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V*"* LXXTI..X0 24.128.
_ nnT/xn *-va.T*n i^aT'T-TT' la City ot New Yoeh. Jera*y City andHahoken
Englishman, Figuring in Nowill
Mystery, Was Married in
New York City, No?
vember 1, 1911.
Next Heard of in England with
Mrs. Nowill, Who Met
Strange Death on Sea
shore After Qnar
rel with Him.
\ reniarkahlo development in Ihe
Nowill mystery. whieh all KnRlnnd ls
it present dis<nissing. and one O/htch
oonnects the affalr dlr??rily with thls
country, 000110-0(1 yesterday In the dte
covery that Janu-s Arthur Delay, tho
retired solloitor. who hanpod himself
the day after Mrs. Nowill dtaappeared
from r hotel at Xewquay. P'ngland.
married a wldow In Now York on N?>
veniber 1, if?n.
Aroording to the City Hall rocorda
James Arthur Delay and Ifra. Ifory
T.eslie Younj? were marrioil uti that date
bv Alderman James Bmith. How long
after the ceremony they remained io
thls oountry is not known. Whon next
heard of Delay was alone at the At
lantlo Hotel, Newquay. where he was
seen constantly in the company of Mrs.
Nowill. ln a will made by Delay and
cll6covered after his trapic death n
oodicil gave $iriO,000 to Mrs. Nowltt
To date the question of whether Mrs.
Nowill's helrs aro entltled to the money
haa not heen oottled, owmg to the fact
that nlne davs Oitef she dtaoppoored
her hody was f.. in<I anvmp th.. rockl
at the foot of a oliff OH whieh the hotel
*tands, and it has not yet been decided
whether she or Dela) dted flrst.
Mrs Nowill, who ?:is thirty
old, ramo to the Attantk Hotel with
her O-Othor about the lir.-t of No
!>e:\ Jomea Arthur Delay. iald to 04
tired aolfcltor from Slngapon
boul two wi iks ia tar. lio ha 1
m.^t Mra. Nowill and hi 1
nd thej were aeen
' a (;..n(l ileal.
....11 of Novetnhi r !J
to tbe hotel tooether, and
? .1 .\ Bearch
.- | . ?
I '? ? 881 K .?*. " ? :?'
? ? Here.
Al *i . .1... ? hia
? .1 by
. bvhr.
Meonwhllo the ai
mtlnued. and i:iii<- days
tpeaured har rruahed h d)
found axnong tbi rocka below the
' liff. A ? ....--tiriwird testilied to havinj;
Mrs. Nowill and Delay < uarrellln>r
on tho doy of her disappearanre, and
Uid deelared it was his belief
thal she had n"t oommitted l_cjde.
T_#j oflkef? records ln Now York
that Delay and Mrs. Leslie were
married on Ihe same day tliat the 11
to WOd was obtained. He was
bern in England, he deelared, the BOO
of Williani Delay and Oarollne Parry,
forty-six years ago. He had never been
married before. His wife gave her ape
M thirty and declOfOd that lt was her
Becoad narriajre. her flrst husband
h'injr dead. She waa born ln England,
ahe stated, and was a daughter of John
e and Lillian Compton.
At the marriage lieense bureau Delay
Save his address as No. 171! West 7'Jd
Bt 80t Invtstigation yesterday dis
. d that the building 011 that site
lad recently beefl oonverted Into an
aj.artment house and had heen unooou
Bjed sinoe early in the apriiur. At the
thni Delay was married the house waa
^ remodelled. No one who had
This Morning's News
Oavnor P.ldiruleB Reformers. 1
Uunm'ti Shoot Newark DeteetlveB- 1
Taft ot Titanh Meaaoiial. 1
Delay Had Wedded Wldow Hc,f. 1
bo Prlsoners Cocaine Yldims.... 3
Aetaeae wins aMaaajer sult. 3
<;rand JurorB Ybit Tonil>?. 3
ea ("aptain Queiis "L" Ooaaedlawo. 8
nf to Reonlte nopohllfooi. fl
Rohiaaoo ProffraaadTt chairman. 1
Red?Halred Olrla wr i.uun<hing. 1
MfrchantB for Labor Heform. 7
ChrlattOa Belenttal Laet_rea. ?
POllea Tell of Waldo's Generosity-15
liisuraricf CoBVODtlofl Knds.1?
i.11 ven Hurt in *_** CTOOBl.*?
tllBBOay Suit iteoalls Komanee.30
IrnyOdaoar Kiiied by Pall.30
I if th Avenue Jam Dtaeoaaed.30
-Oyei-WafO ftepudiate Illease. 1
IlobI>er Drlvea Woman Mad. 1
?r Hamilton Yerbeck's SucceBsor. 3
Parma Yield Ton Billlons. *
StartleH Senate. *l
MfiKHii Reoels liernatid Wemaa. *
Praeldeot TOffa Mt-Hsax**. ?
