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V" iAXIl N? 24,125.
To-day, falr. To-morrow, raln.
South Mii.dk.
Ia Clty of Now Tork. Jeraey 011I aad Hokoaea
KI.?KHIir,l'.K two rjRi
District Attorney Cropsey and
Police Co-operate to Stamp
Out Evil?Win 58th Con?
viction of lllegal Sellers.
?Vesident Taft, in Message to
Congress, Urges Passage of
Bills Giving Government
Power to Punish Ven
ders of Deadly Drug.
;l:c police 111 Manhattan. as
Hl b] The Tribune. have done
]j(l'. ,,i nothing tO curb the lllegal
eoclli '? Irafflc, ihe members of UM de
part' nl in Brooklyn have been carry
inj; -.ii a eampRlgn which makes it a
dinVult matter for any one not per
?onally known to the seller to l>uy the
'pistrii t Attorney James C Cropsey,
wlth Deputy Police Commissioner
Walsh. obtainod a conviction yesterday
f,f ? woman cocaine seller, which made
the flfty-elBhth conviction wlthin the
hst three months ln Kings County.
CommtS-loner Walsh and Mr. Crop
mte ari Intewtp- in the work of the
lp and ln Club" of Brooklyn, which
haa for Iti objecl Um rootoraUon of
men who are temporarlly "down and
out." bot are willing to fight their wav
back lf Klven _ helping hand. They
havf approncbod the cocaine evil in
Brooklyn frotn Um viewpoint of that
club. and hav* obtained such astonlah
jig ranultf that any comparlaon of the
d-uc avll iri Manhattan and Brooklyn
cannol fall to impress an observer wlth
the fa t that in the bOTOMgfc across the
brtdffC the police authoritles have made
an nWMSl Uld etllcient effort --o stamp
<.ut Uie vicious trade.
I'n f. ,-sor George CL Diekman. chair
mnn i f tha vi.dations commlttee of the
Board ot Phaimacy and director
pf tbe Columbia College of Pharmacy.
in conflrrnlng yi-sterday Um truth of
the ehnrgei Of police laxity wlth re
I ... t t.. thfl coonlnfl evil as outllned ln
"!.e TllbniM, summed up the situation
Foi* by laylng the blame for
the freedom of th<- cocnine trafrkkers
Um Qnjrnof pollcy ot personal llb
. nl outwnrd respectabllity.
Blames Mayor Gaynor.
Whai can you do with a Mayor like
the one in the City Hall?" asked Pro
i Diekman. "He says he is for
.. rd respe tabillty, but this traffic
? aven outwardly respectable any
?? it |f boM enouph now to come
. ut of its bnllwayi and fllthy dens and
i irry oa Iti trade in the most crowded
itreeti of Um clty II has bogua to
lay its trembling hands ovan <>n our
?l chlldren."
C<ynn_ink>ncr Waldo and his in
t ? : ns, whose distrlcts ln Manhattan
are ni'ist largeiy overrun with the
eocahM street sellers, continued yester?
day the pollcy of sllence which they
adopted when The Tribune flrst ex
pooed conditions.
Al if by way of contrast District At
torney Cropnoy, who was himse'.f _
pr_docawor of Waldo, Ib pushing an
upgressive warfare on the cocaine
traders in Brooklyn wlth remarkable
The conviction of Mra. Frances
Fishex before a Jury ln Judge Faw
rett'l court marks the end of the fifty
a-ighth case whlch Cropsey has auccess
fully proaecuted in Brooklyn, and the
results are apparent to any one draw
ing a compariaon of conditions be?
tween Brooklyn and Manhattan etreets
ln the Tenderloin sectlons.
Lieutenant McDonald, who heads the
cocaine aquad la Brooklyn, sent De
tecUva Nemerick out to get the evl
iaace on the Flsher woman, whose
( ontinurd on thlrd puge, tblrd oalurnn.
