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thev aeetated in put*
- ti tha ??
,.i met, V4<-.ven ? ? by flraoka
*,Bd injured by fnlUng B****? aml tlni"
bera, bul ambulaw a BurgaoM revived
;i,i ieal them back to work. rhe
- ,-. ...i | th- : "!-'t 1* "'
1 by the poliee of the
?. Vernon avaaue, Clymar
, Bua fltationa,
? ad aaM h Bent reeervea to bol
awd aad help ln the r<
r llnea were
,;,,) ,,: Ume, and the pollCfl
li] dO tO I
I irahal Brapl ? wUl be*
day to ii tlgate I
j. ,i Broadway
..-.!., i, he thlnki wore <-i q ata
gtn. The total damage waa
? 110,000.
Joins Rhinebeck Department
and Uniforms Brighten.
[By '
. 22 -aii the
-. ln Rhli ?
uae Vlncent Aator
; rni nt. Tin- village
. aitb talk
When the ;??
. ..; Lstoi will ba ex*
,\M j. !?? extended
to Mr.
t: ? Wll am M.
? mpai) ln
A | n mpi nce waa
? ahowed bla
by glving
whlch ia used ill kind.-;
: ta Wh? - t Fei ncllff he
- onally dui Ing 1
i q to -. :::- . ? age amati ira plaj
ball. I. r of the H di
. and will havi a
1 for the racea
Hudaon H ??? ? ?
Poliee Captain Was to Answcr
Graft Charges To-day.
,s \V Walah, i "h
I . - ition. trho e
onductli ' " '
. lm t, coliapaed
? a* '
, ; dropped
chalr. H
i ? i
. : <? Marvin
. owlng
to hi- eoaditJo k, but he
t for the laat I I paW
inth to Pati
? worrh i -
aldi nna:.
? ?
r h.> haa
n in
n twenty -
? ?
that he waa i"i a greai many yeara In
iuad al rlmtnal
i .nirt"
Long Island Citizens Decide to
Siart Patrol of Their Own.
i- ,i the ?u< ? ta on Bunday.
The a ba aaa ra 4 i I
d on tl ? flmooth pave i antfl recei
and hi racanl lota from i
..fn rnoon ? playera con*
. , atfl ir Academy, Hadde. I'roapect and
I r?r- I ln Wilbur, Poynter
aad Beebi avenuea, and flOflaa of tiu-rn
long distat.ces" hy trolhy oarfl
Tl? aad detl -tiv< |
te ehecb lha gamea have been uaavatttni
ns lookont :>?_. and at the ap
maa tl i
ptarii -i tetnporarlly. The
tt.d.iy determined in the fut
, ... aaalntain a patrol of their own
nnd thus ooyer |he entlra dlatrici glving
araatg* 11 i Iforded
the oollcfl.
Uplift Determines Conditions,
Says Reynolds.
: - trlei Ittoi aej laa m B
o)dfl Bpoke yeaterday afternoon at a
?ln thi Weat Blda YuunR
AaaoetaUoa on "The
. BM j? > New York." Ilf re
hrlefl) to thfl Bubject ef th<- po
atlon i l.ave raaehed
Hei* thal the averaga polieeman in
!,' ..ut lik>. the a\? i .iu- rltlsen a> to elvlo
righteouanrs . onli the polieeman i*
? . .? that you arlll
(Ir.d tbat where the people In a pteelnct
re wllUng to polnt oul and make known
??'. .1 eondltiona ind to Mghl them intelll
aently ind couraaeoualy. graftlng la ra?
te a minimum, and that in propor*
there efforta on th>. part of ciU*
iri n f t fiourlHhea mora
.. ii you bava don.- to
' ? ng at uil uthei i>- Ph than tboaa we
i had NUpp<>eed from a'l
ii'. di and amt.it!..ii there haa
?een in ih<- laal fea montha In ronn*e.
t:..n wlth M". and ciiaifi eondltiona that
1 niiijht *e< . t thi> meotii'U h i-under
-.ns who hav.- been eonspicuoua In
the newapapi r reporta, i-ut i do not
notiea tb- hi ln the audlence lo-.luy.
