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V" LXXII.N0 24432.
To-d?7, fair untl rolder.
?nwrrow. fair. Krisk wlmlv
NKW-YOHK. WEDNB9DAY DECEMBER 11. 1012.-18 PAGES. * * PMCE ONE ^jT^^^g^^g^
police m m
pjrst Arrest in Tenderloin in
Wccks Shows Force ls
Stirred by Tribune's Ex
posure of Tratfic.
gcveral Firms Order Saiesmen
to Rcstrict Retailers to Five
Ounces of Deadly Drug at
One Timc for Legal Usc
?Active in KufS.
? la ? ' ? t
ade by The Trlbuna. the po
' Manhattan began in
.. the ill< gal trmin< In i ? ain
in thf Tendi i lo ?
opi> priaoner nai
. . | ?
? ? :
? ?
,|,is tO i'f hU I'iKli' 8] '
? -i- ;
? llurphy" In *n Bll-nlght Inneh
,it No. ''? ? n WHi
nrpr tl) s p1a< ?? i!i;it an In ? ll
The Tribune boughl ? ?? ? il ? ?? Th
tcctirea arralgned "Murphy" la J?l
>(.; Markt t t"-?>ir!. Thaj
they found two paok.isn* of d
i..f poaaeaaton arben I ? - ; -had n,rn
nft^r he had paaaed a sina'! pa< kag
a man in the lancbroom
Inriorsed by Druggi?t?.
Ti'.e Tribona'a cruaad8 agaiaat ttw
practlcalb open 'a'* of thr dnis in ,hfl
i * ia emphaticall) Indonad
aaterday by the Kings Caunl P
maf-eutical Aaaoclatioa. BaveraJ w\
?h!p dmggists in Maiihnt: ? n Bff I
Hrooklyn co-operatad la the
aRainst the vteious trafflc in an
raetfve wa: , Thaj Inatructed thelr
s?i?sni"n not !<? taka ordan frona
rataHar for more thai ouncea of.
the drug ?t any one tlm< and to eon
? themaeh e?, as far ai poaall
i w. i: w ant< 'i for '???,*i11
? i
wdiif these developnaent* wan tak
. th< - ? uaade agalnat co
movomenl i"'1 '?9'
? .1 II! th< BtU>
: its proaaeu
ha h tndj of tb? lleaith
njapartmi ??? b?re, ll is amid, I
racllltim for xetung raaulta, I
!.: Walter K. Banael. aanltaryj
Dtend< ni ??: 11 e Haalth Depaat
o haa Indoraad the aaovemenl
lu i in oul a ' ? ?quad*"
>n? <u two departmant Inapacton
erould t>e baM raeponatbki forthat
Rlone, polnted oul jreaterdajr tbat hi
m atber amy oould tba raapoaalbUHy
lr flxed dafiadtely enougli '<- |*1
pm iita
Pelica Cannot Fool Sellers.
ll.ntie Ross, the "pra'tical misaion
?ry ' of Ihe Tend?*rlnin. m lio bafl had
I world of pxperipn^e in deallng with
ne fipnds in al! atagea of th<^
)iahit. rxprpss^d r 1 ? *? ronvlction that
rhr polioa vero praotkally powerless
I'rr.jK>rly to flght the evil. beraus" they
?anarally pbyali ally unfitt??d for
rh* Job.
?-A paUcaman wbo la pbyatoally
? oaeaiful enough fea quaUfy for tba
forte !? DOt able to diaa;ijia?? his
phyalque enough to bring him lo tlie
l^vel where these cokf-B?llers would
not auspect hlm," iha said ye?tfrday,
ind if you're going to rntcli the
>-eiicra jran'va got t.) bava mr-n to g^t
ihe evidfir e to whom th-.- i oke-s?-llei8
wiH aall the drug "
I)r. Bcnael did m>i i onuaaal upon
ihi<i point, but aald he wa? sattsfled th?'
Jit-iil: h Department oould repeat its
rd of convictlons and hold eocataa
?fl!mg down to the irreducible ruini
lnum if it had the eyuipment to act
\? & matter of faot," he addc-d, 'it
if not so murh a qtiestion of trying to
Himinate entireiy the tale of rocaine.
becaoM the confirmf.d rotalne fi^nd will
forifinufil on rla?Hli pugr, ?litli <olnin?.
This Morning's News
local Pagc
v^ilsona Blat kmailei a Oapturad 1
Ta Invr.Ptlgate Maw Ha\fn Moaopal) 1
Iim Anpst In Ifanaattan. i
llaaband Cbacka "WldoWa** suu a
f'nhiif to Set Morgan PatatlofN. 3
^?ilor? Knd Sweet V^oyage. 3
bTabar Talka on Backar <'a?e. 3
* hlti - bj Wfighl. s
:><?'?-.<?! of $109,000 Lool. 1
Lautei l>a?ii Sufi!. 7
'.r\ W'ork ({iiidk Motbarbood"..> o
cm w in Staad.ii!
