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Plead Dispatch of Instructions
ple as Reason for Delay.
Minimura Deniands of Balkan
Allies and Maximum Offer
of Ottoman Delegates
Still Far Apart.
I ?? 20 THe peace eonfor*
beid a brlef aeaalon ?
Turt, i, ,'. ? | tea amao-Beed that
rrom Conal tntln i ? :!!l courlor:
therafora adjournmanl nntll Baturday
.-,. bj whlcb time the Inatruo
liona ahould reach London.
Newa laal aighi ftom the Ottoman
lt?] waa to effaet tbal the gov*
8a*-B_enl is eaapowerl-i the di ilegatee
i wlth tha Befotlatlona wltb
the Oreek ns well aa wlth the Balkan
pientpotentiarii . This declalon tendt
Utard i" bi e, aa there haa ba n ?
j-iiion that thr Turks wara man.itiv-r
ing for ibne, ao that they might
gtrengtben thelr army.
The ott.miati governmanl la rapartad
U>] ave authoriaed lta delegatea to pro
poaa al tha ne_l aeaalon ot tbi confer
efjee tliat Adrlaaople and all tha other
baalaged Turklah toarna ahall be ra
tualled, and if tha propoaal la not
epgad by tha dolagBtaa nf the Balkan
alHaa, to braak atl nagotlatirma
it u thought bara thnt ahould Tur?
key carr. har patnl la regard to re
vletual_ag tha g_rrteon uf Adrianople
it wouM barply thai tha paaaaaalon of
thnt fortreea would _lt__atahj ramala
wlth the Turko.
Gulf Difficulty to Brldge.
Wlthoal eutaMa medlatlon it i
liiilB-Blhla bcw to btidgt the gull di*
vtdtaa the mlnlmum demanda of tho
elliad __lkan - ?? maximum
. ? of tha Turks, it' thi bo demands and
thls offer are to be accepted at thelr
The eo?ferenca hi now In aaaotly the
aame posltlon aa tho Portaaiouth oon
tei the Ural week'- work.
'i . dlfferenl parUea are d.iiiy foellng
' -sive
hlov .
i;;,,i. , i - atrongly recalla Count
Wltb - ahrewdneaa, whlle th< i
premier Vt ...?:?< c in be i ompared
H K.'tnuta on accoant of _ia oool at
calmnesa There
ntf .....,..,;.,_ pe*"8r*TTTVlrtf< s.
Daneff, chlef of thr BuUratianaj is
ii tmerio?a p ilftii .. . Noi
. the ex-Premli i
txperlenoed al ? the Monteno
Miyuskovith. a keen dlplomatlat,
nlr\K some of the
.:.;-.-. -i diagual at
the way affalra were dragging, whlle
Ave arinlea and three baalaged citlea
? endurlng all tbe aufferlnga of war
and the reapectlve countries w^r* a
prey to deeolatlon, n_aary and death
\ Bulgartan delegate ohaanrad that
tha Turks arould _ad thetnaolvea much
m_taken if tiiry dalayad thr eonfer*
a?ea in tha hope of Btro?gthentng th^-ir
urmy wlth troope from A8?u Theai
rrinfc-rrrmrnts wara chlafiy eoanpoaed
pf vBdtsctpllned Baah?Baaouka, wbo
would proVO a Berloua danger not to
Ihr 8B8?0/i bul tO th*- Turks thi "i
in the mean thna the alltea ara <*on
rentratlr.jr. giaater fOtPCea al.-ng the
TobataMJa fronl to enahle thrm, if war
l? resumrd, to arrlvc at ConaUntinoplC
within a faw daya.
To Provoke Intervention.
The prevatllng oplnlon is thai the ?
j: .u? paatnanamenta have bt
iv ith thr ultei ? 1 ol provo?Ing
h tervention farj tba powera. Turkey
lt..pes t.. obtaln hetter terma thn
il-e liaWBia. BOme "f whom have v?al
interests ln the Ottoman Etnpire. B
sldea* Turkey WOUld oonsider II
htimiliating to cede torritory on pn
rnire from the powera than at the com*
|_8__ of thOBO Ball BB B " hlch
v.re gaptsted to the .m world
n tii raeently aa negllglble quantli
Criticism for Italy.