Rises to Demand Police Escort
for R:se Livingston in
Her Work.
Many Wcep at Story of Village
Girl Lured to Opium Den,
Which She Left Only
in Coffin.
While How Livingston. '?..? ' Angel
of ' btnatown." was t< Hing Iaal night ]
of her work among the unfortunatc
women in that little rjuartor. in thl
rooms of tho Bpworth#League, 14th
street and Beventh avenue, a mlnleter
' in tho nudience aroso and det lared that
aii tho minlsters in tho clty should
form into ono parade, with Miss Llv?
ar their bead, ami march down
. Broadway to the offlcc of Mayor Qay
'nor ami demand of him that ho furnlah
Miss Llvingston with police csenrts
TlM meeting was a rogtilnr Bunday
; evrtiinfT meeting aml the gatherlng BrUJ
not great, but every Uatener appeared
to be much Impresued by nllas i-^
lngston'a words. Now and then aome
aroman would soft aulte loudlj and a
? man WOUld use his hamlk. n ).;
. vigorously or murmur "Amen."
: w. don'l want to oi en up a lot "
tlon and mlmlonary rooms Whai
i do wlsh i i"t of yo i ktnd-hi .ni""
women would do, it ' ? ?' lOB ot
r girls truly toir ' ? yott, ls to
put on your bonnel an.i coal ami ???
go around where t; '4 to
-. 1 th< m ln lb m '?' *??if
. ,,??. 1 m< 'hing thal : 0 1 an do,
There will be?there'l) ho lota. We
don't need anj great amounl "f money
-no fortune?bul we do, of courae, need
nuite a lol more tbaa we hava.
Still a Chance for Them.
"None of you good people mi Bl for a
moment believe thoee g'Hs tn i><- bad
girls. girls for whom thtre can M DO
turning bach into the path that Ood ln
they fh..uM w.iik ln. Every ona
of th.m was horn. as wer-> JTOUr daugh
. 1 ,,..) . ,.t. r . aurrounded with sun*
1 irtuo and happlneaa, 1 know of
one llttle girl whoae pltlable plight wlll
mt, oh! bo many others?others
:?? still down ihoro. Bhe 1 anu
from a quiel 1 i 111?- village nol far from
thla clty. Her famlly?two brother.
aad a slster?lived on b vegetable farm
a clty saleama 1 mel her ln the village
v nnd paid courl to her. In a
areek's iime he invited h'.r to \ Isit tho
. ity and ace the stghts. Of courae, ber
father poaltively forbade lt. sin- crled
foi navy. and ov.iituaily back came the
clty man and auggeeted that ahe run
away with him. she was a Bimple, im?
nabla llttle glrL Bhe r..n away,
i in< a? ? h lati r hi 1 love for the man
!>ed ber of her t.otter senai
they Uved together?-they rlalted a cer?
tain dance hall in riiin.itown She
drank a glass too mu< ii of win. i.ocame
siol; and fainted. Tho .ity man bt ame
tad, drank a l"t more Whlskey
ami left her there When she awofci
she was in tho arms of ti rmiKh bttt
seemlngly gentle ? oung man. who told
' or to go with him to tho rooms of ni>
, in Doyera street.
Stayed T.ll She Oied.
Bhe dld. Tho next mornlng sh< was
. ?.,.?! to go bome, That was foUT
go. i.ast year i uv her carrled
in a eoffln from thnt same room. Bhe
had dled from cocainiaui and alcohol
if that glrl could have been taken away
from Chlnatown and its foul atmoa
phere i;-.-'. for om- day. before it had
? ?i ber ahe would have remalned
"Tho rooms in whlch those girjp llve
?.. ill, dark. f,':i, and choking
from Ktalo opium fmoko. They have
bul S few rags for elothes, are III fed
in. 1 aro aabamed to go out into the
? n tho punlight. Sometlmes they
don't leave their romns for nearly a
week. When they do n is in the very
early rnorning. How often I havo sf>on
them, clothed in faded siiken ahawls
and with carpet slippers upon their
feet. ahufflirig through the half dark
street* like phadows"'
lt was thon that the Rev. W. A.
ruddy, from Washington, made the
siiRgestlon cf tbe pa'ade down Broad?
