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Baseball J> Boxing a* Hockey ?* Autornobiling
Gocs Down Before St. Paul's
School Team from Concord
in Fast Game.
That Is, They Score Three and
Get the Other by the
Courtesy of a Blue
clad Player.
Bt Panl'fl fchool of Cotuoril. N. H-.
sa-nt a spry little bOOkey se\*n to thr- St.
Nlrbolaa Rink ln.-; night :ini) romped
away with a vlctory over Yale by a ?- Mra
..f 4 to 1. The gam** wa* a BBaUrttk r from
bCfll to bell. pUp-Wtnatel here and thoi?
by way of eOBtraal wtth a diai-lay of den
,alty, surh as the goal whlch Qore, of tiie
' Ulue, ahot by mi.Make into his own net,
gtetaej tba youagatera a point whlcb they
"I not need In order to earn a vl?-tory.
'I'he team from New llavrn was o.it
|.la>ed fir.rn DOBrly BVerj Bngle. I'-iliaps
. paaaatira of MHobey" Baker, thr.
I'rlnieton etar. (? referea, inapln-d the
Bt. Fani boya lo deeda of valer. MHobay,M
ii wlll ba ri-iniMnii.'ii-n', gol hla start ln
athleties at tha Concord s^at of leernlng
and played hockey wlth ceafllderabia <i^~
imcfion uhile U
When the first pertod cloaed wlthool n
hcora for elthrr Btda it looked as DfirOgh
st. I'aul a boys might be robbed of the
ti-uits of aupertor i-laying, for they kept
ti.e purk in TeJa te-rrtto-ry tncat of tba
in,< aad pefgawed lha goal *"h ",; :!*
whlch Bwltf lurned aalda aeembigly mor"
hg lu. k 11 Bfl fKill.
ln tha aaooad perl* .1. however, Bt Paul
came Into Ita owa. P. W. IJaTa, tbe
-*hty left wlng, d-uiy caraaaed
aand nuraad it into the aet tbrea
, ?.... grving tba boya an ampie usd ?.?-?
. iiarmon, ol Tale. i>ta_atrated tbe stiff
. .,,. of the * ren froao Nea Hamp*
ial. dld not hava tha flpaad of Ita oppo*
rtenta noi dM it beedn to aboa tba team
?work an.l aklllful paaalng. Too Bt ??aul
ferwarda broke ap aearly every coaaWna
,io.i before the **oal waa Ibreatened in
tbe danger eom i-'ord and iSChrelba
proved o ? n>t
ifljoardlan In partlcular stirring a erowd,
r-whlcfa fllled ttie rink to loud applauaa by
:his artful parryhna of a?\*pOte Stn***
?ovea abowed a great deal of poMeb, out
thr bo: i followed lha dJac more cloaely.
tand Uroe and agabi wound their way
throug i '? - oppoalna Bna for epvertnnU
,,.. .,. ..... abota whlcb oflea went to
i-voati ?? toi*dlneaa of eaecattoa. Tale
?,__.- many attempt *4 ? ?ha pucb
from ? long diatance. bul W BBWta were
lna*i mat.
ihiis acored th< ret goal o! lha ^?l""e
after ? trifta aaor* tban two mlnutea of
thf. tacond hall hs_ baea played. He
Itook a pass from Trltcb. and ctaverly
w oi king the flfldea of tl.e rink. got in a
? position to mak* a parfeel BhOt Into the
Ijiet Thlfl pui Hi- Woa on its mettle and
[the pla) bacami faater. Tbe J|aw Haven
team almoal ImmedlaUl] carrled tiie
rnick back to Bt. MbTb Boal, whera lha
?lertaeaa ot Ford and Bchi
vented a tall) Thl ? Concord
waie BOtblna dauated. Thej aulckly
Hned ui' and carrled tha dfca* down tbe Ice
and tbrea aah atea laler, after tl.e auek
nft4i been paaaad aot from beblad Tale'a
goal. HuTa B"t bb opening and ahot II
The game from thl ? ?
roughcr and tbe player.- wara aant
ap.awiing ov.-i the Ice ln tha l*aal of coa*
?a , t st Paul'fl proved as aggreaalve aa
?s epiwatenta, aad alevafl mluutea aftei
.ihe half openad tbe i ek a - ? >?.' "i;
(rom bebind tba B le'fl -?-''' ?**** -?"*
rGo.( shot 11 late ti- aet by mieteke
two ?dnutea laler Harmoa talMed i
mi count bad thla wa* qulckl]
loounted by HUla, wbo retaHaled ? "'
.ai:,?v, - goal NoJ a penalty Wai l**apoaed
durm- thl
Between tbe balvaa Frank Bammlaa nrai
Ltjlea '' Donoaa trav. a pretty exhlbitlon
'of fastcy akattng arblcb in*-t with greal
[favor on the j.an of the apeol I
PritHrtton wlll nie.t VWUlteBU at the rink
?ftir llne*up follaa i
IPSOmy--^ .'.-?.?-?:::::..c. v .
.- . . n i. DBl i,- ' ' ''? " '
f",'- ?'? on,,.,, K-f.i . H Baber. I
i^/'Viiplre VV. .M-m:i H"-?
...nriras < -owles. Yale: r.oda?i*. St Paul*
Tin Pke" r.er* 'J T Btabbtue, Craacent, anil ?
J <Xr "var.V-.r, TfliTed balve. Tweai
inlnut** each.
Will Coach Pennsylvania Crews
Until Contract Expires.
Thiladelpni Dee. 19.?The mwing ioin
mittee ef the I'niversitv of I'< nnsvlvania
'? derMeil to-day to r^taln EUU Ward M
ee b of tha erema until rda contract ex*
' piree. at the * lose of th<- approacbtng
The footi*n eommlttee elected Ti u
H>..re nn rhalrnian. but poatpaoed COfl*
*id.-tation of tbe eoaebtag altuatlon. The
manager of th.- team waa Inatrncted to
.ommiini'ftt" with tba
Peaaaylvanifl acheJule, only Cornell and
Mirhlaan havtag made deflnite ai
rocjit?-- for sam^? next fa I
( -?
