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v?' I_XXII..N? 24.124.
To-day, falr; rnliler.
To-morrow. falr.
e *
1?t-?t/,i- /^v.X'I"' / .|;VT I" < B> ef ??? ? lork. Jea-eT Clt.
I\K l_ ()M_ i l-> 1 Kf.l-iKMIir.RK TWO (KNTB
to-I Hohe-en
District Attorney Whitman Also
Says Fioht on Evil Is a
Losing One Under
Present System.
Fostcr Thinks Present Statute
Should Be Strengthened and
Others Admit the Alarming
Growth of Habit, Partic
ularly Among Young.
Commissioner Crawls Into Official
Shell When Asked if He Intends to
Stop "Dope" Venders?Black
weli's Island Prisoners Get
.Stuff from City Employes.
Cea-lttom ? ? ?? P*** ,nTity m
lUowtag the free anrl open B-Ofe-B of
eeealtie on tbe streets of tho Tender
Ioin, d-Kloaa- la yeater-ay"B Trlbune.
von CortObOtatati and deplored by
meajleal men. clty offlcials and Judges
rr.r,lr,y. bBl in the _-__-? of Com
? Wa*-0 and Inspector Lahey.
twe affleiala ?ho might be expected to
t.o mo^t eitalra interested. the word
rfveB oul that they wero too busy
anvthing about lt.
WaaaiBgtoB dlapatcltei lan night
atated tha, offlclala of the State and
Treea-T. dcpartments began to prepare
i Bterday '*??'ommcndations urgmg
I the passing of more
Btrtagenl lawa for the suppression of
thr cOCBlBe and oplum trafflc
r. ,,,1-v Ma-Veagh held a long con
ttttnea Bith Dr. Hamllton Wrlght. of
,he BUte iKpartment, who was the
Mnrri.an rrpresentattve at the later
n;)tK,nal conferen.e held at The Hague
hur, .ummer whlcb -taalt with the suP
preMton of the trafflc in these drugs.
ard it was decided to recommend the
pa'ssage ot three billa. one of which
W,H proTMe for the federal registra
tlon of all aellera of cocaine, oplum and
isthea narcotir-s.
Waldo "Too Buay" to Talk.
. Dtetrlct Attoraey Whitman. Judges
?B-enn and Mulqueen. Health
, ner Leierta and Assembly
Ufred K. Smith all had time to
,,f con-ltloaa of the trafflc witli
h they had COBH- ta contart and
ffer \ark.us sug*est1ons for Its
natlon, but the Tolice Commis
r throajgfa his Herk. sent out word
thal he waa "taa i-usy to uik about
With the intervlew reduced to three
?;.?,-. v'hl.h were written out. the
ntaaloner was stin "too busy to
i uith it." so the queRtlons as to
Mr. Waldo had asked Inspector
?? the truth of the charges
thal cocalBe was being sold openly on
the atreeta of his district. whether he
hed aakaa the inspector to tnvestigate
? . I'btllty af P"ti.e collusion with
the ocalna deaJere, or whether he in
lei ded to ask hl.- Inspector for a report
,tter, w.-nt unanswered.
The inspector was apparently as busy
u the Commissioner, for he also sent
?.,rt word that he waa "tod busy to be
int.- ?! -vicwed." a
captain Thor, of the Tenderloin sta
tlOB, whose district embraces a part
ef the territory ln which cocaine pur
chases were made by The Trlbune'a
InvestiKator, said that he expected to
make an lnvestlgation there imme
diately. The r>olice captain aald that
the detectlon of the "street seller" was
.1 fhcult, and cited the case of "Rlley,"
as told in yesterday's Tribune, as an
Selling on East Sida.
Mranwhtle a hasty tour of a small
HCtlOII Of the East Side, made last
(ontlnurd on fourth pB?e, third columa.
-B,_: .
This Morning's News
Ju.la,-.is JelB War on Cocaine Trade- 1
Oofl AcU la Wright Case. 1
Judf. FJrga NeB) I>rug Law. 4
Kor PederaJ Law Acalaat Cocaine- 4
Brhnger i>enounces Steuer.v. 6
lt_.il?.,.,.! KlremeB Ask More Pay. a
Meede Malooe Kxplalns. *
1'iais. :,r Kactory Commlssion. 7
i>nrw . >? Dlaaer Bpeechlesa...11
I'udr,... (learinR Called.11
l!a?. ,. Lettera Itead ln Court... 10
Rair_u Ralaa Harec with Llnera.la
-hUaon Couatj Knployea Lose Jobs..l6
hapab] - Bpeal H..ooo. ?
eari DlBBOlvaa V. P Merger 1
Anop. New Haven Inquiry Planncd..l
? ll-O.IN for Patrick. 4
rss Beglna Ita Beaotafl. I
. . ernment. 6
I for Harbors. 6
acutlon Cloaae la Dynamite Trial ?
Plana to AM larmers. ?
eVoroen'a Jury ln Kaiisas Prays. 7
a&Um K. Baalley inad. ?
