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[Copyrlght, 1012. ty The Tribune Aaeoclatlon.]
m LXXH..N- 24,129. * ia __.^--..*_ vew.VoBK wviuv nrti-MRF.R 8. 1912.-FIVE PARTS-SIXTY-FOUR PAGES.
Express the Opinion That It Is
Too Early to Prcpose Re
organization of Re
publican Party.
Third Party Recfr.rcled as Eva
nescent. and Democrats Are
Cour.ted On to Make
the Issues for the
Next Cnrnpaign.
? m a Bareea..
f tehlnftoa, Dec. 7.?Oovernor Her?
bert 8. Hatdley of IClaaoaui called ? oon
ferem-o of the Republlcan Oovernors
who had been aitoadlag the Qovcrn* nf
conference at Richmond to meet aft?>r
t!ie gathcring in the White HtHM* to
day. It WM (Jovernor Hadley's Ide*
that th. re should he a Ropublhan D i
tional convention in the near future to
fOrmulate plans for the reorganizati.m
of llie party, to c-ommlt the party to
Presidential prefercnce prlmarles aad
to provide for curt.'iilrrent of Southern
? e*atattoa la the national coa*/*a
Kleven Governors attended the COB
ference, mosi of them repceaeatatlToa
of the Prograaalvea or quasi-Progres
ring of th* party. bul practically
all of them frowned r.;i tha Hadiey Idea,
and dCClarad this waa not tho time for
auch an effort aa be propoaed. Bome nf
them pointed out that it woiild he folly
to attempt such a thing now, when it
was practlcally certain that if given
time the Democrats would make the
issues on which the next campaign
would be fought. They said the Pro
gresslve movement in the Republican
party was no longer a question of men.
hut of issues, and it was the part of
wlsdom to await d.vt lopments before
undertaking any serious steps toward
reorganization, especially as the OOUfatj
proposed by Mr. Hadiey might easily
become wholly superrkious.
Goversaar OlaaaooeJi of West virginla
expressed the vlew that the curtail
ra*at of fhe Southern representatlon ln
R.publiran i-onventiotis should be ac
compllshed, but declared he would
? ff< et it by making the representatlon
ln thr convcnti?>n from all the Btat*a
? rtioi-.f.te to the v.ite c**t In each
tnstead ? t* to pop
u!;;l Oit
;l'n< rally sr I einoi..
aroakl not t.-.:: i. .-.i.'erence.
which laatad only ? aboti time. but
Bonae said it had proved a raluahle ea?
ncaj aaaetfaa ..t whlch t*ch bad
de*ciibed eoadklona In s
II T\as raarned, bowever, thal pri ? tt
eally all those i?i rded th
BuM i. the
ome of peeuUar cnditions which
Coald r.ot loag ohtain. and thal all ex
pr?-psed them_H
before th* next el*ctlon the Republlcan
party vould be ucilted.
"Preposterous!" Says D.xon.
Senator Dlxon, \shen tr.Id the results
af the meeting, declarad that BOthlng
was more prapoaKroUB than the aa
? umption that the third p^rty would he
reabsorbed by the Republican party.
He insisted that the Republlcan party
waa not, and never would be, progres
Mve, ln tbe true eense of the word, and
that the Bull Moose party would long
outlast both of the older and more
Cf?n?ervatlve partieg.
At. the coruluslon of the conference
Oovernor Hadlfey, prefaMng hls etata*
tnent with the declaratlon that lt rep
rpyented only hls personal views, is
pued the following:
1 have felt and acted upon the theory
that the Republlcan party haa not out*
llved Ita uaef'-ilncaa as an agent of good
government, but I do not agrt.e with thoso
who rontend that all that la neceasary
Contlnued on thlrd p*r?" fonrtb column.
This Morning's News
Z.OCAX.. Page
OaO for H>de I? Report. 1
Cocaine Alde "White Slavera". 3
Mra. Qro*/*r ''lovelan.l at Receptlon.. 4
C'urran CaaU* lf*y*r 4'owardly. ?
Red-Rea<i*d Oirls at LaaaatehlM. ?