way. Nearly half ths nudience wera
women members of the laague. F, w
Von Wetsenflue, president of tho laague,
oj.i 11.-d the rueotlng with a prayer
Lady Cook. Who Was Tenne.sseo Claf- j 1
Iin. Fears Police Will Hound Her. 1
Mary Ooode wlll h.-ar from Lady I'ook ;
just as ponn is the former Tenneaees 1
Claflla ha* had a talk with Diatrlct At- 1
torney wnitman, whom aha wlll meet |
to-day. At her home, at No. MI .toffer- .
snn avenue. Brooklyn, last night, Lady
COOh eapreased her fo.irs thnt Mary
(inode would be bounded by ih" police,.'
atnl for that roamn she had dectded to . 1
eotna to tho fronl to befrland hei '
"Woman iikn Mary Ooods should bali
vroto tc.i when thej engage In the work
of shewini up the awftd eondltlana thal ,
exist," ahe aald. "Mayoi Oaynor has
many good IdSOS on the prohlsni Ilo ip
rlghl arhea he places the hluine upon so
Huyler's stores will be closed this
morning until 10:30 o'elock, dur?
ing the interment of my brother,
John Seys Iluyler.
Frank DcK. Huyler,
Photographed on the steBinef Foxtbn Hall. with one ol the oftcen
and the ship's dog.
4 i.iiliiiii. I rnun llr-1 |M_r
liee becanae I pi
te. tlon and th.- "don ? ? gM by
whii h tha i" ii' e, evi n afu r ? olli ctlng
- . drovi lh(
ind glrlfl from one houae I
arere mattera a hli h wen al** bj - nnd. r
dlai uai li n al th ? ?
May Indict Inspectors.
i 'bai li i Muller, the j inttor of thi
Wi bi 58th atr< el a] artment bo
whieh Mra. <;.le and other won
irlel army plicd tbelr
? ili go bef - ?? n
agaih to-day 11
th-1 body laal M? nday, .md it a
mored ia:-t nlg t l I v r and Du?
valier mlgbl l- ? ;i . hai i a to
thei.ineh.-s from | 1 I ui -
ble I foi r Mullei i '
grand n,i y
tltho igh the i ? ? ?
? ???;,. t ng lmm< d itegictlon n thi
of grand |ury Indlcti ? la be?
lle*. ed that when lndl< tmenta are forth?
coming they e di nol be agalnal the
patrolmi n noar un ler cl Pollce J
ii.. i - . irti ra, bnl agali .; talna
and Inspectora arho have i.n the re*
oelven of ti ? grafl colloi ted l pa*
trolmen, plabu lothea m< n and old*
faahloned "wai"men."
The ?-\ idence arhli h haa I ot n coi
in to the i riati et Attorni | hai I ?
far along thfl general llnea of Ihe hlg
beneflclai ? i ol polli e grafl from ih
s... lal evll I ? within Ihi laal 11 i
foui bo ? ? the narai - ? I -: lerteri I
Ihe rankfl of ihe undervroi Id h ?
bro ighl to Mr. Whitman, a Ith tl
fon ' on thal from thi m he could ?
iflc avldeni < agalnal aom< of
the captalna nnd inspectors who bava
been widely known m the nnd. i
clrcb i ui on ? bom thi v ha ? e ievled.
It developed yeaterday thal the Bu- ?
reau ol Mualdpal Raaearcb whlch bati
been the agont through whlcb the do-j
natlon of John i' Rockefi ii. i |r., baa
l-een made of en l< e to U?e i i
'?ommitt.e had a fund of Information I
>n polli e admlniatratloi on hand
the recenl d i lurea In Um Pollce i >??
I rirtni' nl aenl Iba fa acui i*. big
I,. covei
Card Index of Houbis.