;New Yorft Motor Boat Club
Holds Its Ar.nual Election.
At tha- annual m'.nni; of thfl HOW York
Mr,t,>r Baat Club, held lasi night. tt?
foiiowniK ofttoara arera elected foi '"':
4 ominodor.-. *' K. (baiinian: vi ?.--roin
?eiere, C A. Le***rjardl; n-ar-,pobbbbo Io ?
*'. A leOliaidl; loar-.-ominodoi, . C. H.
p f)iiBli>*?. jr.; aecretar\, W. T. Randolph;
[liaaaani. H- ?'? Aiim. *ae*r*a*raore, for two
v-arn, rharie* l.ndwig, for oaa yi-,.r. (J
.i \;>?tian. Tba reporta et the variooa
eeaaraittaea for ItU weae read, abowtaig
tba elub to be in a Bouriebang condtttan
Tweaty.feur new memberfl Johaed Ibe dub
.joiirt; tbe ,'n.i Tha aanual dinner
win i..- beld la January, at whleh tlme
the |.ri_?- won I.i>-1 Beeeofl will hr |.i^
Columbia Players Victors in
Hard Fought Match.
Hcights Casino and Princeton
Get an Even Break in
Their Series.
iquaata team of the Columbla Unl
veraity Club adminlatered a defeal t" the
httberto mvmcible Harvard dub team on
tho courta of tha foraaar ln Gramercy
F'aik yeaterday. Ftflderich B. Kflflter,
president of tho National BqUBSh T-nnls
_aaoclation; H, H. Boyeoen, R B. Wlg*
bam and M. l.. Cornell were the tmm*
potltora who plaeed the Btue and B/hlU to
the fore i>y tho acore of four rtctoriea to
three defeati
Tho aerlea was tbe flral ln me metro*
polltan ehampkmahlp matchea that Har*
vard iias loat th? aaaaon. George Whit*
ncv, I'. S Davlfl and I_ (iu I'ont Irving
well f..r Harvard, bul the tin.e
.-ft n ab h In whii b Keeler defeated Will*
idtn H. v. Hacheti bv the Bcore "f IB?ld.
11 -li, i.". ?;: was the ono whlcb turned
tho balance in ('oluinhia's favor.
in thr other aeriea of the day the
Heighta Caaino, of Brooklyn, and tb*
baun of the Prince?ei Cluh counted aa
ovea break of three matcbea each on tha
of t'ne latter, on the nortberi. ald*
of Qram* n y Park. As tha aeriea Btanda
tho odd match must be played to decide
tba wfamer, and this wlU be don* wlth?i
iiie nf.\t few daya
Harvard led ofl wlth a victory Bgalnal
Columbia in lta Kerio?, as P. BL Davhl de
faatfld ii. Dl BuOdfly nt 17?15,
Bulkley, *he former Columbia cliampion.
foufiht out the, flrst portion of thla match
i.t u gruelllng pace. He worked hlmaelf
OUt in his 'round-the-wall play, BO tbal
by ndroit placuig Davia caught him at'
Defeats Princeton in Hard
Fought Basketball Game.
|B] 'I ? flVa| ? te The Trlh';' ?
Haaover, N. H., Dec lt.?Dartmouth
wori her flral game in the baeketball
ehampionahip race by defeatlng Pi
here to-nlght bj a aoore ol tl to 22. Ai no
time w,.s tbe game in tbe handa of eithei
. icor* *eeaawlng back and fortn
until tn- laal flva mlnutea of play. ii
was then thai Dartaaouth wound thlng*
up in whlriwtnd faahlon.
Tbe name began with Princeton t?klng
poaaeaaion of 'he ball und Bcorini - -
polnta before the home flv* woki
The nral half and* d ln a I. ln
the aecond half Dartmouth galned ? iho
point lead and beld lt to lha and.
Loudon and H?rgeaon *1.1 ? I
DHitmouth. f_n'wdon wa* all ovei the
floor. wh?a the latter made a*
De Witl played a bard, laal gan ?
Tim <?
Th* lme-tip followa:
Dai -I a .ih l_7) Poal on I'rlncel
gnoa .1-. V. Raln un
.K i- .OUI
... - v . . e
. UG .E. '''.
, .R.Q.... ' apl i D
(Joali1 frr.n. n.K.i .v - ? - I - ?, 2
' d
Trei kman I. Toaraoai, i Goal*
...ii, s Refi ?? roi ?
v ? ? I - .; ? *prln?l
1 (i |i .]- efl nilll .!' ?
JTo Handle Pennsylvania Track
Team Until Murphy Returns.
'?I, ladelphla, Dei lt" Th* ni a o
mlttee on track aUdetica al tbe Unlve l
I of Pei r_ytvanla has ael* i led 1 r*
I Haydo* k, tiie former track atar, t?. i
: tbe trai N ,team dm ;n_ the wint<
. y for Mike Murphy, who hi
' tb* Sonih.
Th- appolntmenl of Haydocl* ia foi tha
arlnter aaaaoa only, as u is antldpated
: Murphy will recover hbi health to
ta an extenl thai he wtU ba able to
? up his work Ib tiie Bpring After
that a pennflnenl aaa_tan! maj b< a*
J leeted to ai?J him ln devetoplng the t*
JLum Wins for Columbian Club
in Game with Passaic.
Through the abiiity of Luao, al aachor,
I tn strlk'i out ln thfl last game. thfl ''olturi
' blan Club, of Baal Orangc won the odd
oa Paaaaic >>n tbe Baal Orange alleya
... Athletlc Bowllns League laal
ht, whlle Bliaabeth koal thr* ?? to Jer
tj on ti-- drlvi.-* ol th. Iatt< r
lt waa an even conteal In the COii rn*
biai|-Pa al' aeriea and matwis uame
n to Lum vsith tbe i-.-ult tbal I ?
.... nl th* ii" te" and won for his team
d CUrk, mlddle man f..r Ji
waa taken alca aith acute Indigi l
during ti-- aecond name and Qarrbion
1 finlBl ? tbe ai ri< ? for him Clarii *'a*
bome in a ca i
Thfl acorefl folloa
. -n.l .1 Hi AN I'AS- UC
.. Haff 202 l?* IM Ball .178 1?4 170
17;. _hi afti -.?)? nmaker 1.16 10_ IW?
