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Vo.. 1AXII..N" 24038.
i?-;ia.v. haetaaalBa rtoaaataaaoee;
raln to night
m.irnin .
* In (Ity of New York. Jprney < il
mri ajohehaw.
Contracts with Independents
Held Hlegal: Control ot
Tcmple Iron Company
Ordered Dissolved.
pecision Hcralds the Restora
tion of Competition and the
Dissolution of the Combina
tion. Announces the At
tomey General.
VaShiai i '"? 16.?The hold of
the , ing rallroada opon lh*
?nthra tc i?d further 1
(_rrt t0.day ?>y the Bupremo ( ?
rhich h mded down a ded-don ln in?
il trust" caae ordertng that tht
I 65 P"i cent contracta with Inde
pendmt dealera ba i aacelled.
The rourt, RfRnniai the decree of
the lower court, also ordered the dla
iplutlon of railroad control of tha Tem
Iron Company, i?> which the prto
ctpel railroada and their coal companlea
-rr-rp found tr. have strangled a proj
ott to Vuiiid a competlng road Into
the anthratito flelda ln l^ns anrl by
T,hidi monopollzlnf achetm - could he
jut Into executlou litmdily in the fut?
Thr rourt dlsmtaoed the frovernmnnfs
faneral eharge of coohpirmcy and vio
Intkw of the antl-truat laar agatnsl all
of tho rallroada and dlanataoed with?
out prejudico the oharpes of i onspir
, agalnat the minor combinatkma
among the coal carrying roadi and
Ihelr coal companiea. II li
thst the Department of Justlci anaj
fcrCnar aeparate auita againsl those
n.in.t comblnatlona allagad to havo
been atepa n the general plan of ac
jntrtag ooatrol of tho in.i
Opena Path to Competition.
3upn mt i ?urt, however. paved
tlon and th-' dlMolution of tht
by ordering the canceUatton of
i. r ' ent contracta ~ ith lude
laadenl deal dlng to Attoaroey
\\ n k.-rshain. * ho l M" ? BOOd
pa opintoa to-nlght thal the di
? completely d< atroj tha ? om?
n whlch ooatrola the prlco et
aiiihra.it- coal that it must reault In
? dlctlm to ihe puii
bellevea thaM the
government vtrtuallj won Ita anll ao
d, although
Dtlmatlon ln hla atatement
her suits may bo dled. it la
probatble that the Department of Jua
tica wiii renew its- campaign agaUaat
tho adkgad "coal truat" la tho ttght of
the opiniun harid^d down and porhapa
baaUtate further suits aKainst the sev
<rai defendaata not exonoratad by the
iedaloa excepl la thal t h?-> aere not
.ointiy combtoed. Tho otatement of
Mr. Wlckeraham folloara;
;he declaion maurha tha clooe of a ten
jcar .-rr ;? .
ut thu oo irta a combinatlon controlllng
': a ; . , mem . mai ketlna
of anthrai Ite coal. Tl..- blll was tilod
?ttar an Inveatlgatlon i y the Intei
?'omrr^' ? i was hrouKht
ln Philadelphla In June, IM7, arni waa
? ln February.
0, holding j
tnat tr<> Ten li in Company w.im an
jadawful combinatlon an.i dlamlai
Wll ?s to all ? inda ot complalnt
pn n ?? I'ourt now aftirms the de
? far as the
'iniawf i , hara ter of iot- Temple Iron
Company la concerned and alao hoMa
thal t known as the 65 por
"nt eoi ? 'inlawful and muat ho
ll ig belleved thal this do
. deotroy the com
? ? otrola tbe price < I
.! that it arill reault In a
?Ijtlixt n.eaiaure r.f rellef to tho publlc.
Tl.eta- were m nnmi?er of euoaldlarv
aneeth ? - - the blll reepectlng
nmt different comblnatlona whlch
lha def< ,.,,. miteged to hava
'ormo.; t tlie court,
rolrlinjf ? ? . w (,f the fan thal all
af tho d ' ot partlea lo any
aaa af tbeee comblnatlona t ut that each
>me of the defendanta
of thl* aull arlth*
outrroj |?. ithout expreaelns any
?gt-Mn their legallty.
I the unan
? ? f tho i irt, a hlch, for
? ? ' thla caae, i onalated of
reattaaed ?n fourth nn.f flfih eotaaaa.
