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V-* 1AXIT \? 24,144.
1'? "li>. fulr. Tn-monou. ?<il<lrr:
??noii or ruiii: iin iiin.N.
* *
j^TttriJT' r\\: W? rr/VT laCltyof N*w York. Jerm^ytity and Hobok-a.
Maier and Duvalier, Held ini
$7,500 Bail Each on Attempt- i
ed Bribery Charges, Ex
pected to "Squeal."
Keepers of Disreputable Resorts
Effect Closer Organization
?Mary Goode Dinner
Guest of Leader
in .Society.
m lei -u.ii ' 'harii - Duva
? i nn1 m.-cI on Baturda) i |
n ih attempting io bi ih
M Nei bo as I.- Influem. hia
be'oi i i hi k' ? nd Jurj . \* r*r<
II of ST.SUU each j eeti
\ ppl< ton ln the \\ ? ?; Sld
rralgm >i thla Hftei noon.
.iiul ;t waa sald laal nlghl th il
mlffh . inlty
for i. ? maeh M the
and i ? ,; they
b ??.' ?',...,',;. rlj
? u."
; Mm phj. n ho appeared aa
: : the iw?. naen, sald laat night
he had heard in an Indeflnlte iraj |
that ' "l.- t.ik.tn,- up hia prea
.ni -.' ork a Ihe repreeentati*. e ol b
oroj any, bad been ? < n
irlth thi dlsorderl ? -? buai
- and n la belleved lhat th.> l*'u
I ? valuable Information \o I
grand |ury If thej m take
ppori un ij to t.; Immunii i
... ln I Blmaa |
30 Church Btr
havi een? work
Ither as thi ntath ea ol I ?
privati foi motlon bj I .
I! . kefellcr fund, >>r as ageni -
more prominenl
I i,. ... 8 ln the i ghbor*
- . md and |u?l north ol < "olum
? i Circle h.i'. e be< n I
? i ? tinga thraa afternoon? a ???* 'a, i ?
p i .ui,. i ... lock, in Um baaem< i?'
Bi.ln . . hi..: c building n i
u?i atreet
UnderworW Leaders Meet.
i Uar in Um <i<;> II erafl n ported
? .1 .\r-.-ist.ini Diatricl Attorney Gruehh!
appeared as proeecutor ot Maier
_nd puvaller, had told Magiatrata ai
on that Ualer'fl downtoara offlce
i !,, ? i - ,i Haeetkaa ptaea for
? _ei |j ii, .-. k. . i ii a bol Mr.
iroabl later denled UuV Thr- othei la*
? sMputois, arboae work eame to iiaht
.irtly as a rastdt of tha toconreel n
..rt of Qroehl'a Btatementa in court,
iald that thej bad been worhlag on
iis furnlahed ln pan by Mra. r.oode
and in part by another denizen of tha
nderworM e/hooa name haa recently
been even moro proiniri'-ntly dtaplayed
than that of the ooafoaalng digorderly
? keeper,
lli G tode'a *1ff>V**1**"f ,,-eie
made public from the witness stand ol
! lf rmanic committee then..- mvesti
gatera had learned that tlie lOOaaiy con
irtrocted orga-alaatioa of dlaorderly
? keepera or the nptovra Tenderloln
had been meeUng m a bulkUng at the
cornei of ?""?sm1i atreet and Beventb ave
Afti i Mra, i taooV - teeUaaony araa
i al tho publa aeaalon of the ai
dermaAlc committee, bowever, ihe
mecUug ptece was changed to the
? ent room in the theatre building,
Accordlng te theae InveaUgatOflat tha
tlnga of thla opper Tendarloln
erowd have been held three afternoons
a ?it ., between 1 nnd 4 o'clm U. The
orgui /;;tion is said to be a tOOM one.
anrl not an uge.v y for eoUecUhg pro
and turning it over ln a
lum; aa v\.is Uit* "Vlce trust" of bOUBBB
28th, I'Tth and 2blh strtets whlcb
d la last ?ummer'a raldi
j organlaed ns it wa?, boar*
It la tbe bettef of the InveaUga*
tora t) t Maier aiid Duvalier van give
the . ? ,,riti<s iiiformation about the
pr.it. cl rnoaey paid by the dtaorderly
"Vw ? opera In this erowd to Um po
C?Minurd ou kisond p~*e, third roluinn.
