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He* porterxled by th. faihire <5f Gre.c
tOi*ign tlie iu-mistice is riicvBtly ???
art?aged plan MtWB**. tllfe fhja* that
Gfeece shoulrt rtanf <ut BB) that her
navy eayOid ebittau* ttM bL.cka.le and
ec'quire t' Which are Gr
riaturdl .--1-ui-' fft tl\e spoi'K
London was aeleoted for the confe?
enc'e brcausT'Kn-rland ls more" netrlv
neutral thi* I i >>'"' -< '
both Turkey" and tne-'Balk;
42on8ldering*er a friend; rjeieiw
powers have tat- atrrestnn b**rmalor* h_
London, and bacaaae sir .Cttrrard i
the Brltfah Fhri I I n tai7i arho will
naturaliv hoM a cqpirnfndlng ppaltion,
has a unique re.iut.itlon among Euro
pean iliplomats.
Six-Hour Engagement Before
Armistice Proclaimed.
Constantiiu.ple. Dec. 7.?The follow?
ing afletal aaaaaag* has beea ri
from Ihe V.tli of Adriaitoplo, uud.r-d.it
of December 4:
"At 9 o'clo.-k yesterday morning, be-'
fore the armlstice was flpnril, the
enemy. with the intention of approach
lng the forts. made a general eharge
with nl! their forces of jnfantry
artillery on the .south, north and
and alao on tha liaraah alde. Our
brave soidiers repuleail the attacl. with
great vigor and did not gh
Btep from the adranen whlch
they w*r* occupylng.
"During terrible flghtlng, which l.i-t
ed nearly slx hours, the em-niy
tained considerah'
retreat on all etdee in a I
Btate. The enemy flred nearly aeveaty
ahells at the town, without, thanka to
God, causlng any 1.
"The armistice was proclaimed to
Sofia. Dec. 7.?According to relinble
reports, Adrlanoplo haa provli
enough to last ottly flft*. u _
?Turkish Fleet Ooncentrated
Ready to Prevent Landing
Sedil-Bahr. Dardanel'- '.?A
Greek ^quadron composedof si\ \.:u
shlps araa s:_;hted off the entrance to
the strait at l:M o'clock this aftei
A number of vossols of the Ti,;
fleet are concentrated in the Dard..
nelles ready for action.
The intentions t.f the Greeks ar.- r.n
The straits are believcd to the |
ly etrewn with mines.
A report was CtUT< rt a fev .
that forty Greek tfanapOl?i
the way to the Gulf pf _?aros with Bul*
garian and G opp og boahl
Whether the On .iadrou 1
the tscort to th**a trgii*por_u or Ib
actlng i'ldepenlti
lt is believed tt.it the Turks have
concentrated two eatire th
troops. with n conslderabie fOrce
Austria-Hungary, Servia, Rumania and Rus
sia Push Forward Their Military Prepara
tions with Great Energy.
[Rv C9?9 to Tbe Tribune. 1
Pari?, Dec. T.?The te.nsion between
Austria and Sorvla continuea to cause
grave apprehensions ln diplomatic clr
d_. and mllltary preparatlona. ln eplte
raiues, are being pushed
on with the gr.atest tnergy ln Austrla
Huogary, ta liuinania and Ib Rb-bUv
To-day. as eoery day during the la*t
fortnight. the peace of Europe hangs
at the mercy of any subordlnate com
mandor of an Austrlan or Servian out
detachraent along the Save River
On tho other hand, groat thinga are
1 from the forthcoming con
I f amhassadors in London,
,. fato of Adrianople, Yanlna
land Boutarl wiii bo decided.
tba beol information
I ls in a position to hold
tadeflnltely. Every indication
l an ugrooment among tho big
tlllery, from a__a Minor on the Oel
lipoli ivninsula, and lt Is BgpOOtod that
-t any attempt that may
Montenegrins Attacked Refuse
to Return Enemy's Fire.