TT- .. i
This Morning's News
local. Taga
Gtrl Jtimpo from Window. 1
Brooklyn Cnrbe OooataM Traffic. l
Hyde t<- Be Bentenood To-day. a
Mother CeaOOfl Vitits to Thaw. 3
leefc to Harry Bnbway Plans. ?
New Havin Iin|un> ReopOBOd.?
Hawtborae Mlne LetUia la Court? 7
Krlangei Ball Packl Court. 7
?f-r Kldaappod) Arnold_ Agree. t
Lederlo Taila nf Had Hakerles.?
ara Klock to Now Vork. ?
Moaa l ?< firifs Right Kind of Mayor..lt
iii.ii Accuaed of Artlotry ln Arson....l?
ls c\-.MaKistrate Furlong. .18
N ...,,: Defeata Wtlooa Man. ?
evelt Not Agalnst Kuslon.?
'I I armern Pursue Negro. 1
Lynchlng No Criine, Says Oov. Blease 1
? Klltod ln I'enn. Train Wreck.. 1
lapeachnMal Of Judge Archbald. 4
patioa Baye Back of Newspaper
Lan . ?
Rallroad Valaatloa Bill la Houae? 4
Irreace Oalw'ng ln Naval Strength... 5
Gaaeral BUaa drgna War Training... 5
i;"nii. plata DlaclalaMd. ?
i'll Talt;. M>-ssage. ?
in Armiatlce Slgncd. 1
afaaleo May Gol Loan Abroad. ?
Army and Navy. ?
for U'iiiih ii. ?
?Mttorlal .10
Xotl.lv .10
Bwtc ."
?fhaatrlcal .ll
Obttuary .U
^l?.i!.>. .18 and 13
Beal Batate .ia
1 i'l.ni'i.il an<l Ifarktt8_14, IS and Id
ihlppllig Ni-wm .!?
Youth Who Struck Mother Gets
Six Months' Term.
For striking his mother in the face.
Morris Caasell, twenty-three years old,
of No. 397 Grand street, Jersey Clty,
was sentenced yesterday to six montfis
in Jall by Acting Police Judge George
C, L. Maes.
Cassell said hl8 mother made _______
remarks about his girl. Other evl?
dence was that the blow followed Mrs.
Caaeell'a refusal to give him money.
Cassell wept in his cell after the sen
Survived Husband, 109?Left
More than 50 Grandchildren.
Paterson, lf, J.. Dec. ,'L.?Mrs. Elfza
Thompson, a nefrress, who had assei ted
she was 115 years old, died in the
General Hospital to-day. She had
been a patient for several months.
She had lived at No. 12 Luwrence
street. Her husban 1, who died about
two yenrs ago, was said to have been
101' years old.
.Mrs. Thompson leaves mnm than
fifty grandchildren. She was the
mother of twenty-two children.
Mr. McOrea Sacrificed It by
Leaving the Pennsylvania.
I Ity Telegraph to Tba Trlr.iinr !
l.ouisville. Dec. 3. ? Reeause he re
signed | few weeks ago. James Mc
Crea, formerly president of (hr- Penn
sylvanla Railroad Company. will not
recelve $20,000 a year pension which he
would have received had he stayed in
the service of his road until May 1,
1913. At that date he will be slxty
flve years old. the age when employes
of the Pennsylvanla are allowed to PB?
tire on a pension.
Mr. McCrea had been Ifl th, service
more than forty years and his salary
was nearly $50,01)0 a year. 'Ihe rule on
the Pennsylvanla system is that 1 per
cent of the salary of a retlrlng othci.il
for the last ten years. multiplied by
tbe number of years of service, shall br
paid to him annually. Ona per cent of
McCrca's salary was $:>oo, and his forty
years' service would make the neat sum
of $20,000 a year. He is at his Ardmore
esiate. near Philadelphla.
Pocantico Land He Boaght Goes
to Mission Society.