Vsiled Warnlng to Rusda. 3
,:s?-urfd by Oerman Attleide 3
f..r \\ omen. 7
lal . ?
Ho.icty . ?
ilUHk . t
Thentrli-al. ?
O-'ituary . ?
'* ...10 and 11
Army and Navy.ll
."\VeatlK-r .11
Hilillpllla? .l*
<iai and Maikets_11. 18 and 13
tr^..i ...... . 1
Washington, Dec. 2.?State and
Treaaury Department officiala pre
pared to-day to urge on Congress
tlie paaaage of stringent laws for
the auppresaion of promiacuoua
traffic in opium, cocaine and other
narcotica. in accordance with the
concluaiona of the international con
ference held at The Hague aeveral
months ago.
Secretary MacVeagh had a long
talk with Dr. Hamilton Wright, of
the State Department, American
repreaentative at The Hague con
ference, and repreaentatives of the
wholeaale druggista' association and
pharmaceutical chemiats.
It waa decided to recommend the
immediate paaaage of three pending
bills, two regulating the importa
tion and interstate commerce in
narcotica, and one providing for the
regiatration of all aellera of these
drugs in the United States.
Chorus Oirl Wife Said to Have
Admitted Separation.
Mrs. Ethel Lorralne, Bolmont, the
cborua giri, who was marrierl to Bay
m.otid Belrr.ont, son of August Bolmont,
was reported last night to have rnn
flrmed in hor apartments at tho Hotel
(Josford The Trlbune's exclusive story
of Sunday mornlng that her husband
had not been with her since FrMav
noon. She snld that he left her at that
time with his brother. Morgan Bol?
mont, and that Bhe had not teon or
beard from him sinco.
Mrs. Bolmont, lt was added. went
on to say that only threats from Ma
father could have kept her husband
away from her, as she tellcved that
he loved her dearly,
Bell Tied to Mongrel's Leg Is
Rung at Rising Hour.
[Hy T.lxgraph to The Triruin".]
cinoinnati, Dec. 2.?Samuel Forsytho,
..f North Fairmont. a suburb of Cin?
cinnatl, bellevea he has the best dog on
earth, as he does not nood an alarm
clock to wake him In the mornlng to ba
In time for work. His dog, whi.h Ifl
only a mongrel, does It for him.
Forsythe says that he Bpent BBOCb
time in learnlng that the d..g could
arouse him. By watching he fottttd tbal
his dog almost invariably av.ak.-ii' .1 at
about the same time as its mnstor, eo
on retirlng each night ba tie.l a ball.to
one of the dog's legs. The dflfl on awak
enlng rang the bell until released.
Forsythe saya the plan has fail.-d only
once ln two months.
Illinois Suffragists Decide Not
to Entertain Her.
IBy T"lenra|.h tn The Tribun.- 1
Chlcago, Dec. 2. ? The Illinois
W'nman's Suffrage Association dei id'.l
to-day to ignore Dr. Mary Walk.-r aft.-r
arrangements had boon tnade to enter?
tain the eighty-yoar-old suffraglst.
Whether Dr. Walker's attack on Jane
Addams prompted the suffragists to
enub her is not known.
"Why bother about the poor old
woman?" Buid Mrs. Katherine WaiiRh
McCullough, a pronitnent suffrage
leader, Justlce of tho peace an.i
lawyer. "When I get as old as Dr.
Walker maybe I will be as cranky as
she is, Age explalns many things. lf
Bhe wants to aaaall any one. let her do
it. She did great work for her country
during the war, buw-oh, well, I shan't
discusa her."
Dr. Walker, wearing gray Btripcl
trousers, a black frock coat, stlff white
shirt, hlgh standlng collar and a wine
colored necktle adorned with a diamond
horseshoe, in discussing Jane Addams
"I do not know her; I don't want to
know her, and, any way, any one, Miss
Addams not excepted, who allies her
self with Roosevelt cannot amount to
Social Worker Says Charge
Against Mayor Is True.
Mrs. Rose Livingslon, a. settlement
worker who has devoted mueh of her
time to savlng young girls from dens in
Chinatown, declared last night befon
an audlence of aeveral hundred persons
in the Metropolitati Temple, at 14th
street and Seventh avenue, that tha
assertlon made yesterday by Dr. Park
hurst that a resort for white persons
and negroes was maintained in one of
Mayor Gaynor's houses in Brooklyn
was true.
"I know it to be an absolute fact."
she declared.
Speaklng of conditions in Near York,
Mrs. Livingston said: "Tli.it- ara IM
Whlta girls ln Chinatown, and Mayor
Gaynor says that everythlng is all right
as long as everythlng is done on the
?lt wlll do you no good to arltfl t..
the Mavor and protcst against tli.- e.ui
dltionsln Chinatown. You bad better
put all vour two cents togetber an.i
buy brea'd for the unfortunate people
th.-re. I v.ant to tell you right here
that in tho uork I have be.-n trymg
t? do among the unfortunate girls.
