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?ea Kflnnedr, had gone down to tho
po.toffl.-e Ofl the arrivnl of oa.h maii
from tho uorth. and went UP to the
prteoai wlth Poa-jsvaster MoNaiiy when i
lha deiH.ved pardon letter flnally ar
nved at 3 o'clo U
At Work Whfln Pardon Cam?.
I'atrlck recelved the f.-rmal notilha
I ,.,, o| hla pardon from PrlnClPSJ
.,._ j.1Ml.. i- .onnauKhton. % bO
.-..,! it m hlm in his quarters If
prlaaa bosfdtsJ Tho Lmprlaoned law
%er had dc-line.l the opportunity of at
i.nding a movlng pflctura Bhow ln tha
.naon < hapel a Thanksgh ing Da
, for the prlson* rs- and had been
k.,1 in hlg regular rotitlne of vork
-.,,. cltntcal re-ords of the hosplUI
throughout tha day.
a,i hnown positlveiy ol his bn*
n.inent ftrsedom froaa the llps of bJa
vife mi TVednesdaj *ft<?rnoon, so that
?oi.K Baattsra oalmly when con
Kliton. who is Bar from being a
talkatlva man. approa.*herl hlm and
wiii. here 11
Thanh you.*' waa Patrieh'fl anawer.
wlth that he turnod to straighten
oal bls recorda befors Icjjvlng them to
Patrtch has dsvoted himself partiou
l.U']\ t,, ? ? ily ot' nrtometry, under
ihe Mgpestlona of Dr. ( laariaa W. F_rr,
of the prlson medioal staff. He has
been popular wlth tho prlaonera, Wai
den Baamedy said, nnd iias alwajra been
.. to lend than any legal aid he
The "grapevinc" of Blng Sing prison
. tbe mysterloua hut llghtnlng-llke
method by which news clrculati
through prisons carried the word ol
Patrlck'a pardon thmuch the blg penal
;?>? wlthln a few minutoa of the mo
nient thnt I'onnauKhton spoke to thS
lawyer, and aa Fatrlck peaaed out on
his way t.i the waxden'B offlee ho ro
, ,-ivod hearty but low-volced eongratu
latlons from every prisoner who saw
Congratulated on Fight for Freedom.
l?r. Farr made a special point of tell
l'atrkk ha boped ha would bo
to prove qulckly his innocence of the
. harsje under which he was aentenced,
a'.il ,-oiigratulated hlm on his calm,
long drawn out and game flght for
Waroen Kennedy tm.k Mahi
the hoapltnl dormltory. whers Patrick
was rhanglmr hla clothes, and when tho
| mon?Patrick. Ifsher, thS wardon
nnd Connaughton eame out, a faw
nioments later. Mah.-r waa o.trrylne for
Pataiol a gray saurtobosrd bos, whlch
lained all tho personal effeota th<
lawyer bad ln prlson Those inciuded
i'..tograpHs of his family nnd B fSW
personal trlnkets allOWSd to hlm
hospltal smploye.
t fn.i;. tha prlson offlclala Pat
. __?? twe fHenaa, Maher and Itarker,
Merit alone has placed the TecJa
creaboni at the front. Metit
alone ahall keep them there. To
thia we pledge our reputarioo,
the matchleflfl i-ill of our aah?
men and the woodeHu! taciiv
bci of our well-equipped ateJier. 1
An abeolute guuantee
of iat?hic_on to each
indrvidual purchaier.
J96 Ftkh A-?_n- 10 FU. ao U Paa
7 OU B?--d Sbom lf>U-saaaaLa-a_
<M?? teiVV-?
Lacstt sl 10]
Tfl 1> Board wai
AiiaatK Car
N_l 18 Aa_B?Maaaata
V'amaa 2 Kj.(?ik?_*?_i
Patrick's Last
Day in Prison
:, ;o a. ni.?\roae and liad lur.iWfa?t
7 a. tn?Kepairr.l tfl hi" rrBular *******
a? keeprr Bf <hr ? llniral rr.nrda ot U>*
prlson hospilnl.
II noon?Dlnnrr.