This Morning's Netvs
LOCAL 1'ane
Pulled Into VI. o Net.1
Rfn Arenue iooa thlrl ihoeror. l
Attarka Crematlon Regolatlataa. o
M|MM l'.;irl;. iV.r.fpts with M.'l'nml)". 6
Baa to Qlve nholroapaora Hr-re. e
Joh Huntera After Rulser. 6
h on Alhany. 7 i
Th* B on: lloi o - Stllwell. 9
? at (i.lda. 0
'lag^la o,n Snbway Intoroat.11
A'ta<k? Cannery Condltlona.16
"?*<"*: Hand "KinK" Kllled.16
?ourt Bhakea Coal Roado' Orlp. ... 1
?^frnor Pardoaia ^6?> Con ta. 1
*'ra. F AuKustuh Helnae Dlararcod ?? i
MyMtry in Contract wnii Inventor... l
T*?ft Won'l Name Mr. Rokfaflaeoaaoor 2
V?**wi?ohri iio!!. - Pujo Committee. *
"Mg*. Archbald Dofoaoa Began *
HtllrfiaHs Kill or Maltn 140,1211a faai ll
A" r*env Dynamltlng .ll
''ynarr.iit. Trlal Kearlng Knd.11
feut>?' Truat lo Btop !'ixiim Paicoe...ll
MMoi ': ? ibuti ? io Mi Reld. 1
ff.ee Necotiatlona Begin. 3
;| .6
N'?w? r... w omei ., 7
?tdltorla! . ?
fcocinv . ?
huiic . .1... t
?l>ltuary . ?
*Port? .10
Armv anil Navy.11
?aather .11
'"Ipp^i; .11
^aan.^i ?nd M.rketa_1?. 18 and 14
,:*?l t-eiate.14
Donaghey Liberates Conviets as a Prolest
Against Convict Lease System?
"A Revengeful Hell."
B Fi legrapl
Little Roik, Ark.. Dec. l(i.?t'.ov. ri.or
George W. Donagliey llgned pardons to
day for 360 convlcta, win. wlll i>e re
d to-morrow as a proteal agalnai
tho convlcl leaae ayatem employed la
ArkanoM and Ln other Bouthera itatee.
G.iot Dooaghey had Inttanated In ?
h before the rt oenl conference oi
Governort In Rlchmond iiiat he mlght
take auch a< thua.
The convlcta \\h.> wlll bo freed are
ng aenteni ea of from one to Bl
yeara None of tho deaperate prteonera
will be liherated. Three state convli t
campa wlll be abollahed as a reaull of
ihe Oovernor'a action, bul aeveral
!Pajamas Also Sail Through the
Air as Police Chase Al
leejed Shoplifter.
Store Detective Says Fugitive
and Companion Took Articles
from Counter Under Cover
of Joke Fusillade.
A young man running out of Flfth
<? thrOWiOg a\v;iy his shlrt la a
atartllug enough alght, bul ahen he
; throwa away three or four ahirta nnd
them off with a COUple of suits of
? ? evei ybody atopa to gapa Al
' lra.-t. the; ? rday aftemoon, and
nobllea pauaod along aith 11
j triana, while the oc. upanta a it
l clothlng expert.
The police aald tt'.- young man
.., shoplifti i and arreated him on a
? atealing a number of allk
| ahirta and silk pajamaa from a Fftth
ie departaieat itora. At the pottoa
atatlon he gh*ru hla name u Frank
Johnaon and Andrea Carr eutered
tbe atore dreoeed ln the heigbi of faah
,, ,,. Tbe atore detective waa auapldoua
however, and when he aaa them atroii
to the ohirl couoter he atrolled, too,
li.. t. Id the police thal while Johnaoa
conceatraled the attentlon of ll.lerka
with his funny etorli Carr ihoved
the ahirta under bla eapai loua overooat
now and then, he aald, thi ?
would awltch, and Carr would talk,
while .Johnson put ln ? itoi k of
The data llve allowi d the men to
leave the atore and get as far aa Madi
?oa avenue and 86th atn et ka fore be
lald hands on them. He held faal to
Carr, bul Johnaoa pot away and ran
tll pifth . I 1 than north. He
turned ureet through 87th atreet, with
,,wd behlnd him and a larger one
looking on Half w.iv down the block
to Sixth avenue he began to ahed the
?hlrta, equlrmlng anakelike as he pulled
them from onder hla veat and coat.