This Morning's News
local Paga
Maaj Reacaed al Feur iiie?. l
Two ji.'-! in \i<t caaaa.. t
- 10 Ifllefl an Hour Ifl P.roadway. 1
Dandlesi i'i>-nohmaa Comea Here.... l
BtoWB Tale Stiis I'ustoi. 8
(tea) tea Ni gro Boy. a
\Vils,,ri Walka for ??itesf. 4
' t re. Dead from C,an. *
l>t Ix.jr t?j Have a I'arty. 5
4~emen Plan l^scape from Jail. ?
gni ChofMB Mayor of Second Ave. 8
PeUofl Beeb Auto Handita. 6
TIbm for Reportlag Blrtha Kxtended. 7
RabW \\\?e Deflne.H I'roKiess. 8
Tarkeys Cheapar; Haeard fSaie?.14
Chrtetmaa Cheer for Meodj*.M
lt .tt Bearaa Tariff Hearlngs. 4
To h^tttu for Itlt h PofaKh Stake. 4
?No Tr.4()e War wlth Russla. 6
Water ('umpetltion Crunhed. e
Shoe ifacblaa Company Attacfced. 8
Nrealfl I'oat Ready Januarv 1. 8
Ba_baglatfl Kout WaabJagrbBti'a (iho?t. 7
roi.ign Trade Maken Record.13
l.mei W Tv< ked; L'2 Drowned. 3
Warlike Talk by Pea<e Detegates. . . . 3
London Ktoek Mai ket Firm. .... 3
News fnr Women.? ?
Kditorial . ?
"bituary . ?
Kporta .10
Weather .?*
"iiippina .?-11
llnancial and Markets.18 and 13
n*?l K*t*it .x3
M. de Fouquieres, Who Will Lecture Here,
Likes New York After a Night
at Quarantme.
The besi dressed man in Pari? who ? here to l<
i ii.i" n ntpplttg and an ? '.
thal blew down Ihe Bi
from tl ?? i orth, ai d U h< Id Bteadlljf
againat ii..' Prench im'r i..i Provence
ns sh?> came up from Quarantlne There
w.-i?(? cns'-\ rii.nks w it'iin (l..'ir.- ...
were Bheltered pbtces t?n dack where n
man mlght talk for hours and
, i ;ii. ,i. i.in theae wt n overli "; ed bj
Moiurieur Andri de Fouqulere , Ihe
Beau Brummel of Paris and greatenl of
all French dandiea
Alao -.ii i. Provence waa one place,
an.i oni) one, when lh< blasl could
conoentrate llaalf, and, unforti
for the <-.riv rlalng rtportera, this rofl
trun. wai selected by the Franchman
fnr the readlng of hla Introductlon?the
tntroductlo-i lo his njrot lecture ln
America, which bis manager, Mhw
Rlimbeth Marbury, baa pleaaei to
a i uliir conference.
..i. ,\o i-'oij'tiiii-i? ? i s dandy, but hi
i* do fop. ln the thlrty-flve years of
hls epparently frlvolous career he
aocompltohad much, ifttellactually, nnd|(
thoro was ii rii.t; of ambltiofl in I.I
voice ireotardaj aa be dellvered hls
apoech ii Balr Englieh, wltb a rapid,
undulatlng accant Whaiever may ?"
?ald of him, tii?' young Prencbman la s
good bualneai man, He ls going to
lecture to Anvericana, and thal lntro-1
Trust Diminishes the Supply,
Says Wisconsin Expert.
