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[CopyrlKM. 1012. by The Trihune Aaaoclatlon. J
LXXII..Na 24,14:,.
To-<Iay and to-morrou, (air.
M...I, rat- northvA-.! winda.
Assistant District Attorney Says
Maier and Duvelier Paid
Janitor in Plot to Dis
credit Mrs. Goode.
John D., Jr.. Oives $30,000 to
Pay Experss Who Are Search
ing Police Records and Look
ing Into Graft Charges
for Aldermen.
T'vo men, Who gtvre their names as
I?n\j.i Maier, ol Na 401 South 6th
strert. Moon! Vi rnon, an importor. tnd
Charies Duvelier, of Xo. 6 West 11 Ith
rlreet, were looked up ln the West 47th
!-tr?-et police station late last night,
chaffled ' Hli having brihed Charies
Muller, janitor of the Marllu.rough
?perttBents, at Xo. IM WeM Itthlrtreet;
Tkta li the place where ^r*- Mhry
,;, ',.. ?ho recentty ga\<- -eneattonaJ
tartimony aboul vice condttiorii before
tii.- aldermanlc mmrr.Ittoe, fornterly
Hved Assistant Wstrict Attorney
Groehl vh*> WOM instrumental ln their
Hireet, nM the m<*n nre keepen of dia*
orderly honeee.
Mr. Oreeh] nM laal ri'Rnt ,hn' 1h<>
twe prisoners ln the preeenee ot him
telfand Deputj Bherifl Deniel Keileher
gave Muller two |S blBe, |n consider
atJ m ot which Muller was to teettfy
before the eMerraeinli Inveal gattnf
com?ilttoe th.i* Mra, Ooode had paid
? largt- amounl ol rnoney to cor
roborate her teo?mony.
.\:'t~r the prlaoneri had !>e*-n lockerl
np and Muller had been w_p*~_ned to
appear before the investigatlng hody
Mr. Oroeh] told of the events leading
rn. te the arreet of the aiieged brJbora
Was to Accuao Woman.
a ereeh ngn, th*. Aaetetanl Diatrict
Attorne] Mld, Maier and Duvelier ap
jiroarh(-d Muller nnd offered him money
on condition that h<- testlfy when called
before the aldermanic committec that
Mary Goode had paid him a large
amount of money to back up her vice
atory. Muller was told that the money
would be paid : . him if he made the
aee'..-atloi) against Mrs. Goode.
Muller was aleo Janitor of the apart
ments when Mrs. Goode conducted a
di?orderl\ house there
Muller ruapedted a plot and begged
the mm for a Week'a time in which to
consta*-. Ihe propoeltiou h^ld out to
him. He nn.nged to meet them laat
night in his apartmenis and1 give them
his Anal anewer. This was agreeable
to the Blleged brtbere and they de*
Barl) laal week Muller wenl to the
Dtatrlcl Attorney- ofllci aad told Mr.
Whltmati of th< ?.frtr that had been
rn;;'!. tO hl B. Mr. WhitmaiI assignod
Mr Groehl to Inveetlgatc the janltor's
After dh* -us.-iiig the matter with
MaUer Mr. Groehl conimpnJcated wlth
Deputy Bherifl Keileher. and took the
latter to Mull<?**? hi aititT nts with him.
, eted themaelres hehind cur
talaa ln th. alttl-f rooni and a moment
Maier and Duvelier entered. They
;?)?<- ?id lo have Ulked wlth Muller re
gardiiui ? atorj be waa to tell on the
orn -tand, end then the money wu
prodoced and handed over to th<- Jani
Just -l thla moment Groehl and
Keileher darted from their hidingplace
led seiz'd the two men, who offered
ti'- reatatance. They were taken to the
?ation house, an-ompanied by Muller.
TIk- prlaonera refueed to make any
-tattnicni when taken before the deek
ia ihe atatlon house.
This waa nol the only atartling dp
vetapmi r.t In th? unwinding of the sor
tta vi?.. atory yesterday. From tho
Iliatri. t Attomey'a oflloe it was learned
that Ml rj Goode had been shadowed
bl men apparent ly from the Deteetlve
Bureau on Thuraday. Mrs. Goode her
<n?lln;iffi on thirrl p:i**?. fourth roliimn.
