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V01 LXXII..N* 24,130. *+*^?s^."' ? ??. vrw-voRK moxhay ra:( K\mi:it ft. 1912 -FOURTEEN PAGES. ? * PRICE OXE CENT
tn Clty of New York. Jersey Clty ?nd Hobokrn
president of New York. New
Haven & Hartford Wants to
Appear Before tlie
Grand Jury.
As Only New Havcn Official
Having to Do with Grand
Trunk Negotiations He
Offera to Waive
jfeai Haven. Conn., Dac. BL?Tba fol
ng letter haa been sent by Presi
n of the Now York. ~ New
Haven ?s.- Hartford Kailroad Company
. . Henr*. \ Wlae, T'nlted States Dia?
trlct Attornojr of New York.
? At New York. Dec. <5.
"Hon. Henry A. Wlae, I'nlted States
Dtstrtct Attorney for tba Southern
DUtrkrl of Ne** York
Sir: I undcistand that a federal
grand jury. sitting within your dis
trict. is Invaatlgatrm the relationa be
twaaa the Grand Trunk Railway of
Canada and the New York. New
Havcn & Hartford Railroad Company.
"Aa all negotiations between these
two companlaa have been conducted on
tht- part of the New ll.iven Railroad
by myself, and as I am ihe only per
gon CODnacted iritb ihe New Haven
who had anytblna lo do with these
negotiations or was present while they
War* going on. and am. therefore, the
only one conaected ?ith the New
Haven road who had pprsonal knowl
edge o' the facta, I deelre to be allowed
to te?tify reajardlnf IbM matter before
this grand j.r. .
?I <\i:-h it dlatlnctl] onderatood thal
1 aralve all claim thal I might have to
inltjr from crlmlnal proaaeotlon on
tccount r.f my testlfylng concerning
this matter before the srand Jury.
"I have !?> ask of you that my re
ajMOt, ?" embodled in this letter. b^ lald
fcfore the grand jury for its artlon
ahereon Tours reepeetfully,
?<? | mki.i.kn. PrealdeBt"
Girl Plans Statues as She Makes
Change in Subway.
? Bv T'Vcrnpl: lo th* Trlbun* 1
i - Dec, 8.?Behlnd the Iron bars
of ? ti. ker window at the Park atreet
ISbway statlon demure Ri-ssie Paeff
rhopa off the tleketa daily to patrons
arho never auspecl that she ls one of
Baaton'a besi young sculptora and has
w'.n prlaaa.
When the ruak la on ahe makes
change wlnl.- cvolvlng ideas for stat
Ma, and when tba ruah is off she works
out the irbas roiighly with modelllng
ati-ks and a llttle plat of clay under
ihe counter. Al night she works in
her studio at home?one room of a lit?
tle flai. Mornings are apent at the Art
Fchool of the Museum ot Fine Arts,
*here the lnstructors rejeard her aa one
of the most promii-ing pupils.
She Bit on Dog Biscuit, but
Missed the Point.
Paterson, N. J., Dec. R?"There is no
one ln thla city who has a keener sense
of wlt than I. but I fail to see the hu?
mor ln having a hostess serve dog bls
rulta to a gueat at a luncheon. 1 was
deeply humiliated before the oth^r
gueeta, to say nothing of having broken
<ne of my tceth and dislodglng the gold
filling ln two others, all of whlch has
Flnce cost me $99," aaid Mlss Helene
Wenton, of No. .r>0.'- r.ast Mth atreet,
this clty, to-day in explainlng the suit
for damages which she has brought
agalnet her onetlme close friend, Mlss
Harrlett Condon, of No. 4!?27 Burbans
The suit la expeeted to come up ln a
few days ln the Dlstrict Court of Pater
eon before Judge Abram Klenent, and
then the whole joke will be aired.