[Bj T"-k-kih|iIi to Tli" Trihun.v I
IMwaukee, Dec 22.?Tha chaeaa
trust baa eornered tbe larger part of
this year't output, espedaUy that of
vriaeonatn, aaya i: W. Clark, chlef
?tatlstlctan of tho cheeee factoiias <>f
the stnto and for twenty yi-.irn BOI ? *?
lary of the Fonii du Lac board. He
declarto tbat tha anlas nsade ln f7ta?
conatn Bbow tho output to be 6,680,640
pounda short Of that in 19-.6, and half
as much lens than th.. productlon of
ciark raporte, howevor, an actual in-1
cresuM in iho number of factoiias in
UM Ptato nnd an undlminlshi.d produc
tion. Tho tniHt-s. ho asforts havo tukon
Um cheeee out of tho market by r>ur
chanoK from tho fhCtorles liofi.ro it ever
ranchpd the sale boarda,
Replies to Officials' Query by
Producing $49,800.
(By T< ii arapk te 1 he Ti Ibai i
IttJiilmoro. Doo. 22.?When aaked by
Immlgratlon offlctala here t..-iiay t..
name tho amounts of money he h.ui on
hls person, Chrlstian Bchulale, of Ru.r
sia, an ISUBlgl?nl of tln Htonnior Bar
barossa, from Bremen drew fn.ni his
pockets $7,000 ln e.ish, S rhook for j
$2,800 and $40,000 ln soouritles
As he laid tho bnnknotee and cash
on ihe table th( orhttors woie aston
labed. S.-hulzle said ho was a farmer j
and waa on bla way to the home of.
hi? daiiBhter. Mrs. PYaderlc Kepperrle. I
.if Eurefca, B. r> wbefe be wlll aattla.
His Wlfe and mix cliildioii aro With him. j
MaOo right?t.ili? rlght. and AntedllU- |
vian ts rittht alwaya Loytles Brea., .v r.
- A.ivt
4 .
Thoae who, ?hli ? i I It ye*.
Larday on the deaerted decl of I?i
Proveni s f"H .'t i "' oi ?
Lional i ? Im town and
rounti>. been I ?? ln the
iddreas >.? 'i. i 'i ei i htnan, a bo * ii!
itaii tho Marburj roloi conferences
This ifl a i" ir\ ? I i li . 11 I |
ina ti'." he r. | '. "\ am BOtTJ : ..t ln be
ible t" ' spri u fully whal i fed ti i
ipiiil nf organta il i,. i ? \. .i
i ?;.; touch nf the
l\ .lllll
Sometimi i the* a ? ?' i aughl the
i Ipt, bul tbi chlll 'li'i noi abate
ii. Prem hman'i enthustaatn.
Browlng up a bll that the Idea mlght
int be loat, M Kouqulerea raad with
i ulatlon ' Ami i ?
ca la thi p ii i of the m <>i l? J lt
. . ! . :
ind ? 'in. ited u.-n.-il. t -
i >n> HrtitK gaaped aa hla numb 6n?
? i- trled In vain to make ootei and
.,, i i .I.. htnan a kad kindl; : ' Too faal
or j on?"
Thereaftar all partlcularl. good pna.
ihi;os woro punctuoted arlth thla lnter<
"The Prench Btudant," ho contlnued,
4 ?nl innr.i nn fomlli |>hic?*. Iliir.l . iiluinn
Black and Red Fluids Used to
Obliterate Addresses.
London, Dec. 22 HJlitant ^-uffm
p.tto.s made an extenaive raid to-nlght
,,n the pillai lattai boxea bi London.
Thay emplo. sd blai k and red iinids
ii an andaavor lo obliterate tho ad
Ireaaaa on the heavy CbriatmaS mall.
Father, Mother and Brother at
His Bedside.
Aiian Arthur Rfan, the eldeel Bon <>t'
riimiia.s Partune Byan, who was op*
'latod on fur atodominal trouble la the
Sanaral Memorlal Hoepltal on Tuaa*
lay. is in a \oiy BartOUfl OOttdltlOn iii
hat Instltuttoo, accordtng t<> ? buUettn
aauad last nlgbl bj tbe doctora In at
? ikI.hu e.
