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VOL LWII..N0 24,117.
To-day and tn-morrotv. falr;
west wlnda.
ln CHj of New Yr.rU. Jersey City Mdlfobokea,
Flames Sweep Plant of Union
Sulphur Company?Thirteen
Men RushetMo Hospitals?
Many Blown Into River.
Explosive Stuff Pumped to Re
serve Points Miles Away?
Fumes Stifle Men and
Are Rescued.
.-. von or oight men are believed to
be ! uriod in tlie ruins of tho great flre
jaot Baropi tha Winiaiaatunrt omtar
froat y.-stcrday afternoon and destroyed
ibonl three blovks of warehousos. fac
. i and wharves. The ruins were
too not last night for any s-oarch
10 ba u.ad.\ but Deputy Chlef llflhflf
that ho would begin work thla
n.i-ir.ng as BOOD as poFsiblo. and l<>ok
any bodies that mlght be buriod
uiulor the tons of brick and BtfloL
tlas and oil.-hay and sulphur, eon
trlbatad to make the flre that de
gtroya the T'nion Sulphur Company's
arorka Ol North 10th Btreet, Williams
1'iirg. yesterday, one of the worst that
has ever OCCUTTOd in that BOCtloa of
Brooklyn. Thirt. on men were injumi
in the flre.
Injured Ruahed to Hospital.
The followlng employe? of the sul?
phur lompany are in the WiUiamsburg
Hoapltal: _, ?
rlKR. Henry, flfty- three vears old. No
DrlSOa avenue; cuts on face and head,
aaaraa on body.
BVRKE, Maa. forty-flve years old. So "?
North 10th atreet; burna on face. hands ana
?H. H igh, tUrty flve Je*r. oM. So. 1W
North Bth ktreet; tJtns on fare *nd hanrts.
KO, Himv. thlrty-slx years old. No. 107
' \orth 6th ftreet: burns on fare, hands ana
ORY, Waltar, forty-three yeara old Na
. ornelU stiett, burns on face. hand* ana
?e*0 0
N8ILBR. John. forty year* old. No. 10
Bta atreet; fracture of skiiu.
StTHAEFFER, l'rederlrk. forty-four year* old.
\,, ; h x ; a *, Maap*tl?. U>ng Island; burn*
I and neck.
i; aRRia vn. Itettbew, BwUf-flw years old, No.
burns on hands ana
.WORTH. Charl** fertj year* old. ad?
dreas unkni.v\n; burns on hands ana face
ae, .?ent>-thre? years old,
No 1$0$ Q i-urn* and ahock.
jn tl.t i . Mrict Hospltal are:
yaara oU. No. ?* Keni
. over body.
Btaartaaai years old. No. 801
Souab *t* etraet; burna on face. neck and
an '?.
w ii.i.i ijffl ' ' jaaaa oid.
mi on fare and
? k
In tlie eight flaarofl bounded by North
10th strt-ct and Kont OVCBOO, the East
and NOTth Hth stre-t are the
M-orkfl of th" sulphur 0088001*0, the hay
: tba Brooklyn Kastern DIs
T.-rminal Comrany and tanks of
? lard Oll Company. On the other
Of Kent avenue, in the path of the
rka that a strong BOttthWOOt gale
; i over the eity, lie the tanks of the
klyn t'nii.n Oaa Company. Never
8 history of the rlty aocording to
? Kenlon. had firemen fought
. flalaol so many disadvantages or the
, ity l.een ln BUOh preat pflflL
Th- ?OBflkfl from the burning sulphur
i.,!!ed into the fares of the flremen.
kJaoj them in their efforts to com
bflt the flames. More than a score
were overrome and carried out Into
the air to be revivod, but all of them
returned to their posts. The horses of
one englne company. which had
i.ressed ln too close to tbe flames, were
killed by the fumes.
It was at 1:45 o'clock that there
vas a terrific report in what is known
hs the grinding room of the thlrd
tloor of the Bulphur plant. It was
lullowed at intervals of not more than
three secondB by two others. and the
, ,,f th'- building were blown out
- r the river.
hief Kenlon drew his flre lines to
?! leeward of the flames, sending men
with lines of hose up to the roofs of
the wooden houses east of Kenl street
Continued on thlrd P*?e, thlrd column.