? \f Klllad kfan for ?-'.18 j
' ' Peathera Canflaeatad.18
suc?- Partaara.181
koaanaii ' rgea Piograaalva IJnlty... i|
icka MaUtn Uaaa. i
^'ttnaaa Danouncea Jadge ircbbald.. 4
Ktata Seaka Pnnda froai *>ii Blcklea 5
i,;t- '? rdona. 5 .
P ? Bafaaa Prabera .... ?
' "n?i -s'-'-. Diplomaey. t
tate i 'annai laa.11
BHuatlon Qrava. f
1 8 to AkI Tnrkin.h RcfagaM. f\
N*w? f"r Woman. t
^Itorin . 10'
"oale H
PMtaai .||
fc5? ? . .'.7.7.7.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.18 and 13
,!"? ?Ti,\ .\HV)..13
tkar . 13
t ... ...'.19
B'?AiM-.al and Utrk9U....li, 18 and 18
"" '?"'?? 18 and 17
Government Officers Go Into
New Jersey Mountains for
Three Men Who Demanded
$5,000 or Life.
Rcminded Next President of
Fate of McKinley and At
fompt to Kill Roosevelt?
Postoffice Box Fur
nished Clew.
rtlt< d Statei *;'?<. ? i
? iii? into the arlld Hlt* rnia M
? In Snaeea County, \. .1.. y(
? d arreeti 'I three moontalneere for
I i letter demanding 12. i
Wilsoi'. 01 . !il. .
Th< poatofflce Inepectoii
? i.i ii ?
. ????"? a, but the third ??? ?? I Ihem
trled to taka
i a n.iMi He fllnched
-in of three i evoh ? ra polnted
il hli head, how< \ ? .. ana ^^ ;i^ aooi
dcuffed. All three erere lodged In
? J;\ll al v lat< lael ntght.
The lett< received ai Treoton
November 11 and hnmed
1 '??.; to the ejovernment autborl
Although it waa arrltten in an
illlterate faahion and furnlahed no out
? : clew to the, vrriter'a Identlty, tii<
?-. >vt i nmenl detecl h ei found
rea daya that the poat
addreaa rIvmi arai t....t of ?
I i.(>v ownpd bj ;? ajoroan nn a rnrai free
I dellvery route in Buaoex County.
Further Inveetlgation proved that iha
m uaed the box, and it is not now i
? d thal iha had anythlng t" do]
he plot, BJ shc six'iit mnst of her |
time |n Newark. it i.? thoim'rft the tiir.>?
took edvantage of her abaence io
ave their maii aenl t<> the box.
Paper Clew to Wntar?.
Poalng ai ;< panaton a^nt and ?
rj \" a Congxeeaman, tivi poatoffl ?
inapecton ipenl much timc in and
| W'lmi ton, an.J .
boom tinv aaoertained that th<
.?ii vrhJch the letter had been
i rawled araa honciit frorn the iu:.ii
r.on deUvery carrier. Further In
gatlon proved that Warren Dunu, ?
repuilarly bought tlie
. ??. and thia gafe tha flraf clew.
ploa of Dvna'a handwrltlng. that
of hta prother Ja<o;> and of Sreley
I Darenport, all mountain dwellera, were
| obtained by the ejfflcera, who naed thelr
imed aoenpaitlOM tn jjrent ndvan
In doinjr. thi*.
j Kinalh Warren Dunfl aml Davenporl
v ere aurpriaed reeterday nt their bome
? a>ord*a aflnea, ? deeaated rillage in
Hfbernia llountataa, north of
I wiiariun. Tha "ffl"^" arreated thetn
i before thev had time m aelae thelr long
j gnna hanKinj: on tha walla They broka
.,,,?? ii, th< .:. ?? ? and WTarren
Dunn is aald to hava reeealed hi*
brothar*a hldim place. He aaddlad
Jncob witii tha reaponaia4iHy for tho
whoie affair eren bafafa the oflteora
wanl to aearch for the man.
]ie wa? Only about n <iunrtpr of a
mile away, aitting by an old trpp, and
aaeniad to auapact aomathlng whon thp
thrpe mfn roda up to liim. He 1*-hf>***l
to his faet and raught np hia BXe, bttt
they arare too qulek f??r him.
Thr IfttPr mitdc v;irioiis dirr- thraata
and rfferr*?d Governor Wllaon to tlir
fart. that M?Kinlf\ had b*?B f??iH;iK?i
nated and Rooaaratfa nf?* had beea at
tempted. Tha arrltag deciared tha rp
sponPibilitv was his.
