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The Clever Coburgs Romantic Rise to
Royalty of a Minor German House
$?o.oKit3tf'b<v.rr) PoU?vo*v , Lotodon ,
By Great Ability and Well Contrived Marriages
the Princes of the House of Sachsen-Co
burg-Gotha Established Themselves With?
in the Last Century on the Thrones
of Great Britain? Belgium, Bul?
garia and Portugal.
?-. - ountry are
\V the
f r man? e ol royalty with a
? I, thai
srr apt to overlook the amazing foil
of trie aurvfriag habsritora ??f the ?p
right in the present ?lay ?>f its dltnlnl
npportuniti-M RoySlty Still has its
mad? mm; the two Napoleons and
-adot'e. Kins ' .-???-. <.??? re I???
means the last of them. With those 1
within the purple. fOTtUnt Btlll p
favorites and tin? Is m? ans .?f beWtOI
iiren th.-m dtgOltle? of the lit-st i
The rise of the minor Oermsa house
aad Ratteubiij; to the planacli
hnperisl and royal dignity is the r
imple In *? ir ou n ds
? one lam
Bsgli ? of India; a ?lai
? | the o?h? ? ? Spain, s
tbS nnn?r Herman h?
ni? - Holet? In - Bond? rsburg - Oluckst
mounted the throne of Dl inn.
: - <? and Norway,
Kmp- ? \.to 1
land?Alexandra, the well beloved,
? ami!) of ? Sei in
? I ?I for Itas If and la .
?i \ much in the public eye, In
; ? Inend ol Bulgai la la ?
??f an am
? ominen. ?? ntll
?. Rg ?t:
"i.iidi.-.i years with
ducal dignity, uni ! Napoleon raised II
that - ? . Thta i
? salt? d i"' tune
branch ol lb? two Into which the pai
11, a ac
<?f th inger i rsnch ? >?
.m Mg] t?i
older bi snch are .-? ?
give ih' m their 1
thea ??' Bi chw n-t !obu
?;oih, ward the end ol lbs bot?
? h y ihsi ?? wsn ?
Sprung from the m
??: th? family; half a ? entui ) la
they i ed to four; bul it is w
ne that we ha
' ramlftcatlona and Intricsi
of tlit genealogy of the minor houses
(Serrosa Empire are t?.?? be wilder I
tn mi. i common ?
here that the Imkc of Weirr
la In Germany
the end of tn^ eighteenth century, W
BBtheiad at his court Um brilliant <ii
of Which Goeihc was the ?sun. \u? a in
? Sf another branch o? the lamily.
The house of Coburg, then, has ?l?.
? i'a?ingly weil for Itself suce the I
? emng of the ninet?-'-nth century;
promises to do even batter daring t
arasant one, in the person of I'? Miman
MaalBBsiesn fhailss Tanpolil Marie-?.f i
burg, Czar of Hulgaria an?l bead of t
Kalkan confederation that has finish
ll?o work of osnturisa in puttlni sa ?
Is the power ?if Turhey In Europe,
- ? aadmothei - aide ? las < I ? ? ?
nan?! is descended from an Austrian li?
i, Pitees Kohsry, whose title wi
?i th? wai.? f?ii i!.?- ovarthroa
the Napoleonic pOWST, W'l.? i ?lote Ih
has been known, tbougb haOO
*s Coburg-K'iliat* CSSl l-'crd
sand's mother was- Mac esa Clemeutln
at the haass of Orl?ans, dsughtsr -
Of Fiance |i.
married that other member of the famil
whs may be aatd la bam bean ths 5n
the olevsr Cohurga with which th
article deals: Leopold of Bsrhann rnhtiri
first KinK of the Eh bj
V clever, a brilliant man. Indeed, WI
fi armas prla*??>llng. who bagsn hi
'-"'r ?.s an Oflcei in the |;us?ian aim
and as aide-de-camp to Atexandei I,
wa foroad to resign whe
Napoleon luntcrl to him that bS lia?) r?la
lermsny whose donaalna arid ?h.;
?I easily !??? taken from thmi t
"i?k<- ? 1.1, pjektagi foi i"" sch mai
lai bsenH '..hui ?-?"itha Mae
??i re-entered i he Ruseteu mill
a iv i?-?- Ir? 1*n, taking .m a?-n
thai ' n't' 'I Mfltb Naje?