This Morning's News
I.OCAL. Vuge
('hlll at Bulxer Harmony Dinner. 1
Rlch Youhk Man lo Have Piar Karm.. 1
Two Held on Vi. e P.ril.e Charge. 1
wi'non arni Bryaa Confer. ?
beny Mr> (Jnodp'- Ktory. 3
?Auto Ranait!* Rob Fayrnaater. 4
-t-WOould end P-Mee Take Walk-4
wamea Honor Mra. wilson. ?
rtyamerTa Demand* Unaatlefactory.. .!?
*lg Chiistouu Tr* ? Read].16
raw Flrehotjaa l!p Rirer.??
phfeai Korror Inroati ator Returna. .18
Wl*sionary I>?r,i?>rt Kxtortlon.*0
Po*tofl)c* Beeata HIk Kraud.*>
sul_era Brother-ln-Law Arreated.... ?
?PPO-e- Arbitratlon by Bupreme Court 5
^oman (ifw Sought ln Chicago Murder 5
f-'ifTr-u-intB' lllk^ Haif Over.6
Taft RaiiH fo,- Panane.i*
Ohtaey Coavleted <>( Murder.90
Jlr. ReM'a i;,?i Leavai llnicland. 1
t. ti. Warahlp* w. Meet the Natal. *
A?ta-k -.1, L,,,,) Norlhcliffe. 8
1 '"" lal Party Bpllt. ?
J-*?ndon Theatncal N'ewa. 8
T?rke Again t'rocura Dalay.8
Kuropa Ready to Medlate.8
T*i--At"iral . 7
KdMorlal .10
.10 and 11
>!?*t? .11
"bitU-ir . .XI
*'?"?'*'* .12. 13, 14 and 18
Ar,"> ;.na Navy.17
"hlpMrjjt . .17
wnither .',7.7..18
J??al Eauta.part 4, Pagea 4 and 8
-'?nancial and Marketa,
p?ge 17 aad Part 4, Page. 8 and 7
Son of Thomas F. Ryan in Dan
gerous Condition at Hospital.
Allan A. Ryan, the eldest son of
Thomas F. Ryan, who rocently undcr
v.cnt an operation, waa said td?be <r1tl
cally ill nt the General Memorlal Hos?
pital. Dospite tho rcports to the con
trary, it was admitted at the hospital
that the patient has shown no improve
ment aince the operation.
His father, as well as B number *?f
friends. called on the younger Mr. Ryan
last night. Only his father was ad?
mitted tO see him. Although it was
said that he was in a darigerotis condi
lion. tiie surgeons at the hospital say
that there is no imniediato anxiety.
His wife and his children hav.- heon
with him almost eonstantly sinco he
was strkken.
Seven-Year-Old Lad Kills Play
mate After Qnarrel.
Atlanta, Qmm, Dee, I'i. Krank Wll?
son. seven years Old, an habitual nser
cf tobacco in all forms, accordlng to
tcstimony, was arraigned here to-day
on the charge of kllllng his sevcn-year
(.1.1 playmate, Elmonte Herndef.
Witnesses testified that the boys
<iuarrelled. after which thr* Wilsoii
child ran into his home, got a riile .md
sli.it his j.layni.it*?. Declsioil was r.
tscr\ cd t" i>errnit an < ximiiia tion of tba
child'; nv ntal statr.
Special Train Brings Tennessee
Birds to New York.
\\ ashingtnn, Dec. LM.?Travelling m a
gpeclal train, thirty thousand turkcys
] ggged through here to-dny on their
way from Eastern Tennessee to the
tables of Christmas celehrants in Balti?
more. Philadelphia end N'ew Y'ork.
With a former shipment from the
; aame section Just before Thanksgiv
'? Ing, the value of the blrds shipped by
' Tennesseeans is said to approximate
I .*500,0<X).
Youth Shoulders Blame for Ac
cident-Xmas Guest of Magnate.
Spokane, Wash., Dec. 21.?Walter de .
Rarrow. seventeen years old. a wambr- j
er. who lost his legs recently in an accl- |
dent on the Oreat Northern Railroad,
left here to-day for St. Paul to be the
C-Hlatmaa gu*st of James .1. Hill, the
rallrogd :i,ngnate.
