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the coaatwise ahlpplna "'*? a preferen*
lial position U regarda other Bhlp
While it l_ nnojueetlonahl) true
that rcmisslon of tolls to tho .-i.astwlse
shipplng would put .such ships "in a
j.referentlal por.it ion as regard-' other
shipplng," it la contended thnt. having
. onceded the right of the Unlted States
lo grant auch mbdMtea as it may deem
\\tne, the eajbeeejoen\ oontentlon is ned
No actual protest iriconiteetlon with
the rallway provisions of the blll is
aualllllad. the Biitieh Secretary con
tenting hlmaelf wlth declnrlni bla aa
sumption that aucb orovbions are in
tended for appllcation to American
railwaya and railway-own. ri Bhlpa and
imt to those of foreign nntlonB.
Afforda Agreement Baaia.
Summing up the protest. it may be
-aid to Impress thosr- who havi- i\-_d it
(.-arefulljr as affording a baala for an
agreement throueh diplomatic nego
rlations. this beinn due primarlly to
Ureat Britnin's havin? receded from Itt
former ?ontention tiiat 'the propoaa]
to exempt all American shipping fn-m
tlie payment of the toll? -ould, in the
opinlon of hls HiaJaatjPa government. in
VOlVe an infractlon of the treaty (Hay*
Pauncefote). nor is then. ln their opin?
ion. any differencc in oharglng tolls
only to refund them and remlttlng
u.lls altogethcr."
As has heen Mtd, tl I OjnOgUon in?
volved in the eonatrnotlon of the term
all natlons" is. in the light of other
farts, largely aoademi.- and affords a
i.asis for stimc cohpaeartoa hy the
Unlted states. Thr- ezpreaoed under*
standing of Qreat Brltaln of the mll
way provtsion may afford some _Iffl*
culty, although that is uinpi'-MlonaWy
intended prlmarily to apply to Ameri?
can railways and was adopted. as baa
i-een pointed out by the Prealdent,
\<.ith a view to pteventiug utilixation
of the canal lo perpetuate the monop?
oly of the transoontin'Mital rallw.ay
Sir Edward Grey **aff*eett that if an
amlcable underatandlng 'annot be
reached his government would ho gind
t>. aubmll the gueettoni at laane to ar?
bitration. It is equal!) true thal Pres?
ident Taft would nol for ? motnenl
!ie:itate lo siibmlt thOgO questmns '?'
arbitration under such clrcumetaneee,
so far as it lay In his power to do so.
That itOp would. however. IttVOlVfl se
cuiing ratlflcatkm by the Benate of the
neceeaar) compromlfl defltdng the
m <>pe of the arbitration, and it must br
ol.vlous to Great Britain's representa?
tive in Washington. as it is to others.
that Um chancea of such ratlflcatlon
would be refBOte indeed.
Taft Anxious for Settlemer-t
lt is, nat.rally. the <|esire of both
President Taft and Ambassador Bryce
tO cloat up all remalning dlfferen.es
between their roapoctlvo govenunentfl
before the expiration of their terms in
Washington. A salisfaclory settlement
of this question would add glory to
Mr. Bryce*! dlplomatlc service. and he
doubtleea reallaefl. as- well as does
Preeldent Talt, the obataclofl whlch
WOUld stand in the way of a satisfac
tory Bettlemenl once m new and .1
Democratlc Becretary ef stat. were in
Prealdenl Tafl la aatremaly anxious
to riear up this troublOBO?fl qUgfltiOB
befoM llarcb I. ln view of the dlapo
Bltlon of those ooncerned in the imme
dlate mg' tlatkmfl an.i <>f the entlrely
trlendly tone <>f Bir Bdward Grey's
proteet, therefora ibe predlction of a
frlendl) flettlement by dlplomatlc
methods seeins warranted.
The British protest is in Ihe form of
a communlcatloa from sir Eda ird
t,, tlie Brltiah Ambassador. It
M., read to Secretary Knox and a copy
i.ft with blm by the ambaaaador ln
p.r.-on. who called for the purpose m
the realdence of Mr. Knox at 6 o'clock
thla evenlng. He araa attended by Mr.
Mitchell-Innes, nounflellor of the em
No Guarantee That Vessels Paying Charges
Would Not Be Bearing More Than
Their Share, He Urges.
Waainngton. Ik I Bta Bde-ard Qeeyl
befina Great Britain s formal note of pjo- |
teal against tha; aeoHOB Of !'?? Panama
Caaal aet whi. h exompta Amei
wlse ahlpplng from paym.it ..t t.
passlng through tlie Panan.a Canal wtth
the statement that the President does BOt
fully appreclate the Brltlsh point of view
and has mleunderitood even the note oi
July 8.