Mlaa Btr*ch*n I* Honotod. ?
-Paag M*a'a \\<;,pons nateai.*?
Coavlcta Bulld Du*tl*a* A*h 4Jart?.12
le Quarrel f*\rr Auto.1*
Plan to Move tVntral Park Northward.12
Raisin* Dynamlte Defeaae* Kund.13
burglar Outmne Auto in nushlng..30
N?w England Plght* Orand Trunk... 1
Oovernor* Dlacuaa Party n*organ1aa
tlora . 1
*'arm rredlt ln Congreaa Plan. 4
Mpy Var.) Workera in Clvll Servlce. 7
dtidlror, club IMnnoi. 7
1'nlon Alded Near Vork Strlke.13
Blamc f>,r WaaiBCTt Wreck.13
"?r\L_. to <???? I'ltlmatum. 1
Tolstoy'H Inary Publisbed. 8
Orand i>uk> t., Itenounce Rank.3
Uoyd Georffe l'opular. 8
Rritaln Lovea Peace and War. 3
AmarlcHtiK ln l.on.loii Soclety. 8
Smali R??lgn of Terror. *
h. thf London Theatree. ?
King No Flgurehead. '
r'n the Prench I'realdency. ?
American <ar? Trlumph.?
Khort of f'arM Abroad. 3
Coekaey Arjcent Dylnr Out.?
Kdltoilal .10
Hwkty .10 and 11
Ifeajc .ll
'"ntuary .11
"Po* [f.14, 16, 16 and 17
Wefcthi-r .18
?Wpping .18
^ttanclal and Marketn.
Part 4, I'agea ? *nd 7
**?*! Eatof.Part 4, Va*;** 4 and 8
Governors, Mayors, Business
Men and Citizens Are Ready
to Oppose Grand Trunk
Canadian Railway Reports Ten
tative Draft of Traffic Ar
rar.gement Unsatisfactory
?Pothier Has Plan to
Buy Extension.
IKrom Th*. Trlbooa Boreau.]
W.ishlrtrton. D?C. 7.?A formtdab?
I|g1 of wltnaooeo, Including governoro,
mayors. rallroad offlclala, basteeaa men
ond cltlaoaio, aro propauins t<> Invade
thi House Rulea Conamlttee r.>nni next
\> ??<.<. when the O'Shruuie.-sy rcs.ihitlon.
dlng f->r an ln*4*eotlgation of the
trafflc agToomenl between the Qrand
Trunk and the Now Tork, New Havon
& Hartford Rallroad is tokbn up.
Conprcssman O'Shatinessy made puh
11c to-day a teletrram recelve.1 from
....\ >rnor BOM of New Hampshlre, ln
whlcb tb* butter nrgofl a Congn ssional
InveotlgOtlon ls proposed ln tho O'Shan
re?olution. Governor Bass will
bo ii nt 1 !?? io attend the BOBlinK hut
? nor Pothier of Rhode Island prob?
ably will be on hand. Governor POM
| oi" Massaohusetts tnay also attonri.
| (-tr-er prospettlve WltneoOOB inolnde UM
OCB of Providcnoo. Pav.tueket, Cen?
tral Falls and Woonsocket. all of Rhode
Island, and Wllliam C. Bliss. chdrman
of the Public Utllltlea Board of that
A meetinp of the New Rngland dele
gation will be held on Monday and
plans will then be outlined for the con
rinct of the hearing. A statement 1s
sued by Mr. O'Shaunesay to-day tsays:
Vi- possible that every state in NeJW
England will be represented at the
heHrinp, as Mr. O'Shaunessy has eent
out tel'-trrams broadcast over that _ec
tlon anklng for aid ln the paasace of
bla resolution. He haa met with a
'..ua response. It Is thought that
;? special committee conalBtlCg mostiv
of n.oinbera from New England would
be more octlra and eopoctally lnter-st. fl
i,, ti , ? ortation monoporp than a
st.in.lir c commltteo of tho Hou?o whose
memlio" come from all aections of the
country. _
Boeton. Dec. 7.-A letter recelved
tjM-9 to-day from President Chamber
iBla of the Grand Trunk Kallway an?
nounced that the tentative draft of a
Iraflic agreement with the New York.