Tbe P-aikan delegatea, eBpeciall:
Bcrvians and Montenegrina, expreaa
Itsaatlafactlon with tho statement
made oa Wednaaday bj Ifarqula dl B n
ciuiiano, the itaii.m Porelga Mlniater,
ronoernlng the a?na of tbe Trlple Alll
anoe, and raaaarked tbal Italy held a
um poattloa tourakd the Balkan
states. having bereett rioea froaa noth
ln| to a BataonaIlty through tba union
. : ktagdeaaa Thay expected her eup*
pari in 8 similar moVOenenl by the lial
Itana, whoaa reeurrection li now oc
? _niag aa ptadlctod by tbe great it-u
i;,n thinker and BgttatOT, Ql_S8Ppa
Matzini. when, in hls Slav letters ln the
middle of thr nineteenth < ?ontury, he
nw the Ba?bui pooplaa onltlng to
expel Turkey from Burapo.
ln voi- Ing th. Ir ..hje.tions, tboae
, .t that the ItBlian |
? rt.maal has foUowad a policy str
favorable to auatria by renawtag tbe
?;. Alllanee aavaa months baforo
date "f Ita exptratkex in<\ has mad.'
'lta slatctniiit thireon just at the mo*
47 Hospitals Hang
Up Their Stockings
plaaaa B8B_ al aaca your abara,
large or amall. to iirip b-rare New
York's Gift of $200,000 tO 47 lead
mg hoapttal*. Tbe moaey is di
vided on tbe i.aai.s of the FYae Work
done by each for the Blck Poor.
J; no ^ives ojw day ?-! bogpital > nro.
.CH.\ll_K!* I.AMKK, Ire?i? 5? I r_?r St
BOS. ITAI> :nri'ri>\^ _."#_ BUNDAt
--1 \'l ION.
Mll>>. g?MJM M'KVI.K, 2.17 Mii.liM.il \v?
Tr.a*urrr, Hoin?n'? A.i\lllarj.
ItOHMIl OI.VI'M.WT. frraldeiit.
nmt when tha fat< of tl
I, whlle ot thi
. .ti people ara I
Belken ,; the Itallan relgntng
houae la intli telj bound to th
Uontei Bi r ? lo.
Greece's Special Status.
The Oreek i mon
rompllceted thon tho ? other
? ? ey Include the quea
li..n *.f capltul ? whlch
Qreece a ' "' ,!l''
Balkan leei
? ? Thi
Inally Impow *1 on Tui the R<
ibU< ? ? ? ? ' ,|'' ex" ;
emptlon from toxotli n for forelgn aub- i
? i.rivi- :
legea. <Ireeee la r. ady to a
clonoa li tl prom
lalng to renoui ce the rlghl to . npll - :
lotlona when the 'era '?" tne
Another <;:" k di lei rrlv* i laal
night H.- broii '
to i'.. ii, er Venl? oa. He :- R
? ?
ni.l an ?
tor Hiil". ..: < ;;? ? ?
The omboaaadi ra of th* l Euro?
pean pi.v ? ra dld nol meel Bii "
Orey at the Brltlah Fon Ign ??:'?? ?
agaln thla ofti rnoon and th
untll after ?!hi latmaa.
Eight Thomand Followen of
Heliodorus About to Sue
the Holy Synod.
Bi Peterab ra. Dec. i i * ?
. 11 th'.il.'V Church la I
through the ui U
monk :
? il fow
... i annoum n-j hli ?? Ithdrawal
?! , . irthndox Chun h. Now hla
followen, to the numbi i of elghl thou
aand, hava notlfli d th? Holy Bl
;? eli Intentlon to qull the (rrthi flox
Church ind of a ilng the Holy Synod
for $260,000 In tbe event ol l ? Byi
Ti | ,-,- ?? the Provlnci ol 8
whlch woa bulll bj the 11 ople, Into a
i or b hoo]
p]( i of H< llodorua I
im i" the ' pctobrlal
dlng a publlc
trial foi Hello inclng
the "profanati l H
French Journals Tell of Mili
tary Concentration.
i. .?. || - a i om I ? ?? ml er
i.;,,, ;. , r\ |_r*j ln the i Itlea of
Southern Prai
? ? ? ry 1
ioin tl ?