The purpose of the T'uited Btatl
negotiating the Hey-Fouaeefete treaty
was to recover their freedom of rt.tlon
aad ohtain the rinht wh* h tbey bad flur*
t?ndered ln the Cltiyton-Bulwer tt-aty to
onstruct the canal themselvrs But this
complete liberty of action waa to bfl Unl- !
ited by the maintename of the oompleta -
principie of equal treatment far both
English and Unlted States ship'. The
word '?neu,.^alt_?tton?? m ibe preamble of
the Hay fbaineaiete treaty la aoi eoa*
flned to beiiiaerent operatlona bul mferfl
tfl the system of equsl rlgbtfl 101 whlch
Article . piovidea.
Jolnt protection and eq.al treatment
are the only mattera alluded to. to whi h
that neutrallzatlon must refer. "lt tt'
talnly was not the intentlon el lh?
l'nlted Statea government.'' says SIr Bd?
ward Grey. "that any responsiMlity lor
the protection of the canal flbould attaeb
to them m the fufire. Neutralizau.n.
therefore, muat refer to the ayatem of
equal rlahta."
The note then gflClBTei that the altUB
tlon created by Ihfl eubetHut-00 ol lhe
Gay-Pauncfote treaty for tlie ClaytOB*
JBulwer treaty was identieal with that re
sultlng from the boundary flratefb treaty
of 1109 between Great Britain and the
Unlted States. whlch m brtet provided
that the boundary waters abould bfl fre<
and open to commerce, "applying equally
and without dlserimination to the in?
habitants, ships, vessels aud hoats of both
etuatriea . . ? hut aii such rulefl -nd
regulstions and all tolls charged shall
apply alike to the subjc Ifl or citlzens ef
the hlRh c.ontractSng parties. and they
ehall be plsced on terms of equallty In the
uae thereof."
American Prbteat Recalled.
lt Is al?o Baaflrfed that a similar. thoriRh
more restrlc.ti'd. provision appeared in the
treaty of Washington. and it ls recalled
"how strenuoualy the I'nited Htates p'o
IfitK), as a violation Ot flgual i
ac&inst Ihfl system which Canada had in?
troduced of a rebate of a large portion of
rhe tolls on certaln fralghtfl Ofl tl.e W< 1
lend Canal. and how ln the face of that
protest the system was abandoned."
Referrlng lo the thlrd artlel? of the
Hay-Pauncefote treaty, the note points
out that the flTBl of the guez ?'anal rules,
whleh the treaty adonts for the Panama
Caaal, is thv the watenray rrtiaU i>e rre<
and open to tiie vessels of <oinmer.< and
war of all nations, observlng the rule? on
terms of entlre equallty. k. thnt there
shall be no dlacrlmlnation against any
such nation.
It la said that the Presldent's statement
of the caae la wholly at variance with the
real provlsiona when he treate the words
"all nations" as excluding the mit-.j
Btatee becauae lt had pflflurtrafltfld the
canal on its own territory and tbflrebg B* ?
cj'ilred nn absolute right of ownershlp, In?
cluding the rlght to allow Its own com
merre th- use of the cnnal UpOO such
t-vrms as It saw f.t. Sir Kdward adds:
Thev ctbe Krltlsh Rnv?inm*nti COneMer .
thst "by the Clavton-Pul-er tiesty the
T'nlted Ktates had suTcnd?red the rlKlit
to ?onstruct the canal, and that bv the ;
Hay-Pauncefote treaty they rocovered ,
that rlght upon the- footlng thnt the canal
ahould b* opened to Kritlsh and l'nlted
Statea vessels upon terms of equsl trent- ,
ment. . . . If the rules set out in the
Hay-Pauncefote treaty secure to Oreal ,
Mrlteln r.o tnore than moat-favored-i
? _i.?__
Best Table Sauce
Housewlvee know it for its
rare quality and rich flavor.
Bett feeanontng for Soupo, Fiah,
Moneta. Cfeopo. Ciravleo. i
Aa Appetizcr
Joav Dr-C4v*g Somi, Acci.ti. N.Y.
tlon tre :'inent. the 4 me?l?
? 11 for supei si dins the ?'laj ton
Bulwei treaty Is not apparent to his ma
Nor la it 1 aay to
whal ara) the prlndph u-l
\ 111 ol th Clayton- Bulwei trei t s I
providei foi ? rjual treatmi nl "f Brltlah
and Unlted Btatea sblpo, 1 tl baan maln?
Should Consider Whole Volume.
The next point made la tl at the eaemp*
tlon ol An letwlae -hipping frem
would violate ti?- rt-dertaklng thal
the ti equltable."