. ttlnje, Moateaesro, Dec 7.?Not
Wlth?i bal an ai_ia_oa haa just
. tho Turks from Tara
BiadB 0 heavy attaek
? -? Moiit--nfgrin front. In ac
tace with onlers tho Montenegrins
? tra .iho. Turkish nre,
Tho Mi.ni.iietrrln troops around Tar
, hato recelved the
, : the annhuve with great dis
annv was inip:itl*-ntly
I offenai-fl move*
tbe captare of Bcntart
I inloa bi fradually bocoming
tonomy for AJhaata,
natlon of Alhanlaa Ib
oaa - nol ngarded
I ts and aBsertlng the
. -tf on r.H," KoheitCoioy.
IUO, and Luhan
i l 19th atreet, wera
9th itreet
Chlhtrea'a _o>
_ . ? r held on B charge
Ie deUnouani . Tba eomplaln
'?' irf) 0l<5.
rbo i harged
1. wlth
takli ? ? ir. m him. _
436 and 438 Fifth Avenue
Will Be Oiiered To=jnorrow at
657, 65*, 661 and 663 FIFTH AVENUE
Mrs. Osborn Co.
24-26 East 46th St.
Semi-Annual Clearance Sale
Imported and Original Models
Gowns, Coats, Furs and Hats
Grcatly Reduced Prices
l-.i.lun, .e '.??,' ! , . new u: An.<rlr_
The fuiest and most excluiive imported perfamej emborlying that
iublle iijdivi<ln_?luv And.dirtinction bo destred by milady oi to-day.
JlfKantly put up ln n_tlii and leatber Q*eeej ln tbe foTIowin*: original,
faaelnatiiiK odo
Sone la Coudraie Rose de Jericho Perle de Nice
Cyclamen du Japon Honneur de Paris Mousse Parfumee
*'.'.:. i to . : !i0 it.H HO.T..I:.
K.tra'-ta, Toilcl VVatrr*. ( r> h.hIII/.-.I llrilli_i.il..-. iv.-.l-r ? ?>." tomm. ln tlir a.ima o.lora.
At All Fifst Class Shops or at the
NESTLY ?0., 220 FIFTH AVE., N. Y.
aaabaftaMafaaaawaW-Maiaaaa-w-M-i,.^.ii ?nn.? i nam .-an. a I UM
European powers to allow Turkey to
retain Adrianople. thua enabllng tha
Ottoman Emplre to enjoy a foothold ta
Europe important enough to bo a po
litical and economic factor ln Euro?
pean affalrs.
Accordlng to '_e Terapa" Auatrla
Hungary waa at flrst oppoaed to Slr
Edward Grey's project for a conference
of the ambaaeadors of the great pow?
ers. Khe objected to participatlng ln
the dlscussions If lt was the intentlon
of the conference to debate tbe quob
tion of glvlng Servla a port on tho
Adriatlc 8aa.
Later on Austria-Hungary waivad
her objection upon repreaentatlona
belng made to her that the holdlng of
a conference would be wlthout object
and imposslhle if all the great powars,
as they had a right to do, were to fol
low Auatrla-Hungary'a lead and atipu
late beforehand what could and what
could not be dlacussed.
Three Armed Robbers Hold Up
Collector and Beat Him.
Stop Horee in Lonely Williama
burg Road?Second Big Job
of Oang in Three Weeks.
Three hif?hwaymen, each armed wlth a
revolver, held up and robbed Hamuel Bot
tenateln, a collector for the cigarette hrm
of _, Monday 4_ Son, of WilUamsbur?
last nlght whjl.. he waa drivtng along
Kent avenue. The handlts got flM) in
cash and cherk*- amountlng to batwaan
|5u> and *$O0.
Bottensteln had heen dellvarlng ordara
and collectlng money all day. 11" was r>
tnrning to the facory at about 8 o'elock
BThen the three men confronted him At
ihe polnt where the hold-up occurred tbe
' is dark. (in one slde Ib a frelghf
yard and on the other two tali building;,
In whlch frelirht <ars are loaded.
