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Sir Herbert Announces Pian at;
End of Lecture on
"Our Betters."
_ i
Clever Talk and Bits of Acting
Applaudod by Audience of
Prominent New
;!..? Lon*
ri, little mere
ti ? ?
: ., lectuta "ti "Our
? ? ?
.1 Bducation aa
? . ? ? %\ out
HC 1 platlWd 1
Qrflt tlmi
i. ?' te ol IM
te oi
. ?
rt al
i will Intereat
? ?. newi
t- - -.
I ?' ?ri ? all arrenj
... fork
? i.i givfl a
i. -
t ? i | itermpted
"Ai d nou i kno*." - -
?>,. tl repreeenta
? t had no 1
? en tnt ai te bla
, it' he replled.
Wsrnmg Against Snobbery.
oi dins to "
bert, ? ? ? ? v'-'!
to i ifll o
them- were
? -
11 it
gbeul thfl Bngllab
. . | : . a? two ?
tn Bngliflh on !
gueeun ?
? i **? to record Ham
the av? ol ftht ot n.v
rright " be went en
?nnd I vow II
? FalfltafTa
ln ll it'i
om in : thi Baa
Sir Hflrbert Displays His Art.
? at of
the eudieaa H? atoed aa be dellveredl
riamlel i
r . i nah '?? -'''r the ,
... tdi iapai d
i the
Th.- >-x
tlone flurroundlng thi
r Herberffl bearara
gagh tor mo.e. The language flpofcan bn
?bakeapeare'a time, bfl aald, waa ua
_out i- -ii. ol the ti- new ipoken ln
, kg< '>t the
thi jargon of
to-day for Baglaad
? nla.
on tli" platform at the
hjetu B Btraufl, Alton B
u btarton Hepburn, I ?
Elgin lt. l>.
Wllliam B Howland, A. M Mag
| rl Martin George W. But
Louls WT.?-y, il.rny M. Lelprdger,
a i, .?
Jsjf ot fl nd or
emf-i ntei
Alexander, Mi
John '?*?.'. Alex*
andi r, Mlsa fipi m . Mn Elgin R. U
Uould. Mi li im 'I
Mrs Mr and Mr?.
Mra II H Flagler,
J_i - B ? Mr*. t'harlea Kte\\ -
art Smith, Mm Condfl Thonx-. Mre Hen?
ry \: aderich T. Van
Rurei ? Loula* Boett
Dramatization Haa a New York Pro
duttioa at Grand Opera House.
? waa named that hecauar
amona Iti etrgln
alsioa and atarved beforo be found hia
? \.-:l Twomov
atarved wandeelng through 'Gene
Stra! ter*a atorj of the Western
1, ? ? . ? .1 ln the vrogrammi?
furnlahed by the Orand Opera House,
\. ?-? v. i k produethm laat
Ulght but hl (oitdinly never found hia
.t wlth any iegreo of ciarity. Aad.
furthermore. hlg dramatlzution ?>f thi
whieh a. ?;. Deia
outci ? ?l thi Elghth aveaui
.ht. left OM Wlth a dla
n <>f leannesn aad cma
Ruth t'.iav, though Mt down la the
i,, is< <>f " wlM lumher eaaap la a white
oiik dreefl ol alry ngii'tiesa. maaaged bfl
ity falr Imltation of an "Angel"
la n parl aometrhal hare af angeiio ouel*
? Iti- Mllton Noblea, Jr., In the tltle roie.
ac4)uitt4?d bltnaelf with u Irlah ahandon
tbal waa pleaatng, la aptte ..f thi haadl*
).?? had t" buck agalnat The real or
'?Villlam F. 'anfleld.
, ?in; K.l .-rt A. Weaaell. L ?>
Wail ? . aa, rraal Han" r
ArI,. ; - -rell, Arthur Newbery.
_n-Jeraon aaa* Jaeh McDonald.
-,. ii, wer* worthy of better ma
with than they had laat
edull d to run for a
Wl when thi Oranf) Opera Houai will
n to Ita pollcy of gi*.Ing
. ? i ai popu?
lar prlcea
Percj Lyndal as Sir Luciua OTrigger and George Giddens as Bob
lle Dalnert Makes Debul at
Fifth Avenue.