While recuperating at th>- county
boapttal l".ere De Barrow wrote to Mr.
Hill shoulderlng all bh'.me for the loss
trf his |*?a and asking if there was not
some rallrosd work he could do. A
reply from Mr. Hill came. offering the
youth artifklal Umbs, nn educatlon lf
he wiiritid it, and th*' promit**- of a Hfe
posltlon on Ihe rr.;,.1
Sentenced to Serve Five Years
in Penitentiary.
Kansa.s City. Dec. 21 -Mrs. Mabel
BenaoO, *>f Whlte Water, Kan., waa
sentenced to flve years ln the peniten?
tiary to-day beObOSa she forged a |4B
checfe on a dare offered by ber slst^r
"I never refused to take a dare," shr
toM the Judge.
"1 riare you to gOTWe flve years ln
tbe penitentiary," said the court. 'Tm
giving you the llmit."
Mrs. Etenaon'a husband, Jopepb, is a
etvil enginocr. She has two small chil?
Woman Turns Her Head in a
Crowd and Farmer Suffers.
[Hy Telegiapb t<. Thr- Tribune.I
Wooster, Ohlo. Dec. 21.?A hatpin
was shoved through the nose of Alfred
rarwncamp, a prosperous farmer, here
to-day, whlle he was dolng Christmas:
shopplng in a department store.
Canancamp had worked his way Into
a >tiihiI, When a woman wearing a hip?
bat, with g long pin, suddenly turned
ber head. Tbe pln grazed Canancamp's
eye, and passed through the right side
Of his nose. thrc imhes of lt projectincr
from the left side.
The larmer wan compelled to await
the arrival of a physkian hefore the
pln could be extracted.
Says British Merchants Under -
stand U. S. Canal Policy.
Kepresentatlvc Martln Littleton, who
had been abroad on a hurrled business
tilp, returned yeaterday on the Cunard
llner Lualtania.
"The English press," he aaid, "haa ex
presaed a fltrong aentlment agalnflt thla
country for the stand lt haa taken ln the
operation of the Panama CanaL The
English presa ls violently opposed to our
posltlon- The comment is dlstlnctly hos
tlle to us, but the busineas men of Eng?
land realisa the altuation an*l iin<l.rstan<l
that our attitude ls correct. They can
offer no arguni.-nt for OB tO lurn over our
canal bullt wlth our money. our labor
and our skill, to oth?rs who have no in?
terest In lt, except a aelflsh BM lt ls
our ennat. We bullt lt with our money
and our Ilvea. and we muat lnsiat upon
controlllng lt abeolutely"
Mr. Littleton, whoae term ln Congreaa
cxplrea ln March, expressed a dlellke for
extra sesslons of Congreaa. "In fcrty
aeven montha we have had thlrty-two
months of CnnKrcss." ht said, "during
pttJcfa notbtnb ot importance has h*-en
mehUtrod. Th.re is no hurry for the
tariff. It cannot be afferted untll De?
eember, ao why call an extra sesalon?"
Pre-ent* that are ohAwjpta^eenUtbsa.
H T riBWEY&SONS CO.,l~Fu.t_aSt.,N.Y.
1 -Advt
Guns Boom as British Armored
Cruiser Begins Her Voyage
from Portsmouth to
New York.
Scots Quards, Chosen Beeause
of Dead Ambassador's Ances
try, Accompany Coffln from
Dorchester House to
Victoria Station.
B ' Bbl* tn Th- THL ??
London, Dec, 21. Wlth lmpreaslve
and beSUtiful .'1'cinotiics Ihe body of
Ambassador ReM was taken lO-Qm-f
from Dorchester House and placed on
i.oard tbe armored cruiser Natal, to I e
conveyed to New Vork.
"The itili Mall Oaaetts" ln Ita de
Bciiptlon aaya: "Anabassador, atates*'
man, klnaman, more than fr* nd
Whitelaw ReM bad wen the natlon'i
heart, aad tb?? Bilenl multltuda th.*t
lined the Btreeta to-day when tho body
was carricd from Dorchester Houss to
Yjetoria .Station ahowed how deep w'as
tho lov*: and veneration be ins] 11 ?*1."