Now Haven &- Hartford Railroad wa
not s.itisfaotory to tho Orand Trunk.
; No Bnal aRroerr.ont WOl BBPeCtod to be
foro Januan I
Prosid.i.t ChBmhtB ? 'et*** to
i the Booton N-ws Bureau. BBld: "The
1 KOW Haven pOOBk submitte-1 B draft
| of the proposo.l tTOfBc .-..rram-emont,
> whieh, while Botbn-ctcrjr bo far aa it
went, was not aceeptuble to the I
I Trunk and the Central Vormoiit i om
...s, and was th-refore declined.
Wlth the understan-lmg th.it we would
Buhmlt a counter piopositir-n."
A i.etition f'>r tho formatlotl of a
conii-any <nnsisting of OOV4Br1IOf A. J.
Pothier and oth<-r etttoona of Rhode
Island to purcha.se the frnnch-Bfl <>f the
Pouthorn New Cngland Rallway araai
filed with tho Secretary of Slaie to-'lay
by two Bo-ton buPlBBoa men, Tha
measure wllJ W>B*J before iho DOXt
Copiea of documnnts hearing Upon
the incorpora: aud lo.ation of iho
feouthern New Bngland Ime were
to the Unlted Btates Di.strl- t Attorney
i? New York to-day by the Massa
chu-otts Rallroad CommiHsion. Tho
proposed Grand Trunk-New Hav-n
Kailroad tralllc Hrrangem-nt is uii'h r
investlgation in New York.
Providenre, R. L. Her. 7.-In a state?
ment explaining the flllng of the pcti
ttOB at Boston to-day (Jov.rnor Potlnor
Tli- IdOB *l tbat in CBB9 Massarhu
selts ... tiUlroa the Boston ^?lr";''
boldlng company, whlch would carn
wlth it the control of he Boston A
Maine. It rolght he adyis,ble for tl
stat.. ?f Rhode lalond to aaalot >?
building tb- line from ''? ?'?-r ?
Provlder.ce and to extend tha ItaO Brom
Douglaa to Worecster. when connoc
tion w.mid be rnadt wiii. tba Btmton
ThO potltloil is liled at this tirno as
:1 proeantionary measure.
Sir C. A. Spring-Eice Gives Re
ception at Legation.
Stockholm. Dec. 7.-8lr Cecil Arthur
Sprlng-Rice. the BrltiBh Mlnlater to Bwe
den who will eucceed James Bryce aa
ambaaaador ln Washlngtoi.. Kave a faro
woll receptlon to-day to tho members of
the Brltish colony, who pri-.mted o
hron-e aUtuette to him- The Rar. Mr
Hwenatead dellvered an address ln bebalf
Vhdee.egaUohnC^_S^ft factory
aMlohS-irg W,V .prT?moS,wr *
to the retirlng mlnlater to-morrow.
New Method of Fleah Reductlon Proves
Aatonlahlngly Succeasful.
Inveetigation haa fully establlshed that
Hon H. T. SteUer, of Johnstown, Penn.,
ha_ reduced hia wel.bl flfty-fleven pounda
ln an lnorertibly ahort time by weanng a
Himple, invislhle devlce. welghlng le^s than
un ounce. Thla, when worn aa dlrected. acta
aH ati lnfalllble flenh rodooor, disponslns;
ontlroly wlth dletlrifr. medh-lnos and nor.
Many promirieiit men and women
j'iU1.';,.i,.pt.ii thla aaay _mbb9 of radBotng
auperfluouB fte?h, and it la atated the ln
ventor. Prof. Q. Burna, of No. 17 We?t
38th atreet. New York. la aendlng theae
outfitB on frea trlal to all who wrlte him.
A photoKraph of one of the concentration camps, near San Stefano, where the victims of the plague are herded, many of them unable to get ehelter, die
in the fields without medical assistance.
Taft Picks Him for Chief of the
Bureau of Chemistry.