Balfcaa AJtlea Draft Terms. 3
AjBtOOMaOOfl to Meet. 3
KeWfl for W ornen. '
?iniKh and Keiigloua Newa. 7
ICditorial . ?
oectaty . a
Bfaaae . *
Theatrhal . ?
OMtuiIry . ?
Lltarary Newa and Crltlelam,
10, 11, 13 and 13
Aimy and Navy.ia
Weather .lfl
tidpplng .18
.aolal and MurketB.11 H*>d l7
Umi, Ehiatt.?.Ifl
known cither Delay or Mrs. Young
."til.l he found in the nelghborhood.
Aldeman Jamea Smith, known as
'tho marrying alderman," was unahie
last night to recall the couple. He ha 1
marrled so many, he declared, that b*
could not positively say he had per?
formed the C4 -emony nnless he con
Biilted the recorda. William Long, a
clerk at the marriage license bureaa,
who waa a witness to the ceremony,
was in the same predicament. Neithcr
had the slightcst recollection of the
couple and neither could give lnforma
tion that mlght lead to flnding frlenda
OT relatlves.
[By 4-al.l. to Tha Tribune 1
London. Dec. 6.?The wife of JaflBB
Arthur Delay. whose self-sought den'h
after the lllBapp?fiaie <>f Mrs. Nowill
remalns stlll uiicxplam* d. was found in
.i llttle West End Sat to-day. Bha
shunned all puhlit-ity after h*r hus
band'a aulctft*, abaantlng haraalf from
her home for thal purpoa*. All at
t"mpt(i to obtatB from her any light on
the my*t*ry faiied. but ahe *drnttted
that she knew Mr. and Mis. Xouill.
The ni-irriage of the D.-lays. it a|>
-. ttiok placo in N?w Torh on N"
veniber 1. ltll. One of the effects of
tlus discovery may be to invalblate the
j mad* by Delay tO Mrs. Nowill.
j Tips Craft Over and Escapes
After Being Hooked.
Roseland. N. .1.. Dec. 6.?A flsh that
was hooked yesterday ln BplH Rock
Pood, Ifonil County, waa so blg and
strong that lt hauled four anghrv. out
?.f their Imat, a-KSOrdlag to L, C. ?ont,
Waltei Raltiwin, K. A. 'Williams and
M.ir.us W. De Cump, the rlshermen, all
Of thia pla<e.
Kent hooked the tlsh and was bu*y
trying to play it when the athan
. rowded around him to help. The flsh
pulled over the boat, which was near
shore, and they fot to land saf.ly,
where they built a flre and dried them
The flsh got away.
jWorkingman Dead When Dug
Out of Sand Heap.
WUflaai Meflarry, a liouae shorrr,
Ihirty-five years old. was ?*BOth*rad tO
j death yeeterdajr aftemoon la the **>
IravatJofl belng mad- al Broadway and
. Ex. hangc Allcy for th* 32-etory Aalama
, l.xprcss .'ompany building
it was MeOarry*a fir.-t da) oa the
,;,,i. a platform aaad for Btortng sand
| had weakened. and Mclarry got unibr
[ll lo make repair*. While he mu
! -.vorklng it collapsed, and sand and all
on him.
.-i\ lahorera htirnedlatoly Btarted <iig
ging hitn out, but */b*n u. ten mu.iH' s
.they reached him he was dead. Ile
ir ed at No. -ir> Eaal l Tt ii Btiaet, and
i wif'e in Ir* land.
Turn Gas Jet in Playing and
Woraan Is Asphyxiated.
Phlladerphia, D*c. ? Kittea* pUjrlng
iMider a gas rango turm-.l <>n a jet and
xiated their nilstress. Mrs. Mary
Sh'iler. twenty-eight years old, in her
hORM herr to-day. The wouian's hus?
band, the only Oth*T occnpant of the
hftlian, was renderer) uiicotis.-lous l,y the
iing gas, but was all** when
ii4 ighbors discovered the accident. He
was remored to a hospital, where lt
Mra* Itatad he might reriiver
Th* kittcns *r*r* d*ad < i the kitrhen
floor arhan nelghbora entered thchoaae.
Mr. and Mrs. Sli<-11er w.-re found in
their bedrooan on the floor ebora.
