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Wheat, Corn, Oats and Coffee
All Show Advances.
WMal values t-eeined to have diacounted
nian> ot the h.arisli features of the situa?
tion and the marki-t seemed less dispos.-u
lo resnond to bearish fl*W* There was a
decline early la the day on the Argentme
rrop etatement. but the emall lncrease ln
the American supply and a decrease of
3,721,000 bushels ln the Canadian visible
offset the Argentlne news, and late ln the
seaslon coverlng sent prices up to an ad
vai,.-. ..f V-'S<- at the close. Corn also
ia.,overe.l ;.n early decline. and on foreign
boytM Ot rnturflfl and a better flXPOTt ln-.
quiry closed *?*)_- net hlgher. The oata
market disregarded Argentlne news of an
espoital.le surplus larger than last year'B
total crop. held stcidy all day and closed
Vr'V' oet hlgher.
The theurv that the comparatively hi-h
ptlCfl of coffee wlll result ln a curtallment
of lonsumptlon was partly borne out by
the falling off ln warehouse delivertes for
the last flve months, and tbfl absence of
more than a johblng demand waa a de
Bfflflalatf fa.toi ln the apot situation
Futures OBflBfld flfelffbtlf hlgher than Moti
day's close. dropped to a little below lhat
ri_;urc, regained the loss and closed steady.
net 5 to 8 points hlgher.
New tork, Deceeaket ">, IM*
V.uat. bush.MMMlUve poultry. pg?- Mg
Cor.i. bush. 60,?_5 .Un>lei>. bbls. -3..-?
i ata. buah. ct.Oio, do boaee.... i_.ws
j_>?,'.?n. bush.. .. 65.02* F'otatoea hblo..
Mai-..' buah. 9.9M Ontona, bl la. ? ?._<_
Ki.x- O.709 Cranl errt. s, pkgs a
. h -at. buah 3.?!.'gea iCal), ._? i.m*
Fkwr, bbls. 14.1* do iKIai.l ??* .
do aarks. 17.235 Kpplea iKIa), cta 4.
li. ans. eaeki. 1,223 Grapea (uai). c"
Liras- aaed, bags. 1.441 Dried fruits. pkgs
Corni-eal, aacka. 1W7 Ralaina, pkgs. _?;'??
oainieal. bbla.... 1.U30 Rice, pockets._ '
Oilmeal. sacka... IMI Pecan* teota..???
t ot's',-1 meal, sks MMiBroom oorn, baiea ?w
Ullcaka, aacka... 3."0 , ? ??? .ri, bales. a,am
JK.ps. baleo.r.... Mi Moaa, bales. ??
lloy. toiis. 1.14' Cii-'-r. bars. 1.4U0
^trj.v. tons. MiLead. plfla-;. *"?
rork. bbls. 75i_peltar. alaba. ?.?*?
Iiarcs. Ueroea.... ? Rosln. bt's ..?J
Haron. pkgs. M Kosln oU. -*!??_? V?
Ctitmeate, pkga.. EM Spta turp ne. bbla 1.MW
lArd. tlereea. IWlKr, blj*-??;??- -_?
do ktgs. 9.:S0 Hldea (dry). hn.es H
c.reaae. bbls. _G0i do <wet). bdla... M
I.ub'g oil. bbls... lSftlMolaaaea. bbla. 2.3. &
Cofaeed oU. bbla 475 i-ugar. bbls.... M
oieo oil. tlercea,. 179 ToSacea, hhds.... ?>
I.lnseed olt. bbls. 450, do phgs.......... Jg
froap atock. bbls. B^W..1^;,; i__
Butter pkga. 6.778, IJrandy tCal). bbls Mfl
aa. pkga. 2.9Mi8plrita. bj>la....... [?/>'.
i gga, pkgs. 9.I19|Alcohol (I'J). bbia 8.-0
irTpouitrv, pga. U.Mfll Whlakey, bbls.... .00
v. leat buaa.IMiMl Oil ake. th.??:o*'*'<_!
Corn. bush. 4.M9 Pork. hbls. WB
Oata. bush. 11.771 Deef, bbla. Ml
live. bush. 1.671 do tlereee. ?
Rarlev. buah.... M.6W[Bacon. Tb. M._?
Beane. buah. UfllHama. B>., ___'!3X
Flour. bbls. 4.304 Lard. Tb....l.4?.J00
do aacka. 19.8551 Steartne.Tb. 39.200
Cornmeal. bt-ls.. 1.17! Qreaae, n>. 70.W0
JVcd. t,. 13.700 Butter. tb. 11.3W
C.rass se-d. l._Ks. 4.949 Cbeeae. ??????"? ?*g?
Alcohol. Bal.?. J3.iyo Cofaoed oil. Tb. M..all
Whlakey. gata.... 8.8791 Lub'g oil. gala.. MT.ttfl
Oilmeal, tl..l'aO.000:
lrcn. Xor. No 1 11 lour. Mpls. pnts 14 65
fouudrv .*1S? 0<i Cottoo, middllng li.to
Uo No':. 1?M i Coffe**, No 7 Klo 144
do So. No 1 .. 1?00 Bugflr, gianulai^ii i.W
Ste?-1 rallt . I.M , Molasses. OK piue 4o
Stan cop. spot.. 17.10 . Baef. family.IMM
'iln . 49.7.', Beef hams . ? ?
Kxchange lead.. 4.K4 Tallow. prime... _*
j<p?ltei. 7 30 Pot*k, iii'*-*. *-? 3 --
^'heat. No i led IM Hogs. drf.d. 160 !h lt'?
Kxport (orn... M%| laflrd. Mdle WeM ILM
dats. strd white 374
New York. December a, 1012.
faKAIN?WH_AT?Uevelopm'-nts Indlcated
lhat values have Jiscounted n.any teurlsh
tcaturvs, and the market waa less dlsposed
to regpond to new- whlch. under ordlnary
t-or.dltlona. rnight have been expected to re?
sult ln u substantial decline. Foreign aU
?-fcea a'Ti against valuea. The Australlan
crop waa estlmated at 7P.5iM.o00 bushela,
a.??lnst earller t-stlmates of .4.000.000.
Broomhall estlmated the e.portable aurplus
no:n th< next Arg'ntlne crop at from I.S.
iioo.OOO to l8fl.H0O.OOO b-abela, i-onipareil
ivlth actual shloments so far of 98.000.000
\ \-?s* ago thia auihorlty estlmated tlie
s irplus st 124.800,000 bushels and the crop
n; -oa noai.Oi'O. whlch flnally turned out 170.
8MO0O bushels. Prices early declined 4?
__< on this news. but late ln the session
Hdvaneed on coverlng, and closed at a net
gain of ;*#Sc. The export demand was
.lisappolntlng. No :? red winter wheat. 11 0o
, l-vator. and |1 09, f o b afioat; No 1 North?
ern spring at 0B4c f o b afioat. CORN -
T^avorable weather and lower prices abroa l
? auaed a slight eariv decline, but prlcea
rallled. and at the closa were *. ? Wo i I
hlgher. Ilradstreet's vlalble aupplj;' ahowi-rl
an lncrease for the week of 1.U92.000 bush
e\a compared wlth an lncrease last year
of 657.000. Export corn. 64*ac f o b afioat
-o arrlve. OATS?Private cablts from Ar
gcntlna estlmated the exportable surpdus
from that country this year at 100,000.00..
bushela. compared wlth a total irop last
>.;,r of 94.000.000. but the market here
showed a ateady undertone .and at the close
was 4???e net higher. Bradstreet s visi
1,1. ahowed a decrease of 659,000 bushils.
.ompared wlth a decrease last year of
M ooo Cash market ateady: standard whlto,
87?37Ue: No 2. 3Rc; No 3. 37fl374o; No
4 MU#Mr; natural wUite. 34?374c; white
c'lpp'd. .17?40c. all track. RYE?Flrm; No
T Weatern. d.'.c. c I f Unffalo. BARLST?
Fteadv. nialtlng. r.?_68c. 0 I t Buffalo:
fe?d!ng. 9<*\*c. nomlnal. c I f New York.
Mheat: Open High. Jy>w. Clote. 6ay
?-..-. flfl tam
*i%; .... OC-'a OUA 9? *M*i ??
Wheai Corn Oats
To dav .1.801.000 743.000 776.000
laat week .2.1W.O00 MJO.OOO 64.'..(>oO
Last year . 794.000 878.0oO 85S.000
Flour. Wheat. foin.
? t, _av . 32.000 343.00" 4.000
l_ist week . ao.000 104.000
\l\\ jear . 11.000 190.000 1.00O
FLaOlK AND MEAL?Plour inactlve. wlth
huvera and aellera apart. ?**_??____?*??_**
*!50?$4 80: winter atraighta 14 :.5?|4 65;
'vlntar patente. $475i8l510; aprlng tleana.
94 80?|4 55; extra No 1 winter. |4 lBft
84 26 N'o 2. $4 0?4J'|4 20; Kaneas atralghts.
?4 1.%?84 20: fancv spring patents, <5 40_>
ar. 00. RYE FLOl'R?Qulet: falr to gond.
??:, ?59 83 8f>; cholco to fancy. $3 A0(_rfl4.
Mfi'KWHEAT FLOUR?Steady; ?-_-*?_"
100 lb CORNMEAI^?New kiln drled. *.l 3...
li^r; MBM?Flne whlta and yellow, 81 tou
81 30; eoarso. $1 40#81 45. FKED?Western
aprlna 12180; etandard middllng. 8-1 3.V.
flour do. 827; red dog. 820 50; citv bran. |22
bulk 823 aacka; rnlddllng. 823^530; reddog.
830 50 homlny ehop, $.3 0 824 bulk. $.4.0
?825 JO sacks; oilmeal. $?:$ r.O? $3.1 50.
tOFTEE?A ateadler feellng ln Europo
eaueed an openlng advance of 3 to 5 polnta
nere wlth mod-rate buying for European
account as well aa local coverlng. On the
advanee there waa renewed llquidatlon, and
the market declined. but late in the IU
rolllad and cloeed ateady at the top wlth
m net advance of 5 to 8 polnta; sales. 110..5O
t.aas llavre at the oloao waa unchang'-a
to ?*' frane nat hlgher, whlla Hambui-g waa
i:ni-han-cil to ?. pfennlg a-van'-e. Coat ana
freiaht offers from Brasll were about un?
ehanged. wlth comparatively llttle buslneas.
