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Rnvino j> FWball A Goif?* Cvdim* Trotting J? Squash j? Rowing .# BasketUI .* Other Sports
Oshkosh Boxer Makes Furious
Finish, Overcoming Oppon
ent's Early Lead.
Olever Welterweight from St.
Paul Has All His Own Way
on Points at Start
of Contest.
liddie McGoorty. of Oshkosh. and Mike
Gibbona. the rrtasterly WOitarwalght of 9t.
I'aul. boxed ten loands to a draw at
MadiBon Square Gaiden last night, while
a crowd which packed the Mg ampl.ithea
tre to ita ca ?"Hy looked on. lf the nura
bar of blow? landed were to count, a:id
numbers alone to count, then Gibbons
would have been dedareu vlttor, but Mc
Goorty rallied in the last four rouada
?ith a rush. so tliat his hard hlttlng 9841
aiiKreBslveness evened the BCOi*.
Hoth men were t'.ied at the end. Mc
iroorty walked on leaden legs and Baapad
for hreath llke a Ilsh out of water. but
ha had natural atrength and great powers
..f recuperation. while Gibbons, robhcd of
moet of hla epeed. could not hold hlm
off. There waa a wlde dlfference of opln?
ion among the apectatora, for both men
n.id their frlends ln goodly numhers.
The bout did not come up to the expec
tationa of the crowd. and it was not iong
l efore the gallery boys. those inexora*>ie
iurora of all bouts. hooted and howled
tneir dljapproval. McGoorty, tha bigger,
stronger and less aclentific man, trled to
Btand oft and outbox the St. Paul wraith,
hoplng againBt hope that his sledge-ham
mer left hook would land a target and
bring about a qulck flniah. That plan ol
action sulted Glbbona. who aa***a nis
atrength. and almply outboxed tha TO
consin fighter. That did not t*JM wtth
the crowd, and the boys hlssed loudly at
the end of several rounde.
Glbbona ahowed in no uncertain manner
that while he ia wlthout peer ln his claes.
ue lacks the physique and hltting powar
to flght in the ranke of the mlddleweights.
aad 'i-d th?' ro?t<,fit 6?ne on ll ls more
ihan Hkelv that he would have come by
the cudgels. He landed on McGoorty,
landed hard and often ln the flrat alx
rouada, and piled up a goodly lead on
uolnts whlch stood by him at the end.
U last, however. McGoorty Bank home
a'few hard blows to the body that robbed
Mike of some of his apeed. and then the
lide awayed alightly. In the cllnchea.
nnd there were many, McGoorty bulled
hla man around. forced hlm Into cornera.
iad leaned hla wclght upon him, aii or
whlch tended to slow Othbons up. For all
that. however. McGoorty failed to show
snv real champlonship form. and it ls a
..ueBtlon where he would stand with a
savage. tearlng fighter llke Frank Klaua.
Glbbona. too. evldently had a world of
respect for his man
When lt came to the flner points of scl
entlfic boxlng Gibbons was all alonc. He
vjmply had the man from Oshkosh mlsa
ing by a city block. flounderlng Into the
roaaa and acting llke a novlce. Gibbons
landed hlB left. and the blow brought the
blood from McGoorty'a nose and Ups.
while punches almed higher up ralaad a
neat Uttle mouse over Eddia's eye. Try
as he would, though, Glbbona waa not
able to land a telling blow in all the nu
meroua punchea he placed on his man's
jaw and *olar plexus, and so the bout
went on for the fult ten roundB.
The crowd whlch attended was worthy
of the bout and fully attested the popu
larlty of boxlng ln this clty. When ?ba
doore were thrown open at 7 o'cloek the
early birds, demzens of the gallery for
the most part, awarmed in, rushlng pell
mell for polnta of vantage on the rall.
Tha eheaper seats filled flrat. and by the
lime the flrBt prellmtnary bout wai atart
ed. at S:45 o'cloek, there waa not an
unraaerved aeat to be had ln the bulldlng.
Ftill the crowd came. Those who boubM
io purchaae tlekete at any price mllled
about the lobby, buzzing llke a swarm of
bees. I-ater the holders of reaerved aeats
came. and had to shoulder their way
through the throng to get Into the arena.
The standlng i oom outslde- the ralllng was
packed flve deep with eager "fanfl"
The fun Btarted with a slx-round bur
legque between Jlmmy MorrlBBey, of In
dlanapolls. and "Toung" Motta, of this
clty. Motta had the better of lt. and
every one waa glad when th* flnal bell
rang. Tha aecond prelimlnary bout was
befVeen Jlmmy Taylor and "Young"
Koaner, two paperwelghts. The bout waa
faat and clever throughout, but Taylor
was a little too strong for hla opponent
?nd won on points handlly. The seml
flnal waa between Harry Condon, of
Brooklyn, and "Speclal Dellvery'* Hlrsch,
of Chicago. Hlrsch waa by all meanB the
better man and Bcored heavlly ln a faat
bout. Then tha crowd settled Into Its
seata and awalted the flnal bout. But
Joe Humphrlea Inelated upon introduclng
the rlders who will conteBt ln the inter?
natlonal slx-day race next week. The
crowd llBtened to a few tntroductlons
and then called for the bout.
McGoorty was flrBt to enter the ring,
and hifl appearance was the Blgnal for a
hcarty outburst of applause. He welghed
in at 166 pounda, and wlille he appeared
? little flnt he did not appear weak. Mc
Goorty had been in the rlng for about
three mlnutea when Glbbona entered.
Thla waa the algnal for wlld -heers.
GlbbonB. at 14S?4. looked ready for the
battle of hla llfe. The men feinted a
moment, McGoorty forclng, nnd Mlka
stepped Inaide of a hard left. Agaln he
made McGoorty mlse and poked a left to
the face. McGoorty forced, but Mlke
was indeed a wraith. and the pride of
Oahkosh mlssed. Mike popped a few
home. and kept McGoorty mlsslng or hlt?
ting his gloves. Round even.
