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ProfionalLeaaueElaseball .* International Polo _* Squash ?**? Boxing JA Automobiling _* Football ** Chess
Directors of National League
Leave the Bresnahan Case
to Arbitration.
Rigler Wants Phillies to Dis
gorge $2,200 for Discover
ing Eppa Rixey, the
Long, Lanky Pitcher.
lt a a poor gatherlng of National LtrnktO*
owners that isn't favorcd tlie.se days by
'the presence of lumtnous lagal 'llK*>ts.
and lt la needless to say that when the
illrectorB of tho organlzatlon niot at the
AV'aldorf-Astorla yesterday IW the pre
llmlnary rkirmlsh to the National Leair.ua
meeting the bar was represcntcd by the
elne qua non of the profession.
Roger flrcsnahan, who ls BSSklbg to re?
move, 1*0,000, with aundry other BBOOays,
from the coffers of the St. Loula club,
ihe eame being due him. he contcnds in
Maa of a brokcn contract whlch calls for
110,000 a year for four y.aii. was on Land
to presa hla elalma.
Breanahan'a case waa argued VJ
Oeorga T. Prlest and Judge Arthur W.
Sager. hla attorneya. the latter helng
Bulltr cf drawing up the disputcd con
?raot, while Japies C. Jonea. president of
the Cardlnals, represented Mrs. Helen
Krttton and the other club owmrs.
Conatant lntercourse wlt bail this foren
-Ic talent haa ita effect. and lt ls amall
wonder that the National League ovniera
?jo beginning to oonverae ln Latin. John
VL Haydler ls bruahlng up on Horaee and
Ovtd. ln order to be able to grve out the
newa ln a dearly translated form. and
after consultlng the dictionary he an?
nounced that the attoroeyB on both Bldes
had declded to arbitrate the matter under
the lawe of Miaaouri. An arbitration com?
mittee wlU be appolnted to hear the case
?and make a declalon. Tbls ia llkely to be
!banded down any Ume within the next
'flve yeara.
The dlrectora who attended the meeting
-rt-re Habeas Corpua Ebbeta. In Btatu
boo Ilerrmann, C. W. Murphy. the great
demurrer: OornetlUE J. Sullivan, who la
la. dlrector of the New Tork Olants, and
?*on Aeaumpalt Dreyfusa. Unfortunately,
one face waa mlaalng-that of Horaee
Fogel, of the PhlMea. who no longer ls
wanted. Therefore. lt la not aurprlalng.
alnce the nveetlng waa held ln the aun
room, on the roof of the hotel that ?
Tne-v waa dispatched to teli the Janltor to
turn on mora heat. Time waa when Na?
tlona! League meetings could have been
held ln a refrigerator, wlth every one
gterfectly comfortable.
The dlrectora went Into session at 8
e'clook. and a long parley was hold about
the jurlsdictlon of the directors ln the
Breenahan case. The debate ended wlth
the agreement that the owners had en?
tlre authorlty ln the matter. Then the
attorneya for each alde were called ln
and told that they must arbitrate. as the
owners did not deslre to exercise that
authorlty wblch they possessed Havlng
apenl moat of tho afternoon ln decldlng
that they had Jurlsdictlon. lt was enough
for one day. without prertendlng to ad
#udlcat? tho caae at lasue.
Then tho attorneya withdraw to dlscuss
the matter from all angles. Thla gave the
directors an opportunity to take up some
wt the regular business, and they pro
ceeded to llaten to the thrllllng minutes
cf the prevlous meeting, hear the treas
lircr's report and forma'lly award the pen
nant to the New York Oiants
fharlea Rigler was on hand to pr. ?cnt
? dalm of B\B9 against the Philadelphla
?lub for signlng Eppa Rlxey, the young
Vlrglnla southpaw, who atarted out ao
phenomenally laat year. lt aeems that
TUgler left the amount of hls fee to
the club. provldlng the youngster "made
good." When Rlxey 6tarted hls Baaaa
tlonal work the directors of the Phillies
BM I to dedde upon how to reward
the vlgilant umplre. After the mett
_;u . says Rigler, Fogel lnformed hi/n
that he was to recelve $2,500, of whlch
$300 was palo furthwlth. The other 1-.
tt)0 waa handed over ln the form of con
Veraatlon, and Rigler was anxlouB to dls
oern the color of aome of the Philadelphla
?llnt product. Once more the directors
declded that while they had Jurlsdictlon
ln the rnatter they could not shock the
baaeball world by declding any thing, and
they placed the claim on ftle and went on
record as being against umpires acting as
?conts for teams.