Tiie spot situation ahowed no lir.provement.
? nd the eontlnua. abaence of more than a
lobhlng demand appaared to be the prlncl
P*.l flepreaslng factor In the market. Spot
inactlve, wlth Rlo No 7 at 14'*-. Local
rontract prlcea: Te.t#r_
n.c ?n W 43 US&M A
M.rch-::i3.? lB.Bg ,8*4 i;.^.? ?g
jV.::,..7. im.ii.t4 8:aS:S8:S
.""j ::::i8? nto n? Vtajettn u.m
Ao_ ...13.?> 13*0 18 90 18,92fl3P3 13 H7
Pep't ... 18 Of. 13 96 18.90 13 9eJ,3.97 13 90
Oct .13 95 1A96 18.08 13.9?#13 97 18.90
PROVIHIONS? Easy. undar renewed eell
a. small atocka balng offaet by Ilberal re
<e{pta of llve ho?s and a decline of B P_*.*_l? 'n
ihe hog market. r-ORK-Flrm. meaa. |-9j|fl_
fllflW; family. $23?I24; ?bortclear. W?
924 80 BEEF?8trong. meao. $190$2?: family.
B'**tt*2*V nacket. 922IBS-3; extra Indla i_<sb.
SSCa neelaaas. beef hamb DalL Pw
811 50. DHEJSSED HOOH- -Steady; bacons
104<nl4', plgs. 11 Hc. CUT MEATS?Pickled
lelllis steady. l?4s*>184c; plckled hams flrm.
144tl44r TALLOW?Steady; speclal. 7c; city.
?<B?\c; country. flWc aaked. LARD?Easy.
Mlddlo WMt, llliVWl-Sc; city, 11c; reflned
larely steady; South Amerlca. 12.46c: Oon
Mieait ll.Wc; Braall. kegs. 13.46c, compound
??/-a.l-'. 7T4??4c. STEARINE?Easy; oleo,
. ,,sWe?l clty lard. 18c
(OTTONKJ-ED OIL?Small trade. but
i r.,<* were nrmcr, closing at a net advance or
2ft. points. Local contract prlcea:
** Yester
Onen Hlgh. I/ow. ciooe day
*.?ot. - ?25?l}.40 ?20
tv-c ... Ati ?27 fl27 ?.27??2? 0 24
Jan .... ?I8 0.81 8.27 6.80&I 82 0 28
? ao
. -
i ta
.. :?
MOLAM-M AM) SYIUM - ia waa
falr ly good at full pnc
NAVAL STOKKS?Spirlta turpentine flrm
and higher at Me. Ri.sln ateady and tar
OU.8 -Linseed oil unchanged. Reflned pe?
troleum Bteady at fc.fioc for standatd white
ln barrels at New York.
HICE?Klrm, witli good demand. U the
prlinary mnrkctB therat was increaslng lirm
aaaa owing to strong liolding by leadin/
sellera Dan Talmage's Sons Company. New
Orleans, telegraphs n*.w crop movement to
date as follows: Receipts, tough, new and
old, *J7.V4"'J sacks. against 704.5o0 last yeai .
skk-B clesned. new and old, 408,200 pockets,
against n.".8.132 last year.
SI'GAK?Reflned steady at 4 90c for.ranu
latt'l, with m.'irkft Me;idy to flrm. and busi?
ness fairly active. Kaw held flrm, with
sf.ot cjuote.l at 4.05c for 96 test centrlfugal.
3.55c for ?**?* test muscovado, and 3.30c f?r
Kll test ii.nlaB.i.s sugur. Reflners are pay
mir some nttentlon to forward shlpn.erits. ..s
Ihey arlll aoon be ln need of fresh auppllep.
In London b*** t sugnr was rjulet an.l sid
dearor fer near, and unchanged for far
montha. Stock of sugar ln l.'nltcd Klng
dom la 40.000 tons. against 30. Ono last ari ea.
ln London. beel siipar openi d with fiecem
ber Bl !'s ?'..]; January ut Ds 7^d, und May
at 10a
HIDKS?fltaaOf to flrm. owing to mod
aiata otTerlnga whlle the demand waa
ateady ain! good.
LEATHER- S'.eady. with full prices asked.
D-NTJGS -Essrntlal olls flrmly held. with
good .lob'nlng demand. Routs strady. In
tlie general market for dnigs. there was a
good demand, and values were well held.
For week endlng Deceinbir _, 1M2,
_____(? ANI) I'EAS?Receipts. 1.830 V.aR?
baaaa Ml aaaa peaa; cxpuiu., 1,162 baga
i raiis, 1.704 bae* paaa Importa ?O.ial bag*
beans, i,.';*.o baga peaa M.ite raaiTOi* b,..i.h
ara ai>,_t r>c loarar, with feeiing easy. Domea
t, j .u. and ineil ;in trade being supplted with
f. I'l.n etoik. mii.n of which naa arrlved of
late One eteamer in yetiternay broughl o>*T
20.000 baga from a Medlterrane_n port. Those
baaaa are ?-e:ling from $1 liKnit ::t>. latter ex
txetna R<>,1 kidney elow and uoaettled; black
beans Degiectod. ?'alifonila llma In better
Bopply a:i ; m-iving at easn r lutes BeotCb poaa
bara fallen ahnut 20c und* r lowi r advltcg from
? ,st Tbars baa also baeo a decll?* in
. d green, Marrow. , holce, loo lb, $5 Cl i
}'? :k', medlum ol e, $4,,... pea, cbolce, $4 .'?i
M46&; Imported, nea. $i HiiJi::o, red ki.n.ev.
? 10 25613 36; old, cbolce, |4 60014 OU;
black, cbolce, $? _r?jj$4 r>0; llma CaUfor-la,
cholce, Jii it.'atUZo; PEA8, Bcotcb, cholce.
64 80814 44); green, Imported. $3 ,'?tt.$4 ]<>.
III TTLR?Receipts, 20.021 pkgs; exports,
4>;7 Receipts have run llght. and for the last
tWO da>b buyer* arera unable to n;e<-t tbelr
needs. tu fitr as fan, y fu-sh gOoda Wttt I B
Prloaa i,in. Bdrauaoaia ic and ostra
freab creamery la eaelly so,.: m 87vJ4*;i*Jo, Tba
general quality of tba 0(1 .. I has i, t mi ?
prOVI I to an apiic, lable extent, th'-ie ls a
'.?:.. small pr portlon of hiKi. grade good* an,i
bayora who want tbal claaa ot stock havi lo
pay practieailv any piice that Is asked. Ltvrn
flrstB niovrd out a littie better and biing Ma
:.i',-;.\ r.ireiy ;:T>. but grades from .3g35c i.i,
still alow, as they come Into cmipetition ?nh
storage goodb, whlcli are prafarrad by "; ft
buyets. fat.rage cieamtry, -I,. n fan, y. has
Jobbing salet up to ii*c, but ln llnen _S8-3V?e
is aboel all that caa be raaliaaH Tba lower
grades of beM butter are fclow. A moOerBte
quantity of fan v prOC?M h.is inoved IntO COO
buiei>ti\e channels, but tlu re in aoarcelj ;".>'
Inqulry unlctis It is lln*. l'.i't.ry
Packlng Btock ciost s siightiy flrmer. Creamery,
extras. lb, 37S3*>c; ftrsU. 83 aOSOVic; eeconds,
:^?;:_-., thlrds, 27?20c; held, extras, 834-34c;
flrata 810324c; s* ??? b, -'" i30'?c;
dalry, tuha, Onaat, _4O80c; lood to prtaw
( HEESE?Receipts. 7,880 boxes; exports,
181 -_lr trada la aabols mlll
few buyers arllllng to exceed 17*_c, and 11 4'
vei ?. '' ilt to exceed foi Imi rt in! 1 !? lt ^- _
ket business. even In beal held *;>?'?! eresb
whole niilk.- dragglng, espa lally lots grejn a;;i
pasty. Frttta aklniH nol selling well and son.e
Bccumulatlon. ttate, whole raiiu. otu, eo?
laU, 1701s.; white, apeclala, lie,
rolored. a\eiage fancy, 17'_c; whlle. a*er?ige
luncv. 17 4c; fresh. colored. spetlaln. 11
white. apeclala, r. .<?; colored. ava***a?e fancy,
l*',iil7e; white, average fancy. lo__*".
daAlea, held. best. is, . fresh, best, i.xW
L7%c; nndergradoa WAtyUHc: ?"a,'',,^l,'.(
apeclala U^B 14--'. :.:''"'.Lot''v. :'*i ?
BHc, -
l.i'ii li'i'-e- luor, 14*tstol6Vac.
1J'L? l(,V-Kecelpu for week ended Dec mber
8, tMU caaeaT Now JaiA .?-^}J_aa, "JS^f*
iel.1. speclals, 14Vi?14'.C; . 1'c. 1.1'-. a *. .
rre*h. speclals. 14c; aklmB, c_*_ce. l.-.n- ac.
',,,r to falr. BOlSci BUta. full rtOaia, M
jHc; state, whole mllk. vary *n*oaa aad paaty,
Drtces. Storaii..- ?.fc'K8 ln free offerlng nt un
improved prtcW Fr*-h gatbered extras,
dozen. 3i)_4LV. extra flrau.. ??**% OrM,
-0?34c; seconds und lower fradea 229-tw ,
hel'l freab. average b.-st, 25028c; poor to
fRlr.2-0.4c fresh gathared. dlrtlea.
L"v checks, 15_-'0c; ratrtgj*?tor.# .pjaclal
marks, fancy. chargea PaW. Mci BrgU.
cl.arges pald. 21V, _ 22c; Orata on doek. .1
0_l?Ac; aac-noa, _O021o; tblrda 111 l-*n.? .
nearby bennery whltes, fancy large. n. w
lald 00065c; selected. defeotlve ln Bize or
quality. 8604001 refrlgerator. 23 if 26c. Weet
ern, gathered. M04-C; nearby. bOBW ?
broaraa 41?42c; gathered und mlxed. 00
rBVOB-.,p__B) Baealau, 47,r,o?, r/kga;
e\i,oru 'J-.,2s4. Llttlo doing in spot arap*
oratc-d applea ar.d outsld.- fnictatlons gen?
erally extreane. Kuturts upstate flrmer. sal*s
of January yrime, belng reported at oi'',
f o b state. To-day. however. tone ls eas
ler ck'B.ng quotatlons belng 6!i06%a for
Oecemter dellvery, prlrr.e, f 0 b state. aid
6K06HC for later dellverles Kuture chopa
nrm nader llght suppllea at $1 &5-I1 tio v-r
ioo lb f<.r prlme. In bbla. f o b state; wast.
rn'-s easy at !?6c. loose, same termu. 8on
drled onplcs nomlnal. Moorpark aprtcoU
F.arce and flrm. POOleO poaehea higher.