, _0(l 149 f's tuatln .13* ''?" I**
its I-;, _."J Uoth .. . l'V. I-'-" i'.'s
Lora .lix"i IM isT Blaton .1*? _23 l?3
:-i- -??'- :.;?; ToUla. 802 012 808
Hanii . _ _ 1 804 228 R Weal Iflfl Ifl* 218
ns 2lfl 2851 Nolt*. ll/T 17-"' 172
?101 183 KIlnR . l.M 1411 I*'
Clarli 137 l_l dauaa. .., 804 Ki 131
ls'i |5fl I''.' \ v.. al 140 IT". 141
188 802 84?11
Total... 898 or, ;.s| ? ..-..> tn BM *4S
? Sti fran ? - lEour fra - -
Columbia Team Gets Ready for
the Season's Games.
Columhia'a bockey team. whtch wa*
harred from the st. Nlehola* riink two
ireeaa nco, w-ui rcaaaaa practice at the
ri'ik to-morrow niRht Now tbal tb*
TUne and Whito ha* BOt?Od its qoaBliOH
j of fl?gllillitv hy W?hdra-Wlng froin thfl
I IntercolleKlRte Horkcy Lflflgilfl, thfl ?"
Icertainty whieh prevailed Ib teferenofl to
the achednlfl for the year Iias h--n ended.
and airaavamentfl have been mad. c>r b
aeriea of ganw with Tale, Princeton and
. in ii-ii
Princeton and Cornell, which, ai
bera of the Intereolleglate League, oh*
ted to CotumtHa-'fl playing buutdard.
' have agreed ta meel the Blue and WThlte
j ln two gamea apidea. Uoth Prlneeton and
..f the rorneii coutaoti flrill ba held
, ? ? -i. Nuh.ilas Itink. Columbia will
travel t" iyracuae f?.r on- ..r it- game*
with ' oi n. ii, a hli* tbe other ?in be
iy,,\-.i here. Aa yel n<> arrangementa
h.i\, been mad- far ? gam* wlth Dart?
mouth, bul the Columbla autboritiea ara
not unwllh?g i<> meel tha Hanovflf team
I provlded tbe game eaa ae playad in New
, Vork.
h alt Then Bulkley aat tha game foi
,. ,?. i,ad ahot hlfl holt bowever.
and Havis won tba aet IWwwlng wlth w
.,,?.! Ifl eoay faahleo, aa Bulkley a
exhaueted aad acorad oatj oaa aca.
I red Keelrr, by hi* dallbemta !'-? ' "
Im of tba ball Into ihe coraeta, Prar<*
100 much for WllMa Hackett deaplte an
tba aUll th.' Harvard man brOUght tO
btfl game. He was paliiataalngly aeco-'
rate, aad eontroiied tha ball an w.u that
Haekatl waa beatea by hbi own mlaaee.
?nd la tba doctdtag aet t?ded away eeaw
[/l.-tely from the eontflat
Tho' six matcbea dedded on the Prince
ton conrt were fllled with anappy, ?'? ?
arork B. Hinman Blrd, tbe l?ttnoetofl
ihampion, loueied the COlori Of Joetflh 0
Low, *-r the Caatno, ihe raceat e i
of tba national handlcap. Blrd eleverly
blocked "ir Low'a pei dla-away ahota H?
?.,t to the ball qatckly, nnd by apeed |
tl.e apbera around tha walta defeated Um
,,t i;,_s. tl?f. HaroM Tohey, the for- j
iii.t bockey playi r, alao dlapoaed of Ru
doit.h Ooei ?' ." ;< ''..iv -Moak-fl al 15 I.I
7 it, IS 11
The i-,-st of tha matcbea won W ??
Caalno repreaentatlve was that In wl
Royal K. T. Rlggfl defeated W. B. Cl
berialo al IS :. I * - ' ,"K'"J
wera powerful and ha calculated tbe
anglea prettlly.
The aummarj folloa
.'oi.i- ibla I
r. B Davla, Harvard ?'? "
ilumhla. 17 Ift. !.'? t ?
Hai ard, ? ? feati I '?? R U Pti i ?? ''?? '**"
i I. io _. 10 t. ii. lerl k rt. Ka, ler. Colum
? .. di f* .1"' trilllam H V Ha ai tt, Har
-.ani. ir. -M, 14 18 16 8; ll H. Hoyi an,
Columbla. defeated F. M Blagden, Harvard,
1-. 14 te?12: L. du P livins, Harvard, de?
feated A. t. Ha- rli . Co di ibla, Is -15, >?'? .'"
i: r.. Wlgl am, Olumbla, defeat* 18 I
Men. Harvard. 18 7 18 II: M I* ' ?
columbla defeated* Henry Morgaa Han
'?'? I ;- ''? ,; ~ ,
Prlneetoa club verau* Helghla i
Hinman Blrd, Pi Ineeton. del
l.eu Caali o, !.'?- 8, 19 B; Armln \\ '
Princeton, defeat. d Charli M Bull '?
18 in. 18 10; Harotd I">- I I
t, i Rudol h ' kx pei, ?' latoo, 19 v 7 15,
13 |3 O*.? I ? ttei T. B
Whltman P 15?7, 15?II; *
. 1 i. '?' '
loti tr- 7. 10 i"
'. ?? .; IV. l: *"i, . 15?"
New York Y.icht Club Holds
Meeting and Shows Prizes.
Al III" annual el'.ti.'ii Ol tl.e NeW V" '?
1 , ciub laal nlghl at Ita clubbouae, In
w.-t Htii su.-. ? offlcera a
. ,i to ai ? ? foi 1818 i "ommodore, 11
i- i-. ? ? . . ... ?;. . r
i;.,K.:. j.. reai i ommodore. J, P. X|' i
jan, ft .. Qeoi ?' I ''? mach :
n ?? isi rer, Tarrant Pu
mittee, n de B. '? ? ? | i "
dono .s h and C Shi ? man lloyt: n
Wllllam ii illo* i.