One man grabhed tho horpe and the
other two. wlth revolvers Iri their hanl*.
Jumpad into th* rig anl ordered Botten
steln to keep qulet. threatenlng to blow
his braina out. One of ihe mea then
Fearcheil his po. _ets. wi.iw tha other
held a revolver to hia fort head. rindlng
no money ln the pockets, the robbTS _e
mnnded that Bottensteln tell wh?>re h?
had eeoreted the day's reeeipts. Para:v_e*l
wlth fear, Rottenstein ww unable to
ppeflk. The rohher stnirk Mm over rhe
head wlth the butt of hia fl-un an.1 then
re*B him off the aeat On the i??iit UM
robber found a Batchel, !n whlch Bott*n
stein kept hia money.
Tha thlrd bandit waa still holdlng the
horse. When the two men in the rlK '
taken tha mon4sy they warnad Botten
atoln to ma ka no outcry. Then the two
crled, "Al! right:" to th* man holdlng
the horse. and whlle they dlsappeared
around the corner the thlrd man led the
horse to the corner of North Ith atreet.
Then, pulllng hia r-v.Uvr and preaalna
lt against his vIctlm'B forehead. the rob?
ber wartied blm that he muat remaln
riiil't Ha then followed hia two coni
Hottenateln lay ln the hottom of the
carrlage. and lt waa nearly ten mlnutca
before he. waa able to call for he|p. His
try was heard by a nlght watchman, who
blew hia whistle. Patrolman Doyle, of
the Bedford avenuo station, reapondr-d,
and when he heard th* inati'f atory, ha
lmrrotdlately informed the station. Aot
Ing Captain O'Connor of the D9t9999~9
B_-eau, with _ half a doten doteotlvee,
w..r? on the neene In h few nilnute*. but
no trace Bf tbe men waa found
From th" descrlptlon of hia ar-sallants
glven hy Bottenstein. who ls twenty-two
yeara Old. and Bvoa at No. 1574 Wabater
avenue, the pollce are Incltned io helleve
they are the eame men who thre* watka
ago held up the paymaater of a nianu
facturlng concern ln tha Gretacb build?
ing, on South Ith Btreet, and robbed him
of tM. ________.___?____.
Boyootts Austrian Products and
Moves Artillery Northward.
Vienna, Dec. 7.?-Information from
Belgrade, recelved to-day, ls to the
effect that the Hervlan Mercants' Unlon
haa decided to boycott all Austrlan
On tho banks of the Danube below
Belgrade the Servlan artillery haa
taken posltlona commandlng several
Important polnts on Auatrian territory.
Agent of English Bankers Back
from Balkans.
Oeorge E. Crater, Jr., of thlB city, wlth
buslneaa IntereatB In Ixindon and San
I-'ranrisco, arrlved here yeaterday on the
Whlte Htar llner Oedrle from Llverpool
on hia way back from the Balkan fitates,
where he had gone on buataaas for Brlt
lsh bankera.
He Bald the Balkan governmentB had
all tha money they needed at 3 p?r cant
and coold get aa muoh more at tha eame
rate, if lt were requlred. ThlB, he be?
lleved, lndtcated a fatdlng of aecurlty on
the part of BritlBh banking Interesta re
gardless of the lmpoverlahment of tha
countrles by the war wlth Turkey.
The bankers abroad, he sald, had no
fear whatever of a general otitbreak of
h'.stllltles outslde the present war aono,
nor were they afrald of a general confllct
among the European natlons.
The Earl of Carrtck, a member of tbe
House of Lorda, alao waa a paaBengor on
the Cedrtc, He sald ha bad come >ver
on a biief busjness trip, and would return
on the Cedrle on Thuraday.
Among others on board were the Right
Hon. fllr Horace Plunkett, chairman of
the Irlsh Board of Agrleulture, who Is
on his way to study th? management and
nialnt.laaaOB of farrns ln Nehraska and
Wyomlng; Mr. and Mra. K. Banedict
Cobb, Robert Forsythe, Mr. and Mra. L.
