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1 win go further than that and say that
lt la uaele-B to try and enforca a ?? ?
a ronslderahle mir.oilty of the people are
oppceed to it. ? _,?_,
nn this Bubject of the unfortunate *om.
en. how aaay H la tn aay that you can ?o
n??v with lt. but lt so hal.i.cns. in ib>
economy of Ood. that ahe *??.**" $??
.Incc tho bealnnlngof the world. at ?eeat
aince the twRlahl of fable. anfliane 11
now ls lt right to arr-s 11^ r, *^ V|Ver
them lt, a van and >?? ?tt*r ?*m,,r,. n#T#r
the rlty, in place* *h?I? *V?y_Ment wom
knownWe, as ^ ?nau^toflecent ^^
,n and B BOUrce of co i<jP" ,,,.
glrlB? A prea.hr.rdtd t ^ ^ S(f?,
went into ih? hooaeB "?*? *"" here, and
whlch I cannot ';;71;^ shack to
J don't eare to i.irn yoW ? of you
thofte leapfroR d.t> s, wimo
may remember.
Law a Dead Letter.
adultery a crlme J his law >? ,_ lhle
eal aourca of tda<knia.i ***? lllHrkniaii
rtty. It permlts had wonvn yer
??.,, 0f BOOd \^'?taJI!',lCcuted ur.der the
adultery law.
to de*' w,t*" ,1,P!,C "KaritV and tender
v, have to deal ?";??"??>. ^ them
neM. beeauae ?%?3e_aVTe*tent i"/e
what they are rhe ia* . shaU
BRrd to theee v"n"' ':., ,he pubUC bo-i
not Intrude '>^",s"u'%r from their win
ru? Dr. Parkh?rst ever go ' .,.
v-.-rkiic Wlth them. i,n(on)..roU, about
Bome peorle are so . ;?"??"*?%$ would
these thinKB that thev hate a ^
po OU1 and 'lf!5tro>'/^onr; There ls 8
tblnh they ar; Kond peoi'* ? " on
weii known dteease attrin"J"^ or
, i thlnk II ls eallee t'^^tlllaritv
Romethlng like that i? \ ou afflicted
?r the disease that tha P**? anv on;
P thlnk- ?e la betw innn^ Hnd
olse. and they hste these * ^^
? ?g t^o^^.w^era
gji you condemn these women.
What About Bridge Whiat?
Ki,1!inc t? gambllng, the Mnyof
, ii waa a vi< e, not a crlme. The
-:;\::1; maue it^rimeagamst tlie
wh0 ian a femblUH ?><??- *
,. tna, garablln, wa. gc4ng -? '
town. atal. the iVthave.-ueeo
JveryBlghthotald ^JfJ^J
he cgmeldered lt m much of ?^teet?
plav brlclg. f<'r money >u aUd.ePa
ror oo to gam-ble ol the ******
?al wlth bha.
?But vou can play bridge. poker or
faro wlth your oelghbor and aol com
mM a crime." the Mayor oald Tha
laa U appWcohle ra_j to the ma,. who
kPrp. I fOmbltoi house. The pollCO
haeono nght to arreet a man plojrhu
;,? ?.onev. If you could arrest every
one found ln a gambllng house, from
tha Wall atreet milHonalre down. then
gambllng would probably dlaappear,
but weconft do that under the law. The
Wall Street gamblers tend up WOrd 10
rteward or other flunkey of these
, hot they will be up to-nlght -
Aoaao or them. OOd stay a wlille-and
that UBUally means until the next noon.
. j i;Hve a good gamhle. and it^eaaea
refreehea them after the gambllng
in Wall Street."
lt was at this point that the Mavor le
f, red to Ma yeuthl? e?perience wlth
Ifj, and BBOka of hia OWa leahzation of
i is Bbortcornlnga and defeeta Be faid it
y.-A- a 'I'ltain road to >;raft to allow thej
| to enter a gambllng houae wlthout
;. worrent i>nd lesort to daatructlra
BMthoda and clobMng. Buch tactlce had
been employed ln thla city before he be
ajajrer, bo sald, and II resulted ln
i?0 of graft la one year.
lle apoke of his pollcy of "outward order
ncy," and s_id that aas the ttrst
la dealinu with vite and cnme
aald he didn't mean by that that
evarythlng elaa Bhould be let loo^e, and
his nelghbore and the people who knew
him knew that he meant no BBJOk thimr
b] 'outward order and deiency." New
York, he said. was the most orderly city
ln the world, bar none.
Gives Waldo tha Credit.