L'nleaa the a mi af ahlpplna
pa --un? through the c?nal la taken h,io
. mt, there art no mi ana of deb 1
mlntnc a I etn< t**k te*h chai pet
any partfcular veeael repraaenl bei
proportlon ol lha eurrenl eipendlture
., geabla agalnal the canal
:... guaranl *
1,pon whioh lolla are heii.K levted an 1 *
? ,.:.? ... ,.r mora than their fa
sh?ra ol Ihe ipkeep. Therefore, the
Brltlah ao ' ' ? ?' '" de*
on bi ball ot Brltlah ahlpplng, tbat
all veeeela lasging thraugta the oa?al,
arhatevei tbelr flag 01 character, ahal
he takm Into aicour.t ln ilxlng tha ann. I 7
ot the ti
Tbe B:itish geverntnent doea no- read
? ( tion of thr- panama Canal a-1 pre*
hlbltlng taiiroad-ouned or ttust-o
shlps from ualng the canal as applylna
to or aff'-eting Brltlah ahlpa bul lt aald
lf thla \ k w la mbrtaki n "they 1
n ,i\o tl ? ii' ' ?-' ' '" e_amlne ibe matter
further and te conti ntlon- aa
may aeem Juatlfled."
)n concliuion, the Brltlah Foreign Bec
relteratea bla ao**ermnant'a aa
tlon thal the provtaloiia of tba canal ac|
aa le ioiis conlHct with the Brltlah treaty
rlghts, and adde:
Hut thr-v re.-oKiiir.e that iminv pei
of note In th" Unlted stat-- whoee opln.
loi ? nre entltled to greai welght hold
that tl." provisions of tbe aet do not ln
friiie-r. the conventlor?' obligatlona by
whlch th<4 Unlted states ih bound. and
undi-r thr-be clrcumataro ea they dealre to
state th> Ir perfed readlneHS to Hiibmlt the
qiiPHtion to arbltratlon, lf the government
of the I'nlted Btatea would prefer to take
thia, couree. A rrefe**et*-ce to arhitnttion
would be rendered unneceiaary if the
Kovi-rnin<nt of the Unlted Btatea ahouid
he pi-pared to takr sur-h ?tep?< as would
remove the obiecUons t>. the a,-t whlch
??stv' government have atated
Finaliy. S'ir Bdvrerd declarea tbat II I
arith greai reloctanoe that the=r- abjee*
bave baan raisr-d: tbat they bava
been fionflnoa' te tha aawtwareal poealbla
limits, had reoagnlaai ba tbe fnBaal man?
ner tba rlghi ef tha Unlted Btataa te
contn.i tha canal and lhal tha Brltlah
governmenl look-d aith confktenw to thi
Unlted Btatee not to Imnalr th<- -af.'
Kuerda granted to Brltish ahlpplna by
Combination Formetl to Extend
British Intereata.
i Br* Cable te Tha Trlbaae. i
LO-don, Per. 10 -It was'prrsistently
rumored in the Cltf ye#erday lhat ar
r*??gementa mara belng made to widen
the baata "f Brittah interest* in China.
Brlefly atated, the reports aro to tbe
effect that some four or llve llnan. ial
lirms and ha??I BTC joining *with 111 ?
Hong*Kong and Bhanghal banking cor?
poration in a ayndlcate llkely to be eet*
oemed bt _nanc?ig Ch?ia'a reojulri -
if the ?aanclal bouaea and banks
mentloned as belng rancernod In the
lyndlcatc ara really Lntereeted flnan*
dally, ll WOUld mean, says "The Stand?
ard," ihat. handed by the Hong*Kong
und Bhanghal Bank. wltb Ka un
matched hnowledge of Chlneae affair**,
tha flnancea of tha berw repubtk wouid
be in ihe handa of one of the atmngest
fl?am i-'i gt*oupa ever foraeod in Kn_
The Manhattan CbaptOT "f the Daugh
t th* Amsirlcan itfvoiutiou aill howi
a meetlng al ihe bome af Mis. Willlam
< 'uniiiiiiiK Btory, regent, Ko, M < oa
n.i'icv Park, Thuradaj afternoon. Mra.
*.\ iniii'-i win road a pap 1- aad
pV'Uheii B lx?igfeHew, aeneral aupetin
tendehl of the Unlted Btatea Voiunteer
|,l|< S.lVillK tOIJlS, VMll .HlnUMI tli'
Sticks to Newsstand Graft
Charges in Answer He
Files in Court.
Declares His Letter on Whicii
$100,000 Suit Is Based Was
Result of "Official In?
formation" to City.