Mr. Byan'acondttton became sogntve
lurinf? the lato aftii DOOO and tho oarl>
tart <?f tho evenlnn that memhors 0f
iIb imnn dltil.- famlly, Including hla
athor, mother ami brother, Clenden*
linK. "iid his wife, romainod at his
The bulletln laaued ahortl. before lo
,'i |o. k was as fi'llow |
Mr. Ryan'a i ondltion <> lertoua,
iui th*- doctora ara hepaful of Bis re
When queatlonad relatlve to Mr.
lyan's ninoss tha doctora rafuaad to
llacuaa tne caae, other than to aa) that
Mr. Kyan arrtvad at tho hoapltal on
I'tusday and urafl examined by Dr.
:)owd. who dacldad thal an Imnsedlata
.(u'lation was nooaaaary to Bave Mr.
Ftyftn'a life nrs Tbooapaon and imkks
vere calhd in for rofieoltatton and as
iiKtod at tho 0D1 i.itioi,
Harold 0. Binney Makes Four
Laps in His Racinq Auto
Pursued by faxi
cab Fleet.
Erratic Lawyer Picks Out an
Early Morning Hour for His
Latest Feat ? He Is
Caught Only When
Engine Balks.
Harold 0. Binney, ? Rectoi Btreei
lawyer, irboae dare-devll automoblle
iiiixiiiK h..s treated th<- people of half
,i doaen citlea to vlahma of audden
death gnva aleepy Broadway and
Piftb avenue ? thrill ln Ihe earlj houra
of yeaterday morning when he trana*
ferred hia ImttaUon of the Vanderblll
Cup race to the brigrhl Ughl dlatricl
and flaabed thnougfa tbe atreeta ai a
mtle*a*mlnute iiip, puraued bj ? doaen
laxkabfl full of ahoutlng pollcemen
Only the italllng of Blnnej a engine
pri ? nted blm from contlnulng ins ex*
hlbltion and al the cloae of ? atormj
?eaaion ln the Jefferaon Market courl
ii?- waa releaaad In $100 ball
rhe aquad of pollcemen ami taxl
rhauffeura who helpad round up Ihe
adventuroua iawyer and get blm t" the
Weal 30th Btreei pollce atatlon where
he wai lo ki d i p on ? i baraje >.f In
u<w< atloi . nd "?? kkaa dri*i Inj wen
!, inimo i ln theli agreemenl thal thi
latter ol i " feebli and i idl< uloui
uh. ii Hpplied io whHt Binney *l;?l with
1.1-4 I,,.i. h ne j ? aterdaj morning Pa
ii i lenaler, a h<> sighted the ra< - r
? . 11. i narrou Ij aacapad ?Itb bla
. ?< ,ii th.it Blxtj mllea an houi
;.nd the hatrptfl I "n al Bro du -
and Fifth avei k b ?<- i Bloa ?
t.-i the kiit.i of api ? .i Blm ay ei ?.?*? i*? fl
Just Missed Polieeman.
II) ,r;, v aa il md Ing on flxed i oal
... Broadwaj .I 13d atn el ahe ' U
,., ia k eaterda morning ?ben Un
.... di ii ? ra< kllni of a powi rl
moblh* uomtng through Longacre
:. -,.i hia attenthm. He
looked around Juat In time to k .i i- i
toward tba guttei ..- ? iai Ing
. gy wltb ?? huddled Bgure a- tl ?? arbei I
iiu^*-**-! hbn !>? ;' ? -4nt foot Bi I
had llme to re< over from th?- ahoi k. i ?
