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V?'- LXXII..N* 24,145.
r?-,lH?. -.ni.i,
I o-mnrriiH. |.. ,.i,.,i,i , fmr.
a * *
DO 1/ 'I * AV I * / '1,'YT ln < it> of KOW gfltrh. JflBBIJ * Bj anrl HnlioU a
.1(11 I4. (I.Mj l Ca_*l I KI.HfCWHERK IHO CEKTB.
Armed Bandit and Five Confed
crates Rob Clerk Within 50
Feet of Third Ave?
nue Crowds.
Orinc Is Well Planned by Gang.
Whieh Surrounds Victim to
Hide Him from Gaze of
PoBsible Pedestrians
in 110th Street.
fty feal of Hir- shopping
.entre of Third avenue. on 110th Btreet,
ThorriBfl BattaDy. a clerk. of N<>. 204
-? 112th Btreet, araa lvid up, rohhed
?.n.i i hy ati mm laal nlghl al
-!;. The i.f.li.e ot Iho Eaat
104th Btreei atatlon were furnlahed with
^ c ptlOn Of thr- rohli. rs a illllli
? -1 hour ifter the oocurrenee, bul
arere unable to flnd any trace of the
Tho hold*up waa ? particularly lioid
one. aa it 04**curred leaa than flfty feel
from Thlrd avenue, whlch waa thr
?ppera, and In addltion to thal
tbere waa alao danger of n(|th Btreei
roaet ? ?? n cara paaalng. Tho rol b< i
rntly had ? aafa Byatevn planned
aot, howevar, for whlle one of thom
Md tha WOth the Ofher flve fcatherod
around htm and his viotim. Bhleldlng
them from tho alaht of any one who
hapni-tiod to plnnoe at thom.
iv had dotejrad bla Clirlatinafl
pplng until he had togothor all the
v be OOUld get, whlch amounl^d
-. 090, iic Btarted from h*? homa Juat
8 o'cloch and aralked down Bt -
onr] nventto to ll<>iii gtraal and th< n
BOfh 110th Btraal toward Third pve*
rrie. Just boforo ho raachad that thor
tara a raaaactably dreaaed man
, ;.od out of b doorway .md Btarted
if to eraaa lha Bldewalk. Battellj
| ed to Ict hlni paaa, nnd |U8l afl hi
? up |a him tln- man ehoved a re?
ar into tho clerk'a toca and aald:
\.. nolaa. Walk over t.. tiio building
t all"
f:ntto!ly ilid nn ho whu told, .md Bfl
raachad tho wall flve other m^n ap
<] ar.d formed in fl group about
him, and tho man arith tho gug
Btarted dallbarataly through Battelly'a
gata, He abowad no haate, and
ned everj "n<- of tho clerk'a ixteketa
.. oul Hc bi ? ri Btopped to eounl
. loiit y, and opened tho i.aok ol
- watch to examlne the warka
? alao examlned a etlckpln ho tonk
Battelly'a tle carefully. Finally,
- mi
"You're cheap. v..u have onl) Bld
ece for ua, at'd this tlcker and pln
? brlng rnort: than another 'bean'
.i - Why, I bava a mlnd to make
take me lioino so a.s we can get
? oa havo f<ot there."
With thnt he deliborately hli Bat
telly three time? m the face wlth hia
and vhiie tho clerk, aomewhai
ed, was stuggering ab..ut. tho Bla
? ? made off. Aa soon aa ho racov*
rroi hlmaall Battelly ran to tha Baat
.?"ith Btreet Btatloa and toM h.s atorj
tivea Qualne and McGowan
aenl bach to the acena ot the boldup
w.ib Battelly and thoroughly aearched
the neirchborhood, but naw no 0<M that
lark could racog-dao ?? ona of the
gang; Battelly told the pollce tiiut
ihree oi tha men arere soft hat?. two
i otbera eapa, and tho alzth one
? > derby, None of thom wore
Army and Navy News of Every
Nature Barred.
Bl Petereburg, Dee. 1*3.?An Imperial
decree issued to-day forblda the cir*
calatloo of military or navy news of
aay kind whatooever. The decree ra?
ln fofi o Cog h year.