Tha M_>or referred to hia efctablishmant
. f tha apeclal aquads at Pollce Hea/lquar
terB 10 deal wlth the gambllng sltuatlon.
llr said that graft and corruptlon were
' made poalble under thls syatem only at
one polnt, the Commlssioner hlmself, as
he ?aa the supervlaor of tha apeclal
fjuads. Hi admltted, however. that a
lieutenant might be corrupted now BOd
tbeo. He referred to former Lieutenant
Chartea Baackar, one of the three at ihe
baad of the ' strong arm" Bquads. and
.said he had been corrupted and then com
mltted another crlme to cov?r up his cor?
ruptlon. but the other two lleutenante had
not been lorrupted, not for a 8880-800,
he said. The Mayor gave the pollce the
i ifdit for cleanng up tlie Kosenthal mur
der 8800, lather than Dlbtrict Attorney
WhttO?n. In that respect he nuld:
Tha poliee gol every witness in that
Within twenty-fOUT houra they got
tba autotnobtle, and in due courae of llrne
they -ireated everybody counected wlth
the crime and turned them over to the
Dlntrict Attorney. The Dlstrld Attorney
dldn'l have _ witness eacept tf oae turned
ovtr to him by the poUoa, and yet aome
people are led to belleve that the prose
eutlng oftlcer did lt all. and that the
pollce trled to cover up the whole tblng
The pollce cleared the caae up aa no
prlvate detective agency could do, and
h. tter than tho polh-e of London or 1'arla
rould have done. lt was a splendid place
..' pollce work.
The Mayor dlscueeed tbe excise question
and the obaervarue of the bunday lawa
about playlng ball and other things.
"There wa* a time ln thtB city when lt
?hm against the law lo have tha- plcture
gallerles open on SundHy and allow the
la to go and look at baautiful works
of art." said the Mayor, "and at the aame
time the law allowed the people lo go to
an open rage and gaze at a lot of naaty
monk. i
Communications Exchanged.
with View to Defining Their
Own Mutual Obligations.
Scrvian Government Reported
to Have Set Up Batteries on
the Danube, Opposite
Or8ova, in Hungary.
Leodon, Dec. 6.?rendlna the **>
sembllng of the peace delegates ln
London. the Balkan allies are occupied
in preparing a jolnt draft of the B*>
nsaada whlch are to be made upon
Turkey. and, lt is understood, exeh.mg
Ing communications with a vlew to ar
rivlng at an agreement defining their
own mutual obligations.
The formal ncceptances of all the
powers to send delegates to the am
hassadorial conference to be held in
London, have not yet been rec4ived,
but there is no reason to suppose there
will be any delay in the a-saembling of
tl.e conference.
The position of (Jreece ln refuslng to
sign the armistice remains unchanged.
The C.reeks are said to be continuing
their eamralgn on the Island of t'hios
Bnd at Yanlna and their shlpa are
cloaeh searching foreign steamera
found between the Dardanelles and
Bmj rna
It |g reported from Vienna that Ser?
via has set up several batteries on
the right bank of the Danube opj-oslte
the Hungarlan town of Orsova.
Vienna. T>e<-. 6.?The Austro-Hunga. -
Inn nnd Italiaii minlsters at Atbena pro
te*t*d to the Greek government to-day
against tbe bombardinent of the Alban
lan town of Avli na. and d*el*r*d that
the C.reek occupnthn of .-ither Avl-ma
<>r the islaud of Baa*n*< on the Albanla:.
coast. could nol i.e con*ld*r*d aa p#r?
iuaiH :.l
Oraal Iraportance is attachad here te
the Jolnt action of Austria-Hungary
and Italy. as lt is regarded hs illustrat
ing tlie unit> of views Of the two
pow*ra m the AlLanian queatlon.
The opinion ls expresaed tt.at Aus?
trla-Hungary and Italy will inalntan.
, t ihe forthcoming ambnssadoi ial con?
ference in London that nelther Avlona.
Durasao, Bcutarl not Ban Qtovaaal fli
MedUa ir.ay be sepuruted from Albanla.
|8y fahle to Th* Tnbun* 1
I/.iiidon. Dec. 7.?The ambassadorlal
conference mggested liy Klr Kdward
Otay may now bc consldered as certain
to take pla... Austrla, (Jermany and
Italy have agrced to accept Sir Kri ?
v.aids propoaal, and lt i? intlmHtad ln
Pownlng itr**t tliat London is suie to
bc ihe seat of tbe conference. although.
cuntraiy to bellef, thia polnt has not
yet been formally tlxed
Tl.e toi.ferente is suppostd to meet
only uftvi' the pea.ce. negotlatlons be
twten Turkey and the alllea have
reached BOine advanced stage. that is
l(, shv. after what the alllea demand
and Turkey concedes allow a Burvey of
the ouliines and future shape of the
Balkan peninsula.