A. Wagsnahals, Mrs. Thomaa F. Harvsy
and Ajrehibald & Nawbarry.
Ex-Postmaster General of Can?
ada Extols Mother Country
at Society Dinner.
Dr. MacDonald Says Purpose of
Organization Is to Poster
Friendliness Between
America and Britain.
Canada's importance ln tbe Brltlsh Em
plre and her stgnlrleant role ln the af?
fairs of the American contlnent. aa well
as her power to ald ln the peace of the
world. wer. voieed last night by many
gpeakers at the annual dlnn.r of the
Canadian Soelety of New York at Del
The speaker wer. Rudolp. Lemleux,
former Poetmaster Oeneral ln the Cabi?
net of fflr Wllfred Laurier; Dr. James A.
Macdonald. .dttor-.n chlef of "Tlie To
ronto Olobe"; Clark Howell. .dltor of
?The Atlanta Constltution." and ,T. A.
Oulm.t. former Cornmiasioner of Puhlic
Works ln Canada. The Hev. Dr. Chari?s
A. 1-aton. president of the Canadian flo
clety. waa toastraaater. Mayor Oaynor,
who waa expeeted to .paak at the dinner.
aent a letter of regret.
was th? keynote of the speeoh mnda by
Mr. Iiemleux. H? reviewed the hlstory
of Canada and her Krench populatlon to
show what the Brltlsh Kmplre meant to
French Canadians. At each stage, he
said. while llberty waa broadened for all.
the Krench Canadian. have retalne.i th>
tlahts .eaurad to thain al the time of the
Brltlsh oonoue.t-the rlght. of language.
laws und rellglon. Mr. Lemleux thun
said. ln part:
You aak m. why I am a Brltiah sub?
ject and why I wlah to remuln one. *
reply tl.at I honor the llag that h'.nora
its obligations; that I prlw. noa* tho*.;
instltutlorui that aecure me luoatt mr.
In my rlKhts and llbertlea, and I am pro.d
to be a sharer In that great work of ud
vam-lng peaco and pronr.-*" laroughoul
th.- world for which the Brltiah ECmpIr*
.st.il.<).. All tl.at tltera* I*. of charm la
utouarchloari gerernmeat i_ retadoe-l; mi
that ther* 1" of cl<.-m">cracy ln a repUMM
Is majntalned.
In conclualofi, let me aak. reviewlng
loetr common oriKlns. vlewlmr Iheir hls
ti.ry. ta thtre noi a nattin.l alllauioe be
tween the'two Kroat branches of th.. Ar
glo-aaxon rn.-... betaree* tbe Brltlsh Em
;.ir.. aad th.. Urdted Itatee? n-?v. Ihej
not klmllar laws. rdmllar llrw rtle?. llml
lur tile.-iUV Are th.y not th.' t?-,, ?
rivin-i-K r.i*.-w |n tb. arorM ta
is not baaada'e position th*t of tb.
frlendly Intermediary ln all matter* ?
common concert.'.' Condltlons ?
and ne*j opportunitle* win lili.t nea
obUgatlona; but ln all ih.it a*. do, should
aut poiides be ibapeal wlih a vi.--v
lo taatOTing Mt*re*a ih.se two ?
world powers the frlendil.st Of r*l*(
an,*. tbe beat of under*tf?ridi' g.*?