In the second round the men went into
a cilnch and McGoorty popped a hard
left to the face. GlUbons made McGoorty
mlra and sent a left to the head. but
Eddle came back hard and sank home a
rlght to tbe bodv. Gibbons made hla op?
ponent miss agaln and, ahootlng home a
hard rlght acrosa on tbe Jaw, atenped In
with a aolld left on the face. It was
Oibbons'a round.
Gibbons peppered two lefta to the face
and m? pped around a rlght and left and
landed a few lefta on the face. McGoorty
ruBhed his man to tha ropea and smashed
a hard rlght for the head, but Mlke
-lipped around the punch and McGoorty
fo.indered to the ropea llke a 'longshore
nian, while Glbbona flayed him The
apeed of Glbbona had McGoorty up In the
alr and Mlke had the round.
Tha fourth round aaw Glbbona contlnue
hla maaterly work and the crowd roarod
mhile he peppered the face and alipptd
away from the returna. Juet before the
bell McGoorty landed a heavy punrh below
the bolt. In the fifth Gibbons shot home
three lefta to the jaw and McGoorty
rushed in. swing his left Mike stepped
awav and smashed a vastOOS right to the
face. McGoorty reeled, but. strong as a
steer. he contlnued. Gibbons easily out
boxcd him.
The slxth saw McGoorty go out to
force the pace. and he landed hard and
often. He ahook Mlke's body with solld
rlght hand punches, and a snappy left
drew blood from Gibbons's nose. The lat
ter appearcfl tired, and lt seemed as if
Fuperior power would win. ln the se\
enth round McGoorty took the lead, but
Gibbons met him at his own gatne, and
honors were ensy. McGoorty forccd him
info a cornet. but somehow Gibbons
found an avenue of escape and earned an
even break on the round.
The elghth was about even, although
some favored McGoorty because of his
aggressivonf ss.' He led often, but his
blows were blockpd for the mott part. He
was stronger than Gibbons. and lt was
evldent at this jolnt that in a long flght
he would win.
McGoorty contlnued to force the flght
in the nlnth round. and working in cloae
he shot a few hard rlghts to the body
and then forcod Gibbons Into a corner,
where he tugged at Mlke's atms. t'oming
away from a elinoh Gibbons planted his
left home. and made McGoorty miss three
lefts. The crcwd could not scp the aclen
tific work at all, and called for action.
McGoorty then poked a volley of lefts
home. and had Gibbons runninc aroiind
lo avold trouble. Thp bell found thp bova
ln a clinch, with honors In favor of Mc?
The last round was fast, and both went
out to take a chance. McGoorty cuffed
Gibbons around the rlng. snd sllpped
away from a right for the body. Gibbons
landed three lefts. a rlght and two more
rlghts. without a retum. whlle the crowd
howled. Pleaty of action drew more ap
plause from the gullery, and at the bell
honors were about even.
Beats Bernard for the Middle
weight Champion8hip.
Paris, Dec. 4.?Billy Papke, the Ameri?
can Bghtar. to-night defcatcd Goorge.
Bernard, a French mlddlewelght, for the
mlddlewelght champlonshlp of Krance. a
big purao and an Ivory belt. Papke was
awarded the decislon in the seventh
round, when the Frenchman was unable.
to respond to the call of time.
Bernard, who was announred as
"France's last hope." never had a chance.
In the flrst five rounds Papke allowed
Bernard to do all the work, but the
Frenchman was unable to do any ap
preciable harm. In the slxth I'apke began
to flght in carnest. The Frenchman went
to the floor twice, Just managlng to strug
gle to hla feet wlthin the ten seconds.
But he was In BOCh a state of collapse
that when the seventh round was called
he could not leave his chalr, and the
referec OOPOtOd him out.
Columbia Freshmen Begin Long
Gnnd on Machines.
After a month's lay-oflf Columbla's
freshman crew candldatee settled down for
a long grind .on the machines yesterday
under the dlrectlon of Jlm Rice. the coach.
Rice was not at all pleased, for only
thlrty-nve candldatoa showed up out of a
clabs that la wel! over three hundred. It
ia expected, however, that after the holi
daya, when the regular crew call ls sent
out, the freshmen will respond in greater
The Columbia youngsters will have 1
good racing seaaon next year, lf they atick
to thelr oars. There wlll be the ueual
sprlng regatta on the Hudson. In which
the flrat freshman elght wlll be pltted
against either a Philadelphia hlgh school
or a freshman crew from some other col
lege. Later on the youngsters wlll row
ln the freshman race in the American
Henley, and they wlll also be entered In
the Harltm regatta* provlded that neltber
race lnterferes with the sprlng examina?
tion schedule.
t'athcdral t'ollege won a declslve baa
ketbull vlctory over the Bryant Hlgh
School on Its court ycsteidav. The acore
was 44 to 16. Lee. the speedy Cathedral
forward, caged ten fleld and four foul
Jake Daubert Signs a Three
Year Contract with Superbas.
Two Boys of "Big Ed" Walsh
Get $1,500 Each from "Old
Roman" of Baseball.
Jake Daubert. ranked as one of the
greatest flrst basemen in the country, wlll
he seen In a Brooklyn unlform for three
more yeara at least, aa Charles H. Ebbets
announced yesterday that the brllllant
fielder had <dgned a contract for 1913,
iy14 and 1915. The salary waa not men?
tioned, but lt was sald to be a good one
and an advance over the amount recelved
last season.
Blll Dahlen, manager of the club, has
been wasting no time ln gettiag his play
ara in llne. Already ten players. Includ
Ing Daubert, have returned signed con?
tract*. Nap Rucker, the star pltcher, be?
ing among the number. The others who
have wlelded the pen follow:
John Hummel, utlllty Inflelder; Georgp
Gutshaw, aaeead base; Pat Ragan. plteh*
? r: Frank Allen. pltcher: CUf Curtls.
pltcher; Herbert Moran centre flelder;
Hal Northen. right fielder. and Zach
Wheat, left flelder.
In aupport of a denlal that Charles A.