Larger prunea In llght Buiply and llrin.
(vPPLEa evaporated, fancy, lb, 'HfaH*
cboleo, Ib, 0.O0%c; jobbmg sai***. . 'u I '.
prime, li,. 6%0Oc: JObblOf. lb, O0O44C, Sin
drled allcea lb, 8H0Oc; wast-. pr me. a
bbls. 100 lb. 113501150; < h?\?. b- ii"e. m
bbla 100 lb, 81 8o?|2; RASPBERH1E8.
evaporated. lb, 18022c; CHERR1ES, l-U
BERRIES, 1.".' 'ft 15c; PEA* III.S. (.allfornia.
peelefl. lb, 21c*. unpeeled, fi'..-h'ac- Al'l:.
COT8 M'.orpi.rkB, 14? 10c, Royals. 1"/
12HC1 PHL'NES. 70s to 80s, 25-lb bOZOa - Va
#*,_<? 120*. to Mb, 50-11. boxee, 8II0OH&
HAV AND bTBAW? Hlghest grudes of
large baled Btock have been sold up to aj-.J.
but practl*ally nothlng in Bmall balea has
t-xceeded $22, and that ls extreme f,.r cur?
rent airlvals. The hncat clover and mixed
hav is selling well. I'oor of uncertnin value.
Rv'o etraw steady. QuotatU.ns f..r bay are
now t.aaed 011 the grades adopted and
amended at the laat convention of the Na?
tlonal Hay AiBoelatlon. which have recently
be*n adopted by the New York Hav Ex?
change Aasoclatlon. HAY, large baled, t,, 11,
tln.othv, No 1, $23; Btandard, |220|22OO;
Noh 8 and 2. $170$21 50. llght clover, inlxed,
$21; No 1. mlxcd, $180$2O; heavy, 6180
Jr. No 1. clover, $18; BTRAW, n>'. IM*
$17. Pmali baled hay 2'__0c leea than
"*HOP8? Receipts. 3,884 balea; exports. 400.
Iirew.rs have been steady buyers of best
grades of both state and Coan* hops. and
prleea. have ruled flrm. Htate, 1012. prlme to
cholce lb 80082c; medlum t<> good. 20'jji
2fy-' corninon, 220200; state, 11*11. 12020c;
paclflc Coaat, 11?12. prime to cholce, 2oyi
22c; medlum to good, I74f19c; eoinir.on, 11
ttlUc; 11*11. prlme to cholce, 10018c; oom
mon to goorl, 12itl5c; Pacific Coaat, oldor
growths, N^lOc; imported, 1912. 420480.
I'ltl'ITS? l'RESH?Apples arrlved freely.
and with demand moderate, market has
ruled weak, althougb prices *how Uttle
change. Pears advancing. Grapes drag
ging at low prices. Cranberrles flrm und
slightly higher. Callfornia strawberrles
weak. Orangea have ateadlly declln. d.
Grapefrult Iowt, but aupply moderaf*.
Plneapples ateady. APPLES. btclntoah, bbl.
$2 754a$:>75; Twenty Ounce. ypttzenbeig.
Uano, King and York Imperial. |20f3i
Bnow. $150*?$2 75; Northern Bpy, 11]
$"|-.0- Hubbardson and Baldv.ln, $1 50?
$2 25: Ben Davla. $1 00012 60; Winfi Bap,
$2_$':t.r.0: Qreenlng, $i7f.??a. Rnsoet, $12.-.
(y?15*i; Pound Sweet and Btdlefl* ur. $1 ll
?82 20; eommon. |10|100; Far waatarn,
box. $lff$2; PEARS. Kleffer, $20|S; baaket,
7o<?$135; ORAPES. 4-lb babket, btit 10, i;
lO-baak't crate. bOcSIl 2.',; ton. COBOOf*-,
$30'-$40; Catnwba. $25 JtiO; CRANBER
RIE8, Cape Cod, late sorts. bbl. $6 60'u$'.';
crate. $1 750$2 15; F.arly Blaek. bbl, $150_
$7 50; New York crate, $1 75a$2; Long Isl?
and. late. bbl, $7??ft; Early Black. $4?50'?
$7 50; .lemey. $?50S$7; STRAWBERR1L-.
plnt. 80040c; Kl'MQI'ATS. quart. I01O_:
TANOER1NES. atrap, $2 25'- $4; ORANOB8, ,
box. $1 50?$7; ORAPEFRflT, Florlda. '
$150^$3 60; Porto R!co. $125?$3. II.NE
APPLES. crate, |1 251.13 25.
POl'IaTRY ? ALIVp; ? Recelpta for tbe
week, 117 carloada by freight and about 7 car
loads by express. jJupplies heavy laat week.
but demand active and market < leaned up
pretty cloaely, with only a few lots of small
fowls and poor geeae unsold. Thla week opened
with edvlcea lndlrating cloae to 120 rarloada
to arrlve by freight, but with a falr demand
market ruled flrm. prlme fowls and ehlekens
advancing to 14,- and turkey8 to 18c. On Tues?
day trading contlnued fairly active. and there
was an effort to foreo prteaa higher, with 2 _
cara sold at l*Hr for prime rhlckena and
rowka, 18c for Weatern ducka ar:d UVc f,.r Weat?
ern geeae. but r.eaxly all of the remalnder af
tha receipts were sold at yeaterday'B prlre?,
and we healtate to make any higher quotatlons.
POWUI, heavy. faney. lb, IHHeiae; me.linm
and poor gradea, 13c; nearbv, expreas, 13Q14c;
CHICKLS'S, 13?14c; R*k)STi:itS. nld. lOV^c;
TCRKEYS, nnxed, 18c. DCCKS, 1401^,
QEK-E I8tfl4c: C.tlNK.VP, pair, 65c;
PIOEONS, pair, 23c. DRL86ED?Recelpta for
tba week. 83.745 packagea. Th?. Thanagivlng
market for turkeya waa one of the most dls
astroua ones on recoid. The market steadily
weakened until on Wedneadav. when trading
for the holiday waa practlcally over. and lt
waa slmply a "go aa you please," with ie
relvere urglng stocks whenever poeslble. with?
out any regard for t,r1c?a. Recelpta for the
holiday were muth larger than expeeted, and
much of the dry packed poultry waa out of
,,rder. with many entlre shl- menta struck
g.een E*4j;fore the close of tbe holiday market
20e waa pVaetlraily the beat prlce avallable on
a.erage baat Weatern dry packed poultry and
IflMUfl for avera*.- I**st Led. W-Se bu k af
sales wi- at 14019c. aad many **? ??""
?:,?, nld f-atn l* down to Ie, btrttt waa
Impoaalble to effe. I a rlearance. aad aaoei m
the 'urfceya had lo go Into the traaan. aoWt
tliis we.k tbere ha* been no irade ln turae? .
pricea llttle more than nomlnal. Cljicat..
ind fowia bflre t^en lowe; '"""'""''V,.
lower and irre. Oar. Sunata ????r,V ...k . _L
TURKBTB. dry packed. Maryland, Delawa
Jeraey, average best. --.'-?"? ??'''? J^
.-. : Virgima. aelected. 201.21c; aver a.. ? ,|?
iv. state and Pennaylvanla. ae??"**:._**Xj
Weatarn. small boxes. dry plfbed. ^?""'?^
..ji bbla. 90c; aver-aa, 1* I'Bc.J"" ''' **?._?
,?,1. IflOlflc; Ohio a.M Mlil. ?an. Mfla Iflc.
iwnr R?i2c- iced W.-stem, drj I'l' *' _* ,'
U . 20 to 10 ih. BMme.ttyoTO.nm oex.
n.llk fad. 31 to 45 ft flfl ^nm*'S'lMb
fed 144c roastcrs, 12 to box. mllk fid, 4" o
Ui over to .ioseii. UflW^I?nfA M .
,i,v i.aikad In harrels. mllk fed, rr>ets. .. io
.V , ."v&g'e? 17c; 4 lb and over arerflg. 18 .
barreis, neaiby BQUab brollera, pair. -.,< .
fan.-v hmllers. Ib. UMtAei roaatlng. r-;'-4.(;
average 20c I'imi?v]\ania. faticy brolj.-ra. -.
C?c?%-attog. IM1IC! average. IttJUe; \ .r
ginia mllk fad. broHere, 8 lb andl un.i.-r. Me.
Ito flf lb and ..vcr. 164c; WeganLiln
. Irked mllk fed. 4 lb and o\er. 17'.. . nux.'.l.
',,',,", ornm fed. ftoller.. 1-, Ifc: 4 lb and avt r
dry Iflc: hed. 15c; mlxed. 134ftl4r; 3 to ., i
lb. i:t'?i3'-..c. Mlcblpa ai.d OMo. aealded,
lactedTlarga. dry. .Bc; Iced, _??: flateed. m'.
other Western. aealded. mixed. 13-; TCTneasee,
Kentucky and Southern, dry ptrked. i.44*l3r
?calded, 124.K1C. poor. 11 0*2_: 'OJJ1-* *J
pldted 12 to box. Western, 3? to flO lh Bt.d
over to dozen. l?H64c; under 86 lb, J*_?eS
iMHIflM. W.Hern. 4 B iiv.tkj;.*. >lrv. ?*_l_l
Iced. 13'a,: averafs, 9M n> aad aader, WHJ
18ci Pouthern and Southwrsfern. dry i Irked,
average. I.'!.-; Ohlo an.i Mlcblgaa, aealded, dry,
ii. ked, llttc: other Weatern. aealded, 18e;
small aad poor, ii?ri2c; COCK8, old. He:
DCCKB, aii.ring. lflflllfl.; average, MO*****: h
f.rlur 6?12c; OEE8E, uprtr-g. Irr. cholce, IM
Iflc; Weatern, taney, IflOUc; Led. ebom, Mi
Uc; inf.rlor. RfalOr. pQUABS, prime, wbtte,
_oxen, 12 251/14 RO; ,|ark, 1175; culla 90008 .