'i he ???>) ? '
Boanlo and Rereego**1nn la atlll
pui I, atcorciiup; to tii*- i orras
at Budopeot of '" i ' Ibi rtd '
Auatrle'a moblllaatlon Includea four
nray oorpa on a war footli i i ?
Ben lan trontl* r, 1
GaUcte, foolng th< i faonl
Young Turks Gaining Strength
in Constantinople.
Dtll Opll DO
V'lalerota of Kiamil Pm
;\ Ith . "lia;. '? Tl ?? \ OUng Tui -i i'i.
ra galnlng l and ha .?
?i. *-.. rt< ? hlm. 1
tolk heri
. ? . newal of tha
to aa
tha invadi i out ol 1 h i a and
? ? r
valllng n moi
tentlonfl ? ? ?
mrrely clrcul I ptlon by !h?
- in !-" ?
Kepo i | ? lla.l.aM .. ,
Ing dlfflc Ity ?? r ara
eogerly dia<
and Qtet l. ai e d
? all ihe
Financial Aid Neccssary to Ro
habilitate Government.
. ngton, I"
a to the
v :, . : ? IhOI ' "
loan ooi i?? ' een 1 t?l Btatea
nn.l Nleoragua may
proTol of tha h* ? the Onanclal old
o* .merlcan b i . lo re
habllltatfl tba govei .1 dovelop an
. i. of proi peiitj ln t .?? r< pi bll
udatory of tha United
luda for the parl
played by thbj goTernment ln cruahlng
tli?* rffnt rerolutlon
Tba Aaaenbly formeHy declared Adolfo
IMaa aii.i Fernaado Soioiznno alocted
nt oi
on l ?*?? ? Pfltoei lutlon .?f i-onil
d< i ce in Pre Idenl D i wa un inlmo i I'
adopted thi Aai mbly aml his oourao
during tha revolutlou waa alao Itadoraed
i Dloa'a m w. t. nn b* Blna Jan
nary L
Mayor of Havana Arrests Mon
Sent to Chalenge Him.
Freyra An*
drade, thi n< a m.. ? of Ha rana,
... ? ? national
eaatom of duelllnj Cotooel tdenuel
arnaaf aat loyor y* a*
terdoy. H<
rrnnrodao. for whom ha demanded fl
potntmeota The Mai oi lo eom*
ply arlth bla demand, and InduLgi d ln
aan aatle i omm* ata on thi reteran
tor i.iii..-. Then anaued an acrlmonloua
.i ... 111. ?
coiutifi Aranda to-de) at al to
to tbe Mayor, v>in> promptly ai t> at< d both
.?f tli.'tn and .?.iniinitt.'i tbera to Jall tne
llayoi ? .. t."i. i bj i??'. ? iclta
iii.n* in ii.. hlgheat Boclol and polltlrol
.:" k ai.'i hla furthi i acthtflj la
arltra Inteaai Intareal T i afayor aoyfl
that he la fullj dateindned t*o eatarca thi
antl-duelllng law, regordleaa ?jf conae*
QU4 n<
fate of ti." aviator* The h
up tht
ib ' '
( ?1|?H reaaa "'-' P"8?.
Detectlvea Breni Dal
Mlirr were the men named
B, fai aa the slon told bj W<
Kaplan wned, ll ?
a. saUon thai an> ol I. |..i.-'
. a brlbe, bul
nmlBtakabli I ~ ' ':i
through all th' i
that the m<
.. .\ -? Harowi
been ruggeated lo them bj Captain
McKinney, waa goim lan
off tbe pollct
Kaplan would n ' ?? '
with Bmlrllng end bls ?
waadifferent Although on Lh.
,-,, ,,, Blng B ng, Bmlrllng awore tnat
appt ? b. by< or and
Brennan, who came i r,','r"
I . ptaln Ui Klnnej wltb
thai ha, Bml ni
List of Forty "Fencts."
Iln Bmirlii t, who ?
heard the convei
husband and tl i t"
roborated his stot . Hei
not arrested ui I I
Bummei Accon
i ennan mi ~ ?""
posal thai Bmtrlini I l taki
B|arj 0f >?".'" ? .' mi
? i
the i rospe tivi wl< tlma of
i ?. M K
.. K
... I the i
all thi
ot tneir lawyer, Haro Its I
, ? Kaplan dli
? i.
