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V* LXXII..N* 24.131.
'ln? nnd to-iiMirrnu, ,,,;, -n(j
uuniirr: aea.kw._l wloda.
In Clty of ?w Vork. .leraey ' Wt aad HoM
Luclwicj Palmer. Wealthy South
Orange Contractor. Shoots
Wiciow and Himself at
Swartswood Lake. N. J.
Mrs Barbara Rapke, the Victim,
Also Had Family, and Both
Were Much Respected?
Met in Secret Long Time
ar.d Never Discovered.
grai o 'ih' Ti ib . ?
?rwood Lake, N. J_ De
on the floor ?>f an utt-ocouptod cot*
,.,-P , di ?' apot near the
I Palmer, a m..
Mfou* 'ira.t..i of South Orange, snd
Mr.. .: .- ... Rapke, a wldow, a*he
ilve I '' *""* **'
- g from their
horlea ? ? Frtd* .. b U people
j,, , borbood aa thej
Baturd iy. and Palmer introdui ed
tho woman aa h,s uif.-. The \
thniiv the man killed the Woman and
th.:; '. ma* I Both bai
the head.
i i_r vv..- w. :i knoa n ln South
i iidi.te. ? h? re e bad ? a'lth
brother Axei Ho llved in .i iii">
house arith a taxiily oi ala chlldren
ind a wlfa t'? arhom he ha.i been mar
. ,irs. Tbe ai nlvei -
eexy would i.?iv'' been Chrlatmaa D
.md t o family ha.i be4 n plannli
great eelebratlon,
Mr-. Rapke, ala yeara a aridow. Ilved
\N)l:.; ) . gbtei and two aona In
,rk. and while Palmer a
?t_nt viaitor at tbe houae, il waa al
. ,..i nben Mra, Rapke
? oul M ith him thal tiu*- ? M'
t# aieel Mn Paln.er. Both fam
? aatounded a hen thi atoi >
? ? ?
Posed as Man and Wife.
ln New*
, ik on Prlda - ? nt to Newton,
? . spenl the ni^ht ln ? li<-te!.
they drova ala :
lohn Bmmona, \\ Ith whom
oArded a hen he waa
? rge Becb thi
?. himaelf. Palmer ln
::,- t ite, and
Ehnmona I
until Si nday morning. when Palmer
.. t,. ,.. over to ibe aback
... ks ii'- and
Mra I ;""*
Di.it wac 11 ? bem nllve.
Th-: had s.ucl 'li.-> WOUM come h?'k
remaln i and when
rirn for aupper Emgiona
gtr-w anxtoua i. U t l ahi '?? tom*
: V4ith Beck. Thla -Mtrnlng
Bet-k and Emaona wenl to the hr"is'
aii the wlndowa were cloaed and theae
was no i-ound.
Beek puabetl tbe door open and tonnd
Mis. Rapke lying face upward on^the
f.iwih r marks about the hole in
her temple Indleated that the revolver
had baan beM doea lo ber head. Bha
wore the fur coal Mrs. _mmona
j. nt hei. P_lnter w.ts ln <tn ad
i,,irnng r.x'to bla revolver by his alde,
I'wn shots bnd been trad. Ther.- was
?I...ther revolvei :i. bla pochOt, and the
p think ihat ba had premeditut*-"!
.Uling the 4v..m;.n anrl took frWO pistn*s
ith him to make sure. Thetv w?-re
no evidences of a struggle.
Friandship an Old One.
Srn-riT Malna w.is Inforrtited ai, I
.illed in Proserutor Dolati aml Coroi,. r
p\ roleman. The ? oroner- decided
*nat death had been 1?81?nUUMOtta in
. ih CO?l -. He friunii a card in Um
44,.man's pocketbook, beartog bar name
md addreaa, "Mra i*?? 11...i.. Rapke, No.
.?i;-j \;,n Buren rrtreet, Newark." The
? | were taken Ut B m.irgu*- and to
fiight arere p??med by relatlvea.
Mrs-. Rapke was fii't> yeara oM, but
i gbout forty.
ai her bome it waa aald ihai Palmer
bnea attentlve t<> h.r, r-aiiing on
ler on- e or twloa a week.