While all thla was going on. the attor?
neya ln the Bresnahan matter were dla
ruaalng arbitration methods. and ln about
an hour they reported that thoy had com"
to an aBTSaaaaBt This agreement wlll be
putlnwrKlng. the tentative plan being fa
vorably recelved by tha dlrectora, whu wlll
t*ke up the written form to-day I
thought that. since th<* contraot **.???
drawn 'rnder tlie laws of Mi:-\som., lt
ahould be arbltrated in tha state wliere
r **
gubpsna Wltneaaea and others. ll waa not
?umounoed who would make up the com
mitte. it raay be ono or -tree rnea. They
wiii ba imi'iirtiol dtiaena ol tlie state,
l ttpon by both aldea. The d-*actora
Mi.'.t, .to meet al l o'elock to-day
ond ci. ,n np -'iii nnflnlehed baafaM??
for.- the annval meethu of the Leagrne i?
? ??led to .,: -
Nothlng could i" lea9-aed abooi tbe ref*
tattvea "f tne Phlladelpl bt club at
? meetlag to-day. John a. Heydler, aoo*
retary of the League, dei lared that he did
nol bnow whether or nol the dub bad
aold, and that he wonM nol know
the repreaentattvea until they -a-eeented
their eredentlala tbis _fternooa Thaa a
bomb Ib ni the making to be 9?qBoded.
Tbe corridors ol thfl hotel w.-rc throriged
aith baaeball nen, Roger Breanahaa
belng the chlef centre ol Intereet He
ref_Md to dlacuaa lus caee exeepl to my
that he v.is gotag t.. flght the matter to
the fmish. f*red. Clarbe aaa on band to
make a dedl whlch would bring Breeaehan
to tho Phatee, bul aa soon ruiGarry Ht*rr*
inmii beatrtl of thla he deelared that hc
wooM outbid any tHher club for Bree
nahaa*a eei-trit?a. He doea not want him
as a manager. but as a catCher. Herr?
mann bopea to tam throogh the Tlnker
deal this weeh nnd put the boa on Joe
for a manager. Murphy la non-commitai,
as usual.
lf tho deal goes through ar.d Bresnahan
goes to Cincinnatl, Herrmann will have
three full-flcdgcd managera on hls hands.
us Fruik Chance is *ftill on his atrlng.
The Reda ccrtainly ou?ht to be well man
ag?*d next aeaaon.
Mrs. Helen M. Britton, chief owner of
the Bt Louls club, was present, hut did
not attend the meeting of the dlrectors,
leaving aU oetrula to her attorneya.
Among other announcemenU made
yesterday was tho signing of a contract
for next Beason by Arthur Pevlln. the
veteran thlrd bascman of the Glants. who
wlU continue wlth the Boston Bravea
Tho Boltimoro rlub. of the lnternatlonaJ
League. has sold Wllbur Boac.h. former
Fhortstop of tho TanllB-sj to tha Buffalo
. e - ?
International League Owners
Hold a Meeting, Too.
Whlle the Natlonal League solons were
discusslng things pro and con at the
Waldorf yesterday. tho International
League owners responded to ttie call to
arms for the annual meetlng At the Hotel
Victoria. There was not much on the
docket except the flxlng of a salary limit.
something whlch the Natlonal Vommls
slon requlred. Following tho ta. tics of
the big lcagues, nothlng deflnite Was
given out, but lt was learned on fctood au
thorltv that the limit was set nt ?.onr>. It
waa decided to begln the next eeaaon on
April 1?. a day earlier than usual. The
aebedule wiii be drawa up at n Baaatlng
to be held in New York eoOM time ln
Among those present were .1. .X Mc< af
frev ard Joe Kelly. of Toronto; B. ?_
Lichtensteln Rnd T. S. Cushing. of Mon?
treal; J. J. Hteln. of Buffalo; K. T Chaptn
and John Oeaaol, of Rocheeter; John
Duna and C W. Wickes. of Bi.lttmore;
J. L. BOk-OOn and H. W. MedlCUB. for
Newark; J J. Llllis ar.d Hugh MeBroea,
of Jersey City. and F. R. Van Inissen. of
Piovidcnce. A new board of dlrectors,
lncludlng Steln, Chapln. MC'affrev. Daaa
and McBreen, was elected
Although there is not much buslness in
sight, the league will hold another ses?
sion at 10:30 o'elock thls morning. It was
announced tbat Joe Kelly had been Mgned
to manage the Toronto club for nnothcr
year, whlch club, by the way. won tbe
pennant thls season.
"Spectator" Infers Cross
Country Team Is Poor.
"The Columbla Spectator" raised the
question yesterday why Columbla was not
represented ln the Intercolleglate 'eroOO
country chamrionshlp run at Ithaca three
weeka ago. At the time no announcf ment
was made by the athletlc assoclation
further than that the teatn would not
compete. "The Spectator.'' howeve,.
wants to know why Columbla wasn t
j repretfnted and also where Columbla ts to
rank In *cross-country running this year
lt calls on the athletlo assoclation to an
swer the tlrst question, and practlcnlly
infers thnt the team would have been
laat had lt competcd tn the run.