Ifotorcycle PoHcemaa Noonaui came
up behlnd him and etopped him at
sixth aveoue
Ai the Weat 80th atreet polii" ata
tion It was found that Carr had *42
worth of ahirta ai.d pajamaa, and the
onea that Johns..n had thraara away,
together with the onea he atlll had
Bticktng ln hla elothee, brought the
whole amount to abdul |0O. Johnaon
?ald be waa a "walter'' and llved at
No. 880 Weet Bd ?treet Carr called
himself ? "pei'fotmer," aad gave hla
addreaa as Ho -.'17 Wa*i 42d atreet lo
the jio. kets of both were found poat
carda addn aaed to frienda In Chk?go
?tattng that "business has beeo ex
tremely ?uoceaaful ln New -Tork. II
waa w?ii worth tha trip."
Johnson WM arrested on I" ?
7 on a charfe of ateallog allk ao? ks |n
a n_en'a furulahlng atore. He waa
balled out la the sum of $800
Outlaw Holds 100 at Bay Until
Killed by Soldiers.
a i nta Aaa, Cal. Dec ll Ia i Hghl le
day in the hiiis al Taunato dprioga be
tweea a youna deaperado and more tbaui
un.. hundred oooaty olBcera, mllitiamefl
and dtlaeata, the outlaw who had attacked
Myrtle Huff, aged 11 yeara, the nleoi of
a well koown ranclunan Iaal night, was
kUied Under Bhertfl Robeii bqutrea alao
wtu killed and three of hia deputiea were
i] nouoded
The battk araa thi 11 n aa ol
nlghl puraull of tha bandlt bj a BherUTa
.. wblcb brought Waa to bay al
dawa on tha aummlt "f the rocky bllla
overlooklng tha water hcdea of Tamato
gprlnga Turnlag on his puiauera, tba
handlt, Intraoehed behhtd baatlona of
,,,, k opened Bra Ooe of hla Hral bolleta
ratally arooaded Bflolrea The latt.i laj
in ? gaalch calling foi help throughoui tha
long llght bul each time ea effort waa
M,a.i. te reai >< Idaa aaa or iwn' aaembera
,,f his poeaa feU wanaA d
ii was not nniii Oompamj L of tn. ,ni
I.. :,, i.t. National QtWld, bad Ot* n Mim- J
moned, and, flaaktag the baodit'a position,
ha.l shot him tO d.ath. that the ho.lv of
Bquirea araa reeavered The aherlfl WM
a. a.i arhen pleked ap
Cmae otElected Wlnes. UM. *M, g-W.
n T Dewey ? Booa Co., 138 Fulton st. N.T.
-- A.lvl
campa will be continued where convlcta
aro engaged la the building of good
Governor Doaaghey has fnucht the
convicl leaae aince he aaaumed offlce,
four yeara ago. He haa repeatedl]
urgi .1 thi Leglalature i" take a< tion la
the matter, bul each time hia efforts
? ?
Bome ni.n.ra of the Leglalnture
contended that the Btate penitentlarj
waa not dealgoed for ? Bunday echw
Oovernor Donaghey replled (
ing thal it was not deeigned !'<>? fl r
vengeful hell." Tho i lovei nor ha pre
pared ... long atatemenl to be Bubtnlt*
ted to tbe Legialature In January c\
plalnlng hts action.
Almost $250,000 Paid to Con
necticut Man in 20 Years and
Gun Carriaqe Is Unfinished.
No Bond Required and General
Wood Asks House and Senate
to Put an End to Work
?$13,500 Still Due.
Waahinfton, i?r-- Iti .--The military
authoritiea have bad under oonaidera*
tion lately the remarka tlona
erhii h have attended Ui.nti act bi Id
for nlneteen yeara bj a H Bmery, of
Connecticut, for the dellvery of ? 12*
ln* h dlaappearing gun can
ThlB is one of lha mool ramarl
iransactiolis ever litnlri taken bf IBO
government oa the eutborltj of Cob
I'lom beginning to ? nd
appeara to have been no conaultatlon
wlth tho War Departanenl regarding
thia mounl The Wai Department.
nii.pi.viT, |K?S'f.s'.- n.> inl'ni tna tli.i
to the pmgrasi Whlch Mr. I'.niory has
BMdfl fluaae IMma "'? n C greaa m.vif
the Initial BflproprlaUoB foi B ?*un car
riage of Me dojojrn.
in that perlod an aggregate aum ?f
nearly $250,000 has been appropriated.