QUINKAS, spring. 3 Ib and ?.ver to pair, pair,
MfcOfl: oid, f.otfftOc
l'OTATOKS ANO *r-CO-CTHBlin -Potatflflfl
lower on all grades. Pl.-nty of W< steni pota^
toes are In unpopular sized ban*.. and Wltl
.juailtv ordlnary flrag bearliy. Bweet vomxoet
. pli nty and advan. Inn Maibel oversrtocheo
with a.nions and pri e* low. Cabbflgea ln il ?
era| aupptaf and waak. Caullflowars B "
and hlgh undir light recelpta.
Miouti more plenty and lower. Boutneni
beana 'n fnir aupply. t-ut mIIIbi alowiy.
Few Southern cucumbera arrlvlng; nof
bouaa plenty aml duii Lettoce chlcery
-in ' es.-arole plentv unJ low. Roraalne ln
'MM r.-oelpt and hlglur. Llina beuns s,_j- t
M unhrooms d'-clined about 5<K- a basVet i fl
Mondav. Radtshe* tlrm and hlgher. Tomatoos
In larger fluppl* und ilecllnlnr, POTATOI? >.
Berrouda, r.ew. No 1, bbl. $7'.i$7 50; No 2, $' i
$.-.50; Vlrglnla ar.d MaryMnd, late crop, bM.
$17:._$2 25: ????_(, *i Tr-., $_; Maine, bag, $1 'ft
12: bulk. IM lb, 1268225; I^ng Island. bbl or
!;.,- $. 2."'<i$2 75; I'.-mi.-* Ivanla. bulk, 180 n>. J
?$2 27.: state. bul!;, $1 7M?12 12, ba? H -'V
$2. Western. $1 40&J1 75; SWEET POTATOE*
Soiith.-rn. vellow. bbl, $:ii$',. Jerscy. No 1.
bbl. |2 50<?8-0; basket. Mc0$1 35; OK10N8.
state ar.i Wefltflra, white, 100 Th bag. |M
$1 75- cmte. M>c3$l 25; yellow, 100-Th hag, r.o>f
!?1r r*d. BOBflOe; OranffS County, yellow or r.d,
50W7f.c; white, bnsl;et or bag. r?VS$l: Con
nectlcut Valley. yellow, 14>> r?. bag. .- 'I'
BRU88EL-I HI'ROl'TS. ounrt. 5 >- BEA ??.
Bouth Caroll i. w.ix. baaket, $11;$2 60; areen.
*Ka$_5"; r*1<_ la. wax, $1 ."?" I$3; pireen r I .
$8 CARRO*. bag, _Hi??5c; CtJCL'MBEHS,
lask^t $2fi$3 hothouse. No 1. (io7.en. ..? |$1|
No 2 l-.v. |2tT$250 CABBAOE, Danlsh. ton.
$fi;i$7: do icetl * ;*-5. red, $lr ;**1T. CAULI
FI.OWE5R9 long cut, bbl. tl6*$2t>0; ahort,
$_.*.o.,$r, iii'i.cy. doien, 16B40c; .ane. |1W
S$3M CHICORT and KSCAROLE, baaket 20
eilOe: New Orleans, bbl, $1 .*-?' $'.'. ECKJ
I'LANTS, box, $150?i$2oO; ENDIVE. Tb. l.'.d)
W- HORSERA~>I8H, 10o lb, |3fW?: K 7.11
bbl," MBUOc; LETTUCE Beerby, i.asket. _.'? i*
60 . Vlrglnla, lf?_30 . Florldi. 60c?i$l; cmte,
75 6$1: bbl. $1 2S?$1 60 I.IMA BEAN8, baa?
ket, ?4-:$C. MU8HROOM8. white. 4 tt, basket,
$1 4" i$l 75. brown, $1ji$1 40; buttona, OoeSO .
OKRA. earrler, $.?M. PEA8, Florida basket.
$J4.- New Orleana, $1 MM_M; PBPPBRB bbL
M ,.'$1 50 baKk.-t. 60BT6.: F" irlda rarrler, $1 20
^i$l 75; 9 tlll t>ox, $2 26B$2 76: Ciitan. carrier.
*: L'.-.'ilirO; crate. $1?$1 28; PAR8NIP8, bbl,
$lfi$l_5: PAR8LET, bbl, $190(112: crute.
?125i?$16f?; ROMAINn. ba*krt. $1.$ 1 76; bbl
$2B$S; basket. io> 3$1 25 BPTB .CH. bbl. %\tt
81 50 BHALLOTS, 100 bunches. $1 B0B82;
BQUA8H. H-:bhard or marrow, bbl. 75cft$l;
Tl'RNlPS, iu!;tl aa,a. bbl or bag 5.*fi<. ;
white, SSBTBc: TOMATOEB, Callfornla, box. $1
Ml BO; Florida, .-.irrl.r. 116001226: Cuban.
$160B$22S hothouae. Ib, 10016c; WATER
CRE88, 10i? bunches. $1_*|!5o.
NI'TS -BlekOSV nuta In llberal supply and
weak. Plo.k walnuts pl.-nty an.i hw Bnl
t.rnuts in light supply and flrm Continued
good Inqulrv for domostlr peaanta "nd m.,r
kei flrm. ilICKf?RV Nt ts. per bu-hei. tt
i$17.', BULLNL'TS, fl0?76e; BLACK
WAI.M'TS. 50?60c BLTTERNt'TS, 76cf|
$1 ; PBANTIT8, \lrelnta. hand plek.d,
.Iu.nl,o, Ib, BMe; fasey, lb, 6'ic; hand
jilckcd. extra, Ib, 4^; ahelled. Jiin-.bo. lb,
8**c; No 1. lb, lllBde; No 2. lb, 81., J.'P.c;
Rptnlab, ahelled, Na I, lb, rt^ta'Tc. No 2.
lb, 4'icJ PECAN8, Ib. 12.14c.
1IONEY There ls a ateady, falr demand
for botb <i"V' r and buckwhoat at tba aama
prlcs. Clover. corrib. fun^v, lb, 15 tt ?*><-;
No 1. Ih. 14>', (fe 2. lb, ll'_*13c; extract..!.
lb 8'-. \i *i'?c; boekwheat, eosab. )?>, 11B
Ifle; extract'.d. lb 7 ,7'.c. West Indlan. ex
traet^d. gallon. 76B*'c.
lll E8WAX?The little buslnaea ln average
flne domestle ls wlthin range of _fl#flfle !'?
MAPLB iCOAB Market flrm and Hwrn
ing Increaalngly difn.-ult to buv at insiie
quotatlons BTTOAR, II.. 12H_>14c; BTRUP,
gallon, BflBtfle.
I,IN>|:M, i'ctt*r .jualitles of wlld tOOt
aptclal Northern, In pretty g<K>d den.and and
held tlrni Cjitlvated drags. Oflldaa Beal
baraly ateady. Northern and Eaat'rn, wlld.
lb, l-MBMTB; Southern, wlld. $'. 50<T?>';
cnltlratodL ns to si/'-, shape, etc. lb, tltf
$?50; Ool len aeal, lb, $3 6?.
K< .v Vork, December 8 1012
BEKVKf Recelpta, 64 cars. or 991 head,
nearly all for siaughterers. No tradlng; leel?
Ing ateady. Dn sed beef flrm; natlve sid?-s,
10 . 16. . Texaa, it'-, lOHe
CALTBfl i:- elpta, 291 head; lflfl on aale,
Market ateady, Common te ebolea ri da aold
..! **?? $12 p" r 100 lb; culla. $0. N" I
or Weetera ealvea orf.-r.-a. iir..-s.d ealrea
lirm; elty droaaed veala, IS#lTHfl: ? f,w,
18c: country drai ed, Hair.'a1'
Sales--AV. R Ilume: 01 veals, ]r,4 lb aver
age. at $1- per l<?J lb, 3. 138 lb, $11; 7. 125
lb. 99.
Tobm & Bhannon: 42 v*als 170 lb, $11 75.
io, 127 li.. Ifl; i call, no ib. $?
Kerns Conunlsslon company. 2 veals. 155
Ib, $ 12.
BHEEF AM) LAMBf*? Recelpta. II csis.
or 4>34 head, 7 can. on sale Bheep Btaadyj
lambs steady to flrm. Common to go-d
(!...;, sold at $:i 2.", $4 per lOO lb. a fev. .
$4 "0: . ulls, $'J 60; go..d to rhol.-e lambs at
$7 40fl$7 87H: culls at $5, ye.rllngs at $?".
Iaressed mutton slow at 5,>'rf7>ic, prime
weth.-rs, 8c. dress.-d lambs llrm nt 11 H 12He;
country' dressed h?thouse lambs hlgher at
$s ; $io per carcaaa.
Sales--Kerns commlsslon Coinpr.tr/: 1S1
st:.te lambs. 71 Ib sv.-rag.-. at $7*.7'? per
100 lb; 154 Ohlo. 07 lb, $7 4o. 1 w Ht.ite .iills.
4<? lb, $5; 14 aheep, 100 lb. $4; 5 culls. 82 lb,
$* 9*
Newton A Co : 2-4 Ohlo lambs, ?7 Ib,
$7 75, 229. 07 Ib. $7 50, 15 sheep, 73 lb, $4.
fl Satid.-rs 40 Michlgan lambs. 05 lb,
$7 75- 23 yrarllngs. 6? lb, $6. ? sheep, 152 lb,
$4 90; 46. ?fl lb. $3 25.
W H Hutne: 23 state lambs, 70 lb, $, 50.
HOOB?Recelpta, 21 crs. or 4.2.".:i bead;
less than half a cftr on aale Market W( >k.
Country dressed hogF st.ady at 10VI ''-.'
per lb- roastlng plrffl steady at 1 - Va D "'?"
f-ales?W. H. Ilume: 3'J state hogs, L'20 lb
average, $8in;J rough, 330 lb, $7
chlcago, nec l ? CATTLE- Recelpta,
0 000; w-rnk to 1r^- lower; tie^ves. $.'.llO'rf
$11; Texas Ftcars. M**0B96 70; West. rn.