This Morning's News
Brain Plerced, Boy Livea '3 Daya... 1
Morgan Picturea for .Metropolitan... 1
aapooadbHIty.. l
at Picture Show. 1
I 'ootball (Jame. 1
- Thi .ii' i in 1'ieveiition le I?ax 9
l>ru? victlm Tella -Oiurea of Supply.. a
Plans to Oel Around Waldo. 6
Fif. ... io Chicago. 6
Api>l> for Bronx County Joba. B
i Troublea Wllaon Men. 8
lloore Attacks School Byatean. ?
llcrroii; ?f Home Work Revealed. . . . 6
heno Takes t'p Suffrage. ?
Foedick t'me* Many Reforma. 7
latk Model Clvic Leglslation. 7
latarne Plghta for Job. 7
b'i' Red Croaa Seals Now. 9
S.j.re in fiithedral.14
Effeetiva Frlday. 4
^'tlm.a. : opposea Flllplno Indepandenea 4
"Mor.-- Ti t" IIum on To-day. 4
P<".'. (iu mer. 5
!' euth J'e'-vlsh. ?
Van Tu>i . r i.-r R?alty Companlaa? 7
und lii newed for Kffect. 3
Eond..!, "fiuket Btrong. 3
^ayern foi Mexlcan Peace. 3
*>w? r,,r Woman. ?
Army and Navy. 7
ttfather . 7
frhlppii," . 7
BUtorlut . 8
. a
uary . 8
I irta .10
^nanciti ari<1 Markets.;.18 and 18
"??I Emate .13
While Waiting for Numismatic
Friend Tenor Does Stunts
and Talks About Prunes.
Tba helated French llner T.a Lor
ralne did not get up from yuarantine
yesterday aa early as wa* expeeted, ho
Enri'-o Caruso fo ind time banglnf
heavlly ujM.n his hand* His friend. A.
CanessH. the numismatim aad i-ri col?
lector. was a pasr-engcr, and tha tenor
wanted lo he on the pier aaurly, thal he
mlght not mlss him.
Policeman Fights Back Mob
and Drags Injured Pris
oner to Station.
"The five-cent nio\ ing plctura houses
ln this city are H d-Bgraca and a
menace to the comniuriity. Ka faniale,
whether *he be four years old pr forty
years old. ls safe in them. Oises of
this aort are oecurrlng daily, anl it ls
about time that something was done to
prevent them," said Magistrate Mc
Quade ln the men'a night com t, after
he had held Henry Courc.elles in |800
bail for the Court of Bpaclal Beartona
roureelles had baan arrested on com
plaint of Joseph Agugn, ol N?. 454
West 28th street, who chargad him
with lnsulting his atX-year-oM daugh?
ter, Lena, while bhe was sltting beside
the father In a picture house at Nj.
617 Ninth avenue. Mrs. Dora Roberta,
wlfe of the proprletor of the theatr j,
and Oaorgfl Johnson. tho special offlcer,
ad as vrltaoaaaa against tha j n-u
When the man araa nrrnigned hii
face was cut and Patrolrnan Alu-arn.
who made tlie arrest, aald It araa all
he could do to protect the man from
the mob of men and women who v\ere
beating him arhen he arrlved.
According to Mra. Roberta, Oour
cellos entered the theatre and took a
neat in the rear. A Fhort ttOM latai
Agugn with the llttlo glrl and hls
three-year-old hoy entered anl Ml
next to Couroellea The mtie girl aat
between her father and Courcellee,
while the hoy r-.at on hla fatberu lap.
Mra. Roberta s"1*1 8ba bad oocaalon to
r.asH the row of h-hIs in arhlch tln-y
were nitting, ai.d tbOUgb the hnuv was
in flaibnnaa, one ot th.- axlt lighta ra
vealed something whlch caiis-d her to
hnrry to the entrance and call in the
gpodai oflloar. arho placed CburceUaa
under arn st.
The oudleiice on lcarnlng the caoaa
of the cornmotlon madr an attack on
tho prisoner. Mrs. Roberta ran to tha
fitreet and informed Fatrolnian Ahoiuii,
who toroed back the crowd. The father
of the llttle glrl made several attempta
to take the man away from th-- police*
Ti.. man denl< d tha eharge.