,..,??, t. ?
irrcat. he I
nid he I
Harowlta waa tl ;
? ii pull wlth the
Where the Detectives Came Ir.
i -1 was
Kn, lan. Jut t pi' '?
. ? ?
ent of t
he api ralsi d al aboul
lt mltted that the
;. on June I
' !
I -
Bottl ;> i"1 teetivi
? i- alone b
?.' m to question 1 thi
. which
re led 1 II m ii he
moni v. - ; . i - rd ci
One i ea that II
l?p -!? nii\'. wai to warn Wi ;
thai he alao would prol
? - : tkal
. heard thai v.
-, ; v |i7j to the ? ? ay as
a rea, he told Welaa thai I
|100 t" t! ? hich he had air
Haro ild flx
thin?'-' so thai Wi
Spht with the Poiice.
The Brsi ? ? nl on pi
Harowlta ahould get tTaOO for Kap
lan'a release ta the police courl and
f?3O0 ii b ?. After Int
tie dlcker ln regard to the hond, how*
ilan v.i- ? fixi -I the total - ot I and
theat term For Kaplan'a re
leaae ln police court, ^500, .-tni f..r
keeplng Welaa fr.-m arrest, |400.
Harowlta told them plainly, both
. nd Kaplan awore that hr had
i - "sj Ht" thi
Bnd he aaaun -i them tbal then
. be more i
? ii- .? <-f twi. ,;.
ta wen n the affair.
Flnal arrangementa, accordtag to tha
Kaplan-Welaa atory, were thai We?a
paid |400 '" eacape arn and did
thereb) ? acape an aet, an.l thai I
paid 11,000 Into Ihe handa ol one l.
diit ea, a ht< h araa lo - gli en to
Harowlta for thr police, pro Ided be
was turned out
\ - ? mai tar af fa t, Kaplan was aot
turned oul ln the police court, and his
eaa w< ti t along t" the Crtanlnal Courta
Buildlng. where h atlll _, and, ao
Kaplan eould make it clear yeaterday,
his .?1.<kn> is sun ln tbe handa of Mar*
gouV .
Clung to "Immunity."
Iflchai la, thr Borvoua, fidt ?
tn.ui. a no aoted i d to i >
jumped upon aay mhHe, oatered tho
Lavvrence's Found in Sequcstcred Covc by F.shcmen.
and Kearnys Pickcd L'p by Boat-Latter
Drosscd in Suit in Which Willard Died.
? caP m '?' "' ?'? '
ind It lo i med that ha
..,.!" .1 ? ? to oavi
. ratber
. :? t in whlch \
... ? ... t out
? '
? ? : an autopay artlll oo
? ? ???
? ?!
icard by thi i onw
? i .].>
Hi named orer the H
. 18
.? the av:"
tlon *
npany. Bae
? ?
towatrd pll th* I ? -
? : ? I
.? ? .t t fl 11 n ?yoi< bi to ;
tn, b anod to a thai
?? equal footJng wlth I
. Dorian
!l*Mlt Of
, | l to ai
ou know an l irlon'fl
on. lt
"1 di
Bf ' ? ?
runrng hotel. ond a
? I ' r
t**B? ? ?
? , ? .
I ? . I ?
ihi nei |
? ? . -
ra leemfl Bro'-en M
i .? ?
, irict. wlll
. ? ?
the a
aften I
i i lt) Hall
Told Whltman Tiiat Hell
Get Back Pay, Too.
, . oi ai ?
Politics ?'
II... , . .
?I . ;
. ? ?
. ? . I i
* l
? '
? it II ? .an of
ole properl ' ,,r ''? ?'
i ?- i'.
[ could mt t mt a high np
v. bo hovi ?
i, . ,i ti. i . ? ind )>-? n .i
, i .
Becki ?? ama rule ap
? tha aehoo i ? ' an i aa<
?, Bpono. ? ??"? I.. "whlta
a* nt. ii' ed 1
ra i n yeara
i ? Judgfl
I, .; ; -? ma Hi waa
,, I'lsli-Alti' ll.an ??,rl.
i old.
'Frisco System Providtfj lor 01:1
Ago of 2 5,000 Employes.