Tlien at the ambasaadurial confeien.e
single powers may raise obJectlonB
against BB3 of tho peace terms or
suggest any terms llkely to secure their
lnterests. or make any pfttpotalg for
BCttlbBJ the difierences, if any, be?
tween single powers. Rhould thla work
procaad smoothly, lt is belleved that a
oonferanc* propat may prov* super
lluoiis. Oa the other l.und il is atated
ln Vienna that the inault at I'risrend
to the Auatrlan Consul and the Aus
trlan flag was of an extraordinary nat
ui.- and humillatlng to the Dual Moi,
,?]. hy, and aaUafactlon will be asked
from Servia
The demanda, it ia said, will inrlude
tbe removal of i;eneral Jankowich aa
commander of hia corps. the degrada
tion of the offlcers who tonk part in
tha outrage of the Servlan regiment
march past the Auatrlan Consulate and
ita lnauit to the Auatrlan flag, and Klng
Peter in k full dress viait to the Aua?
trlan Mlnister at Belgrade, with an ex
j.re6sion of the royal apolOfi**.
lt ia believed that Count B?*rchtold
ia atill waltlng and expectlng to arrive
at an understanding OB the prlnclpal
question with Servia, in whlch caae the
question of satisfactlon might be solved
by some less drastlo measures.
A dispatch to "The Daily Telegrapn"
from Sofia says tbat if Salonlca is in
ternationalized Bulgaria will devote all
of her flnaw ial energy on the creatlon
of a great town and seaport at Orfano,
aoutheaat of Sercs, and the building of
a railway Btraight down the Struma
Valley to the sea, placlng Sofia in direct
and casy communicatlon with tho
Mediterranean. If this railway should
be bullt, the correspondent adds, Salon
ica would lose much of Its lmportance.
A dispatch to the same newapaper
frotn Vienna deelarea that Bulgaria and
Turkey already have agreed In prlnci
ple on peace and are ready for an alll
anee. Both countrles, the correepondent
adds, are ao well acqualnted with each
other's intentlona that they eould draft
and sign a satisfactory peace treaty
wlthin forty-eight hours.
The correspondent comludea by de
clarlng tbat pea(e ln the Balkans prob?
ably wiil leave Adrlanople Turklsh and
Salonka lnternationallzed.
Bell and Wing
AhBorblng, astoundlng, Insplrlng, baftllng.?London _codemy.
Power and origlnallty.?Cork Esaminer,
A great work.?Boston Jerald.
MarkK of genlu* constantiy.?Troy Record.
A weultli of idaas.?Uoston<Transcript.
Qoilllno BVpfroMOO ond powrr.?Oceotl Jtcrirw, England,
Nenr tlie Btore,?I'ortland Orcgoninn.
aWtOBOdlng fortiilty.~/f/ooA-////i Tilncs.
A etriUliii* book of verue.?Boston I'ost.
ti. P. PUINAM _ SONS, Publlahers, N. Y. Price $2.50
(nntinued from flrat page.
Jorie Curtls and a dozen other 0*>
butantea sold programme* and aweets.
There could be seen gallant soldiers
rushing about with hands full
Of greenbacks, carrying the slnews of
war to the relief of lovely woman who
couldn't make .hange. In most casea,
*f course, change wasn't necessary.
The mere person handed Miss Taft a
bill of some denoinination or other -
whatever was handlest?and that was
nn end on't. An unofflclal estlmate
made last evenlng was that the army
and navy and beauty of tbe land com
blned had netted about $.".f?0<"> for the
Titanio Memorial Arch whlch Mrs.
John Ilays Hammond hopes to have
erected In Washington Ten thousand
dollars was the total egtlmated proflt.
An < xact statement will be glven out
by Mrs. Hammond to-day. It Is safe
to say it will be a large total, for sums
inount up with t-uch Items aa fl.noo.
which Mrs. ('arnegle pald for her box,
nnd $100. whlch waa the price for or
dinary boxe*.
About thr?e hundred *i the leadlng
nctors on tbe New York stage c.ffered
their services for the beneflt. There
was acting to suit all tastes? Nardmova
(and the leadlng man ahe had just mar?
rled) in "The Master Builder"; Edlth
Wynne Matthison, Billlc Burke, (>
cilia Leftua and Erank Mclntyre. who
sang "Evorythlng's at Hon.e Exeept
Your Wlfe."
The actraaB who made the greatest
hit, however. was a hitberto undiseov
ered star, Mi*s Ruth Edelheit. flve
years ol.V This was her flrat appear
ntice on any stage, and she sat down
on lt?hard. as ahe exjdained later to
tb? enraptured r*?*ort*ra.
"I was going to get down and I fafl
Khe wns very little and v er* chubby.
She was dressed ln yellow crep* paper
and ahe repr.sented a poppy ln the
puntominie <?f "The Flowers and the
Rea." II is no easv tbing t* B_B0* BB
tiptoe wben one ia more than pluinp.
Th* atttleBt poppy swayed in the
breeies whi'h a s< lenttst could have
dis. overed had tbeir orlgln in tl.e
gnsis of laughter whi, h awept the au
ditnfiuni. The l.ttleat poppy wahhled
Kven the aun amiled on tt. Behlnd th
Ifmi Danlel Krohman rocked and
wrung hls hands for Joy.
An Emparor waa Pr*e*nt.
