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and mllltary NfcntfcOi tn < ase Turkey
decllned to aeiept t*rme leaa damaglnf
u, what Greeco regarded aa the alllea*
-tsrt lntereeta
It is undferatood that this appeal
fonne an linpurtant hiatorical docu
ajaaS whlch wlll show that Greece. far
from havlng any intentton to break
awav from the leegue. madc the stroiig
eet efforta to maltitain lt ln Its orlginal
Rumama May Be Drawn In.
The wider Kuropean outlook, how
ever. is Ptill menaclng. If Austria
Ilungary should attempt, as has been
auggested, lo employ Rtimania to keep
Bulgarla quiot in the evotit of an Aus
tr<i-Sf rvian war. It ia thought that sueh
?, wouM onl.v enlarge the area of
ronfltet and precipltate a general ra
Any IntarvantJon by Rumania would,
it is argttOd, inevitably compel Russla
to take draMb action on behalf of the
Slnvs in the Baikans.
Russia has retorted to what she
terms the "rattling of the, German
aword" by the lmpcrial Chanrellor-by
eaying that a repetltion of the methods
resorted to at the perlod when the oe
CUpatlon by Austria-Hungary of Bos
rraj and Ucrzegovina caused a rrisis
v Hl not now be aumitted.
Ruaaia Reaenie War Talk.
The prominenre given by Chancellor
von Bethmami-HoJlweg to the idea of
war was resented by the newspa|>ers of
St. Petersburg. The general trend of
their oomment is voleeu by the "Novoe
Yremya," which says:
-History BJ m?eating itaelf. but it aa
nnt ao eaay n?ar tc fbrre Ruaaiat
dfplomacy tnto a falrrt-hearted retreat
Kuch lntimMation wlll frlghten no
The Immedlate withdrawal of the
vaat Ruaelan drpoaita In the German
banka ia advocated by many of the
Kusslan jourr.ala.
The war partiea both in Ruasla and
Austria-Hungary seem to hold the pub
lk platform for the moment against
the peareably disposed ministers of
thosc countrles. Any untoward inci
dent or provo<atlve act on the part >f
Servia would, in the oplnion of diplo
rnatic circles here, ln a moment set
Austria-Hungaria In motion, and this
probably would loosen forces in Bussia
whlch the St. Petersburg governmenl
would flnd itself unable to rcsist.
Should Greece perslst in her refusal
to adhere to the armlstice it would nec
essarily tlnow Bulgaria more closely
into the embrace of Servia and giv.?
fresh eneouragement to the Servian re
pistance to the European powera. who
are practically unanimous in condemn
ing the Servian demands.
Yjenna. Dec 4.?Auatrlan opinion re
gards the, Balkan League as practi?
cally ended. owing chlefly to the riv
nlry between Greece and Bulgaria for
the possesslon of Salonlea. It is be
lleved he- that Bulgaria wlll favor the
formatlon of an autonomous Mare
donia. with Salonica as the capital.
thereby reserving part of Macedonia
and Salonica for heraelf in the future.
irty ?*?h> '.o T|? Trttouae.]
London. Dec. ."?.?In an interesting ar
ti?le In the "Neue Freie Presse" Fleld
Marabal VOII der Qoltt, author of the
Turkish pl?n of carr.paign. explains the
fallure of the Ottoman forces. In tho
firat place. he attributes it to the fact
that tbe troops were untrained re
crtiits. In the second place the plun of
campalgn was not carrled out. Briefiy,
it consisted. so far as Thrace was < on
ctrncd, of taking unintrenched posltion
behind the Krgene Rlver. at whbh ex
actlv the same defence icould have been
Rome Paper Says Powers Are
in Agreement on Subject.
Ebotae; Dac *.?Tbe "Oloraale
D'ltalla," In * rafaronca to the pro
poted peace negoiiations in London.