Comlskey gave Ed Walsh, star twlrler of
the Chlcago White fcox, Sl.600 after he
shut out the Cuba by a acore of 16 to I
ln the last game of the city aeriea laet
October, comes a story that the "Old
Roman'' presented "Blg Ed's" two boys
with $1,500 each, with the words: "That
ought to go a long way toward educatlng
Thus did President Comlskey show his
appreciation of the work Walsh did on
the slab during the 1912 baseball season
in general and of his pltchlng one game
In partlculat.
Bllly Kramer. the natlonal Yroas-coun
try champlon and Harry Smith. the trn
mile champlon. are expected to start.
among others, ln the four-mtle run of the
Long Island Athletlc Ciub on Sunday.
N'athan Ogt. the fotmer Monia Athletic
Assdclatlon trainer. has been engaRed to
coarh the athletes of the Gleneoe Athletlc
Club, of Hnrlem. A three-and-^-h;ilf-niile
run will be held on Sunday mornlng from
the club oval. at l-'fith street and Second
axenue. ln whlch all athlete? are Invited
m compete.
The special committee which has been
appointed to render a decislon in the ap?
peal of the William M. Powers, of the
I Tipperary Men a games. seandal. will meet
' In the Astor House to-morrow afternoon
' Al! the evidence on hand has been thor
I ourhly slfted. and the verdlct is eagerlv
lawetted. Bartow B Weeha la the rhalr
' man.
Ilanne* Kolehnialrien, the I'tnn. and
Harrx J. Kmlth, the nve-niile metropoli
tan and ten-mlle natlonal champlon, who
are teamed In the twelve-nule team ta"
at the Bradhurst Fleld ( lun games In the
22d R?g1ment Armory on 8aturday even
Ing see mto have the race at thelr mercy.
Frank S. Navln. president of the I >e
troit Tigera. announced yeeterday the pur
< has* of Hermar. Nlchols. a pltcher, fmm
the Wyandotte. Micb , club, of the Borrter
l.eague. Nlchols, who fotmerly twlrled In
tbe South Mlchigan l.eague, achleved i on
siderahle promlnenre by defeatlng Mullin
and Dubuc, two of Jietrolt's baot pltehei s.
and Rlandlnar, of fhe cleveland Nnpi. la
exhibltlon games played after the Amer?
ican lyeague season rlosed last October.
Nichols is a blg rlght handed pltcher.
The Natlonal Baseball Commission yes?
terday handed down a flnding In whlch It
reinstated Emery F. Olson to good stand
ing In organlzed baseball. Owlng to the
fact that Olson had violated no ha*cball
rule during the pprlod In whleh he rpfuspd
to report to the Rt. LOOBl Browna on ac
count of lllness. no fliip was Infllcted on
the player.
John P. Bo\le, president, and A. Arnold,
seoretary-treasurer of the Pastime Ath?
letic club. after a conference wlth Jamps
F Sulllvan, chalrmsn of the ndvlsory
'ommittee of the club, yesterday afternoon
announced that the thlrty-scxenth annual
Indoor athlatlc games of the Pastime Ath?
letlc Glub wlll be held at the '.'Id Rpgl
ment Armory on January '_'*. The follow
ing Is the list of e\ents, Plxty-yard dash,
handlcap: slx-hundred-yard run, handl?
cap; one-mlle run, handlcap. one-mlle
walk, handlcap. and tunning high Jump.
handlcap. A dlstnnce race aad special
event wlll be added latct.
The charges made by Jim Stewart
against Lao Flynn, of New Voik, a man?
ager of boxers, that there had bfen no
money forthromlng to Stewart for his np
pearnnce agaln/t "One Round" Davls ln
Buffalo, waa the chief matter consldered
by the State Athletlc Commission at its
meettnaj yeeSexdejr. stewart had aaveral
paranaa Bnaaar for the porpooa of provlnc
his clnlms, but the commission declded
that as there was a laek of eeiTOboretfee
evidence the complaint against Flynn be
dlstnlased. A llcense was granted to tha
Amcrlcnn Athleth Club, of Albany, and a
lot of time devoted to the formatlon of
tules for the Internatlonal alllance re
cently arranged.
I,earh Croas, the llghtweight of the Kast
Slde, wlll face Billy Bennet. the so-called
champlon of Ireland, to-nlght In a ten
round contest before the Royale Athletlc
Club. nnd unless the roof falls ln Cross
ahould have llttle trouble in wlnnlng
hands down.
"Knockout" Brown. once called the
loglcal llghtweight rhamplon of the world,
has been matched to meet "Young"
Rellley. of the AVeat Slde. a second rate
boy whom Morgan would have laughed
to scorn had he asked for a matrh one
yesr ago. Brown and Rellley wdll box
ten rounds before the Olynipic AthletU
Club of Harlem on. Monday nlght.
Jack Britton, of Chicngo. will meet
"Young" Lnughrey. the Philadelphla wel
terwelght. In a slx-round contest before
the Olymple Athletlc club to-morrow
nlght. Britton wlll be matched wlth Leach
Cross ln a return bout in the next two
Bethlehem. Penn., Dec. 4.?George P
FUck. of Tarentum, Penn.. was to-day
unanlmously elected captain of next
ycar's football team at I^high Fllck
pl.j\s halfback and end. He Is president
of the lunlor class and vice-president of
the Y. M. C. A. He bclongs to the Kappa
Sigma fraternity.
Peter Pan Said to Have
Been Sold for $100,000
Great Stallion Going to France
in Name of James R. Keene.
William K. Vanderbilt Also
Suggested as Purchaser of
Son of Commando.
ly>xington. k'y , Dec. 4.-Peter Pan.
James R. Keene's great stallion, was sold
yesterday for $100,000. It ls roported that
agents of George Gould pnrchaaed the
horse. and lt ls known poBitively that he
will be sliipped to France some tlme next
Some tloubt waa caat on tlie sale of
Peter Pan in this clty yesterday. lt was
lcarned that he wlll arrlve ln this clty to
day in charge of Phll T. Chlnn. and that
he wlll be shlpped to France ln the name
of Jamee R. Keene.
It waa rumored last summer that Mr.
Gould had offered $&0,000 for Petcr Pan,
DUt that lt was refused, and the prlce set
at $!"0,000. one horserniin said yesterday
thnr he urid'Tstnod Mr Keene had de
dded to aatabllab a small breedlng farm
Appoint Nominating Committee
to Pick Officers.