This i- what lt had to sav ysierday
The season of outdoor athletirs is aew
pracUcally over and we bavenettna
sllghtest ldea where Colnmbia |-'ft"d*i '"
*, ross-country running. Last yaar ttt.
Columbla team won a dual race with tn*
rollege of the City of New ,ork. lOOttO
Princeton and nnlshed last ln the inter
collegiHtes. Thie year the College ?t
the City of New York was agaln beaten.
Princeton agaln -'^^in th-fln'terSJl
we wero not reprenented ln the Interooi
?_d not o word of explanatlon haa been
given elther to the public at large or to
those who are most deeplv ln*r'**"?*'?
the student body. to explain the w itn
drawnl at the eleventh hour of the Co?
lumbla team from the big race at Ithaca.
What does lt mean? Have "tlie powera
that be" decided that 'cro^s-counti y run?
ning ls to bo dropped al Columbla * The
Htudent body has talked and won.ered
ond walted, but not h word pf e-plane
5o_ has beer. offered. lbii't lt about
Saw 9 ti.e aaaartaaa tbaa lo aell year Car.
Ttie local demand haa ?!_.< ken. -I - ana, *>"t
the feoutbern demand Is now very largo. *<_
can roalU- a good prtce for you. cai f<
trVde lf lt la aood. VTa wlll aell jrooi
ror 6% or.niB.lb-lo.i er.i no ator-u
5. aivo you action Inn , *ai
!Wn prpVand ?c will (el it. We aai ',.,.'
ST-a Sn thla baala than all lhe Othor dealere
lornbioed Coneult u* and tra ran glv
h-.iltri. Aik for Mr ' '
30-32-34 West 63rd St.
'Phone 1242 1248 folumbua. _
tW.lt i ttUk,
-, vaateog-r Txmxiog IBM I ejrl. BO Hp
-? P?a?enB?r Torpedo Mit S cyl. 43 Hp.
'?. Waamaaaat '1 ..iiiiiiic imiH fl cyl. :ic Hp
7 p""ef-t,i'-r Tourlnir 1010 4 cyl M Hp
. Paseanaer Umouslne 190S fl cyl SB Ha
I P??aen?-r Tourln* IB0T -1
ill her niakea at greolly redn<-ed price*.
| or wrlte
\ t. arALDiMfl a ?.?<?*
?'o iht.', Broadv
Wa avarasi "> aell -eui eai arltbeat
iharce. evei ihiaa FP
riiour ovek WeTt F9U E.
aoi i.n i. BOI.D 4M? KCMAMlim
tel. (olumbua ?0'!'.'.
280 Witt 54th St., 6th Floor.
Used Cars for Dlsorlmlnitt Buyen.
ibiui o. ?(. CL it?.ei?i,uiit.
I'.ll .' Iluiclv Itoml-ter.
liii: Warren llelrolt Road?ter. Vrw.
lllll Abbott Detroit 5 paaaenger.
l'tll Want-n Detroit ft pa??engrr.
IBII * halmer .*> panaenger.
I'iII I'rcmler ft paaaenger.
1911 Alco ft pawaenger.
I!M1 HuiUiid 5 paaaenger.
19III Thomaa ft paoaenger.
if.lii Oaklund Roadater.
IHO lluilMin Hoadater. Rumble Heat.
ItOt Mcrce.lea 70-90 II. P. 6 paaaenger.
I(lllll I Int 80 II. P. Toy Tonneau.
li.iirii, n I.andaulet Body.
In ord-r to make room for our MIS modela
.*?? ara eleetaa out a fea el aai oaoi eara ?t
?Kablv low prices. Wa bare what you
want Tli.y are renullf, lltt<d wlth fuiedoo
i ind fully guaranteed
I ned Car Depl.. 4 Weat stt'nd.
I em goliiK iiwhv for 11.?- wlnter an,l ?iati
?., riiHj.ose of my ini'. Kullv oqulppod aiifl mt
K,,.?i aa now. Wlll aell ai ii i,m k"|" artca
MR. B-CLUERB. 1BT. Broadway.
I'h,,ii.- an;.; (o|.
MFST MDB V. f*. C. A.?Indlvldual road
work. b'mell Shop Claaaea. Truck Poaltlona
waltlng. bend for book lai. -00 Waat 57, h
at 'Phon* 702. col
Lefl to ii'-i" iVt-Minit Tbomas J. Lynch,
,'. .,. S.illiv:.,.. New Vork; CUtrtal WCa* Mwpb**, CWCBgO* Aiijrust Hcrniuiim, Ch.cin.iali; CbWtei II.