Thls has bieri paid to Mr EnMf,
latervala arlthoul any formalit; i
than tha tranafer to him <d ? .
? l all but |18v800 baa beea dhrturaed.
Th.- remalnder i- held In the pnblic
Treaaury and may !?.? pald to hlrn at
any time. Apparently there has hc-n
no Inapactlon of Ifr. Bmery'i work
and he has heen called upon foi BO
raportfl oa what he haa at^cornplla ?
Another rarnarkabla feature of the
contract is the Bpacla1 ezempUon if
Mr. Emery from tho furnlablng of the
uauel bond, Bfl b guarar*ee <.f th<* fui
fllmenl of the contract Thla was done
i j s|ioi ia! authority of Congreaa ais >.
Ever* year the raporl of the Board of
Ordnance and Porttflcatlein has men
'ttooed the clraurnatanctM, and recently
it was determlned by Oeneral t>onard
Wood, r hief of ataff nnd preaidenl of
tho board, that the attr-ntlon of Oon*
press phoilld hr- BpOClally rlir?"'t?>d to
thr- situation.
ln R letter Whll h has beea pont to
th*- House and Benate ApproprlatJona
Coinmltteea, it i? recotnmandad thnt
the contract with Ifr. Emery ba re
voked. Attention |a called to the fa t
that in tlie almost twriity yeara whlcb
have elapaed Blnce Ifr. Emery hogiin
hia work, other dealgna for pun rar
rtagee bave been developed, havaaerved
their llme ia the coaal defence and
have been auperaeded by more perfeel
appllanceei while Mr. ESmery'a taak is
?tlll unflniahed.
ii alwaya has been more or leaa of
a myaten f" Ihe military authoritleB
how Mr. Kmery Buocaeded la obtailnlng
Ihis favor, and thev nre wnitinp. witn
lerable Interaal to learn whether
th<' reconunendation of Ihe War Da*
partment, whlch would reileva Mr.
Emery of further ohllgatlon, will have
any otttM t.
Young Milllonaire in Auto Mis
hap Near Red Hook.
: By Telagrapb ta Tba 1 ? Bj ma
Poughkeepele, tf. v. Dec if V*inceni
Aatar narrowly eocaped aerloua Injury in
.?? rnotor aceldent reblle drtvtng hia tupii
powei la.int; car on the atati road aeer
Red Hook tiiis rnornlng. Bagar for i
race, Mr. aeter, aightlng tba Lancier
raeer of fjarratt Klpp, a wealtby N"ew
y/orker, ran up ahrngaida of it at iiigh
hpned. Frank T. OgOOf, who was drhlntr
Ifr. Klpp*a car, teepondad to tha ciiai
lenge, and both mai hlnea daabed off up
the turnntke at a apaed of etaty or sixty
Ii\.- inll.-e an hour.
After oavertag aeveral milea thi i ?
lm -?-ai of the Klpp maehlne gol oul ?..
Otrder and lh?* cai WBbbled from one alde
af the road to tt..- other, graaing tba akh
of Mr. Aetoi s raeai
Tha aaaargancy brakea arere apphed, bul
ralled io arork, and ii. macbli
through a fence .md *? ro ? > PeM on tha
property of Frederick Martin ( aaej .?..
thrown out and ?everoly lOjUMd, Whflfl
the car waa hadly danutufd.
Mr. AetOf stopped his BMChllM aod h ir
rir-d ha?k tu the wti" "' ihe BceMeat,
;,i?i after aeaiatlng Coot > In rtghthu tbe
Kipp cai towed it hn' k t" !{"1 ""ok
N_ chriatmaa te.M?- etmplete wlthoui a
bottle of Anooatura Bittera- Dellcloua ap*
One of Inspector Cohalane's
Men Accused of Extortion
and Oppression: Stubbom
Victim Arrested.