By a decision of Justice Keogh. bn
White Plains yeeterday, James T. Ous
.-ani must turn over to the Cathollc ,
Foreign Mission Society a deed to a i
pleca of property in Pocantico Bfala,
next to the John D. Rockefeller e^tat.*,
which he once agreed to se!l td the SO
ciety. but later sold to RockefelleT in
Ott-panl entered into an agreamant
with the society to sell it a tracl < f
land upon which to er>*.t a home. The
society was to pay fl&OOO in cash and
give a mortgage for $'50,001''. On July
_n it made a formal tendcr of the ? ash
and the mortgage, but Oussanl rafuaed
|0 seil. When John D. Rockcfeli-*
heard of the agreement to sell th*
property to the church organization he
at once entered into negotiatlons with
Oussani to purchase the tra<t. BBd di-1
so, presumably at a much better figure
than was offered by the WM i?ty.
The decision of Justice Keogh sets
aside this sale to Rockefeller. and Ous?
sani will have to fulnl his original i on
tract with the mission society. Flnee
the beginnlng of the suit the society
has purchased a tract at Urlarcliff
Manor, ao 't is doubtful if it will take
the Pocantico land. It will, however.
be free to dispose of the tract. It !fl
aald that Mr. Rockefeller will try to
get the land at any cost.
Birth of Posthumous Heir Dis
pels Wife's Vengeance.
I By Tel?_r_ph to The Trlbune. 1
New Orleans. Dec 3.?Joy ovt-r the
blrth of a posthumous helr was ad
mitted to-day by Mrs. Edgar H. Far
rar, Jr.. as the impelllng motive for her
personally appeallng to Governor Lu
ther E. Hall to apare the life of Ren?
Canton. Canton ls a thug. nnd was
condemned to hang, December 4. for
tho murder of her husband, who waa
the son of Edgar H. Farrar, ex-presi
dent of the American Bar Association.
until recently associate ouns.-l for the
Pujo money trust investlgating com?
mlttee of the House of Representatlves.
Covernor Hall heeded tlie appeal ot
the young wldow, and to-day repri-ved
the death sentence until January 24.
In the mean tlme the State Roard of
Pardons will conslder the case of Can?
ton, and lt is probable a commutation
to life imprisonment will be granted.
Mrs. Farrar said to-day ?he had
wavered between a wife's vengeance
and a mother's love until the wlfe of
Canton. who herself recently became a
mother, visited ner ln person and ex
hiblted her baby. This was the part
ing of the heartstrings. and the visit to
the Governor followed.
Canton a notorious tlnef. WBl rj,..
tactad by voung Mr. Farrar coming
from the latter's home last sunimer,
after Canton had robbed the place of
.sllverware and Jewelry. In pursulng
the robber Farrar was shot to death.
Rejects Grovernment by Commission
and letaina Free Lunch.
I.ob Angeles, Dec. 3.-Karly returns from
to-day'B election Indicate tliut the pro
posed new eharter, providlng a conimis
Mon forrn of governnient for the clty of
Loa Angeles, was defeated by a vote of
two to one or more. In the flrst hundred
preelncts to report not one east a ma?
jority In favor of the eharbr.
Tha antl fi'" lunch orrllnance. d.-signrrl
?o banlsh the free lunch from aaJoOBB,
waa .lefeat d by a heavy vote.
South Carolina Will Not Punish
Mobs-That Slay, He Tells
Conference of State
Whipping Post for Some and
Sterilization for Others Hia
Remedy?Opposes "New
or Noisier" Penology of
Rlchmond, Va . Dec. "? ln "1f' nama
of tho Btate of Bonth Carollnn. Gor?
oin.ir Bleaoe aerved notlce io tho c.ov
ernors' eonferenee bere to-dny thal
lyncbera of negru aaaailnnta of whlta
woteen ln hla atate would ro trnpnn*
ishod. Gorernor Bleaae warmly do*
fended hla use of the pardon|ng power.
deelarlng thnt ln twenty-two months
ho had pardoned or parolod ?pproxl
mately four hundred persons. and that
he hoped the number al Ihe end <>f
hli MCOnd term would be eight hun?