Mayor Oaynor t<>?>i. baeb not a wori ot
tbfl statement he mud.- flbOUl Alderman
Henry 11. Curran, ir, the answer hfl Sled
yettterday in the BuproWe COUII to the
flull whk-h Curran has arougbi foi IMMM
damflgtfl for alleged llbel Tbe Mayor, ln
his anewer. which eovera flfty-Ove prlnted
pagea admHa he wrote the letter tbal
was made th>' hasis ot tbe aull bv the
ehalrman el the aldermanic committee
Inveetlgatlng the Pohee !>? partment, bul
denlea thal bla Btatemonta arere UbeHou*
He denlea the apeciOc allegatlon In tbe
romplalnt of AMerman Curran lhal Ihe
pletntlff Ifl of "good name, fame and
ataadlng iti the eemmunlty." Mayei floy*
nor alao dflclartu thal bla letter, whi h.
be aaya flcoordlng to ms Information and
l-ehef. WOA true, ITBI bs:--.i on ..tli Inl
lnformatlon thal had been gathered In
i eoaneotlon with tbe .iiieR.-.i graftlng of
I.- itain pereeaa in tbe grantlni >.f permtta
' for newaotenda He mentlona alao lhe
names Ol several fltdenDOn Bnd form. r
jiidermen who, he aaya en "InformaUoo
and beiief," were Impltcated in nearaetand
The |ett?r Ol the MayOI OB vh. ,r tbfl
eomplalnl >rai baaed aald Ibe metbod
..: tbe aldermen menUoned In algi Ini ap*
i-n. ati.ui'- for llceneea fot newaatands and
., ii- r atanda la tha Btroel araa t.? r.-f, i tha
appllcanta t<> a go-betaroon. who rei
t.. <!? IIVi : th> li'-. ..?,? until tn-.n
been pald t.> hun. The law requln ? tbe
aldermen te deal peraonally wltb tho
applli atits ar.d dellver ta them the h ? bw
Alderman Curran mM thla lettei i
written to Intlmldati blm In the pohce
lnvestigatlon and meant lo Intliaati lh l
? ara . hiai'.:.'
ln ! la anen ei Maj oi .;. i .,i mentli
ou "Informatle ef." tbi foilow*
ling ai..-1 ? en and t.'imcr aMermen; ??"
I eepfa Bchloei Louii Wendell, ir . John J.
I McCann, -*rederlcl? W, Rtebter, Noa
I Kenny, Herbel Bnd VoDtmaa He i
? ? v. Ki. i-HW. < ,i' ' Alhelt .1 M. nvln.
Charlea Buchmaa, Abrabani A'lrtenberg,
Dr wnilam Bhaplro Mlehael i<;nn. Ha
. ,i,i: .,; .1 ? ." a. iti
??:.'. - tbi Meyer <iiu noi
; tion tn- flral amei of the i Btl -m bi
I aald Wera itnpllcal II I
Reiterates Graft Chargea.
Tbe Mayor Incl Mea In n
correapondence he had wlth ?
Pr- li'tK.*-' ru .1 ibe Board ol AMeri ??
whk h set forth th. , ?? and j
< haik--- "f k. r-|i,-ii ol .. v. landi i'? ,
aaya tl .a ttat, .. I ond V-ft wen
common ..? :? ? i Matfl i"i n- ?
were aev n lKo*,MeiH i
ln mfl lB?ti ? ;?'.- Maj oe
was ? foi thl ..ppl!'- Ultfl |0
? ? al rjub an
i ? i tlon i.' ne titiei - the 'i club
of ti,- llth Aflai n. ie ?
,t,,j Thomaa J. McMaaua li tln
a ? ? ?...-. i ? ? i inl ? M
. ;,,\ noi a).-' "i HM ivll * ? i ?
ht I ittentlofl ol
the defendant by peraona etnployed a
: ? ottM ?? et tbe Mayor ol l i t
ol New Iforh atid in the oiii'.s ? >! tie
i: uaau ? : i..- en et and In the ofH< ? i i
tbe Comml ilonei ol \ r-ounta, and tbal
Ilnformatlon wa.- thus ? rrotr*, I
i defendant ef Ibe methoda ..f th. i
tiff, an alderman ol tne city ,.| .\.
^ oi k and bj ..t, ? : aldi i roi n "i tbe <Ity
ol New Voi-. ln the mattei >.'. Uu
,i- ., r.. w artai "' t j ... t ti.e iiii'.i matlon
tbua aeejulred hin i ? and
ti uetworthy and bt '? ellevi ,i thi
moi t madi n h 'p< i aoni lo i im to
trothful alatementa and, relving
thereon. ba the <|ef?rid_mt. wroti tbe
i-? 11r r wblch in the eomplalnl li
to be llbellous."