18:411 P in. ? Itnri?-il wnr.l hMSB
fri-niN aatflMa, th-eagh Wat*U* aaa.
nrdi. ilnil pardon ?a? AoiOfOA I" Irm-'t
i? _-a_kfl ?f tdaaaj -irra aaa i"" "
in m.nl
i.i. ?. m? K*.-.'io-'l word tlml rn
,.-inpe l.earinfl *-*-**?? B-Aa-rs WSS Bfl >>"'"
ki. u in iv.-k-kiii pefllflBBsa
8iM p- m. nevetroA aerd fhai Oer
mnr'. lrltrr to Wal-te K. nm-.h r**
t..inln. pardon l.a.l BlVlvad ?? it'""U"1
geateflBefl from PfleBahlM.
..,. ?. n.._P.,r.l..n irrtlH'H.e wa. _?*
Haerfld mt.. l-trlefc'fl haaae as aWsaflfl r
Oiaasaa-laa paselaal baJgar.
BM p. rn.-4ln.nArd fmn. ?'?' "ri '
M.it lo MfS BfltaT* -"it *"i'i-?-?t ,0 ?**
eninc pri?nner?.
4 P. m.-ltn-lved from BFaa-flS h-.
Ilf(1;,flo?:... a-fc-ai -""? j"*
No- York: 810 flat allnwan, r tn fl4.1
r--a ? - ^ * SJ?
Ntuirr of r.irnina' of BflflBB
during hlfl in.ar. rn.tion.
a,?a n ?..?".lu.-.l ?r**aTli tbfl meet
JaTaT to... i -tt- ***** ?*?? -f
^ r^**-^-* **'_____
?/,;;;? AW-aaaa. ana ******** **?"
No. MB llarrnionl mrni.f. N? ??"
Ci,> iniovrd. attb aJfl atfe ?"<>
' "?",,.. rnaal Xlaaa-atrbsj
thrrr fnendv UM l__"T\_ . ?lf t,.rni.
_______,,. in thr f-11 ?"?';'
IM w;.. aatea m >rw .afl*.
>nd ths Oovernor". ms^ng^i;
we? tne newspaper man were I
, -Jtneaa the pardoned roana
persona to wltnesa m? i
,,,..,?,?>.- from Blng Sing. Aa n
tTkeo -P th. ahon fllghl of -tep
.. fr0m tha prlson proper to ?
,,:rl,,, entrance court, whers he
?n ,,,, waitlng, hi waved hla
odBmlled. even M the-teel gstc
?f uie prlBoneCa sectlon clanged abul
behlnd hlm.
u tllt. top of the atalrwsy Patrlcli
.hooh hands hearUly wlth two or three
of the men whom he hsd known
,,, wai ,?ntencsd. Maher had told hlnv
,r!,rs wanted a atatement from
him. and tho lawyer was'ordiallvNv 111
Ing to obllge
i.. | him ofl eaay, bo
up," Maher aaid; ai d then Pat
rlcki . . iowly. as lf under b
Otton, made th'' hri< f Btate*
,,? , printed elaewhere. When ha had
!.,. ?raa asked hoa ha f< lt, and
? : ed:
? [ slwaya f< ? I good, and i f< ed K"r?i
Asked a-= to whether he intended to
ro back snd i ractlee iav\. he aaid
His Future Undecided.
"1 can't pay whether I'll go ha k to
the practlcg of law O* n"t." and whon
asked as to his probable movements in
NCW York Wlthln thS next few days ha
"1 wlll refer you 10 Judge Olcott, who
has baan my atanch nnd con
i friend."
Barker. from ihe driver's aeal of the
; automobile, spoke np then:
I don't like to interrupt," he said.
"hut your Thanksgiving dlnher la wait*
ing for you."
"Yes, yes, that's rlghl BBtd '
"and now if you gentlemen wlll excuaa
me"?and he turnsd around to shak^
hands throjj tlmaa with Warden Ki-n
nedy. He grlpped Connaughton's hand
than and tha loquacloua head k -.-|.or
Benl blm away wtth s jok... "Yes, you
don't want to miss that Thanksglvlng
dlnner," ha said. wlth a tnrnendous ue
i ent 00 the "that."
lt was j ist 4 28 O'clock when Pjiri. ];
flnally atepped out on the flhorl alde*
walk leading to the cuning drtva m
front of the prlson where the aut<>
moblle atood waltlng. The anow had
cleared oul of the gky, and for the flrst
tlme during the day the flun cai.I
hripht. bul not warm. Tha she-n from
a rosa tha Palisadss that Htruok pat
rlck's fa"e then wsa supplementad by
ths flaahllghta *>t the photographers,
and the pardoned lawyer was whizzed
away toward New York in a na/e of
Albany, Nov. 21?Bamsel I Tlldi
state tif"-;il s-i'iivlsor, has appotnted <'.