Mayor Gaynor, the man you men put
)n power by your votes, is the worst
enemy 1 have had."
A pony slass of ANGOSTURA BIT
TERS before mcals a aplentttd tonic?
Commissioner Must Explain
Alleged Knowledge of
Hycle's Innocence.
Heads of Banking and Insurance
Departments Protest'Leni
ency to Former Banker
by District Attorney.
When Justl.'o QofTfl Supreme Court
grand jury COtnefl in 1'. mOfTOW It will
Inveatigatc tha eonducl of wiiiinm J.
Wright, actlng Commlaatoner of Cor
roctkmfl and friend of Charlea H. Hyde,
who was .|ii..i,.fi in a mornlng paper
yaaterday aa declaring thal ho kn.-w
Hyda was nol gutlty Of bribery be
cauaa ha bad obtnlnod enough evldenco
through his "truat lea" in the Tomba to
cft'oct a reveraal of tha verdlct Con
reraatlonfl between Joaeph f,. Ro ln,
chlef wltnaaa agalnat Hyde, .nd his
alator, Dr. Roblnovltch, formed tha
boala of tha evldence, it waa said.
.Justico uoff, before whom Hyda was
tried, had a conferonoa arltb Dtetricl
Attorney Whitman yeatorday, aftor
which Bubpcanaa were laauod on the
grand Jurors tO sil tO-moiTOW inatoad
of next Monday. Tho lurora* Bral buai?
neaa wiii ba tba conalderatlpn of mat*
l.rs pertalnlng t<> crime ln tho territory
of tba county of Tba Bronx. After
leavlng the conferenco, Juatlce Ooff
was iisked to comment on Commla
sioner Wright'a atatementa.
'l cannot t.iik now,M ba aaid. "I arlll
bavc aomotbing to say lator.'
When the Dlatricl Attorney was
aeked about tha "lmprlaonm_nt do
hixe" of Hyde, ha replled it was a mueh
more aarioufl matter lf a Jallkeeper bad
evidenca <>f tha Inn.n.>f a prlaonor
??unl falled to 1111 ri it over t<> peoeecut*
Ing offldala,
Wright Denies Spy Story.
"Wlll Oommlaaloni r Wright ba ln*
\.siigaio.r."' he was aeked.
?| nni.st refer |ou to Ifr. Juatlce
Qoff." Ifr. Whitman replk I.
Commlaatoner W'rlghi danled yeater*
?lay lhat he had ever anld ba pul aplea
..n Rohln In tha Tomba,
? i inl n.>i say altber thal i was
grantlng Hyde piivilegea becauea l ba*
boved btan lunocent," be aaid. MAa
Commlaatoner of CorroctloM I hava a
right to tre.it priaonera aa i pleaee
Hyda araa placed bi tba hoaplta] w.u.i
>.n UM r.' oinini-nilalion of Or. McGutre,
tba Tomba phyalclan. Bul i <i" belleea
Mr. Hyda i tnnocont"
in an Intervlea last Bunday Robln
Inttntated ba wa preptulng t.. a.-s<>
otata Oeorga C. Van Tuyl, jr., Btate
Bnpertntendenl of Banka wlth tha
"Cummlna crowd" that arrecked tha
Carnegla Trust. Tba bank -
tendent, ln reply ti. Robln, gave oui
a letter whlch ba aent t.> Dl trlci .\t
torney Whitman but weeh it wa
i.asi .I on a newapapgf report that
Robln woui.i probably get a Btiapended
aentenoa f?.r bia worh ln buildlng up
th.' caaaa agalnal Cummlna and Hyde
"I eonalder it my duty, aa llquldator
of tba banking Inetttutiona whlcb hava
su Beverely auffered from tho unlawful
practlcea of Mr. Robln," Mr. Van Tuyl
wrote, "to advlae you tbal unlea su.-h
recklaoB conduct on tba parl of bank*
itig ofiiciais is adequately punlahed, tba
propar admlnlatra Ion of my dutlea aa
Bupertntendent "f banka wlll he sori
oualy bampered and tba efforta of the
departinont f..r tba Bafeguardtng Of de
poaltora wtll i..- made Ineffectual."
No Leniency to Robin.