Mr. Whitman Gathers Evidence
Against Privates in Extortion
Army, Expecting Them to
Tnrn State'i Evidence
?Mayor on Vice.
Bj ? t i ..ii..- grafl Im ?
... orderlj hou - keepera arhlch are ea?
KaRhiK th^ attcotion of elther Ihe D
ti Icl Attoin.r the Polli ?? ''omml i?
aloner, or both, apn ad to ln*
clude the lal Inepectlon I liatrict, a h< n
Sergeant Dauiel < ft Irad . of laapectoi
Cahalane'a etaff, was auapended pend
ing ,ui lnvestigatlon of chargea thal he
had attempted io li \ y ? $30 gnifl 11 n
trlbui I'.n.
The aeasatioaal atorj of liarj Goode,
whli h Implicati d the police ia Ihe Ith
Inapection i M Irict, under ln p ctor
Dwyer, araa aucceeded bj the etorj of
?| M.iiiiond Lottle" Btaaton com et nli i
tho police ot ii ? 3d DI trii t, undi r In?
.-1 . - ? or Lahi and yeeterda;
?ummar) a< llon taki n bj Commla*
. lonei Waldo Inat O'Orad ?hi< h
.. |st District
irho pi ?? ?'? nted thi
, omplaint ul ou ? hli h O'i
lo thi i ?
nd waa
aent along t.. Polii e H?
After hi
s- hmltl I rady, and
with Deputy < ' VValah be?
gan nn ln*. <?- tlgatlon win. h wlll ?
ic ,.i ihi aame l
Rkelly Inquiry, which ??
by the police authoi
' -tlM.o||\ lH
Ifeanwhlle Mati
in.in dlng wiih nn ii
on .1 ? . to
?ndard "t lh. >i ? ?? ol 'itt\ red, and
will i i ? ?
. onvietioir
of Indii I .i
CHance for "Manny" M.ina.
. ? ? Me thal
Mra. <
graft ro|le< lor- fi? rn do* '
. w in ?"? etam ?
lengtfe bj Mr. u him. ii and even i m
?fble '? ' aill l- -i a Itni
fore the grau d Jury. Thl
.'. .ii be tak.-n only
if hfaai arill teli lh< a bole truth
I.M pol itlona -? ti41 hla kn..,.,.i
. .1^-. ..f dlaordi i ly houae graft
11 ?? s.itno K" nei il proced ire Ih t
marked the gambling grafl
followed in iin preaent in<iniiy,
ii is underatood, and ooe f< iti
\e thal aeveral men n hosi 'na
now ni .Mi. Whitiiiaii - h ni'l n .ii be
called upon t<> Juatlry th?-ir la_*g<
balancea 1 he ?????? m< n n ho -? n ime
bave i"' n gl en lo I ? ? Attor?
ney as collectora and llectora
of the police grafl <<n \ |. .?. and
them are now frnd. r mui \ eill.m. ? .
jarob Relch, otherwiae koowa aa
"Jack Bullivan," who la thr. onJ i
Indtcti .I t.'it still iinti led for tl
. nihai .murder, mei I i ?? another
i hance to h.-ip the state in the pr< ? nl
Inquiry Into police praft aa concerna
vi.... He b aald to be "in the know,"
m the underworld refera to it in thla
graft, and although nothing ln the way
of commenl upon the report could be
obtained trom |fr. Whltman'i offlce,
th.. riimor peralated that Bullivaa wo ild
bave one more chau< a to aid thi pro ??
Waldo Stirred to Action.
i rn.* j.oint thal a*aa eapecially marked
by those who have been foUowlng tii<?
trail of police grafl thal Ims been un?
oarthed alnce the Roeenthal murder
was Di.it the Goode atorj accompll hed
nl police Headquartera aomethlng that
the Roeenthal atory was unable lo ?