Conttnnlng, The Pall Mall Oasetto"
says: "On Dorcnester Houss tb*- Stara
and Btrlpee drooped ln tbe itlilneas nf
a gray morning When the hi.us.hohl
cavatry and guarda arho arere to form
the procesalon took tbelr poaltlona. Tha
gun caurriage and the beartng pstfty
stood apart. Then the police stoppsd
the trafllC BBd there was that sir.ni-"
brooding allen* e whi.h thrills-tha si?
lence of a muitllud.' waltlng.
"At 10 o'cloek tbe doors *>f Dorcheea
ter House opened and slowtf the c dHn,
ahrouded ln the United Btatea Sag -
l.orne to the gun e,irriap*e Bttll ii?
Round was heard to hr.ak tho illeaee.
Then came the word of conunand, an.l
the foremost *.f the red-cloaksd rav?
alry moved off with B ClattSTlag <>f
steei. Another momenl an.l the Brsl
low mou'rnlng notea >.f th*- Boota *'.u.ir.i
band were heard. pbui above all th<
flrst of th* distant gUftS in Bt James's
Park boomed In splendid monotone hs
the iwooesBlon paassd on Its way.
"Tha seene st Btanhops Oata was
profoundly nortng snd ImpresslTa \n
throuph ths park to Hyde I'ark * '<>rri< r
thf CTOWd StOOd many d*cp, sil.-nt and
oneovered un'i*T th*- damp snd drlp*
plng trees. A hazo bung OTOt nll and
dimmed tho distances, and the long.
plow movlng llne of Rray-coated guarda
all seemed wonderfully sloCJUSttt of
irrlef. At Hyde I'ark Corner again the
crowd was dense. while all the way tO
Victoria Btatton the gun r.irriag?> rum
bled on Its way thruu-ii an avenue of
General Munroe in Command.
Tbe funeral procesalon from Dor?
chester rlpusa was under the eornmand
*.f Maj..r Oeneral C. Munroe. Wtth
him were Colonel Glrpnvllb- Bmlth and
Assistant Adjutant Oeneral lt. .1. Ksn
tish. A balf battalion ?<f Scots <;uan1s,
chosen becaase <>f the Bcotch sitceatry
of Mr. Reld, sscoried ths body. arhile
ahead of them was a troop of houss
hold caralry, ths scarM doafca <?f which
formed the only OOtS Of color ln ths
piooasslon Behlnd tii*- caralry came
the band of the Beota Onarda at:-! th>
pipes and drun- of th*- BSCOnd bat
taiion of Oonrda
The coffln was I...rn<- ln B gun CST?
rtage beionging to th.- Royal Artillery,
while 11 v- guard.'-mi-n marched on OBCh
sbie. Major Oeorge o\ Bqulsr, miiitnry
attSCh- to the American Embassy, in
uniform, marched behlnd the collin. and
Immedlately foUowing hlm n*na (Jor
poral Donovan. a whlte-hooded vetpran
of the CiVil War/fi.'in fjhslssn Hos?
The company of BOOta <iuanls. wlth
their black busbies. w.aring great coats
and with their arms roverssd, brought
up the rear. The route of the proOSS
sion was by Btanbopa Oste through
Hyde I'ark lo Hyde I'ark I 'orner, and
thsnee through OrosTsnor Oardsna to
\'i. toria Station.
As ths coffln was * arried from Dor?
chester HOUSS ths Sbjaal w-as glven
bv a man from th*- Beota Guards ata
tioned on the roof, and the battery in
Rt. James's Park began a salute of
nlneteen mlnute guns. The Scots Guard
band played HandtTs Dead March as
the procession moved away from Dor
Cbestsr HOUSS, bul IhS band oeascd as
lt entered Hyde I'ark, and the plpers
strtiek UP 'i mournful wall.
At Victoria Station.
A Kuard of honor of one hundred of
the Scots Guards waa poated at Vic?
toria Station under the command of
Major General Slr A. K. Codrington.
commannlng tho Ixmdon district. The
procession entered the station by ths
Rucklnghnm PatBCS gsitcs. whl* h OfOO
almost Irnmcdiately on plalform So. 7,
from which ths SpeOial train departed.
v lar^e crowd gathered outslds the
atatlon, and wlthln i< nlso sasn and
WOmen pressed closely on the platform
barrler. The plpea were playlng "The
Land of the Leal," and to thoae atralns
the gun carrlage was drawn along the
length of the platform. to where tha
train was waitlng.