\\ illi.iin Butli r 1 A.
iop, llat..1.1 s Fred L
a-yer, 1*. B. >
? ?
?i. i.-i \ Broa ?
i s ? i .- lee. Hei
Kan.-. Charli v i ? ? ? 'i lai
' .-'.-a I klnali . modl I tl I
' .-.-ii. V M ii-."t and W Han MeOlfl
imltt* >? on an* b* '? P
1 Morgan, J' Se i: ? rl I To
\W C Brown Se ? I
\ . ? Jami
| No " .i H ?? ? I
\n iin- prii
ing thi aar were i ? tt. mo?l< i
? oa* thal in.i t. d the i
? , new and *>in K
One v . . -. the late Kii
I V..U i \ 11 and ti"- otb*
. ?:? ? \h .ol.i. i
! ii......
,. - ...
\ ? oi ?
? lei aall ?
to represenl
the Iatalena I tacl
turora, "i. tb* lai.ird
aboul to fon e the i
? in the .. i of ? ro* i i
aginarj Btartlni III ?
i ..ik of ii"i a* >? f.'.'i.-t er, fo
n of ti.- regatta i ommltl t
? ? ? moi ? '?
Spring Surprise in Beatiag
Clinton High Team.
Th* a Immina team of th*
Ha i High Behool won in um i pecied l?ul
hard fougbl i li to*| o\, ?? ihe ii. W tt
High s. i ool in a dual event .t
th* 1'.. irth ? 'i ue puhllc Lati . Brook?
lyn, la -i nlghl The final -. a a
to tt, Tl Red nd Blacb team wa Ha
favoi Iti but the Bufl nd Bl ?? -
four of th* ib Hrai ? i.
To Ain i. i', biim th* i ? ? n im 11
captaln Ir- du* much credil
I s.| lad to -i ;
I acl.i 11" had to -i\ ,in hla beal I ? ? ?
- . nio.ii and t'i.,1,1 i
ol ii.- Win i lllnton, ln t Iii BO* ai d ? vent,
and i h* i llnton hed hlm ao
hard tha' Clybui n brol heolboy
.?-.i :<>,- t-,. dlitance bj I
He covi ed i ? In ! mlnul
l-i wbinlng tbe pl inge for
i... . A ha ri la Ihe < llntoi
1 holder, wi nt the diatam ?? ol 58*
The Bummai lea Folloa
100 ..-i ?? ? ? Hall
i a flarl ? ? i ram) R I. - ? i i ly
? ti.- w ni , 11 ii ,. .i Kelll) '
\\ \| ..-. ,, .: i- i... ido* .. **x ond
j ? ? '. ?
! i,, v . wlth :.i i"i P llo
( Rraatnu* i! .;. third, a Irn 88
|,r... |.,i f'.rin v.\"ii i- H ,
Haa al ?- ti I'l-ink. t'. Wltl
^?.-.,ii,i. n \i\, :>t :: polnta H Thomp
__0 yard awlm W on b v i. ?'! burn.
Hall ' '? i" Wlll fllnton,
t,. ond: ' Pracgei D* \K- Itl (TlnUi
2 i
lofl \ ' i>irk. Kru miip
H u Uuon i" kVItt i nton, ??? ... ,1 K
I Ift; ,,!?! --vm,. ?'? ,.,: i I'I ai UloW, De
Wltt Cllnt* n l: l/i la. " ui Hall,
G Cramp, Eraamu* Hall third Tlme, n:J7*
' al acon I Hall Hlah B. hool ;..
; '? lt ?? - Int on Hlgl ? ?-' ?-. -
Tl.e Fordhain Prep haaketball team
eaally defeated the Pordham Utt
fi i--l.ni.it. fi\.- In tlieir .?innnal gaOM Ofl
thi Harooti i-...,i l i ?-1* laj The ?.?
waa M te i
Mnii'iiv and ? ;.tti< were 1 he m i I ac
, ii.it, ihooti . i i.e ' he Prep team mak
Ing tn. an.l four ti.-i.l K".'1-. reepectively
.. ? i..i. .-.; . ighl i"i ward, f.,r tiie cube,
toored I of bl loam'a totai of rj potau
The ii.'.-ni> followi
Kordhaaa Prep t_Bi. Po* Praahm
|i\ aMron ..............I- I i ia
??? R I . ..ll.,r.
Peli P .I. Htnehrlln**
.I. *1. U.Nult)
i: >. pj oil
Itltlnn* II- ? ' ?
...i. I ?? . Iraol fof i? H ir- ?
fl ,,n. t, l r ? |.? v ,,!?.,,.
Al ,n |.|,, ? . , , ,.fT- ?? , i ? ? ? .- Iiin- ..
Curran O'Har. i3), I. Illn, i,- llffi Oo ? li
from t...,i ii'il?r.- cr>. Refera* i i ...
bam, Pordham, i raplre f/Brlen, i
Tiini of lialvea?Kift^en mlnutas.
Harvard Club Squash
Team Tastes Defeat
? Squash _* OtKer Sports
Outpoints Eddie Morgan In
Sharp, Ten-Rotind Batlc.
Landcd the Clcancr Blows, but
Not So Often as His
Dancing Rival.
k pia_ up i.i* eufltomary rapld Bre
from beii to bell, Johnny Dundea,
one nf the best of tl e lo al I
i, ri. ariy oulpolnted BiMIe Mor*
can. rhampton of _Trg??d. ln a len
i..ind boui nt tha Mth ?'?- '' Bportii l
Ctuh laai i ? ?' h*i had tba better
.'.?.-. v hile
...... . - Vl'll.
i .rd al ? antld*
pation of aaetng n faai hoirt. and In thla
aer* nol dl ed. The llght
Morgaa deltv* red tha elaaner
punchea and boxed doverly, but uith all
i.' ' BOt BVOld tiie wi'.!
and ai Mra* ?. awkward, blowa the danc
h i - ndee thr* w in ft rc all
\\in the 1 the an
? Morxnn'a i i
,..,.. . aa 123 pounda
? . ..