Lillian Lorraine. ln Her First
Appeavancc at tho Victoria,
Showi Handsome Gowns.
.. .! i r
: i
\. v Theatn With a
? . ?
.1 ?
of Parl itui ?? il thi
wouid icari tl)
? i I
? t. ai. to tell. tal
i ti klngly pl<
la one t?f lhal
? ?
Bhe aani wlth ?
Fauat," a po] ??
two _*ngllah aonj
..... a tti ? i
leved 1
. ? ? ?
I ? tagea ot ?
i ?
i writlng foi ? ? ?
malnlag ai '?:1
.,<[ on the win Nl >? Iluf
;.... Ba it Levy,
i ompany, In
Bui ind Di
rehlp tt
. , ? mad* bi
lebut li
. ? ip| hai ?
lag leai ' aa thal
att ? ' lewavi ' ???
? i i wai thi fi" t t'181 *9
charming a craature, wlth ao much nat*
hojgii BOt Of I
beuld cbaapaa hei war* hy
? raere that, ordlaarlly rulgar readltloa
of oui af ber awg muga
Lo ralne aatlrtaed ber own prc
l? - apyannm ?n hot openinK leag. ln
whieh har Imltatlon af Um mannerlaroi
of Anna Held Wlfl no flBOall fo.tture. Fpl'
lowlng this eame ber i agl --? of
tluna. "Daddj Has h
.?nrt" and Boy." The
former waa ifl dalnti u l ?? ' of ehlna,
of vulgarlt- (hai
headed thi r< of the blll, whieh
, ? . | . oreat Marvnie, *****
V,: d| -r. thfl Oalnshoro Qtrll, John T.
Arthur M ?Waters nnd Graoe
? n? an.l Ruaaon, B<--rt Leatle.
Herman Tlmbag. Oarroll end Plelda, thfl
Divlns Beal and LuUetM and liirettfl
" \nm ln her varlnd repertory '>f
enaraetartaatleoa )s tiie or-ntrai feature
af tha ptfUgraaarai at B t Kadth'a fnion
Bcviare Theatre for thi eurreot week. Ai
ln ber appearam ? of leai raer, when thi
French actreaa preved ow of th? novel*
tir af thi vaudavlHfl ? ieon, Mme Pe*
trova gave a numb- r of Intereai and aa*
The monoiofiiat. Jamaa TborntOBi la an*
other of tha laadlag Ughta of the variety
atage wboei name Ih printed on tba
programmfl New atork-a and
< hatter hav< bw a ad led to tho
before to the malntenanre of a fljeueral
level of aaeellaoaa.
For th' remalndflf af ita number- the
atl] praaeata Leena Thurber and Harry
Madteon la "Oa a Bleeaaji Teur," fciia.
Bradna and Fred. Dorrick in a nov<l aot
frum thi circus ring. Mr and Mrs Perk
ins riehtir. with their mral aketch, "The
Half-Way Houae"; tha "Three Wouderfol
Blngera," Waltef La RoySmd hia eom*
1 paay In a eeaneiy, "A Horaa on Hogaa '.
tho Thrafl i?oi u Blatara ln aouga. and
Ueonard and Leaue. athlefeaa
a_ thfl beal preof ln tha world t*i*? t the
oi<i thlaga are lha baat. tha eurrebt hill
at i: F. Kelth'fl Cotonlal Thaatra nlght
t*. ptH in nrldeaee Tam ia netftai un
thfl programme thal hi oul aad "ut u.-w.
>et thfl Iull I1" a tboroaghly .-njoyable one
in the main and ahutild satisfy any vaudo
villo j.atron who la not as bl?s# as a
theatrieal eaitle
Tha Wardrobe woman,'1 wrltteu by
y.ilKnr Allan Woolf an.l aeted hy that ex.
,-,.ii,nt character ?itiaaa, laMa Hi-ra, is
aa IntereatluB WI ?f Hfe behlnd tha
bi wii . particularly appi eciate I
.,i tboee who knou II beal Pi l Booney
and Ma i A
. , ,,, j, y can, M ?n fiaa
? ?
