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Berkman's Vivid Story of 14-Year
Prison Penance for Shooting Friclt
TJie Jong, striped line, of Socie?yir ?xz?es
With Facile Pen, the Notorious Anarchist Re?
lates in Detail His Experiences in Strait
jacket and in "Solitary"; Tells of Futile
Plot to Escape and of Prison Scenes;
Abuses and Their Remedies.
ABTi i|;v of prison iif>- by an sol
spaat 1 - bal
ban 'sTstl rrint mat?
au?h< t?? >:d\r \ a human dc
mini When the writer, further?
wlelda i la pan In the naannsr of the >\e
realists and is eonapsred bj critics a
auch m? :: as I I Andre
r:is wuK mus? POSSSBS a tremendous fai
nation as well as a Boctsl ralua H ??
c\?i ? - a 11 an achievern
?nd rsasrdlees <?f any ptsjtuUess sasl
the author, us merits uns? be avrpaaal
All I
thor. His ?too "f Hi<? hundred ?
Intel. ^.,t artb Pi
llahlng Aseo laiton under the title
i of an Anarchist."
the preface Hutching Hapgood advi
odj t?. ? ead the book, chiefly on i
around thai it is a ttuthfui ?Varunie
that it shows the futility of prisons, tl
it is a rlbrsni plctttr? of life and a stu
of i.n aaonlsed soul thai survived. Di
in,- the HosBBStssd trouble of lit] Has
Clay Frl? i ; b?i?I wound?-?!
an, tlun a DO) twenty-two > ei
??l?l. who thought that militant ai
Derhmsn refus
of B lawyer and was se
t?ne?.i to twenty-taro rears' im: i
Witti < ommutatt
b-. tun.- in the Western Penitentiary
ronnsyh ania. amounted to thirteen yea
(and h<- put m another year It the WOT
Bt rkman dec?a] ?h, bo f
a^ matten "f faiH are conosnied,
pbotcejraphically accurate. He aeal ??
many letter? from prison, openl) a:
?eeretly, and a<?ciunulated a ma
?Ahi? I. he Later tnrnod to |.i boooui
..rds. wrapped la a pai
a#e covered with ?Mithin, asare bidden In
aVwer pipe f? monthfl until they coaM
-,-!?-?i out ??f pilaori it la a\?ired I
?.?is thai the booh
nil ins; nobody helped him or oollaborat
with him. it.* aatordshlng literary qualll
it- lech I ..i oommandl of the Kngii
language, . fact that t!
author had a - docathm wht
he want i" jail. \\,js even then s stu?ie
<nf languages nd anasst a asad part
his fourteen y?*ara' bnprlsonmaal In rea.
ti,, boohi i1 ?? t. narre pris?
He devoured tVsbsti
abridged Dictionary from ?over to OOSi
- on, and read 09
llsh ?lassies- than an) college "grind
Mom - - id) Ins. mssnl Ufa t<> all
H?- studied to aove himself from sunn
o ? naa n 11)
Berhman i I thai it bt ?roul
1? .i\>- oui bob ? bllosophy his boo
\ ltd l.e a "beat s.-ller" II?- replied tha
:. - '? ft?,ii. t. ? <.f principle, I
*?< ' .i t.. till the whole atory ??f his prit
on lift iii'liiding his thoughts an
i The raadsr lafari that the ai?th"t
ah I l| a llttl?- modified by hi
BtirTering T.> ? i.incur and bll
jarnaaa, mors lava and sympathy, as th
prisoner on thrSUgfc the night
niare of confinement toward freedom. A
first !:? I id, fanatical idealisl
14e becomes a warm, immediate humani
Inian. who ministers to the sorrowlni
BOUS? ? beside him. In his memoir
there art the poagasal ?luaiity of Dostoi
! ? : fears hi a I ?ad House'
an?! the paye bolearle si analysis of Lconh
Andi-i-ii-ff's -tory of I long time convict.