! ai-de al!..?i.
the young soldier be ha?l bee
- ' tnl"T, ITBf tiaib up his ?loini
cas m England and i?gati ins grsats
mai i> mi, England'? "th loi a*
I'rin?? Charlotte at Wales, th? unh.ni
i <ii th. dlsrsputable Pi Ini i
at, ? n.? i.? ?m, King < ?"?is? i V, an?
o i? ss lint"! i unate m l?e ? 'hat i-?tt?
af M? i.ieni.uiK-.stM-iit/ uis ecandsloui
' m ni <>i in i. ending In .? mil ??f ?i?
i ehsrgi ?.i InlMelll I
???h baosn TIm batred b< t.
hei h< transferred siso to bl dsughtei
"bo?? "iii\ bapplnesa ?.vas found In lb?
attat seen ??f i.? > mai rb d nie.
"<i"i she lived ?ha ?rould h.?,, beoonic
u ol England, and Leopold ?if ?burl
' '.n ?"i Is i?a?i <?t ?us eoatstii \
' f"i 'haihill? WSS limn!' iv ? only
? t'Ud. and he* um h . M liilam i v. h.??i no
1 is wife, win." Ii.v the wav . was.
i (1 " i "i ,.n"ti" i branch <?f thi
- Metnlug? ?
n a?iv n ?i, si,i.i ih, ganaalsglcsl
? ? ? <;? i ma" ranfll
I bewttserinB Th? n i ipor? i" coin?
however, to* lb? Diacheas ??t I.? st, lb?
?nothei of t)nsas] Victoria, waa also a
Ooburg 'i
??ousin as Well Bl I . ' I lid, and I.?
pold i be future King o ihi ? -
? f them >>,.; ii
i.? opold. a in? had u? ? n rnad< i >uke
K< ndal ?m hla man la
u ah - m ISM, continu? <i to
Twickenham aftei hoi death, In th? f<
lowing ...-?? n. had a dee
fair with the ?'?? n ?
Bauer a h<? i- ft men ph a.-.?
nobodj in particular, bast ?>f an ihe ma
?bon s . had ultimate!) married i
?noid faced in- m ? ond
U the offer of the crown ?
He declined It tu ml . the poi
appeared te ? in t?> him
tire in i? would have ? low d ?
w ho thua presented to thi wo
drang? spectacle of a eon becoming
? months beton
i sovereignty si I .-. J
IM not mount il
of De n mar h
II i- sai?!, i, on ?' a
i he sain? ?i?..?i. bul ah? i aa mad.
ceptioii of the Coburga i ndlsmayed b;
l.? op??. . lion of a hat abe had ol
fcl?-?l him, Mie kepi hi nt gllid
bi ? ? sed the dbjnty) o k thi on?
. ?entinen 1 -???? found f<>
him an??i' - I i :'??.?. n aid -? ? ??
The kingship of r- (glum, vn hlcl
had inst freed Itself from Holland, ha?
Opt l.i.'p'ial to?.k II
Clevel < tobiirg t bal h? a
. hod ? m i a nuda agal
j bllltfc i the tiuiii choli ? ? H<
waa a ? apab ?? and tactful rub :
foundei of Um pro
kingdom thai : i a? bed i I mar
and auc
??. i.. opold II.
i ? opold i i aid H.? price of i
foi hla position was al lirai fai from ?
pleassai one. The fli
fronted him waa the enmlt) of King
| Louis-PhlHppe of Prai
-. ?i i be Belt
? ?r Nemoui i.? one
? lllated the citlsen-klng bj m
dsughtei wiiat couM Law- I. simpler
t han this? Clsvi < iw
public humiliation he had to ?a ?
howevei end la a allow? I fully.
n is an Interesting atot j
flhortly before Leopold's meeting with
Charlotte of U ales that royal |u Inci
bees wooed tti "" Prince ol Orange the
BOB Of King William I of the Net bel la nd?