- .. ?
? ? i !
. . _ .
- .
. ?
Drama Founded ? d Engliah Play
Does Not Take Itself Serionsly.
r i .
in ti ? ala
belh 1
? thi r
tbe < omlng ehUd
I ?
?> -??? end
i) nt] ?? from ? rouag
n in a be wi i- ii ' hei oa n
Jf the j,! . : ie at aii it waa
fur th* aplril and feellag it.? author put
Into it and u'-t for its theuia iloae
The fenaula f." Amerli i vtn tor, la
a eertaia itneunt <>f comle i**h? f ?n<i i
andlnfl ?? ' aobatl
? ?...??
for lta
prai ? " ? '
Browae who rewrote "Chalne" for lta
< relief have
i.a..., injeeted Into ovt acena whkh
tbreataned te eonttnue lerioufl fei me a
than three or four mtantee, ind it thr
end, when tbe ell-lmportant nean ia
wblapered In 1 l'i
"W*-!! gea ' ' I bt ? "'?' hibllant eU
at ona ? ..??? -.:?? ? ollectlnf lota i tg
,-, .,,, 11| ,i | .!..[, rtmei * i
1,, ,; i. |n pi ?? a ??? lhal heTi nol ra<*<i to
I-.. away te mahi ??? raruei aftei all Thi
,,. obii . ? la appara itly aolved
h |tb the increi on I imlly. The
fai t th.it th< n u iii ? word lhal
b|a ; .:: WI I !<? 1" "<*'" l<o.l " tll.'lt tl
waa no f 1.1'. a foi him rn tha dty bul
clerfctag. thal tha only bualneaa he had
not etudled and eared for waa mfanetve
farmlag - ull thi ever whieh we
had meuraed wltb birn for four oen arere
-.it iit oui <? of ne Intpoi I i
;-?)?.iiy HuM, wbo played thfl parl thal
turned oul ?? bi ao incona queut< iooked
thoreughl* Ineonaeqoanl fron* tha flrat ln
.,,:., ef hl rlnaa the fact thal he ahouid
have ar ambttlon mi nnbeltevabtfl all
through Othrfl W\ ndhatn played agiee
iihly aa blfl WtCi BdWtH Nlcander, to
wh.un fell th. tisk >.f k.-ertlng the nudl
laughini durini thla itory af reurao*
a,on an?l atTUggle, i l.iv. I I flUagy .'i.les.
maa rery well. Tho othera irera sood
fii<,:u: nadal ilnei '-its Thamaa whiffen,
tu whnsi lot fi I if ni MMaatty of
: i eraa of " tbldi with Ifi." ie>
complwbed tbe feal wlth ? freoa th.it
won ber ? round of ? ? 111 lvw
Cbalna of Ihla ioil ara nei
that hmii ua !?? '
cAtn or ch un*
Ruth Wilson Ollva Wjl
Rl, Kaid Wllaoi .Bhalljf Jlull
Jackaon Tennanl. CIMTord Brt?c?
l>lt\ M.m.h .l>.-i.ion-l Kelley
)?,.,, y Ma ion . . t- -win Sl. ?n?l?r
, ?. .,, ,.- Mm oll. ' irtcii I.i"n
Moi-ton I- Bdward l LaMIng
.- v '. 11 Ki..-' ???.li""' I
Howard l?unn .nerom.l M<rirlr|rl
p .1 Maaon . Rob?-1 n.tier
Mu_?'?<* U ?_?**. ?.? I I ""."? U hiff.O
Old English Comedy Company
Revives Favorite Play.
But Is Not Acted with Finish
Nor Studicd with
ln the (??-?> of on" of thoae playa 11.r*t
have -on their amy to th<- aminenoa of
being called "eleaelc" nadleaeas grou
fu, , ? ,,, \ iti t>i.' ln theU demand
i, r " erfactloa from ? lors li i afey, ir
j -? iK.i.i t". play and ptayi r, bul
., wori haa greal charm II
t.i, | .,? to aaal to tat thal bai? re
vemled. Otben tb< arorh is
.,,,;. to erei. arh) evlvi
Affr h tirsi performaaeo auei ai tl ;<t
of Tha Bivala" glven al lha Thlrti ?
nlnth htreel Theatre hurt nlgbl ej ,!i"
(,.,| i .,lK i ? i i tomedj ? Sampaaj. it la un
uauaUy hari i" anaa a bai ta a "f :<?