Roae -*hal- atory of graftlng by
Becker was decried and dtecredlted bj
police anthorltiea. and Ifayor Oaynor
took the palna to Inatroci Commia
?loner Waldo apectneally noi to pro
. i .-.I agalnai BV i k< r on Ihe batai oi
unli tha reault thal
Becker aaa atlil ln the unlform <>f a
i,,!, .. offlcer for half an hour after ?
grand )ui y indioted htm for murder,
Mi tory, on the contiai y,
?Itho gh nothing by way of deflnlte
ded ii al I'oli. e
Headq lartei . rea ??'?? d yi aterdaj ln th
opening of an Inveatlgatlon of Pai
man Bkelly, who waa named as ? grafl
oaUector b) Ihe & wrderlj hou ??
keeper. IN put i (lommlaaloner W i
nnd Chief Inapector Bchmittbet
nert buaj ..n tbe Bkefly Inveatlgatlon
I eaterday.
The Bhobel atorj a hli ta wai
?ubject of Inquiry i>y Iboae i?.> po ?
offlciali yeeterday, was in brlef thal
Wt rgednt Danlel < r*Qradj. of thi I ?
II ui (MBoe aquad attai *-*?** to Inepa lor
Cahalane - etafl ii. lal In pa tlon
Diatrlct, had deinanded a 00 brlba ol
Robert Bhobel on penalty of pa
tion for niainiainiiiK ? dlaOrdl ? ho
Hh(.hei sani he rofueed to pay and thal
he waa arreatad arlthln three daya
1 iinl iininl nn llhril n.tf I"'iiilli '.ihmii'
No familv medlclne cloael cpmplel
out a bottle ?f Antedlluvtan Uuytlea
Hroa , N Y.-Advt.
- m:is/u
Mot!?( r Promisei Court to H;iv?:
Private Teachen.
? i ? i
Hi Bl
the Board of Edu< .tion, who
., did nol ae d h< r i h I
mll ?
t ahe b< llei ed thi
:. ? mori
rtnnl lie; that ehi
|.. ||pv<
?p . told Mai trate Ap*
pleti ' cor"
? The ' 'ouiuion
ii. m . i, haa Tor Iti purpoae the
re of the health of chlldn ii.
Tbe . ? i. plana to ea
tabllah ? home n< ar Utlca, where flfty
babli v >'! bo can'' for. Mrs.
v, , Hand : i that ahe belleved pub?
lic h. boola Injured the morala and
health of chlldren, although ehe doubt*
ed whether elther tho teachera or the
a] ati m iraa at faulL
M;.t Ippletoa aald thal her
i.i.-.is were very Intereatlng, bul ehe
would h 11 e to aend hor iblldren to
..-, ;ti.i on her promiae tb it she
wouid aeud them af once to a prlvate
? umraona was dl miai ed.
Eight a\gree to Aid in Supprcss
tng All Gambling.
1 ?;. ?A movement
rl : : n ? week
ago b] .ii;.. ia
i.me naUon-n idi.
Eight stat. rjovet boii to day aotlfled
Arthur Burrage Farweil, who la at the
h, ,,,i .ii ii..- cruaade, that tbay wouid
halp i.inii' ii and i arry on tha liniu ln
thair n agalnat all klnda
ol gamee of i han-1 In < burchea, clubj
and lodgea, aa wi ii as in profi
gambllog rtKHni and al racetracke.
The CtovemoTB an : Osborn >>f Mlch*
Colqultl of Texaa, Oilchrlst of
Plorlda, i?ix: of New v..rk, Qoldabor*
ongh of Marj land, Ve ? ??.- of Bouth
Dukota, Morrifl "i Montana, and Carey
.,i u ] omlng.
? in Texai
penltentlary," waa Ibe remark
of i;...? rnor Colqultl ta anawer to a
rgeel lon oa boa to
Oreateit Single Factor for
Good, Says President Eliot.
.. M i M . Dee II B ?
bei n the greataal alngla factor
the * 'hlneea," deelared
??v Ellot, i restdent < raerltua 6t
ii..ivard Unlveralty, al b meetlog of
?todenl I i? -id.iii i:iiot waa
telling the fltudeota of his recent trip
lu the (>i" > ' .
. .II '.>.is fast li, -
eomina pbpular among the Chlneee,
i , read It had don.- much to
hi .ii Bbaodoo gamea of i hance.
of dlvorce and I
>cir alimony from h? r huaband.
Onctimc Copper King Must Pay
Her $1,000 a Month anrl
Rent, and Eciucate Chilcl.
Porter Tells of F. Aiiffustua
Heinzc's Trip to Denver with
I Woman Whose Pict?
ure He Identifics.