I* giveg in niiiuiie tletail a list of
inatt.ts whlch must not be touched
Includlng tbe fiiiiiiiing of factory
.- for the arruy or navy and relat
ing to futloughs or talls to the i oloi s.
This Morning's News
local Page
Bi l k .tl Inni. tmentfl. 1
Man Held Ug on Crouded Btreet. 1
D RockeMlei Wttta Matoh. l
raan N>ar C.raft Tleadn. 1
Home to Delay Orand Trunk Inquiry. 8
VVIlatMi Pardena jh Prleonora. 3
? lora Baffle Bt Nl.-hnlas. 8
1 Bars Opera Star* Xmaa BalO.., 8
? Inataad af Weklera. 7
Da Pouaejierea Amaaad. f
Xew Bnglaad Boelety i>inn?-r. 9
Herowlta to Jalli Bitsirsess P*_llfl.11
9her.1l BaflM as Craft Sinks.16
al Agreemenl on Babwaya.16
Won't Stand for Brynn. 1
'?)* Mvale Bleaae in tTraetng Ooatvleta 3
Mexleaa Rabala Take Oaaaa Qraadea.. 4
''"thsh Haid Balked. 6
in r*alryland for Btrthday. 7
suffraK'-t lavadera Btranded. 7
(*btld in Dyaamltfl appeal.n
Uane, BIocb AoQUlttod in Parlfl. 4
f'trk^v ll*.ars Balkan Termn. 6
?taurataala'fl FwM i:un. 5
Iftgtaa \ n-rrov'H Life Attempted. 8
Afaerlceaflf Chrkataaaa in London. a
f<;r Women. 7
Bdltertal . B
lei )'??> .8
i kaatiieal . 8
M'IBI. . 8
Ubttuary . 8
BpOTtfl .10
traay and Na**y.ii
BTeather .ll
Ihlaplng .ll
> laaaelal and Markets. . . .18, 13 and 14
Leai fcnute .14 and 15
The Arkansas Flashes "All
Well" Message to Colon.
1 '"i"itt i?(?? 23. a a n. i. s.s dlapati i
O'oa recelved bere thla evenini from
ih.- bottleahip Arkanoaa, arhlch i>
brlnging PreaMant Tafl and hli portj
ii> tii<- Canal Zone. Th.- meaaage aald
ihat nli on boiirri tho vessol were welL
Tho Arkanoaa is due bore at 8 o'clock
lo-morroa/ mornlng.
Panama, Dec. 23.?Cordlal arln
dtapatchea arere exchanged to-dO] i
ta*oen Preoldenl Porraa and Prearidenl
Taft. Panama la preparing lo glve the
American Sxecutlve a notable arel
rome, Among the entertalnments hI
ready arranged nre an Invltatlon boll,
arhlch arill Le tendered to Mr. Tafl
Chrlatmaa night bj Prealdenl I'.-iim
and his w if.-, and a banquet In hla
honor, al arhlch H. Perclvol Dodge, the
Amerli an Mlnleter, a ill be the hoi!.
In Serious Condition After Birth
of Child Which Died.
Mis. Payne Whltney, Wbo was ||. ..
Hoy, the dMghter of John Hay, and ts
tho w-jf,. 0f wuii.ini C Whl tne J i BCC- |
ond aon, la critlcally III al her home,
So. OT2 Flfth avenue, A chlld which
llvod only a few hours araa born t'?
Mrs Whltney on Bunday and atm e
| Ihen tho young matron haa been hardl
Ing between life an.i deotl^,
ii waa aald late Iaal nlghl lhal ht i |
condition had eomewiial Improved,
Tho h.-itiso in whlch Mra Whltney i- ;
iil was .i a'edding preaenl from her
i nclc, Colonel < Hli ei n. Pa ne. Mr
mmI Mrs. Whltney were marrled Feb
ruory ?'> 1002. The) have two ? hil
dren< a boy and B glrl.
FIND $4,884 ON "DRUNK"
Jersey City Policemcn Gasp as
They Search Prisoner.
The police of n Ji raey I 'Ity atatlnn
recelved tho eurprise of their rai
Iaal nighl whon a rnt] of bllla .hat
amounted to olmoel .*?."..txnt was found
on a prioonor who had been arreati I
a eharge of Intoxlcation.