LeopoM therefore had acored
the future William II-first In lovi
m a.-ccpting the throne of the south?
ern pari ol hla Inheritance, torn from hi
house b) revolution The Prince of
Orange, who bad ridden elom Into
i ; .'-.-, Jomped lh< be
II sii<? t: end tetninod I.mm?i d
unhai mod, had had both r an
in court In se. knc ?
Hi- marriage to Pi Inca i anna I
ovna made tiitii th<- brother-in-law of
czar Nicholas I. N'..v.. K bo happened
thai tins gloomy autocrat ol ?c\ lh<
alai eirited Paria al s time aben LeopoM
was slaying With Ins royal fathel In ISO
Nicholas had his oploion "i kins ol tin
.alible of l/.uis-l'hillppc ..ii.l I.? ?.p..Id If
was an Oriental one Moreover, he bad
a grudge against I..opold on SCCOUnl Of
his BlSter and hi ol her- in-la v\ o( the N? lh
erlanda So h? arrogantlj toM his French
host that he would not apeas to LeopoM '
ol Belgium, thai hi would nol re re j
him hikI. shove all, thai hi wouM nol
Scoorjd Kjt)^ ??
o/ thz, Belgians.
dl Mi him .?n tin ? v ? m . I
? ?'? i .1
.-.ile the
. - ? ' ? ?
of the I
his private apart m< rita I hi in??r
ron returned horn? " >n I
? ?f the measure .?f hla Influence ipon lib
niece, Quei ?? ? ? ?
ions h
least, by the publ .?lion of t!.
? ? ntal In hi ineing abo
ri a ge to ' '
cousin, i rai ? I Alb? rl
Kmmuniii l ?? ? - ? ha, ? i."
Prince t'oi ? front
\ Ictoi ia ? own lei i hanked
lhe man w ho
made t f her life, ? I ?
. I ? wldos -
:..i 1..1 th- .1 it ???>. lasted
one yeai a. Pi Ince Ubert j
ii. wai '
: and eoeertli aneen ?i -.i In ihc
? ? .. Im ..| ?.? ?IK al.it ing the
< .?i ii? i yean ol th? Ii man ?ag? . bul II
...;.. oded thai hi maintain? ?i hla
<i. licati and din gi eel
and tau I
H< re, again. th<- u.?.. in ?.f the Ittd
em ?? "t the < !ol
thron ? Victoria I one thol atlli
i emaina t<? ha ?i? Unit? I) eritied. Prtnci
Mb) : ? ?- 'I
^/??es Pr i-nos?
^^^ C/OY)SOft
o/* 'England/.
Yjt)g o/" s?0^
'a^oyts.l Pfi_jf>.oev aWt S?o/Y?*.,
rogativa sad power; he bad also Teu?
tonic notioiiH concerning th?, proper ?-?lu
cation "f i??>ai children, aape<etally of the
heir i?> the thron? n?s widow carried
them ?>ui i?> th.- end, eves to m t 1st? r
. v lui ;?iti ?.i the Pi in? 8 ??i W ah ? from
all participation m th?' buatnssa <?' the
st.ii. The oonaequencea <>r this, in i-:?i
w.imi \iis imperfect preparedneas f??r
th.- duties <?f Kingship, were recently
pointed "M bj Mi lyataej Loa in the
1 "l>l<ll?>naiy ..I National BtOgTSphy,'1 In an
artlcls the echoes ??f whose Bsabatloa
hare <>ni> just been silenced by Hie
art ii.i explosion m lbs Balbana caused
by another t'oburg, Ferdinand of Bui?
\\ I,..|. v.i. In Ol " ? i ?
Owing to illness, Kate drew, who
is in Europo for The Tribune, ha?
been unable to prepare her usual
weekly article and sketches. She
will make Her reappea?ance m these
columns within a week or two.
Fir ? t
versa to Bnglsnd, Prince ?Vlberl re?
ngaina to date tha m..si auccessful member
..r Mo family? ?? the man who, with his
im? la'a loll a sssl tone raised th?- house
of gachaea-Cohurg-Ootha to tin mlghtled
throne ?>f nln teenth ci ntui \ Surop? I Ils
ohhst son became King and Bmperor
The second, tha Duke of Edinburgh, "
turned bj a whirl "f the wheel of rot tune
m the lend of his ancestry t<> end his iif?'
wnh the aaeestrel dignity of rdgnlng
h. I ?.f the dUChy, ?huh has a popula
li?ii all tull?, "f . souls HO w.i
succeedod by ins sephew, the son of his
younsed brother, the Duk, of Albany.