"I have aaid all over tho lUte of
South Carolina. and I say it agaln
now." ho declared. "that l wlll narer
order otH the militla lo *ool down
their nelghboi- and prntaet a btach
bmte who commits the nameless < -riine
agalnst a whlta woman
"Th-refore, in BoUtb Carolina. h-t it
be nndcrstood that when a negro _a?
sauits a whlta uoman aii that la needed
is that thoy got th- right BMfl aml thoy
arbo Ret him will nelthor no.-d ttOW TO
Oal* o a trial."
Donaghey Urgea Death Penalty.
C.vorn-ir lionaxhey of Arkansas _*?
Clared f'>r a BOVOre penalty for l>mh
ors. NO punishniont. save death. ho
Mld, would detar murdeier* fiom their
"Why. i' baa COOM U> tho pass.
ho aaoerted, "uhere a man is . eitain
,,t' puniahmenl lf he aboutd ateal a
borae, but where, nlne thnoa oal "f ten,
h<. is able t" go 8co1 fren U ho cooailta
c,.,\-riior BUaae Juatllled tho use he
had made of the pardoalag i"?rr. he
:-ai<l hy condltkMM ho had found ln
ponai lostltutlona in lu.- Btata He told
the Oovernora, among ?hom was <; ?%
ernor Dix:
i iralked ti.roui-ci tbe panitentlary of
?outh Carolli ,t and found t a V*b*r^f_
where poor dartla were
dylng ai l - i taaka, n eklni.money for
othe? peopl. ; _? who bad M
.? to - ? ind and wora or t ik.
,.?. |;,..i, i .- ? . otber day Jim R
_ , egro from Charleaton, atopped me aa
i waa walking through and reapectful y
a-.l-.ii ptrmiaalon to m- ik to me He told
, ,.. thal he had been kept ln Jai for
two vi-.us foi ?teaUni a W naich.
[ ..,;,: -if vn i are teilim me the truth
>,,., arlll ? .ii your Chrlatmna dinner wltn
'\(.nr folka at home."
li,. m |_ -i;< vernor, I havo m< roiaa
??Then " l replli d, "you wlll .at 11 i*
from he're." Aud he arlll
Baldwin for Whipping Pott.
Bi toraUon of the whipping post for
oertni:i classos of <?rlmii.als aad sterili?
zation lor othera woro advoontad by
Gtorornor Baldwln <<( Connoctlcut, who
declared that ha waa more ln aynapathi
arlth the "clanlcal achool of penology"
than tho "now of DOlaMT MM, inainlv
made up of sentlnu Dtal huinaniturians
iir theoretical pgyehOlOgtgtS.*J Covernor
Baldwln contlnu--d:
The fonnor aohool maintalns that crhn
Inala abould ordlnaiily be punlehed by
aubjectlon to aome form of mifforinc; the
otber that they abould ordlnarlly aol be
made t<- auffei for their mladeeda ??-'???pt
as nature forcea lt upon tbem through
the mlnd. but tl.at their treatment by tho
Mate should be aimed prim_rlly at their
moral ImproTement
There is a eeitnln erlme of whloh one
aeldom apeakn its veiy bobm has come
t<? be baalehed from our newapapem Vot,
tho tbOUgbl Of lt Ih a ilally torror to
?very womnn ln tbe Boutb. and brlnga n
?enae of uneaetneaa and constralnt int<<
tbe life of her Northern aiatera lt is
the caoae ol moal <.i thoae lynehlng caaaa
uliii-h dlagrace our dvlllaation. lt is to
be ktpt down only i>y the aerereel
Is lt too BtOt-h tO Boy lf the ( iiiirts ar?
not ready to aoply theae, tbe people win.'
Tho people who may thus brtna aome
ruiiian to hla death win aol be the beal
peopie in tho communty. They mav oe*
caaaonally aelse the wrong man. Bot hai
n conTletion ever yet I.n had ln th?