Here is LMi-tri.'t AttOtlMy Wlnt man's
"I have DO intcntion of roeomincnd
iij*_r tbe Buapenalon bf aentence In the
case of Joaeph O. Robln, and no one
has ever been authoriaed by ma tooon
rey any Buggeatlon of any MCfa
promlaa U> Robln. i Blnoerely tbank
vou for your l?ominuni. atlon and tli.
iniormation it COOtalna. 1 will seo to
it that it la preeented to Mr. Juatlce
Beebury as you requeaL"
Tho t*^t Of tho Van Tuyl lott.-r
follow s:
I am Infonned that tin- Indlctment tv.
wiii.ii Mr. Robln pleaded guflt) was
founded <.n vlouitlona <>r law baaed upon
Robln'a mleapproprlatlon ..f j.'7,?w, the
property of the Waahlngton Bavlnga
Bank. Of wiii.h ln- ara* preatdent; alao
that ln addltton !?. the Indlctmenl t"
which Robln haa pleaded gulliy tha (Jrand
.lury of Near york County has returned
aeven othpr Indlctmenta agalnflt him
which ai.- still pendlng, auid Indlctmenta
charglni a total grand larceny from tbe
vVaahlngton Savlnga l.unk on tha part of
Ko.m of $"-' 7.000,
I am advls.-d thal when a defendant
who has aarved aa a Britneaa f..r tba al ita
ln tha proaecutlon of an Important caaa
agalnflt aome prlncipal offender la brought
before tba bei i"i aentence tbe Diatrict
tttornej aomeUmefl, In conalderatlon of
all the clrcumfltancefl, recommenda mercy
.,r a auapended a< ntence, and lhat thfl
court frequently accepta an.i acta upon
?uch reconunendatlon ot tbe Diatrict At?
lt, vi.-w of tins practice, i deem it my
daty as Bupertntendent of Banka .u the
Btate ol Ne"* -ork to bring tbe follow*
inK facta ofllclallj t.< >..ur attentlon *o
that you ma) be deflnltely advlaed of the
attltude of the Banking Dej.ai tment of
tius siat. toward any reconunendatlon
whlcb you may make from arhleh the
court maj Infer thal the enda ..f juatlce
would be flubflerved bj anything other
than ? pii.-..n s.-nt. ihi- for K.ibili.
I,, connectlon wlth tbe Uquldatlon of
the Northern BanH tbla department ilnds
that Mr RoWn, through mlauae of his
Dosltlon i'. chalrman of Ita executlve
commltti ? ?"? <""tr.il whlch h"
pxerclned ovei ^ts board ol director*, took
,,.,?,, (;. i thfl latter Instltutlon.
ihrnu-h varioua aubterfugea, an amount
in exeeaa ol fl """"? whlcb araa thfl dl
..,.,., cause of the Ineolvency of tbla in
siitutii'.ir tl.at thia malfeaaance >.f Robln
haa depleted th< a??etn avallable f..r dla
trlbutlon among depoaltora and i ?
of thi- in;-titutl..i. by approahnately that
s",n ..... I_j m
Says Robin Wrecked Bank.
Ln .\amii.atioii of theae variooa trans
acttona of Mr. Robln. whicli reenttei Ifl
( ..nllrmetl on neeond pufle. ?evenlh lolumn
'A very iimart eitertalnmenl ii'Anatol'
at tho Littl.- Theatre." laya the Tluatfl
Advt. /
Xhe Deputy ComBtlaaleBer of Corractlona,
i actlon in proa/adlBg comfortabla
quartera la the Toroba foi Hyde arlll
be looked int.. by Justice <<.>ff.
Representatlve O'Shaunessy, of
Rhode Island, Calls for In
quiry by Congress.
? Craaa Tha TrBjaaa p.irr...] i
WBahtagton, Dec. _ An laveettga
iinii b) a apeclal Hooaa coBanlttee of
the trafflc agreement betweeB tha Grand
Trimk aa. the New Tork, New Haven
i Hartford raJIfeada, aad the eaaaatlon
of arora on the lotatharfl Nev ESaftaadi
Rallway, is aahed i" ? rasalatlaa Inrlro
din rd to-day by RapreaaBtattve
cyshauneaay. of Rhode Utand
ln a BtatefBOBl BCOOB-PaajrlBg the
uUob, Mr. Q'ghaBBBaay aaaerta
bla beitef that the sherman aatl- truat
law has beea rlolated, and thal ihe
agTeement la deatgnad "ta throttlo raH?
road caaapetlUon la New B-Aiaad and
... hombag BBd betra] aa oatraged peo
The Departrrtenl af Jnatlce la now
laveaUgatlag the agreeaaenl ceraplafned
of I-.*. tha Rhode island atember, an.l
th* Atta.rriev Oetferttl l? gfrirlng ;..-rs<uial
t|oa t<< tha railroad agret mt nt
aver aJMci a ee^Btrovaray has ragae far
the la.st few da.\ *>. ln his Mat.-iil.-hl
RepreaeBtatlva O'Bhanneeey aaya ha
lateada t>> eonfer arith the Attoraey
Oeneral, aad thal it may develop thera
im no Beed f?.r CongreaBtonal aettoa.