Beaide bim the chfal Empernr rr..:n
?The Daughter of tfeaven" look*-1 *fl
"Why, she Just ?..uatt*d rlght down."
b| obi.rved. Tliat's BhBl I "tnes of
havlng such s CatfM on the stage "
Ves. it raalty 114 latarfar* nbmbbbI
with the aoleiumty of tbe pantetuttn*
The antranoc of the ittti* fsowara, affa r?
lngs ur.on tb< wavea in BMBaBfy ol
those who loat their lives ?' **?. v*;,s
ca'.culfted to brlng auddeti teara ta tha
ayoi Of Oa* sctisitlve. Instead. tbe
house ichaal Bith merrlment. bttl th*
littl.-st P*PPJ didn't '?are She Jn-t sat
dowi. and let the audien. e ISUgB, ai.d
then try 10 keep a stiaight taVM Mrs
Hammond diiln't CBaT*, eiiher. ai.d Mr
Krohman said it was "most del.ghtful '
- so what of it"
Th* pantoniime was the eloalng num?
ber on the programme. Th* curtaln
rose on a rock rtbbed ahore. whet.- th?
waves danced upon a tlnv sllver bea. h.
|The wavea were forty glrla in dull blue
jand green gauzy robea. Then the inmni
jroae. a silvery blue moon, and eBlm*d
the waters. Mlaa Buth St Denls. th.
'dancing moonbeam. swung down from
ithe heavena an.i datned with tt* ttttlfl
iblue wavea. The B80BB PB8*d BBd B*d
' bef it* thi approach ?! r**J flusl.ed
davvn. The litti" waves dBBOad pink
and gold. and preaently the aun ap
peared, I gorgeous flgure in golden
rohO*. Miss illadys Hanaon.
Symbola in Pantomime.
Th* IMIle flowers OBBN ?'?"- M'' ' "
shlne and dar.eed. Then appeared tha
f.iher-om?n mournlng tor thHr dead
The llttle flower. ran Into their arms t*
CaaafaH them The women rose and eaat
them rpon the wave*. whlch bore th**B
Joyoumly away to whe.e th* h'toes j-lee...
Th?B th* Kplilt of Woman appeaicl ln
eJaagk white, and reclted the eplloguc:
Ue i re the maker* of Imniortal tliinga,
iot ahapea of duat: are aoaaen. Front to
tront with death. our eys unbllnfled, Br*
have choaen Uown the ages we hav*
labored, watchl?f, waltlng. **t hav*
looked Inio th.- faoa ??f p.-rll. unafrald,
out of 0*1 agony **e hav.- hullt up |uy.
I.lke (be makers of thlng* Imniortal,
like faithfi.l craftamen, iik.. Qod
\V>- have made that w> mlght glvr
away agaln. Our end wa* not ourselvee,
We hav* learned In secret whlaperlt.gs of
the h.-art the law that iwelfa ?,< voml
th* aaadflB* and we have horne un
.hildren. Oh. beloved, numheilesa h*
waves of the ocean, prerloua a* R**r*fi
Of |ha f'eld. royi.Ily hath llf* lent y?u
for a aeaaon' Have we not royuily, Mk*
ihe ra<-? of brldes. new-mothered. r??n
dered you back agaln to Life hlmaeif*
8o peace aa arith us. what we huv?
gnarded through th* day. fjod'a eradla
sheltera till th* end of night.
At lt* eoneiu?lon on* btindrerl boy mem?
ber* of Ht Patr'.ck'a Cathedral eholrsang
Uounod'B "Sanetua."
In one of the Intermiaaions Mr* Unm
mond appeared upon the stage, eacorter)
by Mr. Krohman, and dellvered a llttle
apeech of thanka
Thanka for Mra, Taft.
"Dear Publlc," ahe aald, "I com* to you
wltb a thouaand thanka. Pirat, 1 thanM
you for b*lng here to-day. I thank th?
flrat lady in the land for her unfalllng en
couragement and aupport."
Mr*. Taft waa gowned Inconapleunusly
in black, and she sat well back In thi
The "programme squad," whlrh oper
ated In th* foyer beneath the hugc palnt
Ing "8. O. 8," whlch Erlc Pape did for
the occaalon, was rhaperoned by Mrs,
8tuyv*aant Flah, Mrs. Ueorg* Qould,
Mrs. Jamea Speyer and Mrs. William A.
Mamllton. The membera were Mla* Ilelen
Taft, Mlss Eather CUveland. Mlaa An
gellca Brown, Mlaa Olga Wlhorg, Mlai
KIsle Nleatt, Mlsa Bope Hamllton, Mi*a
Kat* WIUIs, Mlas Bcatrlre (laflln. Mlaa
Eather Nor*.on, Mlaa Jullet Brleteney,
Mlaa Marjorle Cuttls, Mrs. A. D. B. Pratt,
Mra. Jay Gould, Mra. Cortland N'lcoll and
Mra. Allen O. Wellman.