Aaaong other thlngi it developed tl ii
ihe Bureau of Munli Ipal Reaearch had
it une time freer a . ?... to tha P
Dapartmenl reeorda than tbe alder?
manlc committee could gain when ll
made a peraonal rlall to tha Weel 17th
street Ftntlon o i Fridav
Theei . griii r ??' i from tbe
liureau of Munlcipa] Researcb were
?bu- to put in their reporta tha fa I
th?- Temlerioin taiiotis of tha cltj had
it that time records no! Onl* Ol tbl d
arderly boueea ln tbelr prectncta i?nt
ilao llata and dascrlptlon ol the Kiris
that inhabited each Bticb houae Theae
reeorda, 11 is aald, wera ao oarefully ,
kept that tha captalna and Inapectora
.mew when Kirls w. re transferred from I
me bovaa to another, .i- frequently
lappenpd, and by the reeorda they kept
.vere able to gange the eaai i poaaiblli
tlea of the grafl on ea h ..f the dta
hpuat s m tha diattii t
Henn Brvdre, dlrectoi o| tha Bureau
.f Muntcipal Beaedrch, sald laat nighi
liat although be could nol recall ex
utiy whether ins Investlgatora had re
*orl<'d that UM DOU - had b <ird Indei
n/aten of the dlaorderly houeeg and
lieir tenants. he had a reooilectlon
hut aomethtng of tiiat nature had been
?.Some thing like that if on ihe friiiKe
>f my mc'iiory, said Mr. liniere, but
I i anaol aay poaltlvaly."
Mr. Hru.'-i'.- explalfled that aeveral
reajra gara Arthur Wnods, then onjo* Ing
cs Babbatical year as u teacher bt
indon, cama to Um boraaa and of
'end bla parvtoeg He was datagated
to make a repori oa the poliee prystem
loin Um etandpotnt nf geaeral buat*
leps tflicieni y, more than with the hl. a
if diadoatai uraft, aad in that capae*:
ly Mr. WoOda got In tom h with Oen-'
:ral Blngham. then Pollce Comtnis
i Aa i re iril CommU ionar
i ngnam r< all) Invited thla Lnvestlga
v.hi. h developad partkrularlj
along the lim i ol an Inquiry into the
pr.'ii tent W.Is made i rn
I ??! ?.. I !. I.I.
Ifr, Bruere i ild
B ag] im bt -:,ii hls Bghl for
the blll io ni\." the Police Commissiooer
Waldo Tightened Reina.
. ? ? : Mr Wi
r 'iti. t. r Blngham,
anothei ? tigatlon
? . pun h ? ?
;. t. Mi i
In't think t
.: ?!
bul he did
?..-.!. ing ii ? i. iti
led araa promptl l
? in.
In ai from 1
porta m thoae Indei
ch I i n.n
(tbat day grant ed
i Waldo I
i.i. .1 1- i "a" i ..' lti< ..l.l-l
I to I
i ? ? . . gbt tbat t
.. i.
i. any of the
? .... i/ itlona
M Ipal Re
? ?
M i Ruck
. ?
? from th. i
t,. ? e
Ihe i rn any athi i
on, mi ao i.'in! of ti..
placed al their dlapoaal b Mi
re have it least
from othi i ? rgai laatlo
? t Indlvldual, vo] ? ?
eai anothei had
? .1 il :'li
? ? i , iv who
: ? anj i mb 11 mi b
?? ity "
.. dei maali ln
.1! I "l: J-."" .i.lill
tlenal whl h la now aaked for, and wiu. h
i. ? ? :?.? . onunltti > to
? la pay.I sti nogi i
phers and apedal Inveettgatora Mi Bock
aueta i.ii amounl would
.? i ? ? far it..' ."
ita t bj ti,. . ommlttec i;
lhal i. _-s"n thal tl.t mlttee
. iii. outatde belp thal araa
i . . nreel Igatora
thorli tba) a re ??!; otntad aa
lln eommltti ?
'i '.?? Cltl .' ti. ? tbe ' Mtlsen-f
i mlttee of Poui t.. a and
the men'a clul ol aeveral eh rchas hava
? ? dtffi i' ii* i. mii and _t
ln thla ara I tl com
Still No Help from Waldo.