A nominating committee, the first in the
hlstory of the organlzatton, waa appolnt-?d
at an executlve committee meetlng of tha
Women'H Metropolltan Golf AaaoclaUon
held ln this clty yesterday. Heretofora
the selectlon of a tickct has always been
I ieft in the hands of the executlve board.
There are nve <>n the nominating com
lattttee, a* faDowa: Mra ftaah Knos. of
Englewnnd. N .1 ? Ilr* 1. ?? Irvln*' of
Scaradala n *?: afJaa fw a*harat*
. aaMar, ef Fnglcwood. N. J , Mrs. W. -J.
Palth, of Wykagxi. and Mrs. I. H.
Thomas. of llackensack.
It la poBBlble that there will
eral ehaaaaa from the priaant Hat of ef>
flcials. Mr;- M. D. 1'aterson, of Engle
wood, who has served so acceptably cs
! praaf?*Bt for the last twa years, has mad*
i lt plaln that she has had enough, and so
j far as ihe M retaryshlp ls ?<>ncerned
i there Is no telling who wlll be the cholce
' to llll the place vacatcd by Miss Uiu'ae
1*. Krug.
Bomething llke flfty-foiir Dtlaaa ?U1 be
competed for during tb* annual wlnter
tournament of the Arrwrlcan Adverttsing
Golf ABSoclatlon. to be held at Plnehurst.
January B to ^>. 19991 tWPlBlBB wlll all
1 be ln gold.
! A sprclal train wlll 19**** N?w Vork on
January 19, and lt ia expe. te I that th*]
' miiBter arfll be htfgaff than 94*r. as W ('.
! Krreman. who la ln charge of the tourna
I ment, aaiinbarTI that bealdes th* eaaaa
j catlon round for slx aUteens. tlv re wlll
be beat'n elghts tn all sets. Ko !? M than
al9999 M" l atl l "tit- Bta have alsu been ar
J ranged for.
Beats Fordham in First Basket
ball Game of Season.
' H: Trl'graph t? Tl'" T'd une |
Prlaeetaa. N l? Dt * Tha Pftaeatoo
haaketball team opened the h'anon with a
vlctory over Fordham here to-nlght by
th* score of 36 to 14 The Tiger' QUlntet
sprang Into the bad early ln the flrst
j.erlod and were never In danger of loa>
laa it. ^,1^
The Kair.a whb rough and ponrly pla\-o
for the nii-t part. Poor ahoptlng waa ln
evldenoe on both etdao. Whetnar tha
manj foula were dee to the new rulea pr
to unneeeeaary rougimess is etlBcoit to
Sllv Seveial men on h-th sides W4UW pUl
out of the aaaaa bacauaa of a*g*aaaai
la th* absence of the Trinceton cap?
taln. deWttt. Rrlgg" acted Jn hla pb>co
and Played well. DeWltt ls badly needed
to Btrengthen the Orang* aad Black
t. 4in The vlaltorB were outplayed at all
stages and the Prlnceton players e*r*
superlnr indlvldually.
The aiimmary follows:
Prlnceton i3.*?. Poaltlpn. Fordham "*?
BrtaaXcaat.).C...... Herhert
,;.,, .U. ii. ...Flanagan laa**.)
PubMltutloii* Prinretrm M<-Tlgi? for Brlgga.
TuartlBfg fnr QH9, Hunter for Nalmon. KHne for
M l^nahgn. Hchmldt for Towaon. Harper for
llnnier, Vlncnt for Vonrheca. Darllngtorii for
KMn... Hallev for MeTlgwe Fordham: O <->>n -
ne.l for lUirett. Htrirhdtffe for Hia.ly, \tvlanl
(taaia frem fl?M a*iaaaai <2?. ChU nngga,
TeWSM (J), M.'I^nalian ''.'t. McTlgne (B),
lliiliter. Vlncent. Hdrnei:. Harbart, Klanagan.
Oi'onnell. t'.oala from foul ftalmon (f>), K!lnn
lt) Darllnglon. Walah tB), Ir'liina>;an. Tlme of
hal-.ee lTftrrn inlnutia. Kef.M... I.imberton,
r.-nna>lvanla.. t'm'pie Wajmoudi, Vule.
Opens Baskctball Season with
Victory Over Xavier.
FVirdham Trep opened up Its hasketball
?eawn with 9 vlctory over the fast Xavier
Hlgh School tenm on tho Fordham 09091
by a score of J0 to 13, yo-terday afternoon.
The gnme wuh one of the faatent ^een on
the Hronx flves' court for a long tlme.
The lona. pasalng and superlor team
work of the Maroon men were resi>onslhle
for their vlctory. Captaln Murnhy
stnrred for Fordham, scorlni; a dozen
points for hle team.
The llne-up follows:
Fordham \avtar
prep. ??*)). Paal jaa nighajeaaelflt).
WalOroa .??* J.? "'
Murphy .^K. laecaba
l)Ble .-.C-..t ng'iiand
Walih .1*5. MrCv.r.i
Caffrey .R. <* . l^n.han
Bubatltataa M<r;..Mrick rec Hc4 abe. Kalll
ran for McOaraTB. i'leld kohi? WaMraa IB),
atnrph) (B), Dale, Walnh. fng.-rUnd. Hoyle.
<ionl? from foul -t.'ngerland. 9, Murphv, fl.
RafarM no..llng, of Fordham. Tlme of pe
rloJs 15 iiilnutea.
Trainer of Quakers Ooes South
in Search of Health.
Phlladelphla. Dec. 4. ? Mlchael ('.
Murphy, the well known trainer of athtalttl
j te;.ms, left here to-day with hl? wife for
Thoinis\ llle, Ga.. where he hopes to re
I gain his health. After hla return from
I Sweden with the vlctorloue American
I Olymplc team, Murphy'a health did not
1 Improve, and he was unable to give much
j attentlon to the I'niverslty of Pennsyl
I vanla football team.