The letter. vhi'ii arai received about
f?.iir daya bafora Oovernor Wllaon lafl
New Vork for Hprmnda, was tak'-n
charga of by hia private aecretary,
|joaaph i*. Toranlty, prbo in tnrn hand
pd it over t" Jamea T. Cortalyoo, or
Philadelphta, chlef of poatofAoa laapai
tora Uf immadiately put M in tiip
tiands of Poatoclce Inapoi tora FYaw la
a. Butler and Cllnton A Larrabee ;md
rnit.rf Btatea llarabal Loula '/.. Beek
mnn. Tbaaa arara tha three nen a/ho
tiated the letter and tinnll' made the
arraata Bntlar ?an tha "pantioa
agant" and i-Jeeknian the CongTaaa>
nian's "aacretary." Larrab ?? a/orked
"on the outside. '
llliterate m Spots.
Tlie ieitci \\a.s e/ritten In rude fai lon
, on leraraJ ^iieets of foolacap. There
Ivas littie oi no ptmctuatlon oi capttal*
laatloBi but aomehow the apallhig dM
; n>d hegin to he Ultterata untii near tha
and of the curtona doi ument and tha
\w<^ wonid not sa) laal nighl
arhether or not 111. % oonaklared ihi.
8i'?-min>; Ignorance an affectatlon. Tbe
letter ran:
.\>v\ fork Partj mi Woodron W'ilaon
i an aKoinK to wain you <<i' a/hai a/? ra
aiiuiiiK to do to >ou as ere dld i.ot wmn
Tedd) "i afcklnley elther ttaey k<>i iboot
just tbe aami II ara dont gft arhat ?? aak
for .>"U \Mll gel ti"' shiik- k;i> wil^(.;i you
hare ^"t th< offlce ai prealdanl >'ea and
wn ere death on prealdenta bo noa Wllaon
ii rou baee *"t $.">.???? In K'o'd foi thla
j,.,11v v.> w.ll aparc your llfe If not are
h ,n ahool i ou i" fore i ou n-i In the offlc
nn Biira aa rotn nanx la allaoa bV ^,
will ?;iv> you tlme to tbink the matter
oyer ao v<'u will no arhal you are doinK
a/rigbl oi a/rong t;:" if >"" dont aeno
the $i,?wO yo "i lome of >o<n poople
\- ii iu- aorry \"u dldnl aa; Wllaon are
ai, ,,(ri i< bH backward 111 telllnf vo'i
wlial ra mean to ^o to. you ao If rou
w.mt tO live and hold your offit o Ju.st
a?-iid ?o.(K^' In Ko'd hv Xov M and K'mi II
i.\- mai) if \oii d.rtit Rpnd it ?f will be
On onr tra.-k BOOO adrf.?F
i: c I-. ROUTK N'< ! BW >? 0 wn.ir
ton. N J
Tlie owner of the DOI nanied la
Pearl T'tter, who OWna a farnthotiae
near ?Fhaiton, but who had feft the
locality to ranaaln In \?w?rk nio?t of
the ttma becaoaja ahe had bacome ter
rarlied b) tha threata ol a gang of
outlaw* who Infeated the mountain>.
(ontlnurd ?n fnurth pa?e. fnurlh i-olumn.
Miss Gladys \. Wataon and William Ziegler, jr., who ar? 10 br married to-day
Tkcy Interrupt Young Millionaire's f<ilk with Fiancrcon
Aftcrnoon Bcforc Wedding? Hc Racr?
lo Rurnmg Slable.
(Villlam / ili Ihe young m
mllltonaira, arai talklng lo Ml
Vlrglnia WAtaon aboul thatr araddtng,
\?. in. h is t" taka pla< ? tn daj <t tha
Hotel Bt Regia, arhan tha talapbona
ball i Ifiaa nTataon'i honw al No. 168
\\. il L22d atraet, rang eaterd f
tfrnoon. Mr. fOgtaon Braawardd, md
Inalde <>f .<i.<. il ta o mlnutei m i SSli
afaa aaadbig bhi bigrb poarai car down
Broadaray t" nh ai ibla, al No> laa" Waad
?r?th atraat, arhlch arai on Bra Mr
Ziagler, however, did i ?* gel tl ar? untfl
tba fir" waa out
Ifaantime, ?> of ? i< .tmg
l hlnga bad happi m d Mra Mai ?
<"r;inc tba i ?>?" iinnir v. 11? I '1
thrown hor thlrteen monthi "'.i i.attv
out of tho thlr.l atorj arlndoa il
New Method of Transfusion bv
Syringe Saves Life
i B) Tateffrant ta Tb< gribw
Detrott, Dac. \<< \n t1k.im.is b
Coolay and Dr. .1. Waltar Vaogbn, of
tijjs clty, ani oti ?? ad to-day th**
I ii irau ifmion of btood bj ?<
?yrlnga. ;? naw and ravolutlonary
mathodt nrbich thaj adoptad aftar w
dll ary methoda fallod. Tba caaa w;h
that of a nr\r bnin baba arhoeo I'fe
iraa deapalred <>i becauaa of ham
orrhaga. Tranafualon waa tM?- only
poaalbbi naaana ol aavlng It, and the
On 1 attampl fttlla I.