Cleveland, Due. 1?An unusuaiiy beaary
aartbauaka ehock, arlthln a ranius of *a
or io* mllea, utm raoordad al Wt Igoa
tiuH'a 01 aarralnrr here at I o'cloi k aa lat
urday night Ii ta thoughi tha abocb ?
curred ln southern Indiuna or lllinol?.
"Ah, rue!" mnsed Enrleo. "I have not
tba Papar here or the pencil, or I would
Biaka a BkatCh of a slow boat. I will
walk up and down and get for myself
aad Caaaaaa a big appattta.**
Turnint,' abruptly trom the pler hend
tha taaor oralkad toward tba balfchood
with his brother John and a few Ital
ian friends. Mldway he paaaod before
h great plle of solled bags and f*lt
them. "Curgo, eh?" he muttered.
"Whal ls eet they bring here from
France?" II ls flnirer unwlttlngly
Bllppad into the ragged part of a bag
aad out fell a few prunes.
"Aaal The prunes. They eome from |
Fran. e. but I do not like. them. .
Driad up. wrinkled up plums. In Italy
I eat them from the treea, but they
ara BOt old aad wniikl.d. I.lsten and I
will sing like an old prune."
Brotbar John nnd his friends
laughed at the tcnor'a "prune tones."
and rlght-abnut-fare they marehed
back lo the pier head to look for La
Some one next starteil a eonversa- j
tlon :tl)..nt Titta Ruffo, tbe Chicago
I'hiladelpbia Onera c/oinpany's new
I arytone. and Taruso. possensed of un
i.sual mirtli. laughed outright an<l ro*
peate.l tha n.itne of Titta Ruffo "Li_
ten. 1 sing for you like Ruffo." h<>
-ouchaafad. "Ha is what you call my
aaal 'aomataah.' Ruffo he sings like
Those who HatOBOd to I'aruso knew ;
Titta Huffo. The Imitatioii. especjalb
in the loorer aotoo, aroa axcallaBt nmi
th.?y applaudad Earko. Dal be bad
not Bntabod. Thi applauoc did nol otop
him. Ruffo had more naaonatianu thal
Caruoo had roaaterad, and i>y tha tin?*
the akatch was ondod ho had aa audi
ence of about lift...
"Cnruso in \aude\ille and eheap at
the priee," lemarUe.l a by&tandei.
This amnaod tha tanor. "Yeo, Caruaa
ln ?mudavUla." ha ochood. **Whoa tbe
grand opera i? ovar i *o lato raoda
villa. That would ba ao Baa, thi M;< ba
i bjoi |10 *or#a araah ta get clgarattaa
oith, ah? i orlll g<> lato raudaoilla
with Titta Kuffo and the train boy th.it
ooila eandy going to PhOaaalphla, oh?
"I.isten, I give you lniltattm ot IhO
traln BO] . fkXBB day 1 will wrlte 1h?>
?ong. Tlie ororda and the naaatc aboai
| the train bOJT ba says going to
Phlladalphla. That "i.l ba my sket-h
f. i wiud< vllV. Listen' l.a-lula. La
lala. Magaalnoa. matehaa bmi ?
machattaa, clgarattaa, dgara, eaadtt -
popcora, poanata, prunoa Har ha'
I ihe prunes*-ix'st.iu.l-. aaOTapapar and
uo otopa botareeu bora aaal PhtlaaV
, phhv,"
By thla una tha L rralaa had ?arped
hor i'1'i aod Cw an IVTanhd < a
nessa had laufld. Th?s tenor greeted
: him with aoahraooa, and then toid tha
itistonif oflh ials that they had bOftBI
Baan b Oaaaaaa'a pacfcatn, as he ??i
phock full of eoOBa and curloe.
Had Photographed Tchataldja
Lines?Both Man and Aero?
plane Struck by Bullets.
Vienna, Dec. 8?The fat*- of l?r.
1 Jules Constantln, a French aviator ln
the Bulgarlan servl.e who was deco
ratcd by Klng Ferdlnand for braverv,
ls desi rlbed in a dlspatch Just recelved
, here. 1 ?r. Constantln started from
iSurma vlllage on his last flight over
? the Tchataldja llnes. wlth the object of
Idropplng bomba on the Turkish troops.