"Perbape his cootemplated ...tion
bm) atahe bbi.aaarj aay Coagraa
i Inqalry." aaplalBa Mr O'Shau*
? i,ut i want ta ha n ady aith
anothi r i eaaed] "
Tin- reaolotlofl provldea for the ap*
pofatmeal of ? apeclal caanaai-tea of
aaroB DMBBbet-, The propoaed lavaatl
gatora ara laatractad t<? aacertalB
whether tha New Fork, New Hav. n i
Hartford Railroad, tbrongti atoch owb
ershlp ar otherwaae, has atraagled
threatened c.petition; whether lt has
deetroyed eoaipetltlon of any railroad,
Bteatnahlp Itnea or Btreet rallway llnee;
a/hether Ita capltallaatloo aad bond
taaaea are exceaalve, and whether Ita
general oparation la cbntiary t.> th<*
Bhertnaa aat. The cooamlttee la alao
dlracted i" liiToallgala the caoaaa which
broughl aboat the eeeaatlon <>f work
by the s.iijthern New Bagtaad Railroad
ln Miissiii liusi'tts, Rhudo Island or
other siati'H.
Ti.e Hoasa toveatlgBtorai if author
laed, will also report what Btepa hav*
hasB taken by the Departnn nt of Jus
tice ralatlTB to tha raoent arraagenient
between tha Oraad Trn__i aad tha Naw
Vurk, .N'.w Haven & Hartford.
|fr. (I'Shaiuiessy s resolnt iun BBl
referred to tha Comn-lttee on Rulea of
the Houae
Boetoa, Dea l -PetltloBa aahlag for tha
dlsaoltitloa ef tiie Boetoa Railroad Held*
Ing CeospaBy and far tha atata to aequlra
tha Boetoa & Albaay Railroad wiii be
Bled ^ it ii tba aaal LeglaVature. Herhert
?. Kiiiii. of rraiolaghafB, to-day sent ta
tha S.rr. lai v Of Stati- BOttCB of hln iiiti-u
tion i" petition the ooaalag Lagtalatare ta
?eqalra ami iiisHoive the hoMlag oompaay
aad for the state ta aaenra tha Boetoa &
Albaay Rauraad. The hotdlag canrnpaay
oontrola tin; Btock of the Hoston i Malaa
Coacord. N. ii.. Dee. -'. Threa pooalba
eol itloaa of tha railroad rate proMen
arlataa oal f|f al"a_ged taereeatag of rstea
bi tha Boataa & afatoa RaOraad, la rlola
tion of law, are BOggaOted ln a repOTt of
tha State Publlc Service <'oininissioii,
whi.h reeehed Ooreraar h.ish to-<i_y.
'Ih.- commlssion BBggaata the repeallng
_| tha r.-strl. tlve dBBSB "f the atatuti-a
0| UH umi Ma\ Of whl. h certain railroad
r*oBaoUdBtleM arere permltted on condi
Hon thal exiatinir ratea ba Biahitataed;
lha mforcenn nt of the axlattag lawa, and
tha .-Mablishment of a "nttOBBl, f.i|r ami
adeatlfle miixlm.ini of rat.-s," aiibjeot to
n-visiui'i by tba minrnlaahwi from time te
nm. aa chaagad coadltkma nlght renuin-.
? ?
Stars and Stripes Good Enough for
Him, He Says.
John I) Rockefeiler BeM List Btght hi
TarrytOWB there was no truth fn the
report ha lntended to go t? EnglHinl to
;,., ii,. addOd he had BaTeBT contein
plated baytag an .-atate in I'iikUiH.
"ThB ??<"' "ll1 Stars an.l Strip, a are
gOOd BBOBgb for me." said Mr. Raoka
Unaurpraaecl Storage Eggs?32c. Doz.
\s Bound h.hI sw.-.-t ni.w a-< the day
gathared and nla.-.-ii in worehonMeo. Quar
aateed by Acaer, Merrall & Condit Co ?
Tenants Leap from Fire Escape
Landings and Several Are
Badly Hurt.
Early Morning Blaze Awakens
22 Families, and Many Are
Overcome by Smoke in
Effort to Reach Street.
Two nv n wera killod, several other
peraona badly Injured and tlvo are re
porteri missing in a flre in a flve storv
apartm.-nt house at So. _ East lll'tli
stre.-i early this morning. Tho loss
was abOUl SlO.mtfl
At _ o'.-Iock it was roportod tn the
police that tho flve persons who a' "fl
known to have boon in the building
? oiii.i not be accounted for. and tho
Bremen began aanrching the bouaa for
thoir l.o.lios
Tho bodlea <.f tho two deed men.
arhleh were Identllled as those af Loula
l.e\y. a ralihj and lawyer, and Wllllam
Day, a aralter, were found In the rear
Of the hflllwaj on tho top floor. It was
bolioy.l thal they had been ovop-ome
b) smoke whlle trylng to make their
eeca pe.
Those injured W0t*e Max Bchwergag
and hlfl uii'o. Becky, an.i Oorge Cold.
s. bwerger was badly bnraed while irv?
ing to provont his wife from Jnmping
from a arlndow. and Mrs. Bchwerger
was oyercome by smoke. QoM was cut
ln falling glass.
Tho flr.- apparently Btarted on tho top
f.onr and tVOTked its way tO tho lower
floora <i..wn Um alrghaft Tha alarm
r?.iit."i twenty*two famillea from their
beda and moga than a hundred peraona
tan to wlndowa and to tho liro oscapes.