Washington, Dec. 7.?President Taft
and BaaraCary WUatra, after months of
coiiHifl'-ration, dedded to-day upon th<
appointment of Dr <"ar| Alsberg, a
chemist in the Kureau of Drugs and
Planta, as . hi'f of the Bareaa of f^hem
istry ef th* napaitlliaul ef Agriculture.
Tho po.sltlon has been v.uant flnce
the leelgliatloa last HprniK of Dr. Har
\.y W. Wil-y.
Do Your Own Work, Is Welles
ley Matron's Advice.
i ry Talaeiapi to Tha Trfba
Ba 7.?Only the woman wh >
1.. < ps house for husband and children.
and does tho work hetnatt, IOM*rB rt al
bappiaeea, aoeovd-ag t,. Mrs. WUUan
A. Shick, a yo un; Brookllaa mutron.
Bhe la a WeUealby fraduat* and the
wif.- t.f n fcrnicr .; piain t.f the Har
vard track team, a champfon in the
100 yar.i and 220 yard sirlnt;'. Mrs.
Bhlck, holding b?r baby m her arms.
gave h'-r vi.-ws on happtn*** tO
"i ,l?. not sav that love catmot be
found among tbe ri- h it often la," she
said. "It alrnost never la found among
the 'i.lif ri' h,' for they know notlung of
And love la a continual *acrl
. i' ;<e]f for 3 BOhle purpose. To BM
. .. one thh-g eeeilt-i,
?Tha. woman who k**P* bOUOe for her
huebaad, vraahee and brona h.-r 4-hii.i
..ns clothee, doaa all her own work?
iroaaaa knows llf.- as no other per
?OB 4>n earth <"u know 11 Hhu knows
ihe r<al from tbe W**i and UM knows
ii jh never the materia. planjmraa that
brlng happlneea, Plea ara, temporaiy,
n..-tmg plaasura, jree, but happiueas,
deep, abldtng bapptnaaa, no."
Three Towns in Epirus, North
of Yanina, Occupied.
Ath'i.H. Dec 7.?The <5r4ek troops
oparatlng la Bpirua have eoenpi*d ihe
towns ..f Dolvlno, Argyro-Castro an.i
fsinti Quamnta. about llfty mlles to
th* BOrthW**1 <>1 Vanlna.
The bomhaU?Bieat Of Avlona. on th
Adriati<\ whi'ii has evoked Austriau
and Italian pfOtcats, was lnslgniti.-ai.t.
ji..or.ling to otll.ial .statements. All
thal OOCUrred waa the llrlng by the
frlgate Paneloa of a few shots at a
body of armed Albanlans gathered on
the shore.
Pfflaaa hundred Albanlana are re
pmted to have made an attempt to
capture tlie Hlmara passefi by surprlse.
A force of volunteers dlspersed and
pnrsued them.
Pennsylvania Mother Only 30 Yeara
Old?Several Twins Born.
[By Ttilenraph to The Tribun?. J
Dawaon. Penr.,. De.- 7.-Doctor 8tork ia
a freqwent calk-r at the home of Roceo
T'alladlno. a w*ll-to-do Itallan merchant,
,,f West .;ibnon avenue, thla city. The
fourteeiitb duld. ?. daughter, waa born
%. i tarday,
Mrp. Pnlls-dino is only tblrty years old,
?n.l among the fourteen strong, healthy
children are several twlns.
The mother ls a pretty. robuat young
matron, and takea dellght In ahowlna her
children. She Bays she love* them and
cannot underatand why all women do not
feel the same away about bearlng llttle
paea Whaa race sulclde waa mentloned
to her she salfl:
"\Vo of Hunny Ualy know of no su<h
thii.g We are b..i.. to bear OUT burden
ttI1d we should de U allUngly."
Dewev'a Claret or Sauterne Punch
(for all floclsl Fimctlona.
H T Dewey&8on_Co..l38^ton8t.N.T.
PrtOT? IN PAVl. 1?<3*-PJ4_4M ?
OiTicially Admjtted in Constantinoplc That Deaths Have
Numbered More Than Five Hundred in
Last Twenty Days.