?iha" ptayera aaemad n... aufldantly pre
pared They <iio noi knoa their Unes
w.-u enough to convej aay feellng ol eun
Mem ? aad that partleuiarij la thi ?
... ., pity a,, ,...ii kaoa n lo ta bi ai
trylng Vl'hen a "eue*tc" al ihe
ir i^ the perferwance noi tba !?'.?*<? on
whlch attentlon ia ftxed, aad ?. oalldenl
, ape iklng tha llaea la a Bral ea
nentlal. ' >' courae, there - ? i f,,r
nervouaneea on an opentng nlghl la
v..ru. aad aarhaa. It araa nei
l al ?? "??? ? ' pai ? behlnd ll ? ? ? !l "'"
Thlrty-nlnth Utreel Tbeatra Iaal i
lual aa lha rompanj i gla) ing ol "Sbe
Btoopa to Cencrner" galned H
ll ii'. tlon al each perfoinvaace no ?>?? |n!
:,. aill !. tha caae *?'>>
Of all lb< n ? .1" i ol ihe <rt I Bi
. .i.i." . Companj the ona ano entem Into
? , of thi ptaj - i." ? ' ? '?
nell heraell Altheugh sha haa aeithi i I
..? ? Itallt) >?' man pte] era who bar.
i mellon neaa and a rhythmlc gi ?
it deal ??! chai m She III
..imi. i.' tror Into the |
i ..? an "' hi r aupi
.ne exeeptlon nf Pfetlle Pegat arho n
prop. Fn . ing thia parl lo '?
: rt nlf bt. She 1
0 ? ?: . fn inproi bo intl
. i
aaa bopeleaal
real thi I ihe roma
.: . ih i inni
? . . ih i" unfi :
oUt ." the sp ?
4" - "' I
I take a
?.. ? ?.
? , . iti ? I ?
. . .'
c.oo g? ? Mddrm aaa a
. A ' I
l the
ot ??? ? . at
n..i Bob Aere. h
. 1 .,? bul i
lt I rlfli
than lha oM roedi ? ... Ita
i. i .;: ? I..
.. .. ... i.. . mnmon
. i ? ?
11 .? ..t!.."K arera sadlj aeal
Pen '? ?? ? i
,? , | i a completi
Ttn p ?? '? I tt
i i kntel
mr Jl ? I
. a inh J
. '?? ? '
?'!.,..? ? !
.. ?? PoWei
. Tln
. P*aei
... . v mi* r
. li
.. Mnt. M
; i larea rei ia' ? d B .u'i OUI in tha
if tl ? Bmperoe of i Ma
Daughter at Heaven," at tha Centary
:..-t night. Tha ptaj ???
igiven for three areeh. naoro la thi. elty,
th.-n traaaferred to chlooge
' Th" Nlgger** w.ik plavr.l ;.f B P\
Ki tb's Harlam Oraal Opera Houaa last
night, v.it!i Prlaellla Kaaalea and Oa
s. ?.:. Bp< ear ta tha laadlng part- Tha
-.1 gheldon trama aill ba ooatiaued
t. : .. tha ' ai real i
llembera nf "Tha Lady of tha Whaaat
company, in whleh }?,<?? Jnnla aad ftfeut>
gomery nnd Btooa an. gppearlng ai tha
Qlebe Theatre, aill bava ? Chrlatmaa
iv- purfv on lha ataga al lha 11.*..tr
?..r. that ?.v^nlnr. A dance will foilow.
