rourso. Thii is the reason
leor? them the following iDstructloii
I give these countn?s t.? their wat<-l
fulness and care, a* Moses r?,\, \)
Tables of the l_iw to Um J' wish pei
Kule 1. The ROSSI-- nation must I
constantly on a war footing, Te k04
the soidieis ?rsrllke sad u? good cood
se rest srasl t>e snowed, <x?-ept f.
the purpose of relieving the ?tut
ffnanrns. recruiting! the army or hidin
the favorable moment for attack. B
this ? ?... is tiiH'le euh
to war an?! war to peace in the inter
ests, the aggrandizem? nts and in? reas
m^' prosperity of Russia.
"Role - Every possible mease mus
be need to Inrtte from th?- most eolti
v.-.i? i Europeos etatee *iriBtitfH*Hrt li
war sad philosophers in pes<<t t?. en
?ble the Russlsa nation t?> particip?t?
in the advantages <?f other eoMuttlo
wltboui loetafl any of Its >.?n
' Hule | No opportunity must h<
lost of taking part In the affairs am
disputes of BUTOPS, especially In thos?
of Germany, which from its vtebstt]
is of the most direct Interest to us
"Hui? 4 Poland must be divided, h>
koeptaS uj? constant jealousies an?!
eonfUSlon there. The authorities mum
be gained ovvr with money and th?
HssemMles corrupted so as to Influence
the election of the kings We must
Ket up a party of our own there and
Herd KuHslan troops into the country,
and let them sojourn there, so long,
that they may ultimately And some
protest for remaining there forever.
Hhouhl the neighboring ?t?te? make
difficulties, we must appease them for
the nu.ment by allowing them a share
<?! the territory, until we ?an safely
resume what we have thus given
a way.
"Rule .' We must take away as
much territory a?, possible from fiwe
?I'-ii, ami .?nti.v. that lh?w ?hall ut
t.t? k n? tirst, M as to Klve us a pre?
text for their subjugation with tin?
. m view, v.. must k?ep Iweden
. position to Iienmark and I>?n
mark U> Bereden and s??lnlou*ly f??s
tsi th? it mutual Jsslouslee
?Hu?? | The eoasorti <>f the Ras
pi in ,- must slwsyi be cheesa
from among the Oerman prlnoeeeee In
.. ?i?. t.. mulUpl) oui fsmllj slllsnei s
with ti-? ? : ?o..m- an?! t?> unite OUI in
tereeta with theirs, end Uros, by ran?
?oUdatlng our influence in Oermsny. lo
??in-?- II i?. ;?lta?li itself .- pontaneotisly
to our policy.
? ?Roil ; \\. must beesreful to hoep
up '.m commercial alliance with Kns
land. I... ?he 11 th. power whi?h has
ino.-i n?--d of oui products foi h?*
psvy, end at the same time ms) i? ,,(
the i- i- ?? lO us In the de
.liopmeol ..i sur <>wn. Rfe SMSl ss?
i,..?i ?\.i and othdi aiti.i.-s in es?
Lhant?. foi h?.-i gold and establish pel
Lr-\ - ? i ? , ? _
itl?. a a a s _ *4T boundapv n u s 3 1 a ?m cmpi^f.
?___l. ?_.._-? ?ou m o a ?-V ai/fiiAN tMPiwa in IM-)
rue <__?_l o' i'* i '^' drect.Con6t4Htt_aopl?.
<__ /_ ^J "tOd-5,/ *? <& uNDrnwacp -
nanti di ectioni betwosn her m;
? hauts and ?arm . and sur sa n
"Cub- I, v\e mast Itssp atsadllj i
tendinc oui frontier? northward alo
tie- l'aiti'- and aoutharard alona t
shores ?if the Black .--?
?uni?- '? w . must pros? ? ? mu
Bi possible m the .lit? ? non of i So
rtantlnopl? ami hafts Hs who ?-<
on? ?? t? i poaaesaloq ol the i pointa
the real ruler '?f the world W i
thti view a? iuii*i pr.ivo!.onsta
?iiiartel;. at one tun with Turk??> .it
at anuther with Peral? We must .
tabhsh *hnni+ and aecha hi th? itu?.
Sea ai:d h; d< BTWSB iiiiiki- ours?-!?.?
i masters ol that sea as well as of II
H?ltic. which is a doiihP importai
element in the ?uecssa ??f aur phut vv
must h.s.teii the downfall of !
P?ish on t?. th?- I'ersiati Gulf, If pal
sible, re-establish tie an? lent < ??n
mir.-ial inter,-ourse with th,- I.evan
through Syri... aii'l force our w a ) mt
the initias, wlii? h aie the storchous?
of the w??r!<!. ein?, ibera art can dli
pease witt. EngHah g?i?i.