PfTayor-Elect MacLeod Declares
He Will Break It All Up.
| Hy Tel.gr.j.h ... The Trllmne I
Newport, K. I., Dec. H. -Mayor-4-1.?? t
V.'llliani MacLeod declared to-day that
he would draw no "gambllng line." All
the gamhling must go, said Mr. Mac?
Leod. He lntends to break up not only
tbe "crap Jointa," but al^o the arlsto
eratic resorta.
According to thia sechedule, not only
are the "srnall fry" to be extingulshed,
but also the excluslve elub*.
The Mayor-eh-. t declared it would he
easy to stop Newport gambling.
"All tbat la BBC* ssary," he aald, "la
to send police to raiil the place, selze
th'- paraphernalia. nall up the doora
and then guard the place bo none cun
. nt'-r."'
' Sleepwalking Burglar Caught
Taking Out the Plumbing.
I'ersons passing the hoti.se at No. 311
; Ea*i 23d street yesterday aftemoon san
a streiun of water running Into the
| street from under th?- front door. fJoOM
[on* went to tlie Kast 22d street statlon
and told the poli.?<?, nnd when a de
tectlve went around he found that th?
door had b*BB broken open. But that
did not explain the water. The niain
atalrway r****Bh?ad a cataract, and th*
d.te. u\. went upstalrs, regrettlng at
every step that he had not bnnight hia
gum boota
on the top door was a niar. calinly
engaced in paosttag up a quantlty of
!,..,,! plpe, brass fauoatfl and other
thinps f,,r which idumbcrs malu m**\
,.|iarg.-s After tbat there was a BOB
of language almost er,ual to the wat-r
h.t had come from the mutuatad
I. .? At Police Hea.l.iuarters the
,;,1V,. hls name as John Farr.il.
' *Y__, i was th.re when th. d.-f, tl*e
_,,, ?,;." said Farrell. "Hul I .....st
h-.ve beVn walKing ln my aleep bafat*
l ;. ilirlve.l. for I do not i.m.nilier a
ii,^ about it all." The pusune, said
|?. ha.! never be.n arrested, but
i Ihe poll.e dug up a photograid. and a
,::(.nrd ..hat rau**d the man to blu*h.
., _hc Kss.x Market I'ourt he was h.-ld
on the ch*rg* of burajlary **ith..ui bail,
Hk.ukIi 't wUI be necessary for son.e
one to hale out the baaaanent in the
houae whare Karrail waa operatlng
, |. gtaoa o, ANG06TURA BiiTnns
'.??.,??? ,illt.r a dliincrfpBHy. Ad*t
Three Desperadoes Open Fire
on Two Newark Officers Who
Were Trailing Them as
Suspected Robbers.
All Disappear After Wounded
Man's Companion, Who Is
Unarmed, Gets Other's
Revolver and Begins
Blazing Away.
Three cnnmon riddled a detective and
narrowly miaeed hlttlnf aiiother in a
tnsillade of shots m Newark last nlght.
and uot away. Tha wounded pollcemaa
is john J. OafTney, am) he bei four
bulleta In the abdomen, that win probt
Obly eauaa hia death. His partner,
j Llentenanl Patiich .' Ryan, had a
bollet v liiz through tii<- tai al of his
orercoat Ha falled to hrhiK anj of
the deaperadoea down as he ohj ? d
them Into a cemetery, flrtag aa he n<n.
Tha three gunmen, who aere ityl?
lohly dreoaed, were trailed by the two
Bleutha for half an lmui befora the
shootins; tooh place. The Bhootlni or.
curred In a darh apot la Lafayette
?treet a few hundred feet froto
orowded Broad itreet when Goffney
attetnpted to Interrogate the three aua
plctoua tookJng men Ryon woa hoM
a doaen feel from Gaffney, and b a ipn
aa the lotter atepped up to the trlo
i.'nh one ahipped oul a blecb iteel
gun and flred aJanoat almultaneoualy
Oaffney aanh to tho pavetaent ^ith
a groan, drawlng hia own rerolver aa
he fell ii.- flred two Bhoti al ihe
fugttrrei as thej dlaappeared Into h
!?? itrht ? ani of tha Ceotral Railroad
whlch adjolna tha retnetery at tha rear
,,f the i"ti * Pn Bbyterlon Chorch
Rjran waa unarmed, bnl he grobhed
his wounded partner*! weopon eod wenl
after tbe fugltlvee.