: .. . .i Brat, 8 lightning Uft.
bul Dundi e i..,v, d ri* lou ly al eloofl
rioua body punishment
i:. tore tha b* II Dui d< ? c t to the r.iit.-n
wlth cuttlng hooka :""' Morgaa waa
? wflnl Ifl bis
i "i ner.
ln th? secdi - Morgan al
i ee a ith a Bolld rll I croaa lo lh*
jaw and followed thla wlth :i atralghi
'- n to lha mouth. Dundea trled ho g< I
ovei wlld *.?? that. bad thev landed,
, p ended i itti i - then and tb* re.
? - ? '? '?
It Wfl
' |< ftfl
di ir lf< ?
i.... in tbi laal
two i '
i from
, m "ith. ll - i ? ' ?
Tc lart l Dundea w? nl ? I
faii ?? in Iik* a tigi i Jump*
Ing, Jabblng and Bwlnglng In I i
al alipi ad to
his ki ? and
? He
rer. aa 1 _ hia
orner. 1 .
! foifai'li n
Both boya ton
I rOUl t tO thelr
.i. . fl in i.i" irnlng.
Dundefl 1 lenl
. ai 'i H waa a th dMB?
i t tbe Briton au oal ? ' lo land.
Toward th* lorgao i.'";> lo ian
' w ho b . ? ?
even round.
Dundea ? forca lo
. .1 * ll-l . <
. I , ? .
In i l
? U orga ? 11
i . . I
jim.; ?
- ? end of
v Dundee al
b* ll.
.: d re
The (mal
? ? ? i
i and l'.'\ i ' 'ronln kept the
? rowd ! ? Both bo bacfl
? ? ? ? i - :? and I ?.-? way I
1 i
Both re
? i ard blo* I '
. | ? Parelll had
two knocl
ln .i'
. and honoi ?
... . ?
The fleml-flnal ei
Ti -Li I t, of
? - H i|. i looked
? . . i
? do*n ln the
? ? mora
than held I to the i I
Perfection of Detaila Attained
in American Oaif,
i . . ? detall and hand
. - ?
ni ?? ni.la "i i h" li ? _ai lon
..I - The \ i. ? i lea n i raveller
Ui.alni. ? i > Ain-i leai tourl i limouaina
ar.i thi Am* 11< an bco il coupi ara aa ln*
. . ttona nl the
. . . lta ? Indlcntc tbe
compl '? ? of thls lu a ii
Bodj ' olonlul iimoii.-iii. i- ' ?. foui
,',,.., i, . pa ? ng< -. Iuj iphol
, . ,| in nneal qualltj ?;? il flkhi
ta or Imported whlpcord, two electric
doine lighta, electric clgai llghter, electrh;
, ,,,ii.. lutor ri erlng o ?!?* aklnK
. | . . i.. . ? - . flowei vaae
- . ..??:' I i I.I 1 1.1-1 I.i
The two
li -. . unuauallj
I',,,,, miri'i Kle*l : Ing and
, , ? ... i,i. te - ii. BtoraKe
. . : itor, iipplj lni? 'II
lainpn ami electrleal de\ Icei i >0 IVur
,,, r combination . lo u and 100-mlle
two aho* !.
M... pump and full llB* ol
Motoi i'"ii ?x llndera caal In |
,, <i offael. bora ? , Inch* a
? iroke ?! Inchea; water cooh -i i
iaal ?'".!' tO-horaapowei al I.OOfl
iona a mn.
.; aolene Supplj Twenty foui aallona,
,,., | r]| .... i- - rve ? upply, eon
, ? .; . .
,. i-i. prea o- maln
. dr pump drlven from
' end of < ''m aha I
DO ..,,,.-: -? - -. hls ln aump "f mo*
,,,, .,,',,| . luxlllarj tank
i ,.| ricatlon < lear di Iven oil uump con*
tained ln ?? wlth atghl feed on
toehoard ollina all boarlnga and cylin
,l,.r>. Th* re .nl) two nxpoaed rlea
, . Tranatnlaalon and
. ni ial i un i" non-rliiid "il
, 'ontrol i > i thand di h e and i ?
. . arorm and a* rtor
..i .i throttle levera
?,. w ..,., i i,n a atatlonai > aee tor, f-...t
r] h ' ? mei --im ? I
\ |,,.,| 1 Iu Ol '? I ?':' " l""v ''led.
I'olor Optlonal
Clearance Kleven and one-half lachflfl
under entlre length.
Tinker Takes Over New Job,
with Bright Prospects.
Yankccs Sign Three Young
Players for a Trial at
Training Carap.
BVHIie l-as. hall BT??* have express.(1 the
opinion that a ttVB manager and a eapalile
shortstor^ WON all tliat was needed to
make tha Ctacinnati club a eontender for
ii.- itu pennant Jo* Tinker hi likely to
iill h.?th wants, BO l""k o'lt lor the Rada
it la potnted out that Hold?aal at Brat
la an acknowledgad otar, tbat Bgaa ai
?flCfl?d in I.ettor than tho BVeTBga.
tl at McDo??d at thlrd is a most promiB*
Ing player, that Beacbar, Bataa and Mar*
?ana bn Btrong. hard hittin* outheldera,
and tbal tba dub la woU fortlned wlth
pitcbera k good oatebor i* aeadad, hut
BthflrW?? Tinker should hflVfl little cause
for worry beyoad Um Buparcritleal "iau_"
of Cincinnati.
tf watvera can bc obtalned oa Oroarar
_audern?lk and Harry Chapmaa by tho
Cincinnati elub, they wiii ba bradad to
Loulavllle for Mordecal Brown, aoeordlng
to b rumor last niKht. .1"- Tinker is
eager i" hava Brown on his team, and
William X.al. of LoulavlUe, la aaid to
hava expreeeed a ailUngneaa ho make the
deal lf arrangementa can ba made.
Bet t Toolev, who waa reralled by PUI
Dahlen, manager of tiie Bupflfbaa, from
thfl NflWarh tenta ot the International
League last fall, waa latarBed yaatarday
to tliu Indiatn.
Chaiiey Comlakey, owner of the rhicairo
While .S.'T. says tl.at plans aro tinoVr pan*
-!-l. ration f?r enlarKing hia park. whleh,
if tarrie.l out will lnsuro a flentlns CBpafl*
Ity of 15,100 persona. The COBl WOUld he
. oae t" I800.000.