Thla, I t.ika It. Is thi purpee. ?
you gentleman have at heart ln tbe
?f ibe ^anndlan Ho.-ietv. and ttilfl |
poee, glven Internatlonal expramaion. la
I helleve. the hl*hest de.Htltiy whl< h
( atjada ran rtll Tirae te thla ndeel <>
ahe will h- tn." to Britain and trua te
(he ITplted Ptate*. In f'lrtherlng irar.
and harmonv between Ihea* ahe win be
unltitig nilirr.t-,- for<-*9 and danretoplng the
greatrst atretry \-? known for the ad
? iiei,' of prearess. Iib.-rtv and en
liahtenmenf within th.'lr refpective, rnr.
d?r* nnd timr>nx the nal'ona of the eartti
Dr. Mardcrald, ln r**p<mdirix to the
to?a? ??f'Hiiada." said th^ Pomtrion toadt
< ??!??> the BrltUh ICin;ilr- ..f r
Bf aerurlng nattontl B*|f-#e*ei_-l*BI
without ancrlflclng the trndltlonal M*a
of tl.e MHartaal barJtK'ri.utirl, Pannda
m.ido a wrr anrt abi?"lute rot.trlhuilon to
worM polltlon. he aald. It rhankrerl the
nld Ilnman Idea of an hB**rt**a ?f a
aoverelgn atata, arlth subject rolonien. M*
the new Brlttah Idea of an emplre. that
ls not an emplre. but an allluii.ee of fre?
Iteferrlng to Canada's r^'l'lon ln North
Arr.erle.i, Vt. Macdonaid unl'l that by
malntHlnlna Brltleh cor.ne.tlon nloni,
with i...tlonal aelf-g..verntnn.t. t anada
held tho atrategle rosltion. an.i > BO*
the bond of the Anglo-Anx rlran frater
nlty. Ue cmtinued.
Polltlcnlly nllle.1 with Britam, rel.itcd
to tho l-r.lted rst-t-i by geographi and
t, ?u1>- i_iia<Ja ?liar?a arlth tbe > ?U'''
State. the American obllgation; <
rin-na alno ur? Am? rl?Hii^ an<l ?re uncter
common reeponrtbiUUe. tor th. llfa
?f American rlvtllaatlon ln ?'?
f. ii>., ,,; th- peauM .uid iiit-Kiuy ol ll
1-ontln.nt hkuih-i ettacks frorn wli
the I'nlted States and f*aa?ad. stand t..
??tbar More thitn that. tb? P*W. i
Ai.ivri.* to-<uy 1 ibe power ofth
Btatea nnd tho rowr of ' tuiala i-Uia th.?
power of Brlialn. on H:e Atjantlc, lt is
tbe I'nlted States mi'l t'an-ula |/lua
Hrltaln OH th. Hadflc. It la th? I
Btate. and ''anada and Auatralia aa*
New Zajuland plua Britain
Caaad* holda the k>-y po.altlon in this
world olrcllng Angio-Amerl.-.m fraternlty.
Canada and the U*lt*d Siat.-^ lasiue,
together have lt In th<lr power to i.uiko
Amaiioa tbe leader and tl.e bond of tb.
world hrutherhood of all clvilued na
1'i.Bjdent Taft waa cheered when Clark
Howell pralaed hls efforte to attain world
?ldo peace. Mr. liowell aald in part:
Although the viclanitudea of pollths will
roh hia nand of the po?f*f W aeal the
pollcv of a natlon b? a at.oko of tim nen.
the great Ufework arcompHHhed by \\ ill
lam P Taft toward the atialnment of
worldwlde peace ha.s conaeciated bla
name in overy houeehold In eveqr country
arbere love of peace aald**. aad Um
?trOBl hand that held tb. peii whl.h
Higuod th? propoeee1 peea. traaety atill has
th. power to hold in lovlng luyalty the
aearu of men.
Among tho guests of honor were Hlnhop
FYederlck f'ourtney, Walter L. McCorkU*,
12. W. Vllleneuve. Courtney Wult?r Hen
nett. Brltlsh Consul Oeneral; J. Joyca
Broderlck. Colonel WIIHam M. Grlftith,
Georg. A. Morrlaon. Henry W. J. Buck.
niill. Frederlck B. Foth??rstonhauah,
Charles R. MoCullough and the Rev.