?aja that the powers will intrust to
thelr respective embassies in London
the task of dealing. in conjtmction with
Bir Bdwatd C.rcy, the Brltish Foreign
BoOTnteiy. alth the questions arlsing
tbtbugb the Balkati war. I
With reapect to Albanian aulonomy,
ihe papcr says an agieement already
exists between the powers. tnclodtag
Kuasia. and it is hoped that a peaca
ful aalutlaa of the difllculty betwesn
Austria and Ser\ia will be found by
granting Scrv ia a rommenial outlet iu
l he Adriatic
Talks of Continuing the War
Without Her Allies.
Athens. Dec. 4 -Ti a newspapers here
?xpresa the conviction that the govern
aaeat will. If nece*B?iy, continue the war
without her allies.
.U-eording to advtcea from Salonica. the
Qreebe aie meetlng trttb poneiderable
opposltlon In Eplrua. The Turkish army
whlch retreated from Monastlr has not
lurrendetwd, but tbe oubaataaloa of aaaat]
i?taCbaBBntS eontinii'S.
An official eomrouniaUlon issued by tbe
MtnlatW of Maiina describing tbe opera- ;
ttona ?-f the rjreek fleet durlng the war(
gl\es .letaila of the transport of thfrteen,
tiiousatid Bulgarlan troops and three j
thousand antmals. The tranaporta *n6 >
eoarorttg watabip* left Saionit-a on the]
inornlng of November :? and reachfd j
Dedeagatch at 1 o'cloclt on the afternoon
of tlit- lollowlng day, where they were
grt-eted by a squadron of the Greek
JEgean fleet
The Bulgarian troops were' draWn up
eti th. de<k?. and < heered heartlty. The
?roffc of dlBembarkatlen was suspended at
mghtfall and continued the next mornlng.
All were eafely landed without a hitch
by evcnlng of November W. The fleet
tbOB bft Iierteagatch.
New inserted tips make
strong where others
ar3 weak.
2 for 25 ceats
Italian Strinp*. Caaea, Etc.
SOO Fifth Avc, Zi Lnion Square. W
cor. 42d Ht. b?t 18th A t*th Ht.
WALTHAM aY*T?^ttN\^flc'A$l1
saatsa4 \\ X ?fS5-. $7.75
eataa nitmond* !
NOW RKADT.?^>ur new ?? ?*??<<',.3I
eatalogti*. Eyenrtblna tn ?fiJ IVSZt;
-? ? r. i - ~ mifl u*?lfj' full> illuittat'd. and
gp. In* our ??-nu|n??
orr?r? meny ?ug***Mnn? for "?* mmtng
holidaya * eji '"" "'"^ rnr '.'atalogMe *?ft
BENNETT mfg. co.,
111 Broadwar. K. Y., nrmr c or?l?n?lt.
I'i!?h 1BT4 rtrferenr**. any Natlonxl Bank
maintalned ns was ultimately made L>y
the Turks at the Tchataldja llnes.
The attacking power of the Bulga
rians was to be weakened by reslst
aine at Adrianople, and advanced
troops at various points were to de!ay
the enemy's advance. The plan was
departed from by the Turks by the ini
tlatlon of an offensive action with weak
forcea Had the plan been carried otit
the Bulgariana could have been held
up at the Krgene River untll Turkey
was in a poattloa t<> 9J9O0M the offen?
Peace Parleys to Begin on
Friday, the 13th.
Bofla, DaC. 4.?The peace plenipoten
tiaries reajrOMBtfalg Turkey. Bulgaria
Beraaa and Montenegro, will begin their
arork in LondOO 90 Krlday of nex'.
woek, December 13.
The Bulgarian uelegat'-s have not
been announce.l. btlt it is Liesun.cd
that Dr.. S. Daneff, presldent of the
Chamuer of De|)Uties. vvill head the
minsion, and it ia eXpOCtad that lie will
visit Biicharest bafora procoedtnf to
The armistice llgned at I o'i look la"t
evening at the vlllage of Gaghtche. on
the Tchataldja lii.es, took the revlsed
fonn dtafte.l by I?r. Daneff lt 00O?
tairis ihe following eondltioiin:
-I-The uelligereni arintea aball leinain
in tia- posfttons they al present occupy.