The executive committee conslsled of
Mra. John Haya Hammond (.lialrman),
Mrs. Oeorge (jould, Mrs. John W. Alex
ander, Mrs. Ogden M. Reld, Mra. William
.'unimlna Story, Mrs. William A. Mamll?
ton, Mrs. Grover Clevaland, Mrs. W. D.
flloan, Mrs. Stuyveaant Flah, Mra. Ogden
Mllla. Mra. F. W. Vnnderbllt, Mra. Oeorge
Sheldon. Mrs. Payne Whltnej, Mra. C. C.
Tuyler. Mra. James Speyer, Mrs. Donald
I Mcl.ean, Mra. Clarence ToBtley. Mra.
j Wllliam K. BkveOOrt ?*?d Mrs. Henry 8.
Mrs. George Gould gave a luncheon at
hrr hOtOO, No. 857 Flfth avenue. for tho
receiving party and the "programme
aquad," and Mrs. Hammond entertalned
her guests ut dlnner after the perform?
Society Well Represented.
fithers present were Mr . Arthur Seott
Purden, Mrs. Kdmuiul Randolph, Mrs.
Charles B. Alexander, Mrs. Wllliam Met
ralf 1(11.-8, Mrs. Herbert F. Brown. Mrs.
Andrew Carnegle. who OUlUaOad the t>ox
dlrectly oppoalte that of Mra. Mammond;
Mra. Henry Clews. Mrs. Wllliam Earl
DOdge, Mrs., Stuart DOOCOO. Mrs. John
Bhermnn Hoyt. Mrs Edward H. Hark
ness, Mrs. Charles Danu 0*0000, Mrs.
nilharl S. By, Miss Vlrglnla Gllder
sleeve, Mrs. f, Borden Harrlman, Mrs.
Rlchard Townsend, Mis. Henry A. Strong,
Miss Annle I*ary, Mrs. Heth !??', Mrs.
James Rohett McKee, Mrs. Wllliam
J'ayne Thompaon. Mrf. Harry Payne
Whltney, Mra. Wllljam R. Wlllrox, Mra.
Beekman Wlntbrop, Mra. WllHom Unse
Proeter, Mra. Henry Wotara Taft, Mrs.
I. K. Wilmerdlng, Mrs John S'nerm in
Jloyt, Mrs. charles C Glover. Mra.
Charles n. Freeman, Mrs. Ira BaiTows
and many others.
Saloonkeeper's Wife Hit with
Beer Bottle Is Report.
Vallejo, Cal . Dec. ???A navnl board
was eonveOOd nt the Mare Island Navy
Ynrd to-day to lnvestigate an afTalr on
board the 1'nited States gunboat Vloks
burg late last nlght. whlch resulted ln
the remova! of Mrs.'Andrew Muller.
wlfe af a Vallejo saloon man. in 'in
unconscious condltlon, with it ffOOltlfOd
skull, from the veasel rt was reported
last night that Mrs. Muller had fallen
down the gangway of the Vhksburg.
A repoai Of the flndlngs of the boarl
was forwarde I to the d-partment n
It la aileged b> the pellCO of Vnllojo,
who conducted a separate Investlga
tton. that thev have e\ idence to show
th.it Mrs Muller did not fall down the
gungu.iv. an nt flrst reported, but that
?he waa Htruck on the head by I beer
bottle, hurted by the wlfe of on?- of the
men with whom she had been dlning
\ aecond woman. Irtcluded ln the tnld
nlghl dlnner party, it is undeiOtOOd hy
the pollce, is an amploye of a condy
8tor< iu Ben PrMcteee. The ideatltj
Of the tWO men aileged tQ have OOtOf'
tained the women on the gooboal has
not ^ > t heen rnede pa
Rumors That Its New England
Line Will Be Built.
B Taitgrapti 18 Tha Tnt 'ii ?
Profklence, ? i. Dee, g?Peretopraaota
here durtng the laat tweaty-feut hour?
? ? ti . ha Irf that ther- ma> I 8
.. reeuroptlon of Bparatioaa In lha i.ulid
lag "f tba ajaothern Kao ungiat.d hran-h
of tha '.timd ir.nk tbrottga thla terrt<
Ordera baea aeea laeead aj the f/Brtao
COOaOroetleO Companv arhtCh i" tnl.-i
antract Wlth tne <Jr?nd Trunk to da the
geaeral ceoatruetioa an tha touthera NOw
Bnglend ih Rhode iBtand, t.> daaea Btpr*
Ing tha ? BCnpaay*B materlal* mid 10 pre
s.4re at once te lOCOTM an order to re?
dlafrlbitf what haa altcadr be-n atered
lf t ?? v.i.'.an polnts alolig Ihe ftgtM ?'
o.. ??