?ald, tba t..ii llfbta of tha car had dla*
appeared down Broadwa)
A Henaler bagaa padng np and
doarU tnd airlnn hl? opinlon- vf auto
mobtle <i-i\.-r> la gir" ' ,1 '" bfawd bu
omlnoufl Bound In the directlon >.f irtfth ;
,. ..,,.i in anothi r momenl the
. cai wltb ih.- muffjed drtvei
. 4v. -; through I2d Btreet, look th
, ,? |nto Broadwa) on two a-heela,
i,n >. .| two t.1M- aba by Inchea
agaln .;i appeared to th- aouth. Th' ,
poii< eman walted for no lfl tru tlona,
bul rommand> red -? taxlcab and
Btarted Ln purauli
\ Henaler and hbi chauffeur gol
undei wa> the polieeman ahouted ln*
atructlona to th?- other polloamen he
.. ,| .,,,d s.-\<ral JUmped IntO t-.vi
eabfl and folkrwed him. Bj inqulrlng
ii,. u.i rroia patrolmen along tba
routfl th.- p.irsim.K im. e learned thal
tha racer bad gone dowa Broadway
;,,,,i i,.,,| traeaad through >0tb stre.-t
toward Flftb avenue. ?m reacblng thal
thon.iiKhfat.- the] lanrned thal their
QuatT) had gone north aa the avenue
and the fl.et of taxis P'M en all BPOOd
and made for the eerner ot l'-'.i Btraet
Engine Finally Stalled.
Thej h.oi Bcarcely leached 87th gtreel
when Binney, now on his fourtb lap
Baabad bj them, t??"?< U* <"r|"''" v*1'1*
oul cuttlng down bla apaed and Btarted
Wen toward sixth avenue. ai the mr
,,,, ,,i ti?- avenue. howaver, bla en
KM.e wenl wronf, and when the pollce*
in.-ii caUfht i"P to blm Hinney had
ha. ked his anoktag car around nnd
waa tryliiK to run lt biokwnrd. f'hnuf
feura "nd poliee lenpe.1 OUI of their
i.,\i. abfl and .ollared the driver
The chauffaura were go aathuataatfa
th.it th.- ollhi.rs had to Rght them oft
and rea raa ihe prteoner. Blaney ep*
parenUy was not disturh.-d hy the
threata <?f tba an?,'ry taxl oparalora,
and was Bttting ba'-k ln the low Mat 0f
th.- raetaag oar artth * ran(% ??? ""'? h;illd
and a cigarette ln the other.
Hinney was pnt into ono of the taxi
eaba and tnken to the West 80th street
Htatioii. There he mado u 81 eno, the
poliee b.iv, and deelared thHt his arreHt
WU an outrage. He demanded thut ho
I... released at nrxco. bnt flndliiR that
th. r. araa Hmnll prospeet of freedom ho
bagaa callklg up lawyers on the tele?
phone. ll? failed to Rft one and was
taken to a cell and looked up untll tho
|ime fot his renmval lo the J.n*er.?on
Market (out l
Makes Scene in Court.
When arradgnei he Mi MaglatraU
nntts that h- had not had time to xet a
lawyer, and d.'inanrled an opportunity lo
telepboaa He ealled Chlef Magiatrata
McAdOOj hut faiu-d i<> K.t an anaweff
Hei) lei told hl.*- story. and |8M Hinney
had a-led "QUeer" in th>- station house.
i i,. Lawyei bwtanUy lauached forth into
a protest aBaili^t thfl tre.ittlu-tit 81 ' ol ded
blm. and Beaaead agarlally disturhed ba*
..His.- ii.- had been aompelled to come
into BOUri wlthout a shave. He told the
magtetratc that be bad 'phoaed to james
\\ Oaborn fl, D*?I~n< ey Mleoll, O.-orge
Gordon Battle and other?", b;:t had been
liaablfl t.. Ret Into romniunnatlon wlth
any of thrm.
When tl.e inattei of hall wa* m?ntioned
there ara aaotbef eutbural Bbmey re*
fi>..i Batiy to anantp: ft* 9mg "**'?? a'"1
would aot si?n the formal eomplaint in
tl.ihIIIhIih elrrk's room. He later
i ..niiiiii.,1 ?n fourlh page. aecond inluraii.
Automoblle Ride, Trip to Church and Walk
in Central Park Make Up of the Day
for Engaged Pair.
i . . ho arrived hore on Friday, went to church yester
? r- with Misi (."nli!.