Unlted States of any one of a mob of
Ijrnchera fur banglnf a negro aeeaaed af
That crime doea a wrong io a woman
whloh many of them havo doemed worae
than (hath Buch a man U no nt aubject
for an Indetermlnate aentence. He has
proved his inherent weakneaa af win
power. iii every clear caae of rape, ln
my Judgment there should be au opera*
tion of sterilization.
Whipping Brings No Shame.
In discusslng what he termed the
two achoola of modern penology, Gov?
ernor Baldwln aald:
Modem penology, ln isdh achoola, ims
accepted Imprlaonment as tba main
method of puniahment. Tho old plan had
heen to uae capital puniahment rery
freely, bodlly i lutilation occaslonally, flos'
glnK often
Capital puniahment, whlch, ln Black*
?tone'a day, Bngland Infllcted for Ml
offencea, i? now unlreraally reatrlcted to
h rery few, and has heen totally _boI
labed in many Juriadlctlona \"i*,iijie.
bodlly mutiiation has ais-, dlaappaarad.
Dogglng remains only in exoeptlonal
eaaaa! aa for < hitdren. s<> far, it seem?
to me, lt should be preserved.
Assertlng that for certain classes of
offenders prison hardly fits the case,
Governor P.aldwin said:
a wife benter, for Inatanee, or tho hurg
lar who oaea torture, to eompel his vic
tims to produee their valoaMaa, ought to
suffer a certain punishniont whlch he may
know beforeband. lt seems to me that
the prospect of a whipplng-of eourse a
m<?derate and pri\ate one?-ould often
best nnawer thal purpose.
Partlcularly U thia true of boys. A
sound whipping la a remedy that the
world has always recognlzod as belonglng
to their time of life. In tlie great achoola
of l-'ntland blrchliig has been freely doalt
out by the best teachera, and it brlnrs no
ahame. unleaa there be a want of piucg
to rtnad it hravely
Sterilization Not Crual.
There are two objrctlons. and really but
i?o oblectlona, to r-mstatlng the andent
penalty of st. .Wantlon: lt involv. - an
luntinued ?>n *.ivlh P??e. ?eeond lolumn.
King George of Greece, King Xicholas of Montenegro, King Peter of Servia and King
Ferdinand of Bulgaria.
ihe rotan of __t ilAM -0-B.IIb.- whom armma have dafaat-d tte TorkB, and wrhoM reprcaeBUttTei baai now
(wltb the as-tptloa af Gr_B4*-) algaed ba -t-BJ-tlca -ar?*parat()nr to Ukj irork of B-gotiattnf i treaty of pea<p
-rtalrb will bbka much terrltory from Turkey for tlie baodU <>f tlu* Rltlea.
Armed Farmers Threaten to
Hang Negro Who Attacked
Luella Marshall.
Beaten Into Unconsciousness
While Passing Lonely Spot,
and Dragged Through a
Barbed Wire Fence.
Tranton, tt. J.. Dac, :?.-i'??uea an_
armtoi dUsaaa are -aarchlni the voodi
in the westcrn part of this city for a
negro who attacked and bo badly in
Jured a woman to-nlght tliat her death
is expected. The citliens de.lure that
lf they come across the negro OtOJ will
rlddle him with bullets before the p<?
llce can get him. It is belleved the
negm has tak?>n refuge in the woods.
The .rime. one of the most brutal
with which the police have had to deal
in y*ars, o.curred about 7 o'clock.
Mlss l.uella Marshall. thlrty years old,
ol No, HIS Pennington avenue, had
be. n out In thi suburban dlBtrict vislt
lng a woman friend and was on her
w.iv home She had arrlved at i
l.-n.-ly spof al.mg th<* road near tlie < Md
FellOWO' L-OBM WhOB she was attacked.
Illsa M.rshall was struck on the
back ot the head l.y a plece of lea.l
pipe or a hliitit Instrument and felled.