This Morning's Xeivs
local Page
PaHtsei tppraiaal ReJected . l
Q -I PrlOOnei Hreakv Jall . 1
UbOOl Two I.utible Llvea 1
"rgane of Man'a Body Tranapooed 2
i '<::ifs < 'ui i nn ?ibal a
Par*** Plnaa 4
Ton,- - i >o< k <'omintaalon *
: ir* ? ?.. *"j n .,' Mo* lea" 4
Tree Here to .-? ?? Pla . 9
i-.-,i ,,r CJhmfl .?*
Writr Before Graad Jury. . ..xe
Xew Move in irai oa Coa-alne gelllag.ia
hritaln i:? edea In ?'anal Proteal. I
May Proai, ata J P Morgan. 3
'leannjr ifouaea L'ndei Probo. *
Xew Yorfc Joba la Bomb Trlal. ?
'Onr;r?n?' Uay Prohe I'.-inneriej.. 7
-'-.'!? oppoaea Republican Reonlen i
W:is.,r; Takea l*p Poll tli al Pro leana , 5
Ktokea on Itepublicana' Knture 5
ra Military siart. e
>rm Ad-.r? .,-.-.i 6
>v''" ' loud on ii." Dannbo. 3
ind attaek on Praw a Drged. -3
N*?"?*? f.,i Women. t
Rattarlal . g
?"'oelet. . 8
s"*'"i . 9
Musl.: . 9
Thaatrliai . a
''bituary . g
.10 and 11
?'?'?my nt,rj .H
?Taathei .xi
""Mppltig . .H
J*taaaol_i Hnd Markets ...18, 13 and 14
J*??'?;.Ul. .14
, White Star Line Announces De
cision?Combustible To Be
Carried Between Shells.
Bj > abli t,, Tbe ',' ibune |
London, Dec. Kb -Thi vThlte Btar
company has taken an important atep
in . onnei tlon arlth the alterationa t<>
the Olympic now being carried oui al
Belfaal by Harland t Wolf*. Theae
alterationa Inchide tbe conetructlon hi'
whal la praetically aa Inner or aecond
.hen. divided from tbe outer siioii b ..
thift-foot epace.
The owoera ?iic k>?--.?!.v exerclaed aa
tu noa thal epace between the sh.-iis
could '.).- utlliaed. and it baa noa been
declded to uae the epace In the forward
and after bunkera Cor the carriage of
i <>il. a'hicb in turn wlll be used ln one
I of the boUera ae fuel by way of ex
periment The owners are hopoful tli.it
the triale, whlcb ?iii begin bnmedlati
tbe Olympic reeumee hei aaillnga
eprlng, wlll he entlrely eucceaaful,
land in tbal eveni provlaion aill be
Imadfl on the nea White Btgr lin< r
! Britannic, noa in courae of conetruc?
tlon nt BeUbat. for the epace between
the two hulla being uaed foi atorage
purpoai i
This ue, laion of the White Btai i "tn
Ipan) marki an Important atop In the
| history of fuol tor... ean-going pui poeee,
and th.- ezperlment wlll i.e watch. i
j with Intereel by other owners of lari ?
[veeaela a*ho an trying t" nnd aome
meani of maklng uae of the gpace be*
| tweeen the two ihella, as it is probable
j that a double Bholl will now he. ome
ihe rule ratber than the exceptlon
Secretary MacVeagh Orders It
Out of Cars and Ships.
WashinKton, itev. 9.?The common
towe) was ordered aholished from ratl.
road 'ats. \esseis. all other Interatate
vehiclee nnd frotn etatlone by Becre
MacVeagta of the Treasury De?
partmenl to-day in an amendment to
ihe interatate quarantlne regulatlon.
Thla action foiiowa cloeel) the aboll*
tion of the common drlnking i up from
on interatate carriera Towelemay
be uaed again only after havlng i.e- n
aterilized In boiling water.
No Nobel Prize in Year of Two
European Wars.
