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Baseball Doctors Fail to Agree
on the Latest Ruling.
Lund Lew" Richie Earns an
Extra $1,000 for Beating
the Giants So Often.
I oTjp decleions are pfomulgated by trie
Xationai Baaaball OoaamlaaBbn ln whlch ?
minority report '? handed down. bnl *-'?? '
nroved to bfl Ihe eaaa yesterday. when
i homa* .t. Lgrneh did not agree with the
nding of Augast Herrmann, chairman of
tho eeaaatfaaton, and Ban Johnaon, i
dont of tho Americaa League, in deelar*
Ing that th, I'lttsburgh club must pejr
Charlea I*. Hoardouui Vi-t>t?l lor back
?.*.larv ae a player.
Roardman was tranfiferrod by Fltts
mirgh to Youngstown, tho ai.-reement be
ng that Iba I'ratra would mako up the
dlfference 1n salary that arould ne lost to
- player by the early doelag of
entral T^eagie.
tlo played sucrossively nt Toungstowi,
Alllanc.e and Kalamazoo untll June 8 laat,
when he *rv..s n leoaed by Filteburgh on a
'??ligram, as well as vorba.lv r>y Kala
n azoo. He clalmed the dirTerenoe be?
tween tho memy thnt his Plttaburgb ron
trart oallod for and what theoe throo
. iubs had paid him, and Heriwann and
lohneon voted ln favor 01 allowlng tbe
amount, eeateedtag tbal aa no sraleers
bal arai beea ashed on Um player or a
teieaae frofla Plttabargh arrer raoatded
the rirBt's in reanty owned tho player
untll they releas'-d Ua on Jui* v
Preeldent TLynoh ot tho Nationa] I.eague
also vai ln favor of altowing tli. clalm in
falrneas to tho play r, but oonb nded thnt
he was not an ass.-t to tbe Plttsburgh
dub after he had sijuied with tho YoungS
town team. and so llled a minority icport.
Connte Mark. manager and part owner
..f the Fhlla-lelrhia Athloii-.-. was City
'arn old yesterday, and Um aanlTeraary
?ns celebrat.-d hy B little dtanflf of too
-urprlHO partv" BOTt. lt WSS liiiorni.il
bat none tho lees enthuslaaUc, aad Cor*
noilus artually made a speech.
ll, told hi? frlonds that he had Kreat
for the aaaalag seabun. He reaaeoed
thal it wan only human nature lor his
\thletles to want to jedeem themselves
for tholr poor work last year, to BBg
nothlag of wantlng to proflt at the end of
tha '^r. as they had done on two OOOO*
?tons proviouMy. hy sharlng la the re
tti of the world'e series. Maik ad'i-d
lhal h, never had any doubt *> to the
fams ablllty. bot that they realized ill
too late last season that tney wore not
going the right thing by them.
Aia<-k said fnrtbar tbat ho bad aoanlred
en Iritereet In tho Wilmmgton dub of the
Trl-fMate League, and ttat be thought;
that tho surplus players wbicb he wouid
b, able to turn o\.r to that erganlaatton
noiiiri rnake it a strong factor ln the
t ;ture and that it would b>- protltable in
m?ii\ eraya
\ftor the ciinner he burried home to help
prepere a "tree" for Coanlfl Maek, Jr.'a,
flrsl Cbrjataaas, Tho youngstor will ba
flve month*! old on Decomi. i tt
lo, liriker i.- aftei "Te_" Kiwin,
tatcher of tho groablyn Buperbaa waiv
?>ra aen aabed recontiy on Erarla, bal
M-hei 'linker refused to aralra tbey wora
withdrawu I io stlll is 'TteiU?g," how
- .??? Tink.-r is also BegOtlallng with tho
Beotoa Red Boa for Pape and Ilager
maa, pHohera Par-*- araa not parthuiar
?? actrea wlth tho Re-1 Pox last summer,
t :i Trnber betterea that he can u.?e hbn
to ndaaafagfl now that aii the ciuhs in
tba Ataerlean Laagoe ha*/s watyed. Ha-j
crrrnan is tlie pltoher who refiised tO r?
|..rt to Deaver, to whhh ho was aold;
? sumtner. becaaae of a deereaae fa bla
Tlnker ha? refosed to walve en Beal*
Becker, tho nntfWlder, whom .Y
wanta to send to the Indlanapolis dub
-?f tbfl Amorhan A-sociatlon. 'I'ho n na*
agfment of the J,..uisvllle < lub af the
aaan leagw haa Infonned Tlnker thal he
inn hav,- Mardecal Brown, tho veteran
twlrler, for Larry Mcl/oan. the tall
et. hot of the Keds. upon WbOIB walveis
? if tho Chfleago Cubfl of ir?^. whe ae*
tablmhed a record by winnlng 11(5 t'nmes
In the Natlonal Leogne, th*re remaln
oniv four pleyeia TJaeia. glMcbaud
S :l jlte anJ Rc-ulbach.
Thfl T'aoifle foast l>eaKue will furntFh
thirty weeks of baaaball I'PXt year. The
-<8!<on will Mait on AprK 1 and will close
. 0 tebei M
loni I.ynrh. pi,?nK-it of tbe Natjpnal
i.eague; ??pan" lohnaon, preefdent of the
Aaaflflfleaa I/oague, and Aagwat Herrmann,
seeretary of tbfl Natlonal ' ommlssion,
will meet In Ctnrlnnati on .Tanuary ? to
m_n the new peace aKreement.
Ijjrid Lew Rnhic. who laine to he
i tba Olant kliler last aeaaon be
. a iai ..( hia amarlng aftectiTenses
a| MeOraw'a men, will get what
ame ii ? aii eai to a Christmas preeenl
. 'bai h? Wsbb Murphy, e lef own<
or the I'hicago Cuba lt will ba a check
11,881 ae a bonus for winnlng tn..r>
liian ti" ner eenl of his gatnes in 1912.
Uurphy promi.sed Kiohle $500 if ho
i OUld exceed that a\eraee ln 1*411, but
Clchle mis*-ed tho mark by a few pointH.