II?The besieged Turkish,fo'tiesse.? shall
not ba revlctnalled.
III?The revietuailing of ihe Bulgarian
ainiv In the Bele aball be >arried OUt by
wav" of the Black Sea and Adrianople.
cotnmenclna ten daya bfter the atgaature
of the armlatU-e.
IV?The negotiations f^r pea> e sl.al.
begin in Lectdon on Deeember Ia.
Publlc satiafaction at the completion
of the armistlce would be deeper but
for the attltude of Greece. whlch not
only excites annoyance in offtctal quar
tara, but also arouses apprehensions of
future difflcultles between 099904 and
the Balkan allies.
The Sofia UOWPapira offer no ( om
ments on the completion of the arml
fctlce or its terms. The people have re
eelved the news without any public
demonstration. No list of casualtks
has appeared ain< e the war began.
Mariy hundreds of famillea are recelv
ing no riews, and relatlvee now awalt
with anxioua auspense the return of the
The "Mtr" says tl.at the garrison at
Adrianople b-gan a heavy bombard
ment at 8 o'cloek last night. It con
tinued unttl - o'cloek in the moyning.
when it suddenly ceased, probably
owing to the receipt of the news of the
signing of the armistlce.
The normal export and import of
goods wlll be resumed to-morrow
throughout Bulgaria. The rallroada
are fully equipped to hendle the frelght.
Man Looking Like "Squealer"
Lands in Havana.
Havana. Dec. 4.?On board the Ward
I.lne steamer Haratoga, whlch arrlved to
day, was a man who was suspected of
helng "Bridgle" Weber. The suspect de
nled that he was Weber, and In default of
identlflcation he was permltted to land
He waa accompanled by a woman, and
the couple proeeeded to a auburban hotel.
His Partnership with Hatch and
Sheehan Has Been Dissolved.
Notl( e has been sent out that tlie law
rtrm of Parker. Hatch a Hheohan wa?
dissolved on November M, and that Alton
B. Parker would engage in eourt and
general eounael wc.rk hereafter, with of
flcee at No. 111 Broadway. Wllllam F.
Sheehan and Kdward W. Hatch. under
the llrm natne of Ilateh & Sheehan, will
continue the general practicc of law at
No. 14 Wall atreot.
Mr. Hatch said laat nlght -there waa
nothlng slgnMrant In th<> dlssolutlon of
the tlrm. Mr. Parker. be said. had de
Bired for some tlme to dlaeontlntte the
general practlee of law, and wh?n he
leained that rx-Governor Black waa to
retlre from praetie<. he negotlated with
lilui .'or his ofrtcea and goodw.HI. Mr.
Hatch aald that polltlr8 had nothlng to
do with the dlssolutlon and that there
waa genulne regrot upon the part of all
at the aeparation.
Duluth. Mlnn.. Dec. 4. By an over
wheltnlng majority, this city haa adopted
the couini^Hion form of government. to
hecome eff*cMve Aprll 14. The new rhar
ter Ineludea the Inltlatlve. the refej-endum
and the recall.
On Wet Streett
rtitt skidding
and you dont
bsve to hoiher
with ichains.
1763 Broattway
But the Rest of Us Must Con
tinue in Doubt.
Macon. (in., Her. 4- After walking to
the gallowB singlng "I dont know
where I'm going. but I'm on my way,"
Oacar Clyde. n negro, was hanged here
to-day for the mwdar of his wife and
Prevlous to the springing of the trap
the negro asked and recelved permis
sion to takc off his shoes. aaylng. "I
dont want to dle with my boots on.'"
Judge Swann Shows How Court
Is Imposed Upon.