< in latlanla, Dei. W* Th? Nobe I
i'i iz. aill not i.e awardi d thia
This la the first time alnce the eetab
? tii>- .\,,,? i h',ftti,,itttlon th,
ftrsi ..? ..io of which waa madV ln I901,4
lhe 'otiunifte. ..; :he Norwegian
Patiiamenl ha* found no peraon worthy
tti.j. xhi ' mmlttee, in ex
.-. tion. ni' ;.'l; ?? <??
thnt it haa declded that there baa I.I
k ., aai \ Ing ot the priaa."
it I,.. been reoonunended thnt 11. j
approxltnatlag $40,000, ehall be
retalbed for the benefll of the Pounda*
;,,.n Fund.
'I . .-:.-?
..!.. quartei thla year that lhe SobH
pri_< rheuM so to t-mperer
William ol Germany foi I - gucceaeful
, f.'orts ln the dlrectlon ol peaa through.
eul his retga. it haa however, evldently
been dedded tbal tbe year wblcb hm,
attneaeod two European wara is nol p.ir
Ucularly an appropriate om Ib wblcb to
? Torts ior Beace
i.a?t yaer'a pt tet prlae wi d rtded - -
twe.T. t >i. <', Ar-,-. i. founder ol
Inatituti ol Internatlonal Law, and Al
i: ed i-'ri' d of Vi. nna, tha noti d
ti -" Bta
St. Patrick Regalia, Stolen in
1907, Returned in Dublin.
i B) Cable ta ti i Trfbona I
I.ondon. Dee. 10.?Late last hlght it
v\iis reported thnt the cTOWn JOWOla
stolen from Dublin Castle ln June ot
July, 1907, had heen roplBCOd inla> t in
their orlgtnal poaltlon. i?ut no oor*
toi.oration oi the atatemeni could he
oi.tained in official quartera Ln London.
The theft rnnka as one of the moot
reaaarkable robberlea ln hlatorj The
dlaappearadce of tbe Jewela was dis
covered on July 8, i *?* ?7. The mlaelng
property wai untque in character, and
prompt meBBUrea wer,. taken to wam
every trader Into whoae hands the
Jewela mlghl poaelbl. fall, yet from
that da) to thla not tbe iltghteet tr.i. ??
haa been found. elther of them or the
u the atory of the recoverj be true
they hav? been returned bb mysterlouB*
h aa they were stolen.
on aeveral previoui occaeiona reporta ot
Um return ol tha [rlata crOwn Jewele t>>
Dublin <'asti< bave galned curren* ., bnl)
later to be dlecredlted. The i-w.-u atoien
M-,,.. ii,,,. - ii?-.-'i ,i. > ? ? . ? i? .ii.-'-' ..t ln
reetlture In tbe Ordei <>r st. Patrlck. th?
piuceoalonal treea atuddoel artlh gla*
nieiiga. ???'i thi i weii. d srv?i.i. valued ln
all at l^*yi**> tmt Arthur BdWBfti ' i.ars
w.?s the euetodlan of Ihe jeWele, bul he
rwfuaod te appear before ?> eommleolon
tvhlofa waa Bppoiated io Inveatigate ti,e
.-iJl.'.ii- and v?.us Jlai I ? 'J a i iBtei Rlng
of Anu".
Couple Dccide to Make It Quiet and
Savc Money for Santa Claus.
ii becaroe known yeaterdoy that .\iis^
Doroth) .\i Bang. daugbtei of Mra J
HatiK Of Nft W Bummlt avenue. <'her
ter inn. and I'jederi.k w. Belleebelm.
m.ii i.f 1'iederhk Belleahelm. tt member
,,( tbe .Mount Vernon Board ot RdttOB*
tion. iiviiis al Na Ifl Weat Lincoln ave
nue. .Mount Vernon. were married ln th
citv Hall of Mount Vernon on Decem*
bei -'
Tbe wedding waa performed b) Alder?
man Oeorga B, B. Willlama The couple
announced tbeir marriage yeaterday and
atarted South for their honeymoon
i'iirifte?r the blood. a dellrloya beverage.
? -r i.ewev k son' Oe ,Ut Foltoi Bl .n !