Bbbeta, Brookljm, aad Baraej Di-jrfuaa, PUUburgh._
DJck Rudolph, Once of Giants,
Wins Twenty-five Games.
Real Leader of Pitchers in the
International League for
Season Just Closed.
Dtch Kudoipii. arho has had s trlal
wlth tha Giants, won BBOTS R.m.< ll
any other pitcher ln the Intornntioiial
Leaatir- 1.1-1 eaaeoa, eai araa ?< tt
Gactof in ths Toreoto ehib eaptarlag lhe
paanaat Radolph -.>n hrantjr-lhra c
nn.i IdHt t< ii. foi a [.crccnt.-c "f I 1 I, BBd
araa tha practlcal leader, aHhoofh ?
other playera atand .-?i ?. ? \. - hin ln
offlcird flgures annoui terday hv
,,<l G BaiTOW, pi.-nleiii ..'
Jach Quinn. arho
tha Fai >??? ? I:-" hai '? i i" aoi thi n
<>f ths aaaaaej) alao 'ii<i arell, as ha won
elght gamen aii'l lOBl fOUl "lrOfl Hai
Jnc Mcr.innlt' I lhal arho htM
hls en.l up. T Ms
aame b) aiaalai both fame ol i double
li. adi i f< ibt - ?
. . ?
i-i,i,t-..i- 11. war ll ti tt .:- iB<' ?"? ' -
owner ol Ihe Newark I
haa pun h .hc.i l ln a ? lub ao
the Pa*'i* ?
Loula Dn* ke, w i n a,. . - alli d n th
(llanta last fall, woi ? ' ,,,p'
?lx for Toronto. wlitle Maxwell, alBO '
Toronto, won nlneteen aaim ? -'t.'1
Tl . | n fOOOWl
Player and club. O. M. BB. SO. 1 I
Hoti. Baltlmon , IS 1
Roebeater M ? ?" I?
Rudolph. Ton nto *. ? ? ? '?'-'? '" _'?
...im. Newark.. :?? 101 I' '" ' ?"
Bell. Newark . ... 18 RTI IH 4.1 1" I
beatei ,.10 SS IS Sf ' -'
.1 . l-.iirfalr, 87 ttt t.i fC. 17 k
...... i || t'4 U 14 "? '
Luah. BJ WO " '
,;i ?M BT M '?
Mattern, Montreal... SS 2S1 ti ::; 17 10
liugheo, Rocheator SS 28B 74 122 17 i
naa. r roi w 18 S9 m - ?
reronto 11 S IS 11
\\ ilhelro, R. beati SS Wi Ifl IB
Beobe, Buttalo , kt 2100 ?><> lii IS 10 SR
M-..iimity. Newark. ST -Bi 48 "'- IB 10
K?i fer, lt- ' "_'
Kmllh. Baltlmere SS 1-7 ST 86 11 *
Maxwell, Toronto . SS 1*9 S8 *?? IS 14 BTS
-. Toronto M pn SS Bl I ?'? ""'
|3 KW IB 82 4
Ewlng, Buffalo. . . 13 Bi I- ? "? '
Danforth, Baltimore. "7 197 BS 110 12 10 i
V Smlth. Montiral. 82 171 ."??"? 1".'. 12 l<
Mltchell, Provldenra I'I 117 4a BO 7 I
i>.-i.tt Newark.. - 42 SOB 9 ik U 12
Rtroud, Ritruio. . 4" 288 l"4 14.'. 1'1 18
Bline, l'r..vld?ne# 41 208 7*i i_o Ifi 1.. BOU
r. Montreal. *> ISI 4.", 40 | -
rsrroll. M'.nt J ' X 180 r>" ST S 8
Main, Jem r Clti .11 7.; SO .J 4 4 BOO
De Mott, Ijalilniora. i?'"? BT 17 ".'4 :i .1 wm
Brockett, Buffale. . . 12 f*? 27 l_ .1 8 n>f>
Bhawkay, naltln^r*. 41 JSO 12S 1S8 17 ll 4'"
Vlckera, Haltlmcra.. 43 344 101 M 11 14 4-1
McTlgoe, nuff Mon. tt ...7 P2 I4f. ll II 47"
Deacher, Jaraajr aty m Ut ST M IB 11 .??