Ti i.> :, bis word "f Baturday, Plnley
.1 Bhepard, flancf ol Mlss ETelen Oould,
pot n|. < arl ? i lay mornh -
ra ? d hlmai If la Bunda; gai b and
walked down to Ko. 519 Klfth avenue,
kmld's bome. After ramalnlng
Inalde for perbasa half an ho
Bhepard an.i Iflsa Oould entered one of
tho ?:? ?.11? I automobtlaa and were driven
ti, .\iiw< Qould's church.
\ti.i !? ai im; church Mr. Bhepai.1 snd
bis fiancee were driven bach to the
iii.nl.i home and had luncheon with a
party of friends After thia lapae li
th. ii a< in ii lef tln" ? Dgwged couple
u alked down tho steps of the hou ??
m rolli .I u|i Flfth a renue ai.d ind. . .-i
tral Park. Here thej were aoon l"st in
thi manj bypaths and quiel nooka, and
did nol again return t" the houae untll
late la the afternoon
aii.i aopper with Miaa Qould Mr.
Bhepard ramalnod ??>? t of si?iit of the
ha*a i; -ej ed repoi ters um ii aboul 1?
o'clock, when be appeared on tho atoop.
Chicago Theatre Has One in
Each Drcssing Room.
I iu Ti legrai h ta Th? TrlbaM I
i i :, igo, Dec. '_''_'.? When tho chorus
Kiri-4 ami prlnclpatfl <'t' "Prtvoloua Oer
aiiini"" entered their dreaalng rooma al
tha Olyroplc Theatre t.>-day ono of tha
first thinks th.-y aotl ed on each of
their draaslng taMes araa :i brand aew
(Jldoon Hlhlo.
It ia aspactad that Blblea arill ba
plaoed ln all drosfiiiiK rooms of Chicago
Twelve Bodiea Recovered After
Belgian Theatre Blaze.
fliuaaala i*'0- --??a Him oausht Brai
during a moving pietur* patftwasanca
lo-nlKht in a thoatte nt Hnrroquos,
noar M.nin. Tho Baaaa SPMad with
graaf rapldlty, oaneans a panio la
whlch twoivo peraona aroia killed and
twanty injured.
Many of the vtctima arere woaaenano
ehlldren, who wore tramplod to duith
or hurt ln tho wild atampede to saeaps
from tho bulkling.
Demolished Orockery with Cane
in Cafe Quarrel.
I'uiis. Dee, M.?1*e _UttaN prlnta aa
amuslng account of tho adventuren in
F.uropo <>f Ciprlnno (a.stro, ex-prest
dont of Voneziiol u Whon he arrlved at
Antwerp be found twenty datecttvsa
waitlng for him. Theaa <Iokko.1 him.
wltb varying luefc to Druaosls. anu
thence to Parla.
Tho eg-Preeident sliafad tbo detee
tivos Baveral iuhob adth great aetule
MU, Whon Im antvad in Parla he
thuUKht tbat ho _had nianaKed to con
caal his idontitj", hut so.m aftarward
ho horanio lnvolvod in a ijuurrol in a
cafi and demollaMad ooualderahle
crockery wtth his oaine, Th*- potteawere
called in. and Custro's Idonllty was dis
Castro la ahoard tbe ju.an.or La
Toiirnino. \ihii h saih'd 00 Satiirday for
Nr.v Vork.
Ill" Btarted efl Ht n r>ri?k paee, hoadinjr
? north. nnd. entertng his hotel, waa
I wbtaked Bkyward In the elevator to his
From the fteettng gllmpaea that wera
i.. be had of the young Weatern rall?
road man he *a ? med to he tn greai po. ,*
lapirita. n.- announced hlmself pleaaed
wlth the treatment he had reoeived
from tbe newapapera, hut requested the
reportera not to follow blm too cloaely.
When Mr, Bhepard i room was called
the telephone laat nlght the future
ba id of Mlaa Gould aald ho had
nothlng of Importance to aay, beyond
: icl thal to-day he would report
brighl and early al th< Broadway of
? . i oi the Mtasourl Padflo Rallway.
ii \- iii enter upon his new dutlea arttb
im and ? relUh. be aald) and wiii h<
iri ni to learn the dlfferei I anglea of bla
? place.