85 ?0<Q$0 20; stockera and feeden, $1 990
|7 00: cows and helfera, $'- 7o u $7 10; ealvaa,
$? 7909*0 90. HOOS* K-.'-lpta. 3.-,.000;
generallv steadv; light. $7'.,"._ $7 70; mlv^.l,
$7 30fi$7 75: hea**7, $7 :t0'9*$7 76; rough.
97 80OI7 60; plgs. $5 25. $7 26; bulk of
sales. $7 51 ?$7 70. BHEEP ? Reoelpta,
45 (KiO: slow, mostly 10.15c lower; natlve,
BflflOOMflfl; Western. $3 00_$l?0; yr_!
llnga. $4 009$B2.1; lamba. natlve, $5 60 9
$7 05; Western, $5 65?$7 60.
Kansas Clty, Dec. 3?CATTLE?Recelpta,
13.000, Including 500 Routhems; weak;
dressed beef and export ateera, $8 .$1050;
falr to good, flflflflOM; iootbern st.-era,
84 50?$8; flouthern cows. $3 76?>$5 60; bulls,
$4 25Q$6; ealvea, $5 60tf $? 60. HOUS- rt-~
celpts, 2.000; .1010c lower. htilk of salej,
$7 50?87 70; heavy. $7 35 .$7 75; psck^ra
nnd buirhers. $7 ?".?? $>7 75; llghts, 17 4of
$7?0; plgr, $640'o*$7 10. BREBP -Recelpts.
8 000; st.-adv and strrmg; lambs, |$iOB
87U5; ytarliiigs. $4 75?-$6 25: w^thers. $4'.
$4 00; ews, $3 75'al$4 50, stockers and fced
ers. $3016.
Eaat Buffalo. Dfla 8?CATTLE?Recelpts,
700; ateady. VEALS?Recelpts, .10; a.tlve
and steady at $4&$11; a few. $11 50 HOC.fl
?Recelpts, 8,00<i. slow, best gniJ'H 10c
lower; othera 20ii25<- lower, heavy, $7 65'(i
$7 76; mlx.-d. $7?0'/j$7 05; Vork.rs, $7 4o'f
$7 00; plgs, I7 40B97 90; roughs, MflflO
M99; atags. $:, :,o . $.-, .,i, ,]_.irl.-s. $7 40W
$7 00. AHEEP ANO LAMB8?Recelpta 9,*
400; slow: lambs. y.arllngs and wetliers, 25o
lower; ewes, 16c lower lamba. $,','u$7 75;
yearlings, 85 50?$j 75; wethers. 94 38094 90;
ewes, $?.?'.$;: 85. sheep, mixed, 9lOi4-S
Cinclnnati. Pec. 8.?CATTLE?Recelpts.
4Mt; steady, steers. $4 75*r$9; helfers. $:: 75
BflflflOj <ows, 13 50099 76; ealves stea.lv,
|;,.',oainriO tn.c.s i-.e^iptB. 4,24?; qulet
common sows, $5 25^i$?R5; plgs and llghts,
and 10-915C lower; pai ke*-s, 97 89097 99;
$5'd)$7 25; stags. $4 25?$?75 BHBEF Re
clpts. 869; steady at $150O$3 8.1: lamba
strong and 10c hlgher at $4 5i?'a$7 33.
fBy Telegraph to The Tribune )
Pt. Louis, Dec. 8?CATTLE?Reeelpts. 10
000: falrly actlve at dei llnes of 10?1.1c. steers.
$5fj$10.V); hclfcm, $4Q$7?5; cowa, $3 .K*?
$8 50; Southern steers. $1 l?0?$fl 76 HOOfl
Recelpta, i.vuum; maderataly actlva and 54tiov
lower. cholce medlum lo good welght!, |T99 P
?7 75 bulk of aalea, |7 40?97-5: packara. $7 30
ir$7 HO: best IIkIu.*.. $7 _'.1j$7 60; plgs, $fl 2&0
$7. BHEEP?Recelpta, 3."ki0: actlve at steady
prices; lambs, 80 .VK;/$7 75; culls. $4 _19$5 50;
mutton sheep, $4?$4 25, common to medlum,
$3099 95.
Wholesalers' Advance May
Reach the Consumer.
Butter prices went up agaln yesterday
f..r Ihe wholesaler, and tlie |_____fl got
iineasy, lest the rlse should OOBt-BOO to
day and to-morrow. If it does, the re
Milcrs will yleld to pressure and make
another advance of one cent. Tliat WtU
boost the retnll prlce on the fancy grades
up to 43 cents. lt Is now 42 cents. and
last Saturday morning lt was 40 cents.
The wholesale closing quotatlon yester?
day on best grades reaclied 3S cents. It
was 37 cents last Saturday. The whole?
salers were Inclfned to adtnlt another
advance before tlie week ls over and the
retnilers were expectlng it, too.
The Urner, Harry Company, which can
vnsses the trade and clialks the butter
quotatlons off for tha New York Mercan
ti!e Kxchange every day, 6aid yesterday
that there was a marked scarclty ln re
celjits for November, nmounting to 28.000
packug.s less than the Oetober receipts.
ln cinscquenoe, the cold *U>r>ip.e butter
supply has decreased 65,000 r-ackages. The
I'nier, Harry Company said there was a
shortage of HX.OOO tubs of butter ln
fctorafce in the city compared with the
1810 supply.
The OatHO of the dlmlnixhlng recei| ts,
they Bald, was hard to cxpialn. Dealers
had been ted to wOWWO that the good
crop o.iiditioi.s would bustaln the aupply,
but th.v wro misled. the quotations
peopla axplalned The hlghest ayholaaaJa
prlce laat year wns 42 cents. N*M of
the wholesalers lo.ik for a repetltlon of
those prices this year.
?aaarta* JsBBi .un*et, 4:;t4, raaaa ris?a, 2 46;
moon'a agc, -0.
?m WATi:n. a m pM
fcandy Hook . JlS _ _aS
*io\ernor'a Island . 4-. * at
llell Uate.*? '?' *>;3T
The Nleuw Am-terdnm, report,-d as _<_ mllea
ea-t ,>f .-.u, iv ii..-* ai nooo yaaurda**, ia ex
peoted to dock thla f,.r<-n.ann.
Ihe Zeeland, repi.i U d ae 31-. mllea east of
Baady Hoob ?t noon yesterday. Ih expected to
dock thla alternoon. __ .,
Yhe Koenig Albert. reported aa <-*?7 mllea
?ast ot hanu> Ilovk at 8 a ni yeBterda>, ls ex
pectcd 10 <iock Thurclay fotanoon.
The Main, rtportcd as 4*"4) rr.llea eaat of
Baady H?"k at noon yesterday, Is expected to
do<-k Thui-day foreoooaa.
Tba Majestic. r-iort.-d bb 1,011 mllea eaat of
8an.1v H<-.k at 8:.',.". u in yeslorJay, la exie.ted
to do.'k I rlday foren.-'ii.
VaaaaL _T*_n_ i.'.ne.
?N' Amsterdam_Hotter.lam, Nov _3.Holl-Am
?/...land .Antwerp. Nov 23... Hed Star
?Krcnprlnzewiln C Hc tnen. Nov 2*1.N *' I-101-'}
?\,;taire.I,artui<l.<a, Nov 1.....1.4 H
**_agdale_a.Klng-toa. Nov '.??..It M 3 p
C_r| ulila .Cllraltar. Noa 24."unard
IJuenofl \yres.Ma. ana. Nov :t0 .Ppanllh
El Vail*.i.aiw-etun. N***? 20. . Ba Pao
*_U_fM_?_.TainpB, Nov 21*.Mallorv
Arapaboa .lackaooailla l>ec I... Clyda
Blrraaa .!___**, No* II.Ba kaa
?T'ermuillan.DWMda, Da* 3 Q-BBJB*
?/.i.apa.Klnfstun. Nov .'IO .1' 1" 00
M.in .Bremen, No? 21. N *; Uo>.l
Amartaaa .Antwef-a, Nov *a...Pt)oen1rj
Chlcago QtJ/.H-.inhea. Nov 20.Brlatol
ir teuB.Now Orlaaaa Nor 10.Oo Pao
K.niB Altert _tilbraltar. Nov 24..N 0 I.loyd
khiday. Nanan ?;
? M?],>t|r. .S'o.ithanipt'Hi. Nnv 27.Wh St
*Ma*_ealbo .... M.>?.'iez, .**?'?.?? -?'? Rad i>
Baa Ougllaloao_Naploa, Nov 22.Plerca
?i.nza.Vrra CTua, Nov 20 ... \\ ard
BlNert* .<>_ue?t.,n. Noi M Bo Paa
i;i Monte.Now Orlaaaa .*?; r.soi'ac
?Hrlnga mall.
MbII V??sel
\>v..| r,.r. I.lne. rle.ea. s_ll?
far.ii;,,, Cura.ao. Rod I>... S:."*Oaiii 1- 00 m
Metapan, Colon, V F *'o ... ?.::oam 12:00 a*
Kioon'.-nd. Ant-rru Hai St ? 1" <"'a m
IroquolB, rkaoaarttla, Clyda, - ' '"' P m
Babua Qaliaaiaa. H*__arjr, ?? taaaprn
I- Savol". llavre, Karnrh. 7:00 am !*? rOI a m
Celtic. Urerpool. Wh w... ISOam U-uOm
M'ro rrutle, Ba?-_a, Wnrd B ' 0 a m 1- 00 ?
Allemannlu. Inaaua. H-A . 1 .Ou p ui H <* p m
< ,a ar ii. OBpoBbaaaaa, BA.. ?? I lOpoi
!? rtl Plemonte, Naplea, laal
Taf.rnilna. Nnples. Italian . -
Uraaloaa, R'tardaa*, Uraa'ai->
*.' of ITganary, Sav, sav.. ?? ,1'Opm
Koro'na. Oaenada, - .II tOam B:*Opm
H.autanca. 'lanipleo, V,'-r,l 12 0o m
N'a*?au, Ward 13 "O tn
Aiaial.oe, J kaonvllle, cXyie - I ."0 p m
Dastlaatloa and steamer. In N. V. P M
Tahitl, Mai,; !.??._.. Cbob labuMH,
New Ze.ilan.i. Australla (v,a San
rraaetaool rahlti .I>c. ?, I.M
JaatM, Coraa, *'M?e. riiiiiipines
ivia Tacoma)?Beattla Maru .Dec. C, * 30
Hawail <via San rraadaool L_r?
llne .Deo. 9. 1.30
Haw.-iil, Japan, Cor.a, flilna ivia
Baa Ifaaela o. Toaya Ma**a....Oaa a, a:*>
fapaa, Coraa, *'hina, paillppt-aa
(vla Eeattle)?Mlnneaota.Dec 11. 6:30
Japan, Corea, china, Phillpplnes
(vla Seattle)? Yokohama Maru.. .Dec. 12, 8.-0
Hawail. Samoan laland*. New Zea
land, Australla Hla San **ran
clseo)?Sonoma .Dec. U, *:*?