On the platform were o?den Mills
Reld, th.- Bsri of Qraaard, captain
WalSh, Irwta B. Laufhlln, an.l the se.
,?.',* and third aecretartea *.f th.- em?
bassy, command.>r Bymlngton, naval
attach*; F. C Van TXiser. representlng
the American Soctety. and Consul Oen?
eral Grtffltha. all of whom, except the
CoatL-uad oa aerond paga. at-th eoluma.
Woodrow Wilson and William J. Kryan. photographed yesterday just before they had their intemew
Pwoto (_)oy Amoucan Pr_s.t Atroc ?
Mrs. Frances A. Guthrie Buys
Long Island Property
for Son.
Charies Lamson Lehmann Pre
fers the Pigsty to a
Career in the
Bctentlflc farmlng on a blg * -al*- ls
going t.i be trled by Charlea Lanaaea
Lehnu?in, youageat .s<>n <if Mr**. l'ran
r.'M A. Outhrle, of No. B68 I'ark av.nue.
?Aho I: aaid '<> I"' worlh a million ln
h*r own llght He lnU-nds to demoo*
itrmte e inunen UUly Itet "Piga Ie p>k?"
ami that the allunng high ohUN ?um
m> r colony dtatrlct on the north ahora
of Long laland ta u most iultable place
for thta eaperhaent Bta mother i? in
tareated, heart and soui, in the renture1
and han ImiiKlit the farm of Handolph "
Boper, iu thi- Dix Hills, about thr.-.- anl
one half mllea weet of the Huntlngton
Matlmi of tho Loag Island IUUroHd.
The farm eOBftprlaoa 181 BCroa nnd art
j.iins ?ereral eetatee owaed by "Adi
known pereona
Young Lehmann wlU itart with r.fty
c_refully eelected porkers, and ?-xi.ta
within two yeara t<> have plgBtya oeea*
pyittg 8 large part *.f the farm.
Young Lehaaaan ta tweaty-oae yeara
<>i(i, ii feet ,?, lnchcR ln hls etocklngo,
broad ehouldared and athletlc. He la
qidet and unassumlng. When his
_ieada heard yesterday of th** pur
ohaaa *>f the Long lalaad farm for the
rata?ig of jiIkm on a big acale they
laUghed and said it wns a joke. Mr. I
Lehmann is in New Efampahh-e gettlng;
in tralnlng for bla ehoaen can't-, just
aa bc would do if he wera acheduled to
appear al eome athletlc meet. n.- be?
gan thla tralnlng about two month-*.
ago, and each sur* eodlng letter that;
reacaea the beaae of his mother ?howa
that hls fondness for agrieultural pur
Batta Ib growlng. Ho gets up -tt B
0*Cloek ln th<: mornlng to nelp wilh the
chores, and It Is not until H o'cloek at
night that he ls able lo Btretoh hls
tlred body on bla h*d in tho oid-fash
loned farm t otfiig*-.
Worka at a Farm Hand.
Ilc ia gettlng this praetical experi
ence as a farmer on tho Yalley Kartri.
which ls known ln grange circles as
one of the most euccesaful ln New
Ilampshlro. lt 1? devoted almoet ex
dualrely to the brecding of pigs. Many
Of Its pigs have won blue ribbons at
\arlous BhOWa Because of the hcicn
tif'K i?anner in arhleh thi** farm ls run
it ta < onaldsred by peneaa awaloaa to
get farnilng faets first hand a great
privilcge to ba pennittcd to work thero.
When LtflfT-TT tirst asked to be per
mitted to work and atudy there lt wao
Intimated that there might be no place
for him. He wasn't to be put off tn
thls manner and wrote again, telllng
tha progrletor <?f tho farm about hia
yearning to ?>ngage in the plg ralsing
industry <>n Ua own account and that
ba d-da't waal '<? bagla without havlng
a g<?)d practical foiindatlon. Book
taarnlng would not satisfy him aa a
aafa way to begin to Invest money In
farmlng. He was then lnvlted to be?
come one of the workers at the furm.
toniinur- en aeireiath pnge, aixtta colnran, j
Poor Widow of Noble Race'
Then Seeks Death by Dagger.