Tho .Mavoi added thai tiie lnformatlon
ref ea red te wei furnlahed bj peraona In
hirh Htanrtir.c ln tl eil <lep.-ultn.nts an.
r,y good ritlaena bv ludtng heeda of er*
tanlsatlena hitereated in lhe matter of
UeeaOfla. He Incorpornte* ln hi
tbe letters reeelved from aeveral of these
ofll'lals whom he mentlona in hls answer.
Inelnuing ^omtnniileatlons from I' J
f'reel, chlef exiuntner of the PtoBOfl Dfl?
partment, aad rranotfl V. B. oiiver, fr.,
formerly h*a<i ?.f th Bureau el EJeeafloa
Mayor Oaynor ealls attentlon to flOVOral
alleged Bpeelflc Inataneefl where Ai.ierman
' .nan aetrl BPpHeant for llcenee to,
tirst aee other peraon He allegee on
"Infoimatlon and beltef" 'that one Mai
I'elnstein deslred to open a stand al N"
ht West .:1st itreet and apptlod le tbfl
plalntlfl tor ooaaanl .r.i permlflflton and
pialntlff, iri'-tf.d oi a.-tlng on hls BBpUca*
tlon, reieried him to OBfl Iwarly.
Cites Speclfic Instancea.
"That Ofl inforniiitlon und iieiief one
Kopal Behwarta applled ta plalntlfl foi
eoneeal lo a renewel of a Heoaoa on ..
frult stand In front of I.i*- plare of bisi
iipsn. Xw. _V7 West _'7th street, but thi.f
piaintitr. Inatead of acting on mob ap
piuution in person, dlrectfld Behwarlfl t>.
aee one Halprln. ,
"On lnformatlon and bell-f one Samuel
QerdOO, or one Abraham Welner, made
appllcatlon to the pialntlff for his < on
s*nt for I lleense for u stand at Nfl l
weHt .ith stieet; that pialntlff refueegtfl
consent, rtatlng that one Harry MOOhO-j
wltz -.as the only one who could get such
eonsent: that IbflrOttpOa said Oordon or
said Welner pald said Harry Moskowltz a
further aam of money an.i tboreaftefl re*
eeived the oonoent upon hla applleatlon;
tbal there after the oaii Qflidfln, <>r aaM
Welner, pahl Moskowltz a further ttim
of money. after whi >b the plalntlfl in
gflrafld tbfl ''.nsent upon the BPpRi atlon
lor a stand Bl No. .'.! West Bl fllPflflL"
Mavor ilaynor sets up three separate
defeneea, h.' denlea every allegatlon nt
Ibe oemplaim of Alderman Curran ex- ,,t
tbal hfl wrote tbfl flltflgfld llbellous letti
ami that it wafl puMlahod tn the reguhu
courflfl of hls dutiea hs Major; he justl
iies the oootenbi of the letter beeauai Ifl
flayfl he regarded them as true, and sets
up a pgltlal defence ln mltlgatlon < f
damuges ' lf there are any." and pleads
all lhe faetfl set up LB the sccoml ansvc.
as a sultable defen.
j The Mayor ulso Chargea Alderman fur
I rdn arltb xivii.g oui tor put.iieation atate
menta lhal arera "very far from being
ti ithful" In regard to their Interview In
j the MayOfa oflhe hefore the BfllOCtlOa "t
the Aldermanlfl Commlttofl to Inveatlgate
I police condltlona The atetemenl wblch
Mayoi Oaynor attrtbutea lo tbe aldenaaa
aie that he told tlu Mn>oi that the iuvca-1
ttgatlen araa andartakea to eanbarraaa
him. whlch the Mayor eajra araa falee, as
wai ihe one atttrfbuted to hhn thal tba
..i.uri'i, a wouid sfiitifv themeelvee if
they i,n.ierto.,k tha Invaatlgatlon
The Mayor Baya thaM -ta'eio.ot" w.-i
made f, ,-teat.' an .-rroneous Impl
m hl.-i attitude.
Mayor Qaynor aaka tbal thr- aetlon
btOUghl by Aldcrinan I'urran be dl mlaaed
and thal tha plaintiff ba taxed wlth tha
Aldermen Deny Charges.