While unconsclous she was dragg'jd
Into I field, though a barbed wlre fence,
to a spot about flfty feet from the road.
I.envlng the woman unconsclous with
a lractured skull ln the field, the negro
made off. Miss Agnes Eggert, who
lives close by. saw him hurr>lng down
tha road. She heard inoans coming
from the fleld, and found Mlss Marshall
unconsclous. Mlss Eggert gave the
alarm. The lnjured woman was taken
to the hospltal. Surgeons revived her
long enough for her to say her assallant
waa a negro. Then she relapsed into
Farmers who live Ifl the section
where the assault took place ware
aroused by the story, and. armlng
themselves. began to search the woods.
Miss Marshall llves with her brother,
a contractor. At the hospltal lt waa
said her body ls a mass of brulses,
seratches and cuts, probably made by
the barbB In the fence through which
she was dragged. _
Wu-t'hang. China. Dec. 3.-Every opiurn
Hhop ln \Vu-<*hang waa closed to-duy.
Korclbl** maasaiiaa were necessary In
some caats. Oplum can now be ob?
tained only Bt a government depot.
vla Southern Rallway. The Premler r'ar
rier ot the South. Kntlre traln electric
llcliierl .N>V4 cqulpment. Piillman's best
prodwctlon. Now Vork Oflfte, '.'61 Flfth ave.
? AdU.
Oilchrist, of Florida, Unmarried
and Unbossed.
Rtchmond, \'a., Dec. _L**-*_k***ernoc
OllChliat <>f FlOfida ls tho only "re.U
OoatlMOr" ln the I'nlon. Ifo BBld so
himself to-day
"lf there |s any man here who ls the
ro.tl Covernor of his sta'.<\ whose prlfa
dOOB not rule Instead of he." nnnoUIMOd
Mnjror Ainsim of Rfchmond, in wol
; comlng delegataa t<> Th*> Covernors'
eonferenee in BOanlOn here, "I call on
him to stand up and be countod."
Covernor GMlohliat, amld cheors and
laughti-i, aroso aml was COUntOd?
nlona He is unmarried.
Shoots Woman Who Defamed
Her at Wedding Feast.
I.ogansport, Ind., I?ec. .1.?Ellzabeth
Laagi a bride of one day, shot and
killed to-night Mrs. Mary Copple, who
at the wedding suppor last night is al
leged to have told other guests that UM
hrldegrootn had aeloCtod an ugly and
worthless woman for a life partnet.
Mrs. Lang was arrested shortly after
the shootlng. The pullce say she mada
u full confession and expressed pleas
ure that she had stopped Blanderous
remarks. In her confession, as report
ed by the police, Mrs. I.ang said:
"Taa 1 shot Mrs. Copple. I shot her
down as btr two little chlldren stood
boKido ht-r, holding to hor sklrts. I
killed her because she said no man
ouglit to many me and that my hus?
band would repent.
"She said 1 was ugly. She said l was
old. I killed her for that, and I am not
a bti aorry for it. She was Jealous of
BM and would have made my life un
Sightless Operators Said To Be
Quick and Accurate.
1 By Telerraph to Tho Trlbun*. J
Baltlmore, L)<-c. fc?The bllnd tele
phone glrl has been trled and proved a
buccoss In Bulttmore. .Miss Elsie Soii
derman was the tirst. She operales
the exchange for the Sheppard-Pratt
Asylum. To-day the Maryland School
for the Bllnd turned out flve other WOll
tralned girls. and the managers believe
they can open this fleld of work to
many others.
These girls are wotklng with the
regulatlon swltchboards, but a BOO
kind of board ls being planned which
will slmpllfy the training and lncrease
the effldency of the sightless operators.