Arthur H. Judge. _
Isadore Horowitz Accused ol
Being Faker, but Rcleased.
|By Tele.raph to The Tribune]
Detrolt, I>ea 7.?I?adore Horowit/..
brother of "Oyp the Blood," the New
York gunman, now ln Slng Blng await
Jng execution ae one of Ihe murderera
of Herman Rosenthal, was arrested
here to-day as a street fnklr. Hp nt
rlrst gavo ht. addrenu as I'hilH.leiphta.
but whfn a letter in hls p.xkei r*?
v.'iumI hls Identlty ho admitted it.
The letter was from hls mother, and
disclosed tbat she was ln financlal dia
tress Lecause ahe had epent every cent
of her money ln the defence of
"Brother." Bhe appealed to Iaadore tq
send her a little for her lmmediate
Iaadore did not ehow any aoileltnde
over the fato of elther hls nioth.r <?r
hrother when he wuk betnf queetloned
by Chlef of Dctectlves pHlnler.
HorowHi waa taken ln for sclllng
paate Jewelery on the str.-cta under the
ordlnance against peddling without
license, Ae he could not be prosoouted,
he wa* ordered to get out of town.
? II. ...
"Cold Btooded Cruelty," Cfncin
nati Name for Dr. Triedmatr's
Berlin "Discovery."
Amerioans Need Not Rush to
Germany, for Serum Supply
Is Ample, the Satirical
Comment of Editors.
[Hy TeleRraph to Th" Tribune. J
Cinclnnatl. Dec. 7.-1,'ndor the headlng
"Newapaper Curea" "The Lancat Clinlc,"
the laadlng Cinclnnatl Journal for phyal
ciana and surgeons, brands the rocept
publlcatlon reforrlng to the dlscovery or
a cure for tuberculosis by Dr. Fiiedrlch
Frani Frledman, ot Berlin, aa a "eold
blooded eruelty." Tho artlcle appearlng
in thls week'B Issue of "Tha Lancet Clin?
lc" ln part Is as followB:
lt aapaOTB that wa have another eure
from Berlin. Thla time it la a cure fei
tub_rcuiosls. it sarma that BOraral weeks
ago a certaln Dr. Frtadrich JVona Frled
man "astounded Qerman phyaiciana by
deolarlng 19 _ public conference'1 (what
BTOf il at may bei "that ba had b. en
BU4*4*es_full*/ treatlng tuberculoala foi I
!;iHt tare stars, aad that now ia
nearly h\\ hundred cored cases to dm
play to adentiata"
Therwip.m a certala American neWspa
per svndlcate sent Ita European corre*
apohdenl t" Inveitlgate. Tho syndii ita
states that its cofrraapondent is s traihad
Investlgator." though it f_ils to state in
what iino of ln*/eatlgeUoa he has h.en
tralned. Ah his eame carrlen no sehola's
tlc degree, lt is falr to pr.'Biime that h.<
haa not been traln'-d ln pathologlcal or
thentpeiiUeal loveetlaattona Tbe ll
tlgatnr sfahs that tnany af the r_(?st
srlentlfle Oermans admll Frledman has
dlaeoyered the long-Bought care." but
their n'inies iire not glv-ti
"Satisfactory?to the Doctor."
"Feveral ho?.plt.ils ln tiermany are now
turnlng their tubereulo.sls easea over to
him," tho tho names of tho hoapitnls or*
not glv.-n. "Beleotlata from Amerlcia,
Australla, Kngland and other corners of
th- f-arth er* hurrvlriK to B9rla_ tO in
vi-Btlg.-.te " It ls to be hoped bo, nnd y. i
they haaa aadea?*aa t?19 looig aaal and_
...i-i *ouri?ey on very BBOOgra Infomi
i th'y hn\e naoro than > a
"Appenls Tor treatni.wt; by letter and
? vrwhelin the rOBBf doctor."