'II.' offer was repeated at tha beginning
of !a*t poa^on. ln nddltlon to the $G05
thal he falled to earn in 1911.
niehie it vlsitlng Jiuiinx Lavender,one
.,* i-i-s- team tnat.s. at Montesuma, Ol
fi ihe holldays
llenr] , irdomann and Jesfl V/ssti
aaard h?\?> t>een inatc.hc.i r,. inot a I
?.Cilght catch ns eat.-h can wrestllng ?
January " a* Mlnnea|>oIli?, and tho winner
will prorlelm htmself heavyweight Cham?
plon of the world, on the ground that
T"ian'< CJ-oti-h baa retired Tho men ha\e
inot twlce befora and each has won a
\ i. tory.
r-Mpors in Russia, BnlKaria and Turkey
. opy.
Word roriiov trom Httsburgh that Yro(i
? larke la stlll anglmg for Konetchy, hret
basemaii of th? Sl Loula Cardlnals, an.l
lhal he lfl willlng to offer Wilson and
t'arey In exchange to njikc lha ball more
Wallace Jobnson Suffering from
Attaek of Pneuraonia.
Iiv Tolegrat-h tn Tbe Trlbeaa i
l blladetpbla, Dec B. w'alia.-.- P Jofa
son, tbe young Merloa Crl45bel Club
ptayaU at.il runiK-r-up l..>-t sunimoi fot
the national lawn tennls i hamptonship I
e?n<iUBiy iii with pneumoale it blfl boro.
a? ,-i memlwi ol tbe Merion rlub'a
^^?lB?h tontti ho was loobed upon af an
itiiportjMit iignre ln thia ssaaon'fl tourna
in- nt?. hut hU illtiess has < fl USfld, him I"
l up .<l! athlstlfi work.
lohnaoa Ib ? ptadenl at the in? acbool
i ' tno UnHraralti of Pannsyl'ranifl Bev?
oial yoars ago ho won tho Wcsi.in lawn
tennle ehamplorifhlp. siid his work ai
Newport last Bummot w_f- regarded l
partlcalarly briiiinnt.
Latest Date Possible
Set for Bis Polo Match
Need of Adequate Practice for
Americans the Reason.
Time Chosen May Not Meet the
Approval of the English
. . - ? ? ? -
? waa nr.v',n publlc
;,, ,| t i rna oui that the
v ... ).. ? ? amed tentaUve -
rather loter th.. i waa expeeted and I '
,i , , ,1.. ., ? ? . nieasuremt ol "> ponlafl
has been wareed.
ii |g propoaed t" pUiy the Br?r| matcn
of the aeriefl on li* day. Juoa r*. ;<nd
foilow v .1 . i - aecond Boturdoy, Jone
?4. h: ? aai _ tttini is pecooaory tba data
wlll tx .I- terminod hy Ihe .-at.t..in> "t t!'p
Brltiah and American team* All ol <:
,? hea ?iil ba played on Ihe IV Id of
m.-.i.iov.- Broob Club, al Weotbury,
Long labind, the tcene ol tbe great eon
t.-sts cf IM:.
it appcora thal the roaaoi for nomlng
ti..> toteot dateo poooJMfl woa the laet
tbat tba aeooon ln this country oi>ens
tmtor than in England. In I ? opinion
of Harry Payne Whltney, coptoln ol the
American defendera, it la Impoaelbla ta
gi t any real i roctice in thia aoctlon "f lha
oountiy initii Aprii. Then th- I
ont oi" tho ground an.i tho mon can send
ti.-- ponlea galloptag oftor i'h; hall oith?
OUl l.i.zaid to life and lirnb. This fOOt
that late da!.--. havo been nomod mi-o
(urnlehaa eoknrable canHraaatlon to the
rumors orfalofa have been prOTOlaat that
More Yardage To Be Added to
the Fox Hills Links.
Oakland Player Plans to Enter
Many Tourneys Next
Uthougb it iv,i>- loaa U <"> i
tbOl < -tt-riMw eh-U-fOfl were tnade ln the
Fea HIU lii.ks, furthar alteratlona ara
planned. which will make the >'<> ITOe elooe
to _.4.S0 yards. ;.s long as alin-'-t at.y in tbe
metropolitan diatrlct Aa al preaent the j
yardage la <.,."?><: it baa been fa i
.-..,.: |.. draln tbalily poad at tho aouthoMt '
ond oi tho proporty. Undor prooent eon- j
...tt.,;. tho corrj "f tha twi Ifth b
ov.-r thla pond, Boma -"-'i yarda from tee
to hole.
With tht- r>ond drained an<l th.- ground
treated, the .-pot aill !"? Idoal f"r the ;
elcv.-i.tii graoa Thi.- Oill mean ti.'
iimviil ..f th- groon ObOUl IM yards By
brlngrlag the tee forward 'that dlotanci
tbe locatlon would bo 00 Ihe top of a
hi'il, whereae it has bOOU OOOOOOary to
oarry tiie raise in front 00 tht; drlvv Afl
the elchtOOatb tee bflttkfl up RgatBOt the
el. v. ntii, aii that would be neceooory
would be t.. move it to the t..p of the hiil
to produee a- home h?<ie of IM rnrda ln*
.--.. .i ..f the pn ra nt
a notable absentee from tournament |
golf during the season j im ClOOOd WOfl
Oordlnoi W. white, of Oakland, wh.. has
b. .ii gaUbrtag for oeorly a year from
rehnmatism. White has entlrely rc<n\
ered from his Ulnaoa and f<>r the last fow
muibfl has boao ptayteg tbe game >.f hla
iif<- Ht oakland. it has eneouraaed htm
to Mich an extent that he haa announoed
his intentiori of entertng mooi "f thi opon
an'l lnvltatiou tournflUBOnta m Itll
After winnlng the IntorochOlaOtlC ' ham
plonohlp a few f**xt back, White bioo-1
BOmOd out into one of th- beat golferfl iti
tbo dlotrlot, koo.i tnough to ba bandl?
eappod at two in tha motropolttan llat
Ond al thrae la th?^ national. His tlrat
tournament vhtory was at Wyk:inyl ln
r-i'i, an.i he was o meoaJlot ot i"ox niiis.