A blg demonstratlon by Btudents, with
whom Murphy ls very popular, wa> called
I off st hla recjuest, but a large number of
I frtends accompanled hlm to the traln.
There la a rumor to the effect that Nate
t'artmell, the former Intercollcfflate sprlnt
er. now toaching at the I'niverslty of
North Carolina, ia to BUcceed Murphy.
ln France. wlth Peter Pan at the head.
whlle another horeeman Heemed equally
sure that the horse had been purchased
by Wllllam K. Vanderbllt.
Peter Pan ls an eight-year-old bay stal
Uon, whlch won $116,450 as a two and three
year-old on the tracks hei e. He ls a son of
the great Commando, whlle his dam waa
Cinderella, by Hermlt. In quallty and con
formatlon Peter Pan compares favorably
to his slre, Commando, a son of Domlno,
the black whirlwind, and Major Dalnger
tield has prodlctcd a great future for him
ln the utud.
Ah a two-year-old Peter Pan took up 130
pounds and won the Hopeful Stakes,
worth $17,t>40, at Saratoga Sprlngs. He
ran the slx furlongs In the fast time or
1:12 1-6, beatlng McCarter and Pope Joan
among others. ., . .
As a three-year-old he won the Aa
rance, Belmont and Tidal stakes the
Brooklyn Derby and th'e Brlghton Handl?
cap. ln the Advance Stakes, at Sheepa
head Bay, he defeated Salvldere Hlp
Flap and others. whlle he faptured th*
Belmont. of $2,766. at one mUe and three
furlongs, from Superman and *rank OlH,
having a practlcal walkover.
Peter Pan set the seal on his greatnese
In winning the Brlghton Handlcap. when,
wlth 115 pounda up, he ran the mlle ana a
quarter ?n -':03 3-5. beatlng McCarter and
Montgomery among others.
In all probahlllty he wlll be shipped to
France on the Atlantlc TranBport llner
Mlnnewaska on Saturday, and the breed
ing Industry of this country will suffer
another ciamaging loss.
Big Task Faces Carpenters at
Madison Square Garden.
No eooner had Gibbons and McGoorty
left the ring at Madison Bquare Garden
last nlght than one hundred carpentera
began work on the bicycle track to be
used for the slx-day race next week and
the lndoor champlonships to-morrow and
Saturday nlghta. Whlle it ls a blg joh
to construct this wooden bowl, the coti
tractora have guarante.d to have lt
ready by to-morrow afternoon, so that
150 or more rldera who wlll compete ln
the lnc*oor tltle races wlll have aNrhanre
te bOCOBBO arewstomed to the sharp
eanree and the steep hanks before the
start of the contest.
Frank Kramer, the world's champion:
Alf (Irenda, the natlonal tltle holder
from Australia; Walter Rutt. the Ger
BUUI apaad klng, and all of the Interna
tlonal etars who have been tralnlng at
the Vtlodrome In Newark wlll move, bag
and laggage, Into the <;arden to-day,
and It wlll be their home untll a week
froaa :;aturday nlght, when the slx-day
race ends. The excellent weather haa
made outdoor tralnlng poaslble, and all
of the rlders are ln the baBt of condl
Kramer will ttv tn add to his laureis
by wlnnlng the lndoor sprlnt champlon
shlp of the woild. This rlder. who has
won the chamrlonahip of Ameflca twelve
yars ln successlon and the champlon
shlp of the world thla year, wlll compete
only ln the blg aprlnt title race to-mor?
row nlght He wlll leave the half-mile,
profeaatoael hancllrap and the fl\e-mlle
open for the ' pros ' to the other pedal
puelM ' -
DonaM MeDoaaall, of tha New York
Athletlc Club. wlnner of tbe world'a
< hami'ionship and the American title as
u1li. Harry Kaisei, of The Bronx, thlrd
ln the world'a champlonshlp, Charles
Haher. of tne Iriaa^Aanerteaa Athletlc
I'lub; the big Bay View Wheelmen team
Of New.i-k and more than a hundred
other slmon purea wlll atart In the h.m
?.I'.ii' and open.
Andre Pertchlrof, the sprinl chumpion
of Frbnce, ls loomlng up strong as a
contender for tha lndoor tltle. and llttle
Jackle Clarke wlll make a strong bld for
the hntiors Clarke has more than OBOB
come close to wregtlng the outdoor cham?
plonshlp from Kramer. and has for yeara
been the Yankee's most dangerous eom
petltor. ?
Amateur League Takes Oft'end
ers Back Into the Fold.
At a meeting of the excutlve comrrlt
tee of the Amateur Hockcy League, held
yesterday afternoon. Krnst Garon, George
Harnion. Charlea Klnsella. Charles Mlt
chdi anci Jamoa Botajer, faraaorty aaaaa*
l>ers of tho Wanderers Hockey Club, who
wsre suspencled luat sprlng, irafB re
stored to gooil standlng, whlch glvea
tbem the rlght to plny in this year's
champlonshlp tournament.
The piayers named, tc.gether with
Fr.mk Fllison, John McGrath and Billy
l4?'k?n, c-omprised the Wandercr team,
whhh flnlshed the season tled wlth the
Creeoeat A. C. in the land for champlon?
shlp honors. At tiils crltlcal Junctuie,
wheifa play-off game was orciered, lt waa
alleged that the playcre named. wdth the
exceptlon of Lecken, asked the st. Nlch
olas Rlnk maniigement for a share of the
rccelpta. Preeldent Cornelltni Feiiowes
rrfnead to lend hlmaeU to tbe eeheaaa and
asaerted that rather tluin have any talnt
of professlonallsm attached to the game
he would ahandon It. The Amateur
i.eaguc however, got arlnd c>f how mat
ters atood and threatened the expulsion
of sii the piayera if they refueed to play
: !??? de.lcling game.
After tha cnamplonabln game, in whlch
lt may he said tho disgruntled nluyera
put up one of tho most brllliant nockey
hattles ever Been ln this vhdnlty, the
whoie rnatter w.is ofBcially Inreetinated
by the league, and Garon and McGnith,
who were Ciedlted wlth bein* the rlng
leaders ln the trouhle, were expelled, and
Bnlajer, KllUon, Mltchell, Klnstdla and
Harnion aiiHpended.