.\s a laal raaorl blood wa
Into a Riaj-.? antltosJn ayrtnga Thrn,
by tba uaual matbod of ualng tbaae
ayrlngea, it waa Injactad Into a retn 61
tho baby. Th8 chlld rarlaed, and noar
-,...|i,s ..11 tba road t" baatth
Chicago Bandits Get Their Man,
but Miss His $28,000.
Cbtcago Dac 10 A carafoUy
plannad attampt t.. kkflnap and r..t? m.
.1. wriKht of naarly 180,000 ?a? one*
, eaafoJ to-day in avarj pray axcapl ?<-t
ting the RHMMJ ,
Mr. wripiit. arba la caahlar <?( a but
tf-r eompany, araa gotag todapaafl *-V
027 in a bank, arhan "" apparairUjr in
toxkatad man ft'll tgainal hini. He
pnohad tba man away, arhan fonr otbar
in. 11 f?H Ofl hlm and pullfd a BACk over
his haad. a motor car daabad up and
\\'rtghl araa tpaaed Into It AJ tba bag
irenl ovar ins haad. bowaaar, he
droppad bahlnd a talearaph pole a
hut.lirl contalnlng the money.
A f?w iniiiiitos latcr a young man
fotiud tba aatcbal and lurnad it over
to tba poUea.
wi'igiii araa aal down In an obacura
atraat, *ix mllaa froan arhara he had
baen aaliad aftai tba naan bad aear hi'.j
hmi and falled to flnd the m<>u
British Militant Suffragettes
Adopt New Tactics.
I.HiidHii, Dac. 1" Nimi.'i'His fatae
alaraaja ol Bra a/ara aanl out to-nlght In
varloua dlatricta of London throagh
public talapbonaa a >d tba Bra abwn
fygtam. Tha Bra brlgadaa turnad out
only to diacorar that thaj had iice-i
boaxcd hy tha militant anffragettaa,
Om vroman caughl in tiw aet of
tumlng i" an alana ^-i4 arraatad.
Ml <u,-\ Blectrlc Ughted Pnllmana. ?i
r td 'Traine T>allv vlu Btandard H R ?'
Sooth. l?> ?v?a.v.-Adi
.,, . ? etd by ta o big patrol
men. Then ahe baurtllj cttmbed down
Kt | f,.,.t !.idd"i Bfai Of Mr. V.\- |
aabte boraaa a ere k d < nt
througn th-- aajoke and flatne, but four
flne bull pti| : that i o om kn. a ? ?
in ih<- atabte \< rlab* d
Fredei l< ?? Rai* ??. r i f<?i
? . ma? lore r. ?;. Bewm f the N< ^
Vork Yartit nub. went Irto the hu!M
Ihg to raaoua Mr*. Crahe. had bepn
, , i.. ine hv amoke, and wa* not found
nntll the Bre araa out, fbrty nii
? B . Ittli ??! " othfJlg f"r
Mi Eiegler to do He wmt ba^k t..
nj .. | | iiome. Bkuiier In tiv
... ,1 Phe went to the Cltj Hall
..,,. s..i thelr marrtage in en.ne |
Scnt Instantly to the Deep with
All Hands?Mny Have Bcen
Passenger Steamcr.
I..- onport, Bngtand, Dat 1" Tha
Btitlah dreadnoughl Centurton whlle
?I. edlni al ? rat? of twenty knot
Portland BIU before dawn to-day raa
dowa .'tid Himli a ^niall unknown
ateamer Tha battlaabtp retnrned to
port ihi? aftarnoon, leakmc badly and
unh a taatterod bow.
The Htenmer tiied to CftMM tlM DOWl
Of the warshlp, whhh atruek her well
forward erith auch forea that after
ihe collision the steamer'a port llfcht
wa? fo-.nd on tbe CeritUrtOn'j for?
iflHtle, stlll buniing
iW'.i^ tha ateamer olaared the,
ballleahlp'l smoke ahe aank nnd no
traea <?r her could ba fouad, although
boata were lowered and ihe Caoturioa
crulaed abOUt nntil kmg after dawn.
Tha ateamer plunged to the bottom ?o
quii'kly that the ncw of the battlgfillp
could not deU-rinlne Wbether ehe was
a tramp or a paaaenfer ship.
Tha bowa of tha hattle.ship were
damaged by tha anchor betag drfraa
thrOUgh ihe plates.
Flames Wipe Out Business
Block?Los8 of Life Feared.
Claefnaati, i?e'-. !#.?Three of thi?
oity'a liadlnr estaMlshmenth, an well as
inoie than a liundred offlces, were de
atroyad by Bre here to-nlght, when the
Olbaoh llolel, the Ttendlggs-Lothnian
Compaay. a dapartmeat atore; vv. L.
Douglae'a ahoe etore and the oflWs of
the Miaaourt Paclflc Riillway were ewePt
completaly by the flanxf, whlle the toP
te.n floors of tha Unlon Trust Bulldlng,
a aeventeen atory fireproof atructure.
Were practlcally gutled. Tha loes in .s
timatetd at $700,000.