Soon after his arrival in the penltentlar?
ni Allsghsny Bsrhaaas planned to kii
himself with B Bposa ground to a shan
fige. II? w;u-, diseo\ered In possession oi
the spaen anal Is has to Um tssejty, Mr
"lu the rotunds, connecting the nortli
and south ollhouser. the deputy stand? at
a high desk. '' writ? s B? rkman. "Angular
and born, .vitIi slightly ?to??ped shoulders,
lii? fa? c is a mass of minute wrinkle?
seamed 00 ysllow psrebmsai The curved
nose overh iiiKs thin, compressed lips. The
??testy sysa BMBSSWS me ooMty, unfriendly.
" -Wh" Is tins?'."
"The low, almost feminine, voice sharply
BSOSntUStSa UM cadaverlike face and fig?
ure. The contrast is startling.
\7 '
?? What is the < barge, officer?'
' Two i -barges. Mr Mcparie. I.ayln"
In bed and iryln' soul? id?.'
"A sitiil?- of sat,mi. satisfuction slowly
?preads over IBS deputy'? wizened face
The long, bear? fingers of his right hand
?work convulsively, as If drumming stiffly
on an imaginary board.
" Tea -h-m, h-m yes. AT. two charges
- li-m. h m. How did he try to?h-m,
h-m t<? eoinmlt BUtcMsf
" With this spoon, Mr. McPane. Sharp
a? a I a/.or.'
"'Ves fa in ?? VVatits to die. We
have ???? such ? barge as~h-m, h-m?as try?
ing sui? hi?- in this Institution. Sharpened
M?oon- h-rn, h-m -a grave offence. Ill BBS
about that lstei. Kor breaking the rules,
, ? h-m. h-no by lying In bed oui of h< ui =
-h-m, h-m three deya Take him ?town
He a ill -h-m. ii-ii) cool ??ff ' "
After an "eterntt) of horror" In thi
t.';.- prisoner, on the doctor.
ordere, '^ restored to hla cell, 1
of his twent] -two years' > ? nt< n< ?. he plans
te ?lash ins i?tains ?.ut agalnsl th. bars,
The oil chaplain cornea along, talka with
Berkman and Invitee him to
? I ati Ive t?. appear Indifferent," i on
I : **a bile furt:.? ly follow
i y mo> * n eni of the chaplain, si
... ?elects the ro!
longing foi llbertj li consuming m. \
plan of eocape la maturing In mj mind
The chaplain carries all the kej ?
i coui'i easily ov< I Im. , . .
'? 'Have a seat, m DO] Bll
Hera are some hooka Look them ?.vet.
i have a duplicate <?f my personal Blbh
with annot?t lona II bore lier?
The chaplain turns his hack t?> l?".l. t ?I
the Look Berkman reaches foi th<
heavy bunch ol hoya with which i
tendB to crush In the chaplain- skull, and
then he e ?n make hla ? acapi
? 'My boy, i cannot Und 'hat Bible now,
bul I'll xiv? j ? i some ?>t .i i??.ok. Bit
down, mj boy J am SO M.rry about you
i am .?n o?cer of tb< atate, but i think
you were dealt with unjuetly, four een?
s quite excessive i ?an v\?n un?
derstand tpe M?.t? ?.f mind thai actuated
you, a young enthusiast, m the? exclt
in? Pmes. it was in connection witb
Homestead. is it not ao, mj I oj "
"i fall bock mi?? the ?iiaii.
manned Thai deep note "f sympathy,
' the tremolina, volco?no,
no. I cannot touch him. ? ?
Follow dpya ol terrible monotony and
. ? in the cell bo -?
"i listen Intently. Not a aoui
th<- regular awiah?awash of the broom,
the mon prai lloed ? ? ??r the old
er did i ot err. A long Mia.low fails
s the hall. The ?all guard of the
malicious es i ? (fool.
?What you pryln' ou? f??i " hi d< -
i am not pi ylni
" 'Don't you contradict ma stand bach
In sum- hole there Don't you bo leanin'
?? door; d'ye ii?-ar?'