OaUaad. Cai, Daa IL Prlde of
noble amaatij ladted Mr.i Kuk.- Kita
kaml, a young JapaB080 WldOW. to
murder h-r s.>n and attempt her own
life b-Tawet she had becomo an object
Of charlty. Mrs Kltakaml's husband
dled tWO months a**o. and she vaa
ftvea u h-'i.-ie wlth 80 1?fltM ntlul Jap
aaeaa famiiv.
1?shlng her y_nr-old laby to ber
body yesterday, she phmged a dagger
Into Its honrt. She was found DOWOd
down before an bnage awatttag death
-ith a dagger wound In her throat.
Th" areapnn araa an helrloom lnferlhed
with a pleO that It always be used ln1
ii. fence <>f the Cam?y hoimr.
Th-' woman rOSlSted hOf rcscuers. bul
it im belleved ahe arOI reeon r.
Five-dollar Gold Pieces Her
Gift to Park Eraployes.
Mrs. BuaeefJ Baga was driven ln h?er
autoniiibiic late yeaterday afternoon to
tho Arsenal in ('entral Park. A boy
was dtspatched to summyn (.'harb s H
st.'Vtr, i'ark Commlaeloner To him
Mrs. Baga Burrendered a box, Ued with
??My annual glfl to the park en-.-'
ployes," explalned Itra Baga.
Iu the box worn 327 (-nvelopes, each
eontalnt?g a 15 gold pleco. An envolope
wlll bo Kiven to onch of the cmployes of
the city ln Ceatral Park reeelvinp $2
ami Itsm a day, On each enrelope waa
Inacrlbed the name <>f the reclplent
Girl Contcmplates Suicide, but
After Prayer Takes Revenge.
fPy Talegraaa to Th<> Ti?uaa l
Hartfonl, Com., Doe. 21.?Because he
refueed to mak?- his pro?ilaea gond to
wed her, Miss Mary Tlitten went to the
grooery store ofJoeeph ii. Hoeruer, So,
1126 Broad street. to-night and shot
him under tbe heart The physicians
fear the wound may result fatally.
Tbe girl, th*- police aay, bought tba
revolvcr last Wednesday, intendlng to
kill herself, but suddenly Ix-catne pos
sessed of a de.sire to pray. The pray*
ing then, she says. inspirod h.r tO
abandon sulclde and kill tho man, that
he might not treat other glrls as he did
Marincs Have to Stop Battle on
U. S. S. Minnesota.
| Hy 1>U'*r-|)h to Tim Trlbuno 1
I'hilad'lphla, Dee. 21.?Captain Nlxon
of the U. 8. ti. Mlnnesota, thought he
knew what a monkey and a parrot
could do when they came together. but
when the eight monkeys which he had
bought in Mcxlco got nffer tho twenty
eata "f tho battleship nfter tiie vss. '
reached Leeina laland laat night, bc
knew that Midlain was a thlng mild ln
Tho euts had been marauding t<>
cateh tho rodents which aurrounded the
navy yard pler. Thls annoyed thu
slmlans, and the blggest one grabbed
tho oldest tomcat by tho tail. and the
battlo wns on. Flendlsh screams as th**
eats ria wed the monkeys, whlcb
grebbed*! he eats by their tbroats until
three of them wara dead, caneed the
marinea t<? come to tbe reaeue to atop >
th*- deadly combat. The monkeya wer.
ioek*>d up for the remelndec ?>f the
I Cuba. Florida, 8avannah, Auguata.
X !_?I. Trains ?"ally. Electric LlKhted
Pnltmana. Atlantlc Coast _lno, 1_18 H'way.
Son, Acting for General's Wife,
Pays Part of State Short?
age, Promises Rest.
Entire Amount To Be Returned
i When Money Can Be Sent
from Spain, Where Mrs.
Sickles Has Property .