Hawail. riji lalanda. Sarnoan IbI
andB, New Zealand. Australla .
ivia Vlotorlal-Zealandla.Dec 29. ?:N
Japan. Corea, China. Phillpplnes
ivia Vli torla)? r'mpress of Japan.Dec. 20. 630
Hawail. c'nam. Phlllpplnes (vta San
Franclsco)?0 S tranaiiort.Jan. 1,6:30
Port of New York, Tuesday, Decem?
ber 3, 1912.
Fteamer K&iser Kranz Jo*eph 1 (Au.t),
Trieste November 10, Patraa 19. Palcrrno -0,
Alglers 23 and oram 29, to Phelp* Bros A Co,
with 24 llrat cabln. 2*13 aecond cabln and UN
ateerage pasaengira and mdse, Arrlved at tne
Mar at 7:55 a m.
steamer Kalxerln Auguate Vlctoria (Oer_
Hamburg Novemher 23. tiouthampton and
( 1.,-rboiirg 24, to tlie Hainburg-Amerlcan Laino,
with 263 flrrt cahin, 430 second cabln, -.'id
tlilrd claaa and 1.58. ateerage paseengera, malU
aad mdse. Arrlved at the Har at 8:23 a m.
Steamer Cincinnati (Ger). Genoa November
20 and Naples 21. to the Hamburg-Amerlcan
Une. with 123 fir.it cabln. IM second cabin and
oUO Bteerage pastujnuera and uidae. Arrlved at
the Har at 7:15 a m.
Steamer Tlvhen iHr), Port Umon November
2.". I'olon _ii an.l Klngaton 28, to the L'nited
l'tiilt Co, with 48 patwengera. malls and mdi*e.
Arnved at the liar at 8:3u a m
fftBamar Colon. Criatobal November 20 and
K.v West 10, to the Panama ltft Ss Line, with
70 paaaaayara mails and mdse. Ai 11 .?-! at the
It.ir at 2:50 d ro.
Steamer llamllton, Newport Nowb an.1 Nor?
folk, to the old Domlnlon >Sb Co, with paaaaa -
K,th and mdso. l'asned in yuaiantine at 2.20
p in.
Btaaaaar i.ucy Kett, Oaanatama Naraaaaar
3<>, to C L l>lmon, with mdso. Paaaed ln
Qu uaattoa at noon.
Ste.iiner liella. (Br), St Anna Ray an.l Mon ?
tego Bay November 2H, Port Antonlo 27 and
Baraeaa >. to the Atlantic Frult and Sa Co,
witli 1 naaaaagat and mdae. Arrlved at the
Har at 10:61 a m.
Steamer Navahoe, Georgetown Novemher 20
anl Wllmlngton Iieremi.er 1, to tlie clyde Sa
*'o, with passengtrs and indse.# Paaaed ln
q ,1., ?: ?? at l'Jl'.'l p ni.
Btaaaaar Tbolma (Nor). Philadelphia for
Amlaoy. Paaaed ln San ly lloob at 6 i>8 a m.
Btaaaaaar ki Pa__ OaJvoatoa No**a*_bar 27, to
the .- .iiti,. n, Pa.'iflc CO, with n._>>9. Passed ln
Quarantlne ut 7:22 a m.
Stean.er San Jacinto, Galveston Novemher 27,
to the Mallory Sn ('o, with passengers and
mdse. Paaaed in Quarantlne at 9:1*1 a m.
Steamer Marowljne (Dtrb h), Paramartlao No?
vember 23. Harba.lo.-. i!f, and Trinldad 26. to
the Bayal Dut.h VVest lndla Mali Sa Co, with
lf. paaaengera, malls and mdse. Arrlved at the
Har at 3:30 p m.
Steamer Callfornlan, Puerto Mexlco Novem?
ber 2*>, to the Ainerl'-n Hawailan Ss Line,
with mdae. Arrlved at tha Har at C:3o a m.
Htemner I~iristan (Hri, Matanzaa November
20. Calbartaa 22, fardeiias 25 and Sagua 27, to
tl. Muiuon Ps Line. with mdae. Arrlved at
th.- Har at 5:30 a m.
Stoamer Afghanlstan (Rrl, Santlago Novem?
ber 1. Mari7.anillo fi. Clenfue.oa 18 and Santa
Crua 2f,, to the New York and Cuba Mall Ss
Co. with mdae. Arrlved at the Har at 11:30
p m. 2d.
Btaaaaar Baaf Anna (Frl, MarsellleB Novem?
her 111 ?nd lalermo 21. to Jamea W Klwell 4
i". with pafsengers and mdae. Poutheaat of
Kire iHland at >*:30 o m.
Btaaaaar Atdaa (Rr). Manaoa November 17
aad Bar-adoa 22, t?, the u?oth sa <o. with
paaaoagera aaalla and mdse Paaaed In Sandy
H'?,k at 8:."0 p m.
Sandr Book, N J, Dee tt. ?:30 p m -Wind
south south west, llght brceze. clear; amooth
S'teamera Mohawk, rharlesinn and .Tackson
rllla; Marda *Hr), ftaarre; Hayport. -;
Jetf.raon. Norfolk aad Newport NaWBi Alll
.-1.11.ja. Crlatobal; Poti-dam (Dotob), Rotterdam;
El Hud Oalvaatoa; Clty of Atlanta, Savannah;
1: Dorado, \;,.m orieana. Bocene, Boaton; Bay
Vlear, Ne?i?,rt Newx. .'henaieake, Haltlmore;
Dalaarara PhltaOolphla,
Naedes. Nov 28?Martha Washington (Aust),
New Tork vta St MBchaal* and Alglera. 2.th.
Ma-r.doxa (Itali. New York.
Trleme. Nov 30 - Laura (Aust), New Tork vla
Alglera M
Port Sa; 1. r>ee | Kan.a.a iRrt, New Tork vla
Algl.-ra for H'.ng KOBtg, etc
it!o da Jaaalia. NO*/ M 0aaalla Piteaa 'Rn.
N.w Yirk vta Barbadoa Pai_aib*iw>, etc.
So. > Waltoa Hall (Rr). New York vla
Alglera, Coloanbo, et.-.
Adolatdo. Nov So woroaa Vteth N.w Tork rta
, ,., e 'I'uwn
M, t.i. % lie.,. Pec 2? Hytaa iBn, New Tork for
lljrnoa Ayres
Rvdnev. N S W, Daa 3 Cl^nspean (Rn. Naw
'1 rb vi.. TaMa Bay, ata
Si MKhaele. Iiec 2 COrosal, New Tork vla
NTaaapurl Weara for TMpolL
Naploa, I>.e 1, 7 p m Daiea dl Qenova (Ttal),
Philadelphia and New Yi.rk.
I.!v.ri',.,i, Doe 3 '*u"i,' (Bt), New Tork.
Httll Da* '?' l-_*lo (Br), New York.
Onegtla. '*?o l?_____* (Mn, New York vla
I-e,;. '. n, I>e,' ,?--Mlnnearolls (Rrl, New Tork.
Oataata, Nov tl Batawma <Rr), New York vla
< araa, ete.
Mes'lnv Nov 2fi?Olenaen 'Rn, Naw Tork.
Harbadoe. Nov 80?Hon,?rlus .Rr> ffrom Rl*'.r
p:ate.. P.o.ton anl New York; Deo 2, Napo
(Hr) ifrotn Parai. New Tork.
Barry. Daa I Star of New /.aland tRri, New
\, ric
St Tbaaaaa Dec 2. fi p m-Oulana (Br) (from
Damerara), New Tork
St Vin.ent. C V, Deo 2 -Franklyn (Br) (from
Grand I'.asaani), New York.
Anara. Dee 1, 9 a in- Roma (Kri (from Mar
selllea). Prwidenee and N.w York
Venlet, Nov 27 Annet'a fBr), N'w Tork.
Llbrevllba, Not 22. Y->la (Hr). New York.
Clasgow. Dec 2 **.ix,>n M narch (Rr), N'.w
I.lbau. Not 2*a? Czar (1'ti-ei, New Tork.
I'rawle Polnt. De,- I -Hulyases (Rr). New Tork
f r
Glbraltar, I*e,- 3 Madonr.a iFri. New Y?rk for
Nailea. I'atiaa and H-raalHaa; Seharaf^la
(Oer), Caleotta and Coloanbo for Boaton aad
N?w Torfci BB, Pathan (Hr). Yokohama, etc.
__ - s i__aa?Taira a? ???_??*??*: >???*?* i-_(iiimiii?i*???a??a<^*n.*?*? a ??? <***?f ??_
gre^ytfy-y-Utsy- ~^_r_-_';_:? 2_r*:. y_r..'."?*:, sy *"_ *___-M *_" ?*** 3
Ofhi iul Record and Forecust.--Washlngton,
Dec. 3.?The weather has become tinsettled ovaar
ti.e western dlstrtcts. and on Tuesday night
dlsturbunoes were central over Houth Ti-xas,
Lake Pupertor and the north Rocky Mountain
reglon. These dlnturbances have caused ralns
ln the west gulf states, parts of thai upper
lake regbm. the north Rocky Mountain reglon
ajid the north Paclflc states. During Monday
night there were ralns ln the Mlddle Atlantic
and New Engiand states.
Temperatures are generally lower throughout
the Atlantic states and have rlsen decldedly
In the eentraJ valleys. the plains statea and
the North weat.
'i here wlll be ralns on Wednesd.tr ln tafl
Oulf and South Atlantic states. Tennessee and
the li.ner lak? reglon and Wedn.-sday night or
Thursday In the Ml.ldle Atlantic and few Eng?
iand states.
Ralns and snows are also probable ln the
Northweat. whlle In the Southwest tha weather
wlll be falr Wednesday and Thursday.