Declares It "Folly" for Repub
licans to Try to Lure Pro
gressives Back Into
Colonel Tells His Followers the
"Great Corporation Lawyer"
Is Apt To Be Poorest
Interpreter of the
n.f(tt |.,, Bt "Wlthi ni tralllck
tug or dlckerlng wlth tbe old paKlea,
flghl l" have our platform prin- iph-s
i mbodled ln the lawa of IUInote,M araa
the appeal Colotiel Rooaevell made to
day i" tha newly elei ted E****o_-reaal**e
membera of the Illlnolo Legtalature, t..
whom be dellvered hla flral apeech of
the Progreaalve conference, whlch
opened Informally to-daj and will con*
tinue n\ er Wedneada y
Beeldea pli adlng a Ith the Pi ogi et
ai*. ?? to atand alone in Ihelr flght, the
ex-Prealdeni crlticlaed the Item Tork
;i of Appeala deelgnating Ita poal
ti'.n on the bakeahop ea*MO ns "prcpoa*- I
- ' He alao crlticlaed the Repub?
lican organlxatlon. deelarlng II "araa of
ouch .. character thal no honeel man
? an be ln it. '
win!.- the formai openini ..f the i on*
ference will doi oci ur until to-morrow,
large number <.f Progreaelvea, both
tnen nnd women, already ..ro here. The
largeal elngl* delegatlo'n t.? arrlva to
day eame from New rork mi i.la
traln with i olonel Rooaevelt, wh,. ? ,
areeted ??'? Ihe rallroad atatlon witl
cheeraandahouta: ? H< can come ba
"I am very glad to have the chance
tO come out here and say agam that
vve aro in the f.ght to the end and that
it is folly for the Republicans to waste
time in thinking of any attempt to lure
us back irito the organization that thev
bave rrnde of such a character that no
bonest man can he in ,t.** Colonel
Roosevelt said in his talk to the III,
nois legislators.
Wants Plednes Kept.
' """i-i Rooaevi it al o bad thla to
? ? lambers oi ?
?? ' 'ongreaa have ;, i
I ? "iil'l m_k, .
,..--il.i,. OUI
? t.i ouieelvea
latform pledge ..re kepl \* .
'?.!.," ? ? , ? ?
tl Intrrtdui ?
niea ;
nnd try aa ha.rd ua n ay know ta
tioni adopted
"" ppponenu '.i..kiiiK loud
of t),.ii ;., ... Pro
prln< Iph 4. ro make ?
up oi baek ap." Thi . that i
our meaa irea are \\
an thi beira ol the Republlral i
A'-.-aham UlM oln and lha Rep I
a ho foughl ii- tbe i h ii W u I.ii,.-..ir' ?
nppoi eni alao i
pull down '
I ?? are ;r|l 1 lolden t ir< I.' rnen*
ui-r>?." oome om ?houted, and the colo
v< i tbe Rnlghta r.i the Golden i Ircli
w.ire profound admlrei .>: the Conatltti
tlon The Conatltutlon should be an ln
atrumenl f..r aecuiini luatlce and nol i
barrti i between tbe p4*?ple and J
He tben dl* maeed al length Ihe
orkmen'a i ompeneatlon and ?i_;hi
hour l.iws. it was in thla connectlon
tii.it he dfaini-is.-ii the action of tke
\. ? rork i oui i of Appeala In over*
rullna ln offeel the I'nlted Btatea Bu
pi. ?'"i,n. aaylng:
The eourt held th*> Ben *>?.?
tir.ti supreme and pui thi **ople of thal
.,,t. in the poeltkm ol ma?Ina ll w
iary for tbem lo have ihe ITnTted Btatea
I'onatltutlon amended by .. vote of thr. ??
lourth.- of the tati .i ihi r syantttd ll la
be ln conformlty rrlth ihe Nea ...rk lawa
Buch a poeltlon waa prepoi teroua.
I hopi that you win put Into thi lawa
,,i illinols. a- i ahall tn to put Into
the lawa of tfe*w i'ork, .-. provialon thal
ir the peopli arani certaln lawa no
. tiii Ial, p.<>y raar, legtalatui e oi rl
?hall bave tt,' power to pri renl Ihem
from obtaJnlng thoae lawa
in apeaklna of crltli lam atna d al him
during the laet campaign foi cartain
crltlclania ba mada "f New York eourt
declalona tha colonel aald that "four
?freai co**poratlon lawyera, headed by
Mr, Boat," had qu4satloned in* opinlon.