Wykagyl and Montclalr that year. ln
1911 WhHe was the principal winner at
Fox Hills, Ardoley, Powolton and Oarden i
Clty, and won mtialfl ;.t Wykagyl ond
Kox Hilla. Ha was ruiuier up at NoaaOU
aad WykaayL tt was last yemr tbat
White was rlaoflni as oaa <>f ih<- flizteen
bt'Bt AmaHcan golfera, aad he haa boW
tlie rbomgllf Mp of the Oakland (jolf
fiuh for four Boeeeootve vf.rn.
IMaylnp a soclahlt round with .Maishall
iviiitiateh at Oakland the other day,
White came within Mn btioke- ,.f bla
own courae record of TL Ha waa ont In
S3, 4 under par, but r.-quired N to 00OM
home for ? t'.t.il >>f 7"., At th, thlrtecntli
)...I,- he uw? ?'? under foura, but dllBcultlae
..ii tba lasi frre bolea robbed him of bla
, honca i"r new Hgtfrea
lt is llkely that Tom McNamara, the
rnetn.politan open rhainpii.ii. will visit
?everaU Bootborn ooursea during tids win
tor, witii Fred, IfcLeod au a partner.
McNamara hh.i tbe former national opon
tltle holder plan t.. go t.. Belleair, n.. .
t-. play aaalaol Alee Bmlth and Irving
Btrlnaer, i.nth <.f whom ara now la the
Bouth Aftei thal MoLeod and Mc
Ntunara OOUOl on playing at I'nlm ll.a.'li.
Boaatre, Carodeo, Wibnington ond poael.
bly iloustoti.
John E. O'Rourke Was Profes
sional and Coach of Note.
ttt Teloatopfe te i ba Trlbam i
riilladelphla, Doo. L'3.- JOha B, <> ltouike,
the old professional oaraman of the, city
and voteran of many a hard fought con
tent xvith Kllin Ward. K.lward Hanlan
ind the nenior Tt-n Kv.-k. Mod Ot hls
home here to-day, fotlowtng *i stiort III
O'Rourke w.?s ..ne ,.t ,<,r grtaateol tweap
oaramen that th.. Behuylklll ev#r produced,
nnd he was as good ? Mflicher ia he wa
on oaraman Aflf*r iie found tb*l rowlng
? be -omitiK a faro Ita "i i an ""k Ihi
4..iik'4-r . Inhmen of the cl'v |,e i e.-.nne
th^ir loatruetar Later be na* noeu lated
with Kilis Ward untll he ..n for Ihe
w. ?> t,. beoom. on athletic InMroctoi ln
om of ti.? Plttaburgh i I b
Retiring from athletlt I i ? i'ue.i ?
p-.-ltH.n 4\it-, one of ii" 'i-;'- fteel rt?m
tt.'.t.n s ln lh' w . t, bul ? ? s.?-. ? i ?
im rn li. . and . id t . rei ii i l"
Mfl OM bOt-H iii Ulta Cltj He had ura.l
llled Ifl lualth Kii'.' thHi Uhm OOd
rited to-tl.,4, ,;grd aixty inree .e
ono or two pealUona on the defendlnc
team origbt ho fUled by wi.-i.iot- or tb
mallel who havo nol eompeted in Inter?
national matcbea before.
Whether or nol tba tlnn * '?" '
matcbea will meet wlth the npproral ol
the ofii.iais at HurUngham h problemaU*
cai The formai note ot cballenge ,0"
talned tbe request that tbe datea ba ael
torward aa early as poaalble ln -Tune so
tbat tbe BriUsb team mlgbt retarn for
the Brtttab championship touriiatn ent,
whlch will re held on tho ti.-ld at RUTl*
,'nc'iam the latter pa 11 of tho m..nth.
Tbe toxt of tl.e foi mol ar.oi'taneo of
tho rballeage a* .-'-nt to Hajoi f. Bdger*
ton lireon a Weeh ago is as fefllowe;
"Slnce the reeelpt of your cable of Ifo*
vember L'O ll has ghrea us nraeb ptoaaare
to reeebre tbe formai eballengfl from the
rlnrUagbam Club for the International
Polo CUO, Bl contalned in yOUT letter of
Novi-mliii th
"At a meeiing of Um eominittfo of the
Polo Assoeiatlon held on Frlday, Deeember
U, i was Ibreeted to adrtae yoa that tba
ebaUenge wa? accepteeTL tho flral game
t.. ho played ?t the Ifeadow Brook Club,
Westbury. Long laland, tt. y . on Tues?
day, June i". tho saoond on Baturday,
June 14. and BbOUM a third evont be BeC*
aseary th. date te bi ai rangi A latet
"The committee of tbe 1*0*8 As-o-latioti
walves tho rule Bfl tO tbfl nn asiironi.-iit
of ponlea played by each teaaa, aa haa
been the custom in the paM.
?"i'he oommlttee deafraa as far a.? po->i
ble to meet tiie wlsbss of ti;.- Hurltngham
club ln regard tO all m.itters connect. d
with Ibese arenta and hopea that the
datea named wi I havo your entire ap
"I-ooklng forward Wltb great lntere.it
to the promlsed matches
Indoor Lawn Tennis Players
Start Season Late.
Championship Tourney To Bc
Held in Seventh Regi
ment Armory.