Over fretghl . ;n^ thej rllmbed
then tht aled a fem a to the b
ground. ii' an Bred al ? lure
aa it boutaded over tombetom but m
tho Intenaa darhneaB i' aai aoey f"r
the Kunmon t.. mahe good ti" i ?
| through mor" than OM OOOOtOd
I dtfferanl aelgbbortng atraeta. i*or
hotiri dOtOCthrOI and Othori ? 0
tho groveyord wlth lontonoi
Oaffney reteJoed c^nacaouartaaB aatH
? i*hai ' !lf '". ?< flrooaao arlth
IMuarters half B bl <?). awey, reOChed
htm 'ii ? ?! ? man mtjoa
thol i prleai !?? Bummoned i ??? told
Ihe flromen that he hnew nooo of his
, Hanl ? Ha e aa h utIi d to Bt
jamei i Hoapltol, whera ao operatlon
was performed ln hopa of aovlng haa
Oaffney and Ryon hod been aaaloTted
to a ho)d-u|i cauaa, arhlt ii wa reported
in hai in_r t.ik.-n plara ln Mllltar*
Park on Thureday nlght, when thn-..
hlghwaymen rohhed a moo of tlJl I
the deecriptlon of Ihe UrhJ who llgured
in thla caae Ryaa'a eya fell upon tho
three well dreeeed gunmen ln Park
Place, almoal tppoalte tht m?? t whero
the hold-up occurred. Tha two dotoc*
tives took up the traii The Btrangera
beoded for tha PoiH Plooa termloal of
tba Hudaon Tunne] Mne aad maj ha".'"
diacovered tbal they were bolng foi
They leiroeed their atepa on reach
Ing the atatlon and ^.<t to Broad atreet
Byan ond Oaffney kept well behlnd
them to Lafeyetta atreet Into wbtch
the trio tunioi. Thej walked aboot a
block, when tboy turned back. Ryon
advised Caffnoy to l.-t tlie three roaon
BrOOd OtrOOl again, and walked oJaOOd
of his paurtoor oi they were ahout ;o
meet the gunmen.
Oaffooy h;*s been on the polko force
for more than ten yearf?. is mnrried
and lias threo children. His home ia ot
No. _* Austin BtTOOt
At the boepltal raln efforts to rovivo
Oaffney were made Ha was ptaced on
tha operatlng table and tiK- aurgeona
wenl to work to try to flnd tho three
bulleta whlch were belleTed to ba Itn
bedded in his abdomeo.
a general oJoi_ *aa aent out by tho
pollce, and soon the OOtlro <'lty was
belng watched for 8JOOM trare of th.
men. Tha polko of aeerby ?itio? and
towns were aleo aaked to be on thi
lookout Ryan deacrlbea two of the
gunmen as tall. one wlth red halr, and
tho other abort erttb ? btook moot_ehe.
Junius Booth and Wife May
Have Made Suicide Pact.
I.ondon, DOC fl?Junius BOOth, an
Ai.i.rioan, and his wlfe WOte found
Aaad in i>od to-day ot BrlghtHngoio,
Kssox. They both had heen shot. and
it Ib boMered thol their daoUaa were
the result Of ? HUh ide pOCt
Booth recently had h..?-n ranntag h
mortng pletura show ot BrtghtlitifOio
| Daily Drink Without Cost, Park
Buperintendent's Scheme.
Rtcbnvmd lodU Dec. I f'^rk mon
keyn, whlch era accaotomed ta a ahrrnk
of whbrkey every otbor daj during tha
wlnter montha, arttl ge< their dram
; uithout coel io the city if the auggee
0OT1 0f Bdwar. Hoiiar... Park Buperln
tendent rr*de to-day. la approTed Mr
i Mollam haa aoked the pollce oomjnls
i vj..,-, to tum orei t,, the Boo all
whiekej obtatned ln "bllnd ttger" ratda
and from lotoxlcated pereooa
,,,. aaya that the OKmkoya have the
I aeblt and "demana" tbe|r drlnka Their
! wbla-ey blll will amoohl toeeveral dol
\un before warm "eether. Th,- law
_. ,i | ;,u v.oi.Ky i*ke?i must b
Governor's ConferenCe Unani
mously Repudiates His Utter
ances in Favor of Lynch
ing Negroes.
South Carolina Executive
Shouts His Contempt for "All
the People" and All "Good
Governors" and All
Rlchraond, Va. Dae, ?".. The Qo*?
ernors' conferanc* unaalmoualy repudi
ated to-day the utteran.es of Oovernor
Btesa* of Bouth caroima rB*BBa*BlB|
the lynching of negroes. By a r*t* of
1-1 to 4 it adopted a raaolntlOB B*> 1*1 -
ing against mob" violen. e and for the
im|iartial enfor.oment of the law. Tho
four Oovernor* wiio oppoaad the res?
olution declared themsehes as fltionglv
Indoraiac its purport, but voted "No"
becai?? they Iho'ighi th*y had no rigltt
to i ejiriniand a collcague.