Colder weather wlll overapread the North
west Wednesday and Wednesday night and tha
upper Mlsslsslppl Valley. tho mldla plains
state? and the mlddle Ilockv MountaUn reglon
Thursday. Temperaturee will not change ma
terially over the Eaat and Routhern states
during the next forty-elirht hotire.
t-torm wamtnga are dlsplaycd on the north
Paclflc Coast.
The winds along the New Engiand and
mlddle Atlantic coast wlll be mnderate va
rlable, beinmlng south; aouth Atlantic Coaat
and l -ti Oulf Coast uioderat- east and south?
west; west Oulf coast moderate and variabie;
on the lower lakes moderate south; upper lakea
mnderate variabie.
Kteamere departlng Wedneeday for Furopean
porta wlll have moderate south wlnde and
otercaat weather to the Grand Hiinks
I.ire. a-l for Spe< lal I <>, .ilit.r.?For |-._?t -
ern New A ork. falr to-day. eacrpt unsettled
In eilreine northern portlon; llmrmlm , loeal
raln*.: moderate .oiith wlnda.
p..r N> w Baglaatl. fair to-ilnv; Thuraday.
unsettled; moderate smjih wtuds.
For Kastnrn Pennsylvanla, N'ew Jersey,
Delaware, Maryland, the District of ('olum
bla and Vlrglnla. lncreaslng clondlness to
day, probably followed bv raln late to-nlglit
or Thuinday; moderate aoutli wiikIm.
For Weatern Pennsylvanla nnd Western
New York, elo.idy and prohiildy locnl ralna
to-day; Thuraday, falr; nio.lerate aouth
fi a. m_67 1pm-*>."> I p m-BO
Ofllclal observatlons taken at Unlted Statea
weather bureatiB at I p. m. yesterday follow:
CKy, Temperature. Weather.
Alt-nv . Bj *'lear
Atlantlo Clty . 42 <lear
HoMton . aa Oaar
Riiffalo ._. "VH *'loudy
Chlcago . ??"-' Raln
N.w orlenns . ?W Cloudy
Ht. laouls . 50 '*'**???
Waahlngton . 4ti C_Mf
\a, al Offlelal Kerord. The following offlclil
reeord frorn the Weather Bureau shows tha
ehangea In the temperature for the laat twenty
four houra, in comparlaon with tha correspond
Ing date of laat >ear:
1011.1912.! 10111012.
8am..Tl 50. 0 p. m.42 4i
8 a. r*..14 44 0 p. m.80 48
la m.3*1 42 11 p. m.36 44
12 m.40 47 12 p m.3d ?
4 p. m.42 Ot
Hlghest teinperatur*: josterday. 52 degrees (Bt
2 p. ini, io?ent, 4i lagraaa <at 8 a. ?_>] otat
age, 4U; a.eragc for correspondlng date laat
year, 3?; average for correspondlng date laat
thlrty- three years. 37.
laocal foreeaat: Falr to day; loeal ralna to
morrow; moderate aoutherly wlnda. I
An Additional List of Furnished Rooms and Boarders Wanted
contained in The Tribune's Room and Board Register, free,
upon request, at over two hundred stationery stores in Man?
hattan and Brooklyn and 320 Tribune Building.
Call, write or phone, New York Tribune, Want Depart?
ment, 320 Tribune Building. Telephone Beekman 3000.
WEST B1D1S?Below 100th street.
18TH PT.. ."jS WF.ST.?1'arlor aulte; small
rooms; skyllght, trunsietus accommodated;
reasonable._ .
_-, j u ?__'., 48 WEST.?Rooma for gentlcmen,
..; to $12 a week; all convenlences; utce
hou se._
1STH ST., 30 WEST.?Large and amall
rooms, light hou-ekeeplng facllltlea; very
?_ulll~ST.. -IS WEST.?Large front room.
itoam heated houae: $3 CiO a week._
'.ITH ST".." 4.T. WEST Slff.ng room and be I
room adjolnlng; bath, ImprovemenU; refer?
MTH BT? 2M WKST. Nl-ely furnlshed
rooma; all convenlences: runnlng_ water._
3TTH ST, a44 WE8T Double and slngle
rooms; heated; runnlng water; genelemen
preferred. _ _ _^_,_
_?TH BT.. 57 WKST. Front parlor. heiitcd.
hot water; otln-r rooms, lcllabie house,
.jiii-t._ _
28TH 8T 418 WEBT. -Parlor, .onnectlng
ro..itis^ smaii_nH)niH; cheap: private _MBMiy.
tATH BT., 353 WEST.- _?<* parlor; heated,
? .i.i.ii tt jtvHter._siugl__r.oms; private.
i,.) ni st . !>:, i: '-..-?? U raole large rooma,
r.ewly decoratel; llgnt hoiu.ekeepln_;; all con-,
' - iila- nces._m__.
?_D_BT., 140 WEST?Newly furnished large
front and ba.-k parl-.rs; I gentlemen; busl
neaa coupla: night up. KuBO. ___
ii.iH -t . 14:, WEST. I'. a-.uit room: excel
leni appolntntanU; private family; telephone.
?STH ST. IM WKST. -Hunny bedroom. with
parlor attacbed; bath; steam; ideal for
coupJ_; 17;_EARREU.._,
fleTH BT.. 140 WEBT?Two attractive .oorno;
steam; bath; central locatlon; reasonable.
72D i_ 232 EAST ?Private resldence; heat
.-i. ifltga f.ont roofls; raafl-Bf i>ot water;
suitable coupla; reasonable. _ ____________
73D ST. Iia WEBT.
_IDBAL, 1'liYsKI.NH BflTg._
7STH BT _IN WEST Reflned patronage de
slred; rooms furnlshed and unfurnlshed; rea
aonable; refereneea._ -
ToTiThT.. 238 WEST?Sultes, pai lor and sec?
ond floors; furnished or unfurnUhed; aelect
TflTH ST. 100 WEST.-Prlvate Jewtsh family
offer tleasant room; telephone; breakfaat op
nal; gertleman. JACObtj._
701 H ST., ioO WEST.?Attractive outside
rooms. elevator, board optlonal; refer
?? - LTNCH._
T8TH. 214 WEST?Newty furnlshed rooms.
wlth runnlng water, every convenlence; for
gentlemen; subway. _ -
RE _? NABI.E._ .
Bli_ BTT 2?6 WEST--Handsomely furnlshed,
Bttaay front ro.-tn; convenlent subway snd
"lt"; breakfast optlonal; r ferencea. V. & R.
nti S'l'.. 1_1 WEST. - Nice room ln private
?e; gentleman; reference requlred; rea
s.iiial Ie._
t5TH Si'.. ?>*i WE.ST-I~irge light llving room
and bedroom; steam heat. prlvata entrance,
91ST ST.. 126 WEST?Handsomely furnlshed
large parlor aad bedroome; bath; subway,
"I. r_AST0__.____,
KN. 'I*:*.; KKASoNABl.E. W.'.INS._
ii?Tf| ST., lll wm.
Reautlftillv furnlshed sulte of rocrma, wlth
kitchen If dsslrrd; hlgh claaa epartnier.t houae,
ti*ar Rl-.-erslde Drlvc. 'Phone. 4123 Rlveralde.
>\E>1 MDE.?Above 100th Street.
* :,i. ? 112TH ST. 249 WEST?COMFORT
$4-f.i?112TH ST.. 231 WEST.?t'OMFORT
$4-$S.-1018T BT.. iia WEBT.-FURNISHED
17.J3 R1VER81DE.
105TH- *ST., _.?l WEST (Rroadway)?Cholce
ilevator: pretty, outside, aouth; Indepen
d,-u, e, cleonllne-s; business peoplo; |6.
\ I N
109TH BT.. 801 WDBT icorner Broadway).?
Newly furnished sunny front room. Apart
?[ - ? I v._
IHTH BT.. 2.7 WEST -Splendid large. newly
furnlshed room. elevator; telephone; park
rlew; reasonat u-._Apflrtmenl 23;_t
130TH ST.. 1TM PARK AVE?Two and three
- Keeplng rooms; bath, hot water. 1.1 flO.
_ QARTH. _
I90TH ST., H EAST.-Parlor floor; suluble
doctor. denti-.t. voung ?uple;_r.*ferencea.__^
)_'.?TH ff~. 2S1 WEST? Near "K"; attractlve
iv furnlsh.-d. .-..infortable room; elevator;
teieph"tie, referaoeea' reasonable. Apartment
_ _
IflOTH -!' . M WEST.?Pret-ly fumtsked
room; tlne locatlon; open ?.>uth?rn expoaure.
l.'UST BT., 2HI WESI'.- Bunay hack parlor;
hot water, lar.c i|,,s.ts; heated; phone;
IflftTH KT, 241 WEST-(Subway. "L")?Back
parlor, wlth private Spanlsh family; oppor
tunlfv to lenrn Spanlsh. ESQIMVA._
l.'tMH ST., tSt WEST .-^unny rooma: runnlng
water; light housi-kee-^lng: private house
137TH BT., Mt WEST i-arrre aad medlum
rooma, subway; elevator; reasonable; tele
r'on>-. _ _ _______
EAST SIUE? llelow louth Street.
STH ST.. Hfi EAST. Parlor an.i other rooms;
private hou*.*; ull convenlences._
HTH BT., __ EAST. Lane room; private
family: three dollars; neatly furnlshed.
KD ST.. Ut i:\ST <"?"?>, sunny and heated
rooms; ao.-omniodate ona or two; bath; pri
\ate hoiis.._
KAST SIDE?Above 100th Street.
120TH ST. il?4.". MADISON AVB ,.- l.arge and
small furnished rooma; hot tiai.r, heated.
777 HEW1TT PLACE (Proapect ave. station)?
Slnglo ro.un. wlth bastrdj J7 M ARBOTT.
I'ark Slope Section.
OT. .lOHVS Pf-AfEJ, (U. NR. si:bwat?
!-.rg.- front room; hall room: newly fur
nlshi-d; convenlences._ ________________
UNION ST.. 113?ComfortaMe rooms. all Im
provements; telephone; l-.-k parlor and ia
boratory, for dentlst; physl.-lan occuplea front.
Rr-dford Soctlon.
rAMRniD'IF, PI. , tt, NEAR OATES?Com
fortahle rooms and parlor; suitable for physl
clan; Improvetnents; moderate rent.
-- I *
WKST SIDE? Below 100th Street.
WEST 81DK-Above 100th Street.