Irthui i luttea, of wiaoaoeket who
ha. the 18001*00 contract wlth theO*Bf*a8B
rowpony. boi reeelved aueh ardora Bhaea
N \etnber. when Mr. flutton rOOBBOOd tha
. ? . .(.p ?,.rk :.i? trama have been
?o>!nir ovit the right of wav i.|. kll g '.|>
Inanber aad other matenai* te be ataced
ln Ha\'lesvllle.
Men who were aOaptayod aa {nremen
and .'it)-forem?n on the (?rand Ttunk
?.uk at Woonsocket bava heard rumors
tlie \\nt few de**a thnt *ork was to be r?
BUBBOd Where the rumors atarterl none
of tl.ern .-an tell Real estate BBOO
have recereed hinta that II weald ba well
for them pet tO laaae bulldlngn that had
heen rnndemned en account of tha Orand
1 Trunk work
It ia atated hera th-t leadlna; Giatid
' Trunk officials are M ?aOOl ln Bfoatft al 01
i Monday to roeelea Inatniatloaa from Len
don telatlve lo the Grand Ttunk-New
Haven muddle.
arthui K. Clark, aecreiary of the Naw
Vork. New Haven _ Ilattford Railroad
< ompany, waa aooattoad yeaterday for
vfveral hours before the federal grand
Jury whieh Ib Investlgatlng the agre*?ment
b?-tween Ihe New ROVM and the Ornnd
Trunk Rallway of Canada, by whlch eom
patjtleai ln New England ls allegtd to
luive been stlflled
Jes.?? c Adktna, A?slatant Attomey
General in charge of the Inveattgntlon.
alao queatloned at some length John S.
Murdork. vlce-prealdent of the New TCng
laod >outhern Rallway Company, who had
appeared a* a witness on Thursday. Mr.
Adhtaa would not dtacuaa anythlng con
naeted wlth the lnvestlaatlon.
Meanwhlle Inveatlgator^ for the Inter
atatH OoBaanaree OBaaoaaoBleo continued
yeaterdav the examlnntton of the booka of
the NOW llicen Rallroad In New Haven.
It waa reported that Mr Adkina went to
New Haven last nlght to confer with the
hr. estlgatuM.
At the New ITaven oftVaa of the rall?
road It was atated laat nlght that no la>
foimatlon had leoebgd th? managenient of
tha New Maven aa to the plana of the
Crand Trunk to reaume conatru^tlon
work In New Kngland
Oarmody to Decide Whether
Law Question Is Involved.
Albary, Dee. 1 R?fore passlng on an
appllcatlon for permlsalon lo begln an ac?
tion to test the legallty of an order of
Governor Dlx retlrlng Major Oeneral
John F. O'Ryan, Attorney Oeneral I ar
mody will decide whether a question of
law la Involved. If he ia convlnced ther*
ls such a question, he belleves the dls
puta ahouid he presented to the Appel.
late i MvN'.on for flnal dlspoaitlon on an
agread statement of facta.
Tha Attorney Oeneral stated his posl
tlon at a conference to-day. Oeneral
O'Kyan waa repreaented by ex-Juatlc*
Henry A. Oilderaleeve, whlle Adjutant
Oeneral Vcrbcck, Colonel I?ula Bubcock,
of Muffalo. and Colonel Allan Reagan, of
Alhany, appeared as repreeentatlves of
the Governor.
Hoth sldea agreed to suhmlt additional
brlefa on the followlng dlapuled polutn:
Whether the Governor haa tho right to
retlra the major general by an executive
order wlthout dtabanding the dlvlalonnl
organltation of tbe natlonal guard;
whether Ihe power glven to the Gov?
ernor to alter one of the unlta of tho
guard in< ludi s the dlvlalonal organlaa
tlon. and whether the I<egtalature or the
Governor haa the eole power to retlre
the major general.
Toklo, Dee. I.?Lieutenant Oeneral Count
Terauchl. Japanese Oovernor General of
Corea, waa to-day appolnted Premlor of
Japmi ln succeaalon to Marqula BalonJI.
accordlng lo the "Asahl."
4 ontlnued from flr?t pag*.
Johnson in Chicago, I did not say he
would he lynched in South Carolina. I
did say that the laws of my state for
bad* the mnrrlage, and I did aay that T
did not know, lf the marriage had been
performed ln South Carolina. whether
the law protectlng him would have
been posslble of enforcement or not
"N'ow. what I want to say to you ?s
this: I don't care ono whlt whether
you *dopt this resolution or not, You
mav expel me, for all I care. On the
2ist day of next January I will hegin
mv second ferm as Oovernor. On the
4th of March, 1013. lf Ood spares me,
I will be sworn ln aa a member of the
I'nlted States Senate.
"I anap mv tlngers at your resolu?
tion^. for all the resolutlons and all the
n.otlons you may act upon will not
avall to keep me out. Long after many
*f you gentlemen her* to-day are rest
Ing in the retired shades of private life
I will be reaping the rewards of publlc
servlce. Long afUr you good governors
are no longer governors. the white
women of South Carolina will pray for
me Btith their BfBBl around their girls
and will nrtso from th<ur knees to kiss
their husbands and bBJ them to go to
the ballot box and vote for Blease to
protect them fron their daily frror"
Storm of Hiaaas.