The reign of the second of the Ooburga
in Belgium, Leopold II, ended only ao re?
,, n- niai the >??' ??ni of his shtilt] a ?
constitutional raler, of his auccees hi fos?
terini th? prooperit) of ins people, siin re?
mains fusil in the mm?! .More siddy
known dill la in astuteneoa as ??* msn of
bualanaa f? ha ?..is, indeed, the rubber
king of the arortd
Thai th? honora ?u Congo ntlerule and
i were purpose.*, esaggeratsd ?'an
' n?. longer be doubted Still, there remains
o/ Csohixvg K}?^ of
^Bu.Itf ?s-iri???..
enough ol scandal In Leopold'? pubtk ant
private life t.? height) u the ?"nti.?st be
ivvi.ii the amaxlng Intellectual quality ol
th?' man and big cynical Indifference i?
public opinion ilia royal eoatemporartsi
Wim certain!) were no! aqueemlsh In mat
pi ivata nsorallt), politely, but un
mi -t. il.. H.lv . ..sliaii/cil ? till?, bul be vvenl
ins nun way, protracting his iiiiaonmll
squabbles with bla daughtsts beyond the
-^i.iv. through the dlspOSltlOO Of his BStStC
His ?later, Cartotta, hast hat mind In tbi
?.i' the Mexican adv?*nture ?if le-r
husband, If?xlmlllsn ?>f Austria, he him?
self married ? daughter <>f the Hapaburga
and one "t hla children becasaa the bride
of the Crown Princt Rudolf, whose death
remain? one of the rarefully Buarded
secreta of contemi.m royal hlstor) it
is win iii while i" beer In mind al the pres?
ent Juncture of affelri In the Balbana thai
a member ?>f iiu- Bngllah branch ?if the
family, slsrj of < oburg, daughter <?( th?
D?he of Edinburgh an?l of Sachsen-? 'n
huii; QothS, is lbs Wife Of the ?'town
Prince of Rumania
TWor? tin tun? t.. the ?icvei Coburg
I ??i the present generation, the ?'zar of
Bulgaria, it may te well t?> resjtember his
uncle, the torn of his ?T.ar.diaihei ami ?if
| tin- daughter of the \ustrinn geiiursi.
?Prince Kobary another Eerdlnaad of
' s.i\. Coburg-Ooths who, through bis
? m.?! liage tu ?Queen M ?r?a n de bvtSloria
I of Portugal, bseame King Cooaort, sad
sstsbllsbsd his family <?n the thron?- ??i
I thai kingdom bi ISM Hers fortuna be
I?towed her favoi but to amito, for l-Ynii
j nand'a descendants, Cartea I, ami ins
Ielder >-on. were assassinated In Its?, while
hi? younger son. Manual II, was driven
into exile two yeara ister by the estab?
I llshlle lit "f th? republic. .
It vva- '?nlv a vmimiv smile that I'.iit'in?
i, rtowed "n the present Perdiaand <?f
i'oburg when, ??n July , lbs?, as wan
elect d Prince ??f Bulgsrifl by the national
nssembi) "f thai country, us the successor
"f Alexander "f Battenberg arhsm the
Russian? bad deposed bj bldnapplng him.
? level, prudent i.??ipi>i<i <>f Goburg would
ha\e refuse.I III. p. liliHIM h"ln?l. :i S lu?
ll id i ?fused that of QrsSCS. ?lever, ad
~?_^qy__l P&,l__._.e, _~c
DvescLe^ta . S_->-o_vy.
?_oy6?l Pt*._-_.ce* _?-, Brti-sels.
,-? nturo .id ?.f Cob rs -?? ? ? pt?
i < ;?n? ai? fies I ? plan < ??? will Ins!
m obtruding Ihemselvi I ? rdlnsnd
?f Kine I,?iiii.-- Philippe -
ib 1.1 ln-laa ol Li opoM ol i 'ob
King of ih<- Belgians, is generad! held t
?a v.- maU.I-- d tl if her son i
in- Bulgarian principallt) S
ii wimin,
. ?