?Th. Hamhgal al vantoe*' wtO bc
played by lohn P. Kellerd al th. tiirdfii
. al a ??r?>,-i(ii n.iitii,..' | arb-g the
eomh - fortntfhi
im tho pragramma of tha benefll for
jth" Pldt iWn Home, at th. Hotel
Plaaa. on afaadajf afternoon, Deetanber
[tt, thraadaaoa aumbera from th. amalcal
paatamlme by Kendall Bennlng ?i"i
Mabal DanMs arfll b. Interpreted b] M
' j'.niiUofT und mh?- lt","? leadlag daaci i
Ib n?. ballei al tha Wlater Oardea Th?
entlra aeoond ad of "Tha TeHOa .in.-k.'t."
j now at ih. niit.m. win he played
| H?>llr Ttlanrh4\ who wlll play th. title
parl m "Thr I'-ir.'fly" m lh* oompanj
whleh the Ibuharf ?r? aaadlng 4in tour,
?wlll r?-pla<-e Kmma Ti-nllnl with th.
|. ompany at thr UyrtO ThmXtn tO
I performanee, ffagnaad.. ?flaraaoa, Jan?
uary I
ti.o opening P'tbtio pwfanaaaca af Hor
man IfeKlniMl ln 'Rntlierford and Son"
will hn itiven at the UttM Thaatro on
Tuaadaj eveninr. Daeomhar -*? it arin ho
preeeded on ateadoy ovaalng hy an invi
tation draaa lahaaraol
I a proAM-aotl mallaoa of the Beverty
]i:. Dohha "Atop lha World in Motlon'
platiaao alU ?>e glven al Wahett Thaatr.
| thla nftfinoon.
grandsn TTnaa has baen ri,6HK,.i , y
I the uebtar company te oreet. th. pan
of Joeoph in "Joaeph an.i r|ts Brethren,"
Ithe nea saectaela h* Laul. tt, Parker
whlch wm be aeen ai Rm Century Tbeatra
neM month.
I A bencnt p.i f.nnian. >? ln al<1 "f ihe Ho
I brew Orphaa Aaylum will l>e glven at th.
Hndxon Theatre to-nlght at the p. i -
rormance ot Mra PTaae ih Bdward baat
don?? ' Tne lllKh Koad. '
J < ?ii_riri.. Dal] ba fceen ? igagi d for tha
[company whleh wlll aupport lla) Iraia
in bar new oeaseig
TWf) EXHIBITS at the cat show
Mrs. Brayton's Cat Denies Re
ported Engagemcnt.
Equal Mice for Tnbbios and
Tomi Dppermoil in Hi
Though ts.
|f I e vei
I ed l.\ .Il I
ptueua euil I '-.ii1
of the 1
. "iiKr;n ulate her on I ei
. ? i
md I doi t
t !? all a i
? ?
nf ti ?
?. ?
i ??
i ?
ver eatdom. to . .
tiful we an [
it I me! 1
In'l rlv.' :i :'. ?
Ha ar any i ,,v
oept u frli ndi."
Quaken aa ad (uita rutr aith
a deati roue tou i of hi i tongua nnd
r 17H.1 thoughtfully ?t thfl
?M'- , aald "Wh tt la th
alot : <? ..iii.iii auftrai
equal t Ice for T?
ii it d - i'm ' ? b*M ii tblt
tn worfe foi .. ? .-.?: ?? Ithi thal much
nobler than getting
Don Ho wouldn'l utter ? mew aboul
tha ?
approai h< d, b i Rn illj
?-. ? . ,? naelf and unl mi a '-i llli -
"Ur-r-gu-ui'" io- growled. "II lha
lan'r tru It '
gg\ tli mi n i . di nj ll a ould lt " i don'l
thli l much of mi trimonj. bul oh, mew,
yowl. - to thi
u ii. red that Quaki had
denled lha n port, Do Din
thal a a/i ln. ' and
m;i?io i plaj ful ? be 'un b
ho purred. "I've i tched her grow up
from .i altten, and the gnee of that
beautiful belli <>' atdom ? hi n al
ber oa n lall i on i my p ?wer to i a
preaa. i.ut mv feellng for her, hk.- bera
tor me la that ol i frfe l nothln m
Th* aahlbft of lha tmertean Btlver s-1
dety vmim ih.- largaet of ilngli i
rat? ??'.. r held In \ n ? i lea ti
featuru of thfl ahe ? thal II
hv two -"' i- il . I . it Fanciei
datlon and thfl American Cai Aeaoeiatlon
Champlon Mallka, ? fataali owned by
Mi i .i i ? Ifltchela ii a a deelared to ba
the beal ont la the ahow under lha Cai
l'atioi.-r.s' Aaaodatlon rulae; under iho
American Cai kt ociatlon rulea llam
Qenee wns dedared le i>o thi baat; thu>
thari waa aatlafactloti t.> apare for el]
eoncerncd, and nobody bul i rerj leatoua
cai could bava found teult wlth the mi.