Patrolman Foyera rame upon tho'
man it Grove and 12th atreeta where
he lay In a atupor. He t.."k him to th
! st.it i<?ti and the ruatomarj aoarrri war
t ot hia i lothini
What haa he foi In thei ? .. ked
i ? aergeant, pointlng to a bulge in the
of the man'a coal
When iho patrolman drea forth i
ini.ro money than many thoughl ihere
was ii, Jeroej Clty, ever. one in iho
police atatton gauaped Wltlle meml
of tiip farce, off dui atood wnh bulg*
ing oyoo, tho mem 'in- eountod
it w.-.s moartly in amall bllla and
o inted to $4-884. A< ordlng to | ?
slon papora In hla pocketa, th< prli rner
a*oa Dovld 0*Keefi i I red butcher
ining.it .\\.. 38. iVntgomerj atreet,
Jerat y Clty. Efforta to revlve him were
futtle, ond he waa laken lo the '';r.
Companies Add Also That Busi
ness Is Greatest Ever
Sp iga" inight bave found aome rea?
aon for elation in the announcement <<(
tho fi\ e blg expri - - i ompanii
r.ight thal they had rleaned up their
Chrlatmaa traffic to Ihe minute had nol
the officlala added thal they are dolng
the blggoatl holiday bualneaa In Ihe hla
i.,r j ol tho Siiw Tork offli ea
it was nol a lai k ot hollda
and aendtng ihat enabled the ex] i -?
componiea to glvo excoptionoll: qti ,
aervlce this \o..r. The facl aeema t" (
ho ihat the ba bj fianl of pan ela |
r. in- born on the flral <>r the year i - .
pul iho oxpro.s.s people ..ii their mettle .
with tho determinatlon tn ahow thal ,
. ..i r\ Ing < "iv erna - ondui led by in I j
vote tajiitai ai*! adequate tu oll iho
demonda f>f tha publlc they benl oll
ti.. ir enorglea to dellvor all pai >? igea
on timo. In this. they aay, they have
been aucceoaful.
Robbers Cut Out Baggage C.ir
on Fast Train.
ton, ill . Dec. .: < 'itt\.. men
stopped tho ? Alton Hummi i .. hoi ? i
tance weol of llea, aoon after mldi
thia mormns, ? -.t ofl the encini ami i..._
gage 'ar, and compellod thi angtnaor to
lim down the track aovaral mllea. The
Bprlngfleld aberiff ami Chicago and Alton
ilotootiv.s *;.\i been aent i" iin- gcene
Afl ?? th" .r..n, itopped t ho- band ita cul
off tln- baggag* l;,r and forced the engi<
ii.'.i. Frank M. i.i ighlin, t?. run the car
i wo .*?_.? a. The poi tei i an bsu k, and,
v. ith the Baa ? ..? notlned the ? I
office from ihe telegraph atatlon .ii ii<->
The potter atated that the paaaengera
wiii- nol diaturbed, tbe bandita appar
ently aeoklni onlj thi boot) iti the bag
gage car
?| j..- rob "tt - Kploded foui i'.:.! _??- of
iynomlte Ln efforta to open the exproaa
oar aafaa. but failed In the attempt Thoj
l.n corrylng ?' few pockogea a'blch were
found lat r in a ii. i-i :..-;.: by. The aaft
were badly damaged, bul i" loaa li be
Hevod t*> bave occurred.
Tulaa Oklo., i'' ? -; \- midentlfied
negro waa ahol ind Inatantly Kiiio.i whlla
trylng to roh tln- ereu and paaaengara or
tl.- st Loula and San KYanctaee train No
;i_. from Oklahoma Clty to Kanaaa Clty,
>,?,i, aftet the traln lefl Chandler to
aight _
Physitians More Hopcful than at Any
Time Since Opcration.
Aiuii A. Ryoo, aon of Thomaa r rXyan, I <
wi.o if in tht) Oanaral Moo-orlal Hoe
pltol arhare ?"? araa operated upoa Iaal
\\ i ,im siav foi int--stiii.il trouble, ?.i- a
a erltlcal eondltlon yeaterdoy. He apeot
.1 i.H'i night. and ni ii.' eartj parl of thal]
,l,,\ i,i- phyalciana ???< oonaiderably I ?
aUrmed. Duitng th-- <iav tha potii
ll^d a Uttle, and hint night it hhs .?aul |
that there bad been no ehangt
The doctor* were morf hopeful ti.an ' t
thr) nod keen -.t ?ny tlon .-m.-. thal
.,,, n \v aa aa tl I
"Manny" Maas and Sol Wolf.
with Patrolman Skelly. Must
Go to Trial on Extortion
CharfjesMadeby Women.