AMrnnan I.ouls Wende'l. ir., a l>.-nio
'lat. v ho tepre^rnis llie Ut!I In.-lil't.
ipaaktaa of the Mayer*a mentlen "r blm,
*'A1I that araa thrashe.l out two \-.irs
ago. Thr- Mayor kaowa froea hla own ln*
reatlgatloa tbal tbara "as no9-t*ni
fleettag I'pon on arhen th- chargi waa
lor,k".l Int... 1 thlnk it ls wronf? for hhn
f., brlna thla up. but \*de not oontemplatt
brlugteg any aaril aifaiust blm. l bave
beea ra elected afnoo tbea aad b| ?
mn iot ity ot *'?> VOtei qreater than I re
retved baf* ra
AMarmaa John MeCann, a Democrat,
rapraaanllng the lath Dlatrlct, aald:
"lf any one <.-.n -.- ? ? any PTOOf 10
tan?ata aucb a tl?ng as tha Mayor ln
tlmatee, i arlll *dve WM to eharlty. Tha
only thing that thr Mayor could
i>. n.i nf waa a caae when lha aam "'an
heid two aeparnto nararaatand U
n,4 dU?H i. n'-ai Blgbtb avenue aa
mi, . I. It is unlawful lo: MM man to
bava ta <> . oek rrtande. and i had om o
his Ucenaea revoked and -..'?'- :< '" ??"
.,!<i mmi a ho ii. ? ded thi ni' nej if ihat
is n - rlme, then I am "julltj
The Mayor rnentloni a man named
Herbat Abram W Herbel la tha onl)
aMerman In the board ol tbal name. He
deelared the Mayor had no grooni a
over to , oim. ,-t hla name wlth the newa
tand Inegularltlea.
"Maj ?' aome ol mj petatl ??
have ri.n.ii.-te.i ? story," ba added
Th' Mr ... uot i thi name "f "Ki nny"
ln hla anawei ?? Franda V
Kenney In the i:o:.r.i ol Aldei m n 11
i.n from I'.rooklyn.
?-I suppoee th< m.i>oi must refer to
mr- ?? he -..in. "aa ao fai as i know i am
tn.- only man aith a name I'.k. thal wno
has been In th.- board i"p nanj year ,
Bui i ' ? rtalnly d" n.-t know whal
,,. ;.:, rr;.;- n? ? i". aa there la noth?
lng in nt) ? -ii' -i to wtlfi an
,,i irregulaiity."
\:t., th.- Mayoi - ???-*?*?? i I ''i'1 '"? "
publlo Alderrnan Cun
1.n -..4 th.it i .rn, golni lo
i, san ti. ni., rarl
don'l < enakk i hla aaawei ua an *1 al
? t i -i.. nol knoa lhal i -i.-'i; move
to i ave i* siii'k.-i, oui
,. t Al.l-fiuan Mli hai! -i V'olk
whom the Mayoi
,?-....,.--. ? ol*
lectli * Ki.'tt from !'? end '.l"
blach v. _, ti ?.. .H.I "i""i ti' ^
charge In January, IMI tt tbat l
i,., .i.i B nho bad ? ??weet
Mth >T" i .ii,-I Thlrd '*" 'i ??
Volbmaa arith
roi ., renewal -?' hM Ih ? nei
,:-.i ii..it Barlach ' tot
ru. thing f<" ? ? I olk
tbi ?
V .,11. .. ' wi,,, BU
jgair.si blm) v-*.*' frightened Into 'iik.'
th* afTuia '.* .,ho n hla deinandlni
a aeWi Uh nd 11 '-:iv<
This the Avowcd Pollcy ol the
Kitiser's Government.
l.? ... i>., | 'l ha ? '?? ini.m govei :i
? -n mu wai ? ? t '! i"
of \ lK'.ri, | i . ?
?. . . 1/ . . t, ? m tba Imp
vt.. ? tt,- 'i refeireg
denver le i
? >f tha il
Moi . ? wa , .i
.i?i. n ? blll in n- i'i' ?
i .,
ronvln ?->i lhal t ii ? banklag group behlnd
U . pi opo ? A ompai > ?. ? i
?eraia ? Btandard Oll i 'emp nj and
would aa 11 ?
WeverthaM H theugbt
e, ?i ? ?'? ": '
. ? n thi i
tii?- j- ? . U ..f the ml
ti,,i a, thal .i no i*tn dying I :-..'?.
.nn. narm ly, Ihe ? ? ? il ?n ? t
the Bl 'i i-"'i ' 'ii Coi ? l< rm i r
w ni ultlmately i"- adopt, >i. and m ? t
,,. , in the ioi m "i a Mat. mon, .
miilzitic methfada of organlaal on dtfl il
new propeeod.
.-,. rei ii \ Kuehn, In ? lo ins u,. h b ite,
Intlmpted lhal tha aovernmenl ?-%.i will*
mr t" accepl th<- rk wi ?>! patllaraenl in
ih<- mattei if only the baai Mr-. of tba
? preaerved
Son of Titanic Victim Succeeds Hi.