From varloua remarka dropped by
of Mr. Bhepard aml Mis- Qould,
f ontlnm-il on BBeead pu**. riftlt roluinn.
Violent Shocks at Messina and
Reggio di Calabria.
Turln, Dee, 22. Two violent earth*
. Bh* i ka occurri <i to*day at Moaalna and
RegglO dl Calabria. Blctly. The dis
I turbance canaed a panlc, although there
m are no caaualtiee.
The ahocka laeted from alght to ten
seconde, The Brat ahoek wns so vio
l. nt lhal the aartb aeemed t.? open.
Fall River Liner Turns Back
and Passengers Take
The Btarboard ahaft of tlie Btoamer
Prlseilla, of the **%_) Rlver Line, broke
liint nlght when the sti-aiiii-r araa in th"
Soun.I. bound for Newport wlth 1.00
piiaaangaia. two houra after laaving her
The Priscllla returned to her Fulton
street pler. The majority of tho passen?
gers left for Boston by way of a special
traln from tho Clrand Central Terminal.
The others will leave to-day on the
Btaamtr Pravidanca, of the l-'aii River
Line. The i'riscilla. carrled a larg*)
Snow and Colder Weather Out
look for Holidays.
Waahlngton, Dec. -2.?Bnow and
r.iin in tha Northern Btatea east <>f Um
IfbMlaalppi River and in the aouthweat
are pminted by the WeathaT Bureau
for Tues.lay or Wednesday.
Another disturbance will appear in
the far West about Wednesday and
move eaeiwardi attended by snows in
the Northern -md Middle States and
croaatng tha Bhatarn states BMtfdp or
Batarday. That dtshtrbance arin be
foiiow,.! b) much colder weather over
tin greater part ><f ihe country.
Caaa of Belected Wlnes. M00, $r>.oo. $6.75.
H.T.IMwey A gone Ce..lw**ndtoa Bt., N.Y.
- A.lvt I
Sudden Epidemic of Conflagra
tions in Manhattan and
Brooklyn Keeps Police
and Firemen Busy.
Marshal Brophy Will Invest igate
Two Williamsburg Fires,
Which He Believes to
Have Been of In
cendiary Origin.
Pour flres in Manhattan and Brook?
lyn. for aii of arhli b alarma wara.turned
m at 7:30 O'clock last night. K'-uitrd in
narrow eecapes for several scores of
tananta, many rei oes bs poMce and
Bremen ami .. damage of 130,000 to
tananta and owners <>t bulldlnga. k
hHif dozen firemen wera tansporarlly
pui out of commisslon by S-BOke and
Injurlea and tha compMcattons at the
Brooklyn Bree, brought ahout hy the
sendlng in of a double alarm bj twe
.-.i itad tenanta, made it neceeaary f?r
Deputy Chlef .Lally to aand In four
more alarma bafoea ha ooui.i get to*
gether sufl-dent apparatua te fight th>
?ocoeedlng lir.s, arhlch followed the
first in qulok BUCCeeakM iu the Will
lamaburg distr.
Mra. Bertha Johnson, ivhose apart"
menl is on tii?- top floor of tba Btaaai
ford, a six story elevator apartment at
Noa SOcS an.i .">"! Waai 113th atre I,
Manhattan, was worklng around a gas
-tovc iii ber klti hen about 1:30 o" lot *
Iaal night. when a lace curtata Bonted
out over tho Bame and caught hro. Bhe
telephonad tho elevator boy, who ran
tn g-ngtiM i ompany 17, noxt door.
liaanarhlle Mrs. Johnaon ran to tho gra
eacape and began t.. acreara fur help
Patrolmen Mli had Batto and John
Buechler, of tho Weat 128th street st..