Wh.ther theie waa anv lon* of lif.- la
m!.-termined. The liotel nunageineiit
Inatal that all of Its gueata were notlfted
la time to get out. whlle the police are
of the opinlon that there mlght have
peen peraoaa left In the roonae. Thi?
latt*r oplnion la tnuaad on Ihe rapidity
wtth w hlrh the flames apread.
Another report tliat fatalitle* have oc
, ,ni"d In the flre. but wiii'h i annot be
^erif^ed, i? that ther* weie h numher of
women uorkmgon tn? nftaaath do?>i
of the Unlon Truat Buildtnt: wheu the
fnp broke out and were overcome by
emokp Th- theon of Boffoeatlon in tha
L'nlon Truai Bulldlng ii* upheld to a de
grep b\ the fact that eleven peraona
Srera taken out of the bullding below thp
founeenth flonr, all of WhOBB were ruore
or leaa overroma by amoke. Heveral flrp
men wlio effe.'ted the resiuie werp ip
Dtovad in a eertoua rondltlon and iimhed
to lioapltala
O II Mueller. <i <1 HUgel, I A. .Mor
ri.ton. A. I{liK?h and O. .*. Benjamin. of
\>w Tork are regiatered ai the uibaon
Houae tfaarly all of the pernonal ef
f?rta of the jrneita were buined
Tclls Progressivcs Thcy Must
Continuc to Stand To
gether in Campaign for
Thcir Principles.
Takcs Up the Fight for Gcorge
W. Perkins, Who Also De
fcnds Himself-? Again In
sists That tlie Pcople
Must Rulc.
I'lii'.iK" i ?<?'? 10 -Theodora Rooaa
Iveil and Oeorge W. Parkina, of hTaw
Tork, arara the leading Bguraa al the
nattonal conferanca of the new Pro
ajajaaatva pnrft hora ta-day. Cahnaal
[ Roooevolt. digreaalng from a preparad
addreaa, atta< kcd tne Idalio Stafe Su
praaaa Court for its daclatan dtfrttag tha
1 racaatl cainpaJgn ragaidlng Piaaldantial
elaetan Mc, Paekina took tha oantra
of tho *tage uli?n it gaji aino klfgaju
thal ..-rtani nf hia f.'iiow Pragraaahraa
I had atartad a aaovamant to ouat him
[frora tba natlonaJ asacuttva oomntttaa
baraiiaa of hta formar .<.rpor.ii.- can<
I nectlona
| <'(>:.>n?i Rooaevell t.>'.k up the flgbt
f..r Mr Parkina dortng an addraaa to
dalagataa al tba eonfaranca Potetrag
OUl Mr. Parkina and <alling him hv
ii.uii. . tha COtOOel daclarad that th"
New Vurk tuian-it r wan 008 of the me-i
he waa proud to bava ?>? fallow nrork?
era la tha Prograaalaa part)
Mr. Perklaa nada a apaach, In arhleh
i.. aaaarted that ha alwaya had been
(??I prograaalva cauaaa and m?iaanraa
-? nt.'.i an inttmation that
he araa a naar convart t.> tha cauaa.
Cnticisec Idaho Court.
Taking up the BUbJai t of tho Ida!t">
BuprtOM I'ourt'a alactof declaton
< '?.;..in i Rooaavatt aald;
in Idalio the etection laa makea no
provlalon for tha elaetlon ol Praaidentlal
?lector* The Hupreme rourt permltted
Hepubllcan and Detnocratlc electora to be
put .?n i ?? il .wt by cnnatrulng a pro
irlelon arhleh provlded for tha electlon of
ronatable* and othar offlcera to Include
Prealdentlal electora, but bald thal tho
Prograaalva tlcket could aot he noml
nated by r<*,|''?n becauae tha highent
nuntber of votea enunterated ?k n>'. e?
aary to Djuanlnata by petitlon we? too for
tha electlon of ?tate ofBdala Tbey ihIo
that tha aiactora arera noi atate ornclalu
Tho Bupreroe ?'onrt of the Unltad Hiut.
hia hH.i rimre than OOCa thal they tre
liot Ml ii.'in! ofBi 1.1N.
I defy any boneai utui Intelllgerit man
to read thal dadalon of the Bupreme
t'ourr o' Idabfl and cotnpare t!:e laxit\
of the conatructlon by ahlch thuy .-<>ti -
ttruad I htatutw ahlch dtd not inake atr.
provieloji tor electora .i? aJI to parrnlt th*
Republlcan an.l Demccratlc i? -
vute on tle flooiors, and tho quIbMIng
and the tachnlcallty of ronstruotlon hy
whlth they conatrued tha atatuta io pr>.