In pleading for a cllent In Judge Bwaaa'a
part of Oanaral s<-saions yaeterday a law
yer said that jndges sometimes made
mistake.s, that 99 human 99t9g was in
falllblr. and that the best that .ould 9a
done was to err on the ude of mercy.
"Ycs." said Judge Swann. "I have Just
had one of my mistak.s brought hoine
to bjm. On November *> i aenteav ad Ja?
seph IfaVO and Willlam Callan. who had
pleaded gullty to aalawflll entry, to th?
reformatory on rlarfi laiand. n<'ti> of
Iheni stated to me under oath that they
had never before been convletecl. To-day
I gei a letter from Martln J. Moore, the
?: of the reformatory. Ma inclos. d
the polloa recorda of tho?e fftat offend
era,' aad wanted to know if i wouM have
them aeat baek for re-aeatenctoa". i aill
read yun their reoidB"
Then Judge Swann read a U?t of twa
ty-two arrests for <"allan. s. wntoen Of
which had result-'d in coIjvk tioti" ftfool
of them weie for ilisordcrly OOBdOCt and
assault, although In 1?*I0 he had done
thirty dayi at KeW Haven. C9M , for
train robbery. Muro had been slx tlmes
arrested and convhted of dlsorderh CO
doet and assauit.
"Ii seems a mintake was inarie in lh< lr
? as.?." said Jodga Swann. "and 1 have
had thMii brought bufk tO be reaenteic ai
The> will probabty ba *ent to the penitTi
tiary inatead of to a r*-f<>rmator>."
Judge Huar.n alao iead a letter from a
aeeaaa trhoan h<* had sent to the Hed
ford ReformaK'i y f..r wonx-n. and who
had just been paroWd. She wrote to thaak
hlm f?r aendlng her "to that good plac*."
Hareaftar. ?he wrata, ahe waa going to
Iead an upnght llfe. She said she had
Mde lnativ frleadl at the refOTOiatory
and va? "well truMed "
Witness Says He Acted in Har
vester and Plano Deal.
st. banta, Dec t NafaftaUoaa foi tha
sale in IM of the Plano GOBtpany, of
ChlcagO, to Wllllam C. l.ane und its ii.
eorporattai later into tha teternattoaal
Hanreetei Coanpaay were loocrfbed thla
afternooii at the govei nment heorlag in
its auit to dissoiw tha Internattona] eoaa
paay. O. w. Jeaea af st i^ouis, eoUeo*
tiOfl agent for the international. who inM
Beeretary, treasurer and a stoi khold-r ;n
the Pian> Coanpany. teattned that aii ne
gotlatlons were earrled on through <ieorge
W. Perklns. and he and the other Plano
(.'ompany offlcera acted on the advlce of
the Plano Company's attorneys and Mr
Mr. Jonea said that when he. with the
other Plano offlcers. wrnt to New York in
August, lf>02, to tranafer the sto< k to I^a le
and reeeive In return atork in the Inter
natlonal, he knew that 1-ane waa not
going to opeiate the Plano propprtles.
After the tranafer Jonea 9999994 man
ager of the aalen department of the Plano
dlviaion of the Internatlonal, and. with
four other men holdlng slmilar posltlons,
conatltuted a sales commlttee that waa
abollahed in 1P(M.
Another witness Introduced by the gov
ernment. John Plattner. of the Plattner
Implement Company, of Denver. teatlfled
that his company began manufacturlng
reapers in l&ft'i, and that every year alnce
the output had doubled.
Wllllam J.. t'arr, of Kanaas <itv. an
agent for the Internatlonal at Sallna,
Kan.. from VM to 1907, cross-examlned
by attorneys for the defence, refused to
answer certain questlon eoncernlng con
tracta and the severence of hla connec
tlona with the > ompany. After he had
feveral times been warned by Kdward }'?