H,- added that experi.in <? had taught
him ihat the gr-'.it corporation lawyer
wbo waa paid big feea i.y weatthy
. iienta for Interpreting tba Conatltutlon
waa liable lo !"? Ihe pooreol Inti rpret< r
<,.[,, toi Juaeph M. Di.on charaoter<
,/..i ns "wtldeat gometp'' to-nlght re*
porta "f ,i rontemplated effort i>\ <ri
t.uu Progreealvaa to onal George W.
Perkina iroiu the Bhalrmanahlp ?>' tha
executive commlttei and to ellmlnate
blm generall* aa u promlrtenl Bgura m
tin part ii waa alao arephntlc?lly
denled thal the preeenoe ol Colonel
Rooaevell araa <iu<^ to .i plan lo exeti
bla peraonal influence to "head off" lha
aileged movi men.
Gives $100,000 Gymnasium to
Colorado College
? !olorado Bprlnga, Col ne.. B, \\ |i|.
i.iin l". sio. mn president at Colorado
College, announced to-day that Mrs. A.
I). .Iiiilliard. Of N.w Vork. had glven
$100,000 i" ti"- Inetltutlon to buii.i a
ryronaaluni aa .i piamorlal to her
*ath< r, Frederli h n. i 'omntL
Ura ,.\ i>. ju.i,i.mi. ol N" U Weai Wib
itreet aald ai ber bome Iaii nlgbl that
th< report of hor gifl to Colorado College
.,,M.. i ICi i illUard ?aa ati -
H.-ien CoaaHl Hei fatbei -li'-.i In 1*87.
lugnatua D. Jullllard, ber huaband, i.i
iu the d*fya***oda bualnea Ha 1 a mem
b?i of H"' M.'tiouoiitMu. Tiiv.-.i.. ileepj
Mohow 1'oiintrv. aferehanta1 and Repnb>
licaa clabo, the Huguenot (Ms-dety, the
l'nion Leagoe and the Autornebile Club .f
a -
\.;ifi AU4*4 mall Op'-'S'.1-' ?; ' '" ?*'i:;d.
rllitlnr-t d. flnltton ll 6penr.er $, . MaiOea U.
I [elping tu Snpporl the Famiiy
Escapcs with Heavy Suitcasc
and Typewriter While Await
ing Larccny Chargcs.
Many Recent Walk-Outs trom
$2f>0.000 Building Cause
Demand for Grand Jury
r. i ? li ?.?-. |
rtiverbead, Long loland, Dec. 0 ?
Eather Harria atoo known ba 009*
h.-th F Well -ind perhepe by several
,,the namea * be ? u a aralting trial
,,n three aeparati chargea of grand
larceny, Involvlng the dteappean.i 0
mai money, mad. tWual
. _ii from the BofTolta CouaA lall hero
to-day, ond when the excitemenl bai
,i?,i down li ' ''''??'''? ,lMl ""'"' w"1
he ? grand Jury Inveatlgatlon, becauae
,he i- the rixlb or aeventk peraon wbo
,., .eded i" dolng the Houdlnl
?rich within the la I few montha
The lall building ? ?' ' ? laxpayera
,., ,,.- .metblng like fSSO.000
,nii tbi - think thal thej liad n i d
t0 believe thal they were gettlng a
place thal ?." :'1 ***** hoW '"""
untll thej were read) foi trlal
?,i?. fare aerved to prieonerfl In the
BuffOlk Count) Jail Ifl conaidered ... be
,,,,,,- good b| moei of tbe Bfty prle*
onara wbo nr* maktag ihrir temporary
,,???. ibere, bul Miss Harria had ber
meali broufhl '" from a reataurant
Thia momli I lhe walter employad b:
the ? atarei brought ? tray contalnlng
,,,.,,,, ,,,.d roiis, baoon and egga buck
and maple ?j rup, and
pIaced M (lll the table In Mlaa Harria*!
rail, aocordlng to tbe fltorj lhal la going
the ronndi M 11 o'elocb be .ame bach
,,,,. tho rllflhei an.i trna astontshed i\>
IMl(i tbal the breakfaat bad nol been
tou. hed.