This Morning's News
Z.OCAZ.. Page
Sets L'p an Allbl. 1
..-n Hoti in Brooklyn l'lre. 1
Ti Keep Morgan Collection. 1
men Pay |IM for Promotion.4
M itchea Kill Tliree a Day. *
ri- aOBtOBCfl To-day.8
III "Iioctor" Pleada Guilty. 0
loaflal i'omperisaliori Art. B
Knteitaln William Philllps.. 8
Belmont Sticks BB "t'uiihe". 8
aajte 7 7 Vears Old.18
rnen I'hk* City Budget.18
hobathMaera Vlall Judge Crain.18
..-, case ln Hands of Jury. 1
I W. W. Jurys 1'indlng Ready. 3
Jx~truotion of L-oa Angelea Planned.. 3
,r Rajrauar, 0f Maryland.. Dead.. 8
<'..>t of the <'ami>aign. 8
!? Shaw Mi-a.lis .Siiffraglsta.7
-,, i!.',,!).,,! i,v Huffraglat. 7
Dlstrtcl Attorney Accused-11
War iloud Lowera Over Kurope. 1
Vlctariaa Klll Auatrla'a Ambitlons. .. 9
Anti-War Manlfeato Iesued. 3
News for Women. 7
ty . B
Kdltorlal . 8
trlcaJ . 8
Music . a
Ohltuary . 8
Knorti _ .18 and 11
Ar.-ny and Navy.11
Kliluidng News .1$
V.'eather .?*
Piiia/H-ial and Marketa.IB and 13
K*al liatate .*.*?
President of New York Giants
Expires on Way West.
I.ouisiana, Mo., Nov. 26.?John T.
Brush, president of the New York Na?
tional League Basebull Club, died in
hta private car Oceanic here early thla
morr.ing. He was on his way West
for his health. He had sufTercd for
years from locomotor atnxi-i.
Mr. Brush. who was hurried from
New Y'rk 00 Sunday night, uncon
scious, died between here and St. Louis.
on his way to San Franoisco. Hls pri?
vate ear was detaehed from \ Burllng
ton traln here and started back to St.
Louis. _
Physi* inns told John T. Brush more
than two years ago that he had only
thirty davs to live. He had aaaa
Identlflad with protaaaaona] baacball
,sin?e ltt7. Along wlth A. (I. SpaMing
ha was regarded as one ol the lathcis
,.i this ciiuntrys national gauBM.
Prince Victor May Become King
of Albania.
Paris, Nov LT>.?Iteports are current
ln Bcavapeurtial elrefaa thal Prlnoa Vletor
ItapolaOD- oousln of King Victor Ktn
mantiel, will bo named as sovereign of
the future state of Albania. It is said
that with the support of Austria Italy
has secured the Prince's candidat y, and
that King Ferdinai.d of BulgHiia ap
proves it These reports. however. lack
Girl Dreaming Ring Fell Out of
Window, Followed It.
I By Trlrr'HPli t- Th* Trlbune. 1
f'incinnatl, Nov. _.1.?A dream of a
favorite rlng that she wore .was tbe
cauee of injurles that rcsultod to-day
in the death of Miss Lottie Ha/.cl Cor?
bett, daughter of a former well known
l'U-ineas man. The young woman was
taking a nap near an open window,
when she dreamed that the ring acd
dentally fell from her flnger and out of
the window to the pavement bOlOW,
Still aalaap the woman leaned out of
the window and fell to the sldewalk.
She suatained several bruises and in
juries about the body, besideg breaking
several ribs.
Volunteer Charged Private De?
tective Kicked Her.
Miss Mary A. Johnson. a member of
the Volunteers of Amerlea, got a judg
ment of 12,800 against Henry Blades
ln the City ')ourt yesterday ln a suit
which bhe brought for t&OOQ. aileging
asaault. The alleged asbault oceurn d i
y< ur ago, when Blades, it was charffad,
was a detective c-mployed at th< Hotal
Knickerbooker. He failad .0 appaar in
rourt yi.-tir.riy and judgment araa
given against bfm by default.
The story told bjf Mlss JobaflOO was
that she sollcited aid fof tha Voluut<<r
i aut-e from Blades arhila hl was stand
mg in front of ? cafe in West 44th
street. He attempted to kiss har. She
broke away, and in doing so her glasses
fall to the ground. When she BtOODOd
to pick them up the detective klckad
Court Garnishees Stipend of
Commissioner Douglas.
|liy THepraph to The Trlbune ]
Albany, Nov. 25.?Curtis N. Doug?
las, brother-ln-law of Governor Dlx,
who was appointed Puhl|<: Service Com?
missioner on the day after electlon to
aucceed Winfield A. Huppuch, resigned,
sat at his flrst hearing thls afternoon,
and only an hour or bo before bla salary
of $1.T),000 a year was garnlshecd under
an order of Justice Budd, of the 8u
preme Court.