A faint rotind of ftBP-BM ripph'd
over th? conference hall. m? aejOBd by
a storm of htt**f. A dozen goveino.s.
tblnking the South I'arolinian had BOB
ehjded lamored fo* recogmtion. but
he hel.l tlie BOOT and smiled Bt the tur
moil ... .
?What .are I for your hlsses. he
Bhouted. ahaking his demhed liat at
the , hairman and turning BJ faat hia
colleaguea "Miss if you musf. unly
lenakes aad Be*** hl**"
Again his vobe was drowned m the
'storm. When the vlgOTOV* rapptlBJ *f
jthe .hairman had brought order Blease
? You are making yourselves rldl- u
lOUg In thee-.-s of ihe nal'-oii. Why do
Lou have to .le.lare against mob law.
?ii?... ought to know rou hach to ywu
h?*a?* Tb-. ough U3 meet you **cn
! ?n.- at the railroad statlon with a bfBM
Iband and say. Gover.iT. were glad
,you dldnt lndorse the utteran-es 4
, that BOUth .'arolinlan.'
?When I said I n*\ rr BOUld OT?r
lou, ,he mllltla to arotadl th* blach
r ?.. who i..td hia ia*anr>Ung hand
a white woman I B*akt the trutn.
, ,?v .1 now again That ls my |M*8
...,., gentlemen. and if | M BBB't agre*
withme, ln the wordaof the great Vir
gSt.lan. ?<'"> to it'!"
ln Its doslng hours ihe . onf.n n e
edoptad a raaotutlo* ahicb, I* tha
, pmion of uisny delegates, sounds the
knell of the tlm* ||UBBPe< mortgage o?
the farm md Bt*a*af*g the advent of
a n<jw ttnan.lal era for the farmers.
Hh.mld tbe li.tent of this prellmlnary
laBOliltBBI attain fruiUon. the governors
believe It Blll ibbbM >? Uw eatahiish
m*nt Of I B*B system <>f state banka
throughout the I nlted Btat*C gov
erned by ? UBafOffaB state law. These
hanks. under the i.-solution, would be
Onancad bj? prtvat* eaaital and would
operate under leglslation sufthiently
elaati. t* eiiaMe tliotn ta IBBM baBMg
for ahort <>r lOBf t*8_J ,>n Amerl. an
furnia, la llen ?'f mortgages. Tlie honds,
ln turn. ln th* OPUUOB of th* governors,
would he liated under Btat* Bi.p.-rv ialon
oa tha sto. k eschaagM ai tha world
Richly Dressed Young Woman
Says She and Fiance Are
Friends of Firm Member.
Accused of Having Stolen a
Stickpin and Arrested at
D00r?Oives Home as
Memphis, Tenn.
A Btvllshly dressed young woman
who refuaed to reveal her ldentity waa
arralgned in the woman's nlght court
last nlght before Maglfltrate Herbert
on eomplalnt of Flora Porter, a de?
tective in a department store, who
charged her wlth the lareeny of a stick?
pin valued at $_?
Cpon the woman's refusal to glve her
name she was nrraigne<l i.ndor tho
name of "Jane DOO.*" IfcO said she waa
twenty-flve years old and from Mem
phla. Tenn. After hearing the teati
iiK.ny of the store detective and the
story of the woman hersdf. practically
f corroborating lt, the ma*istrate held
the woman In |1M hall for the Court
of Hrecial HeHsions. Before doing this
he advised the young woman to dis
rlose her identlty bo that WOffd could
he ?ent to ber relatlves, but ahe said
she did not wlsh any of her people to
know of her misfortune. She waa
taken to tha prison adjoining the court
and locked up
Accordlng to the store detective's tes
timony, she flrat OOtleOd the woman In
the Jewelrv department. I'nder her
nrn, Bi:e carried ?i p;istt>board box, ohOOt
tfti ln- hea long, whieh was empty The
detrtive *aid that the woman phw.ed
the box on |op of the Jewelry counter,
where <\ number of stiokplns were lylng
on a troy. When the woman left the
counter. the detective testltled, she saw
her plok up a stnal! sthkpin.
Tne detectlra said tdu folhrwod her t.->
tlie Broadway entrani e and ask?-d her
for tha pfn. Th?- woman onenod her
bag, and. arltbOUl a word. handed ttM
pln to ?
Upon the detective'i reqoael she ao>
comnanled her to tlie offlce of the su
petinteadent in the Btore. There, tho
ooteetlvi BayB, the young woman aald
she WOB a persoual frlend of a tBOt-tbat
of the Brm, and asked that her OOfd
be tafken t.. hlra This tequest was re
fuaed, and then th.e arotnoa aald that
her ttan< ,'? was a .frlend of the flrm
nenber and ookod thet hia name ba
token. This also ?as refusod. Tlie
woman waa then tokoo to tha Chartu
atreet Btatlon,
The WOinan told the court that ahd
hnd been in the store Ipoklng at BOOM
articlea of fewetry and had left tht
counter when "he dlocovered th.? pio ln
her hand. wbtch. dropped to tlie floor.