His biplano dtsappeared raptdljr, and
Kome bOUfl later was seen to descend
noar the Bulgarlan camp. The aviator
was found lylng on the ground dead.
wlth a wound in his chent. The wings
of the biplane had alpo been pierced by
The lnstruments showed that he hn.1
reaihed a height of nearly four thou
*and feet. He had photographed tho
Turkish lines and evldently hnd bOOO
shot, but had rdrength to gulde the ma
chlne back before he explred.
Uniform Garb for Women Is
Urged by Governor Osborn.
?'hl<ago, I>>c h. Oovernor Chase 8.
Osborn of Michigan proachad a surmon
here to-day from tha pulplt of his
friand, the ru-v. Myron B. Adams. of
tlm Flrat Baptist Church. The QoT*
ernor pleaded for looi oatafltatlOB on
the part of women ehureh nvemhers.
II' raggaatad ? uniform church dress
that would be plain and Inexpenslvo
and would not frlghten away poor
arOHNB who now otayed away from
church baoaoaa they could not compete
ln drena wlth prosperous women.
"I've often wlshed that Proteatant
churchoa la this cowitry wouid foOaat
tha habit I bave oh.served In Spain and
ln South America among CBthofJa
churehgoers," he sald. "Tlure it la tha
cuatoin for ororooa to drooa in plain
blach tnr chun h. I wlfh that our
\\omen would tio so, nnd th? n the poor
WOUld come."
Mistaking the Fluid for Water
Costs Producers $500,000.
| Hv TllaqiBPb t? Th* Trlbuie 1
Tamplco. Mexleo, Pec. H.-OII pro?
ducers and reflners in the Tampico
| fields will lose more than |Mu\000 ha
,ause mlllioiis of wlld dmks have ml
grmtad to Maaloo mmeg the advent of
i ,,i,i weather, and hundreds of thou?
sands of them have allghted ni the
great lakea of "il and pcrudied there.
Thaaa oawu?l?orod Bocha of dead water
fowl have rulned the crude oll, whieh.
becauae of tha doC49mpoaod animal mat?
ter. cannot bt> reflncd.
he new section of the Metropolitan Myseum of Art, where the banker"s pricclcss collection is likely to
be temporarily installed.
\\ hoac an collcctioni are the in<^t ygluable and extensive bclonginf
t<> one man.
Brooklyn Contest Terminates in
Rough House Tactics?
Stopped by Police.
Ptour foothall playara ujard badljr in
liire.l as a n suit of rmiRh tfl'tlcs tn a
Kame yesterday hetueon the BUUOOh
Athletic Club and the Vernon Athletic
riuh, hoth of Hav Hldge. Tho puM
was played at Mth street and Thlrd
avenue. Hrooklyn, and more than 2,000
persons saw It.
The tnjured men, all of whom balong
to the Vernon team. nre John Murphy,
rlghl "nd. livlnir. at No. .'.ai BSth street.
Tlrooklyn, concusslon of the hraln;
Frederick Fengstaek, rlght taclcle. of
77th street nnd Thlrd avenue. Jaw
fractured; Hdward f'ampa-7.1, half
hack, hoth knees hurt. and Ryan Kln
mmj, captaln and fullha-'k. of BOth
Mreet and Thlrd avenue, both knee*
aerererjr arraochad.
A NorvceKi.uig/lospltal surgeon took
tha lujured men to their honvs ln an
unbulance. it araa aaM Murphy and
pengatack were ln a serlous condition.
Tba IW0 tcitms had ea?:h wort evc-ry
foothall 1*888 ln which lt had taken
part ln the last two months. At the
requeat of a numb.-r of frlenda of hoth
teama It waa arranned that they meet
to eettle the champlonship of thut sec?
tion of tho clty.
AMhoiiKh the BulkWh team seemed to
have a llttle the best of tho welxht. the
other team was c.nndent and the spe^
tators looke.l forward to an interest Ing
game. lt v,hh 8 hard fOUght OOOtaat,
und for a time lt looked as if tho gamo
would eventually end ln a ti*. FOC
three periuda tho men fought tOOth and
nall. nelther slde glving an ln<h. lt
?aa a clean guine up to that time, and
many <>f the onlookers had praparad to
l.ave the gr-'imd, patlstl.-d that the
teams were evenly matched and that
there would he no scorlnfr.