Mi Bueknei aaeorted Iaal niKht thal
Cornmiasioner Waldd'a anawar ta Ihe
eharge that ba araa obetruettng and aam
; . tba work of th.mmlttee aras
? thal i"' has made all
"With < satora ahot In a room.
hmlng to Band oui a raquMthm for their
i piece I.. place, and than havlng
I.. \.. li Bometlmea f"r daya for the per*
i.i'.ai ni ihe Cornmiasioner on
each n'im-iii.'ii th<- posltloa Mr. Waldo
lakea la untenable." aald Mr. Bucknar
There are fundamental objactlone ta
- along Ibe llnes Mr. Waldo haa
1 ..ui No Inveetlgatlen af tho
filinir aystem as a whole or the bnslnesa
admlalatratlon or th<' department aa a
wbale i" pooalble or of any us..' unless it
i. ra tha system ia.
? it would maka laaa trouble te the
Headquartera foroa li the Inveatigatora
..,.,. allowed I" go aboul tbemaelvea and
. \... ui,. i. ? ..ni-. Aa it la aon. under
i '.aiinii :.i"n.i Waldo'a order a, ihor. is m>
imii |) i. .1 I.i; . about it lli.it n .i.l.i .
tba work ol both tha Inveetlgators aad
i ii. I'liii.. Headquartew feri
We don'l know whea we aak for
ui.it w. M' fotUng aii tha papefs
iu thai Hls or oaaa I am loM thal a
number of praetact complalnta tiramlntd
in our men contalned evldencea ni* ran
imiitroi ni. nts."
Mrs. Qoode, whoae atory to the conr
n.i'i.. gave the Brsl publlt) tattmatloa
lhal the AMermeu ware <>n the trail .?f
tli- police grafl oa dlaorderly boueos and
their Inmatee, wm said le bave hsea Ihe
dinm r gueal Iaal nlgbl of b prondneut
aoclety woman who is btteraatad la raacua
work for anfortunate ?iris. Tho dinner,
whlch was attended bj aeveral men an.i
WOOMU in tivi ly . Rggged in that work,
Waa h, 1.1 in .. priv.it"- nmtn nf a will
known reatauranl aear ? <?!? iuii..i - Clrtft,
i. ii becauae <>f the posaMe neCortaty
Mrs. Qooie araa bound b> satfrecj eoo*
carntng the aaasea of lor hoateaa and
f. Ilow guest*.
Was Lying in Foliage of Cocoa*
nut Tree When Ship's Offi?
cer Sighted Him.
Hut in Whieh Negro Boy
Sought Shelter Was Car
ried Out to Sea by
Terriflc Oale.
! .\ daj after th>- recent hunicaae awepl
over the Ulaad af Jamalca tha frelghtai
! Foaton Hall paaaad tbroagh the Carlb*
j l.ean on her \\a> to the Wlndward Pa8
aga siie eame apoa j?reat drlfta of
tlmber and foliage, bat they wera aa
?iieiititui aad tha eaaaal had Bteamed
through the drirtu ao hmg Uttla head
waa Hi\<-n t?. tbelr praaenee. Bal "mt
of th.- debrla thfl reaael aventually
ni. ked ap a walf named "Willla' Oee,
wbo tried to tell his atory yeaterday a-<
th- frelgbter dlacharged her eargo in
tkrath Brooklyn.
"Wlllle" haa been adopted by Captain
Parfcer and hia erew, an.l even though
the Immlgratlon otfftcialfl ca\<- thfl duak)
? fellow permlaatoa to go aahora
eaterday with the aecond officer, ha de*
clined to h ive the ahlp that hu.i aaved
The little fellow OWflfl his life to th?
lance of Mi f tonnelli, the < blef offl*
car, whoae ke.-n rlalon dlacerned him ln j
the buum ,,t" fioti un and fetaam thal
Irlfti I aboul tbe ocean well to tba north*
:: ? ol Porl Antonlo
i onnelly u..s on thfl brldga In the af*
.ifter the fltorm. The
ahlp'a ei.., k had laal atmi !4 si\ belle,
when he called n> the quartermaater to
? .:?..- 11;.. blnocuiara.
Saw Child on Cocoanut Tree.