Grosvenor, of counsel for the government.
that he had been aubpo?naed aa a wltneas
and muat anawer, he went into the d^slred
Oeorge A. Weyland, an agrlcultural im?
plement dealer of Boonvllle. Mo., teatl?
fled yeaterday that the Internatlonal trled
to force hlm to buy a Urger stoek of
"straight aa]eB gooda" than his trade
warranted, and 1 ad trled to Induce hlm
to glvc up the agi'tiiv for an Independent
company's blnder. He teetUted to-day
that he put In a lln?> of Indepmdent har
Veaters last year, and that th?> Interna?
tlonal wlthdrew ita champion line from
hlm and gave lt to a grocfry flrrn.
H. ?'. Slmmons. of pllot firove, Mo.,
teatlfled that the Internatlonal wlthdrew
Its Deerlns Hn? from hlm when In t?o9 he
refuaed to dlscontinue ?<lltrig Johnson
Roman Catholic Clergyman Re
ceived by Bishop Oreer.
The formai receptlen of Wllllam Walah,
untll recently a Roman ('atholic prleat.
into the Kplacopal thurch. It was an
nouneed yesterday. took place in the
I'ioeesan House, No 41( I?af?yette atreet.
on November 1*. Bishop Ore*r offlelatlng.
The f'ftldal n|tnf?s<?s were t'anon
Oeorge F. Nelson and the Rev. Wllllam
Walker Hmith. The Bishop rerrived Mr.
Walah after his ca?e had been paased on
bv the standlng commlttee of tho dio
Special Grand Jury Puts Wright
on Grill About Favors
to Prisoner.
Freedom on Bail for Former
Ohamberlain if Motion for
Arrest of Judgment
Is Oranted.
Charles H. Hyde has another week to
spend In his Tombs apnrtment. Jus
tice Goff did not Bentence the former
t'ity Chaniberlain yesterday, but re
served decislon on the motion of John
P. Stanehfield. Ilydc'a counsel. for an
arrest of judgment, remandlng the
convicted man to the Tombs for a week
more before pronouncing his fate.
This wlll glve the so-called "John
Doe-' grand Jury an opportunlty to in
qulre into condltlons of admlnistration
In the Tombs whlle Hyde languishea In
the "Cummtns rhaek." Pefore re?
mandlng Hyde Justlce Ooff charged the
Krnnd Jury to Inqulre into condltlons
In the Tombs, and yesterday aftcrnoon
that body set to work.
Mr. Ktanchfleld and his Hlent MOflatd
conslderably elated over Justlce Goff's
aerlous entertainment of what Is usu
ally ? perfunctory motion offered t>y
counsel for the defence Just before the
court p.nsses sentence on his cljent.
The lawyer sald that. whlle unusual.
this actlon on the part of Justlce Goff
was not unlque In the modern annals
of the New York bench. If the Justh-e
grants an arrest of Judgment. he cx
plalr.ed, the people mav appeal flrst to
the Appellate Division and then to the
COOfl of Appeals. Hyde being admltfed
to ball In the mean time.
No Appeal from Denial.
If. however. Justlce Ooff denies the
motion. the defence cannot appeal U
the hlgher courts agalnst this ?perlfi
decislon. It will be neeessary thep for
Mr. Staiuhfleld to pro< eed as he had
plaimed in cnse the court sentenced
Hyde-that is. appear before the Jus
tl? e ln Spe( ial Term. Part 1. of the Su
pTOJM Court for an order to ehow i a>ise
why the OOBVaetad former <'ltv I'ham
berlaiti should nol ha\e a tertllhate of
reasonable doubt. this order to he re
turnable after the Dlstrht Attornev
has had at least forty-elght hours In
whl? h to prepare his answer. In other
words. Hydes appeal. in rase Justlce
Goff denies the motion for an arrest of
Judgment. mttst be taken on the de
feiK e's exceptions to the eourt's rullngs
thtoughout the entlre trlal and to the
lontents of hia eharge to the Jury
rather than on the point made by
Htanrhfleld in his argument yesterday
that the eharge on whl< h Hyde atood
convh ted falled to < onstltute the > rlme
of bflbOfl.