"Down tii< hail the guard ahouli 'H< .
The Prisoners* work as- Iron Molders
you eripple! Talkln' there, wasn't you"
"The CriPPto, Old Wliigle, flO-JoO it, an.I
Is heartily cursed.
"The acratehtng of the broom hag
ceasiil Th?' rutigeman is dUHtlng the
doors. The ??ven stroke of the cat-o'-niri.
taiis sonada Bearer. Again 111 ?-? man dope
at my door, his head turning right and
left, the while he diligently piles th?
" 'Aleck.' BS whispers, 'he careful of
that screw, ilesa-?. See him Jump ?m
' What would he do if he saw you
talking to me?'
j " ThlWW me in the hoi?-, tin dimgOOOj
>ou know. I'd lose my ^ob, too.'
"? ? >h, i ain'i o ired of hin
out I non ll< no bla In
the block <>?? U ? hoe. '? ? pi
r, edln' i m? He's Jed loo
i le M he Is, thai
Tom ? '
" W |
?? 'That ?en ar. Fi ? We (
. i Tom" b'( auss ! ?? f
. .u n dod| ? r '
" w ii.ii.? corn dodger?
" 'Ha, ha! T"??-'!.:
we get?- a Ch Ulk of ?"lili ....
fast It ain't much, hut
Know whal punk is'' Soi
?n lingo, ?? ? ! broa
then some kids
?? Tl?:? n bei
Bei batan hi i til at worh la lbs msi
?hop under the tutelage ?>f liai, ? sat* ?
s. mptlve, who asks, him If be |fl a '
fish" (neu prisoner) and other thlnga
Jim Bsplslna how lu- got m.
??'Had a scrap v. id de si?..- Alni" '
kiimkeil m-- Klimim-r OUt It ?a- dal ''i?
bull (guard) dsrs, Pete iio???i>. I'll
,\ei: wid him, all right? ?I- hi rOttStl
?oui. Ill kill him. By ?? I will. I'll
croak 'are, any how.'
?? -1'crhups It isn't BO I ad,' I tr> 10 BO
courage him
" 'it ain't, ah? R .?i .1 you Know sboui
it? I'vi- get ti.n bad, spiitin' blood
every Bight ?U dllSt'l klilin' mc Kill
you, too, - ijUick.'
??ieicjnocr' ?terkman, Auihor of
rem.ork.0ble PrJron Stcry, jj>eakfn<g
recen(7y z'n ?/snon Syuar-a. _
\ n to empl a Isa hla ? orda hi
i with a m ..f coughing, prolonged
an,I 11 ? > 11 ? > v\ . . .
"The guard approachea 'Hoa - be do?
ing " ha Inquires, Indicating n* mth i ?
.....i ..i ib? i ? ad
? *Ha s aii right Bui ?ay, H.la ?lis
?, ... |a no pi... .- tor ?I?- kid. Il?'s Kol a
twent) -one spot (ssntene?).1
? shut yonr - trap.' the ofBoor re?
angrily. The oonoomptlve bi oda
?...,,k. i?.. fully ? ?>? tag the
k?-.-p.-i s measuring atk h "
.lim hsd .' hsmorrhage snd falla un?
, ?,u- with ins Mo ?i dydng the Booi
i. r losrlng his place ?" " i"" Ihla
Berkman hi carted un?i thrsataaod hy the
Wie Gloomy. CtzZls ?ii
which. vrLsoyxers spenD
?heir /fights on? Jt'oii'ddyS'
k tard, a ho thon la
the mu mis. mus man with hla fool to
.. . ?i tain a h? ther he lo i bammini The
doctor sends Ute consumptive to the hoe?
I ll..I and, Boding li.ikio ins e\e- lu?
ll. >iiu?l With the ?lust ?.f lb.? mat -hop.
ordei him to report on th. dch list.