Then icmeth-Bg happened. From a
gcntleman's Kame It suddenly tcrmi
nated Into u rough house.
A few mlnutes later four men of the
Vernon team were knocked cold. P
spite this their colleagues fmiKht all th
harder. hut were tlnally heatcn hy u
loera >>t 13 to o.
Wben tho tyatandera aritaeaaed tba
rough tactlcn employed there was al
most a rlot, and hut for the fact that
patrolmen lnterfered aeveral other
players would probahly have been
badly used.
Police of Paris Recognizo thi
Financicr's Benofactions.
I'.ins, Dee. ???.--a broaaa tnedal ha
been voted to J. Plarponi Morgaa Ii
raeognltlon ol his benafaetloaa by tb
, latlon of th-- Police Of Paris.
ThiH action arai taken at a meetlni
to-day preslded ov.-r bv tha Minlste
of tln- [nterkw
Thievcs Mutilated Duchess':
Body to Get Earrings.
[ By CaMa la Tha Mfeaaa l
London, Dec '.?.-Tho monument.t
Baadllca Of .Supersta. near Turln. wa,
deeeerated on Baturday night by .
Igang of thleves lntent on nfllng thi
i body of the Dowager Duchess EUsa
beth of Qenoa. grnndmothar of tln
iKing of Italy, hurled ln August last
?The crime evldently had been carefull;
planned, th>- ntfaoraaata baetag takea
tba prec.iution to cut all telephonlc un
telegraphk eommiinicatlnn with Turli
and the nelghhorlng hamlets. while tln
entrances from the baslllca to the roya
icrypt were stoutly barred with lroj
from tlie lnslde to preaent anv Mir
The gniiR had obtained the Informa
tlon that thp Duchess Ellzubeth hai
been laid to rest ln a niche wearln^ he
faaorlta pearl necklaca and a palr o
i eaninga They get to work to wrencl
open one afier another tho three cof
! tlns of wulnut, |lnO and b-ad ladoatal
| the hody, uslng adda to nu-lt the metal
On aacurlng tba daalrad booty the;
got clear away, apparently wtthou
[ leaalag any traoa of their Identity
The aacrllaga was dtacovared by thi
aacrlatan after he had opened thi
royal haallrra for maaa t^ueen Mar
gherltu and the Duke of QaWNI wen
tminedlately telegraphed for and slri.
tnatmetloaa were lamad from Home t<
track down the porpetratora of the out
raga at aii ooata
it |a atatad tbat tba gboala wiaimliai
tho earrlngs from tho doad woman";
Liner 16 Hours Late Aftci
Piston Rod Breaks.
Plymouth, D?c. S.?On the Americar
Line steiunshlp St. Ixmis, whlch sailei
from New York on November tt, a se
rlous accldent occurrcd last Wadoaadaj
during stormv weather. A piston nn
broke and was hurled from the cyllndei
tn tl.e top of the enjrlno room. lt dh
mui'li damage, but no OtM was hurt
Repalia are expeeted to oreiipy twe
As a consequence of the acrident th<
St. I.ouls was sixteen hours behlm
LiinM in anivlaa h?i_.
Remarkable Instance of Youth
ful Vitality Astonishes the
Medical Profession.
Sharp Steel Entered Under One
Ear and Came Out Above
Other?Child Dies
in Hospital.
\ aaa "f routhful vitality that baa
astonished the medical p'Ofeselon is
that of Oeorge Krouse, a hoy of thir
teen. who dled in the I.ebanon Hospl
i.il last niglit. A red hot steel i.mbrella
i od was driven through the boy's h. .ol
j from ear to ear while playing with
' soine children in a vac.-mt lot in The
, Brona thlrtaan daya niro. That life was
> latalnad so long aa H whh is conald*
. J i red exceptlonal hy surgoon.- int.rested
j 1, ln the ca?=.>.