I.uritt-. Pravtdeaee.. 41 288 08 158 IB l< 4flS
Muetlar, Toronto_Sl 164 tm Ol 9 ? 9
Carry Herrmann announced paeterdai
that the Waehlnaton Honatori hatfB heen
hooked for an exhihition |ame arlth the
Ked*. at Clncinnatl on March 30. Th- Ifew
Vork Vankeea oriKlnelly liad this lala
but eeacetled it hacaaaa of a pieapetltra
trip to Bermuda
finh Spade. formerp- pli hor wlth the
Ctecteaatl Reda has baaa aBpotnted ssan
ajrer of the Battk Credh dob ol lha
Southern Ifli hiKan AsaodatlOB
The caae of .lack O'CoertOl rbrtaoi
manager of lhe Rt. I.oul' Rrovv BS
taken up lo tl" ttlvll t ourt- of Ht Loulfl
aasl nseath. Prlor io tha season ?.f Md
O'Connor slSBOd ? two-year 81
arlth the Browna Ba aaa depeeed aa
in.mapei SftOI BBS veat ef tie contra-t
hari expire.1. O'i'oiinor is aiilni- OOloael
Hedne". tha Ht LoolS clul, prsMdl
JS.'iQo. a yeat'e salBI I,
Tha .-otnpiaiiiia of two baaeball playera
arera fllainlaaafl reaterdaji i" deetelona
baodod .lown by ihe Natlona] I
Cornmli alon
i_. .1. Pratl aaked le ba * 1 lared ?
tn-, aseni hacaaaa a aw. sorj aoh te
UMM dae Ironi the Haaerhill drib at lhe
N'ew KiiRland lillBlll* I "' '"'' bOBO pald
at iiiaturity Tha BMBB) was pald Bsvaral
daya later, acoordlM to atlpolatlooa In
the note, and the eomplalnl araa dls
Tne oommtaeion uphold s dei
tha tii.tloIKil hnhirl of liilnni leOJ
aa appeal bj Daalel k. Mf*******. al the
KalainaaOO i luh TlM rommlaalou held
lhal the l\ul,uiiii/..)'i 'luh had dOBO I ??' -
thinsr raQUtred folloarlni the suapanalon ol
tha player by Kalanaaoo, and war- ailllni
to contlnue tO la BB vvheacver tlie player
Sbawed thal he h.d tne Intoreet af ti?<
t.-ain al bearl aad aaa la coadltloa lo
.lim i'i; nn wlll aretvh aboul IM pounda
to Lather sloCarthy'a Uf pounds arhen
ih. . tii.et ln a twenty-round bool al Los
An^'ci.?? 'hi- .-v.-iijiik'. Tha bettlai Is noa
;,t ...11 BMROy, Blthoadh Mn'arthv was
th.- fav.nit. sl i" te I a faa dayi
Oovernor Tenei of Pennsylvania ln
,|i.,,l?'.l iiH Saylni that he would !?? gbd
t.i huy aii latereal ln ths PhlDlea ift.
hi- ti-riii as Groeei nor axphn
Penaaylvanla'B ofticml orsan demanda
the dlacharaa of KHta Ward, the roarlnp
coach, on the ave of the ami'iai electlon
of tho athletic aaaoclatlon.
a* -
Three Women Chief Owners of
New York Baseball Club.
Indianapolis. I?ec. 9.-The will af John
T. Brnab, lato owner of the NeW York
(Jiants. disposlng of an estate taatt?B??Cd
te bt worth 11,600.000, was Uh d for pro
bate here to-day.
Aside from a number of pieees of per
eonal property bequeathed to members of
the family, the greater part of the Brush
holdings, lncludlng the baseball club. is
aaade a truat eatate and glven Into the
eare Of Harry N. Hempst.ad, of Indian?
apolis. a son-in-law. rtnd A ?leg I.loyd. of
? . | n.'ti.
?ri,, i ni ir"\..i'^ thal theae two. ga
-. ... i?ay rataIn the
-- long ni prol table, or thej
at any tlm--.
ti,,. proceeda ara to go, ah?ra a?ba ,0
gjj membera of ti'' ffl?ally Mra Braeh,
t!. wldow; Miss Natal ' i!l ; ?"?
ber daughter, and Mn daaner Braeh
?.- Mr. 1
i wlfe.
'Ih, v. 1! ,r''-? ln tbe pi" te
of two not I ' '
w >,..re Mr Braeh araa ?;.'mg tbe whi
\ .*,,?' ? le to
lc-arlefl Reckllng i ; :
I been a tin New 1
,. it thal N Aehli y I
, kI ,| Han S Hen all hold In
lloi . mi-.mv ? ar Jersey. II
1 ti.it |
thorlty I ' '
? - ,,i the
? ? i
tn ronnwtlon wltb ?
bush ?
i or n ? ' al i"
Thlfl ?09? rt>" BOtB ".t that. ?Ahyne'.ei
ln th, . ,?--.. It'ta tot
the >. -.?,.' the . ...-tc that
v ar.- authori?w
Markl His Passing from Onr
Auto Concrrn to Another.
wae i
r. .-.. t ial ?
, , ?.,i ?,'?. i"-. *
ot Jerot tone
. thi rlartii
and iiutii' i ind tl
? ?