Conatantlnople, Deo. 7.?Cholera ls
causlng great havoc ln the natlve Quar
tera of the Turkish capltal. It la
ofllelally admitted to-day that more
than ono thousand caaes have occurred
during the laat twenty daya. and that
'h.df of them have been fatal. Thls
total. however, la belleved to be much
New Union Incorporated to
Leseen Their Miseries.
Albany, Dec. 7.?"The T< nant.V Union
Of NOO York. Incorpoiat. d." of rtOfJ
fork Catfi waa Imorporut. J to-day to
raintt reutuia of land, ahollr-h taxea on
dwellings. leaaen the miseries of ten
HnLs burdened wlth exee.salve renta, and
to pr-.hll.lt the BSCrot ownership of
honsoH and home sltea.
The direi tors lnclude Slmon O. Lajarjr,
Alexand-r Uw and OttO J. Germain,
of New York, and Joseph Wllklnmn, of
'"tooklyn. _
Not a Single Case in Eleven
Months' Test of New Serum.
Wunhlngton, DOO, 7.?SurKeon Q
eral Ktokca of the Navy told the Iloiise
Cotaardttoa on Naval AfEaln to-diy
that there had not been a single ''?n? of
typhold ln the American navy. with ila
61000 men, t-lnee the idOfrtlOB eleven
months ago <>f the new antl-tn h.,| 1
After BlhBBBlUa B_|aaTrtB?WlB hy inrit
?al seieiitista BBtllllH ln lha Hrltiflh at.d
I'nlted .Stat.- Bt-Btafl IhO 8-80009 of the
in w antl-typhold Boruni BBB ptOUOBBOB*l
oMahlUhed, and last BBBrlttf there l.-mni
u, .- 8 TAholesale Inu. ulatioii of BaOB an.f
,,.|i, tn ln the army.
ln July theae InoculatiotiB hn<1 be. n
ioinoletad in a ratlo of 199 par U999 of
Bcora and MI per 1.000 . nli.-t.4 IB9B ln
ti,. ixiartmeiit of tho East. All tho men
BtataOBOa* ln New Jersey and at I'oit NI
agara were gtvoo tha traatgeaBt. aad it
was BO-Ct stifuJ in every caae.
Whlle th.ro have been us yet no Bta
ttotl? lo BbOO ll"' BBBOl duratlon of th
miiiiii ln tha hlood, lt la belleved that lt
ls an BhaolBta preventlve BtBtBBt typhold
(Of at Irast three yeaiB. The new aWB
Ib usually kept In loe boxes at tho army
poBts. anrt serum whieh has been atored
in thlH inanner for flfteen months has
proved to be Just as effectlvo aa when flr.-t
prepared. As a preventlve army phy
Blrlans have abaolute cpnfldence In lt, and
Major F. F. RuBBell. of the Medical Corps,
rapoa- that ln a Bertea of 8.640 lnocula
tlons no untoward results bave occurred
Amos Darling Falls Under Train
While Returning; from Visit.
Mineol. Dong Island. Dec. 7.-Araoa Dar
llng. forty-flve years old, one of tha beat
known yaeht captalna on the coaat and
for several years captain of tha yacht of
Edwln D. Morgan, former commodore of
the New York Yacht Club, had his right
le? cruBhed by a traln on the I/mg luland
Hailroad at Hlcksvllle to-nlKht. Captain
Imrllng had been vlstting at Mr. Mor
gan'a country place on Whuatley Hllla.
When he arrlved at Hlckavllle to board
hia traln for Port Jefferson, where he re
Bldea. the traln waa movlng out of tha
station. . ?
He jumped toward a car. but slipped oa
the plutform, and hlfl rlirht leg waa
OB-BbOd under the wheels. He was taken
to tho Nasxau Hospital. at Mlneola, where
bla Iok ?as aniputated.
Florlda-Auousta-Cuba-South All Steel.
Klectrlc IJghted jWJP^jL-^aSS
Dallyvla_tandardR.I_ofBouth. lZ-JBway
below the real flgtires, and the opln
ion ls generally expressed that the au
thorltles are mlnlmlzlng the outbreak.