Father in Poliee Society.
Wilh Ull V III' flll A lo: I
honorary member ef Ihe Honoi begl-ja
of the fon.*- Daa?rtmeni at Ita annual
meetlng, bold yeaterda* He succeed
r, John laoob Aator, who dl4?! oa ihe
Titani'-. Tbe leglon, whlch han a ...
blp "i aboul four hundred, will have
i annual dlnner al tbe Waldorf-Astor?i
on January 21
Albany, Dei I. John a Maaon, aeere*
t..i ?? to Qovernor Dla, waa appolnted bj
the Ooverhoi to*day ..?; Commlaaloner of
lurora i<>i tni aew County of The Brona
at an annual aalary el %'??,<. Mr Ma
son li aecretary of lha Democrath Btati
? 'ommll lee I le ls now abi oad
Bellevue Surgeon Discovers
Transposition of Organs
at Autopsy.
Man s Spleen on Right Side In?
stead of Left?Position of
Large Vessels of Heart
The remarbabta caae of the organfl
of a human body being tranapoaed erna
dlecovered by Dr. ?'. v7. fleld, bb*
fllfltanl professor of puthology in BollO*
viie Hoapital and iin. i.i deecendant of
? ttriis w. i-'ieid, layer "f the tirst at
lantlc .able. yeaterday aftefnoon, when
be i. rformed an autopey on the body
Of Michael Manning. thirty-two years
..1.1. a labbrer, <>r Na 312 Weal t'.'tii
?i. ? i. a in- dled iu thal Inatltutlon on
ih.- autopey dhKloaed the heart on
tbe ighl snie. the large, or cardlac
part, of the atomach on the rlghl stf'''.
its normal poaltlon being bekm th..
heart; ihe appendu. on tbe lefl side.
the Uver on the left side. th. spb-.-n ou
ih.. tigl ? : !?? and tbe lungs, whlch,
when normally conatrui ted, i ontaln
thr.-e lobea iii 'he rlghl ..toi two in the
left. haviiiK tWO lobflfl ni ea. h. 'I'h''
. onetrui tlon of tbfl lunge, Dr Flt M
polnted out, w ai nol unuaual.
Reallslng the anatomlcal and patho
logtcal lmportan< e <>f his dla o-ery, Dr.
. vmmoned all the pbyaldana of
Bellevue Hoapital and several from
ii.ivi)'"rirr-r Inatltutlona atoro than
o\x\ membera of the medical profea*
.-,,,ii atudled tbfl i
Dr. John Mi Allleter, demonotratlng
i ,!. n\? ratlve aurgen ln Belle*
uo Hoapital, who haa bei n aasoi lated
with tn.. inatltutlon for twent;
d.-. lated thal during that time no clafl
,,f :, ihnilnr nature had tn
... ., .,,?,? oi ?? ? ma -md
? ..ns ..f tiie hoepltaL
rltaja ? u inepoaltlon ???' tbfl
organa i'r. Fleld ia-' nlgbl aald
|< trom ;iie phenotnena preaented
.,.. -he general tranflpoeltlon "t ti.t -
gana bb ?" atotnli ??' flnomal;
!!,? i..!-..? Booeli
,,. the ? found. Th.- pul*
in.ui..t ..' ? ? dflfead ol ' |
ahove ihe ...
l . ..,. ,. -I. ath t!?.'? aorta
- onablp >.f the
t'\,, . to the
|y|n| iti th- rlghl flldfl "f the |
All oi gana ?? ere v,i noi mai.
.. ;? ii, eome ? ieea dlaei aed i ondlttona
were found."
iu. Pleld polnted oui 'I,-- d.fii iilty of
a . imi. ai u ? rent 0
appondlcitla a hearl affectlon or K"it
Btonea thal would reault iu thi.
l . r. o ' nOBfl organs arera trans
,t ti ? K raj a'era nol reaorti i
Ud, tbfl dlagnoe*
WOUM he in
Munnlna a-aa taken to Bellevue Hoa*
- iturday night Hfl ert ex
, ,.. tbfl fltafl ph] si. lana Hi*
. preeented - iptotni ol pneumonla,
but lat- llCtOI BJ mptOtna were
found ?? puaaltng ona
Mannlni i led earl Bunda) mornlng
but lat'-r in the day fluffflrod a r? lapse
and .ii"i
i >i i ut.. s bultxe. f..r foui teei eara
ted v\ nu ti., medii al stuff of
Bellevue Hoapital, who teatltled during
th.- trlal of Charlei Bei ker and ln the
trial of Glbeon, ln Ooaben. di lared tiie
:..i ihe tranapoflltlon <>i tbe nr
(.an. one ..f iii-' nn st remarkable that
had ? "iio under bli aotloa
Jack Frost Arrivcs and Keeps
Folks Hustling.