The garnishee law permits a tnan'a
salary to be levied on to satisfy a
Judgment of debt to the amount of ten
per cent. The court order states that
Commissioner Douglas's salary is
128841 a week, and that $28 84 wlll be
deducted from it each week untll a
Judgmert of $27,072 64. Interest and
Sherlff's fees are satisfiod or the order
modlfied. The order was served on
Chairman Stevens* of the Public Ser?
vlce Commission, and Edward P. Kear
ney, a Deputy State Controller, who has
charge of the paying of state ofTk ials.
The Judgment aguinst Mr. Dotlfflaa
was secured ln May, 1911, by William
S. I.awson, of W. S. Lawson & Co., a
New York brokerage flrm. An axactt
tion of the Judgment was levlod on Mr.
Douglas in this city ln July, 1011, by
the Albany County Sheriff and re?
turned unsatlsfied.
Fifty Carloads Will Be Sent
from the Adirondacks.
(By T-legrapli to Tli? Tribune ]
Watertown. N. Y., Nov. 2.'?.-Fifty
carloads of Chrlstmaa trees for the
marketa of New York will leave this
section of the Adirondacks during the
present week. Kach car will earry ap
proxlmately seven hundred of the ever
ffaaaa for Chrlstmas decoratlons. An
embargo recently laid on piniferous
trees shlpped into New York from other
states means that a large shure of the
evergreens wlll come frorn Northern
New York.
The sections whlch furnish the
greater part of the trees shipped out of
this country are on the slopes of the
hllls to the north. A llttle branch road
runnlng to Copenhagen will furnish
nearly half the trees. P-.ints toward
Wanakena and along the road to Utica
will furnish the rest.
? ?*
\'o ThankaKlving dlnner eonipiVte arltnont
a bottle of I>r. Slegerfs Angoattira Bltttra.
Was Home with Mother, He,
Wife and Son Testify, Night
Banker-Convict Assert
ed He Made Threats.
Goff, After Hearing Argument,
Overrules This Motion, and
Steuer Then Begins His
Address to thp Jury, and
Calls Robin Insane.
Charle- H. Hyde. former Clty Cham
berlain. tooh tha witness stand yester
day iti his own (left me. Mrs Hyde
followed him, atnl aft<>r her came Mas
t.i Oeorge Qayn r Hyde, fourteen
yeeura aid. Father, aaothar and aoo
wiir chlefly concernad in coppar rlvet
Ing ati aiiiu arhlch the dafanca arill
Offar to the jury as its strotig< st pr....f
that Hyde is iniiiniiit of btlbery.
TliJs alibi i ann- as BOCMthlnf of a
aurprlse to thi prosecutlon. In brief,
Hyde and hls lawyers and his relatives
i?oiitend that the t'iiy Chamberlain w ,
nol la bta Wall atreat oflea when Jo
BBph J. Robin said b? wn.s. They admlt
lhat ln was th.-re on August '-"-', and
that he recelved thera William J. Cum
lniiis. majorlty sto.kholder of ihe Car?
negle Trust Company; Joaaph B. Raich
ninnn Ita praatdant, and Joaaph J.
Robin. who eontroiled tln- fortUtM
the Northern Bank.
Bul Hyu> iiuil his friendH say that h<
left his ofllca aboul 8 b'cloch thal avea*
Ing, Jnmped Into bla car and was con
veyed acroaa tha Wall street ferry en
rmite tO his hOOM in ROal) n. Long Isl
! and. where ba dlnad that night at 7
| O'OtOCb with hifl own family an.i with
:1ns mothar, who was vlsitlnj him at
: tha tlme.
Robin, in his dramatic story of hls
convaraatkM arlth Hyde in the Cham
: bcrlain's Wall BtfW I "tlice OB tln <-\ .-n
, ing of Aoguet '-"-'. when, it is charged,
; Hyde told Robta thal u bc didn't land
9180,000 tO thC I '.'irin-uii Trus: CoBfl
I painy ha would k>aa every eanl of tha
city's naont m ?'? ??. a Ith the
i North- rn ? tUled thal h" bagan
i this conversation with Hyde <'imm:n*
( an i Rafc hmann balni | reat nt?hattraan
7 90 aad * o'ctoeh aad thal I' laatad
[two boura Hyda aald jrceterdaj 't
' bMftad t B or tiff.. a minutes M
Why the Hydet Retnembered.