The right to have the men n instated
was made on hehalf of tho Irlah-Amer
leaa A. C, whlch wunted four of the
men tO flll piaoaa on the team whlch the
club has entered for the hockey cham?
Larchmont Yacht Club Elects
Officers for Year.
Vacht owner.s who h.tve grown gray in
the racing ranks of the Larchmont Yacht
Club, as well as the >ounger members of
the organlzation. turned out ln force last
nlght at the annual meeting held at the
Wuldorf-Astorla to greet thelr new rom
ino'lore, Charlea Smlthers, owner of the
schooner Murlel. and to glve thelr retlrlng
chief flag officer. Leonard Rlchards, a
rousing vote of thanka for his efflclent
three year*' adminlstratlon.
The officers elected for 1913 were: Com
modore, Charles tfmtthera; vlce-commo
dore, Francls ht Wllson; rear commo
dora, Tharles Morgan: secretary. Kdward
c. Ortffln; lieBBWBI. Robert K. Roblnson;
traotaea, ciass ttla, wiiaon Btanaafl and
Leonard Rlchards; nomlnatlng commit?
tee, 1913. G. S. Runk, S. T. Hodgman, G.
W. Scott, J F. Laeejay, Butler Whltlng.
L. II Spence, R. K. owens, 0, W. Plum.
R. H. Halstead and H. N Fletcher.
Anna Ax Me, Winner of Several
Rich Stakes, Gets Purses.
Expulsion the Funishment for
Starting Horses Under a
Changed Name.
One of the most lmportant casea ln the
trottlng world during the last year waa
decided last evening by the board of re
vlew of the Natlonal Trottlng ABBOCla
tlon. O. H. Shole, of Holyoke. Col., waa
charged by I>. C. Kenney, of Hastlnga,
Neb., and four other horaemen with en
tering the bay nlly, Anna Ax Me. aa a
three-year-old, when lt waa contended
the horse was nearer flve yeara old. The
board, after listenlng to eloquent pleaa
by attorneya for both sldes, dlsmlssed the
complalnt against Shole.
Anna Ax Me during the last year won
a number of the blggest paclng racea ln
the country, Including the Kentucky Fu
turlty, the Horeemen's Futurlty, at De
trolt; the Horae Revlew Futurlty, at
Columbue, Ohlo, and the Futurlty, at
Rocklngham Park, Salein, N. H. Tho
protebt aKainst the mare was made
after the Detrolt and Kentucky meetings.
and consequently the winnlngs of .he
mare, amountlng to about I3.0UO for the
two races, have been held up alnce the
protest. By the declsion of the board Mr.
Shole can now collect hla money.
A number of other caaes, moatly
"rlnger" protesta, were heard and de
cinlonB rendered. Some of them were as
C. C. Slpe. of Johnstown. Penn., waa
expelle<l for starttnK Fatchen Laas,
ZMM, out of his clasB and under tlie
name of Catherine 8. The horse waa also
expelled, and the wlnnlnga, amounting to
about $4*?0, were ordered returned. The
horso raced ln Pennsylvania, Maryland
and N'orth Carollna.
W. \V. Colllns, of nishorville, Md..
was expelled ror starting Danlel Boone,
2:1244, out of hifl Claaa and under the
name of fharlle W. Ti:e horaa was also
expelled. It raced in Maryland.
H. Nleholaa and E C. BCaaoey, of T.ow
vllle. N Y., were expelled for starting
Jerry Junior, "J:16' =. out of her claaa and
under tha name of Oeratd .lunlor. Tlie
horae also was expelled. lt raced at
I'otsdam, N. Y.
K. D. J. Doyle, of Lynchburg. Va.. waa
expelled for starting Artliur J.. 2:07*4. out
of his class ai.d under tlie name of Gt-r
onimo. The horse was expelled, and K. S.
<;ia^.s. also of Lyachbara, was suspended
for hlB connectlon with the caae. The un
lawful wlnnlngfl of the horse were ordered
returned and a $.'>0 fee charged for re
cording tlie change of name The horse
raced at Petersburg, Va., and Klizabeth.
N. C.
Hal Oatman. known also as I'rarik Ios
ter, of U-xlngton. Ky.. was expelled for
Btartlng Joe Halley, 2MU. out of his clasa
under the name of Franklin K A long
llst of experlences attended Oatmau ln
i is travels around the varlous tracks with
the horse. He tlnally "went bioke," and,
after borrowlng 15 ln Lexlugton, Ky.. told
of his change of name. This waa reported
to the board.
P A. O't'onnell. of Paterson. N. J.,
charged C. F>. Pltman. of Trenton, N. J .
with uiiderwelghlng the driver ln a race
In whb'h Pltmnn'e Dr. Wllkea waa en
tered, and whlch the horse won. O'Con
n*ll proteated tho race. but the board up
held the decbdon of the Judges of the
race, who declared Pltman had not under
F4. M Austen's claim that K. 8. Caae,
of Three Bridgea, N. J., liad entered hlB
horse, SubIc Bell. in a race and that the
driver was off welght was dlsmissed.
The hearlng wlll contlnue to-day, a*d
Mr. GO'-her, the secretary. said last night
that there were so many ceaea that lt
would prahably take untll Saturday to
clear them up.
Forty College Players from Five
States to Compete.
The second annunl natlonal handicap
tonrnanient under the directlon of the Na?
tlonal Squaah Tennla Assoclatlon wlll be?
gin on Saturday afternoon ou thp courts
of the Helghts Casino, of Brooklyn.