Gorcrncr Bleaaa hotly defended bis
. on\ i.-tions, sn ippad his tiugers In the
la.e of bis colleagnes. told them to "go
10 it." daclarod he carod not a arhit
what the cotif.-reni c said, thought, did
or did not do. and announced th;rt .11
tbe resoluti.ins thay might cver BdjOPt
would neith.-r R**] him frotn tlie CrOI
? riinr's chair ROff frotn a B**l in tbe
Unlted stai.> flenate In 1915 or ?artler
Four titne* irrthtn ..s m.mv hours, he
aaeerted, hia life had been thieatcrvd
becaaa* of hi--- utterarwca, but thia ap
j.ealed t., him as tiltle as the resolution.
Th* four thraatenlng kattan Q*
ernor Blenee r.civ*d were all anony*
iiii.iis. Dne was niP'b-d in Iti. luiMiid.
.mother in B/aahtngton, tii" thlrd la
Louisvlll* and the fourih in Pittsl.urgh.
i e vTaahJagton arlter told him he
o M pay the penaltj if he erer cata*
', Ihat dty. The F'lttshtirgh wrif.T
?aid: "Vou erftl be tak'-n to a< l oinif
on sighl for your ?,,r.N" Th* l:i. li
mond and Loulavill* BaBBiVM were un
pi ini.ilil.'.
Blease Taken to Ta*k.
'.. '. .-rnor Klease was laken to lask
by I do/.en governors f!o\r>rn?r i'i,ri,v
,.f W*onilng. Uenouncerl him for
' laimlng r tnonopoty for South GaTO
rfB* "f tbe raBpaei <f the whlfe man
?ri.j," ?;,,'. rnor Hadlev of Mis
Bouti daolarad the fi..or af the con
f.i.ioe hall BB* n.'t a "> learlng
houae for kXBl an.i p*r*on*l eoav
trovtrrtaa." Gen'orBor Gokaaborougti of
Maryland declared he glaod aolldl) by
olutlon, baxau** H waa ;< ntattef
. rlghl Qovarno* Dla of Nea York
tboughl it would be 'most unwlea" not
to adopi the raaoltrUoB.
Oovernor O'Neal >,f Alabaraa, in a
ipeech which was diown.-d iiiip aft*r
time bjf applause. asserte.l his l..-lief
tii.it ibe entlre oo*tf*r*t>ca had been bj -
llttlad by Ihe Sonth Carollnian'a re
ind that ;t * as tbe Ba >..<i dot)
.j ....-? , \. ? ,!i\e tn UpheM the law
and th* enfon "tn. nl >.f law .
To theae d.-claratlons QoV*r*)Or Blcaa*
rapUad thal he had been qUOtcd y?-?ter
day aa paytng "to heii wlih the Conati>
tutlon," and ihat what he _aid \est?r
day be r*P**t*d to-day to "all the guod
governors h< r... to all the governors of
all the statcs, t,, all the people of the
i ntt*d Btataa." Obc*, Bh*n his voice
was d.owncd ln a storm of hlssos, be
ti.rn.il to the gallerles and to bis col
I**f1l*g and laughed.
"What care I for your hiasea?" he
ask.d. Then shaklng hls elenched flst.
he ahouted; "Hiaa if you muat. Only
sniikes and geeae hias."
O'Neal Offera Resolution.
Oovernor O'Neal unloosed the atorm
when he introdm cd the following reao
Thla confcrcnce of (Jovernor* does not
undertaka to o.ntrui the lndhldual views
of ita membara upon any qneetlona <?f
I.,** or admiiilstratlon; it declarea that
this governtn.nt la bused upon th* fun
danaantal prlndple of law and ordtr. that
the constitutlon of each state l.npose*
upon Ita chlef executive the aupreme ,luty
of taklng care that th. laws shall be
faithfully and equuiiy enforced; that it
advocate* all pr.'per methoda for atr. ngth
enuig and afmpufytng our nu-thods of
ii* II and crlinlnal proccdure.
Thla eoaterenea protoBta against any
dlapoaltton or utterancea by ihose In
trust.-d with the .-x<-< utlon of the law ln
anv of tha atate* of this t'nion whlch
tend or could he conotrued aa t.-n.llng to
the encouragement or Juatlftcatloa of mob
etolenee or Interferenee with the orderly
p.oces.es <>f the law.