Mr. Comlakey is sald bi hava made up
i . mlnd lhal ihe aeatlng eapadty of the
park ?..i - i"" amall al thfl Bunday gamea
played between his elub nnd the Chicago
i n.e city aeriea of IMI and tins
year. la the former caae there. wara -?,?<*)
lai-i admtaalona, wh_i m..re than IMM
Othera, Who aoughl to t-ee thfl panie. w-re
t irni .1 awi
Xom Davta Becretary of tha New fork
ranke* announea. yflatflrday tbal Ibree
young playera, J- Ftnley, P. Martin and
i Orton, had algned eonaracta for n-xt
?;. I'.nlev, of thla dty, and Orton.
from Jereey City, bta _ihatdMra, and Mar?
tin. of Brooklyn, la a pttcher. The trio
Will gei n trlal on the aprin;' trainint* trip
and probably will ba farmed out later for
?!', .1 g.
Bube Bfarfljuard haa broken oul again.
Thla time I guot* d as .- tytng ln Chl?
? _
? i ... b th blg i,..K'ie basebal]
i tlred of belng the poat i baaa
had - i ough Qf MflOraWfl roujrti Ftnff. and
-i tha Olanta. They aay I am
. ,i for fkrMa, but i aavflf i?aid
m , b* i am rigned np for two mora
that'a aii tha good it "Ul ao
. , ?ta ? i MeOraw. Why, MeOraw
idii rtcca la Vfludevtl-fl that
i $4.buH in a ahap arlndow,
. pretty hard Joll Bl Smd|fcrraH?'. Pred
I-. it. i tr* atmenl fr..m bla man
Xh ?? ealmlj ani ouaeed _* aa*
, ie. vrrled on Januai f 17. Mar*
I do* - nol n- 'i fl preaa ai ?
co ? i nlng i'i inh i' ince
bo rmwa
i. nnoun ed i- lha
. i, i: v.atlon for eleven
tar at Toronto, Montreal,
Hamllton, Fort Brie, Wlndaor an-l Ot*
tawa, which aill Inaura almoat contlnu.
.?ns ia . M to Beptembei tt,
'j- ledal aa 1
to Batu la;
jui " ?"'. '*>
4. lo '
Toronto 8 Iturdl M ?
Montri ?' v. ? di - ada
\\.,!-. di v lun* ii
Hamllton Wedneadav,
Julv 2
b> 11 Erl* I'li'l ''?? '
?'?''? :| , .
'"? '"
, July 3
l umilton Baturday, J ily M, Ifl I
,\. _m -.!-. , August t>. te
w I,,,! mi - i viRii.t 1*5. to aatur
, it . ? v. dm day. Auguat ... W
\\ ,-in. -.i.i.. Beptembi r \
Montn i Bnturdaj Beptembei ? M
. s- iti ml ? !? II
io Baturday. Beptember 30, tfl aat
?' '-'"?
Enti le? ara pourlng tn from al ?--? ?
the ? ountl V for tbe national
Indoor i bamplonahlp gamea. whleh
ara to I U - place at tbe I2d Etagimeni
an Januai > ?. tVord was re
? eat* rday ti..m Philadelphia t?
the en- t thai ii"- Oermaatawa v. M
i' \ axpe* ta to aaad *li men t<> eompeU
ln the dlfferenl avanta Bntrlaa hav*
b??n r.Ived from Cornoll and M?r>
ceraburg Acadamy, whlla POrdham, Har
i/ard, Naie imi tha Univeralty of I'enn
aylvanta hava applled for entry btflaka.
Howard P. Draw, tha aagra oprlntflr
and Alvah C Meyer ara among thos*
entered la ihe rpecial T#*yard <i-sh al
: . fame* of Btayva?pi Hlgh Behool, 11
tha TIbI Rflgb_flBi Armorj to*morroa
-\ enlni
Jobnn ? Kllbfl ie. "r ' levebuid, thi
featherwcighl champion, ami Jobnn)
1 ?iiiid-e, nl' tblfl City, have h.-n mal- I.
I.- flghl twenty rounda for the feather
welghl title in i"s Angeiea, where KH
bane won Ihe champlonohin from Ai"
\n,.|| The hunt will take place ll
\t.i ii. hut no date ha* been aet, except
. mui i be after Aprll 11
K\,. i n.-n's conducted b) M<
Indlcat* I al phi leal edm al oi
-ni Bymnaatlca Berve nol onlj foi ? d*
lon ?,.rn .?' the mn- lea, i.u foi .hai "i
the i-iain a- well lt Ifl '.inilns < vldenl
ln the oplnlon "f thbi authority, 'hat ai
.,,,,,1,1 he devotud to muaculai
.. a- t-- un- iie-i ai exerelae, an<
thai ? hlldn n aiiouin i egln reading ami
uiiiinu onls aftei thej are Bine yeara old
Miiaculnr fatlgue exhlblta phenomena
.' .ti. -I wlth inielleriuai tailRiu-. hlarv*
cella ahoa a tendi n?*y to rest everv ieti
-,., .m-i'i. Ii la probable that only pari oi
ill. hrain is actlve al a time; the vari-.n.
' parta n lleve one anoth* i Tiie atora mo
i. an) animal'fl extremltlea are tha
ii nri intelilgent, oiher thinga b* inc equal,
|_J ll;.:; e_a Weeklv
i-vi K vi-ii iimihsinks. ne* cara, f?M
-nilih aervti ? ipa* lal ie lh< aira ... -ii- r?
Brtellege of atopplag aaa heui fo* aa
< . ,,i.i- ,.f paekarfl mr. in
Vorl rilllNK. PUAZA '-?IIMI _
r M i s I l*?* HlN*i * All i-i im. hour
um.ni11***.. ni \? i' itaaoaabla
,i . riauffeur and > irel ii
, i. i ui* RK, -" Baifl lomii at ?rin.n?
IlKNT "'h.iiiff.'iii ?Hh 10 v-ai. re?
,,,,?. tiaa Paertaaa llmoualaa. BOT
i. T?l -.'??'I t'ou'inbu..