Two Allegr-d Colleetors of Pro
tection Money for Vicious
Traftic Begin to Accusc
Each Other Under
Grand Jury Fire.
Maier and Duheller, Held gg Men
Who Tried lo Cover Srandal hy
Brihery, Have He^rniR
To day Both Aie
Patrolman John J. Skelly. Emmarmel,
known aa ' M.mny." Maas. and "Sol."
Wolf 'vere indicted under charoes of
e?tortion and bnbery yesterday by the
regular Deeember grand jury after a
two-hour session. during whieh they
lifltened to the testimony of Mrs. Mary
Goode. her neciro maid, Sadie Green.
h n ri ? Sol" Wolf himself. who had
wraived immunity. Skelly a,id Wolf
spent last ni(|ht in tlie Tombs.
Pohce Coniniissmner Wsldo. fol'ow
mg hi$ cuetom, eatabliehod first in the
Beck?r case, suspended Skelly as soon
as he had venfied the reported mdict
ment of tho patrolman.
David Maier and Charles Dubeller.
charged v. ith attemptinu to bnbe
Charles Muller to influence l?,r> testi?
mony before t-'e grand jury, ^.ere ar
r.-irpied for hearing in the West Side
poliee court ^nd the.r cases adjour-ned
until 2 o'clrrk this afternoon.
There ifl fl stroncj probab'lity, as a
result of yesterday's deve'opments, th.it
one of the three men indicted and one
of the pnsoneis arraigned in the West
ci:le (ourt ye-.terclay will take an op?
portunity to save themselves by reveal
ng what they know of the pohce graft
jn vice and the <;ocial evil.
From thfl mencted man who is ex
nected to testify for the peopla Diatrict
Attorney Whitman hopes to get a com?
plete story of the pohce graft in four
uptown precincts. running from Colum
3us Circle to 110th street. and the te<
timony cf one of the pnsoners now in
he West Side court prison will confirm
i large p-.rt of the story.
Graft Stories Not Demed.
The aldermanic committee aired its
:orrespondence with Corporation Coun- j
>el Wntson. whieh disclosed that Mr. '
irVatson had apparently neqlected to
urn over to William MeMurtrie Spee-.
\ssistant Corporation Counsel. tha last
ind most important letter from Emo.y
3. Buckner, complainmq of Pohce Corn
nissioner Waldo'a pohcy of hampenng '
ind delaying the work of the commit
ee's investigators.
Stones ol* the passing of what ap '
>eared to be graft money on the street
e tw<> policemen, flwom to b/ Mary ;
^olemari and Charles William Arns.
vent iindeniad in the record of the
lurran committee. beeause the two po
ieatnan npmed, Sergeant Patrick '
<earns and Patrolman Resmeyer. in- I
isted th?t they would claim immunity
f they testified.
Captain Thomas W. Walsh. of the
Last 126th street station, who had been
ubpeenaed 88 a witness before the i
ommittee yesterday, not.fied the see
etary. Alderman Robert Downing. that
ie was sick. Chief Inspector Max
khmittberger testified that Walsh had
icen captain of that precinct for five
ears ?,nd six months, and he could not
ecall any other captain remainmg so
ong a time in any one precinct.
Kearns and Resmeyer are both from
Valsh's precinct. in whieh both Miss
;oleman and Arns swore that condi
ions as to vice nnd the 60cial evil were
lotorious. Miss Coleman ?old of hear
ng the screams of girls from two of
he most notorious hotels of the dis
rict and said she had repeatedly no
ified Captain Walsh of these matters.