ium. heard th..- <rios and ran into tb
'"jihiitiK Tho elevator boy arai
..i th.- flre houae, >?? tho two ofl-cers
boarded the elevator ami tan ii up to
Um top fioor. The door leadlng t<. the
apartment araa locked, ami when th y
?houted to Mrs. Johnaoa to open it she
snawared that ahe couldtt'l g?-t to lt
becauae the ballwaj araa full of smoke
Batto an.i Buei hler beat down the door
with their nlghtatlcka ami entered
Two Carried Out.
ti.o iiottcomea earrled onl Mrs. .loiin
son and a nialc lotigir, WfeoOS aa_M
would not glve. Tln- rlamos hy thla
time bad enten up through tli- kitrli ii
? iliug and had begUU I i appi ??
through tho roof when tbe Bremen ai
nii.i. Thay turned in an alarm and
began trylng to g. t tha ledgera out.
Tho elevetm boj noi on tho aeeni
arlth the englae companj ai.d t< l? -
i.honed aii the tn at inionts thal I
ioum araa on Bre. Thi majority ?
tha toni.nls did noi wall to iid<- doSMi.
>ut took the Btalrway as a means of
ixit. Th.' Bremen found a few minute
later that all of the twenty-two fam
hea m tbe building w< n out a i'.>
he axceptloa of Mra. Altce Hall, who
tvad on th.- third floor with h< r rh.'gh
tor, Aluerta. who is a paralytlc Both
aere carried out to the atreet.
Patlenta in tho mala ward at s1
ttuko's Boepltal "ho aaw ii.. Bamei
i,ni to ho gutatad, and nureas and i iiy -
ddani aent through tlm huilding r. -
is.-uring them. Firemen John Cook
ind Jamea Burkc. of EngUM Cumpinv
17. wore overcome by -StoOfce. hut were
ravlved later. John Klneler, of ihe
lama company, was cut by a faiiinj;
thnber. Deputy Chlef -ilcCartney es
.imatod tho tnt.il damage tn the bmld
ng and furni."hings at $10,000.
At practlcally thr same nioment nt
.vhich tho alarm was turned ln lor th,.
Mai.h.Utan flre tho Brooklyn llro light
>rs wera Mlrrod tu action hy two ex
?ited tananta of a four story bouae ai
s'o. 29 -SIoroI street Sn.oke cemmg
rom tho cellar threw the occupauts of
he building into a pnnlc and two a>
ive inmates of ihe house atarted out
:o send ln an alarm. One ran to tha
rn nor of Johnson avenue and Lorimor
itroet and pulled a box. The other
iprintod to Broadway and Throop ave
iuo und aent in the second alarm. The
iotihlo nlarm resulted in the brlnging
.1 a half dOUBSI englnes and four hook
md ladder companies to put out tho
Ire in the eollar.
Just as tho flremon got into action
iro started in a glove and crset atore
un by leaafl Kisberg ln a three atory
rame building at No. M8 Broadway.
rhe alarm that was turned ln brought
io apparatus, owlng to the double
ilarm from Slegel street. Deputy Chief
.angon alzod up the altuatlon and aent
n a second, third, and finally a fourth
larm. Deputy Chlef Lally, tn eharge
.f Brooklyn, then made hls appearanc*
vlth some apiiaratus, but by that time
he wooden structure wa.s all ahlazo
,nd was threatcnlng nearby bulldlngs.
Elevated Structure on Fire.
The flames soon set flre to the ele
?ated statlon on Broadway. and apread
n qulck sucoesston Into the buildings
t Nos. 6"i), H78 and 674 Broadway.
Vlth the arrlval of some of the belated
pparatus from tho. Slegel street blaze
;hief Lally began to dlstrlbute hla
orces and work out a plan for check
ug the flamos. He waa Interrupted.
lowever, by the nowe that there waa a
ilg flre at No. _,ti Humboldt atreet. An
ngine company was sent around to
.ttend to it, and before the conflagra
lcn whk-h they found raglng In tho
ellar could be drowned out it worked
hrough the wrtlls Into the building next
ioor. After an hour's brlsk work th?
uen got this flre under control and
eturned to Broadway. where thay

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