l*he raaann nrfcy tba thrac members
Of thi H '? family r nambl red so
vividiv tbe :t IdV nti of thli nlght two
and 1 halt BgO, they explnlin-d.
lay in thi ttu l thal on tha Bati
just : !?" edlna thla Mond on il
20, thal b\ thay had all arrlved home
trota Europe and In tbe fw I alao that
Byde'i mother, nbo had coom on from
Callfornla, was rlBtttag tham
Mt-- Hyda and fleOTga bora OUl their
defendant raflatlva in aaylng that Hyde
came boroe to dlnner every nlghl bla
mother was wlth them: in other worda,
lhat Hyd. waa at hotin- c.iting dlnner
irlth his familv when Robla says be
?raa ln his Wall Btrael ofBoa nsing his
control ovat tb? dty-a money aa a
club to oompel th-- Northern Bank to
,-ome to lha reacne of the Carnegle
Trust Company.
As to the Buhjed of converaattea
during the t?-n Of Bfteen minute.s Whleh
Hyde coatendB the vialt af rummin?.
lanhmann and Robtn Ionsurned on
that ni**ht, the defendant said lt con
eerned his trip abroad and the general
welfare of host and gnesls.
Robin, WhOM be had inver seen be?
fore, liappened to be down at the Car
neRle Trust t'ompany, he explain'-d, and
Cumrnins and Relchmann. who wished
|0 graal the t'hamberlaln on his nturn,
hfWUght blm along, since he had hata
anxious tO meet the Chamberlam.
Not a ayBabla ol any tranaaetlon be?
tween the Northern Bank and the
Carnegle Truel Compaay was braathed,
be aald, bj one of thoaa praaent He
never heard, he Insisted, of the 1130,000
loan untll the newspapers Informed
blm nf it after tlie failure of botfa
banka. The defendanl daacrlbad thus]
the inetdeata of thal day:
"As i remamber it. i came over in
the morning to the ? ity cbamberlatn'a |
ofBce, and lefl it about noon to go over
to aaa tha Mayor, who was than In Bt
Mary's Hospital. in Hoboken. 1 lele
phoin d fWtO the-e to hnve my car
nn-et me at my Wall street office.
?I recelved word when i got to my
Wall street ofhYe, about t'M o'dock,
that Cumrnins had Caited me up. It is
my reooUaetlon thaf I then called him
up He said he wanted to come over
;,inl see me. I t"'d him to hurry up;
that I was Just going home to Roslyn
to see my mother, who was visltlng
Hadn't Seen Robin Before.
"A few mlnutes later Cumrnins,
...?].-hmann and Koliln came In. I <lldn't
Know Itobln; bad never Man him be?
fore. CuBuntoa Bald, 'This la my triend,
|fr. Robin, of the Northern Bank. whu
wanted the pleasure of meetlng you.'
"We talked about my trlp abroad.
They hoped I /had enjoyed lt and I said
I had. I aald to them, 'There seems
to have beea some excitement here
slnce I went away.' They said, T>h.
yes," and laughed. We ieferred to the
t onlinue.l 011 fourth !>?*-. aerond rolumn.
Dewey'e Old Burgindy and Clareta
\\ nn maala, _tren_*tBen Mrain and Body.
R.T.Dewey tk BonaCa.lStlTultooHt.,>*.Y.
?. a
"lllklt." the itvllih eyegls-a, Kryptnk or
Torlc I'eUbles. Spencer's, 7 Mani?n I_?ne.
- Advt.
Word Sent to Court of Failure
to Agree, but Judge Will In
sist?Report of Vote of
9 to 3 for Conviction.
Judge Says Jury Must Oonvict
of Murder in First or Second
Dejjree or Acquit Prisoner
?Gibson Dozes in
frrom a ftaff Correspondent of The Trlbune. 1
tlnshen, Nov. !?*?.?Shortly after 2
o'duck this mornlng word was re
cetved from the Jury In the t;ibson
! caaa that they could not agree. Judge
T.mipkins and the counsel for both
aldea araro eaJled to tha eourtroom. u
was rumored that the Jury stood 0 to
:: for i onvlctlon. One said he would
i noi coavlcl if ha atajrod there "tin heii
? nvi-r."