?A Ull
I- r
r. .i:
L7ty iJtt, Jlanq ePlrrttrtic^n aYtUrntU
Z$it SthAp/LCCiXLtcom.
Ql iVhtit tiPotvOftCLCfrt.
: =_j
Changes Make for a Liveliei
and Better Game.
King and Ferriter Victors in
Afternoon Match After
Hard Set-To.
t ito polo, iimier Improved eondltlooa,
made its raappaeranrii ln Madleon Bguare
Qarden yeeleiday atteraooa and i?Ht
Right Tbe Nr.st changa was in the Koal
poata nflMTrowed from !" feel to I fi pt, ao
thal it waa not a* all an eaury matter te
-wora, Tbe balla were harder aad Uvetter
an.l a 1*00*1, solid whru-k frequemly seut
tho ipbera half way down the arena.
Tbere n,.- a battery of iiKht cara, aii
differentl) r*okn*ed, bo tbal tba aetaya
v.iii.ii marbed tha laal game paayad bi
tha Qarden were aba aot When a car
broke doam?and there were a doaen Bueb
tlmea ta the couraa ol tha aftiirnooa and
aveaing -there waa another t"H>i\ t.. po
Auto polo under theae conditloafl proved
far more attraetlva than p**e*?1oualy. it
waa a liveiy, hard-fonKht conteat in tba
atteinoon. with Betta Klng aad Clyda
Parrlter takinfr an miw lead. Two goala
wera acoreal in the n i st ten mlnuta perlod,
but Walter Sterllnir an.l ciar.-nce Jack
-oti were not to b- so i. j.itly BBatOn,
.la.-kson's powerful aVnl was reapoafl -
Ma for several lontf drlves that nltimate- j
ly roMiltod ln thla team scortnp tbrea
proals ln the a'cond perlod. Wlth Klng
an.l Parrlter gettlng two -foals in th*
third to one for tbeother team. tbe acore
was all fl*Hiare and 801 h fltdfl BlOO BCOred
,i goal in tii.' fourth.
In the llnal perlod, bOWaVCr, King and
Perrltei ? llnched tha va toi i h.ini
died hla litti.- mai.hiti" ln maaterly faah- j
ion. while Parrlter taiiie-i tbrea goa - tol
win by a soore of s t<. .". ln tha Bnal.
perlod l-Vtitter n.ivr- a tine ezhtbttlon of
drlbbBng, onca carrylag the ball hall
down n ?? garden. ln tl
. .- neai I] turned over,
Klni and Parrlter ?*,n the evenlng -
. of i_ to ii. and only thro
tho most reeMeea playln** ln tha ltnal|
perlod. Bterllng and J aeaaon bad ?.d
two R".!!*1 ni aaeb of 'he Rret tbrei perloda
and three in the fourth, wblla King and
Parrlter bad made th.-n goala li ?',. 1. l,
_? order, laavlng tba totai at tba and of
tba fourth perlod t? te 7 ln favor >>! tb*
foi IIHT.
King and Perrlter In a deeperate al
templ to pull tha game out of tha ???
amaabed late tba eaat goal, hiok.- ap balf|
of the i. ii. ? at tbe weet aod et tba am*
phttbeatre aad put two cara ont. of com*
mlratfofl Oaca durtag tiie flaal atruggle
tha oppoetng machlnea cama togethei
with a eraah at the east end and tha
ateerina ure.r ef Bterllng an.l Jacnaon'e
machlne waa badly damaged. Beveral
tunes tho cara came Hrttbln an aee ef
turaing turtle, Se leaa timn ata ma
ehbaaa were uaed ln i_u>t nigiu's gaaaa
i;.-..iK" Bohartaoa, tbeweU knowa drivec
of raeing cara, wbe referoed tba after?
noon conteat, offi red ia>t ntgnt to ?o in
for b trv at driviuf*. itoberteoa Brai mM
ba would pjo on if Balph de Paloaa, wbo
i> recorertac from Illnaaa, wottld drive tha
other car. However, :t i* iik.-iv thai
RobertBOfl will tr\ his skil! against one
of iiio regular drlvera aome da} next
i- rom The Beltbaera s.m
'i.,,.- la leeky la aaeurtaa aa able addli bb
to lt* fa.uliy, Mr. Taft fortuaate in fln.llti
. .-onganl*! poaitlon w har* hl* legal talenta
wiii inne a Beld fer tiiair aaeieteo Bla ->
eeptanee of th* Kent profeeaenadg of law
,i apeeee very ii-ppiiy of tbe probiom of what'
we .- .all <1o wlth that ex-l'rasident. _
Will Produce Motor Car Parts in
Garden During Show.
Six-Wheeied Car Runs fronn
Indianapolis to Columbus?
New Truck Bulletin,
Tho a.tn.il turnin? out of anto-nohll*^
parta* maehln'rg rough casting* to th*
ttalahed produet?win b? one ,.f tba m.ft
mte******ting featarea of the n.otor traaH
week ..f tha Carden Bhnw nr\t trtonttt.l
Ottgtnally It bad been Inten.led to r!-*1**
this axhlbit, whftoh WlH bo atuRod by th*
National Marhine Tooi Bulldors' .\;-so*-i.
ation. in the Grand Central Pala-e, but Itl
has been found that the ijatden la Mp>
tor adopted to .-are for lt.
Bo greal aiU he the a*ele*bt of tha nv
chiner* rteeaaaary te tha exhlMt um lt
wonid baea lequlred apeclal Ooorlog at
tiio palaoa aod tbare was a o.;i*>_tion of
?ecuiing adequate power. Al the rjardaa
M . m ho placed in the beaeenenl ?
apeclal preperatli ?
The oj.otatiO'1 of tbe i- ? >
aurely prova of Intereet to vbdten m
many of the ptecea turned OUl 1
beoome nart* of l -'f rari
. - .... on exhlMttea on the main haw.
There <rtll '>o machlm ? for I ?
me. drllllng and wi Idli - plannaa
to bava the exhlbit an annu l
the bt| Bhoara
,\ tn id* -' little publl* atlon
h to groa In Importanoi T afol i
Truck Club Bulletin," arh
made its appearan* e aa the -
of the ?>! tanlaation II
i. rlowlend, who -
i.ik.- the club, it-- ' ?
lha Intereeta of tb< t u. t
;.. fnithei tba '.>?- of i ?' ????