She snid she pi ked the plfl up ai.d
uncot-BCtouiiy phv od it ln her hondbag
She said ahl BOd 00 lOtOOtlOO of st-'ul
ing II
\t i o'elock, when the eovrt closed.
the wotaon had DOt dleelooed her iden
tlt\. N'either had she been _b|o to rolM
ball. Before belng taken to a cell. she
uas BeOrchOd, and Miss Doyle. the m.i
tr.m. found a botti? ot' Btryohnlna 011
her She snid she used it as a stimu
lant gad pleaded to be ollOWOd to keep
it Th" requeel was retused.
Brooklyn Officer To Be Adjutant
General of National Guard,
Sulzer Announces.
Local Guardsmen Think the
Oovernor-Elect "Gould Have
Gone Further and
Done Better.''
[From The Trlhune Bureaii. 1
Washlngton, Dec. 6?Malor Henry |)
Hamilton, of N'erv York (Ity, was se
lected to-day by Oovernor-eleet Sulzer aa
adjutant general of New York. Mr. Sul?
zer had announced that he intended not
to take up New york State matters untl
he arrlved at Albany, but he made an ex
ceptlon ln the case of Major Hamilton.
The (iovernor-elect believes that the of
flcers of the national guard will Indorae
the selectlon and that Major Hamilton
will "make good." In announcing the
appointment Mr. Sulzer sald:
Mnjor Hamilton was born a* Whlte
Hall, III.. and is n. direct deseendant of
Miles Standlsh. who bore the flrst mlll
tary commlsslon In thls country. H?
waB educatetd at Shartleff College, Al
ton, 111, and at Columbla t'niverslty,
New York Cltv. He waa admitted to tha
bar ln New York In 1884, and to that of
the Supreme Court of the United Statea
ln 1887.
He enliated ln the 23d Regiment, ef
Brooklyn. In 1884, and served as> cor
poral. sergesnt, flrst sergeant, regtmen
tal adjutant and captain of ('ompany E.
and also as asslstant inspector of sniall
artns practlce on the staff of Oaneral
James IfeLeer. In the Spanlsh-Amerl
can War he served as major of tha
ZOlOt New York Volunteer Infantry and
has a distingulshed mllltat v record. He
ls a member of the Natlonal Rifle Asso
cintlon. tha United Statea Infantry Ae
soclKtion, the Spanish War Veterans. the
MMItary Order of Forelgn Wars, the So
elety er coioniai Wara, the Sons of tha
Hevolution, the Army and Navy clubs
or WaahtrtRTtori Hnd .N'ew York and of
the New York Couniv I.awyera' Aaaocia
Major Hamilton ls a thorough BOldier.
and I am fortunate to have hlB servWs ;
ln alding me to make the natlonal guard '
of our state the most efflclent In our
country. He knows all about our atata
civllian milltary organizatlona and was
?ippoinfed on the recommendatlon of
many of their most distingulshed ofTI
cara I fae) ..nfldent he will make good
He Is a prominent lawyer and haa tha
reputatlon of belng one of the baat sol
dlers ln the state. He knowi what to
do and how to do it. I believ? the offl
eer* of the natlonal guard will generally
Indorse these view?.
g] T*l??raph to Tha Ti ibune 1
Alhany, Dec ?.--Major Henry De Wltl
Hamilton, of Brooklyn. whom Governor
elect Sulzer announcea he will appolnt ad
Jutant general, l* little known among of
Scen ronOOOtOd afOk the adjutant gen
aral'a offlce and national guard head.juar
ters here. Adjutant General Vafhaefcaa I
that hia BCOUBintaaea wlth Major Hunill
ton waa sllght. owli.g to the "fact that th>
Brooklyn officer retired from the atrrtea
hefuie ka aatered upon h . Bfaaa
at Albany
After tha Sp.ir.ish War Major Hai Blltoa
returned to the J3d itegiment, of B
lyn, hecomlng an Inspector of small Orraa
practlce and later adjutant of the '.'?
ment. with the rank of major. He n I
at h!.^ own reojjest ln IfOTj *
0_Beera of the national guard aald laat
r.lght that Go\ernor-elect Sulzer in an
pointing Major Hamilton COUad kOTO gone
further ?nd done better. Of eeUTM '
would not be quoted for puMtcattOa, I
cauae they knew that if they did tht
would he court tnartialled for tnsuboidlna
They were gla.l tfl hear, howex er. ? |
Mr Bjnlaer lataaaTOd to reatore Geneial
O'Rvan to h!s former dutles. That Iaf0r>
matlon ?as aald to have come from ei
cellent authoritv.
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