Those on tha lower floora cloggnd tha
iir>' aac. pea and tt was aoma time be*
f..ro any <>n.- bad BufhN lent preeanca of
mind to lower tho ladden arblch, te pre
\. nt thleven from gotting into tha fiats.
woro holeted to th^ balconlee even wlth
tha s? < ond floor. Many nxn. n.?t w.iit
ing for tha laddera to be lowered,
.ii opped to i bfl ground.
Tha police bed fl hard time pro?ent
ing womefl from jumping froffl tho tir.'
aacapea and fiom arbadowa before tba
arrlval <a tbe Bramaai with their la.i
d.rs. bul by tba time the f.romon g<>t
!?? tha BCena most of the tenants had
n-a. bed tho ground.
tl wa- not known how the firo start -
ed. bul whon lt was di.sooverod it had
mn.l?' . onsidoral.lo h.a.lwav and. OWlng
t>. tba IhpIi w ind lhat pre\atl<<l. it
Bpread rapldly.
Tba Injured tenanta nrera taken t..
lha Harlem rimrpltel, aa was Phlllp
Bernatetn, a pdtrobnan attached to tba
B!aal l<?itii stre.-t station. arbo waa
ki.'k.'l ln tho i;roin by .. w..man whom
li.- was endeavorlng t" koop from
jumpini, from a flre flecape.
\it.-r the tire was undei control the
police and flremen atnrted in to aaoer*
tain lf every one had got out sat.-lv
it araa reported to them thal Annle and
s.idii- OrgU, alatera of Mrs Bchwerger,
could nol be found and the pollea alao
beard thal three othera, arhoee namee
arera aol given, were nol accounted for.
Wife in Answer to Husband's
"Ad" Gives Full Details.
Newten, X. J., Dec 2.- Edgar Potts
Marshall. of tbla place, causod consld
eralile talk about town whon on Sat?
urday last he inserted tho following
advertlaement in a toeaJ newepeper:
To Whom It May Com-ern: My wlfe
havlng left my bed and board, i w-in not
i.e reflponal-le for any dci.ts eontraeted
bv her aft. r this date.
His v.lfo to-day nsitig tho columps
Of tho same newspaper, create.l B M n
Bfltloa whon she answero.l hor hus?
band's '"ad" with the following:
To Whom It May t'oniern: After read
Ing a few Unea eontalned In tha columna
oi your paper In regard to myaalf. i beg
to dlffer wlth the author. ln the flrst
place, how could i leave my beloved
hUBband'fl bed when the falthful old bed
on whi.h I slept, Including the ancient
featber Uch aml a few board Mats, are
the property of his agad father?
A Btraw tiok ls also included ln the
make-up, the eoverlng of whlch I pur
chaeed ni\seif with the Ineome from iny
Roeh Of ChlCkena, whlch I worked hard
to ruise. if i am not awfttUy mlataken,
my beloved husband furnlabed tb? few
bundlea of sttaw eontalned thereln -hi-nce
i left hla bad .>f Btraw.
i also bag to anounca that l have fur
nlshed a greater part ..f the board for my
fathi r-in-law. for myself and for my
"predoua one" i rer fllUCfl hln j.oor mother
was lai.l ln her grave. Therefore,
how could I leave his board? I also took
in BflWlng and kept boarders to help sus
tain niv faithful husband.
It is a well known fa.-t that the greater
part ..f what few cents he em ns goes to
pay Tor thfl "oh be Joyful" that so sweetly
quenchea his thlrst and lmprovee his ap
pearancfl In general I will no longer be
reaponaible for any debts eontraeted by
my husband. (Stgned)
Heioved wif.- of Edgar Pottt Marahall.
American Cocktails, Under
Strange Name, Popular.
Constanttnople, Dec. _.?While the
r.alkan niap drawlng proceeds at
Tchfltaldja and the cholera horrors
mtlltlply at San Stefano, the tompcra
m.-ntal haronieter of Constantmople
rises higher and higher. A great load
appears to have been lifted from thfl
h.-ai ts of the people.
Bverybody appears to be drinklng
Btlmulflnta of some kind. Strangely
enOUgb, the most popular drlnk at the
hotolsVis thfl Amerl. an i ocktail, but lt
is colled by a (U)zen dlfferent namee,
BOOh Bfl "Hulgarian snlper," "(iroek
ev/oneria,'' Servian plum whiskey"
and "Montenogrin hot."
\.;i'; Aud. malrOperaOlaflW----powerfui.
dlfltlnrt il.'rtnltlon,atSpeneer'a,7Malden Ifl.
- Adv\
Omahj, Dec. 2.?Nelaon H. Loomis.
general counsal for the Union Pa
cific, would not comment on the
deciaion, but another officiaI of tha
law department expresaed the opin?
ion that the reault was a victory for
the railroad. He declared the orig
inal intention of the Union Pacific
waa for eontrol of a direct and
through line to the Pacific Coast
rather than for eontrol of the South
ern Pacific aystem. He said Mr.