hfbli thi Ptograaalra party from getting
Tho ProRresniws of idaho had I
in on the electlon ballot the iiam. * ..f
tha I'r.-rtlO. utlal ??iertors, at.d ihe omim
ordlnary thin< la that i>ver twenty-flve
thouaand man dld ao anrlta than tn?ovor
twcnty?flva thouaand man an.i aromen, i
ahonld -*av i aao ualna tha ^rm nion in
tha Konf-ri.' aonoa, ?s 'T alapayi must h<*
uacd in a _gatberinf of Progreaalvaa
N.iw, "Tlio Capltal Newa," of Boiae,
th.- leading Prour^sslve pa|ior of IdabO,
rrlticlaed tiiat declalon The moat offen
aive crttlciam thay mada ?as to Includa
h lalagiam from mc In arhleh l apoke
of the dadalon arith guardod modaratloa,
but ->v111 with frankne
1 hoid thaf dadalon ^a?> an .. ti ? .i
dadalon. i hoid that ll araa tha <i'it> of
erory hono^t cljtsen lo proteal again-t
it and to ilandinWia It In ti..i atrongaat
And now that Maho COUIt, contlnuing
to norve the cauaa of reaction, hua aum
moned Mr. Bhartdan. tha adltor of tha
paper, ard othera, berore it roi rnntempt.
They liave it In thetr i.owot now, by tha
Inflldlon of ? aufhclently haavy On*. to
ruln tha only )>aper with the Indepf-ndeiu^e
to mand up agalnat auch a moiiHtroua par?
Taralon of juatlce In Idaho.
l wiii sdvocate that ihe Prograaalva
p-?itv uialtes g(?)d any fln*'. and I hope
that a/a aill send oul tba ablaat atwyara
to flijht that rn?e, and that ?e alve the
v.'ldent puMlcity to OUT ropiobatlon of Ihe
conducl "f that court
Tha peopio of the Unltad state* ihould.
r iti> oii>. rolee, *oin In conoamnlng whal
i h? hi'-n doiia and pravant th< conaum
i, at lon of tha .?'iifog??
Colonel Rooaevelt'a dtBCUaaioa Of the
Idaho caMe waa received wlth iheerlng
by delegatew that COOttauad f?>r several
Upholda Party Principlaa.
Than Coloatal Rooaairalt went on with
ha] praparad apaaeh, in arkdeh he aaid:
lu thJH hrlof i-aiupfiKU we n?v^ over
ii.ionn the powerful and corrupt nia?:hitie
thal b^tray^d anrt utranglM the Repub
ll.-.in pan> leaaa day the honeat nien
i ..iiiinurd un eighlh i>*?r, thlrd loliimn.
Attorney General and Commerce
Commission in Sweeping In
quiry, and Congress Is
Asked to Aid.
'Diabolical Monopoly," System
Is Called in Plea of Men
of Two States That a
Court Probe Alone
Will Not Do.
n i ta Trtbana Bureau. I
Waahington, Dac. 10.- \N"it ii the con*
centrated Bre of thiee agenclea of the
governmcnt dlrected agalnat t ii?- tfew
v..ik. Ne Haven i Haruord Ratlroad
Company, not only In regard to it s re
latkma wlth tha Orand Trunk Rattway
,.f Canada, but ahn agalnal Ita opara
tton, Bnanclng and management. tho
affalra of that rallroad ara Itkely to ba
thoroughly analyaed and expoaad 10
publlc vlew. Intereatlng, if nol tenea
tlonali devetopmenta aill probably ra
aull tr. -in the trtpie Inyeetlgatfcm.
Congreaa is In th?> mMat of an m
quury that procnlaaa to bring out ini
portant informatlon and parhapa lay
tha foundatlon for remedfatl leglatatlon.
The Attorney Qeneral is conductlng
an taveatkjatlon whlch will apara none
of tha reaponalbla Bnandera in the aua
pected "neal," and perhapa resuit In the
rrlmlnaJ proaacutton of the "blgher
upe" and thf dlaaotutton of ony monop?
oly Whlch in.iy cxist.
The Interatate Commerce Commie
smn is dlrectlng it* energtaa toward a
thoroogh Inreatlgation >>f thp rates and
charget of the Naw Haren ayatem, and
an ,ino,uiry into the eauaa of ita re
peated loaa of life, whlch will ineiude
??i. phaaa of its management. opara
tton. maintenanca and Bnanclng.
Called a Diabolical Monopoly.
rhe Rulaa Committee of the Houee
haard Indignant proteata to-day from
Repruatntattvea ??f the Near Kngiand
Btatea, who allcn" that the traffic
agieetnent batweea tho Orand Trunk
and the Kew York, NtiW Haven &.
Rartford was la riolation of the BBer
maa k*W and an injustif-e to the peo
ple of thelr jkeCtkML
"The naaboikal band of a monop?
oly'' WM the laliguage oaed by Itep
raaentatlva O'Shauaaaay In leecrlbmg
tha alleged broken praaalaaa of the
Orand Trunk, Wblch road, Mr. 0*8hau
neaay aald. tha peopta of his atata ex
pocted 10 hring r.'liof from the d<>mi
natton >>t th" Kew Tork, New Ha\en
A. Rartford lme.
Quaatloni aaked by membera of the
Rulaa Committee Indlcatad Indeclalon
concernlng the neceaatty for reportlng
the O'Shauneaay reeotuttou prortdiag
f"i .1 ipactal committee of five mern
bera to Inveatlgate the traftv agree
ni.-nt and the auapeeialon of work on
the BOUthern New Kngland Rallroad.