AftOI a mouth oi inipri l'..-rk
iii.in a . n? ? i?. T'..- Olrl, oth< s i -.- i?' o? n
..- S.?i, .
"'i keep w.leringi can ouch ;? world
of miser] ind toiture be compressed into
..i..- ihOli m?.nth'.' . Writ?' oftOS
Ti n me about 11 ? *? movement, yet I
and friendo u ?ill help t?> keep bm In
touch srith Ufa outside world, which dally
i?, recede further, i clutch dea?
peratel) ai the thread thai still binde
me i" the living it aeoma t?> unravel In
n- banda; tha thin skeins are brooking.
one b] one, My hold In alackealng. Bui
the sonya thread, i km??, win remain
i.?m un.i atrong i hu?- always called
j ?.u the Immutable A i.kx.' "
in the docking abop there la the aame
ding up of prisoner workmen as
here Johnny Davla a mere boy,
IS Shoit ell his stint because some of Ills
product la dyt) atol?n by a |dh>w pria
oner He refuses p> "squeal." is senl
twi.e t.? the dungeon and whoa his prod?
int is again bdag piii?-i?-.i makes an at?
tack on the thief. Johnny gets s long
term In the dungeon. Berkman vslnl)
Intercedes for (he unfortunate young
pi l.-oni-i
"Boston Rod," an odacatod oonvlet,
talks to Berkman;
"'I ain't no bum. MO; no siwii ?
thing. BUmlnata th?- dlagraooful oplthd
until your vocubulary, sir, when you BTS
addreodng roars truly? i am a yagg,
\ a-?ioiii>ie g, sir, of tin? honorable elan
of yaggmen. lomo ipell it y?e?doable k.
but 1 insist on the a, sir, M giainatn all.
Jfous Com/icos usorJc in Tailoring 2>?p?rinxer
- won
ha? no ? f ; Unit) w Itl
h? h fruit, and should i,? >t be confoundet
by vu!. I ... A bum
down ' ? s iio^.- h.til!.. i
/.?-ii. ?.
* ii . i an.!-" h as ins centre <>i
il?- hasn'l the nerve '" i
his native heath and roam lbs ???- i ? t ?
m.hi. Thais in. ?..i;.-i; i:i.- :.>. I|. darsi
t" i.e and ?I??, alt bulla notwithstanding,
ii. lives, al? bs II?,i a on it.?- wcrid "i
?ucbers, ihanK you, su < ?i them 't:>
wlael) said m the Oood B?9oh, "Thsy
shall incrssse and multlpl) Ilk.- tin -an.1?
of Un ?.. ihoi. - ??' a ""l- t" ili.it si.;
nincanl ?-ff.-. t. \ \.?i;ks the sait of the
aai lb, i aid a real, n le i.i ysgj
w i i,..i ,i. Ign t.. brssthe Uu Identleal
.,. 1.- With a Clt) bum 01 a.i!'.il
v I
T ? ?-?In. at. ?I ? sa In- ? ill
,ii ??! w.nk m the .?Hops m putting ,i
Jlgg i" ?m liinis.li. that is. producing an
? I sole WblCh Will He .?pa- lt.il.
t... bast\ lasha It Is ' Bosjtan
K. d," loo, w im Informa the Incredulous
newcomer of the prevalences of unman?
among Hi?- prison? '-i
and be? |-i is
\ banaVwrltten sad Ulustrsted mags
Bins ?ail?-.i "Prison Blossoms" is purrst**
tlttoual) got ??ni b) Bsrhmaa and a
group ??f his irisada The editor? sad
cuntrlbutora ?u??-uss the mahs*up through
the pipes bStWSSn estlfl and IbS maga?
zine is circulated '?> friendly traatJsn
ii |g written on BtOtSII Wrapping pup'-f.