Harriman was compelled to take
over the Southem Pacific ayatem to
get a continuous line to the coast.
though the railroad builder'a dream
waa for a direct route, such as is
permitted in the court's ruling on
the Centr.,1 Pacific,
One prominent official declared
the decision would put the Union
Pacific Railroad in a position to go
ahead with many projects which
have been held up awaiting the out
come of the auit.
That many other lines, including
auch railroads as the Pennsylvania,
the Rock Island and the New York
Central, would be affected by the
decision was the general belief at
Union Pacific headquarters, and
one official said the road would have
the arlvantage of being ahead in
knowi^a what was in store for it.
Mrs. Astor Sends Congratula
tions to Clevoland Syrian. ,
Clcveland. Dec. _. A telegr im of
COBgratnlatlOBf from Mrs. John Jacoh
Astor to-day was recetvad hy Mrs.
A.i.i.. Nasrallah, a member of the loeal
| Byrlan colaaoy. who waa arldowed hy the
Tltaole dlaaater and has just become
b mother. Hera la the third Tltaalc
j baby, th>- aacond being the chltd born to
Mrs LuctOB P. Smith. In Cin.'innati,
The third Tltaak baby is a girl.
Harvard Psychologist Makes
Interesting Experiraents.
iri Tategreet) la Tha Trflaeaa 1
Boaton. Dec. 2> r"Tom a serles of ox
pertntenta coadocted hy Profeaaor
Yerkee, ef the pajF-bologteal depert
BSenl Of Harvard CMtagB, the professor
has l.e.-ome cmvlncetl that an angle
? worm can think.
Knowhag that an BBgleWOrm WlU
lalwaya crawl out of a lightcd pia-e
Into a dark one, the professor put the
i worm. whi.h he was aapor_aentlBg on.
IntO a slass dlah iti whi.h were tWO
irlark holes. The risht hin.l hole OJOM
Imerely ? regalar earth cartty. Th.?
| left hand one. however, contained .1
Imlldly charged electric l.attery, tba ob
|jed Of whi.h la to give the worm n
Bhock ln caaa N should deabra ta poke
Itaelf bito it.
At laat reporta the ardrm h-"i learned
Ita leaaon pretty well and was COOtlB
BBlly going tO the right when lt was
]nit into tha glass dish
A series of simllar experlmcnts, in?
cluding mice, puinea pigs and so forth,
ls said to be contemplated by the psy
chology department.
It All Depends on Action Taken
in Chauffeur's Case.
Mayor Oaynor evidentlv hopea som<?
day to be relieved of the btillct that has
been lodged ln his throat ever sm ???
A-gUBt ft, IftlO. Some ono in his oflkst
has been maklng daily telophone in
qulries of Dr. Joseph D. Bryant as to
j the condltlon of Charles Morrison, a
! chatiffeiir, who was shot ln his aad a
week ago last night. Three shots were
flred at Morrison as he lay ln his
room, No. L'lijl Baet .'1.1.1 street. Ono
I hullet found ita mark in exactly the
I same place in his throat as the one
' that wounded the Mayor.
Morrison is now ln B.-llevue. and Dr.
I Bryant has not yet decided whether
to operate, but it is evldent that the
Mayor ls watchlng the case with inter
, est, and should Morrison go under the
j knife and come out successfiilly, lt is
probabie that the Mayor would follow
his lead.
Insane Central Employe Flags
Empire State Express.
r-ishkill-on-the-Hudson. N. Y.. Dec. 2.
BettlBg the signals so that the i:m
pire State express .ame to I stop to
ilsv. Fred Oetraeader, a railroad em
ptaye, ordered eagtnear and train crew
.,, pre.(l with the express to Manltou,
in Patnam tv.unty, thara to get two
freiffht cara containing his household
gooda, and then return to Flshklll.
Oetrander trnlaln-d he was moving.
The authi.rities detuined Ostrander
and declared they found him to bc poe
... --. ,l af an hallucinatlon tbat he was
affected with too great araatth. He was
conimitted for obea rvatlon.
Oetrander tbrew a BWttcb la ? .-<i_iiHi
UTWer Whea the towerman's attentlon
was attractad elsewhere.
D'wey's Port Wlne with Olive Oil
\ won.lcrful Plesh arnl Blood I'ull.l.r
17 Dewey * SunsCo.,l_o Fulton tt.N.T.
-Advt. 1
Absolute Control of Another
Corporation Held Not Nec
essary to Constitute In
fringement of Law.
Direct Connection with San
Francisco via Ogden Insured
?Application of Decision
Gives Attorney Oeneral
Potent Weapon.
'may embarrass democrats
" ?
Court Holds That While Law May
Not Be Able to Enforce Corapeti
tion It Can Reach Combina
tions Which Render Com
petition Impracticable.