? ? .tsnt'.a! ll '
.? ,... .. iii u.-. n ? arlll i
: hla i.nv V4,'ik early ln lanuai - Just
ea Boon >.> I a B reberod of hla 4atl<
-..-,.-, t and g) -.. i tJ te inagar
,,. me Unlted Hutes Motor On-pany,
whlch plac ha reslgns ln ord'i to joln
tb.- i lartford i ooapaajr.
Pi ifBahly no maa in the out aawbtte In
. i.;,:, h wi.ier raoaaalatanee ar la
more f.tvorably BaoaB among iniir.ifa.'t
ui.-is. amlliaaaa ai.d dealere than Mr.
ln ord. r to flhOW their go-"*. feellng. tht
a*sortate3 of Mr. HflflffflB la thfl ? Mted
gtatflg Motor Company gave a dlnner fOT
i him at Kector's last nlght. Whara baat
j artahaa for bls future auccess wera tbe
j kernote of every apeaeh.
IshugToe and Dyson to Meet in
Bout at Brown'a.
1 "TottaB" Sb .gioe. the llghtwelght, of
Ijereey City, aad Tonng? ttyeaax, the
I I'rovulci,. ., ' itear.at." will meet ln a ten
ronnd contest at Hrown'a gyirirti.slum
to-nlght. The boys sre well known to
local "fans" and sre well u_tetied. Shu
groe haa come to the froni rapidly ln the
? i eor or ^o and bopefl t<> contlnue
bi . fimb nt ttie expenafl af Diraaa.
.., i . n.i "Ktd' Oaadman win
r, . . ,. li ..ther ln the maln bout of ten
.i th? Nea Polo Athletic t'lub
lo nlghl
Daa McKatrtoli manfig**1 ,,r iM* ' "''
fOOrth Kti.et Hporting Club. h.is oSOTfld
Joe Blrera, the Mexlean llghtwelght, .i
giiaranteed panm of %'??.?"" ?" aoaaa to
\. u- forh -'.nd boa len rovada with
"Kntxkout" Brown Blvera haa not beea
hoard ii.'in aa yet, bul Morgan, who
guldes the dei i Inle - of Bi oa n. haa ao
' uepted the bout
**T*aable Barna haa deelared hla bout
wlth Charlea Ledo?t, the nreneh bnn
j tamweight, eff. The \\rst Blde Athletic
I c\x-p g in. ** made tha mateh. wanted
Burna to baa foi Uee, whieh Burna at
' once i?fueed.
I Tobl .M.i'aiev 1ft tr\ing to blnd a
match between Bddle Chaaat, ihe Call*
rernla bpJ :""1 "Kld" Wllliama. thfl Bal
iiui,.-. ?intamwelgbi boser, tatahantaofl
ln Lo Ingelefl
i i.-.i McK?y, tha big f?uiadlan bpxer, is
ahowlng eeerj* sign of hoooaalai a "hope."
i, ,,,, bu) tom montha he haa picked up
a cotifllderable knowledge "f thfl '???
polnts ..I the game and lfl aoa homng In
g.,0.1 form _
lohnnj Kllbane hna fi?all* decided to
defend his tltle. Hfl lm? agreed to a
rn.4t.ii wil ii Johnny Duadee, t.. take pl?ob
on Wt?ihlngton'B Birthday at T<>in Mg>
i nre) -? i lub In Loa Angeles.
S'a.H Uontelth, munager of Hundee,
recelved a wlre trom Mf'arey last nlitht.
?tatlng i! ii the mat?h was on. Thlfl ifl
ti,- outconw of Dundee'a good Bbowlna
I agalnat Krankle Conley. whom he atoppea
j in elghteen rounda. What la more, lt
meana thai Eddle Morgan, who has been
dickertng ''"' Ihe aame mateh, ims loet lt,
I unleea h' can defeat Dundea when they
, meel on Thurada) al the Korty-fourth
ii" Sl,..:-liiig ''I'lh
im,n,ith i-i i-.itM- ur Eeei *7M Pt
Ask Early June Dates
for Big Polo Matches
Letter Comes from England
Confirming the Challenge
by Cable.
Meeting of Executive Commit?
tee of Association Here
Called for Thursday,
in This City.
li !.. Herbert. rhnlrtuan of th* PolO
| | >iett, has aaHed a BBBBtfBg ?f tha
ithre eommlttea to p<> through the
formalHy ?>f reeeivtaf tha Hurllngham
chaUeage, the eonflrmatloo of whlch
i through tha flBall from London
? :,i.i>. rio far a.j ooadtUooa contalnod
? ? ehallengi ar- eoaoai aad, Mr. Her
berl bald thnt all appear.d ln proper
t,,.Ui Tha "n'v Udag tl.it tho Duke of
WeelailaMes. arhe ia 'o leed the challeng*
Inif t.'atii ln Ba effort to NgBM tho fn
. Weatehaatsr Cor had requeated.