Bach wiitsr u?ids his eoatrtbutlon ?>f ar?
ticle?, var?a at sneodete in turn ae ta?
l.i. ? ?nues to him
A newly ains.-il prisoner ?s thu- de
i- ? 11 ? sd b) "Boatos Red"
"Liba mi, dont yon* PsrmK m?-. sir,
i?? introduce i<? yon the bsndlwarh ?>f hi?
Maker, a mealy-motitheil, oily-lipped.
Kurv) as) eat ?? yslloa cur, a snivelling,
fawning si.?"!, a ?lltliy, "?./.y sneak; a
nabs in tin- grass, arheee vsrp prsseoea,
.-?Ii. is a mortal insult to a self-respect
lag iti'-mb. -i' "f my ?Ian Mi Patrick
Qallsgher, of tin- bonorsbte Plnhsrtbn
family, sir."
The warden ami the deputy, IfcPsne,
mabe the rounds of the shop:
"I'aMlng B glance at my assistant, tie
warden i n.|ini SB ! 'Voiir lime must D8 Sp
s?.??n. "Red"'"
" 'Mien out anil back again, lap'n.' The
"(lie? r laughs.
" "> ? ba i- h-m, It-m back home."
The thin feminine SCCSBta Of th?' deputy
sound saiiastic.
"'Didn't llbS it outside, "Ibd"" the
wardsa ?neera.
"A Mush darkens tlie face of the a?
sisianl. There's more skunks out than
in,' he retorts."
Some one slips a knife in Hetkman'.?
pocket. It Is found on him and he gets
three days and night* In Hie dungeon ot\
bread and water. There Is no bidding In
the nilil, ?laik, underground , cell. I'oul
odors and river rats iiImiuiuI. There fol?
lows a lung tenu of solitary confinement
in the "basket ?-?11" upon a "IVtitiaylvuiilu.
<li?t" <>f bread and bhu k coffee, with soup
i wi?e B week. It rsdUCBB the prisoner al?
most to a skeleton. He la now accuaed
*'of being responsible for a strike In the
"Johnny" Davla. a nineteen-year-old prie
oner, is in a bad stage of tuberculosis.
He ha? been repeatedly put in the dungeon
and in solitary. He is serving a live-year
! term for the crime of stealing $12. There
are other mere boys like him. one who was
! sent to a reform school at nine years of
age and has never been at liberty since.
There was a hoy in knickerbockers who
was kept in the penitentiary six months.
He was no small that his fellow COBVkla
had trouble in keeping in loch step with
"? irasy" Smith, an insane prisoner, break?
up the furniture in his cell The sua ids
go after him with riot clubs and drag
him, unconscious, to the dungeon. An?
other insane prisoner bangs himself in
his cell.
There is a sl?k line ?very morning, biil
the doctor, taking his cue from tl m
slstant deputy, excaats f?tw prisMtii
: from work. The invariable. prOOCrtptiona
are salts and porous plsstora A yOBBg
man with parchment like fa e, sere and
i yellow. complains of pains in the
! stomach.
???Give him a p'?*?1 Next!'
"'Plaster!'?the prisoner breaks out in
? a fury, his face growing livid. Look at
; this, will you?' With a Qolch rn?>tion he
pulls his shirt up to his head. Hie c-est
and back are entirely covered With poroes
plasters; not an inch of skin is visible.
! ?_ yer plasters.' he cries, with sudden
nobs. I ain't got no more room for
plasters. I'm putty near dyiti' an' you
won't do nothin' fer me.'
"The guards pounce upon the man and
drag him into the rotunda
"Jasper, the negro trust v. la a ehSrsr?
?ter. Deputy Warden Orearse, being tart?
ly under the influence of hlp-pockd re?
freshment, as usual, visits the ecUhSBM
and says:
" 'Jasper, go bring me a ebSW '
" 'Yessah. Scrap, dep'tyf
" 'Yah. A nip of plug. IM '
" Vessah, yessah. immejitly.'
" 'What are you men doing here?' the
deputy blusters at tlu> two subordi?
nates. .