Albany. DSC. 21.?Ptanton Sickles, eon
of Oeneral Daniel EL Plckles, of New
Y?.rk. BCttOC ft* Mrs. Sickles, promlsed
to-day to SSS thfl-t the state, Is reim
bursed for all funds unaccounted for
by his father as chalrman of the New
York Btata Monum-'nts Commission.
totalllng abOttt jSSfiOO.
At the end of half an hotir's confcr
, oce between Deputy Attorney General
, Jo., .,,,, A. Kellogg and Mr. Sickles. it
WSS announced that ua agreement had
been reached ln postponing proceed
liiKs by the state to reeover the money.
Mr. SIckle.s left wlth Mr. Kellogg a
rertlfiM draft as parl payment of the
?hortage, and promlsad to have tho
balanca wlthln two or three weeks. or
a.s soon as it can be sent here from
Bpaln, whors lt i? said Mn sickles
bolds <-onsiderahle proporty.
"Mr. Sicki?'S told me," s.u.l Mr. Kel?
logg, -that bla father lost the money
in Wall Street. If the agreement en
tered into i* fvlflUsd it will ba un
UUCasssrj tor tbS state to look to any
of the other members of the Monu?
ments Commission fur any part of tbe
m??ney unaooounted for by Oeoeral
Nelther Oeneral Blcldes nor his at?
torney, Daniel P. HSJTB, would say any
thing yesterday shout the nsfOtlaUons
Wlth tlM Attorney (ieneral.
I'hllip J. McCook, who represenbs
certain of tho other commlssionera,
made no statement.
Captain Boaz Quits Old Domin
ion Service at Seventy.
When t'aptain U. H. BOM brought
ths Old Doniinion steamship Hanniton
into this port from Norfolk yesterday
hi- i-n.l* <i a half contury's active ser?
vice with the company and retired
from the sea. He had reached the ago
llmit of seventy years, and under tha
rules of the Old Domlnlon Llne he wlll
ba plac.-d, on Its penslon list.
Captain BOSS exi*ects to pass the
r.-st of h.s life |n nrooklyn. where he
has llved for si-.eial years when not
gttidlng ateamshlps between Now York
and Norfolk.
Memphls, Dec. 21.?When the Rev. R. F.
Klrkpatrtck. a Presbyterian minister, dia
eoaeted that a nepfro burglar was at
temptlng to Rft Into his home early to?
day, h. ti lepboned the pottoe, armed him
s.'lf wiih B r*-volv. r ,unl \va!t <l .it tii |
head "f a atslrwsi* Ths nafcro gatned
niitrance, und Um mlulater Sred, loatantfy
killlng him.
- _
Take tbfl BOUTHERN KAIIAVAY to the
rbarmlng lesorta ol the BoothS 6 Trains
daily from Nhw York. All steel t-lectiic
hghted equlprnent with auperlor dlnlng
and aleeplng car service. N. Y. uttlce?_M
1'lfUi Ave.-Advt
"Peerless Leader" FacGs Empty
Seats Where Wilson, Dix,
Murphy and Hearst
Were to Have Sat.
"Unexpected Arrival of Guests
at Good Ground" Is Reason
Given for Failure of the
Tammany Ohieftain to
Meet Nebraskan.
A marked featuro of the "harmony"
dlnner of the Uatted I x-mocra* y to
William Btthnr was the aboaaca at the
Waldorf-Astoria la^t nighl of sevoral
of the party leaders. However, among
the thousand Demoerats gathered wer<*
many men of note ropresenting all fac
tions, and there were no inharmonious
Governor Wilson sent a letter of rc
gret, Champ C'lark did llkewise, and
charies F. Murphy, leader of Tammany
Hall. although urge?l by his friends t?>
attend the dinner, stayed away with?
out written or verbal apology.
William Jennlngs Bryan was there,
and this was the reason openly glven
by Mr. Murphy's friends why the Tam?
many leader declded not to grace the
?aal reserved for him at the guest
table. He harked back, his friends
aaid, to the daya of the Baltimore con
vention, and refused to l'mget the In
?ulta heaped upon the New York dele
gation by the poerlees leader of Lin
coln. Neb.
(jiivernor Dlx was another guest whose
seat remained empty. and so did that
of William F. McCombs. chairman of
the Deaaocratle National Commlttee.
William Randolph Hearst was to bn
present. but reports had it that his
automobile had broken down some
where In the country and he could not
reach New Vork on time.