, ? ? ihe dat,a tor tha maifthea he set
i .irlv In June.
The Htitona gBVO aa their reason for,
thia lhal thi playera would aiah t<> ??
? v after tho tirnt we.k et J nss
to arrlve la ITniland la time i<>
COtnpotO bi lhe BrltlBh chajiiplonahlpB at.
Hurltaghan the latt?r part of the month.
TM- r- ? r i 00 fc'o."! objcctloii to ineet
t ln the opinion of Mi
-. | ? ?? . , :?'??.?(?,1 taat itft.-r IhO
?ive . oaunlttee dat.-_
tbi) WOUld be hxed ln the Inst w?-.k
I .y aad the tirr.t of Juno. Theas datca
ITS the lntern-.tionaI
tournamoal on th.- ticld of tho Itaadou
Brook "'lub, nt v\VMhury, i/ong Island.
I h. letter, dat d N'ovcinber 2S, contlrm
?? clialleni;o by cable. foiiowa;
lr, ,,| rili .
i mn drre. t.'d hy tha oonunlttoa ol
Hurllngham Club to .-.-nd a forma] 'hai
, tiie Amerlcaa Polo Assoclatlon
t,? cowpata for th.' Internatlonal I'olo t'up
in the Uaual aerlea of inatcties aml
undei iItiona aet forth In tiio
deed <'f Kltt relatlnpr thoroto.
If .-onveiitent t>. th" PolO iBSOOlatlon of
ttnerlca lt would *uit best to play tha
. . hea aa early ltl June aa pysslhle, as
tha English nla.era would thua bc abla
iii ths CbampkMI CUP matches, whlch have
been Bxed to commence on Monday, 23d
June. tha hnal to be played on saturday,
_Sth June.
Tours falthfully,
(S^'d.) F. KdR?rton Orcen CMaJor)
It la expectfd that tho meetlnp of the
executive committee wlll he held next
Thurnday, at noon, elther at the Whlte
hall iiuh. in Battery Plaaa, or the Down
Town (lub. in Plua Btreet I'pon the ac
eeptaaca "f th- challenge i? mg com
Etrltona, it la llkely that
., great namla r of ths ; ' saaasal
,,<? t' players aill proceed to thia ooaa*
tiv at once, arrlving hero in January.
it aaa Btated thal a reprooentatWe of
the Hurllngham Club had b-en maUag
1 arraagementa prorhrionally for tho
l ..f th,- poalas atid .in exerdaa "? !>i
for tb> players, upon th.- aseumptlon that
no objectlon arould be ral aed aa to th
dates cuuned iu the otii.ttni doeua
'ibe - i? ? ut-, r~ , ommltti. ,,r ? ' P ?>
lattoti lactudea R L \-.-'- /? ,''-'1
Joehua ' 'rat,,-. of .,.;,''. koota
and Charlea wh.cier. <>f Phtladelphta;
Alexander T. F'rinn, fr., of it LOO-S, and
Attcti.ttt Belmont, W A Haaard Hanv
I'ayno Whltn.-y anu H L Herbert, -tiair
mnn. of thla clty.
it in tha trtaB ot all tho-e mtereoted
thal a fuil m?etinR of the exeoutl*/* .om
| mlttee bo held, and Mr. Ilnbert nald that
? - date mijrht poaalhly I.hanared, s.i
as to avold any of the rr.en belnj- abseiit.
Comes Back After a Long Rest
and Outpoints Reilly.
\fter many montha of re?t "Kno-kout
Hmwn, tho Baat Slde UghtWOtght, out
potnted "Vi'iin." Hellly, nt the Weet Slde.
ln a hard-fouKht ten-round Pour at the
Olympic Athletic Ctuh. of Harlem. last
nlKht. Hdlly withafood much hea*r*f_pBB*
lehaseati but di--played *-rtt and sameneeo.
Brown carrled the flght to hla oppon.-nt
ln th* early rounda, etaK_:crtti?r R.-Uly
on aereral occaj>ions ~.ith iu-* powerful
Relll) P0l hla nval on the <l*f"nsive
in the -e.etitn, Slghth and nlnth rmin-K
arhen Broarn waa Eotood around the rlng,
IrylBf to block and rldeatep BOHM '.ast
puastlng laaa, in the tenth, hoarea ?
Broarn woke up and kept UtfBgB hiiin
nilnir to the bell. Home of the exclianges
Wera :;o laat and furlous that fhe < rjvv.l
- * anri o ?..! il I l<"_>H
Abbott Cuts Down Lead of
Riggs and Wins.
Buikley Defeats Weeler in a
Lively Set-To in Handi
cap Tourney.