Indooi laa n tennla plaj era ? < ? ? fl
greatiy handicappcd thi Maaon, daa ta
the work ol l -> on.-'tru- ttuii a> the Tth
Regimenl Armorj Bereral <?f th<- \et.r
ans. notabl) W. B. Craaln, n co. regt*
menlal champlon; Arthur M Loi/ibond,
Willlam Cunnlngham and otbers, were
out upon the courta yeeterdaj snd ^at
irday, boa e\ ei foi Ihi flrsl llme. < inly
two slngh and two doubb courta bava
be.-ii marked iipon tbe iinii floor where
formerl) ?igiit eov U en chalhed out
? t_11 > i'--li. 11o. formei prealdenl ol the
7th Regimenl Lawn Tennla Aa ociatlon,
said y atei it II ws a q ? flUen a?
to whether or nol the toui otbei courtfl
could ; >? Iald 11 e orerbang ol tbe ra a i
Installed ialleriea encroached upon Ihe
apaee formerly oceupied i>\ tn>- outei ros
of eourta \* compensatlon for Umitlng
Um numbei of t oui la thi ligl t ba beei
wonderfully bnproved b) tbe cea tr?
rangenient of the glasa roof
it is iik.lv that tho innovaUon ..f play*
Ing at nlght will alflO be >-t
"t : Reglinenl Armory thla
Morrlfl i'ia.-k. Rol ? tt T Bryan aad * i
i ,,i otbera ba re i ompi t< d
mental matchea under the nia ? lectrlc
lighta Installed ln the si moi Tha ae
triab weri ao awxessful tbal i ? - -1, l r. _;
tournamenta arfl to ba played on Prida)
.,.,,1 Baturda nlghta after Ihe fli -t ?.f Ihe
Robi 11 .). Putnam thi i ea. eleeti u
11. aldi nl of tbe bi loclaUoi, haa bei n
,i in nddini another day, Monaaj.
to tbe t i ' ?,; ib r"r play upon the
\v edm ada) - and
haturdaya the membera of thi Ladlea'
. tt,. , ourti during tbfl morning
.md the men ln the afternoon Tha naaal
regimental championshlp, beginning on
Chrlatmaa Day, a 111 bt put orer untll
March thla aeaaon beeause of tiu- fact
that tho playera have had no opportunity
foi prai ti'e.
The natlonal l**Mloor champlonship tour
? will begln on Baturda] Februarj
16, snd contfoue through the followbig
<\? k it has not been decided wbetber or
nol the women'i natlonal championshlp
wiii be h> ki it la poeslblt thal - ui h a
toui i Bim nl ?? i be plaj '-.i ln Philadel?
The tn B ? '? d ofllcera ol the ? o
ciatlon lm ludi Rol bi I P\ Putnam, preal
dent; A II Tiernej i r. \ lei pr, Idenl
? loorgo _ llauck, tree ? and n Pear*
son Hurt aecretai '- b<xmi ? the i o^i
mental ? ? ind Into form In pn -
parator) pracUo the ususl tejim matchM
n-l|l be ai n nei d a Ith *i ale, Prln ? ton,
'olumbiu and VVei I i 'olnl
New York Team Defeats the
Newark Bay Club.
i: ,n Athi.-iti Boa IIna l*t_gui
ai hi.in' laal n ghl the Ni -\ *> oi la \th
i.-tl. ' 'lub ti am a on ti.i? i game from
the Ni ?,.' B r-.i- i lub t>> e 4. not hei claaili
.. tween Ihi North End Club and the
Roserllli \tiii.ti, Aaaoclatlon on the lat
tor'-, alleya resulted In tbe ?Isiting team
arlnnlag two gami i
Tl,.- brlgfol BPOI ll: Ibi s. , l.-.s was t lo
roWng "i Dwyer In Ihe s.-.-.ukI game,
Btat tini Ith atralghl atrlki a* th
Newark Baj anchoi earried the learn
along .o a fat nare, and it looked aa ii
h?- wouid |.ia,. a great tallj lo bla creaflt.
11. apai ed In lla m \ < nl h box, and I Im n
sooiled a ? lean game by >c?-tiii,_: a "plck"
in Um next frame Aa it was, hi* M
enabiad Newark Bai lo win b> i* pina
All of Raaeville'a totaie w<-ro bettei
than :??' bUt after th>- flrel North Ktid
managed t?. wm though by ratber amall
marglna Aftei nek bMa had a game to
Its credll tiM .I- dshri one bung In doubl
until th. ia>t man bad rolled. Myer
, .1,1.1 hei ? won foi Roei \iii<- bj getting
,i double n Um t- nth, bul h- s-.t r, bn ak
Inst ad
Thi . coi. ? m i ?.v
ftherwoo i IT.. |.*H w> ? , ...f |*a I7H. is
K Ho- 1?1 IM lso In.-ifM, .. |.-,7 ISB ,n
i:.,i"???' i->. I?i . t Mi i tiii . isa i;r. io.
... - - !**.'. I'M I7M l .ii ? P'4 ITfl IH4
i run i?i isa im I--.V-.r. im na i?:
, . s;-, ss; .,.,, ,.,? 7.s ra)] imv,
tii.si \ :i.i.i: \ \ \>.i:i ii i:\ii i Ll_3
w ..vt IT : j... ?:.?.? . ruin its mn i-..?
?.- -? a*2 li '? aiJ Hai Iwli li 2W -" ?
ItC, -.-I l I7? ? i irl . ITH 210 Loi
M..rr?i I*' I"*' it:; llarpei 9BI im; ih".
||, >, i Ifl| IM 185 f..-..h IM ih HM
Totaia '"?.' '?:'! 8ln rotaM 181 M 191
iChess Players from Columbia
Meet with Defeat.
Team Handicapped in Intercol
legiate Tourney by Absence
of Van Vliet.
ilanard made lons; strides toward tilti
ni.ito rlctory in tha Iwonty-f-rot annual
intercollcglate cheoo tournnmont, whlch
waa contlnued at the Hurroy HIII Hotol
terdoy, by dcfeotlng Columbia to tha
. ,une o| '." . to ltt- H araa tha eruetal
' match of Ihe meeting after Harvard'a do
feot Of Tole hy I to 1 ln the- first round.
Vale, in turn. won from Princeton by 3
I to i -ootarday, the Tiffrra roming to town
; ii \n^n short. This WOO due to the lllii.ss
Of th, ir star p'.ioer, B. F. Van Vli.-t. WbO
Ifl s'ift-riiiK f:.'iu a s.-\ere nttOCk of the
grip. Tha goma at lha top board, thara
,!..:.-. was (COrad Og-d-Mt 1'niiret'tn iti
I favor ,.f K. Booch, Of Vale. ?'. RobOTt
! s. ii and ''. C. -i"ii alao won tboir gamefl
, foi tbo Blue, bul a. s. Terry Buccumbed
? tu th.- prowi .tt- of U W*. Jarmaa, of
I'l.n. eton,
in th.* coiumhia-n.irv.i'd match the
' BltM and White suft.-r.-d an early 8ft
i.i. k at the fourth board. Whoro A. 1'
1 Bacba mada his dehut iu a game ogulaat
.1 1!. Morton. Tlie latter pushed tha Ot?
i... k vlgorouaty and aoorad ta foortoaa
tti'iv.-.s, in . onaeojaenoa of a wroog interpo
.-itioii on tho part of tii- Kow Toritor.