Thla,muat bo tery 9atlaCaetoi*y?to
?*The tr.-atnient ls v-rv sitnple. It i? B
aaaum" 1_ta Bounda v. iry w.-n. for
havo BerBBM for ko tiiany "th;:
teym BsB th*v BOTOm l? from a tl "
Thla ls trOfy ?rat fyttur. for it ahowfl thal
Dr, FIIbImbb haa Beooaedad arhere so
ii.ii.:- aamaet man hjhva fatlod Anothar
gratlfjrlog fun is 11?,._t tha dpetor haa
d ah igl o 8VJi''
ti... . aae, BeHaata at
lui fot t**r thal lf thev do not I
?? . tha
? ?? by the treai
moltitudea who may have praci lad I
\ > o, too Wbola ordei
dlsai >P98?' fr na off th* surface "' rhe
. BI l|l bv ot Btb< l*WlBa and It
will ? r, tut Dr. i.ar
. '1 of tne cure "for all Un
Hut ll appeara that w/? must p<
our aoula ln patlen ? I -
coneumpi Ive rau
i acllll lupi . i little b
Dr, Prledmen Intanda tor tha preaent to
treat i ll caaea ln H.rMn peraonnlly.
the (..a reapon lenl ad *
Wanta a Reliabla Offer.
"The truth of tha BBBtter la thal l>r.
B*rlO--BM ln trtving t>> hlft out one re
llable ofier tor Uir 'Amorloaa iighta'
frorn 9 Oood of t?!egr.iphlc DTOp*
from tha Unlted Btatea, and th* ia ? i
heettatea to diseuaa the queatlon of
"Amerlean rlghts over U lf
11? t-? latter Btatamaal haa truth
tn it than tha real of ti h wa
I*J_ u. II (0808 what lt in that 19 tele
grephtag for I '"? k .n righta'
Hut tho c..M'b|...i.>1. nt I of
i ? . :
m.+\( ,. 4 Ura raii llty of I
f..r rure." tha medlcsl Jouit.il contlnues.
.... raagera
p-rti.:' iki thla en,
. oot ??. ii ?ao ah adueati i aa 1
Intelllgi m 90J0Ugh to |%i lB< UM
ita n ? ' ' '!
would ha*ra on l of tax ? I
bo, why. than, ?;... i I i
? ?
. | ? th.:?! bl.lad ' roeki
tne publleaUon of thh Kon aaco Ie aa*>
tidng we ii.iv.> kaowa for ? long U*ne?M
He Releases Soldicr Imprisoned
for Intoxication.
[Fiom Tha Triheha \. i .i i ;
\\raahlaB?***? Doe, t. - Bepreaentatl*n
Bergor has af_cooeded in fOtttai :i par
(inii for Ha**o*4 a. O-sSe, a orrtata in
tlie |Mth Companv ot COOOl ariillerv.
wlin ^..'i setit?-nc( .1 to ?.ri'- years Itr.
prlaonmont f<>r flnmhenncoa and mi
othor fot "u ajpall llev a hainilaoa obb-**
in ((i.Mhertl'U) wlth the .ilY.ri. e Ohdl
has alroady aorved nlna mdnth . bul
win enjoy his lihert) on Chrtetmaa,
Tlte Socialist U( jneeeutiitHe O-llod
oii President Tai't thls tn.irning anl
aabmltted all Iho tacta ln the
coi.cluding wlth "<]ivo tli.; rnan his
freeil.itn for a CJiri--tn.as present, Mr.
TU lo lt. B-Tfer,** sald Mr. Taft.
"Go to the War Departruetit and .eil
Beerotary Btlmaon t>. haea a report
made t.. ma on me oaae."
Iir, Berger hurried from tho white
ii. use. bul atopped long enough to aay.
?Th.- Prealdanl i? ? Mg hearted man
I ulsti the Amerlcan peopla knew liltr.
us> soino Of ua who 4U>a1 wlth him do."