Th. r- Ifl fl I 84 OanUl tree dri! |
head thei ? oS tha poi I bow," he aald,
"and tbere is aomethlng on it that lookal
like b chlld or aa animal/' Tha Quartgr*,
maater atghtad the object, too, and ia*
atantly the Poxton Hall araa beaded |
I . fht for the tr.-.. c iptaln Parker j
caUed, and aa th> frelgbter ? >l
. leaer tha bodj of a half-clad negro chlld j
en lying in the follaga
Tba BBBergeaey lifeboal waa prompUy
lowered, and Donnelly and four men pnt
,, ii ? . the di .ttinsc Btranger. Tbey called
to tbfl 4-hihl, bat he dfd not re?ii,.ri I II; l
cheel "as heavlag, so tbay kaaw ba waa
i -.t dead
gjowly tba chlef dlaengaged the nttie
fellew'a body from tha leavea tbal
it and baaled blm Into th?i llfeboat H?
tdmlnlatered Bral ald. aoch ,n i*. glvan
to theae aearlj diowaad but the boy
gave n>. reeponae, His body w.i* covered
only by a ragged ?hirt and be abowed
igai ot esbauatloa nnJ fltarvatton.
"liet back to th-- chl{> as fast a? vou
can." aaM Donnelly to tba men al tht
(,ar.-4. t to ive thli kld, and
be ojalck aboai lt."
Wlthh twentj. mlnutes th? i inef had
th<- little :? llOO iti tl.e .ki;.- . r's rOOBB,
aad both worked over lum f..i an ho ir
1 ?? ... hi"< ayea opened .md eonacloua*
neaa returned. a Uttla brand] aml water
helped pull blm to_.-th.-r. anl thal nlgbl
he waa ;.h!.- to tnk. a BtUa Bourlflhmenl
aktpi ? i did not i other blm wlth I
mtll two ?? '??? I BB
had fully revlved, and then the ntt:.- f<:
low t.-id t..- Btorj
N ? ha net ai had ?." fatbei ad ao j
? ? ii.- ? im! | wandered around
the waterfronl near Part Antonlo; a
yotithf i ' ra< te omber, \\ ho mad
penny h ra md ti,. r. ..i .1 n-. ? d malnly
on ti'.i!- and nah, He waa ??< ?.?"??<! swim
-i ? rit much ttm< ln thi arati r
?Wlllle ? lad beea ont in the surf an bOUT
before the burrlcaaa cama H? saw it
coming, aad, pnttinir haek to tha beai b,
II .1 ,!??-. t '??<! I, ,t lle Ha! |
i.- i mim m ? r ' ?? taralfj * olee
Hut Blown Out to Sea.
i ??- werm u|.lad, tha bul waa ;if'.-.i
|n the mr and blown o l to -? .. witl
tbtni ibli around blm. He
could not t.-'.i boa long ha had been In
lei He r> racmbcred ?
c ? ti.-. and attcktag to ll Huagei ep*
blm, .md inaUnctlvely he fafl
? ? |i ., .- of the f n. ndlj .a
.,. t tree foi a cocoanut and found ?
green oae lie prled ii open und drank
the milk i.ater bfl fell atoepy, and knea
i.. mora mtfl ' ?? woke up ..ti tne *'??'.
. . ueh on the Poxton Hall.
Th.- uttla falloa ? i alxtj rnllea north
"-AM et fort Antuiuo wbea thfl freightei
pleked him up
II ? crew oul down aome of tbelr own
clothlng and ".itch?-.i u up uatfl II Btted
tbe lad, and when 'he reaael raade porl
"WlUle" 0*88 ntted OUt with B flne sult. ?
cap aad ? bank aceouni of II M
The youngater arlll nol ba aUowed le
?ta) In thla country, aa ba hi aa allen
uader atxteen. Tbe BrttJah Conanl would
???nl him ha.lv to .lamalia. hut he dOCfl
. ,,i eara to leav? the Pozton il.tii. Bvery
..ne aa board hi fond or bha und regarda
bha as ? maaooi He aill Hti-k te tbe
fihlp untll he is ahle la Bbgn en bar, ne
-a\ - md thaa ''*-iii follow Donnelly wher*
.-\ .r ha Boea
I iiiillnutd from flrst pn_r
it is belleved tbe weddlDg aill take
place witliln the tn-xt two ueeks, prob
ably a faw daya after Cfertetmaa The
proepectlve brldegroom blmaelf refngea
t.. breathe a word aboul tbe woddtng
plana, mytng Ihe matter reated <utir_
ly iu th.- hands <.f M is- < lould.