To make mottora woroo, B, H. Chlldg
Idropped a point at ti.e aooond tobla, dla>
oppaintlag many admtrera arho bad oon
tidently look. d to him tO 0-000 0 point In
t'olumbla'8 column. His lavoiM was due
to oYeraggraootvoaaa* laading to a fauity
combinatlon. 11. A. WlOO, flrst board for
the N.-w Yorkern, had an eventful gomo
with B. Winkelinaii. of Harvard, a draw
being tin.illy re.ord.'d.
B. _-, Oluok really faved the tiay for
Columbia in o nh*iy foaght gamd agalnat
w i:. ii.mis. ti.e Harvard captaln,
whom hi forced to capitalatfl oftoi a bbo?
don >.f .- ? oeven booro, ond thla d.-spite
? t he loot o pleco In tha opi ?>
a ick'a pluch in tbaa wearlogdowu
I , ? i. do ibtable op| oacal undor ? ondt
Uona the moot dlooooraglng aai i i '?
ih,- t- .it .i. "1 th. ua/'s play.
Ai .. meeting of the captaiaa, beld ln
the aftemoon, it araa dacldad that Prlncoa
U>n COUld not put in a BUbOtltUta ln pi....
,.| Uii V'liOt, and that Coliim-'i.i and
Harvard, as well oa v...., Bbould got .t
polnl by defaull at bla vacaml board.
Tba T" atlon oi playing off tho mat h
? iv...:. Columbia and Princeton, poot
pom d I1..MI ll ? Hi il ro md, ?>'? a i ame up
for dla ? -?-"" and -t waa Unall) a ha l?
? ?,, .?. p|o ad .c the r"..nis of the
r:i. .? < i.. -; < itti.. in tln- dl . beginning
.1' I ....I, .?!. KU.l.i
Ti,.- pfl-trtngfl and opcnlnga In yeartoi
i were the follourtng:
, | . ..I tt.MHIA. HAKVAKP.
1 v, laa .'? " ,-......
. . il li ? Balnlfar._. l
. . r. ... i llarrla. I
i flocha. .o M..ti..t.t
. i Total.
Cehambta plajrad vblta on iha Brafl aad -bh ?
I-...,-.. i- .'[.-nmfla. 1. Huy I*>r-'
Q -ri'i fimt.lt ar iini-d, i.
i :, ,
l . nu. PRINt BTOK
i ... ? I flt...-?,.'..n 8
8 lai ii.rn.. 1
' I Carta ? . ?
| ! .1
?.a.i ahlta on tha find aud ? ? ?
i . i.lnira. I. foi r II I . ?
\ ? . ?- two rounda with three of the I
<-.!.' Hl IA | MtP
?.-.? 1 1
ii.u-i- i i
.. Mertan o
t ...
i I
YAi.t. paiitcrroN
WflOl-Ml M.iv" W.in.I-ia'.
I . , ; , '.'>-"'???' . 1
Itoektaa. ?
?I Ih- 111.11. t "
.... 1 1 H art'i ....... " I
' 4 | Tntala. 1 3
' tha thlrd round wlll n<>f hepln
untll noon lO-doy, when the paiilni- wlll
bfl Columbia ra Tolo and Harvard oa
Boom of tha tt ara lataraatiag gomea foi*
lou ;
I i:. i' . ? ..f.l. t.. '' h? Ti iluiti-- |
MMdlctown ? onii.. l>ee. ta The mon*
0C?r of tl ? \\.s'e\,-.n hasketi.flll team haai
planned a ahort trip during Ibe Chrfartmaa
I,....??. lln |...liiher '.'"> It wlll meet the
t.ani ..r thr National Ooarda al Bttsa
.ii, k, i December M Ihe fl v e win pla*.
Ihi National Ooarda i??ni nt Btamford,
ond Jonaa*. ' aill oaeoi ihe v M C a.
li .ui, ol Bummit, M ?'
Boxing Critics on the CoastPick
Him to Beat McCarty.
Sheriff Harburger Takes an Ex
ception to Referecs Being
\i Polsi r, ti.e lowa heorywelght. w|,n
is matched t.> rlghl Latber HcCarty on
New v.it-s Day, haa made a favorable
Impreaaion on the boxlng crltlca of the
Paclflc Coaat Many boUeve ho orlll win
and in daclaiva atyla He haa 11 en com
pored to Joffriea whon tho oid champion
was cuttlng bla oroy uporard to the title.
and the way in wblcb Al has worked In
bia training qoortora has Btrengtbened
the opinion. neiM.rt- from tho Coool de
Olar* that he is fOOt and, for a Mg mon,
remorfcably dovor.
ir" Pulaer has roolly ^.tin^d apoed ond
BklU in his boxlng, two eletnetlts ltl whi.'h
bo waa lacklng whon he taat boxed in this
eity, than McCarty eon io..k out for
.s.pialK I'al/er ls a Mgger man than hla
opponent, nnd with lils phoDomonal
strenKth, wonderfdl stamiua, recuperattvo
powor nnd torrifle hltting ability ahooM
win handiiy, if be haa oequtrad some pklU.
Pmlaor baa a longor reach than Me*
f'arty, (iv.- and a l.alf ln. bOO, to I"- OSOCt,
whfle his eheot contrai ta I ;s thn ?? Inehoo
deeper an.i exponded a good ?ia IncboA
Joo Ftlvero, the Mexlcan llghtwolght
from Loe Angelea la noa Bpoedlng across
tha iontiini.1 toward this .ity to prepare
ior his match with Lcach Crooa at the
Kmplre Athletic i*lub on January t RI*/?
era left hls home in LtOO AOgOlOa OO Wate
urday. ?nd wlll arrlve- here to-morrow or
Thiiraday. Interest ln this bout runa
hlgh. Already Jooa MrMahon has OO
eeived teletjrams from hoxln-r "fans" ln
di.>t_ut dtlea ior ruoarvattoao.