K. "vS'elv. Ot Mew York, dej.uty ln place
of Herheit P. Prascott, of Albsn aho
haa laflgnfld to take effn t Deemnbfli !.
The salaiy Ifl 11888 .. ?.-.>?
.Mr. Weiss bSfl ? Ifld alth thfl
New fork rit>- Dapartmenl '?: Cbarltlea
Mr. Piesostl ia to laka < Imrj. ?? of tha
pubUdty bureau <-f th? Republl ..-, ^tat*
ra m i iiKj
Comes Down from Sing Sing in
Auto with Old Cellmate. Who
Dines with Him.
Cheerful, but Reticent, He Says
Statement May Be Issued To
day-Enters House Through
Flashlight Sraokc.
Al ezactly 5:42 s eovered touring csr
dsrted through Wssl 125th Btrosl from
Broadway and turned Into Clsretnonl
avenue. it drow up ii> front of the
Springflsld apsrtments, Just around the
corner, an.i two men Jumped out. fol?
lowed by a third, i lad ln a long black
fnr coat with a Persian lamb collar
turned well up over tho oars, leavlng
oniy a DJUTow margln between II and
tho black campaign hat Ths mufBod
e was Albert T. Patrlck.
[mmediately ths crowd tbat had been
waitlng at the corni r, n rod or so away,
Bwepl down oi Patrtek, snd tho flssh
liRhts of ths camsra aquad bagan to
boom. Followed t>> a group ot report
ors. I'atrick elbowed his way m:.. tln
ballway of ths Spclngfleld. Then he
pauaed. W, J. Mothsrwoll. tho mes
?engar from the Becretary of Btate'a
offlce; Thomas Kaher, an ex-convlcl
and former cellmate, and Jamea
Barker, Maher'a brother-ln-lasr, who
i une down in Maher'a automohils from
the prison, called on a pollcomaa to
hold th?* crowd In cbsck.
Patiick motloned to the nowspaper
men to a p up,
"i am nol prepared to make
atatemenl for tha presa now," h<* said.
??if you wiii see Judge Olcott, my per
I counsel, to-morrow at bta offlce
he will prohably givs you a. statement,
if any la to bs made. That i? sJL"
This was overbeard by thoaa who
were trylng to breab tho door doarn
from the atreet, and the crowdlng
, eaaed, Patrlck eachansed a fea
worda wlth Mahei and Barker, and
then bo wenl atralghl to tha roai ol
ths corridor and turnsd to ths left
door leadlng to bla s| artmenl
0] ,|, a i. and Mrs. Patrli
trifle pals, but ? irfsctly calm, atood
jutu Inaids ths throshold.
''Albert!" shs crled. Patrlck me! ber
a ith outatn tched arms \ ha
, ,...*, d the door.
Mr. and Mis Patrlck wen
the firsl tlme slncs ths Isa ? i
Blng Blng prison.
Patnck Serves the Turkey.
Maber, Uarkor and liotherwi ? ...
paired to ti... atreel and turned their
attentlon to the automoblle whlch
ehamping sl Its i a- Ited
v.h:- ths owner Hut ho bad f<.rK"'.* n to
ahttl ths power off. Whli dolng
.*... he told tho reportera thal thej bad
made ii <? trlp doa n In ? fcactl;
hour an.l ttvoi. dn't
b?-. n outslds l< n_ a h- n t:.- -. era
moned t.. Pati I'hey
w ere the gui Bta
Thankagi* Ing dinner.
An hour lat'-. who
had i... ti ahivering outside the Bpi
_,,..,] Iafternoon, lummoni I i
messengei tul dtapatched him
a Ith a arrll ten i equi al ;?? Pati ;? t. t'-..
? word aome aentlraenl from .. man
who has jus' galned i.i*. freedum aft.:
1 wi Ivi
The bo. ' mltted
u.'-tit H and gol i :... a*- il.. ?