The or.ly mesaage received from Mr.
Murphy was one over the telephono for
the pereonal benelit of Thomaa F.
Smith, seeretary of Tammany Hi'.'l
Mr. Murphy said that unexpe'.ted
guests Lad arrived at hls country home
at Good Ground. and that he was un
ahla to leave them.
All There for Harmony.
Whatever discord there was, how?
ever, it waa well masked behind the
?rr* at array of Demoerats who during
the Prasldential campuign had been
connected with all of the varlous camps
of Democracy. Senator O'Gorman pre
slded, and seated with him and Mr.
Sulzer at the guest table were:
Wllliam Jennlngs Bryan, Senator
elect Ollio James, of Kentucky; Martlu
EL Oiynn, Lieutenant Governor-eltct;
Morgan J. O'Brien, Davld Leventritt,
Justice Edward E. McCall, Jacob H.
Bchhlj D-('ady Herrick. John li.
Stanchfleld, Henry Morgenthau, Her
ir.an Ridder, Alton B. Parker, Norman
E. Mack. William G. McAdoo, George
M. Palmer, Bird S. Coler, Perry Bel?
mont. Thomas F. Donnelly, John H.
McCooey, John Fox. former Senator
Wllliam A. Clark, Jumes A. Phelan and
Repreeeatatlte Jefferaon M. Leey.
The epcakers wero Mr. Sulzvr, OUie
James, Justice McCall, Augustus
Thomas and Mr. Bryan.
Governor Wilson's letter of regr*t
was a* follows:
lt U wlth graaf regr?t that I flnd m.v
nelf unab? because Of public dutles which
are presslng up*>u me to attend the dln?
ner to Mr. Sulzer. It would afford ??
a great <1<5ai of pl?aaure to t>e pieaent
.ind t> e\preas my very hjfh regar<l
fur Mr Sulzer and my conndencr lhal
hia admliustratlon of tiie great offlce of
Governor of New York will nMound not
only to bls credlt but to tha atrenathenlag
of tha party to which be b-longs.
The feeltng of aloofneaa found an
echo at some of the other tables be
sides that occupied by tiie speakers and
guests. Lewis Ktuyvesant Chanler,
fnrmer "Lieutenant Governor. found
himself placed at a table where he did
not recognlze a single _?a known to
him. He objected. and wante<l to tlnd
a seat among m**h with whom he was
acfjuainted, but failing to Ue ao-om
modatcd, he left the dinner to satlsfy
his hunger at his club.
O'Gorman Toaats Taft.
Before lntroducing the speakers Sen?
ator O'Gorman paid a tribute to Presi?
dent Taft. Asking the diners to drink
to the happiness of the Chlef Execu?
tive of the natlon, Sonatcr O'Gorman
?'I am certain that 1 express the sen
timents of the people of New York lf
I say that President Taft wlll aajrry
the best ertaaea ter his future iiappi
ness of all the people ivgurdless of
politlcai faith."
He thea congratulated the iHtuo'
racy not merely because the party had
triumphod at the recent election. but
because ln Woodrow Wilson lt had ob
tained a President, who combined si BM
of the best qualltios of Thomas Joffer
son, Andrew Jackaoa and Abrahnai
Introducini,* Mr Sulzer, the Benator
said thai the Govetnor-cloci had ob
tained his ?levatlon to tbe high post
after many yeais of sacrltlce und de
votlon to the people'b euuae.
Govexnor-elect Sulzer sald in part:
My frienda??_id I aay ''frtanda" ad
vlsedly, because here a__enibled are some
of tbe beat frienda 1 have tn all thia
world?I cannot tell you how rauch I np
preclatc the compllment of thls bainpn l
ln niv honor. 1 ani uratefnl to ull. eacb
aiiil every one, and grattfUda wltb nte <
the fairest Rower that aheda its perfuaH
in tbe buinan beari.
Regreta Wilson Was Abaent.
Tbe wlacat of tbe a_?(nts declared that
a man waa rlch beyond the dreima of
avaiice lf he could count ln fortune and
mlsfortune hls true frienda on the lingera
of one band. You are all my friend*.
and I know whereof I speak. for I hava
testad your friendship many tlmes ln aun

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