At 232 Gibson and MrB. Gibson eame
int-. OOUrt Mrs. Gibson looked dis
'tiaught, and the ar.-used man's face
araa tense. A moment lat*r thr- Jury
was brought in. The foreman at oncu
BllUOUflOaal thelr inabillty to agree, and
tl ?? JikIko th-reupon ordered them Ifl
, reflre agaln. The foreman then asked
it the verdict rniiBt be that the womnn
waa mnrdered by atrangling. Mr.
i:i,l.i- requested the court to charRe
thal tha jury must find that the de
fenilant .stranKleri the dead w.iman B*>
fora thoy could flnd hlm guilty. and
the ...iirt bo charged.
Tlu- faOOtfl were tOOhad up at 22f>
lo'Cloeh this morning, after seven hours"
'd.'llbtration. wltlmut having come to an
At IS:tO o'clock the Judge had gone
to hia hotel to retlre, leaving word that
ha ba ealled ln case the Jury reached a
r.li. t, or wanted to come Into court
1 f..r instructlons. He gave it to be un
.ierstood the Jury would be kept Bl
their work all night und until they
tr? ad
OOflbOB, Nov. 'J.'.-Foiir hours and a
; aortor BftOt the fate of Burton W.
.:|l.s..n was placed In thelr hands, the
. k-d in the:r amall room ad
| t'.- eoOOi, at midnlKht were stil!
wn laftfraj over thelr verdbt. Krom
0f heated argtlment that
L>oeM IhaOOgh the doora it ts vnb-ni
tba| th.y are having no Oflfljr ta?k In
raai hlBC oa agrei-mcnt.
"He IB a .-rr...k." one Juror was heard
to sho.it. arhfle oaothof ropttod with
,.. ...?,. ?.-o, "W.ii. thor. ih a roa
I Bonahle dmii.t."
Tha Jnrora racafrad th.- eaae ;?t 7 i"
o'cloch, aad aroto laM I ir* t0
K0 10 dlnner before taklng up
-iibratinn of th.- evld.-n.e. It was a
!,, ,,.,,.?.,? ti, '.* o'ctoch bofora thojr aot
uallv weii' ' itO BflOflBOa. .
1 ,. BTOt sif;n from them eame at 10
o'clock, arhofl the'.- bobI oal too a
pltehar of loa arator, a r.-rtest tb.it ara
rapaatad nn hotar Ifltor. The oaly othar
, orruouait atloa araa thr- reqoeet fur tha
phirtoffiajMoa Meanwhiu- llra <;ib*.m
..ii. i p8M mg up aad aooro ba fore the
courthooaa by baroatt in tbe raln, aeal
.,. ., , ,,it.!<?? to 00 vvlthin Oflll II ?' 701
Wlthln the courtroom Ib crowded to
th<- doors, about half th.- waiting CTOWd
being women.
Warrant for Defendant.
It was announced by AaBistaiit Dis?
trict Attorney Murphy to-nlght that if
QthflflB ls acquitted he will at once be
arrested on an indlctment handed down
by th<- grand Jury ln New Vork to-day
for the larceny of $17,000 from Hugh
Trainor, a former client, two y ars ago.
Tlie warrant has been slgn<-d, and !s
ln the handa of County Detective
Mrs. Burton W. Glbaon was served
to-night by Phlllip Strlalk. from the
offlee of Arpad Kremer, counsel to the
Austro-Ifungarlan Consulate, wlth an
ordflO, ?ltatlon, petitlon und affidavlt in
dlOOOOOrjr proceedlngs bofotfl the Sur
roajflta in New York. Tho cltatlon ia
Diada retiirnablc Decernber 3. Mr.
Strislk explalned that the proceeding*
had hoon laatltatod for the purpoao ..f
flnding out what Gibson had dbnc wlth
UM $7,100 whlch lt haa been tostltl.fi
during the trial, he took for his own
use from Mrs. Szaho's estate.
"(?h, dear, another case!" she said.
coolly, when the aervice was mnde, and
flCCOPVOd tho 50-cent mlleage fee offered
her, saylng she would appear as di
The charge by Judge Toinpkins lasted
two and a quarter hours. The charge
was a clear, loglcal re-etatement of
the teBtlmony adduced at the trial.
wlthout favor shotyn for either slde
and wlthout any attempt at emphasiz
lng the value of any of the evldeme
given. The court ellmlnated man
Blaughter from its charge and directed
that one of three verdicta be returned.
murder in the flrat degree, aeeond
degree or aequlttal.
Gibson 8howa Drowainasa.
During the long summlng up of the
cases for the defence and the state
to-day. OibBon drowslly nodded In his
ihalr. and Mrs. Gibson, sitting clo?e
by hlm, eflJOOd her eyea as if asleep.