Ing Into the dirilng room. lle aaa Pai
....... be head i
aervlng turki ?. i: ? bli - ?? sl Ui -
Patrlck, and ne*t to b< i ?? oung
woman, a friend of tha family, who
had heen ? tba s ife "t ibe
< i.nih-mi.t d man for BOW rai 1
The other placea arere taken up by
Maber, Motherwall an.l Etarker. Pai
rlck i'-'ud Ihe messsge, Qlandng over
hls Bpsctacles, bs iu..k.-ij kindly sl ths
walting bo. twirling hia unlform cap
"Are you a reporterT
qulssically. The bo. forgol the amell
0f hol tui ?? and snnoum ed thsi ii>
waa ""t -? :''i"'1 '?:
"\\V!i " reaumed Patrlck good h imor
<tii>. "you tell the boya tbal i am n
the rnid-t ol a Thankagiving dlnner,
and, really, i can'l be Interrupted now,
TsO them to see Judga Olcott."
Last Two Days of New York\s Harvest Festival
You should not fail to see the Prize Aggregation of Grains,
Vegetables, and Fruits, Exhibited by Twenty-five States, Can
ada and Porto Rico?World's Record Milch Cows?Prize Win
ning Shee >, Swine and Poultry ?Monster Pennsylvania Pump
kin?New Jersey Cranberry Bog?New York's Model I)air>
??Long Island's Living Farm Pictures?A Model Irrigatior
Plant?Electrical Farm and Gider Mill in Operation?An In
valuable Object Lesson to Gity Dwellers.
71st Regiment Armory?34th St. and Park Ave.
lllustrated Lecturea on Agriculture Rehlander's Seven Educated Pigs
Hourly Afternoon and Evening At 4 and 9 p. m.
K__J.cn born s Orchestra and Soloists Souvenirs for All
At 2 snd 8 p. m. Distributed by Exhibitors
Exposition Open Today and Saturday 10 a. m. to 11 p. m.
Mrs. patrlck 'wmod to havo auffered
,,.,. tlon ..,-i.rday morning, foUOWing
bar vlsit Wrodnsgdsy sitm-nmii to ber
; iisband ln prfcaoa Early rsartsiday
forenoon rapreeentatlrea of Ihs nows
peperaan. press bureaos, nnd ttvoeethaa
,,;, of ti.- >..?ii?-r women who na_ka a
?poclalty <.t palntlnf "'-rd imtures of
human smotton, sspei U-tty when ll hi
exhlbited by on.- ?( Ihsh
unctuous requesta to the Impsrioua tel?
ephone boy in tbe ball for Jusl ons
:,, tpoah to Mra. Datrlch over
,;.. telephone, Alwaya they were tow
by a pl aaant roii ed female that Mrs.
,. wlahed to be eacti
?sii.- ,- nol feeling well to-day. rne
B . qulte upsel her. we exp*'
Mr ('..in. k homi for .'i late dlnm r thl?
n After the r meetlng is over
, .,,Ui Bba ls very nivd
now." ,.,.,
Races Home to Wife
\. aarly as .. o'cloch groups >,t thi
curlous besjan oongregating outaida tbe
Children ? I tha nelghborbood,
i Up in ragamuffln fasl lon, in
. tnce wlth the i ustoman 11 ls
bratlon of tho holidsy, i eemed to tor
red until tho
lanvpa 'A.-r.- lighted, snd later. By
loi k there was a crowd <-r near?
ly one hundred on tbo sldewalka. Tl a
,-iir was nippy, and aa tb" mlnutea
elapsed divera rumor- were apread
around. <>n.- said that Pati i. k I
traln an.i would arrlve al
th Htreol Btatlon al '? 02 0VI01 k.
Another bhH he had taken a later train
;,ii.! would .11 ? Ive al .. ID 0 ? '???? >- l-o ''
automoblle thal aklmmed a< ross 1
from tt..- dlrei tlon of th.- railroad
atatlon wa* Btudled carefully, snd u
tt turned Into Cisremont avenue the
crowd made a boll for the froni door ol
the Sprlngfleld.
r Uj Home one rei ort< d thal Mrs.