Then th. jail ofndala ?el un Bnd took
oo Inventoi M h Harria wa gi i ?
ther.- was no d.iul.t abOUl Ihat. Bfl d
, abe B-enl .U >!;" u,"k mtt ooly
h? aultcaae contalnlng Bll of ber
clothlng, bul flhe carried along her
typewrltei bi btoII.
Ooorgc h Conklin, thi arden, re-1
membi red then tbal ,l" ma\ time be
Ma thi oung woman erafl Bunday
Bften.n aboul I e"doek. Mone of the
jail doorfl had been Iound open, bo it
?s belleved thal Hta. Harrifl muet bave
had i kev.
Qiovernvtlli S. T.. Da I '??"
mometera regleterad aa loa ->s " de-rreeo
beloa /?? ro nn- mornlng.
Aged SufFragist Leaves Ber
Only Son $2,000
I ? T . ? ,
tneordta, K m Dec '?> Mr-. Llll
1. |: , .i , kgtflt, dl- d
, here Iaal week and in her o 111, iro
bated her.- to-day, he lefl 980,000 to
th. National Wofnen'a Suffrage Aaao
I2.O00 to her ..nly son and
R&OOO t.. .. lawyei. Her pn.rty b
mated to be worth from 150,000 to
M:rt Buckle tooh an Intereel Ln the,
,i rom Ita al ?. I
There prohahh will lie B legal liKht
? i
, Beat Messenger Into Uncon
I scious State and Get $20,000.
i ikerefleld, CaL, Dei fc?Twenty thou*
dollara In goM wae tbe haul of two
. i ?; v. ho ti.-i.i up the > tpreaa < ar ef
the Sunflet Weatern t iin, bound trom
; Baken fleld [or Poft, Cai , to-nlght
When the traln arrlved al Tbfl rail?
road r., ii ? en forced to break down the
dooi of tii" ? i ? In fl eorner,
covi red a Ith mall -.? ka wa li, W,
11 | :, uho waa
jual . ? i iiii.i.:- con louanc ia
'New York Merchant Fined for
Running Down Child.
By Ti legraph te Tbe 11 lb?
Bllsabotb, M. .).. ." '?< Oeorgo s.
Uawhlnm y, n New forb woollen mer?
chant, living at POTl Kf liimuid. sttat.-n |
Island. war- lined $1,000 in lhe. I'otirt
?.f Quarter Beeeloni to-day for runnlng
down aad kinitm Vtuconl P. Bauck, |
three yeara old, arlth hl* automoblle
on n, tober '-'"
He haa m idfl a flnan< lal rei tlemenl
with tbe Hauck famlly.
Artist and Wife Lose Rare
Jewels at London Station.
Illv T-l-m-ph to Tbe Trll.iine.)
Philadelphla, l>>'<\ ?.? .lulian Btory,
tbe artlel and former buiband Of Mme.
Kmui.i Bamaa arrlved to-day frnni
Europe alth Mra Htor>, until recently
Ifra i? Murra) Bohlen, of Cbeetnut
mn. brlnging ? Btory f>f a bold Jewelry
rohi.. iv ot whl ii thay were victlma
All Mra Storv's lewelrv. some of ii of
r;.|e value .isi.le llotw it* Itttrlnoic
worth. nnd Bll that Mr. Storv owned
?ave v.hat be e/ore oraa ?t.?ifti from
their lUggage ttt \v.itei!,,o Station,
l . Bl : fa do not know jnet how or
erben it waa taken. The luggage ha.i
been pul i"'" tho compartment of the
Boutbampton traln, and the artist be
Itevea thal lhe clever thlevafl Bporated
tn the t'ew minutes hefore the traln
atarted Jfelther he nor Mr- Btory
w ould" |.li.? fl a value upon the jewels.!
? i i i .n j-.id i" bo v< oith aeveral j
thouaand dollara.
ANGOSTURA BITTERS lencll ilellfloua
flavor io grape-frull mtt Jelllea -Advt.