I.ittle lieorge, >v h?. Iived with his
p.-irenta'at No. Vld \V;iles avenue. The
Itronx. taas with other children rear
the Sout-tfrn Roulevard on the after
noon Of NoM-mber LT?. They had built
a l oaftre and were playlnff Indla'ns,
dancing around tho flre and araarjng
llghtad torehea One r.f the boya found
? atoal aataraUa rod He returned to
ihe flre and held the piece of metal ln
tba ft-Tia untll it becama gtoirlng
crbnaon a ith the heat
what happened afterward is still a
myatary ta the poHca, aithouRh they
'have irorkad oontlnuoualy on the case.
i The parents of tba riead chlld know
lonly that they were lnformed that their
I I son had been badly hurt. and persons
who ran to the vacant lot following the
< celted alarm iriven by some children
I found the hoy Ivlng near the flre, uith
tha steel rod, still hot and smoking,
j driven completely through a section of
i the braln,
A burry ambulame call brought siir
I geons from I.ebanon Hospital, and the
: Krouse child was rushed thera and put
' upon an operating table. The rod ha l
'entered the head a little under the left
I ear and had como out above tho rlght
car. It was removed and the hrokcn
i bones at the base of tha skull were a?l
Ijuatad. Than the Bghl for the boy's
?; nfe bagan
I ] For the last thlrteen days the young
?Ister has laln ln a COt at tho boapital
f' undergoing overv oparatlon known to
i Imedloal and luiglcal acleiico for tho
? I prolongatlon of llfa Surgeons wh..
heard of tba caae vislted tbe hospital
and several Ollnlca, in whlch UOflM of
tha most promlnent practltionora In
the clty asslsted, resulted. At tlmes
tho chlld seemed to ba half consclotis
. of hla Hiirroutulings, hut for the most
ijpart he lay tn | suipor. For the last
few days, however, the hospital ofti
clala had glven up bope of hls reooe
cry, and v. Iien death OaiM last even
Ing u araa only a long axpected cuimi
Dataetlaea Dlgtlto und Halgbl ar?
rested John Qaatracbar, thlrteen reera
..l.t. of No. 888 Kelly atreet, Tho Rnrnx,
\esterdav. They took him to the Mor
rkMUlia statlon and examlned him
cloaeiy. bu! tba boy ienlad any kaowt*
tdga of tho affalr. He was paroled
later in tha ouatedy of bla tather'a
taa v er, Joseph Levine.
Di. Talman, of Lebanon Hospital,
who, with Dr. Curtln, had eharge of
the case, aald laat night that ho knew
Of no parallel tnstan<-e ln whlch life had
been prolonged for more than twenty
fOUT hours. In additlon to tho icrnlil.:
Injury to tha ohOd'a brain. owinsr to
tha praoaura of brokaa bonea upon it,
lt had I.n compbtely plerced and
burned by tha heated ateeL
perfectl) pure produd of tbe nr?ln, a
h.Hlih.ul .timulant. Laiyties Broa.. N. V.?.
Museum Officials to Place Part
of $50,000,000 Art Col
lection on View in a
Few Days.
Financier's Consideration of
Hartford Spurred Metropoll?
tan to Action?Two Years
Required to Complete
Morgan Wing.
Tiiwilling to def<^r any longer the e?
hibition of some of the art treasurei
brought to this country by J. Pierpont
Morgan, and stored now in the Metro
politan Museum of Art, lt v.as learnad
yesterday that the museum will place
the painttngs in this almost prlccleas
collection on exhibition within a few
days. Coming clOQOty oa rOCOOlt reports
that Mr. Morgan had been vlewing
Hartford as a possible place for the re
ceptlon and exhibition of his works. be?
cauae of the delay in getting his collec
tion out of the packing cases here, It ia
believed tho museum ofllciala. wantlng
to run no such risk. intend to exhlblt in
part Mr. Morgan's wonderful collection.
rathar than wait until the proposed
Iforgaa wing is ooaaplatad,
There have been assuran.?a from the
menibora of the Board of Kstimate that
the money necessary for the Morgan
wing will soon be approprlated, bui.
even so, it would take fully two year <
to complete the structure.