"Ian't the Department of Jaattce In
reatlgatlng thla affair?" asked Repre
aentatlva Hardwick, of Oaorgla.
.Mr. O'Shauneaay admitted that the
department was making an Inreattga*
Uoii. bul pald that the. people Of NeW
Kngland wanted tho light turned on
the "monopoly" nt onee, nnd thnt thts
COUld be beet Rceotnpllahed by an in
qtiiry by the Hotise.
"Vou cannot a*k n? to order an in
veatlgatlofl luat for tha eake of pubtte*
Ity. <an you?" asked Mr. Jlardwuk.
Mr. O'Shauneaay said a Houaa in
ojulry might ihow the need of remedlal
People Want L.ght.
Williani C Rliss. ? liairman of the
PuMIC Utllltlaa Commission of Rhode
Jsland, was also asked |f the Depart?
ment of JuatJOg and the Interstate
Commerce Commtaaloa were n?n coa
ductlng an Inquiry. He replled in the
uftirmati\e, but added:
Bul as I underatand tbe report "f the
Attornt'v Qeneral. he la not aura ai.out
tbe erlmlnul aectton Of tbe Sherman law.
j v. .nt Congreaa to look into thla to see
if uddltlonal leglalatlon Is needed. The
detaila of the agreemeut whlch wp l.e
lieve to be responatble for the eusppn
Blon of WOrk on the Houthern New Eng
lind rnrt\ t.p known to the Attorney Oen
etal 01 'he grand ,1ury. but the people
bare no knowledge of the detaifs of thls
Bgreereent, and we wanl light on the
raaaona behind this peculler transactlon
J believe the excuee ghen for tbe wtop
ping of work on the new line is not a
vali.l oue.
Referrlng to tha atatement onee
nada by the late Preeldenl Hayea of
the Grand Trunk that m-ither he nor
that rallroad would hreak proniiaes,
Hepiesetitatlve O'Shaunessy dtainat
iuill.v exilulmed:
Preeddent Hayea of the Orand Trunk
went to hii? deatb on the Tltanl. . and it
oppaara ri.Ht bonor diefi wlth him so far
%t aacred pledues and promisen aie oon
cerned \ geueroua people whoee atata
\\.\* baan torn wide open have he.'ii out
ragaoual) betrayed. The diabolical hami
of a monopolv wblch brooka n<> inteifer
ente la ie\ealed In an abandoned project
In whlch 11,600.000 has been ?pent and
on Whlch a total exr.enditure of |4,90O,
000 had been eontracted by way of dam
ave.1' .ondemnatioii auit* f..i ln\olved
property and repaira.
?A strlkiiiR COlnCldkMU ?? of th.
changed attltudc of the Orand Trunk
offl> ials ia tlie recont Vkalt to London
nf J. Plerponl kfocgaa, who, no doubx
eonferred wlth the axacutlyea of the
Grand Trunk Rallway in that tity,"
tald Mr 11 Shatiness>. Ra de.lared
ihni 1,104 men who wer.- angagad ir
the oonetructloa work of the Bouthern
hf?a Bngland Rallwas were laid off on
twenty-four Itoara* notlce, contlnulng:
Tha eaeurdtty of a nnanciai atrlnganry
Mteuaa Is apparaat when one realizea that
i ..niiiin^i on aaaaad pace, ???? >.n.l rolumn.
Federal Grand Jury May Inquirs
Into General Subject of
Tralfic Monopoly
by Road.
Asket' if Work on Exten?ion,i
Will Be Resumed, Replies
"Of Course"?No Agree
ment, He Says?Wise
Won't Call Mellen.
A btoadrning of the federal grand
jury inquiry. thua far devoted to the
agreeinent hrtween the New Haven
and the lirand Trunk railroads. inio
an investigation that will embrace all
the phaaes of the trafflo monopoly al
leged to be wlelded ln New Kngland by
the New Vork. New Haven * Hartford
Railrod (Vimpany was dlsdoaed yoster
day ihrough offli'fal sourees.
Tha treud of the examtnation of wil
' nej>s??s before tho grand Jury aleo Indi
oated that the government waa aeeklng
j to obtain evldenre of transaction*
[whteh, arhfli boaring the chararter of
|an attempt to monopollze, trafflc ln the
j New Kngland States, had no dlrect re
I lation to the H.'-year agreement be
Itwatn the Xew Haven and the Grand
I Trunk. The naoaaaltjr to deive inn?
thla tremendous mass of oomplicatel
: transactions made lt ne<:ossary to call .t
[ second federal grand jury, which artU
take upon itself all the rontino bu.?i
nesg of the dlstriet, while the Bnt
! grand jury will givo lta ontire tlme la
I the inquiry into the New Kngland
I tr.-.fflc Bittiation.