To thlB (Jovernor Mnnn of Virginia
ObjCCtad, and oIYered the following sub
stltuto, which was aceepted and
rtesolved, that ll ls the aentim. nt of ll.e
i;.,*ernors' conferetnv, in aesalyn at Rlch
iii,.nd. Va., to-day, ihat the erbola pow.r
Of tha a.veral stntea be uaed when.ver
n...vsarv to prot.-. t peraona accuaed of
cHme of e\ery klnd agalnat the vlolence
i.f mobs, and to provlda for Bpeedy, order?
ly and ImpartlaJ trlals h> eourt* of com
petenl rurladlctlon, to the end thal ihe
law- for th.- prot-4Jtlon of llf. and firop
erty be duly enforced and respecie.l hv
th.- people
Blease Defiea Critica.
"I holrl ln my hand." aald Oovernor
T*le;.-i... wben he rose to d.-fend htmself,
?the fourth letter threatenlng my llf?
I have recelve.l this morning. Tt was
haml. d nie Just now bv some one I did
not know, and It waa addrcssed to ma
in the care of the Oovernor of Vir?
-I know nothing of tbe letter. alr."
exclalmed Oovernor Mann "I nevet
h.aid of It before; I did not recelve lt;
I Know nothing of Ita eontents."
?It di.esn't matter." continued Cov
ernor Illease. "I apeak nobodya oplnlon
but mv own. The ntwspaper headllne*
have misrepresented Bt*. When 1 sp-.kf
..ytiida* about the marrlage of Mack
lontliMiiNl <?o .eenBd n.rf. t\tth eolunaa.
President's Wife and Daughter Are Chief
Figures Among Gathering of Notable
Persons at Century Theatre.
Ensign Dc-gfce*. U. S. N.; Miu Esthcr Cleveland, Ensign H. E.
Knauss, U. S. N.
The trat Indy ln the land aat ln the
flag draped ProOldaot'l h.x. dlltterlng
naval offleeri and OlbOOO girls defc-Od
arouod most paet-reeaualy.
Llttta children danced, ond the
brighteat Btejra In the theeJHcel sky
i. aii thrnga ooneplred to make
th< Woman'a Tltamlo MemortaJ heneflt
performance yeaterday afternooo atre
mendoua aucceaa. Prato tha Praaldent'a
" ,..\ 00 the rifhl of the ptage, where
j Mrs. Taft and Miss IIHen Taft sat wlth
i Mrs. John Baya llaaomoad, Mra.
Orover Clevelaiid ?nd Mrs. John Hay,
oad tba boa directly onpoatto. where
Mra \ndr-w (arnegie Ml ? 'Ith her
large party, way up into the io__ri of
th, Century Theatre even, "tla said.
loto the n moteel rorrjar of tbe paoee
where the maeeullna porttoa of the
audlence aought refa*eohaoeat Ihere
iraa n< t ? roconl wot
Late airtvnls atood in the alsles until
thfl I"'"' iH-partimnt COObO and ghoVOd
them out.
Next to Mrs. Taft and the members
of the rreaadantlel paaty the perooo
Well-to-Do Woman Committed
to Asylum Following
Negro's Attaek. ?
[nj T"l?8raph to Th? 1*1888?1 I
Som.Tvlllrt. N J.. Dec. 6? Aa the re
Biilt of boing baotOO and rohboi a week
ago by a OOgrO. Mlas JBttl OOaTOtOOO
wns adjudged lnsane to-day and taken
from tho Somerset County Jall here to
the asylum Ot Morrls I'lalns.
Miss Oorretaon, who ls flfty years old
and well to do. lived alone on her farm
of one hundred 80001 near Grlggstown.
A negro, who ls fitill at large, broKo
Into het home about mldnlght and tor
rured her notll aha rorealed the hiding
place of HSB whlch she had ln tho
Wblla the negro was soarohing the
premlses for lOOt Miss (Jarretson ee
aaped ftona the house and started to
run to a nelghboring farmhouae. Th<?
negro pursued her and attaoked her.
ln the struggle she was hadly benten
.,,M)Ut the l.o.ly and fare, hut she suo
eoedad ln escaping a second time and
aroueed a nelghbor. The n.-gro OOCOPed
after he had taken from the (Jarretson
home 112ft. a gold WOteh and other loot.
Ulsj (Jarretson. who hud llved alone
sincc the death of her maid somo time
ago, was oared for by her nelghbor an 1
treated by a physloian for a few days
gfter she was gttookod by the negr>.
She |8turned to her home. but suddenly
dlaO|l|lierifl from the neighborhood.
She \mis dlscovered later in the in
sune ward of a Philadelphia hospital.