The prefect ln a prodamatlt.n Issued
to-day refers to tho great proportlons
of the epldemlc, and warns the publie
that fallure on Its part to notify
caaes of cholera to the authoritlea will
be punlshed by flne and lmprtaonment.
Treaty Renewed Without Alter
ation, According to Reports
from Berlin and Vienna.
II. rlln, Dec. 7.?Offleiai announcement
was made to-dny of the renewal of tho
Dreibund without a'.teratlon.s, thus con
llrming tho report aeveral days ug >
that (Jermany, Auu'.ria-IIungary atid
Italy had determlmd to renew their al
llanoo for anothat term of years.
Vienna, Dec. 7.?The allianco between
Austrla-Hur.gary. tlermany and Italy
haa be.n ranawed without alteratlon.
Perlln. I' ? . v The Perlin mornlng
Mwapa_pen oonadder th>? aumouacea-ent
.Of the K-n-wal ef the Dreibund. cuninK
Juai tiow, as Hljrnltlc.int nnd ?ure t-> Kr. ??
B 1" nell.ial tnoral <"f. .-t Tlie "BefUner
T.-iKei imt" polnta eul tbat lf no hii...h
ttonH were deetred lt araa not aeeeaaan
forn.nlly to renew the utllanv, sltiec It
: arould bave eatotaatlcally renewei it
aeU for anoth. r term If not deaounoed
before June oX It trata thua ta.itiy re
m W*t ln 1-44-17.
Swallows Ruby, Also Worth
$200, at Poultry Show.
I.a.rosse, Wls., Dec. 7. ? A white
Plymouth Rock hen on dlsplay at tho
W**t*rn VYI*coa*ln Poultry show. anl
laat night valued at fSOOt was worth
twice that hum to-day, as the reault of
awallowlng B |2Q0 ruby whlch dropped
from a aetttag ln a ring worn by
4'harles V K.eler, of Wlnaniac, Ind.,
oi.o of tha Judges.
The hen belonga to 1>. C. Danville, of
Moiiifort, Wls. While Keeler w.h
about to eximine the blrd, the most
valuable in the show, the gem dropped.
and qul.k as a fiash the hen gulped lt
down. Koller offerod Danville $_00 for
the blrd, and Hubaequently lncreased
the bid to $400. but tho latter refuse.l
both offera, and the loser left here for
home to-day without hia ruby.
Jersey Youth's Experiment Al
most Cost His Sight.
iitange, N. J., Dec. 7.?That a golf
bail ls not so innocuous aa lt looks was
lmpresaed atrongly on tbe mind of
Walter McMahon to-day. The youth
was nearly bllnded by the ezploslon of
one when he cut Into it Just to see
what lt was made of. The core, he dls
covered, consLsts of a tlny sack of acld
under pressurc. Some of the acld got
Into hls eye and the servlces of
a upeclaliat were required to nave hls
The apeclallst, who waa Dr. Llnn
Emeraon, of Orange, after he had
treated the boy. aald he had heard of
alrnllar caaea. but never bad had to
deal with one before. "There 1* no
question of the danger lurking ln the
mlddle of a golf hall," he contlnued.
"Few people seem to realize lt exlsts.
not even the supposedly well-lnformed
who uae the balla daily."
Via SOUTHERN RAILWAY through the
nlcturesque South, Southeaat and Bouth
wJt. K. X. _.'4JJ---v SM Jrt/U- -t_-_~-l_v-.
Member of Inspecting Party Ex*
pects Presentment Will
Come To-morrow.
Past and Present of the Prison
Will Be Inquired Into?Keep
er's Testimony Next To
Be Heard.
[f tho oplnlon of a man who inspected
the Tombs when the John Doe prrand
Jury made Its tOIV on Frldav ls aharod
by the other vlsiton?, it la not at all un
Uki y that the grand Jury will hand
,., ? presentment to-morrow 00 tho
?objeot of the tn atment acorded
Charles II. Hyde, Thla would not mark
i of Ih9 Jury's prison inwstiga
tlofl by any m.ai. II la - nd. but would
ooBBB aa a protaai aaoinat tho oontlno
gneo of Bpoctal prtvllefOB ta Hyde'a
Hyda la BtiH hdng la the ?Xhunniina
Bhack," arhere In his own ptirata rta m
be may recetva bla lawyer. aad o*_w?
rUdtora, aad where ho may dwoll apart
ahsohitely from the other prlsuitera.