.I Tha TiUmm Beraafl l
WaHiington, Dfle. _. h, a 1-rief but
Clear cut decision, tho Supreme C >'Tt
of tho Unlted Btatea to-di > ordered the
dlaaolution of the merger of lha i'nlon
l'a. ni- and South-in Pacffk Railrofld
ayetema, Buatalnbig tho contentlon ot
the (orernment that ii conatltuted a
comliinaii.ui in restraint of InteTStfltfl
commerce, bi liolation of Ihe Bherman
anti-trust law.
Then wlth tho end of the merger be?
fore lt, tbe COUrt sent forth thi*- por
tentotu declaratlon:
"While the law may not be able to
enforce competition, it can reach com?
binations which render competition im
| oracticable."
In its opinion the court laid down fr
Ithe first time the prmciple that a_?C ?
; lute or legal control of one corporati' n
by another was not necessary to ccn
stitute an infringement of the law. The
| Union Pacific held in 1901 371 2 oer cent
j and later 46 per cent of the stock of the
| Southem Pacific. Thi* cffective con
? trol was declared to be in violation of
the 'aw.
The Bnpreme Court dlreated tbal tiie
, jOdgCB of tho ( ircuit C.nirt retflln Juris
d let Ion and carry out the aiaodate die*
laolrlng tba merger wMiia three montba
from tho time it la laauedL and thal
?"anv plan for the fllapoeltten of ihe
I tn hs t ba Bl '"h as to effo 'tUflll "
[diaeolve tha unlawful comblnattofL,"
The lower court alao receivea autbortty
to hring Ifl any flddttloafll pflfitfla
arhoaa priaence may i.e neceaaary to a
< final disposition of the sto.-k, in ion
i f.irmity to the opinion.
Tho dechrioa iu tha oaaa of the Union
1'i'ili.-South. rn Pacific ni.rgor, th ;
? gigantio plan to whlch tba late K. ?f.
llarriman dOVOted the latter part nt
)d< aventful enreer, la tho third impor
t.-iit dedalon under tho anti-trust law
handed .lown i>> tha Buprema Oanrt,
? r 11 * - othera orderlng the dlaaolution of
tha Btandard <>ii Company and the
Amertcwn Tobacco Company. Tho last
i .
Ideclalon reafflrma tha prtnclplea lai.l
. di.w ii iu the otlnr two.
The action of the court as intflr
preted generally as another step in the
direction of making the anti-tru*t law
an effective eheck on iIlegal combina?
tions and as putting a damper upon
talk of further anti-trust legislation. It
is the general belief here that the ap?
plication of the decision to the railroad
situation of the country will bo wide
spread, placing a powerful precedent in
ihe hands of the Attorney General to
prevent the consolidation of competing
It also increases the d.ff.cult.es of tha
Democratic Darty, which regarded anti
| trust legislation, among other subject*.
as one of the problems which it would
' set out to solve at the forthcoming spe
jcial session of Congre3s.
Senator Cummins's Views.
"I am glad to sco that the court has
laid .lown tha prlndplo," boM lanater
Cummine, arbo Introductd a roeflanra to
havo tho Bupraeae Court pass upon the
TobflCCO Trust dissolution. "that a le?
gal majority .>f tho stock Is not neces?
sary tO constitute a violation of the
anti-trust law. This i.s tba tirst time.
I believe, that point has BflOfl absolute
|y dOCtded. I rather r.-gret thflt UN
COUrt did not also lay down a detlnlte
plan for the disposition of the S..uthern
Pactflc st.uk held bf the L'nlon Pflcttfl.
what dlapoaltion tha lower court arfli
make of it t.-maii.s *.. !??' Iflflflu If it
is panelled out to the large stockhold
tn of tho I'nion PflClllC UM situation
will not I.e Changed." S.uiat.ir Cnm
nvns oxpressed tho ,.; inii.n lhat the
dedalon arould nol decraua tha necee*
sity for flddttlonal legislation lOOkltlg to
truat i.-guiatioii.
Daanoaratie leghrifltora found it a
difUcult task to put upon thfl .lecision
the complexlon ?>f a Daaaocratlo vlc?
tory. "Tho elevtion of Governor Wil
aon by Um bbbbu ti Um Unlted states
wlll bring to an end the period of mo
r.opoly," said Benfltor Stnith. of Geor
gia, "aini effed the grfldufll dissolution
of illegitimate eorporations."
Justico Day announced the unant
moufl opinion of the court. Justico V;.n
Devanter took no part in the c-onsld
oration Of the case to-dav, but hla prin
clpal flnillng When he war a Judge of
the t'tah ClTCUlt ' ourt, to the effect
that tlM two roads were not compet
itors an.i ? herefore no vlolatlon of
the law had resulted from the pur
. hase, was revetse.l and annullod. In?
stead of following the reasonlng af Jua
i tlc? Van Devanter and Judges Sanborj.
I and Adams, the court, ln subatan *.-, ?p

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