She had trHvelled alone to that city and
had beeo round wanderlng ?tlUl'lOJIy
about the itreota
Bjhe was turned over to the Somerset
County authorities and waa examlned
by h rommlBsion to-day. ACtlng 00 the
flndtng of tha commission. Judge COea,
comuiitted her to ihe aBylum.
who atlracted the most nttentlon was
Mlaa Eather Cleveland?and it was evi
dent that to som.' gallant souls she
came flrat of all. Talland txceedlng fair.
clad ln fluffy plnk chlffnn. toppad with a
Jnige black hnt. she wroiight bBVOC Ifl
many a gold-braid- d breast. When she
aailed the corridora the flo*r*r of the
T'nited 8tate8 navy trailed iu her wake
and the prlde of b***doB*'l army foughl
to carry her wrap. Bhe could ba found
even in the darkest momenta by tho
long line of tpaulat* that glcamed m
the shadovv
When the Iights were turned on
ag.iln and she went to pay her r?
speots to Mrs. Taft the dark baCB>
I ground of the bo* sud.b-nly L.gan tO
; glovv like some gold embroidered tap
estry. and when she _M~*d the alr re
aounded with the dnnking of goid
Hetween th* bfitl Miss Cleveland
nnd her retinue. and Mlss Taft,
Miss Ilope Hnmilton, Miss Mar
('nntlnned on gerond page. thlrd eolnmn.
Oongressmen to Argue Which
Menace Navigation Most.
fPrnm The Trlht.n. Bureau.1
Washington, Dec. 6.?Four members
of 4'ongreas will debate the question.
"Resolved, That bowlegs are a greater
menace to navigation than knock
knees," with John Haya Hammond aa
referee. at the National Presa Club on
Thuraday night. Repreaentatives Will?
iam Kulaer, of New York, and James M.
Cox, of Ohio, eaeh a Oovernor-eleet,
will maintaln tho afflrmatlve, and Sen
atora Hois Penrose, of Pennsylvanla.
and Thomaa P. Oore. of Oklahoma, will
appear on the negatlve slde.
"Whiskcrs vs. baldheads" waa the
queatlon debated two years ago,
"I'nde Joe" Cannon and Senator Car
ter lipheldlng facial shrubbery and
Hepreaentatlve Nicholaa Longworth
and Kenator Itobert L. Taylor defend
lng the barren pates. Hpeaker Champ
Clark, who waa called upon in an emer
gency as referee, declded the dchate as
"a hair-ralslng tie."
"His Honor's" Heart Melts at
Praise for "Foine Wife."
A blt of perjury to atd ln natural
(7ing *B all. ii brought Michacl Morris
vesferdav before Judge Mack ln the
I'nlted States Distrlct Court.
"Why did you make this false atate
ment under oath'."' nsked the Judge.
"Voiir bonor my wlfe told me to,"
was Michael'a dejocte.l ansvver.
"Pon't you know that I could have
your wlie brought here for subttrnution
of perjury'.'" thundered the court.
I vvish you would, your honor; ahe'a
a foine looklng woman." aald Miehae!
alyly. while sunshine spread over his
broad fuce at the viaton of how hls
honor's h.art would nielt at the sight
of Irish beauty.
Judge Muck frowned in tho eflfort to
stiib- a laugh, ainl Mike's Jieart begufl
to tremble.
??pass yoajr aent*nc*. judge; pass
your sentence." he urged when the
eourt'a Bllmc* gren threatenlngly long.
live dollara ime." said Judge Mack,
|. aving the bencb lot a moment.
Recalls "Leapfrog" Slumming
Days of Reformer and Ridi
cules Overnight Plans to
Make City Good.
Says Club Gamblers and Bridge
Players Are Bad as Others
-Oives Police Oredit for
Rosenthal Case-Tells
of Social Evil.
Ifayor Oaynor. sf.eaking bef.ire the
T'niversitv rorum. of th* N?W York
I"i iversity, in Judson Memorial Hall.
jreatarday, on the subject of "The C*b
trol of Vice and Crime," modestly ad
tnitted to t'ne audience that he was
"not a good n.an." The Mayor said h.
did have bobm eqadpaaeaH to deai with
the subjects under eonsideratlon when
he became Mayor. but added:
"I know all TUf shortcomir.gs and de
fects as a man. I hope, and I know that
I am not a good ni.in, and I never
thou^ht I was."
The Mayor reverted to his boyhood
days and the stern paternal hand that
cuided his early training as to car '.
ptaytna*. He aaid:
"When I was a boy I was never al*
lotrad to touch a pack of cards. They
thoughl then th*r* ara* a Irttl* wtri\ v<
ea.h card. I t.< not romember seeing a
pack of < ards untll after I left hoBS*
Thal araa tbe idea of card playing in
those d^v, but now good Paptists and
good Methodists. .an.i many good
church people I know, sit down to a
?hi:ii. of <ar<is now and then. I don't
know whether they pul up any BAOBB*
or not, but I won t quarrel with then.
about that. J will leave that to their
own conrciences.