Surrogatc's Estimate Much
Higher than That of State
Transfer Tax Official.
Cohalan Says Holdings in
World" Were Grossly Un
dervalned and Intimates
Dercliction of Duty.
Surrogate Cohalan refueed \r>sterday
to approve tba report of Joaeph. i.
Berry. atate tranafer tax apprniaar, ">n
;" Joaeph PnMtaar, prinripai
OWner Of "The World" and of "The St.
Loula **n*rt-D_*pntC_,*" on the grounil
that tho tatate araa ''groealy undareal*
ued "
in hbi de. lakm rejectlng the ap.
. whlcb araa Bled in the Buito*
gate'a Courl by Appralaar Betty on
November 21, Mr. Cohalan said: **h
would seeni that an effort might it
?? in.ide b] th.'. attorney for tho
Btate Controller to pr.vide e\ ideiK-o
.-utli. ient to luetatlI a fimling ilim
would remove the auggeatlon that th.i
Intereata ot* the Btate of New York
wera noi pgaparty protected in a m_t
t.-r of suiMi iniportume a| the ap
pralaal of tha aatata under coneider.
Iir. Berry eatlnaated the value nf the
eotnta of Mr. Pulltaar al |l&fl3&,ll&
Tha intereel of the dead newapaper
owner ln the Preoe Pub_0??Ig C'om
pany (The World ) araa aei fort? at
13,016,?Ua, antp hi.i interest in th<*
Pulltaar PuMlahlng Company (**The Bt
Loula Poat-IHapatoh") araa gtven aa
Differance m Estimate.
Theaa IteniH and the two aharea held
b) the PreHH Pul.Ilshing t'oinpany and
tba <i"' fa?MTO held hy the Pulitzer Puh
llehlng Ceeapgny in The Assoeiated
i?-, m, arhieh were aet forth at fl,000
each, Burrogate Oonalan said had heen
froaaly nirtdeivalued, poaafbl} to the
. vi.-ni of many mllllona of dollara, for
on a f? per cenl baata of earnlng power
the holdlnga "t ih.- decedent'a eetate
Mi thr atOCh "i the Press Pttbtialitng
Company ohould nppraleo apward of
>?ii.iMM>.<MH> inatead ot s;t.<>i*U;V>, whlla
the holdings of the deredpnf'.i estata
in th.- Pulltaar PnbllahIng Company ,,n
tha aame i.a.-us of eamtna poarer ahouid
ba appralaed .-.i upward of <k.i>iiO,<m>o
Inatead <>f 7*1,1ir?,7i7.
Burrogate f'oimiun aald i ,>? affldavlt
of N. ii Botaford. audll.f ih. Preaa
( ,,..(.iiiipiI .ut ilnl, i.agr. Iniirlli ...liitnn.
mler Carrlei "' Ihi South Information
.\ v. Offlce?IM i-'irth Ave. -Advt
Admits Right to Grant Sub
sidies, but Declares Rc
sultant Burden to Other
Vessels Is Wrong.
Objections of Sir Edward Grey
Thought to Pave the Way
for Adjudication Dur?
ing the Taft Ad
i Th* Tribune B-,
VPaeblhgton. ner. fr-OiWi Britain.
through Ambassador Bryce, filod With
the gocretary of siate to-night tha long
beralded protest against the Panama
Canal bill. Tho objections flflem I" af.
ford ample basis for flOttlamont b> dip
j lomatic negotiation of all the poLpts tl
; issiie before the close of this admitu
Sir Bdward <!rey, who signs the pfO
taat, racedOB from the position tak> t
by his government in the earlier pro?
test and eoaeedflfl the right of th*
T'nited States to substdize its coastwise
! trade at its discrotion. The Britisn
Seiretary for Foreign Affairs urjc"*
i that h remlaalon of the toiia to eoaat*
wise shipping may reasonably be as
I sumed to make necessary laerggggd
i. hurges to other vessels. and ls, there
fore, a vlolation of the Hay-Pauncefoie
Inasmuch as this administration ean
?Bflily show that such is not the case:
that the basis on which the. chargea
have heen eetabliebed it, in raii"
parlame. "what the traffl.: will hear,
and tha. the charge.s, even if inipose I
on all vessels uslng the canal, would
fall far short of meeting the expen-e
of B-Blntenanca interest on the invest
ment and reasonablo provision for a
alnklng fund, thal objectbw can bo
prompt ly disposed of.