Patiick. greatly wrougbl up bj ni r
. . at the di lay, bad allpped oui
,,, the ba--tii.-nt through the aervanta
. . trann and had tak? ti a taxlcab t"
met t ber husband Mi ? '?
g{ . i?.< - >? . nt in and oui ol t he apart
irr. in-. t. legrama of i oi grutulH
tion and good a-iah.ii to th< llberated
Ful wlfe,
The nutrnnoMta whlrh broughl tho
part) down waa .- ullghl two-cyllnder
,f 35 lnn- epowi r. Bai I ? i h ted
ijT.-nr. am. he km w a hal bc
. oui . do wlth the hill- thal lu b<
tween Patrlck and bla wi
H. t. . tln -_ .- and ciarks -? rn
the fi "P the hill?
|| .? .. bia raeei O ti I ' '
. . ;,h the high apotH. The wlnd
ittlng, bul Patrli k, wlth h
lar turni d hlgh up, aal (omfori
ii.. bacl ' uahiona and talked
Hi- eyea roved acroes I
liudaon Valley. Then he lapaed Into
"Home! Ad< :? '" i
Physicians and Scientists on
Both Siries Stick to Original
Conflictincj Theories.
i .
i i ??. ?? ??
. ? mt Mai ih
? ! . -.n".. t< Pttm
. bla ...i/:. ? ? '
?f t'n lui
itli wa*
I ?
nnd i.r ? ? ?
?1 thOB* ..f
lu.le -i j
. .??*:! and
the) bad "
ll l<arklt
-,.... ..i thi
. mphatli... ? tliat I o lal
:.- itimony wa i 111 ? ??? ??'
i ... ?? who Bald tbal tha tmbalmli
? rrlna to tln le llmonj laat
nlahi I1-- '??'id:
"1 can
. iaton ol theae to l chloro
forni theory. ln
......- noi . ompetenl t" have arr ied a1
. ai opinion, a ? ompai ed to ihe
..., n famo
[ ha.i
lon ona whlt."
Dr. Hamllton Wllllama, <>i Btaten
? i d tn Donlln In hia
u ii rt OUl Ot t.. .?. u un i hia
, ould t.i.t be obtaim d.
in ii.. mlnda of mai
: illlty of
Patrlck evn agaln becomlng a meniber
nf the bar or tha Bar I itlon H la i
I: Etrownw.ll aecretar) of l
tlon, m i
"! .1...ila if ihe . ,,r. on wlll rastore
him ii. tii?-tni?'i-liii>. A i.ardon, l an
deratand, reatorea -ii hia rlghti ta rlt
h.it lt wouliin t r.-slut. bla
...?-i.ii.. i ablp to tha Phere are two
? ? (or blm?ona to make an appllca
tlon t" *a_eate tha dlebarment, and the
other te maka a nea appllcatlon for ad
ailaaloa, Tha ippollate DIvMon of tha
Buprama Court. i aaderacand, dlabarrad
him tn i ausa ot bla . aa ? lotlon Wbt I
coavtctlon ..; i.i.my ia a.-t aaid. oa ap?
peal it la s matt.-r ..i . ourae to <-?
tha dlaberment. bul when ba la perdoaed
utterly dlfferent. i am ln
eimed te thlnk II al II arould bava n i
. rf.-. t njion tha spplleattsa for restora
tlon io -BsmbsrshlB '
William M K OtSOtt, ihlsf I OU
Patrtek, ? sM Iai t al| 11 it tbs p irdoe. -
man arouM ba b_ i I ottk ?? i ? ly t hia
ii_.iinlng, al whlcb tlme .. itetemcnt, iio
doubt. would ba glven out Ha
"Patrtrk wna n.v.-r ?.illty of that
crlme, aa i waa al tha Bral com.I I
ii. ..|. .. ann ful ?? ramlnstlon <<? lha legal
..mi medlcal evideooe snd never faltared
;n n.v bellef iti.it ba srsa arroneoualy oon*
rleted i ipeeially asamtnad tha preclsa
?oteatlfli lenca thal the medlco-Iegal
Mpeci .i ih< caae afforded, asmely, Rlce'a
dagtb b) ? tloro-Orra. Chloroform eould
not, -. i. iititicaiH. bava Ml tha body in
iihtimi bl Whil h it VSa found.'