, | . .,;, i,,, ri Twi it] ?llva thoU"
i nnd emi lo aa of lha a R dlwoj
. ordli l to ? bi li' nnouni o*
? ,i The plan win
thra on Juli L Itll
Phllavlolphlo, i'??<?? !'?? Tha Phllodol*
, hjji Reptd Trom H fJoo i- ny announced
i,,.,iav aaothor lne**eooa In arogaa lor Ita
,,. Mi..i..ri'i.ii aad urii'iu. lotfo, affectiei
January I. Tbooa w'1" hova bean In tha
. mora thoa fiv yeara win ba palc
, , ? .:: li,ui. all ln. KflUM "f tWI
n.-w mui will i ?..:_..?. ata
anta Tha a igaa of t)i*.?i
. i ?. ? f tt
to ii.in yeora w.u ba rmload in pfqior
SH BlB.lt
Says Sulzer Measure Will Pre?
vent Deliberate. Scientific
and Judicial Decision.
Seeretary of War, in Letter to
Adamson, Calls Plan Vio
lation of Policy of
rll ? i ? ?
B lablngton, Poe 18.?T|?
of v:.n jn.Lt_ publli ? . anmunlca* .
tion la whlcb ' th"
r i.iii providtag for ai idvance of
? i |)n* ln tl
pjr/ei fron tb* B itary t-? Wt al
H, . . ?, , f about three
,., ,,, |. . ?, 260 fi el
1 Wl un
?an, cbalrman of tl i'?? ll '
: ? . .
of tb*
? ? estlon
ahould be left 1 I Uarbor
?? v. ar and I
i now haa II
. ? ?
l ? '' lef f,i i-':
? i..- i ? i
j of the Bi
i ? M
N ar ?)''?
. ? ,ii,i i e
? .
nd not I
? ?
' ? I r->''
? ? . ?
.... Sli, n
Two Bridal Couples, Joined by
Lovc, Luok and a Few Dares,
Arrivo from Antwtip.
ridal roupl ? ?
had drawn lota 'i.-n nf
p on I ? i' : Btar llner \
nf coui ! nd a fi w dares
8 the bappy mar
P iinan. thirty
now th<
near i.- lewan. Ri
tron, 1
ti M th- m
t Ant
werp. I I
' '
other -- ? '"' * ben lt
"We, l la !
,- i? come hei
anl it the
? lh-. ran- h
pui up
Thi v ii- Bad "?
i and the anawer
from t; ?'??'?' in,,> Bngllah,
? i ou're on."
wll] tak< b l i ii ?' ? ? d tbi
Pootn ana
?Ma1 replled the
old family Blble araa I
i.,-ii, and in it w< i" pui two rlbona,
, ach i >'i!l s aama.
i;,,.-.. . pootman ?ir< w the rlhbon
? ,.|, . .? r. imi ? Lena, aged i Ighteen
* laaton, of cour ?? had to take ?'?? org
< tte, who ia lw< nty. Bvery one wbb
;-ii: n, ,i, and wlthln a faw daya the
fonr Pi ed for Nea v.-i k on
the Vadorland.
Muscovite Treaty with Mon
polia StTOngt? Objected To.
> 'H'o torms of tbe
I: ? ion "' N"v
a -.<? pui .'?
tht m o thaa
the staru hui I ? "!s ? bli h Rnally
li .t to Ihe 1 i war.
.. itun t.. a I ?? h the i 'hli ?
Chlna i
,,-.. the rlghl thej atve Ru_*
i | , , | and con ular guarda
... - ind t-. establlah
,loatofB ? Tha treal ?< m a orda tn
,: n sub ? ? ? dom to trad ? ? ta
u a maau?ictorlea, buj land, t.. arrang*
lon* for mlnlng, Bebtng and for*
, tti v, and for tba aavlgatlon <>f tho
Bowtng ini" Ru* lan tarrltory.
The Man Who Put Ihe
book fi - rht* i' "! N' "'* ''" bate
oa tb* i .ii'r' Hllt" bojrlna
J Tht- Aniisit.tir rWwderforTeadcr,
rr_d< Bara. \. :bi_j i 'eet Sold every where :ac.
Saraph iki.i'.. Addreaa,
?Mlis S. OI.MSTLD. Ie Hoy. N. Y.
German Emperor and Other
Rulers Attend Obsequies.