Fourth Deputy Commissioner Dillon
ttempted by idephone to induce Miss
loleman to come to Pohce Headquar
ers within a few mmutes of the time
he was subpeenaed to appear as a
witness before the Curran committee.
w uh the Indli tmenl of Bki II*. Ma ia
nd Wolf, the tbree nained aa poliee
jsjt collet tora b) Mra Mai Gfot de
I >a belleved thmt Dietrli t Attorney
Vhitin.m h.is begun to break through
hr defence of the pollce ayatem arhieh
u fattened on and tyraanlaad o er
i,. m* Ial ei 11 ln New "Tork.
Bkelly, the polteetnaa, la aot bellered
i bave been Intrneted arith tho roi
?ction of nvre than ? onuM portlon af
,,. bi_eknM.ll levy arhlcli waa t.ikf-n ,,nl
* his distri't. bul the >.th. t tWO rn-ri.
ecordlng to the Information now la .Mr.
ghltaaan'fl handa, are kaovra to imvp
,1,1 rovlag .it"' ' * raachlng conunla*
,,in aa iiti.itti.mi repreaentativea of th<>
oticc graftera on the a arlef profea*
|. |g 4*4 niid.nt >? expaeti d tl al ona ->f
,,. |wo Indicted men, arho are not
I <iii|iiim?-<I nn f..iiril.,iiHjfjr, (i.iirth i..|.irnn
President of the Grand Trunk. President of the New Haven.
\!.i:i.kr \\
n ol ilic board oi ?1
Fcels Like a Two-Ycar-Olcl a^
Ho Prances About Tarry
town Links.
Financier and Soloist Were on j
Even Terms, and Yestcr
days Battlc Was tlie
? Rubber."
john l>. Ro k< fellt r aaa iii great
golflng form y< terday al Tanrytoam
and won Ihe match ?ame arlth Erlc
Buohnell oololal in lha Flfth Avonua
Baptii i . ii un I. by l up. Mr. Rocko* j
f.-M.-i nol alone boal Bu bm II, bul ht
joliied il"- eoiolal ao much thal he - ??
hl opponenl 'waj ofl hla gami M ? h
Intereat waa i entred in tha m iti h, for
ii \> ag Ibe ' ubbar < ontaat
Mr. Ro kefeller drove up from New
fork In i.i- automoblle, brtngtaf Mr.
Buahm II, Phther Lonnon, fonnarly ot
ii,.- church af Matdalono, at Pocantlco
Uiii-. and I'rof.ssor Bbelly. ortonb-t
of tha Flfth AM'ii'io Bapttal Church.
ai T-vrrytown jttmg* tha Rev. Arthur
r Brooka, paator of in* local Baptlat
. lim. ii, waa pi. kod up, Mr. Rocke
i. ih r waa in gay -pirit- and ba *??'?* t'1"
l,,; ihai Buahnall ^i"1"1 |1" theat, for
.... iv..'-v.-ai -Old.
The weather waa We il for tl"- aporl
;,,,,! the fl*. ? i'ia era atorted the gs-me
,,i |0 BO nnd pla* "i twentj bolea Al
the end Mi Rockefellor iia?i the boarl
pcore of the * kl a ith DG, and ii<' bad
vanqulehed Buahnell I up. Ptom tht
beginntng "i the mat< h lo iin- end Mr.
Rockefeller MJollled" Buahnell Lagl
week whon Buahnell araa boatlng Mr.
Rockefeller, tiif atngor dM everythlng
io "rattle" iii" Bnoncler, i ron roUlng
around on tbe ground In hM Jojr. Mt
Rockefeller noatly turned iii<- Inhtaa
yeaterdoy, ond it la nofe t.? aoy that
Buahnell bereafter wlll nol Iry any
During tbi | ime Pkther Lennon and
Mr. Rockofetlt r palrad and playod
tgainat Buahnall Mr. Brooka playod
icalnal Profaaaor BkoOoy and boal
rittn 6 n|i. .\rt*>r it waa all nvrr and ir
araa learned that Mr. Rockafaller bad
lini-hi'ii twenty nolea in M, the teeA
? i ? . on ildered i emai kable At ihe ? nd
>t thr- match Mr R? kefi lii r lold Buoh
ii-ii that it waa no uae foi him to trj
in i ti ?rs of tht* < irand Tmnk.
It., beal .in old and aeaaoned player, am
a would hat e t.. prat tlae up befon
?i. Ri.-' ? feller could coni Idi r ani tht i
: : ?? ordfl he ? ould bat
that I.