WUllam J- wrlght. De.n/ Commla
ulouer Of Corre. tlon, had B-M that
Hyde. hia friend, Bl.all st.iy th.ro. Tht
grand Jnry, lt is r_pected, will
his ehaUengo nnd aoek by a preeent
nsant to have the former City Cham
beriain traiunVrred to an ordlna
compelUng hha to rooolva his rlaltorB
in the !'.?< ejiti.m : IBaOB to all
pi_om i ?
"Tbere'B no queation whatewv." ?___
the inember of tba iMpecttoa party ro
wired to aho-o, "tb ??? Hyda la rooaiT
|Hg |?, i ivntial treatment. No further
tnv. BtlgOtlOO Ifl needed to e.st.ihllsh th.it
IB i. All you have io do is to ounparu
bla QBartora arltb tho ordtnary oolL
"Why, Hydo'B apartaieat ta the
Tonihs is as food na most thrOB 1*00_I
apartmeiit.s ln tho dty. It looks out
?, ,.? ? . ourt, to he BUTC, hut so do most
IlllOO room apartmonts anywhere ln tho
city. -uppose thore isn't any carpet on
the floor-does thal constittite auch a
"Ah, hut you forget that he has no
wurdrobe in hia room in whu h to hang
hia clothes." ?t was sturgtsU-d.
"Yes, but he's got tWO Cl-BBjfg and a
bureau," said thls lnformant, referring
to the two closeta well BtOOBod w.th
cloth. s, whieh open from one of the two
other rooms on the au^ne Iloor of tho
"(..'ummins shack" with Hyde'a "cell,"
and to tho bureau in tho other room.
Hyda had _oa aooaaa to both of these
rooms, lt ITM ascertalned, aa well as to
the bathroora opening off the hall.
W. M. l'arke, a lawyer fr..m John B.
Stanchtield's oltlce, was Hyde's prinel
pal caller yesterday. Joseph O. itobin,
the man whoso tostlmony contributed
tio largoly to Hyde'a convlctlon on a
Charge at blihory, spent a large part
of the day ln tho room Bet aslde for him
by the District Attorney ln the Criini
nal Courtfl Building. although on Fri
day, when the grand Jurora were look
itiK the Tombs over, ho departe.l from
this, his dally practioo, to retnaln at
work in hia prison cell.
The grand Jury will probably have
before It to-morrow some, lf not all, of
the small army of Tombs keepers it has
Hubp.i'tiaed to tell it about the adminis
tratlon of the Tombs, past and present,
and will hear also the testimony of
Martin C. Wrlght, son of the deputy
toinmissioner. md of John J. Martin,
Becrotary tO I'dwar.l I?zan.-ky, Secre?
tary oi otate, ln corroboratlon of
Wrlght'a denlal that he ever lold ? ie
porter he had obtained frotn Tombs
tmsties an account of a cunvorsation
overheard between Robln and his slater
whlcb led him to beltovo llydo lnno
Austria-Hungary Announced To
Be Plannmg Coup Which
Will Force Russia Orf
the Fence.
St. James's Palace, London*
Chosen for the Meetings
of the Balkan and
Turkish Peace
;Rv Cnb\r to TIip Tribune]
London, Dec. 7.?Although Austria*
Bangary haa now accepted in principic
the Drlti^b propoaal for a round tabh:
of ambassadors on the H.ilkan ques?
tion, much anxiety prevails as to the
result of the Russian and Austrlan
milltary pra parations. Russia is com
pleting the coneentratlon of 6&OjO0Q
men on the Austrlan and German
frontiers, while Herlin reports that
AustriaV preparatlons have taken th*
followinc: specillc form:
Altlllery 8nd howltzers at Semlin
trained directly on Relgrade, Austrlan
army building trenehes along ertlre
line :r??m Cracow to I.emberg and rail
ways in all strategic directlons occu
pied by tlie military.