Two of tlie vounger a-jpirantfl for honirs
ai s.|ua8li tennis, George Abbott and
Roral B. T. BafBa, fOUBht out .-< three.gct
eoateel ai a whlrlwind pacc yesterday ln
the continuation of the national handlcap
tournament under th.- directlon of th*
?s'atlona! Squasb Tennl". Association on
the oourta of the Helghts 1'aslno, Mon
tague street. Ihooklyn. Abbott. wlth the
m;,rk of plus .", aces, won tlie conteat and
his place in the s??mi-final round, a?
Rlgga, at plus 5 acea and one-half hand,
yielded up his place by a scoro of lt>?7,
14?18. lo?". Abbott put power Into hia
strokes. WOf-t??g through the decidlng aet
in sensatiotial .vtyle.
At scooping up what appeared to be im
poaetble shots, Riggs proved a wonder.
Rlgga'B bent stroke was a full up and
down court play. Abbott aoon accommo
date.d his game to thls. and by siulinir.
around the wall strokes more than hel4
his own. ln tbe eecond aet Riggs out
loose and led at 13-5, only to have Abbott
pull up even at ??all. Tbea Riggs set
for S acea, and scored the aet at lS?ll
Tliis was the best set. Abbott by hard
work won the thlrd. wlth the loss of *
aces. Riggs had prevlously won hls placa
ln the fourth round by defeatlng M. L
Cornell, the former Columbla athletu, at
lt>?13, 17-14.
Another Mvely match that went tha
limit of three sets was that ln whlch Ii.'
D. Buckley, the former Columbla cham-l
plon, one of the scratob players, dlsposed
Bf Fred B. Keeler, baving the mark ot l
plus 3 aces, at t??lo, 18?15, 1??8. Buikley
was fast and brilllant, although at Umes
Frank Page. wlth the limit handicap of
plus 5 aces and 2 hand, played Joslah
O. Low. at scratch, through two speedy
| seta beforo the latter won at I'i?'.1, 15-11.
1 l.ow work. d hls forehand volleys wlth
pleaty of slt.-ing in his etroket. Ho was
i < oinpelled to keep on tlpto? all tho tlma
gge waa assreealre, ii_htin_ a ptacky
?ame to the laal dltch.
ri.iying an aaM?Ing assortment of shota
[Ctiaply Ott the back nall. Addi.-on Cam
: aav-k, oi tbe T txada Beeguel and Tonnis
j Clulkj vvith thfl mark of plus 5 aces, de
I feated Frank B. ?fleTue, ?.t the Moutclaii
I Athletlc Club, 00 the. aanm mark, at lf? U
l ??11 The fa^t fr..nt wall of the court.
| whici _ of Btate, botbered Bag?i aeae
,: and he fidled te atxo_uaodata his
shota to the alowei bo?eda of tho bail
from tiie bfl?b wafl "f wood.
The auniniiary foUoara:
\ .tionai handlcap aquaafa ts*
Cai lefaaisfl
Frank H. IUk . ...
Thlrd round Itov.il B,
a,-*. and '. hand) loft I ' rn.l;
- I eeea anu l ?iftdi in IS, i: 14, k
ata O Loa
i afl BOd - bailda). ??IB, 16 11. II
V Bulklei (acratch >. ?!e'?ate<J I-*r*d .-. Kteltr
(plua ?'. j es>. '??- i-'- Is ;-''- M -9
rc?-tl ro9U? ""-??Ol-K* Albott iplua ? scfl*
aofeeted Boyal B. I Higs" ip'ua r> m *? aad
'. head), |l 7. M u 17. I
Oxford and Cambridge May
Send Teams to California.
1??nden. Der. B.?.Rogby football play
ern at the unlverslf le* of OxtOtd end
r'ambridK" arere aabed to-day to form
a OOtahlaed team to undertak* a, tour ef
. Paolfk "eaat Thfl Invltatlona were
? . , ? . secretary of tho Oxford
Inivcr-dty Athletlc Club.
It ta lntended, should the tram be
for?ed, to pla** a series of eicH games
against teai?1 n-pre.sentltIg thfl T*jland
Btaaford and (aitfornia o-liaaaHlaa and
dub team.". The matches will take place
?:?-xt H'lfimn.
The Stearns-Knight
Six Is Here
Stearna-Knight 6-cylinder, 7-paaaenger touring car.
As the climax to the wonderful record of the Stearns-Knight car during the past year and
a half comes the announcement of a new model?
The Stearns-Knight Six
The first of these wonderful cars are now reaching New York. Dernonstrations will be given
hy appointment, and deliveries made in order. The new cars are now in our showroom.
The F. B. Stearns Co. of New York
Broadway at 57th Street
Telephone Columbua 7600

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