The most dlthcult board now operat
ed by bllnd girls Is that at the Young
Women'* Chrlstlan Association. Llke
a hotel the association club and home
haa two hundred rooma and nght pay
statlor.s. and the blind operators ar>
as accurate and qulck as other giri I
Chlcago, Dec. 3.-Prank T. Cllbert,
a wealthy manufacturer, of Buffalo,
dropped dead In a tlcket offlce here this
afternoon. He waa on hia way to Call?
nt Auguauna, Ormond, Palm Beacn, mi*
atnl, Long Key F.shlng <amp. .Nassau iBa
homa-i Cuba nnd I'Hiiama Cunul- Hook
iets and Information at 243 6th Ave.-Advt.
Englne Ploughs Into a Stalled
Passenger Train on Penn.
Railway in Ohio.
Many Passengers in Wrecked
Car Jumped Out of Windows
When They Saw En
Zanesville. Ohio, Dec. *'.?Eight per
' "on* wero killed and seven injured.
three of whom will probably die, ln a
I'ennsylvania. Railroad wreck near
Drasdan, Ohio, to-nlght.
Three of tho dead are Mrs. B. A.
EUnarson and two saaall children, of
Zanesville. Mrs. Emerson's father,
Jacob Iltirgy, of thla city, was on the
traln and is among the fatally hurt.
Mrs. Emerson was thlrty-two, her Ut?
tle son was two and her daughter three
years old. Another vietlm, a man,
has not yr*t been Identllled.
Four other vlctlnis ut the wreck died
after belng taken to the hospltal. They
aro Henry Balbian. of Cleveland, who
was manager of a Dresdcn woollen
mill; Max Harrls, of Lodl. Ohio, a
tiavelllng salesman. and ls. EL Blaney,
of Zanesville, ? brakesman, and Henry
BartlSS, of Albion, Mb h.
A cincinnati & Muskingum Valley
paSBBBga. train was following a
Cleveland, Akron & Columbus Dlvlsion
passenger train 00 tho singlc track
between Trlnway and Zanesville. The
aOffUM of the latter broke down and a
trainman was sent to flag the Cincin?
nati & Muskingum Valley traln, but
the latter was too close. The englne
ploughed through the rear coach and
completely demolished lt. The dead
an.l btjurad were all ln this coach, but
several others escaped by Jumplnr
Tli- nt ven who were fatally hurt wera
scalded by escaping steam. The fatallv
hurt are:
BBTANT, lani's. l.an._Bta>r, Olilo, ettginrer;
N,,\.,r>- Cttta an.l s.ald'.l.
BPRGT, la.-ob. l-lUBalllB Ohio; head and iac?
?,a!,I.-'l ami ba.lly brulstd.
BUDB1CK. Willlam. Zana-aville, brid?<? rarpen
ia>r: lia-ii.l ai d fa<-e BCBld.il.
Tbe accident to the Cleveland, Akron 4.
I'olunihus engin.* was caused by a plug
blowiug 0llt When the other englne
craahad into tbe rear coach the
Mc-ne was indeseribable. The englne tele
seaBad the coach. A few of the passen
Kers Jumped out of the windows when
il?-y saw the impendlng crash, but the
r.st Iia.l 00 dBMaaa to escape. Henry
lUlbian, of Cleveland, was found on top
of the engine boiler, and the others were
throwii in all direetlons
l-'our men sva*re killed and nearly half a
hundred Das*-engers Injured when eight
cars of the westbound Cincinnati expresa
iiluiiKe.l down a 30-foot cmbankmcnt at
Qlentocb. IVnn., on the nlght oi N'ovein
ber ft
??Aasnrediy a novelty. S-mething to
taiu about." savs tlie "_%??'. Sun of
"Anatol" st the Littie Theatre.-Advt.
Hellenes Said to Have Demand
ed Not Only Capitulation of
Janina, but Surrender of
Chiosand Mitylene.
Terms of Arraistice Not Dis
closed ? Mueh Speculation
as to What Will Become of
Agreement Between
Balkan States.
Asks Instruction as to Action To Be
Taken by Turks Shcrald Inten
tion Be C_rried Out?More
Fighting at Adrianople,
but Oity Promises
to Hold Out.