jacb ii.. t came '<? town yeaterday .md
rtta\..| long enough t>> make New York
, ..'.. tbe) were really Hvtag in a
winter tn.mth I'mm the balmy sprltiM
Hbfl weather of Baturday Jacb changed
th.- cUmate yeeterday t>< that of his kind.
ln man- ptacee lee was evldent on the
?blewalba 'he Bnl fleen thla vear. Truch
drlvera cbaufleura and ..tinrs wbo ara
upoaed t" the areather were aeen flwtng*
ii,;; th-ii arma In an endeavor to keep
warm. Inateed of Mtering la the atreel
i,, g%gt um Ihla tbal ar tba other matter
v.jth an acqualntanca those on foot
huitlfld aloag ?nd kept going.
in tbe parka where people ara wont lo
it and llnger IB the warm sun OB mlld
daya there ?as an abeenoe ?f t'o* fllaw
atroller, an.i all visitor-* arere bepl ob the
nii.v. < ui lhe <liiv.-tt thflOfl flBjOylng Ihe
comforta of automobllea oi earrlagaa wera
arrappod in heavy fura They ahowod by
1. Altman Sc (fo.
The assortment includes lace centrepieces,
p.llow sllps, dresser scarfs, etc, all of whlch
are be.ng shown at special prices.
jfifth Anrtiiir, 34tl* anh 35fl| fctmis, Nfiu -J-Tlt.
th.'ir expoeed faeea tbal Jacb Proet bad
really arrlved.
it waa tha coldaat day of the eeaaon.
The tluTmometer Bt 7:1." o'clOOk ln the
mornlriK regtoterod it degreea abeve tere,
As tha do-y went on the .n-u'-ury erapl ap
to M degreea at - o*clocb bi the after*
noon. This tajih its blgbeal mark. The
forecaal for to-day prnmloea warmer
( Hy Tel*-?i-;i|ih t,i Tkt Trlbua?.l
N'ya.k, X. V.. Dec, I.?Wltb tbe t!i"r
naoeneter al M degreea ebota z?ro. ,\. g.
Roaaborongb, local eantraet nnvnt of th?
MeW Vork Telephone Company. picked p
roaa an full Moon* In hM yard this n'orn*
Waahlngton, Dec. I. -The appointment
of i.unii Thompaao, Praaldam Tafft*a for
mar aacmtarr aa Treeeatat af tha l*ah_|
gtatea, wan iinanhneealy een?raaad by th.;
Senate to-day.
ARE holding the-following
Important Sales
* -including many articles of wear whieh make
charming Christmas gifts?
FORMLRLY $75. $95. $135 to $165
FORMERLY $85. $125 to $150
MILLINER Y, -trfti>. */5 * &5
FORMERLY $20 to $65
FORMERLY $25 to $35
FORMERLY $65 to $150
Tiftb flwnue, 46th & m\) Streets
Our Holiday Exhibtt includes a special
showing of those old-fashioned pieees whieh
make such charming Christmas Gifts;?
Chintz-covered Fireside Chairs, Slipper
Chairs, quaint little Sewing Tables, "Pie
Crust" and "Gate-leg" Tables in designs
familiar to all and at prices attractive to
every purse.
New and exclusive patterns in gift furni?
ture ? Objets d*Art, Marbles, Bronzes.
Clocks, Mirrors, Electroliers, Desk Pieees,
Imported Novelties
Geo C FUnt Co
43-47We5T -0-St. ? t-.aWEST 24*St.
since March 1, 1912, in the
number of direct branch
offices of the Remington
Typewriter Company in the
United States.
The importance of this fact to
the typewriter user lies in the expansion and
development of Remington Service EtHciency.
The two factors of Remington Typewriter
Supremacy are Quality and Service. The one goes
with the sale; the other follows the sale. The one
is in the machine; the other is backoi the machine.
And both are essential to the permanent satisfaction
of the typewriter user.
The great expansion oi thr. Remington Sales Organization lus
edvanced our tervice facilities beyond any standard aftained or attain
ablr. ia the past. Remington Service was always supreme; it is now
incomparably supreme. It goes everywhere and it covers evtrything.
Whatever your need in the typewriter service line, whether nbbons,
carbons, inspectiom. ?djusfmrtiis, rentals or oprrators, the means to
supply that need are bound to be close at hand if your machine is
a monarch, a smith premier or. remington.
Typewriter Company
,b.m, ?_ ikaxorpototod)
325-331 BROADWAY
Telephone: Worth 5060 Branches Everywhere

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