,?..i nephew o ? Il
-ai.i was largi I) Infl
icceptins tl
i... ...i pro lag I ...
!.. c|. ? ? m? aa of the Ci till ti
i'i waa o de? d
ill. I!' ?
?till undi t lite m lui n? ? ?-'
R -? ?a n poli? :? - follow,
; in 1 MM, ? hi l
i f ognltlon ' ? e\, i
'??? ... ?a an?.i tier brand I l
1.1,i i Hike ??i Ba
lilt .' |oke al the expens? ol iIm I irj
an Caer. i", rdl i
n sin. a i ! - pad him ?
vi-it in all th? splendor d hla princely
ol< The ?i ihi.ked at him doubtfully,
then asid, "You ????. Perdle, l ni ii be oap
?>f the an ,,i ,.?,-? ? ? - [ did not n
. ?. i -ii firsi
' .' han,i '. Bu.saria a/as ? . H r
??i,.i,_i\. f??i ? while t;. |oke ??f Burop
- - tit? i- i??? al ladj the ex-, 'ton ?1
i of Paxony ?it is au m th" fad
i\. one Mee) devotee to him boom pas
lent pa igi In her m< - ?
t.ivs that BO a i- a suitor for h^r han?l
m bin younger ?lavs. .? I ? the ra?
i aaed him, '1 le ought m have ' ? i
actor." she opt oes, and refera aleo to m?,
ri trente vaalt) concerning lus personal
appearance ami I hsada Iff
began by assuming a royal pose, ordered?
., n u,<s reported, regalia to ba made in
[Sermon] . couM not tin?! the numej to pay
for them, ?n?l was. moreover. Warned by
Russia and Btambuloil nol t.? tn?iulse \n
n? nsiuisi- of I bat sot i
Hla rule eras as troubled vcl ? ??
lealm aa II w.i- unstable and disq
abroad He lived In cons! ? ? I *
et of Batten berg i fate, still mmi
Of assassination Conspira, i. Constant!*?
sprang up and wen? suppressed thsl l"?l
by Major PanltSS being the one bent.
known, it was repeal dly reported thai
be had sad from Bode and sought s.-?fe?r
abroad, while, after the ation "t
BtambukM-, the "Blemarck of Bulgaria."
it i?,??, ~ai.i thai all Ihe combined Indo?
once of the Co md 1
families had been needed t?? Ind. him to
return t>? tus capital BtambulofTa mar
der is, Indeed, the darh ataln on Penil
nand'a record In the principality. Tne
dead mans wife accused him, a?..i atfl
more polntedtj bl Brsl n Ife Ma
Louisa of Parma-Bourbon, ol
passive ciuiipli? !l> in the ?lime \\ ihe
trial of iic sa eaalna she exclaimed I I
thesa m' n g"' The reel murderei ol
husband ere I be m< n
go\ ernmenl !"
i", rdinand name bid been found o
list ?if victims made up in the a
bat, according to gtambulotf, who had
fsratald hla own tab .i had bt ? n p ?
there raffuiy aa .?, i not Certain it is thai
ins sHandorars awe lot utf with n ?
nominal punishment. There w.".j a BBSU
acsndsl also over Hie violent ?icatii uf in
Auattian actress with win. h Perdlnaad'i
name was openly connected m sinnt. Hi?
future hlotorlaa wHl Bnd much to sift .md
weigh and question when ho cooaao ic
write th?- atari <>f the :irst Csai of Bat?
Baria, v.l., may vet become tin _? |
of a Balkan federatloa a^ well. 'I'.. cum
ciiiaie Russia, winch ?i. had rBirndsd hi
promising to dodtM the otTei of (|,e. Hub
gaiians and then ace, ptUig it, Kei ?linami,
a Konian Catholic luniselt. rsiBWd In:
??hi. st son and hen. Prince Boils, t,, ut
baptised in tiie Orthodox Ruedan Church
This political BMBS. hot only estrange?!
from him his Roman ?'aiholi. who ,,n,| Hj
the Bourbons, hut OrOUghi bill, also . <
??ommuni? .?'ton h) l'<>"?- Leo Xlll. agi
1 ( Continued on ?evratb page.

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