. ... ? : 1. ;ii Rocl pfeller ln
? . j,.in him ?>' lunchi on
... ? feaal
Mr. Rockefeller sald thal even though
he ?;ts the arlnner he arould furnlah thfl
luncheon, anyhowr. He araa iti hi**"
plrltfl ot er defeatlng BuahneU, and
.,- the life oi the party, telllng funny
atortea and Intereetlng exparlancaB of
hia life. Mr. Rockefeller fell ao ^n"'1
? ? | ? did nol take bla afternoori wtp,
i.iit t. turned to N< ?-,' fork a ith bla
party ln bla i itoonoblle.
Wickes's Million Dollar Mansion
Badly Daraaged.
[By Teli - I ? II
. .i.i Park, n. y.. i>.". ?.'".. The
11,000.000 manalon <'f Porayth WU kefl
it 'fn>:.-?!.? I'.irk araa damaged by flre
and a-ater I. thla afternoon to the
amount of aeveral thouaand dollara.
The cauae ? ?* the Bre la unknown, bul la
atippoeed to hara baan defectlve arlrea.
ri,- houae bad been unoccupled for
eeveral areeka, i>nt Mr. nnd Mra. Wlckea
v, i.. axpected to epend the hoUda*. ? ln
thr- manalon, au,i tt bad baan d.rated
w ith Cbrlatmaa gn ent
The Bre aaa one of tlie arorai thal
the Tuxedo flre company ins avar had
to iij^tn. the buikUng belng on "ti?* of
iho higheet polnta In the Park, bul the
Bamea irere conflned t.. the upper
Mr. Wlckea lfl a a/ell known ntember
uf Kea V'.th elubfl and Bpanda tba sum
mer.? nt Tiix.-'i". He araa married to a
daughter of the late <: O. Haven bi \ -
. i ii eara ago,
World's Oldest Pair Will Celc
brate Doubly To-morrow.
Bamuel and Willlam Mutacy, ot Baby*
Ion, Long laland, kaown all avar the
world as the oidi-.st twins, wiii eelebrata
their nlnety-fourth bhrthday to-mor?
row. B"th men are aitive and expect
t,, eelebrata thair ona bundradth hirth
day toaether. Both niv total abatalnara
and BttrlbUte thfir loni* lif> nnd e_C4?l*
i.-nt health ta that fact.
To-UaOtrOW tha twins will attend
church togataar, an<i afterar^rd win eat
Chrlatmaa dlnner at the home of one of
th. ir t'-i.itiv.-s. wrhere there arlll he a
famil) I'nnii'ii
i,. . , ,i , i - 'I Iir** -day trip t" the Na
;i..,,:?i < ..j Ital \ Mtlnrc I't'Inclpal i"-"1' - ?'
Mii.-i.-i Rate 112.08 from ??*??? York cov*
,.. :,|| ,,..,?.-v,n- expen?-? - See Pennayl*
irania Kallroad tlcket Agenta --Acrrt I
Speaker Ready to Teli Wilson
To-day That Nebraskan in
Cabinet Would Mean
Fight in Party.
House Leader May Not Be Asked
for Advice by President -
Elect, but if He Is He
Won't Mince His
? i B ?
. ilngtori i' . 23 it Pi
? i \\ llaon ni ua iea ?'oblm t possl
. Mlltiee with Speaker Champ Clark
a the two i onfer al Trenton tu
morrow, tht Oovernor wlll i" told ibat
teli tion of WHH un .1. i;- an 1 a
member of the Pi aidi nt'a oflli lal f im
will not ii-iai io harmony in the
. . tratlon. Fi lt nda ol the
..- witt nol mln - worda if
ii.- uame of i:r. an la brought up.
Speaker > lark will leave Washington
I to-moi row for 9 pllgrimog ? to
[Trenton. The Preaident?olecl baa ro*
ited a w nferen< a with bla formi i
rlval for the nomlnatton, although no
intini.iiii.il haa been gi.-^n oa to the
probable aubjecta of dlacueaton. Mr.
Clark will go prepored to offer odvlce
"I. any topic on which it is tought, but
1 haa no Idea conci rnlng tha nat
of thr conference. it ia certaln, how<
. .!. thal ir ih-- Cabinet ls mentioned
lha Praatdent*elect arill hear aeveral
polnted apinlona regardlng ,,The Com
moni 1."