Hefore hearlng Stnn' hfield's argu
metu Justiee Ooff . alled Wllllam J.
Wright. Dopttty < dmmlssi^ner of Cor
raotlona, to the stand He peraoaally
examlned the witness ion< erning M al
leRtd Interview with the lutter wlil.n
appeared in a mornlng paptT on Mon
da\, in whh h Wright was OJOOted as
saying be believed "his friend Hyde"
was lnno< enf. beeaacd Tombs "trustles"
had roportad to him extraets from |
(onversatlon overhenrd bttWOtn Jo
seph (> RoMfl and his oister.
It ha* been .alled to nv. attent i..n."
sald the court, "that you have n.ade a
certatn tiatement ln regsrd to this ea?e,
to the effect that bow orldeace has
eotne to pow attontlea thai arOI afforri
this defet.flant a new trinl. I will not
senteno this prisoner or any other If
it can be shown that any injusth e has
been done. Do you know of anything
that should cause the verdlct to be set
aslde or a new trlal to he called?"
"No, sir," replied Mr. Wright, rather
? Have ynu ever derlared to any per
son that ) ou have auch knowledgc?"
persisted Justlce Goft.
"Any statenient that I have is falOO,"
declared the Dflpajtf ('ommlssloner.
Wright Faoaa Qrand Jury.
"Old you ever say anything approai h
Ing such a statement?"
"No. slr."
' Iild you say 'No' posltlvely?"
"Yea, Blr."
"There wns an Indkatlon of doubt ln
your tone. Did you ever say to any
one In words or In substance that you
had knowledge that would glve this
defendant a new trlal?"
"No, slr."
That ended the queatlonlng of Wright,
who ahorJJy afterward took the witness
stand before the grand Jury to make
the aame denlala and to undergo, also,
an examlnatlon regarding hlB adnvtn
istratlon of the Tombs. Eduardo
Breker. the reporter responsiblo for the
alleged lntcrvlew whlch has immersed
Mr Wright ln such hot water, preceded
him aa a witness before the grand Jury,
produclng his notebook to prove he cor
rectly quoted the Deputy (Jommlssioner
in his paper.
Breker waa the flrat witness before
the grand Jury. When he emerged
after a Bhort examlnatlon he told his
frlends that last Sunday he had called
up Wright on the telephone and that
Wright had made the atatements at
tributed to him the next mornlng over
the telephone. Breker aald that what
Wright told him aeemed ao important
to him he immedlately spoke to the
niglu rity editor about It and went up
to see Wright in neraon to make doubly
sure he had heard arlght. Wright re
peated to him what he had aald ovtr
the telephone, he sald, and ho took
i-areful notea of the converMation. Tho
notebook he had with him bore him
Wright denled that part of the lnter?
vlew ln whlch he was quoted as saying
he had evldence whlch l*d him to be
lleve ln Hyde's Innocenee. He sald fur
ther that Wllllam P. McLoughlln, a
newspaper friend of hia, had told him
that Breker had been a preaa agent and
that he believed all preaa agents to be
llara. The grand jury, therefore,_eent
for Mr. McLoughlin, who remembered
tho rem.ark he had made to Wright,
but sjild he had made it in an offhand
m-inner and that he kncw of nothlng
whatever to Impttgn the veraclty or re
liabllity of Breker.
Navar Studied Tomba Rulea.
Wright occupled the stand before the
grand jury for an hour and a half, and
in that time underwent a searchlng ex
amination regardlng condltlons in tho
TombH. Questlons were flred at him
from all quarters, according to report,
concernlng the favorltism shown to
Hyde since the latter's incaneration.