Perfei-t linrrrionv does not r*'.^->. tt tl.e
boxln? i irrleH of N>w York State Quite
InJodlCtOUfl-y, 11 aeems. tlie State AthlOtiC
Commisslon hand.-d down a doctalon that
the referee WOJ to bn ln solo rharce <,t
a!l bOXlng bouts once the boyg entered the
Mierlff Harburger. the ". hlef pear-e oftl
ctol <>f thla county," deciares thero muat
t..- pome mtstake. Me ls tne m.in who
fllrrets everytblng, and Oitl not wttjlve ln
favor oi on] refi re,> in t'.e world
The meeting netween Jeaa Wlllord ai .1
? got-ier" Kaaraa tn :? ton-roond boxlng
bout at ModtOOO Sqiare Oarden on F_1
day uletit may ko a lonc: way toward
settiirig the freqooatly dlocnoaod aaaotton
gg to whether a falrly clever powerful
man ean make any he.idway asalnst an
opponent eonally clever, not ho roggod.
hut a Kreat Boal lnrs' r. Tn other word-?,
Koortm la goltiK to try to dtsprove the
irener.illy OCCOptOd theory that the btg
man Wlll defeat the Uttla man, all OtbOT
thlntrs bolng equal By this It la not
rne.irit that K'earns ls sinall. Ho stanl*
| feet 10 ln lies and weiKhs _i-i po'imls, but
he ls sm.ill ln comparlson with hls rlval,
who stands gty feet ln hls stoeklngs.
In favor of Ke.-irns It may be monttonod
th.it he ls an athlete. qulek on hts feet
,,i.,i eapabla of whlpptOg over snappy
punches, despite hls ahnormal muM-ul.tr
. . optneett This ls a comMtiath.n that
-I ..'ild make the ? oldler a fur more for
vddahle aatagoalfll that. tiie ?\. ?
-i''.ii-,* mM
The tboory lhal becauioa of his bunchoa
..' muaelO* he ls bound to tire qulekly
iraa nol backed up in tho oaaa of Tom
Shark- . ??' t'" ' t: ;. ri-inor.ih e o.-.ttis.rn t
Coney lolaad wool twoaty-flvo hard
? wtth lim Joffnoa Ifnirthermoia
Kaaraa rogorda h moolf .?" ??' hardei hitter
thttn Wlll.ir I.
- i
t'hhrles I.e.lou-. the Fr'n n h,.i-.t..iii
WOtgM ehamplon. who has r? turned to his
native rountry for the holtdays, wlll soori
enter th* Kren.h army to *erve two year".
gg required by the laws of the ruuntty.
_ I
Phlllia McQoVOrn and Kddle Moran wlll
meet in the inniti bOttt of ten rounds he?
fore the WaoMagtoa a. C., of Brooklyn,
Billiard Association Passes on
Cases of Suspension.
Amateur hllllaid ployora who lia.e been
ouapoadod by tho Nottoaal Aoooclotlon of
amateur Billiard Playcra for oomaotlng la
nuaaacttoned toornamenta and m.itchea
w.re gnaraatoed reloatatamoojt to fan
privilepis last nlgbt ut the meeting of
the OOOOClatloa hOld at tho Oerman l.le
tlerkranz, Mth BtTOOl and I'ark avenue
Thla bowovor, is provtaBoaal upon tholr
opplytag for Biich rolnotatomonl .md that
no obargjaa of profaaatonaltam ara pend
Ing Bgeftrt thom with the rogtetratlon
eommlttea of tha organlsatlon,
The members ol tba OOOOCintion as
eiiihleil to hear th.- i.p.ut of the I .un
mltl.poii the propOOOd new rotlfatilu
ti.ii. bylowa and playing rules. Thla waa
in a moooura perfuactory, At onco the
question ari.no what dlsposltlon had beer.
made for the players, sueh aa J. l'erdl
nnnd PBOgoabarg, i.<l-vs.,r-? i w. Oardner,
Charles F. I'onklln, .' D, COBWOy aiM
otbera wbo bad eonteoted In toarrwmonta
wblcb the naooctatloa had rulod ogalaat
i.ouis Rouoche, ..r the Arton Club, bo
tt.--..-^ that th> a?ociatlon atiould irtalto
WOOh all of the tll"ii who had lie.-otne
rebelHoUB loorord the ^overnlnu body.
'I'I.", dld not llnd favor. exeept with a
fl w
Kdward W Oardner aot into ? he.it..t
nrKument arith William ii. Klenke, the
presl.l, nt of tbe asso.-talloii. ;.a ?.i tltt
poaltlon the ployora heM At one time ha
prartleally doflad the chalrman'a ruling1.
nnd nn impleoaanl ?ilnation was Rarroa
I) Bverted Hermann Bchroedor Rnall)
made a motlon lhal all or- the ?uapanded
playen be relnotatod aithoul regard to
their offeneea
The report of the lommltlee otl eotl-tltll
tloa waa accepted kt ti"n on the same
win not he fortbcomlng upon the botoi
until Ibe .inriual m.-etlns whi.-h will be
hei.i ou JanuOry x ot the Uoderkrana
There wm* an open diacuaalon upon eev?
eral n\ tli. mo-l i.idi al ChnngOfl prOPOOOd.
Poggenburg atatod thal ba was tioi i.
roraMy Impreoaod 4\ith the new mie re
latlnK tO Oafotj Play. "e was of th?
o|.|inon ihnt a skllfnl player eoul.l make
? sif? shot w-hh-h would OOOBO within the
s.-ope of the rule and still not 00000 tha
referee to pennllze him lle was of the
pplntoa that th ruie faiie.i to occompHoh
its purpo
Tha Bonaa ol thi mombora following the
meeting, al Wlilch more thana twenty
new memhers WOOO eloetad, was that tho
mntter4i prooentod woild work for future
barmony. 1
First to Style Himself Boxing
Champion in New Class.