"Rub 1" Moreover. we?niust tak
pains I" establish an?l maintain an in
tun,?I. lUllon witli Austria, appai?t.tl
< ouiitenati'-lng her ?ehernes for futur?
aggrandi/.?-meut in Germany, and al
th? while BBCyStl) rousing the Jeahms?
of th<- tnltxir states against her. In thli
?av we tmist bring it to pass that on
?>r th?- other party shall seek aid frorr
Riissia. and thus we shall ? xer? is? I
??ort of protectorate over th? country,
which will |?a\? the way for futur?
au pro nap cj
"Rule I 1 We must make the House
>f \ustria Interested In the expui
s|,,|. of (he Turks from Europe and
j we must neutralise n* laalotisy SI
the capture <>i C<t>f??tantlnople,,either
by pi <?<>? <?ip-. ing ii with g war with
the ??bi Europ?en BtaLtea or by ai
lowing il a share of th? spoil, which
we ??in afterWBlda resume i,t our
"llule 13, We mu. I collect aloun?.
our House, as round a ?entre. ?Il th?
detaelie?) sections of Greece w hi? h
.ne ?cat tared abroad In Hungary.
Turkey ami S??u?herii Poland we
ratial make them look t?i us for nu|>
J'Ul t, und thus BJf estai.llshlli?, i?j
pre?a '..?il psvi the waj for
mu ? ? i ? Igst)
? Hui- i: \\h. n Sweden ?
Peral? vanquished, Poland eubju-?
gated. Turhej conquered ?hen our
?rinlea ... ? iii.iie.i ;.? ,i i ],. m.,
end in? Baltic In the pone???Ion of
i ??ni ship- then we muei maki
??lai? end n frei overtnroa tirst to
the <'?nut of v*ei ? lllae end tin? ?i to
tha? ??' 11?m,a, t?. share ?nh them
th? dominion of the eWorld it eithei
of ihem accepts ?)ur prope lions.
whlHi i- eertsln t?> happen If their
ambition? and sel?-intetest are prop
. ' I ? ..! ke?l upon. S ?? SlUSl make use
?,f ?.ne to annihilate the other; this
done, ere hove only lo destroy 'he
refhstninf ont by Unding .1 pretext
j f?,i a mi.?i 1 el th? lasue ?>r s in? h
i cannot ??> doubtful, as Rossis will
then be already m the sboolute poa
"?n ??r the _hei and of Um meal
? st pOrl ..f Kill ope
"Rule m. should the Improbable
ram happpa <?f both rejecting the
proposition of Russia, then oui pol
iCJ ?sill he to get on?- SgSlnSl UM
other itKi make them tear sscb ?.th
ef i?? pi?ces Rassis must then
watch foi ami seize the favorable
moment, and pour her already as
?emitted bosta Inte dennany. while
?wo Immense fleets, laden with Asl
stlc hordes and convoyed i>> snned
eqasdfOnS Of the Hlark Sea ;iti(i the
Baltic, eel ssll simaltanooasly from
th? Htm of .\/.?>v and hsrbor of Arch?
Sftgi -i
pi:; r.r. 1 II rOCB \ 1 "i ALL Till. R| I
i I I s
Nun?- esa need these fourteen
without heinR struck i?> th?- remarkable
sa?a.-it\ thai could see as deatlj tin
Strategic points ??ver which Russia in'm
gala soatrdi in ardsi t?> wag?- agKressn.
warfare, extend h? r tStfttOT) sad POWet
an.i sdusine her osaanerolel latereeta
Nor can any <>h? rOSd them wlthool i
?asp o? a ehudder si the deptha ?>f in
triKU?- and dnpllcity that must t.e phnnbsd
m th? carrying sal of Pet?fa solemn m- j
Nevertheless, the hlstorj j? Rassis ha
ZmprtSi CtUiwmt l ,wi?l of PtteOr the <__&*(,
_y/?o Cc-i-ri_cl oitt ratsch <y ?.J.*Vill afttr ttz?
man- mues boTM evtdenoe, ataca the i
,i. rf: .-i i?. i greal i. i
tha? i"' wUI iiad not been forgotten The
action? "f th?- men who hare guided her
International affaira h.??., time and again
offered ?? etrthtag parallel t.> the course
i;,;,i gown for them in the early i
.. Dturj Modi time and '
>Uu Showine? the i>i>owth of tJit, Rtossi-vn tmviYC
Two Centuries Ago This Imperial Prophet De?
creed Conquest of Persia and Turkey and a
Series of Alliances, Made Only To Be
Sheltered, with England, Ger?
many, France and Austria.
of the
;.V. i
? tnbod led In
'in th?
? o
In the <|i
th. ; ui.i i?i "
ud not wll
...p.. .. a. i en i !.?-? ' -?
The battl th? di
Na ? Bfty thou
?it...i p.iit: I not been fo
??f i en?
.V , .....
\ a
to ? tnUnopU
longer of import ? . ? t.. i. ? Brit?
? .
rmlj llxed
Km ..n outlet to bei nai >
her n?- rchanl il> ?-t.. however, the
.... ? ?