Forty competitors. representlng tha lead
lni? colleglate orKanizatlons of Pcnns>I
vanla, Conncrtirut, Massachusetts, N'ew
JerBey and N'ew York were drawn yester?
day for the rnatches. Among some of the
leadlng players the mnrks were regardod
as unduly sevcre, but this was partly ex
plali:ed by a member of the committee in
statlng that tho tounuiment was in the
nature of a prellminary round to the na?
tlonal champloiiships. which wlll be decid?
ed In this clty In February
ln the top quarter of the draw are
Frank B. Hague, of the Montdalr Ath
letlc Club, with the mark of plus ."> 9099
He meeta R- F.. Wlgham, of the Columbia
t'nlverslty club, at plus fi aces and half
B hand. Then W. H. Y. Hackett. of the
Harvard Club. BHI'Otltj meet8 (}. Graham,
of the Montclalr Athietlc Club, at plua 5
ac.es and 2 hands Armln W. Rlley, the
Frlnceton club champion, fills out the
?liiarter bracketed against H. I). Bulkley,
former Columbia champion, both at
Charles M. Bull. Jr., of the Crescrnt
Athietlc Ct*h and Helghts Caalno, Ia the
most formldable player In the second
cniartar. He meets his clubmate. R. Cat
lln, al pl"s 5 acea and 2 hands, In his
openlng inatcb.
The lower half Ib the strongcr Beetion
of the draw. It Includes Rudolph Goepcd.
of the Hcightfl Casino, and I* du Pont
Ii vlng, of the Harvard Club, who mevt at
aeratoh; Oaarga whitney, of the Hanrari
Ctub, whp won last year and plays at
minua 8 aceB, 2 aces or no count. Whit?
ney, who is playlng strongly. faces <}. I..
Catlln. of the Brldgeport t'nlverslty club,
at plua 5 acea in his firet match. J. O.
l/)w, of tho Helghts Casino. and S. Hin
man Blrd. of Prlnceton, both at scratch.
complete the llat.
Rudolph Cioepel, chairman of the tour
namont committee, plana to complete the
flrnt and Becond roundB on Saturday and
feundny. The flnals wlll be decided at the
end of next week. F. S. Keeler, of the
Columbia club: Frank Kidde, of the
Montclalr Athietlc Club, and 8. Hlnman
Bird, of the Prlnceton club, flxed the han
dlcaps. Oeorge Whitney and Rudolph
(loepel made the draw yesterday at the
Harvard Club.
Prlnceton, N. J., Dec. 4?Howard Froe
llck, of Brooklyn, was thJa afternoon
elected asststant manager of the 1913
Prlnceton football team. He wlll be man?
ager of the 1914 team.
Travellera'Co., 20 W. 34th 8t.
Mth Street, near Fourth Avenue.
I'Ai.'KARD llrnoualnes. new cars, for monthly
aarvlce, apeclal to thaatre or opara, with
prlvllege of stopplng one hour for suppar,
$10; laigret runtera of Packard cara la Naar
York. PHONE. PLAZA 210a
Leads in Team Fielding in in
ternational League.
Newark and Jersey City Stand
High, According to the
Official Figures.
Toronto, winner of ihe 1912 pennant. waa
tbe best fielding team in the Internatlo.ial
League this year, according to offlcial
averages issued at .eague headquarters
yesterday. The club s percentage waa
.960. Newark, Jersey City and Baltlnure
follow tlosely In'the order named. The
Newark catchers are charged with only
three passed balls for the entlre season.
Of the indivldual players the real lead
ers, consldering the number uf games
played, were as follows:
Swacina, Newark, flrst base, with .!*>;
Atz, Providence, second baae, .966; Brad
ley, Toronto, third base, .348; Purtell,
Montreal, shortstop, 982, Conroy, Rochea
ter, left fleld, .982; Osborn, Kochester, cen
tie fleld, .982; Kclly, Newark-Jeraey City,
rlght fleld, .SSti; Smith, Newark, catcher,
.987; Manser, Rochester-Jersey City, pltch?
er, l.OuO. Five other pitchcrs flelded fault
Kour rlKht tielders, eight centre fleld
ers, two left flelders, one second baaenun
ancl two iii-t basetnen, playlng ln ten or
more games, had perfect fleldlng averages.
The leaders ln the varlous positiona fol?
n. p.o. a. K. T.c.p.npr.
Toronto . l.VJ 4170 2069 257 ?4S6 13 .V4
Newark . Ul aBB fOM M fjjl 3 M
Jeraey City. U| 3948 19S9 270 6:07 10 .??7.
Baltlmore . III 4051 1K79 25? 6139 23 .9561
Buffalo . 154 4067 lWt 290 61M 11 .953'
Rochiater . 154 3*68 1963 290 ?12l 1J JM
Montreal . Ul 40T.8 1959 300 6317 R M
Providence . lii 4097 19:3 317 6337 17 M9
rrjurr ba^btmen.
Name and club. O. P.O. A. E. P C
Swacina. Newark.i"-t IBal i-' ????
tfehmldt. Raltlinore..l3t ttU U M M\
.hirdan, Tor.nto.Ul 1471 73 1H JB1
AkI*'. .Teraey CMtv.. 40 3s? 21 6 .*W
BWA. Huffalo.Ua 1164 JO U JBj
Sponcer, Rocheator... ? 693 35 14 JBJ
Fournier. Montreal... M Kl U 12 .971
i^thers. PTovldence.Uai H!<7 ?7 30 .9J
Wanl, Roche-ter.99 831 5S 21 .977
Knight. Jeraey City.. fi 73.! 39 21 .9'?
Ita. Prwrleaaoa . . ii"> 316 43"> 27 ?"*
McConnell, Toronto..131 :f* 357 :3 ? ?*
Hreeii. Jersev c'it v.. .14.'. 39? 435 32 .9*3
'?aient. HaltlrtiMte... lt* 36t 46.' 37 >,7
Kiikpatrkk. Newark.119 244 ?l ? J"
Trueodale. Buffalo...1H 373 421 44 JU
Johnson, Rocheater..UI 91 Be <( JB
cunnlriKhani. Moitt. .102 MB 3" 37 .*4l
third BAasrjnyj
Rra.lt?-r. Toronto.... 115 1?3 .91 Bj JBJ
Qllleapto, ProvMeace :<o U7 92 U JJI
Bw t, Buffalo. U4 174 n M ?<l
B /lnim?rnian. N'rk Ul 2U Wl 37 .941
Yeaaer. Montreal.1-2 169 BB H 941
Purtell, Jeraey City..112 137 216 M .9311
Coreoran. BalttnMre..l83 14* Ul M 9i?
liolan, Ib-ehester.. .120 166 193 3.' .911
Partotl. afontraal..', Ul MB r.?> io ??3
llartmann. Montreal. >'??'? '?'', II '
Roa. h. .1 C.-Rcalt.... * 13-; 19?; 17 BH
Ro. k. Prov.-Balt. 53 IU H" 14
Vaughn. Nc vark ..13 ? BN ?