!? Tlraothy D, f^han*>, tha Oeraater'a
aa who taatlned bb ls bia kaowl
. _| i .t tha eonditlon oi the lunga of thoaa
whu bava di.d fiom chloroform poisoa
Ing, .ui last nlght that ba thouKin it
nmn pOBSlMa that Rioa dlsd from natural
"i parfornwd _tutop__ea upon 111.? bodlce
of two man of about Rice'a age who had
been polaoned aith chloroform. Aftor
hta rlng the prosecutlon'a phj Iclani d<
Hcribe Ihe condition of Mr. (tlce'i luug.. I
waa <<>iivii.i-.-.i that tbe condltloaa dl.l
i <.t agrei with thooe i bad kaowledga of.
M;.- condltloai as deaerlbed hy tha phyal
? .ann were not, ln mj h.-h.-f character
latlc of chlorofoiin (KHBOnUlg."
Should Ricc Will Prove ValidHe
Would Be Absolute Trustee
of Institute.
Legal Adviser Says Steps Prob?
ably Will Be Taken Soon
to Gain Possession
of Estate.
Kouston Tax., Wov. a_?Tba .-"tion of
OovejBlor DfS Of New Vork In pardonlng
Albert T. Patrick may Invorrs tbij
dowmenl of tba Rlce Instltuta st Uous
ton, provldlng Patrii k locceeda In astab*
llablng hla i lalnia to a pari of tha former
m-ltonalre'fl fortune, II araa aaid
here to-day. Tha jio.<?"i.ooo enoawrnent
Aroukl b? reduced 11.880,089 ind Patrick
would becoma abaolutfl trustee of tha
fnii'i wlth which the '"ii"-' waa estsb
Persons here who knew Chartaa Jonea,
tho vai.-i abO Bwora tbal be killed WD1
Ifarsh RI. e ??' the c^
Albetl T. Patrii k, aaaert tJi.-it after the
confesslon alth ahli h I e pun hased his
own Immunity, Jonea ofti n ?ald:
? i had to do what r did. i ba i to
- away the llfi of Patrick. Wlll
I th Marsh Rlee died ? natural d< ath "
After galnlng hla freedom through tbe
to Chambere
i ?. - - ame the teacher of
a Sunday Bchool. I-_t*r hfl dleappeared.
The Rlce Inatltutfl of this city, recently
iti d an i "" ' ? '. ae tl dlrecl
lAry of Btee'p alll, after the arlll
placlng Patrii k ln charge of Rlce'i
had !?? Uted.
iv,.-', k | i... ti . d law here bi d al Aus
..f Albert T Petrick' i
? ? ? And legal ni l?*i
..... tiw pardom d I ia er a ,:i |
take up In tbe immedlate future legal
. ? llflh the vaildlty of
hla clalmi aill of Wllllam
Patrlck'i Ighl for ? al?
though it aould result, if fluccetaful, in -a
fortune to hlm ?i d tho tr it< - of an
0,000 wlll t"
...n. hla fr:. nd nlgtai
i rlmarll. tbal aa ''? I
own complete vindlca
i iu cfl - d adjudge hla ctalma
- would be a loi
i rovlng leg ence of
r. |i |g*d
.1 leaal thr.
li Mmaelf aaa unwllllng to make
-.? hatev
I .i lt lu
? m.i tlme Ib
? empl to b ? ' ,!#' vin?
dlcatloi Bfl who ar.' ClOSflSt to
? i
? ? galn thal
aaa thi aill and ti ??
in- nt of tl
Traffic Policemen Hold Them Up
?md Summon Them to Court.
A auti gayly bed l
? ? i of whlte rlbl ?
? ?
:i. Witll
'.'?:- i, broughl the *irsi ma
ild ?ay
. |.f.-'ty
i d to ihe i atrolman.
few i ? itrol
man, alth a rln. wai ed to the
rliliu ?
i 'i I..- pulU-eman, afti r a tlme, Imnded I
to uppoar rn I'ourl for ra.Ilng the
limll a ral young m< n |
dumb ; -. nea and u
olm 'ii to hurry.