Sarcaam for Parkhurat.
Mavor Oaynor refened aeveral time?
to the Rev. Dr. ''arkhur^t, who had re
cently attacked him in the vellow
papers, he said. and said that th*
preacher's words and actlons were fre
quently rnlaguld*d. He "took a fall" out
of reforniers. partlcularly the kind who
were self-declared reformers, and pald
his complimenta to <'anon William
Bheafe f'l.ase, pf Brooklyn, in tineom
pllmentary ?? m..\ He said that Canon
ChBBI BBI a'iways raliing against him
about keeplng a qnlet Sunday In the
clty. He said that he believed tho
Canon was at the head of snm? anti
noise so.tety with about three members
ln it all told, like the "Three Tailors <t
Tooley Street." He was sure that the
mmistry throughout the city was not !n
sympathy with the reform ideas of Dr.
Parkhurst and Canon Chaae. be aald.
The Mayor gave the police the credit of
clearing up the Rosenthal murder rase
rather than 1 istrict Attorney VI'htt
Rlght at the start of hls address.
after saying that he bad permlsslon
from Professor Jeremiah W, Jenks, if
New York In iversity, who was *n
i harge of the meeting. to speak frankly
on the subject in hand, the Mayor shot
a word or two at his critica.
'The least those who know nothing
i about these subjects have to do with
th*BI the better lt is for tlie eomtnu
nity. At the end of a hftrd day and of
a hard week, with Pr. Parkhurst hlf
ting me from one aide and some other
people poundlng me from the other
side, it is hard for me to comc Iit*
and cnllect my thoughts; but I will try
to do it. if you will excuse my s^emlng
lack of continuity in my speech. W*
have to separate the two subjects, VttB
and orime. Vlce ls not always crlme.
Indeed, the partlcular thlng whlch
many people have buzzing in their
1 -ads is not crime at all. Crime is
classed under the laws of the sta'e.
Some thlngs may be crime ln the eytaa
ot" the Almlghty that are not neics
sarlly crime under the law.
"I may say that it has been a ***?*?
less warfare by the constituted authorl
tles to keep these things down. The
police have to look after the c Iminal
, lass They try to keep their fingers
off of dccent people as much ?s pos
slble; at least, I have trted to teach
them that leason for the last three
years, and I think they have leavned it
pretty well."
Takea Up the World-Old Evil.
The Mayor said that vice was divided
under four h.-ads M lt had to be dealt
with iu a large city like New York The
so-called social evil, gambling. drinklng
OH sundav and the observance ol the
kee_-uuiet-Sabbalh laws tOC* in
pretty much all of what people have ln
their heads as vice, he said. Taklng up
rtrst what he called "the vlce ot tho
unlortunate women.'' he said:
Ther* a-e many POOP** _ tlila lowii
no n.t man} but a t.-w arhfl *re r**B
K. ffthffi desire to auppr-e. i*r*iy v, ??
and every wrong rlght off hand. 1n >
think that th* Mayor can do ll OJ*r
r_cht vet the preevchera have bee*
"achlng the Ten Cotnmaiidniei.ts for
s.ni. ".- and l.aven't _uec.-d.-d any to*?
w "ll ii i.av.i.g tbem enforced. Bwlhtf
Theae people who are m> ivi'kl.-ej.-I
wo.udu't say they are mean, for Kl then
ludaa of their own ineanneaa -but a/uy
.1.111't'thrv corne forward and see me, aad
jive me a helplng hand? There are many
Sopiv who do heli. me, and their na.nea
never eppeeo- ln the papers. They don t
vrite Ina-ltlng letters to the Mayor. and
they don't wilte letter* and oubltal. thein
ln the newapapers and forget to *end
them to tbe Mayor. They are Chriati-n
ueople and eouldn't do that.
All good growth la gradual. **\ e have
_ot to teacb ceaaeleaaly. aa the Scripmu*
aay "precept upon preeept." \ou can t
do it any other wa>. How' many thou
sanda of yeaia. y?-H. mlllluna of yeara. did
the Almightv Ood Hlmaelf 8lt bmodlng
over this world to make it flt for ii*?
Some people "ay lt waa Juat like eatlng a
cookle?two bltea and have done with It.
lt is utterly uselesa to try to enforee a
law unleas the coininunity Is l>ack ol it>

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