.Tlm Plyan araata tb be ehamrion of
?ometblng. ao he wasted no time yeater?
day ln announ.-ing possession of the tif.o
in tho now class adoptod by the State
Athletlc Commlsslon at 175 pottmls. ln a
letter to tho Hportlng edltor l-'lynn says:
"In to-dav's Tribune I take note that
th.- .Now York Ktate Athletic Commission
haa arranged a now aeale of welghtn, anl
dosipnated the lTi-nound clasa as 'corn
"I bej* to advlse yea that I thls day
clalm the commlsslon weight champion?
ship. My right to tha champlonship ln
thla class can bardly ho gnaaUeaed, as i
have defeated every laglUmate eonntttmt
at that welght ii". however, there la any
on.- in thls l la*s that dtsputefl my right
to thlfl titio i stan.i ready to defend same,
anl WOOld bo plea.v d to hoar from all
ehallengera h>toro i leave New York.''
Th-re will be othors. and lotfl of thom.
McFarland to Meet Britton if
Terms Are Satisfactory.
[By t tagraab "> Tbe Trfbvue.]
? rn. ago, i" - Pacaey McF
through bla manager, Bmll Thlery, to*
day recelved an offei of '?" t"-< cenl of
tba groaa re< .-ipt-'. <?i a ^ larantee of 15,000,
from BUly Qibeon, of New York, for a
Bgbt with Jack Britton In Fa 'tu;.-;
Thlery baslsta that btcFarland is "tha
falggast card ln the country now." snd is
holdlng out for 'ii pet cent, with a guar*
antee of It.o^. IndlcaUona, i. m
point to an agreetnant during tho weeh.
"tfince Ad Wolfcast's defeat," said
Thlet>. "thore la not a man ln the coun?
try who can draw anywhere near the a?
ten.Iance I'ackey attrao.tu. Tlie MclV
laiid-brittoti card is tho best that could
bo offered. cxcoptini; a M.-Karluiid
Rltebta battio.
"i am wllllng to havo Pacbey do IS
pounds for Rlt< We, hut 1 am not going
t-, ac Bde t>. any fr.-.ik doT:>
Bllly Paphe, who ts now called the
mlddlewelgbt champlon of the world ln
Prance, paaaed tho <iay here with his
family buylng Chrlatmaa presenta, and
returned to Kewaiiec, TH.. to-l llght II
win n-.t engage la any flghts ln ti -
iry for aome Uma at leai L As h
t~ atill sore, he Intendfl to r. st h until hia
liehl wi'h Frank Klaua ln Paria on
March 5_
Ahearn Loses Fast Bout by
Close Margin at the Royale.
Jack Hrftton. of ChlOOgO, who stylflfl
hlmself the raaater of Paobey McFarland,
had the ii ii.i, st --nrt of a t,i-k in squeea*
iiik' through with a halr-llne declalon
o\er Toung" Ahearn. tho Brooklyn lad,
in ono of the prettiost houta of the BOOaen
bOSOd at th- Royalfl A. C., of Hro.il.lvn.
last nlR-ht. Th<- opinion of tho ape ta
tor* wa.lually dhrtded between tbe
three poBSlbte detMaloaa,
Abeara had four roaads, poaaibly Bve
rouodfl of tha ten, Britton had four and
mn r.'un i wafl practlcall) even Britton,
however had Ahearn in dlre Btralta In the
aeventh, when ho landed ? alld, poori)
dln ? ted wallop hlgh on the htw, whlch
aenl Ahearn reebng. Thera was Britton'a
glowlng opportunity to aeon, bal he
piaii.iy lacked tbe neci naary skin.
Tearing In itke a loagsboremaa, Britton
flutiK his rlKht arm around Iiko a Hall,
vamiy aaeblng the rulnerable flpot Had
ho known tba Vlrtuefl Of ii short right
eros*4-coiintor h<- would have won ln one
more pun.-h, but he evtdently had no smii
bloa in his repertory Groggy na ho wai
reellng about. Ahearn bepl his glaaed
?-\.'s nn that nuht SWlng, .I went down
only when Britton mahed In and pushed
him to t! e mat. Ahearn h-ap.-.l right ui\
aad, calllag his generalahlp Into play.
laated tho round. Throughout tho re*
malnlng rouwis he satacored Britton, but
his ptin.hoH lai-ked power, and Ja- k
forced Irom start tO tlnlsli.
Tbe contest araa on,- between two ? lerer
boxerS, and. with tho t\OOPthMI ot' tha'
aeventh r.-und, nettber man was In <n.
treea Ahearn had Britton annoyed wlth
bls lott band Jabbtng; snd frwiuenUy
landed three and four llght taps WtthOUt
ii return. Ahearn, however, was DOt up
to tho mark ln InflghtlnK. and here ho
eame hy the QlldgalB Hrltton loanod in
und shot both handH Into Me fltOfnacfa
wlth ph-nty of force. but Uuoagh it all
he faiie.i to dleplay aay wanderful form
whieh would ontitle blm to elaaslflcatlon
with lieFarlam 'r, tho atatb round be
trlsd BOVeO swlliBs in rapld BUCCCBBtOa
and faiie.i ta land one.
Twenty-two Foreign Teams to
Compete in Matches.
Waeiilnatoii. De<. BL?II is aspeoted
that twenty-two forelirn cotintrle-, will he
roprosentod by rltle teams tn\thn interna?
tional matches at Camp Perry, Ohlo, la
Pflptember next. bnnaedlatsly foOawlag
tho national rltle matches at that ramp.
Amondmenta of the rulee aro contem
plated to pernitt tho particlpatlon of
t-ams now barrod beeaMoa of tholr h1?h
record ln precedliiK matches
|-AIK\KI) I.IMIII -IVKS, new om-. for
monthl) eerrlc iperlel to theatre er opera,
?Aiih privii^g. ..r ttonptng "n" hour for ?np
pi-r $10; laraoai ioi',r, of I'a.'liairt ..irj In
New York. PHONE. 1*1. t/A 'icm
l>.\l I.K.T: hoauilful < ar WHfTBRORN I
125 Wmi ,*i|th at. Col 8848
auto m OF 11
Price of Gasolene Moving Up
and May Affect Industry,
Newton Joins White Companyi
?New Type Piston Hing; Doei
Away with Smoking.