10, The ?
eat alimony ever recorded ta New Vork
Btate waa allowed Mrs. Ben
of New York City, to-day,
? Arthur S. TompklBB, of
i'..uti, granti .1 her a dl
rom her hueband, Frlti
tua ii known aa the "Copper
King. ' i 'oder the proi Lelona of the
(i,, p .- Mr. Heinse la to glve bla h Ife
|] ooo i month alimonj and lfl to pay
h r apartmenta la New
Vork. amountlng to 1288 b month, un?
tll the preaenl leaaa expiree, whlch will
be in two or three yeara. Mrs. Efelnae
elvea the cuetody of the cou
ple'a i luid. r. Auguatua Heh
Iborn ?'ii Deeember ?>, 1911, and the
i fathcr Ifl dlrected to pay for tho lad s
educatioa after the boy reachea tiio
age of flve yeara.
mu wltnesa, ? negro porter
name I < ? * mploj ad oa a aleeping
car ruaalog oa the Denver A Loa An*
p,.|, ? dlvielon of tbe Unlon Paclflc
Railroad, waa awoni al the hearing in
the Bupreme Court A pbotograpfa of
Mr. Helnxe aml an unldentlfled woman,
aileged to be b Mrs. Lavelle, ? choniB
glrl, waa flhown t.? the wltneea. The
plcture waa anapped ta Denver, whlle
Helnae waa vlBltlng tbere In Deeember
i he aaw the man ta
ti,, protograph on bla train al n 15
a. m., Beptember tl laat He aald the
man bad engaged ? Btateroom wlth
lower and alde bertha ln < om?
pany Wlth this man. the wituefl
tlfled, waa another man, who wenl from
Denver t.. Ogden, i tah. ai thal polnt,
the aritneea aaaerted, the man nol ta
the plcture ?r"t off and a woman got
Tbe w.iui.iu. said i'rocki ?
pied ti"' flame comparl.nl aa the mi n
in tho photograph. Bh< waa I
i he eame one who api i arad ln the
photograph wlth Heinse,
'mmedlately after tha negro porl r
completed bla teatlmony, Benjamtn P.
Bpellman, representing th.^ plalntlff,
preeented an aflldavll ahon Ing di i.
on the part of tba defendant, ai I il
thal au agreemenl had been reached
talth Heloae relatlve to the alimony
and ' uetody of the chlld. As Helnae
_l_ nol appi ar io . onteet bla wlfe'a
snit( the courl promptlj
Helnxe teal Ifled al the hearioa befo
Juatlce Tompkliu*, In Nyack, on Bat
m daJ. H' oraa atioa n ? letter recel* ? d
b) Mr?> Heinse, containing a newa
paper cltpptng referring to Helnae'a
yisit io Deover artth ? atrange woman,
;ukI denied thal he aenl It The ni n ??
papei rllpplng aald that P Auguatua
Helnae waa ln Denver wlth ? young
Vla S' >1 'i'Hil.'. i: aii.w \ v. ihe nu tl ona I
oi tra? el to Kotithern cltle und
v v i ifllci 1$A i' th
\ . . FHiom 314 Mi'.lison rkj Ad.i
Premier Asquith Offers Battlc
ship for Last Solemn Voyagc
in Noble Tribute to Dead
Si^nal Honor Arranged on
King's Own Initiative for
Friday Next, When Dcan
and Chapter of Abbey
Will Officiato.
? .
London, Dec, 17. In tht HOUM o'.
Coramona Premier Aaquith
and ex-Premlw Balfour (the lattc
I ni-: for the Opi
? li r Law > join.'ij in an
eloquenl tribute to the late Ambpaee
dor, and Mr. Aaquith made known the
Intentlon of ihe Brltiah govamnaenl te
t to the Unlted Btatee govora*
ni. nl thal thi body of Mr, ReM becoai
teyed to New Vork on a Brltiah battle
At the opening of the aaaalon Frcmier '
Aaquith aroee amid profound eilanci
and s;ii?i.
"Before the Houae proceeda to *,
ordera of the day 1 wovld ask leave to
give brlef expreaaion to the sin-ere
grief whictt is. Bhared b) the wttd)
natioa al the death of Ihe Amerk n
Ambaaaador, Mr. Whttelaw RehL
"The American ambaaaador to thia
country has a position of hla own whl
? - -.'.m of hla atatua and funi
tlona as ih.. dlplonu aent .tiv ?
of an external power. \\> regard him
aa i kinamao. i Eiear, Hear!)