R is ptanned to .iellver to Servia be
twe.-n December 1<> aad 12 an ulthna
ttim so couchetl that Russia must Im
Biedlately take si.les one way or the
Rt. James's Palace has been chosen
for the peace meetings. The Kalkan
plenipotentiaries' meetings open on
Frlday, the countries represented being
Turkey, Hulgarla, Servia, Greece and
Question of Accommodation.
Apparently there is no question of
accommodating tl e peace delegates in
the palace. N'ot only would they be in
convenienced by belng housed together,
but lt will be much easler to accommo
date them ln hotels or ln prlvate house*.
specially rented. They will ln any ease
be the guests of the British govern?
ment, which has a hospitallty fund t<>
which-the Treasury makes an annual
grant of |6a%000
St. James's Palace, though only
used nowadays for levees, ls atlll
offlclally the adminietrative seat of tha>
court, whl. h ls always offlclally de?
scribed as the Court of St James's.
The meetings of the Balkan delegates
will probably be held ln the great coun
cll chamb.-r on the flrst floor.
The delegates named by the different
countries to act on their behalf at the
conference are:
For Turkey?Tewflk Pacha, Turklsh
Ambassador ln London; Osman Nlz
aml Pacha, Turkish Ambassador ln
Berlin; Re<-had Pacha. Turklsh Mln
lster of Commerce.
For Rervia?G. Xovakovlch, of the
Servlan Treasury Department; A. Nlk
ollch, Rpeaker of the Servlan Parlla
meat; General Boyovlch.
For Montenegro?-Kx-Premier Miyus
kovtch; IL E-oporleh, fermerty Monte
rla Iflalatar at Constantinople;
Count Veyorh h, chlef af the King of
M.mtenetro'a < ablnet.
ror Bulgarla?? Dr. Oaaah**l Prime
Ministor; Dr. S. Daneff. Speaker of the
Balgarlaa Chamber of Deptitles, and
Qeaeral R.i\orT or General Fltcheff.
A Triumph of Diplomaey.
The arrantrements fhus agreed upon
ba** strained all tho resources of Eurn
pean dlpiotnacy. T*ber* have been timcR
ln the l.ist month when even the con
eent of an tha goverumaata to a friend
iy gatberlng appeared bayoad the range
of possibility. Aui-tria consented yes?
terday to j.nn the ambas.sHilorial con ?
feren.c. and QaiBiailJ. whi.-h stuo.l
asld* a-.vaiting tho decislon of her ally.
announced her acqui. BC*aoo to-day.
This will be by far tho most 1m
portant aaaftnhly af dtpfcanata since the
Berlin Conferenee ln l?7S. after the
Russo-Turkish war. Giants liko "Bls
marck, Beaconafla-d, Sallsbury and
Gortch.ikon* will not tread the stage.
but their succcssors will have au
equally iinportant work to perform.
One question charged with the possi
bllltles of disaatcr is S.rvia's un
qiienchablo determinatlon for an Adrl
atlc port and Austrla's determinatlon
that she shall not have lt. Rervian of
ficlal newspapers make it plain that the
[llttle klngdom has mr.de np its mind
to take lnstructlons from the powers so
far a3 publlc oplnlon in Rervia will
let it.
To Lose Four Milhon Subjecta.
A see..nd interesting Mrugglo will
take pla. 8 over Tnrkey's eudeavors to
hold as much of the conquered terrl
tory aa Oriental diplomaey and the help
of frlendly powers can save for her.
Tho be.st bargalu the Rultan can make
probably arill rednee his subjects in
Burope from more Jhan six mlllione to
less tban two millions, and the Turk
Baeeaa to be reconclle.l to this.
A third important factor will be th.
Greek attempt to gain Salonica.
Varlous other dlrflcult questtons will
arise over tho commercial status of the
various states, the dlsposition of the
Turklsh debts attached to the con?
quered country and the flnal status of
That the paaoi nefotiatlona proper
will be less complicat.vl than bad been
l.iired Is proinised by the two facte
that Turkey and Bulgaria appear to
have reached an underatandlng already
and that the dlsseuelon araoug the al

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