When Qnally Ihej wer* allowed lo de
tho . ' ? ? ma?
ii - t .. r * i I
:,u - ? i where tlv ma ni ?? waa
. nai led. And II b i rougfa
tblrd Um* at 4Jfth trtel B li tlme
I i . had n.iii.'.i auch head
way that ii. rm n ord? red the
. hauffi i i" i ii
j i? W ? l . \ |
ird Bandheltn, who h_d
marrled bj Rabbl Bamuel Bchulman,
i'.im|.|.- Beth-KI, at tbe hotm ol
di ? mother, Mra, Karl W
? ? : bjaji -noi and they aere
?... Id i lu ir frlend i ? raai auto
m ao aere ti ylng to detaln them.
Mi Bi iiih. Im i - tha pi ? aldent or th*
in i 'onati m tlon < 'omp iny. lllfl
alffl waa Mlaa Bella Wallacb,
Minister Mum as to Roberta's
Matrimonial Activities.
luat iw, ni-. tour boura and one minute
after a raairlage lteeraa kad been grantud
i" i'??'."... i .i ?, aa Botor, - d M
Roberta MengeaM.*orwtn*Htlt, thfl tall
r. <ii .,r gbflepshflad Bay," or,
oaa mtimtes after j
k Wadrtosday sftsrnoon, two rtehly
gowaad young women aad b w.-n groaaBsd
in.in antered tha homa of tha Rsv, An*
area J Mayer, psstM of tha Wayoe
sti'-.-t H.'ti.nii. .1 I'lnii-i ii, at Na
^ orh flti > et, Jem y 111 r.
Tba three vtettora retaalned In the mitu
boaaa foi aboui twflntj minutea
ft legetbei mgl Ing and
bappj w bea g rh iiik afljaad ..i Ji
Cltj leportara tnraded Mr. Meyar*a homa
.. fea ptkautea after thelr dspartura aad
askfld hin. if b? knea anything about the
maniagfl ofr Conway Taarifl and Mn
liiii, ba Bald:
"i kimv Aomethlag aboul tha aaartfage,
but i aill aelther deay t.'>r atiiim it if
you csn Bnd .Miss i?(iii>. an BStress, who
friend "t Mra Hli1, Bha may be abl?
ti. tell you Bomethlng about ihe matter."
Wh.ii bfl nas Aflkfld if he kn.-v. w!i-n
tha marrlagfl certtfleata of Mra Hiii aad
Taarifl aould bo ined, Mr. Mayar aaid:
"Tba mlnlster who pcrtrfbrBBfld tha esre*
moriy wlll 111.? thfl I I rtitieato on TUflflday."
Thfl New Jersey marrisga tawa provide
tiiat aa Intsrvsl af lwentr*fo_r boura
inuat asspsa ..-tui.-n tha grantlag -.i i
lnartiaKc Ueenaa and the wsddlng of the
principiilH. Tho llcori.si' iva.i K'.inled to
Mi iiiii and Taarta at I o i loek aa
rVfldnflSd?y afternoon.
This io tho Blammrck Size
of s
day is done, \
The 24-Hour Cigar %
tops the enjoyment of most
smokers who indulge from
bath to business and busi
ness to bed.
At All United Store*, or
MaJl Order Sorrlca, Flatiron B1H?.. N. Y.
YouTI Find
All the Liille
Of office, club, home
hotel and boudoir
when you travel on the
Southern Pacif ic
Sunset Limited
Therc's a stenographer, valet, bar
ber, ladies' maid and manicnrist;
telephone, library, buffet, observ
ation car, all - steel equipment.
Chilli and Colds are often the
cause of serious dise-ise?or
worse. Chills and colds are
practically eliminated by the
use of Jaeger Pure Wool Under?
Seven weights to choose from.
Recommended by leading phy
sicians everywhere.
Sttmptttt and exphnatory
booklet on application.
306 Fifth Avenue.
22 Maiden Lane,
Brooklyn Store: 504FultonSt.
Office Eouipment
With desks, files and
office devices all at
edds, an office doesn't even ap?
pear efficient. You'il find a brand
new equipment of office furniture
a short cut to beltet resulh. "Aston
ishint;" is the way one man de
scribed the effect on his force of
this improvement incomfort and
'"general atmosphere." Employ
ees will rc^pond".
Ccstt ?w MM*. than tht orditary kind.
New York Store at 380 Broadway
'Phone, Franklin 3870
Desks, Chaira, Tablcs and Piling Cabin.ts in Wood and Steel
Also Sectional Book cases

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