"He i.- also honored here aa a aaal
e gueat, api ong from our own i ?
Ing our owu language, abarlng
with ua bj blrth as well as by in
few of our most chot
lahed traditlon . aad parthsf pathig whea
be coenee here by whai I nu deecrfba
... a natural rlghl ln our domeatit tn
? -. nnd celebratloaa
Conspicuously Successful.
"Hla ofltoe i aa been held an"i ederned
by a loaag u oaaaion of dlatiaigulahed
men. but l am not uaiag the Langiaaga
.. exi when i say that non.;
of thim iiii.iv fully eaterad into it
Bptrit and tnaintalned its ?poctil au
thorMy than did Mr. Whitelaw Heid.
"He l.rought to the diacharge ot li
manifoid and exacttng dutiea tbe
II .'.I <-.\p. rlence of a reteren bi
pub i' affaira, tha eodowmente of .?
mind of the higbeot rulture, social rifl>
of the moel gealaJ and gencrona kind,
keen aympathy with all the many aldei
of our Brltiah life. a mind always open
an.i receptlve and with the naiaaool \
,i hearta.
"We pfopoea P> s iccest to the AHMT
loan governmenl that one of bia
majeaty'a battleehlpa orv.ru.BOi_ rhnuij
ronvey the body of the late Ambneua
: i to his oattve land" uiiurmiirs of an.
proval), 'and i aaa ceartatn i am ln
terprettng the eentlmente of the whole
Houae arhen i veature in the name of
the membera lo offer to the late Am
; teeador'a famiiy and to the Preetdent
and people of the Unlted states our
ii... p and heartfUt aympathy in the
f one WhO waa a giaat Amerlean
?nd who none the ir.?s w-ns at home
among na and who in a true and real
?anna araa one of -_"** (hear, bear).
Mr. Balfour'a Tribute.
Mr. Halfour pald the l'rlrne Minist. i
waa perfectly Juatlded on this occasion
ln say ing tbat ne apokc not merely '
'OT tbe majority of the House, hut for
Ihe whoie House, without any execp
tion wbatever, and contlnued:
"1 have nothing to add in Bubetaace
to the OOble trihiit.' which ih>' right
bonorable gentleman has pald to Mr.
Whitelaw Heid. Of course. I have noi
the hnowledge arbJcfa the Prhae Mhala
ur may posscss of the assistance whlch
i doubl boI Mr. Whitelaw Beat gave to
own governmeot and t<> our go\
?rnment In the cause of irureasing, lf
poaalble, the admlrable underatandlng
?rhlch noa exieta and has for M man
reara exiated betaraen the two great
Drenchea of the Engllab speaking
"The Prlme Mlaleter did not dweii
.n tbat branch of the ?ubject, a branch
<( the BUbJecl appropriate to an Am
lol- of the Unlted States, hut ap
propriate to the ambaaaador of no
.th-r country, however fr.endly our
relatloni with that country might he.
,ut ia? .ii.l dwell with admirable tast*
ind eloquence upon the position whi.h
ias bCeB BO long occupied hy di*tin
fulehed dtlaena ?'f the Unlted state-.
Wo in I'.icat Britain ha\e alwaya ex
tended to theae repreaantatlvee no
oerely tbe conaldemtloa due to those
pgeeanttng a great an.i friendly
power, i.in ?Otnethiog much more.
lomething much deeper, pomething
i,uih more InllnHit- IPe weicomed
.lo in. ;i- il"- rlghl honorable gentlemeti
iruly saul. to the very ar. ana of our
loclal lif*
?The dutiea of his high oaHee were
idmlrably fulftlled hy the departed
ii. ? I l ...I the honor, as many
.f those preaent must. have had, of hi*
rrlcndahip, and l ahall never forget tbe
(Indneaa nhlch he always cxtended to
in, as be di.l to others who were
brought from tllM to time Into cloae
ind Intlmate contad " itii him."
3ir E. Grey'a Message.
Sn Bdward Grey. Foreign Secretary.
irho, of conrae, came more inllmatelp
Into contact with Ambassador Reld

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