When the Assistant District Attorney
told the Jury that her presence there.
snuggled closely to the prisoner. whoae
arm enclrcled her, waa to eliclt their
aymjiRthy. she awoke wlth a start and
baraiat agltated. She would liave risen
( ..nllnnerl on ?r. on.l pafr. fnarth mliinin.
?a Test of Railroad Efficlency."
Read thla advertla^ment on page two.
Whose case is now in the hands of the jury.
If New Wing Is Not Provided
Other Exhibitions, It IsSaid,
Wi!l Be Withdravvn.
Metropolitan Officials Sure City
Will Build Addition So Art
Objects Won't Oo to
There Is no museum in Kurope, let
Bloae Amerlea, thut WOUld not willlng ?
ly make room, at any COSt, for J. I'ier
ponl Morgaa'a art oollactlona That araa
the atatemenl made yeaterda) by
Robert W? Da Poreat, aof_ood vi.-e
praaldenl of tha Metropolitan Mnaeum
of Art. Mr. !>e Kor.-st's remarks wera
tha reaull of a report that bacauaa of
tha tardlnaaa of the Board of Eetlmeta
in grantlng an ipproprlatlon of 1780,"
<**? f,,r a new wing ti, the rn
whlch Ib Intendod to ba the Morgan
wing, Mr. Morgan waa conalderlng
Hartford, Conn., as a poaaible Bxhlbl*
tion place for hb prleeleaa treaauree
Intended for exhii-ition la the tauei
"I feel well asstired," said Mr Pe
Forest. "that when the Board of Kstt
mate takes up any issues of corporate
BtO) k for the year It will make pro
vlston tor the south wing of the
museum, for whlch appllcatlon has been
made, and It has been the plan of the
museum trustces ever slnce tln-y were
aware of Mr. Morgan's Intention of
bringing hls collections to America to
provide apace especially adapied to ex
hlblt them In thls new wing. I think
the members of the Board of Kstimato
understand the Importance to the clty
of havlng Mr. Morgan's collections ex
hlbiti I here. I argue nothlng from
their not havlng as yet acted, because
I understand that no action has been
taken as yet on any Issue ,>( corporate
Btock for what may be called general
Saya Morgan Wanta No Favonti.m.
When asked If lt were not posslble
to exhlhit the Morgan treasures in the
new north wing Mr. De Forest said:
? it is bndoubtedlj true that Mr. Mor?
gan's collert ions could be exhlbitcd after
a faahlon ln the new north wing, or in
Other pertfl of the museum, and there
are none of Mr. Morgan's assoclates on
the board of trustees who wouid not
gladly. ln the Interest of the museum,
alter any of our plans for exhlbitlon or
wlthdraw any of our present cxhibits
in order to glve exhlhltlon spaco to hls
collections. but Mr Morgan mlght
easlly hesltate to permlt hls fellow
truateaa to take such actlon, lest it
might BBeni tO be favorlng the exhlbi?
tlon of his collectiona to the detriment
of others.
"Nor could they he properly shown
except in space especially deslgned for
them. There ls no museum ln Kurope,
let alone Amerlea. that would not glad?
ly make room at any cost lor Mr. Mor
gan'a collections. The Important thing
for the city of New York is to gtve him
the opportunlty here, and glve lt under
such conditlons of room space and
lightlng as to show them adequately.
Hence the importance of early actlon
from the Board of Estlmate on an ap
proprlatlon for the south wing."
Bdward RoMnaon, dlrector of the
Contlnaed on fourth p?f*. elxth eolumn.
Not Only Avoid Winter, but Enjoy It.
Charmlng R?!*ortB alon* the Kast ?'o_st of
Florlda. Make early arrangements for a
ple?*ant winter A personal reprrs.-nta
11\? of tlie FLORIDA KAST COAdT at
243 Fllth Av.nue can asslst you.?Advt.
, ???-?. ..affSrii . i yaafla^aajg
President-Elect Suffering from
Indigestion Attack.
Hamilton. Bermuda, Nov li."..?Presl
dent-ele.-t WltflOfl BUflTered to-day from
a sllght attack of lii.liRestion. whidi
CompoUfld him to decline an invitation
to tOhO a sail on the prlvate yacht of
the Governor and t'.'inniiind-r in Chlef,
Lieutenant QoooroJ Sir GrOOTgO flt Bul
loi k. Mrs. Wilson and her daughters,
however. OCCaptod,
Governor Wilson has fli epted an
Invitation to attend an amabur the
atrtcaJ parforflBflBoa on Thaioolay as
the guest of Sir Goorge Bfld Lfldjr Bol?
lock. H is to ha I blg BOelfll event. In
refarriac to the invitation Mr. Wilson
'I am nut hald erough jrol to sit in
the flrst row, but I am golns, anyhow."