The offcr of Charles B. Mellen, ptc'l
dent of the Naw Haven, to appaai
before tha grand jury nndar n araivai
of immunity, has not been dlapooad <>f
an yet by Rattry A Wise, Unltad Btatai
Attorne\. to arhora the Bnatter araa r? -
ferred by Attorney Qanaral ItTchar"
Wise Won't Call Mel'
ln ,i itatamenl made y< taruay, Mr
Wise mada 't plain thal ha a*ovkJ boi
rsubpoen.i Mr. M>;)loii under apy .
cirmattancca. Corr.bined with the pn
cutor'a former utferancce, it uppea
eqaaJly ptaln fhat ha wouM nol perm
the axaminatlon of any otii.'iai m .1 -
rertor of the road, if any aucb P1 ra
nilght he regard?d b] him M BVaaapt*
ihie to Indictmant He intimated thal
any ?iir ctor could i>e beM liabki for '?
riolatton ol tba Bbarman act if hia
active aaaociatlon with the inogal
tranaactlon of the corporatfon could
ba abown. Air.ong the diractora of th
New Haaan are J. Piorpoat Morgrtu
and wilitam Rockafatlar.
Mr. Wtaa rrfused to dMcuag tha
acopa of the mraatigatlon, but made
the followtnc atatcmenl roncarntng th-.
Offar made by Mr. Mellen.
Mr. Mellen baa apparantly gtven to tha
newapapera a lettar whlch he addrea-ert
to m?'. aaaumlng that an Inveatigatlon
la belng oonduetad before the grand Jur>
About the matter referred to In th's
jetter, I am aakrd whether l would '-all
Mr. Melhn aa a wltneaa.
My anawar to this Inquiry is that ir
.in .iff'i -. baa baea commlttad, accord*
iug to Mr. Mellen'a kttcr it nraet ha\e
been commltted hy him. AmuihIiu that
the Inquiry ls ns to an alleged \lolation
ct the eo-.alled Sherman law, and that
any arltneea eailed to testify a* to auch
\ olatlofl would obtain Immunity, lt i?
plaln that any prosecutttig attornay who
w.Mil.i rall BOCtl a wttneas iinoVr auch
< Ireumatan.ea would rtth.-r ba an Irttot or
B erook. I do not purpose to ]>ut m> stit
in either eafegory.
On tha other hand. if the giand 1'JrT
ahould accada to Mr MaBen'a requeat 1
am of the opinion that If he ahould ap
I ? before the grand Jury voiuotariU
and* not iu obedlence to a aubpoena he
would obtain no Immunity.
Kvery cltizen la Riiaranteed hy the CB8>
atitution r.gamat noing compelled to he a
wltneaa againet hlmself. This ri^ht ran
he walved. The Immunity utatute U a
aubstitute or an equlvalent for the con
stitutional rlght. In mv opinion. aa tha
right may be waiwd, 50 may the equi\a
In regard to the po&sible acore of
inquiry Mr. Wise only polnted to Sec
tion - of the Shernian law, arhleh ha*
confarrad upon the government the
broadaat powers to proeecute any at?
tempt to monopoli/e atiy part of Intar
state conDBareo.
A further indieation of the laiger
actlvitiaa of ihe grand Jut> ?as found
ln the fact that eight witnesaea have
been f-xanilned in the couree of a week
who9e namaa have been kept eacrat
bj government officiale. Jesae C. Ad
kins. Assistant Attorney (Jeneral in
Cbarga of the invt-atigatlon. admitiaal
thls number of wltnesaea had been e*?
amined in addition to those whoa*
names appeared ln piint, but he would
not disHose thelr name*.
I'ntll lat.' yesterday Mr. Adkina and
H. A. Guller. Aasiatant I'nlted Stave*
Attorney, eonferred with lnveatigatt>ra
of the Interstate Commerce t'ommla
pion on doi umentary evidence and in
formaUon whivh the commiaaton ha*
obtalned ln the course of an examina
tlon of th<- New llavcn Railroads booka
ordeied hy it.
Railroad Officials Examined.
Thraa ofJli-ials of the New Havan
road arara examined yesterday before
the grand Jury. They were Tlmothy
K B.vrnea, of Boaton, vice-presldent
and lapaaaaiitatlTa of WiUfaun Roike
feller; I. de Ver Warner. of Bridgeport.
Conn.. a dlrector, and Arthur E. Clark.
of New Haven. aeeratary of the com
pany. ,The only offlcial of the Gran.i
Trunk Railway ralled waa J. E. Dal
rymple, vUe-prealdent of the company
E. J. Cbamberlln, president of the
Grand Trunk. who i? staying at th*
Waldorf, when asked yeaterday if h*
expeetad to teatify before the f?deral
grand Jury, aaid
"1 am porfaetl] wiliing to go before

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