A copy of the rtiles governlng the con
duct of prisoners in the Tombs and the
oftlcerfl detailed to take care. of them
was sent for and produced, adding
grcatly to the witness's embarrass
ment, lt Is sald, becauae he was com
pelled to admlt he had ncver read the
The elty charter says these rulcs shall
bo lald down by the Commlssloner of
Oorrectlon?ln this instance Commls?
sloner Whitney- and ahall have the ef
fcct of law wlthin V* prlson .uremlses.
They prescrlhe that all prisoners shall
be treated allke; that no prisoner shall
have a vlsitor on Sunday without spe
clal permisslon In wrlting from tho
Commlssloner of Correction, and so on,
rules which, it is charged, have baan
repeatedly vlolated for Hyde's beneflt.
lt the grand Jury flnds that Wright,
who has had special charge of the
Tombs, has been derelict in his duty, lt
can hand up u presetitment recom
mending his dlsmissal by the Mayor or
the Governor. If such u presentmeot
re8iilts from the present Investigation
lt wlll undoubtedly bc suhmitted flrat
to the Mayor for action. If the Mayor
ignores it or volubly refuses to dlsniiss
Wright, who, Is the Tammany captain
of the .'llst Assembly Dlstrict, Justlca
Goff, It Is expOCted, will pass tho rec
onunandation on to Ctovarnoy l>ix.
Goff Charges Grand Jury.
Justlce Ooff began the court MflOjon
yesterday mornlng at 1<i:.'!C? o'clock by
charglng the "John Doe" grand Jury as
I ?? aw provtdea tbgl the grand Jury
mual Inqulre Into the actiona of p blli
offlcera and into tha conriitlon and man*
agement of the pvollc ptiaona, That
tha power that is it your hand. to Inqulre
Into the managetnent of tha publle prta*
one, to 4ete< t aiui Inqulre Into tbe man
agemenl fhat rteais witu tha afflcienc) ai
the prleooe. Tba ia*- saya you may bevj
fiec eecaoa to then !>t ativ time.
I eali yoiir atteniion to a reeponalbla
newapnper repori apeaklng of the actiona
>>'. a cfty offlcial In tbe elty prlson. I
have nothlng to aay of that; that lt will
be rour dutj to Inqulre Into, Our pqbllc
Inatltutlon* sho>iiii be propetiy condnct
ed. not only aceording to law, bui to j ie? I
llca Tha law preecnb*e that men pn
ruted '?? erlma mual i<e kepl ln cuat<
and that when convlcted they ahall be
kepl in ronflnement untll aenteuc? ' Ul
i for the sdmlnlatratlon of Jnatlea,
aii'i ??o Hiat everytblng will i>e fait to all.
Tl ?? Ina knowa no dlaorlmlnatlon, no
pull nor powerful polltlcal Influence. nd
mittei whal tha aorlal condlUona Thbi
i- i govtrnnient of the people; there mtist
j*e no '!???> rtmlnatlon
i cbai ge you to Inqulre Into th< m m?
agemenl of tbe elty prlaon, and l ?uggeat
for your inriuiry to iook frito the.*.- mat
tera i wili outllne the<e aubji
lin?s yoU wlll need to fol|ow:
In this < itv ptfoon in a condltlon of
manacemenl II ai H proner'.' is It 'on
dueted ln tc< manner end splrit of the
inw?" ij tma ordei and dlaclpllne . iA
tain*n in lt? Ht.\e prlsonera beati as
aaulted and treated with rloience wlthin
ity walla? iia\e tbei been treated urtth
dlacrlmlnatlon, and. if bo, by wboin and
why? H <s anv ratploye oeed bla poeltlon
to fahihate teatlmony (Orany one.' Haa
utc employa knowfedge of teatlmony
whici. uiight reveree the declalon of a
jury ?nd residt ln a t ew trlal"
it was 11 o'clock when Ctorfc Penney
called "Charlea h Hyde to the bar:"
and every ona In tha crownad <ourt
rooiu taiatad roond In hla seat to aee
the blg. boyiab prisoner einerge fri>rt.
the roar ioaf leadlna; to the Tomba.