Other notabli cati whieh carried "fr
prtgi . were Crown Btrlpea, u ahori balred
Mai k aad iray. owuad bi Mi H P.
r..ke, and Jai k W inter, King W inti
s..:i, a friendly lUarer atrlped cai thal
waa atoul ;""i weH likiuK, nnd Remao
Belvaela, bolonglng to Mra H <:. Dyh
houae. Romae haa lha Baa t ajrea lu tha
^how. aad h<- haowa lt, f..r ba opena thaan
very flrldfl when ho leohfl al you aad than
roila them a little, whieh other
usvar rln.
Many Well Known Writers in
Authors' League.
rrtali i ln tiie m
pui ? - -et forth ln
, ..a.- . opy
i . ttoaa
rights <?'
. i .. ii hwr.ii'.,
_rai . .-. mI< ii oompoaltton,
h authora
luntarll .ii .?f their pr -
. . Of 1 .: ?
i member.
wi'.l r- ul ar.d p.80
rrltinga of the a-..-1 ra Thr
. - - !.: :i UUltl .1 ftre:
' larolyn Wt lla,
.; Uetl Bu ? rvey J. 0*HU glna, a.
i: Thomai ' lloffett, Mtlten
f\ . Kennedj and H !|1
i:i. rtrud. Athar
, ton, Bacbel Crot ei .-' n i I Hophlna
Wlll Irwin ? Mlcholaon,
v. ,!,,.- p, Baton,
? r.'it. \\ inaton ' aad
| wm Pnjn Claaa '?'." Kata DougtaH
Qeorp I ' Ho
' llilRlirs. K*x Bl
Arthur i _ .fi. Owen Johnaon, miliam
ai gloane, Loula Joaeph Vaaeo aiw Bltla
Parkar Butler.
Firnt American Performance Revcals
an Irish "Bunty."
????? ,
u ., ',,1 gton, i i'.!? Drooe," a
s bi R iti arfi rd Majne, -..i pi..- I
j duced ut ' Etela ? ? ? itre iii thia clty j
] to-nlght, under Ihe dlroetlea . ; w I
Brady, a 1th a, eaat of Irl and
actn ? the Bral Ameri. ia |
performance of "The Drone," aad to
I man) th. reaamblanoa ln atmoaphar. bi -
tween II and "Bunty i'uiis tba iti
| was atrlklag Bome i al ? .i II aa Irleh
"Bunty." Th. plece, whlch tatroduoad io
i .. v.: itford Kane, a ehaiactei
actoi of Irlata ortgta, arho appeared la-j
nlgbl aa o aagadoua bul kindiy ?>id j
?camp, wililng t.? do aaythlag i" n?c
worfd bul ''nin hla living, aill bo glven
in Kew V'.ik oarly In Jaaaary,
: in the audlenca aee. Juetlea Pttaey, ot
tb. iupretne Court; Beerotary Knox, Beo
retary Meyer, Bpoahor Ctark, Boaatora
1 II.kf H.nllli. Chllton and Uiitxm. Mrs.
i Tiuxton Boale and Radolph Fbroteri
B< cretary t>> the- Preetdeat.
sani Heare- ? i.iv.' Wflra" ahow haa
eaptured tho Columbia audfeaooo, 11 th*
receptlen givaa lo it Iaal nighl is a cHa
terlon. "Ktaeme," a. be calls u. la i"'1
of anap and giager, an.i tha atage aettinga
ara way abova tne avarage buttoague peo*
ductlona, with ib. eoetumaa as ?trnng
rlvala for favor nf eourae tii** boaaa was
. r.iw.iid. hnt th. loTera oi barioaqe. arW
to k<> far tO Und enythlng that (an
excel tha cuneni ptodncUen at the popn
i_i uttla Ihintra
Host of Job Hunters Greet Him
Upon His Return from
Governor-Elect Gives Up Du
ties at Capito!?May Meet
"Wilson at Diiinor
i;..\. i i.oi-r-ic. t Willlam ?? U
qult v aahlngton for gi ?
t<> prepare blmaell t>> take up t
nf ruler of New _orh .st.it.- ln A
Januan '? waa < mphatl la?