Holly, Toronto.. n* v? 319 n
f \\n\*r.\. BaltlmoreKn I m
McMltlan. Ro< heater 113 I BB
Ctark. Newark-Bufl :? M W
Janvrin, Jersey < "lt % 75 13 133
Btoek. Buffalo. m 142 BB H
Hhean. Pro4rtdowce....UI BB 29-' 6"
1.1:1 r kii:i.i?i:r*.
>-onro\, BortlMtf II BB '-' ?'? j
neinniitt. Montreal..IU tK
Bat< h. Rocheator. 48 *;i 3 I
O'Hara, Toronto. ..14>; ::i M II
Drake, Providence N !"? U ?
Detninger, J '' -Buff ' ? W ?? *
.... J< roa) City. v? IM n i *J
- hlrm, Ittiffalo. :.4 1*7 3 I .9t7
Walsh. Maltlmoie . 117 SM K 17 JU
Coaaelly, Montreal N 137 s 9 94?
osborn. Rorbesaar... M 3'>9 a 6 ???
Rarrow!,. Jeraej CIW 123 2tB 17 6 'M
Shaw. Toronto.BB |2ai 14 ?> JW
Mnrrav, Buffalo.I3S T.tl .1 12 9*7
IfisHell. Montreal .. 71 Ul ? 6 .9<5
I'.ti v Prot Idenco. .. ai 141 1: ?;
riettman, Halttmore -M Ut tl 11 .'Mt
Beynwar, Newark...,tM BB 13 17 .BB
Kolly. N'e-.vark-.l. C. W BB U 2 .BBBJ
Bernard, Newark... U '?'?>
Colllna Newark. ...141 330 BJ I .an
LelR-elt, Rocheator. 125 W U 9 M
Myera Toronto.Ml ltl U 6 ?**!
McCabe, Buffalo. 133 1*7 M s Jfl
W /.immerinaii. N'k IU BN 29 16 .^i
IielnlnRcr-.t C-Ruff. 85 .'67 4 13 .^?>
Flston. Provhleiice.. 11.' Ul U 9 .947
McCrone, J C.-Balt.. ."7 <* 4 S .?4T
llanclfor.1. Montreal.. 91 147 14 9 .?44
Malton. Toronto. 94 IU 12 U JBj
Marphy, Baltlaaora...m 17? a] 17 .971
Kaaaa aad i (ak ?>. p <*>. a. EPRP fV
Smiih. Newark.6X 16T ?1 | : >rl
Boraon, Newark-Ralt... 99 3ifl 16-' 11 10 .P^
ln. klttsch, ttcv heater.... 53 199 M * t .977
McCarty, Newark. 6: lffe 43 4 1 .?"?
Payno, ttaltlmore. .50 192 54 6 4 87*
Rondeau, Jeraay City.... 14 252 ?0 ? 4 .9^4
Brbmldt, Pro\l>lence.133 67'. 83 22 ? .97?
Bemla. Toronto. 9? S.'^) ?H 13 5 .?7l
Hig-Kins. Toronto-Newark % 292 117 12 ? .971
Oraham, ttoehostor. 45 17J 44 7 I .9*
McAllliiter. Ruff.-Ralt.... 6? 162 63 11 19 JBT
Karn.a. Montreal. 52 1W M) 9 I .?*?.
Wella. Jersev CttjT. 99 -45 106 14 ? ?*''1
Hlalr. Rocheater.115 476 149 tl 6 -969
Miuhell. Hiiffalo. ?2 395 127 28 6 .9*?
Name an.l efcak <!. BA A. K. TC
Manser. Roe.h-J. (V...S7 5 50 0 1 ,v,?l
Steele. Toronto. IS l H 0 1 000
Taaiaana. Rtiffaio.33 6 69 1 ?7
Maxwell. Toronto. 3.5 15 112 I JBj
Dent. Newark. 41 I 54 l .?*
Mitcheii. Provldeaoe.. -t I 44 JBJ
Rudolpll, Toronto. 4J U 106 * .??*.
Mattorn, Montreal.... U 7 72 *?
Slron.l. Buffalo.40 4 fc3 7 .9.1
McQInnlty, Newark...? I M m
Baamaaa. Newark... 40 4 4? 2 JBj
Fullenwlder. Rnffalo.. 24 2 :4 JBJ
Jonoa. Rocheater.. -I 7 44 2 .?6I
l#e. Newark. H II M 4
Krlll. .T C.-Huffalo.... 3.' ? 61 J
Wllhelm, Rocheator.. 60 15 73 4
Hoiinea, Roeh-Haffalo 47 10 57 1 .??
Darfforth, Baltlmore.. 37 1 44 .*<:
ciaskeii. Newark .... 3>; I 47 I gj
Muollor. Toronto.31 % M
F Smith. Montreal... 40 15 60
Vlehahu. Moat-J <'.. 34 14 Bj
? ??*
Direct Factory Dutributor
1178 Broadway. aiaa folumbua.
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rlally adapted for 6 cyllndor work and loaa
atrok* motora. ???
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buretor at one-half regular price.
Improve the efflolency ot your aarkwmor
and Inaure caay atartlna- In cold woatnar or
las c?? of our not alr atov?. ^^^^__
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Other niakea nt areatly roduced prlcea.
c'all or wrlte
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No. 187S Broadway.
'1'hone 5101 Colurubua.
Bought, Sold and Exchanf ed.
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price. conslan aama to ua 8torafe. advar
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mlaalona pald.
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MF.ST SIOR Y. M. O, A.? Iualvldual raei
work. 8mall shop Claaaaa. Troek Poaltloaa
waltlng. Sond (or booklot. B00 Weet ?Tik
at 'Phona 7920 CoL

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