whi n four thousand aallora who
li.a.h- a tOUT ot Lha WOrld with llie fio.-t
ln INI Kave Miss Helen Qoutd a
maaslvfl silver loving cup in racoffnl*
tion of ber generoalty to enllsted man
..( th. navy they paid ber an lioiior
never before accorded a woman. On
Mlaa Qould'a weddlng day. bowever, tha
honOT will he laillhltd, foi holll the
anu;, and navy will he ollh-lally rcpre
Banted by magnlfliiant glfta oa the oc
i asion of her ntairiage to l-'inh-} .).
Bhepard, oi Bt Loula,
Am BOM as (he amioniu einent W88
made that Mlaa Gould wu_ to beootne
the hride af Mr. Bhepgjrd a dalaajatlon
of patty oiiii .th ,,( tiie phlpa n.iw in the
Brooklyn navj rardt beaded by Captain
Hill, i hief of staff. laid the moIhhi Ipt ion
propaaal befOra Hear Admiiul Onu-r
bauBi oommandlng the Atlantlc fleet. I
lle appruved the plan, and laaued aa '
IHIS year's importations of
Parisian Holiday novelties,
made exclusively for Mail
lard, are shown in bewil- M
dering varicty ? everything sat- ||
? -! ?'. :
isfying to the esthetic taste.
Bonneta de Low for boudoir wear.
j j Opera bags knd Hand baps uniqiie in |
Style and elTert. I.lectrk* lamps and |
shades in Saxc dccnrated warc.
CoffretS dc Sevres in every descfiptfotl.
Vases of Daum and Sevres in newly
applied designa forvanous uses.
I) o 11 s dressed in the latest
Parisi a n fashion?exclusive varicty.
Cushions and Sachet de Loxe for lingerie
purpoaes. Satin lined baskets. Large
variety in the latest shades and tints.
Glove and 1 landkerohict boxes. rare
and beautiful seleetion, in all shapes
and colora, latest Parisian importations.
Dinner and Iee Ircam favori
and Mottoea?original creations.
X oy Pavor t and 0 r n a m ents
for the Christraafl tree.
7hf Lomcttaa Rtttamrmal e 4**
Itght/ai plavi to rtft j uhtle?
t^fUraooa Ua uratot tkett te tix.
? i
H . .... -. ? - yt:wYa$$.
McGibbon & Co.
Pure Linen Handkerchiefs
Notwithstanding the unusual pressure of Holiday buying
the Handkerchief stock is still prepared to meet every
demand. There is still a good choice oi" all kinds from
25 cents to $22.50 each
Handkerchiefs for Men, Women and Children
3 West 37th St.
Just off Fifth Avenue
Useful Gifts
that will be a daily reminder
of the giver
Gas Waffle Irons Gas Chafing Dishes
Gas Griddles
Gas Mantle Lamps Gas Curling Irona
Gas Toasters 5
Gas Irons and Mangles Gas Heaters
GaS CookerS (wnthg for $1 OO a year)
and many other useful helps in home-making
On Sale at Any Gas Office
"The Right Way is the Gas Way"
Consolidated VJas L/ompany of INew York
GEO. B. CORTELYOU, President
invitation to Omleatn and men of the
navy to OOBfribtttS toward tln* gift.
llMnwhllS army otll.lals had tak.m the
OttS BtmulUMOUSly Ll varloun parts of
tli." country. niio of the flrst replie.s
(uiniriK from I)env?r. At the present
time every post l> tn*! .'ountry and in
tho l'hlllpptnes, lo whlch the newa was
lai.iod. is rsspondtng to ths call.
Neithcr the army nor navy men wlll
*;i> what foi in UM glftS wlll take. The
i ..mlilnation navy nhsfll for the full
amount when collected wlll be aent to
948 BROMWir, NEAR 23D ST.
Finest Copp- rware ln ExUtence.
the paymaster of the Delaware. whfl*?
captaln will appoint a committee of
rnen to select ihe Rlft. The same gen?
eral procedure will be followed amon*
the army msn.

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