Thoae who know the Bpeakor'a a,
titmie on thr aubjet I are 1 onfident that
tbe aelectloa of Mr. Bryan for 1 Cab?
inet oftir.> would mean an early break
between the White House ami the real
i- nli is of thf Hon-.', assumlng the n< -
braakan ahould attempt ln anj way
to Influence leglslation or to Influence
ti-- President ln behslf of leglslation.
Theat aame frienda of the Bpeaker 1 n
alao convincad thal hr arill never ap?
I pfar at a atate function at whlch
? Bryan. aa Becrotar) of Btate, (.r mc
rotary of anj other department, la
Ipreseni aa an offlclal guest Tha rola
tions wlll be almoat aa atralned wltb
Mr. Underwood, tho mojortt) loodcr.
in other words, on the ave et tha
Bpeokor. doportura for a talk with the
aoon-to-be Praaidant it la an open ae?
crel that ths Lreach between Mr. t'lark
and Mr. Bryan cannot he rloaad. Ths 1 --
trangement betwoen "Tho Commoner"
and Mr. Underwood is hardl) less
If Prealdonl Wilson takea Mr, B ta
mio ti,.- Cabinet aml l.-ans to auch an
extent on tho adrlce ' t" th, Demot ratk
Warwick that tho flne band of Riyan
is aeen underneath the Wllaon policies,
there arill be dlscordant rolationa from
the outaot between the President snd
the House, in whlch bodj lha Wilson
administratlon arUI elther ho made or
unmade. President Wllsoa nm.t be
conatantl] on guard to pn veni nol only
open but undorourfoce conflld botwoen
one of hla Coblnel ni?-nii..-r?? and the
Icadera of the House.
lt \< uait known that Bpeaker Clark
refuses to apea>k ta Mr. Bryan, n..r do
tho Bpeakor'a frienda believe Mr. Clark
wlll over forgtve tho Nebraskan for Ihe
part iho Latter played sl the Baltlmore
conventlon. Thia feelii | of tbe
Bpeaker, It iv explalned, la nol more
plqui Mr clark feela thal ho araa
"chedted" oui of lh* nominatlan by Mr.
Bryan who "playod him fatoa*1 bj
l ..ni 1S.11J un -.-i 1.111I |iig' ?i\lli coliiinii.
Federal Grand Jury Charges
Them with Conspiracy to
Violate Sherman Law in
Grand Trunk Deal.
Agrccmen, Initiallcd by New
j Haven's Head, Shows Original
Plan to Stifle Competition
Was by Purchase of Cen?
tral Vermont Lines.
i *****
I Investlgation Ordered by Attorne*.
General Broadens to Includc
Bwajgyilg Searth Into AUegrd
Trafiic Monopoly of Ney;
Haven in Ne**.- England.
Charlea 8. Mellen, prealdent of tbe
N*i i York, Now Haven _ Hartford
Rallroad; Alln ?! W. Bmithi ra, i n
maa of tha board of dlrectora "f Um
Qrand Trunk Ralhrajr ot* f-inirr. and
r*daon .1. Chamberlin, preahtenl of lhal
road, arere Indicted in this city yeater?
day by -?? federal ^'..t .1 \ ? cl irg I
vith conaplracy t-. violate tbe Sherman
antl-truat laar. Thi penall I ona
? 11 lonmi nt oi ., flm oi |3 UUu,
The ? i ra wai ? ommil ted, t lu Indli I -
menl charged, through an attempl ta
hring ' ? ' t'.iiii- acreemenl be*
ri the i aro railroadfl thal a i I
i? movi '1 tl ? laal veatigi of i uaa*
i" titir-i: from rht path "L' the X* w
ll,iv.-n and made abeolute lta trnfltc
monopol; ol Nea i Ingland
The Indictmenta returned yeaterday
?vert conaidered only a flral etep In the
efforl ?'f the admlniatraUon to break
up the N< n Haven'a monopoly of traf?
flc In Kea Kngiand. Thr- t^-and fnry,
v in h form il it< 'i lta chargea after
three week ol dcl eration ind exauti
natlon of witneenea, arifl reaume Ita
arork on jnnuai y 7 and f u ber ln<H< I -
are expei ti d,
it la known th.it tho ecopa of tbe
gn i I Jury Inquiry araa broadenad dur?
ii.r th^ B4?cond week of the m\e>.ti_;i
tion far beyond i rm ra inquiry into the
Grand Trunk-New Haven egraanriant,
aaraeping aaarch Into thr- trahV
ronditiona In Naw Eng/land is expected,
Inquiry Covers New England.