Within a week, lt taj rumorad, tbfl pri-?
of Ra-oiene wi.I take another upwail
move, adding to the worrteo of theeoojgg
own motor dri\en VCbldea Tbhl It tc.-t
,lncrease will rnarl. an advonca h nine
months of nearly 100 per eent., and ,t l|
only a qiestion of time bofora the fiu'd
will be< orne still more OXpcaafva It 18
even BOBOflg tha POOBll Ultica that tha
American automobllo owner whl fln?i him
-? lf OO O PUr Ortth thl BO of Kurope.
The fltatement araa made a few d?\.
a,... by | omlaent in the (
OOOa that W cents a gallon for gaaolent ta
. ?? may b< o ma bi - wtth".
tlie nexl twelve months When tt. waaa*
oerted that fluch -. i?rlce would hurt th?
automohiie induatry, and eopedally da
truck end of It, he miled "They pay
that much tn aon - pai ' "opa," b<
-ald, "and Ai'.ei; BO ? r OOmt
:,!...-> to pay suei. -,\ i-i r
in 8 local ' nlg - - > a aaa*
b -i of men Inti reat. d In the aul
Induotr) modo ;. ? aii itlon ba ed on Ul
present productlon ol gaoootai and 0
estimate.i number of automol ;'? - lo aa
Their com lualoi aaa thal II
ear In the . ountry woa run on :.n averau
two hou - | da] . ttt. gfl ? flWOflflP
tion would opproxlmate the pro
leaving out of eonaldi ra ? <>t,,r
use. to wblcb the "flooanci"
out. ome of tlM COOOjl
hv t.'ie roptdly advandng i ? of bjob>
lene \, iii undoubtedlj I ? eoanol
of motor- tbat avtll liee k
[or wltb gaoolene oa ? prli lutoBBeta_
, rngfnc ra I tloa ta tn1'
feature than to the matter of datafl n>
'flnement for tba reaxon th.c tba BIJaM<
gaaolanc has not heen a factor tbraateoBflg
?anv injury t-> tne induotry untll ma i?^
! f.'W Vl'.lltt. N" ' ,: V M?
| worklng akmg th. ? r0"
perts of ?"' ? - -
There ar-- BOOM '; I to tba ttflfl "f
keroflei e In moti
obly be overe ? '? **
lf keroaene i- to dlaptei a tba wra com
monly ua d fuel ??o of the bt i tootmat
! is ti.e hardi - tho dopoalt kfl W
1 kerooeoi "? , mai ag lt ?'?
| moat Impoi ? ' ? ?' ?? ' '"'r th1'
! ma* i.-;...M. Thta dlftl ilty, W W
' aold, '.i" bi onrort ? t - ? af aie?*
lu.i. whi, h win aoftoa thi -? I" '?
Ulllard Nawtoo, for two ? ? ara B#nfl>
. pr d I ' lr"ot
Idlvlaion of the L'nlted Btat - Mataia
Compaay, lefl oo Buadaj aftornoou ?
cleveland, where I haa ? ? **7*
tion iti the odvorttoiag deportmont of tha
white Company.
,;,-,,,: aucei ai ""rl"' """ '" 8f
the w.<- p in rr'"
ventlng the eocoi okh g of aaOr
mobllea r ' ?
mre araoka i
faulty lubi
troublea are pn iwner of a a ?
olwaya lo feai o '? ? J**
rhlch lafittod q *. Otmbamm
No it" SVcol 13d atreet. haa a unlfora
preaouro, aectlon aad ? c ?:rf*'*
througbout. ..nd. i- la cUioied, ?rtvea ?
noHnoaWa lacrooaa la tho < ? " I or ?
, amtem IChlaal Dtapal ' "? Tl i hbogfl We**
ri,r paverameaf. arill aaea laka a. 10m*\z
m*\m*immari?a aad ettaac cr.i-.-iKi.'i* ?" rhim
ii,- tr.ton ht arwaOtp allowa?l i o*tt Um ae
,..,i,ii.- e? aatraaaa tk* .alaOratlaa ot -btbaaOl
an.i many Bbga .re toptorlng hojMai P*?
V?MOMHI.I r\1Mtvr?
A._ >ii)M tu i i ?*?>*?' ??? i.iifti":
We hava .. numbei ... 1011 12 nea ?'?' ?"j \\
uaed aulou.oblle. that v ? .'
nenthly j.aymeiit-. . '??,-. ?f ?? ' .
IMNl ll..t.tik'>,. 7 I..- maer, ?""?'
inohlle il.u.i.i. ltt.. new. |I.N
ar.i llmouelne, full) ? , ? 11 - I. "\"
V Im..l.ui'i tewn ear, >T<". ivu '? "
is.ai iot. rttoddard l>a>i ?? ? l?aa .
,, ? 11.000; 101. tt . ? later *"?'
rei . .,i ???-? s.o) ??. ??" ^ ?'-y
A OlfltCTOflYOr
Bv AlTOf??lX
OtaiZBicv UUh
v (. ?.. v. I.nk.daulet haa bei ' J^mfepX
?\.le With Ote. The o?,.ar ?a" ?*}?'
B^r tourlng <ar, coat $0,800, fully ?qu.f?'
owner dled; aale lmper-ttve. .m%A^C*i
B M. Well. 1878 Broadway^ Tel. 7850-^
M:tin'nwE~\. ?"? r." ?*--X"dividoai rj?.
work. Btnall Phop Claaaaa. OoeAU* ?>oW
let. 300 Weat 87th a?. 'llion- 79.0 <-?>'? -
vor Mion.n it.\*?r A hkt or
I vmII Ul'ARANTBE th'm to m*"*'*??
i'ARUON. lncreaa< effleienej, and t\\?*
\aoal 15 tn ?-Ott m..ro H. r., alao poalt.~W
STOP SSIf>KIN'.. _ , AMm
M. I.. Ut NHAM. Tel 0*\ 88B?
110 Weat ild St., NOW t?'h < ??/?

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