Ifr. Wlloon'a indispopitinn alao pro
vent.-d him from attendins tha aaafllOB
of the Bermuda Pnrliament. Karly
in the afternoon he croaoad the f>-rry
t,. fi mi ? prornioB to be present at a
dobata oa Ihe t.ifVr. but b
Bharp attoch of ladlgefltloa aad araa
? i to return to his cottago
The condltton "f Mr. Wllaon araa
much Improved to-nlfht Ha ap< nt th.<
evenlng r.-sting, aad said ha expe* tod
io ha fully recovorod to-morrow.
Ticket Agent Clnbbed and Till
Raided by Highwayraan.
A bold rohhery took place in this city
laal night. arhen Davld von iironen, a
ticket agent oo the downtoun side of
the Btcond avenua alflvatod road, at
Allen and Orand BtfOCtfl, was beaten
and robbed. The police have a good
ties riptlon of the highwaynian, and
several detOCttvOB were dlspatched to
Biour the city f.?r him. All the hospl
tals were also asked to look Otft for J.
man with his mouth severely cut, as
the agent belleves he BUOCOOded ln
woundlng his assallant before ho got
out of his groop,
It araa shortly after G o'clock when
? short man eame up to the station
and OBgflgOd the agent In conversatl.-n.
Whlle the stianger was leaning OVOT
the turnstile tho BgflBl tuni.-d his
hofld The highwaynian hli him wlth
.1 bflflVjr ir.m bolt. whleh stunned him
for a second or two. H<- gropplfld with
the man, but the intruder BUCCOOdod Ifl
gettlng free and ran down tha stairs.
wii.-ii the caoh araa counted up it
was found that $4 03 was missing.
Detective !>'? t'.i nt illoii, of tlie Clln?
ton street poU08 station, found Von
Bronen lylng oo the door iu a aaaol*
lonactuus condltlon. He rovlVOd him
after mUCfa difliculty, an.l th'-n sutn
in.ined an ainbulaino and had hin.
taken to thfl Gouverneur Hospltal. II
was said thfltO late last night that tha
ag.-nt was suflerlng from a severe scalp
W llllllll.
Assistant Secretary of Treas
ury Loses Orand Piano.
I f- i .?rn Tba Trtbaaa Beraaa. i
Washin^ton, -Nov. -.">.?The memory
ot" tfl experlenc.-d clark cost "Jlnimy"
Cortlfl, Assistant Secretary of the
Trcasury. B grand plano to-day. He is
Boofl lo ba raarrlod t.> hflaa i.aura Mer
rlam, and BOflBa Of the Tn-asury clerks
orlglaatad tho plaa of taJUag op a aah
Bcription to porchoaa a areddlag gift.
Curtis being regarded by the clerks Ofl
a good fellow, the list was clrculated
rapidly untll lt 00008 tfl the experl
'enced clerk with a good memory.
"Det me aee," he said, shoving his
speetacles upon hi.s I'orehead. "Thia
is a g.iod Idea, but its a vb latlon of
the law. I rememher"
That was enmigh. The Bevised Stat
otfla ooaflriad lha clerk'a rocollactlooa
and "Jiniiiiy" Curtla and his brlde wiii
not rocatve IhOlt grand piano.
"Undenlably clever work, hlghly aeaaonea
?rlth 1'i.ntlnental paprlka." says tlie World
of "ANATOL." now at tln: LITTLE Tllfcl
Tension Will Not Be Relieved
Until Austria Is Sure That
Russia Is Not Abet
ting Servia.
Military in Belgrade, Now Com
pletely in the Ascendant,
Are Against All Com
promise and Arm
the City.
[By t'ablo to Tlie Tril.ini" 1
London, Nov. _?>. ?Tha International
altuatton haa * 1 ? ?? bnproved, and the
tensi.it) Wlll nol be relieved t'ltil AUS-'
tri.i is convlnced that Ruaala is not
backlni Bervla In tbe latter"! Inalatanca
npon b port on tba Adrlatie
Vienna rejecta all St. Petersburg's
| explanatlona of the military uioaauraB
belnc ioi- pm-.-iy internal aftalrs.
Th" dktramd aiixlety manlfested by
.iii the Enropean lovernmantB to deny
the reporta of warlika pto paratloaa and
to repreeent the polltlcal altaatlon ?*>?
peaceful and aattafactory is iu itseif aa
indlcatlon on how alender b thread the
lanuea of p I arar in Kurope aoV
ha' -g.