! aaaertlng t".'t bfl did not Intend la
I euM Albany mattei
Ihe had actually been iworn ln aa
! trnor.
| Th<- Qovernor*ele I .-t ? nl rao I ?
I ihiy at hli law otHee, leeim
' Cai or aeehera. i le would i
i ba wouM have any furthei ai po I
I to glve out before January i. One ?
I ni..st hnportant oflteea thal he will ha
I t.i mi al pn ienl arlll ba that ot li i
iade-leai. Thla li
i oattloi
? N.I]
" '
I bla .
Th-- fjnaafaer i ??
nraahlagten that l ?
to :.?!-. up bla Inaugural id - hut ln
InteutlH to work al N I Bfl ? ? H<> ha*
1 go fi
-, ;... - - - t'tat Mr
ta tii.ik.- aa the Puhue Beietoe Cotmale
sion here and the OUfl ipehti
ii . .ii italy aaai ; aa i
mouth Me ia galllm i ra
Um aa daya, hut li talkLna * I ??' a"
a ?ovemant haa bee* aterh i here t.>
arouaa aantlmant thraa B ,t,% "
: i.n-t'.it tisun aptMiiiitinonts tl th* ^?kw
Beiaka OOUBU?Uteua A -:,r hx<
bei n Imued bearhag the a ua a of WUhaa*.
Jay Behldffetln. ton ?
nigana A. T'hill.in. Allan '
ll.nry Mosoowitz They BBBCUUei that
tii* y hai I- aa ?> ' "*"
tion of .i N. Leroed, ef B ??? ?'? *?
AUing iad Neleou B. I ?
Roeheoter; MeU Ohmy, Jr- of oewt
D, MoKinatiy. of Watottowrt. an ' '
? ui. of Albiiny.
Th.- prladple of fa taHigeet,
neu partlflaa pui n< aart k a
," the eir
to juin m la toruung ? commlttefl topta>
aentatlva of tha people i
urer" puhhcly th- i- r
quaal*judli lal bodii i an ia ' ;'
ti thal af tl
n wns aald \ aterd
trnor ilecl mlghl "'it"! i
of tbe Bouthi rn -
dent*ele< I B laoa i to he ?
honor to*nlghl On T ' h'
haa threa dlnaera Ot* La ?
for him by the City Club al
Another is that of thi
ara' Bureau, an annual adfi "
thini li i dlnner glven Ln hoe
aentatlva Ooldfoi le ul I
Mayor of Jersey City Recovcis l'rom
Wreck lajuries.
Major ii. ihto W Ittp
waa ln bla rdBea reetardaj foi th* Bael
tlma i't aaveral un aka. HTi baa b
up by Injurlea ha recelved four arei
returnlag from ? Matoa ?.la huntlnl
nip ..ii u Now York. New ii.ivoii .?. Hafl
f..rd traln
Many dty employee and pohtlciaai *AC'"
romad bhu Ht tbe City HelL Ha wUl *?
in Treatea to*dai aad ?--'ii oa Goveraaa
?The Rld l'ottuoat." wlth Helen LOW*l
aa its atellar attraetlon, ehangad its ptaa]
ol ebode lasi night. wfcaa it aaavad fr?m
i>aiys Theetn te Ike Breadwuy. II ''Na?,
gtyea la lta now beaai wlth tha injj
playera wha have nmda It aueeeaahu
further uawutaana. Beveral iddli J
the chorui were the only changea made
tho larger atage ot the Broadway i" ""'J'
tinK h more elaborate productton. it '?
planned t?? continue tho engagement a*
il,. Red Pettlceat" at the Kroadway w*

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