1R0TH ST., 862 WEST?Two rooma on eecond
floor. wlth board; 'phone. __
KAST BIDK? Below 100th Street.
60TH ST.. SO EAST.?Attractive home; runnlng
l\ot and cold water and spactous closets; cen
trally and ex.-ellently located, and a moet
'?? or.i.ie. clientele.
7;iD ST.. 13 BAST?An attractive, sunny,
single room to rent, wlth excellent board;
74TH ST..~143 EAST?Two outelde fur
nlrh.H rnoroa, steam heated, for family.
Helghts Section.
Single rooma and board. |8 weak, doubla
room* nnC board f..r two. |lll week. alaa
Bultea with private bath. _
i-iCKS ST\, 20.1?Handaomaaiy appointai/
rcoma ln elegantly furnlahed houae. st<_Bi
heat; flve mlnutes walk to Borough Hall
subway; board opttonal. referencea. 'phone
Bedford Section,.
FRANKMN AVE. MM.-Large room: boarl;
one or two; prlvat. family; near "L." rea
aonat le._
GATES AVE.. 137?Home for young business
pBOpjaj large. amall rooma._
-Large, small rooms; private batha; board;
handsome large rooms; modern convenlencea;
good table. Telephone. 1441 Paclflc at._
PRIVATE FAMILY will rent, with e-eaiTie.*
board, large alcove room on second floor:
Bultable for one or taro gentlemea. 870A Grer..
ave., near Ga tea.
Flatbush Section.
Near Foater ave.; eectlon between Flatbuoa
and Ooean avea.; near two trolleye and Brtgh
ton Reach "L." Reautlful detached realdetjea;
handaomely furnlahed; alngls, double. on autte;
exoellent table; reflned home; reaaonable. Tel?
ephone 711 W Flatbush._
FLATBUSH. 14IE. 10TH ST.. near Bearerly,
Road ? Excellent aocommodatlons for
couple or small family; detached house; hoane
like; good table; convenlenc?a. 'Phono
Accommodatlona for a few seleet peoplo.
?Phone 3-91-W ITatbueh.
LEXINGTON AVE.. 411 (naar 47th at.).-L_ra-7
llght front or back heated parlor. runrifng
water; conveaient subway, "L aaa surf*__a
corner locatlon, V.'aahlngtoo H-lghta.
'Phone 1220 Audubon. _
._ _-J*
GOVERNMENT POS1TION8 are ?___ ta gtt.
My frae booklet Y-838 talls how. wrlte to
day?NOW. <Earl Hopklna, Waa-l-fton. P. C.
I MADE 180,000 In flve yeara arlth a ?_?
mall order business; bagan with #5; aaM fear
frae booklet; tells bow. Heacock, OOU, Lock*
port, N. Y.
COOK?- English or Scotch Protestant ceok:
four ln family; wages $20 to 130: flrat claaa
peraonal referencea; clty. Charles Wllaon a
Agency, 72* I^wlngtonave. Tel. 22-4?Pla__
GENERAL HOUSEfWORKER for a family e.
three; wages |2f>: 20 mlnutes from tha clty.
Charlea Wileon's Agency, 724 Lexlngton mt
Tel. 22..? Pla__._
SCOTCH or CANADIAN cSsmbermai. o?
wattress; family of 4; wages, |22; dty.
Charlea Wlleon'a Agency, 724 Lexlngton a\e.
Tel. 2224 Plaza.
for The Tribune recelved at their I.'pteaia
Offlce. No. 1364 Broadway, betaeen MtB snd
37th ata.. until 9 o'elock P- m. Ad\e*-f_e
nients recelved at the following branch efflcta
at regular rates until 8 o'elock p. B-, vli.:
2?M 8th ave.. s. e. cor. 23d st.; 15? 6th ave..
cor. 12th at.; 104 East 14th st.; 2S7 Weat i.i
at.. between 7th and 8th avea.:
BOOKKETEPER and offlce manager ls open Bt
engagament. Address M., Boi 31, Trlbur.a
TdUNO MAN. 22 yeara of age. for last three
years employed by drygoods eoinmtsalo".
houae, dealres poaltlon where honeaty und shl!
ity are appreciated; can preaent hlgheat of raf ?
erenees sa to character and industr;. Addreas
C. W. P.. Box 41. Tribune Offl, e._
COUPLE?Flnnish; uaeful man aa ga*4<*ner,
coachman etc; wlfa cook-houaeworW.r. gJi
together; good referencea. Charlea Wilson a
Agancy. 724 Lexlngton ave. Tal. 22.4 1' ??
COUPLE American: desire position eountry';
entlre work small family: can handle horae
ateam dry heat: wife apeaka French *.erman:
with girl aged 12: Baat referenosa: Raasonabls.
Addre.s *i C_ 325_W. OOtb Bt., N. T. Clty. .
COUPLE -Flanlab; ir.an. uaefut aa gardener,
uad coachrnan; wlfe. eook ond he-aework
er 130 to l?30. very beat referencea. -haa.
wilaon's Agenoy, 724 Lexlngton ave. T?..
2224 Plaza.__-1
COUPLE?-Worklnf foreman; thoro'-gtily mn
d-ratands farming. gardenlng. horaea an-t
eowa; wlfe eook and butfermaksr; beat rafar-,
enve. Call M. D , 5 Charles at.
COOK.?Toung Qerraaa Hvngarlan; Bra*(
class; all branches of oooklng; naat. aoo-,
nomlcal; three years' excellent rttor^nottji
wages 135-140: clty. eountry. Mlaa Buckiey S4
Agency, 17 West 42d Bt 'Phono T487 B__g*;;
COOK ?English Protestant: experlenced, r**?d|
bread and cake; neat and clean about -*?
klt.-hen; exceptlonally good referencea; w*s**",
*__ to 130; clty or eountry, Dornestle aa
, iiange. 324 ColumbuB_ava Schuyler Ha*___
cook?Hlghi"claaa; thoroughly undersunla all
branchee of plain and fancv cook.lag.Ptr
aonal clty referencea. Mra. Co!l__"s Agancy,
4a57 4th ave.. near 31at at;____?
COOK^A-bTbT-laundroaa; or h-usswe*-; la
aaaa- family; naat. competant. **1U^,._?*I
obliging; good references. Mrs. coiuers
C?JoK?Flrat claaa"; very competent; MMM j
dlnners. or will eecomodate by tha oa . J
week or month; good references. Mr*- t-*1-.
M*_*a _Ageney._4ff*^Oi_ave_?,
COOK?Flrst clasa; very naat: best of r*_*"-.
ences: good horre. amall family. trttorrttjo]
h 1 gh wagea_Mra Collter-Ageno_l?iJ_-__ij
cboK.-First clasa, tmONk: Botway aajl
reference. Jusslla Agency, ttO Lexlngton B>a.i
Telephone 44f4 Fla_*-____?-_.,'
COOK" and LAUKDREgg; alao *d*a*a?a?agM
and waltress; two Flnniah gtris; beat rafai
BBOaa Jusalla Agency, M* Lexlngton a\?
Telephons 4403 Plaza _ _?-_j
.?onK and I_\lNI>RFa8_. Very neat and'
wliling; good references; 1211. Chajlaa WU.
son's Agency. 724 Lexlngton ave. Tel. _*-?
Plaza.__- ?
DAY'S WORK.- t'arpet and rug cleanlng ior.t
in baaaaa by vscuum system. '"_' 'n0*;?: '
Jat_nese, 188 West 98th st. Te . to22 RV*t
alde._ *
of Ireland: very n.-t and tidy. ?*7j?J!
eook; b?at references; wages p. , **"i! i'"
Exchange, 324 Columbua sve. Schuyler ?ivB>
Hbl't'EWORKKR, or . Iiainbermaid andJ***-~
ress; neat, obliging young woman. *?_??"
wagea Mrs. Colller's AgOBOy, 40, 4th a^?.
n.ar 31at at._p__.-?
LADT'H MAID EnglUh 1'roteatant; tlWttttt
ly experlenced; or maid to grown chlii^
four yeara' excellent peraonal retorem-eo.
or eountry. Mlaa Buckiey'a Agancy, B **"?
42d at. Phone 74*>7 Bryant_-.
LADYS 'MAID French. apeaka BngU**! J*
l^rleuced aeamatreas: ecalp m4M**^'w'nrh'
eountry or travel; peraonal referencea. ?*.-* ?
223 Weat ,15th sL__-?-^3
LAINDRES- Will "aaalst"<'ha_nberm?l^ vwf
neat, competent woman; modarete a ?
good referencea. Mra. Coiller'a Agency. ?"
4th ave.. naar 81st st. ' _.
NURHE.-Voung English; will uaka ?*$*
charge of Infant or nervoua or ????'''*'? ?ir_
understanda all foods, atc; excellant >e" ?" .
referencea; city or eountry. E. 8_ __P__i_|
tlerald'a Hureau. 803 6th ave._Bntranca **_.r
NIRSB- North of Ireland girl; eicallent nura*.
underatanda care of Infant or I10*" I'..
dren; clty or eountry poaltlon; best ref*r*f^. ?
Domeatlc Exchange. 324 Columbua ava. ttym
\.r UI36._- j*
amart young Irlah girl; good J'tenoc
wagea 122 to |2*>. Domestic Exchang*. ?*
Columbua ave. Schuyler ?13<l_.- ?
WoMAN^uTdo cieentng evening*. Mf? """
rell. aat West 40th st _.-_r
WORKINO HOU-EKElPEl orlaay'or^^
?Capable woman. ten years* -?""".
last employer; good packer. ti*av*H?-. aaoaa
stresa: understanda good cooklng;*"?'',,
manager buyer, etc. O.. Mlaa Flt*<3ereM?
Bureau. r.03 .*.th ava. Entrence 42d ot._
for The Tribune rax-elved at ?**,r-2;r_D_
Offlce. No. 13414 Broadway, between ???"
37th ata. un'll 0 o'elock P- m__ ^"1\2^
mentB recelved at the following bran.-n oovwm
at regular ratea until 8 o'elock **? ?"?? "
204 8th ave.. s. e. cor. 23d ot.; IM ?J.^ *.?_
cor. 12th st.; 104 East 14th st.; 961 ^"LSa
Bt.. between 7th and 8th aves : ??? "T.
126th st.; 108T. 3d ave ; 1700 lat av*-. ?**?
SOtb st.; 157 East 12_th st.

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