The control of tba B>-ston &. Main<-.
trafflc airangaaaenta with tho Boston
ft Albany, tho n>w Haven'B control of
w;it.-r tranaportatlon to Maar England
iinri Its grlp on tho trolley syst'-ni- in
thone Btatea aro among tho mattara to
i? ji ., ording to govera*
The Indictmentfl found yeBterda} dla
, |< sed for tho flrst iinio that the origi
nal Intentlon of the Near Havaa arafl
t,, buy outrtght the Central Veraaont
Ri iroad and lta Bubatdiartea, now con*
trolled by tho Qrand Trunk.
Th.1 mei lorandum betraying that in
. aaa ati ??? hed to the iniliotment.
Tlw t.-'-.ns jt propoeed arara dlacvaaad
? d ng to tha i bargea, at a maattaf
hoid in Near Tork on Auffuat j be?
ju.-.'n Meaara. Mellen, Cbambarlia an-i
Bmltbers, and, belng tonataarad natla*
factory, Mr. Chnmbarlln th.- next day
irrote to J. B. DaliyinplB, rleg praal*
dent of tbe Qrand Trunk, to "gaaat
quietly** ln Mr. bfellan'a aflaoa Bonja
i.-i.n Campbe i. rt e-praaldenl ed th
New Haven, to arranga tba datalla af
the agreemt nt.
i:,it'..-. in Bi ptamber the H< a Hai<'n
found Itaelf confrontad **<i*h proteata
,-,,?? , , |oi - i ul i- bodk i in th<- Hew
Engiai d Btatea agalnal i**5 i ontrol oi
all trafflc A further meetlng araa thaa
ntf\A |lV the defandani - an f* ptaaabar
30, the Indl tmeal chargaa, aad. fotkrw
inp that, one on Octobar I, -it arhieh
Mr. Mellen gavo U> Maaara. Cbambarlia
and Bmlthera a asaaaaraaAdn laltiallad
i. .,, p**opoalng B sotnowh.it ililT.-r
nt 88*reement Tho prtedpal chaage
aaa tba the Orand Trunk w.is -to ra*
i.iin Central VettnonI BBjd I xisting ton
trolled llnrea and cantlnaa its existinar
biurtneaa aa at praaant" Tba lara
igreem< ata, or BBauBorand^ tagather
altha thlrd one appear ba another cai
onn ?f Tbe Trlbuna.
Mellen Pleads To day.
The aaara of the indictmant raachad
vir. Mellan al n,,v*- Haaan. Ha da*
tlared bo did noi tiunk it proper to
Itacuaa a matter thnt araa ta ba tried
,,-i'uro tha courta Mr Mellen arraagad
hrough hlaeounael, Krautboff, Harnion
j.- Matbewaon, b? appaar bofara Judg?
Ffougfa .it 1 o'elock t.'-dity to irlead l>
he indi. innnt.
Mr i'h inii'i-tiin. who araa al iho
rVaidorf-Aatorla, alao decMned t-> aay
mything aboul tho Indictmanta. Praab
? Crawford, bla eo-aaal arrangod to
iroduoa Mr, Cbambarlia in oourt at
h. aame time ai|b Mr. MaMaa. The
?avaraononl will ask that bail be flxed
it !rio.<Hiit in aach caae.
Tho tbtrd d? i -inlant. Mr. Smither.-- I?
n London 111^ lacal rapraaantatfyaa
nformod tbe "-'.i\< itnnont that ho aroaM
ome to N< w Vork is si.oh as ln- v .m
nfonnad oi tbe Indit taaant
n wa? 12 -">"i o'elock arhflfli tho grand
He Chrlatmaa table ccmpletfl rrtthaal a
ottle of Angoatura B'tters. Den laaa *p*
? ;ucr A.ht

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