Munlca, Doe. t#.?-Tha body ef l*rtn*e
Regenl Luftpotd of Beeerte *va*? carrtod
thla mornlng tu Ma "sapulchre l.ene.ith tha
. itor of the Church of tii*> llhtaatiaoB, i?
thlfl dty, Where lt was lald heside that of
King BBOJcmlllon n
Tiip Clflflllian Fnippror. th-> Klnp of thfl
Etelgtana, tho Klng of Besony. Archduata
i"Tonela Perdlnond, Aoatro-Huntrorlan hetr
apporent, and ? number of prlneaa rep*
reeantlaa tbe royal bouaaa of Batrooe fol?
lowed th-> I'offln in thr prOCBBOlon, Whlcb
paaaed through **traeta crowded flrtthaUatot
.\!i tha tuna ni* pioceoalon araa aa tha
! way to tho i hurrh and also durlnit tha
. Bai'fllce mlntito minn **.rro Irod and th*
i church U-lls throuKhout tho clty wera
i toUed.
Althoiifrh diirinf- hlf* l!f> tV _ga|
! Prlnee rb ?^nt hod iodlnod t., ad-tapt the
I royal tltlo hoiaoso thr rOal RTtOg waa attill
j living. but nnabla to rale ao. *aeceoaJ of
] insanity, Bararta treated the deod **-**,
I poid with ktngly Itonora Tho fuaanj*
waa roaductod wlth all tha rltaal #m
ployod in tho oood fif deod BoTortaa aov.
arelgBsO, Includlna tha eacort attirod in
madawvol coetumeat arhUa tha <*>ffln Wa^
aecompenled by coarled randlabaoiaio
The beert of tha deod Regenl ua* *m.
i.ainio.i aaporntoly and Lnterred withthoa..
of many precedlna n.ivari.ni rulera .11 ti.
rlUoga of Ait-o. ttinK, arhi
ln a ithror 1 aoa boalda tha fonioua
of tha lloh Mary.
Boite Nature Holiday Packings
Havana Cigars
are the most refined and elegant presentation
of Cigars, particularly suited for gifts which
the donor requires shall have distinct indi
viduality. The natural Spanish Cedar is
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Boxes of solid character. Cigars shipped to
US in these. by the 1 N D E PJE N I) 1: N T
FACTORIES Ot; HAVANA, are of pre
eminent quality, made with the maximum
skill from the most excellent tobaccos o(
this year's crop.
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vatiuii-Library Car.
Portland and Puget Sound Express toC Portland, carryinsj Standard
and Tourisl Sleeping t'.irs, ;\r.<\ t!ie Colorado Spectal lor Dtlrreii
with Standard Sleeper ind Chair Car, leavc Chicago daily at 10 -0_
Thete tlircc luxurious trains are Operncd j"i:itly \>y the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Union Pacific Line
Standard Road of ths Weat
They leave Cbkago from Union Station, Canal Bnd Adama over a d-->uble
track system ol 90 \b\ steel rails, on a roadbed ballastcd with Dustiess
ShennanGravel; Autwnatk: Electric BlockSaletjr Signals; excellent din*
ing cars un aii trains.
Direct Roule to Panama Pacific Expoaition, 1915
C. L. COBB. G. A. P. D. * B. DeFRlEST. G. A.
C M & St P Ry. Union Pacific Kailroaa -_?
1200 Broadway 287 Broadway
N?w York, N. Y. New York, N. Y.
i ?
17 Eaat 14th St.
An exception-l opportunity is offered to iD
intending purchaieri of ? Piano or Player Piano ___?
ing tliis month at the above Warerooms.
A very SpecUl assortment of the most artistic
proihietions in faney woods, ln antiquc and modern
designa ii on display.
An Exhibition of Rarity
"The Purchase of a Krakauer is an investment
of a lifetime." \
Priees are not high. Terms at your eonvenience. j
Of other well known old and reliahle makes wl
have Twenty-foUI New Pianos and Pluycr Pianos to
offer. ranging in price from #llM>.oo. All i'uhy G***4
anteed. Terms very moderate.
Call at our spacious Warerooms and inspcet this
heautit'ul assortment of instruments. Every courtesy
will he extended vou, although you make no purchase.
Main Warerooms: 17 East 14th St
(Bet. B'way & Fifth Ave |
BRONX: Cypreaa Ave. & 136th SL BROOKLYN: 350 Liviagatoi. St

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