Bervla, it is reported. has dei llned to
reply t.? the Aoatrlaa demande until the
war is conclnded. Qermany has noi
I entertaiued the reQnaal to mediate be
twr BU Austria and Ba--: i
Th? neus, tOO, that Servin 1* throw
1 ing further ohataclaa iti tha way of the
i Aaetrtan ropreaentattve in aearch af M.
I'r ehaafca, th<- Austrian Consul at
rend, Ib anotber dlaquletlng feature.
Preparations in Belgrad*.
From Vlenaa comea th_ informatlon
that tha Servian War Office haa re
cailed all tha Bervian troops that can
be apered from the columns operating
in the rnighborhood of Prisrend and
. Monasi.'-. ..nd that the fortificationa
of the Servian capital are being hastily
Bupplled with heavy aitilb-ry. The
; Auatriana deduoa from these facta
that Ba-rvia is not di^posed to yield,
' and lettlement of the Auatro
Bervfan dlspute aeema to them difticuit
..'' realtsatlon if Benrta'i demands are
Btalned BJ an IrgBdoctble minimum.
i'l.. -i- were outllned yesterday by
Pachich ot Servia. He de
l.it a minimum requisite to
Servla'a national devaloaaBant was eco
.i Independance and a free and
[Uate tiaBBBB.ll tO the Adrlatie Sea.
This. a.eording to the Servian states
; man, meant her possession of a atretch
i f coaetrlne of about thirty-odd milea
; whlch would be joined to the present
? terrltory of Bervla by a atrlp of what
j was Old Servia.
Would Cut Albania in Two.
This minimum is declared to be
j wholly incompatible wlth the Auatrl&n
j and ltalian COBtOBtton that Albania
j ahould be'aiitoiiomous, aa it would cut
' Albania in two and c.-nline the autono
I moufl provlncea to a ttoay and poverty
j str.i k n dlatrtct unable to maintain an
I mde. bu lent ealateajco.
The dangar artaai not alone from the
eonfllctlng Interaata of Austria, Servia
and the ' ther powaw, bOt from the pos
tha! Turkey, followaag the tra
r.al poUcy ol" piotlting by the em
brollment of the great powers, may
adopt an irreconcllable attitude in the
p. ,t.-.- negotiations.
Reyond the fact that the plenlpot.n
tiaries met to-day, nothing Is yet
! known?not even whether an armistice
'has been arranged. There appears to
be a suspension of operatlona at the
Tchataldja lines, upparently by tacit
eonaent rather than by formal agree
j ment.
The semi-olllcial Bulgarian newa
paper "Alir," h) aa edttorial, voices tho
(overnmental brrttatlon at Turkejrw
diiatoiy methoda of negotlatlon, aad
accuaea the Porta of d?itberately nom
Inatins deleajatea frotn remota points
in order to gain tlme. This probably
refen lo Oamah Nizami Pacha, the
Porte'a ambaaaador to Qennany, who
arrlved al Conatantlnople from Berlin
oniy yeaterdaj
Amtria Acting Alon*.
The withdrawal of the Austrian w*r
ship, Admiral Spaun, and of the Aus?
trian coattagant of bluejacketa from
t'on-stantinople, with the sudden and
unexplaiiied .leparture for an unan
nouuicd doatlnallon of the Austrian
squadron which lias been lying at
Sniyrnn, are taetOfl which are disturb
ing dlplomats who see in a close union
Of all the gre; powers the only hop?_
of B pea. abh- BOlUtlOO. *
The PardanellOB Stralts were stlll
open tO navigation at MhBO yesterday
morning, aocordlag to an agency dis?
patch frotn (.'onstantiiioplo, deaplte the
threatfl of an attack by Bulgarian
troops on the forts guarding them, the
capturc af whlch would permlt the
Oraak Beet to sail through and bom
bard C'on.stantinople.
So paaalmlatlfi ara tha vienna news
papers in the absence of any re?
ply from Belgrade, and wlth the
growing belief that if it comea
it will be of an unfavorable char
aetor, that they are beglnnlng not
to disguise their fears that only fotce
will settle the queation. HejQce the
feverish military preparations and the
oachea and d'nlng car. Returnitig io
inlntnes after game. Rounri. trlp ??u |..,au
tlcki ts aold finsult C Studds, D. p A
Win. t-edrlck, Jr.. A. D. p. a., 2.3 Flfth
Av., N. V-Advt.

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