Constantlnople, Dec. 3 (\0.4f) p. m.?
- It is offlelally announced that an
armlstlo*. has heen signed bBtWBBB Tur?
key and Bulgaria. Servia and Monte
negro. Apparently Greece has BaC
The plenipotentlarles met at BaghteV
at 11 o'clock this mornlng. The allies
made fresh proposals regard ing thfl
nrmistice, which were transmitted to
Constantlnople. The Council of Min
Isters sat until 7 o'clock in the even?
ing conslderlng them.
The Porte to-nlght sent fresh ln
struetions to the Turkish deiegates. It
is understood that the Greeks have de
manded not only the capitulation <-f
Janina, but the surrender of the Turk?
ish troops in Chios and Mitylene.
A dlspatch from a Turkish offlcul
says that flghting continued on Sunday
and Monday at Chios between the
Turks _nd the Greeks.
Another eonferenee of the p!cnipo
tentiarieg was held in the evening, after
the recelpt of freah inst.ructlons from
tho iv.rte At the close ,,f rhis confei
ence. the armlstke protocol was sigtie;..
The fact that Greece is not among
the signatorie8 is interpreted as mean
Ing that hostllltles wlll bo continued
between that state and Turkey, and
ther- Is roi.sid-'rabl* speculation as to
what will become of tho ulllance agree?
ment between the Balkan States.
It has not been detormincd when
and where the peace negotlatlons will
The authorites at Janina report that
the Alhanlans there contemplate pro
clalmlng independence. Instruction ta
requosted as to the action to be taken
hy the Turks should this intentlon bo
carriod out,
A telegram sent from Adrianople to
day aajra there was un exchange of
riflc flre last night and a slight bom
i ai'lrnent at midnight. At the hour of
toi.graphlng the artillery flre was still
in progress on the south front, but
was of no i?reat strength.
The telegram concludes: "We ?will,
wlth the help of the Almlghty, peraa
vere ln defending tho fortrese to the
end." _
Athens. Dec. 3.?Wlth reference to
the armlstice it is conflrmed that
Greece from the flrst considered that
the alliea ought to reject Turkey's
counter proposals and continue their
comblned operatlona ln Thrace, and
that if Turkey desired to conclude
peace it' could be done without an
Moreover. it is poir.<ed out, that by
contlnuing the war the allies could
secure better terms. Military circles
here are of the opinion that alnce Tur?
key declined to accept the condltiona
flrst proposed it would have been bet?
ter to have thrown Into Thrace all the
forces at the disposition of the alliea
and continued the war.
Fears That Porte Would Coilect
Food, Munitions and Coal
in Theatre of War.
[By I'abl^ to The Trlbun-.J
London. Dec. -i.-There ls a dramatic
change in the Balkan situation. Greeo-j
is at war with Turkey, while her allies
have agreed to an armistlce. A mes
sag. sent from Conetantlnople at 11
o'clock last night states that the Min
Ister of Foreign Affalrs has Juat an?
nounced offlelally that Bulgarla, Ser?
via and Montenegro acceptea tne arml?
stice protocol in the eourso of yester
day'a neg' - atlons at Bagtche _nd th_i
Greece refused Turkey'a terms.
Greece, lt appears, objecta to the aub
stitutlon of the right of revlctualllng
places for uncondltlonal surrender.
whlch waa expected a fortnlght ago.
While apparently Montenegro would
conaent to revlctualllng Scutari, Greec j
cannot bring heraelf to conaent to th.
revlctualllng of Janina and the aban
donment of the blockade of the porta of
Chios. Bulgarla and Greece uppear.
moreover, to be at loggerheads on the
subjet-t of Salonica. Telegraraa re
ceived in London ahow that the Otto
man terma for an armlatice are of
mueh more extenalve a character than
ever. Reporta telegraphed from abroid
whlch auggested the text of the pro

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