He atepped up brtakly, and planted
bUnaetf tUrnly before Juatlce <iott.
?What have you noa to say to the
court." Intoned Clerk Penney, "why
aontonoe ahoafd not he pronoaacad
agahiai you tecordtne to law'.'"
If was at this roint tliat Mr. Stan. h- I
Here's the cigar that
noised its own excel
lence over night.
Its first day sales
reached 420,000!
We are now pre
pared for unlimited
demand and would
hint to those who
experienced disap
pointment, to double
their usual supply.
At .11 Unit.d Storea er
M.il Order S?rrka, Flatrion BU|., N. Y.
McGibbon & Co.
Christmas Exposition
Kvery member of the family has been remem
bcred in a grand collection of appropriate gifts now
displtved on oor Miin Floor. Each department has
contributed something, and gifts for all, whether
ornafnenttl, personal or utilitarian. may be selected
qitickly. comfortably and economically.
It will bc worth your while to tum from Fifth
\\enue into otir Store on 37th Street, just oflf the
3 West W* St.
JuBt off Fifth Avenue
fleld began hll arjnimont for an arrest
of judgment He repeated in substance
the argoment be had mudeat thebegln
nii.gof the trial. when he asked that the
Indletment ngalnst his cllent be quashed
On the ground that it dld not spe.ify
the consideratlon wlildi Hyde had re
eeirad al I bribe. H> attacked the
haotlce'i Intorpratatlon of section 372
of the P< .?ai Oode. on whlch the convj(?
Ubn rcateet retnlnding tha coort this
8<'<tioii refe.rred speclflcally-to judbral
ofAcara If It were bribery, he argued.
for the Clty Chamberlain to promlse ..
man more bfty dapoatta if the latter
would leiid n.oney to one of the Clty
Chamberlaln'a frienda, than it would be
bribery for n lustice of the Supreme
Court to agree to do a eolleag\ie of the
banch ? faVOf if the latter would ap
point one of the tnatlea'a friends to a
11^ used another illustratioii.
Assun.e." h<* said. "that the Distriet
Attorney is o!<?cted Mayor of Xew Yorl
and a powerful newspaper seeks te
have om af Ita aaaloyea appotntad by
hlm aa his private secretary. He make:
tl a appointtnent, say, In return for th?
proinis* u( that papar that it will sup
port his oftVlal acts. That again would
be bribery undT your honor'a interprt
tation of Sectlon 372, punishable by ten
years in prison or $3,000 flne or botr."
The Dlstrlct Attorney Is said heartily
to agree that the latter lllustratior. sets
forth a elear case of bribery. He is not
worrying over the outcome of the mo
tlon, pr^ferring to let the brief he sub
mltted to the court in answer to- the
former n.otion for a dismisaal of the
indic tmetit serve the present instan'.e.
Republicans of 19th Assembly District
Indorse Him for Mayor.
Four hundred members of the Repu'uh
can Club of the Ifth Assembly Dlstiict,
at their regular monthly meettng last
nlrht at No Hl Wo9t 117th street. unanl
moualy adopted a reaolution lndoralng
the candldac.; of Charles 8. WhStnian.
Dlstrlct AttoraoTi for Mayor at the next
The reeohltloa was offered by Coroner
Herman W, Holthauaer. and Senator
Alexand'-r Brotigh slso spoke ln favor af
It. A eopjf of the resolution was ?<?nt te ,
Mr Whltman.
ff/terDinner Gojfee Sets
CJ/EHONEHUNDR.ED designs in Sterlir^&Wer'ore^hovn.
jin the Corham sale/roorru each set seryefa y^ful pirr*
'pose re^ardle^* of price.*5he collection embruc^ all perioay
CvlomcJ-ltfthCciituryFrenck-Old^ e/c
T3he name of Corham has &uned its unique place throu$\ the
superiority oP such de/idps as are mcluded in the pnyent stoclc
the GOEH3M CO.
36th St.

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