Ihe Tribune was also InformeJ from
a trustworthy source that the museum
ItruatOCB would probably take up at
\ their next meeting, a week hence. th*
'mntter of exhibiting other parts of the
j collectlon.
Some for th# New North Wtng.
While lt could not be ascertaine.l
yesterday what other part of tV Mor?
gan art treasures would be pla. ed m
exhibition, It was thought by floraoofl
who were in a position to know that
I llie new n..rth wing. known as Add
' tlon H, whlch is now nearing eoni
, pletlon. would afr'ord spaee for suma
1 parts of th collection.
Thls wing was planned for oth >r
! things. Many of the art objects WOOlii
Ito ie placad on view there when lt -?
:oompleted have been stored awa
' awalting the t^ompletion of the stru< I -
nre. The north wing is not largo
oaougta to aoooaaaaaaata ?11 of the Hor*
gan colle-tion.
It was said yesterday that the mu?
seum heads expeeted the oompletion af
' th*' north wing || about two month*.
lt may be completed before that time.
an 1 even at an earlier period lt may L?
pooolMo for some apBOB in it to be ready
ior exhibition purposea.
Even though funds for tne propose i
Morgan wing, to be known as J and K.
should be provided early in 1913, it was
said yesterday by officials of the Fars.
1 '. ; artment that it would bo impossih!*
to get it under way wlthout some de?
lay, and that lt probably would not V
mad*1 for occapancy foy at least two
> cars
ln a statement he made a few da\ i
ago Dr. F.dward Rohinson, the director
J of the Ifatropotttaa Museum of Art. did
I not hesitate to say that the delay Ul
Uindlng spaee for his art treasures in
'other plaoes than ln packing cases was
getting on the nerves of Mr. Morgan.
It Is this frame of mlnd of the financter
which probably has stirred the mu?
seum officials to decide at once to flivl
at least a temporary place for the
paintlngs, and perhaps for other par'..*
of the collection.
Collection Valued at $50,000,000.
The value of the Morgan treaaure*
has t> en placed anywhere from prlce
lOOO to the more modest estimate 4
100,000,0001, The value of the palntings
In tho collection is yeen in the nam^s
j of the artists represented. Some of the
niost noted are the following:
RaphaafB 'Colonna Madonna," ap
, pralaad af fBOOiOOO; aet of Fragonard
! panels. ISS&OODi Cainsborough's "Tiie
Duchooa Of IH'vonshlre," *>200,00t?;
Major Hoifords landscape by ' Hob
bema, $150,OUU.
Other paintlngs include the work of
Turnor, Reynolds, Uainsborough, Rae
burn, Homncy, Constable, Duman, Va.i
Dyck, Frana Ilals, Rcmbrandt, Ru
bens, llobbema, Raphael, Velasquez.
Mlllais, Troyon, Bauginet, Viliegaa v
Cordero, Vannutelli, Hucclarolll. Mme
V'igee Lebrun, Nattler and Pater.
Rembrandl is represented by threa
paintlngs, Rubens by two an.l Efob
boma by two. Turner is represented
by his "Lake of Albano" and one other.
Thore are said to hc forty paintlngs of
the Kngllah school and olghteen rep?
resentative of modern English and
Amerlcan schools.
The Morgan treasun-s are stored in
the museum on the thlrd floor, and are
kept under strlct guard. The pollce
have closely watched the museum it?
self since the arrlval of the Morgan art
objects. They represoni the eolleetlons
brought togathaf at different tlmea and
for many years kept in hia houae in
London, at the Vlctoria and Albert
Muaeum, formerly the South Kenslng
ton, and other London muaeuma.
Early last spring the treasurea be
gan arriving ln thlfl city, and the laat
shlpmenl ls soh'eduled for this month.
The value of the collection waa
placed at $."><>.<*n>,<BO by Mr. Nathan.
the appraiser who waa aent to Europe
before the shipments were made to thls
country. Dr. Rohinson has been quoted
as oa*fing thal ll is ihe grealcat coi~

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