.1 in
A harbor ft? ? from anow an?l
? nas
the d R m All through
? .! i\ pai' of :.? : ???. ? ? as*
Uon she vas .ut off bj hostile countries
?r.?ni anv due, i ec erg to the open ?eu
-ave on lier fiozeti Bart hern bowaahvftea
Here was loOSted the Unest .Hid most ac
? aril i?- ssspod "f v bjah aba eotiM boast?
th.- harbor of Ai. iiaim?! It i- an arm
?>f th.- White lea All winter long it is
Icebound. Oonistlines it dot? not thaw
I Sont? tun? If le ?.pen to
commerce ??> earl ai Hay. Rut la Pep
l? ,ni.. r n i- closed a?.?in
Thi n Russia
? PO -il?.te i
I Improvement ovei the
Art nariK' ?. hut -till ' am?
I in . I. -? :.,.,|lUis ,?f |
K< .loin;;.ion ipread southward until
?ontrulle.l all the nortl.? r ?
Hia?-k Sob. No trouble "hen I
and t ?. hut trouble v-t as ? flff
? warehlpa were ? oncei ? ? ?i. it
agreed thcr
? pean powet ? that her
? slon of Ulis neu t.
? Btingenl upo) . ,
neither t?. not from iba Black Bee
Daedsaelle ? i l ? > m and -
ttantinople atanda i u:rd. iiad tins str..u
..[.. n to R .-:-;?! _' I .?? ti:..? ?-i let
war with Japan h? r Black Bee il? t
might iia\? ??? en rat hi d to tl ?
Of bef A-iatic squadron, an?! the r
of the war Blight hav<- beOB ?liff? :
If wsa lainosellil? Tin consent of the
ISuropoan powers waa wKhbeld No
gi r incenl A ?l foi Ruaaan
to .?.vet tli<- nit? man stronghold.
Thai ans doce covet it is almost ante?
matk Ita destrahlltty ?a? pointed out t??
bet neariy tWS hund? Igo BJ It?"
gioateet ruler The wisdom of his ud\u
has been repeatedly demonstrated rinn
tliat time. Hussia's acts liav? BOOT? thai;
Indicated an attempt t.. satisfy h? .
craving, Th?-. hare Indicated. t..o, tliat
the precepta of Petes bod not bees sat?
grown That his teotamenl tuts been a
living forec among hlo|>coplc until to-day
maj heel be aeon bj an ouUlned reference
to a few rigntflceat ttema la theh bieten
Tbc nisi two of Petar- ralea sre of the
general aort thai slight apply with saaal
foro to the poii'-j of any amdern nation,
in eompUsaeo arith th<- third th?:rc stan?i
OUt tin sIHance ?>! Russia in the Su.i-i.
.ears' Wer, Um ii<??' Alliance In
,m?l bei BSSiStSnce to Austiia in th? Hun?
garian rebellion la ltd. Her position in
'the preeent Turkish crisis, espectall] In
her relations to S? ; via. is an ?nibodimci.t.
of the spirit of the third role also.
The history ?,l Poland fornlBhOO BS
most complet? cerrytag oat of ?Peter'a
fourth rule. That HI fated country, era
: .i -th. famous "paitltlea of Poland
,n 17TJ. ?'ourlai..I wa: awnOBOd bj Russia
In bfa . i^ tT. the ktagdom of Pe
??.i de? lered a Russian pro*.me?-,
and twant] ysars lat.-r, in Isaaary, fol?
lowed Un decree aboUehlng all potttleal
distlnetiooa of Poland as .-? khagdasa, |nst
? later a ukase ? f th.- caer floslgaat?
.?I Poland ih. "Vistula Province" Its
-.par; i. internai goverameal was abol?
ish, ?i ami complote union aith tin- empire
was effected on k? hruarj .
Tha nfth rule ahm worked ooi ad?
nnrabiy Is practise, for oa I ptember 17,
i so. gwedan ????!??] t?. Roaata the erh?h
of Finland an?i I.apian.I and the island*
in the golfa of Bothnia and Finland
Th. next knjanetton laid upon th?
princes of Rueda, namely, that they
ahould choose their ooaoorta from amona
the Oerraan iiilnteseee. was followed i>>
Paul, who ni.irri.il Ma'y ol Wurtem
hum. Alexander I. arhO married Maria
of Baden. CoBOtnattae who marn?-?.
Juliane ?..f Baxo-Ooharg; vu-hoias I. whi
m.irn.'d hlsxaadra of Prussia. Archdok.
Mi?-haei. v.h?. aauiled Eleanor of War?
temburg; Alexander II, who mar
Maria, th? daughter of the Grand Dakl
Louis n. of Herae Darmatardt: Alexam!.
in. who married Princesa Dagmar o?
Denmark, and Nicholas 11, who Harri??:
Princesa All i of ? i sa
The policy outlined In the seventh nil?
has bees rtrictlj t?>;i?> ?. .-?i up. The ?
??si exi>orts from Russia are mad?- t?
Kngland. When Napoleon fulminated Mm
famous Berlin Decree. November _i, isoh
'by which the British Islands were d?>
Slared to he in a state of blockade an.
? all commerce or communication with then
vas prohibited, th? Kmperor Alexandej
was the tust t?. asa h?>w much the hates
cata of Russia were at stake and hoi
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