\ i i. I: ? i
I an ' ?
hii.iii compn i -; l|1'1'"
,,, ,,?.. - from Indlan*
tl pita whera I) waa butlt, t,. ; ia boaai
rtty, Tha earller i Raaaai
m.im ,i v eai - arlth two ? ??>'*
added, but the a
ommodata tha full aiiot
metit of w-ii. .is. and la aaid te ba ?'* t'-irlr
, ? j ,-,-itiit Reevea i* thlnli i ? al
brlnglng tbe car te New rorl I flB-BP
i - n during the fl boa perl
- B
!-,.,- .. |.i many years now *ai
bava had tha cona *a ln ardar B?
determlaa -???? atlfkaiy the aiiuiaaaaadg
condlttona of popalatlon at boaae bb*
throUgbOUl tba world. Some of the *'??
turtl* b !? latla . to tha pr**-porti ma of tha
aexea Ib dlfferenl ijarta ara teteraataag.
The totai populatloa of tbe * *rid ia
eatlmated to be l.W?.BBf,8fla, and tt.. rr*
portlon iJ m d tfl bi UM ?l
women. _,,. .-.
Th.- proportion ?,.r*
lordlna to th* reglon. 1" hlurope ?'?*[?
ar. for .... I I ' "-' w<__^____
Vfii.a. 1.045; Iii \m.i!> *, L-OI. ln A*1**
881 ln Auatralla, 9K. ,_..__, _._*
Tho maxlmuro feminine populatfon *??_
t ...,t..la. where I omlnJLa
each LOOD men. an i ': /
?old countrles of itoto aad Ib ?W*
there are found only ?!?_*?
women. reapectlvi , to each ..*?' "i?n
Harper'a W**___l_ -
Wlll rclain Ih* l*>1*t ,n ?n,,r
l?_ /ero weathar fer 8 "?ara
<mi-," taliiahle BCOB. OAIJOLWB
?lii.i Bflarb aaw. M
Price SI.S.OO-Ford Cars $.0.00
101 Ti>?l 60th B*m ><?" ToHl'
?!*? ( oltinihii*.
? I_T _M"**_ * 1 f^_T A D1RCCT0RY Of
?r: taa rara Beh I Bold for
>, or i iikik ki:ai i \i i t
Para comprlae Renaulta, PackarUa, I'.-r
i ...? M.i.'is Buiek*. .'iidiiiM-? Forda
chalmera, atttcheila Hudaoaa, Maxwetla, *>?
M r'fl Kiai-d. >-. Oarforda Moona, Hapi
biiea Atn.. Taal. rmi?an*. Praaalera.
rtiumaa S'atlonai*. Oaklanda Columblaa, T
rroxton-Keaton* Itaawell-Merearya. kjoraa.
Ralalera, Oraona Maxwella. N 9, I hletoi
ryel*. Biati-1 liun'i Mlaa Thla Crppertaaltjr!
Ooen Huoda.T*. II lo * ?
T-lephon-. r,4_-1-,48 Col
i:\< kptionai. BUUM-Mfg EN 13999 * MM
To make room for our nrw modot* Wlll
aavrlltee all uaed and ae.-ond hand car* on
l.and ln Bfder to ateve thia week; prtc**
rjnr* freaa ISM up. ?___ .
i surt Broadway. ife* Terh City.
I am aning away for th. wlnl.r and wlan
to dl?pei. of mv c*r. Fullv equlpp.d and ?*
?ood -? aear. wlll ?<n et * bnrgain prtea
MR. BKIXERB, latl Broadway.
?Plion* Bl*6 Col.
ariiott OP mi.. 4% h P Toariaa Ca*r,
f.ill e.|iilii;>ed .irellent condition. p>"*l
llvel) ne deelara i McORATH. 8fll Wfaal
IMth - !"? lephona 81*8 luduhon
arKgT rilUr. V. Bt 0. A. ln.IUi.1u*! road
work Small Rhop ' '!??*... Send for book
I.t. 300 Weat 57th at. Thon* 79J0 Col.
Used Cars for Dlicrlmlnate Buytn*
I9CI (.. .1. *i. Kereabeul.
ISU linirk Beadeter.
1*11 Wnrr.-n l?e|r..ll Koml.l.r. >.-.
I -II Ahhott llei roll 1 |iH??rn_er.
1911 Warrea ii.tn.it ft Beeaengae.
if.it 1 1111I11..1 8 iia*??*iiB?'1 ?
1 iii I'r.mler 8 paaaaager.
181 1 Airo ft paaaaagae.
1911 fTudNon ft |????.n?.r.
IIIIO Thnma? S pa*.ena.r.
1910 (laUlan.l Road.t.r.
IIIIO llinl-on lloa.l.l.i. Hiinibl* "*'?''
1909 Mereedea 7f?-!?o ll. P. ft aaaa*B_aa
1909 Hat 90 II. r. Toy Tunn.au.
l?an_- u I nnd inl.l H ..'>.
1***1 BKOAOM AV AMI 10 WKM *l_JK
A.?MON'THI V l'\VSIr:>T* ^
We l.avr a numle"' of 1*11-1* _???!!
?n.htiy u?-d aatemoMI** ti>?t ??*? rJB/%,,'T,r
of on niomhly pay men ta; u f?? of our "^
? alna: ll*i? Hotehklaa, 7 r__??7_T_ _H
Tflio Pearl.-.*. 7 paaa-mcer. If.o-xv 1*18 L^
irnhlla llniou.lne. Iik* now. ?I.?U?.
Chalmera. t bodl-*. 81.100
<o-orKRvri\K DSRO f:AB <%,*
T*l.. foi.- rto.':' Blith flooi -'??"? ?%?iJ_
vor Hiiorin HAV8I \ aarf J?P
I .mii c,l \i: \NTIM-: Ui""' io mak. ia?
.'VRIIiiN. in- r- ..- om.'l.n. i and r;'*
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H nl' HMOKTNM. -_?
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