Geta 11 of State's 13 Electofal
Votes?Figurea Final.
laoTamentOi Cal~ Daa T n6o99iall
carrl.-d ("allforr.la by 174 votes, although
he will havo hut eleven of the BtatO'a
thhicn 'l.toral votes. The other |9r9
wiii ba eaat for WIIbbs,
These liKur-M ii:r litial. b'll wiU not be
made otjh Jul untll the, reiumB from Lo?
AngOlaa County have heen formally
audlted by Secretary of Btate JorUan.
Jordan announced to-day that he would
certlfy the reault to the Governor lm?
medlately oh the completlon of that audlt
next week.
The Hoosovelt plurallty ls hnsed on the
totais of tho two alaetet-l *fiB*imma*i re*
aaltflng tha hlghael vote They wera .\
J, WiUiai'.-, EUpubUooo, >?'< ??'"; Thoma
Criffln, Democrat, 2M,43fl Grlffln ran 786
votea ahaaid of k. f Dalvalle, tha othar
Deroocrot alected, arbo ln torn, wsb but
thr.o jrotea behlnd Hiilnli Hull, the elev
enth 8ucc?B8fuI Hepubllcau. The hiirh
man of the two de_fated Republlcana ran
67 votea behlnd Dtl\4rllo.
Says Oost of Living Oan't Be
Reduced at Once.
(Dy Telegraph to The Tribone.1
Boaton, Dec. 7.?Governor Woodrow
Wilson, according to "The Boston News
Bureau," has told a Boston-friend that
the oost of llvlng problem cannot be
aolved wjiolly during hls adminlrttratlon
aa Preslflent. Tho President-elect Mta*
discusslng with the Bostonian the pro
posed reduction of the tariff and its
effect on the consumer. "The News
Bureau:* quotes Mr. Wilson as follows:
"Tlie rr.nn on the street expects that
the cost of ilving will be reduced lm
nu:'liately upon my inauguration. This
puts me in a very hard position, for I
reallze that tho question can be solved
only slouly nnd carcfully and on a
?trlentlc baala, It cannot be wholly
aceon.plIv.ied ditrfng my term."
The pobll*b*d Htatement 1k regarded
here as aathentle. "Tho Boaton Mew*
1'urcau" i:: 0*TB*d by V. W. Barron,
arho al*o publiehea "Th.* Wall strcot
A Practical
Xmas Gift
maaM 4 preaext that la uae
ful and enjoyaple. Can uny
thinff be more ?o than a bar
ral rontalnlng 10 dozen hot
^^ tles ot
It will lio-iire many happy
days and nlxhts and confar
lasttng benetit*.
Appreciated by
Oro'-era and Dealer*.
Journal," and is ln close touch with
promlnedt linanciers' and polltlclaha
He Im a closo frl.cn.J af Governor Foas,
and that lends to the belief that Mr.
Barroa. 1h repeatlng a .onversatlon
which the Governor of Massacliu.setta
had with the next Frealdent.
flmportin^- (Monufa(luring
Imperial Crown
Russian Sable
One Hundred Thousand Dollar
Consignment direct from Russia
These supcrb skins, which are in the
raw state?an absolute guarantee that
they are fresh goods?constitute un
questionably the finest collection of
genuine Russian Sable which will be
seen in this country for many years, as
the Russian Government, beginning
December 31st, will prohibit the killing
or exporting of Sable.
These beautiful skins will be dressed
and made up to special order from your
own selection
Russian Sable Coat.$12,000
100 Skins, perfectly matched,
selected to make a Coat.$26,000
110 Skins of rarest cuality, perfectly
matched, selected to make a Coat_$68,000
Finest Qualities of Real .
Silver, Black and Cross Fox
At Very Attractive Prices
384 ttthAv&m
Between 35th and ibth Sts. Tel. 2Q44 Greeley
U East _6Ui St?10 East 37ft St
Unique and H-xclusive
Christmas Qifts
at moderate prices
The exclusive house for
french Art in Ceramics,
Glass, Bronze, Ltc.
Haviland China
110 Open-stock Patterns
to select from
11 East 36?> St ?K) East 37tb St
..'.? ? tenm

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