Cannot Affect Great Britain.
While the British Foreign Secretary
seejns to see some fundamental differ
en.e betweeen subsidies, even though
tneasured bv the amount of the tolls
naid. and failure to collect tolls, lt wlll
Jnot he diffi< ult to demonstrate that Ihfl
method employe.l is merely a questioi
of bookkeeping and tiiat lt cannot tf
fe, t the Interests of Great Britain.
whether the tolls on coastwise shlp
ping nre actually collected and sub
?egnently refuadei fn tiie form of a
?Ubatdy. or whether thov are remltted
ln the tirst plsee, always assuming. as
Ih the case, that such remlaalon does
not operato to increase the tolls Im?
posed on foreign shipping.
Sir Bdward Grej goes even further ln
blfl admissions, granting ln effect thal
th? Hay-PaunoogetO treaty does not
even opcrata to prevent th-i I'nlted
States from subaldiilng any of the. ves?
sels, whei her engaged ln the coastwise
trade or otherwlse, so that. ln the llght
of the conccsslon made ln almost the
opening parajcraph of the communlca
tion. there appears to be nothing to
prevent the I'nited States from aub
aldtalng Bll Ita vessels, not alono th~=?
engaged in tiie coastwise trade, but
those which < ome Into direct competi?
tion with British shipping. And thia
? omOOded, the arRument that this coun?
try could not meaaure Its pubsidles t<*
fureijen shipping by the nmount ex
pended lu l'anama tolls falls to the
Confhcts with Taft's View.
A strong and a OOttVlnetng argumen'
is made by the> British Foreign Secre?
tary ln support of the contention that
the words "all nations" as used in the
Hay-Pauncefote treaty Include th<
l'nlted States, and in this < ontention
i? at direct varlance with the views of
the President and tha Se< retary of
State. Having. however, conceded thr
right of the I'nited States to subsidizi
us own vessels, expressed in the lan
gaug??"noi do they (hin majesty's gov?
ernment) Mud elther in the letter or in
the spirit 0 the Hay-Pauncefote treat>
any Burrender by fllther of the con
traetlng powers of the right to en
courage ItB shipping or ite commerce
i.y such subsidies as it may deem ex
pedient"?the intei pr.tation of that sec?
tion cf the treaty becomes !argel>
.icademic, especially as it has beea
proved almost beyond peradventute
that t'otigress is unulterably opposed tu
any stihsnly or similar encouragement
for American shipping other than that
angag)ad ln the coastwise trade.
Etelteratlng the view thnt the Untte l
States reaaalna free. under the terni.s uf
| the treaty. t? grant sucli subsidies Bfl
? it may seo flt, Sir F.dward says further.
His iiiajeat. s government do not ^u*?
i tlon the rl?:ht of the L'nlted Btetflfl |o
I ^rar.t subsidies to I'nited tftatej shi|?
:,'enerall}, or to any partlcular branches
i of that shipping. but it does not foilow
I then fore. that the L'nlted States may BOl
I be deborred by the Hay-Paunc.fot.
treat\ froni Ktaiitina a subsidy to certaln
shipping ln a partlcular way, lf the effect
1 ot' the method chosen for granlina ?ueh
i aubflidy would be io imposa upon Brltlsh
I or other foreign shipping an unfair shar.
, of th.- b irden of the upkeep of the cansl
j or to create a dlserlntlnatlon in respect
to the condltlona or > harges of trafnV. o
otherwlse to prejudice rights secured te
Brltlsh shipping by thia treaty.
Two Waya of Injury, Hfl Sflya
Toward the ronclusion of the oom
munication Sir Edtvard Grey takea a
position hardly compatlble with that
which goe.s before, when he saya lt ls
clear that the interests of foreign na?
tions will be injured "in two material
respects," bf exemption from rayment
0 tolls of coastwise shipping. the flrst
of these being due to increased tolls
lor such vessels as are compelled to
1 av them and the second by puttlng

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