"Assistant Hopkins looks dSTBly a; ths
deputy warden from above hi- |
j 'That's all right, C. reave? |
I miliar'y. with I teach of MOTB In bhJ
OOlce. "Say. \ou shoul'l ha\- MOB thai
?liKg'r Jasper swallow a great big apple
'in tw?. .?te? .is bin- as \nur head ID
's? ear'
f "Oreares wakea with i start and lasoa
1 stupidly about.
? ttay. Jasper.' Hopktna calti to th*
retiring negro, 'the depaty sranta to
thai atorj you t"11 mi ? ahne >no. abed
how . i. ft Und f'iot ?>f
rabbi) on a moontigbt oighl In a grava
?? v. .. hear 'tT the
? loo, luddealy aids at
y/os, you do, Oreares.' Hopkli
'The rablut ?O"t d ll - ,','*i
roa know. Thia coon ben ?
his n.. k Bhow II to the deputy. J
? a prissoer la Oell Gil ? is ? haaaor?
. ? and ?Mils Inotstentl ? ****?
lust. ? ';-' *
?lut.i.mg sdmli lat? rod bj Uk gua ds, add
drag him Bwsi for fui ther pui lohment
? ui-l Jim.iv' IHN
beard, la ?>n? <>t the few humai
He curaos the convicts witii ; ; *
, torce ??nil calla them every Basse la tho
calendar bul hla actions an- ail Id
1 .uni um prlsoaors regard him
- Buwy tbinga to m
I their hard i?>t. while rearing and '?' -
,ng ,?t them ta pretended rage.
"There Is "Crasy liunki?-.' the a addaa?
Bvery mornings as the oaVer uatoeka W"
.1....I to hand in th?' loaf Of ?
siakss a wild dash for the yard, ahouUng,
?Me wife! W lu re'i ma wife? H? i
; toward the iront and dsspsi it? : -
th,- door handle The flood Iron |
aecurel) looked. A ?oh of Maah anuse?
ment .?i! hla face, be doaiy returaa ti
c.-ii The guards awall him ertth ssv
llctous ?miles Suddenlj the) rush upon
him, Mackjacks In hand. . 'h'
blood gushing from hla mouth sad ?ose.
they kick him into the edL"
a young eagre sawed Law uri *
servd ins aerea ? ar tersa, bal is ted
by the ward! n that he mus! pu' In 0*
other half-year on account ?f dofodld
work in the mat shop. Re attacks ?
! hooper, giving him "a slight acratch i:>
! th?. neck." is ihioun in th.? dungeon sad?
emerging after ten <h?v* '? erivdllag hw
beetle, is aentenced in court to ?even
rears' sddttiooal Isaprlsonsasnl (or 'a*1
tempted morder." He crawls about thi
flOOr Of his c. II ?ui hands an?! knees, amid
BBSpeakable nitii. babbling stupidly: "l,?*
ina. j.-siis. ?..mg t?. Jerusalem lea ,,e
rides th.- Ii.?ly ?is-; He's going to HI?
lathers llOWO ??oing home, going home:
Jeeua |dng to r^athor*a boaah"
"Dall) I behold th.? machinery at work,
gun.Hug ati?l pulverizing, brutalizing th?*
?.m.??is, dehuinanlzing the inmates, f*?
removed from UM strife and struggle of
Hie lamer worhl. I yet witness its IlllnU
ture replica, more agonizing BBd mercl
ISSS within the walls. . . . intrigue and
counter plot, violence and corruption, are
rampant In jellhouse and ?hoy. Tb?
prisoners spy upon sash other, and ?
I urn upon the officers. The latter 00*
courage the trusties in unearthing tn?
Herd doings of the Inmates, and the
stool? enviously QSSSPStS with each other.
Oftee they deliberately inveigle the trust?
ful prisoner Into a fake plot to Catal?
an.I at the crttioal moment denounce hin?
to the SUthSlMlea. The ?tools nn?l tht
? ?utinurd on aevuatb ps_*

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